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' Prirsicion Cosrcanscr.Thirradci3r, lase 19. "Ca
—Conference was opened with the ususlreligious
Nearly the whole mession 'ens occupied in the
examination of character.
A communication from the Centenary Board of
the Pittsburgh Conferenee was received, inclosing
a communication from the-
~Trustees of .Wesley
Chapel Station, Pittsburgh. Referred to a spe
cial committee, coati:sting of C. D. Battelle, W.
Summers, C. B. Jackson, R. llopkins and Wet.
, HuMter. coaereme adjourned with pro "bY
Be,. ht. 3PGowan.
PAL OS if.Pqr!..T.—Wm. Conelly,,who died:very
, 1
egeddenly in tie lon's Court, et five o'clock, on
Waitmany eve iog, was Isola to Wive had the
cholera, rind c nsideroble alarm pervaded the
neighborhood, inconsequence. Doctor M'Grath,.
the physicion.of the deceased, declares, howev
er, that he died of a disease of the 'heart.
•DZPARTED,—A lilexicanwentan, named Anne- 6 ; 6 "
twig de la Trinidad de Mendes, who was obliged
fly from her country. owing the kindness
with which she had treated some sick Anteri
ceps, ,yesterday left Pittsburgh, to return home.
The iolunteers in this city and the sicinity, who
versed in the w ar,. , ed three hundred dollars,
to defray the expenses of the trip.
Monos:—Mr. Cochran, one of the attorneys
far Hatt, the tavern-keeper who prosecuted the,
editors of the Dispatch for libel but was sen t
tented to pay the costa, yesterday made a mo
deli in arrest of judgment, to far as the costa
.were concerned.
Pitons sos. Ronnocn so reit:Amoy - a in this
city, se one of tho most accomplished and sno
.eessful Pianoforte Teachers intim United States,
la about to• establish himself loggia in:Pitts
burgh as a teacher of the•Planoforte and Vocal
Last- Wednesday 'afternoon, some aix hundred
school children (from the 4th Ward, Pittsburgh,.
and tho 3d Ward Allegheny, and Lawrenceville)
were present et "Gliddon's "Meer Nile," along
with w numerous adult andience. The .next
afternoon iihibition will by to-morrow at three
o'clock- •
CONNITtED. —Alderman Parkinson yesterday
committed dentadie Mta to prison, on a charge
of disorderly conduct.'
Pgar..4•The alarm of fire at an early hour on
Thursday morning, was caused by the burning
of a stable had warkshop, in the First Ward,
.4flegherry, belonging to Mr. Shoup. •
-411C118DAT. June 19
Before the lion.' Wm. B. McClure, President
Judge, and William Boggs, and Thomas L. Mc
- Mann, Associate Judges. •
.Thei jury . in,the ease of the Commonwealth vs.
Adam Fortner and others, indicted for a forcible
entry and Wail:mini Elizabeth township, retain
ed a verdict of not guilty, but defendants pay the
costa 31.:.Fretr, defendants' counsel, entered a
motion In arrest of judgment.
Coro. la Hobert Sane,-indicted for en assault
and battery - with intent to kill John Steer.
The defendant in thii case hue already been eon
vieted on two similar charges, and tried and an
.quitted on a charge of riot; allthese difficulties
;hating occurred on tbs idth of May last, and
pew out of ;the •• Buck Beer. Spree." After
hearing the_ evidence, the Commonwealth only
asked. a cOnvietion for a common assanitandbat
eery, and the jury returned a verdict accordingly,
et assault and bpttery. •
Com. vs. Ass T. and John Bongher, assault
and battery on Chas. Fisher_ The jury in this
case have not returned their verdict.
The Allegheny Councils met last night_
In the Select Conneit Colonel Robinson, the
President, took the.Chsir.
A number of property owners on Morgan at,
petitioned that said street ehould be paved, peti
;sinners to conform to the city ordinanceii in each
•eases made and provided. "
This potition woo referred to the committee on
A petition was presented, signed by a number
properti holders on Craig street., praying for
the adoption of such measures as may be mecca
eery to grade and pave said street. Referred to
the committee on streets •
A communication was read from T. L. Mani
/an, Esq., notifying the Councils of his appoint=
meat as. Associate Judge of the Court of Common
'Pleas; and as the duties of mid appointment
• were incompatible with those of City Assessor
and Bari Inspector, begging leave to resign the
two latter offices. Resignation accepted. •
• The Committee on Surveys presented a report
advising that the present grade of Knoll street
be adhered to, as the proposed-alteration would
cause losses to property holders on said street.
Report accepted and adopted.
bir. Salford, chairmen of the above committee,
presented a resolution on behalf of said commit
tee, advising that Allegheny Avenue bo opened
• its entire length, and breadth, as originally laid
out on the surrey map of the city. Resolution
A. petition frem property owners on Morgan
street, reolonstrating against the grading and
raving of said street, was referred to the Com
mittee on Streets. . I
A petition signed by.Gcor,e, Dloliityre mid
George. nothwep; praying for the privilege of
landing paring atones at the wharf, free of
• wharfage, wee referred to the Committee on
Ro° ' -
A petition from property holders on Larhek
street,- praying] for the gradingand paving of
meld street from Anderson street to the Canal,
lima referred to the Committee Sitta. -
A resolution, autboriaing the Commis
- goners to grade the crossings on Jeffersonatreet,
at the ezpcnso of the city, was referred to the
Committee on Streets.
A mantle% authorising the 'Washington en
- ghee to be furnished with fire • hundred feet of
Norre,was referred to the Committee on Engines.
couxos corsem.
ktlie.Commoi Conseil hii. Boyd, the p eee .
idea; look the Citair.
A pis/Salon from, persons -living on' the South
Common, remonstrating against the width of _a
street contemplated on said common. and a cora
-inunication on the came eubject from Geo. blil
eenberger, Were rend. .
A petition from
three citirems living on-Knoll
street, with petition praying for the grading ef
• maid etreet,nccorcling to the existing ordinance,
.. was presented. •
A petition from chicane of the Third Ward,"
'praying that water pipes be Mid in Green street,
' from Boot Lane. to Chesnut street, was referred
lotto Com. on Water. - Con. in.
A petition from citizens residing in Spring
',Garden, praying the Councils to pave the
-ewer part of Cheenutatreet, from the city line
to Ohio street, was referred to the Committee on
.Sorveys. Concurred in. ' •
• A petition from Mr. Mueller, editor of, the
:Steam Zeitung, praying the councals to bare their
ordittanees printed In that paper, in the German
language, was referred to the Committee on
A petition from citizens on Washington street,
raying to have said street graded and Wed,
.was referred to the Committee on Surveys Non-
concurred in.
• The Committee on Bridges were authorized to
e n ntraet for building a bridge across the canal,
on Anderson street. on concurred in. •
4 The report of the water committee was read
Ind accepted.
A report of the enecold committee on the
Width of aidelralka and if IF rai around the Com
tnene, together with an ordinance establishing
the width of streets at fifty feet, roil the aide
wake_ pixie= feet, on the toot, North and
West Commons, end on the South Common, the
tide walks to be thirteim feet wide, and the
erects thirty five feet wes_ precentediand laid
- over on second reading.
The Common Council adjourned at ten o'clock
'laboring acted on any of the buskins sent ie
teem the Select Council.
The polka world is all 'alive, and making pro•
paradon for the state andlcongressiomid elections
which are to take place August. Strict party
lines have boon drawn throughout the mate..
Delegates have been appointed by nearly eve
ry county to attend a Democratic State Conven
tion, to be held at Bernie% on the 17th. •
A tWhig Convention for the nomination of State
officers and Congressmen will be held in this city
on the 4tb Monday in May. Many counties bare
already appointed delegates to attend.
There Is every prospect of an annimated and
spirited campaign. •
The Indian Commissioners have succeeded in
making treaties with the Indians in San Joaquin
district, but the United States troops and colon
tee: are still in the field to protect the inhabi
' tants.
The election to San Francisco had resulted in
the choice of Mr. Raradenburg. (Dem.) for Ma
yor. The Whigs elected the balance or the city
°Stem, and wren aldermen.
The g„„; Frio/deco Herald says that San Fran
cisco, is feat "built; the whole city to
. o . l ' n alive with workmen , . • • „
The Alta Californian gives the fo: d didnl3 awn '
liking tnlmaae o r th.theupera Ivo env7
i of
a• ,;e , masons of San Francisco . From „.
F , the ath, velum an
acithed,. up te the present
smear: , time, 14th, an interval of ten days,' ;IS;
17 n. , 0 :1tk:,t7 1 .. °5 ;° . ros ail. UT v.. ime been commence d , - of . 'Which the
.7d_ LS - '11111.'1%11150N a baththap Iv.
,„ cojoa part aft finished and occupied a
1110BACCO--103 kegs eupeFter taflat,
exclutdve. of tho many . thet are going atp m ether
• ....adonr' t "'Pa ; t t r Tramot iso:911. of the city nut touched by the fire.
. `tig pose:AIM tota l , number of Rouses completed.
Wl4. 179 hr. - (le s ! br eiietiog throughout the city Will not fall short
b3Xzelade.a. for a 11 45 :II/mune office van entirely destroyed,
- - .
13isanen.—The following contracts for grad
and paving, have been made by the Street
.Committee in Allegheny City.
'43 . stiditi tvf Orpeeter alley; Wm. NleGee, eon-
tr s4- .nsm street, from Federal street to Craig
Rob.. • o rgo Mclntyre; coutractor.
street, th - 'vest, from the South side of thsDM-
Federal I. s treet. 'William 111cOee coarse.
soma to Ohio
tor. to Ohio at.,
Chestriat etrcet, .
Mr. McKee, contracto' t • zycamort
Mine street, from 1..t . .. 41
:qr.:McKee, contractor. ntb gide of North
Federal street, from the t',...cKee, contrac-
Gammon to Carrot street. 1: • ••"`-
NEW Foss., June lea, A. M.
The steamer Crescent City, from Chagres,
with San Francisco dates to the loth of May,
has just arrived. She does not bring the mail.
The mail agent refused to allow them to come on
in her.
