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    EgTAIILIgIiED IN 1786
' PUBMIDLD DAILY AND iesacrix,irr
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DII LY—&riendoilialloce aturim, 1661176.1 Y.
WEEILLY— peisms666. 60. 666 - Pit=
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twelve roon - G. 00
voiadaoe ev.r (6 ileum or leo, perssanua.36
thee Dollar ter
One Sous" chthiloltle Distrust "
Wel ‘4 ll=replrls. h l= - Ger etli= And
nth addlttuest moan hunted nodes. the rased/ riga
Advert *. hatitehlaWroaidihe aaaao. and not over Mei
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Tend the grouut chuffed for their papll
Announcing candidate, ter mam. thertd the e 00t Y
Adrartinn len nants not Marked an iperified
eaeober igertlous, will be continued forhia.and Par-
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Marriage notkas to we ebargA6o marl. , •..
Death potion ineertel without therm union NOM.*
sled br faavrel invitations or ohltmery meting, tued.when
so egerotanied to be paid '
Deiruler advnthera. and all others anstibr couttourdeer
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him Soirees, thwerta etwow Daigle . entertetroneute.
where dung ere ends atultteree-ell unpin of pd.
Tats geoclonone-evet7 noticedevigned to call attention to
private enterpriser. nloulated tot..ded to lemmata theta
vlduel interest, <an or( r h at oweled with the understend.
log that the some Is to be paid for; Ithilemded to be in.
laded is thalami palm.. the 1910. .W be charged at the
ate of mot lan than 10 wan , par. Unit
B Fir Mottoes to galleried hiple cages
Unease Petition. la gat.
Real Estate Agents' abd aurtioneere okainithintaita not
goatobasod. =dm yeally Mot bat o a r eihnred a dle%
of c is. ... ton third mt. from the
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_ _wertesr:oo lawns= re AWN ralloll_
60 '
BuslNEss cmu)s.
~:Y 4 y~}:k; i=~'~=i
AAMES F. KERR, Atittarnay at Law—Office
Fourth rt.. Women lEtralthfutlettaulGrosit. Pitt.
I • ' A' a tome
West, neat Os MaTtee Pilloo, P. Col
- attunded to pronantly. 617
1. ouscox °uvular, • 1 ALLIOCIM. fI
OLst.O of-Ustiontown, Pr) . I (Ws of ladlonno.)
LIPHANT ' ,TAICLOR.; Attorneys at
Lavr—Offlooorc 'Fourth girreet.N.l2X.totoom Wood
BoaltheatO snore, I . .t.tOborgb, W.. -
Oliphout lo - IkosoolmloNoor - tor the &SU of
r., York_ on/.1.
• - -
for tato; Lifts. Att.
"w ml.l= eats. of Deeds; otroetgrar
• /14 uOLLlEFt;Attoraue at Law—
Omer on Four th rims; &ban • • •
T W.. F. WHlTE,!Attorney at . Law--Of
AT 'P. - A G. L. B. iIoBTIEERMAN,,Aittor•
& e gi .. f zug v ir =null 200a:ea% X.l s r bi tth.
JAMES J. KUHN, Attorney at Law; office,
744 4 . ar."`!.i.:o44ldawmd•-.
ikw -, l . l4 w; l i t ,iqs il r ii igiai
CTOWEtWAT—kr,' Law,
Ito. 110 Penlrtli laredgltubea - •
car.--Alaander Dm; J t
rem. Merriam 004 M. IL Yam- Jana nes:Wir
JONES, Attorney at :Law:
Ofin oa tolutti • between Wow sad Bodtb
TOPER E: BRADY, Attorney se Low;
.d Wealtiriftbiareet.Pittibarsl4Ps.'
pi:7:1wf:e:4:4;...t.3#11:10,11:41:4: 1 :1
OREM E. 4.0 iLD k CO„ -Bankers:
A. WM.... , 1. a. Corns.
littEL WILLIAMS tr. CO., - Bankers
. old Rubor Brokers, Ninth Mat mow afWcad
an traremetke eteee
as made on Oral tom; idad. eoUactlans
promptly sanded _ Maar
. KING, rsahilagelizoker,
.41tadth -stoat. Dealer In'Easkt-Notes. Babel Er
Gold add Elba, Stack.. teraztd old •
n z iLow = i tax tV4 4.4 e.
iMl:4',4l;4ll:lltl= . j
Ruske! Mglrtcria.
• 3VILICINS. & , C 0; Exchange Brokers,
'SUMS East Otruar Thirctsod Marlnt streets.
IIt'HOLMES & SON ,Dealers - in Foreign
• ad Ella ht.l6DamtruOuttfnlai Foreign
. . • Notes sSpada, No. aO t stmt. Pit*
. eolcoo made tm, 11 tha toloclpsl ottiap
RAMER! & - - -R4ll.ll, , Bankara and_ 'Ex
of Id Redid =I DwwW 2,
gf WOW. aWidt.. DMZ. ,NOW.
Wood ntrad - dtnetif opposite
L CAROTHERS -1 ,& - Bapking Sousa,
N. Wocal Ittatt, Pitakaatt. Comma Maw ro.
11.• l ati an Ina. letiraW
dor ongrateetata. • .
ERVlL,Commuadou Merchants
1 and linnhobas, na swami gird. ismcmalsA,
WORM, PA15031......-AXIIIIII 55ea5.4.....-R. S.. marl. •
atxdu•gaints•ll-ANNA -ar. Co.o3wessont to .
dearer IA Stseiscs al sesdriestee l:".
k• Nato's:ad Specie— 'setts WM corner of
0 sal streets. earrsest Maw receisest ea Dr
rt. S 1:27. , k . e l Ali%a t re= s orz.lesle =ow
Stu est premium pea ler Teredirt.mell Ainslie.*
.34.';TAYLOR, Commissioner and Bill
.lisit.ll2 Boom! stmt. Strict sttitto. *lll b
to business eittrutod to his we. Ptttentret
ottletio allna . c r a band or ptorond oX (host
st a lltti, Hoods. SI itein& esc • tated manor.
obis tem*. moo. twa•
• onft2
0: STOCKTON, late Johnston & Stock.
OPKINS, : ..kee ern. - :tatpner
I ~ 21..111 fourth street. • • •110191211doss.
;j2i13.401 4 1 2,4 2famrA
sm 7v
woia ...ftj s a rt :Wirstmus. hrfi
F=7,17:7!Mi.rWr 1 7.177'47.'P
II W. POINDEXTERoorrier of Water and
• r t streets. Plttstrant: Oceanastow Yolk
aacto ans. AWL Ibr Alta PIIR2I,IIft sad:=4
Reran are, Iren,lllWilw,sa4 the
Almo—heat for reset . /WWl' i Cel, W r n .
owl colartted Mazur* Isdl at • •
c... 1 Lb ' 2. 405 IGan Pitts *IV'S
• and CoaciatMos Uesehanfh No. el Watst *text,
str.- A. ; JOHNSTON Eozwarding' and,
• ckanadia,i. idesetauit. No:IIY &1•••• Argot.
ER b JONES Forwarding and Com
p' bierelkalth:Tlealers is Prodae. sail Pitts
• Mansfulanxiss Pa5111.44-neat
ARM; JONES 8 00.. Successors to At
wood, Jaw Ca. Ocilaaisslan zed ramsdlnehrn
dales la Plttsbancb klaantheitind Goad Ms,
'!".• 'DRY GOODS
ia.W.ntk Ok a L.MII3IIIT BM. };T
'LA; AVASON 4S, CO:,-intolossicrapd Rota
Dorkwla lusai and Stag, 7:470.d3ra M.tot
I)" : ' . 7
` I •7/ it I. Me •
R. =NT. , Itentist,.Coraer oi Fourth
Jukt i... roottorst. term idut.t..!uo run outdo..
11471q1) - 4 ni IA: y
14 1 0,1iPHY lakE Wool, Dunn sad
. •
i ga i m t4 •4l:6T i ter . zr .r =or amm..l, •
S A'N,ITARI3Atraff; 'Wool` Merchants;
i rmaturd ?or
'r 11 idatitt.
Weed TV MtVer,
& CO., Importers and
au. sad tictlar.Ba 129
w, ; WILS N ON, Watch% Jewel Wirer
w.a... Ma .T. 00.4_farner ef
A t.
I =l.r m lF. r. o..!••7l,4tobllsa4Clocks
ToE . ii'-:::::p - Aw - T, ---,. _ .- - . ::PiTT:s.rpT4 : 0=.!.f .
A. FAHNESTOCK A CO., Wholesale
eZtlig=ad 111.1139
w itrllll el White Lead Red
aataee end Mat streeZlitte•
C. 'mom,
KE ri YSER. h BictIOWELL, (Successors to
to Wen t K 476..) WbOlede .O Retail Deg.
, • , 'same censer of Weed street sad V e ener•
:EffliViatr.,V l ll . (6l7ll7l: 6ll igidtal Deal
mmdasDre MED, ard radatradala—.
rs D,JillAmes celebrated Worm Npeedde, La.
.nor of Wood and
sr Ms, snd Lauf arm: ti.- 6),
Raab streets, Mara Orden Ell Mease 7 •
E. rSELLERS, Wholesale Dealer in
• DralP • Points, Doi BUM. 01Is, Varnishes, U., te,
07 Wool moot. Fillobusgh, 'Po. flood. eanraolad.
..,, ~
RAUN 1 RElTER,M.holeftildand' Retail
ch 1 Drumitts. corner oP Liberty ma et. Clair, orts.. Fite
SOHOONISAILERdc CO., Wholesale Drug
sots, No. 24 Wood it. 4111abursh. -
• IntArusos • . '...:.ruectswasou ,
IE . V. WILSON ...... Grocers and
Pcrskstlrder, No. 118 Eemod, 1„ •
, ,
r 5l °Jessie Groper, .misuesioit
IS erebant, Led dealer In of
• • antl Inrin xtreets. Pittobazsb.
QAMIIEL P. SHRIVES, .Wholesale dro
-10 cos. Psalm* and Csowsdodoo IfirobantoLood Da&
aro la littaboria 3Lsonfoctured Ardelot, Nos. wo sad 132
Bscood stmt. between Wood owl Poolthdeld, l'irtsbuzdh.
sou 01131,01113.
-4TIN S. DlLifitiliffili CO., Wholesale,
- Prodnee an d
Covosolndon Ifordwato lad s
$ for ninrd Powder*, or liswedvillo. Own" Zia
I Wood st. Pittsburgh.
: • tot . t• . . •
14144446.1,4114 m
_.._... .
HEY, ATTIBWS & CO., "I'rhole.acils
• Ainstavis OW= Y 6:Water 4,n-tat:al
Loma - WATT sail, Virholesale - Grooirs'
CcaomLai= hiercbards, aa4 Dealers in - Praluce ava
bmir M Alanafarturer. No, Yea Liberty Artlvet. Pitt.
