The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, August 30, 1851, Image 1

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NitzrrE & co.
f soma amour.
Irzcz Cll Ter. ;ill.
DL —Ser v o dollars r.. , +.00 0 .•
IPla if pail in dram,.
It r i , ,I , ALT7•Two ovr annuni. Ithllll.o. CMOS
U tto
Six co pied 9 b
vOples at.nta
rack, each übto be vid4rui.:iii to rson,
anti to be poll invariably in ado
Pio Club Pipers will
be ant ottae t.S. year en.irevi -uoloas the money in mat for
Erailil or ADvEwrisoice. •
, 0.. 40 ... ob ours of SonOsill.or lent
..ercLost -4 0 00
..haalitlo4.L inscrtlan- 0
u..n01 15
. • two wcyks 900
. ..
-,- N three works. ..... . .... -....... 600
Po - : t
w o M00th...... ........ --,-- 601
Pa. two
les, thrm merd1a.....—..--. ... 9 00
Ise • four months ...... ..—....- 10 00
1 .,,,t
A utinc Cerds. , (6 Ilnee or lons 1...m0m -4 6 00
Ow Daher for each_additionsi lino,
O e A d d), chwuteable st Idosobtra ..per Mi
• nous) exclusive of the IMPori-••-••••••••-•^Z , 00
r 1 widitlonal Novo, Inserted over one meoth, mid
s e a midstional eoumm 'warted under the mdir .t. 4
if ge.
- Advestia•mento esessedin
a g
a sonere, and WI are! MP.
1111.4t0 be enamel to a square and •
Pabliabens not aecoontable for legal adverilsements be.
rood theomonot charged for their poldicaticre-
Annouceing condldebes for °Moe, to De charged the gems
ea other esivertleemosts. • - "
Advertisementa tot tuorked on the copy fbr • ems:Wed
another of hmertlons, will to contimmd till forbidand buy-
ItMot model abordloglY-
The privilege of annnal vivardeera Is etrictly lholtbd to
their own immediate boobies, end all -advertmements Om
the tamett of otlur pereono,m well assil adearthements not
Inituediately monocle' with - Moir owes business, and all
club. of advartiegmerste, to leugth or otherwise. horsed
the limbo engaged, will be olsetitel satins ossml rat.. For
ell Nes. transient advertising, bills viii be eeparatolY
endured. in,a pioniPtertattt 0 dealred•
All eolvortimmente r Marltable institutions. Are am.
Pottim, nranl. township, sod other putties meetings. and
finch Wm. to be charget half prim, pekablo rime . sol•
Marriage Imbues to be charged vice • .
Death notice. Insert.' without clients, oolses secorulou
Wed hi floors' lositations or obituary notices, mid when
. fie accoustenied to be paid for.
Regular advertisers, atel all others *ending comesualm
tons, ,or ismulring , 0.100 designed to cell attention to
gain, &PUY./ 041109,39, or any public entertaloroents,
'boa charges' gra made for admlttanee—all notame of pr[-
solo associaticasy-every notice designed to call attention to
private ...purism-et: mints," or Intended. to promote Ludt.
eldest Interest, can poly be Inserted with the understand
Jag that the same he to be toldintended to
Inserted In the local eolumn, the tame wilt be charged et the
fib of not leselhari 10 Ce130.9.A.C . .; , _
. bishop or ATNotices - to b. Marge' triPm Press
Tavern License Petition. 11 essets. .
}tell "%tato Argeotstrson Auctioneers' adverthementa not
lobe clamed turtet . ye•rlr Wee. but 'to be allowed . nip
count of thlrtp throe and one - thlrd Mr oent. from the
.mount of bales!
Ow Febossibitipie __Si be
lbo. .ese.b iWertio n- .
• emnroz.... , res
O. Square; (10 lines.) we losertion. 60 cents
Do. web Witliciowl boserb—..lls wits.
All In dent loteortisemente to be vdd in advance.
AXES F. KERR, Attorney at Law—Offiee
, na Fourth et. between Etottblield wad Grant. PAW
10S:WEAVER, Attorney at, Lam, Fourth
etrewb neer the Mayor's Ofnew:Pktebargb, Vot. Cob
lectfonn attended to Dre=plls.
I.I.ONCJII 01...11.1-11, I WT.= M
o( Uniontown, P.) tLate of Indiana, MI .
LIPHANT TAYLOR, Attorneys of
• i..—,oft.on Fourtb etrtiot.No.B2}o.4.o.3Vood
'Smithfield Burl., Pittabortfb, Pa
D..ollobars t 1,1 Cototalfalottarfot tbo ?rte of
4e. WAIL - • , apl6
QIIINN COLLIEA, Attorneys at Law—
OCI. on F.urtb fpil.t. glove Ezalthnad.
1 . W. F. )VIIITE, Attorney at Law—Of
t stree neat Fourth Lath
P.14=1%1, 4 .1 .' 1. 4 *IA
me 4a
P. & cl. 1.,.. B. lETTERM • N, Attor
. a eye at LIM and ILwI Xstste Agent/4 N. 107 4th
Pittsburgh. f4blo
ILAILES J. KUHN, Attorney at Law, office,
rtlarnan HEM, earnerqGrant street and,Diazoond
, Pittsburirn. Ja3sxll,
BANCIS C. f LANEGIN, AttOrney at Low
No. 170 Fourth moot. Plcuemrott. -
•- •
Tm: ;WATSON, Attorney at ,
tin rourt, I, M . burr.h.
oen:l , ll.l'k Per - Jobe, Seeder .ol.; Ger
ron: Ilon . *xl Co . , Wm. G. Posey; John 1161. e, A
eetvelanU Geo. NV: Jactsoo, Netsbamh.
fr;o DWARD P: JONES, Attorney at Law ,
Me, on Fcrortb etrec. betneen Wend and Stnltt,
ASPER g. BRADY, Attorney at Law
Na. 119 fifth street. Pitithargh.
Ir HARRISON SEWELL, Attort4 at Law,
11/1 Mtn State Oonml•iwai tn. Lakin, /Lek
tio=trii anta of Dacia. it,. Ofllemn—} 4=1.5,1a
ra:~;t;r~::.~:~zt~~ y;~p:ea:r:'
fIEORGE E. ARNOLD; lc CO., Rankers:
Deolere In Esobange, Cede, Bank None', &c-, Ito. 74
loarth street, next door the B.& of iltteburgla.
kntkele arefolly attended ta. and the pro ode remitted to
say part of the - Union. ,
' • anir. LL "mum . - a. oa
oei ring.
Wit!;td WILLIA3I CO., Bankers
sad Thnst Mande. Vird'hr.... Rood
All trannactiona made ca3 6 libadal and collect:Mu
Danko and Excl - Angeßro r,
I Fourth error. Deer in Pank..liZertire. BiII or
• o
-Gold sad Either. flock. bought andJ
ID* blubest market price paki iu premium for it.l2
Half Delius, and'Mfropo .0 fpanbb Darif. t 03.24 D.
LARIXER,JR., - Banker and Broker,
•lf 71botre.r.10.6‘ adydning tdafllook of Illtrborob.
WILKINS CO, Eachange Brokers,
Jam. E•it•Oorver of Third rtreetn. All
Woo at soort,lltond rote.
HOLMES & SOS, Dealers in Foreign
sad Demerit , ' BIM lirchange, Certificates of De
Bast otaaand.Sfeclo, No. Mr 'Market street:Pitt.
Nrtagollectloos made or 11 rife' principal rifles
earrolg oat the Volt.e.l
. w oak Nottls, an 4 Sped *4 is W ° nr.u. "ivt. o f
ht Cbecks to* rale, sad col= " %wi td "
of th.
ath a .on mar-
For.istt .and Azoftican
• • ,,. .arkeeerauleoucolisignal
miTlrral tnine. • (F'"'"..""'d "".
-p W. TAYLOR. Cormniasionor aud
Broker 112 Smotl ftmet atteritlon pia be
von to eel:m.4mm eittruste.l to bit ram. liiittoboreb
istainifactured artkim *brays on band or procured at abort
Inge. Note.. Bonds. Mortgage", dd., 'argot:Weil on farm.
able term. Atbratimi mad. if nired.
Eli • C. STOCKTON,.Iate riofirTraTre7:iiSt.rrcli
tea. Brkwaler. Ribtioner,lbbaurr, and Illntb‘r. coz
ier a Market andThlrd gtraem. VittAhurgla.
aAS. B. 11OLMES Cheap Literary Depot,
Thlri street. Mxmotb3 3 hes Poe trek... New Books rw.
bet dally csprow.• . dicriptlnns w.tteirod to any of
the Harablues Nebripa re, publbbed fit the yabl haver',
lowed price. •
HOPKINS, Bookseller and Stationer;
Na 7S.Vourthtrevr..ipsllo [lulldlo o.