The Cherokee himd not arrived at Chagres on
the StEr, when the Crescent left
The Crescent City brings 520 passengers, and
$770,000 in gold. •
San Franciseti is again a heap of ruins, and
the eanoke and thanes ascended from several
squares of the city, as though the ,•god of desti
tution bad seated himself in our midst, and was
gorging himself and all the'mini steel of deatrue
tion upon the ruins of our doomed city, and its
About 11 o'clock at night, the cry of , ffire"
startled every one like an earthquake. The fire
had just commencedin a paint abop, on the
west aide of Portsmouth square, adjoining the
Bryant House, formerly called, but More recent
ly the Agrarian. It was but a alight blue when
first teen, but in a few minutes the whole upper
'story was in flame.. Before the engines could
get upon the ground the American en one side,
and a store occupied by the Meese Rhodes as
a furnishing establishment were Meese
The building in the vicinity being all of wood,
and very combustible, the' fire spread up Clay
street to Kearney with frightful rapidity. It I
noon had fall command, and the fire department
could only work upon the borders, and endeavor '
to check its progress. By anticipzling it in its
way they succeeded on the North de, before it
reached Dupout street, in baffling the dames; but
in every other direction in which it eould epread,
it took its own course,and there was but little
chance to save much rom it.
To the south, it spread to Bush street, and to
the east, past Jackson street Ene'ry thing east;
of Dupont street to the wharves was destroyed.
The blocks between Dupont and Kearney streets,
West of Portsmouth Square, as far as. Bush
street,, three in number, are in ashes. The
blocks. between Bush and Jackson, Kearney end
Montgomery streets, five in number, are all burn
ed; and lime between Montgemeryi Sansom, and
Jackson streets, five in number, are all down.
Besides these thirteen blocks, almost every
building within the range of the fire is ;destroyed.
It is impossible even to guess at the number of
buildings, or the amount of property destroyed;
one thousand buildings may be as nearly within
the range of the truth as min be certained.—
We judge that $10,000,000 could not replace the
property destroyed; in fact some place the loss
three times as high. Three fourths ef the heal
&as part of the city is destroyed!
The principal buildings destroyer are the
Custom Howe, Union `Hotel, Parker House,
Jones' Hotel, Adelphia Theatre,' Che Dramatic
Museum, the National, New Wbrld, and City
Hotel, Delmonico'e. Merchants Exchange, and
Rosa Buildings; the ships, biaintie, and General
Harrison; and every newspaper office in town-ex
cept the Alta Californian.
Nearly nll the Bankers are in the list. Burgoyne
& Co., Wells & CO., Jame., Eing"s, William Del
monioo's American Hotel, Reserve House; the
Pacific Mail Steam Ship Company, are all burn
ed, and note house is left en' Dersdess street.
Every thing on both sides of long wharf to the
Battery and White Hall are gone, and scarcely a
fire proof building in the whole burnt district
has stood the test; such as have are the City
Exchange, Eddors, Veranda, and the buildings ,
of Captain Howard, which was the United States
Assaying office of Moffat & Co. , .
The officers of the Custom Norse saved the
specie of the office by eastinO it into a well.—
, About $1,000,000 were saved in this way.
Mr. Green, Collector, and a number of other
in the Naval Department have' all their private
offices destroyed, but their books endpapers were
nearly all sued.
( The large United States 'braded warehouse,
containing about 2000 tons of mereliandiu, was
A safe was taken from the ruins of the Bank
ing House of Burgoyne & Co., cantaining $1,500,7;
000, the contents of which were not dinged or
The Sacramento Hotel was blown up; Howard
and Geeentow's building, containing many valua
ble law libraries ; Jones' Hotel, the Vallis Bank,
Dodge & Co.'s Express Office, Alientes' buildings,
California Exchange, and Cecil & Bro.'s store
*ere saved. i , '
The destruction of the Union Hotel involves
the loss of-$250,000. Adams Id Co's Express'
Office was burned, but the books were (saved.
The deponiterof Wells & Co. tire safe. ,
The Alta California of a later date, mays that.
measures have been taken to' supply the city
with water from n lake nearly, three miles die
ttent. •
A provision has been laid befare the city coun
cil bye Mr. Merrifield, and was to.4ia acted on
the I6th, and if favorable, 'Mr! H. Would leave
immediately for the Atlantic States to contract.
fot pipes arid other materials far supplying_ the
city with water. ,
The rebuilding had already commenced. The
Bet of sufferers includes the names of 700 firms
and individuals, among the Leafiest of which are
J. B. Biddleman, loss $200,000 ; Simonafield,
Batch & Co., $150,000; Starkey t Bee's., $150,-
000; Kelly, Smith & Riley, $125,006; 011en
betake?, Heroch & Co., $130,000; Moore, Heck
net & Co., $lBO,OOO ; De Boot, Pinner & Go
ose, $137,000; E. Mickle a l Co., $ 200 , 000 ;
Dlleanstin &. Co., $160,060; Middleton &Lelove,
$250,000. ~
Six men-were burned to dealirin one building ;
their names ere—Capt. Went, of chip Louis
Richland; -Edward mocahin ~eon Greenbaugh,
Reuben Baker, Neesbantn, and RosenthaL Many
other persons were seriously 'haired, and other
wise injured, among them Gen. Jas. Wilson.
Vigorous measures had been taken for rein:elid
ing the burnt district, and Imildings were. going
up in all directions.
• 1 • ,
- '
- - -
The fire at Stockton was the work of an in
cendiary, and.origiriated in the Merehanta -Ho
tel. The following are miliaria the
loosens:—William H. Robinson, $153,000; Webb
& Hancock, $30,000; linker & Heckman $50,.
000; C. G. Brown, $30,000; Heath & Emonda
$30,000; Calvin, Paige &TO. $30,000; Paige It
Webster $80,000;. $0,000; Davis &
SMith, $30,000; Exchange $25,000; Davie Deck
orison House $20,000; Gwen $50,000, with
muncrons Mercantile honsee, varying from 20 to
$30,000 each. The total lo.a, according to eats.
mate, cannot be less than $1,000,000.
Darras us—ln San Francis' co,
May 3d Captain Jame; Welsh, T. Smith, and
Margaret A. E. Williams of Baltimore; on the
fith--Thomas MeCalrin of B - aahington D. C. on
the 9th—John MoCallaLn of England:
• SAN FRANCISCO 414.11.8ET5. '
Sas Fttericisco, May 16.
The markets are unsettled, owing to the de
'traction of property by the fire. The quanti
ty of bre-sdatuffs destroyediwas not so large, as
that of many other articles.
Flour has en upward tendency; and the de
mand Let:end. There is lltt!e change In Barley,
Oats, Corn and Beans, the stpek being good.
Immense quantities of Shoes were destroyed,
and the demand is likely to be good: Bricks aro
in demand at good prices, 'ranging from $4O to
sloo's / 1,000. Coffee has slightly improved,
and Infirm. Of proviiiioni, the stock Is heavy,
but prices have improved a little. gets Beef is
selling at $10; Mess Fork at $l6 1.2 M; and
' prime do at $10; Lard is selling at 14c; a prime
lot of Items sold at 15l& c. per pound. The
stock. of Sugar is fair, and prices are improving,
with considerable miles. liletals have improved,
particularly those for house building. , Domestic
goods have materially improved..
sod TheTnteStiMdard shared the same fate. The
Courier 0 ffi6,16,t, ee ary thing. The Pacific) and
Herald,though great lose:redneck their reappear.
once on Monday.
The steamerPreble was wrecked at
Trinidad Bay, on the 6th of May.
On the morning of the 16th of May, a shock
'of an earthquake was felt at San Francisco,
which lasted nearly one minute.
San Francisco is literally swarming with bur
glars. , • •
• The Californian Indian Commissioners report
to the Indian Bureau, that they had concluded
a treaty with the Bigante, Coconou, Pateritde,
Apanganse, Aplachee, and Aglacheo tribes of
California Indians, 'on the Bith of Maze lent.
By this treaty,' the Indians cede all theirlands to
and consent to be located on four townships
between Mercedo and Tonolindnee revers. They
bind themselves to abstain from all acts of ag
gression against our citizens, and to lire in
friendship with all the Indian tribes. The In
diens have removed to their new homes, under
the superintendence of Mr. McKee, the Commis
shiner . ,
WAertnecrox, June 19
The President, in company with Messrs. Stew
art, Crittenden and Hall, goes to Virginia on
Monday next. •
We have Oregon dates to the 3rd or May.
The weather was exceedingly warm.
IThe nava from the Kiamoth mines, does not
give very flattering neeotatte. They are only
digging from 3 to $4 per day.
iThe census of Oregon had been taken, and
the Population amounted to 13,323.
Dates from the Sandwich Islands to the 9th of
April had reached San FranCisco.
The Alta Californian states on good authority,
that the Hawaiian Government have decided to
apply to they, United States for annexation; and
that an officer of our National Government is
new on the way to Washington city, entrusted
with the important mission.
Rocimeinn, June 19
A fire occurred laet night in tho drug store of
Wears. Lind & Osborn, which was completely
It is said that forgeries to the extent of over
$lO,OOO have been committed here within the
past few days, by 1, gentleman formerly of high
standing, and now- on his. way to South diatonic*.
' PlusAntswaln, June. l9 .
Cotton the market is ensady, with sales of 100
bales at from to 111 1? lb.
• Flour—ls steady, with Bales of at $4,-
20 bbl.: Ryo Flour is in demand at , $3,371
qA bbl.
Corn Meal--Bupplics arc lintital. Prices have
improved 1230 pl bbl, with sales 250 bbls at
$2.871 pl bbl.
' Grain--Sales 2000 bunhels wbut at Vic for
good red, and 102€.1021c for prime. Rye is
scarce and held at 71(g, 20. Corn is in good
demand, and has further improved, with sales
4000 bushel at 6.3 e I 1 bu. Oats are are also
in good dausand. at 440 'V bu.
Provisions—The market is dull.
Whiskey—Subs 2404 4 'gall
New Tom, June 19.
Cotton—The market is. steady, with further
See of 300 bales.
Flom—The market is He easier, with tales of
2700 brio. Southern brands are languid at $l,-
30® 4,44 per brL
Grain—Wheat and Rye is neglected. Sales of
26,000 barboL, mixed Corn at risKi , y4c per
• •
'Provisions are without change .
Linseed Oil—Market dull, with salre of Amer
ieva at 71(5;13e. 11 gallon.
liroceriea—The market is quiet, and prices
are declining. Salei 300 bags Rio Coffee et St
% lb. • Sales 150 hhds Cuba Sugar at Sc. Rice
is wive at 3e3.4 per lb.
Tobacco—The market is drooping. Sales 35
Muds Kentucky at 5} ev,9c.
Stocks—Panties are down 3 to Canton
has declined 21c. Reading it. United States
are unchanged. Money Is stringent.