Dealß. CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
. cow
er :nada. Fo Hamm 00 0 rwszlincXesobsat, s
t, Pintol.and
In Werternw!, Smu ot
Jlah. slat Wastara Prodnos gentrsny. Wyoer stmt.
banal Manned sad Weal. Pttratnalta•
• We Orocors:ForArdtt¢ and CotOzolacon era,.
az Deem Httenargh Ilizaufseturoo awl .Irostoro
PTDIII6I, N 0.38, corner of Mut Meet and Chu:tory Wm.
SAIAH DICKEY r CO., Wholesale Oro-
LNGLISH & late En limb,
Oallagacr It On., Wholesale Wow, d and
ding Mendonts.and Dealers in Produce and Piste
burgh XanaSsetur., 12.1 decossi rt. and 121 !drat an.
ADM WD13.1..........”.1 1 0 3 1 D. i1i11.1.....-.WASTIA C. I{4l.
A / rums & ROE, Wholesale Grocers and
Ganalslam Marthants, So. 137 - Liberti Wee.
pOBEET MOORE, Wholesale Greece,
assumes Matllluy dlyalyw ln ProUwe, Pitlyturoll
anutsettuu, and .11nds I , ortylon Jud__ •
bus and Llotlott,11•X arii=drwhbk.r.
=Wu to gild low for cub.
, Cams:Linke Merchants, dealers In. Preilsoe
PiMsh Manniactosee. IMP •A• 3 Liberty stmt.
• Ir. a.Otovaln- „ - —.ULM
. BAGALarreb., Wholesale Oro-
Xas.l6 end 201Nood sheet, Attgarirb.
viC.I.II72,IIrt.CC-.—..--_,....,,,31013, MUNN.,
f..ii:,.IcOANIAL/AS, successors to
7?°i'"l, amen. yors.rdk.
arLßElifs - 611' T&Aitl§k,-Wholesale
. Orbeers Lad Cogablooku hlerch=„Duslbrs Po- use. and Pittsburgh assounictured Wart:
street. Pittsburgh...ll.
WILT.TAMii& CO., Wrio ° l7sale * and
WaietkiireMANNWita ;
=rt..01D0,...t80,.m fofna.
Marty Anat. Plvialmash , Molests Grxem
nib. awl Caossolosioa Merchasda, and dealers la Mwlmeg4
li.-FLOYD7Wholesitle (inners, Com
zoluden3Lerelusits. axtd Dealers la Pftdo..—gmloa
aumuag.. ftooolic Liwtr. W. 4,
' W: - ,WWw7Cielro c rers:
41t. a t i. zi wz=sele=_11:1 0. 131, 1 40 =1 r w
AS. _
DALZIML, Wholesale Grocer, Coto
mLodoss .ad' ac • sleduat,sead &Warta Iton.
IL MELLOW Dealer in Pianaortes,
Made. end ELL
Instrusupts,.Bthaol Boot.m. and
-HENRET ' ' ER, Dealer, Dealer, ig i ltinsic, Mu.
Yvirtmiszeranal.7l.r. gr:rd . and Tr 811.1
WILINS.IffILSON & CO., Xanufac•
ti , ks. of g•lt
lace stall 4 flour ba end g
and U >LIIO LM do: laso u ir. o h
Id blood sulls. /kg" se.
M ukeza WIT a CO.. N. /13.
trebles smanitketare aad keep constantly on band all
M47ll4.xiandirgrr,Clo s
u a§:o
Gerry Nsils and Tacks; Banal • Nat Col"Pac
lam N* Altana liatere Poin flavats, slam
dn.:W., dr- .1311.131 LL CtlEttl t CO.
MAW/ ' .Warsbonso. Watar rstubarsb.
1 ---
p •,‘• 1 .. :I Ai* . CI . , .'... nata
-1 nay at. - sawka 44 Ebeetin .. Carg9t. Cbsi.
gas& QUIGG, Man o 4rsng
ukt sneer st.i.ziousb et 1. W 44
Jul% Ilamsrat arrxic:TA
airadhp. ilre Mgt= Loam and
Casa Trlaradrip smarally. of Sou abet /rout VA.
um 00.: Idanza.e... of !da Ash. hlerett-
Arars,,Blarlade and emghork Adds. Warshaw.
N. 61 Waist at. balm racy.. ' • ,
LT" donut C. 1103—Importar and ImakT t French
end Aarestam l'aper ttaatap sod dens, Winlovr,
d. FBs Bard
Paper P li, ' Ad Wool ea:. batvlien ronrtn
Diasosed lam Pittsbargb.O.
OBERT MORRIS, Tea and Vine Mee
*K. - z Ea. •
WAS. A. M'Citrilb . k C0., - Grxers and
NW= 2M L 113 . 17 Wtreat. &bor. Wood
.1..4 Dealers ropU•d
iIfIIN CAI3OIIEY, Ageat for the Lake
Ed. asul Mr-Wipe Lie.. Ittemer eled the Lane—
y. the eon" a Water ..TA theatidela eta.
LEECH I;,Tisnapcuters by Canal
sad tonmatzg 114gats. : corms otPma cart
• •
4 ABROWNtronld roost r4eteetfully inform:
theymtille did he keem outland •thiseand on thowee
oy th• pt•mosa. AllogNmy city, • motet.; uoortmoot
of 'aaltiao , WWI; aim tradt/an Mutton am =do to crier
to Abe best stylo.,arnottet oval to any to tbo
BUM. Ina Blisdo can Da moored trtthout t o °. Wt of •
raw 4timr. I.l.avia • postbamd Lim atock,toOh sod trtml
of,tha tabloot ottablithmmt. of ItammyllMWiellan4.l am
to furnish their old custatons.. WO . th•tmb•
Warlygoorit• army thins I. their tioa: . . • .
ii•=elo.O Wool! attvlal.Pittabonth. ; •• A ; B o rN.
eArreeta—Beeldence, man of Thlrl Meet end East
On. Allegheny. -
N. n.—L=eound, Wrier, Lally ire, tor ode.
4 1 : AM HARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon, late
Edlabargh, tkolla.=nid regwdrtr In
&no t th."l4' tad k" ci m s:wful altrotke wkalsvar
olnawdlon"hbtlelh4era7 iilvardiarl646°lcasAbitint and
, IllaalcaolUdorla lament will to tarried 014 ►t th. mesa
of Tunnel Matt and Yensfla►d► .aranna. ' '‘i
N I TILE JO/INSON,,Erigraver oziNViY4 .
IPlft/iloct otoryo MO=44 Pa.—Views of
. flooofo of Nor L oopooo. Vomil74oo.N
lolattoctom Drox JAW,. fa Mono aosa for Iffololons. Eo.
". ro k ot. ti en"""""..i"h*R""iVl a
• _
otirlit:lteutabhmeut, SKIN street, aourrits the Pall
, Plthebargh.ara,lntrteeee, d.rcper. Pottrultr, Shoe Wirt
thithendr.D.a, Labelhitectsral ma litsebUte
Dratrtnitn. lineLness an 'Adana Carle. au vagrar,p,,,
urhom on Moue, slut rented in rotor*, Gold. Brame, or
eldßuoy in the meet approurtl style. arul Kthe mut men*
r. trut,,r
• .
Wegner, .Bue .. -, & Mueller's
TOE ABOVE ITRBI respectfullyanuounco
ji. to Mel, tie& and the Ole torsisrally,that they
ns•to szsentin the tint rtyls ot . Mar nit. ell
ortinrsP7Olhoo liardadilills, Diploma., Maas. Visiting
tirr * tab& l titeC.ll.. ItPOOVII."1"14"
Thitd " 4 "3441,0V9t.. as stades. ' • dr.". .jr "..
. .
Ir.! kit)
B o li var gut Mick Manufacturing Comfy.
JAS. OLOTSI.-....11. I.
PRE SUI3SCRIBERS, CO., lnviung been ap
pant.d A v .:, for the above named concern. will
keep constantly on bend a supply of the miebrited &Aires
Fire Brkinernethie litherlilaT.Parneth lieertimuld
Th,r see Mao prepetharto receive orders for said Math; to
be m ade in she mid shape to stilt purchasers. which shall
be r
We do
deem It 13 00N12137 tO enlizatriats the mina mi
vthtainftbe Bolivar blre Baia pomess over la/ 1 othersthat
Dm been offered for sale In the United &thee, .their imth
Mora, beim/ yell Booth,' to sheath
p.m. :he the
ph, Beier Ths proprietors hare determined that the
Mak than lath noth of tbeth prment
to m or al
and that no expenee shell be .apereal to make them even
Nitres then' th ey have heretofore been. This to the only
alablithisient now usanithsetaring rim Brick at Bolivar.
rrl 9 qMrC i f•ii*klatiCti"‘f 4 l
• --
I" K 0.666. IbertroatofAd.m.h Pittelnautt.
NICIIOLAS VIVIAN, — Civil • EtigiEe: i ,.
Draughtsman. geld Prattled Mining Azukt. aket
'a u g ht, of Models for the Patent OftLee,desi g ns of
nery for Minn, wno,_ll4lUns &RU A Aa. Tay "."-
found betwixt 10 A Mind 6 P. M., attle residence
m ar boxy .heft. Pittsburgh. . . .
• ' CoachFactory—Allegienyt
!M. It!. A. WHITE CO. would re
prowthfity banana the Tubule that they . hem ,
iley on Luca, between Federal and nandesrf
m e et. They an now making and en metered to tarot,.
codas cot every descrlytton of .vehlele.(kesches. Chariot.
Bartache. Bungle. Phkelntnt.
It&experknos to the . ecolnufactor. of the abut store,
the fealties they have, they Mot coollent they are
enabled to do work on the moat reasoneble term with
thee Par t
articles in their line. • •
g ymrtertarnstentlon to tha selection of materia/.
abd PATIng am, Vat Mlllpetent workmen, they hare mo.
Imeitation In war:embus their work. We burden, oak the
attention of the public to this matter.
N. B. Repairing done In the best manner. and on the
moat resamahlt thrum - takent.f
AGLE MARBLE WORKS, (established
U3Slby EDMUND ETLEINS, No. la 4 Meer id-.
i'rultiTatt 4 , fasTaajrAVateV= o. g. i lra
Pier Top'. &bra), on hand, and made to order.
N. D. A choice selection of DcaTchag• oo band. Jai
Ooruer of Thir
the kind in.d and Market streets. The only char ',
Institution of PittAtc
ler:vv.—John Pivoting, renal.' the
Science of Account..
K. Cbatutarlin. Professor of YertioroarahlpalecianUle
llonspoistiony Ao
'Ai.. Si. eteou.rAcel e tcrerinCorgierotal Lam.
