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    Flan -IVnear.-,tr. Forsyth, of hlglan tcort3-
, ship, called on terratinlay; andeildbited was
speeimeem - Of-reniadrably die "Mammoth
art Wheat." The heeds were much Icatiee, the
grains, tune and:: mire imitate= than in the
ordinary - Variety., ' rids lithe first iihestif the
- kind, we believe, groWn lithe West. - The 'seed
was brought by Commodore Btewert, afairytale
• %pi; and it appeare to tlndve admirably In this
climate;.' .
Mr. Forsyth hci avolveriaa. crop of Ms 27-,
laud VS& 'stem wheat a Tay stspetioi ntiety,
wbichievren cdoptcl to the. soft and climate of
Wlstern Penneylyanla.^ • •
. , : . ._ . .. .
Tirana - Ems' sw.—Shis reverend . gentle-.
man is; Re are glad fn - learn, ' #oiled :daily by
fiats or lore tit Barr Prrrahreatt,4iii'
The nubile Sale of- tutu on Braddock street
Plank Road, and on Pepsylvenla armee, near
Bobo bridge lakes place pis daj at 8 o'slock.
Poe the coneenienee of eroons wishing to at
tend the este. omnibus:sea will triTe she: gorses
of "Fourthand: Market streeta as erten so rot
quirod, -;2 ealOcit:f: - ...: . ,11;• - ilag.
The eaten - elan. Iciti ii4roverilents'on:Petio
eylranis avenue, 'awe the- sonstesintlms of two_
plankroads , thro gh the 'F,roperty' to 'hi sold;
give assurance t ilicue whO, 'parelso now;:
will bp the in ' g value of their low resit!
Ltshandsoicie profits On thole Iniestmental :,.. _
. . . .
Bacovanrso.—We era ad to mono* that ;
the little loon of Mr. Fran4s 0.-Bialtip; whewas
injured the breaking down' of the-Eastern
Stage on Ttiesday. is rapt , * reioverlog. ::' :
. . . ..
' Tnr. Swot= Corn/me—A loons &I'ap
peared In Fifth street yestSolay,ArairM in tU
Moog:ter costume. She bl i the second •that ire
hare seen:wearing thledrese, hither city. •
Tinos man named James Hull. wsa
=Med a short of stealing scone money
from personin.Now•Listion; Ifewasart
but procured bail, and, linmedistely 9ed = He
ems yesterday arrested in' tide and Worn
back to stand hie .. • . ,
Frsitzi 60 . H. McClure; aCeilaad
of 'baring i large quatitity of counterfeit mistuly
in'his possession; was yesterday gladly commit=
td to prison by Alterman Steele, to !bad bia
WosSE.—We regict to Heard that Ur- Herry,
who wasinjuzed , by the ste 'stage accident, is
ftini.—,We bad akw alight !hovers - at rain
yeaterbiy,: but untertunately,-It did „not fall In
autradent quantities to In': tbe' dust:.
, • •
Vailriortalu.-;?The. weithes :yesterday liss
oppressively warm sad sultry. `- The theisnotaeter
stood addict in the" . .
larreisosearr or.Ctuo. , il. Bitacs.—Lettershave
, been `Medved In car, from Hon.. Mr.
Curds, oar Minister at Vienna,' dated Jane 14,
which informs us that this yang gent/amen Is
still in ,confinement • The foots of the case are
these:-'lie has been traveling in Europe for .in
&mutton on the political and religious condition
of the countries: ho his shifted. After Monnin
ingat Vienna alldhat could be learned of the
nature of the Austrian Chrneetneutnahe went„ on
foot, as has been tds custom elsewhere; inter the
Magyar country; in Hungary. • fie was books
bly received among the late rebels,. as a chink I
of that land which.hid sheltered the Hungulan
anti; and visitedenthylaf the Mondry solos of
the leaders:' The jealousy of the Austrian•
thorides in that eectlem being &raised by *eat.
tentiOns ho received, heiress at at °fon
Werdein, a village on a branch of the Theiss, in
the eastern part of Htuuta . ry, mild east of
Vienna, and flung into proton ass methadone:7'
- prince lichwarizenb informed Mr. Weer.
dy that the acoundions against, him Inn* that
he bad letters of introduction , to the late rebels,
from refugees in Americo; that a printed copy
•of a revolutionary pamphlet had been found in
bin' traveling bog.. and that:he took circuitous
paths to visit suspected persons. From the rep
reputations. made to Mr. kfcCordy by the Aos
trian authorities, it would appear that he moat
undergo a regular trial. [ Our ladder observes
• that it has been promised - by the highestanthori•
tier, 'that nothing /Sara' or wtjun shall , befall
him.; An ihrestigation has been =dein - mass
of his chmacteVatid.porsults -while there. - and
that hat- been favorable to -hie final releasa,:
' •
TUE - 17X101t Sara.-We have at length receiv
ed from - Washington,- , through- Mr- Webstern
station on the Fourth of July, the'gratifyingin
telligence of the entimeafety of the Federal Cat .
' on. We bare Often , told•reur iresders thst the
Union was abaie . .new rejoice in
'telling, them that it is above dastger.,Formere
thin a, year past, and we !Gigot tow Smelt long
er, le hare been told that the Calais sru in den-
SelVihci , the crililitry wee Convulsed 'from one
emits, other. And.we hare had Elition aimmit;
• tem, committees of Safety anal:Mori andidates
for office, throughout 'the Union,-but especially
in the State, and more especially in:the city of,
liew,Yerli. - And nebani been's:rued for times
• . innumerable doting thin:helm:led, that, not
• vithstariffing the Union bad been lireaoheontin.
nal danger, Mr. Clay bed saved ik.hir. Webetee
• ludisimed and are •kitOw- not who else bad
savelit. ' We harp sometimes thought that, if
the Union were so easily mdugered and so tasi.
- Irearod, it mast be very mach like the old Mill
described by Grace Greenwood, eis-r"tiot worth
a dun." -Bet bit. . Webster now tells tie; mails
1, Is a good witnem, , that, the Unionist not and bail
net been—in any . danger 1' : In ids Maiden, erar
the cornerstone of the Capitol,crr. rallierAti
appendix. to the old one; be says, .ilictherisfers,
it shall be hereafter tbp will of (lod'that t.hie
strnature shall "fall from its base; that its frit;
d i g= be repthreed, and the deposit benesthithili
stone brought to: the oyes of men, - be it then
knori that - Mt this day, - the 'Olden - oldie United
Stetei of Anierina standifinu-Matabeli
tiara tmirepiOed; eadirithsr
original risefeleisiand glory, grewingewnyility
stronger and Stringer ; - inlite iffeationeot the
greet bidy of the AmiiiMMpeople, , ind attract.-
big more sad more the admiration of the world."
