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    kiNiolleittent MVANtile
Vlii.l BY 14,
TY I.titire roux CCIIA.—The telegraph briop
us a despatch said to Were been received from
the editor •of the Savannah Morning Nese, who
'received it by the schooner Merchant,. which
5 1 left Havana on the 23d, which,;( true, la indeed
• Important. Bat after the numerous falsehoods
which have been uttered through,thetelegraph
relative to the affairs of flubs,/ but -little credit
can he gireis to thili etatement Tteditor of
'the News does not teltusthoir or fro whom he
received the, news, except that it came by the
ad.( uner Mcrchaut. ''.Bops is eom marching,"
Sr. When tau that ! Who any. It` These are
particulars which, if true, would not have been
orniVd. The account states that there were
only '701.1 troops in Havant Why we had that.
Item dt nears uep.rly a week ago, by a vessel
. uthicitiaded five dry. before th e Merchant The
• tchole thing comes tip win so questionable ti
ill'atpe, nod is withal so improbable, that we
thu: it is not entitled to much credit.
,The Picayunq states that of Col : irittenden's
conimand, ill were surprised and shot at a small
farm! house. A Spauieh Lientenant reports that
he; found a party of '4O, guarding an equal num•
hTe'r,of 'mounded corortuleti, alt of whom were put
to death. -These were, no doubt, the same forty
mentioned 'attoeF. Twenty-four remain unite
cout4eil for, out of a command of 116. -ft is to
be fiared that they too bane met the same sad
fate. Of the fate of Lopez and-those with him
we are yet in the dark. , •
• Our-readers :readers will remember that about a wrek
ago,'Wo noticed - d long statement drawn up by
CO. Snowden, of this c ty, in which he missy
oredluthow that Gov Johnston had paid leas
of the State debt than f De. Bliaaik. We showed,
with the most perfect ease, that his statement
wee 'wrong—anti Stili)l6 Gm Shank had only
been able to paYinid,f.6o, in nearly six' years,
including the cancellation of a! large /mount of
relief notes, Gov. Johlision had in tlwn and
half years, paid over One million, In the• PoNtr
of yesterday.morning,• Col.. Snowden is again
befOriChe public, with a statement, the oNeet of
which we cannot perceive, unless it be to ceztify
to 'the public that we were right in every partic
ular, for it certainly amounts to that • ,
Possibly - Col. Snowden is not aware of the fact,'
than the law establishing the sinking fund, Makes:
it the duty of the Commissioneraof that fund
purchase, from time to time, the blonds of the.
State, as fast ae theit ,funds will admit of it :
that at the endspecified periods, it is made
the:lnv-of thou i Commissioners to report What
amount bonds , have been purchased and can
celled, and what Price has been paid for. them.:
and thatithe first of September, instant, .is the
day fined for the tpublication of their report.—
When that report or proclamation reaches us, we
shall know all about it. As yet, no official pro
mulgation of the operations' of the sinking fund,
established by act 10th April, 1849. has been
made, and het:teethe apiaren: difference between,
the payments under. Gov. Shank's administra
tion and that of Gov. Johnston but it will not
do fcr Colt S. to Pretend to be ignorant if the
fact that more than :ix hundred thousand dol
tars •of the bonds of the Commonwealth have
been-purchased and ctuicello, in addition to
8, 888,919 specificalli.appropritited and paid dor:
tag his administration,to liquidate debts contract •
, ufkprior to the Ist of December, 1899, and which
were not funded. His
, whole statement is ex
ceedingly jesuitical. Be first Mites in $1,288,972
of relief notes, as a, part Of Me fried debt of
the State, aud then connis the cancellation of a
part of those notes ass riduction of the funded
debt: . In that way be.swells up the amount
paid during Gov. Shank's administration to our
Ire hundred thousand dollars. This be -calls
Interest Rot skied to the people by these boasted
• payments? . Bike it his own way, and the ac
count redly stands thus :
• Paid by Gov. Shrink, relief•notes and
. all, in 6 years
By Gov : Johnston:in 9-} years,
iug about scoo,ppo paid by the
• sinking fund, 1,038,414.
Being $52E;758 more than was paid during:
Gov. Shnnve administration. The Colonel gives
evasive answors to.a few specific queries we put
,to him; but no matter. The intelligent 'rider
will know why be does so, ,
THE . 9i./Its DANIEL, who wasi-eocutly ar
rested, gilds Leing brutally sent:tilted by the
sigent of
, bis feaster, at Buffalo, we learn tionCa
despatch puldiehed in the Cleveland Herald, hoe
.en discharged on a writ of 80b.,,, Corp
fudge Cenci:ling. of Bolding, who wee lately arrestia
at Porighkeapeie, was under investigation at the
last accounts. • Great Interest is manifested in
the case, but there IS nothing like violence. The
evidetutSiDlit him is pretty direct and strong. '
He brie Wed at Poughkeepsie about four years.'
Is much esteemed, and is the husband of an ami
able free 'woman, nearly white. Should he be
remanded to slavery, we think there is little
doubt but that he will be redeemed. His former
alleged owner, who is a tailor, in South . Caroli
na, 1671 he was worth two doll., a day to him
as a tailor It it very hard case
The Cleveland Herald of Batniday evening
says: "This new Bank,
,organised under the
Free Flanking law, will go . into operation under
the best of Managers and the most favorable
auspices. The stock, $100,090, is mostly held
by Pittsburgh capitalism. who are ready to in
crease it to 5600.000, should it be found desira
~T he officer's of the Bank are—J. G. Hiterej,
?resident:: A. W. Brockway, Cashier: Direct
'oil, Charles Stetson; Joseph G: Hussey, John
McClelland, Benajah Barker, and John P. Grib
ben. . .
••We'landerstand it i 4 in contemplation to pur
•chaso half. °tithe el4gant block, being built by
Messrs. Powers and Jones, on Superior etreet,
for the Bahlribg Office of the Ponte City Sank."
The following, from the riew Orleans Tans
Praxis, will be; read with deep and painful inter
est, portraits:ly the letters from two. Of the on
fortunate rtietUwho fell at flovana. The heroin
firmness manifested by the editor of the True
Delay-during all this trying period in that city
is worthy of being bad in grateful remembrance
by all his countrymen. We tryst there are tome
more such spirits as that in the extreme South,
"Lg. , the yroyndtgl :" what siy. those who
havicleen sounding the praises of this milanant
to this testimony borne by one of his dying. Tic
From the N. O. TM. Dena
.'The community is convulsed with rage and in
dignation at the terrible vengeance takeu by the
Captain General of Cuba of the .unfortunate
young men whom the fortune of war and a deplo
ruble fete placed in his power. The feeling now
•••abroad ie akin to that which pervaded every
'. portion of this Repel:ilia on the receipt of the
"news of the massacres. of Gelled and the Alamo
in Texas in 1835.
The feeling is equally totem! and just, but
wheb under cover of &bands of desperadoes as•
sembla- together, break into dwellings, plunder
than of their contents, and into stores, the mer
chandise of which they scatter to the winds of
homes, or carry off in , triumph, society ig re.
solved into its. original elements.and Amos is
some again.
• v The extraordinary spectacle is vritnessed of . a
great commercial city actualliin the hands of a
mob, and the most daring. spollatione commit
tad in the presence of en inactive or parented
. chief magistrate. Threats are on a hundred
tongues, of fellow, up doubt,.mlbsidited for the
purpose of destroying Bur property,7beranso
dilitod, before the sailing of the Pamp,erd, to ad
vise the youngmen against the madness of mish
it* blindfold to' aid a .peaple who we bed brit too
much reason ta believe were faithless, cowardly,
or uuresolved, or to undertake an in
numbers so few that destrualon was lueritablB
This was the sum of our advice—aria is Me ex.
taut of our Offentlingsvandlar this our property
menaced with 4tistruction, our persons with
Har?e'we44'346'lo any tingle instance
- '
. ,
. . .
•., . - .
!., • ',.
Ini/Paing the .. -ople? Caste sal
be tu4need eib. ..'n we itsive . bee ,
our great true , as public Jo.
the silent 41. ii , r on the press• 1
eorrupt - and\ . iiblingf finger to
that han'eser'• , ',ipetired to I ) 4ese
lug in true the blicsuism;defici
the greatn es s, Tory 'nil boner of
No, but we are eneunned in this .i
For and official incompetency for h 1
examine the atrocious fatiricatin i
. which, our young, men were being ,
: etruction:lyr presuming to print,
its of atnerirsn nierolcanta,:inforn
believed:ea& now know to be cruel
the wild exaggerations of Cuban
I concocted to inflame the imagines
the spirit- bf liberty ever living
brightly in the American heart.
Is it a- crime . .,to advise cacti.
property be destreyed' end our pe
for stating as our duty deman
truth, the whole truth, and nothin_
Do the relatives . df our brethren,
us forever, reproar.h us because'
them not to emb r ark a mere ban
, i ,
fight against fea ful odd • ou dont)
i r,
support, made hrougb the coin..
pera? Have ou worst fears not
have our youn men not been I ~.
slaughter? W t could they effil
on all sides by emies—succore
by none': What must have been
of hops that co ddrive such me
aid.' Kerr, Cook nd 'Vienne, an t
asseclates to sea in wretched boa
Orate expected , ' a of escaping, th
that they well : eve. awaited they
their enemies? .. •
• Here are two
,etters placed-in
publication by i essra Stanton •
relatives of Mr. ' ionue. We be.,
peruse them to • fully, and coml . "
the letters publ bed in what are
I,an official org , s. in relation t
The Italics are hose of the write
IN Boone T• e Man-or-WA - a 11t.ra.,474, •
August If. .
em onate Sidirt a I Brot e a
am permitted to . ddr smy las
My Dear mut
word? in the.
't Ise visions, t em ached in the
l'at Rr urriv , about four
:her, In•! week, sit d to about au
Deceived by
expedition for
hundred in nuo
bout from now
lost. r was
end, with b(ty
I die, toy de.
ant sinner, hay
of our holy re
of ebilife, an
sisters,.•pray f.
we I I mean tifty
en prisoner after
then, am to be F.
brothars and list
gbeenhlessed wit
Forgire m
I,you, my dear. a.
Amy poor soul.
y dear mot her a
ild! kiss her n
er for my sake '
go to
Oh' my dear cal
(Jr mr. Love ;
era and all yj
Blaeliney, - my
Lacroix and F
potie of my son,
lily dear mot
is shot and de,,l
ur dear children
osf profound resp
herll'Hon, a MA
by this time:
r'queath my dear c
rod-bye H g. ,
did my duty. Job
ear Sort and Broth,
.11esoar Ta
Costa it. promise
'.•y body It so.
1 wife. .