Th ire s e d' o.fltircti to .o P ery ofTmeLr, an
ann. otuf rapid pore ecetciti. aro in
to cal and mar
tint the nu
Locus on &Zinit Lay every Kondor e•ening,
itcforeno ' e to arty of the reekienicity merchants. tole=
• - EsiaztasuED 1832, by EDMUND
IVILKINS, No. 245 Liberty at.,
had of Wool alreo. Pittaburia, P. .
bionolnenu, burial V ann. So Yobs...
• to- Mantle Picen.rentre ma Pier Top.
advertn bran! and rondo ten order of the
Jlerblo. and at very redwood
=..s. .1 choice sdection nfirrnvorons an
Gar — 'm 8040
- 10=T d .
6 . 7• M , .
lion. Hamar Denny CLarle Tiernan. Esc.
N 11: it= tt'err .
John Snyder, gaff:Cam - Hen.. Broker:
Plttaburg4 "lank- eatauter 11•11 to. do.
Rodeo r, EM. & Curry. • do.
Wilaon Mean ma. Esq. Boon A dicddllt, do. •
Robert dfoligignt. 1 1 .... T , t -
Jog dloKedght. Cad. Crating. D. T. Noricort S Co. .
Joanna Mantes S Co Frulgrs
Lotbrop. Cad, .ndegballY ,
feels grateful for tho very libensl rolrooare
calved donne Women yews in ells city. baring bad U..
largest aml•lent jobs mutated to his rare Op W the pnveut
lima. and will endeavor to tender hereafter.
‘I,AMUEL KROESEN keeps constantly ort
10 baud a Food atfortabeert of Wash Lad Bath Tatar.
Home, dteauthoak Oak Kell, kiltebea or Draw
Wooden Bowl". annum. Dry :demure. Ploy tdal Charrl
Wash fkards , and all other kinds of tear. la Ala Hoc
Warnock:, klanooto [tall, Filth atrst. Plttabfdih, Pk-
Bennett's Dionoenromatie Depository, I "II".
Palcairtg•—th•'llarlisk of Ggtharmane.^
••• the - I)...tery of Scutari." - _tar/
Wearer, Ware-romAs 97 00 Third stmt.
J. V. W. rerperfully inform. /gm friends and
custom= that ha 100 nor amipleted Lim largei
aral Mort met of household furniture ever bet°. won to
thla city. as be is detannined tn uphold the quallry oltll
ireltreamnad materials, tort oorlunaostdp, and nearest dr
ain= and from the extent of ht. order. =I Nullity I.
manufarturins. he is onablol m Prairie. nwrtuded 000003-
the, at the krona prim.
' •
fie has adopts.' the prtrodpla of identifying the custom
no' interest with his own. In Quality and prior. and. trope
4 1
IT Fite/ the 7trottiiife i rr.o of
W. 000.1
twit and coolly, that • how.. or arty s.a 04 nem: ou,
tr11...3, or mauctiotunit raprroly
nor. wheds an narrow., Lbat the Alvan.
to of hi, ertatillanmeat nay be known. The fo
ankles .00.1,0.10 pat% of lids snot, whirl. for deb=
aryls and Antall eannot be .0rt.....di0 &or of M. }:From
ras.or, droning. dining, and ltd4 , rhales. of every
oorlety, conriating of rolorrostb and walnut.
Consarnatcdra and Amy C of orrery dew
mind= Cbuchea. WAAL Trues-int , and Diraso alto latest
French and America Data rns. t art a n 11 Whabblobt
Mtn' who. f Tartan kind. Work Toblea
and 6.7 Inlaid atands.Aansie stand, amt holders, Marble
- *op. mahogany. T0N511.1 and walnut centre and sots,
Was, extensiondinhui Laden all abraof the EnotimPruridi
apandrr decidedly the best kind met.: en Pembroke hall and
MN= wardrobes, bedsteads and•oaabstande of cacti a
laro a. 010001: boil awl parl o r rercpbori
ottoman... 4 stools, reeretary sad Wok ram, aide , boardA
fin acreonw towel rut. has stands. and musk Ards, exit.
and arta for children: payer he, tshl..od to. porn
mahogany. 00600004. and inlaid Pearl 'W.I.*. An
A large areartment of Candiaon Furniture and Winch.
Moira - Cabinet Maker. warldied with all artl,Mo It int 4,
Steamboats and Hotel. forniatied at the inmost nonce.
All ratters promptly attended to Jai)
at Leer. tio.lf3 Mittel st. error of Cherry
ay LO
. tutelog Rode erreeremeute ter the polo, will
wenn &nutty Leadsfur eldters .od soldiers,fleet
widows sad &Urea, sad erlll attend - to .of other best
ow, conneetedyelth the Co ,, o o tttot •RT of OiD.Y. OO-
Rome. the Reagan erase, as the Marts at th (t of
Wamblasion. • oriLlte
Drawing, Perspective, and' Painting in OiL
D. R. 13311TH le now prepliriel to give
• Wrenches to a fan Duras in Dui Warent branches
dellahltal art. at lais room., in Mews. Belt e a
Atkituion's new banding, rind street. larteeen Wool and
Market 6
streets. Hours of instnution. fitrtn 2% to 43‘. and
fr 63 to 11).i r.. Charges and other particular. can be
homi nr =ulna (arternoint) at tbe rums.
Hafer to Do. Gastant or Ds. Addison.
W. Dixon's/awl= Patent Lever Watches,
Superior to any Macho ever offend ha Piltsberred.
RICIIARDSON, 81 Market street; is
for Um above named Lever Watches.
dentin guarantee is attache! to each Watch:
By &VIVIInIIIIMt to the Admirelty,W3l. DIXON,
nometer and Watch Hattuficturer, Lb King Bowe. Ow
well goad, Landow
..This certifies that the accompantinii
warranted by me to he of my manufacture, and no Watch
with my name upon it Jejuna:kw wane acvompettLeil by
• certificate be
t=rwatoe the W:eli to kw, time to the Orb
of the warthaser.. DIXON.
• •
Steamboat Agency , find General-Conunu , "
don, Receiving and Forwarding.
BALDWIN, PLUMED k CO., have thie
day asiiiiclaled with them My. John Lawton. and offer
awakes to tbei peddle ailicounbeed noel:to, General
Ocodadiratoo, and Yorwardlospostnyahunder tin _style of
Locsnronn. April U. 1851. 14.2 Williams' Row.
pit.J.J.iYERS-,-Sliriteon and Pitj'eician.
Off of sniand dvelllne. comer Darlinuton to eve. Igo.
Tbliti airont pus &an above SudthbalS a 1... .
Dr. Dints ha s perrnanentlf located in ruutugh, .and
will attend in the dug. of bla Pram/lon. Ho will the
nartiusilar atwoUou in Branicau ewe, cud tbo • iilliiiesoa of
voice and children. . . . . . . anll4m
yet ozigoo B. • •C 0.,, . .1 "
a i l . Mrs .11 4 1 , 54tChoeso, 1 1 lisalhfitld Area!, bo.
g. RAVE FITTED' UP, (on the New York
plan.. very =pod. W•nroato, for tb• sale 01Coo
ca. Cart.. NU... sul mop thing eppert.ol.
an sop.. ma•almoot of Bann De Lalo. B
Er.. and Gun= Damask Eq.. 10w...
szoone. Turkey Bad Good . . film •If
r.-r klOe /....dr,gun.4l,l3nwmtuptr
Bards. onot o.4cOsrto. Pimp. Toasslimodi".sBll , opn.
Cord. VP a. Worsted. B. Mao. and hew.. Mao
Lustaessr Conot .4 cola.
Cantar..llstarko. Bods arollkddlop.
A IT• 1"14' . kfar
. " 1311051.1ntl i rdett.
P MADEIRA, Agent fo Delaware Me
i. wea earetrteee.oe Gamete', 4r 2
W.t.: rtn.t.
:4, I 51 "8 • Agent Or ' 4
Snsaraocs C0.mt4.7. north, Out corms of Wood
wM. GLENN, Boor Wood area,
dir.t from the earner of Thlrtt, mtuni is
ardi=4.r.alltirrlallo.onolltd.l:: with matron
Nand • vabrlantlaly. Boots In numberjor " lrt=
bound eartfully, malral. Names put", In gilt WWI ,
Ylram/f hay, blzullus sps 02,11.!,1 , to Dull. PrW.
IV, iil M i-atr MateafartansVirgre fOiA)lli dirS§Ve mace
No. 314 Market street, between Vint and
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Particular acterolon told to add ids.; Aleo—Desuoe
100* rrintr .. -USIA COPTS. •
MITLEY & COLVIN, Coal llerchtinti
rein far oooda. Orowles. Iron and N.ll S para., af Walnut ... WDi
oteubaton 'Turnpike Una
Trnp.ran .11.•
Midland IN cietutivas, COIN,' 1117 , 11 r. NOUS,' LO
N 074 Jlooth at, nest to .147,* Rl Pitttotogh.
lioteuoal Drafts collected n all arte of lb. Uoloo
Stook , brmeht wsi mold on onmmloolnel. —•
AMES WILSON has removed his flat
wad Cep Stm to No.ol Wood street, third door :oath
COp and b ard itLeaVes,l1 aa, Into .
tt=dter do Ititoree
=star the Name of J. yu.sox SI" at WI Wood street.
1 , • 1.--hmeo WE!. <entitle. the kl;tsiel Cep ktk , k,
Wlleoe fedenl street. kikkherke at!, lete!k k 2 t be R. IL
J. Wilaon do Son.
YaIOLESAIE and retail nianufactu
s aad gleam M Na la U end C. NSI
god stmt. third door below Edmond Alley. Pitts
bargh—wbere they. orate roll eadmstate of Cm
end Ceps of Hoar own . c=4 4 9 taltrlX, of4reg abd it ir e l 4 . o b aiMosors and tba ruble% gagytta Umo
that My 0111 Dell on the met reasonable tem.
eoTtalaw ter. . •
10IrYRE--150 bags Rio, for sale by
lJ .a. 13 JAMES A. UOTCHIgni A; CO. _
(I APE 1L0R,5-1000 lbf. formal° by
A.J iea B. A. trAUNEaTO__
11011RUSSIATE POTASII--500 lbs. for sole
Cakillf-=ii sale bV
. YUCH a MeaNDLEall.
for the stoommidailon of visitant. The bandy Of
place has been much itopitmed br MAIM. 'of
holm ehrobbery and MIMI. A large oollectital of blooming .Per
Plants and BlicabbanT s ef the ettoiomt Ottelotife
k` fet t ar k kent In the Saloons an nsnaL
Makin= t i t : La: ober I t tztlet ianswron '
The neat and,
the landing, between Pitt .Last and the Obi Alieshen7
ilsidge. at the beginning of every Donn —hom•
M., untlllo P. 31; Om eat.' cfclT "
Simmr, alai thig_the Smoky City are Milted to my •
Malt to this perfect Planer °mien.
