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ottrs on off TEE SPRING.
! white Only hiurJbasamal ours,
• F.air -Waimea trails, appear,
Disclose the long expected flown,
' Atid wake the purple year!
The attic warbler pours bcr throat,
Responsive to the cuckoo's note,
The untangiitharmoriy 01' Spring.
While, whispering pleasures as they fly,
Cold sephpra through the clear blue sky,
Their gathered trairance fling.
Where'er the mire thick branches stretch
A. broader, browner ehade,
Wbere'er the rade or moss grown beech
O'er-canopies the glade,
Beside some water's rushy brink,
With me the muse shall sit and think,
(At eaSereclined in rustle state)
How rain the ardor of the crowd,
How low, how.little are the proud;
How indigent 'the great !
r. • Still is the toiling hand of care:
,The panting herds repose:
Tet hark, bow' through the peopled air
The busy murmur glows !
The insect youth are on the wing,
Eager to taste the honeyed spring,
lintyloat amid the liquid noon:
Some lightly o'er the current skim,
Some show their gaily gilded trim,
. Quick-glancing to the ann.
To contemplation's sober eye ,
• Such is the race of man;
-And they that creep, and they 'that fly,
Shall end tihere they began.
Alike the busy-and the gay
Bat flutter through life's little day,
In fortune's varying colors dressed:
Brushed by the band of rough MIECh Vier,
fir chilled by age, their airy dance
They leeje in dust to rest. •
TEE FUGITIVE SLAVE " corns I'eonnsr.—Hon'
:Samuel Prentice, U. S. District of Vermotit..
(formerly a Senator in Congreen.)nt the opening
of the court, May 21 delivered au able charge
upon the'ipirit of lawlessness and insuborditia,
tioD which has recently found so many advocates
its in the country.—He closed with . diseriminat t
itig and sound refutations of the - higher laic"
doctrine, of the day. The last paragraph has
a pointed reference to the Vermont nullifying
law, In relation to fugitive slaves, thus—
"The merits of every law may he freely die
russed, and opinions may be freely expressed
for or against it. But it must I.e remembered
that this is one thingto disapprove of the law of
the general government and seek by constitut inual
means to procure its modification or repeal, and
quite another thing to oppose or encourage resis
tance to it, or under the forms of local legislation
to array the State authorities against its execu
tiOLL Every act of Congress passed pursuant
-itudju conformity to the constitution, is by that
titstrunient declared to he the supreme law of
the iend,riuything in the constitutiop or law of
anfState to the contrary notwithstanding. I
course, every State enactment. which authorizes
any interference with or obstruction to such
general paramount law, being in conflict with it.
inoperative and vohl This is is principle es
sential to the existence of the national govern
ment: and it may he affirmed with truth, awl I
state it because it is it matter of the highest mo
ment, that it is only under the operation of this
principle, and by a faithful observance on the
part of the statesand the people, of the oblige
tion.s and injunctione:of the constitution, that we
can hopeto preserve the Union, and Continue its
blessing to oureelve and our posterity."
Iticn 3tis is NEw loan.—Aeorreqiondent of
the Oswego Times, thus speak of three rich men
in New York.
7' Stewart, the 'merchant prince,' Dr. :Moffat
and Wm. B. Astor, ore monupoo , -ing nearly the
whole of Broadway, beta above ground nod un
der ground. They are generally reputed to be
the richest trio in the city. Whieh if/ the Wealth
est I can't say. It appears from A statement
made by the deputy receiver of taxes, that Mr.
Astor is possessed of property to the amount of
$2, 000,800, atulithat hisyearly taxes amount to
the sine little sum of V 30,00- If that is all be
is-worth, Dr. Moffat is the richer man of the two
but the probability, Is, that Mr. Astor is worth
over, $8,000,000: Dr. Moffat's dwelling house
with its out buildings is, valued at $185,1)00
And be owns other property in the city to the
amount of over a Million and a half. Besides
this, be owns a Bank in Wall street, and farms,
almost innumer a ble, within a .hundred miles of
New York. Ms Life Pills and Phienix Bitters
yield him a vast revenue, which, in addition to
his rents and interest on money loaned, renders
.__lde-income truly enormiia. Stewart is said to
be worth $3000,000. a business of over
$2,000,000 a year, which must yield an income
" •of over $200,000 ppr annum. Stewart is nearly
• 70 years of age, Astor is about 45, and Dr .
Moffat is between 30 and 35 years old, so that
the Doctor has the advantage of his rivals, most
. .
A LAter's EXPENSES-90E39 of obr lady read
ers may like to khow the difference between
what it costs their husbands to keep them,und
what Queen Victoria spends:
" The Queen's salary was fixed by the reform
ed Parliament, in 1337, at .C 385,000, nearly two
millions of dollars. This is distributed among a
number of titled persons, lord claarriberlains,
grooms in waiting, gentlemen ushers, bergeant •
nt-arms, whose duties are to hold watch outside
the king's tent, dressed in complete armor, and
armed with a bow,._ arrows and sword, and the
'maces of office.
This inthe nineteenth century !. In the lord
steward's department, the bacon, butter, eggs.
one cheeseconstuned, about egna!Mr. Fillmore's
salary. The butcher's bill is nearly fifty thou.
sand dollars. The lord steward gets, ‘.510,000,
and the Master of the household, who does the
so-called duties, gets about $6OOO. The kitchen
takes £9,083, about $50,000, the chief cook get
ting $3,500 salary. This department costs, an.
molly .£128,386, about six hundred thousand
dollars. Thedepanineet of the master of the
horse, who gets $1_ 99 ,500 a year, cost $036,000
a year. 0151 one coca - Mon recently, $365,000
were fated for the Qemeii's stables, and the same
session refused $160.000 for national education.
save the Queen:. '5
Tee Serener. orloirso To Ben.-,The earth is
a-magnet, with magnetic currents constantly
playing around it The bunion body is also a
magnet; and wheW the -body is placed in relation
to the earth, these bodies harmonize—when in
any other position they conflict. When one po
sition is to be maintained for some time, a posi
tion should be chosen in which the inognet cur
rents of the earth and body will not conflict.—
This position is indicated by theory, and known
by espertmentis to lie with the bead towards
north pole. Persons who sleep with their hen7,s
in the opposite direction, nr lying cross-wi
are -liable to fall into various nervous di Bo r.
• den. When they go back to the right position,
these disorders, if not-too deeply impressed, upon
the constitution, soon vanish*. Sensitive •sersmw
are always more refreshed by sleep when their
`hells point due north. Architects, in planning
houses, should bear this principle in mind.
- ••
20 per Cent. saved to,Coantry Merchants.
snors. :Co. 40 Noiibliennod
huplet reed from lhw nuinufactory on wnetequive nod , A
raveled %Lock of Lln , butel: o .l., wi , Wh
per cent lee. Matter. )curcburd in th e , rlty, lur
will do
• floalmr. will do well t con I.oa, pureladog.
Important to Druggists, Hardware
• And &sie litepe iv in pini . trad
TILI3 is to inform the parties that
Mr. lo IL PU.ILLIP.3 hag 'crick..., from Ph IlaktripLia.
orhkkg with him mutates of Owl, LI( 11:111 GLUE, for car
tem sort all WM& of unko
ood. Olses, China, saal asks orlo ,ww 14
bottle. of three eltos. Also. Mot rA.shr
haidoe Plwparatlyar naperowliuri the use of leaat, sus
making a heautifuLautritious /AA, In our ball less crake
tthan troy article out: take or Poo commis. wanted In Orb
üb.. Parties wlithlatrto *Mori ,c Irk thew, uoiserial Is,
taws. W.Va. at Putilirilf 0. aus ADASIEk• Ea. , ...
'Mm., Pittsburgh, all clan 'nom in till .3 o'clock.
starve articles for sal , by 1. Rita) CO. •
torn Goiy Aura". irk Pittsbgh.
LARD OIL-15 . I)his. fur sale by
, Fresh Aretials of Wall Paper.
THOBIAS'PAIMER, N 0.55 Marketstreet,
hanjustreals .4 from the East, a lkarotague moot
s:woe of Ana prima Chamber Porter. kora
PPAPERANO/NGS-FretlCll and araer
au, from 'Eli Maas to ffperpirce, for sale by
• turts WALTER P. MARSHALL. gb 1f0.4 rt.
• W OKKREL--230. bblr. No. 3, (Large)
moon. m .6, lthre p we likma, height barrcht t rrebl
gala rby AItIADEPI a covuoa, pun
Warehouse, Ye. Railroad Depot,
mYIS rawer Praia and Mayor Mr.
ILIUTTONTHAMS-2000 ibs. pprime, for
SODA. ASH--500 mike of our own =nu
t." 0.4"4.3. iramarled of am good quality and astdah teed
0.0 021} T antortedi and for mdo at the loweet market prer,
Water .stet.
QUID OLDE—Por oemeleting ]roc Wood, Stone,
Oa", Clain& sad any suleetaare D groom. work. It
seasuir ..msskslled. •To be peen of FORIFIT N Commleelou
' /nom 'Pittsburgh- M. 121
!.23 bon. MYY.'s
LIO " J. ILdeo
Z 1 " Flaerwood's 'Lad
Lottier'e Plug bob:
'bay ialloMr sale by
VAIMPED • RIBBONS--Assorted widthB
and cola* reed by c.v.,. this dir. Also, oboe
4 222.1c01arel bilk Pros Butiorm
• mylo . • .IL EATON, 62 Fourth M.
arge stock vf
clocsoil mato, .riateu mei; o
ist=sTaiiiiriselirrchantil sod ho ' Seat
kett:tTa L r's
massted to cat sod examine col
i dat: p erchastor
1010 t ti t sad 9 Wool a.
svrarinucisfiThyr , or Tutuila's!) Brno.
IN puiauance of law, I, MILLARD FILLMORE,
President of the United litatee of s. do tweet./
miens and Make Pingo (het public Woeill he hold at
the andermentioned Land elillose in the State of pharisee.
al the Periods hereinafter deatenatd. to wit: •
Monde .
thadr aM o a f t BpAtembSllLeLß
fo b r hd ei s n P g o
the pnbie Lunde
situated within the undermentioned
lowombila and freettomd townships, six:
North Via, RYA principal steridian.
Township two, of range three-
Township two, of roams four.
Pr.u....it0.0.01p fourteen, north of White river.-of
Mtge nine.
Herta qf Su taw liar ond out pf AIM principal meridian.
Township lilleets, of range two.
Fractional townships eleven and twelve, of-rang. sit.
At the Land Mee at CIIAMPAOSOLti. C01911.12C-10g on
Monday. the fifteenth day of Septemtwr nest for the din-
Peel of the public Wade within the undermentioued town
ships, to wit:
Lae tinra,d mere qlthe Iffis Prsesfatievr..d. ^.
Towtithipe eleven and fourteen, of range see...feet.
Township eleven. of ranee eighteen.
At the Land White U ILELLNA, commencing on Moo
cloy, no. eighteenth da August
tamedor the dinsaal
of public lands within thefollowing township* and
=relte . Vs% ,a.thy
thirteie twenty-three, twenty-10. end
east of the 1110 Frauds fiver, in township th ree, of
huge four.
Towed,lp nine of range erre..
Swag/met...we...a wee qt the .A.nh,,e'^cAPO w Jinn.
Townthip four and part of anwleland Intwenonethirty
two and thirty-three, In ...Nellie thirteen. of range ne.
At the Land Ofere at LITTLE KOCK. commencing on
Monday. the drat day of Septunber next, for th e Alaliewmi
of the publio lands to the following named tracts On and
near Ilyerew, lake, viz:
NortAnlthe ham lose awl west qf the .fiftApethcipstra,irhae.
The south half of nation eight, the south half of 1.,
fractional section, fourteen and fifteen, the north half or
rewenteen, the east half of twentywne. twenty-two, the
hunt half and routhweet quarter of twenty-three, the
northweet quarter of twenty, and the west half of the
rcwilteaet quarter of twenty,even, townehlp three, of
range forteen.
Land, appropriated by law for the urn of schools, mili
tary and ether punweee, together with - 'those swamp and
orertiotred lards made mint thereby for cultivation." If
any. which dial' be seleeted by the State authoritiew 6,
I re the dap* appointed ha the commencement of the pub
lic ealesreepeetively, der the act entitled "An Act to
nablo the State of Arkan un sas and other Mates to reclaim
the 'swamp lands' within their limit,"approved Septem
ber We). wi ll be rar-tuded f ro m Me mks. And no [o
ration- t,r land fanal, heretofore granted by any law or
Corignwet, for military eerliceerendered to the United
tate, mill tarsiers...l cu any of t),e uteee mentioned Mod,
a , provided 11 the not entitled 'An Act mating enemy..
attune fur the'clvil and diplimatie•cpenweof government,.
se, approved a.t March,
. .„ .
The onerinK of the above mentiutual lande will be r;fin
mem, on the tla:r au,:ntial. and will proceol in the or.
der in whlch :Let am wirer.... with all convenient db.-
i.atch. until We whole At all have beer:offered and the ralew
tbu? cli,ed: hot Tao rale :hell ha kept. open longer than
:WO ant an private entry of au, of the Sands win
ha aduattal until after the of the two week:,
(livenunder tor hint at the City of,roh: this
:lath day of May, Antis lootuitai one thouraud porta bun
and mud rdly -one. 1111.1.AHL: FILLIIOII.E.
tap the Prerident:
• •
. .
COMMißnioper or the lirnernl Land Odle,
Errry Perraentlll , d to thought of pre-oUnition , ounY
bf lan& within the tounalotu and parta of to
ahoy. euuntoratul. Puptind ortablpih the rune to the
i•athfacilon of the keirbiter and Reeeivor of the proper
Laud Oft,. and Wake pay moot theroforos at ' , Nat.-
Ile after rnroto it., nate:. Md twOre the day appointed for
the roramoneomout of tbe pohlic oat. , of the land, etubra
• ing the tract rlaltatal. otherwhie sod. rialto will be (orbit-
Gouttai,ionor of Ito. lieuetal Laud Office.
tity - 7 - I aw:liit
EN pursuance or Imo-, 1, MILLARD FILLMORE..
Pr. s.dent of the. linde..l State, of Moorict. du h. , trtl,
4.-clare and talk. Itnoww. thst pul4e ed. will 1.. e. 6,11 at
the undermentloonl Laud Offle., lu the Stat.- uf tow.. at
tnr twt.l,ll,.rwiftul.r ..1..Agnat...1, to wit.
