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    LT DAT: —As we predicted, May Day Unica,
oat to be we t in the morning, and cold and au
plawat is the afternoon.' -or course the plea
sure of the lads mad lassie, who had intended
to celebrate the holida y, 'from morn till dewy
eve" u ucnal, in the wcads, wee somewhat]
checked- but it was not In the power of elm ele
menta althgetiler to sae their light hearted flow I
of epirim , nod mumps garland of bruits and bins-
Soso wu wreaihed r in the woods when the inn
and wind of the afternoon had dissipated the
damps of the morning.
Baauritt(Ltruoossrm—tre are indebted - to
the Messrs. Wegner, Beecham. and Muller, en
eminent Lithographic firm of dila city, for a
. likeness of J. D. Beid, 'Esq., superintendent of
the Telegraph Line, which is finished in
the first style of their arc We have before taken
oacesion to call the attention of our readers to the
merits of their lithographic establishment, which,
although in existence but a shoit time, is in
ferior to none in the United Suttee. Mr. Wig
au is an urtist of superior abilities, and he
Meade deservedly highaoth as a painter in oil
color, and a draughtsman. It is to be regret
ted that the little encouragement, to be met with
in the higher walks of Lis. profession, has Lode
zed him to turn Ifis attention to the more lam
-lice, though at the same time less elevated ex
' mutation in which .he is now engaged: Mr.
&Lochner is an admirable lithographer,as well as
a good draughtsman. Trained up in the best
t~ah r ools of Germany, he has profited by their in
liliections. We tako great pleasure in recom
tattadnag this firm to the patronage of our sub
, =Abets. Their place of business is in Gamin's
traildinge, entrance on Market street, between
Third and Fourth.
Luse di..unt.—Tho alarm of fire, last night,
Wu false.
Tux Oaonts's Eli/L.—The German ladies of
our, city aro now giving a fair at Wilkins Hall,
Itte the benefitof the orphans of Allegheny coun
ty.. We trust that their efforts in so doing may
tweet With that success which they well deserve.
EXAlll362lO,l.—The examination of the stet
dents connected with the Western Thelogical Elem.
inary, took place on Wednesday, in'the lecture
room, attached to the First Presbyterian church.
Tax Puatic Scuoots.—The amount to which
the nine Wards of the City of Pittsburgh, will
be entitled in the year '1852, out of the annual
State appropriation, is .$3887 11. Allegheny
Pity will enrol,, $1572 08, and the whole of Al
legheny County $10,704 01.
TAKT.N . TO vas P,ExtvErnesx:—.Duffey and
Alinson,whose trial, conviction, and sentence we
havcalready noticed, were taken to the Western
Penitentiary, on Wednesday, by Sheriff Curti;
and jailer Fox. dluffey laughed and joked quite
Pleasantly alt the way over, at the same time
ling of tho many infamous crimes ha bad
committed in this and in other States. He Is
an atrocious, hardened and cunning villain, but
we think that he will find it difficult to eleipe
from this, as he 1189 from other peahen:dub-
Johnson wept bitterly and. seemed rery hum
ble and contrite, his demeanor affording quite a
contrast to that of Duffey. The sixteen years .
Imprisonment, the which the latter individual
Lam been sentenced, will, we trust, make come
change in Lim: Ile is now young sod may lire
to come out. If so, we trust tlust the solitray
coafuserrient ho will bare endured, togetherwith
the religious admonitions of the Bev. A. W.
Black, the moral instructor of the prison, will
Lin made him a better man.
Ranamtn Dkror.—lt is probable that all
tb• houses, which stand on the ground where the
dewt of the Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad is
to be located, will be torn down this week, and
dui digging of the foundation will then be imme
diately commenced.
A/lAM& aro Barrier.-IVentey Ray was
Wad . yesterday committed by his honor, Mayor
Qnthrie, charged on oath of AIM Johnston with
!assault and Battery.
Arrzarraso To PASS Coots Tamer: Blos - rk—
Amme.was-branght befoewhis-3onert- Mayor
Flaming yesterday, charged with attempting to
pecs a tea dollar conaterfeit note on the Bank
of. Bentanky, in payment for a pair of boots
which ho had purshased from a ehoemaker on
ado etreet As it was probable that be did not
Itttow the note was a bad ono he waa discharg
ed. -
Enn a / a rr.—The dwelling house of Thou. 31c-
Coy, a pollee officer, mtuated at the corner of
penmsylvania Avenue sad Federal street, was
entered by burglan, on Wednesday night and a
Docket book takco from his coat, which was
hanging in one of the rooms. The book only
eantained about tea dollars. but dire are the coa
mquences which will result to the cause of jus
tice, or at least law, from its loss. In addition
to the money, it contained about ninety ftve axe-
Cation!, as many warrants, and subpoenas innu
Present—Hole Wm. B. McClure, President
Judge, and Wm. Boggs, Associate Judge.