I give and h
you alone. 0
and T
Mr. Antoni.
can to obtain
buried with m
op. boar .I a Una of War. t
block 001 . Aug . tilh, IS.-51 it*
lity dear riends:—About',st of us, Colonel
Crittenden's =mend, were token prisoners
yesterday. ha not received on sentence yet,
but no doubt e will all be shot before sunset
lope;,_ the seo iirs:, bits deceived ,us: there is no
doubt but al l' hone reports about the Cubans
rising were a trumped 'tip in New Orleans --
Loper took ne l
y his command and deserted us
—we were at ack,ed by some 500 or MO of she
Queen's troop , the 2d day after We landed. Our
own Gallant 01. Crittendon done all that. any
man could d but .we saw that we had been
deceived'ind .
etreated to - she eea shhre with the
intention of Iting-t&to oar country if possible
—got three bta and got elf with the intention
of coasting drail we fell in with an American
vessel. and wire taken prisoners by the steam
boat Flabaner.
Explain to ..y family that I have done notb
ma, but what as instigated by the highest mo
tives, that I d e with a clear conscience end' like
a man with stout heart —I send my watch
to'you, it is f• r little Benny, my nephew. Good
bye, God hie you all. Truly yours.
In the na • .of Heaven, why are
still practise on our people' if capture of
the.ialand of i •ha he an affair determini...l on—
if the 'Aineri a people consider that its subju
gation is de 0 tided as an attonement for the
blood that-ba: been spilt, is it .wise` is it prodenr .
is it patrioti '• is it practicable to. send a few
men to do th t which it will require thousands
fb accomPlisti7
The friend. 4 of the Spanish Government are
those whq thug counsel, and the newspaper coun
sellors will ktep their pale- souls far from the
• scene of coal t
The above I tiers are vouched for by the hon•
ett and patrio "c citizens whose names we have
given: we ere , menaced it we publish them. Lot
we beleve our 'ellow citizens will riot shrink from
supporting us tow for obeying the wishes of such
men, or withdriw from., the all sufficient sup.
port provided I . far for our protection, in the
event of rampant mobs assailing a. ,
Owing allegiance to the sovereignty-of tho peo
ple alone, trust to that allegiance, and faithful to
all the duties it imposes, we rely with a .confi •
deuce never Cora moment impaired: in the 3 UF
Clue of our fell sr-citizens.
' The True L/ Its continuee--
While all pritise is due ,to the Second Muni
cipality police for their seed and their Prompti
tude, under the peculiar circumstances of their
anzimolotm position, left, as they have been, to
the direction lof their chief alone, it is more
particularly agreeable to' us to' testify to the
deserts of that officer, and to say that Captaio
Foino deserves well of his fellow citizens.
We never regarded our own position with the
slightest anxiety; our course upon public
tions, uninfluenced, as it has always been by
part f considerations, may at times have exposed
us to strong dislikes, mayhap, enduring resent
ments -. yet we feel secure of the support of ev•
cry citizen who-will not bow down to the dicta
ion of a mob, br consent to the suppreilioo of
honest opinions, at its dictation..
We do not ! omplain of the course of some of
our contemp les. nor express astonishment that
the letters of oor Cook and Vienne were refused
' publication n their columns: but if conduct
like this la conformity with the mission of
the American journalist, we have most grievous
ly mistaken that MiflSi..
No voice Is raised, no authority exhibited, to
interpose an obstacle to any man's going to Cu
bs or elsewhere : but a dastard fear hashes so
poisessed tho minds of men„ that they stood
stupiked and irresponsible when the true friends
of the people admonish them of real danger and
counsel its avoidance.
. .
We are daily told by fellows who would crawl
Into a mouse hole to avoid a bullet, that it is no
man's basil:ices whether the young, chivalrous
and daringspirits of our country go to destruc
tion or not. and so that their slaughter may he
assured, what cars they, if the excitement on
which they, fatten be only kept up 7
If our young men will embark, as did the gal
lant men on the Pampero, on a desperate venture.
are they guiltless woo conceal any fact necessary
to their understanding the object of the expedi
tion, or:the contingencies attendant on it
To advise them truly has been our aim . to do
it is our determination : will our fellow citizens
enetain us! We cannot doubt them, we dare not
doubt, and
we tell our a distance that
we never felt stronger confidence in our position
than we do at this moment.
Our mayor, who is a kind hearted, good men,
le not, we are compelled to say. equal to the
emergency . he has shown his incapability in
permitting - the property of some of our oldest
and moot worthy citizens to be destroyed and
carried off by a thieving mob for it is the
thieves of liar city, not the young menbiere from
odjastrat States. who have taeen the city under
their, control.
We. eau now say with certainty; that public
tranquillity was last evening reestablished
Major General Lewis sod hie command were in
readiness td do their duty . the military and effi
cient politic of the 'Second Municipality are
thorunghly , organized, and a strong force of Cu
bans, under Cols. Pickett. Bell. and Major Haw.
king, have been sworn in by Acing Recorder
Tbo true_ posit:on of ntfairs down be 11000
and sokno*Lagl by our eitizethi, - ..4 praise or
blame distributed as it is merited •
Of nue thing wn are , fully conritomJ. the truth
cannot be trampled on in New Orleans.
The New Orleans Delta. of the 22 , 1, publishes
the following letter from - iplutant Stanfori,
whleh explains partially;pe manner in which
our unfortunate countrytoin met their untimely
HAVANA, August It. 1861
lb,' We - arriral on the Island of
Cuba after the most, horrible passage you can
conceive of, cooped on board with 400 or WO
$Ve arrived on Pnaisy fast, I beiieve—date s I 3
Folic almost forgotten. The next morning,
Loper, with Gen. Paraguay and :all the com'
molding einem loft us—l mean Crittenden tisol
hia battalion. We heard nothing more' of him
yaf tyro days. whenCrittenderi despatched note.-
lie .tbso reinested we aboald join him a little
to,lo some . sii.oi deg. - Miles off, leavingnoin
the Itleautitee to take can eta alt the, baggage:
f ife *tasted for Lem oniraitmay morning at
hadyroceeced only three , consequence of the act of Part; ,kept that pro-
Inreis,vheri we - =were attacked by SOO Spanish 1 hibits them from taking titles front places : in the
soldiers. :It - --flee first charge I received a very ,Naited Kingdom. .
serreee.wound*:the Imes. We repulsed them, I And now, by way of retaliation on this mew
howevei.' They made another chasze and con, ore—which the Romeo Catholics of the Empire,
pletely routed ,tut: We spenetwo Jaye and nights ; a few of the courtier nobility,onlY eicepted,
the most Miserable you can imagine, in the consider as au attack upon their religion, tut
cbsparei r mithont - ,inything to eat or drinl. 41,mptiou of a right to doterfere in their relig•
We noule thibest ofour way to the seashore, ous proceedings; whicht they think ought to be
and found aoatelxritts . with which we put to 5, ,, a left to themselves, their clergy aid the Pope—
Spent a night =upon the ocean and tiers day, . they re•olii; ott resting satisfied with nothing
about 12 o'clock:. were taken prisoners by the shot tof old ,105- w,J perk Nudity, both civil
liabeuero, weiebrought 'to Havana last night and religious. 11 hen,the klmemeipation'Bill iras
and coudemnel lobe this morning. We shall they were +atistiedshi remain under ear-.
all be chat in arbour. Good , by and Stud bins lain.. testi-lc:ion, bring nerscalri, - -T.trom the,
yhu send the: Masonic medal enclosed at exi.siag c.rostiuoi lop But now , et o " ee tl C oo _
this, belonging Idroy father. Convey it to toy stlinhon th ,, , restrictions, they will let
.sister, Meth aud toll her of my tat, : it be the cosy of corroundiur nations mid the.
lase more,'GQtl blear you. SrAkruao. if the "nations" and
the "world - choose , to view it so; but they will
OR T FIRE AT MASSILLON. have it. ellaugv 1. An act of Parliament can be
L en ast week we ;published changed; add 'so, 9.1 the Lord. Lieut
telegraphic des- tte Lord Chance ll or must lie Protesta nts
s by the
patch, girlng . kbrief account of the late dedruc- E mstoe tp e ts sos A rt, so or d er to the solely o f i he
jive fire at klamillem, Ohio. The following foil Irish Church Establishment, guarautled by the
055600 we eopy from the Massillon News, es- .4,1 of Omieh• these Ar t s . 11 . 4
. rePO.l2
'ceirelyesjirdaY: and, as ad many .if the people of England d
t-truttanil have become hostile to the EstAblialled
"GREAT COMPLAOIIIITION becomes our . Clinrcie-+ there, How Must be abolished alting
Paid.' duty te . Ter-htd on event the met', discs- with the Irish. And the Act of Settlement Fe-
Irons, by far, of etiy that has - ever befallen our I retiring the monarch to be a Prwestiust May
town. next be repealed ; am.l all—from the crown to
';‘, I I be,begg,tr—liave a right to lie . of what - religion
filet chose, and neither gain by being of dine
religion, nor lose by 'being of another. Stalt,
tee are told, is the intent'on of the AssoCiatimi
to lie inaugurated next Tuesday ; attittertainly.
alreadf it has received, with wonderful unanim
ity, the adhesion of the great body of /hi:filo
:non Catholics of all rank+ and orders In (he
noel Kingdom.
- .
unfaithful to .
&lista?' - - Can
' tint with kis
'tingle line
;alumna want
t in ardor for
our country
egion of Ter
Jared to
by means of
educed to de
m the author-
Lion we then
in regard to
volt, artfully
ion and rouse
and horning
le Shall our
ons outraged
ed of us, the
! but the tenth?'
ow torn froin,
we implored
rut of men to
ul promises of:
ins of Dewlpa
been realized!
i to inevitable
or befriended
the de.,ltillau
ns Crlttruden ,
I their gallant,
in the 'des ,
terrible death
if captured by
At about One °chock on the morning of the 27 th,
fire was discoveted inn stable iu the rear bf
the grocery store tf David Ilane, From thin it
'soon spread,' melting in a short time the store
of Mr. Ilane, theuextending east to the tin stove
and sheet itonestaidishmont of Mr. Ezra Leland,
and was not stopped in that direction until the
whole of the buildings on that end of the square
extending to Mill street was entirely consumed .
These were occupied by Mr. tlibila grocer Mr.
Judd:saddler 01r, Nlintniell, hat and cap store:
beets ,h Krepititainters: Mr. Young, boot and
shoe shell, and Joseph Coleman, jeweler. West
ward it extended to Erie street, consuming in its
progress the , large and extensive ,frog and boot
store of D.. 1. Bigger Ii Co., the dry goodsxtures
of L. & S. Rawson. and Lind, Weiblebc. CO and
the American House of S. Hawke, with the out•
buildings and stables attached, and extending to I
the rear ,of the bit, it demolished two swarr ,
wooden dwellings: , thus sweeping the entire
square with the exception of one brick building
belonging to Mr. daMes Jaceliy, soil o,unit-it by
Mrs. Dabney..