. .
. ••
At the Laud Odin. at lOWA CITI. cottn...nein" on 1 100 -
day. the bret day of uoit, fwc the dltparsglof the
Idtnlic land. rituntrd in the. follontnA nanwtt ton - want , .
nl LSr Goo ling, um/ lor.rt of Mr.ftlih ynoninl
Tonto•ldp.s..rentr-nine. of range iweilly.ttin,
Tovrtoldc. n.v.u.) -nine and rlghtl of zz-ng.. thirty.
'font:obi, ...,..zity , lnur and votbly.of not, thlrty , n.
TownshWAn nerenty•ulu., and rights-on., of range
Township eiplitr ono. of ran thirty.tbroe.
At the Land (Mc.. ea FAIRFIELD, eoultoeuring on Men
de), Ow fdt.voth day of :+epirtnt..r neat. for th.. dlspoOal
of th.
subtle lauds withinlt. , Lol,to..uttoned tozro,nit,
to nit
North ty the Gas, lane and len", nt thr Alth prolcznal poer.
Township ...tent, of rang.. thirty.
To w- nvlap met ruty, rneige thirty-thin.
A t the seventy. of none thirty-thin,
At the Land onion at DUBUQUE. Att 'iloudny. the sigh
t un tlat - of Aunt.. erst. far the cllspnval of thr follow
tun trwen, to wit:
A ,mal l 1:4:111.1 In rrrtlrnr ,rentren and rigid, n i in terra
.:lug eightret o north. of range thw south..
quarter of ieetdon twentywryr, in lownidup ninety-six
north. of suer bine wieit of the huh pntiripal ridiau.
Lauda appropriated by law for the toie of eebeeolii. mtir
nary and ether puryawes, together • ith llhose riwatup and
lands made unfit thereby for cultdvatton,"
if id,. whirl] 'ball be selected by the Star, antiintitiaa 'w
rite the days anointed for the rommenniuterit of the pub
lic. rale, neepeenvely. under the Art entitled ',in Art to
enable the , Elate of Arkatugui nod other Stabs to reelalut
the 'swamp lamb' within their limit," apprownl Peptello
bee i,th, Julia, teal tr eavitand from die tart. And uoh.
ration, for land bouncier heretofore granted
to lry any law of
Cone - reefs, for military aerTlees rendered the United
Mate:, wt7l he perms.rrf ow our ee nuns ivy/boned /and,
ua rovvat,l by the art entitled - An art Making apprOpnai
lions forlbe melt and diplomatic ezpeusre of I ILVerlItSl,lll.
De, ailtlnliYed 2.1 itlareh.
l'br offering. of the lantle lain be ecoutaxneed on (bettor.
pochal...ll. an! protahol la the onler in trbleti Oh, are ail
ertre..l with :./i convettlent illeoateb. until the arbobeithall
hoer been otleseit, sat the tali, Shut dhow. hut no oak..
,hall be kept own. longer than two amt., awl no private
entry of
01 the lauds sill It admitted until after lb..
expiration of the two week..
tittett ulster my hand at the City of Ifashinft.on. this
rt.titt day of tI i, Ann° Domird one thou:motets'ht hen.
dyed and fdly..tio. 2111. LA HD FILLMORE.
By the President: -
Cointaldslons, of the lietwin.l Lend 11t11,...
of T07.r:17., to the of to cof
above unmet - sled, it retnimi enabilth te h tl;
satisfaction of the reEtstor and receircrof the - proper land
alibi, and make payment therefor as snoe. c • pr af
t, wwcing this end before the day b a
wls for the
commencement of the public sale of the bawls ernbrucin,.
the tract claimed; °them.. moth clana , alll I Cr forfeited.
Commissioner of the General LI um Ofßcc..
rur.E:laarlEt .
IN pursuance Lau - , I. 3ltt.i.nun Ftu.monr.
Pre*i.leut of the rolled State , of . arnerfa. do beech)
der seeetnd'make kt,ten. that pubhe role. 1.1111, held at
tho tandermention/ Landlllllne, In
j rae. ',ate of 31Pmot,
01 1I ' Vat hz,: - .l' . .L'aVol - • to vlt:
7. tbo 17: v.:t l .'lttnr,o" t1.1.0„-T3'2 1 -11 71. ""
Apo. •
North of tar too line and tout f thz,tifa at.rraiuto
Townships twenty-wren, t0r00 . ..r-onibt and tar.grYoutno.
on .4 near Current n 0...
of rr roue tore..
TorrnAhlui trtrntr-srvert tor art-right and tarattr.nino.
on and nrar Current river. of •:anar tour.
'fowl:Rhin tuents-rlUhr, on a. brancb of Current river. of
ran= Ere.
Tr.inanhirs t , mty.tbrre. I want➢'four, twmtpeight and
menr,nine. of [saw, tight.
Town'hipt owentyt ree, rnento.futtr. twentr.dght 004 •
twenty-nine, dP range nine.
Fractional ronhtlup tvt.tty-er, and ndwhahipo tgenry•
tan, spare at - diver, twentt tweet: -pre and •
of range ten.
a'.ll the SAME PLACE, cOlardiencing on Month,. the ES
[tenth day of Septrmdrr nettfor the dLvottal oitheynb.
tic Lads within the Zlinwinr townships and part•
of town/hips. viz:
.Ndrfh of the Inv lint wad cal t Mc Aft , 1 , ///.4. 4 .. " * " 2. '
Township twenty-two, of ravgo tw0,..1
Fraetionel tow .hips le eats-fan end t, - entY-two. and
torntitip tteenty.five, of r and , . the. , ' 4
Twretblp twenty-two., rt,oge
Town( hip! twentydno and twenty-three, of range nee
fonnehtPxterro and tootohlye
tnentrdhre, tnentyd , nzr. tvretnydire, twenty-4x and
twety-vven. of range oix.
Frahtlonal lown.bir t !Lateen and 'seventeen, and luau.
Ant. twenty.two. cf r 1 .nee "trend.
td.n'hi p. 'lateen, seventeett, eighteen and
eelo.twdoty-one. tolrnahr rerentydero and tnenr,three; nrol
et , " met rtdve. setwnlerp to twenty-one luau
and Itne.tletttt- nt to Varly-owq iptinttre. to . on , bit ,
". mat e eight.
Townthip ted,nt fraellonal tection, thtehoe-d
In tdirtvdoe We/ °tired fivetional 1oe:1211n twenty and
fractious/ tosnteitueulyewe (rice gl w-etloO. e.
Intentl/ three, Ito. myth., twenty/me, tw‘ttty-tax.
twody-sereW. Lrfy-Jour, thtery-fire. nod Mtn/en ,
The nort l 4 o r,t fraction df eeet:on mr, In tow-whip nine.
teen, and /pre/ litata.l township twenty. rang. In.
, t'entndt CPS, Id 'Write' tactual ve, the north half of (hold,.
: Join ttorohnone 111(1u.ter.and lowntlewigtof to thrill
' throe in dun! ve, tnertudtly eighteen; nectione fare, to (.0
tit,•. lowivtaly laitteleen; aro/ nerrionafht rodn.finor
-0000. 'he oto .111 t half of twenty-two, :may-thew tr.tnty
and a nrtyfour to Inclunive. iv 1037044
twe , of ram, twelve.
".'l,e part elvt of "lisle Klan- tiverflog.. of tovrorint.
t.ientrttin, of rouge thirt.en.
Iterthn tesexpt the northeast quarter,) and deettont
erdd ,
~ h t, f oen. nhnd , n, thirty and fair-pone.reßt of "Little
River 111 , -rflow,.. in town-toy tvrentylotth of novo fon ,
teen. . . .
Office at 2.I•ItINOVIRLD. ccuttneudos no
Motels, the ehtliteeuth day of Au: fret itext. for the tlt
publte Welt rituated t.h. the fallotrtr , F on
Irue fruetittnal totev , hipe. v..:
'ortlrofhte Ws. fine mot my:1,1,4,07h
Totarobly twenty two, of raut, twenty Ateo
Town:4llp trresitt.two. of rm., frreutt three.
Frartroo reettorte lownry h n. thrrf,tto. troy-WM,
t4tetyaor , e. ut. r,tlarly.hry sod thinly ,tx,r.outla of the
.1,1 Kate Line. In totrh4lll, twenty to, of moat, trreot.l
fraetional lowneltip twentrone, adjarent to the idite
Line. of ntngeo twerity.reven, twenty-nine, thirty. thirld
in, thirty-two, tinny-three and IWO, - four.
Laud. appropriated by law for lbw use of rehonla,
tary and other purteau., together will: 'glue. swamp and
oternowed Imola to thr r for cultivation.' If
any doll ralerted by the Mateantlioritiro before
the daya appointed for the comme.nernent of the
ulna re,pertively, under the Art entlulul .. .An Art to dm
hie thr UM. of Arkanunt and other Mater to Jahn the
. ..amp land.' within their limit."
Selda , niu ,
bulk, InLo, f-xcladed /rows the sald. And no location,
for land idunticu tiendotore granted by lavr or Cun
ard,. for military serrker . rendered to the United State , .
will be p..notianl on any ej 11.• ars t renlitmed tuna, as yao.
'kW by the act entitled "An Art Makin.
tor the civil and diplomatic expmaes. tiovernmen /V..
pruv. , l 11 Marcie. 151 d.
op The offering of the above mentioned landv will he evrik.
niene.d on the hair appointed. and will proreed In the or.
Jet in wa
il they are miser - dad will, all courenidd.
pa der
tch. mail the wind...hail
haslo pland. and thr male,
thus cloned; bravo rale than
0n prorate entry of any 4.( the lauds will be al.
untied until after the expiration of lhe two week,.
dived onder my hand at the City' of Warhington,
ristli thy of May. Anne Domini tore thonsaml eight hun
dred and 'd1r..... MILL. ARD VILLhtURE.
Ii; the Preddent-
Commit iouer of the U. poenl Lood Offfer.
pereoo entitled ta the dab ( of preemption
of the leads within the ...whip, am) pule of towheblies
above enumerated, is required to ei fabILIO the same to the
atirfartiorrof the reghter sad nsw leer of the proper lend
ore, and tuake pet man: thereto us non or pr.1.14e
ter seri, am relit.,, and iTrOl . O. the dal aPlminte , foe the
..osamemement of the htlblie e the lends embracing
the traet claimed: otherwbe xte:h cbank will be fOrtnital.
Commh,loner of I -he It o - rep l Land Ugh..
Hamburg Polka.
KLEBEII, No. IlJlThird street, bag just
Lur,, Polk, iinv of the most popular usd beau-
thus. I to7:lrrf "Tr'das7lt.,m
hy . c Foster . •
The Little ihsl °ox.;
Thv Mountain bats, by • Lira,.
My liar) hear. Suomi •re the 011etrhentatia.
" vnoit Jean, Lind, with an &mom.
Fly Swift, ye TaTlayra.
My the haiii Sen Wave,.
„h pp7 . cif
her most beautiful Kozo
Farewell; If .
re fonitevo er.
And an extensi m
vel.retlo o of new Waltzes, Polk., 'Va
riations Preceptors, a,
NNW • Bc - iikir NNW B — r
Mothospierian, ur th tale of Roy, a n t h E p‘ p ia
. N. Moutimorth.
The thinkery Mini by 'I AO. Arthur
Plrehauirs Makasine,
llorticultiariat, forhlay . •
Cultivntor, •
Itentived at HOWILEIS H, 14,m,
la va Tblnt s stmt. ft tha
. A It ke g s No rL . H l c : i ! : e
:Argtoransier b.
RA tart
RIED — FRUIT-150 bii. Apples
!lFOOl'ea,b.a for J. by
. _m)7 • RUM AIATTIIEWS k co.
RICE-10 tiercesAfreelt) for sale by ~
my 7, , 754 Liberty slabaL
TE A -50 hL cheats Y. 11., Imp., and Black -
Tea, far sie
Ol l t REppraff.l.NT-150 lbs.=ted.
o targe ILE. myl
t,.~ ~.~:._
CoCompound Syrup of Yellow Dock Boot,
CCUPIES the_front rank among the pro-
Twittery medicines of tide country for completely
caring Canker, 0021 'Wien.. EtTeinelas. anti all other dl.
arising from m im_pcue state of the blood. Atm
Liver Lkatolaint.(.ldarrh,Dysperyals. Headaches. Distlneata,
concha Soreness and Tightness about the Cheet; Brow
c oin, or boatsmen, dynem. and a tickling sensation
about the throat; and is used with mpremdented moms
In all throat;
Female Mame+, and General Debility.
Strengthen'. the weakened body. giving Mne to the
ors...and weakens
of entire system.
If the taanimony of NattlfllßPS. from
all Twit or the ....try, 0411 be relied upon. It Is singular
ly Mtharictu. in euring Humor:, and restoring debilita
ted and broken down constitution, It Is partly Vegeta
ble In Its cOmmeition, and so accurately combined to its
proportions that the chemical, botanical, and medkal pro
ternea of each ingneetient harmoniously unit. b
Purify the Blood.
It ham removed manyeffrottledlsimem which have latllel
the skill of the bast phyriCiana..d hmalsocund Canker,
Salt Rheum, Eryairtelm and Scrofula, which CarmPertiie
Syrups entirely failed to toakt the Inset impromion upon.
It bm been tasted in many cases of CANCEROUS Illy
kIORS. The 00011 obstinate Carice have been cuerd by
ibis medicine. We my that It is a valuable meiwine In all
BILIOUS OourLAINTs. It removes all otetructinne to
the n circulation, rendering the Liver tree, active, and bead
th. It
Palpitation of the Heart. ant relieves in
all cases of Asthma and may be used In MI cilium., and
m all 5.10131 of the year.
This Syrup Providence,y by C. MORSE t et 102
Fountain anat. R. , anti mid, wholemie and
retail, by 5. N. WICKERSHAM.
Cull' Am. La Western Pentovania,
usys:y Warehouse, corner Vinod and Sixth 010, Pt.
The most Extraordinary Dtscovery in the World ie
the „mat Arabian Remedy for Man and Beast!
H. G. F.axrell'e
CELEBRATED A1L9.81A.14 L.1:15116M1T.