The Court met at lOw'clock.
The jury in the ease of William Jackson, vs
Thomas Bogue retired.
Com- vs. Jas, Robinson—indictment, perjury
on oath ofJ S. AlcClaren. The defendant is ac
crual of having committed the offence with which
he is charged, in swearing before Alderman Me-
Masten, that the prosecutor had defrauded him
in inducing him, by false promisee, to purchase
' the one third of the Bolivar Brick Company.
The evidence was long and not of sufficent,in
taut to warrant us in publishing it-
Thejnry in the case of Wm. Jackson vs Thos.
Bogue, indicted for larceny, returned a verdict of
guilty as to Jackson, not guilty no to Bogue.
This is the fifth time that the former has been
convicted, and the latter acquitted during the
present session.
Thepedury case, commenced in - the morning,
was continued in the afternoon, and was not con
cluded when the court adjourned.
May tot
Before the Honorable Walter H. Lowrie.
In the case of Andrew,llopkins vs. John For
ts)* noticed yesterday,, the jury returned a yar
ding of $1619 41c for plaintiff. Shale'. tand
fife Octant for plaintiff; Williams and Kahn for
John J. Mitchell * vs. Jacob Hartz. No 669,
Apt -term 1850. On motion, leave granted to
pilings, to liquidate the judgment nuns pro tune
(Without prejudice to other creditors,) at the
amount of the penalty of the bond $4OO, and to
Vrbreaches, issue airc facial &c, according
act of Assembly.
Donahue vs. Jones. No 665, April term 1850.
On motion of John Mellon, Esq., attorney for
defendant, judgMent opened and defendant let
into& defence. Writ of enquiry set aside. AZ
davit Med.
demos rot Xlatrasctice.:4 eau which pos
sessed conaiderable interest for medical men, was.
tried yesterday In the District Court. It Was
that of . Roger ;McDonald TS. T. Meeaskey,
D. a practitioner maiding Tempel-env:mile.—
landaall and Geyer appeared for the plaintiff,
and A. W. Loomis for defendant
The following's a synopsis of the ease
Muth 1849, the plaintiff woe in the employment
of Mr. Hobart Nixon, and engaged in running
esti - dOwn a re. Broad leiding from Coal Hill to
the river. While standing un the lever, to which
the pan are attached, a descending car ran from
the tn.., and pitched ihim off, throwi ng him
from the place where he was standing, a dlstanie
of sixteen to, twenty feet. He fell on his bead
and right shoulder fracturing his right arm, a
little anterior to the joint of tho shoulder. Dr.
Meesskey was called in to, !educe the fracture,
and Dr. Johnson, non a 'resident of Cambria
County was prevent at the operation.' The frac
:tare wan reduced, awl the plaintiff alleged that
ft tray dune so un;killfully, anti treated svirh so
much negligence, as to canto him in a great mea
sure to :use the use of his arm.
It appeared in evidence that tale plaintiff had
actually lost, to a great • extent, the• of his
arm, and the qu,tion was as to whether the in
jury had been produced by :ouihillful treatment.
A number of reelical witnesses were examined,
who proved that the injury resulted from a con.
traition of the muscles of the arm, and not from
aay.waat of skill in the physician.
The jury after addresses from the Counsel,
and a shortab3 Once, returned a verdict ,for the
defendant .
Executors' Notice. ' -
A LL. PERSONS Lavin. , claims Against the
Rhoee.d ,z— n „. L.t h ltu r n 4 tean,torozpazt,
the aftd estate, will tan with either of the un
derefaitatd• t"traiNlVGll is..
tiVllgl.l. bur?. tp..
BACCO--50 bo
liad for sale by
w pncad 5 s, rec'd
DRIED' BEEF-102/ x ljuv i f a aids
_ ,camer 111L0 larl Wool 11Za
ONLY 1125F0R A 11031ZSIRLD.
An 22 FARMS, tvortj 1 over fjiS i Erob s
od 4.400 Llart. l to be dbitnibuted among !
Lots ersd r!=l:t Ile-r olonVtliat . rd it
enether thud mijothing the Ileig.lslandlialtroed
land already
at Rennanellle. to be of the'smne ere r
roirl dtelMeed of and divided anima the purethowto In tar
um, manner ione recently mid them. ! .
ar.4 1 11 .... th butt.i.lwridio
p to m, d i i . s .. thlo th.... from i. the greo ... I n t ..... uniber .
th hoprovemarits tin that pert or Um bland am .lillitill
in .g. end l ot pa rt
of recommit hate now blie
more Interested In those bal. Thb additional tract Is in
o•;e7to:irLmndPu.t.';*.irarf, L".'d.a.lo,„ter.;:et.
A ut 600 !therm me Waif subscitscil. .