The Sheffield Independent state's that the
Mormons have determined on a great and spar&
malls attempt to convert England to Mormon
ism. They aro at this moment adding to their
churches by adult baptism, 500 disciples every
month. So confident are they, that they pro
pose to hold a great Mormon Conference in Lon
'don, in the month of 'dime. It is to be hoped
that reporters will be admitted to the sitting of
the saints. -
The offence of child-stripping is now practiced'
inn great extent in Liverpool. On one day no •
lesi than five children were robbed of their boom
and other articles, and every day many cases are
reported to the police who are on the alert, tis&
children being too young in many instances to
skucribe the parties, who principally appear to
be beggars.
A picture, painted by Sir David Wilkie, has
arrived at Liverpool by a vessel (rum New Or
leans. This picture, which is the called "Grace
before Meat," was painted to the order of a gen
tleman in .this country. in whose pessession it
has remained.
The Navy Department has issued special
instructions to the East India Squadron, to
procure and tend borne tare plants and seeds,
particularly the sugar cane and tea plant adapt
ed to our climate and' soil, and useful for do
mestic purposes, for distribution throughout the
The Town Council of Pottsville have assessed a
tax of eight mills on the dollar for ordinary do
rough purposes, for 1851, and one mill extra for
the payment of interest on borough notes, bonds
and orders. This is more then double'the taxwe
pay in Reading.
Mr. Wrberr.—The subscription paper which
we pubished In Tuesday's Gazette, nomina
ting Mr. Webster for the Presidency, hai` been
extensively Signed in- this city. We learn, al
so, that the 'papers circulated in other parte of
the county have received many signatures:73 ,
less Gso
• The Mileage of the Oregon end California
members of Congrees is soitiewbat of a curios
hr. •
Blileage of Mr. Wright, 7,013 miles, $9,042
" • Mr. Gilbert, 6,854 " 5,914
" r. Thurston, 4,816 " 3,452
A very large number of 'wealthy inhabitants
of Ceased hero determined on emigrating. This
resolution seems to hare startled the Elector,
who has ordered the chief truxgistrate to report
Thirty families trout Mecklenburgh,: have left
Hamburg for America, in the ship Onttenburg,
under Dr. Brockman, with the ntention of found
ing a Socialist colony. These phalanlea have
hitherto been not simple failures, but positively
GAL—Within the last fourteen months, Capt,
.141leon, the commander of the Empire City, km
brought into the city of Nov York $12,340,000
in gold.
Queen Victoria has just entered on the aid
year of her age, and on the 20th inst., will com
mence the 15th year of her reign.
LEAD -1400 pigs Galena;
" 31b. /MTV/mos I co.
N UTS -20 bu. Chestnuts;
" " wasvantrAmm.
SUOAR--ISO hhda N. 0. Sugar fur sale by
TA ; la
ODA:ASII-20 caake Ku rtes br
A an!, for
sal. by r 3,6 B.* lIARDVOII.
Q ALT PETRE-20 kegs (refined LSO ) for rain
1 ` ) 147 Ent. snd 118 Wand
LARD OlL—to UN. Winter Strained, for
mile by , o rl° R. &ELMS. Wood,
ij EMPSEED--5 bbls. for bale by
Il mTL: IL E. by
DIES. of illfrevat Aces. for rale at dot India Bubbler
fPa. Nos. 7 mod Waal .t. J. 11. PLIILLIPti.
Very Valuable Steam Grist and Saw tills
a1...1y OD the blobonsabela Rive. (known
Ylossaptvibo Warn four tall. above n 0
.0 [oar 1011. bolos Plon n =l:9lJ. uv i n:
bait 1g2.. 'Thy.
stop...a power 'toy n th , by yb .. Tr .
oar of Yonasta's,TO l or = :1 ,2 1 ,4 1
brrio"'"ibboot t's.vd or • Plass Ebablb.mea. am
bboga.N..ipood Maws axal • pas blab.: sad t u bital.lll
r . y O l C'a fra toe=rilrel?' irilogsti4 mad Is but •
step tort Joe littsbor•byats—caly oblba by . 3 0,
a b . , boa, ye.V. LILA tb r igral
=rp:gially. TUT /.10. 7 :.
ors, oud ! ' lour
I.Stiroltle hm
the ALM.
James . B, Breadmg,
WILL continue to transect theWnotxsAts
y • DRY GOODS )3USIDTESS, 14.251
VIEURCAPS.--iie best osticle alinsys
Dim tur sate st la=gt 17 5, iirotd a.
artaZdrall J. E. B
E . IS put up in quart bottles. and corr
tains the eirmagth of SIX 113021 le moth num Bann.
an any mindiar permeation In America. Trite one dol.
hir Per bottle, on Ma bottles gig bee
It boa been a erell eatablithed WM the yen. pard. that
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RILL.A the only preparation berme the public that le
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to price, and every pound. hefore being used, schism to
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before being need
Hull's thirrathallla thio amtthas the virtu. of Wee&
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Scrofula or King's EMI. Humor.. 0.. R o.°°.• of
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Liver tionpnint, Female irregularities net complaint. %
niek and r. mow Ileazheb, l oW Spirits. , Night Born%
Eamo, itoprodenoe to Life, Ctinnio Constitution] Die
ono. eod te a erring and sommer drink, and metal Uor
to lo the Innen, an d gentle sal pleueon purgative, fez
superior to Blue Liek or Concuss water, melts. or field•_
. - .
The following is the mike's% copy of urtifkate now In
the teureelon of the nron i rletar of Bull's reinseparilla.—
nee. K t t . rdeM leztt y and ri th e3ll l. klitogA t asx,
11. V. ‘"n
Elevens's: t aanm foo been banana se one of the nteol
c o ul d and 'salons members that tha lientnelly Conference
could tout of for many year., end at Ws [km la tilling
me high sad responsible of agent me the M.
Book Ooncern. Can the world produce better, or more
astlaketury testimony In favor of my medicine
Bettor TeotOnony than was Aber Offered in Favor of
Any Median.
Hz, E. W. fanos—art. B. Menefee.
Unnentba, May 31.1140.'
We hare need John LAM aIIISIIPIaB, and foreknown
kw be used. with entire satisfaction: and wo km no how
Ration instating that we helloes ft to be a earn and valu
able :medical contround, and ealcaloted touts:Luce much
good and Legate much adoring: and would therefore
cheerfully and most ounattli recommend It to the ed.
dieted. bilsned) E. W. 81:111)::
G arsvzseds.
11Z&ITTI1111. CI.T.A2. SM.
lion we all admire o clear beautiful white tttn. and
=CT colored check. lion often dower* plreno rayk per
swing this "desideratum .o devoutly be be on," re
sorting. to ccesneticcdotlous. trashes. paint,. and colurther
matediale, to ...ore to them • sembleuee of what amain
km &uttered Om of, and that ON with great injury to
the Wu. Hull's garalpuilla le the best cometle known.
It bosun/ea the the skin. byeoaming eeery.PerUge ,
morbid and doused =tun the blood.rnernull It pure.
healthy. and tigurous, giving ecUrtty to every returns
dm ging the yell. and dark V 111111.011.41.0
the bloom .41min:en. Teeth. ehthdou the
Ma of baint• and Illiittrets. sod ure Sanarilla,
the only ellactual r e ly rout to the vise euf6-
tient" awl • Mutts rboobb to the Wits. •
Teitimony Like the Following, Ren ramuperflus
all Comment or the E_O'eimey o's Sorra.
Prom Dr. 1.. P. Y...1.0V-In Proftwor of Chatting I. the
Louisville Medial College
"! hare looked over th. 11.1 of inordlonta conyterning
Poll'aCenanornul Zatnyeref eamporalo... l boos no
t e o4l.uork 11). SitriD, that am) corm • We ornaouod..d
' one
teat "intern .11 to claron ItL
tdem r, 76 ... he
Wigs DR? PTLX44:=6.67, by enecistmestl-te tar
hariOU nms d 341t4A.P.4.
Lortemus, &lamb 23. 1949.
'1 hames:Mined tbe Mmerlytkm for the preperetion of
John Bull's Sertatimilla. end 1 believe lb* comblnetion
b. an suellentora and well elloolatid to protium sn ll
termite imprwsaion the MM.. 1 hem owed it both in
=mid prisms prune, end thlolkightembset allele of
lbwrgg'libtl=lM at the Louisville Marin; Itamirel.
i a t - V C P
hare no other. Wintw
140, Wood streets Pittstrursh, Pa., Wholesale and Retell
for ode - by D. 31. CIIRRN and SOP. Dora Less, All.-
:haus city. end by Druggists watersily. jelllottisrhalt •
B.titabbiit'stelebrated Soap Powder.
I ,IV A i. S , lll . N u ! , with . o - 13 1 t W o r= 4
n te4
kfw lnucrtoss rot Oa-1t Tour clothe. In la softie . .
quantity of sold tester to coca them. that uld two tablet
spoonful. of this down Ponder, math .1: mart. of . 0100 sed with the dodo* If th e stater is turd. odd more of
the Powder. and tail them ten minute: ha the mean time them down with then pot them In a tub end
ed.l sueskut wsl.l inlay, d irty t MK Tlll Poe be Me Mit
to lino-11.. nut rub ta. Mrsa..., or In other wor
else them a thorough ritatlag, and that I. suMMent
mote them aeon.
N. IL—There Whin no main Indßoma. it Still loon
the clothe. 0.07 white, end DO y enselL se .um.
satin do. The entire costa the material used does not
wool two omits, to of
muhinig of ten prisons—
Marrs:tied not to rot or Ware the lOn. ,
Thi s it • Powder that tmetsPer militate twelve gnarls
loot busily Bort nosy:
Dimon°. rilt Use—Tate. ear el. queris of tinter etni
ma the Powder with it, and Mom let 10 bc4l. Ere elisr
"is., thou add sts. Cram cold .0105 stir Mom Intinisliqy
too disr, tad tot it away where It will not from. sea
1.1,..n sold It will 0. v.: thick and No White down. aml
1.1_3 I:4llZl.ionta.nott.s.z.:}t!le Cuntsigturdt.62:ll±a
N...-ast. by sot, ca. the quettly lam sm. qamts inst.! of
to else. The dolt 110.0 m bast adaMad for washing calla*
tad *ooll.ogada
.trolosele asri rotall LT
THREE-PLY CARPKTS.—Just received
“ Uwe Carpet Wareelecnter, lei, If. towel we-. swwr wad
riF 'twee New-0 y carpets.
_1)41 . W. WCYWIVIE,
1p 0RP111.A 7 L5 1 3 oz. for. sale .
D. A. 7kllNL9l_,
d 161.for;s1;by
s .2 R. A.. IrAFINESTOCK • CO.
:r0 been Flea* New Cher.:
100 bbl.. he. I Velthrese ltwrins
le skrree fresh itk,
m rtelo ihs. et:timeless . Wells I
JOHN WATT A OA, Lawns ft-
TANNERS' OIL-20 bbla. for sale by
IV AILS WO keel - or salt by
.1 Earls ksalsos.uniat t co.
