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.i . : ' . . PUBLISULD, lIIC WRITE k CO.
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TUESDAY: 31041i37iG, JIJI.Y.I, 1851
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rug domoron,
' JOLIN ISTROMI. of L.m.t.,
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WX. IL MEREDITH • bf Philadelphia:
ItICILAILD MATTI of We, tmezoloAd.;
fiII.ORGIC Cif AMIE of Pram klue.
WILLIAM JE.21. 4 17P. of do.KuebsAna
laitniumnic inui Wllig County Ticket.
.17177. 777417 07 OMNI. Cora,.
.i 1" ALT E R,P 08. WA RD:of Peebles. '
ardinmrt ionna 07 Dorawr oars,
Y W. WILLIAM 13, of Pittsburgh.
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4111.1 AD C
COCII7E, of tbursD
1770. O747Ta 7n.,
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JoliN M'CLUSKEYoIi Robb:rod.
JAMES FIFFE, of Smwden.
GED E. A PPLEToN, of Birmingham.
THUS. PENNEY, of IrgoerroM•
JOILY YI LLER, of Indium
' ALM RICIIARDSON, of Allogheni..
mime or T. 007aT.
• JARED M. ORDER. of Pittabargh. '
Jong S. rzwi.isi,; or iiDpet et. Clair.
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- JOWi i3LE77l.7irtiandlte:
1 " A highly important railroad Movement was
1 .
made last week in Ohio. Its object is Ole con
-1 -r: strection of a continuous line of railroad from
iPittsburgh to Cincinnati,_without crossing the
. " Ohi rhardand without making use'of any . part
of 86;1 ines, whPse interests tend to divert
trachi 4 d travel In other . directions , Most of ibe
~ ._:.lines in northern Ohio are interested in' taking
. . ' travel to -the Lake 'shore, whilst the Columhns
and Neiark, and Cincinnati and Belpiro lines
trail towards Wheeling and Pnrkendsurg. A coin
" pony has been for some time organized at Mt.
Nernon;'srith the view of making a railroad tram
the , Ohio - and Permsylvania Pmilroad, at Its
- southern bend near Loudonville, 'to Columbus,
by wai , of ML Vernon. Another cpmpany . has
Leen organized at Springfield, where the Little
• lataimi Railroad terminates, to make a roadfrem
that point to "our Pittsburgh road. donsidera
!de some base been eibscribed to the stock of
loth these companies, bat both felt the im
, parlance of obtaining additional strength --k
A conference between the Boards of Directors
• of the two companies was held at Delaware, on
Wednesday and Thursday last, with a view of
uniting the strength of both companies on
one line by a union of interests. At the request
of the gentlemen interested, the conference was
attended by Solomon W. Roberts, Esq., Chief
Engineer of the Ohio and Pennsylvania. Railroad
- .--d- The result was of the most harmonious and
_ gratifying Character, the terms of union were
unanimously agreed upon, and it was determined
to prepare a, portion of the line for letting as
• soon as practicable. S. W. „Roberts Eeq., was
,chosen consulting Engineer of the Company.
• .- The line will be about ono hundred and ten
miles long,' cpmmenciug on our - Pittsbur gh road
near Loudonrille, and running by Mount Vernon,
Delaware, and Marysville, to Springfield. Each
of the four:towns last named is a county, town,
and in each of the counti4 - a county subscrip
tion has been authorized by a vote of the people.
At Mount Vernon, the line will cross "the
. . “Columbrs and Lake Erie road," and nt Dela
ware the Cleveland and Columbus road, and at
, Springfield, eighty miles 'from Cincinnati, the
. road will connect with two lines lending to that
city, giving its passengers a choice of routes by
the rallies of the Little and Big Miami. it will
.. pass through the geographical centre of the state
of Ohio, and through a verypopuloas and highly
flourishing country. . ' Whilst. the Directors were
. at Delaware, a large and enthusiastic meeting of
::the citizens was held in favor of the enterprise,
_which was 'addressed by several speakers, among'
whom was Ben. Chas. Anthony, of Springfield,
' ' Priderit of the Springfield and Mansfield Rail
. road Company, to whose energetic efforts the
"Mattering prospects of the work are in a great
The President and Directors of the Ohio and
Temasylvanialtßoad Co. have Long looked upon
this connection as . one that will add greatly to
the trade and trataliof their line; audit was
with their consent thattheir Chief Engineer wile
- induced to aid in the preliminary arrangements
for the undertaking. lle returned immediately
to his labors here.
• Pittsbargh and Philadelphia and the Pennsyl-
Vania Railroad Company will -derive many ad
iantages from a direct and continuous rsilroad
- connection with Cinch:twill,. unbroken by the
Ohio river, and which will not make rise of 6 SW
gin mile of any line, the interests of which will
tend to turn trade and travel either to the north
or to the south of ns. It will enrich the towns
that It will touch, and the counties it will trav
erse, and the new Pittaburgk.and Cincinnati
Railroad has our best 'wishes for its sitcom.
Prriancrusu min SrzontsvaLc
Couraur..—This 'enterprir' aseur readers ha - re
seen by the proceedings . published yesterday,
has at .length assumed a tangible form, and ac
tive proceedings are 'at once to be commenced
with an energy and perseierance which are
always the sure precureors of success in any
great and difficult undertaking:. Aire gather from
the proceedings of the Meeting that Capt. NAT.-
: wallas undertaken the.ttask of forwardlng the
' work to an 'earl; , commencement, ind a speedy
completion, and that be Laseoddentigedhimeelf
with it, - that be will devote his- . energie'e
and talents to its Berce. 'We 'like the plan.
AtirWork prospers best which has .the
. acvoled
attention of art - able and energeticman, who
takes a deep interest in its succesp, and whose
pride of character and' ambition 14. , enlisted.
Prrrszenan evo Cvevateso.—The comple-
tion of the Pittsburgh and Cleveland Railroad
from Cleveland to ROTC:Mk has vastly increased
We travel from this to the Lake city. The route
is u certain and pleasant one—by river to Beaver,
'by canal to Raverunt,land by railroad to Cleve
land. Since the river ba got too low for the
packets, many persons hair taken this route for
Cincinnati,end these who wish to take the Lake
'note to SL Louis, food this line a great conve
nience:.Passengers arriving at Pittsburgh in
low water are secure therefore of a safe com
bitable, and speedy conveyance to. Cincinnati,
lonieville„ and St.. Louie, ,ilt very low priees.—
Thieroute, also, - -affords td Pittsburghers the
best naid - cheepest mode of taking; a jaunt for re
nreition and health dnriag the hot weather., A
trip to Niagara, or to the upper • lakea, is both
invigorating and instructive, and can be pleas
azitly and cheaply performed with the facilities
now offered. John A. Capghey, in agent for the
line In , this city. See advertisement.
The New York Poet statee that a complete and
authentic edition of the Writings of Washington
is In preparation, to .embrace more than two
thousand lettere, not Included in the collection of
Mr. Sparks, together withisll Washington's dia
ries, speeches,nnd public and private papers of
every description, which may be euppoeed t o
possess any interest, or illustrations of his thee
actor or history.] -
The corner atone of thernew Capitol, it has
'h eatly been announced, ie to - be laid at iltaih
ington;- on the Fourth of July. The commatuter
of thellilitia of the District, Gen. Watina Jonas,
Lae lastiednn order calling out ; the military un
-der hie ootnitand, end extenOmg an invitation to
all imch'ef the citizen i3oldlers of the alititia; be
yond the limits of the 'District, as may bo in a
condition to come in, and tot heighten the gran
.dear and dignity of the' celebration; which, he .
IV's, so fir from being of any merely total inter
est pees deep Into the heaMs and interests of
the nation. ,110 occasion wane doubt, be quite
as Interesting one, and truly national in Its
character. The oration is to be delivered by the
ROIL Disnaa, Waturren, wh/se well known ele
quence will add greatly to the interest of the
TIM Cumberland Orin= Mates that (luring
Oast week several new and Visitable veir.s of
kla ore and pinmbago have beeti discovered in
the vicinity of oldtora, eercl47. ,
mi.. Caritas Erisrelr.; Erigineei in O - hivif
;attire IlemptHeld Railroad boa made is report to
theTirectorii:which' LXimblished in the Wheel;
ing Gazette. We select rich extracts a l e we
.deem interesting to our readers. After stating
I that he had examined the country from Wheel
'ong : to Greeusburgh, Mr. Ellet gives the follow
.lag account of the route:
i , ',ilt iapefeetly practicable to diverge from the
' Ceateal. - Billread :at Greer : labor-kb, by eithgr
branch of. theßevriekly Creek, and following an
i even &admen.* cultivated valley to the Youghiol
gheny, cross that river at or near Itobbstown,
I the bead of improved, avigation, where on ill:I
-.! portant trade will be at once commanded, and
directedthrough the Central Railroad to Philo-
Fro lPhlB. artheYoughloglieny the line =of:either
be laid in the direction of Willieregpert or Belle
., veruen. ;It is practicable to obtain a fair grade
I across the ridge by either route. From the Mo
nongahela it can be carried on to Washington,
either by ' way of the valley of Pigeori treek,,
.1 .Mingo Creek or Maple Creek. From Wtishing-
I ton to Wheeling it may follow the of
the.Chartier and Buffalo Creeks to : West Alexan
dria, and thence descend along the valley of Wheel
ing creek to the Ohio river at Wheeling, or by
the valley of Buffalo creek. to-Alm same point - by
the way of Wellsburg. • -
There are other route's which Will need inspec
tion, and possibly instrumental evou'ination, be
fore the location of the road is finally adopted.
It will •be practicable to maintain more mod
erate grades than throe of. the . Central Railroad
through the whole length of. this route; but I
'deem it of far more consequence to shorten the
line to the utmost reasonable limit, than to seek
a route of very low grades at any material sa z,
crince of distance.
, • Mr.'Ellett asserts that he feels assured of be
ing able to obtain a , line of less than 80 miles
is length, and which .will 'take passengeis from
the stew:Kt...heath on the Ohio at Wheeling,-and
deliver them in less than tiiree hours at Greens-
Mirg, whenee they will be borne. as far as liar
risturgh on the Central Railroad,: before they
can reachPithiburgh by the vivcr, even when
the Ohio is in its best navigable condition.'
• Mr. Elle' t, however, forgets that we shall have a
river route railroad,' and roost probably& direct
mill,read from Steubenville to Piitsburgh, which
eriLlgiveits all the facilities of "which he seems
to make so sere of securing a-monopoly.