Ft.HE miraculous cures performed by the
Aral. physiciami of
the days of old. were thou
100 ed upon as the ' , exult of magic. but sine+ we hare be
come Intimate with their Vary we ran thus arwrmiat for
theirsurprislng power over diewase. Their attainment*ln
the knowledge of medicine were the wonder of the age,
while at the ramp time the reienre of Chemistry,
with them had Its origin. was to the nest of the world •••
sealed book." And In lloMuy they werethe Most realm. 01
student, In the launtiful groves which skirt the deserts ot
Arabia. abound rare plants and odorous...las who:mean,
obtained throw ariaatie gum, and fragrant balsams, of
which this innmmarable liniment A contlewed. and hr
whose stininiating unctuoun, penetrating and Anodyne
properties It 10, when applied, Instantaneously diffused
thningl, the whole nervous system. allaying the most
pain m the Incredibly short time of IU or 15 minutes.
its Mai. if prompt, powerful and effectual, without the
least danger. It rwnetrates the flesh to the bone. relaxes
contracted conla, restores use M limbs which hare been
palsied for years, enuring the shriveled 11. h to grow out
and rich blood to emulate through its reins. It restore*
the Synorial Plat or Joint Water, sod this Is the reason
by it has been ro univer.sally . PLlC*,, in curing all
alireases of the Joints. In &vane affections of tho
Liver. Lungs and Kidneys, this great Arabian renatsly
stand* unparallelnl: tor Ague Cake or Enlargement ol the
Splint, it is a specie, and tar Rheumatism it h. perforat
ed some of the mint extrannlinety cures on nv . ord: also
for Cramps, Swathe.. 1.1116.1, {founds, Chilblains. Mune,
{Vb.. Swellings. Tumors,tc. Sr. It II equally efficacious
in disease of AtiMals,,urb Fistula. Poll Eril,Vvreene,.
Stiff Complaint. Distemper, Farcy,Spralio.ltruiser.tVounds,
Menge. Complaint.
tpliut and for nearly all
diseases, either in man or beast, which ',to ester.
nal application, this liniment stands at thehead of all
TT* fallmring to fmm the principalworountatt 4,1 the
nenittly and highly reery,table hone, of r CM, A Eno.. of
Peons. ALAI ormwolo one of the moot enrcessful cur.,' In
Li...160115i.* of ineditat hirtort,
3lr. 11. t./. Farrell: Dear Sir. Actuated be a reueeof grate
thine., I aubualt the followiugaa an 10.110011. of the util
ity of y our great medicine. hl y ahltd,threnyears old. taw.
, thddenli attacked with a terrible Mama, which, in 11.,
thou .0 /lanes, prostrated it to total hily:etratu The limb.,
became eorigid that raft Lent; rho heth
cost black and cold. amientirefyikpriard the
eyes hoed. partially closed and altogether Wand. ndlo.-
log thie was de,/ nert all ,nand: the apine becasne con
tracted. and that win. laying on its hack. the
tem! una bred., wale toughed. Indeed, the child pmien.d
every appearance of being drat Immediately on the at
tack. the (mil, phytician was ratted in.and too there
he labored to relit... It to Teellug, bat all to lOU, although
it wag blister. a do:en time, and verien.rubafaciant lin
iment• •441,..., A cormulMtion of Phinciana waa thor
hold, but to ma port., The gaze wa.., then hionithe !a
fore the Swiety. hut nothing could he
which had not already been door: n,,l i ibr toter then told
nip he mull do nothing cuida e then ft...tient lip
0,1130 ytiur Liniment freely nor the entire length of the
eat., and y Oil may imagine • panent , thy, when. outi r •
fear applicant., ref. - moo 101 l oPpurent. Th.
chill rapidly recovered, with the erceptie n of th e eight,
winch dal tint become pertert for nearly • month. It la
now hearty nod nitwit as can to.
Fire other thr . - aute kind raw und In to neigh.
tothm•l prerionily, all of which dw.l: • hen, no doubt. it
your Liniment bail been need. they would hare recovered.
P.n., March I, 1.1. HENRI U. CLELAND.
Lima Complaint, Rrysiptlas, and Rheumatism
Ittrartoa, 51arion Co., Ky., May 21'. 1.4..
Mr. 11. 1.1. V.ll[l.t— ;qr. Your Liniment 1• wlling
Tor, sell. and dome • va,t deal of viA).l amonti tie , 1.0 -pte.
pte. It ha. oured • bail ca, of Er, if tads!, and at. other
of bad p.m to the bresiit A lady, who wam confined I.
her tied fur rovers) month. with Liver Cum taint sad Ade,
tiou qf the 'brut, an. entwly rur.,ll.,, P ttor am of your
Aulian Unmet:lL t.ho raid the doctors maid 41.1 hay no
gout. Mime boon applint la • freak cut. and cured it in
a attar. I hal - oh...Et alliticted slat Ithenmattint fqr
a Icont. time and lust before • act 51.'11 it pained me ai
much dI u( bad no pram end.), end un the Wahl I con
menet,' bathing and rubbing with Tont' Linimont , and
beton. I wag don. rubbing. the pain rowed
40111,‘ BUCtillah
SNIT (7tomplornt, Strerney, Ilutte-mper, Cork, and
Sore Byes Cured.
[3l Poettnarter at Vint, Fulton County, 111..
'"L irr j .ll. 11. Y.lnu. Arabian Limment I. hinbly
pried brre. Ace cured our of my Nlghbor, borer of
01111 Comp. 11l by nhout Nat or he. applinitinne. and I
curnl one of r owu of the Sweeney our I , heritt,
Lill., cured his horn of • bad Curt with IL he tried
it on •• colt ll.ett the Dietemper very bad, tuad cured it
immedistel,. Ile eats i• dendedly the great... No,.
medicine b. pee., ...rd. 'Chen hare been riumtreni cured
cr Nrr lkyes lith It. 1 find It • 'err I - Mashie ineltano
botlkbr m.O . 11l Nan
Betrarr qr Counler_frits
To GUARD AG ..AIN,T 11I1• , P:71TIUY READ THE 1.01.-
The Ihabhe •re partici:o.4Y eantvined enaleat • Ave
Chunterfro whit kt be. lately cash, it. appear-up,. ahl
calk,' by the Irap.eter ahn make. It . 1% . II Yarrelra ,k 1.,.
an Lisdnarnl- - ts a dutarrona fraud and cume 'labia
to deee_ive from his bnuitur the name a nan.rll. Therr
fora be par-Grular fnon' , re toll for etry r.amc "Farrell
r ,
for nay, turiplrd •111 Impo.” the S-PC ,
I{loll.l aprk you for the genre.. but always aft
for "Al, G. 11u-rolls . n /....r•oul." and Lae no ,tpr.
as thr .ravine abouys' has the letter. LI. 6-before Farrell t.
ht. stanature WO on Lb, outside • and ther.
wanle blo•-n In the Ls. b0tth......y.
Liniensed. /Wain:
AGOITS 'ranted in re .17 Sown, Tllia.and Mallet in
the Unlted b.., In n I lob on. b. not rdahliehol. Apply
by lethre to It. G. Farrell. Peoria. 111.. with nood retsreare
ex to character. ererem•ltlilt _
1111 on th e .„„,.Al furedch Tree of Chap ,n
honk ronnalnlnn much -31.1.1 n Ink.mtatlon be eereer
of HU.... e.ntl , nnrl ems dollar per .testtle.
The only erw.un , . m?ad b 1 G
Irrernum and pr.prp•tor. v art.onrsei bedeenle d(11,1I10{.. No. I:
5f.. Po.rut, 111.. oat fee pie aboloetle end .411 at
proptiernea pop, by B PY.
W LI./
mldtar,:e Ne Z.;Wood etre.
.54.1 d by D. SI. CURRY. Ai 'tab., - (Ur V-
The Human Body Must Perspire,
-SO SAYS NATUR,c,`, to hare a healthy at.
mama au ro r a pencil" who do Oct p. , rentru.are'llatie
to t o =oat tin VKIn ihAenaaa Nk , a•
Chemical :nap
a fre. trirepiratiott, and at dm mine
tame moIllfir• and roams lbw al. meirsir It the to.ttun•
of an infanl'a.
itsb and :a ur not only henled. but
cured Ly use. as at lead 7 tan aid." or. Know,
who no It in Judi e.t.a. and ilal It unfalltna—an alm. In
Pimples. blatrkn. krerklea. or any other skin dinwae The
runnier I.ll.natti that this ay wvleu. Puttied o'ntrum,
one trial Sill prove. I rrsuld enum..rate at Imo eighty
p e e cured of wee heut. tont lIKE, and 'too betel
buy it—atal the reader rwitin..l I would o,t ern
. ally ...11 it dor the ab,ae, unlea.t I knew It to ta• all I .tale.
Thew. rho are liable to chafro.. twaeteCor ch. 4 1 ,1
NI had this not only • ra, nt nra•wnt,t, and
now only add. that sol one willirtni with any of the
or sar dinms4, tad thi, all. and e'en mon. taiml
rahle in ita protarrtk tbs. ttatta.
/What. realer, the awry. re looted wtth Indranor.a
/nal he ante you sob for JONie I talniseChemiral tNap—and
hay 11,..01y cf IVSI. JACti,tr:l, wily 00.01 In Pitteburgh,
Ara! et 15 mi.
Pearly Vail° Teeth, rakd Purr Breath. to
b tuo tnr LS root.—Palo.. who has. rimer. Sr. Lunar.
bly 'rtd cost tf thin . I,rostlt It ever no !dui, or their
teNh derar•d. dark or (.Iloar, a rad esardwt,l
rill m. 4 that •• IS aof Jdoko' ACO ”ci.h 1...t0 rill .61.•
Lb. teeth v *Ede •.• no. •nd brvtth oderiierruAT
:old only JACK r etnto. did I.ltodt, tt heed cd
A Scieutifiellair Tonie, Itoa.,rer and Beau
ctn. Tim,. who hwy. ~J
JoSu' CcralAir Kostoror. kw,* .srell , ut,gustaov--
lls‘we who hAvo nos. IN* it to 5.,...Fts ths o.llowt.s
quAlitle.,—lt will farce the Lair 4. ,rnrwe sult , stswot . ..
tlstur. iutendrJ hwir to grow. ttop 4.1110 s •41: tun, snarl
or dxsulrstlf..,l tusk. KAM. rd. or it rsr Smw dolt.
tor m.1...4,t rho hair null stabil. can ,sanwl
tGls-it makes it troll besullfal, and `t. It It to.
th• wort o•ovu1.1.1—yol rat for
hair. a,
ouly .1 Wit. JACKSON . ° T. 40 LibrlTT PSrP , S.
head of Wuol, Palsburixo.
P -4,1-411 S mot'. E 4 c00V..4d SI.
JONES' S.olutinn Jet, Liquid liumnn
Hate Up, tor thy rhsektiog of abitY. nal, or of ale, toa
beautiful trowo, I,laelL t•t• rnlor, Its • f•••
lrYY—tor mot., awl St
by J AL,10.)!...214 1.4 heft
l'ittst utgb
JON ES' LI LLY tire eau
uon.d Lows . Ilse eetanuiv prevanal eimik They
are sea aware bee friaLtfull, leyseseove Ow etivf
boa c.v . ... love rough. how Fab..., 'ether, aiel unhoalthy
it.. raw appears. aft.... lalllar perparelebalk,
Ivy tußvs, coatamiug a hare vv.vm, 4 lead ,
ca lIW. hate prnurvl lersufifol veKetablestroeio, bleb v.
.ame.' ~pantell While.
It pefievOY brine Putiferl ot all el•l•Wrlau.
gaalitsea. awl EL lazvarte In lbw raw a ualufal,llaallll.), al.
.1.. r. living vlvti al the oune Gala ar Wig , 14-
melee en the ekl. making at Nett u,.l einvolts.
SW,' by the Ar...t. JACKSON. .JeJ ,heat,
bev.4 .1 INlLJountb.
Professor A C. Barry's Tricopherous.
A hlt - 31Eloll;a111:1) COAIPOUN IP.- -Thil fol.
y In*lDg torlinomlnl b lmm Mt. Mum, Miter nt tb.
!`,Trotilir AmPrirsa. Comment nn our). .vidrue. Lot
flurry'. Trvotilirronfi I, an artirl. that we tAkr ylea,ure
nitanlind the bight ilaiituratationa tie do not Al.. it
tpoto w the rerounuesdation 'if other., but front introit o per
~.ou t tooat t uye npon the hill, while it Udall,
W trey It health, .aift, d glues,. It alai. minters thin.
draft. Lair tad inirltutate. it. growth in
o unripiiill.l by any other i . ottiledition tdtoeit
ofA yenta. unit deeds to trOil. 10 couviuvrd
of thin truth.
hold in bottle, ;dire thii rent: the principal oilier 137
Broadway, New lilt.
pl o w to tat,. prier Y., tuts, at proprietor , tith
es, by IP 11. htiLLE,ltt..
Yuri: So. 57 Icitial it
PRITSSES, of all kinds and sizes, for the
X relief pad radimi cure Ifernin , nal , fare. faa.
MEW ' : t af,,Doffr.u., 140 Waal 0.
BOULDER BRACE'S, of u new and
peOloy klbd.iwY ret-Ayml and tor ollr by
140 }{'H.l
ifirl:ati as:4l.R thrm
Great Cure for Dysyeisia!
Dr. Ifoughten's Psalm, tbe 0..
Julte. a (heat Dyspepria Ctn., prepared from Rennet,
an the earth stomach of the Or, after clitectlous q of
_Baru I
1. ; le014,. tkr&rr i t i t. Lhemiet, by J. Hough
ho . truly wunrierful remedy for Indlorsition. Dr
yer slit, Jaundices Ur. Complalre, Cloostipatfres, ant ha.
ittlity,CUl:Ler itftr
j iaLerre . e. 0100 method. by Is atmsclo own
^g iltf th e toaikos nful of Pram Inised In wan,
gest or dirndl. floe pourultil,f✓noah Gael in arena two e l an,
out of the atortsch.
ne Gastric Juice i, tbr u r a titia n t;fl , l7 o tif:rpo , lbal,.th h eL , u ‘ i
f i attef„ ' . .Ifitttt it tt
there can t. no 01g4t.ten—no ran
don of fowl into bleed—no nutritiou eJ the tersla hot
Mer• foot, torpid, painful, and destructor condition of
th e w h o l e dkeetive apparatus. A weak, bet( dead, or In.
tun+) Oomph produces no goricl Ilastrk June, ant I honor
the dleca,clistrese, and debility which intsm.