VWztl 'CLINT 0 0 K, 3lanu facturerand Ina
s a' .. LIiFV: Ell. ( 4 am o i ' i l 9 hnii.. 8 :0:65 Iton2 - 11 pl:
ali4 79. Wool Mt., Pittsburgh. ",.
• _ „.._
fW. POI NDEXT ER, corner of Water and
. Ilsrket rtrrete. I'ou:bomb. Leounmeme AND Vox.
tts , itt Ilocer. and for the purchase and sale of Flour
Sti ,
rtt Produce. Iron. Nuill e a Ism. and the manufactured
' v Mil re of Pittsburgh general g. •
Alpe—A.ld for tbe ...leaf S. 'tarp, k Co.. r _and 1. MI.
smeecelebrabel ?deouro anal liar Perk% SO Fitaroielphis
prixtromd Jenkins k. 01211 Fu,einr t:sekni Tows. and.f
V A. ISL:ANULTY A.CCY—Transporters,
ki romanlingand Commkrion' Aletehants. woo.pu 9..91.514catrect, Pitlibutgll.
TKO*. IWOOPS..—. 11/131016 WOODS.
• sad C.9taralsalon Memb.ta, 110. 91 Water atm. , .
WM. H. JOHNSTON, Forwarding and
Co=lot= Y..i-char..t: No. 11 Sees 6.3 str.e.
ER it JONES, 'Forwarding and Corn
minion 11,•wiwaw.; n..sinn, la Prodara and PM.
dd.alaetarnd artitd, Canal BlOirl, near Foaeath
.a Illts.burat. .
" vns. r. loHrl
ARDY:4ONES k. CO., Successors to At
,1160.9 k Co.; 0.1111..510n and Fermadit4r Nee
em9na, &Mery Pit nrall M run ufketnrwl Govt.. Pitt..
DRY dons zczßunAyrs.
A. A.NAAOS k ssrstsosi*cs.„ n. sots.
A. INIASON &COWholesale and Retail
p.a.:. in Yaws And Starts Vry Mssist
s t. Iryttsborsh
itaa Retail Dry D0,.1s tilerr.batita. rorrarr Faurtb
Arkit etre...4a Ilt.trbstrah.
. _
D.,IIIINT, Dentist, Con'inr Fourth
ari I t wa t = .1 . 1.. between blerket awl, Ferry erwete.
'Ann h. -
)04ORPIIY & LEE, Woot, Dzettas and
• Canards*. Merrl.ors far the , solo' of Aroorkon
oo Gordo. No. 179 Liberty rt. Pitlaborgh.
/c; WAIARBAUOII, V4o — l DlerthantA,
Damara I nFloo. arrl ..Frsiute ,gsnerroll Arsl Dnr
warding Asa Coutrultaino Harems:lts, Nn. 116 First street
.ird 116 Btsl atr<•t Pittsburgh.
& bnpintern and
IRpokpla Dealers la Ilarthrate and Cutler/. No. IS
God gnat. Pittsburgb.
OBERT MORRIS, Tea' and Wino Mo.
.Last: East .Ide of the Diamond. Pittabursh.
WIS. Sl'dLUaritle . is.; Orotens and
y Tea Dollen,. V . U.r77 Waal
t urn , ,gry, on ball_ sluoctimptMate• GlOOlll ,
4Tailrlabri iligigjaVignartab4r
A. FAIINESTOCK & Whnlesale
• Dniagt , .. dro
annnureeturerr Whirr ft
It and I,Lthar,ro..roor Wood and Front ntromo, Pm,
bor4ll. molar
14. O. tl. [l7si. f
EYSEFt & McD°WELL( (Successors to
to gory .t Keyser.) Wtolonyla and .netall Drqdt and
rescription Store, corner Et tWoal al et and Virgin alley.
rhya/cians* prYnatritdona cantfally co pounded night and
a l 'BILL &CO., Wholesale Druggists: Deal-
Nino, Oa, Dy. i.tuGs. and InstrumentW—
Ir .
fawaL . o d f b . r.g . 1 . 4 . W0r , 0!ri1:14. j. r 3
° Fourth stunts,o4era will to tarefull,
fiwwwarlwl 00th 11,10x:h.
E. SELLERS, Wholesale ;Dealer in
Pauli., DV, Stuan, ohs, Taxulaaws. ea,. ar..
o. 57 Komi street. l'atteburgly,
(.1 i IC . WICKERSEI3.M., Wholesale Or2tiggist
A:tDruggists,RElTEß., Wholesale and Retail
Druggists, corner of Liberty and Clair
•SCIIOONJIAKER& CO., Wholesale Drug
•afcte,.lo. 21 Wood FL. Pitcsbut.b.
A: WILSON, Whole Sale Grocers and
n0131111‘,11. Merchlets, AK.o“ or Du
AIT I. •
P .. orkt. Powder. No. IIN L'44. , 01id, and 141 Front N. apt
?IfL. SlitE, Who!coal° drocer, Commission
• Merrliani., and dealer In Paper and K.[.. mt.' , < 4
enn an.l Irwin stmts. Pittsturch.
I AMUEL P. SIIRIV ER iRoduu and tin..., Wholesale Gro-
h d.PSeoad Fteet, between xd end Smithfield. ttAbugh.
IJOHN S. DILV , 7OII7:H. & CO., Wholesale
Grocers, Prato. au& Copse Winn Merck:mats,and
a nt , = . ll p eae u l r le t s:der 11ssardrIlle. ;i6.
1.11176641.1.2 .1 I . materna.
5 Grocersand Conanalation,. No.llB Wale
Meet, and 159 First strnst, Pittsburgh.
HEY, MATTIikIVS Wholesale
Oronera,Conitmitaion sea Forwarding ilerobantia and
-lAA for liti,lnfi Cotton Yarns, 57 Water et, Pittman raft
01I1g WATT St CO., Wholesalo,Groners,
Cam...tosion Merthants. and Dealer" In Produce and
ttahurgh Mumbler, No. 260 Lawny .truer. Plias
burgh. Pa.
JB. CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
Contruiaeloti and Feraunling Merchant, and Wholi
sale Dealer in Weatern Hewer. Che,se, Butter, Pot alai
l'auzi Ash. and Wutern gencraDT. Water atm. , .
between DwilthDeld and Wood. Pittsburgh.
-1...7 • sale Grocere. I'm...ranting and Onottoistoon 31errit.
sot, Nolen, to Pitssburgh 3annfertatr. and We...7i
Prottom. N 0.30, center of Front rtrmt soul Chstactny
11(toburgh. •
11.1. 01.11 S- 6C11.7
InSAIAH DICKEY & CO4 Wholeenle Cro
ce, CononLartan Merchant, and Dealer,. In Prrahlo
56 'Moor. rani 107 none anent, Pltaslarrh.
Ll3l .:TA.CI J 1M.,111.
41FaNGLISE1 4k.. BENNETT, late English,),
Gallagher a Ca. Whole..4e 6 mom C.3tratimnola and
ms:sting llerebanta t and D.A.Lers ID Produre tad or
burgh 113.theture, No. 122 &mod Ft. and 121 , 1113 c et.
between Wood and I , mitilel.l.
-- ' --- .. -- * ---- : —. 7 — . - 7 -- -
roux u. trorttL.-..0 - errrn c. to.
GILLS & ItOE, Wholeeale Grocers and
0 , 191:11166i012 Merrhority, No. L:i7 Liberty amt.'
atts urtb.
SIiOBERT 11I00RE, Wholesale Gruce;,
nuetgrtor Otaleir lo.. Produce. ?ittaboret
factortr, eaten, di kinds a Forel. sod Dolomite
Varier awl
No. %bogy etrrea ;
~, , , ,andr
rivz ash . c-ng
DOBERT s---I-.LZELL & CO., Wholesale
Gras., Cottuntr 31orehsuta, dealer. to rmdoch
scut Pittsburgh htsou tore!, Nu. .2.53 Mang trnr.t,
_II •
11 . 0 n BERT ,,, A. CIT'`;NIN GIIAIII, Wholesale
'1" foul Dcalur to /ML " b " "ina d ufs ' gr d7 V., M lG
JAI/arty street, Pi bm_Dtt .
tra. 'master _ ..... . I mound a , . hr.,.
UTZ: TIM A I.FIr& -- ili6.7The ' lesale . Ora
1, v ears, NIA. IA trut 20 ICorxl step., Pits burgh._ :
— MORN D. wtot • Mi. 111 . ..131,
- - - -.-
•,• •• .. .