Tbe Garden
be kept on Tempersnoe prlncliAmOthdciotta
On Sunday.
P. Moore. M.D.,
I B nwha ottenbon to the treatment of dimmers of *Cr'
men mai children, and flouts &seams ..orally. u melt at
atomic and our gtutt Mem.. Moe on /Lnderfon teo.t.
near the Band Street Mesa, and teat mac to the Flan.
tog Mill, Allegheny 04 . . Mee Lama from? tosa. Me'
from I too and from 7t09 P. ' t979`ef
LIGHTNING RODS—Spratt's Patent
..N, • •• • • • ,
. .. . .
fflottoate Depot, 86, Wood stria, Pittsburgh, Pa,.
LEESE L IGH TN ING u TODS are' so con
-}}artyriCr Oa Bthre.), ' - •
i eruct.' that th ey cannot gut out of tinter. Thit lo-
dors and Attach... tilting oacurstoly..tha Yothit•
d Magneto ant untivallad—the whole bolus highly e 0
• usaterdol, and - without &tout. the bed oondoetar over
manufsrturnt. Jun. Jackson will attoth them at l'Ag
was per foot. Price at the storo,lo cents.
Ovralerovet or. rerptefullB rennotted to call at 80 Wood
vireo; and esramino the shavp others. who. the Airr 2l otwar.
eo nthnt . ,
• •
mrIIOLERALE dealers in Groceries, Glass,.
Fish. Salt, Plaster, etc., No. 70 on Dock, and 103
street, Cisseland,Oblo,
Cush Beams mutton sotsignmeat..
A 01.100 allBtestabeeta and Propellers in tbe Lake Su
perior Line.
Paint tti—Wm.Otis ..,Cisenistint
Mtn SW ler, Hanalei
T. id. ilenrinitisabler, Pittsburgh.
' mrllem
Alexander Bradley,
No. IS Wood twat, between Feu and Second sto.,
(SIGN OF TIM °ours bTOWS.,) .
MANUFACTURER. of every degription
of COOKING STOVES,of the ato ., a . t z pa.
Wm. end rude es •111 render the best
AIso—PAILLOIL STOVES, smog whleb will be famed
Jewell t Root . . reltbmted (oldies door ?trim ISMret NC&
Ettrte , K ItAdlikturr.Mower ple:Lead fumy Grata.,
to wide), we Invite Lb. atten Ft...Alm
tion of oalkuns T.• Rea*
t Ho e l at w e nWtno f W de g al oß bf m r e t
r o cb tw f t w el a te lo w b b ert lnele
f!.E.O. E. ARNOLD tr.. CO. have this days&
taaafi evat.4 trlth theta JOIIN D. SCULLY. The rtri•
torn will be go hstetorar.
Pittsburgh. Mar ht. IBM. tturS
(Formerly the Exohongo,)
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Streeta,
TIIS spacious, central, and most conveni
ently located MOTEL, harins Do
eud m ecan ... ._Plater
l ' appen I fithe we . =L a eTtlVnubltr. I T "
SD* fortaerlber. lee.* and proprietor of the SS. CLUB
111)TEL, rorructfolly thfccuar Ma friends and Cho potato
that he bar furnlahol it in the roost elegant and orrafortre
ety le, and autyloyed cmpetent unstanniand Wendy.
and faithful nerrantr. c o d
that ha will apan no melon
to mote it equal to ear house la eonatrY•
The ~ell tom, eentntl locatirto of the Hoe, and eon
etude.* of Its arranartnente. rendering it the w utortderdra
bla either to travelers or Peroftuntff Dwedetf, iadumo him
to itolleit and hot, for it a liberal share of s 3 conemag T
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods.
FrIIOIIAS PALMER is daily receiving
from the Odra..l nu old ototol.
Bottum Thud and Fourth streets, Fla./mash,
1 1 2 1 :eRitt l ati l etailltVi=lft=
(CZ loo[ period. Mt yott..e l t . tma
.oto- e i ttlry,,v r g:
U ) pool:anti) chottte ‘ 0 . 0 ,7;: r t . ,„....w th . wino
ron7c . . ToTElrlgate lot of g
formed n ,, , which mor o tt , -
V..e It s irtgTotoreltont• ond hate /ropers lo roooct ,
folly Isaitatl. to
WlLoLes i tle and Retail
al Went and Firth street. l'lttabotlV CW Wbete ir tber
une lad and actuante ane_t at H... C. knnt Et. or
;R:laVgirp :Mrciataur "' VZlOttl=r '"gptr
ally. sawing Loftin that they rill wll no the maa. urn.
141,L :MDT, Merchant Tailor, Draper,
Piitaburgh Gas Pipe and Take Works.
rpliE undersigned halm just completed their
which Wiry otter Om. ot the lowest priors. They are
now pi...pascal to fie". order. to .I; .. ..ntlztlyithCV..ut der
- A
tt.:9l awl 91 Weber stmt,
teal 3m FlribbitißOU. PA.
:A aloe. Merchants' and alanutattaten' Bank
CO ICe.ebtoget
1a Er
jel94ar3srs Wool stmt. above. Vinalb.
i tiffiltallENY CITY BONDS--
A llegbsnr City or;00 tersta Ibr
'"ah.d"l4"".W M. I. IULL k co.,
ie1941•10 ea wood
STOCK of the Men:haute & 31anufacturerfe
Bank: Book of the rsettaoro Bout Er
H. D. KIMI. Banker sad &Aso.
Poottla ft. '
market raleaopul Meant, ;armlet paid far nlnee4
taxi tUrer, In par fund, er 11. D. KIND. ,
Jell Banker I Bloke, Pawl at.
For Sole.
.LOT on Penn street, adjoining not
am.' stable—will be eeld les . If deellrable, the let
1: b 0
l'"' " ""
A r . Wall
1 At CO.
To Gardeners.
Ai FEW acres of Round nee" the city, eu
We of ordeuing. for gala Entloll , o ef _
Are You Subject to the Toot 'Ache.
ruin.s hollow teeth If so, use ,
rutts.tro MAYERS' irourb
. Tooth Enaaaa. •
•oh. Ole et eoCpolind. R•rntkied oot MA n all
tooth, or mouth. go th•P•ahle hlootoposhlon•do.
b vhich crow .er o may tooot ' 7o ' r her own deta.4
Wood stmet. Ihttsotash.
Harper udobralai Bar .M Manure Turku.
TretriTM 111 , 131 tba manufatursr Phitatioinhia.oll cowls! ,
nitent sal for .ale UT iv. rolNotxrEA.
Waxer Street.
Tor utia - tnrea or hatch and !atrial* raw, taw Forks
eannof be surpraerd; and tit, low erica vial the , ato
via. mat inguro their introduction. motel*.
Curled Hair Hatraszaa
Itva HAVE on hand a largo stock of 3lstrase
.., ...? i t z tout V i r hits. 'llcae y7; nlatlifstrs‘
mr.t6 Third stzsot, awolte thy Post Ofrlat.
YAPZII.--860 robs 64 by SS PrlVlng sjyYY:
• .96 " 4by 34
2 br " "
600 . 4 Itlbi 114, 24 bin. 24 by 34. =
by 41. 71 by 4.1;
4 , 0 " bias. Peyton. baby:
bctly. Cry.rn Starr Par:
3,50 bi um l and ak. 1 1 .1.
Th. berbrylool %yap(' 31
constantly yo band and by bow
or estba.!yge for 116 g.,• lug. bud put& arortmeyst of
Ruled, bap, Lettr. 11.1 ware. and T. 6 Paper= &bad
'3l.yuls, . •
Abo—Yyltlyuy of an AUI. bb Dam? 666 . 06.6166 , 116 r.
MOJA" Paper made to Order 00 she/ L. 1 .11 .1 r.
}t/la' ft;;Tr;l . of Poona and rwr;
HIDES -34 Dry Flint, for sale by
jel9. t tI.I.IIBACOII.
tkACON-7 casks Sides, for sale by
FoLOUR -100 bble. New Lisbon Stm. Mills,
rag sal. Dr B. 4-19.A11.BAUGIL
e 3 11
B ORAX -4 cues Refined; for sale by
AMP - BLAcI(-30 bble. mold. forpoleby
I_4 JO3 : J. VCITOON K Eli • CO.
10 IRON-33 tons Allegheny, for sale by
0 .3 .1: a 'R. PLOYD. lunand
INEGAR-50 bble. pure Cider, fur /ale
by J. L It. YL-tVIL
U N: MKS-150 doz. Ohio,
& role bj •
. Tf,i'VD
GOLD SPECTACLE S--A largo assortment
Ar ki LVATl.'%.`2ribTra s 7,,,,__, l lititr` °fr.:ll7'o7'4
et! to the •161tro atootdtai to the t010..4 , ,e6 of optic.
ones. Pebbles liotio tomt.+,
• .14 W. W. WILSON, Optlctoo.
61 Dlorkot street.
cRAPE SIIAWLS—Ree'd this doer
spness. oca carton ot th ug very &Ana , i
msd.r..l Crape eturl.. at Writer.
1.7 A. A. ItASON A CC. ' .
CHEESE. -31 bin. Cheese, receishig per
MINTON line, and for male bjavalz,..
COPPEBAB.-35 bblm. for male by
rj. .t.
ja •
QTAR CANDLES-10 :bozo , prime aril
ela. for ule . J. le !CV 1 704 6 FL
MEIRCATED Wilms and Brimdiery afresh .
VA inn nixtred end for sal. KIDD co.
Zia. 60. Wood Ft..
bble. (Baltimoie
•• Jar rale by J. J • UDD 00,
No. Wood st.
VINEGAR-30 bbla.pure eider for sale by
Art MED.-3,5001N. just media
from the Diet, a prime article of alritz owl, ans.!.
r 4.11. ifit,i‘ala , ll4lll,
bTiod Cornerof Wood *tll lillthatnert.
I[4 - 131.E- 5 0 bbl. White Loaiirille,furiZe
ALCOHOL— at, 30 bble form by
At yixto Ock.waoodat.
!mama Asa antirruizs KAM
iTas fonowbillit armfuls and &Datum of th• mats
?Aar stads torner. to tho Utter. ;
.gastratr.m-ftrerovishlug.asasabatatalta. PhiloleAphla.
Fee York..parn. Centro and Northam Dula K.N. lot*.
D0t... , 0• ...Jan. and the alz New ..too4 Rohm..
Ma British Prorinoso of Lola. Canada, Nova 800% and
Nov ftrosmaiedt4ally. Antra al $i a.