Leerrubocriber le retitled to 9 Lobs li Ls
he fret. lying
,or a PAM! of from 4to ill torn. The thane are
Li t. 4 ", t 2 . 9— Pliyable. fie when ruliwirlised
In m on or
before the. ay ofdistributiou and the betimes In monittY
Withdrawn. of 11.1. If desired. a 1% arrant, Ilemt IMO 1 0
made out inumehabli after the dirtributiou, and delivered
dlnictly after paying the Imbue.
The LEts are intuated In! the Inge of IikIItMANN
VILLE, on the Long lelord!limIngol . e ntity o of Suffolk.
and 40 mile. from the City of' New York ndsi/mef La.!
lead, also a new Till., recevlly laid out where band
sole, building. are enetml.
1 b oue of the halt blest p: ems I nth, United St sued awl
Ili ill onetoile of honknoknois Lone. a 1...0utg0! sheet
of water. &Lon three miles ineireumf...o ( P. of Moots°,
trantherency, and of great depth. wi th an ebundante ot
ilshi The Miles. ni boo I mile, distant from the iimed
South limy, winch le ate miler were and Is. miles long
abundantly acippned with oysters dams, end nth of •eri.
olio i kinds
° Titl i ttVtit " rr t ..' .l " teitin h tllr 0 2il ' ,..o; r ee i ' 1 4 ,1
of New York. 44..3
"Irmo bid. 'lf ntor..--At the annual meeting ff the
: , , 9 York Agricultural &men, boll at Albany, on the
blatant, tor awarding premium.. on 1 Phi Coors we
Cm Suffolk moo, standee amend best—nn •figlin hmser—
ie:l 'doa:-.°—,;,%-='.-ii-IT.T.,—;',,i2kft.n.Ati.Z..
b Is ono peck to me UT, 11r. Themp.on . , wheat t. , of
land am
which has teen raised but a few rears on the Is.
land and th e yield proms it. well adnetml to the mil , re.—
‘,.‘ d
the rithltural caplet°, of Lone thrun are beginning
to develoed—ttring Islander.
Se nket la ithinot eight cram free this land (Ilermann.
„ i ng
villa , and II no better by
lentture than thece lands new of.
fe foetal.. Thb wheat pew vans ty, of superior kind,
sod as end for fisted wheat at S , . per Gimbel. aid Itr.
Thotopeon received for the 'induct Life little req, than two
arrest °ter Stud
M Th re h i ve been mired during the pest reason; the very
bet (Corn, and PoMtimit 110 bushel ter acre. Egg Plants,
and variety of garden vel i etablm en bud me. the Long
/WWI Railroad= Late third. or Lakeland. where • that
Offied has been rstabtlehmt, for which premium. at the
Stiffjg. County Agricultural Fob. held Sept. fath, Iffin,
this • Abo peas, beans, onions, agl..ther. Pdortikum.
b r e 7 e 4' mai tormators.
Tll following is from the New York Fanner and 3le
c of November 740150, Antihero written by .11r. Star,
the minor, mho 'WWI' the lands The wheat. potatoes
tad referred to in the uncle, were raised at Luke
lend treat liermamiville modem
"II ring • few board leisure doing the part week • we
were Tined over the Long Island Railroad, to a large
tract the montry, about fifty calm thien New York,
which e find to be minable of very micemsful and prollta
hie milvatlon. !although late in (ho reason and . 1,.. -
under 00100 dimarantage, we wens surprimel at the quer
te ..41 abundance of the mem which. had teen Tethered
a l t r = r t 4 " I ' l 4* P l''d i 4.4 T .L . '44 l4 o s 4o ea w l., 4"k i t i r giltl 44t l=
sown rut two or the weeks. premium, • ore ' offal appear.
anon while turnips, beets-end other vegetablee not yet
Tethered for winter , nee would compare mbaritageourly
wltli c itie hem in tbe N.. York Market. Pinata., elresly cellar were very hoe. without • emtige of driest,
nod ru standing in the (Lehr one
surpamed by much
we saw on Lerida valued at more then one huodied dollars
p e r T a. e . . Indeed, the vegetable.
myeloid the pm
mlumiat the Suffolk County fair, were robot thou • tor
Umi n.. 4l this [round reAich Aral cwt been cut:mired ma
m . Altogether a dd ,.e very favorably impreased
twith our visit to there la now to favorably offered to
he pnblth at piton which canton fail to double In a few
Ythise.ithd we would invite the attention of time +rho &-
Mee • amp and eligible fano. to ads locatkin.
lienhannellle 'Lotion iti loudest on the bonder* ,of the
Long Wand Nei Itailbeiree ears ran revend Urn. • Mar
to /bkini end York. Th.s surfam of the land IA
mono met level, lord th e surniutaling country Is perfect
ly h ealthy: and within • few miler of thisplace, 'Wahl) .
thillthred and valuable. having been wattled for more than
a hundred and (hay y
te ears. and wham than. lands Nokia
The laude are m good as !presented, and as amid as any
to the an when cultivated, will produce
The land was once heavily timbenth moue portions are
.0.4 _4.. 4 with n thilfr growth of young weed,
toams pine. ;Wood b
_plenty, sod plimmil7 rump in
il Actor tho Island ffirareactil I, cheep: that which is
sonata!, le be nit loon corthrecoli for the New York mu
ket, la pfunifiartit prim, and has fur agree/ Mitt) . years.
been alwaya considered • cash article on the Island.