• • A great portion of the report is taken up with
ate account of,, the Suea great routes which Mr.
Ellett says aie to connect Wheeling with Cin
cinnati, te wit; the Ohio central, the Zaalville
and. Wilmington, and the Be!pre and Marietta.
The latter is hypothetical, and the two former
unite together at Zanesville, so that there is on
ly one line, the Ohio Central, which will proba
bly reach the Ohio river at Wheeling. :In giving
the distance of these routes, Mr. Ellett 'follows
the practice of all the opponents of Pittsburgh,
and makes the difference in distance against
Pittsburgh much greater than the facts in the
case will warrant. We shall wait until all these
lines are finally located, and the distance accu
rately ascertained, when it will be seen that the
line through Pittsburgh is the most direct to the.
greal. West and Northwest.
In regard to the mode of proceediog with the
Hempfield Railroad, Mr. Ellett recommends the
following plan .
"If - you have not the means at the outset adc
iinate to accomplish the whole work on a proper
scale, it will in my judgineut, be adrisable to con
fine your first:expenditure to 'those porthins of,
the line which can be. tbade immediately produc
By commencing the work at the city of Wheel
ing, and completing the ft 2 miles from the Ohio
river to WashingtOn, you can nt 'once command
an important . trade from 'the Trch counties of
Washington and Ohio, and obtain a valuable
connection with Baltimore, with the Ohio river,
and the Ohlo railroads. With thjspoilion of the
lion only, in operation, the plank road now in
course or construction from 'Pittsburgh, when ex,
tended on to Washington—only 2; miles—will.
enable passengfirs from Pittsburgh to reach.
Wheeling °Teri - your road, seven hours sooner
than they can be delivered by the best packets,
in the best navigable condition of the river
Consequently, the completion of this fragment of
your line mill make it the interest of all the pas
senger boats to stop at Wheeling, and deliver
their Pittsburgh passenger. , upon your road at
the wharves of that city.
On the other hand, by completing about fif
teen miles of the road at the eastern old. along
the level, direct, and fertile Talley of the Big
Sewickly—if that route Should be adopted—you
will command the wholejtrade of. the Toughie•
gheny, and reverse the direction of a large por
tion of that which now descends the Mononga
hela, from a connection with the plank read from
Cumberland and Counellsville to West Newton,
and send tomer' to the Central Bead of Penneyt-
Tania, tae greater part of the commerce of the
productive. counties of Washington and Fay-
ette, and that of the southern part of Wentmore
land. •
I. would respectfully suggest, therefore, that
authority be given to the Engineer:
Ist. To survey and support s plan, with esti
snates, for :the construction, of the entire li ne
from Wheeling to Greensburg.
2d. To prepare for contract, as soon as may
be practicable, thirty-two miles of the road from
Wheeling to Washington, and fifteen iailes from
Greensburg to the Youghiogheny; with a view'
to the letting of the contracts on whichever of
divisions it shall seem, in the view of the board,
most advantageous to commence upon this
" '
/he portion of the line from Wheeling to
Washington, if-vigorously premed, may yet be
opened simultaneously with the completion of
the Baltimore anilOhio Railroad to Wheeling;
and that from Greensburg to the Youghiogheny,
which involves no heavy work, can be completed
simultaneously with the opening of, the Central
Road from Johnstown to Greeniburg. It will
be for the:Board to decide, after the eoropletlon
of the surveys, _ which of these divisions it will
best comport with the interests of the company
to ;limb Prat to completion.
The eastern end will be a !valuable tributary
to the commerce of Philadelphia, and the-west
ern end, if finished before the whole line is con
summated, an equally valuable tributary to that
of Baltimore.
Thererecommend.ations of Mr. Pllett, the Whee
Dig Gazette states, the Directors have adopted,
and itignediate gurneys, preparatory to location,
are authorized.
We think the probabiiityls, that'the western
end of the road will. be the first part pat, under
contract, ea each a policy will gratify Whashing
ton and Wheeling.
gentleman of Cannelton, Indian, who rs stated
by the Dry . Goods Reporter to be probably better
posted than anyother man in the Westerne ountry
writes under date of June 12:—
"The planters of cotton on the Mississippi
river are now on their sray to their summer
residenoes, and bring us intelligence from 'every
cotton district below, of the large promise of the
next crop. Thus far the season has been very
favourble, and, although an overflow is expected,
you may look for a crop of three millions of
bales in 1861-2 and a fall of" prices down to 6
cents for middling cotton. Now, if cur sarphre
goods can, at 6 cents the yard, be thrown on-for
eign marktee, we arel ikely to getapound of cotton
for a yard of No. 14 cloth. This exchange: 1s
is said, wiil satisfy the manufacturer. 4-.4 • •
"The present relative prices of goods mud ma
terial are not the most eneonraging to our cotton
mill owners tore. list our cotton does not east
no as much by from Y to 2 cents a pound, as its
cost at Lowell, and we are paying only Lowell
prices to our oi.orivtives."
GU AT WILL CASZ Dem uzu...-Staries Liberated.
—There has been for some time before the
courts at Richmond (Vu.) what was known as
tbo Ragland will ease, and the verdict of the ju
ry has just been rendered. Tho Richmond De. -
iAteh - nye :
• That will liberated eighty or ninety negrooe
in the midst of one of the largest slave-holding
Communities in the world, and devoted to their
use the entire property of the testator. It was
contested .with all the energy which could be
brought to hear upon it. The trial was conduct
ed with the utmost circumspection; witnesses
were examined and croes•exsmined; the whole
testimony wee reduced to writing, no that
the jury could read it 'throe themselves, (as we
learn that they did a great :Ortiote it;) and
then the case wale argued:with all the ability that
able and ingetiores counseil were capiblo of ex
creiaing.- After; all, fully understanding the
merit► of the case, a jury composed
tlrcly of alaveliolders--every man of thorn bay
ing strong sympathies, at least, with slave hold
era,-decided in favor of the will."
Hon: AbbOttLavrrunce, the American Minister
to Great Britain, gave a great banquet at IsondOn
on the 30th ultimo, at which Prince Henry,
of the Netherlands, the. Duke of Wellington
and. Rutland; and- many others of the nobility
. .
The death of, the Hon—Spencer Jarnagan, for
merly e. United States Scatter Irc;rn the State
of. Tetufeesee; is .annouaced, -la' a telegraphic
despatch, [root, 31emphis. 'reported to
have thedof cholera, on the, night : 44.0
• Mot Omen- Tayler,
'and Ittlirphy, convicted in Maryland or-the
der Of the Coilen Wally, have been isenteitied
to be bung. The Judge -made a very Ring - and
very feeling address to the prisoners. The law
allows an:indulgence ' of 'taint), after' 'sin.
tence before execution. The Executive will fix
na early day for the execution of the see:
- Late :Euglialk papiri ' state that the Hon.
Richard Pakenham, formerly Minister from
Great Britain to 'the Milted States, was to
pt:oeeed immediately to Lisbon s,e English Am
bassador Extraordinar y. and. Minister Plenipo
The Harrieburgh Telcyraph :Ls the following
comments on the 'nominations for the Supreme
°Bench, by the Lancaster ConveoGon:
-The Convention in these nominations have at
least been just to the people of the State, as well
as to eminent men of their party. , They have
not thrown aside men long teed and welt known
for ability and honesty as judges, for the • pur
puse of advancing the interestof any man for the
Presidency. 'Mr—Justice Coult was appointed
a Judge of the Supreme Court u 1846, by Gov.
Skunk., but he is nominated by o Whig Conven
tion, en . account of ;his enkri 'r ability for the
station,— We think i 1 heeds fin sfo ne td give
more general eatisfection a.4i a ndge the-Su
premo Court, than any man o has Ter been
appointed to that place. The urb 3 , of his
manners, the kindness of hie disposi 1012, over
manifests:fru, the young members of the bar on
their first appearance in the SupremelCourt, his
distinguished ability and learning as a. Judge,
the style of his opinions for force, cogency,
clearness, beauty and brevity, have drawn the
attention of the people as well aa the profession
trrhis eminent qualifications,
and rendered his
nomination as much an act of policy as of jus
tice: Ilia qualifications drew from the Locofoco
Convention reluctant tributes, we have no doubt,
to his merits; for hi there receiveirtwenty three
votes for a nomination; notwithstanding the cm ,
tainty that be would be nominated by the Whigs.
Ile is now placed in nomination, and the people
of the State without distinction of party, who
desire to uphold an able, impartial, safe, and
consequently popular judiciary, have an oppor.
tutilly Co to throw their votes in his case es to
secure one such man at least, upon the Supreme
Bench. • It will ho expected of intelligent and
honest Democrats all over the State, that they
will cast their votes in favor of Richard Coulter,
whatever selections they may make out of the
rust of the tickets. And such we know will be,
the case to a very great extent, from the avowals
of independency on this question. that have been
made at llarrisburg, by gentlemen from every
quarter of the State. ...
The election of Judges of the Supreme Coirt
does not involve party interest.. The Judges
ought not and cannot have anything to do with
party issues. They are to determine private
rights, and every man properly influenced by
respect to our institution, will select the names
of the best men far the ticket in making up their
ballot. In this view we confidently expect the
election of Richard. Coulter; but shall not regard
his election as a party trimph. It will be a
triumph of popular sense, discretion, and a just
and well deserved tribute to eminent worth, and
George Chambers has been a few. months upon
the bench, having been appointed by Governor
Johnston. Ile is well known over the State as a
Whig, and a gentleman, and a Lawyer of high
reputation. The opinions which he hoe already
delivend, upon different brunches of legal sti
erect, have earned for hint a rank among the
ablest of Judges. Ilia nomination was due to the
people of the State who feel an interest in the
welfare of one institutions, and they have not
been disappointed.
Mr. Comfy is less known in this.part of tho
State, but at the North be holds a high position
as a lawyer and man. We hesitate not to ray
that none other could have received a nomination
of the handset a 'Whig Convention.
Mr. Merredith Is go well known all over
the State en a lawyer of the highest eminence
In our State, since the retirement rif, Mr. Pin
ney, that no terms of commendation, are neces•
William Jessup is the President Judge of Sus
quehanna and Bradford, and has' the reputation
of being one of the ablest Judges in the State.
lie bag not al any time since Ilia appointment on
the bench, been regarded as a partizan--but he is.
well known to be a Whig. and. In palatal' moral
worth, ability, and legallearning, not inferior to
any. President Judge in the State.
to fine, the whole ticket is such as will be ap
proved of by the people.