When MN iNPliciAtelieftilikrefitlmeM a z p.4l4,..
posed tOlisten,ind tr esrefolly weigh. Mswilst:lK
for he does not oftextspeakidly.. ) Nevi! Oda
Union still stands firoutr,the
nista, not, only. uniiopeirml,inik , "OnlY with Fall
. Joe original gloty, bet gipwieg'rery day Nixon=
ger, then all the assaults upon said Union have
been rain, and this danteroibtatialdeltsolinch
outcry has been raised; :heineurejutisted,' and
all 'these saMertrus ralvalions of William by
this, that aosl the other great men, ham
nugatory: - -The danger ;onset be goat,. which
.lasta's dung imimpso4,smiunder 'bleb it
daywasee'etronterW And Se' the .Ihdon:azict
stiStrryeemenittees hare:beep: cashing armies tin
der falie pretencesii.le precisely Whatire
bare always' suppriaedi-end always wa. ' We
haireacild that,.while the Silt Mellor trhe Maisel
a parecidst hand straimillielledim, would ear , '
7.k r i MiWy be banged, the lipmpte bang Min wand
yet sowed. We ere glad toiled tentfonstion of.
- • car, opinions (rent sack& hunt es Ida .Webstsr
' • sad ws - now add thaOhe . getieratita taillawlve
thia 'Won Yetra,. and 'that, bean> It
'will-be born,' the 'gcceation•preaszt , will , bare;
passedbeyorid the lustariCal, aridbithi tlielebri;
lons age. --Let oar cetemporariestetztemberthlk
for ;when the dissolution comes to 'Gist remote
. age, we shall remind them of this pMailatiCet
Pielwidpkia Ledger- -
iierbon B Co.--ThletsOrleins Delta Of the,
al pahlbluis ato hie ,d l spacti,pm, N e w
Yorir. tJaly Ist) announclog the fellena of sax.
nellsaltai d. Co. mlnconnxiturnce.of lagers&
men trade on ishlptoents,of cotton Petei
Caney. 4,r_ N. Orleans."' - •
The 'editor of the Dc ta '
Immediately on miring this - despatch we
ootaxotadosted it to Ma Convey, being atdlediel
tbsitle'ionla (tallish .,ii sir atisfatarylt T planstiou
of 'it..:,,tyolesta: from COntsTithas - hee.hter
sinks the receipt of this" darpatch,hae peon iii.
faill4PptsOmeof, par'. due the 80thicf,Inns I
. accepted bp Jewlen & Co. were laid ernen—"
Beyond this he hat nb adrice whatever— .
hie Copra" las had o traneactlon In aottan,
the ex. years, beyond .thensoelnegottatlons
• in his line St insiness,isi a dealer In anduntlVev
If bie friels6in NewTork late impended poi
manta he Conilders his' own - mesas ample to
meet all.detounis assirst'hinithep` also" pea'
seising<lergesod valunbis *trunk not: io*
diatelytealhble. I
The Tholetnatter, it isdiered,'ls Shipp;
. (notion a with. Infe ,
ty to lin 'parties intera4e4;' , ...• ' •
A daughter of .t e.-Roy Pinderlaati au lately
married, and the rather, In annotuicing the fair;
l ista :111 hie parer, elys-4.llaring the marriage :
ceremony thee:glee made. "eatable domanalaw,.
ecru of their joyfali pretence. We _ arr glad,
f or the,crntit of tbo,aogols that the demoaitza-.
thins were ..seniible'-for therein mneh of a 00111"
Crary character la Ox4ii of the optritoal mato
tations that We read 9 f , ,, 4 , •-•
fhtw nett Bank hm recently hetta
orpnirad, in Cirrlefj ll 4 under the generellitstd..:,
tog law of the Stele, entitled the "Pieta eral
At an election - which bet pistil; on the 91.6
instant, Merenedlrtiwttline made Prep:l=loml
O. Bollard, Jr., Pushier:" .; • -
The institution , irAllbe colitinettete bti
• ehtelillerTylacY44l..
viczniT tirt °:tturt Tgurciurir Aar&
i°llTB2 tar rrtutOri wittrt:
- Thernyal melletemner Asia,. with dates from
Lcrerpool to the 6th instant, arrived this morn
ing, after a passage of ten days and sixteen
. . , 'Unmoor, July 5, 1851.
V,otton - -- - The market was dull, and the better
Magda bad declined } to } penny during the
week, and middling and lower grades } to
th. The sales of the week were 81,000 bales, of
speculators took 1200, end exporters 4000.
Fair bowed was quoted •at 6f d ; -Orleans 6-ef
fti, The sales of. Friday, were 5000 balm, The
;Flour-Prices are Gd better thin at the inning
of the Pnriklin, making the decline, during the
week legdiGhbL • .•
laraln—Wheathas declined, dating the week;
8€144 VI bushel: Coin brut receded la.V.qttar.
Mr linos the 441E4 af the Prinklim r beet yellow
'heing quoted at 28s 6d quarter.
!Prolisioni=lteef isin_fair request at the ex
trireme rates of last week. Tort is dull, and the
Market wellempplied. • Baooi is in better. do-
Irmed...'llarns • and shoulders are dull, with no
oarqs• In prices. Land . has declined 2035
co, and buyers demand a further concession..
Grocerim—Sugar, Coffee, and common black
Tess bate slightly adnSiced. Rice Is more en
qoind for, at rather better prices.
The Colonial produce markets are generally
better then for metal weeks.
Trade at Manchester continues good; but the
late adricestrom India hare bad= injurious et•
feet on prim.
Namy Narket—English fonds improved id on
Tralnes -;Consols closed on Friday at 97}
for =ay.. II: FL stocks are il3 far reqiest.
!nose of 1862 and 1868 are quoted Si 110
111 PemarYlvania fives 8210881; ind Elary ,
M the latest &deices frOni Havre the cotton
market was del, and prices lo favor of Mayers.
Tlie sales' of. 'the weqk were •4000 hales. 'Very
orbiter Orleans was Ipoited at 68098 francs. •
rouricAL LnamosNcE
' b .tho Howe of Commons on Fridsynight,
the Ministele were defeated an two clauses of the
Ecclesiastical Title 1311 L
• *, A disatusioLupoaLordiolui Russell's amend
‘nient faiths emission of the peoalty to the pro-
Mutes and publishers'of bills, ended in vote of
129 for, and :A spinet the Ministers.
' iLord John then moved the omission of the
ver' empowering informers to yroseoute. Re,
bit was again defeated, bye unijority of U.
...The bill then passed, there being-263 votes in
favor end 40 against it.
Ia the Rouse of Commons on Thursday, the
b L 1 to - fecolittae the admission of the Jews into
Parliament was passed; and &Mineral , Reform
blll went through Committee.
Public attention is still engrossed by the visit
of the Preeident to the frontiers,, to open the
Tourtand Poictiers Railroad. He was warmly
wehmmed throughout, ant his speech was re
,oeired With great enthusiasm. Facial; had id
mneed per cent. in consequence.
The President, en leaving Poictiers and *mir
ing at Cliattellerant, was reoeired 'with cries of
fitZeishiiinsf" and Down with Napo.
kon The disturbance woo finally quelled by
the police.-"
. The President, in reply to an apology from the
- Diem for the disturbance, said ,hat for all the
good that had bun dorm daring the last three
years they Were indebtetto the party of order.
' It lisstated that Ab'd El Bader is to be set at
• Sr" Your., July 16, P. M. •
• This weather In England and Ireland. the week
*Tim to the tailing of the Asia, had been all
the fanner could lila, and the crops of every
kind looked well.