- -
! ooks!
I lliatory o ß f
Grecce.—A Mato
r7 or Broom fret tho arliettimea bend Wootton I
Corinth, IL C. 14* mairtly bead won that of
Thlrboall IL. D.. BOttep a Et. Davit*. By Dr. =
&Malts, . s 8. s.
The liarmony of Prophory, ar, Imiptural Illustrations ot
Br dpoqdspoe. By in. Bay. Alesander Ranh, D. D.
Ballad* for Mennen Geraldine, Ilactenw. Thowand
A BI Ipgif ta - Pe.
'mm Sillol
ems f Aurer o si k er amok* Tribrod.
M o e Reit' of Wad. Wayland: • Tat. Br hteYT
Th. ThilotoPby of Matliematior. translated rrom
Coous do Thtlomphie Bonny. of Augusta Combo By IT.
31. tilllsople.
Rased Bev York awl Dna Railroad Guide Book: redo
Wank * 4.cripuo. of the licenery,. Idlers, Towns, YR
holm. and moth Important Work.. on Ma Road. Kith one
An** an/ thimpats engraving, by Looting ant Barri*.
Imo mistral *ketones mad e expronli for this worn Br
Wm. Maelmtd.
Ti m me 800 Monthly 31apaine fro Joao
Ti Bold
B yllonhlpern or LW daTl Ye In. 1= at RIP..
blortorteal novel. the author of "Whiten/sue
The above book* run *mired, and for tale hi
ETOCRTOti, 41 Market rt.
No O. Wood P.
. •
nN br [pal J. KIDD t CU.
PAR--42 bbla. N. C o rior sale by
S--319 8. C: Cittvass, for role by
Al 4r1.. WICK k NrCANDIA.B3.
111.7CKETS-140 doi:Scover. for rale by
.142 ,iWICK k iIeCANI,LLAS.
T AR -2 bble. genuate Barbadoes, for Bali
J. KIDD & 00.
SII 50 lba. for sale by_
_ _
-60 lbs. Cantbarides, for side b'
a. A. I'AIIYTATOCK & co.
P ie2
2...11 nanny on hnnd nind for "We by
C. 713 A.O.II,ItEIIiSON A - CO.
HEMP—?d' bales Missouri, =consignment
.11. and for sala by . tzre. oonnosr
No. 1.5 t
New Msic.
ed' Dublin Waltz., eoniplete.
Worldb fair Walt:
garanading, or 0.4 Luck Polka.
tfasoburg Polka.
Where Ara the friends of my %tithe
Thos bad mounded the spirit that lard tbeit •
Scenes that brictihmt.
JannpTear'.llllo Polka.
lel. Juniata.
Old Bachelor and Old dfald.
Lame. of the Blind Orphan Oirl. •
Thr yoke le mule lumina ear.
Lamont of the Web Emigrant. Reed and ice No bY
say 26 JOHN IL MELLOR. II Wood at.
COFFEE-1 Rio; b
51) bilge
4=R fyi v E L. CO.
SUOAD-48 kihde. prime N. o. ° for ealo b
1.2 *A and 81 Wab.r. and n 2 Front arnst.
L OAF SUGAR—WO bbls. awed Nos.;
6 " Crushed,
W, a F. IZON,
my.`.7 . IS7 flek4as./.118 &wad Vt.
QUO.ARL-10 . hhda, Clarified, fur atileby
. .Z. 71 17.10L11111 h rin.....____NClT.
SEA 50hf. cheita Young ilyson; .
I. " " Black 46oleag Flavor;
tur rale by IBAIALI DICKEY , CO..
nu 1.3 • Water sad Fr. An.
CORN -35 bbla. for ealo by
and U.l a n fft
k , • CO
G LUE— 40bbla. (ext r a) for ~ale
myr2 .1, KW ICO.
_ _
a -600 galls. Flaxseed (eatranted pm;
• r r . 1 e t 77 co yl3 A. R. liELLkilla
WOOL BAGS-1000 new and old. fOriTilo
by I.4IR____I.PHY A LEL
DRIED APPLE bblo. for dale by .
mr . 24 • • no Wm: It.
B,S A H .
F — Al N l lb Et s O e .
ODFISII-10 drums for sale b
h p
ARRELS—NO new Flour, for Bale by
2uro..vr. Ls: nr,...littc
" ' " lik m AriTiTeCO. '"d'
SAFETY FOSE-25 bbir.toarr - ' — ive, for s
_rie2l•' - . J. S. DILWORI7i k CO.
Powdered. and Crets
JAM twg. P fr z. ~ b
. uU
GOLDEN SYRUP-1n hf. bb .. and 10 ga
keg.. raaa the Bt. Iteramia L lhr safe by
3 . 2 ' 'JAMES iiiiitAlSON • 1..1), .
101:—ffl tierces darolins, for sale by
irirlBW--1 3 0 bales for
',DAMES 4, 1147CEllBON :CO!
4.7110 T-4.5 kOksciiateillio " rC:6l 7 sale by
A.Tc-.--Ilgus A
1410 E-100 tierces for na . ls
I au, 1NF, L 0r.4.1. .t.
Samisks for see byc.— „ote!
- .
~~ „~ ~.
v.: ~ ;ti.
United States Hotel at Pbri•aolphia.
ryas SUBSCRIBER respectfully announ
ees to Ms trleileth.s.irr(pig=ilsbnof
llFlrLoas. knuir ' n in cannuatlon alti, the
I,l'"Ard"t!,thial`pot'' ITilree T a du
to"config i lle o trectaus mutation se tne beet kept ban.
La the country. No eapeneatuto been Fps.. IFplete
ly matting tbe entire cotablubment. and he cub.,
Istoltaettentlon to the changes Introduced r tbe . can
ce end comfort of Lodi... Being firmly detottoisr
"to pipe ondsfaction. be eallelts a cualluitanc l e a e i rg .d et
* 7.21 b"u"d ' l9; ' ALMS
rtV.t ,
FACITSEIL, No. Al Sooth Some tiltra ts, t , oce
at, not Ale-) Ph I isdelphAs.
We. papalSi INTO •
•11 AGALEY, WOODWARD & Co., Whole
'', tale Orman. No. ttll MOM., Phlledelphts.
.r..llCcisolt... 111‘ Aair u` ..'..
l on 5 : 1 1 C . K
h IC O
th, Be r,
, 1 41 N C a , T obacco
io.lll , lorth Wham, Pbilagelyhis .i
MERCER & ANYELO, General Commie
nexhants, Pllsdelphl3. • Mend alma.
to r oto couelgutocute of Produce iroucrolly. Ijeu9:dettt
Office for Foreign Patents. •
N 0.5 Wall Yor , and 166 Flat st.,London.
In firrat,Rritain, ur. Wows, Holland,and all
o co vans oflEurape—t, Canadas, Cubs, .1 the Br,
41 1 1. 11
laformatlon oft the.alwre c.j,epheillbasoadt.tre,Asl
6 ivol t eet, 61.• TA
Superior Mack Writing arid Copyiug.inX
1 - ONE'S EMPIRE ' INK, fg,Nasgau street,
er Bun Building, Nor Turk.
0000,, grim. ger dos.---$1 00 6o
0. dor--
tl or, ond ..yenta.
1 . 1 ,g,"“
rift—end . un
doi t
ad toe. ~mlHridDi I6Y :,"I.?7,,Ttatf,•.mZi
1 000
D. CUMIIaI to the end, et.
noninatortia. at the labor" vetT,
T order. tod delivered in Jam'
charge Or Clan. ll
11'"0 'I.4IVYBOV/11.9
Barry's Tricopherons,
D COMPOUND, for re-
Jard I..ntirrina lbe her , mdk. -
übd Ming Wrote. of. the Ala.
; W V r a =NI I t *
otatito cueing diem. its
sd all the salami Morton, e
elected from band of droller
of the Orewerstioc ,
7bl t t! e Le ' holl br those wbo have
Nor TOoL, Sept. ZI, IMO
ir--1 boot town anlicrod .(0a cu
acolp, of a ascot oggrsTated rho,
diwon yrs:nom:l dosing that ponord
of soonest the moot eminent sbyri
re trtod an rho preparation , far tla holy and
orn. without the not bona- I orso advised
try your Trisorhorroso. 1 44 on. Da a tart
say caryrtien and gratlesslion.nmzul novel(
r t two trnitho. Such nos the viola= of Lila
at tin. 1 Imo yartally blind.
ells. renror to VII ILSPELYE,"
- LSO Cothstis otreat, lan,skirl,
ZOI 117 a i
at l yxr u ir
mart. sad.
elted In abo
evert a Lb.
taco ToU. Oet. M. 1950.
fooddy Dew the—Aboutt•o years adorny bale
a deal. dud my head was much *Skied
1•• w told by • frland to to rourThoo pber•
of so. and to me artonlshmente me bole was
9. and all tba dandruff duarmand, so the
here for Melt
l .1 8 Mbar. 9 t ..3
w e a l goatees:2 :PIA+ tlanth c antieltz . o c l e ttz
I. ha. Vork,vher• be will pridor• • 00-30.
. .
•'l , yr . and Naval *rank NO. 9. 18.50.1
iy forthe permanent WO of bathe.
t a cranium gareerslir • that by heeded
t i, ' lett b i
e "lk 0 1 1oo k = " . _ !Mr::
teethe upper d o ted
ao. Wile eammuseltr: in
nna•ry In the land it It wed la preference to
e of the kind. It Maparta visor to the roam of
thud lemo im Orro.thremarlable de..
.te th• dandruff and seer. and makes the
I leery. It arid cum all dho. of th• scalp,
d , de. wont , . toot other elorketedieer-
Irtit'Anrr--,t,o:1! see ms,, it
T. aral at the Meets ganeeralit. then
•aree and Canada
aum out • I
tub dtatiro
ous. tsul I d.
Thai L
Its POP.
I=3;: ir
d. artiCw
tb. hair.
oel mkt
I= .
e s
H UTCH INSON .Ir. Co. Nol3 Spruce Street,
NC. YORK, l Wbrdesaitt ni inuft.nrs a u In. best
EAGLISU PILNTINti for fl& and Litho
itrapkti PrtAting, and fur f Ina Aunt and Job Work. shirt
tz kTfi rs to t0 0 1...7d of ....on matenalL and d ir t
Tbt nosolgaMs in tints lutn. ow ouch uteri. a ride
=sm. permariessy to any other fibs ens
In non Bold at ;aims varying fro= T 4 nut to 11,00 tsr lb.,
put up In ea.. and funtsartied to ONCT.