Jgast Lmn.—The last eoneert in Boston of
the songstress was to take place on Thursday
evening. Respecting her fature movements
the Courier says :
She will sing at Lowell on Tuesday, and st
Springfield on the Thnrelny following. She then
purposes giving a few concerts Western New
Vork, and after tbst she will proceed to Sarato
ga Springs, where she will probably remain
some weeks She will notappear in Oratorio in
SCIT TOR LIB LL.—The. Ntlit. of Her. J; H. Fair
child ve. Rev. Nehemiah Adams, for libel, which
was transferred by consent of parties from the
Supreme Court to a Board of Referees, came on
for trial before Honorable Samuel Hoar, Linus
Child and B. A. Chapman, in Dolton, on Monday.
Mr. Fairchild, it will baremembered, was a few
years ago accused of 3 criminal connection with,
a girl living in his family, but upon trial before
a' civil tribunal was acquitted of the charge.--
His clerical brethren were still divided in opin
ion as to his guilt, and while some have continu
ed to treat him as a ehriatian minister, others
have refused and still refuse to do as. Mr. Ad
ams has been strongly eppoeed to him, and now
auntie . charged with libel for what be has mid
and done to his injury, the damages being laid
at $lO,OOO. Rev. Dr. Burgess of Dedham woo
the first witness for the plaintiff, and it is pro
bable shot a considerable number of clergymen
will be.emunined on each side. The counsel for
the plaintiff are J. A. Clifford and A. - B. Ely,
Fags.; for the defendant Hon. Battu Choate and
.14m. J. Hubbard, Esq.
Mos. SWIIMILLX es Coarcertois.—The fol
lowing remarks by this lady are advisable and
well timed, and indicate strong sense amid ma
ny unfeminine peculiarities:
"The physical right to be taken care of is one
of twoman's rights' that we will never yield.- 7
Our physical weakness will . be ourafiangest sr
.-gut:Gent , for claiming all intellectual and
moral powers of 'defence. In in intellectual or"
moral war, we ask no quarters on:hccount of
womanhood ; but of every men we meet we claim
physical protection just because ho is a man and
we a woman. As to the meeting in convention
to discuss woman's right to engage in any occu
pation for which she has a capacity, it is a shter
nonsense. There is no law to prevent woman
following almost any business, and wby do they
not take their right to work at any thing they
please! Mrs. Coe urged that women have a
right to be captains of ships. Well, why are
they not captains! There is no low to prevent
it. It we believed it right, and thought we had
the capacity, we would acknowledge our right.
It would have taken a deal of talk to convince
the world Joan of Are and Jagello had a right
to be soldiers, but without' ny ergurying on the
subject they proved their title to a nioh in the
warrior's temple of fame. 'A man of words nod
not of deeds, is like a garden full of weeds,' and
a woman of that kind is very much like him.—
There is no nee claiming rights for those who dd
not want to use them,, and those who do should
just take them."
Trautessee—Pestowni. Penties:—'l'he can
vass for Congresn in the lid ,Ittlitelet, betweeti
Col. L C. Haynes and. Andreas 'Johnston, in
waxing warmer and ararmar, and rather over
stepping:the ordinary limits of party doings. A
correspopdestaf the linoartlle Whig, who heard
them at Blountarille, than reports the substance
of their.epeeches:
"Johnson and Haynes quarreled six home
here, and have adjourned to meet again tomor
row. They said but little about politics, but to
great deal. about their own'waat of honor, truth
and patriotism. Haynes charged Johnson frith
refusing pay.bis , calla on his railroad stock.
Johnson denied, and produced receipts to prove
that he had paid, but said that Johnson had
paid his owr, calls In wind . from the stamp, mad
wan paid two prices for that. Efityne4 soul that
he had the prombie of Johnson that be would
get out of. the way this time and do his beet for
Johiison denies thin bargain; says that
Haynes asked him tliteen hundred dollars to give
him the track two years ago. and help blotto
bent Taylor; that his friend Patterson got him
down to eight hundred; and that he and Hanes
met at Gremorille about the twat of May to ar
range certain preliminaries of. a parentl . ;—
They charged each other with having roc red
lots of money from their party, with merry ras
cally things—all of which we Whigs believed'l:_.
Haynes proved byt. L. Gammon that .he wail to
havethe track thin timo, Johnson proved'' by
Patterson that there wad adsorb bargaha—that
Haynes had beenbought off wtth =lacy astibid
no right to run now I Johnson said Haynes was
veteran Democrat enough to go Congrede yet
—that stew yours ago nil vim nbley Whig—
was abnsingl Jackson,. Van, Buren, and all the
Democrats—mu kicked -out. of the Whig midis
by Brownlow—joined the Marchand gotlicenco
to preach, to be up with hisadreriary—but that
Brownlow kicked him out of Church In six weeks
morel -Haynes replied that no one would erer
kick Johnston out of the Church or Ministry—
for that be was an infidel and did not believe. in
the existence of a God. Johnson' replied that
he believed In the,trtie and,living God, but that
he''hid no faith in the God navies wOrshipp+l,
dosing the six waits of hie Ministry I"
r • -
thrf9999.9 , 919f tb• New Scnk Ocerunirreial Advestise
•-•- • Lemma, Friday. ,lath June, 1851.
The Whitsuntide holidays have given-us a short
suspension of the - languid labors of the two
houses of Parliament, but a return of cold and
wet weather, - wretched almost beyond the expo
rience,or the preceding months has made every
thing dull: The exhibition still numbbrs its
daily, crowd at,50,000, - yet even this, which has
eitingeished 'all besides, has been considerably
affected by-the gloom y skim. . A larger influx at
the particular period was geLerally anticipated.
a. .
nd t is so disagreeable that a great proportion
- of .the visitors . have been piior people from the
country; whose stay was. limited, and whose en
joyment must have been rattly sacrificed. At the
same time one effect has been produced which
every decent person in London contemplates
with satisfaction. The largest metr o p o litan fair
that is now permitted to be held, takes places at
this season at Greenwich, and is usually a scene
of unmixed depravity and ruffianism. The
swarms ef strangers among us, however, were
happily not destined to ho either corrupted or
disgusted by . it, the soaking rain having com
pletely quenched it, and rendered it one of the
most dismal spectacles that could be.
Since the departure of Arctic the Liv
erpool and Manchester - Markets appear on
the whole to have shown no much
could be expected, and we have received no
announcements of farther failures. It turns out
also that the loblities of Mi. Hyde, of Liver
pool, whose stoppage took place on the oth in.
stout, amounts only to .C 121,000, instead of .C2OO
- or £300,000, as was at first supposed by
some of the parties interested, and who were
bget capable of forming an opinion. It was
known that he . eommenced the year with a clear
property of more than £70,000, and it was in
ferred that in losing that sum in - cotton, he must
have speculated at least to the extent stated.
But it seems his reverses must bore spread over
several manths,.and that he boa met them from
time to time. At a meeting of his creditors day
Wore yesterday a list of assets was submitted
amounting lo £124,000, out of which .046,000
consists of cation estimated it the marketpriee.
The remainder of. the property, however, was re
garded as having been put down at too high a
valuation, and the impression, therefore, still is
that although a nominal surplus was shown, the
octuol dividend to the creditor will not (unless
there should be n decided reaction in cottony ex
ceed the amount snarl iii the loot advices,
namely, 15 to 17a in the pound. The inspectors
appointed to wind up the estate are Mr. Hamil
ton, of Brown, Shipley.& Co; Mr. Cr.:table, con
sulting director of the Borough Bank of Liver
pool; and Mr. of-Wilson, Trottel Co.;
the latter it is understood on behalf of parties
of New Orleans: -
Foreign affairs Mill continue stagnant, except
as regards the monotonous accounts of cruelties
and persecutions' at Boum, finance difficulties st
Vienna, and the complex intrigue, which hare
pretty well brought all parties to a dead lock at
Paris on the question of revising the constitu
At Hamburg' the freedom of the city has been
again violated by outrages on the part of the
Austrian troops in the neighborhood, who after
having provoked the people by misconduct, di
rooted a murderous tire among them, killing
eight and wounding N.. The exasperation of
the inhabitants of Bamberg at this occurrence
is described us exceeding all bounds, but they
will find that at present there is nothing fur
them but subniission. Snob things however,
will no more he forgotten than We murder of
Robert Blum, or the carious other proceedings
of the rod kings eine° 1848.
At Scebeswig, according to the last accounts, a
curious plan bud been hit upon by the inhab-
Ratite to triumph over the petty tyrauy or their
tuilita7conquerons, which, like all pacific meth
ods, has succeeded where violence would have
failed. An insulting order that every china
should respectfully salute all Danish officers has
been minded. not on account of its ,being re
sisted, but from its having been implictly obey
ed and something more. The people of Schles
wig adopted the homeopathic law of anario
croantse, and cured We evil by practising
an analogis bet wholly unexpected process. If
they were to be forced to make on obeisance to
three whom the , " dislike or despised, it occurred
to them that they slimgd act in harmony with
We principles throughout, Accordingly it Is sta
ted gust they agreed to meet each other with the
slightest nod of acquaintance but to salute every
dog, pig. bullock and Danish officer with a pro
found how. The absurdity, it is added, because
popular, and the obnoxious regulation was speed.
Hy revoked-
The Ohio Statesnian of the 15th, has returns,
reported and olficlat from all the counties of the
State, except Allen, Fulton, Mercer, Noble oral
(Mona. These counties poll, bat a small
vote and will not change the present maprity
much, which is 15,09(1 in favor of the New Con-
Atilt] Lioll. •
The SU teeman gives return, of the License sae
from all the counties except Adam., Allen, Ash
land, Athener, Carrel, Clark, Crawford, Darks,
Defiance, Fulton, Geangs, Greene, Ilardbx„ Ihrli-
E , Oll, !Nary, Kno; Lawrence. Lorain, Lumts,Nler
cer. Noble, Ottawa, Pike, Puttnnu,Richltmd, San
dusky, Summit, Trumbull, Vanwert, and Wayne.
The majority against License Is 8,909. it isnot
probable the counties to hear from will change
the result, though they will be likely to reduce
ttue majority. The following article la no doubt
apart of the New Constitution:
• -No to traffic In Intoxicating liquors
shall hereafter he grouted in this state but the
General Assembly may, by law, provide against
evils resulting therefrom."
What It moose is already a mooted question.