NTICK &.McCANDLESS, succOssoro to
V a. J. D. Trick, Vanier:sin lirtornp, For.ardinS
tl O Cnri ,n
. m . Lisinri 'lii;rrAti t ! s iti ,;, driq in u lrot u i, Nailffi, Ulm,
corttrr.of lietiail and Waterviulit.i. IVli w m t rgr '''`er"lir.
--r- ,
Mil 11111,6,1
rrc %,". Dealers,* Pro
tute:a:at' IlltioliorA o r '6 Wred b .=s. 11/b Liberty
Greet. Dltraborab.D.. .. n . i
S. 0. lITLIALIA .J ..) al usalt
4 D. WILLIAMS ,& CO., Wholesale and
• Retail Yocolly Ortice_oc.ForeariltitY
goad Glealtieele*
orcbutts,oad Dealers la clicultryProduee o ralobar eh
Tl.citsetareo. wryer of Wood stet nab to Plushurat.
ar. lama** ..... .tace,Thstets.... _usu.. a smottsc*
pLORINSON,• LITTLE &.' CO., No. :..'55
Liberty Arena Pitt...tough, Wholeesle Grocers. Pra.
we and Ootnactssiou J.Direbauts. sod deslers In Pittsburgh
bannfretarte. . , •
gi& R. FLOYD, 'Wholesale Grocers, Corn=
• Atimian.sletrllinta, And Deal., to Prolute—Round
rth Buildfoc.,lfrontiog on /AWAY.
st.r..t. PP:zit...b. P..
PM= Wt . cen. ,
- WOLIN PARKER CO.,Wholesalel,meort:
Deal.. In Produce. Feral= Mu , Liguori. Oid
angabela awl Rivaled WidAay-5n a Commercial Rea
Liberty ia- PittaLurab.
A5.EtA.1.7.,E1,L, Wholemde Grocer, Cutri
lt/ m 114.14.3,1 forwardlas Ilarchavt, a d dealor In Iron,
Catiou rams, and Pgashurala ltwatafralturea.
eS Waxer at., ana ib £Lrat nL, Eatab.rah.
JOUN U. MELLOR, Dealer in Piano Porn:4;
Mute, and Slufk-al Inr.trutteq., Schrol Itcnkt. and
ul.:wry . ant fur Cttlekeranc's rtano Fos lee, for
Western PentlFy bl Wood ft. .
I FI ENRY KLEBER, Dealer in Music, Mu
dal a r c h Instrmenxel Importer of Imnss , ftrinits ;
Zi= l r 4, 7:l.=°
,Ft. CO., Miitatlftte•
Wren a allarirea taste, lace mud gimp task, tint
a, chair. and lining math, tintehing, clout, hob, and
'h. nails: lions barrel aul lathing do.: also boo ad and
24 blued natl.. to, as.
Office at LIPIigI.:COTT a co., No.iis, we.. .t., Pim.-
bone. toT
TIIO4 J. calm— --dß*. fd.tofrt.
eerfLnre onsoull.ctura inoul k p wustanttr an band *0
gum of 71tek*, Brerff.end Orainbl, FuOshlnceloub and
lob Belt, boo Blued Flour Borrol aW Lothlnic O.IIJO
Color bade nd T ;f ' Ii:I•Z,U•Pry. t ?Z:nrorrego=,
de., de, de. CA3II•BELk CO..
aplfoy Waroboueo. la Wafer at— litteburgh.
ji.EICIsiEDY, CLIILDS & CO., lanufactu-
Mre of eery aurcrlor" 4-1 Sheeting: Caned. Clod..
5W Ins and Bannon Penn 51111, Pittsburgh.
laa•C JON.. JOU, F. 6610..
LONEKA. QlJlGG,llslanufacturers of Spriog
, .od Blister 'Egret. Plough Steel. bleed Month Wings,
and, blipUe-,Bprtuts, Ilantmered . Iron Axle, sod
dealers in Itlallsablit.Cesttuga, tire Engine Lernts. and
Coach Trimmings generally. t6roer of Ruts'and Punt sts„
Pittetatralt. Pa. ,
j_ue.. Dem A Co, blanufsenibers of Buts /ult. Pleach ,
tag Powders, blurlatle and nulphurie,teldt. Irvehettes.
blo. 63 Water ft.. below berry.
I i VALTER P. MARSHALL. SuccOssor to
v Sarnu , l C. 11111—lmporter and Dealeein French
anW AZlZerir/L1 Paper HAD g iMI/ Dor:Lei", Window'
eam, Fire Board Prints, a, Alro—Writing. PrinUnit ,
sad Wrapping Paper, No. eS Wood meet, brmekn Fralrth
ad Diamond filer. Pittstiarch. Pa-
JOHN A. CAUGHEY, Agent forth.. Like
Erie .4 Lim, Beaver and th.
q*cv 0it,411 onnwr pi W 110.• and tualthaeld nts.
D LEECI.I & CO., Tranaportnrs by Canal
nrwarli., vorner "a Pews rtr.t
1 A.:13110W N would moot reopectf t inform
0 the nubile that he keep.° hand irea oathe weet
lode of the Diamond, Allegheny city, • eemplete awnrthaent
of Vaultlike tamer, also Vert:that Shatters ern made to order
In the bmkt rtyle. warranted newel to any In he Belted
titalev. Die Blind, ran bet removed without. the aid of •
ierew driver. Slaving perch, led the nova, tools, end wood
of the cabinet eßtahlithreent of Hammy IfeCle I land. 1 ma
to foretell old eurtemerv,. well a. the pub
lie at Itaue, with every thing in their line.
Agenry, Z. Wood street, P Bebe
akehlte r". J. A. BROWN.
• 1.1.A.n...-141iden.... rornerof Third rtreitteod Enet
Allegh , ur.
11.-1.11.. smd..>lorlar, Lath: A,. for rel..
fprb.l:l7 •
A Veterinary Surgeon, late
LI. from Edlnbur.h, e•xitlAnd, would reews:tfulls
the public that And. comments.] prartvw In the
above prof..leo; and, b r easeful attention to whatever in
e ntrueuel In bin.), howl t., Fite rateraellon.
In conntelb,n vs 4 ith Jatrow Horne Eborlost and
Illacbmultbirur general will Is warded on. at the acne.,
of Tunnel etnwt.and Protayleaula .tvenne.
_ _ _ •,
EVILLF, JOHNSON, Engraver on Wood.
1 Nato tl.Ol. tthtrt •wry., Pltt,l,tar,th. h t.—View. N)t
Eat dine, Machinery, limier./ Neverphr.,,,,,ltroyti,lerro,
Litotlumt , s, tlrtut 1.41,1,1r1 cvlort; FtAtz for rtivitlt.itt...lo-
W it..r n iAx i tiv i rz..F. , ;ll44pampt,tc..lit the ttrrt Anle
V to L tyhi4 meat, Third
Otte, Pitts/..•,;h. Naps. I..avlstnp... MO,
Lilllatsd. Draft,. Bond. L.t.d.....tichitoilistal
Drawing, Vtt.itia.c Card, ~.e r,t.rri ,
.Irsoru NI eon., earl pri,,tel in Itron,.
Black. iv the won at1 . .r0t . .1 xtyl., and at t.b. mo•t
Wegner. BuTelmer 6c Mueller's
PILE ABOVE 11 IL io,pectfully arianunce
JIL w th , ir tririvin *IA the i ddir xtrtnnilly, thft; 41.1
L itt, hr yi .11
Lit Prut_.3 4.1 Carns:3lni.: * Cbsr,, m 2...l.l., a..
Thar 0. ,. 111 , ..ut ill at Nt t narket ern.,
Thlnl an 4 Fnuith • M.h.''r
W. WlLsoN:V*Akee?..Tewelrs,:l , ilver
Ntlaur . 0 n4O, Or., 3fo.rkie. - und
fourth ot re.A.llVatursh. .. N.
1,411111,10.. ,, .
11 j
BAGLE mARB WORKS, (eatablished
IS3xLlty . COMUND IN7LKINIII, Nu. 184 Merl' nt.,
of. wood • Area, P7ttebutsh. Meraument...
Tosotes, IfoideboeB. *a.; Manta Poem, Coats* and
fur .Dm, on hood. sod made to ardo.
it. P. • atuolso ockstigm of Maytag,. co band. itdo
. ,
~ ~_
T . ?_i
I,nn,ylvania. and EaaLnn lf! "
. .