Although most of the buildings destroyed were
of the best class in our town, yet the' devouring
element seemed to swallow them up, and 'they
disappeared with astonishing rapidity. It is im
possible at this lime to estimate the amount ot
property destroyed, but it MUSLIM very great
The loss of such a block of buildings !WO., tis
that which embraced the row from the American
to Mr. Hang's store, is of itself a severe stroke
This row 'which but a few days since was the
pride arld ornament of our town, IR now a mass
of unsightly ruins.' Blackness and ashes now
mark the spot where buildings of fair proper
tons then stood. That portion of the fine stocks
of goods which were n few.days since on exhibi
tion in these stores. displayed in their most at
! trite site forms,. which has been tared, now ht s
in confused heaps in the ilitlerent warehouses
The amount destroyed cannot be shell of 1 , 50,-
UOO, and many reach 1;75.000 The. Amount of
insurance is large. and will cover. we Lahore.
i the greater part of the Ina It is didribinot
amongst a number of Companies. and will n•-t
fall very heavily on any one The companies
interested, so far as we are advised, are the
, Hartford Protection. Merchant.' •Mutual of i lluf
fele, .earl County Mutual, Columbiana County
Mritual, Portage County N. 1.1111 Trenton Mum
al, City:lnsurance Company. of Cincinnati. and
Ohio Mutual Insurance Company
We are not able to state thi amount incurred
by each of the Companies Nor 'do we know yet
to what amount they will prove to.he liable upon'
the adjustment of the losses Some or the stocks !
covered by these insurances were saved entire.
whilst others were partially saved'
The merchants and business men who have
thus been'driyeis from their old posts. nre corn
pelled to resort to•various parts of' the town tier
rooms in Which to re-open their rust:li , " We
learn. howeier, that it is the intention of vies:,
if not all,_ to re-bnild immediateiy This we
have reason to expect from the known energy of
our business men, and the enterprise wh,cli he
heretofore marked their course
As an act .of justice it is proper that we should!
say that o at of the vast Cularriarar assembled
around the frightful scene of desolation. labored ,
with to spirit and energy which merits the thanks •
of 'all interested. And to the ladies an especial
'degree of credit should be prep. We ran safe
ly say without fear of derogating from the
praises due the male portion of the assembled
multitude..that the ladies exerted themselves
with more activity and seal than the men
Wherever there' was property to be saved, there
their forms were seen moving in all directions,
and putting forth every effort to Stl. Long
will their noble conduct on this 0.1141912 be re
We are gratified at being able to state that.
through all the crowd, contusion, and falling and
crushing of betildidge, no lives were lost Some
leer were slightly all., but no serious accident
creamed: it was with the utmost exertions the •
property on the opposite side of the different ,
streets eurr - daufing:this square was saved In.
deed, it ,was thohgfit Tor a time • when the Amer.
ican House and stable were in a blaze, that it
would bit impossible to , prevent the dames cross
'mg Erie street into the warehouses updn the Ca
nal. Nothing, indeed, on event but •
the most untiring efforts on the part of the F,irenten
and citizens in plying the buildings with water
So hot were the flames at Late time that the . ri re
men could not work until a carpet was held up
to screen them, which was kept constantly We t
Had there been any wind It would base been ;
utterly impossible to have saved these buildings,
and 'had it once crossed either of the streets, it
is impossible to tell where its ravages would hays
been stopped. Evert in the absence of . a wind
the sparks and cinders flew about to all parts of
..the town, and endangered property at a great
distance from the scene of conflagration.
lu the stable in which the fire originated, two '
valuable hones were burned Thre is but little
doubt, we believe, but that this stable was set
on lire, as the doors were firmly united fast • -
Had this not been done. the, horses could have
been saved.
We !lope that the fiends who caused this sad
destruction of property may be found out, and
brought to justice. Indeed, we know of tin pun
ishment stUriciently severe to merit the name of
jeatice in such a case.
We have omitted to mention that besides the • sustained 115 shove, nanny of the boarders
at the American escaped with barely the clothes
•they had on.'
our hands for
Co., and the
our readere to
re them with
railed the Cu.
then. events.
) will be
engage meat,
t iu au huur
q. a repent
the la.t rite,
bne all f illte.
I atieettanate
leen•ole her .
nsan•l ti nt
• lON I roth
ITo lath r
et to Father
/ •
for the
Id to you it.n 1
d•t ye (1—
bye oil .
to do all he
.ace have me
Rumor , are' afloat, these two or'lhree date
fa•t. of the yet...lice and spread. of the potato
li"ea,m Every day'apnst Irma, in accounts of
the te , rupati on NTH, by new settlers, In dis. I
tricts toSeared - be the famine. evictions; and
emit:tali.. tin 1 Luglishmen and t(cotchmen,
who get their fanny cheap and labor cheaper
the country peaceful, and an exemption from
Briti•li taxation, -Write. encouraging others to
follow them let emigration is rife as ever: the
Irishmen, to whom the bit of land was paradise,
will not Lax e 'any thine. to do with it here. It is
all Atuerica the money comes itt almost incredi
hie q uantity.--a little • from those who went
tfsie. • 'to keep the life till they can sm.'
more to bring them away, more, from those who
Le. ha, Len longer in America, to “tale them out
of misery A whole chip full of women and
children went the other day, sent for by their
mole friends, and occompatned by a few prow ,
rit.nd a tuan timedn littrye came over and
bought a the fee simple of the little farm for his
mother, to,, old t., he moved. and left her in care
of some . •44 , tor returmog himself to his
beloved and adopted America
The Tenant Learn° are holding on their meet •
ings - --but sadly crippled by the all absorbing re
lignms antaguntsut which ham drivennil other suit
jects out or peo,le s mind• Experience haa
shown that, in 'nese old countries, (governments
will pact no reforupt. correct no abuses, redress
IRELAND---A RES - UWE. no wrongs hut upon - compulsion. - but that this,
rroipocclocre cf tn. :ow n.rt
strongly • end long enough applied, will in the
. end succeed. Thus - Financial Reform" has
Duottx, Friday,•Atg Teol
got yet, reduction of taxation, Chartism has'
What can the man du that comes after the compelled the Premier to undertake a further
King'.'.The Tribune has been to Ireland. and reform of the Ret . orrn „ ill, in spite
seen - and, no doubt, has told America what ho and the -Peace Congresi'''ts, by tne,pow, of
saw and thinks. And 1 am far, very fur, from opinoln. Intlocalg Nlitsters ro substitute Dego
thinking that "the glees:tinge of Ephraim arc nt „ ti „ tt , i and veetne - ti intent,. for, those hninty,
better than the vintage of Abiexer, - nevertheless, oneetn ,„„ ze t i,„.. t .,.. e .,, T hwt- ose ,f t o plunge nation'
.the gleanings most be gathered—especially as in was
there is now the Mustering of forces fora con-
believe Encouraged hereby, the League continues to
diet., compared with which, if we may
who profess to be in the secret on both ; knock of the door or the landlord Legislature.
, for a fair settlement of the tenant.right'que4ion.
sid i es , , , a fe ll r h n ith ow ert , o es li p a ec s
i te l
1 7 . t t i o ut
the . skirmishing
ovem ~
I But. while tho,o who hold solvent estates, and
rthoie 1010 have *ought insolvent ones to lake
favor of ofiro/ute andper>et freedom and equality.
1 money of them. are alike interested in'having a
civil and religion,. which is /•to
be inaugurated
salient' aad tlarivingtenantry, they are desirous
next week by the "Catholic Defence Associa
tion,'" the first public meeting of Which in the • to hold the absolute power they Possess; they are
; reluctant to give to their tenants rights to their •
Rotunda, in this city, is to be held next Tues
t 'ndustrial improvements by law, so aigto make
day, and is announced as "An Aggregate Meet.
the united Kiegaent, . , them 11/ .reality what _their election addressthi
ing of the Catholics of
and "The Most Rev. Doctor Callen. Archbishop ' mill de'gnate them xi the coming general elec -
I tim—sroosingly enough—their -Free andlnde
of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland is to pre
pendent Tenantry • And, no in the case of the
side." For he, and the other Bishops and Arch. I
ft_inhorford family. near Bainbridge, who having
bishops, are' deseribeirby tbe prohibited Titles
edeeetineheeht _ ewd w i ll be et , with eta , . o lf en•d their landlord what they considered a
eeei7 occasion—ne the •' Anti , tilt rent for "his share of interval. in the soil,"
and offered -arbitration ' if he thought it too lit,
more-if they try to
Titles Bill" only prohibits the ta.kany of titles: not
pnneiples while law is malting
the gitnny of them- I shall referi by and hy, to , tie. refused to pay
t4e declared objects of the Association, and its i On "eat right
:the y ed. the get they worst or it, being turned out, as
Constitution and proposed means of accomplieh.
lug its designs :as I,mean, by next mail, to give i were . and deprived of all. .
a summary of the proceedings of th e meeting , • -._ —_ .__ ..... - . .-_._....... _ _.,..-
itself.., But I wish this letter to be. first of all,
e resume.of the state and circumstances of this
I believe that no one now doubts, that when
the Pope acne his Rescript to Eng!dna. solisti.
toting Dioceses for Districts, and Bishops for
Vicars Apostolic, had it been let alone—had
there been no •`Dtarham Letter" denouncing it
as an ...a.ggresaionno public meeting to "rouse
the Protestant-Spirit of England," and no legiir.
lotion to nullify it—things would have gone on
pretty much as usual. Only that—as the Popo
had appointed Bishops prop , o morn—or rather,
at the suggestion of his Cardinal Wiseman—thus
depriving the Clergy of the rieoonil Order of
their Canonical right of election. instead of a
parliamentary warfare with the Pope, which
banded all the Clergy on the side of His lloli•
ness, there would hare been a warfare of the
priests, supported by their necks, against this
onnibilatien of their privileges There was vary ,
deep, and wide ,frond indignation felt inirelanil
at the Pope's appointment of Dr. Cullen 6, PO.
mate ;. passing over the three names forwarded
to hita from"thls country—though in this he did i
no more than 'that he he had a perfect right to
do , sill still more, at the nomination of a
Bishop of Rosa—a new See. cuttn from that
of Cork-without any domestic examination at
3 all.
But Lord John Russell stirred up the:people,
and the people the Parliament, to, rePtY,the der- .
id Rescript of the Propayandl, trd the rhetor- '
irol'displays of Cardinal Wiseman, with a leg-
islithre camdmortuum ; for neither will Britain
—as another lost Pleisd—resume her place, :
moving in her orbit round Rome, the center of
unity, DOT will the prelates whom t h e Pope-has
appointed, and their successors, be one whit the
lose Bishops, or their functions" las valid, in
The olhcial notice convening the "Aggregate
Meeting - of the United Kineum drops the titian
1t,', , , and is now •imply Ito form a 'Catholic
Aociation"—for the purpose 4 have above spe
citied But its announcement bas beett, the sig
nal for summoning into activity other agencies. .