Some conteal that it karts the traff,c in ardent
spirits as free as the traffic in iron, flour, Sic,—
Others that the traffic can Le entleelyprohibited,
which, they say, will he the only mode bylaw, to
provide !spinet. eras !resulting therefrom.. The
vote adopting the article was not strictly a tem
, ; Terence rote, many liquor dealers and drinkers
soling against license on free trade prineiplee-i-
The Legislature will no' doubt construe the er•
tide in favor of prohibition.
The new Constitution takes effect Du the Ist of
September nest, and all lawn in force then, not
Inconsistent with the Constitution, continue in
force until amended or repealed. The election
' for members of the General Miserably is to. be
held on the second Tuesday of October. A Gor
erner, Lieutenant Governor Auditor, Treasurer
of State, Seeretra7 of State, Attorney General;
fire JuslOs of the Supreme Court, a Board of
Public Works, consisting of three members,
Judges of Courts of Common Pleas and Probate
(7 , 011T121, Clerks of the Ceuta of Common Pleas,
and numerous County- officers are to be chosen
on the same day.
The present State Officers bold till the second
Monday in Januery,lss2—the Judges of the Su
preme, Common PISOS. and Probate Courts, and
the Clerk of Common Pleas, till the second Mon
day in February, 1832.—Cleretand
Ur - 310LANt'd 'Area Pims.—ln (arming
this ntedleine lID the public, the prolnietors are well aware
that they barn to num:tinter a hostility generated by the
mnallesr Intromitintsm 'thigh tuns been palm.' loon the
public under the thane of Valour mollelnes. We are eau
deny lo”ser, that It Is poly necessary to glre their TT
nod, a trial to plane It In battle estkultinn Go above All
medical Agents of the kiral 'ever offered to the palate. 'lt
11 the Invention of en enlighteund,expetieneAd, and hntro.
.1 rhyslcinn. oho So C.Kilt In his atm prom
llrA, when itm gond rooms. induced Mks to offer It to the
public at lunte
Far male by J. KIDD St CO..
eltd dieto4 :irk Oh Wood It.
CEV - itoodor! a trunk to yoa.Yyoavrish
to too , . 4 mul.t eueelleut motel., Iu your Ihmee, to to
homerltately 10 , CYa of borne. cute. eureka, bet . .yee.
Leetueeu e , ueuntluto 1.100, erhuoihnouttrtunte.
he.. he awl het a bottle of ILO. Phirela Mehl. LItO
tanut e szel you ISM It 1111fi , 11 . Iktled br ouf utediehur of
the kind the whole world. e advertleement.
LIKE Oil, ABOVE WATER.-.The sikk man tan tell a
gmvl modicio• by trying It, as mlick u •lir, eau telt •nowl
alums. by eating It. And it out, Man trim it, and Olds It
pot. It will &door the Popularity with the whole ell].
You emit Introduce a mNleinetetio popular use mdem it
Porsessee really trubvtontinl virtues, fn./from:all keel effeets
of valid ohicetions, and It ix thlilket that has established
lio, rvpu tattm of ...bull's Compound Fluid Extract of Sat.
P.nyina," beyond nit mvil Or dispute, Its sullen upon'
the bouvaostreleos loin arverdanco with rational end phi.
losepitleal prioelples-1t unwindea the various secretions
and exertions or the testy, removes'obrtrurlione, dliPloons
morbid and diseased matter, strengthens the stomach
and digestive 0.1,•11, creates new, pure, ind hmlthy
Duet, and regulates the vartenv functions of the different
of the body. This' is all perfortuod without the
lean danger of harm the Prepsmition being /1.5 wife se It
I. enieset,.. It may be thought by the skeptical, that it
purports to cure tin Many diseases, but upon exam:kw
lion. it will be found that a large fanjet - Ur of the di so.
es which eilict the human (sadly originate in as impute
stew of the blood. lie not dentived, then, by other Hat
smovilles bung. offerod sou by -cur sellers of !noisiest,
and water intparation" wi a substitute the the original
John bull's Sannvarilla I This valuable preparation the
ProPrietor warrants to be superior to all oth
Csonnx.-Ibisrcro and ask Er the orininSpc.
Butte Sarkunrala from Kadituty—and have no other. the
advertitetneot on another' peg..
jeliotlkw3eiy . • WholsaleA Eaton ascots.
, bingtirratonot. lluntingdon co., Ps., March 1,' 51.
Stu:—Dear Sir; Tour Petevieuro Dem./EWA won
ders ki this vicinity; theredire we would thank you to send
up erelong by the Pininsylviusla lisdlroad. We are en
tirely out. and It is being Icquinsl for almost ern? dal.
Yonfe. metes - Mont. JOUN Min A CO.
, Ilargsvms. Ashland co., 0., tlarch U.
P. M. tins;—diesr Mr. Your Agent. a few weoke
left with no fair down Deck Oil, which we have wild.
Please forward to tie rig dozen Intotodhetely.
Your toad Di n, la working Wonders In thie region. We
ego obtain wrierel excellent certificetes. If fon desire them.
Tours, • W. Si. SCOTP.
' Pm sole by &Meer It McDowell; 140 Wood area, 11. 1.
Fellers, 67 Wood Strewn D. Yam:Cook. A Co, corner
Wood and front strcebr, D. N. CUM D. A. Elliott. &sash
Donut...and 11. P. Scawarts. Ai leahon also hr the pro.
D. M. KIDD,-
entl4kinT . Canainasiu.geventhato Pittsburgh. •
• 7. Faieigli 'ar4lnierican •Hardware.
• LOGAN,. WILK. N 'at, Co.,
• No. 129 Wood Street,
ntninotoPlotestook of TO/ZEIG'N.ANZIAJLERIO42,
gultal;le for the spring trniei arid which they - are posperred
oger to purchasers at PM= that will compere
Lovorable with lingo( th• cute= &ton
00 the 29th Amparm IL, yonnkest son of &Aland
Angeline Frminh, ..,e4 9 moutheind 21 day". The Men&
of the Welly are respectfully Molted to attend the • rune.
enl,from the reeddenee of its parents, on Webster etreeb
between the &phew: . deilum and the West Common, Al
legheny, on Tuesday, July Ist. at a o'clock. I'. M.
on Monday, Jimme.34th. o'clock. A. , Dr. 11100,
domeneow, Impel 63 yftra. The forterni will lease the re..
slelcnee of Mn. Dumb, N 0.99 Fourth street, on Temedar.
J ll 7 Lt, at Wif o'dock, A. M. •
Suddenly, eo illaience, on Sunday morning, the P.Oth
MC, at 4 o'clock. Jo Kenos. in the bOth year of Ms
.0 Sabbath , the tb ult., at IIK o'clock. A. 11. , Kra
II saucy C., wife of nmea of Allegheny.
cott Meeting. — L-•
t6i'The Co mi tten of Invitation, appoint
ed by bolt t i ne, are vequertai to meet at the Of
fro of the Chairman. (11planda liWlding , comer of Fifth
nod Sutlthficld atrects,) on evening. July Ist, at
o'dOok. A full attendance to red ueeted.
The following compd. the CmoMittoe.
T. J. Bighorn. Robert Porter, Fred. U. Kay.
L. S. Job , Charlton, Andrew Rayne,
ITancl. Iva. Ephraim J 0..., John Young. Jr.
T. J. /IMAM. Chairman.
Fourth of July at Greenwood.
firHIS dolighiful FLOWER GARDEN IS
now littal tip far the celebndion of this day on an
citettelve erale, by the addition of teat,. itt ahady places.
cod tortv•hooeote, Ac.. sufficient to accommwaw all who
01.0 to viend their Fourth In till. , retreat. Mum through
bot Mu dny and evening by if lIITY.'S RAND. live Steam.
ats. and • large number of month..., will run than
thn two chi.. to the Minim ho intoskating drinks oo
the [Jilittl JAMES McliAlis.
For California via Chagrek—Dire9t.
NEW and powerful Fdeanuship
LA FAYETTC. Charles Etodd.t, nontromder,
( sue of tn.... n.l l l Cftecent rm. / ,1 u 1 ."
delphla for Chaves. direct, no Thuredar, 10th July, at 12
o rteom her wharf... Lombard street.
The lama steam. hex proreal herself a remarkably tar
1,0 .4.4 and ber acentognodstione for Urn and second
1W paesengers are ussurpasweL Through Tickets to Ban
jrancle. furniehed of reduced rates. For (relight or pee
" L . r. .DPII to 1/CuILUE )1.11:!ittlr a (;‘).,
Why tz
JUILN L. LINTON, Lombard Str % o V
J. O. WILLI/MS.lm, Erma %treat, Now York
)ridtd(o.MO Or W3l. YLOYD, Mitobtarob.
E. M. DAVIS dc CO.,
Importers of French and. Canton Goods,
114 ESPECTFULLY invito buyer to exam
_LC tbelr Muck.
LIONNI:t IfIRIIO.Y.S A very eleuwat assorttnent.
PYLTA' AND SAM RIDIJUNS—a full wort:vent
BLACK eaus eaud pate, of
the beat mute.
did Ci.V.S . N.V VEAT/Nati—Same makn that has has,
Wore amen so ma. aattsasettan.
EL'S.T..V, Vslas., blark and fancy C.a.. black and
catarsd Vrapes. Crape Let... .4 Hater...
•• • -
of all ealara lad prints. DRESS eltArr.4.of varic
:Atilt DE CIUNE, Sornenott. Forges. awl other Silks
',enlist. to the Canton wont, rEeor(io)
For Sale on Perpetual Lease,
off In out lot Do. I[l tte original plan or the town
en Ha
Lone.kEln lont fronting on both sties of Doboceo Moe t, and
Abet fi, ;vat for one or more really the reckluo of the
out lot on the 11111, extetattlect tarok to Ridge meet, lately
' l' u oft i rrtr, s itl.,: to tt rs ot l itt of 31r. HOSES 1101tLAND, ear
the prataieer; or of '
toe ruhattiber. at Ms Moe, No. ' lOl
Taird Wald. littebarab.
LAKE FISII-25 U, o. Lake Trout,-(now.)
art swam) and for rale by •
;o'l J. MCA:OULU.
Strayed or Stolen,
dAN THE NIGHT of the 15th June6 s7 ,
from au eucloadre ou Charlie. Creek. abuts
Ci Toth. from l'ltLburgh. bear the liteutwusllle howl—
yeaall black 1101thY., and about 8 Jean` and a Ainan bay
V of like ato. A 4411.10 reward trill he paid fur the
rt,sl, cry a eltlxr of the xl, ahoy. auhrialt.•
triZt A awl 00 Yrout
New Mimic.
composed U.
t - Kleber, Irad dodlrated to Steybene. Frater. of no
11, 7 ,. .r1T0t %Lan .—* z...m..4 by U. a• played Dr
*eil, lit 1r illt n ,:i t atlZ7r t
Doilrter intriadiven br Dan,
to U. KLERCH. 161 Third em.t.