The Howse of Starkie Co, Liverpool, ea
gsged in the California trade, had failed to a
very large "amouni..
Many Americans ere' retaraing from the
There ue still rumors of increasing difficul
ties between the 'Porte and the niche of Egypt.
Prim . string respecting the fate of Kossuth
titimealed in the strictest deplometia ob
'lii the Assemtdy p the 2d instant, summand,
rapt idlowiug women the right of petition, was
Prontwod by DL CbePolgi:
All France is •on the tiotoe of expectation,
-awaiting the report of M. de Toccpurville, The
important document was every hour expected to
be Made public; and the debate in the Awsealy
will probably commence on the 19th Instant.
The eociesiiitical decreer hari been ofEcially
pronmlgated.' It is liberal in its previsions, and
appears to, have given general satisfaction.
The! Goierninent - bate reduced excise ditiere
one half-Ircim ten per cunt. to rive, and taken
off the duty npoi horees'nsed for labor.
alters wu scone bumbordication in the army.
Ther.fieitish Governeneedelaims were all likely
to be soon honorably settled.
, ,
Letters from Triest, dated the 26th of June,
State that the:U. S. ship Independence, had put
in therm 'Her arrival bad calmed touch excite-
Chase, a citizen of the United States, who
bad been imprisoned' by order of the Govern=
mad, ,had been-released.. The United . States
withal:ldes there would adopt emery, moans to
obtain satisfaction for his detention. ,
"Combinations against the Govertunent weed
being frequently-ilisoortred throughout Hosts
_ ...ityzapoori DIARKET.
- - •
• - ....I:maroon, July 6.
.Prstn-:•Best Atherissn yellow corn wss not
north over 2es43,l,'.sid whtteBll33.32s V 460 tbs.
••• st ttol®l6s
Setting Saki ;lot'
leis Biltitairn; 21s 64 Vbb
thi-ttoyersl tundsvilattelt weirit - nt.
thredlit'ithotidin and 46i ins the blithest ban
I , itseon was in moderate , demand at - 88440 s V
p?L.. I'~' ...t
- WASHMOTO*, July 16.
• In the absence of air. Webster.. Wm. B. Per
ko:tic, Met Clerk of the Departgent, hoe been
setpointsd eating fieeretarfor State .
The Preihient recognises S. J. Gower AD Can;
snl Of;Anstris for San Francisco.
likst Grand :Jury have. found a tree bill
`agsks4tinval Si tonnes; Land Agent, for for-
Raw 'razz, July 16
Thtistesiniap 'Afries sailed this afternoonfar
LiTmeol.- She takes out 943 psnengers, !so!'
-81,001,50 Q." . . - . .
tirw You, July 16.
. ,
We him . ° atlas from Bt bondage to‘the aOth
Therestendte tthae of Oeveznateat
ma , Lads dessetroas
. etreat upon Imbue,
Patteal matte's weretranqua The Faspe—'
- tee addteetto the Dominican, bed produadd a
goodedreet,' Tim teraeatkat et tha Emperor was
soon .to be eolimaised; whet a wad amnesty
would be greeted, sad the exiles Invited home.
. •Iloern, July I.
M r . D..WatilighhighlY respectable citizen;
ecaamitted raidd—o ' at Bradford, N. H., yesterday;
by hanging himself in his barn. • .
one of tite Hutchison
ban beool3lo
• Insaaa. •
Thompson; oharged with the' Dorchester and
- §dllton -bank. robbery,' hits been committed' at
1114hlunt io default, of $24000 bail
' PHILADiLPIIM, July 16.
The ista's advice, hays brought the market to
Ocetent.4lte market I. unsettled..
'Flour—Small Isles at" $4 25 r :standard
braidsylnit • there is no evert _demanded.
ilerur-Is mane, with small sales at
$4l 87 Ikbbl.
Come Ilstalle atetady i at $3 871
, -Llfatn=Wheat ii dull, with Isles 500 lutelle '
prime whits at 100@1016 "46 bu and of red st
040 13 bnabel Saleslooo bit ltje at 72c. Sales
6000 b¢ ocan;sifloat, at 610. ,
' Vitkietuej , -.4 . Wee at
Grimaldi utd Prarlsloss—But little Is doing,
and prices are unchanged. ',
: .
NzW ORLEANS tteussv.
Oluuse, July 15
Costort-diThe total sales yesterday were .
Wm; sad this moralag 1800. The - remits
ems had so effect *pm the market. - B . trt y
libid!dzig 'res.:voted 80, ;mad goodaddE!! , l 6...
' - •
I Cle ,
York-rB th- ales Or Mess $13,87®14 jl bbl.
Bake....estlei of sides at 81etg 8 ,...ii lb.
Exchange ea Ytear• !ark, disoul44 , ter
44 : 0 ; ':L i , •
. „
. .
. .
M-...%,',17...7..."7"7.,`,....,,-.,...-5....,,-- - q.,,,,,,,..4, ..r...•,-'-ZA.g.,n:...--,.....,,,Aer,,,,t,,,n.e..r,.,„.....
NEW YORK. mAltreor„..
- ;
IrAnuc, July
Cotton—The Jlt 1.1 =wattled. - 1 • • •••
Floor -- la ateady; with ales ' 8000 bbht at.
$4,1804,25 foritate and western, and $4,47
Rye-Flour and Corn Ideal:-Bye` flour is Bell-
lug at $3,92(32,44, and corn meal at $2,76®-
2,8194 bbl for state, and $8 for. Jersey, • •
Grain—Wheat ts'steady, with - sales 6000 Imi
Genesee Spring at TOol Sales 1600 ba rje at
7leeg7li• via basheL • Corn it firm; With sales of
40,00 bushels trifled lot:880, and round at 50ci.
®6oo "f bushel; -•-•
Provisies 100 bble beef it $8.75(gi0.-.
'6O for mess; find s6@B for prime. Bales 100
bble Lard it 81481,1 fl lb,
Leaff-I.Sales 600 pigs Catena at 54.65 V cit..
Linseed Oil=le firm at 76e(i)78,%2 gal.
stooke..llnlaS Stites eixes,-1868 are quoted
at 116}.. For llliaols Improvement bonds,- 60c
is offered.' Madison and Indiana sold at 99c,
and Canton Co. at' 681 el : Money 13 in good de.
• Mew 'Tow Jolt' _ 16; •
Cotton—Me sales'towhy are 600 Wes it
farther decline of I
Flonr—Farther sales of 10,000 hbls. flour at'
.$4,1204,18.1 for mixed. western: 44,2504,81
for Ohio ; and $4,891510450 for Genesee. -
Rye Flour and Cora Ideal---Sales of the form
er at $3,44, ane of the latter at $ 3 ,8 1 0 8 , 0 0 0
Grain—Wheat is steady. at 900 for Ohio. and
$1,06e1.00' for Michigan.' Wes 46,000 be,
corn at 671c6C0 for yellow. -
Pork—Elates of new mesa 'at114,250 - 14,91
1 ,1
Otimeriai--Bales,l6oo bags Rio-edit* at Mo
tion, st 7®13 7-8 o .^e tb, and 400 do Porto Rio at
6}a-.'#l V ; 30 htids Orient, stow at 6o "il Tb.
tillskey-:-Sales101) hareels of Ohio at 2810"
_lO the liattoul Intalligerrear
'lBB LITZ 8888 - COW= 1111811118/.