,1111 c. In Slight.. 11.11. Oppctii4. rho Nevi 12.1urt
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Re..ter.,,—.l•ll.l,lorrt.n. V.l" Flan•gio.P.ll White,
Mn,:es 11,. .tun. and Wni. Nlcenadle , ,
• •
Doctor G. Reichhelm
JINFORM S hts friends and the public in Fen
end. that he laneremoled U! l'etm t.te.e.t,
ndlt to S. Clan. Hotel_ •
• ' ' •
V. d.-I,rvnu, to 11,m (nr a I. ngth nl ao.. an.
aettl. their ./1:1111[5.
SAIAI.I DICKEY CO., Agerimit Ate
ebattle'a Iron Wurktr Ke , nr ntlrnStraiidand
or sal. at very Inr ; ,rui Bar
F. K. Moore, M. D.,
A'IIYSICIAN, devotes
epeeist LLt«nuon to the treatment of dixeaseg nt
men and eilltdren, anal arum disco., generall3. no Well he
ebrnule and surgical duwases. Itfc.. on Anderson st.:eet•
near the Hand :trret Odd,. and next door to the
lug MilL Allegheny City. OfEre hour* from I ton A.
(rum' to 3. and from 7 to a I'. ?I. 0t,2,7
~ y p / ~ILMAP Ii ,t; NOBLE—City r w
burgh. • 3
rPi'CHOLAS VIVIAN, Civil • Engineer,
Draught..., and Praeneal Mining Agent. Mstt,t
ghta of Models fur the Potent dotlgru of Ilsehl.
nery for Hines, Wwter.llorks, iioillne
found betwixt 10 A. M. and 6 P. M, at Ills P•stdeue, No. Y 1
Harbor) etrnet. Pittsburgh. i 54114.111.
CQRII & CO., Wholesalo and Retail
Mantds.-turer, and ihnanie In flat. Cap, au 4
earner of {Tout and Fifth mtroeta, Pittsburgh. Wherctbey
offer a full and complete nt,k of list, Cap.,
eLary quailly and .yle. be Wholosalo
vile the otter... thiiuustotnors and parehwe
urinir thorn thar.flon will poll on ch.. fur. t rau torn.,
WM. DRIBY, Merchant tailor, Unlnor.
ould 11.alur Ready Nlnde , Clotbleg. Ll.rif
RRR. J. J. MyEßS—Surgeon and Physician.
OM, derolliof.. carver of Dirlihgton. row. No.
ini street ono door Abol, .tmit.txheld 55.
Dr. !drum h... rwrousunotly located la l'lttaburgb, and
will 1555..z0t m the duties of hie Pr0t.,...10n flo wi ll
pattlrular stt.o.tim to 84 - O.OICAL car,. nod the diva e. M
vox. , nod rlolanon
I] ON EGO Elti..6o.:lmp"rtt.iin of Wince,
xtvi Own 4 131,.••••• • ICI Ela/1111..14
Ogren Chtll and Swantall
D A. MADEIRA, Agent for Delaware Mu
teal Eater I.uranm Company, 42 Wan , r area.
Ti GARDINER COFFIN, gent Franklin
d rim Inanraom Company. noHh owl ,•orner of Wood.
and Third stmet,
W . ' dd. GLENN, 11..%K 13”votn, 'Wood street,
raoond Jo, from It, oi Ttilrilochetv tor la
lua to owtry itti.uhns with nests , .
Malik 1.1...0 rubs' to .y pattern, awl
bond ritbnant.taity. lits.tis to number*. or old 't•ols
bound carefully, or reii.sln..l.. Nagle. put Ott Fitt
Those s•bn hair 111T1l41 to mill.
Steararaat Agency, and General Commie
'sion, Receivlng arid Foranurding.
StiA LDW I'Lti3IER. CO., have • this
.bry einscemi;slisithtb.zt Mr John LsirtAo, ..and oth,
r earirimsto tho pubho ris rtemnithoat wioto.ral
COMlllitAieli. and Forserillitg he..lueee. the •sir
1.1.VM P.II A CO..
April 0.51 It. %vim... , iv...
(MINTY LANDS—Ctre. bierLoa.
a yy Attorney . at Lan. No. Intl Tltsrd et.. corner of a•r ,
11117777 J.haring made c-. 1. the tturpow, veil)
,nra-tn, Bounty Lam!, ofheerr and roldleo. their
oeidowor and Hakim. sod erili sthhd ni .ther bu.i.
nee; connectni with tbe gOrernment or any ofits Depart
ment., the Penaloo ,-.r On! Courts at the Cite of
Drawing, Perspecuive, and Painting
R. D. R. SMITH it now prepared to give
at,'"dsZV2l"...l.*Z.S . .:'Lrlt°`,'odTfe7".__ b :cr.'"!t h ''
Atlctroonm new Imitate, Fir, ftr 'n ee ' t. ' hemreen . W;ext:n ' !l
Market ntrette.. Hour. of trittruetinm. from t!ti M Lnd
flmn Cli to th Churgya and other t.artiettlars e.o, le
known hy taftervxml ar.the room),, be : l:arum or Dr. Arldnon. 1..2.3dtf
LIGHTNING RODS—Spratt's Pat nt.
Whowai, Arm, 86 Iroad street, PLUAburgh,
rid lEEE LIGHTNING RODS are so con
atinct.4 that they cannot fet entet cyder. Th., In
aralmtnrs and Attachments Ctrintit lt , nratc . Y. the PM. , "
&Yid Magnets Are unrsvall*l— the n'hnic 1 , 11. g highly e.r.
nagnental. I , l{ll 4 =Ut the rntaliiet ,
tnanufactuted. Jam-. Jack.. *ill attach them ',Li
1-rin.- at the .16n. In
anePen•-u are realm -tinily dt3e , dod td call at ad It ,a.. 1
*rivet. and n
t. y.Ataina tld .41,the Agent rnsy
• • toy-11 ti
Storage, Sl4pping Commission Merchants,
farocene:, inn
• .". "" • °°'
Alas r[nat.
Cash adn'aoms. made a nt., s:onlannt.
Annu , . or t....lsmbu and Pr r.•ln, In 14.1.16,.. u rrn0r I. 100 .
Ed e r w.—Wm..4 .1, a et,.. - Clavoiaul.
'NL,a Whenler.
T.N. lic e.coble!. Itlttaburgl,
No. 19 Woad street; between lira, and Second at
, El of every dt,erlptlon
"torn, sod svoll ,• ai tto tisk ,atirfaellon.
,10‘ ob!.b . 1111 J..«11 hunt': 00ore.
..btoTo. Eult•trn. EvantEhnlip..e., swllnney
to which we , hots: the atter.tou - h,lll.lorN "ion I , ”ffies,
11.11 c. Woo, War.r.o of .10E41 we tov,
Oho ld,nlort be",
- - -
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
THE undertigned have just compleited their
..ed err can. laszuLacturing all A.D., PICK. to.
votanllve and otber 50.1 all Os,. of
- -
mks off, ahla m„ h.. prlcea. Th., are
rrrpaz,l to ax.weuto onit.rn. apy
lay. h
3ca- .11. PA
_ _
Rockiiagham and Domestic Queenzware.
yY: ufsentraTa nt hooktnobarn and Yeller. Cato NV.,
Et. !Anode:at, Ohio.
tri - Fample Rot., carnet and Liberty pktro•ot.
(Round Church buthiluth) entrannt or t almr to J h.
}laid, {rholeash , Groner,
Our extensive tVorke enable ut to Itolders pnmtptly.
A competent deahruer rontnottlNr empotod• ou•
ably Ile to keep pace wtth all the ammo, rho
of the
wa tor Urn., El - Atm.:L., Yetvy Toys, Do"rt Seta,
Flower Vues. Goblets, 31autal Ornaroonta. Medic:no and
Enuff 4.4 smi artittee for domestie use, in great varlet,.
• Ord." mrpectfulty sonctott. coth.Pl
BolimEti Fire Brick fitannfact:mi.iig Comp'y.
.GLOVER, KIER & CO., l'rcorxirroß,.
IL poll:144 Adnts fur the alove mooed rol.nern, wlll,
keep eonetantly en hand a our pi, nt the celebrated na,.‘.r.