IL I .....strtursaftetstro enter! Wks nf ovary ...arid
•arying /MIS SUSI to =AO per lb. tuett'rt•tu
Shawl and hiandlls ! Warehouse.
, Entire.) 010WTORL. It nos epettlao nue of
and risto. stastutente APRINta AND
141411 BRAWLS ever bases remiss!. Alto LACE
SiCitLIS and all kututs of SILK MANTILLAS, =nub..
roi Rata tbn Istnot Caro fashions, hated by do swarm.
and partinslarle ...cosi b tbe Mol t
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LLAtI raeattl
r t , tt:. o tof PAII.AI)LI A.ll ootWp
ttrin.'ol4=lArt.tetrea t1i0 4, , . vl Pl ,oVd "''"a `10 9;
los pmts. bt ears:ally In., our Western =s% ea.
2; 121
Mastu ' uts, put up in woo fur tr . ...= " Srtittif
VONTINUES hia usual facilities to receive
vu on Stoma, Fate. and Trauthh.trt. &a Wed:Laotian
evarlgned hint. &mt. Warr his At daily for all poaa
on the Later and the Canal and Woe,
Itelbreords—Reuss. Loretta, Merlin, a Co
.Ihosta. Jon.
klr. Jam A. Canzbar
Yrodoco, Comornhohno. mot Volwonting bltrobwMa, on Its
Ur., ht. Joaqh. Ma
11.40 to Alexander Jordon. out Loma, htorlina k Co,
Mtn arab. ophlt
PAVID C. TUTTLE, Attorney at Law,
and Cotandoolanor for l'onntylosnlo, SClAtiaa Mo.
ecomunloations aralnpur attracted. cacgaly
4e'OHS'OHSIL RANKIN, Attorney' and Coon
polot at Lan. and Cohondosionor ea Etat* a
tmivonis. Yt Long. Mo., Mao of P;Moburght.)
14411M—Vitaburgta lion. W. Forward. ilamyton
Minor, thOoodtto. A MoCtute, John C. Yvte. Kama,
&mato. IfeCard. Co. • ong14:11.
ripllE undersigned. 'having entirely re-aqt
j bedit•rel enlarged the above ea - tnder retslidble
meat. reondtbon in ail argent three benndmd and InnAT.
room, would nrnynertfully rive notice that It ls now ready
far the Preprint and aceocumndation or the travelling
Aneerecatrd nett, uneartneeled.Mvrniebroeor Ude
I lions 1.• deorul
b arupgoons, no the tomer°. Impmer
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cannot be pen.n.4o glean In
• advertirment. engine It to .01, no expense bee been
I epend to render any egarineargerfect.
The tUrriil,ll,ll rag monde elprearlY order. Man... o or
t. eon certain portions of IL espertaUY thnnin n
toms. rill be grand to be of the man leant:Sul mantafee.
te. line Dining rooms eye capacione, and tLe Lour. for
tneale .111 by an erreutnyl er atilt dm convenience of the
wetly end late.
Every department will be meth:glad In an nnexoeptiona.
ble meaner. and ' the prcrprietor pledges binninell that Abe
Americen lignor shall be truly the Traveller'' , Herne.
leldnilrordlientrull LEWIS RICA.
WA,. :1.11.31010mm
10 •.•
jo S, bbls. Oniden arrurt.
5.1. 10102rer, ftrr br
BUIt I IIIt 3 IDOE TNOllltrit3l.
114 W.tcr rt.
•• •
itiA.PLE SUGAR-2 bbla. very choice Na
1 " 1 " yk 2 " . '"' '`" re"
411.7. irna &
User sad Tin Dealers.
_Lad, o:cubed. Pulverieed brui Pabdrred. et.sbbYtiT
o: Ah bbaa atuiljor nb. by tbl4.,:r.l,7lcyr,alilhati talobeet
TM . Matti'
WIED PEACHES-1000 bushels (bright
111 gr , ' I/LTIIIEWS Ca
ca -2.2
APPLES-30 awls prime, forma°
1 , 7 tor = ' KILEY. MATDIEWS A CO.
ASTOR OIL-9 bbis. (Blow's mako).for
We by my 22 R11T.4, MATTIIEWS a CO.
SLTOAR-2AO bhds. prime N. 0., for sato by
fIOPLEY'S POT CLAY-36 bble. iantreed
sto tur We to. 3.CIIOONMAICkji .1 CO.
CLOVES -1500 Ibs. for solo by
SUP. CARB. SODA-25 kegslor sale by
RENCII FLOWERS—A mplondid varipty
M the towed ttylet krenth Itud American nom,
1.0 w 0 ere proplrod to tell vat 7 wholmle or A. A. AtAliON a co.
DRIED PEACHES--435.sacks in store, will
roy b r2l *" tow
clamaklAll DICKEY t CO.
_ _
UCKETS-50 dnz. :Marietta., fur sale by
mytti J. B. CANTIILD.
VEROOMS-100 doz. Corn, for solo b 7
Jur melt J. D. CANFIELD. •
SALERRATUS-100 boxes .pure;
bbl..• Mr Yak by
SUGAR -100 bids. Powdered, for sale by
E--15 bbLs. good grease, now land
6 1t 2 E g AS. from etcamrr CumberlawrNo. 2 ilar rale•in
Iseult DICKEY I Co,
&Akio neM and Car eat. at Go Drag Store of
scly23 6. N. WICKERSHAM.
ma le by
U. . KING,
cala. Ranker and Enchant. lhoaar._
EARL ASH-20 casks for sale by.
. ~ 1 R. DALZELL it CO._
— RASH . 7 4 musks pure, fur sale by
m 1 . J. B. CANFIta.D.__
nRIED APPLES-20 bags for sol by
mrA It. DALZELL o Co.
1 7 1 T ASII = S casks fur nale by
.I,a Clarified
EARL ASR-25 casks for Bale by
mr2i J. B. CAN MO
INK ROOT—:2000 lbs. for sale by
MTI9 J.1(100 400.
LAM) OlL—Benuett 8 Jones' brand, for
.o.•br rerae ismAndunaar
i.I.IkLT PETRI' —TO sacks Crude, for sale by
FOR RENT.—A three story b
. and ROM
house, altnidie oulldritigrent. bet .
UM lon. aell flatbed .i t
&lint la the kitchen and above whirl; there lt
will hot gtut said water. Plieevadost gine= •.,
"lel7 VONISOiIh-11011ST
Home andl,et for Sale.
ALARGE LOT, onLeaeock street,
!eaten,. mooing throoett tr; Rehm , . • •
ct on ouch street. with• depth. of URI for
nteth.r with • aced Irk lurelhou floor, mu
rooms. For term. apply to ACIILNIN WOUDLI
Dimon nye.. or JtillN
second door from Fourth. and utroinbt
stet and Jewell,. Store of W. W. Wuriox.
Rote Room ban the harelsomeat front In the el ,
the bent location fur • th 7 Goode. earl Fancy Bo
Brat for the tu.lanor of the 3.. r .111 e'erl
quire o f JAIIM4 GRAY. or
• :e: •r : e.
VALUABLE unimprotott LOT I on the
eoever of Liberty and Pareore etree Yittli Warn.
anoints the Gentian Clatbollo Church. 10 foot lot on Lib
erty. by 100 feet deep on Factory. running bark to Syrinx
Ale the tore ..tory Brick I.ltrellba Mouse .
..tanyotolny. no tarot, tbo lot Nino I.ti foot
lOU fort dial , 'Ow bacon is . larno sn.l wove Eden
ro,lorn .tylo. and ciottainerleeets rooms.
Al t o—:n aorta of eery raluablo land tow Slat
rAMI of 135 =mak. West Dyer town
1!,. -A a 25/ at:volt:1 LIVITYce count
.kiN--Fxrin , In Beare- -
counts. of . T3l . lour
fr'm dri-u.
• 0:: tahable Nausoo, 11110
7i;9u1317-- •
N. P. t U. L. 11. FLTrElui.
Altoroeyn at L., sod kleat ats AI
toy No. lU7 remelt street. Pat
yOlt RENT—A Warehouse on Wel
Xdre . et . . , between Bla i rket and suitable
Mr.% LSI; IiALZELL. 6V it
To Let, . I
THE well finished and furnished Sto
Thl,d street, Dear the
pied bT lire. :"*1o7l17;
t o Vb. oA77A3lLytre
7 ,
I Po .t. Tribitha and Dive,th
To Farmers.
ACRES Farming and G.
10 Landk is Warren Monty, I
;II ' hank {lke, attain twelve oaten of th e N •
. EriNnilrcad.
4.1.-I.ono Aran In Elk onuati,,camu K , lm i ,_ o 4l
ti"m'yrr. ofr not of Marl. and Third
To Giordeners.
rerNTY ACRES of Gardening
iely tinder g ad cult/ vale%initepl m
Hy, will be void for 5600 an sore-One_9ll,
_Lanre at in one, twßank o, g awl three rears
nnl the in
/lathe of rears
, h I corner of Atarket and Tbird
Desirable Suburban Residence for S. e.
THE subscriber offers for sale the house and
h rx.' c :7= tra / g4. o 7.o o ,rasTillr i ssT•s " ;:i
the market of this sky. 71e lot is ft. fen nt en Park it.,
thinning beck ..... be. to an.allay.K.:ll.ll2ti. nearly COO
sere of gromul. col is bouudcd orstrary els e by's... open
lots, adorned with tres arid shrulibet Y. Tne.too,OLo',
nearly new , brae. daiscessily arranged, having
• front of 30 Sat, and &nth /1,2, and mantles fourteen
besidv halls nine fret wide. It is built In the best
and most datable manner, and has • 114-pretlf MOS and
contains id/ the male= ethsthithces. Two homy. with I
th unfailing supply of ber.l and nth...Liman at the dorm.
On the pall:Lbws are the necessary' cot budding. stable,
carriage house,
The grounds are laid out [nadir as •
lawn. covered with thutee trait tree. evergreen. flawering
' shrubs, currant. gooseberries. "submi. kg. and • mall
garden The *silt Is of the best kmd, end the trees are in
eehheeif• Prima. and 7161 enough ter the wants of an onlithier
fThe rituation of thD property, as to eulubritY and
suburban cothforts. ern:shined eith co o to the city,
la not surpassed by thy residence in t his Tien:lily. It but
slew of the Ohio Meer for over • mile. of
ti re, South Pittsburgh. th e City, the Df ri.sorss ono the
hills around, forming altogether Ptholonlor..Prtht s sof of
which the rye never weariea. EMT boat ahten enters or
&Too.Dont th e port of Pittsthrgat on the Ohio, pathos In
eau view. The residence and grounds are .thlethoPitialT
r7s:VatsW,,XtliT, A.°o,Lan'4l7iotTruu'una
sad peaceful est!' loc•Dd In nose unl ' et thick in the country
The property will be sold at *bargain, and porsesaion given
whenever desired. Swank, at theogle.