It is :with 'pain we: heard of the reenit of the
Court Martial lately held in this city; which has;
in the opinion of the Court And in : that of the
President of, the United States, required the
dismission of, Gen. Talcott from the way. In
the "Uoion",of yesterday morning we find the
Meg General Cider annaancingthis fast to the
Army, of .which the Ending of the Court and the
decision oil - the President thereon seem to been
'that it is' now neon; eery td copy; (the aluirre
haring bet heretofbre inserted in our CCIMIUM).
. o . l' THE 001J6T,
,After mlitare deliberation 'on ell the trade:nee
adduced, the Court loads . the ancesei, Brevet
Brigadler,General George Taleott; Colonel of the
Ordinance Department, Ite follow*,
Specid .. 4 eativn, gailty,7 and "guilty" of the
enmos II
let spcojitation, "guilty," except the words
therein, "and hadprwrionsfy !varied to the aaw-,,
nlolf o War , "
'2d oyerifitatim, "not guilty."
3 d +1 ,, c(4 26 '. 1 . 1,
"dth specofratitm,
sth specifirotion,
fithreation, . .
And " guilty" _ of the CgAZGL.
. .
And the Court does sentence him, Brevet Brig'
tidier, General George 'laical, 'Coloiel of the
Ordnance " Department s or derailed the err
vice. , - •• .
H. .In conformity with the 66th if the rules
and articles of , the proceedm* gis of - the Gen:
eral Court in the foegoing cane have
been transmit to the President of the United
The following the decision thereon:
• Exec I Mammon, Jul 1861.
The foregoing eedings of theta Martial
for the trial of B Brigadier General George
Talton having been bid before me, and having
been by me duly examined and considered, I .
hereby confirm the mune.
M. Brevet Brigadier General * George Talcott
accordingly elate to be en officer of the army
'from this date.
• In reviewing these proceedinie die President
bat seen with regret, slid feels constrained to
notice, the irregulatigfttid 'negligence which,
throughoarthe transaction in which they origi-
nate . tharieterised.ths conduct of Brevet Cot
Huger, commander of the Fort Monroe mewl .
The confidence naturally reposed by hint bathe
bead of his corps farnishen undoubtedly . some
apology forbla course, but cannot ;badly it,
The Pembina deems it proper, particularly,
to express his disapprobation of all priests cor
respondence on official badness- Stroh II practice
not only prevents the pc:serration of 'a distinct
and intelligible resort of any transaction, so in.
dispensable itiaGevernnient where public agents
are liable to "be frequently changed, but is in
compatible with the admitted accountability of
every gibers employed in the disbursenent of
"publierioneye- ,
IV..The General Court MartlaLef which Ste.
vet Major General Twigge is President, to die ,
solved.,_ „ _
By command of the 'President: • . ;-...., !,
_ IL JONES, Adjutant Genera .
Lars mos hiskitio.—Th. Tchraatrpee Dilß=
catty.—The New Orleans Picayune, of the oth
Instant, brings detailed accounts of the Ilesican
Intelligence hitherto noticed by telegraph. •
The Governmentecems determined to follow
strictly the lead of Congress in the Tehuantepec
affair. In accordance with the late decree an
the grant of Garay, the Supreme Govern
ment has addressed the following official com
munication to the anti:mitten of Num .
In another note I communicate to year Excel,
lenoy the decree rendered to-day by the National
Congress, annulling the decree of bierfith, 1848; •
which prolonged the privilege conceded to D.
Jose de Only, for the opening of an interOceinle •
,iscrosi the Isthmus of Tehusn:
His Efeefleney,the undentandlig
the impinions duty imposed;on kiln by the con
ridtution, of causing the : will - et the 'national
.Legisistrme. to be enforced. desires that you
Excellency publish the said decree without the
Jou of timsi and thatin the pm:it:MlA Manner;
yon prohibit all labor or scientific ea:immanence
at Tehuentispeo ,or, Costraccedcosi making the
Americans concerned in the work, depart from
. the repnbliM or, if they be permitted to
tiring theinke understands that ender: no eon- -
Widenstiotririll they be suffered to prow:cute the
ttrork, and that they mainly remota- subject to
the laws of the nation, in the same manner as
any other.foritigner.i , :• ,
-,. , ,
;Fe leant . rpm it private but reliable scum,
:ieya the ,Piespune, that four: bundled regular
'.troops hive been ordered to the Ls \hunts,: to env'
force this decree. .
Errtramm.--Efejor Robert Darragh, of Shama,
waived home on Wednesday lait,.trom his trip
'aims the eons:. He had reccoured from thi
injury received on , shiphoard on -the outward
Co.pp fa? as -M . enable him to visit the'
Fair at London.-Beaser-.4
• Vueuss:—Some alarm hu betas produced
the upper end' of. Sharon, MAU:the 'mouth of
Bendes Hun, by the .sudden deeth of three per•
eons, on Friday sad Saturday lest,with etrottg
imapfams of cholera.' The first was a stranger,
who had put up at Mr. Rut Bay, mum; the
second' nts Mr. Samuel Toms; who hut resided
hers for a long, time, aged, some 50 yeart the
third was slung daughtuef Mr. *mt. We
hare no other pardeulars.--Baria-Arger.,
in.. " P ' tbi et "!W.
corner otEmeonel sad /litertrat sta.
F ISH--10.bble. new Lake Trant; •
.. - .706t " ," ItaLsile bl
le2l ' ' . - 3.II..CANYIzw.
AED-20 bbis. No. 1, [of iu3l6 by
ARD OIL4B bblo. No. 1; for sole by
leis : JAMES DAUM. 88 Wster R.
INDIA RUBBER , lIELTING--just 'rec'4l,;
from the mumtattrriti, 1600114 Llight Belting, LP
xi I.llll.9arpmr, IM mile at the India Iltittm_
'Rm. T mad 9 Wool 4. - - J. 411.TH1LL1.28.
ij and mat nanarrat Preis to nal—lenado on 0 on
gmad pia. by =II
MAW. Ila u recana, =nor=
"411grala 'wTrufirzw7 •
. Statlanon7 Wasabanao, Market at..
EATIIER-1011 Sides N. Y: Sole, for Bale
by - MS • J.♦ IL. //LOYD.
ALT PETRD-20 bogs (erode) for sale by
ana) P.r WILSON.-
REUDI OIL-18 bble..ezira, ter sale by
01L-23 bblo: for sale by .
j 14 • WICK tteCANDLOS:
0.3. DiACKEREL.- 50 bbl s. for sale by
rIiDIA RUBBER WHIPS—Of all the Ikea
manubefasreE4lps +bawds sad rastr..t the Irk•
sibter Divot. :OLT .act to Wool tared. .
. ; J. t u.
Mica Ws. Lam sot. imatom
." JonswArnkoo.
It.EAST: tr. Problem! Vi ed with'coi.
rations sea .4dltiou, trod altsodsat .
b Itabts • tsli, at the by UN v . tpca.
P "M i.