P. „411.Vul Int a n '
ef: ," i f l i P4o ' .4: 44 ,l "l! grpe
Ih , e 14843, fo;Tal..
kZ THAW WRAPPING PAPER—Crown.ko Nod.", and INputA. Crown Airs, fin• rale wholroubs
,1 MAP . by , WALTKII r. MaItPIIALL.
At, MotAl ste , et.
PAPER—For sale by
LABGE Throe Storp Brick Bwelling, re*
Na. f01k...24 how. ot Lb*. West Ind of aZill
Alleataeo T.llridar. Jan mpaired. pdaaal aad
w A., • r mall tea *tory Brick Dwelling. le itekinPoll
ar la
the atn
Attorney al Lae
to./ Fourth 14014.
f Volarptiao mey.l
HEMP-11 bales Missouri, for vale by
1l num sox - rums 2,1.
eiIOTTON---15 bales for sale b
1 EMI-1360 pip Galena, for vale by
ier , 11116 T., 3.IATTILY.WO a CO.
FRUIT-1450 bur prime Peaches;
"ppppler, foe rslr by
jr.. 011150. HATlllatis CO.
DIU METAL-560 tons for sale by • •
ie l Inter. MATrlt6ll'ba CO.
bruslafor sale b, tlatikLaY "
iryo II and'lY, W,0,l fit.
lIICET-56 ten. fresh by
►IIAR-110 bbls. sale by
itUrTEIC-13 legs Spring. for Bale boy
.11 , P WM. kV/11AT t
I lIIEESEr--21:0 !,vies W. IL, for nale'bv . ,
B.) j.o IrII. HAOALZY a Cu.
1 OLE LEATHER--100 Sides best hemlock
kJ Timm, Ne• Tort Lestber. Le ale I.y
Jat.lo KM. satolLf.l a CO.
Ifs ASTOR OIL-10 bbls. extra quality, for
J^ " IS =Kt :I, Woof rt.
l:} 1, ! C t 11.1 N TS' BANK , .
IRVIN. I It fAcond rt.
DIG IRON---414 tons superior, for sate by
OSIN--201.) bbls. fur sale by
./e 3O ;mato a IRVIN.
TAR -90Q bblet, for sUleby
.100 • BAIRD a IaTIN.
111 rata b/ ri0.;501 DAM a MIS.
I> ICE-40 tierces (to arrive) for sale by
LL Jem BAIRD a lay!!).
0iii, 1 11.9.1)-25.bbls. for sale by
. . .
Stone Ware Pumps, for Wells and Ciaterns.
SUBSCRIBEIL informn the public
that he bore Intro... loin tea region the sToNt.
ac PC3III, mautifeetunol by timers. a. 11. IC. 1
!loon. of Middlebury. Moonlit rtmoty,l).. which bare
elven surh Pulver.' ratiefortiou wherever used. Tim
mod galitlm of them Putura ars. that Hoy are easily
wetted. seldom or new am out of kepis. keep the miter
sorfectly sweet and <oak and me dule as amine
b.. They ve elm cheep. They Mtn Isaacson at J. 11.
in/mold's warehouse. No. 14.1 Pint otreekor at leave Hap
al: sten, on Liberty. street. tOlow at. Cllalm Orders WI
Mom place. will to promptly filled br the subeeriber.
...Is Ware Pips. manufactumd
apnoea sante place. sed
11..1 for monolog, water (Ma or Pm hydrant%
In las furolieed. It le of all alma and am to fur
nished at Ifn tutu nee half the price of lead pipe. jaMalairttti JOHN I. tHICXR.
Superior Shirting Muslin!
morning another ropply of One Starting Mup
Mellen en hang. Ingram and nblreng lenatuMPxonned
directly fun the manufacturers agentx, and ran be war-
Tauten pun Linen.
Greenwood and Rosedale Hourly Packet
the One tenon ECLIPSE, IL T. White,
Magic, will mate regular Inn to the &bowl.
Undone. from the tent or Market ellen. null hour, mm
'76°g"roe ' Ca ' T ' l ' il ' C'pr A lWl o M 'n her leaking at the hour. -
Adams & Co.'s Express Office,',
Ye. 65 Market rust).
IT GIVES US PLEASURE to announce to
our Mends
Barker now ready to receive them at
cc, ondrag.
ou j, : elrco w eVe l memnore for trek. with - which we conameni
co g conning neer thi Central ad, we hare incrcxsod our
Boggle* to sM , by wtkh we can mend orlersany day (free)
c o the East, and return good. e t the same measenger.
BAKER it BditilYTll. Agent..
• Notice.
HE Annual bleating of the SW(1110141378
of the "Atlantic adohlo Telegraph Oatnicanf
c be d ot o'clock. e W st . t .h il :o .' l '. o r aztvgi.o.o, .1
eitialmrgh, for the pommy of electing Nine Directory, to
Irmo' for the 0L1.121111 rf sr, and to trunaact such offset .
too/ow no may be Immoral before the meeting, Blonder
of the Directors. A. B. CUlthliNag s
etil Secretary.
&panldle Tiles for Floors.
ryIIESE TILES are inure durable thannar•
bi, n r o f Uri rienly of talons:ollgram illrely iimmt.
boy um Dud for Cborcher and ether public building%
ow/ Ort Vestlbuler; Hall% Dining nor.., Cornerrandlo,
awl Ilrartbr 113 Irwrillogs. Itolorted and for role by
!LILLE!, 111/AgEn & IN/LII.E.
Lo =n
10KIIES.AGE—An additional supply
reed thin morning nt it:name of
Jelin MUItP k
OPLEY'S POT Cflit , -1.0 Urns for salo by
I . ) .1. Se 1100 NM AKER CA)..
ll OIL-14 bbls. for sale by .
Je2B .
4 LUIII-511 bbls. for sale ay
LUE —lOO Wale. for sale low 13. y
J. eciloonteKr
Si AND PAPER-410 reams ass , d, for sale by
S PONGE—Extra noTurlcoy, — fo — r Bale by
J. RtCCy
Jeri 24 Wood wt.
PAINTS GROUND IN OIL, in 1 lb, can ,
Bung and Rey Umlee, Chrome Yellow, reelsOreen,
erase. Ulu*, as, ; kw sole by
Ye2T a. scuoos &Kan 6 co., 24 wow
LOGIIOL--76 :andl - 92 deg. strength. fai
sage by j..z . 1 J..S . CIIOObaIAKEP. CO.
IVIIITE GLUE-3 bbls. far sale by
A LEEN'S Nerve and Bone Liniment-5
by J. E4.3looN . )Lkiln. t CO.
1,7 estn large he'vt•
IHAVE just received from New York, un
nortimispleAts.of mr . sl;i n ly . lNDOW CORNICES ano
joal W.V. NOBLE.
btls. No. 3 Small, to
JITILV tun. a co.
, .
. .
SO bbls. ad. Large 2ia. 2 Ilahhh./1
10 • No. 2 "
5/ hE Lbls. ' No. 2 " •
30 bbla - so.] lialt.lleirlar
No.l 010.
20 " Extra Fatalli norm (braid,' hi
. je . ...7 • .10 • 1131 WAIT A (A).
.To Business Men.
hriHE SUBSCRIBER intends starting on a
Bnetnetta Tour to the Faatoth Cities, on or about tha
not . JutT, and will attend to wr hnsineset entrusted to
"th.."'?"'""." 54 1; 1 4 7
.Ht. Me6N101 . 11%
Offioe to Tilghman Ilan, appoint the Nay Court nowo.
Iteferenerst—Jan. Moe no, F. C. Flannint D-NtWbit.•
Wets Hampton. Oeo. E. Amid, and Wm. aleCandlese,
Ems: jag t 4
X. liazin's (suceeesor to Roussel)►Perfumes
for the Handkerchief.
XTRACTS of Rose, Orange Flamer, Joe
manlitte. Portugal, Verbena. Sweet Pea, Vardlia s Pat.
cloddy. Viole allanionette alibetleure tiourl, Pink.MerP
noitn. Bouquet de Caroline. Comma. llelletrope, Cadre;
Homo:ohne, Tuberose. Bergamot. Camelia. Honeysuckle,
Jon/loins, Jestbey Cluh, W Lv. Maracbda, Sprint:Rowers.
Clemstite. West Jenny Lind. Cassie. Citronelle Some
11/al kir tract Mork, in one mines bottles, with glass *MP.
14 re All the above Palmate, which are only a put of Me
assortment, ant of the rery hest duality. holm, manures-
I crest with especial rare. The erlw nice sales made in this
eountry, hilly test the high estimation in which they an
hold by the community. For sale by
je2l" It . E. SELLEIIB. wood
ASTBURY : a Tale; by Anna Harriet
_E4 rury. authoress of "Frieoda Rod Fortune/0
:tot So Dad as No &eau or Ilauy SA. to • Ch•fluderl
Comedy la Eve arbg by far E. Dufour Lyttoa/tart. A.
iztirgr,',l.°2l7gzhigst!',l. - 7,~'riaee AI here
The Daughter or Night a glory of the praeout tlorg by
E. W. Follom. The above Jug reed and for sale by
}lra It. C. STUCKTON. 47 Market et.
Wm. M. Y:ltTEMiii ------- - -
1; 1 !TILL give opccial attention to the Collec
t Non of claims far March ante and other. in Wed
"Beln. leattia and Eastern Ohio.
111 ' co in i Tilginnan uppuaita the New Court Maw,
Plashorgh t Pa.
Reference.-Jobn Norriwn, Y.C.Flanegin, D. N. Whit.
%we, llama , . and Wm. hleCandliwa,Ewia.
Mil reams Med- Rag and Straw Wrapping rarn
250 Crown
Oa Doable Crown
ho ftediom
12.5 i• ...warted Manilla
nn Char
IS " mperlor Part Orden Faker: 't
100 " bouble Sfellam 2;x03 Printlnsr Paper:
100 Imperial 22332 "
1 " 21333 . "
.0,1e_111 . .x . r....,_71112!. lot ofor.ld elms V . : p a ltpcm ‘ . ll.t. sale at
ItriOZ•et. W.1171175VLV,
etatinorr mid Paper Dealer,
y 0513
Vaat, JoaritaTATaftta M traVitt= " A•l• U 7.
bbI.. (trek,
4 Lank
leg Lark
1 mak Botarvax,
li baits tOnJa•kat
104 • " Raga
• troT•T arrive. per . _ !tamer
Cava May, for rile by /86 3 1AleDICKEV CO.,
JoVv. 158 Water street.
sus perior Thirliogton &noted lborine. for Wok,/
)45 Grattan and Tao Dralera.