Thank le material on thalami for common fenting—Tosi
chestrtht mils can be had within • few miles of there lands
In abui•lance. AU bulldog materials can be had at the
depots Of Brooklyn and °remnant, and at many Interme
diate plum, at the usual market prices. There are no.
merolartllMS Of water rising In them new lauds, and
curial Into the great Smi th Bay, which ere remarkable
for r purity: and neer Wl—indeed, dry weather
maths very 10Je eha . rige In them, they are urtheiling, and
ratUdt.4F of de-0,.—.1-.bei1gr. , ,,, , , , , , v "-.
_ regi era.
dept of I bllfot :IS foth at_llemnannville, ar t the groom!
bra"' an
are now churches and schools within two or three
MUM of the riti/MrM nod within Mu milers dills faCtories,
stores, 4.4 I - Wages All the privileges of an old settled
conutrytare to hthed berm and the peopled. SoffelkeountY
pride °SenselM on being • highly moral, onlerlyaustten
ni.. people. Allot my oaths:Mona ere Pus... of tesPee
The land cur be very easily cleared...rid the cost of mt.
Uthientriellldepend almost entirely upon the wittier hymn
Jar out as much or ite little as ha othures. Ido not know
of may objectlatio: to the place or to the land for• ttle.
beet: and the man labor and Industry 'ditch math se toe.
cmafitl!ritui PonMertios settlemente in Other Darn of the
dome 4 bestowed non theme bads cannot tall to Mb
duce astable remits.
The r et! b. in ever/ buticular healthy bud pleasant
—the me good, arid always pearable at all Masons
of they • winters are shortud mild, mortared to
the winters on t at to the north cat the highlands—
thaw la Uhl:. Meshing more than two or three meet on
the Island.
14/Pf.t I.O : lecoarkable, a crop Is seldom Injured by draught
—there Is no part of the country where there Is MO little
Injury Conn draught at on Long Isleruhl,tior Le th ere any
Injune from wet—there at no vet or mid laud on the
latt. [All the laud •long the norginof the ,II , EMB
to 011 a, O VI. 1, ethable at a small cost, for where is
no such litho as tlotel or a (melon. Iv the terine
p.n. a by which very gnat damage is done:
such an, reet ~. roe carrying elf a triage, or the teeaktng
oft nall-thafe ah grvat dal:ogee, ia athoet unheard' fon
Vfact,.ll:ltft, wed lays ateand an and
The 'ad 1.. he. being suroye. and the lots and ferns
etaltal oat, a. to doignate each lit and farta as laid
down on the Ihip, therety earthy euhierltaraten n aloe,
pause or Persona avaafling theru..lvo of the
S . P , lr . lance for • honnestrad or farm ithave. t
uenea of the crest of from
ratigithaige'n' rm:ll'-dinarAiLtn"Nrgml.n%l:
airA z eijr r a ,?/ reaej , 7ol)D. Statinnerall Johv near
therefore ld; return Of mall. rem /le siTl e fe s .l% d arra k' r.. rd
ton ‘ ,,jrn
lash norm end pamphlets of th e property: and cheetah,
gin sorb loth. Infortnatiou as 04 y Sr desired.
I CLLAItLES. WvOD, 117 John street. le V.
I also deire to ray that 1 have goon 7.0: 0 11NG LAS D 3
trot . Land, *huh 1 -MI at acre lots
or upwards. at from SW to 530 per anza detals a,
11 situaPnl Lir farrow and grata PcfPnla in
ro ad., o /LW haring the advantage ar.d rlet.cee f
ro when cleared and cultivated. they roll lie co.tal to,
arty land d the Irland. and equal to that vihh. In the
visit:ate ai the old villages rood erttleml use of Led, 1,-
had sells I to Jr.o to 12.1 n par sere.
t0 rr 1 , ;' , 11:. t r.7, - Lx.,! . .2yaiti,„'f,,;!':,.'r.