Ilutaryot ca.pcti.4wiiioriotickrJ. l o o bAbitill
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* iliellon• sou .41=4 IW -
Pare &., - for Diary h,
EAR INMIND you needFreuch
Brazdy,.tbe gar BM nu to ofted KOBILIF
dart, to thaDlataral, at it rr attptpr Witte,
'V IRE BOARD PRINTS—For Bala ist 25c.,
■' by [J•IT. IC P. YAEBH•LT. SS.Word d.
bb.agge4.V. 4 .l
ma .. , . . Jowl V WATT k
:I&rr. AND EADTOUNTAIN. ,- -'rbe atter;
Dan of lbo traded fraternity . 11 Invited to no Dye
Dountala,by Dr. Pinot, Oranlira,.ol....nio.
roodrad rad for sato - .
Jett' ,
OTTLE CORKS-800 wo.for sale by'
E. , Rll, fa Wad .L
FA J RIS GREEN—MO lbs. rE .l for gde by
NTTILEOS-}-1 bbL No.
VW NO. a 11AOKERNL--100 bbls. and
~13‘ 2S htt Ms, to antr A re oad Al Mll a tt
ems „ • D
kYßUPS—Underwocure One Lemon Syrup,
• Terz_Lirawriar title,• tor liar= Limoti
M gg il
• ,P ."'"' *B4I " I nV7. IMO
1 7;106 artic
rita l v e f
ar. Or
sale ta
Libats st.
ElllP--45 tons Mies. D. It.. for sale by
mrl6 , /AYES A. BUTCMBON 1 CO.
itiIAWLEREL-30 bble. No. 3, for sale by
I , • •••VI es s ,
Robby Narall 11.1..teuvratoc *co.
PLASTER...4O lbs. Canthorides, for sale by
ar JFISH-25 bay. Lako Bap. White, 1851;
•• • ,
la. or 10 ht.
Ja •
.c.j. B. CANNIILD.
lIST'REOEIVED,•--Asupply otaifs India Rub.
'lo?=:=Z 3 lnt‘ti= 1 41
).21 . rimurg.
Cheap Black De Lain&
ilsfwprim of 3 7* URPHY & BURCHFIELD • hove just
••••ect • le• of this .411.00 D blar.k.D• Lab», as.
• o. la=
Ajl seam* aztlele'cut to bad at taw Mara at _
4.23 . - • MURPHY a ZURCINIIIda
UNIATA NAIL RODS--95 bundles Slit,
.lee sea br 8. P. 'ON BONIOIOIIBT t 00.
CILASS--400 boxes Window Glass, wort.
11-* b
er F. TON DONN 'donor* co
, .
HAY FORKS, ,Hay. Rakes, arid - &lake
enogiu, Ibr id. by
jai • R. 1.10804 N141101121T ilk 00.
:wiof 0 " Da( Z.:4 womht
an d J S. t v '" " oiatim Powth nd iltreerir sr rti,. e .
wow 01
RILL' PAPER—A gamin lot jolt need
Iland timalelry tr. B. UAW.% Suakma.
Se= *arm of Becoad .4 uates st,
CFIBS-4001bs. Teri fine, for sole by
IL/ Jeal NY. A. McCIArgEl I 00.
dorm bast minds:oQ I ••. Dl
Jel9 R. IS. NUM
ROOT-100 Ihs-prime quality, just
we .4 La 11- B.
CITRIC AOLD-2.50 lbs. just **Oland for
d• M . ' Jag • IL ISELIZZA
OD LIITE, OIL-40 gallons, Porn wan;
mesa. by ' 'HI9 B. B. SKLLY:II3.
ti 11:4: 1' t •zo i
• tons .'r s• .t 3, ' 0
st.lvc roodood sod tor by__ •
140 • S. BCHODSYJMER 0).
EFINED BORAX-500 lbe for sale by
jilt- J. KIDDa CO. 60 Wood ot.
IRISH -15 bbls. New White;
A " nit _ 666 " • J:Itter!IVILD.
S• • • TUS••••100'bOld 1 411 e;
3•14 2"bl' .1.14 CAN '
LA., -1000 lbs. for sale . 1.1 0 '
,ASH-40 bbbi. for eue,A
INSEED 013.-30 bble.drisituld'obrand,
ter salt br ' Jel4 • JAL CAN7TELII
110TA.911-1 casks for sale by
1 At • J.S.O 1.111 aIL 12 •
.1 • •Tro • 11157 . ulTuae
lICKETS-50 dos. I%uitilailinte 7 for nle
C UEESZ-200 • bcxes for
IiIACON-15 easim 84oulders,
• ;t1 '"
%IIk:NM-80 boxes for sae bf
'iPtEESW,AX WANTED—The higheetprie,
-13! to thth *ill b"ler. MigNsci
• jert mow llnt wed v and
:4 I .. 71.
INSEED 011,-10 bbls. pare, for sale by
fit ACON IiAMS--10 000 tbs. superior quill.
Hia ‘2 , br .110,4301. LFITIM &
bl J 0.6 40111110,t, urrue 100.
ACON-700011milaran, Sides, Shoulder',
ler - .:ids s.t w. gAmoon.
lorToN-25 babsigittinp for ask by
'32.71$ • 1034 Pnet
• LA TOBJruid nestrld
f or Ms br • IL IL YALMILL
- no dos Put toed and for oidoest=soad
daREEN OIL,CLOTH-300 yards for Wilk
%it d." Itlieda. tart toed trews l and go, lallo of
hos.l sad 9 Waal ante. J.* IL MIMI'S.
T EdTHERS-2000 lb.. for o do b -
.i s.&w.Jt.. won
AO :4' arta.
mrlml. bk store asA u vs 6
11 AVANA SU4AIL-50 bzi white M
AJ. Inns inicuJost rve•Ami and Er ova. by
, -1.?,ri!7§11..14161;9•1311.14(:'..
IOF SUGAB.-71121;bbla loaf ragar
'OR SALE—One Kiln' of Brick, 'Enquire
st • ••w. arcumeng can ranborg.
bbls No. 1 mrc 7,1 . 17 t mil bait
STARCH -40 boxes Botar c ri a ght's extra for
I I 11 • .1:
ZAl:l"44lXoOakum,. •
s 2 (4)°°
- 6 - 11 . orDouble Maine
AG-I—°—*7 leee es se4*. e s je
ei:te l .a. d ee i ""eseA r r imi etzrifte.---" w_ 07 =. % .ti. .
, 117
maw Ihrlult, sat
'2N-20 al!' reoegg 132;1 , fcif vile by
OIL-10 bbls for Bala by'
. - WICK a 1111114DLE611.
fiIIOOOLATE—LIB bii.aoston Chocolate
1 2 , bbis. t fe d ruitie Barbr!oe%loLs.ale
FrOBACCO-20 kegs (Ged :
JL Ibt el , • +sm.:
" is ore. e',
RUMS --200 tons Soft
AMBS. for m Tennile by
• bauta.
LAND OIL-10 big& No.l, for solo by
molt • IdnOANDIML
ANNEBS' OIL-50 bblo. Jun reaniving
by esbali anal lby Webs - JAMS DLLIKLI.