IAVA COFFEE-40 bag* very nuperior,
" '3"" A. kIeCLCRO
§.rry at.
OAF StioAll---.s6To — aves Lovcring'mDon
"fgll7.l°A.NitCLEßlG l CO.
Lawrenceville & Shailislyerg Plank Road.
riniE Stockholders of "The Lawrenceville
, A l ,4l,4 th ltrinbstrc Flo? COMPtI
r. plare bre t Z
of 141. std .11k, t:y an re: l
guar.! to pay to Lb. inototoor, at Ws Mee. (corner of
ntath aro! Lawny mu m atreeta. l
or before the W a n) of
og month. JAa4EB BLANgt. o ,
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of ororr Ore, made sod Pagrat4BrlivOls,
blank late& Nltnufartary, No.?) Tblrdcroott
-- ii'a;;E;;;;: ;07.7(1.
Second Street Propertyfor Sale,
rro CLOSE an Estate, Tyro very deli-2
M. and well flublel thrre .tart CRICK'.
Illl.l.ll'llS c on Socusul. Irtunwllately atofe ftattlu
(uarb 6.10 front. awl attic with
lath nom. ottachgul: earphel frrmt "anvil wstiubot Carl
•r..l • ater,) will Ir. 40;11 luw. Tie. flown , an marly now.
mai will I. rmittrymt at 0. tiero of purclasac.lba balance
a J4l, llltlftit fro. to ell fuarw
for Further In frm arplf tn VRAN RAU L Alma
f , t• the .-,tate of Al. ItAllna.d.6l. at .11ron.meolefliall,11•11-
.I.r Co:e. pu Water at. j.:11.1111wIlarT (frft2.)
LINEN u ( r )f
reetl ' b; .11171:77a BERNIF7FIO.'
jo:f3 N. E. roesser of A , °lath sad Market es.
D ILL PAPER—A superior lot juit reed
v.l rm. oak by . W. it. HAVEN, flatlitsmr.
Net_ comet of .!!..aved and Ilartrt at.
aILLEITS 303 PENS—A fresh supply of
tbese rapertor Niel l'enc,rved end L,r ratla at
K. 8. HAVEN'S Ntottro.rry.
!neafrd ..Smond and Ilan. six
$,„; and cunt ivverful Pre. In ure—ined• on • nee
ht.=. lalru than ; b o r e.. end 7 . :;:w. t ;
rid md ni e
at common
&AN-A-a •
• -26 Stationery Wareham.. Margot et.
Black Tea from LiverpooL
•P a chile. lot or Strong and Fine Flanoriel C0N(1915
CAC. whioh upon trial *lll he found togo • mu, ahead
any Is flttabargh. Th e rattle are 'netted to try them
Tea•—tnglitts. troll .od Sewn people In partionlar—ax
they to. exastly the 101110 Mods of Taw they used In the
'lid Country.
Itsrdm. Joe: and >adios tale lard.. .ate and a out. or
Agent for Pitttburgh.
C T CLES!—We hare a complete
t 'lock of (told. ellen, and Steel Apretsolos i and th o beet
, to.litr of more: and emirate ttlareen to. at miasma to
every variety of onion, according to the teeeLpeleeile• of.
cietital meant, i1r241.
111Al'uE.Ac3.. AND EAR FOUNTAIN -The
rd rouot,on.lrdkal atten
'l:zr-t &I l e ;
• W.
BOTTLE CORKS-400 frt.°. forlalo by
jeZI mums, 67 Wowet
PARIS GREEN-540 lbs. sup., for sale by
J. 2. 4 R. R. SELLERS.
UTMEGS-1 bbl. No. 1, fee sale by
a l jeu IL E. SELLLBI4.
1 /QUORICE ROOT-300 lbs. fur eale by
14 1.24 IL IL FILLERS.
. N - : 1, 11 ACKERE L--100 bble: and
Wel DIV :2 t d .1... 1 1 r i 914 Ph xt.
from the manufacturer:. 7500 Get Light Deltinz.for
-91111 purposes, for We at the India Rubber Dem,
Noe 7 and 9 Wood et. J. 11. PIII
I UST RECEIV ELL-A Supply of India - Rub
fl bye Dm., Pump . sippl. Shields. mg Syriuget of all
tap!. for tub, le h01e... retalL at 7 amt Y Weed FL
Rat J. t 11. PIIILLIPS.
etreet.oupodtetheTost Oftbuc—
Lee n or the home a tale OS real MN by Caroline
The Daughter or etory of the prmeut
, Not se Dad le re Seem: a remedy by llulertr.
' 'Dletbmary of Stechardce,
LitteDre Wring Ase,No. 371.
Ylrematis Monthly - Illagastuejur
nook. fer:l
" The
emaheoTh j e t leot .1.1l Or W 0043 by MilOel,
Cheap Black De Lame.
, oretrd • lot at firm (all reel) black Do 14Ine,
e prim a t 4•12
•farte vtide ran be had al lbw more of
bbifi. new Lake Trouti
10 ht "" for de by
023 J. IL C/giFLELD.
..0. SUGAR-25 hh4123, for auk by , .
• 10= J. B. CANVIEL
SODA ASII- 7 20 casks for sale by
ju2s . B.* IT. lIARisdUOII.
111_110'1'ATOES-150 bu. for ealo by
FL2"-100 bblo. extla , l;: . n i t far= by
pE46.11115-75 bu-11)r sale by : •
2 .= & at W.
CiIiEJSE-4° boxes Cream, for sale b
s. a w. itannaun:
TON alloltEr a CO.
G LASS -400 boxes Window Glass, assort
. e ?: Y. vox noramoasT a co. •
LIA es, —
T FORKS, Hay Rakand 'Serbs
jA. Focathe, eor ode br
,s2l 0. V. VON 13(00.113010T t CO.
Pure Brandy, for Diarrheas, &c:
REAR IN MIND! should von need French
Draody. tte roar aver an be obtained at MORRIS'
et, lu tba Dimond, at El per quart or bottlo.
VOR RI:AL GOOD TEAS, go .toQ, ....
AL' 31011ILIEr Tr. Mut, la th e Dlamowl• • la 1 . 4 ,4
nor br damaged Team ore never kept et this ests
Velmn je2l
rsit.—A salmi°, lot Of the above vilely Jail 'red for aafre 1,7 1110)145511.AL1MR,'
Jan • ' 55 Market et.
White Paint.
X. and for
at Nom aad Wood at. •
invite the attention of llouseand Steamboat
Painters to this srtielo, which we bat, been using for urn
tards nf th roe mou th s. and an mammal to bo superior
white lead paint In teary respect; . lamead of abwirbiaq
the hubt like white lead, lino sthltiarenectil H s and cons.
quentlr has harbor and more brilliant tow. It acquires
itronter harm... and is mote double for !aside nr outside
Turk. .1t will ooh rob 011, and ran be wstbrd without 1,-
sact meets moth surface with equal treed , i t
LL really as dicey as width laid. •
J. a 11. mumps.;
A PER lIANGINGS—A large assortment
of French and America, Paper Hanginou. ale.,* on
and aid for ale by • IV. P. MARSHALL.
lel7 at Wood
INDIGO 6: NOTMEGS--On consignment,
.will be oold cheap to close them. •
jet/. MAUI! DICKEY A CO.:. •
LeOllOL-30 bble. for sale by .
Jelt J. KIDD It CO 4 001;r0:414..
LiNAEDISIL--1000 galloon (to arrive)
j tor sale by J. KIDD t CO. IA Wcocl t.
%TOOL TWINE-500 Ibifor sala by
4 C. anEwrimyr.
SPIRITS TORPENTLNE-10 bbls. (to ar ,
). rive) Car eale by J. KIDD Jr DOe
1.14 60 Weed U.
ARD bbls. for Hale by
aj 2.14 - J. KIDD t CO. SO Wm. , O-
D EFINED BORAX 001bs for sale by
ka, 301 J. KIDD a CO. 00 Wood .t.
FlBll-15 bble. New White;
6 X u for tale, Fr
C . ; ALEIRATUS--100 boxes pure;
30 bbl x. Li
l el / J. D. C.ILN FIELD.
IPLAX-1000 lbs. for iale •
..1.14 7. L. CANFIELD.
PEARL ASII-30 bbIP. for sale by
jrl4 J.ll. i r IiN;IELD
INSEED OIL-30 bbLs.Griewold'e brand,
ILI Ibr ale br iel4 7. E. CANFIELD.
pOTASH-4 casks for salo'by:-
VIRE PROOF PAINT-10 bbla. for sale by
jel4 J. B. CA! FIELD..
UCKETS-50 dosillarietta make. for sale
lir by Jen • J. B. CANFIELD.
CHEE6g-200 boxes for sale by ,
I f ACON-:-15 casks Shoulders;
- if 14 19JAM EY .'
eIIEESE-80 boxes for sale by ,-
iel4 Water and Front stts,
IUCKETS—.2S doz. Marietta, for sale by
JPI6 ' ' S. it W. HATIOAtiGIL
VEATILERS-2000 lbs. ror sale x bj
B: jela
OFFEE.--31* bge: pnline Green Rio Cof
/ fee. received nod for ado by -
.1;41 . • JOLLN WATT. A CO.
Fcirea - 11Wriirg
• 50 dn d ' d d
• 30 .half do d o doo CO.In gone and for Ws tor (341 WATT a O
ARD.-11,000 lbs. Lard, for sale" on con
ot} l, D
alattatent by - T. WOOS
o. a t
Pra P-O r
r tetgr,
rt '
OILS. -800 gall bleached win tersperni oil.
000 " nati are
11,...110 "
hed opting
,000 w" ...
w o - . ...tater . *. -
1,00 " 'Lamers' oil ' • •
1.100 " N. W.cast wire* oil
In 'thread for br
. .TT LE6 & aicxersom,
irs . . ,
No. 22.1 & =Z. Lthestr et.
ACON-5000 lbs. Hog Round, on cons./
IJIP moot, for sOe Ds • . T. WOOD.SON .
J. 3 W I .
VICAR -40 bbls. extra family flour.
T' P " tl '"
let 31111..LE1C.D RICKETSON..