Yew Briek. Crucible Fire CIA, urhaev Bean , . aed tee 4 l , e•
They are an prepared to revezve [teller, Ad. rya hreet.
be newly lonise and shape. ti ,nit purelusera. 'deb
W• n o t deem it nerverva7 ...Mere. the le•nr
ratittn;ei the Bolivar Fire Brtek weer. over ellether.:hat
have been offered for aale Iu the United 5.., their on,
nritv being well knew, altnoat all Per. , ale a,
Fire }kick. 711 e woo/1e0...el have determined that the
Brick Phial' Imo none of their reputatlon.
end that no appease ateare.l to make them even
bettor than they hate- leevtefere been. Thin le the only,
establishment new rr.anula , totrina Fire Brick stßelisar.
lER a JON •
mob? renal Nerdoth et, tOttat•erdt.,
W. Dixon's London Pateist Lever Watches,
• -
• Sup,int any Itittch.a rn Itfunurvh
IaI4I3AIIDSON, el )Inikot Ntmet,to
Agent fur th e shove uszal.l I,eer teateheA.
e ollntalca• guarantee In attached to cock
Ity appointment to the Admiralty. WN• tS,
.ltce and 'Watch Manufacturer. 45 Miff; Square. it
wtoad, London.
Th .teertthee that . tho accomptturtna Watch, No. Is
warratttod by mp to la. of tar attanttlacturi• and 0. 15 'at.. 1 t
with my oitme upon It in genuine orders az-output...l It,
certificate beartzta ml'° Watch No.—, llgnattt rr. to kt7Aito .
lotfactit.a of tholpurehaser.
RAVE FITTED lII', (on the Now York
or . Pn. glio" . 3?.t".. o rr:r., ° `,Oll( ° :; , 74l'e , [4ll( th"' r='; ' O 'C . "7 .
the fullionable parlor. and lar;lL.t anal
inoit ituportrir airortitiont of Satin
Ertrich Gerronn Damask De faint, Entilirli
Maroon, Uinta., Turku,. Reit (kind, of
t. AldU..llno.
tiro kind, LaceCtirlastut, flurell and plain Nutlin;
WO of tllllPrgrit widths, Comico. of iiitTut patterns
and iitylcs, Gair 'Mat, Window Blind' , and nhailloi.Curtain
Rod. il Mind. Curtain rill,. TaemilAuid limp,
CON. 0111 c sad Want. 13.0 d Chltitt.i.ii anti Coat, fin,
an 4 isinriteter Counteriants tnli
Cotoforta. 8.10 ZIA
411 ad ' tha
r r ll ' . 7 lli f i l r y d
ti. 115
KROESEN koopm constantly on
h o odnrsortment of Worb noel Both 'rub,
I orte. Onk Well. KWh,. .Dra ,, Bucket,
tVo Ino,l3ipel.. 00000. Dry 51ramIrt.r. Zior awl t;hrt,
Woth Board,. and all rtorrlrtnl. , r.f wore to tor ho
Woreroon, It..o.•trr Fifth strml.. Ptt,borgh e
o revononAm. • •
- W cUN N I Nall A3l .t llnteut.rlOrcre or Wiolora
lorket..6trm.t. lelne•qt Ylr9l In 4 Metro!.
M."—Deilerr In
' •
Q3IITLEY 7 & Coal ilereltantx
10 and I.tai.trx Dr, (heels. timeariee. trim en.l Nail
lit Walt , tre-t an I Va.thlntouto
BA IN 1 - ERt._.
'N•' It /q•torta twat Atm- Plaitatrutt
Aatl Ural. cattleenel ,arto ol the Lawn
atta,Carnaht. awl eohl an otaurrnenton lelaalkatT
J. Wilson & Son. •
VirEOi4SALF., xnanuractu-4
v rent aro tietaler• . Rate and rat, No Itt
Hirai ette,t. olant 4.e.r Ittatuna ,l
burgh—a - Lore ;bey oiler a lull atal coutaaete Cora , B a t,
arta I,finto of their a. u tuot 1: here' manufacture.
et "
quality an.J et ot, by et en I retail. arid n the
atseutith of limit elle,etllvt• xuel the COM , aasura. them
tLat tt•••^ will welt on the tu,t, erßa.
e. r;:2 'A Market eteret,
k )IA9ON A CO. are now in daily
man, of whirl, haat, fat. too.
rtOrte7l:l. l }V. 4 :lAter their entre. tnaethet with an ttnntent.
V t f .Z.llye.,`hota" 71trte'cfAe'a::11717
nel utirinit V• 11.• f•lttlifle •
varlet and Inwirolcra. has nevor Ewen equallni
in this city. The attenttun atholortale and rattail our.
&seers reapttrtfully e.0135.d. aogit
0..; LARGE '5l . NIACKEItEL- 1 7A row
41N ttarrtaa trr tale by DAB° k 110,1 N
I'AHD 01 L—A lot of Iltirck ho.rd t & Co.'s
A b., (Dr rals ey I au..^9l KIDD a CO.
so refon aimstell, for rale byMD CO,
.u`BCO Wool rt.
New ChOcolate Factory.
IG. N. GLAMBON I CO. re.s . peutfully -
nultko Lvov other avid nere:t. warra
nt , . uurr atui Ova
dultorat,l, anti htonco of tih.r Mayor. tat.. tutt) ,,, ou , and
trIICo • haut) , ‘ P....a"' aa
, laro•At Choeuist, tuanurartmir , to flab • th ,
1 , 8 , 111 that th..‘ I furnish an arttrie .qual II hot .al , ••••
t tr. tho touu - truport...l. and at a hp,l pnn
It tur qalr at Mr 61,1101:0. (Mad.
1,0 Fourth sto - up 11,rt U, II),
augs.ltalt k,g)
for the arra.mtualatatio of thon. rt. Th. lantutr .1
e place lota lawn much Improved by Ile tuldtawn
rhot, rhanlthery and flower.. A lame roll:eta...l' ...or
blw•uttuo Plant, and Shrubbery...l . the ettoleeet rt•
kr . pt for lode on the prvuttera. •
lea l'resma, Fruit, tr.. ilia In the i.alonrw ao• uatrat
ll•tleta [A...totally put up at short tmlf
Ti,. utlift and comfortable alearn twat UNDI•i.I tear,
the lanaM“, beton. Pitt grant ant the Old Alle t tborty
Inilge, at the beginning of evarr hour—trom Welorit. A.
31. •untll to M trip etory eretann. at Iti
rtrattgera 1134' !"111,3 are inritea t. p at •
flail tho ra.rfeet Flower tiarlen.
• Thedenten I, princivleltool el two"
on pltotft
(Formerly Ole Exehange,)
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Streets,
sliacicii4, central, and raost•convsni, located littTEL, having bttett tot
tro• thomughly rep
itml improved. I. note
open ftt. the e.,,tattmedattc.ct of the publo•
eubecriber. at..l proprie . mi 21 IL. 1!1..41 It
riet/dr mil nir 1.001.0
hie style, rod employed catopetent wistattle sad etz.rottee
le err - v,ku.. and that he will opttre
B. It ecttinl trt /my hmote It, rho euottlr,
l'he Itnoven eeettrkl location of the How., ma rot,
vemenre of Ito arrsugemettl, retuderat: It moadeeira..
Mt. tabor to Itnvelen or prrmsuent him
• trt rAlell and hop. P.r . it is Itter•ral ehere petr..ne4e...
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods.
nrriolAs PALMER is daily receiving
Irmo the, Earn 11th., et the obi etetd.
Beiwern Tlard . 4nd Fourth alretts,
tfinent , f.tock. or tbnono.t t.autit.l
'PAPER 11.C.VGLAWN that hare appear...Nl in tint otos-Yet
Int a lone ....O. Th. ont.ros are epurelr n tint
ntrlen pnnuharly rho... end thr mint, to own,of dor.-
oonotonnol. tom In ono. upward, porno
rang, To thin attrnnttnn Int of gm., of obinh more .n
-fnoond 6r night than dencro...n,
rim attenti...n mnothnoin nod Igrann 11,pern
Polly inrttrJ. tnnbl:
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
orectiel ,hot, on Laxly', logneen •_ee '. l and 1-nd."l,
Thoy 0,.* Laski. are prepare' to mee.
onion , Tor reerry deerelption ',Mole, harov.
ilanoiolie gle.. Ploot,e".". do, vrlilds, ft+. h.-,
long aspetionvo tbe aanufartun. of the ate,. nor:.
and the leetlltios thoy bare. they r ea m on they eiro
enehlod to do nor". ou Che cuet reamonable tena", with
lbw', wanting artirle" In their
IS ioeocetiruinr attordlntt to the telection et ma.nala,
and 11E1,1.: none nut contpetent workniret. Way hare DO
LI.SitIIIIO,I in ' , annuli. thole wart. We therefore keit the
titian of tho public to Ulla matter.
'taped/lox dono "in the toga, mannor, and ou this
most rea,nahle terms..
utyrspuitiai COMMERCIAL Collect, .
Jir,cl., --J st 'n
FACTahn Pleitor. Primes* trintrUftin la '1 ha
(. h
u . Pmfttranr of Pettrtmaorhip.)lercam4ile
Com utwn, me
elson,LieT t c. , iturvr nn rimmetter-..1 Lam.