But (hi. ..of May to soPPle ul=fi o Lpt qi . e. -
Ilk It o eaurat °Rattle Jul., intro cheimeal powers, ant
furnishing a complete and perfect eubstltute ler
The .t been erforation the proceseof digestion arnhciallY
h.. long known to Physiologists. Ilunclittal
claims the merit of meting the appilollon of this art to
the cane( Dyspepsia, Ina perfect and agreeable fortis
Hearlthe nicotine evidence! ,Baron Llebig, to hit role•
brunt emit a Animal CioraLtry says: "An Artnticlal
biased. klei ' d, analagous to the dastrle Juice, ..le
pod from the mucous
mentheafe of the stmoitchof the
In which serious antclesof hoed, en Meld .d eggs. will
be Polkaed, clanged, anOillieStal, /net to awe 1000
they vaunt be I, th e human stomach."
' all ou the Agent for further evidence, of • droll. char
meter. It Is &ion winders for Dyspeptic". keens bottle
of the genuine I'iMSIN bears the written shouture of J.
S. llonshton, id. D., sole proprietor. Ihice, One Doling Per
Pamphlet, cootatoing ...bonne eridesno of Ito P
adial by Mils.
%CAPER k Agents.
rftien turnota, 1 .%,11' d " r " ub. g h.
Atm. ferule kr a. 4%7.'1
ditiSED 1851. Ar a i
cLARKE, PARKS Jr CO., Pasaurama, PeoreurnoLa.
T HE PROPRIETORS of this old anti well
Loosen Line.ould haLusti It. public that they ere
note In operation for w the 'anent Peaso4 and hetet...nen.
Ibeeir.flß Freight and ,Paaasugers, Oath they fully
iZtnfrll4lTU ttlOsr i sita tl t;ea C. Tf a tinVoa l t k ol i a ' s
Linn will to. constantly et be lauding, 'below th e moooa
gahnla Bridge, to na-eme e..ttait.
JOIIN A. CALIIIIIEY. Agent,Office. tor. Waler and Smithfield ate., Pittsburgh.
ft. W. ConninghaM, Sea Cutlet, Pas
Q. C. latheses, PulaSki, Fat
W. C. Molan, Sharon:
J. A 9 Unit Sharpsburgh;
We.. Adore Co. Groans - 111c
Wet. ileum. Ilametotrra
Wm. Power, C
C. IL Deed. fete. Pat
Q. Wallbridge. Buffalo, N. T. apl
Forty-six hours to Philadelphia.
Forty-four hours to Baltimore.
280 miles Railroad-103 miles Canal.
Two Daily Limes Express Packet Boats.
(EXCLMILTELY FOR PA2:92:01:11s.)
9N the opening of Canal Navigation, Two
Pally Oben
.henrr Nrw
by Po rta I.,gopres,T lailrowlliqS. lean far
TVEI ilundreJ
Time through roam-six Hours.
Far+ to Phllaaelrhil, $lO. Fart to Balthaor,
Ito Co, oil thia ttkttle an Of., and of the mots enrol,
+,l conetructiole for comfort and allot,
. . • • •
_ lure ..rerr morning pnri.elT et F47.lht o'cin.
and er~•rT everklug et thp rime Lour.
Passengers for Baltimore,
On arms' of Car, al 11whburg. tate O. lorl and Cum
land Railroad, (non nalrhtd, direct to that city, (eighty
lour sutler., Tuut, FOUR
No charge for handling Baggage on this route.
tor,..nt :iv,' mak, the the tucst comtiate+l , .
in. ana Jestr.l,le tout. Coos to the tiot. u
Vor nt. itdarmatl..n ...TIT to
J. P. 11 - 40 L-311.15, Agpnt,
~, I nn:Amellds
& CO.
e l'annl Peon nrret-
N B On the 1,1 or July. the Venn., le•ola 11.11nmi
.111 br hakhr.l 1.• whleh 1.111 Ala..rtg, tho ti..
through hour,
Pltteburgh. February '5l
New Lake Superior Line.--18M.
T HE new e [earner NORTHENER, Capt. B.
Mt . , neat, on her &et trw•-•tt.l Owl.: eller
at o'clock. :tur Cho Nut n Marie
The :learner MANHATTAN. Cap! J./11,1 Caver, nil
leave euire ete Merle. fr.. dillrn•ot landin, on lAlt
?ut•rl~r, the 4,1./1.1.4 theelatner tt~rtht•rn: .
reuwler weekl, line, Ihmv•hout the relmu. Letarrt
tltr Cop 'r and
Oe April
Manufacturer's Line.
Wafilz. 1851.
full uladatlttet t with !miita , ...ear, a vmkm
quantity of freight In I'llo.ll4phi. and lialtlntare s van.,
as rho. time, mud .1 1 ,- J• raha ev , nal
t her r . atzular
Pystatial artnauutinenta hare al. , beau uvula Issr reriTlac
Way Frahrta Illalrarille s Johnstown. Iltaltslat -hut,
Water Street, Alexandria, Patel...hart/ht. iluottfutdan, 1141
Creek. New Wanfllton. AlvVeylown. th
Nan...LC[l.kt', Ilarrzahurw.thslumb-a.....1 all °WI
er intermtallate saatth. and.: Penn , ylrauln Canal and Part ,
w. Hating return Wad. uf 10. yaeursal In.
the Juniata, pratuptue.. and regularity In abutment,
the Ifforenaid fasluta. at (ha luvrtftt. rah, may trllni
uw .1 ITCH It tru
arstltutt,. Intletartut,ts
metal t( rtaund dour weft of the Canal.
- •
TERE, IN faNaf t ONY: L 1./.\'F, 1.. y ar
.r,u): UM:UAW. t ha taittl swag at 1 1 11.1shuryh
all la, trauma...l tuftl.r the all tiu t llA it
Ituahl I
Binghams' Transportelion Line.
i ff i n
THE CANAL being n, ,c open, WO are rt,
a;r•vviv• 1123 fz.rwarl pruarliv. Prrluer so.
I•ra..ltv.• and 51<p-handier 'roll tor re•roroo I and troraardnot
ea t ot and worr. aottoui atir rroarge for to.rwanting or aol
oatoeing freight. r•rgoveroo.n.oor :arras , .
MD- of Ladlng Vorvz"frol ant a:1 rile. DA,
ir too
AiNr/ol n l: L li r ..ik A GI . Canal Paola.
'.orner Lotorrtly and Wa•ne •tr gat b
ItIN•111ASI lot ~ Market at
rem. Fourth .1 F i lt h .l..
cur= N , IL.FttN, Argot
•000 a. Vart..
1 "1rg r. 4 4" *. 21, 18 51
Merchants ' Transportation Line.
"OR I'll1LAI)E1.1'111A
Itol:4•41111 . 155.
A MeANtiLTY A CO., Canal Bags, aroa Penn gtrett.
11A 1 - NOll. Central m—k. Broad 0rtr0...4 rtao
pr.,,,„rnri r, large arnnntro•Krharsolier .
ggro.11•••• to robin on tbr ef tbn rams', In Phtlao
orlphla. and .111n...rm.-Igo. Oar, at leorer rote.. and or
Dtoor time lion in an grra , na aeraa..
o ( a t- N. 11. The ino-n•ate.l numtoer of Tanaka trt"l kle 4 of,
the Cara/ C , notrol:rognrra fort ..arr, tn;.• ear hoatroom. the
State Ital:roatoto, oef:1 grerent an, rroraltothly of
Jotonrtoraon. llolfl,,rtarg er reittnolola, otrawon
C. A. toIeANULTI t CO.
fetal Canal Ryan
To Shippers of Merchandise, Produce, Scor.i
ANI , 1e...1.11 . 1.Cr AND 7.103..
RELIANCE PIT - I :: , B1311(.11 TRANSPOI:-
- -
ATKINS k rn, Ko _: llvket and
CprrtrET., PtTrsvk. 1-1111,1•1khss.
k i.warrr. Ackk.. Canal Cain. rittaborsh.
Pk , TAILog Italtimsrs
enr prrikakt. kn tt, 4kkalsc r.f i r, ss•i.k , •
Cant. m k ran. Irk Irrik4l at •• tab,. cod ki
othipwr• a nau , h Anil r,k.• a. at, tklarr 1 -Ins
Cl-. 11 Sarin. P-1,1 ,Strut
Penna. Rail Road Ca—Cent al Rail Road.
having been appoint
taal..tat up-nts for th , R
k.-,m th. , 1+• , praml .
co• Ir. a, ro. •nirmrot
7 . tLY; ;7;oltre Vai rarticit thrmlgh
••flaruan n o.l . Irv. 14 rpm •
lon or ch.., f.r
PASI3 re,ettl•aler etr•TEN rJuLturLyina atm rtrrrintnu.
Br, Goc 1, WI, Au.", Btuks.Statt..uary,Cutl, , ,Cupt , ..
tieutry, fruit, /rather, Furniture , . Drug, )le,Brio.
ta.l.lltri. nu/. :Lou Fel te
n,way., Orrrurnt, ttutla, Ink
Last hrr Clor. r. tar. TloDul by au.l otlu , r lira.
Wk 11 100
8. , f, Perk. Butter. Lunt. 1.1,1 OD. Totem* twat'
Crain. Tallow. kiralu %a t'ag, Or 1110)
SlarElr trourh Tar, Plvb. Crunn, 6.rutan Cloy
a1a.".3 tfeTUDF.N A Cti7ol,l,
Pittsburgh Transportation Line.
ja1qa.,1C,11.!..1011 I Cll. Canal 1113111, PAlTAturrh.
,IT Ell, JA . LaTada Iltiaral and Cbrrry
Wt at. A :loath ',arta hatleren Mark.t sad Ch.
Oat rrr
a rr
4,'Ciy NodRIA A Cal. 70 NUM otaaet.
AVING fully completed our nrrau.
bursh.t ua
umor., I.ll,l.ltlpbta, Nov for 1,,
tinnatl. 1.4oi•rIl 4.-ul• •ts.l all (h.
low.t. rat., n.l with W.V. lllNpatal tha, ./er
All imol..hlpi.r.l by woo raw Italy ,•.w.
trltt,out am .
1...11. I) ntlwr LAU,
Ail erumAutavallims .I.lrel
all a Co,
Lout, taut,
146111.'11i, mad 1.
Yt Lout, elll'uleot with I.YoYllrl
Lino hu Irtut 00000 with
111.11.4elpta lout Pittsburgh Tran.wrtcaltal Law of
_ .
Lewis's Patent Reversible Water Filter
I S NOW to be seen in operation at WM.
TATI: & I'llnt.n, No. 10 Fourth, U-
Na:me Frrry atui I.6Farty and at PRlOit It 11.L.1".. 4
... to Market PiltAurprh. nip lia.rwrvivrd
0.1.1 0.•1•1 (ro Atu.rlrau Inglltta• of New Inrk
d .
and a Cedar,. ' w
min the Franklin Infitituto of I'llilade
phis. ft.r as ..npori..rit r In it, .. ugdn N . anhnorPmperin , q
rertilleatsa from tura., Ora> in ur.. I•tolaol..10....
nf which Um lollowing ar ,
•.Plillanyt Marrb
It wrlLl.9lrwute teildrlllirfla to Mr lov,r
eksr watnr. the Pal , lll Itover•Itolo W•ter Vatorwr.
yrut...l hy Mr. Ilavtoq us. I cm. th..nt tor
"Ihntaart.rxi March ISSI.
The rahmt Itevereitile Mater lekihirer. inveute.l
eur..l Lowie. urettliy 1, for min, mouth.
pate rvodenre. fa all that our tier". td'h
M ' aerehire rhoehl, it a tiritheve it in" roarer
rec.:warm" it to the public. Ji INAS P. FAI ' IILAM
Throe Finer, aro warranted to lain , out any amen
t,to ntarl, may arl tutu donartrowl animal or rem matter It thewater. 'nu, are rant...l to
nar, amt 'with ordinary once will last war ton. and 0.1
culy to le wen to be appmclatci.
An. 14 ctn., l•talalelchts.
Rockingham and Domestic flueenswarc.
(001)W Alifftfr,„ L r.Dln.ham and o CO. ;:.. 11
, lan :
Eon! LITCIII . OOI. Ohio.
.1 1 4 - Sarnyle Itnotrin, menet 4 4 1‘th and Lilwely •t reels,
(ttound Church bulldlng.) rattan, stoat dies i J 1 It.
11,1 Wholoralottrurers,
Our extend., Worka folds stn to 011 orient prompt)) ,
A rompetant deatgo.q. twin. mtmoutly atm r
sbh ken:, pun with all tho ova, and Impnwed,tyl^e
of the
Water Lena, Spitnons,Pltchera, Fancy Toes, DfirVert Sets,
Flower rm., liohloto. Homo! Ornaments, Medicine any
Snuff Jam, and artirirs for darn , qtic we, Itt gruat variety.
Order: ropulhalw • nicha):tf
Heating and Ventilation. •
Heating Ft tam to Iletele,Court ItOono, lecture
Enoms, Bank Ofllers,Blom,Fartorlee, Ilortatalt, and build
ing, of toremdmeriptlon, poldie and private. AP., Latin.
'dries amt . /M.oou Ileum, tor all pnrpoe, where rennin ,
temrature, either hht tie low, I. deem.': and for them
snowmen no other my th Is equal to it.
Nano fur VentilattritOr Imtural trend ineato,
prepared where drained.
u t
of the Carious deorintione mentioned are
aueo4afully heated upon this plan in Eastern tonne,
AI the medical Insure. a .holex.r. uniform hut, M am
required temperature, with entire Modem from twat,
emote. mime, dual.or damprimie, and aafetr from tire.
writ. SCAllrh, AThIhnON
TWINE-500iC.j, Wool, for sale by
IILORIPE OF LIME-150 casks for sale
AL SODA-200 canko .
17 •pl
9 balm Corr Skirbb '
9 rack. Dried Unarm
3 rentheNVicurt d arst for rale or
NAILS -300 kegs ased, for -gale by
mrT C0L1110136040 CO.