For Bale.
membere of the Friirmourit Fire Com
ockeN Mot. Eeseoe for gab. It bt. good at
4,1: .4 oral t. ee.dehea..f: u l g i o f
rrli, soe7.
' Ito' 4VI l4m Arm.
FOR RENT—A Dwelling Roue° on w.s
gDritn"w7iXrng,°:ff teu'lth..
lw rentgd low.epd vwcacssiosa tervr,atill,Z"li
WA 0 aur , NtialS Ward.
D v . Dstbar.nlez. Fourth Itre.i, near Wool
Valuable seal Estate for Sale.
FIHE SUBSCRIBER offers for Sale, on 741'
favorable Vrens the following Reel Etta..
Cl', In
rf llttsburgh.,vir
No. I. Three valuable throe story brick dwelling hon.,
n &wend street. between Market and farrY Wavle. th a
lots bringeach 19 Gat front by la/ dee,
No. IL (nntains ST feet front on Third street 40110I0g
the 'Third reran, trrian Chord, an wash 14 elected one
four story brisk b., used as a pliokina -tare. and ono
two story brick truenon.s.
No. Two lota to Fannon. tamer roomy, 10100 tote
Noslrma 4, beton about DM teen squars.on otiehlacrect
ed ow block of font frame dwellings, and one Atakora.
fr.e dwelling. all tho Morin, Glob.
No. 4. One lot LO f,et front on Back ours t, orPorinl
alma, foul extending , . the top of the
So. b. Two !math such Is) but to at. .04 running
from th e rout to l rearm . mark, ou tbs 1 1 14teaver._
Nu. 0. tine ealn o rIl• water 100 test on Wheel nano:
with no, shares water power acb d.
No. 7. One lot oppcolte the seater es, 10 feet front, an 4
extending to the top of the hill, on .bleb Is errand Mr
too story brick Acre oral wareboass. I. by NI fern abwmni .
frame dwelling, two dories CM,
No. A. One nave lot to Naw v ittizlatonbratereount7. l . -
lug about 140 feet on Broad ay, not shout WO fort deep;
erunesoung 114 sore. on which are erected too tuna frame
doellinvaand one all frame house. used man ogles.
This ersperty was tormerly occupied by Wt. T. 4, - Cwolld.
eat is eery pleasantly Invoked. beMC ItnnalldlatrlY ol / 4 . 1.
the Fang.. arzee.
No. water lot, Immediately below Follett= triage,
being a bo ut lOU fost lenntln end extending from Water
a gree, to low rater mark. or 1...10 iwtb•
The &hose property will•ery. favorable taros.
Apply at the took !note ..1 FrOCKTON,cornerThlnl
and Market Ig.lNgelY. JOILN FLENIINti, Agent
t oo klotimal stud Not enpy.l
For Sale.
BLACK of )313ILDINGS, tut the rumor of Warrr
lb¢o wall Nutt Meet, and Irtalline on the Iltam.
rtlysada Canal. Ln the Orr of I'lltaburgb. The Lot front@
on. bundrrd and fatty tour fort on Prot rtrert. and on,
hundred and ulna fret ulna Mehra on Wagging - ton 'Area.
to a tyrant, - [eft all?) In,,uitor o UIYID DBBBB,
nnl vc<r. wrenumbvr rttioab/o
buiLd.tu,. at.tao v.•rr drairabk Lars for tuanultae
lurk,. to got tto,Amlt rf Ittradn.iharn. located Ur. the
Pobp Rot, ...11...g1ut butt:uvula Church.
vtia 4 ihrotinglatts to population atad
and lion-mm.OlQ rnee• b&.ttlel
Lot. tt t render then> u nate and prob
t 4 btr In.
Ivrftvt. 'ferny favorable.
ro. r. ....darn and t.troas. eoquire of the underatpned. at
the abr. of tkorev , F. 13111001, FArt., on o r e yl'itt.
bomb. L...tween Third and Fourth street., of II illism
Spa:tau-9 laud Fattrrson. Ewa'.
,at tbrir ofprea in Jttlrm.
ingbsta. fan 310b1.3 EATON..,_
RENT—The lae kind commod
House ow Pear. Crawl. petrlr cot , ltr th y.El
. a) with art entira lot adnlat o r, ,,,, v
yard. Also—ttabitna . as pt 1_
EIM Neer t_
L ARD 01L-29 bbls; No, 1, for sale low to
vmAgumtilt, at lb. I , torr of
ems Wood and Filth tta.
ecy A Ca. 4r4 now opmlng • Ism lot of brAutiful
Myles hprire U34t pc M. , '
ur00rr44 , 44 for closput , s, t.ttcy ant worm 41
ecute. 62 sod 64 744:ket rt.
FISIIING TACKLE--Canes, llods,•Lines,
limas. Le., wholesale aei , d rac . t . ! rr.5ON,
y:h g Market erect, maser at Fooxth.
YIT ATC IiES in' large variety, and at the
lo.mtt na• t ii4s . ,lrt,ra mak pen5. .. e,10.17.A. sod
••• •
IOL • T may be man at my atom
Alm, a pplendad aonortment of (kid and ante, FOOVIF
Gold Yana of Om ban manufactory. enclua Cullen - . lon
Monola fulyyft) W. W. WILSON.
H _
AMS-32 twits Bat on Hams, for ado b ,
Estitlts .1)311.2.. A.IIDTCWW; C CO.
11 ,
i ICII Crimson Velvet and Gold Paper
umurins, E. Drmag rtoo..tiutrtreed recap Agra.
W 1.7
W. k. - 5.5 Wood t r .
RINTINO -PAPER—A larga lot Double
51edlum and Imperial trtralnd Parer. torlaltebT
E 1124 manor Market and inecond
mmt ax,,i
• .xyf.x...kahlaw•Ai.
GROSSkr,lnotoTgEGlllotto and 17 Pen
14 od a non's Pena, of all number.: Eully'a4 and oth
eeletralod mwoutVglrikkogidlAts nom
nt07.4 corner Martel and:l.mnd sta.
L. reed and for tale 'WILSON,
ytte 157 Front, seat 110 Socoad et.
lACLAY—'2OO boxes for nixie by
IA la 02 R. DMZ); LL k 00.. Liberty 4.
DRY 111DES- 4 :200 (prime) for tmln by
POW'D EXT. LIQUORICE- 1 mm for sato
br mrD B. A. F LerOCK t CO.
Wn er • / L E.
IV t'v
ALOIII--59 bble. for .n.lo by
J. IIIDD 1%.1
m 712 ., 60W. I et.
OPPERAS-2 5 bbls. (good) for sale by
ALE —sobbls. for sale by
...cuoolni.viEn a co.
bbls new for sale by
RGOT 7 -4U,lcir
irA my. R. A. YAM:I-STOCK CO.
MITE highe, , t price in Cash paid for all the
dig""°k'""l" * tx,E.
VIRE BRICK-65,CM (Coal (trove) Fire
u Mick, equal tif not stuudior LI the
:u bumf sod Ur nolu OIL-30 Ibis. (warranted pure)
fur rule by J. SUWON M &KKR t 60.,
23 Wool .t.
CIIIIOSil: YaLOW ,k4.lltEEN—
cor''''' ft '' ' '' bY
4 - .1. ktititATUS-12 , casks prinin, for ink by
L m 1 . 12
for sale
4 I"2. C i9 LATE ` -130 luVitßccitt,isANDuss. by
14Eaging and Cer.s i z tt itt full ail...bac:Mot Laar
' ylu Y. Li. EATON. Fourth a.
N i M ACK ER EL-75 bbls for sale
11X &mod wt.
11 EMT-45 tons Alias. IL IL. for sale by
lk./ AOIX:REL.-50 bbls. No. 3, for sale by
jJ far sale I.l' WM. A. MeCLURG a CO., •
ov..N Groc,rs and Tea Ueslua
SALT a PETRE-2t) bags( il; . ) fors* by
10It rue Cl/RE OP •
AMON() the numerous discoveries Science
hoe Wade In thll generation to Mantels the businese
of Ito ni.loYment. and men prawn the term
of human existence. muse can to named of more real trim
to mankind. then this contribution of Chesuish7 to the
lleallog Art. A vmt• trial of its virtue throughout this
vabt c o ootm boo promo leomd .doubt that no mold=
or combinedon of medicines yet known, can ao mare] Teo*.
trol nod our. the namelyus varletke of ramainuzydLeage
which have hitherto swept from our midst thousands and
thousands every year. Indeed. time is mew abundant retie
pp, W bowe e remedy has at length been band ninth
eau be relied on to curs the Mot dentrawste awno= of
the Imes. ller space here will not permit es to publish
arty promortlon of the cures effected by its um, toilt we
putout the following epitaphs of eminent men. and rem
further enquiry to the circular. "bleb the agents below
oxonsi el=ate be pleased to flualsh free, .heroin ere
full particulars, and indisputable proof of them bets:
From the Prelideet of AnTerol =we. 00 celebrated MO.
...lames C. dyer-810.1 tam need your Cherry Pectoral
lo my two case of dmtrecetrd fftrochldo• and em matOvd
from Its ehelakal mutilation that It Le an admirable mop
wand for the relief of farm: offal and bevandel
If my naiad. u to Ito superior character can be of MO
service, you ere at liberty mum It m i rt °Pt prep.
ARD 11111; COCK, _
time the widely celebrated PRO
D.. L. L. D., Prtsfereor of C
Yale Member of threaltt.nied! i n
Month° Moieties of Amnia. end Europe.
"I deem the Chem Pectoral an wiluirable cotoposliion
nu twee of the best articles In 1.0. Malaria Medics. mod
very effects. remedy for the elate of dimenes it iv inter
ded to ewe.. New tram, Ct.
MAJOR PATTLION: Pnucktenre & Beaalantalm.
that be cb.rvr r0.t.v. 1 1 ,6 th vlomvomi
ems. to cure an bodatomatim of the mg.
Pr es cm ear.fusl P tnnolvm iwAatm
/Moo, Me, April 211, 114 g.