Ay . L 3 D o -320)b v. f i twb 3a u u u
. nett Jonect man. •
twit, slail DICKYY 00,
p•io Warr& 11/Ont
CORN-40 tags shelled, for sale by
TI-1 /do - a. 7. vos'pozonioar a co.
CHEESE -4b bzi for. sale by
mo a. 1. Yes DOhNIGNIST • co.
REESE-30 blo.W. for sale
i t s .•s. v. VON Bale '
, FFEE.-300 b
4 ARD.-4,000 lba. Lawl, for 131 1 am:
Wirtzwat.b7 T. WOODS #_8034
01. Agar 03.
BAWN -50001 h. Irogßound, on consign
mot, ow mm sr wooDs sox,
)L ARD -12
,bble in stare and for sale by
maim niarasg.:oa
'rm . :teem-125 boxes sal, of the best
JIL ' , Mask andllibirtoft awl orbit%
-11rEA82-7gi,bls:iii-store aid fore 'rnsle
grioDgisa-4o d . tarcue for isle
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(GINO LING—For public ball?. and
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IP" ctod.,numm so.m.
,:.113. M. Dalnytt
1404111 : :13f. Fiencii7ina,Cantaiiiit*
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aketwwltoll 141 7 711,NE-411701..nd 1 11, , c a•
eaaca Lg dirLv 1721119GS—** soilurthat bale Dna
• CRAPE 'SHAWLS AND SOARTS—Joot remind as fay
Yoko of 'Heaton and pricos. DSCES CHAPS.% of yahoos
• SATIN CHIN& Ei2rOoto44.ostl other Silks
pro to tbo Canton mute- - . 17resth.)
Sailing from . Alla&!Ala an y
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MR, .N bd . C. f a rts, Omer.
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and ball allowance tea. r li tar afr d v olume. •
• flu r; INlo4.nit;belP! IWClt2roll?'
. 'citter its% Ltd :Void eta, PUutargb. •.'
11nited - illates Hotel at Philadelphia: .
SUBSCRIBER xespeCtfally
to bla. Mende and tkur travelllng oonnnontri s
D. bee easulateed the VtoPlietOrship of the UNIT
Man /10TXL. Long known in connenthat .with the
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Invitee attention to p. etgalms WA:Wed the co.
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W. SLUM ... • S. 0:11101M.
AOLLEY WO O SDIVARD &Co phis. h side Oreapi, =1 Marko Pertads ss3
1. 111X13101..Z.,-..-:.:+.--
11EALD, BV_CKNOR & CO., Tobacco
MatoPlTN'ZrwtoVrltlighfsr b W "•Til
pi 5,5 , • . .t .
.21r Cent:gaved to eountry Merchanto
D l J. KING. Dealer in - BOOTS AND
....amp Ma. North *woad strzt : =l%
h aiearistaell et ItAbo n ve soc4s. I.llFeb will to add at tO
per at VMS 041 be VuTetaml th• city. tor
VLers boa.. worebadag.
Shawls! , Cloaki!
S. MILLS, No. 6 t'ortlandt st., N. York,
1 inn arming at bliab.lW
"M. of Fall and - MAW MAW lantyal•
of *nab and Dos... Wad Lang Shaul.. tosetbor
• MI SAKIIIMaIit of Fraria any VS.. Moan and k.oi
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Au,"potP"iti: mow 'trim. tor ea/adding
Flanla and Mantilla; dn.., sun maned Prlnt flood
Om., .114 and $1 nett. /.1244:
Office for Foreign Palzirts,
fi Wan e.. X. ntk, =NU nett et ,Londna.
h. aritofft, Thou , . ~mg, ilot/.4..8
cc pats Of I.lropr—tbil , Ululates, Cuba, szol tho ßer
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I ONE'S _EMPIRE took; , 87 Naga street,
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,d tar • good Writing Ink, elate* the the CNA =4
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Preersof Alex; C. Banyi
(111.' , MEDICATED . (1031PbUND,.Tar' p•
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New Toan. OM= 104. '
Pas. Itaxar—AlfDeer Sir—About tem Para eat .1 , hair ,
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124 Broadway. NM Usel)resiff eta treneralle, It=
_ •
.THOILSEI HALE t _.... ; •
entoaao, ILLINOIS, • •
UrONTINUEB hie usual fooilitioo to twelve
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r VIP'. P c.i ' gn—) eon. LarcasOterling k • ,
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- ST. JOSEPH, Sagami:l;
comaisik.n. 4 irsAllwllar.l4ll", on
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AV 1 C. TUTT.LE, .Attaraey . at Law ,
• .01 Commflidasest Orr Paeasylviade, St.Lenin4,3lo
cammanforgamos Inuarsly- summed. - OCCMI7
4 4:1N H. RANKIN,' Attorney and Conn
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' UOIFER MATOIIES=-250.gfoetudeby:
PEIt.—A superior lot of
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for d. 67
ion Illattot rt.
rdiPER HANGDAM—A large usortmeat
of linmeh and Amide. Rae. llinalt. rtm
antlitar ale by - - p. - jw,mitALL.
e Green Rio Co
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. B.—We Melia rho attention b[ Boom Mal
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EXTRACTS of Rose, ge nowal.
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1 P X:110. 11 0. 14 1 41•1147:1fts Mr Übe.
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OUSES.4 FVM, &o.
Par Ida .T*POual kg"
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to. •
enquire of lir.ll !BORLAND, ant
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No. Fl
Ilant won. Pltbbutth. •
• iylnf • - - • It BRAD Ii'LLNINB. • •
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Joriß the lainttitiVittril.'
'Valuable Lot on • otreet for Bala
LWILL sell the Loeon. 'Third trtteet, • ad-,
eloloft the TrObelth•ff Erbbliebseeet of Wm. Noble th
one MO. sad tbe EIDSIOO Rowe of the Tlifitent rho
Compeer mile Other. trees ou Tbhd etreet,te
feet, with a depth knead hewed Wert of 80 feet. .lore or
less. The price is 0.140, one thcnuatd . to band. tbrbel,
.nee with Waren to be Owned by beret and sooetrep ott
the Lot. ',tumble to o e 1111111.0 fees. dram the Mae of
sale. The title b oinike,l7 rod. • •
ennise smurFc.
Yelld3w et the ofeco of C. Roder it Co, fourth et.
EOR•RENT.—a , three . 4o7
dwelling house, altnitd anTbli;l atgeii.tatarsan
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with bet and" cold water. - Possession gisen
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Home and.lot , . !
LARGE.LOT, Leticock'istreetta
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Linen: Amt. or P. PCOrr. - • { •J •.•
i 5 TORE ROOM TO LET, lin Market:A
i 5 TORE
door from Womb: and "adjoining the
ateh avid Joni:ll7-liter, of W.W.. Waxes.
awe Room bee the bandemesi front in the city, and In
the beef hangnail for a Dry-Goods and limey
Rent OW the balana or the 7ear reel low.:Pire•
tintr je2 • r • • • WW. WILSON.