01;:',I::L.° - ',.;
Institu Ful te, coon., boodwirr C
‘' rat A , 0 0 0 0
Brookli.. Alden
3 Front et. Brockton 11
Shilunr. Jr, 78 Broadway. N' Y; John Ladle, Jr., V 6 I.lfe
Insurance IC, 27 Wall et, N Y, Wham., heather, Editors
of the 51oFting Star, Narou al, corner dam et. ln y 1 0
Bolcom, tenon,. Boston. Bar., Liberty falbert. db
Botuicniunßalldton.Troy, N
Kin.. and Geo D
lernan l Jerry ,t. teed 147. of De i d e nt , r r Cot
ircV44l77ltialdlo;, et, N 19r tiTilec ' ter. htn
sad Baton. eel:hated
sox are opening eases a India bags and
• "tue al.. Dress Ukstow s
striped. plant and clime style,
lIEEEBY GIVEN that the undereigned
arm th i t legally 0000teoa,d Aoluduretratorr of the E.
of W 16. Rayne. late of the Clty nf Attaburat,
del& Alllpenehrs ha t i .c ri , a p g etalta i e h r:f n alt v et
oe llul . d u truste i
.rF ' '"'l7 ==lereto r ate "'n l l eourrod to make Immediate
the subscriber.
Arita in 4t
and for Sale.
s bscriber offers for sale, on the pre.
rn r ifewaran Monday. the =lb of May nest, at o'nock,
• that valuable and end! known Farm. intuaded
But entrap township, kintlegtoonty.abont nine
Lona front tale, the rood leading to lharroony, and
one mile from the old on
Franklin Rood, containing 108 Acme;
with the allowance. . About 10 scree eleared.9 of which are
meadow. The impiovemente ern a commodioue Drink
Howe, and double with other out building. There
le oleo a good
Apple Orr_baul. The Jenne will be
made yto purchaser., stN l gt.stell to the on
the day of de. , I
ts the lesallf antborlted adtritotio
a di estate of Robert Plegthenr, late of /Ender
[amenably, deceased: and all persons having delete egalost
addmtate ma hereby requested to present them for mills.
merit. mid y 1 these Indebted Menlo are desired to make
Imaleallme Peen:Lent to the subscriber In the borough at
ablekorateS JAMES CHYLE,
Administrator's Notice.
VOTICE is hereby given that the under
astr.tleg:Mr - tguorpt,tr:,=.o r Alt!
gi./ ...IT , deed: tbereiore, all persons teeing claim.
allulUst add estate are requested to trnradd Owes I m mediate adllee
aunt, sad Mom Indetaed are re Ind to snake Immediate
saysteat to then:inscriber DAVIDSON,
aaller6CS Adtaltd.trator. Plums ta
JN.aricie,.—All persons who am indebted to
the estate of
r ftwneky,.. d o ed, . r ...,,,,Mp ir 1bt1At ‘ i: 1 .. . , 1 „4 :4 Loner da
mediatedy yttb th e outzertber and ee r itle them
and all Wne,..lllo a neglest wool, with the atemroo:
zin,n=:7l,:r.l l ,2w , ""L may etYert W tad
the band, of the masers of the
to. for rolleOpn. ' (MUM! HAIM]. Adner,
New [toper%t= Factory', L. hL Olaf t • [IV Ih.l.
atilthe.6o , l3 ou P'' P
Very Valuable Steam Grist and Saw Kills
IWILL', SELL MY MILLS, mituated..
directly on the Monongahela River. (known as
Pleasantville Steam Mb., four mile. above Ell.
§:KWh, and
i firr miles below Monongahela City, in Colon
township, W hbgton eounty. The above property is in
good numb order. The Mill. were built in lOU. Then
b two rim o Monett and power for another run. There Is
one of Pommy'. Corn Breakers in the MM. There coo
l:metal with the Mille Bye acre. of front—a yery grad eitu.
aMimi for • Boat Yard ors Slam Eatabliehment Thereat,.
lto threegood Houma and • Saw Stable end about eight
aervie of Cold ItininedieEvb In thenar of the Mille.
igap"*"ttor boated In
" A l y ". l: n tilile ' T ‘ h i y t. w b ati
and 10 b t y ga repent the quality of the Flonti rw. r.
y e , any one 'ebbing tu purchase, to the City Flour Imre,
tom, ard Fiona Merchante genendly. Title intlimmtable.
Pliwaession can be bad on the Int of April. or eociner.
Terms mote known by the eubecribe w e si l . iv ti iilt i lah T epro-
PertY. bneb&w3rtie.SJ
Executors' Notice. •
ALL pereons indebted to the tstrac of John
z.l4"Xii:i'f.FaLt F V:41,11''.1.7/1.,t7 i y 4
claims are restineittd to preent them duly authentmated for
eekk. cot, If lit'ef of 111.
meh2Riw6riS , 11000 TAU" ItT.
'James E. Breading,
ILL continue ~o transact the «llm, b.=ACi
Stool street.
A LEx. W. FOSTER, Attorney and Coon
Fourth area.: near Market,
nerinall anal
7 - Executors' 'Notice.