V . E.APE SHAWLS—A: A. Mesa?: Ir. Co.
tbe attention of Puniai . ia". th°
t tuck plato ambriklarol Ilrap• !Quarts gmbefore.
exhlbitad in MU tnurket, sad at Wu. lo w
that they latter tbettuelvt• Deno= b•
yrle• mid quality. Nat. ely .44 61 Marke o*. turn
White Goods for Dresses.
T utxrrtmerrt of the tarloufi klud, RbiteGoods
I, le: Dreae., melt um
Mull itusllux
evrism pLaln .ml
Queen's Lawn.
Jacunetvg Muslim 0111 ml%l embrogrr i
T. ...W.41 . .1m. French_
"wuK a u= g , ' le. my l 2 o
ouuuL Usrugm.
g so, • Co. here just received per express three cues
Lee Jeconettn wd Cambria,. .pl 7
La meta abbre Good. for ladle, hum 12S cents to
,—and Gentlemen's do.. low priced and linedust teed by
Importers, Jobbers, and Retailers in
Noe. 32 and 64 Markel street, Pittsburgh, Pa.,
NNOUNCE to their friends and the pub
tic irenerelir, T i bet exe how smepared to exhibit
ile arireat an 4 moot earefullr retectal Mock of
her Wee ever offered in r
thie city. ecen,:nTeed of the meet
ich and faahlortable fabric, •e well en the more common,
nd which will be offered at the
, . . .
I which goods ehn tw sold In an of - the Cahtern
'heir two lower salcsrnothh will be devoid exelhohTelY
etall trule. and thehorde hrrangod to Dcpartmente, Ic
Silk Department.,
All the
mad fahhlonable style, 'Whorled Mi. semsort.
thithlish; the best haat. of Black °llk.
. • _
Dress Goode Deprtrtment:
CantmDing PoddltD,EkraiD.,Tfvwe, Hemp: de datum
cd.tanerrs. De Mi., Lawns, 51.11nd, Cambric:, Jdzon
. Orrrd.dinc, Donabadlnes,
Shawls, Vizettes, &e.
Canton Crap, plain 4=l embroldemt A!so,
Thila,t, Lasne, Cashman•, Flit, Palm, Ft¢und dn.. and., Spurns. Alan, Vlzett,n, Patalnta, Mantilla, Pc.
. . ,
Hasler( and Glove Department
it be found complete , with the beet mak. of
ton and Silk Hosiery. The hest Kid Moves saw.), on
Linen Department.
11-1, ani Whin. Linen, Linen fleeting, Minn
CLlnenA, Napkin& blearbed nail brown Dun.
vit.Tonelling. Diaper. en.
Chirtkrti and Dated Cambric, Mill/. In, Book and
'an:molt itlualt, Victoria and Bithop 1.41.111 N a nd 1
ullity and prin.. Ai, Curtain Marna's, Piano Tip
Cover, it,
Embroiderie,, Laeo,, Trimming, &c. -
A cotapirte artortzuent. AISO. Itibbone Mae, Tab,
, Paraartia nt all kin& Bonnet, an' the !alert
Domestic Good, Department
probabir ono id the Parrrt •IttIIPIT, in the renintr, em ,
rtarion everything knprtn as doniertirs.
. .
Ihe Pt.d.rietcra feel confident that. with their twine..
unlitivn large acid attruitive alai, and onn•ually low
thry cannot give yerfeet vatialivetion.
lYbolevale purehaaara . are informed that w
01 be Oran,' to receive their order, at any time. li.
wit at ea•tern 1614.. to thigh:ate any eastern bit
.1 p ..' nals at the Pamir vaattrn rata,
!i and tashlutiabla lioula will he received coast:intl.
iipZl A A,ll/150Y1 tr
v."Auply nf Greon.Alsymineltluo.amlehenie yir•
Al, Hen. Leal C01.m..
my I
ERRIMACK PRINTS—New stylea fan
, 31crrImark Cochle. Prima. AL, YulYt'rl6*
J.3.11i 'Pr., 51 new Ptt ju. !red br
lip IDE SHE ETI S—A full assortmen
widthe..l rr , ' , l by
13,1 MUltrilA s 1101tCHIFIELD.
I , UPERIOR TICKING-31.urphy & Burch
Loki havitx the .11 cation huyets to lbot
liu•of ur , rior ek Lug. jupt v.! Alno, l'illo• Cam. Mn
t.,uote,lenel, bow, good. ,erwrally.
no I
Hosiery, Trimmings, and Lace Goods.
a EATON. ourth etreet, between
62. F
M•rkrt art 4 11,r4. Invites the nitrottoo whulr
and rrtail Lao rrs n. hit !star sod sell relrrlr:j w.ort
ta•nal nr
Cotton. ?Ilk MIA Mrrino
ju half
Hr. and filor,
I, at run, anluad
Fleart..l and Plano Minor!liihk.l,-;
klns l ,Ilk rrannlitse Vhaisreang
Pr,ot litaton• and Ttstoutio,...
1.•., C. Codertdr.r, and Foil' tontitl 11,11tP,
renels IVorkod Cbemit,tlett, and (.1.1.:
lovlttakr. Watt, and Lae, : .1 e'er, MO".
INnuty hands and iN rott,ht I lout,iton
, lion
Crays.. Pe Jolosille Toes sod Bank
tlarments sad Wowing llost,„
Itto,,,Netdlts, Tape. Ituttut:•. •nd MLA.
and Ilkeutionho flair an.l Teal Ilrothrt: Pertuntery: not
and ~,tontzn Van. Partaudo: lephor Wormod Can",
and Putt,e,: Lulu • illopets. ',alter, and Xarrl•lot
It alkitie watt •urtat ne!" el small wart , and
•rfoil Panel Artioloe, *Mao he a at the touest rat,
etcher 4.r e,h tq ,Pone..! ct'd‘' ap3'lot
ASSINIERES- 90 plc.`, Inner and black.
v.' I, ••• apCR ` A IrBIITIINOT
NESS LAWNS-4 eases printed, a great
. 1.9 variety . tl Patter, tor "ale
BEIiAGE LIE I.AINS-2 case. , desirable
.tr ...1"
so= c
ilionllet. 250 Cap, for
it. tat' hr „14 ,2 C
01.0111 'S. No 1.2.4 I:tut - an Arson.
A ,07 is •0.1 etlyrinr dor,: of Fashionable 010,1".
.14,1 to lt"ntlt tnen nearfarcomprblog lb.-
ne.00 , 0 Ft, lot In Asntrisan. Eoultrh, and French emttt
tner,. "to, spleosild at'estitownt of I earustnt and Cloth.
of ert Isohienattle "hair and color, .hl:th.ttnuther an,
I e and wolf eastoors.-topsl stock of /tEAPT MAD,
CIA one of the lara-rsi and best ealteted• " - ,1 the Al.gheoluto. all of whirls the Itrootirtor
tt ted-soln,f 14 , .1, at snel4 Pd.". will ,t`t."o". oil
übo farmhims-110 acll, tbaNnet tole the nratt mancriot
Crothtt:c i• .01 , 1 at Qat "stantashowat, boo alst, at W. lot"
7 . l4.llnrln.itneexteut.M. nail oval. in I.
be ,, t po•-•Ible cv+onn. an 3 at the thnrlxlt netim.
Straw Bonnet and Hat Warehouse,
Rft. PALMER r.ffers for sale. fit very
. f.ll nr c ma I MOM..
en a em
CLop, Lae.. Cum.Ln. '''' l:4,
" 211 ? ... 2. 1 . 4.13'5. roth... Lrgbnro. Lano• arnl
and 11,1 m Los!
fa ti I.ehnrn . 11nW. tr. 4 . • L. , 11 . 0 '
Lind, othrr tdm.. in'grost nari.
et , Ithar , ori,l
Wllll2,v, , —Licb I,pu,t and belirt, snrlo asni Tal
ranc, oisuse ftn4 Crap,. cape.
urn! 'what, and eolnrrel 191 k .04
()Awn NO..
rh.,4 is' r T lirstd.
Prlering-s, 0,, Jr.
I'id)ll nr , - n Frre O eh and AmeTirso Sprlv.Funch , mn.l
0 .1 .
/.. Ger. an Nz.-
pl.n, rXT
111;11,. ani ar‘orte.
' ' .: l ,l.7 o 7:V.,L l AT! ' j;«.l,l2alicien , Sri TOOT,
Vrlen-11 . 11nroln at.d Crohrella.! Daat:l
Bnxen,,e., tr mchitt
lr now rorodantir wwwrivlnE EprtnE! , lawk
In part thr L.llnftnc raiirtir.
F.stra Ho; ,rlret do. TaEr•Vr,
dn. brurmlw. rxtra rupwr. 3 ply: suprrhua pl,.
,uarm.n. rail.. Env dn, fin. do, rota.. .
and E-4 Cenitlam 44, 4 4. Sot, and 84
. and 2-, tam, and oottm, dn.
RUBS, 'LtTS, OIL C 1,01116, ez,.
ilstra ChrElll. II nyt.r. 'nue dr.; dn ; ratmtuftr.l do.: Er.
4,,,mtnr,rd. Chenille Mao. tuna do. dc ..
ahwap C l do: dn dn: Thrum dr. dn.
Crnmhl.tho. Felting . 124, Ind 8.4
A1.).--,lnwt uu Cloths. rut It , fit any PltV hall room.
r—s. 84. 44..04 E-4 011 Clnthr
A1. , -nAlr R , ds, of .11 Carpet 11Itullorm:
pmt,, RaG.l.l; 64,44,1,13-1 MstrinA, 'rah Llrenr, Cr v.r.
anJ 1.1w.r. Honked:mm.9 an Tronnpareut Artodowt.h..l...
Ilulf Window 11,11At01.. Vermin:al 1101st.. Embos.,
Com•mmro: do Lad. , do . do ,Isamt do.: Worst, Table dc .
R A vimmgim,rteal and pmnotiamA4 nor rtrykdityrt from OW
010 , 1 mm lebrerd s, being of and moot .. p mor , sty snd colors. mrr sr. pmpsr, In roll oor
tn. ltd. nal eII•IGIMVTA fmrmmo, 4: 0,, can y.P.
mn any A-mr.rn Clem,
*Ve cordmall, rash. all to ,sl.l sod esamW our stock at
The Carpet ‘VitrOmuso, r..i Fourth street..
mehl9 W. m,cLINTocK.
ti wLS A: DRESS iiOODS—IS enrton, ,
1,.:1 of It,. moot ImmmhlanAtd, ricr.r st A. A
!11A.50N t CV, Al.', earr• of nr.. Lamm, Ilm.r
e.mmbri , .. sod J..., , 0rtt. Arl4
. .
ALACK. FRENCH 1..1.0TH5. -MurtrL A
Illm - truntAtm hay , uo,r mitleme this ,I•rmuA pop', 01
lai Cloth.. .ith , u , t? the
esti+ of orlstleinro slohlta.; •mmDtdf
lorrah ocoubs___ m•uNes Cotton punt
, .ton, and for 0,0.
Ohio Laboratory.
.:1. 7'6 9,2 Z 4lllll '
lififir •
IRV SO *1 95 1110 1 )?
sr, 0 p
.1 .1
Per vent. Strength.'
°WELL FLETCHER & CO., Manufactn
_A mrsla A:AY/1101z hur Spirits ter Cologne awl Brim-
Copp.. Dintilied Whinkel N.ayn on Wid.
• 84,r83.8- or Vine soil 8-B,nt .troln, (!lntlN. Onto.
, . . . • •
,0, fran l'ittobtargh 1 ,rnmplly 1114,1
at 4 111
olarket I,rlr,r,
Wines and Liquors., Danis crack,factory.
caw% of l'itt,burrd 1.1 a. stokresrt. of N V.
.tooomo to the public ,nsrally, and their Mends
peowilly, that t boy hays established a NEW WINE And
Ll4Loii :WIPE ut the above !laud. where they shall al.
at s assp s full sasortro•ot of the hest stork—Bhwells and
French nal aud white Wins% Alw., Jamaica rota.
Brandi.% of the choleert vintager, Jamaica rota. Holland
Irteh Whiskey, champagne and aparkling hook
44 we most unproved brand% port wines. bladsira, sherry
and niuerat Wino, Aboosthe, sc. 'Also,tardlnes, Holland
herreinta. :lair. mut Limburg . Cheese. All of whleh they
will esil, wholesale. or retail. an thereat reuouable terms.
Vns of the rArtnertt. Mr. etnnvonsl, the
luiprlrtation husinera In the city of N York, the above trot
le ruabled to sell a cheaper anda better article than any
othla h er house In Uthl city Please give a roll, berme pyou
roase el sow lo
1/W - Vtamllles supplied tree of extro <hark% and at lba
shottost notice a pt
CARD.-1 have removed to my nowstore,
4 ." bri"..) ly onOnello the Bank of
Aehurgh. where I he glad to pee my Meade and lel.
lon eltlren, and revel, a Khan , of their cuatorn. Ipill
k, e r r, large aAsortinent of ILlnhoWery, Bodeatel Bed
ding. C0r1 , 41 L.ltning. Moo, (hollon and hark Matra"-
e: heather
bolsters. and Pillow, Blanket,. laulha,
counterpann, and Compare; Window (1.1, Of e'er/ ca.
Im.w.3lat*, and ...res., article upuall, found In Ilse
cenallAhmenle of the kind. Orderetespert
huniep'lhcl" and meat
'r" ' (shied . lalf!N ' llolt. Third street.
" 1, 1 SSENCES ii EXTRACTS, for Flavoring
,LA JaMee ttn
Ice Crean., Le.
issyncn beern, Extract of Nutsnen.e.
.. Vanlll2, .. .tam. Ohm,
no,: Vanilla nranic -
Fart sal.. LT W3I. A. SIeCLUIIIrk VC,
• mr: VA I.lAartr.t.
t -
bbls. for solo by
E—ForAnlu by
. A. 51eCLURG a to., aroma.
1),p17 RANGES-11,
ranrenlant wised
(boxes, very superior, and
ksgro.jor thsailles. for ale by ;;,
wM. A. bIeI.LIIRO a CU.