Thom, Mertirintt • complete know/rile. or lirmlttMmi
aml tut appliestion t, every ,are roo k 14c
Fen t rspitl pettnammitim. are ictrlttil mmti ream.
mit the strnummentc.
Lecture on Cornmerct•l Late ever/ cretin,.
R.if e eepce of the reemient tit, merchant, ,tirlt
. .
. .
ESTAULIhiIEti 17 , 22,1iy . EDMUND
; 7 WILICINS, No. 245 Liberty st.,
•n.. of Wuosi Pittsburgh, la
Sitinurpentsgßurtsl umbrtunes.
, Maiable Piives..r.untr. and rib I
always on hand and triaLls to ord. , .
Lm Ilaritle., and at sorr ui
CZA. A Ow., trbT.liini
et t . ) • Th . ° burs: _ . _
•ji.jk,;! c“gr'r'te,l , -
Iron. Italy.
HOI3 Itarmai , lark
Hun. Juapt, W ilkiv. •hAtu F 4,
Wu , W"fl'hh• Ir. I Jae SY/Kerr. Esh .Arl•l'-(t.
Juhu t!ayth.r. e
. th.nk,
I .th.hutglirx.--k. -- • ~ hahm. .f
ithhh '4, rt Mek su T slorwht.
it, Wra Botta
gau! A C..
, Ilhnlee 4 CO wt rI
Lothro, AileghrtW
I. W leole grateful for eer7 litwral patronage I,
cetrest Scary Itt Una cm, Ihtemg s ha4 the
larc.^4. and Iwit Job. eutruste.l h car. twthe rrgYaIIL
Mi.., awl eudeaeor reuder ran.f..etiou h,r..atter.
ree Warn-mow. V: tr , Third pAree,
J. fi
\ '' V ' rettieotfullr infttrlne but Into,. Cr)
that I, tuff terse Pr=im e largeat
end fdnotatock of 1t0...b01d fu iron: ever before a...t0 In
Uns 111, sa tictvrteatted nt uphold Idut qtdttittr " , ttt
vullacsatened tuateriale. Cott and ne.ret
n o:
and frt. tbe extent .4 ht. orlfera and [actin, to
taanufartarittet. he te ensteted 43 prattle , .tdrittlat-1 101111.
ere'. at ttt• Ittart.t fulcra
her adopted td.. tdcuntruta the ruetutz.
tantrcrt . it Itte qt1:•11t, cm, and k.o_ra
ou hand the . aroatcal vteriety of ataery drextrtptton of
furtutun. front ttee ehespont and planeert:to
zant .d:rt.rtly. that a hone, or any d'art CI tate, wa. do
he bin WO, ur ntanufartured
n d . to
e,ict ll*. the mforer eolicite an tutpeettrit that the
taatte rd ht. eetaldlettsr.eut may he artowtt The ,11ooltur
artieter mart, NW. L o- Arad,
a n ) rot rteltnee.
et) le and fnueb cannot to surptataed to an) of the lietrru
" 'Parlor. drimanst, daday, sad la..norn rhure. of ..err
vnflet, Ovit,tlt. of simrstta.t. ntalmatmr and ' , M....
I.iistatattlien. ER, Cil OM. 4+!
emit.. . Couch., holas. and titan. of th.
stncl. and Amer.-au patvrci.. TaslarK, Whish!...... and
hairier Untie. Lkaks if Tan,. kanl,
and tinny L stand.. mono, stand, , and h01d..., marble
m.Lutan T• romwood and walnut, and
M....4,1.11,t0n dining Laid, all sires of the most utdhnty.d.
and .1,1.1..d1y the 6,1 kind Made.: card. l'embrokr hall .od
plnr table, wanindwit. t.tilstgrads amt wfue11,444,4 •
lararnarantm.ntanthl, and rat+, rt,,httron rhatra.
Mtols. mg-relay, and Wok qam, We boanl...
.000 n. t05...l rack... hat .100,1,. and mud..;...:.,
and gm for child,. moor mok.he. table and 1.,‘ 1.3 y 4.
viahougsny. and inland Loon Tables. 6c. ar ht.
A tart, Ka-oatmeal of Common Furl:gaunt and 00 tu.lsor
Chais 001, 01 nak.t..auppLiod with all ..cadre It their
ithiaraboals and [fowls, furnished at tho short,t
Ail urrteri. tinnxititly
((4 DI E. AttliOLD . 1 / 4 . CO. have this day :la
y.' ptwinteil with them JOHN D ectt.i.v The styie of
thr firm herrlotort..
Pitt.-burwh. ll.r ht i . St
The only real New Yoth Plumbing Estab
lishment . .
IVIf F.R.E work on Scientific Prin.
Ilumra.nd Id all. P . + bmn , hr,
Aut. with tw.hlnee. , aod
11... Er Flu(' up from ; to $l . ;
/lurnp, . ,
Ks,lw Rnge e 4 Imo tr.". 11 , AO
Furn,•+, lort Luatl Pipe, furvo.plw.l and put up. The low
Lat, Ftxrr. and Fara Purnpg;
IT on Inm/1, cool put up at nn r .11. ten.... in o+. rounl,
ll,pronuit punetually atPeni.l .
j 7,1 1.-twroti W”, - .1 cord 711ark..t..0.0.
e4;1.1 , ri0.1 Forl,
r u7nt ' s. -d „ , 17 , T .al. tr "r"er''' )l ' . I , '' l.l:l7 t riTGi r Or. '"
For nenti, , , of llnleh ft, u 1 Introuir 1,41nr,
raux,,a Iw
n. lurprer...l, and Ow lon parr .old.r.
fold. ta imam Writ tiltm , lutrwm '
AMES 1.411,50 N I o rtlnovoil
end Cap Stnr. , o No. Ul t 0.1
01 1 , 11.00 d .
110-PARTNERSHIP—II:wing -taken DIV
I, I n. }Award t. tau, partoorf.All ,
ha , . Cap awl Fur lAonolo, A. will hortAtlef lon.itfo/o
fool, 11, ouzo of J. WI LAON A SO
J N at WI W trod .trout.
AMES? 1,11-`,1%
Y. .•
ti.—daze.} Wllpon rontinu, the Ilfo au
holorAl fare, Allf•AboOl
`TUCK . of the Jlarebantb A; Manufacturer.
A 3 Bank ~ t nelt 1.1,. Elchangv Dank. by
11.. Dana, and ar,rer.
not frortn 01_
mart, rnt.n.nlal bigbeat In paid f a Am- ri•
:+livrr, in par fund.. by /1.1). KING
I Dankrr Fourth .1. •
For Sale,
LOT on. Penn street,. adjoining Mat
1 , •• ful.l If 4-1r0,14,. tho I
'Au altl.l,A to Ault two yvv.vrie. .
To Gardeners.
FEW acres 01 Found near the city, rnit
al.l. , .lFrankning. wr Fs.. Enquire
1.. 0 W11.1(IN, .45
Curled Hair Matrasses.
HA yr, on hand to Large stock Al
fait of roe. .I,nt rav
.rtrele ..111 plow' call. 1131. NI elll.E.
TlArd rlzret.orpo.lro lb. I,.it Atli..
I HAVE on hand a largo arNortment of
- pattern.. fAr rurinlcA. W3l Nordd..
m,lnn.arlyobr..laa the l'o.t
SNP 114 by :11 l'rtuttug
1.0 •• I. by N. by 14 : A/. 101 / 2
400 •• 111u t, e ' l 1'1;4 ' 041 , 1.'1
GOA Illnile Crown eur... ,
list •• " • I
/ Medium Awl rin:le er.Anllc.
th• ,r1 , r.1,40/.1 ,ustenl.l, I,,wIAIAI vs!,
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fr.., the A"..a' lorkCornm,riell .4.le,toser.
It was to he expeated that the .painted intelli
gence brought by the (Thera. froM Havens
would produce intense`exciternent at N. Orleank
Mobile, Savannah and other Southern cities.—
Thosehave that beep suddenly cut down
went forth from thoite regions, and had there
their nanOelates end friends; and defiant of law
and justice at the invaders were, Southern sym.
pithy was generally with them. Probably. too.
rem the persevering misrepreeentations amide
by the majority of Southern journals,. a large
number of the people believed that the invading en
/edition would he successful,and Were littleprepa
red to hear thatit was so easily and soeummarily
disposed of. These, nud other circumstances con
sidered. we are not disposed harshly to judge the
Thullition of feeling: of which' the telegraph
brings imperfect accounts. The executied,of the
_fifty most have been a severe eileek to Ifiltny a
Parent and brother; while to thane who sedimed
them from their allegiance to the laws of it
own epunery, nud led them into the snare iititt
it:n.oll , o them in on ignominious and unresisting
death, such dire, intelligence mot have been
humiliating and exasperating: and the' citizens
of the North. while they condemn the vieletice
committed pt Sew Orleans, will also deeply re
gret that. surit sudden retribution has fallen up.
on those who violated a friendly, nation's rights,
and will retneniher that the victims of an incen—
ited tiosiernmenthad their friend , . mid syrnpathi-
V, at the South'.