9Jr. J.O. Ayer. Lowell—Dear Bin 1 am non constantly
ming your Cherry Pentual la tar Monk* mtriglehr It tO
any other medicine Ibr putramary camels/ode. Mmohaer' ,
vatic. of many seven mess, I am convinced It will cure
moth& colds. sad diocese. of the lunp,tton have lott
defiance all other remsdkw. I invanably recommend ite
tow In cues of musutopttoo, and consider It =oath* best
remedy' known for that dins*.
11=dit r so r MAISIS
8510 in i geborgb, wholemle and retail. by 10. A. OAS
In AllegbenVitr, by IL. P. 11C1fWARTZ. and 1. DOM
OLAk and by agent's...UT. .14.'1* Wind'
k .
: ncs.
• ruh.
Slrdlcine knew.. Irielyi;c:iCerujeiMption ,
P l resnnes..Leueeveliesorirhlterjeregularhlvostrus tlen .
lueontbsuenee of Crine.tleneral Piontrama of the Srateat,
Ihpreowel Spirits. 'and Gloomy State of Mind, are enredby
Dr. Gwysettslatruct of reflowDoc.asedScriepamiimwhkh
give. Inunediste mbar by renewing the tiruntsla of health
And otrartzth, the blood. It neutralises bad humor*. stops
unnatural secretly= and glees healthy action to 41 the
vital powers.
Its mild alterative peopertice realer It peculiarly mat.
cable to the slender and delicate ea:Waal= of the fe
male. ItimeselLetely counteracts that distresdng wrier
arcs and heedful. so common to the Bate fume, and
1000.10 an energy end buoyancy 0.0 031 . 1Atth:4 .11 , 7
are grateful. ire have evidence on fd. which Induce. us
strongly to recommend We medicine to married pe.nlei
who have not beens blessed with offspring.
Malap& DWI. er Falair of dm Romts. of Drava:lo stan
ding, eared by Dr. Graaott's Rath.% of Yellow Dock and
:arsaparilla. alter erary otter remedy had bom
laird without. redid:
WAseceasas. 0.. Feb. is3sto.
This °arca. that Fay .lto, •Pri 27 year.. has mewed
ender the above complaint for Des years. nearly 41 that
thee control to her he I bees for fttor year. contently
employed the best medial talmt that could to prontred in
this section of the 'elmatrr, without any beoeflt whatever.
I beer elm Po-rob:mod .serf Matruntent recommated
the ewe of such &imam ell of which poured worthlem - •
In the spring of I was induced by my Mends to
NDDr. Gametes laUe. Dock end Sarsaparille. 'Mich wee
oped for fo y er months. After she hod need It for Mont foes
epees. 1f... eektent to all of to that .be we. Improving,
and from this time she Improved tepidly. end gained flesh
and ormarth, until eh. le now mjoybu woet acellent
- We. Mine neighbor. to Wm. and Julia Monfort. know
that the-above statements, to to the sickness of Dim Moo.
fort. arid es to the cure being ar..t.i bY.OuThotre Yellow
Dmk sad Sampuille.. an strictly trze.
SABAII 1000709.
King's Era—Cade of 0. N. Leonard. •
• Inounasci Glom Dec 1.1619.
Bement t Cot--Oeutst Some time In 1543
I .se atbscted with Eines Evil In my eras, whloh hem.a
so son I could not use It, and in ISIS mortitutation 24 La.
1 employe& at dig root times, each physidan ut calehritY
within ml ranch; all LOU mu my arm must In amputate&
From the .hastier
to the forearm erns full of nmartg
acres. lit strength et tide time was completell egbAtutt
ed.edd ml Paton much emaciated. 1 coulluttal to dila
Ras watll lege, when I taw an advaillentneut (attllotre
Yellow Root and dareaparilla) which I reed. and twat fora
bottliof tba areclo. OuyeotVe Yellow Dock and Sarsapa
rilla. enrol me; I took oo ottuz
usinghile =lag It;
anti felt toyed! yerlictly well begun the Oxth bot
tle. died I wed it at the dna sneer.. of the dmladY./
am sure It would tun wed toe from years of pairs 'end
tattering. I most attend) nor end ettn7 Per= Fob
fain, order way similar arm. to utes Gursotrs Yellow
Won out Bentaparilla. which will restore them to hulth.
Yours, in gratllude.LEONAßD.
Cure of ..aggraeuted eau of Eryeeprker.
The three per/mood by Dr. theysotts Extract of Yellow
Dock mad Fareapthille4 are testing. The patient's gement
health coati... to Maniere after dire.* to resuovrel.,-
Cares the not throe: Wed until time has Duly Wad that
there can be uo paw. or return of the disease.
fratwee, lierMmer CO, Fabtuary. 1010.
S. F. Beunett 0 Oe.—Gentas It te with grestplthertre that
I write you about the eery happy effects of your Yellow
Dock and Saresperilla. upon my eon, wholaslang been loth'
fering under that &needful thd lostiumme disearo. EcteiPc
ea with which he was attacked ha Ina. and was Cm save
mouths attended by moth of the beet physielthr, who
rled their akin pereethainaly far dee rthnthsoeillumt any
benetitith molts echelon, Hs beams reduced to • per
sect akelctou.. He had ulcers from his hip to hie knee,
which were continuant disclargitsidlegartiOser offensive
matter. Medial and rathical skin wth ImMeth. Fle.thielsoth
that his ems was ;melee, there Null Ao nothing
dear to arrest tic. terrible gangrening MY neigh
bon end myself thought he disioluthe near at hand.
Cu. of my ocighbors (who hod cured a child of
with your Invaluable medicine) wished ms to mak e!
It; =I, moth from the restless Madre toda acesethdngwhfles
life lasted. than from soy both of gettlog Mier, /Promned ,
three borne of your Yellow. Doak and Birseimidlitt. oud
eammenced thing It; sad to my mbaniehment bO beFen
to Intheure before ho had used the third bona.; and before
De hod cased a half draen bott ca. ho could w
used alk out. IN
10.11 twelve bottles during the Teat 100, and bT 00.
tObrt lath he was pateol7 natorol. Evert vestige of the
diecue, ascot the mars. to rue... td. sod he rectsini in
perfect Lealthat the urgent time. His retheert. antler
the blousing at God, Le entirely owing to the a of Tom
Yellow Dock mad Ethrsparills; smell theexe you that I feel
usteelf under grma obligatioas m you., le with great
sot that I inform this of what your dathaptrin• him done
for =0 cm. Respectfully.
J.kIYCLI 10753/111..
Pau ta J. D. Pus. (masts= to buifori &Park.) *earth
and Walnut.. te. Cinctema.Obio.Gauvral Agent for the
tenth and Kett to win= .11 palm must to Mammal.
J. ILldd a Co.. IL A. Fa usetook A Co.. J. A. Jones. L.
Wilms. Jr.. Eittabarub; Ime A. Beckham, Allegheny Cap
L D. nuesell, WsebbistOii; L G. Bowie. Untoutomi, LL
Welty. woo:Mum E. Kotuatt.boaterseagaott Gilmore.
boariirdi ica,a a boa. fluntinaamitUrAGM.lltabbanbuti
lliblotaima A Cu., Lodi... J... B. Might. Eittanalimi
Liam A 'Co. Drcokrilla A. Wilson ih - arrisibtan
lilcFitraliad A Ca. N. Callenatr.' Merlvilla Futon A Co:
Erie: Giataro A Porker, Mercer. Jimmie KellT * Ca Rue
lop It. :math, Boom J. O. bussinertoril mrstu.S. LA C.
B..lcates.Ccaulaapark P. Crookia. Jr.. Erma:rills.
garPrieg—sl lier.Bottir; Sic Bottle ufor $5.
A Valuable improvement in Trams.
BR. }LARD'S Imwod _Patent TRUSS
tad BUM= ILL. by which a nermanent '
tore to effected. This Tenn Is entirely illgertat
forte sad principles °ninth:to IV= o .thes Tswana betted
all the advantages of • erethreated eat notions Paw ,
taw- the littanara ;an be so tool:natal es to give ease wet
comfort in the most difficult owe of aorta% sodium be
lomwswil to almost any torte deithred- Thelawinine at ,
total. and being hymnist to War immediately over the'
bw. 1,4 Tann. end attootinitrietWeoty and tete.
tion at • ti es.. Wren un der that violent mortise.
the ase Trus
wrens, wherilOrilDsawfatasktl,i
enni'l - O ‘ r . Lagertros tothsful 41 ' ;
tome. Ithlak 111 not an azgrenemt crtarenee la the weer,
t iOn f era r ielgted with Robb:Akre:Tat trertai r trit .
' DIY It themselves. The Is • tad, practice. which can be
news only by those who understsiad .the anatomy ot the
nom affected in berm.
We would mat resrtetfolly tall the stiteOltrti of Thy he
clans to tbis Troth as we kaow they win armeaa
We also ban • variety of other Images at 'the
lowest prime. latuttTrosee• in e tt o eonstaatly On hand.
Kr.y Wo iit=tn•
Irate assort.
kat. atul lit etc_
Dr. Hard's Abdominal Supporters.
THESE SUPPORTERS are intended chief
far the cast or Prolapeis Um. a,
I requited. The tie. ~,h exet. te et t v ,t e
ettd O•l=
7tl:l4.l,laT. h e—st
ere Prolatads Uteri. Ming of the Bowels, /Um Coati. ,
Nies tha Beak end Brine, Limn - ado and rstrcou
PoeUnke of rroetretlon. Rm./ate. Short - two of Breath.
palpitation of the Haut. TOOLIFILWEIrIUi.
140 Wood et. Ptttebnnit.
SBOULDER BRACES, :of the mod' ep;
proved style. gample ha ittynentra and way tWd
d of.claes to mlt all•who nuy maw .g
!orwhalual• and nun, _
my.:4 HAL ULUBLE., ET Wcol
Ports Pussaim. Wk. Oct. 4.1847.
31a. It E.. hatuti—Of your Vermintwe. I say without
hesitation that, basins wed It extensively la my
for the last four or I...years, I think 114min/idly CZ,
.. preparation of the kind of which 1 have an knowledge,
although 1 here hereto*. need the tow <dermal
oCher InsaUfactriletn. Tutus y
'-- D. 60iCEL 11. D
reemired and sold lty 14. .IS. BVT.I riiii 67 Wood et, and
Sole by drucients iimiszelly. . myl6
veryJUST opening—a very exeellent assortment
0 of Minn CLOCAR, at front $5 to a= all
ol to keep good tient.
Alan—Bias Mantel Clocks, Dor 11L50 oath. and ..runt.
el—ehealk enough tor i m z io Lsozi.
• as 15 corner of Fourth.
Bonnets! Bonnets!