'4 bbln Ground, fur Was,"
IVA Mabel, PA. ...le
RRING—New Baltimore
reel AM
Q Shad sad Ilmtas
1 LOUR-240 bbls. Extra and S. F. for sale
47 L. L. 8. WAISRMAN it 8088.
DRIED APPLES-320 sacks for sale by
UTTER-111 boxes (fresh) rqe'dclaily by
PEARLS -4p bbls. for sale by
INSEED 01L-20 6612. for sale bY
t'r" J. CANFIV.LD.
ALERATUS—IOO big. and 10 bbla pure,
for lute by oa y 7 J. D. CANFIELD.
inEESE--100 boxes for rob by
[1231 J. OkNrEna
BUTTER --6 bbls. Fresh. for sale by
.0:2 J.S. DILWORTH,* CO.
F RUIT -200 bn : Dried Peaches;
apt,. J. B A . ISIMMIP:tv.
(.2 TEEK'S OPODELDOC-6 ATM 8 perior,
13 far sale br S. N. WIaKSISNISI.
earner Woad's.' Sixth strce.
APPLES --7 bbls. Dried Apples for sale by
DRIED APPLES-300 bu. for sale by
7 catika - Cheese;
MO b. [hied Appian;
500 baa. W. Wass, McKenna. & Ebrr ,
hearts brand;
100 bis..iotirat;el ' elne and ear ed lo by
apt 2 .lAlt. DA EI.L 68 IVater Areal.
QUGAR.-59 hhde. prime N. 0., for sale by
ap2l JAB. DALZELL DI Water st.
MOLASSES -20 hf. bbL S. H., for ante by
JAS. DALZELL. na Water wt.
ONEY-14 ferkins (fresh) for sole by
D RIED-PEACIIES-50 sacks for sale by ap2f, . WM. H. JOUNKTON.
TRIED PEACIIES--300 bu. for solo by .
VITIIITE WAX—,I case sup., for sale by
V 1.1 , 22 8. N. WICKERSHAM.
'ORN-25 bbl s. for sale by
f .p 2213. F. VON FIONNIIOIIST 1 CO.
B ACON -1500 lbs Side
ono Shonkleann
800 - 114111% I N reocived and On
V 3 and 95 Front 00.
.1. by
lobbli No. 1 Eobnon:
L'".)hge'Ne' do
b, unit, - do do •
10 do No. I trimmed F..hul: on hand' nod
d male by lapitOl JOHN {VAT!' it 0 0
do SALIM:N. In bertnotimlly Reeled bozeo, re
,otted for este lo
'ARIEL) PEACHES-29 bbls. on enn.gign
i,meta wad tor sale by
to): 18A1A1l DICKEV i Co.
14 1 LOUlt-500 bAs. S. F., for sale br •
tnya e. w. itAnmiuon.
AMS- -30 .:antra Evan & Swift'. S. C., fo
11 emle hy mr.s . e. sW. lIAILIJAUCiII.
DoTAToEs--200 sarko for sale by
mr4 0. 0 0. lIARTIACGLI
COTTON -150 bales for sale br
X.) mei, 1 4 A1All DICEE i ACC
-400 Du Med Pelebec
Dded Aypl4.4
0 1br sale bT
C'r.rner or lrotid and
vv. fho'folloylug • •
win,h Jur otl..rat uv
11. S ratty tab.. WT..
15 hf rhe,3l do. do.
4e, Ch 01.4
lOU bads lho Cork,
o LAgn,ra and Jima:
k.a.<4 33, Ye, ti and 14,
lump Tobacco,
Its ht,t4 No. I and 3 Slact...
4.1,`.: do. Vold:
44 4 4 y dn.Salmon:
ikOUT Sc. m ita
I d.
Lap. Pepper k AILsP.. ,
1 Pe91.,":
I ' l'lrttrotm
lo 6e,• 31 .e.t.rd;
to Cloven.
100 Soven Anal, 111n.k.lnal
1 00 oupertinelike Flour
'..11 do, Ink;
150 Cr.rn Droomr,
1a. , . Nall. 'Oldie Lead.
i g
Blac ImP'L and
VA buts L'o Lamp 1a aad
5 . I,ilTobacmr..
3:to bat M.& t L. /tabby:
3.000 La. Almond;
Lal.. Brazil Note.
WI tot. Walnuts
" Ground Nutt
700 drama nog
50 eases Fire Cracker;
5 " Pruneir
5 " Lenten SaZaz;
30 " Towatoßetehur:
30 "l4rrer Una;
31 " Pickler.
" Brazil !agar,
]O,(W Principe .tkyrazN
5.000 Ilar
.Cow. "
11*-01. IL !tan.
100 bla. Water. ftnear awl
Butter Cracker..
bla “emlth . ."
100 trozag. 0. 1). Tobacco:
"0 eat
310 bow, Biala Warm
1' 0 -U. t 51. Candler.
" egatile Wags
N Surer and Mobaers; flroutal and to
Weheng and Wrappine roe. ,
Cotton Varna Ratting: Candlowriet and Trine. 0141.1 a 000
eral awrnetent of c‘eelz nanally kept ma line.
For eaie by ENULlell in
mcb2l = tram:, and 151 11001
Wu b.. oalosll.
aar Icrxr..l tirrri.A7
IW LW., N. C. Tar.
•• taLf a Cid t'agan
111 , arellayans 6's
,7„,"7 4.°
11v1 gym , P . t. flask.
ao grre.N.l.PC ' Avrel,
•n Idu Nn. I. 2. .
.3.300 luxe Nall, sued slur.
too Thu. WilltiOG
40 Tallnen . Oil;
1 , . 00 gall. lamp Oil:
d , OTTOIC-1.1 bales landing from str. Cap: eo fir
fa R'Pr 3 '
. 71F r VIVT& a .1. by
1711 Wae I no Y wt
EATII ERS-5 bags for sale by
S Uti.k 11, MOLASSES, &c
I'S AIWA. N. O. Sugar.
Ws. Ban,. Urouz..l ft.lloo..Fmr.r.
Lmf Hagar: landing Glad far sale by
myl 6. Water. and 7 , 4 rind
111 4 1 LAXL , E.E1.90 bu. for Hale by
B, r toRSE'S Compound Synip of YELLOW
DOCK ROOT-25 bosea.tuat rend froMPrurvidenu,
. and kr as/. by e. WIeIiERS.IIO3I,
de •nent Wv.stern ' , navyleant..
no corner of Wood and nixth me.
, W r I o. T d H 2 OLT
and tor sale by •S. SALLEILs.
mY3 87 Wood street.
II A LK-10 bills. for sale by
Pedling Wagon.
A Large and substuntial two horse wagon
:V. grins don axles. for sale on favorable terms he
• 88 Wood Street.
IPS boxes ts and Co, Johns Lewis' brand:
l'utwuza brand;
" Daniel'a "
4 lb, Lump. nr , -14 . - c, ,, R i tglay's bn . i . nd;
M, T. J. Edward's
M. A. daekstro
M. I'. L. Dialler r
u re,',l no , ntmiglim•nt from Richmond and Lynchbor,
manufacturer, and (or nal« by
MI and 81 Water, and 6" Front et,
j o t ACON-7000 lbs. Hog Round, receiving
.1./ And for rale by JAMES DALZELL,
*P24 83 Water stmt.
SUN DRIES-100 ,0 s , t‘ci r c 4 a , o p rn;
3 l'arul for sala.hy
ap . ,kl ./03103 DA LZELL, {Valve In.
- . . .
liklAeii.EitEL-"50 RMS. No. 3; -
srea es Alf do., 3A il l o i„
LENT! LS , ilet,ireti and for Auk by
limn,' awl Tea Malan.
LC. 3 1 ‘ ))101, bbls. for nßin
14 1 % . ELLEILS.
lORN-- , hi I Shelled, for sole by
W. A F, WILSON, 147 . lirst st.
E EA ,t I tEl' - pigs Galena Lead;
A 4u 1. , ,s •Aid nttot: for taleb,
AMES A. 111.11V11160N a co_
ILS—Oil lemon, bergamot,
.cloves, anis
x ad Taw ity lu origival raetssmer ilog . ll . 7l.r t ty
QIIACCO-26 kegs (ledge 6 twist for mtle
lOFFF:E--150 bogs prime Rio, for sule by
!LAWNS ANI) ItIUSLINS—Now receiving
b) A. A. Ilarou A Co. rases uf new stiles Lawns mut
is iun. ap2o
111ACON HAMS-14 csks on hand; Cot sale
baud: fur pals by atCl ISAIAH DICKEY RCO
ALTPETRE-60 bags crude on hand; for
1.0 vEalo by apti - MIMI DICKEY tCO
DOLL BRIMSTONE-12 bbla on band
La, fa! gale by lira] ISAIAH MEET aCO
BUTTER -^_0 crocks and jars, for nab by
11..77 apl4 J. D. AVILLIANS l CO.
ILOTRES PINS-31 boxes for salo by
lANNERS' OIL-15 tibia. (to arrive) fur
sale by .pl2 J. KIOD • CO.
rPORKEY UMBER-1M) lbs. (to arrive)
li kor sale by apl2 J. KIDD •• CO.
L INSEED OIL-20 bble far sale by
FIIERAE DE SIENNE—IOO lint for sale by
.p^ll J. KIDD A CO.
ADUESIVE CLOTH-200 yards superior
quality for sale by apW J.
J: Co. have just reedved per empme.—lCO d 05.5,1:
tweet French Illontra. "" •-
IpLAICEEED 01L-40 larlds. prime, from
sr'?:.."'''"""T' JOIIN wen* co.
SAFETY FUSE-4 bble. in store;
roT7 2'
J . : 0. DriglT. 6 ;
I ibER VINEGAR--50 bble. (best) fortale
!L./ by colt ROBISON. LIITLL t CO.
ASSIA-100 Math for sale by
aria J. 60100SMAILYR a O. VA WOW aL
LATHS-25,000 Sawed Lathe, best qu a il.
gbr ode BOBIDON, LITT I4 LE a CO..
sul N. tuty
G RAIN —2OO bu. Oata;
too Y 7 q rar d•M•
.Piftsbiugh Life Insurance • CompanY.
'VMS COMPANY was incorporated in
/brancy, ISM. with a Peoweit.l Martel. end /int
benne. on a capital of $lD3Aft
The Company does aneinem both cot Ms./Mat Stott and
On the Joint Stock pl. the rates are mtethinl less awl
thong dismal by Mutual Comera}e- arid Pine. Per chow
lower than the rates of awes buck Mentanies. I
3lettnal rates we the same se those adopted by other
mfelyconducted Companies. Those insured on the maim
al principle have the combined entwines furnished by that
grsouia jewa r tort t a i rie. aneLtlie Capita/ and Surplow Fund cf
The (Matter permits the granting of houratice or Life.
In every form , itieludllng the Main of wife. children. lan
rent.. relation, friends or creditora—M hour. the life of
.otheribr thelrown exclusive benefitimiyable after death,
nr upo the parties arriviog at the age of fah Od. Ohoe ash.
at the option of rho tutored
James fl Moon, Prceident
Samuel Ste Chat., Vke President:
Joseph lech, Tra=reel
Charles A. Colton, Secretary.
James S. HOOD. Joleph Leah'.
John 8. Dilwrth. CharleS A. Colton,
Samuel lleClurtan. Wm. PhltUra. I -
J. A. WiLw/n.
Jceeph Gaseam, M. D., M twain Addison, M. D,
Jeremiah Brooks. M. U 1 K. G. Edrinirtonl M. D.
Excrointene I '
Samuel Dilworth, M. 1/, 47 tmlthtleld stmt.
Hobert Snyder. M. It. 103 Fourth strew , .
John Crawford. .M. D. tA) Sixth stmt.
Wm. IIcK. Moreno,D,lo7 Liberty Clank. Dr. Dilworth will be in attendance at the ogle, erer7
do lose 't l irt . f, l ha-4. spoken for agrocr. are M I tadto
call, take their r.tlers, end commence operations To7therith.
.tll persons engagfil in the Ilesnnuue business will be sop
plied with allowed the ustud coamk.loo
- of the CoMpany. No. 76 rout/. etecid.
oty3talkwB C. A. COLTON beer. ,
State lantaai Fire inthrance Company.
BRANCH OFFICE—No. 54 Sumo - mai &mazy,
Pll7 4 l3Ulttill
.- Ilinterithlt, }[ay le ,10.51.
THE bent evidence of the succesil of the
Director.. In endeavoring to make the STATE MUFF
FIRE LVSCRANCE COI/PART meet fhb wants of
t ih e ilcit o TaT u bZ t n y 4 h g. ' 4l7 ` 7lV7=4:ll:lVa h Tgilf;
the nag year. thendiy
g adding over algd,ooo Co the hinds
of the Conipony. Newt ll the prepvny Insured iv of the
safest kind In small rinks. and a largo Front:vim Insured
f ticig 1 NT. 3 72 . P.Md„ (wiled 7.2.3 •
Do. do. exp'rd.terrotosted. cAncrrd.
Do. do. iv prce • Z.,43$
Pn - rp•rt in,n e r.4 $7,95e3,419
A OCk AA CII " OfeirAi. tatnslnsted. essayed-5231,725 Cs)
7ov .
Do. In fore,
Do Prtnnlsqn Nets,'
Do. an le d , ten:W.l,l. exhard...
Do. In force ;9,11I91:
Tb. Cash Premiums rcreived 51441 1
Do do. do ranceleti
' lsl= DO
Whole knit low, and ?specter, paid—S=4ll 4 9
Balance In favor of the Co., to cash... • V.T.STI 45
To city i'r sectary merchants, ull4l owners oVwrilloSk
and isolattal at, slalom property. it is belie. thisAtio;
party milord,. advocaat, its 110101 of cheapovsN, afctr. and
security. atifervar uo ItieuranceComiumir Mt. ettiturDT
Conducted an rim equitablo and greatly maprested Whim
of Classifteation of Rieke, excluding all ePretal hamnitt:iti
suring only • amount 10 twy,u to
dodo. the frequency and occurrence of large fires; and
also on both the andid Mutual pl., A only_pora
vises gm cheats:lcl* accommodation of both [ metheall.
hot entitles the Invonal to a participation- in I9F profits.
Directors--John P.' Rutherford, A. J. tilllett,lS. T. Jones.
Alcato A. Carrier. Philo C.:Myrick, :amuck Jones, Rob't
FL., John D. Packer, Joh. D. Rutherford. I
J. I'. RUTHERFORD, Prealdent.
A. J. DILLETT, beeserl.
A A C/1.1231, Attlarr. .307
%V A !.trel.ORG a CO..