ALL PERSONS indebted to the estate o
Tnoni. tonioon, er Pitt toyon•h!P.
n0t1114dz1,...t... a . „ t ... p rpa ttm e . al .. . u:t o r d . t u n trggt. , l
for rettlymentSn eith.r of their ob.-ribert. or to Erma,.
Liq, t. worth ,t . TIIO, D. WII.IINTi.
11, tl
n°ls ljet:inr..
BURLAP,S.—The tort article always on
inith:lll4VJe tbr Prt, wand
STEAM 3f.i.fatzNtbEtt --
WW. WALLA , 319 &321 Liberty st.,
ai =1", T. h gle T
MaDoracturad . 4;oa ' aetiner, Uonomen s •
told at racrood o :rm.... p . ' "
TOLASTEfi. PARIT for Larid, rm. Rale
at M 9 Liberty Area, r W.W. WALLACE.
ugua - T4gg , n .and at 319
utlgirt , .." - -, - t =l' d
ZZI.2 • gw,1'at,4.....u. .
Stouts and &Ms% on MM IM End. to order.
♦tl olden rdl7 stteattod to as altlitherlLotnieL
..........w ida
.-. _
j - - FOREIGN - NEWS. -
BOSTON, ilfay 1, 1860.
The steamship Niagara arrived this morning,
at quarter before 7 o'clock.
Borings' Circular,. dated Loudon, April 18,
aye :—Transactione in American stock. were
limited, at 106 for U. S. 6 7r7 cents, inscription
bonds, redeemable in 1868. Perm's fie are quot
ed at 8'24(03.
The political news is of little interest In Enr
land, theit Beldam in the established church is
widening', The Bishop of Exeter proposes the
convening of a diocesan synod. The Graham •
question is at the bottom of the difficulty.
Lady Franklin is again fitting out the ship
prince Albert, for FL voyage to the Arctic seas,
in search of the miming expedition
The Moniteur publishes a decree convoking
the Consul Genera! of Boulogne, for the ath of
May, to deliberste on the expediency of admit.
clog matter free of duty, for export.
The Berlin Nlittisterial states that, besides
England and France, Russia too, has remon
strated against the Anstrian annexation scheme.
Russia has likewise desired that all the Ger
man states should accede to the Frankfort Diet
Rumors of a ministerial crisis ark rife.
Dates from Berlin to the Dith, elate that the
upper chamber has rejected the Ministerial bill.
It is etated that the Austrian Govenummt is
inclined to accede to the Frankfort Diet. Prince
Schwarzeuberg is opposed to the continuance of
the Dresden Conference.
There is a deficiency in the ficutnces, for the
year, of 77,162,625 florins.
The Emperor had granted an amnesty to seven
political prisoners.
. .
The Government demands from Sardinia, a
passage for its troops, in-ease of a rupture with
The Austrian Ambassador Nas received the as
surance of the Porte, that Kossuth, Messere,
and Batlipid, shall be detained at Kutayah.—
The other fugitives, some sixty in number, will
be released.
BOSTON, May 1, 1851.
Samuel E. - Sewell, the Free,Soil candidate for
Congress, in the 2d district, is written a letter,
declining to be a candidate, at the next trial,
which takes place on the _"6th of Slay ; and re
commends Mr. Rantoul, the Democratic candi
date, who, he says, has borne such noble tes
timony against the fugitive slave law. lle sap
that the Free Boilers should unite in support of
a than, upon whom they eau rely for his seal
and ability in urging the repeal of that km.
[soca IMPORT.]
New York, May 1.
Owing to the annual moving day, the city is
all bustle, and but little business doing.
Flour—Western and city brands are heavy,
with no sales of consequence.
Grain--Corn is losing firmness, though there
is still a fair demand for export.
• 4 r or 7 ;ri t h k uniTy' ..... C47lo7k - P St.
frovisions-Pork is quie t' with no change in 1 rlii - vi . atit cr mulls nor ottlit s ni: r to ' .
prices. Pickled meats are plenty, at 76.9 c for, T. li OOPS • sou,
era al Water and C. 3 Pruitt su.
shoulders and hams. Lead is firm at last even- ' a 10
legs quotations. yp EG [Mfg - WHEELING AND
Lin.a oil—Sto c ks are large, and the market it a ' " il ,7 ll,Psrtfar&j._ b* D. h i/ oo ' n o"',° 1 :11
dull at 73c 'il gall I run as • regular ;waft belvern Pittsuurgh, Wheeling.
ridarixin, and aunfloh. learnt. Pittsburgh e Teel alteaday
CTEXISI3 REPORT. afternoon for Wellsville. Steuheurlide. tun iinariTcl.i.ind
tutelar alleynoon fur Steubenville, St beau&
New lona, MAT I. 't rri."l 7 g•p e . l A Ogden... 4 Suntan returning. leatostu e .