Tho Orange assoeiation will bereinvigorateil for .
political antagonism and aff.the great of
the Protestant clergy have beep steeping their
people's mind in controversy, and the laity have
horn aide.o phalanx of disputants,' by-the pro
reislings .finteee.lent to the “Tittles Bill,' end
doting its progress threaga Parliam4ei, there is
wondrolpi - kilserity fur , the eucotinter on religion,
grounds -
The initiative was taken on Wcilnesday lest, at
a meetingof the ..Protestant Association," which
tilled the Rotunda to sutiocetinit. It wan an
nounced as a meeting of "Cutholies,protesting
against the Anti Clibt.tian apnstney of t h e
thurch:o f Bowe, fintimaintaining the Catholicity
of the ancient Church of Ireland, by l a w mob,
fished The object was for "adopting . au ad
dress to the Il.ausnisis of the United Kingdom,
toui•Ling the audacious calling of a meeting or
the t dies geurrally . for the instant
also ••for addressing the auf . lior;ties on the sub
ject, and further "for agrkeiog on steps to. be
token to prevent the usurpation of the Catholic
name hr Boman secretor:els:on that ocitasion. -
I iecorilinelv resalut,res were adopted, by socia
-1 mittio asserting Members of the Protestant Es
tablishment to be .•ip right, truth, and law,
menders of the Church of Chriit:—
I pronouncing the rasfuisitions for the meeting,sign
ri by the Aggressive. Titular Prelates, and lira
con'inierable mother of Popish noblemen and
members of Parliament, presumptuous and of-
I tens.... —and - sssertingtheir right to take such
I steps to vindicate their claim to the name ut
j Catholic as may seem foot to them
An address to ••tho lietrodaisle Was adopted,
ftonoled on these resolutions anitlisuppose some
of tho champions will attempt to address the
meeting. on Tuct..lay--and as they will not he
permitted, there will hen challenge to %diem.-
, ion of the +object. For thin—in the ,present
lay. when the Established Clergy universally
are carrying the controiery into the hamlets
'l'll.l cabin of the finnan Catholics-,is a favortaii
ble topic that the great body of the clergy came
over at the Reformation. that they did so know
ins that rhos they were recurring to the do , -
truic i dt of the .1.1 'dirge and chtistians of Ire
!and that the prayer 'boot corresponds with St
Parrish. L. - dm - obit:l ttli.l the early Sainte,. and
ecntains the old religion and hence the Prete.,
rant i• th. ,, ”d ritticion. and the clergy an, la.
the truesuceenedrd, entitled td their churches
and po. , .. ioi.nd A u• 1 thin line of-argument ells
tin the other hand, Primate Cullen, in consih
ting to tube the chair on Tuesday ninxt, say, - I
„ „ ,
feet leer.) . tut indignity heaped upon no, the an
jtiq a , writ ./.., norviniplrLl attempt to deprive
as of right+ which, ii• Reiticips. it is impassible
we Sao surrender. and the revival of a code of
pain. and penalties which every Just abet liberal
ILIUd had hoped was /dtted in oblivion." Ha add..
that he
u lippr4. of the elhetts of the Atiati - cia.
ti p
tdin :hen to oe tormed. t•ti pink it will be the
Inetliet of proem ing the re. rear of every griev
once , i n... ri n e the fr,e e,e cities of religion, nod
plarinc us and war people icon prrf.ct ervial,:y!'
Thos ate the Prote.tantit hid Roman Catholics
of this l: rated 41.1110411 (lure more committed to
a struggle that dots fair to he more despe'ra th
than any previous one - fax now the existence of
the Prottistan I Pr. - dhsteriiin establishments is
the object in l it...lien, and the maintainance OA
the la”t te4ti, i t Pr.Urstant nrcedeneyds peril
ed and mela34 e.l .
Irs..rtost,. L.,1 ,Lts or Rcv Or. Herron,
-Iwo. NI. Aural n 't 51. lIIDA 0! ...laughteiol tLu /at.
Lou , u , .,.l•3lasßutlrt, o
p..lvf. ~implow 01l (b. poftruraftr..l....
rstlron.A. f,l yt ulte
tb, tuorwmi i . •I r , . . Irv. Cur Ida rce , Y,letzx
,r, • 10 vr. • n th. ~ r tn eonstacru iL.
tlly olvite,l attru
• C. W. Fo'ine, Professor of Music,
EOS likforto the cit Lens of Pitts
jurto, teLe.t nal DOW earllalen.,..
I‘. mn. t. E,lOll, lad ylou,
TV') SMALL FA:IIO.IES N un be ac 0,,,..
414,1....1 74.14, 41e,..".7. 14; , 4,1 Moyne cn the su,o4
......•••11.• r cum.., , usOurnuh4d, .4,1 tK.a.rg. Arotr
. t 414 :u m, ut fl.aa ..r+,l 4os•at 444 4.44,:,
1 U NION LA BOP. and [lto LuudOri Per,
LA ti., , , 1 , ,. I,
. ,41 t 141 d b., ..1 Lb. It-vAutock, No.lo.
- .4.,414....4 41 114/1,111, 1A..40, 1“.44..t. :4 :444.14,4 4,,,,,t,
4,,,,ite 044 1,1 4411L..4 4,4444
91‘) LET—A large and couvOtdolita
j• x ARE 1111,1; ,V. VII ~I. i n1f.1.1.1,011.0 fit. 4
111, .tui114t4,41.1 Lr.i.juir, ~1
,44..: $lll.ll. JuILYSTON.
1 : 11ROF. BA ritICOPIIII-
HoL,,, Olt Al I.I,IIPOUND uu
Lust.t...lof 1a.143..5s disesN's
. vt
111.1 ca. rearbed lb* Volmlarit,
or u Profess:a !fury's Ttleopti
Itr.lvals.l Cou.Krult..l. I[.. sxlaoeliai7 UsaJ L 1
slaws; avrti our.
Mr Isud tt It to ovf.riooe to ,, lbstsztttles
IttuJ it ttopar. vssur w true tools of 14 , 011114 an,,l
ptc,ctictve Ito grovala LOU mulatto:llr ditgriel4 It Jr
su.rys stir Isultuti awl scurf, and 1.111ae., alf titialladd
`L setlt will cute all dlseves acalp: a/1ie414
Les& dos worm.solvtlsgrobsu‘lous dbonlellol
o eosepoess , as vuni ai star c 7,
It elands darlislisl.
Is sold IC Wan bottl•v, price 24 esdt., ; pr •
verP3 dr ,V 67 WOVE-
A: Valuable Farm at Auction.
IN PURSUANCE of the directions contain
.,l to the non will and Wotan:mild JOHN CREADN.
'•d,ill expose to public sal, at lb. Court Ilona,
In the C i tyl Pittsburgh. on MONDAY, the eat, der of
°MOLINE. IShl. at 10 o'clock. A. all that taluable
PAESI. salute In Baldwin township, in thy County of Al
leglxuy. boundsd by lands of Daniel Riabei, Jahn Gordon.
Jan.b Cerady. mad otbox nnar th e six tally hem. on the
Monongahelaneer, containing about NIN ETV-SIX
and allowance
1...r0e prnportion of "LH! contilne Stone Coal of the
eery quantr'the lanO o el ao excellent deserintion
Ex femme purteew...•stal persons wishing weaves.. wal
e:. sgrieultute or the business. will nod Um de..
~pteitturitti to secure a good bar,nush Terms made
et .1. • dtinF.PU YIIIII EN,.
F:s'r. of Jobo en.s.ll.
For Sale.
AiL 1 4 1 .4 , 1: of k.l'irli
Frame Eighty- i se o, ren
•re yf • li on,
hams. uiblib ilaru. vs
mad suitably but buildalus.
writ abd ptut , al the Jo,: • xisst tlrub•bl ol yryty vs.
.lAu eznll.ul
tru u it uf all ilytismstuatiou•
Thi Varw 1.l uatrsi tit the ,taietiou the
atui hab•uniti, au.l bulimia yr taus , Boller
was. •isst liiikerstilvrit. Wyse Guru wsusbly. Allrgheny
vataity. . au./ *lll he sold a ble tem, Tale
tindisputably. tut . i iiirtivulars ...null+ 'or the o.thor• bu
he prowl..',. I noya aIEO. VLElll:aa.i..
Building LA for Sale
liv order of the Guardeam of . the Po , r of the C,
qf 'burp,
IV/ I LI. BF, SOLD , , at Public Auction, on
V V tLe yreuneuou ttaturd9 .
_ententled Idtla. at 3
titt.wti, I'. 1.• I\T w N , UN ldll3, 'rattan, tu the ,fLuutl
U ni. Alle,Leny.dues, the new Italltuttl Date.d. ?Leer
tee ar, each 3.1 wet front IL, 13tetleet deep: and from their
proatuult WU, 11.401 and \ turbine :gent., will L. ten ,
abodreld. for temuat 11.13 P., „Iles oar an use... Rent Lpton,
t unity for pronteLle luvrettuentu wn.l
limn-man of Uwu. on Real 14...
III N E, sud I 111.1.1 NA MLL, liaMtcluyireburgb,
,L.• lb, A me, I.µat I,lr‘liaor,
. Al4Yb.ut rvarity,
rmmou,k6l,. wrui.. lurth
..l „L,r• Ole tLe premiter,
gt,nl.. •
B ,
ji MEN, AND JUZT11:10 oh'
n.r..elureaL.4. 1.1,131un,ht
11,11. ta la., A I LieL.,
At, .Ar I, mar YI
, . 11 A 1 ENI. 6Ltlmakr,
/ha let.L.l
I'4 L.A., --A lan, ran., b..11,t,
..L.1,‘,1, 'or • •
- -
6. r ll* ES': !tee.,aarry Store.
MASILed„ ou4 AS
LA NI. 13001‘ . S. W . S.
111,1*.k..t .avd ,1 ,, ,11,1 -beet,-, h.. Or ptla the larq,4
I • et, ..11.ted —et.ualatius
Nal et the I..weet ta
1 4 N !ASH LAID PAPE4S.--The 1,e , 4
1,,,,t0u Cap und Letter Eno er.aulle,d.
hal et IS • 11A VEN Peter Wer.hL ,, . ,
e •
met rt , a a Le:tut-it - to nwuttnolot of Tery rut
et,l : , 11. The stnr, itstrak ;was
Li/ the att,itiou ct purrha.,, Abu,. 1,1
Gr., J. Atriqup. Salon .1. Chew , ' bvatattLl Chum
V DRESS GOODS—w arc now re.