Nom Eammaise—Br atal nozalaarg.2 - pl,
tealitalug tlareonutlas iltsd.l,
ton. Jowals. I.7oßalna, UMsan , . r•
Zoom Uokatottal part of Wonatorallad. Ala Lamm%
MorTafattlla.galato ie Roods, Nam Ala/sods* and 1011.
u r. army day . al
tata--By Butler, Pa, Margo. Crewlbid. end Jefferna
...nes, It Nem Uric and VP. CeU;adadeU7.
Arrives at 9 r. P.; and departs at 9 a. Ir.
becrucce elm Wzmune.—•B
rtglt ' .VlCAVeiht f igton CI ,ty do=uelest
ern parts of Oldo and bedlam. ifautnear, Tan..
ee, Alabam
g a. Arkanses. t.i tertle m =
piik=dthrosilit Oom .at oraih .1 4 ;406 ,, •
rlorena., , Untl E lays e. Vii...Jedenalda 1 -M*
Wearrollat ant , aria rountles,Onto.dellY•
vas at It cbruariaatif • • •
Meta Warrtaar.—B Beaver and Cleveland. hla—
Beaver Cn., BWColum •-• • = l.. Pretape. Be=
graVerhan i urtel:Bta
and Lone lea Obit the arm= northeern ;mai u
of the Bulbs leallana and . • haeleolladt eat
an, tonerWherement, daLly et af.i der ,
bas at 6 1.. x.• •.
Tame '
j i ve s coming, dally. gavot on Buy:lsla tie:
rives et 6 a. a. and departs atj r. ea • -
, PerAeelller, Wesibrd; Talle Porters
rifle, and Meer Ledge. knives
s, at 8 a P.: &wt. dadalte.
wednodays Fridays, at 7 an, .• • •-•
sauzimus. iaknourvm., sad Near
ontehrfa CitY.±Antree Td.d.7‘. Fridayaat 6 P.S.t.thr
Peru Wednadaye and liaturdaya et 6a. ' •
Uinarrona.—By Buchanan.
It Run,
Cad Va.,. BLiralbetletara thnerbWs, Itstetrevai l
pecie,Ocelkstoms, Purropolla. Rut Liberty. Upper
ton, Arrives Sundays and es:m.4am at A Lf
Baru Mondale and thrundaya, at 9 a .- •
Barnum a—By alker's milikllnblevtiant.
tergettoW.lN Croq Creek Villegai Buten= a toilSe!
ti e tbauy, Artier Bandar, and Theneteflo at a4 ! 4
Aljasys and Shusedaya at I - i: It. —• •
d le/sicir. ye..—By Pluton, tiunieekavilla Moen, liter.
tours. nrarrt Springs, Ps., Bernier, Va..Arries
" 8=4.-411";= rear: W ' llgt
01....an5. at •7. Ortiz cla Ilooday,
" irtilitrack.. , 43yLoogues !a Antiii an hillar. at I
r. Y. depart. Po Hatneday e At 6 a an
jriterautr.—By Perrierille,W•xlind, Breaneek.;oB:66,
n, Wtdtestown, Ar...includindWarren and PUMP,
ma mm alies. tri-ereekly—ihnedey, vreety.
YrtdlP. at K.: and •derperts Tea lay, , Thurialay. and.
k er=htlat - nulls must he in the Me cm• hoar
before their depart.= Wine ha Use triareakty. mole
eerekly.and Ineek.l l. l , ronuirt b. lathe CiPbse Mx subs..
COWRI9 . II.IAT K4ll fm nrrarasei okicm, 3.r
BONS, Ru. 67 Malta En. betneas ! Third end/IMAM INttabury2.
PFXSBELYAKIA: Bunch at Mawillon....-....)4
Rank atria enant Beats* at W0nena.............da
Bank of ci0......P. Brandt st, .35.1.1 ....AP
Men and Man. of d0.......-par Bnutch ay loan no
Lua of Conunarikw.-..par City B.T.n ~.,.._ ,_...E.A10
Bank of l•Mtb, Morita-nu
Bank ofVertign Llbartlawpw ':'''‘ i ' r i V ".'''r"..l4
E itit of f Ant ....ta rsais,...nar infarera, 1 4.—.......4 ,,
p. l
tow 051 . Llt• Inn 1=3.....E , J0
Bank of tna United Eta 12 Man !lawns
Ccanmarelst Bank etlW.... Bank at "AMllon.....-......da
Hamm . A 105MM:111k par Small Non.- ~ _ -4o
Ottani Bank_ ..-- • NEW ERIWEATID.
Remington Bak, ...,. ' .....yat an entreat Ban. ....x
E.Ur4 Meet MnIL.-par NEW YOBS.
t '33w• 8ank.....-....wa NMEarkElty-...-.......par
li Oou a=„9 1: = .::: - . pnr Coaras7
Par smaras t iy . -•• ki
,2 Po
=cmn o L , ' Mak._
. ..-.....narnAzigrimiawz a ti
Bank of Ctusenbirs - rn Ai/ Nan. , bankk---3. 36 .
Bank of Chnenn Donnty-pat 111131181 A.
Bank of Danville- •••••••Pat 8• 332 ~ the TLIVhla
Bank E
Dank l , Dal. On., &Mg . -yarr i eg Virnikilt, 2 §
Bank:f llettobargh-1.. Yarma jU' i'EV .‘ iltOt Virginia 1
Bank of Lowiatown.......- Maretaatet A Roth. Dm!
Bank of 3.11.11atmn......., IL North Western 8ank......•
Montgonwry Co. Ehank....or , 8rambew............ ......
Banker Nortimatbaland.war NORM CABELLIZiA3
c.iva. 11ank.....--- .% Bank at . (km Yea.......-- 2
(klutabla Bt &BMOC.)). Bit aAL ,Y. C. , = - 6 , ,,! , I
Doylestown Bank,-....-yar Cmcmardal Bk , IV 2
NM. Bank...--'.....-..0t Marekaga n • 13a ) 34 1 1;1 4 Ern 2
Ens Bank-.........--- k au
hymn' Bk of Barka Co•Dawnk at a t St 46t
lon.. 2
garawng BMW latmansw.pat Bank at &Mk Camlina-.3.: 2
! Tarronra , Banle °Meaning nu Bank at Cbatiaron--.1.. 2
, rum. Ilk otkrbitylklllo..P. & M•thwtke BE V
1..* Inv, Waraesburg. % OLOSOLk.
Franklin BY. It an:Jut= par A 1m.2 nantbstib
liarrietwint 8ank....--.. 3EI Assam- -....._ 2
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Mime Bank of
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lark Bank.--- ..k IILISBOUBI.
Ballot IWEEM..-.- )3! 1311. et Eta lLlX tv3f_ Eolll. 3(
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Ohio ' Stab Bast.:._._...- I; Dot mg brocka
Brugh at Ateom--..-..sto Bank of IllitaM-.----.72
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Drawn at Ya1m...............20 Bk MIL N. AtawickSonnito6
Bonbon at Slanenakl.-.....ME Dank alba Dwygge. Toronto I)
mstEM at Eney...-...... Bank of Montreal -......-..J1
Branch at Cincinnati ---Ao Bank et O. Dansdk_ltenotoe
Brunk at Connaboa.... • EASTERN a• va..lkOZ.
Branch at WagEktswen.-.11. On New ZtO (WEIML....
Branch at Cadi5........- •. 13In Pkiladelybia M............
Brandt en Latemetry-L-do Da Balttnam de._ .-._
Bonen en Ateelbamille.-do WESTERN
Branch at Mt. Varnote—no etnclentan-.---......34
Branch 5tRawark..........-• ......%
FEnnek attlyriw _ ........-no 1 1 311te1t . ..-." . _
_..... ~-.....-1,
Erases at ittr ... ,±.. LD AND SPECIE YAWS
react, at _An DanbleE, .)1116,00
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Bramb at 121-Plawant.-A Rank. 01g.....---.-1 1 3. 0 0
Martens). Za=-....d0 Mg* tww....-...... .1 0 Y 4
Branch es
Drawn es lims....- ..._do TEenTbslar EL..- -......-. LSI
Hemet at E5t.m.....- do nmettipm. , -......-....- PAS
Brandt at lita__ . --do EaMloblerm-...-.- - 4,120
Brandt at entnltimmew....-do Namleona.....-- ..... .. O.EO ,
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Monongahela Midge.
W.l.= lust:mune
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Awciated Virganaa',
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Deou'e. Central Dell load'
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Dalt. a Ulito t . :41,110er1...
Clevelaul t :et , . Iletr.
3d vice 8.15 an ;Ty Dook
Do. du newt....
Turtle Creek Plop Road;
Alley/. At Vert - mill Tklter,
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4434 , 4.4
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North Non
.. .
ratsburaLl Igo 11.0r51.L..
Ohio Lk ysl ....—....-:
Cs.. w
I jtaughtaa.-..- ,
Smith's New Geographies.
O .MTH% First Book in Giloaraphyt an in
SodUniato, or 0.0.04 Boob m e w ' osphyl • mod..
r e /L... z latTnL?d " .ricallg.tierstrgli
thp.: tllontread artl. DO Cod maps. Cod noZoatros imps
titti, ;.„. tz: t roll C. kardata A. 4 titir m ,
73 Apollo Building.. roortb
HAVE on hand a largo assortment of
Irtanow CORNICES awl CONTAIN BANDS, of new
po Urn•. tor ourtaloo. WII. NODLE,
mylo note moon. dm Pont Moo.
EMP-45 tone Miss. D. R., for isle by
myth JASI/J3 41- nurcnnson a co.
I\l ACKEREL-30 bble. No. 3 tbrisale by
.1.• myls UV in 1NG1111.131.
1!llS01g? A / 7 :0 bolts Hyde's, for
PLASTER—GO lbs. Cando:ides, for sale
LARD BOIL —2O bble., for toile by
le7. J. KIDD t CO., 60 Wotd rt
FL4II-25 bble. Lake Sup. White, 1851;
at ea. by 14 J. B. CANFIELD.
Ar IC WATCHES, or Double Hunting
ley Gold layer Watches. made Ito se to else ea both
s I% With kold cue, or to Apo a n d
faes cyan at VlattuTe•
Very kw saake.Put received and tbr ale by•
corner Market and Fourth as.
-100 eels. N.C. Tar, lo tool otter,
100 bright No. .2 Rod.; for abi.T
.17 WHO WILL SUFFER for thoeake of ea
9 , I.lTifna= g r ` • n'm
ral3 land SULFAS. 67 Wood st.
Ono dollar's lrolth has rand the most dllarult rams.
IMOTHY SEED-34 bbls. foreule
ds 3. 2 S. FLOYD.
EATIIER-1.00 Sides N. Y. Sole, foe sale
byla J. k B. FLOYD.