Cotton-The marketopened this morning nth - ' T.'" . 4 „,.:,....b .........." 1 . .... 4 n .. f r9,47..rr.....,...„'• "'",, a . ".jr.,, a
Cr unsettled, but closed something firmer, with 1 Uo.t r ,"/ - 6, - ,' fabbT K. It trtr 'xi:LER:44a - -
sales et 1800 bales_
Flour-Tho market has Improved, and prices # ' - jiaa
rI.F.N PIITSBUBOILI cr an e FISR. are firmer than at the opening. The sales were ; etesmor PILOT N 0.... A. & muter.
5600 bile at $4 121(04 25 for common to . 1 " "'" Pftt .b.l " Wb.`ll..".l""'""fta'
...try Manday urnlity at 3 delve . 4 rsturaimi
straight state, and $4 25®54 37} for Ohioand }...... 2.lmilsh for Cape.. "kbesling lael P u ffe d urah. see
Michigan. , try need, and treat. at 10 Velma. • K. Pa...engem
, eud admen, ran &rend up. this boat running regularly
Orain-A'heat Is steady, with sales of 1000 1 aortae the zow .ster •etoon
bushels, at 102 c. Corn is firmer thatt yesterday , - '''' n. " l.n ' 6 '''''''n'annly on b "' d '''''''
with A fair export demand at 03®64c ?bushel. PHILADELPHIA AND javEgpoin
for Mixed and yellow, with sales of 40,000
barbels.U. States Nail Steamship Line.
Prorislons-Pork meets aim a better marlet„S TF A 3 ,/,Sinr LAFAYETTE.
6 A•
and 1100 bbl. were cord at 015 25(4513 50 far ' .. ,' ..i A !i.: -- i r ti .M. t.Te ,'L n ' l c i .. ll7: ." . ''''
mess, and $l4 25€ :314 50 for prime Lard is a
~,, , ,, - 7:7" r't 1 ", ~.'''') , ".„. . Z.;;°;:, . " ,
shade better , with sales 250 bhis and tierce s at . a ' ; '. lol 7 . ' idne'.'W;un tetire;n PlillZTigialtee' - '17.7:1
If ®loe 'l lb erpool. and elli eves art berth.
newt Wharf. fan
Lst• en VI elneedar. limy 7th. et tleillA ..
Whiakey-Is dell at 23c 1? &alio.: mt. .0.,,til ....tat:, ix gat. tw. mow. il bent In
O.- m...rt tutetantril manner. both ...regards ball aact mia,
mamma riureee. has ti•aey diagonal bre.. thtnetoulesiadier s e I
'ha faaienterp. el - etre IMAM-, of COMM,' 46.. •ud or es-/
ca - cm - yArz MARKET ' /;',.: ` 417::ItT&:'21.1117. P t' nr n '''''''' ''' d '""'.'" ll-
r nee:mods:lime au awe
CIaCLVNATI, May I , ..^..*, vr•• , mvurv.o.vd to , =mt.& sv 4 vlecumvi , 1
RAILS or r.fSe•AGL. 1 •
Flour-The market is inactive, but prices aro i„,,,,,,,, w „.,„.,„„.... il ,
Pronsion--Very little was done, but the mar- titeral Cabtn * ,
IvORIP ' r, La 1 a.
het continues Sim.
i.e.,. m i c a 1...1 etl -.1.i • r.- .r C.riniel tbs.. Os
Wh.elej-SalCa at 17i 7gl gal with a fair de- •unecn Tekets en , l le 1ert...1 fr a nzl,l a,max.r ~ rt in-, th. el maid. ton. , . e.• re- st. / .... .• f
the nnn.irt , in, le
Groceries-Sugar has further improved, with Tu ETC: altos It tT1.... lltt.hl ri..t. ,0.6 bast:.
.ale, of owl fair a t I n i ond of fan- Mt 61 V 11l },r, its,.
ode.: is dull m 103
Irk ~,,nnm.: Nro., n .....f10rmu1t......, 0 ,
Dried Ipnlee--nre in limited request 111 hod ~. re. ent ;retired own pea fa,
in ...Lt. nem Ltetri...c. , n 1.12..000ne. te. 2... r t. n.
- r ) 00
le.turnitid, the lefay.dt• trill leave Liven-eel theute
The river has fallen 6 inches in the last 24 , s; eoium-e--. h., xenn.l eed age mom beer elan trod
hours, and is mill receding. The weather 13 cold uk s',','l ex l „ , , ,„,, .
and clear. tact- 1: or
5 C0.:7 Walnut et , Sr la
Jain L LINTON Linintard M. Wharf. Phira.
------- - ---- t-- --- - Agent ILigriorl. Joins /lan, r.t.l.eri
J Flan.