Cerra Al, ni
utn•, l'ouu.uu
,),,,,Cl ot h Ale l „ e
no. 0 1.uu. I A A. MA1.,)N.L:13).
• -
Wluv. Gotlx, rt..tudnllvstof
nd •planl u..t. :Utah and lied
• It.K.k. 0.111 Mull. biuuux.,. Monti:m.4c. A mouplete
tment am: Tr, ,bent.
R}NT—The WarehouAe, No. it,
t I. orcup,l,
tn y TVou ;41,
g.,. Ih.
utr., T F11:011'N. i,n
• . -•-
bbl. and 24 ke,eB for sale by
W 4 it in T,O,
-.,dd to sate 1 ? ;
Gbh:. C;der,for sale by
ull ii
tuONI , - -
I NEI, 1 -
k. EW BOOK S!—Thr• Stiin;
, 1 m.........i ~...t ~ , 111...." Tple. &EP /
I, ‘, De I..muz fine' Travolate..l from 'the • ..., '....
:!.'irr'f,`',:',T,„"T`tr i n ß AlT",;°.i:,`l„",.;f r t:ll,%;t:
~,,, —,,, ...--duct.o. t, ~e,,,,,F , It Ting. D 1/
, .1.,. .1,,,,...
Antt.en . Retnian AraLquities . a 51,4,131 PI II: man An ,
tlq.ut ....., , A,V,atuet. , uailluntr...tlona. %.) Char... Antl,l3.
1. I. /
L. t ~, lb. Dgiii: 1.1.-r. et Nlemort,ll. , ,lChrtetlan Ll',
n tl, N1:J.11., At,S. Inc the lien:amply( 21,- late AUg. ,
1.1. e.nd.r 1,11., mu.
1 L : , tar ~. the WI. ..Men • Lernment.ry cntbe Senn-1
cp., . !..t Nl•tti., , 1,, Ite-hartl Ch-neVki I nosh. It
1, . F nmlnlng Cbmple,n of the L. , rd 61. 1,, mel .e.!..r.a• A. ,
live. .1 Irma th. Lowtoc,..litien. 1.m0.. ::.v.
1.,. tno. fliebre —The Elecrrent. ,11 Al,,bre. de..zn-1
• • 6 46.(1. , 5• , Ell, L,ml. 51 • 4, , ,(ta,t .1 Mile
16.1'Irtort0 Ftril ik.k of tb. Revelanot..Lottrtr,.
•t• Itutir ]...A But-, • St% NI nth., Ml44Sitl
• .r Rat:100. h,httrth .1
HOLNIES' LITERARY 1)E1:"01'i5i , ..74
',Tr.., tit. 1.r..1 •
it t., • Ma,. •hh, frr ,rt.trtat.,
• ,
Fib trtlcr+r, rtcht I••ovrt
`.tut.-actut s.thl t.1.00t, et flu.! 'au! Ftlh•Kato
• EGirlihr Itt•htrt , WOrtirs r Travel. th. Th. L
thtv . r ... a Itart•rhat:.•• Ito, thr Ilrart
1., h it • Ltstn,
v... • hale oL tlt•mhtt hy I' /: !tunes
Asu&h.tri, thr Ittolrtrl 0I if
th-a hale of tht. t•Wro Figur
Ca-t.ltta.• hf .Bruhratek. Sh I
hr. I_ • ..)ther tit.thhe
li uly Athlt kttru
F. tpla kuthrrlol. a Nett lade
It egrAilr 1111LI.1, • Inle ol Pars,'
r Moir/ atth ~1.-•:n• i•otz,-. I
• rhata
th..hart ••1' Mr: GALL., ash.,:.
r.• Gipt•th Chi, 6, - it lb Si K•rtyuLlt.
dl lb. Clawof thr btatte r• 41,1. a ale et Nat,
T •y D. ,, D•er • Imus hie,' • Isle ..1 liultsh 1. abs.s ,, ,' t •
I •DDltt , b Lt`suu,... ,
j ,e YU ehnt,.....1 l'uul 1 1 .•ritYttstIet Os.. iaers
.rt. , ts, st•Stm• of P.m., by Sr, Rscbtadoct,
I s•si. • Dr,•bletu. 1., the mabsa ..1 . 1 111 but L...
r, 'fumy, 1 tbuism...n, .. Illbslyshuns
tr•ThlYr s ousie thr.stylt th• U h imll bawds,
Aram ,t 11.. hm.. 11.r.1. • Doe ul 0.1 Mb. 1 , , S. arylint•
1,1 W . ..
Th." llhti , "1 WM I W ~, , , ,,I • tab, id !b., n 0...
'I b.• Itus. ..., eel., . ' eer ,
d , OFF Kk: - lii Lag; H 1,,. Inr,ale by
ii„ i •-•,,,• .1 , ulkAl will' i t.,
S ItIA P. :u Mid.. N. u.. Om salii br
• J . oll.ntunil ico
P r
. ~ Imp., .
EA_,„„,..•,,,,, ~..., and . p.:
-,,L ..
T„E,A ,„,, ,,.. ,„, ~..... extra, for sale by
, e.,..., J h DILWORTH aI,
" -
ICE -2,f, Iteroe.l., sale br .
. ...,,, j . i d s olln oahr rco
OTASiI .1% casks f"r sak. by
• . ...i.e . J h I,II.WuRTiI aoi
YU \ V 14:P.- •A bu•ge supply el
uls lure Os ... •, 1.11...nd am, tut I.mekt rm.,
J A La Lit Willi .1 CO
,i A1.1•;•1 1 FOSE-- 12 b1.,14. for sale by
.. I .': J h DILWoHTII l C . ‘,
APER lIANtiINUS--Newpattern% tar
1 9,11.5yl olbtes
• ~.. •
ill H BEN IN DUI% PA PElt --Plain and
l ef,,:ed J,,,.,,1e 1,
.e.. IL ALt C.e. I' 31.Mthll ALL -
N 1 . : ye ,,,.. 1.5 4 00 , K . 6:: .. .1 4 . ,,, ra% . ,;1; , ,,,0 in „ t 1 h b e urk , 11 , !...1 .
.111.;:sts•r1 Duni., 1 vul 11Mr• . - .5, .
I n t t 11 W .1, .' 1 b LDttst• t t itsrbbms• 1 , ,J r. eau-1r
aie, ara..a,a, rei 1 mu
S N, , fur Aast. A bblylbo y SI. ht.., Mammas. bnJ
Fugleteer• our:sr./
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...,,, ... mbl "u D1 , ..110, la Nlrrhaat .. Eng., Sk hrk
at.. 1. 1 . , ,,, Mk, Z.l, ..tsst rec d sod Pm mle by
J 1.. READ. , As.“ll.linthlisagy.
•-rI FWarth stbr•S
Silver Coin Wanted.
TtIE highest prier paid for every
.I••••ni.ifen sl Ml•nd Coln, at tbd Eschant,e Uta,- cf
t•ie.d.n, of •Nlarl,t and Thud str....ta.
VI REM EN S PA RA DE.—Spanglei , . Ito
1 Int., Stan.
I. Fru., 'Burk lakaltr.. In Ittr‘at tn.
rt. , • ,', std . ' l.sintti
tiItITANN IA TEA WARE, Communlon
- woo, Ccoor.. Cand i ..urt_s. 1,1,1 r utler,. t 4 r... of
. kinds. L...,e, ,iiraJed.... aimi Um.. v. rc. Vo utri,..,,, Iliii,i.r, and Fanny orniso.enl.ll , ll,S,rln..,
it,,,1,.. rr,..,••.. 0, o,ad ...1,1,... c.
~..,...... •
._ ` 4 ":"_
I 4 , ALL GOODS.—Just recd,er express,
L ~, ~,.., MASON • 0i 's
~, ..., 1 C111.... 5 013 o t:n . n r. n b elf:: , lilvf cre ,
u....e. and ent..: ...1.100.h0 .t " - .
EO. 0, ii-,. On. Jr Afno.i., 1.....1.1 I morc I, I,a.
Ilarr•line. It , , tha , l, I Int ..trivh 11l ..a. ctiend. , 11,.
Mcartiv &
Itu.amtkt. It avt,cort rrel r. anlcnild-tiortment of k !hills. trum 01, up VI - , rirl Urn .111 dr, • - •U
0, 0.1:.0:1 rurrhfur from arts. svpl
LAIN V.5. ,, f Ora,. Hui]. Ptak, W. and r>nrn
cr, for n, Droos.o. ad Sseks. 1.4 reed by
)11.71tY11Y a li viEL:
L; UIiAR-20 bad, N. 0.. for salit
0 ~,I . . :=a W LIARBAta , II
1 -. 1 (ADEN .SY Ill) P-10 bbls . for sale by.
IX ..P1 ~ aW. 110.01.30 GOO.
fkl GLASSES-30 bbls. N. 0., for sale by
.L.VI ,91 . !.‘ R W HARI:IMAM
6ALER A'F U !3—:l I bbls. fur ltle by
1.; - .1.1 • S ttt A i1.i.,1,111. •
lIIOBACI2O-10 kegs Va. Twist, fur sale by
.pi 0 it 0 LA 1113 ALli II
WE—IO iterceo for gale by r+ a lAILLIAIIOII
• ".
cl.ts na..,• •
~ Urea ,
i ".
_ ..,1 !Water aud Fruut ers
- --- -
IILik.,AT ft E it:7 , - ..i, ,oieke landing and for vale
1 r Ur I.PI ~ IsAtAit uitiK_tl A ‘...,
_._ .. .
C 1 , PITA !—Will he rufliehed, on Monday,
IL; ru, ru at ~ ..rotor or a tat. ar.ln,i 31.13' at th...ra
I af CI 11, ',1., lu J. II 11()L.MEn.
urr34 Third ar..upr, , ,ta tha Purr Mk,
"•--.. . . . _.
''',,THER,,, Shine iientiock 'fanond
:LA, L.•ath.r. tar r.ri.. r.., ' I -
."' It DA.I.ZEI L a I. 0 '
isoFiriiE-- . 201,1 Lugo 1.11 . hale by .
I_ , •‘ -
0,"0 It OA CLELL t. i r/
- . - - .
. -- •
Sl.:tit It ---.01 1111,1 e. Fully, 'or :Rae by
,„.., • It DA Li-ELL a VII., .
S A LNION —'".• lAA, N... N... I. for sale by
n u., to U 1.1.Y.F.L.r. i t'o
. . -
ill Willi:I , : TEA NIA la. in the Inaniend.