• • •
A VALUABLE . uniniproved: LOT, on . the
111 renter of übeoev and Tentory ante% Filth Ward.
oor mite tbe (lemma Catholic; Cbareb. 30 filet front ea lab
sety. by 1a) feet deep on gaettoT. robbing tankto 0110108
! a .it.Eki , 4ll. three Km IMO D.,o(.,gWawa 11'beftr .
street, eilJoloing_tbe oee., lb* lot lba 20 fse:front by
DU feet deep. The boos, le large and eoneerdsot, Wilt Ds
modem style. and contain. eleyen roman
Abo-20 acres of very valuable land bear=bores.
Abm—A Faros of 135 tens la West Deer
,tiro --A liann of L. 14 sem to !Armee county. Leila—erme In Dearer county, of 'nation aitea and
grim, from WO acre. down. •
Also-12 very valnabbb lots lgLNalsteo, Moeda Priem
g'40'14.. 14.: P. a a. L.
• • Anon:tan at Law, and Real Xmas Atlntl, ,
tor/3 • • N 0.1.07 remits street, Pittsburgh,
Second Street Property for Sale.
CLOSE an Estate,. Twd very Seals
mble'lltafl , Iltdebal th ree itary BRIM
.LLINGS, Seeotat tannedtatetr abate Staab
aild street, teach cootataing eight .001. and an with
bath mate attached. =palled taxa ranges oath a.M
eVd trater.),Kail be meld Wet. The Hawes arsam.
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Its of It. Ratan. &eV. itet=te-Chtemth
wan a c... 1.4.4. wax,. Am‘t.a.fil.kso
OR-BENT--A Warehouse on Water
etrerakkararek Market . an Mini:, imitable) kkrz
sayik ' JAMES DALZEL.CSWarerr at.
To Let,
lIE 101finietted and famished Store,
4 = u orOry r ' a U
--,earhYrrir PrarrA
..JaaJa. Z
To Ferman.;
400 ACI
, T w Farmini t itn i d Crazing
rir.r, te ns miles nr tirt Yn iord iton;
MID Irani. . ,
Alec—LOCXl sere/ in 81% eonnty, Itei isle on socanake•
tins term. ?:,nnalt• at A. WILKINS a CO.
1317 l • earnerof Market and 11124 ea'
• To Oradea:art.
Tw.t.l4:TY ACRES of Gardening Land; 8117
*war undez good 'enhicados,aglain 'oas mat of V.
.2.11115, .old IWO scre—oat tOlOl cash, and Um
In cam, two, and th.teucars. Par ptlania= 1 , 12 •
calIM tha Banking *sue of • • •
• - , .4.lnts:Dai *
• myi cornet Mastet and Third Ida
Desirable Suburban Residence for Bale.
TIIE subscriber Offerefor mile the house and
eherehe new residee,siktbl cm Put et,tr"
law I=l, Alknbeny,vad rent inlouteY
the mar.' of this eitc=at .1110 fLfront an Put .4
rum.. teak 2.1 be la an elley—eontilang nearly one ,
ace ett wound. end on every Age W°Pat
•Jft:t with trees:and otantlhery. Th eme Is
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and mat &treble nentner, and hat a tinaproof ma; wat
eoutalne all the modern . ererventene.. Teo 700. with
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Ls not saw. by any 1.1 Ws vicinity. IS ham
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Naat.hlYl .bomb. city. the two river., and the
atoned.esooss .Ito7ethar •
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En... at tbelemele teenWHl ^ -
• D. N
members of theisirmount Ere' Corn
Deer,morstmo gbibm a We. /t 11/ card ••
sad Ina be ktc.bast, Efttat•cd • •
J Easy.
0. 1 1 1 1 1 NW UV Penn stmt.
t'IOR RENT—A Dwelling Bonne . 0112
Skirl .treat, abort and•mar to antlthdold. It
san liztmva. lam Yard. anal. • * 46 Win
iveted .14 p.niwk.
AIRY For v.l. or Law. wan Wu to [to Math Want.
between Nan strict and llWAlkalvarliver.
at Denf.ArllnrttonY , To.lnbattrt,,srarlia.iL
• Valuable Real Estate for Bale. •
TILE SUBSCRIBER offers for Sale, 0, 11
. flevoisble turem k ttos .l SsWHIT Beal Hotels. la
Ito. I..Tbsee sato elm story Welt derslUoilesuses.
!mood Amt. between - Mates and irony stmts. the
lots band *sub 19001 trued by 00 dem.. . . . • •
Oontslos 4? Ewe from m TI IS tdreet:
the Inuo Presbytertsu Cbureb, m which Is lII=
folly story brisk boo" weed ss pitmans on.. suet mom
No. S. Tess
ba Yedlstm. Bauer emoty,isebset lots
- .l4cd. sad 4. Odor Stout ND lag epasse.ontebl..thts snot.
ed me block of .4nts trams doslUsela sled one sounds
treats domllleur..ll ' • '
One lot 40 feet u flo h lttagsg . streel, opposite the
• No. 6: Tur= ab gste mob 50 feel frout..urnouges
from the mad to low es toselt.oo Big Sesser.
• No. S. Om salles.ble mass lot. UM fat au Wbseel Hies.
—00.11.. amp
locor power istembed. •
pm opposite the sesta lot; SO het front. wed
Os to Ma top of the bUI. wheels Is erWsd owe.
two story sick don and warebouse.-13 by SO fee 4 steams
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end sbous 140 Gel on Itrodlrer, sod .bout= feet M.P.
toofidolog 11: seoo on whist. are meted two Imo frame
M.Mus.. mid owe mall trams boor, used as Ids ollles.
This Frowsty was lononly
. .oesupled by Sle. T. O. Gould..
sod Is tap pines:oly Imsted. being bossediately opposite
Ns YaUstoo Usidirs.
tto. V. Om Intel lot,box . yalistel below Valetas 1311,1 m.
ban about RIO Rot to 1 extendins ham NI awe
street to low wales =alts seising path..
Tbs above property will be sold on my demoble ten..
rise Book Sum of C.
,aiISTOCIIITOII. costa Third
ket newts, INcrainca t Ades*,
111 " thnirail sod - Post copy.] "
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stooror 1301 WINO, oa th• 02lItti of sub- •
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to a twat, dead 410. laaddla of • •
signal tam lbr. sele • lane umber of nimble
• lots. sad some very &strata* Atm IM =ants>
burial. Iy...the Borough of IlbmineMet• the
now rumx
antre 4. l Home end Enilitsb Luthersageosett.
a numinous to rorookoo 0,4
lees.Ealtb, east tne fal•Mad• lessee at:which
lets Ell t,...01 oui nook, Meat • min and Prentsbitt.
vestmen Title perteet. Tema &ramble—
.forsrdmlare- end ternm ulmot
the aMee of lktillmaterk en tlresedsk
burgh. between Third and Ye "streets. er
Byname! sod Mammon. Kora their elm Is
~ J•Z le RATON
ARA Onr-20 Ws. No.l, for sale koir to
Ai elan onsalmnnent. ae the store et
Eat) • '
WATCHES,s.ia large eariety.•and et the
lowest resulir eastern amE "now wholksale
." 1m12 3 1 f f W. yaws. -
a Wended viorteunt of Gold andlillraa Pqratilr,
0 a ol;l :,, ga. of tag tort onatilaotorg POntet INit
11111.011 Crimson Velvet and • Gold . Paper,
as, masos., fo r no,nons u rfa mos from rms..
sno ; ,/, .11r. .“ L. 11.3.W00d
PRINTING PAPER-J-Alarpilot Doublu
awl= bataba rrmunpr a t,..l. by
MAPPINO TAPERS—a largo wort.
mter oaktBtrs+.
tor sato Vi. &WWI'S
• torli Paw itarelmond. or. Market And 21 ea.