164, ALT PETRE--20 bags (Crude) for sale by
su73o W. 11. WW4ON.
TANNERS' 011;---23 bbls. for salejff_
Je2 WICE 314CJ-NDLana.
- -am
NO. 3. MACKEREL.--50 bbls. for sale by
, ?to. GI Wear sto
.sgrrogoze Agorteg..+Advertg..... ttaaadnaboalsitioco
be Ibts paw, reached aid Ibrwarledfregaressionwfegma
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, • 'Nelda/. July. a. . j ,
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sweaty /to . Maur 'math ma..4.r tsmmalmat•
Ull-11 1.. mall lam .an , llalalmal . ar trim tin
'at Q lb Val.. Sr= ends riles gay maned to
• lots at larmar Quatatlcat, say 5.3 21 lit 3 37 ail bb/ as
ecllst to Lassa ~ . .
Oltalltlst ths'obsenm d reasim& ta. bare ... Na t.
..,,,,,, 7.1. i miknituf are illont tbdidement tabu' tztes
from Int iasala:- . .13 , 1mat. at fla: mill& loSntsiy&- 14.40
Cum rtg...ll<naud Oati a1254121a.1. .mall lots. •.• •- , •
.I.)lloCl=2l. , •taka tam beam •anthely warmer to Um
intii a,miu *ulna, st4m, lir=m Bur. illim
Ifolisma 316373 i. beLcommoulua/ 41.50 a. fa mumshouam
Calm iniGNOC Wee I)ifil Mil , , .
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do atlas 800 Si gala lams at ali .81N &at 109 sugar
iiiii bun at 100.0.2., t Laud la . 0111.11: I. *ma kla at
'WSW I. bbts and bd. Small iiki pia beam tog il l
As* lb. ...••
aticuitzt—iaa i bide t 19 3 xilli It 814 . Othur 44 '
Usrlytlausila Ittmbants4.* ..
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wittagrr.iik ti -:a y 4*, .
ihiiit ail.
it zogit. It talc& - ' •.:- - .
.0111.21-11mallailm aillonead at 117000 a of Nal' Lasd se
SW. and No Ido at COW , lil WWI , ~ 2 • . , - „
1)11.1.1M.11/IIIT.-We Puttee a doll 6.10..ith email
mlaa Is*stoi• al 11l Ulm amelma, sled 7S.SB). It b. br
Urn= non =airs •
Bnr Non, July 3.
At the kart to day Er,. couirrrllble bands thvanend
cad ugdud sum. Iva ic: Erse a aura. r. of 183% uful
lueomii tam., Iludsma B. .ad Mortis mud
IDo,cland sr. Thuranisy's plug. Lan Used sad [Wm
114.11n14 30, Radius:Rß )0' suaCsat.oa co and Nay-
Irkb and Warcuster •
w Esclure— k Aillnit
, Ate tb.-o. (l6Rivi Wi t =
, 131.1:01)(V. Paris SO dsysiirl.l. 141%. and abort right
Ulkitf l rk Avageraurm Hamburg 101(0311 Ere.
)1.0 , 7 manes abotlant..lbut aseitallets en Missy
mem atreuxuessoct hi tbsir selertiott red.. o , siut WON.'
meat tailusee,' beinlj,01111• edema! eseuritio
Er Italy
obtained et from 7 to 71,111 sea; sad the mount of seed
few attest Anson the. tatters so itestesniug. sers
on England Uoutistues Erm at 110.1101. U. •
The usenet at oath duties received at this pelt dud ¢ !
tbe rest - —1729.t(14'eu
• Tow sercipts nom LL ,/an. to 14.7n17—51,60480 Eb
.:Fame Ulna Ind tsar— .. .... 1,6500.79,
_ 4l 4 , l , : i i re nrs In sis 301,143
. 3.
Tay little &dog to acct. erupt for Baltimore k Otdo
Nall Road dam. kWh shoe au edrakce. The ftillowing
tare the Istra afloat and. sated at the ,Pkek Board to
day. .
Public L . Lree-31arylend Cr, 102 offend, 10'4 sake&
Baltimore fre. 1000, 103 offered, 1033( &eked; do 11.0, 1004
Mimed: do 1090, 10( offered: do. Ws 67 effered,ld Mud:
Weimer, k fie nd . ff. bond& 11134, 033( offered Asked:
do MIL 0 3e . DIN mimic do Weida& bercde, 0334 -
carnal, 033c.mkedc
Fcr &melded ViremarVe ler ormem, i r oford.
Redd Etnrka—Bal lemon. & 'Ohio 16' UM Offered. 24114
mated; Baltimore & 13emeoabsack do. offered: York k
Cambarland do, 2:3( offend. Z.% ruder, Belertersode Terri
pike. 5 &lel ederd: 'tort 80.3 offered: Mdse.
irk edemd, saka&—[Amerlcere.
. •
EtterrThe fine light draught dormer Pilot
Ito 2, has Jan been Ihnicrughly timing gag le,nninied.
and nut In Ana trim for ins ►eeommoE►tloo of trmllers.
/lbe e[tlu ens the =do beteteen Pd. pert (Di Sane&
and Wh. , 1 1 .1....4, .01 leer► Ws attcenoon sib o'clock.
Ear enass—Tbla maantboont demur io Poo bestir
completed. sod will be rawly to Cart on bar first outward
trip far Na. Orleans on the first dee at the river. libe
&alined to the trade boteman mem nui S. or
team. and boldce being .all arranged fot tha'acciamitedir
U. of watnageds, ma vanton the amerldon that odat stlll
be bawl to Porsplata and staunch a frelsbt boat ac eta
not the lower trade., (Mr old frbod, Cot It Hare, take.
command of the E. pod from. ble well town aspotionear
as a river pun, op W. ma doubt but that be .111 maks'
bar doomdlY Peralar. as well as • muse of prod* to be.
DST Tom; wa &Emma Taira—TN, ODle Maws= , of
the :A loaf. learn DT telegraph tram Plttabotab. that the
sleet as thli plat. was WINS Mandy, wltt, Two bogs
Nkt".lW.MMaraa4ra swalmse the ~pot of mutt to,
awrahlstr uro loam. pa that - was stoat ttoWelawaldwew'
to an the tat last. sad that. was law. salowala /a all ems-
Idea. W. hone ou Wood of - statesman will not ho
alarmed. as to the amiss, d 04 Unmet op hem Mr we
mum Wm that.. haws. f... places let pot.
6M3l.—Thara was S &mt. 6 . bus tu chmanol. by
mita, mak, tut maim,. and at a mad.
• Deaver, Gordon. Nam.
Atlantis Parklmo. Ricigneenin
. it i gigr U tng. Wi n ernnril
no.nemer 61 1 ak l lb r Wea fdcdm
e e m
I J gibs Dem Prineselle.
• Excel. Claming anninnasi.
Merle; Denver. '
Riderari. De Dem.
Been, iiardon. Damn
Atlantic. Keil:non.Drogrrirtills.
J. McKee, Wagderinion, exw
Thin Ahem. Delfp. _
lierengnCngell. Wb God:
elncla~ cl Werne. entlinelern •
Morten, Dower.
D LKeb 4 OF , . P.m*. .Pro team dolly at. 8 to wn
.• NU:1:1811 , 91ot No
I =WM.
Ist.ion July
lot. Fob t Aug
gt oa
. 4 11 101
nsPONDI BY Emil.
ZANESVILLE—Pot .7r24 1044.-68 eta 'rod 11 Grat &
(11:41 peak boom P Ida &mart .8 BM 6 tarts
Troni anti a Shams: b: buttar T Alaaldaso 8 aka loacoa
11411 t Llorgart 8 Old. lobo." Johnivag barrels
Boar leak taaoo 1 Ices lard 2 Ws toter., /coat t Co; 26
Om wool 2J pBgatetralurrs 4 has glue 1 traalr.l Owl rods
01113411. a aJuly
( &Nov
do •
I Dtvalar 4 Fe
• Pea fiatbingape, X4ty, N. J.
cficatrqs HALL ilmow.opez for the ro
c...Aim of nation: Tho=itte=ldhl for tg
ardleit aro= m nettng =Mt th Mahe bc• -" ce•
111 =mut to =AU hia boa= tad t beam act
myna.= and secommedattens, be tens= be coral
tansbot tualeent. than anrcebteet ban borate*.
teen .od up= the I =sad. Sho anhoodta. ban taken
taloa to =ore. toed cad a tt nettleo inland ottenatc, , =a <ancient= the. Way an hoot mita:lto thoeasteent
and can= of • taalorlti. of the oidettrnerc alatinitr. •
, =12.1m
pi.. biar .Wet
TPy.J..lllrr rt
DIT.CV Pr ct.
White` Paint
:1 4 TON OF :WRITE oxIDA Or ZINC, rc
calved and for salmi .t Nos. 7 1140 Wood' et..
N. B.—We Walt. the atteutloo of noun and eteasutcat
Paintere to this ankle. which Ira hare been using Sor up.
void. of three swathe. and tan rtgosonend to be sopa/or
to white lead ratot toawn' meant.' blellata abbtltbltoll
tiro light llks Chita lard. idelosehlte raSarta Ite and Orme
goaritly hag Aetna. ao4 pm brilliant torah_ It sequin'.
ewer !mitoses, and la more durable the hub% er ontddal
work. It arillnetrub dr; and tan be washed trltheut Iry
10ond aa It rovers more radar* with equal
really as cheap se white lead.- • • • •
.321 . .
ACON—W eke., received azd-for sale bi
-1,11, Pia • • wtos a arCANDLESI:
LINSEED:OIL-10 bblo for 'deb,' ' " •
*0 • _ - Inca ♦ arcAmatss. -
my. 185.$
jr,HOCOLATE-128 bxs.. Boston Chotolato
IV to sal. br .1•10 WICK .1 IrCANDLESP.
nity HERRING-for eels by •
it.lo • MM..* NVANDLELS.
CI,REASE-710 bbli in store and fore sale:
%l o ts ts.a.4l Etz n y t An
rrOBACCO-124 lyexeeot the beat
J. • Zs and 8. no= treat
• 3•10 " l'at
4VERING'S SUGAILT-20. bbla,,Lover
rwrbrwt mei ra,l y r
j t . t:Reef receive! et!
el° •• • • Altar
• i INES IN RINE.--;111 kegs -Sap.
atm In brio. (MANTUA° hut Loollyal aWlos air loA b_r . , 111.1. A. arcAußO aO.
J•lo Lth•rtrpt.
FLOUR -110 bbls. "extra", floor in store
.new by jet. O. &W. ICARTIAVOU.
pOT CLAY-7 ton Coj . lore Pot Cloy, No
7<to ll ' I """*" .4 .04
ACKERE * litter bbls No. fst
Avl mackerel. la Amyo4 Mr rale be_
.lelD .Water J Freest ere.