Art - void...kJ tirru 1 - astart: 11.11,ii,ii in [1...P.1
IL., or ..lhuu ruarurair tha •erna qualitua a: .o
, ut
at Otar.° ur ort.a.ll,huraut. hat - al, 4 lark „ rtrzt. au.u a r r
pa,.t.. r,
V,r.. rup rtar torrau Ira, 4d.
... . .. ..
8111" I'S! holcur lELD
hay, rorvti..l toll lowormo.ot I It., above
tn. 4;.00 to LI,W por %ow. ot 111th At,
of t tr• •11,n aud..l4
&Kt:I)LE ,, WORK 4 . 201,LA1t5, of new and
ItNil' 11L114:1aliLD.
cu Y,4 .
I) I IMUN S I ki (BISONS ! We are opening
Lt '„l . Re'
ell a' liClCiffnala bare Ala nterinal a It c 4 Icy
beerinfollirigion kintinioasite earinenly lor erktbitictrat
ate Wort ra k to nbCtL the attention of the Wier Isl.
cited. anal
leau OTL=",
h.. 30
As, Ass a w STOCK OF sr
excellAut rp _u
I...conripc.l with
eriiiiLatr - u - s;;;lleinet
(t - a nehfitala. 1.,, , ,.._.__ .... —,.....- .-...,,,,._
i. it. For *AMR. D‘.. ~-,- aitir reaontin
tingeJelf -.
Fri URPII I ;- iti.T RIE2C tIFIRLY• etre \ niAT .
4 N'EW • ob 4
.9, r7 "." ....T1: t.' 4 ' _ ' ; .. ..b " ..i ' 11y ' r10 ' 11 ' ' el'ilwir r ' 4 ‘L o " ..n. 44\
titiTem b ..'ll.l‘ll;" br-During the ..-.N.n tt'''.r'arill R
reiT2 suppli, of the m t.t. ca.. ni F ie al (loo.41„
maintniniam an ....oritu a nt out I. I. •urnaete.l. mkt at,
Vet ratth priers. - mire,/ '
. ..
NE"'PRINTS AT. 1•....- - - -7- opeiling this
mural ing en ae_tort talent ot 'new .I,le Fall Print,
.warratOnl. , . mi.' .
.tret• , WURPIII A 111.1111.11 FIELD.
-- ~ ~
JUST ith;(l,Ei V ED, front the Phillipsville
011 002 Fiktory-30/0 04, 4. 6. Mot 6 q uarter ',d
ant (n...4tlarri to r a oil Moth. We invite th. attention of
irboleintl. desire. and carriage manufacturer+ to tbe above
eirtlrla--they wilt firki It to their inl•mtageln histahmln..
. we are detenalno.rtneeli se weal nn article at aa iow—
...a per h. a 'little hatter• mini lower. than MI, other
bow. In the United Ntit.• • . J. a n. PLf ILLIPS.
FilEitßA ,IA PONI.CA -- 10 pkgs. just reed
.1 awl tot eale I, J. ,C1I1JON)1Alli lilt A CO.(
ang'-:D 24 Weal .1.
IL t'BItAMARIN E libliE-I(iesgeB fur sale
_. :- .ar?e , _ • 3 ..el"Iii.$l:OlAKER • CU
-1,1 kiiCl sXurs--.2.5 hble. for sale by
L 3,4 a .‘,.. 1 ' J. Syl,. iN NI A .. KEit A CO.
ROSIN 50 1,1318. for sale by
, Su,,a , J t . C 1 J14.11,..11401.11 a 0)
, ._
I ittn O 1 - to 01313. No, f, for . a l, 1 . ,
4 .kuir-v J. :ti 'IIOI,NNI AK Ell. A 01
tiCh4l . ll.lN:G4,— . lob 41s. 10i n tile:by
TT_ -\,,,..., \
.......,. rellonalt.:llelt a co.
iganlntioll - 0e Partnership. -
THE . IiSCRIBER, having sold out hit
entire i ter ett in the 11.a,u, Bait Rollin,- MM. to
the remaintno rtue.rn. t -mu nu. 410 day of Jun. last, to
has no forth, ntereet I the *awe All pe re o n • u; ,..i.1. t .
ed to the ,onet with. t with the ,onnniiin,lerinert.
ana they will pa sill debt. ( the late 'arm of .11.11111.1.
Boum.. t::o iten29'3t •1•110 AS 11TYF.N
' \ \ • NOti e.
TllEN'ioelf.hoDiers of '-.-
aun lerw ga' par. a
ine altrien“ I.Pre Doll lee'r 913 t
.or treforeolet ,la f Orton.. n
9 iF \
il, f• ler or the and of D (-
a ng2 , -.IA. lti.:l ALEX. I. I
. , A Tibia N arm
(FONT tIN NG , Ini One • I
?Duet Afro' v isi t \ a n te 11l Vt .
abaci gotraty..l. ...A T a leuna •
...en. and vitt n klyteru ntpra or t i
hutch. The moil it xriAlent , ainv,it tee
1 ,,,,,,,i . n i unde r . vt fear.. (kith eu it
Daum an , ,l a g r ,, J ,
r r: „Ni : There a i li r -li..o . nd. :i n r c „ ..
ZIVEN. or ‘ AUt r A7 , l-1 I.NI N IAIiSIiA
40 .19 .tiltklrl LD \ Attorney a •or. Pit
The Little Salr,,Slill
her,b, ma tact an
re IA re,c,vet te be 141,1
ne , ‘
ejLN A lIA \ 're...A.
T Sale,
Uandred and
N . `;' - ill‘ . .T.r . oti l s;',..
...(3 . 7 .,,5, ,1; Pitte ;,
k nl D ,:::ii " fl
Notice to' rtrac -
SEALED PROPPS S tor t h EXtiaN , tion
.nt Grading nt thOrack wr .arh, Littlok?uvr MU bun
.H.Oral.‘: will 1.. re,ived by Etxr 1 5 %.41..ta, of tb, ,
tmny, mutt the gab of bent,Entkr n., t. l'itnnd ..
clf,rACurm enn br ...en xfter the ufb of ~ot.m T. by
log upon the Prebident. or Gram Urn' , En‘i f" ~f UV
Commoy. at be !souse of Mattbrvr mant,,,, i n ch,ti e ,i
"'. r
nAti Board Ifr ',,
fAi r gatitallr47.lCompet4 ' ' \ ''"M' Li.C ! ' 2n.
aitir2iKinubil , l WM EtTlAt'rc.lderit.
• \ For Vale Low for CaNihX
~ ;An tOir.rr an.L lit . rnrl, ner, n.mol,run roll
. 1.7 ,
...` " ?"--f!RE 1 \ ''• " " 2 ' T.": - • !" . i?A l r , '. •',.'" "
ikIACKEKEL—:O bills. Largt , Nti , ,:> ‘ :, Y
tmcbtoetts \o.portion. I ni, by • ,
L EAD--R)oo ' Ttitt..” -
t 4 m' e
ANIS , S A ittI I CUTS./....
4.: H. 310LASSES=:)James' He
‘J • 11..77,6171%1e bv
cur- , JAIIRS k C)
t *.f.V""y D'" "
• 1.142 , TFIO9. rAE.,
cm:Lew:llv the mr".t.attreetlytt matt I.l.chicn ble
oat O. •„rst ttettetat
2;7. fonlre ' ; yr lc
"tc-tes. T/10. , ..t1tAL5tfit.
vac, , ”
FIRE BOARD RINTS, at a thecout rb
50 Tr, cet.t. from ldst 'rade, Trlc , •• ,0n5t , ,.....1,4.1 ~...
la:ket edr.....t.1114 for snle,lny
....\.•,, ,
aug^:n II,IIC;NIA: , •I..•II Hi \ ,
11, -- EG BU7'TER--50 ken , prinwrin ,z 0..),,
Iv aktiblit..• °tart.. lar =ln by n. 's
..c2, ~ SA •01.:R1,1 . s 1.111.! \ ',R . 1
, 1111E.A.NS- , -30 I,a. Small Br Ilibc..,.far ,F,4 , 1,2 , by
~,N, an„2l ndfll lld P• . 11.‘, , m
..; i
ItUCK ET ...-.-- - -4. i ,1,,7 Bvari.r, 'I, ~,al,,iby
~...=4 Yr li
, s a II t d Uddlb s 1
frbiß 4' S - I . „ V
tit..Z. for -al. , Ls, ,
. au,,,. ,aa II A ti8N1..,11
..• '
I) WEI/ BEEF—E.-3u. A Smitr , .tapcai.:r 1
nagan Cured Beet I
bade.. lk,apersr.r l'ugs eureJ beef, em-od, r, r ;Ale : , 1
%v .11. d b c 1.1:11te A Co
L'•'€ .2‘• .1. ~, bin..rty et I
Fit r,.. ..... , ,r,,,,1AL1A.N MACCARONI- -Ja-t
JrI•J and for sale L
' 24. ft NI CLL bk. t Lilo
\fl AR ilil. I ' GINGER--I ca,l2 Cantoirp Dry
V/ Ibrrvr J kilrl,c , •l In. re r.l end Int In, , I,
•S:', VI NI A .it 4 I.llot 6l'_ '
New Music. .
UN \IJ. 'IEDkOR, N. ' , I W.../ii , trent. I
r i :.... r;r.i U
4... (al wlng neo nod ,npuiar p........
bt.?lci .1 ,•a—S, C ilpeter% ;Marcb litnn 1.41,-.4 Je I%m! 1
Pe b. a.rit ' a s K r :il.T . :it "''—' ot•r• r ,-
Ws, , ~,,n,, ,AI ai, ban L.. telr
Ws nog mo . !. barb. \ Vnt Id s boa 4n.ct. 11/eb"
?be 1 &saner., N II \ hato r,rbep, a,. has ,
Tate me hno...a to ale, , I beauty — V111 • 11110(14.
I watch Int int. \ 1C...1......“, toe tbat 4.....1 h.r
FI• Moat., tba bided nobs 41,,, •trultl—barlsrion..-.
ratber'S PI, rt r. \ , ‘l, i`n..1161 , —1,..1en - 'sr
Joe 'lardy. I, -.• en. Si all Ult..e en i
Why du aumno, rVe. 1.61. • I d..nrm, ~ one ebnrcur
ldillg..nt ylnr la Step , 1
i b i.r,'.T.;,:!-',r,,"1 J. ;'';"ll'L.',"t.:,°, 7...1';'”'',1:,"F1'r`.;..n,
Ons. HI ru a.... tutti,. g.l.u. A.:,...".. sill , ml.l
bulk., nog , :
OUJ , JV i L.L:E 1...1N , 1i.,'` , ,- lk .
\i !,,tale. join t re ti
i i Water ..treel
- FRESH GROCERiliti A:::j . 1.1 SUNDRIES,
) Corner /rya / Po. 0. dr In .