2;03 Liberty et.
N 11 —A Scrip Dividend tf Eileen per real a expiring
policies has been i.elend 1.1 the Directors, and Is new re.
at this (Alice for renewal, or redeemable inb.h
at the end of ninety dar. A. A. Colima, Are
Franklin Fire InauFanoe Co. of 7 Fhilaila.
I t R P.
Charles - W. Bandker, Gco.
Ibos :non. Mersin:al D.,Lewis, Tobias
ta i al l aer. Adolphe Norm Samuel Grant. David S. Brown.
Jacob R.:death, Morris PUZCII.II.
p.DANCKER, President.
Cnuus fl. .4,,c... fondest .
This Centaur motinue. to mot Itoursooes, permanent
or limited. on ere, dereription of Propenr to terwn and
coaatr.,, at rate.... low at are musi.trot with'tecnetT.
The Cant's,' have reserved a large contingent tmoil,
which, with their Capital and Premiums...afar lonoted.
stiord maple protectiOn to the Anstreil
The as.wts of the Compacir.on January let.lE4l. asy h
lEhrd u5n,.,14 to the. Apt of Avembir. were as folhrtf,
viz - -
Real Liaobl, 37l in
1,903 11
Cants. Sr
& CO.,
tfih Streets, Pitisledrgh,
ORE, and to arrive di
• • P. a the ro. rwerit Impor
he mart reeeimable term,
I'3 4oteu Patent Moe W.I.
5U haTrelextra pure Stara&
:5 Phi,. N. O. Nola.,
11.:n2,70s 44
Kure their incorgoratico, period of 21. yew, they
have paid upfinle of One Million Four Hundred Thourtand
Dollars Look, by Fire, therrhy orideneo of tho
;Zattt7ln 'f eo l t a .e7ll! 4" ro . ,4 * pt ' n7r. 1 .!•1111 1 42111tr.1 1 . 1"
.06 06 !.../ . . , trettNEll COYT N. Agent.
._Con. r of Wigd and 11 eta._
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co., Philaira.
lake J. Finney. ir.. deorsrsl.) 353 Liberty Meet. •
tor the better Clairknietr, Of rreiding in the
lover part of the cit‘. the lormt may al,' bo found d 4117,
front to 12 and :Chord o'clock. at• the counting yooln ot
J. trohnotanaker en., No 24 \load etreet, where all Ore.-
liaturm.U. will he peen .11 communications proms.
ly attended to the IginolPlea ova
bonen. of Lite tnruranre, and kiosk funny furruthed on
c ti c :44e ' Vt r ijrar ‘.
Ilttehneub. Jan. 31. 151.1.—g04 •
. • .
lare 2,ruP:
L. 1.0 Cru#hed.
Powdered Sugar,
6rO M. rev.. 116.6 haiku.
SO drums Em yma Him
prg Ilardasux frutu7,
iti i llV
A ck hair;
10 " C. , u• 6 Ch00..16
- Ciotti* 6 Alm° ,
12 do - e
r mtv .
1 R.I. Cub. Soda;
I Cream Tartar.
nu.. Petri Eng.; -
Blair and Relined
Arrow linot:
.150 Bath Brick;
1 bbl. Flour hulphur.
IW Frocipthirof
Km., and Paal la
5 Lemon Sur.r. •
1 apt 551 Enda;
Marine, Fire, and Inland Transportation
SITE Insurance Company of North America,
teuuctorlils—Charterre - 1704. Capital 8300.000. nevelt
l i nary 13, 1,51.111,001,235 ha. 11111 make Insurance on
terildinas load their eranente, in thir city end vienntr, aim
krotortr of et., elarradqad e 3 3 .11, nne.
and other vet:acts, el th er nr Inland trenapertution or on the
Arthur 9. Coffin. Peel, Thennts P. C.
enamel W. Jona, John E.. Neff,
Edward Yerath, Peber4 1". IVor4.
John A. Brown, WII= Wehh,
Entnael V. ha t,. Fenneis ficegkine,
Enamel llennke. An.elln AJLibone,
Charles Taylor, Wm. E. Bowen,
Ambroeo Nhlte, Eeor ge lnn
Jamb M. Thome, James
,N. .
a. Wens Ila Jo. 11. P. hherrerd., Seer.
This's the olJeet Ineurawe C0.P.7 thn BLEU.
and (roe, 14 high standing. long experienneS ,, e Penn.r.
and avddltig all risks .f an .era halm - dohs character
I`y J NO. 141 Yrmt amc
American Life and Health Insurance Co.
.4,gent for PilteLurgh, 533.11.. D. TOWLE,
0 Mae. 67 Fitch nt, ahtm
Pamphlet. eoetalniutt all necestarT laufl.l.loll MD be
obtain...l at th•o01
Western Insurance Company of Pittsburgh.
IAPITAL 8300,000. 11. MILLER, Je.,
Pt...hien; F. I. Geo)ou. dentettrY.
VIII innate analnet all reel+ or rtalte, fly. end ..)tartna.
AU lamoe mill be tile:ran/ adJuged and PrOnthly . yO4.
A home Instilution—tuananetl by Luce - tors woo an well
known to the it, and how are cletermlned_ by
promptnestatel liberality to roniainln the character which
they have .4,11111011. as olle nn: nest protection to thew,
by desire to be. nsured.
Inearroae—h. Miller. Jr.. bro. 810 b... W. Butler. N.
Holm, Jr., Woo. U. Mar.. C. Itoneen, Goa W. Jackson.
Win. Lyon. Junta tlipincott. Georne Writs. Janus hit
Ink_. Alex. Nonick, 'rhea hon.
Moe, No. 92 Water etre.. (tettreloon. M. §tenait A loan
up .tale,) Pitteburah. 004011.9
lidaware Mutual Safety Inaarance Codify ,
Cli-INGE, MUM *tyre.. l'iniadelphM.
Max lgrrn.For..—ltottdtmat. 31errhandLee. and Other
o '
Maauta lagramma—They itt hT arr, art -Twee; :
ns tt tr. Vetootr,
and Freight... L11V1..12 or coarttriae. molar .ogt.m Si 'Metal
whole, as the gummed may ClCier.
INLISD Tl.UsvaimarloS.—Tbey alto ltmare Merchandise
traosportnl Wa.zons. hall nal ram. and toot, and
~40331 om mem anti lola, on rho ltheral tartar.
Unmortom—Jo.oph U. cent Yolsound A. [o n nter, John C.
Itri Rotors Iturton. John R. Itartmo, Samuel Etlwarls.,
nt C. lotorr. Mtaanf lhatington. lease th. Dans.
ham '<thrall, John Newlin , Ur. IL' U. Marton, Jamm C.
,Theorlttius 1'501.11011. U. Joan alrook., Ilertry
.±.105n. Hugh Craig. tiocrge tpenerr Main.
Ch.M. Reny J. U. John"... Wm. Ilar . ; Dr. S. Th omas,
John IVra. tyre, Jr.
D 16.70114 AT 1.11,11C.311—D. T. Morgan, Hugh Craig.
Joha T. harm. .
WWI. Utartg. l'rerldrut. Taos. C. lIMM, Floe Prerl
- JOSILViI W. COW.. Moretam.
/WWI nm of the Caravanr. Nc. ft: Water .treet, Pitt.
burgh. toeg2Jl 1 I'. A. 31:A.M.1114, Agent.
Temperanceville and Noblestown Plank
Road Company.
NOTICE ia hereby given to the Stockhold
-1.1 ers of C pan, that they maw, ect to
11....s..1.,ararca.rycagurvr;ur the ial.l Ompau,, of Fire
Dollars r.n each 1.11,11/ t,,11 1 511,11. on the luit Monday In
each .0 ~sery month bertalt, whola stork to
1.1.1/1 111 (11/1-4.1 the [O.l kn.l briJpnt hp
July Alb, ISIS The an.Co Le
prolopt slur pa.tu:tums au the. sa, meat. I
lEAU Vornell'a Onpiorol patent
A Lead Pipe Or Illydraut,
11 0 ,txnue
011Llert., le.
It""""1"."J and la
mehl7 . ll 131 houLstrerl..
- - • • -- •
Seed Store Removed.
rplIE eilthseri her hos r,inoverl his StmAi Stott ,
trout attner to the builatne, rve,ntly recunird
Revd an a Tall,.r t•hot, ou Vont Meer. alutnAt Im.
ruedtately the l'o,t °thee.
R A II SE V. k't).MXll! - ....310N MLit
t:LEANT, L.r the aide 1.1 I. , ,uurrur. ‘trAilen. mud Cato.
t, No I, It uo.larveet I'llt,dmrgb.
1.4,1 era .tort notice tor au,' deNtittiuu woa
leu rebt7
extowc hetrreco the subaeribern, under the,strle nr
I erary _kletuing thla day 3P.oirtd 1,0 01010.1
IT. tier, or h. Fleming II adthnriaed to us. tha
name td the late Ora us the
ot their burl...
Thot pertneialiip heretofore etl..ttiut between the
ow there, wader
dartl ortquirk lett While. was dle.
waved on the tir,t. .l January 1411, by- mutual con.
ernt. Eitlwe oi•the euh,r11.... wittend In rettling
the burl too, and ere authortard tore the rams oldie late
One for that yurpr,e. ho. 10l oral AM ,
11. C. .2.II.ICKLETT.
Fehroaer 01101. it: WLIITE.
NEW FIRM—B. C7Shacklett awl William.
as o.nrrnl Fatner , and Beitjantlo Otrdr,aa
_al end limited partner. will continue the Wholesale
IYry (loud, btmore. under the Oren et 11. C. Ehanklett t Co.
U r . er t toryetely e....urunt ny• e.hef i k . t o tt s fakito, No. lad
ftbl4 - W3I.
subgeribem have
Ajititerod Into 00-I'artnershlp derune the firm of Beal",
.31 • Jl3llO 31. OKELY. •
At OSE! ROSE Cf 110Sffrij - Junt rec'd
tram the Mem ofuetnry hoemia,l2Xlo tett
-r oft. imbes in diameter.
1. tar superior to car boon mlumMetured of
r o . b r drann, eundurtin.or Fire Logiuo purpose,.
tte erLdi it la Iv di...meth uuden , tood Umt every bath of
Awn that aTw from our estahlidunout 1. Remained he
lh e In.uoled. or tho roomer refunded.. Jan (r 7
it. for sale at the ludic Rubber Depot N 0.7 • 9 Word at
•rial J. • IL PIIILLI
No: ix., \Coal stmt
G TEAM PACKING-000 pounds mixed.
Plain acvl Pure Inßs Rabbet Pocking ham IS/ to
lu loch. Una...newel to Le the can Lest Packing, of
.7 tow 1n11.4e, for the follow= to e : Manhole
Plates, Pbtoa Bals, titan Jolnta. Lbata, Cylinder
Head, Muffing bast, te, ie. For at the inotha Itub.
bet' d.vol. X 0.7 and V Wood arm .
mr.:lo J. t IL PM LLIPS.
lVlwortmeat otters eaperior floielied Table, bland and
kbliaila Conn of different paiterna,
flu be
eold In the city. dierchant, ile and oilier. aye
invited to toll and examen tar Uuvieelvev at the wane
rooms of the manufactory. Na 7 s U WO.l,
milt J. 611. PLIILLIPS.
V. M. NO. S.) Market etre.t,fx rah: at ttrs , moderceDrir.
Y myS 111111.4.,
-p was lten,:
bales bear auras __
30 Naas beast reacten
DLLs 8K.13, Jon reed and Cr mala 01 cad's. warrantedp_u. t for_
.11. (lb/JAW:OOX CO. j aim* JAI nall4b ra •
&edits' Celebrated
Th... Wally medicated plasters have been Mad. Mt
more Unto twenty pram Inrihrg which time tbel km"
gbed • siMmennit tern ws he most dicusions
ensoatic slut trengthening P ge t r ever otterer .i =
ridwas of the hlghen eminenee, to whom their
am her been enbeeltter, have rill. the meet flatimine
tallr:mists gm to their superior "Inns v wee all other pis
The ingtediente of their eminaltkm very metal' and
conotly combined. render them peculiarly implicate to
suffering gin ffnlabreary mo o ,
Idr palm in the breast. remitting from protracted odd..
.Looping COugb,; and local pains in th e ratio. nuraigif
31 emu. in Me body their imodeial a/MUT
qp,r(jr. or disputa a remedy in Lumben=-
Perndtymer all outran applicator, Cum .6
Ca. has been fully carroborated by the sem, earned mad.
weakens and_ In the ban and rale.resulthar
from entre strall=...,. * of se
flrgalfZ.o o ea ' .. r7 - ex7r - 4 cure attl nLu Eden
iallner — ri Meier
pr Iladkn. To s o n% as stiffer aith rhanatie rains. then
ploten are remenmended, with the eonadent asinizanat
Elio their broaffial effecm be grind eery decided.
for tele, wholciale and retail. by
nacti6 R. K. EILLY.IIS. Rood sL
1511, for gi , itur beautiful Ciao to Lions, Xtttllto4
allis, Collor, &art Bosom., outt 1I Urals of prlat4lto
ppm provezto the Lon from *amine:be Liam and toe.
glom wicking: It cootalos nothing orloos to clotbat
000 ootport. The lodleshsvo long felt the ti
a Mei] *nide, sod ha this Moir wipoolotloa 1•111 M
no eotopet/tton ft fared Mtn. au
8.--Chae Cake will do flirt, dos. of clothes, and no
Wady anoint' br ',Mean I.
Mee 1 pence per Wm. Ruh Cake PPR toll direction*.
Tee sale bi re R. E. SELLER& 87 Woxl
PEnteumx, OR ROCK OIL.
`Then minute thing, In harm land earth.
'Thu en drevunpt of in thiloroopLy..
THE VIRTUES of dna remarkable roma
dr, and the constant application twit, to the MOW
ta, has !mimed bios to have it put up in IMO., within
end direction; for the benett of the mobile.