• r
n.p 1
Lave \V
.0 are glad, ais - o, that in the bred burst of ex
+tied feeling nog !umbel. lire, have been sae-
The murder \of Spatri,h Conant would
Y ever dis;:raeyi the : city of New sir
ytt,tit bringing , hack tale of the dead
any stay l,eib a rpaliation upon
1 General ~f Cahn. 'The Consul was
sr Orleann andel; the moet sacred of
',veilou which\ intethational law
upi• , y: and the clomtry would bate
. 111 i hrUlliiiltird 't , efore the world
on ~n. v iolated, :be boa he
r.•. admitting that bah, kept
n.lvi•ed of the,desies and,
had :noosed they datvriiii.
,o,ostions, what did he
, L aild he have been an
thful Con,ul had he fail.
otherwise hare been
reent hi, country np
-0 the name
u,nl of the Veiled
hy, then, should
reatened—he, a,
-madly nation,
cities., under
e ' , for an
lti ct tl7r a ly , p ow -
Yupo.t, „him
one lin'ppi
to lite, •it
the Captut
bring iii•Nt
All (urine of '
and usage can
been disgraced
haul thot protect.
done any wrong:
hragovernment tr,i;i
act-sof the men rib,
spina. to invade. it•
more than hie duty'
dionorthle man and a fa
iv' to do , this! COlll,llll
'regarded , ... worthy to yet
tm t tur ,eit . : Set; / , ,I . 1 , 1, L
lILLInpf connuct from every C.
.S:Illlep whertarer rc,tdmg '.' t
he be . assailed, or hurt, or tl,
sem:noised representative of n
iotfictalli resident in out of ow
the mont'atierafguarautces of pro
net dono ht Havana, which he was
erless to 'prevenq ems the.,.-atta
quite in accordaurti with that chiral
tinily, and neikse of lainaor.'nf which-our
friends make their bOust 7
,Seither waalt,vriso)Ot the citizens of .
lehmi to destr.a property. Yoriwhich thee a.
of New Orleans will hereto make restituti
But we shall not dwell en:thesti things. ... be
Sot :a has no long cherisedtthis idea of wrerti g
Clildt from Spoilt that they seo tht—whille 'mitt
In toil otlelkolllt 01 view, and speak and act as;
Spain hail no rigida in the pi-anuses: to itivntit , I
the coil of Spain is brace, right. chivalreus--;
but for Spain todefend her soil is crimltY and
wrong; to sack tier villages, reiliitheir treatories.
and shoot her sUldiers Nod her peasantry, are
noble deed and anloruus . --but for her to defend
ber towns from -nob ar atilt-, and, to repel ,the
assailautawith the name weapots they employ is
dastardly and `man. Probably there is just
now too muchhot bided in circulation for calm ' 1
reflection to do It 4 wort, otherwise the conduct
of the respective.,‘parties, the invaders and inva
ded, would be vie -d in this light Sporn is in
amity With the - United Staies. .Bp to the time
of the executinn of these fifty men, she hae done
nothing at-which tbe\tinericau Government or
the American pimple ci old take umbrage. She
has fulfilled to ine,the aft the duties of a friendly
power, and hues inno manner interfered or at
tempted to interfe're with our affatmor institu
tions. She was Lally entitled to the same cour
tesy, and had a right, to expyct that the Ameri
cn Government :1.1 peorle would 'preserve to
nod her the some MIER, and friendly hearing
511 e has shown towards 11f, ,
This railion our Gorsenmennivve are glad to
say, has earnestly striven to maintain. To the
toot ability it has ittiorferrd to save us from the
mirmich of Meng inferior s Spain in the faith
ful ilischaige ..., interuationithdollits\und oblign- .
vinous Not eo, howevr,"with.e lioriinn : ot tee
.0 niericnn peoplej chiefly residfnts of Southern
StAl, Although Spun never intrtned them . -- '
over broke faith with * them,—never interfered 1
with themin a iry way, but trialed freely with
them, treated them at all times kith courtesy
an.! good will, sent. her representatives among
them and received their's with all Buser.-uot•
wttbstandmg this, we say; ti, portion of \he Amer
dian people. have been turieuror.tli Fir ' , years to
sturb her pence,, to provoke rermlboOatlioug
bee subjects, nail to wrest from hoe by (Moil or'
violence one of her tom, valuable missessions.
For this purpose they have subscribed money,
subsidize! pres.Mryi.ed tinned compathies,
marshaled them 'unde ru r a Spanish refugee, sent I
them to Cuba as am invading; force lauded them
for seeking a town. imprisoning ito Governor,
robbing, its treasury, murdering sotali'of its res
-idents who sought to defend their property, and
, then reenived them hock into their midst with
I ,em',• , , as though they had accomplished a noble
' mail humor. tale and chivalrous deal.
Now, iu totae sadness, does the contrast be
\wren this breach of international faith on e our
I part. and Spain', international fidelity, reflect fii
'ridity upon us.: .1.4 honor, or justice, ur,Com.
eit a irt honesty, on the side of the Americans
who have done these things! There has been
no provecalion, no pretence of provocatieh, on
the part of Spain.'that.min jusin'y or excuse these,
hesttle itemal...init. Spate riniouatrat4d. as
well she might. The frisillCLlt, for the time
beitag,,issited h., iriiela um 'ion agamsi these out
rages, and with geed citizens that ought m bare
Lad autholity out! tutluence. The press, having
at heart the h0.,..r of the, country, and desiring
' that the tloveragonit, of the.rotted r , tates should
at letutt equal Ufa{ of Spain it, keeptuggoml-faith
1 with a fricu !Niece, re Imned with those who
' stZt,tht to tiring ditTetotte. upon the couutry, and
eurne.tly , frote,Auti Utmi,mt tlie'-e illegal and do
gratteial pretteettUtv:,‘ • - till It., slum partuto of
the pimple person !e :bete content pt of trt c
o, ,nd the', tbetite , h Of honor •Tl i 'ldly, acen
may avowed lbeirActAttnicuttiop no turtturt,ot
sa e the tipardt t h territryttt n tuttraortsortUtti
.1 oitu Spain reuienstri/itsll•yealing cal-nest!'"
to t h o bi tgatton el treaties, and hi her oira ex.!
ample at regar•ling, he",,t aprihe-deellrang alep 1
that 1 tiles , t.>.,..1 . 11 .. L9 iipon bet terntnrr were
tepentia the torbea .ttiee• sac hod shown would
be continued no limiter, that the ineaders. tieing I
leryl t,l,'l . l,l by thi. 'Gover nm e n t I,
to he acting you Ore,' own respanahhiltiy, and
defiance o United t 4 tates law, would he en-
garded a. pirwiya and would he soureated Thel •
re enident agaiji isaue•i h is proclamation, Warning
these men thaevieht wool liW,their fats, and that
by a isf•further a uph a n .th•mia i alley would ontlaw
themselves, and Nast not look to thi s 6,ni-ril-
meet icr proteeti\
II or interfere:me to their kw. I
' half. in the event ; f their. f•VAng Otto the hands.
I , fi the Mecubed a •noriti, at flub..,—that i n
\ tnut• they would he fighting ar,abust their own
ciuveramelit I, ROE • , th.......i ,'pain And what
\ towed -.' They reed d the .l•lndutetraihou that
Io ght to restrain IL it lawlessness, 'and th e
prssea that, true'to the honor of their country,
siil•vorted the .kilinrula atiott in It laudable
purpose, 181.104.1 to .! Tr , the ohlt noes 0
law' Ind justice, nod the'. etrtes of p triotism.
null okylng the warning it \tim'Captairenerul
'of Cot 4, ile.:kared them:le:v.6 ( i trilling to %Ire 'all
th e cOikir.ll,l•4 , CO , 11p-14 . the \ own heed', and'
nem infaded t.',...iba. .
Those 'onsequertres overvie"kt them—tercible
and *oven . , you net more en gum the tmealled
party had ekeclared they sronld/R and the ' at
eailinta bad rleclarvi themsetien willing to brnye
' • \ '. „ . ,
. _
• - , 4 . Al, ' \
1 1.