La'. L b
6t Corner
a Hll4 Teas.. k. ton 4;o. - . d l. tn.rn1..1...,
MO , at. s. ••• - - I 1..... nssor ...I Plekle•
al lad. choir, Toby I ... - rdc us Ind Svl.
0 gro..sllller'a A tiodararY.l', If sone,
Fiore - al Ti1t..44, 10 box". Alm. Palm nod
I.llso liawann e.e.gars; ' Tr , 31.4.500p
Alm Com. and 111 Synnlalvl bawl I.labllna. .
'etbags Itm Coffee. . ..21,....c, Co in StS, .
Lonny,. C.. 11, 2. -• 8a1,6151 s ..• y and
1.1./ - Lill live...l,ra " 1 1...... n P0v,..1... ,- ,
:Ai' ••
War Caudt.t. •.., boar. Cloth••• Plns
-10 - ....I.•rzo ' - , 11.. JAI Palen, '.;:,or: , I a. 411
SU - 3lould a Lbnp,l - I 13,0b111. ‘
30 tee Unnlnd Sio.ent. au) dolt Coro Droning
n bags Pet,r d {',unorb. ~ II bnlennle adal v.l, I.-
j p it 1L1,111.11.`± A' •\
anat7 Nordne.l :or T‘ 4...1 andPl,P.b at,
fai [l9Ali,-2 , 5 , L.,agli . Brajii. , .
WK . EP.EL , --4A) bbls.
as PI arid pr
n tn. Nn '2: fur 1,.
'Ca 11. MOL/0„:•••:ES--20 bbls. fo; C :pile
U. ;tor., , ENGLIFTI x IFaNvrt.. -
bow . 4IOAP-150 bo No. 1, form g. IR:\), - ,
17 aug7.' ENGLI , II x BEENFr\
TAR -100 tibia, N. C. for sale low be \
1:):6L1:411 d BENNEtS
TOBACCO -I°o las 5'.4 Lump for sale by
tii:NNrrr. '
TOBACCO—tIy kegs 6 Twist, for sale le ‘ ie•
•1 aut . !: ENOLIau & BENNETT
CIGAIIS-10,000 Principe;
, oe Rec.
iY;Qta) Havana: . •
:4).00 Half Spanish;
WAX* 0.11I1011,• for role low Dq
.U2l Frit:l4Blf A it Eli lt F.T
A Co. t h e'baojt rereleeil alargil lot
reach Marino,. of moat dialrab • shad. of color. so
lected exprearly for the retail trade—tory choop.
TEW SlLKS—Rec'ddey. a beautdul
.L 1 lot of ricw stalr Silks and Flo ri n Chcrw; rich ro
o r s. at trinsf27l A. A rtA.SONifi
.1.1_311993 A Co. base Just opened a new lot of rootlets
nod Sonnet Ribbons. tall rim , . which Cher will oircr eery
ehrap. auk
anoth e r a lnt of tt,Ar ren Ater
Embrcd tries ta and Vl d
Market l. angT
from $l5 DE 125. 413 ...1...01. 111 u 6,14 bk - yrpre-t.
Rya fonale by imairal "
COOPER WATCHES—in /11111dity And
ewe.. and at itnnallattd iatt ntiatd. Lata
tha bin 'Annan manniteturad Watches. and Of unt,dnall
td tntaltation I auirdt)l tr If
and have given the Latt antitfactina tad Wd
kdrith thte,ontAt, W. W ItdON,
uproar Mutat ana Fourth q •
f 101 , TEi.,\--40 bogs Rio. prini•ipally 'too,
itiat ter .1 and lar tale Of ]OILY %, ATI aL.
W Ifil I/ IT 11 AND TROUT—
'S) bbl.. )Abbe Utah. IA 1:
1 .... 4 .¢ an I r,r ..: \t y - h'
41.1.2 t - \ I,IIMIDIC , ,EI a 1.',..
W06. - --'; Ml , f ri/411. I, //al, /../-
sto,/, ' 1 / DAIZELL n c,o,
VIIEF:SE-3111 bx/IA prim! , W. It ,for :-.11, by
IL) intglltt f
ALIEHA'IT:s:::S NM, in bur., arid bLI7..
1.- , ran/. c -, ..1111.1..n , tclt salv by
auex \ I: I.lli II R t.r.
rtirk i'IITE.t..Ci . 1;11: 1.C.: - .l,.Priiglll),,a t,,
U I I. Jap. , • k . .. 3 •^tttv of t. n.szlia: \. z. •1:::.
att .1 . hoz ever••ritten elk.-1.(14.11, L.Tir., \I. N
0--/led with llllliqr4ll2l, 1.10 ti Itil .klt , .t . . "
f.. .. , k al 11JL1112:: Literary l •,, .1 I 1....4 , , ~}
- 'gaA'."`!,' - '6,,A, 4 ki.:J, -- --':7-
tii: K.n-r.i. ! ,-.....-,
021 Mininpment. 11 , arrity.vr .i.,14... in. ",, i.. 1 T 1- .! ta 's i.l
slaty ' .I'4 I \ iLtri I. •
uy2s _
_tuun,l 41.1,/,:i \ 11u11,1,L,
1101 V 1.4.141--1 - stl keg, illantlilt • ‘'i r - / . I
1 - , .5,4 i .;
. J 1:1-0 . 1.1.:::. , '5.
tilikouN i* _-.lsthat:/./ t: , rl - 11 i;/ 5 i., , ,,/ /. hp
, 4// // .2:, ' ' .1 • /I\ I ~/ 1,
D IAL ILEA Lfrs-8 4 0 /I. 11/dI. : }I1/\1/ r, jubt
W. 7 jk lii . d ed i ti" t on ' O t t l . f4l I ' PZI ". ' .Y.'n'it th i e t4Ni• ui.
. _
WINDOW SHAMS—A supply of l'Ans
li d . r We,
THE Stliti
r'zilia t .'
au,rlor or
.CRIBER having taken the atom
CRTII STREET. forroorly by
arbl burin?: rot tt,-.1 Eh. eat.,
et 41., .f Wittig lario*Mbd
uetlior with a
tn ?e
/AG 4:toOps, a)
a.l,lmnd I.l,
Ilt .null n..,-tfu/15
, inurntux end Iron.. rum
bl..tore'tbey ran `brain a
arta,. In rit), ha lu.ut
chnoa braorbr. of bn •
ip.rtlun 6.1 1nu0../1.
EI4..,EiN Pawls.
UNING )1 111)1 SE PUNNI) , III,.I>,
at. herotoforr Itro I),‘ 1I»» w).11
= )777)4) 00.4, thsf . lo
dvlra.lll2g partkul.r
)) n)1 tlsrto`tt ,
)\\11.:). A. Nick:, MIT
Soarer Coottv, and ,viArlt
tio,'aTF.l) IN THE IfflßL•ht>l l BRItilITON•
THE SUBSCRIBER:,havic,..4,,,I.ven located
for Foote two year. p2..0 tritbelthuir:h.lo,l3orougl3ot
hrlehton, re.klel fir mere thantnelee 1... r. P. ,
the ‘leinity el the 'tor, .4 Yuri.; 1141 time hie ale
e.neon bar been ven tk Laud fireti
we Fr, the aerntomedatinn of the patele generally. be
ha. opened an office in the .fan--ee ,, Nituatedon
Itri.24nsty etreet. Lear the rehire of \Willi the
pa. , fear. ...A keep. 3 Public Rect. VW Toon
3303, or orher real eetate for 121..
There ore mw a MILIIner rA'ie re
defer. the Borough and routibc l'fr'c ,
d lon
rat.e.A.l tern. savatittioeour.,
fides atwuy. trimly or,Artr
will he 00.1,1 wile,: the title is het
Yereon• de , iroue ol parch 2.41, all and
ex:train, for themarle...i. 81 , 40 d , ORD.
NGINE 110SE--5 .- nafr.r.t 2 inclt, 3 p 1
At. India 1101.1 - , yr.., brooch! eut er.prerelNor
lo Fri;
c o h
!TY. l 2Tp V ea "' lr I:7 . 4 . ex "" i ' o n e v t . eT. ' ;et. ' e .ir f . ;io !' yTi n rt r . ' ; " :;ra "(
:toad prewure than line loath. r lincom2oofaetpred.
In o. where they don , ) :000
se rr,/ , 33 , 13.1i.
tho more • will he refunded or the , lleee replared by
r. J. U 11 PIfILI.IPS,
1 - 006.) 6 . 1 . 1. ES--.Jllst Al,lsfeet In
:I din Rubber flooe. for he din) I..xmOtives withileam
Natel hot water.. 11,00.00 to. rut .terief by any Ilene,. it
te,airve marine, perhell: :41iLfuhinot affeettet by
heat or cold. fur Ink at
20,.241 f the alanufarturere.
loblo. le ho •
/vs, t 4. KIDD It CO.
.11F, .KCAL}IIUN - rt. 11S, or Romantic Ad
re‘oilurr. , In North bj,CatA.Altym• Reid
Lair+ t yrforil.m .
by Fir Admiral Fb ..o.
YraYrd4 in Am•ri,.: by ...Stout nwrtb.y.
'r Sbnobog by Pd. Ennvd.r. -
I • Dig for of Arknorai\ IlumonmA NOTri, with. II-
Iv Umw
at\ lIOLNIES . t.: , yar, D•ptA, 74 Third,tr,t,
r,rynal th• augZt
" •
Q U GAR A\ND 31 < SSES— • ~,
ir• ' Alo WA, ' 'intaljon Malaayea: . .
\ 29 hh I ''
' \ '
' ' 'l .a .:', ll 24 =Eti. " M;lV •
,•::: \ . .._, ~,. ater a..
d 1- 6X.'S tnnt ‘S \ parklinatine--.3 gross
Ll for aala G \ ' ~ Anto & co.,
to 0,-.0 \ to wt.o. ,t.
17(TF.. 11F., LI7THFUNIFRY—A fresh
% 4
• • Ica or nad by .-
na;".2.1 ' ,.l. ' liIDD • CO.
ic - VITE,q —,
lio I I.: A 7 TT:Taititli-LlfWa
ju ti,,'. day\ Sato y. aue at . ..3d.and tit tale at
laoe'Z'.: : \ NlOll 'IS' Tea MAW Diamond.
L" L'IROM BO7OL - . Just 'co' e'd— • • \
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XT 0. MOLASSES-2001?blai) foinale
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11(10A lELLS. received frevh
idaeler.r. en,lfer lale by
W3l. A. IIcCLGiN 8
ACKEREL-5 bbls. & 7 qr. 1, 1
J. P. ELI,.
100 boxes Cream: \
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Ano.nd qr. chen,l
G UPER - , CUL IR XIITTS.--. Litrits &
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KLEI Third street street. h 4 Apt
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anhl , . • it,t to hank et Platt ire .