The P d ETlre t bri procure hnvdrod e from a well In Uri/smu t
tvi a l t rrlcl:f wilacfr Zap g1:0 pan. ra It
'lowa nom Nature's•Oreat Lahratorr! Thst it contains
properties reaching a number of diseasm. is no lieges
matter of noninntr. There are ruanr thine in the er•
sena of nature. which,lf known. might he or earl mesh
nem in alleviating ranting. and restoring the bloom of
barn and rigor to mans a maimc. Long beGsr• the Pro•
Trictus thought of putting It lip in bottle; it bad • repute.
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sureand sreeral remirtirtile curer It bas
famed. 13 a indication of its future popideritr .01
.01de spored application in the our, of dime ..
We do not nob to make a Mng pamle of certitudes.
von e that the nie ddll sine can soon work its
the so
Low of thaw Vele> sailer, end wish to be heal
Snit rte do not claim for It a unirerral application tow.
coy nesse ti
we unheritangly say . , a that In number
Chronic Diereses it rinrindled. Among these at. Oa.-
enumerated—ell diseases of the mercers ;sum, each en
EASTHMA, and all Mirrors of th e airnarsarm. Lli -
Eli COMPLAINT. DYSPEPSIA, Dint., Dimes of the
Bladder and Kidney; Pains In the Hawk or Side, Norma
Mime; Neuralgia. I . alsr, net:malls Pain; bout Erni!.
W. Teary , Ringeorm; Omni, Scald; Bruises, Old sore* •
se. A. In our. of debility, reining form 0fP040,0 , Or
long cod protristed <8...2 of amber, tole medicine will
bring relief. It 0111 ass as a general TONIC .and ALTER
ATIVF, each rare. imparting Ines end natal _to the
whole frame, removing Oh-Ammon. opening Ora alu.Wab
functions, which rause illsotee and a broken mot:Mutton
ofd giving incroorrvi an! renewed energy to all the organ
life! The proprietor knows of tomClllire, of PILES
that mimed ewers other treatment, get w e ll
offer them*
of the PETROLEUM fur a Wirt time. The proof east he
given to my - remit who denies it. to, .
. No thsuuMe without the signature aMO p
Sold hr
'Air; by R. E. PE e s, /7 Woad m 7..
comer Wo.l rant and Virgin emer,nno
norl 4 / 7 ' 7 , 1/ regularly . appolakd 00%
KNOW all men trho are sick and afflicted
with armee of the Divider and tillstrya with Aun
t. yid. in bark or limbs, oi
Jnt, old airearunnlng
that they tan bemired by takdog the DETRO-
Ltilikt. lOu may talk about it, Ming tats
ea you plea, but thin does not make it ma for waproctnipt.:
In the fa. of ex bonen cominthulty. that It bay sates
whith are not contained - Di My other remedy.. The man
who Ic rack. with Taira and mitering from disease, an,
for Iw cents, get tellef Dom •115 'a the Ills enummated
Realer! It me. yeti . tittle to make a trial. This Nett.
lens, is no inlzrcur-no empanel., put ttP Int thaltAl,_•
of impwing on the oommittury; but It Ira rentedeetanmar
tod by the meanie hand of nature. and bubbles up from the
Weep of our mother earth, in I. original purity,' and cf.
' feta to Flittering humanity a ready remedy, a nand
cheap mire.
It o im cured
,Pilea. after other medicines have - A il ed to
mrond: any relief It bar cured Rheumattrut of long
ulls,, and of the ...Anal mod et:darter. It
coral Cholera Morbto, by one or two Mr.. ',lt has .
hisold CISC, of Diarrhcesa hi which every otherietnady
ha., beim of w, .rail. Ae • local remaly In Mama sad ,.eeLee It to bettor than .7 mcitical omopounds or ointment
that we knnw.of. It will cure chilblains and (natal fret.
• it, a few application, undoubted bietimony min be fundak.
al of the broth moWotd in the above statement, by =Dr
Ing on SAMUEL M. KIER, Canal Darin, Sera:db. rtnatk
either. of the ogeptC.
Lf. e r ys Ac=ll 7 l.i.c o rite , -
; " t7if. 4 l o .trutt. - 24 1 11.
Corti% Asgbeihr City. e aglllGr
—hi. J.Ol, AM. thr thSerrrer i tird sole =Se= •
toter iglnVoretV,lrktg.4l":llllV ga it forMatiofrAh u s
ke u nT ' oc TrlctbVtitt'PrTrieien. •
Ulm 27410 r IEL
craduate of tbe 1 pls . eranY of l'.R..y r. gtd 11. 7
year. since bars Locrrengatred In um meenios ,od •
ear, arid the appliCation of remedies thereto
• Ilannala the am of hie ?Moo t o ady to moneololopolla
M P eTLl Phi rLa=lPor . eili r a: . ° .T.l. f .V4rit... " ,u li .. .:=
and fazaa paladin. Tu .
Scrofula. Rheumatism. drib ma. Tem
and dove, Foaswo .
All kinde, Chinalc ErTAP.Ine. and Oil th.s.
aaeirset allay to female.. IMICC.I. MIT form af
valdehm. under the me of hie remedice. to which hvonend. -
ty la ben—net by the ate of one ntopeund truly, for that
L. intoropatlble with Phyelological Law, but by the =a 01,
Ma reotedice, adapted to, and pre...albeit far, each inCOI.I•T
. •
form of dixtrure. ,
.• . .
Itr. toter Todo Alterative when wed, ars tenth.
toy ark nowledged to be superior triall others. as a parlor
Lice or Herr pill. Inatonach as they, leave the bowe. Pa
Wetly flew f tton custivenert as oleo his Goldeu Pills an
y• the faculty, to pawns wileliar propertica fan , -
bol to fronale dbesene but beingtled tbat, • bare trial
rolltelent to establish what kee been esti, in the Waded
the utortekeptical• .
The :Bated are Invited to call wen the agent. .ka
cure (elate) one ortte ItortnerpLAUTlatewele
ed account of rich remetl 44 reap tt.' •
For deby the fc4toerin," z sp. ea well try putt drpt
este througtuntt the twuntrt:
J. &boom:maker Co.. Wood rt. 15tletnwskt.
J. M. Townsend. Druggist, 45 Muket. at.
Lee A. Bocith.a. Druggist. heer the TOlt. Ofk.. Alleit•
DT cur.
iTe l keme=i l iPat '4 P 4'. 4 .k;
T. Aderne. Balmer. 41 f• it
11114.2.111 T
I% . WiklMiWU.r I
- - -
OR THE AFFLICTED will be foetid in
r c. Softener's' IIfIe.LLIBLE LLNIMENTe
fluid. which h. stood the tart of thtrt7..ll3-
eenefte end beyond a doubt. been the mons of see
n. an dere tbmtsneds of Ladle - 1..1N tn almost emr
class sh uns { ter of Siam. We feel Q. tee bawd-nu.
ill. tt fns. ing that thls Lithe only asedkfte that ha. been
alfered to the affisted.ftat does, to every endue( the med. ,
abed it Is mid fee.
- • • • .
It has tweed and ix carablo of esedsdr uteri disesuise duds
11.13$ Oth. utMIt7MD offered for ode, we nuerpot bf *boa
=ado or old. or by whet name.
tb. .d.: i l Wong al zown . : , l=l of tht i a rser
.p.k.r,t,g, tnallawierer two
. 51:11dol=rif
ed lbe prelim o f the gine CCI.III.Ir. I n =lt igreqb 1.
I . wily Ileac. ores offered for e. or used by . Lard
them, .0 r . .
' Tile Ape. 'loos 11. Grinnell late M. C. The Mon. RAMA.
IL Morns, late Mayor. John lto A. ttir.,. S. her
`tor. ACME. U. Porter, Esq., Editor of Oa Spirit of thel
Timms.' • beet of other thetlngalehed 011OSeCt, of MOW
York. rho hare fully lazed It, menu. have pertained tha
proprietor to refer to than.
M it is well known the... Patent Mullein... not
ally patrol...ll by the learmeL wealthy and balite
' Jar ' T r es u irAe r r . tra b iltr COVT= l rie b b 4 g r at= -
0..0 years before toepoblle. it. boot Meal, an. narrate
enema-et arid bat. MU most undoubtedly la Mons and
ronvinclng l fr i r of II erfu . i i r arld mantles
gi:c=t 0. dr. s.orj.,°4.'"ltra
dantir the phut and aches th a t nest, to hole to. •
er 1,000.000 bottleshave been void without complaint.
and boor Pet - talon 'such atonialliug arra, eller
' , tomtits bare falleel. as would ' , regret -
Witt teed
eflered. and In our nceseadon• the etrongest mettle •
. .
This medicine, or nature. remedy. is prepared from Ile.
e tables. fur internal a. well external ova It act. dired.
dieesl o =relaix It brnZaka.ndangt It is a ear. cot ..1
all wienioodie affection., d 1,..,.. la the /iWrn ' irib '
Weakness In male or female, from nhatorer maw - P. may
bare originated.. •
For sale ln Pitteborxh. by LE.
the , Menem ERICA
and Ogden it enoudem and Ty the retail
ventrally. leis pot up info., Pres and one al11111:Vai
To the Readers of the Pittsbtirgh Gatetti4
- DUBLIC. ATTENTION is respeotlr •
vited to the following trAlet, let bran pfili
one of the moot Important remedies of manna . '
PETROLEUM OR ROCK OIL; it to not mon than omi
Tear ago Great re
r. m:p a =brought tailse the
ro heal, have, 'airier then. become fully ap=ot C " 4 "l m
eummunity, and we anew. that the longer it la to
m e
more certain will ingrut fin. spread. lt not the Inn*
rely a a tins. got hP Mr the wile PUrpo4o of making monem
i. other
whkhoire rowel., will condom to be mod when
otber umtrume hero been Conlon.. The Penal.= ha
Neutral Rmarly, elaborated In the depth. of the earth
by 'a miser and agency that' laughs to morn all human
nun titan. It IA out duty. when no write a bout awl%
Murrain se write the truth—that we ray nothimf
toted docene throe who may trurt our vord or gut mug:
deuce in or rtatimentot Tye MS are arty 9t we+ rt.
any thing that, mambas relief hum dkomer 'hadary eft
hardly be our highly wrought to answer the 'ohiee& of gun
ny or humbuggiog vane or them. Mrs sa do not-dean&
to I , this so are =Moue only that th e loos,
in relation 00
ear c omedy should be told. in order to vows for It a rem,
tenni far exceeding Any Moglo article lo the motels mad.
me. Plato utmantiohvlbani—farta thus may be imeettalheil
lo our city sod nelytitimhnial, tear ample testimony to O.
ler el the Petroleum.
Within the enst. two months, two of onr men ellisen4
Lo aro , beally Wind, have been marmot tonight, • Bar.
crab roost et' bllaluoss, In the Stets of Ohio, have b e ,s,
oared. Minket, the roma a gentleman ha Beaver Winn,
Then ars atter. Wallis= ars wet near botonomad Mat
be Wo) M hr ror Mims who hare doubts mi . EuLtnt2 . s.
trot. these maw were cured Oter they hod beep
ad• by yhroltiana as hopeless. The Pcirprengs ill
whoa ucel arormlinsto dlrectimm—lntnhoca,Dtrymbech
Pinvy .. theurnat the r,thalLertMkaura , won Ltwo r sMm„
LalS troll, palm the brows and /Zit old sores, lir " mn;
W oos
Ague, entente Coughs, Al
001 kronchltht. and all
Pulmonary adections of a
to gr.
duro Cosenouption.
& a kin, dimes. of the plodder and rldruMi.
Chwrel Hands, Eroorlatet Modes, (brae and Bardeen
1n faro, It Le a 06005 retreat. antent, end km been terod
to meet of the alum diesoes within the plidt year with the
woct torten PlartVo.o. Ceraseldig that will astonish are in
the E made of the Pronrietor, who will tate Wanes Inabow•
!lig them to the afflicted or Slaty Mend,
Whaterer Inhere cup fly knout Mar =edict:MN t2m
Petroleum to the gr Wm! Burkett of the ega• Ph deist
if high standing In the profession are beginning Introi
s their prattles. Those who At trot !yokel on with doubt
and uncertainty, aro willing to award It duo praise ant
roccileration. Before another year rol tit round, all will Int
compelled te acknowledge that the Petroleum ,ls the great
en medicine ever discovered. Tor sole and no
tall, by ' RETBEIt. 11cD011 F.LL 140 Wad 4.-
Abo—R.• E. Fellers, 57 Wood nowt; - D. )1. Curry, L. Jo
Elliott, Jim!, Diright&egibez din), by tb. p r , „
rt i Arty . and Fahnestock Co.. iro ' Cirand Fron t. t
41.10 . •
netrL o ta i ke. and lillit/7 • ;
Hr. R. E. ro uble s-317 children, li m
t. Dears. hays tem
. 1117.
abject to troublesome maxim aml berint rurel gigeserp;
remedies to rem lIWO Tonne.; d
timeneute about roar (MUM e 1 .1.76= 1 .7 . 1Vi r ttfal
. v •
ni: ll l=l:t r it t aitteren belled m Cum Md.. •
1 ham recommended It to my nett:blur; end do matt
conadenclously behme Ma MU the Met cough medlcurn
that hen over beeu offered to the
Puente Mould-slot peradt theirchntren to term UM
count, oboe they may be clued be • :IS et boule et this
8 7 u retared sad .old by_ EELLEkEe •
mdem 07 Wood It., aml Loruzgiat cesexaily.
ATENT MEDICINES, ae.—A large atoek 1
jL ill
In don. and for ale on the most Lbs..' tem% v., f ;
uliktris Ointment I n .i"egJi.l,,,lL - -- .•
~- 1
tsttial Salt ot Eiiiratti d Mir - OA
Nerre and 80. Lltament e i tizt +••
. 12111.1.4 Luga r _. t.
ilmdeltior., Stare. - I
1.7 . 1 % 11! A
. :A Ii: I , ' : a :4r; : s "* I .C k T ea :::" . 1 1- " t ":::::::7 2 , , n
r.L. - : I
- Legem
IT:P=.o " l h ig . p , ...Biotke 1 - .
. kolCAnti-DTP.Tti. ~,
_,,, W.. t 71 , 111115,te.
•-• Evans' I .......t P.PPtriolut ' -.-
or nr r nt e u m
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I : nr.r-
i.,.; , ni:.P—.--- , ‘•.- .:
j Lial.rnept , - - .
lOold. limt.o ,_ : ,
Intrg.',l4er - :7: '
in= of Mood and Sull, tlinatilL ' ,