IR BALLS—Of all the 'different 'sizes, at
1. the lowed eduilessle prima.
• J. a 11. matins.
Jun reeetred. a good ementerient. of dlgerentoo
iii seel Oyler. rbleb rill be sold eery log at wholesale or
et the Oa Cloth Wareroom, toe. 7 Code Wood et.
ie2l • J. tU. PLIILLIPS.
aREEN OIL CLOTH-300 yard* for Win
'- do. &Dods: just rso'd from rector],mld for We at
H0e..7 and 9 Wood street. AI IL PHILLIP&
iNDIA RUBBER WHIPS—Of all the sizes
ameafartand. for tea ttboltoala sad Mall, at Um In.
d. li.htaT Dnkt. Jitk. 9,99 9 wow
too bble. LsrEep N 0.3, Batton Inspection;
" "" •
For sale by inA JOHN WATT k CO.
auaata s Caticle..
pills ARTICLE is intended for family use,
and should be found in tha possession of every fam
ily in the land. Merhanies who sow In constant danger of
injury to their persona throne, areident. and the isranwle
et or =Men nee of tools. will find this ankle to he inval
uable to there, and after a, fair trial will madder It !mint.
This may tirtify that we. die undersigned, haling, fre
quently made um of Judd's Mcd tested Catkin. pre
perm! by Hewn. Penfield t Camp. Oliddletown. Conn.
cheerfully receintroeml It to our professional Methas
inexpellent potentate for adhesive plaster. In d
n., mita. scalds. brithow, nod all.thal sof fresh wall
Nn, fur Son Nippiw z rreedo o meada ;.
. WM. 11. CASEY, M. .
Cmnprinne all. the potctieing phyidulane In U , )Satanic.
City of
For web by B. A. PAIINEMCK & CD.,
bent turner Woul and Ilrst
Wall Paper and Borders. . .
TOMASPAMIER, 55 Market, Street; re
sPrktfally imlr. th. itteneoe of purchasers to his
Pratteat maple. and natrualee stock. <0111311W117., al most
arra, article In his hue of busiaeas. •
,S„YRUPS--Underwood's fine Lemon Syrup,
I 1 VA m irror arid.. for rrisilthrs Lemon Me.
"r"b a: V.lltZaiffi " t b iX b P y .,
• - Grooms ILI a ti Tea Dander,'
1 - 1 AIRY SALT—A istaperior article for dm
ty dairy or table. VC ay in 'mall ban& for Emily nee;
for ralo br WM. 6. 3,I'CLIMO I Co.. •
J.Z2k 2:13 Liberty rt.
Je2o W.ll. A. AI eCLCREI A CO.
POD FISII-690 lbs. very fine, for sale by
X 9 • - wm.i.IfeCLITUD *CO.
-A k LEXANDER DAY, haring concluded
to dem trade mount boob:tem nor oder Ihdr cadre
ram of Fancy and Sple Dar DOODU, at mrestly roloced
anon. Mete - Mock I ,lard, sod embraces •ehoice assort
ment of French and flncllsh CLOTHS and CASSIMPTIM
black and Inbred Are dr Ithras Silks, of t h e bast ectoom
larteura adond allka, of the needles style. Bared., Dac
e. de Iraner, lawns, Ara - Blankets, of The best moku
Names, Towelling, Shmfluda. arartioraspuldorabehmic,.
Pladuels,Praleurayd., together with ahnut awry articla•
la th e Dry Woods doe. Purehasem are smiled to call. as
sr• aro deferral.' to itira deckled beep'. by leholanis
or 'Mall In coder to ch. out oar enure .I=l. coon as
Pecalble. ALPO( ANDER, t DAY,
__Lielratra AS Market it, N. WI cm. of Masao&
c.! UNDRIES - ' ' ...
1-73 6 bbliCarretides malted Siam;
6do do pulverised do • •
6 dolard Oil: . , - . •
6 kegs 6 twist Tama:
16 bash driat Applet.—tbr rale hr •. '
' isld .1. It WILLIAMS a CO
dnun just mired and knr aals by
INii,llOOT--100 lbs. prime lualitT, just
rred . 3 dfor hr Datil sextritik
CITRIC ACID-250 lbs. just reo'd and for
sale by ' jd9 R. E.SELLERS.
VOD LIVER OIL-40 gallocui, rtes
En . We by jel9 LE. SELLERS.
located for Strawberries. or, tmit of any kind , and
want.. • few minutes' shire of dlienßertr merkt.for tale.
jelß A. WILKINS 00.
Chi 's Pianos.
TOXIN ii. MELLOR, .Agesit. fortw il
Clieketing . • Pianos, 04 ittetabenvb
and Mertens Penney
Mania, No.lll Wmatl.,
hert remittal and now open for sale, the fol.
towing elegant assartmemt of flaw Yortm, direct from the
menufatetorr, et Mr. (Eketeart art
floe el.eutt Iteeteweal smetatrand Pkno . is4 °Rare. .
Fleo.. e " • " plain "
One plain "
Three " " eon. =nen, .6
Two " "•
• • The atom PlO3lO Fo rt es AL of the latest clot., Of Wad ,
tom, .4 with all Mr. Cblekeeitates Lapeotrements. the
prices ineartably the mu. at iketton,therebr saving to
Porch.. In this region the expanse and rift of.arame
A.LBO roe 80Ilt
Ohm Rosewood Carved Moul dlnge °dam Ph.. mut
of•Atured by Adam Btordart 2Om
One R.ecood 0 octave. Adam Stadart
One Bacon Aflaverd Cq
O. ace , havl 6 Cblokert.... good fa ['atm'
One 6 " Bn
Ona • •
" 6 " Dutch • heabnom
One " eX " Manhattan Company. 448
ARD OIL-8 bbls. No. 1, for.alo .
Scarce and Desirable Goods. . •
OF VARIOUS STYLES, open this moil:t
-our.bfklUßPHY t DUIIGEMELDerIneIttdIng •
Mut Dotage D. Lelat Block Dark
:4"71i1ne,r1.13V.1!. •
Attention Is hatted tothetr choke assortment of Fatah
Larne, White Goods kw daunt te..-
Ire will realer, today or tomorrow,' Porn New York—
/lawn Zereuitonsk. jet;
New Books! . •
EAST: a Problem reprinteil with cor
-reetkan and atildWon. limo Fitter's Ilegailae.
eb Pleith • tale of the Puritan.; by the author of
"Pongee hythe Lila of Air. Manama Dialtland.7
llieterr of Cleopatra. Queen of rat7P4 by Jacob Abitti4
with engraving.
No. 4of Maoris] ld Book of the lieon.
Ito. 7 of Landon Labor and the London Poor
The above Ikoka just received and for ode by
yell • ft. C. IifIOCHTC:I. 47 Market et.
. gr A ttot Ij c rho_Doentoople of. the 'Malted Stets. ,
of themes At oehiogtoo to the Preakten
glteetleeiti%=l,=tomoggit retake* finee
. hare lVer.ur Amaze; contaloing Poll=l,lllstotioal,
GeocreMeal. esientlectle t. tatiellea/Eoenomleal, and kli-
TITA of II:MIA hlore=h a rte =074
he of the Thum Qom Mt. . .
The oboe...ea/table 'works the tale hr .__ .
jell - 14 C. STOCKTON. 47 - Market et:.::
§COTCH BURLAPS-2 bales suitable for
Wool Seal?. si n] , ao-300 Word Pub..... to avnl
BEESWAX WANTED—The highest price
in nab NM bt: Pan: r t lare s t cx co
. ' corner Find and Waal al, •
V - 61 ,1 1:11;1hiRA.k.c.g•,4
, S EALED PROPOSALS will be received ei
lbe Mee or H. 1). KING. Foorthet.. mall the let des'
o July far the Ur r eollng of the 1411 oh.fgh ond
11111 Turnplteltaml. from /est Liberty to thenwoof Jr
`bltnerett's garden rum 111nonellle. (whole mumble
!.outdo pude outdated to be 18,00).) Balm In thew
PEW. la state seperstelp the peke per outdo pad fuel'
Ins on Everest's 11111. deo true the bot of Lb*
to to
• Lib.m. to the plan of maid rood ea ta
sun et the oltaz of 11. C. Mellow.. Esq., pow,
ell Information ten be obtelnal modern' II fta
i rdh„
CAN, - EMI" e n
PEACHES--100 bushels' dried
I . l l ,fr a. "'" d " ° '! 4
• -
N.EW MACKEREL-115 bbls. Large No.
IHM4 pc"' "a°
r . Jen • 4.11 Medi 'yt.
uACON IL&MS-10,000 lbs. superior qual-
Au. fat vale by 11001808, LITTLE t CO.
235 Liberty at.
II KC .oNsno s_3s, 000 lb ao reale
JIJI by • jele 60018011, LITTLEA CO. •
BACON--70001bs.11ams, Sides, Shoulders,
.11 I/ for sal la 1,18 8. sW. 11,1111180011.
COTTON -25 bales (Batting) for Bale by.
myls Na tat Emelt
J: by . (MT* W. P. 31AILSITALL, as Wad •L
tA Mks.' fixer just rrodred
fbr rale by - IL PALMER.
.1.17 /00 Markel. st.
Last Week of . Gliddon's. Panorama of
0 LIDDON'S rMr funed
WW2 a atleralitt 141er/a Eirntlen roe
Mel superb Tablet.. e.r Illoroelyr
Orel Dercemtleueby Gen. /LOMA.. 6.1 merly 11. 00n
rul et Calm. ()timid et eeell .Esery
fuming at el ktlack—Watneatar at.t t‘atatdal attm
3 'hoar Adad.roa
oram—ehlldrer. belt prire—rehmas t‘i P.M"! ...I
over. eerkte—Teerisere with erboole lea
Raymondr ---- ! to o.s, icVanam — burghECo.
Wrusitiliw of all the ram IlilogWßl Animals now extant.
' 7b heimliibitolnmfbm,for one ;Tit! IidaIEMOIL
' flh, sod bth, for thosof are. wider to... Doable Parnion,
aL the tarter or Penn and Cared etre., Filth Wad,—
Open on Thunder and SatunLay:Jelly Id am:l6th. frees 2
to A and from 7to to. P. M. On Fndar, nlegth. town
hibltlons. from f IF . to A. 31, from 12.' to 2Pfe DOM
3to OP, and Item 7ld )o, f. M. AdoMni maim dab
dent niager ID ream, 13 mate.