12:6GROSS STERN PENS, of all quill
, ov r uz i ogi= a t t ,, y mtPeuk
milabratel kr Ws -
W. IL IIAVENI Etat:l=l7 km%
m7^.4 eon= Marko mat Emmett sta.
.1,1 hub. ran sot Ibr de try . W. 2Y. WILSON , l
mrSi 147 sreat.224llll Secoad A.
boxes for sato by
llf mil 2 B. D 11213.1, 101. Merl" . rt.
"DOWD EXT. LIQUORICE-1 can format,
by . . Istyg a.. LUENISTOOK A OCI.
Ti.ARRY'S TRICOP4LROUS- 1 2 dos, for
irt , g. esquis,
A LIIM-sft Ills. for isle by
m7ll. r J.KIDU a ;Ol Wonl.i
White Paint,.
ALUM -50 bbls.,f . or kiale aa tz umuat a
' trait , . 1.130
SILO -10 bbh. new far sale 11
tiLE TI O btilJu.(m) f?rli%Va
g ' 400.
• li Cige. bI MII3 F IL Z. Mira?
WOOL BAGS—INK/new end d& for sale
V by_ Jul _ BITIOILY I Ur.
111 0 4 1 . ) APPLES--15.66].: . forstibill
andj MO
nu% 4 8 =r= w
Real Estate for Sale.
AMS-42 mks Buda Harm for sale b
,oy imumt.nirradacert
R . Y i rEt3-200 ( pr i me L
OPPERAS.--2.5 bbls. (good) for sale by
, J.1101100331.1.11ER a 00.
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Dw, RITA TIRSOO. 1 Il rlonl
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Won. sod Inutrzoollots sato
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Pry-rga"=° § = i4 4 I
fry Tuesday, Thezedayouut &larder. • '
• • . W...8.00NW1C1.L. Water.-
• AIIitSTROTO, CROZIII.Ik.OO.. Azad. . 4.410
yos"NEW. 0 RLEA N &-The • •
- 11T . EnKild nirw rteramak-EEMEILET, R.
tr, ===ll:r t egor t le==
• For freight or pukow• apktr tri • •
- - OEO. B.....PSZEUEB. Egad.
. . .•
• ram prrnstrum sr emenstr,:-
PILOT Na 2; i ia lL . ' , n, master.
will lam Pittsburgh ilsr - caritas adlatNilgh.
...r7 Tuesday arid PrkllM at 3 *iota W. W.;
loam Stmfla6 tor Codas. Wheollog sad PittsCit767,7l,
err Wednesday and lOo'dook.a. w. nunsagoia
fal . ...shiPaau•Vsinual. Up= this bast rwassingpagtgsgit,
7 Toilr.d.Ot or Alm aggbrtai board.. '' - ' ;gilt) ' .
bion. Thin We:4lkt Owe wasboilt
tbe owners or the simmer Lase and othr far
the Cincinnati and Pinalnirgb Picket e, mill Lars
ewer WedoenLy IbrOinetanatl, gun or Um bin/ Kg
Lad fiax.. For freight or renzm or to •
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D. P. gittnery, mato, lesm , WallsvlllN
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hand, Lama Ttttautrah nary Tatoolay, Thu:stab asqt
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.I? , 4lr l C:alt or 1a...74,Dir.:2=';'.
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M, L=„lll, ' u b,,Vtn..... ytt utpoe....
thlrclty and Wbfellar, 'Pltbounp at 10 otkerk
every lloalay.
eda, =1... ..a l retammlag,
-liirchitrifor &means rea baiM eMI
ON 'Agmes. , '
INOPOWL—Tbs staaaser PA
Umtata who erg-V=l7Tate et P.IL
Far troight taaair"Pril 03
. . No. a Watis sal 63 Trost :
imam PACKBT—Tha fast
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ran ea a reactor naokat Warn IN w pawn&
Bridiarpart. sad Snatch, Liming ..17 MX=
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Inel - r Mayday attoranco tor BbraboartMBW.
tina.and Santiata rotaraing. Maw
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•1417 Friday allentoon.. Far flerightgran. andr c.
board. ar to , htoll . W. B. WIIMILLEIL -• L
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msatiod. ass thLL eoubthstion of Chrialstry to the
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Etim/LU L. Lit.
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H.. L. L. D.
Yale ColigAr w astber of ths Ch tratt. Mat;
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ham some of the bat wilds to the Mations Ifs=la ,
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JEAJOIC PATTLSON; Prodded of Ors a a limastastaam
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cam to ours WI ingssunailost of Ow loam • : •
• . Prose one af Ihejirst Panorama Wafers. • •-
• • • fleatroht„.dayasa,thak
`Dr. J. CL or. Lowsll , --Qoa / rotscanstantty.
Cam Pectoral to myystatan
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remedy Shona for Malabar": • -
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. A Vidaable.bigcroi= in Tramins::l
DR.ITARD'S Improved Patent TRUSS'
and RUPTURE RFuel)Y. by wldels
cues can be elected.: This Truss ht mend, =
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Pa • - .140 Wool sta.Pitteborgh. ,
Dr. Hies Abliugual Supporter&
MEESE SUPPORTERS are intindacider
11 ly for the awe of Peeing!. 01.1.VI th are dle•
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remote of rroetrelloo. s l %. ' • , Mottoes. of Booth.
Palpitallonet,the Haut, DIM j r ) Meral
14 140 Wool et. Pittaborgb.
Shined - Braces:.
SHOITLDER BRACES, .of tho, moat'ap
Frond •tyls, dm7la la sinews sad sadly dttrd,
sad of Ana to salt all I Iso may Mltths thr Wt 1g ,4
and be aV, stbalulls sad reed! .by ' •
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your Ve.,_0eL1,1617:.•
Ms. B. B. Ectzeis—Of your Venceithre.. I =7 tetthet
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although I have berstokes used the of Arms
other menuileturers. Yates respe.Ste/ D. 6*, • • :
Prerpallet sal sold VI R. E. SELLERS, la Weal stye
- ery excellent laical:merit.
j u ST orralM 1 ot o tx t a manta.
u. s‘...p meth:2. lo ks , for $1,60 alas 0114 . 1 . 41 *,
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• 21.716
Bonnets! Sonnets?
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ABBITT'S Double Refined Snleratin.
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bong of Mot', poetry from Bu.ywriPthretitrPrmen s.
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' Anthracite Coat
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JeLS - .111:111.PILT L ZUR
Sll,--10 iuks for sale
'dos: 31riliteafp'4,
110411, 110LASSE8-
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Sane Lives Pilb. , •
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ommtom of Altar °diora
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IT I"..VitificiAtt 14•0:'t VI • C
Judd's lleffthated'Uttild - CtilicaA
s ARTICLE it int*led far Warne,
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