I 1.
. I.
\l l\,„
l L
U s e ,
-. 1 7.
.. qc
i in.
I e l .
'I 1
. .
and prepared,to 4,dare,' Doe'N'' duo it 'sour • A
..(age,- - has it the aspect el high \aid chira\rous •
houor--nois te try out Clot riot °thrill:et Cease
, •uence of which they were so Apliaitly and
i taithfully warned, and which\but a fikinight agy 1 1
net aeowed themselva so willing:to 41..50u4ter 4
~; ..1,
And then we ask. , diipassnmately, itlukh to the . -i„
....4g•dparty an ,tt,thir • Sit the . cubatte lamp- \
it with our ,people,, or! we WittC, 'theirs `t ' ; Ind ~ • ,!
! they .4erici emissaries s uiilie roitelhtates to ro- ..
'% ,11.
mote rehellion, or did tt, portion 'of the Amerk n . ..,
pi,r.ple send such to Cuba" Did Clibaz,Ciilve, .. , i.'•,,f r
iAmerica. or did Ameicatis itirs:tei2uh:t ' The s sek s,
vestions admit of ready answcm,ind s thote ariV
l s wwere most Y completels, show tha.i, imiignation \\ . 41'
'Lod denunciatory epithetsshould be\applh.z.i not ,\ •
to' .Spain or Culla, which has kept the peach, but \ s
„ .... .1 , , ,
to I.opet. and hiit s pirtiticat party. with ktieiiaid- \ • •
era and abettors,will, in ,lefiantve oi\the Cu-
!retitle, of their Ihslow citienS andthe prod's- C A •!.
oration of our' ..pok s ortuneni, hair broken, the : \ i
peace, and broken it \most dishonorably. \ ,_ , • 'i,
Nowt is well, ketily ao we may feel `Lit s ',
the Cuba a u thorities hare taken a' severe ven
geance itEt \ n the invaders, not to be entirely, s ,
carried awe by our feelings, but to' pay some \ ,
regard to-t 6 voice of justice. and truth. We . ,`, \ ,
egider the rorocation a, well .a's the Yen
ce; we to st remember what; bar been - ione
ugaiust ' Cuba ...4 well as what lair been Ilene by -.7
Cuba: how man .- of her people , and ',Mier, • .
..were shot', or wo Id harp been shot, had Loper
here successful; a' well as how r any of the in—
ritOers were 'slain_ rf one could • a dieve the re-
peva,. somewhere he ten kw,, anld, five hundred .
Spit:ash soldiers were - died by Lopet's, band in
defending their soil fro i the inriniers, trurely
his it of some account.. It may ,he auSwered
t at the fifty Were eNreyt
~ i while tbo five bun
d d were shot in conflict ' But 'wh'd provoked
the conflict The ttporino soldiers were di
fen ng Neil- land - from - rutli vs, marauders who . ;
had i•ratlett it. The right as to thekr side ;
and th`y were suddenly ;tithed y Americans, of
'whom • bahly the fifty forme a port. '
In the allot, remark.. 09 rill pia . ,,:., we bar
said noth g about the rillegiki tie..rp of the pro.
pie to thro •on the ~ :t;pani,ll 3-0 •_, We bar
not though it nece,kary, for tit t. 5 not flit
slightest ey fence t, la
it, elistenc.c.: but inucl
presumptive rpoc tr, 1.11,. oontran ' \doreorer,
before the pee e ofanother vuit.l,n ea be.ja,
tined in aiding, a revolution, tin!. 0 mu I have
been o 6 0 no fide ommeneemetit a ~00h r •volu.
lion. Out upon t at part of the r t tijii t it - t, I.
Deet,,llry to rate There wee 100 nicht tm
it: Cuba, and to oll`ktppenivinces no desire lot
Lime.snyrs OP ItION 'or'I , IIPOLERS. \
t In Lomartmee netr' ' Work . 4,l: the Ileator.ttioi.,
to portrays the Empenor -Napn,im as perhaps
never Frenchman before hat deb iceti that ear,
9rilinary 04.13, at one time ~1. el/Ikkalcally are
bteranytethe idol of the whole‘peoble of Pronto.
WI; lire somewhat curious to knoll . such seri:
tinikrits as the followtn.s are . ne linsce ised \in the Re;
pdblic:— \ ; \ •
WITAT 'NAPOLEON 010 roil Fit.i. ‘ XCir. „titri'rondili
set?—tie left freedom chained4e,Tuslit rani
.promised by .riiii
posthumbli.,_ . irirtitc.ii_ .itill
sm parodied, without power to vll,l hitniatt,,on
sebqice repaid, philosophy proscribed,prejtidteeE
encounaged, the human mind diruinished:‘tn
struction tuartenaliare and . crnicsntru'ted tote
pure seienßes alone, selmol, equves.ted ii.t.r... ht. .
rackis, literature degraded by e-nol thip, no 111.-
bled Fy barreness, national representation per-
sorted, election aboli s hed, the Arts, uslaveib . cons-
moron destroyed, credit annilulakil, nusq4Stion
suppressed. iniermitional liatrcd revised, the
p-ople oppreseed, or enrolled in the-army, pay-
mg In blood or taxes the anlibutotiof an unequal- . s
led soldier, but °over - 16g with the great name of
France the contraditiOns of the hge, the Veertee ' - \,,
and degradation of the country, This of the '',
:founder: This is the .man:—.l man instead.of a . \
revolution'.—a man instead of o'in epoch:---asnlaas \- _
it:wt.:o44o optiorry!„-ii toiinto, , vioit or n riaboal", \
Nidhing after him nothimioafoonsl 1.1f21 but oio
shadow, making sterile th4.l2 \ eb:Uteuratit century. , , \
ahast ‘ hent and concentratedinbrtuanlf alone E'er
..iowil `glory will be always ..Po s kieri!et\a, Cbdrir.Ct, ,
ertting the of Nai.oltton,' koill'it`w;.i never
merit the praise t.e..dired up ..a\ that of Atto;i.s.
tan, of C,'isselernagne, and of Lob'. XIV, There .
in no age, there u.nuiy a nainel, \ cud th,name
signifies noth ing to numanity hut'ett
\ th
False to institutions, Poole retrois,fade.i. false
in policy, for he debased: fait.* itif• morals, tar
he corrupted . ; false 7 . in' eivilitnididt, (ice lie op- ,
pressed; false ip diplomacy, for "lie ii-c.kated—he
was only true in. wit, for lie shed torrents °Zhu-
Man blooi.,litit c, whit can wo then taldw liie:
Hin-indiliclual g..iin was *mat; but it wits-the t
,geniusof materiali\m, Ilta intelligence Tenemental:A clear, but it vrakth. intelliner,e of cal(ula
(inn. lie counted, ?lie weighed. he uicasurtsl,
but he felt not, he.b;ied not: on soap/id:ll'l,d
with none, ho wo, a Agile rather tlian'a in./.
Therein'lay his toferiorkty to .11exandir and to
the working of gen!ue, Arerll l 4 fuP., and
hanging, like [dose of Otim, w tie gooo4ll med
als of the empire.-- I ,lt. exoe.i nonglmg
with the.bloal, g to tic skip
which at It thstAt
gold en his ccur.t
ed their GAc
ing eaatiy
bony . ohm jo
feature, •
greater brilhauc
look was sehrckM
—a t e emblem of '
ed to have
thta.blacl. hair.
ture ~ loonttnuar
hie brad, natural
to give &tufa. Sec
tasCb.luery and
thoug'tt of watch
The ma p of to,
crusted taa \ite or
a was beginning
eu sn his breast:
Frederick 11:- - at
apprart. , l to RM.,
hi, antlatiers anti
tottra It Was evil
by the rough. pt
of himself—ot LI
moulded himself,
tleotton before
t:lckmataa of Path,
pose of desuu,y:,:i,
age in Icon movcaret
insnar origin. T .
broke out counts
.His nature, too
part he had to I,
'ifs lore no resew
him. Superior
411 odspring of. at
out of ton ultmet
stranger eve in
this pot - ma tao p,
hiu,,l the Mo
4gent. of the A nte-teat, ;;
era Indiana, Iva, „,,„„„ Eer
the follovrnig eircimistsiptep . H., bit ...,rted'
front theetennirg. t fir '
Vernon, when 4.4,4 ttie i,r iNast
ridiug through the th e H er ,
beginning to fob, 'LI, :atrmapte,l whhn
ljarge tree fell on him, treat ; :,Inl
otherwise injering him.
...lie managed to reach
'eo much inlitredrthyt ha lied
cx VG. jays