In this collection are the Ithincoartt, and Wllte Polar
Rear. Alan. ten 1.10. of the foes/. pecimens.
MIL TAN A M 81710311, the most renowned of all Lion
Cononeremr, 0111 emor the Dene of him lertille Om* of
Linn , ngmne bnotodde,Congara, nimthers
MOSS. CRAWFORD. will Oro enter tee Dena with he
hlgtly trained Animal,. soaking Two Grad Mimed 11,
The whole Cavalcade of Curlers.. con'athing the
male, will miter thorns. on Thunder musing. JILLy 3 55.
and owes through Um principal ttieen p 1.01.1102. pre
ceded br the Companr's Brass Ilaint.
This bnmenso establishment ropilrega Int 400 lo
111.°N 1.0.r0 for its ex/division: and ais Bore wee no bet
Ith IS
the lower put of I he dig of vorithent ex Hot fm the gnu
pie, the prom-Woes hare teen obliged to select • epot two
or three Kovno ee,
forth, from she mann of the N th this
they wisho/. 0.01. lan feet of throng fen., 11. t Miff..
time then contrthted for with Sir. Hugh 31chelvy. erhHh
will moiler the lumen , . petition rale and commodlsme Cr
al elamos of rink., at all those.
There never has been ethilbind lo this counter the lam
nomberi nor en neat a vatiety of Briar Freemen" of
hintnral Blether. no I. eorththed In the limolthial Mena
gerii es of lthylnand k Co.. and Van gthlwthat a Co.
• lea/Maw:v.4,
ever before been coneentented - ho one Tronne, ember
el Dnuaetle genius awl Eluestrian • ewl :ferwlehmews
of the !Mallen order. and 11121121beril. • Metut Inetne
Lem the Prince of C/nlrue,• DAN .1tICI.! the ttotld e .
conned LEVI J. NOlerfl t J. F. OVOIiN.ELL. the Tattoo.
ed Men; MOD , moo. mtnpira. NAcmg,
EON, to, te.; and
Madame, RICE, NAME. A
Together with the n =emu end uneoculledJUVENtLif
TROUPE. comprising Mute:Jean, Muter Willie, Master
the and lnfant Prodizies felencer, Cktoren.llbl7.
and ist.
ih;Marnilkent BEASS And EtraNti BANDS, led by
limn. M... Rad - -
l r
riVIVANT., tacaifarg&EfuNigi'PAr b ibrarflt.•
7.'19111 hare the honor of perfnrrninn on PENN STMT.
'Pliternegb, In front of th e AJIERICAY HOTEL, onthe
2d, 3d 4th, and sth of July, 185 L.
Aron open at half-part 2. earl at haMpat 7 o*rittek. P.M.
Your Oran 3 Performancea will he - given 1377 . the Pon.t
eanatersunal atelfpnet 9, hat9past 12, ball put 3, sod
h Alereelory d g rents. ' • tte73
28 .1101311.8 TO CLEVELAND..
1851 flaat
Expreao Packet and Railroad Line to Cleftland.
DASSENGERS leave every morning
a at 9
o'clatn. by stemboat to Brae, ttentee by remelts
canal Jmekete to Ilas enna. theism by ktittehurgbanst Cleve
land Ballood to Cleteland.
To Cleveland, TO boors; To Itstnait cCO , hours
Undalo, " entesec tt
.Tfeketa given theme: be
• Tht Colutabne—and Teats. by CM teland and Cinch:Mitt
Pamengers for
Chicago and Mtant'. learn
Cleveland every evening at 113 V o'click, by the splendkl
meteure of 3liebigart Central Calimact Co. far Detroit,
thence at 7)4 o'clock. A. M. by Railroad ta New
and arriving myna evening at Ciblimmi by atm...twat.
/hiring law water in the Ohio river tbie route teCtochie
St:Louis, add Galena. will toe found rough quicker,
cheaper, and pleavanter, than any atter.
CLARKS l• LURKS trorrsictook" .
litocistersg. Pa_ tiickets or informatinn apply tit • - .
JOTLN A. CACCUILT, - Atrent, '
(Up stain) earner of Smithfield and Water atratte;
opymite the 3lnnongehtlallonag
Or tO • W. H. MOORS LA %Agent, •
Ofiee tzar St. Charles Hotel, Wood stmet
1851. 8P.R.1.,y1 ,tiRRA_NG.E..IIENT. 1851
Forty-six hours to Philadelphia. .
. Forty-four flours to :13altituore..' -
281 miles Railroa4-103 miles
rum:, xos? A-115 =not:mai =lv .
Being free from the m e oww changes and porterage,
, • ' connected teeth piece Line.
Two Daily Lines Exiaress Packet Ikda.
V C 4 I f iYO' PTE"'E rl:lur4 f o r Johnstown,
Tan 11findreet and Far -Ella direct to.-
Faeketa ver-I+3.Mb= b al m at Eight o'clock.
sad avers arming at the aarcka balm
Pare to Philadelphia, $lO. Fare to ItaittomMS eta&
do Lonnstor
ers ri9 do
Passen- .53r Baltimar,
'aka the York and ti k runberland ltailmad. at Har , 10.4.
on anneal of CUT a: that place. Distance (e/khry
faux miles.) Time, FOUR bourn -
No <barge for handling Baggage on this relate.
- The Can on this risotto are nun and of the cunt amen ,
ed construction Sir totothrt and altar.
If you donut cheap travellion and comfortable wince
monation, mecum 3 our Whets at
J. 1 ; .111OLZIES, ATnt,
I). Lark Cr.
1851 WESTERN 1861.
VIA. r,c 4-1 H
TIE Canal being in good order, we 'are
prepared to tranemrtce and merebaredlee to
from the atom clues. t i th e Intreot cement rata et
brv.Pto•le. cod dlefeetat. The Coate nod
ems are owboa Ana amtmlled by the yroprletarr. BUL
of lading trarmoltted, and all metrbelsona morelltlY sle
APTIT to, or address
HATS t BLACK, PrOPritto....
Gnat Banco. repo etbple lifteettriM.
MINIM • LE/ IMeprit"
Iteeelti•g Depot, A0...13 both et., Plllle.
SMIT D* II rI H RAStI PM ECL D". B. A Z z I P M- 1.. h"
No. TS, North et Mama
led -• No. T. Rest sheet, hew VerM
Via Broemsvillo and Cumberland, to Baltimore,
• and Philadelphia. i
XI; MORNING BOAT lanes' the Milani'
above the Bridge daily'. at ecleen Precisely. core
n the cue at Cumberland neat morning.
Tbe 'vetting Ikea lear. daily (except Sunday mains)
at 13 o'clock. connecting with the care at Cumberland next
Ina at 10 o'clock.
Tim* through to Italtimore.ll bosun Fare only
Time through to PhUadelebta. In boars. mare only VD.
The National Road is now goal. Conductor* go with
the Coactes between iles.srville and Cumberland, which
makes Ws dendedly the bon roots Et..
. *. Mlles In the Monottgabela nom.
MEa 1851. kiu
On theVNIPN.
- -
CLAIiAR Wird.Rocnavren, PA.
CRAII.BaLL.N. CRAWFORD a d — a...-craTelarra, r O.-
1118 well known Line is now prepared to ir
CLANreih and paseeneers trine MTN:LT.IRWL
D, In ar.r point on the Canal end Lam—.
The faeilltiee of the Line WV wieurpanind in number.oinal
ltr, and carrell/ of Baas, experience of Captain; and el.
.of Amts.
One Beet learn. , Pittelvorah and Cleveland derlr,ronnind
In eenneetton with • Line of steamboat.; between PIM;
HOMO and BEAVER, and a Line of Ant elan steamboat'
(Moeller and rowels) on the Lakes. •
Parte Co., Tennotown, 04 -
C. Prentlea. Ravenna. 04
Brayton a Co.; Ravenna, O.; "
, - went, Orinnel LW., Feentliii, O.;
IL A. Miller 'Cur
. Wheeler. Lea d d liTemet. - •
' Wenders= It rettlbonwbandurk7 (Una:.
Yalu, O 4
Peckham a Scott, Tokido,
I G. Winto n . &Co. De:colt, 111,5!iiderg
- Oeo. A. ibteChrilt.= Illy
Yhomaa .11.14t2iikiR.VaranEy•
lad Waterand Aniithreild bitubornb.
LIE• ' ) -
10 PALMER bon just received mat variety .. .3(lton
numrser Bonner; some beandru/ and novel nylon. Moo.
)1,,,Y nee' Bork llrtM . Phan, and other llats. 1.17.
eiHEESE-52 boxes, now landing and for
k.) sate br /SALMI DICKEY a 00...
DM' Water and Front sta.
IIIRESE-200 boxes in store; for sale by
doz. for eleb
.k v.
UOIFER MATCILE S-250 gro, for by
iel4 C. AlitcortiNor...:_
LIFF PINS-,,Just received, a beautiful
• ascsortalent of plain GM, falxr Ensonolkx4 and 08!,
et my &ad deoiroblo costripn.v. vviLsoN.
.414 . 87 Xarket stmt. roamer Fourt .
OTASJI-10, o
casks for solo by
VICTORIA LAWNS-30 pieces reed and
for ma , bl" jel4 C. eiurriniar.,
114ARRED .M,USLIN-50 pieees desirable
Brandies,. Wines, ite.; •
APING . eompleted, arrangements irith_
Boum In Bordeaux and the European Mkt, tbs.
ottontlott et tay orders, 1 am thus enabled to on.. lo
Design, at • mall adtanco over tmoortalton toot. 4 / 1 4N.
41E5, WOES, and Lllfeßn of tho finest deontychoo.
tit ' ' '. holm
110 putee . = llardeoht, and .lothella Brat:dim 43
poo and drdt
75 411 and :casktiaglo " ld, aod brown Ehatt4,, 02,0
and medium Q uality
3004:%.7etkPparP"1"1:114in"'"V"*C07.30' abd " lor k' brat3da.. •
boxer ci. 4 . 44 who", vntiona bramlls and obatades.
100h3a. !lantern , and Came, vlntagem 1340-1.
45 mats Vautorne and Claret Wins.
15 pip Old flolland and nohnydatrann.
10 puncheons Old nehtel aod Irish W 13 1 4 44 4,
4 a an perka Old Jamaica Roth • -
11 4
jasylatha, Curacos, 41=1Nott, Pan
. ht"'"4 ,
"011 V4Vt i t:T= 4 / 1 7 . 2% . 7 . :'
04 loan[ oaten
...301.2.x440, and nOld• 47. Walnut area,