HSUGAR. --50 Ins . whits /Lap.
van. nugar.just &salved and by pda by ,
Na. 11.6 Water Meat
LOAF SOGAFL--30"bble - loaf sugar Ow ,
sorted rmabors)lbr➢
sea by_ •
Na 110. Water street. '
SB — BALE—One Kiln of Brick,, Enquire'
V. ErCLOTOC C.. r o arebir.
RIOK--14 tiertes for sale by
.49 Nelcet's WeiNDLES&
ARD-12 bbla o. 1 Lard for
p - krAtoitmftiL'mly:munii.TriM=ffl.
IfIOCO MATTING—For, pudic",.hsllll,
A.) man. In store =Mr side oc .
ja: Carpi. Warahove. No. 76. F ot.
I~4ACKEREL-100 bbLi. No. 3,:(1851)
Na• by )44 _ W. lILRBArOII.
LARD OIL-32 bbls. for sale by:
LARD --12 bble in store and for gale try- ;'
BALM DCl2l,lta
LARD OIL of Bennett ct Joao' zosauesq t
hire, for sale by IBALIII neva a 00,
PILO Water a Frootits:
10R17-40 bbls shelled, for sale bv.
1-1 Jelo a. vox sonantogsfico.
CHEESE -35 bzsicer WO by
)1.10 B. 7. TON BObtiHORIT 00.
AB-2 bblis.rinineßarbadoei. for nlo
lODIDE POTAELB=..a) lbc for tale b&
Quite a stir was created yesterlay, by W au;
nouncement of the suspension of the have. of &
/linden a Co., one of the oldest and best 'known
houses in the country.. Their failure is 'Mita
ted to the non-payment of cotton psper, and it
is asserted that all their liabilities will be met
except thrs put:tenter clam, which' ' is a fiction.
-The real caws of thi failure is loeses iii stocks
whirl they hare been 'bearing," that' is apes
log to sell &Motif, a fotteniday unclarthe ptOz
eat market rata They 'hare been. Meng ruin
rot : the 'past twoyearvantl' now End thitteuld ,
newt of the . minter at large flourishing, and
themselves , bioken in eippotling: their ,pior
An mormorui sum of money' .tus . : been put
elloieby the payment of the dieldpods.upOle , • •
tationelsnd State debts, ere' thelnosenseosi•
teal repreeented by railroad steak santylAttr--,
The quentity,of money now on hand
investment was never weeded, pind retienseit
be, measurably diminished in conseipiench. - -'
The rook of people from torn te. the watering
&ma has already, conunencrel, end all the near .
mortar insalreedy.o2ll...; Sushi& hse ifn
complement, while Newport is ell.spoken Woe
ores. VMS abeuoe OrpOrglitiCat; (and It is be.
eilitti mpn who ' , hue etesuat thePaelvvh)
4)l'6=oBa/us actin demand for.fandm Indeed
Mikes it Otte difficult, to see fands at the legal
rats upen fedi security. ,
Tropieslweether is 130 w the order of thsidey
andsigh'the mumnivanging se high. u. 98 it
and well up in the eighties all night.
feet; eh rapid hes been the elazigi.trom
aessonehle cold to the Present heat of 'atm;
that the 'of the city already feel
its 'effect* end s great increase of Mortality in
children is - notioni Mat with heft cleansed
streets, perfect glutei forelgu end domettio
fruit, and an daily Arrivsi of onagriiita;
it would-be eingaisr if we had not &lair in.;
crease of death* .
Preparatione-lave been made to extend the
Harlem Itallrold down Park Bow :to a point in
front of the Minton and the dater Horse, an
Inroad upon the lower Bandon of the town that
will ere long be followed by a road penetrating
fir towards the Battery, if not quite there.—
/lOW York must have extraordinary facilities for
baldness, and old notions must give way before
the nosh of commerce and the growth of papule,
tian. The small territory below the City Hall,
adequate fifteen years since far all our wants,
hail now become as nnfit for the prosecution of
lnsinere, as'are the clothes of Oka of sixteenth
cover the stalwart form of the eoldier of Chippe
vra—edx feet high, end no tares.—
We here got to built an tonier.gremnd railroad.
or one upon pillars, end over the tops of our
houses, lila the London and Illackwell road, or
We shall have a rush through our lower esteem..
ity resembling that at the mouth of a hive of ex
large amount of -Carrinay is now being rap
plied to as from Now Jersey, upon a plan sot:a
wl and tricky, that it is worth describing. : One
Bank located at Terris river has s fao simile of
the notes ofothi , Delaware and liadent (Canal
and Banking :Company,) end ; another of the
Ocean Beak of• this city. The banks are both
owned here, and are banks of cireulation only.
The Preeident of one,keeps the. hotel, the other
is the owner of a country store. Tombs River min
only be reached by a pseseegerfrom New. York
after bank hours npus the day he leaves to have
hie notes embed- Thereterneonmance leaves
berme , bank haws the.; - posr day, eo that three
days'Must be lost in gettingtllle redentted.
Bat this to not. all, for as.banks In gew Jersey.
Aire illreeAsys' grace in redeemin& their bills,:
*ben is sent*, twinedied;_there iatione .
Need to New York for the mho, and emi r ates
delay, send those green enough tothicket cor
tiering, • New Jersey, Bank,. home with a cart
load of saver, theproduce of the mints of Nrrope
Vessels built here last year for the California
and Canton trade,. lave begun to arrive trim
the latter pon with their teas. The Celestial
and Sea Witch have circumnavigated the world
in two hundred and fifty-sti dips, calling time.
accomplishing a distance hardly credible. The
Challenge, Capt. Waterman, perfect Eying
Dutchman, is nearly ready for sea. With fair
(access, it is thought she will enter the “golden
gates" in ninety days, or a week less than the
The Loco Feces axe astir to celebrate the
Fourth of July by an oration in Tammany Hall,
and hope _to re-unite their 'scattered forces. by
this .mean, . The orator is to be esoureasett dr
&dal in ha polltics. That la pretesdiztg in se
accordaace with the feeling of theDxsofocos
here to be all wooL .. .He min, on examination.
prove to be nearly all cotton. likethe great mass
of the fabrics from which he derives bin
Tammany Hon is a famoue,_p_lace, and. its Ba
the= shrewd mei% but they cannot effect har
mony by , their fourth of July oration,,end will
have to content themeelees by adjo urning'
=dello the bar, and paddling theresehrts Inas.
mitainatelY, for in all the contests of principle.
the old hall has witameed We principle of, free
Whiskey, first promulgated in Pennsylvania, has'
not been abendoned, hut inculcated by loWatTt
and example, and with wonderful same= and
The arrival of the eturner yesterday from be.
rope, with favorable smiricesin relation to cellist.,
brendistuite, and American Ilialitit% and the sr-.
rival of the Prometheus thin morning "with en:
Oortraglng,newi from Callfornia,las girento•
sewed 'buoyanoy to the toned - , basktesit and
inoney , ntatters are already much improved
the large pigments of interest during the aline
days joimclosisd. Amami &maga statelot things
Is Om 'aka:at in the exchange market, Bret
taus bills ~b ean. done 114, .with a
mull shipment of coin compared to what alarm-,
late asserted wait maimed-- n :
Flute Califtrinia - the =vs is very en:enraging,
kibt only - shown by the large shipments of gold,
brit by the - minor of privets five
milßoas 'dollars left Ban Franciato on the let
of Itute, - an amount:tem before equalled, hard
ly approsolted in a month's work , before— All
kinds - 6f Cellibrola stooks have improved; tome
of them - sienna at a premium, though bearing s.
nominal interest compared with eurrent rates at
Oa' Cup= Elms tables 'show. a very fetriet.l
able appearance. The. exports of .the •first air. •
months of thorax stands lit 818.908.44.1;against -
$28,795,462,,an • increase of $20,101,969„ yam.
pared with' last reit, and of. which three and
half millions is in the article of: donteetio pro
duce; an Woman in theeight spot., Oar imports
for dot fix months are 869.869,853 against SS7.-
'.486.646 an ininesso:of 811,66013. • In this
city we hats only half a million-of. dollars in
coin has than'On the let of .I=e, in spite of the
large 'shipments, indeed 'we -have -undoubtedly
more than st that time if the truth were known.
The' Irish Steamship expedition, has not .been
abandoned thee the humbug about- the North
America. The money has pow been subscribed
fort lint class ship to be celled the -...lllalsray,"
Which ix 'connected -for to sail. in Narembetr,—,
She it to be rapidly followed by others, end we
shall .11.M1 invade Ireland with car ships., The
Collins steamers ..are • doing fine bushiest
just new, rot doable that of the /Cunard ships.
and placing liberal some on. the right aids of ha
ledger. The Bremen 8143 come eiertioWing
with freight at $BO per tan, beating the Canard
ehipewhioh offer to bring it' at $l4 per
The next' ship.from Havre cotitelion; soh tire--
quint no prophet,, to foretell the retirement of
no distant day of , the English shipi froto' our
shores. , have paid tribute to them - long
enough mad should end our vitittalage: • •
A v e ry interesting ems has just - been decided
in our courts--duat of a soldier Claimed by Sir
Henry Brilwer; onder - the treaty,as a robber, pi -
deserter. The Court 'ruled 11'C:ebbe:ries of
kepi, and pocket knives, sad' desert:lint did , not
come under the treaty, and liberated' the titan
mach to the gratification of theik ., .. population,
'who exialant any step taken, th looks like -
slating the pones oral:m . 9ld fallusilltill; aga inst
Whom there Is, just now, not a little bad feeling
epssi#ll.sidet kete,',lFOWlng - ,nut . of the gross
calumnies, and L i ke petty spirit 'shorn • to-
wards the Atiterican portion of the Exhibition
•at London, „ .
Tonienini. Wit .
National Holder. ; the
'week nisf,Waskl end to night eo fir " any
119111lelli AS colic/Ala • There lie general each
to the nril dirt:riots iltda afternoon; end Hon.;
daY;i3 ll l l 4ntri Testa the population. ' The
teltstiontcto e te
tlebrati the lay were newer co
and any, new comer who doubts the gene
-1:144. 7614thopiople for the Ihtionoshich.inll76,
equation:4%lp brilliant progress, can ham,
by consul
. tomssirow, his Teem seioored.
Ws learn, samtbo How York Tribune, tb&
Str Hoary Botweewfll amity go toiragtoitd, Dot
t o lig*. He bitemd• wo'bellote, to Ostia=
diptiotioor igut become • Wombat of Paristment.
vow= Lxnr—NUMBER 277.