D THIS MORNING, per Express—.
j raue . Vitall l newest .4 most &Arable
l AMas p o rumutt r e ' iClaildren'silirmi.ThAryllimp.
et.w And 111.61 LIMA. -
f prs.buers Is partleulall Invited to lb*
stare ...tocdt. Imp 1 A. A. In ca
W. WILSON, Watch Maker,
No: 67 Itorket, COiltlf of Fourth rt., Pigibu t o,
Tt2ll4 ' it.'2'.0,•,•14 1
.flr„teiout , , , , , a,
c tba
gaamsnottml laal..Tuaunta, .satt•r aaaiety atrieN
aria. lagdanatga Coda. =lai an* oraaamVaa
ar.wa work ereenvd a.m*m M
boakaglait alai French madmen. =79
Vat ,AI E—A gar I PO Lin Wagon, in
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built expressly to take the altos of the steam
Coat Diurnal. during thr low water mama.econateno.
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at 10 o clock. A. M. The Ilona. has all the accomaola
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S. OONVELL. Master .
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'Aith hut, at 10 o'clock,: a. -
For freight or passage arpl r on 1...51,. er to ,
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stunts PLLOT No. 2. A. 0. Craw, nest. ..Jag
and Runtish.
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Ingham. This eplendlit bowie.. built by
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elver Wednesday go Cinehinsti. In place of the New 004.
land No. A rare retpht or patonge,_apply,ma toad,. to
Isola G. B. MILTLABSACiIIa. Arellit.
LP IdEfitiLAll PACE .M.—The splendid
hot running steam Wet CULEYSAIN, R. li..
WMIT, Mester,lesses the end of the Old Allegheny Mid"
.(Bt. Char street.) every boor. comitioneiodi at 0 Oda*. A
-31.006 ocnallwAng until the Gat lens elan.Sbe will land
on the Allegheny side, for the seecnnincelstion of our.:
germ all other point. lir ratr. TAP " 7 t. ' -
clock. Y. H.
gad 1851. ASA
Frlnew and fast runningstr. CAS4IER.
2 8. ldellitska. Magee—Regular Wellsville, Mu-
WeUsburg, Wbeellisk, Mattel:4ot. Captlna„ and
Balkh Nan—leaves! WaAnossdist at
I o'clock, P. IL, foe Naked/no and Magnet% and went P. for Captlna and Sardis!, Platurnink,
leaves Hulas! every Ilondav 10 o'clock, 4. klo and
i lenersart and Wheel Log 07007 Monday and Thundat, at
Foe ikelebt yams , &mil, - an board, or to
=hi JOIE: ba d, Arent.
D. P. Slung, maggir. leis. Weits.llll , GMT M.dkr•
Wednosday. and tridag, at S o'clock, A. M., for LAW LIT'
Mad. Glum, ideFerran's Landing. Bermr. and Pitgo
ligirgti. Lt 1.10,1 Pittsburgh @nen' Tnwday,TE„, =ad., V,ni4
Saturday. at 10 o'clock. A. M., fur BHINT.T. AICRPTS..IILia.•
i 123. MAMA, 31•4 LiTOll,OOl. and Wellwillg.
,Jor IgrgAt or apidg on bawd. apSi
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INOPORT.—TbA ttne staariar PACIFIC,
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far entasTt arDellTa aPPIT . m . 66T,AI t
61 Wear .0d 61 Fromm el-
SUlllelBll PACKET—The feet reenter l
er WELLSTILLE, OW- B. TonerO.lll
von es • regular packet fi ring P I
j nfVel " locut er .' 4o s‘ lliv ' i''ltg:¢ilfetillr,b72lAZ.74l..,.• mai
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every FrSday ate.... roe tevietAleteeeCe. l WW oe
beard. or to 1611,7.1) W. B. lati, Amt. t
1 W Z V . -t _g 1 5,
JA. A. lawn CO,. h ,
•re on brand exceria Hof
and Cazetnic
11,LASS-80 0 boxes Window. used, for s
br as= s. VoN BONISHOEST CZ.
LARD 01L---20 bble. for Bale by .
fit . J. KIDD h CO..lid Wood et.
NDIGO-4 100 lb kegs Ms niay;
3 UM.. g..t qualy,
_to sr
fgi l lo;r i ft . s.A rwpALotthrzsians 4iOalltied of 3.31i0.
OYS' CASSIIIERES.—Of various colons
ing"7l'44 br 3IIIRPIir BURCMArnaiI
Q. TAR CANDLES-45 boxes (10 to 40 lbs.
exh) far We b>. J. H. NrualAus co„
myt. eorner \Yazd and Fifth U.
SPER3I CANDLES-10 boxei 4'3, s's, n
G, for sale by J. D. ICILLLOIS 8 CO.
D EER SKINS: —3 bales for sal. bY
Ram% mATTnEw
.al by.
_ +sr'. . _.,WB A CO I ---.l'
QODA. ASH—GOaska (good r ) f --- "wi --- sa .--.---- 1(0)i ---
to met A. arIaERTSON i co`
WiITE FISH-38 bbls. and 38 hf. Is.
e sale by ISAIAH DICK):T A M.
ylO • Water and Front
VPARSE SPQNGE-40 0 lbs. for sale
V .sars , D. A.. nuserrocs. &
V LOViti— 2 bbls. for sale by '
SUP. /kn. SODA-10 kers_fo_r sale ly
J. senootisi. &co,
=ls :4 Wood
‘IIIOULDERS-32- casks for dale by .1 -
1.... - 3 myle • 11ANDT. JONES LW.
N.,.. , myle W. I,IIABSIIALL.e:• 'Woad et.
FESTER CENTRES—For sale by .
1 mile W. P. II ARAILALL, ad 11" et
sr,- I, for sa by .
.iT-1. 90 pigs S.o3LAft.lG4gpvtfacroti
G METAL IGS tons forsale b,
nut' MITT. 31errarWs a COl
FEATHERS -8 itr.s. pKirao Ky., for salc
•• , •7 •
_____II.!,LATTIIF.W2. k COI
IL-' bble..t'S kege•No. 1, for eat
JOON w Arr a a}
FISH- - 7--
2) Ws. and 40 hf. bbln No. 1, B. tenors 1 loin
10; " " d • " - .1111 •
t'l I,f. blT= 1!14= ,
,o 6soor,U.E. r eel*
- DIG IRON-400 tons linntingdoi - TeOT foi
j_ sale t,i. 80718 JOHN WAIT 27 ;
XEILPLARS' SWORDS—duet reed, lot
of Halgb4 Tema e: etth the v ololevneref the
er beenWellr engraved.
wyls W. W. WILSOIi ,
EOR SALF.., AO close consigment-- , 5 1 1 eke.
Joxegr , !FA ASH : bra
j n!«.l k i tr A ti . kal aUr
' ea7l s corner l',lllPlareaSlZogetes..Plttenanth.
HERRING -10 ibis new for sale by I
mil 4 w. 6 v. WILSON.
- • •
(1011%E-45" bags Rio, fur sale by.
I") mv i. JAMES A. 111.11CIIISON Aft
1E N, RED--15 casks (English) for +silo by,
v.,...x.s..ras at the udis - Babber I , lo 3 mer. a 7 p /nal L 9 L lT'Aort
GOLDEN • SYRUP-12 half bbls- and 24
loam Golden Syrup: for silo be__ .1 ,
tub/ JAMES A. iIreCIOSOS t. CO.
e t HR mia OME GREEN-5 caseS superioacfnal
houseumi sturboat pultlnfailay
• New Books, just received. , •
griREEK GRAM MAR, for the use of High
. &too. US Entroultra by 'P. uttarm±so
sod imlarad be his um Alresnuer.huoupW. 1 ' or 009.
no lamb Confosenotes. and Haag.. of I.9ehlualmar
re NE Stmla. l lSmo. mm.
The Autobloyruhe ud'lrronoristm a t n , Obartimam_
eN, "TETI/Tenn vrl=-1n.'.....
V you m eta V • • R. 110YEINS.
melt. • TS Apollo NUM. , Fourth st.
&LERATUS--5 tons in boxes and 411;
11 Lass Ite oo 4 l'apowl•
or mate by ROBERT DALZEIA .
etYll :Aate strut.
VIACKARED-1.00 bble. No. 3, (1841) for
ttiltb7 ;tea S. it W. 11.1.1:13ArSEL
LARD 01L-32 bbls. for solo by - I
shoulder Braces.
LASS-250 boxca asao. 'd sizes for liale by
& w.ll.Zuramr..
hhdb. N. 0., for bolo'
FISH -25 bble. Lake Sup. White=
10 UL " "
fir mat by 11. CAN
LAGIC WATCHES, orDoublo Minting
Gold Lever watches. made go a. to ezei cabala
atlas with sold wuxo.. or to ahoy the Ms °Nu at plahourta
Very Mao orake..W.reeetted sad ler v... 6. I
JA ' • carter Market and Fourth at.
ARE ALOES-1000 lbs.forisaleb ,
Cl 4 ;. B. A. Pell.n.f.TOCE 4=.
10111}1.IISSIATE POTASII-500 ado
JR. by tje2j SILVEVIOCS , . 4. CO.
CODFISH -6 tierces for rale br • •
• WICX. wektramss.
QATS-00 5 bu. for sale by
assortmeat. Including enry kind sad d -40.0. 10 .4
.'""U N IT 4"r
Pr TWlThiStalt. ss ).1;:r i ket St.
1.1 S— 1 0 caeca for sale by •
BUTTER --Fresh Roll for sale by_ I
MANNER DT S' 01L-20 bbl 5 R- s . *ar
nums.ra= • pue.
fin. We
yl6 6.iVoxl At
CABS. AMMONIA-600 lbs. for sale by
mrl2 J. JUDD OD.
VERMILLION -62 lbs. (Trieste) far sale
by ay 7 ILL StLIZBIL
wAwren, awl the hlghee2l-WILICt prenalon•real tot Oa
eta - corner Iterkei Tata 42
D -
RIED APPLES-75 bu. for salo_ll2 . .
apt 4 /16 Vsser mod.
CRIMPED BIBBOICS—Just rad! tt.e.l
- b 4
an so d colas. Tbc. guAntlen of yrbalecale.baciames it la-
Ad.!. the slava extenuvo Almon:mat
my b ' . A. 13e6.e.4-0).-
CASSIA -400 lbs. for sale
my 9 B. A. YAM:x.7IOM A 00.
ARTAR EMETIC-sFes;. for .
. •b 7 InarDl 6dYtNNMOCIRtt CO.
QALMON--30 bbls. and lit bblt. for
Dr Join; WATII X CO:
.B la. No. I
UIELIDGE ir. (new) for saintly .
juL .4.15 .10NGEIRAIL
I _