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Ebi°‘ A L.. -IV e intend to retnot \ c , •4o t
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I:cd ”treet- hinele et Cia, , i wh,ln , ye hall l•eiii,
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' "' H 1
i L J 4 /I. PHILLIP,. ~,,a 9 ci•st 6a. '
AM ATTRES:IES.—I jean; u 1 e 1,,,,. 1, 'Age
11.. aw.e.rins.ent et lurlwl, 311wa, 11u4.: 'es,..“hh.
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G LEAD •fiti tag. Lead, It, urrie.., ) fv..i
Y -s--
sale I. .uo,i / II 1 / , WIL , I.M. 1.17 hr..t..r
I.O.P.PPLii. l ,V , 51,1.. &C.,— , . •
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rim B.‘oll'
argto , ./ Wood st.
PrNSB I --,
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.ontiection with'
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PRI; \ I4SY \ i,vAisriA\ . AILRO. iN \ ''' \
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eorptd,r/ to ./..T.,.(pw\f, 2.11 lath . %cr.\ 1 ../..x.. h • .
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' ) TIME REM r.)F.I/ A.ZXD Stip I N.‘lff. ‘SF.I..
Tut: SU BSCRIIINIS have tit , 'trio., 1. : ,
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At Lootrort- ...tot mt.:01 , 1.U ,- t•sport to ,:iat.tOotsoht to, O il \, ,
sod from Eloladelah1•Io I•XII2Ii,trAYS. . .
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-.. ONE TIIIIIMANIx lONA PI is 11 FOL. \ \ ..
at th.a followmx fans of frattal
,Istiellory. Calllety. V.Znif...liht..." 1r , r-, • ~
Foall , r., Fortmora r Maas. Mda .r..-...t 1
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rad., Peat, Ma muffs. 011..1 1 oh,: a .
Ter. Flax. Tmaahr and ..11•1.1. xirx-. -..,1,. . .
till/U.1:1,A- 1t...1.i.0ri.,1trat..4.1.,:00 1-0,/
MI. Tuba,. Leal, Colt, Trl/Loa, a a r-Mta la,a :
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laAfii : llii.7l:l,:::—...a.ahaa, Mar a. ' 1, ,k,1V I. 1.
E11..11, II a.lO. Ito iota 0 4:, ..... , ti A. -:".
MA opt: a Ctil , A....0t. •
• 11 5'= 3 mru, a
Pout 40.1 o .to, _rte.
, . .-..
\ SUPERIOR STREET, CLEVIa. tN n t tlino. .
, T ILE PROPREETORS having nt.ttio'stnplq ~
- .
alprndllr, rodltuh li.ti alterma owl fruhrus.o a t I,«Elithlate I .
roally kmat totertislll.l.l., takkr.1.1...,1 1.0, larvad bit
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to. lino I. in aro rt .Ipartment aato.fxr, r, to hks Mari \
atter Mha IF il.l.lAht !MIAMI). ' •
FALL FASHION. ' , .'i •
, •
lITE liz-v t ! , receirad this 1 , alitiftil 4 ...,..
, V etvl , .. 11175 • to w hob . era Lathe 'he a‘tete
that of oar frie ti. ho d . th e pulohe generx:l.
atly23 Iktroll![... CO- ce.r.Tiffh mlP.i Wood ata. '
p 7 , Glass Works,'
r lillt, i 1 ...
1 ' OREiNiZS: \ kIG 111'3 AN, (I:uhterly of the
fpm of Wm. I.cCull7 tie,) Mahal:le:ln,. of all
lauds of 1 lALZ 4 . POTTLE.%d Tr IN 0:,,,,,,Lyx,e , 03
Water and 1:4 ProuttA•et,lltialk ,an urgh. Ix. . .
• N, 11.—Partleular etleytion pael Px . •kik • !rev et Wimlove
Ilia rand private raiathlAhr Ifhttle•ah.l , otiv, ;mg=
—. h.
. -
, i lr,l PERSONS klvm-ing th-m,irr;:, in- ..,
..,,. deit,a 1. , ~ for Dry Goce,t are rehh...P.l h , ,,d1,./
...11 r. oili, or before the let dab-- a u t d 1e1,..t. .I , ' ' Of, that
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tor collholion. JOHN :Is 11.10 It, 31. 1.,...,.., ,c,
axe-N.3 , 11
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at an lovtalment of Twelve 'lt inc.l v•I xud i :2cx'oh,llm-.
Per %bare la rrohlred h::7.. ,,x,,, ~,t , „,,,,,,,,,, . ,
next, at the hlller of CI 1,k1:LI:h ' 1.111 3,11., 1.. h.. Phl!adol-
PhD , Ile Iml, of the ',sr,' of
ru l.t , ( ot tyhhri ,
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Elai , lerrotoM. uR.22. .51riarx,k.P eee ,
r, .
A ttipieltd i ey , l —'X INIVF, A5,.4141 7
.N..1--OFval Paper and Borders, for the Pall Sale
s .. \ . ,
1 UST I tECEIVELI. it The 114 ~ 4allished "%'
.and. 65 Market atm., hum W,..1 .a 111....t404-11,KI '.'
eamtern,.faetoriee- a great many et PAPER 11.1 S-
O and BORDERS. entoprlelue .141 , en r 4 eg 5 et etylee
and prieee ae eau hardly fart g , grafe,t J.,. t....gee arel gneet.
mint nlatiliio 1! ow l , „IOCIlel.
the wen , of the .
rw,ig \tf, pALMER. •
at ewark.. N. J.
Thia Coron..) ie Drererea ef.trel , h ^".-
. - ZINC P. INTs.
Which - tee, been found after eeeral ,elg,
Europe and th e, United Mate to retain . 1
heautT and Preteetl.t Pret`erti. , enreeof.r i
rain! whatever. Their •
' • )Vill'f-E ZI:iC PAINT
Is purely an ftide of an, an •ie warranted
alolteration' eXid Bounty VOLteoel er. It en
beautifully white, a 54 Le aritgrelyleee tt• ta t
Em r- 0. , wo. c.,..,,, i.,—; -..,
”' th : . DtTe'ret...74...-5-1.te..q1?.-
if - Wiiii.TSfii;i' 19. iii; YE:
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with wafer and ow. or a`4th - rqo.ish. wh,h
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'Eh.w are furt.lah....l at • liar prin, ~...tal 'tr.
-the,chaatacat aral tart paLnl;\ lot it... myrk,
nova, Cauria,, 0.1:10tIv., Vto . ll4Sibrvt or at,
taa... cOrtoxl. brick. tia./or irma , Y 000 '
For 11,0 eurrar.... th•r ara ruin kr!, rolL
f..rm a aNalanuie ma .mica
tlau. tba, \dry h•a , a*,• t , u "
Dealeio au : m.41,1 as tit...ral 1p10.5 V:- 11,..?.. ,\
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. i: I'OUIt .. il j a ‘ V '' }'
V . 1114
- \
.DEARL....... tone No. 1. in ... ore
L sala b, ' .„ Owl,. . .I..IIA'AN
anti 5 kefa
imt DicK,Er a CO.
IVe..r.(t Front sr!,
.c.,.,44 for , al , '
make. Tor t•ale
, -.
ri EESE--100 hoSes tr.,m:, '.n\ ,
IiJJ LI. C.D1.1.11 . 71('4 \ foi , ,
fc 6,, . 2,au11, .J Ii CA, F i to , . .. .
ji_ INkrre_nt.P.l v.., ell,ctecl-,, for n 3, 'kin I
Purr....e.ti ter mae by I?. quArt,J , Lr.ttltl at , '
. Me.)11.1:1,* 71.:.1 MAIII4
aull 1 /n the IJiwamlii.
— \l
rucibleA, froca
, c 4 ,7 1 , , , I,tw Ly ..
_ .
g•Li. by
N ertSito:4-=:6'
ACkl--200 lb
UXTKIi—U bbl
XJP. Daßu
(LOUR—+Xi bbi
coret.ent of Ladies" and gentl..napn,lndsa ItoF
of all kintla nollanfattorwl, •thntfa.,le
,I Elie Itnbber Dep.. 7
brat.t En.
d , HEAP PIPNTS!--A. A. 31,km.N & CO.
X./ have Just '114,1, 'red =5 c.c.s boNuttEil new 7
rt la'
PitINTN. whieb wily:A...PI ox. uxurs.l at Tort lose 0 , 2,e.L.
.0.0,.:i r.a..eal of tho.N.ery dr.1ra....), 0 cent rgiz. Ty.... the
nbespest ...Is no+ u. Pr. In I.tor marl.,
nacli,•Ne...E4 l ,lo 04 3:04.rt sO.
Yor gale hy
.11. for sale
L UG.A.R..--bAhhde..,N, U., or salt by '
17 .n t it i , e. D1L, , ,2111 . 11 ACo '
Roams-15u doz. Caro, 11,..r
A. DI llfilill e co
1 1 01C.C-20i1 b., for safe
011k1.1 . J. k 1: 2 0.
I tiFETY - 11;:t.E-10 eqsks srr blasting, for
r.sle Iry J 1111 , A0111'201 .
e 1CE...-1.5 res. prtuie, 5:11,4y
itil.wthorc .
Irkilh.ESt 7 ,--.40 boxes prime, .1,,r
N,AanGl.l .wicK a n...ct:ti.Jft, ~
Cakil ISLI tts. for sale t.•, - A
t 4.
L b,.,1..;22..t tor
cr2lo.l'. These 220,2,20.20 r.../ Lbe
12,2,41 Rm.., awl kr.. ut.0011.12. I it .01 2 , 1 , rah ,
112 - I , sh 'ar,.1\2[2,:.122 mapnlsetu... 1.e. , : 022.,
tozirel..Sn'{ t It .12.0 tot ,r2l-0...02.2.2nri , .,, 21.0,007
.011 t0.10[,102, Li. W. Lau, --1. 120. 1..-12, '. 4 22..•..2r-I
rAplllly lolpe nottt or., 221:
0:100. Lhe, tretl, r.-20220. Lento, l • Int .72 .2 2”
0 1 , 1 v., marl ,
note.' 22,2',
5/.II.Ic . NiEL -I _l2,ad hr ttan
1 4 .„ ;tt C. 21, 2,2 ~t.
_,.2.20.14 IV!, A AI IA I
81 A
•• A
At le A t` A NT/L.c. t.
• • •
• Att 4Ers \ TuNuttEs - A , priou• urtitie ort
1 1 1. t. r r., A
%y„ a L. , .
tat .21
it all 4, I 1.
kJ .41
%_) sue'
1q train
\ c=l
I,aAot c.
o, for sale by ,„
SNUFF--30 boxes eele.-
" 4 'tsTr,iTiiVih?:s.
n. CtNsiNotifor,
• Litrrty gtr.4.