Mr. Enrroa.—The subjiieLof . iolYroSscluml , _
- along the Talley of the Allegheny: rirer is taw --
ennkd to attract that public attention which int
irn=bis long entitled it to... And it; may
be to those of : yoLir rtiders . not-fs
nnliar nth e &tens to OW diekrowing date
sant, the biota of which - I-hue extracted from
the relies' of liejerKoarny and Major Huhu,
Topohinditcgineers, the 'Dormer of WM=
ow:Trod the river to. Tranklin, and the
Nu* You; July 1,,3861
• By the river Little -Valley is 25 miles below
Olean. Carestszteing at Little Yell', the die
tineek end tall are se follows: -.. •
.. ,
Little Vo ll ey to 8. Line, 20 milts--Fall 100 foot
State Line to Warren, 22 , 105 !.
Warm to Franklin; "" ••• !A6 - " •
ETasalln to Pittsburgh. 121 i "! 266'!.•
' A trite distance of 238,) was, with a fall of
6643 feet, or an avenge descent of Wane than these
feet per mile. ; -
Major Hughes made his survey with reference
to an improvezoettl by. canal as well as of the •
ahead; of:ehe drat : - And be.reprtheas that
fa far (daft) sa the Antkenitheaw there aver
was a better valley for an indepeedent canal
Ind on the north side too7ortutttely. is the best
ground for thei s Of ketimait aqua
iy GS OA for a: .The,valle7 below the '
Brokenstraw; he • says, snarrthrar,- and bake
mere precipitous, onatecirrentlethe expends would
be greathsr. dal as between the improvareat
of the channel and " a mai; hs reocaratude the
farther. In reference to the route below
straw, although not so cheap of construe** v ,
'this end, yet a cursory examination bysay one
who travels the river on a raft will be - sofdolentl',
to wady him that there aro no very haat ob-•
stacks to overcome. There would be anent*
bill cutting. but few taloa tails, .no •em-:
banking into the river, It la believed 'that
line of railroad, of equal length, has teen au
'traded in the 11. S. on more farrieble grand,
or at, a cheaper rate than thistincild be.
It MEL UM to be admitted on ell hands that:
a railroad is the most desirable improvement
along this valley. That alone will keep Tem
with the improvement epirit of the age. Let it
be so understood tilts end urged forward by the -
Mende of the work,' with 'it' traity of In1:0,030
which will 01=1 the abject, ' • : •
. It Wheel argued by some that thin work bas
last much of its imptatance by , the construction
of the Pennsylvania railroad to Pittiburgh.—
But that Is not so. New York Will 'IIIITer be, ` `
driven or_drain through Philadelphia to Pitts,'
burgh. drigwhenthe'Suntarry Mud Erie read slat
be 'completed, which there law same prospect -
of, Philadelphia itself will travel this way eo
Pittaburgh.• She will do it quicker,: cheeper,,
and more comfortably than by a Pilgrimage over
the mountains on the central road". - • •
Desidee,lt alanitbeing fund out .:that this
•,country bas . woomtnerelal North and, fionth„ as
well 'taut and Weet—that, people will travel
lattiadinaly u irell 1011gitadillagh reCioults •
vide domain, and that the North hos Salt, piss
ter-a:Antrim; other Products and Inastufsatampl'
arttcl6i to =champ tar the Iron, coal, vAbuti,
eour and other products 9t 'Pentoultania.and
the South. These Interests roust and, will be
As an evidence of the important.lightin which
this viewed by the enterprising
eitisens of Western New York, I would ,mention-' • -
the tact Gists company has been organized'. the , '
stock subscribed. and`arrangements ands and • -*-
being made 101. the emistruction et a*Mama& :
from the city of Rochesterahuoet along the line • .
Of the Genesee Valley - Cams with. a' view of
availing themselves of a connection with this
road to Pittsburgh. They look upon the con- • ' '
neotion as of the : highest importance mid will
lend an ailing hand as soon as Pittsburgh and .
the peoeht along the immediate . line shall wake ,
op to itsimportuses and tate hold of it in Fed '
earnest. Let mit the ,adjonined meeting •at
Franklin in August be neglected: '
,bl.s. En= sin ?RN BAnatoar.-- •
Ur. 'Viet, has rnadelds report: of the future. -
:coarse best to be adopted heregesd to the ReroP
,field Hamad Be aria that itts"praeticable to
Naar *lffteetifig trap of West nder. and -!
WelLeburg, butgiew his opinion dectdedli;Wid:' - `.,
shortness of distance 'should in nu ass be 814:11 4 •
ced, for any emmideration:
He dilates at contiderable Lsngth, on a mniti
plicitrof, Ohio Railroad projects, , got up =rite
steely for the be i ttto e f c the Uheeling Bridge,
and to glorify lts t, the majority folly as
sensible as his magntddent scheme far feeding '
the Oblo,' out of mountain frog ponds. z :
The Stembonville and Indiana Railmad, toward ;
which the Wheeling and Washinprn people ex
'miens great difficulty' indirecting theirop4m 4..
will, with all the puffing , be the only one tn
between Pittsburgh and Parkeistinrg,tor twenty
years to come. We await deenlopmech Md.
woold(privately„ of rouse,) advise atm nee
ling neighbor of the Gazette not to. be too son
gaine in regard to the noldict referred tdin f itil ,
following paw' graph from paper:
"The . ..trols papers' seem to have entirely
given up the Illrbrunbszeißms' and horned *sir.
attention ton direct line to gtentburiUe., , Munro
arennly two trifling ditaulthis-indhearay of the
latter route, .brue 'of whichis, the ground Salm
practicable, and the.otkotr, abuts there lo no. char
ter through Virginia and never will -be.",.,
Our opin ion is that itHrooki county and thei
'citizens of Vellabirg, shotad under any candle. -
Finns see `proper to' irk foi the 'charts:els' gene
tion; 'or otherwise renzunra,the .ditionllies„ is..
would be found estrentely . difsnolt for Lay otleer _
beati624 tc.l.thook-ect , quilde. Treud!ali (Y,Ol,
The 'Newark Adivittsit'reporte • ears recently'
tried . indhatneighteirhOod Wain a Inetice end
ajory of twelve men; lir which the 'preattif,"'
Btidge‘Cople,aoa&t.toratoterAn*tes Spinet
tho'New Xersoy BsiirOid Company for teem-
lag a 1301 i on their trick in Stay he. The „blip
rendered a verdict for the dehttetlinti; on the
ciples laid dein in Vandecgrift vs Rediker,l
Zabriskie's ItsportslBs..ein ..That an 11740,11014 % ..
11:1 Chllrfill of a boon:were •llgil2e is no liable
for an &occidental injury to • cow which, Softened'
to bpi it large; hid strayed on the :stinted.' Moe •
owner of cattle is booed- to keep the= be-his'
'own close at Ms _ -
Oist..„Scorr AT LUCAITZ* CONlrarlOi.
It glees . na pleasure Militate that, on s
inqulreti ',MOM Limititer Cimmatiotcaniotig the"
deleglite t not One inis timid who inuf foots'
of Oen. Scott far the next Prersidencv. M 1 con= '
tailed in. the opinion - Chet he • vu" milidMtWlT
the &ohm of the people of Peitosytranls,thittien- . . , ..
itho'ilierold be' nominated, and the tian , mhe
mild be elected. It ought tEtereforeAtt ;tunes --. • ;
to the Old Hero, to be GIFT Omni, that the.
Convention vas tessainimi faeor' of,Gon, Haiti;
aottiithntdbding delete:l eentlinent‘hnoth'
It is Sprawl tribute to the merits end fame of •
the veteran soldier,. that he has the saIted.TOICIL
of tho. Whig Ptrt9 of Yeeneyltanis for LIR
eel °Heath the gift of a fete people; end's* tans(
that' when the time arrives for_ placing s oateit-, - •
'date before - the people: of the Union. heitill be - •
is numdmously recommended by the'Whig-Ns..
Memel convention.. &et :the sszte Vrixdield ,
Scott be Inscribed unto. oar, trannes.-hn•-.1852.:. •
and another &dons *spry. is etmittolis 1110,,
MEd t.—HariebersdkTeL
A Ftlllloll* EILAIII CAII DI CasarsiComerT.—‘ , ..-
'We learn tram she Weetchester,Villageltecord, -:;
that a colored womae..cortrichol of theft-In ',
Chester 'county, and_ nentenasi to:fire .Inoithe : '
impriscamient, wne:clainied by lir: Ileorge,kic.'
Ccene.of Delaware, emierrintfor a nereiefsems.
It appters the bad been eold- for came for Az '
or eight-years., '• Her term of _imprison:acne At-. , ..
plred cm Friday last, bot atm was kept in prison:
till Ha ta 7 , dvnioraing, had a bearing before the .
Cointalisslionsr, which lasted a u quarter ofhoer; I
preyed &ion* serrlce.'and was sent hontellateiy l'••
into Delaware.: No white person was presertat:i ,
the bearing except the owner and his witnesses...
theComngseloner . and hie -idushale. amities'.`-
mu _no counsel for tie woman
. presenn. The , '..
Necard says Viiis .introsiery procoss"'ess pro. ' s
lucid Much' dlsapprobstlon.-rmt to , say kap': :-
nation; in this neighborhood.. It does sot
peer, hoverer, that any legal wren walk dens ~ ,
the woman. for-she acknowledged, if, ja, Lid. ‘
that din MeCrone was her master, ind'itsteir, '
that she was datironi to_lo with him.—±Flulcs-`''
"PhOirrim ''
: ';1 , -', 1 , - .7._•.-.._:.:.,
/Swage Warn:Ora,
•Er AND , IiZIP TTOBIC. 417JX/ Lllll
. .
Tam * POSPLOZ Law:-We team , that the,..
'number of letters received it the pee{ effs,*p
this city on Tuesay,' the fret day of the ogre- •'f
lion of the new' postage lei, was' doublet. the
'average rieelved daily larder. . the lets liere,and.
amcamtod to alma twenty thaws:A. ;
ber of, prepatfleiters sae about:one third the,
mated received, width.: is but little eiver thi
nuniber of paid letters under the Tormerliii. , -w . '
This' mil* owing to the fiat that stumped:l==J
tided were not procurable; and- the Usable' ed.,
paying at the window In consegoenee of
crowd musing mantic= delay.. Yesterday shoat
'one half the member of lettere media With!'
prepaid. - New Yark„sts see a'tetatedent - :
in the Cathink the number df prepaid letters on- .
the fist day.compared with Alm ascrage nambse
colder the date law, was as dyad can. yluiL
pod atlas in both cities wore doodadwith
nee eindarsortich ware kept back ttil the tied ':
law wen t into firm We Isarn-thatiftei
sand .stamps were sold it `Barria* - Tic &
day it du pet offits—P/Arddpkis;
ukaf s::: 3 is i':~