El ACON--5000 lbs. Ilog Bound, for sale by A TAr,„r u " Ito ca. n ,t, liendlLaLdi d y • t
JJP ... _ artn _ S.ollial P SUMTER
4 ' VI GLASSES--75 bble, to arrive, for sale by
.v ..a. apll BUILBRIDGB • INGLIRAIL The Human Body rust Perspile,
FOR SALE—A good second hand PEDLAR;* SO •
SAYS NATURE, to lore a healthy aIVA. T. Costar< of J . Kipp A co,. t Marmon ma persom who do not pereptre, ue liable
•P 175 0 Wood n. ft 0, ... , Zurtj , i.g....1.r.s Bain titems.., No, Joao' Italtan
VERMILLION--62 lbs. (Triceps} sale us.. ssolars v :7:l " t.r.,=ll'":ll7dit.isthr the
Tby . ap7 R. R. BELLE/SP.. " .=, ' ,2i Rt,..,....a ...a, "'vet Mil bee
taL but
C lIEESE:-.50 boxes reeei vin r and for Min mred by its use , ao at least 7 phyelcims In N. York know,
by ap7 R. DALZRLL t al.. Merl th°
" "L
"'th ''''''
" '''''''"g"-'" ''''' 'Ylt u
T TT. , Pimples, Blotches. freckles. °reared/5u skin dismae. _s
SUNDRIES—. - reader IP swerved Ulu wok m wakes, putted nostrum, as
am trial will prove. I ropld enumerate at I t eititt7
5 Ws. Butter. person cured of are laced. sore kza and Imre get% 1.
5 sacks Drled Apples. , Buy It—eM th e reader is amin'sslaro I
,ould macula
ell_y sell It for the above. unit. I anew It to% all I state.
43 . boxes Chen, eteeivlng per L. E. IM. WIT , Those who are Bails to chafed
and tot sale by JAMES DALZELL. . will Pad this not ordy • eure, b o b a crmk" e l eg,ir and Chapped lie'''.
ap7 on
tat Water et. now only add. that any ma attliet.ed with any . 0.. ; 1' the Our .
(1 , -- LON'ffi SEED-25 bbls. prime ro ,r b ' "'''''li.."'" '
"" f ". inft:}%
arl a y ; rable In Its prerpertles) than I etate.
V_ ap7 307 Ly wArr a C o. , St But. reader, the Acres an Ilmated what b a ttil
Qn ALERATU —'— S---6000 lbs. pure, for gale by ' Z 4 'l. It ZijitivieLVCiMiallir=tVPlLls aria.
1,7 eta 4011 N WATT a fol. I 114 of Wreet.
11 16 COFFEE--150 bins. landing, f
metal MILL= A RIM
hy Pearly White Teeth, and Pure Breath, to
be had kg 23 mots.-Pence. who have either, are tumor.
11l moored that If their breath 10 ever In fool or their
teeth decayed. dark yw. and encruebel with tartar s
Mu el 3 cent boo o J oo o.' Amber Tooth Plots will Make
. the Meth as white fut mow, and the bored odotifermisly
R. 1100FLAND'S Celebrated German " Zia only at JACIIhOrS limn.. 240 Liberty et, b4oood
jt & BITTERS-1 thou for tale by J . KIDD ./a.
aoll, CO Woad CO ..
et --
A Scientific flair Tonic, Restorer and Beau-
Dissolution of Partnership . Iher.-Trlal Bottles. 3711 cent. Thom who have used
.. . Muni/ Coral Ilalr Bestorm. know Its excellent qualities-
HE Partnership heretofore exis t ing De. those who have mt, we assure it to p00r.., nallowl.4l
i r
[weep the subwriben, under the style of "Bremling fualitim It will time the hair to p , ..nw on may part when/
o k ,
b / ,. /gf.' fa..././lalvellir mututeg b m, , a , nX , /e2fillf
. wr i A• i L f Z i i:./4ott ‘t b= l :lla . r a:
~. .t. r i ,,
go,,fall=. curaermw ag
ri. '" .ll 00 .tl." th... , 75LNyta,m0,;,.e. , , tgfinutm .?7,, , A.,-.,... , :trg....kik.1..4.1,-1,7..v.
melim3mWS ygli E s a Imo deed. the must morionthed-yet supertor-suticle for the
pARM FOR SALE.—A Foam, situate in ' ~..ti „%ij , A r tt A r C ES o r , ,10 ./. 2,0 Ith.thr tits..t.
A North liorilmadon township. fin ertrameland coo, p-s s .s_m: osn a s . en pn.t., sn a pi_
mute/Wm( 24 are of good lead, bounded by laade of Jr
b s ~,'' ..,.., i , , ,• " heel. rainier - • b ° ,,,,.. i1 1, inT scar. y cl , 7 . d ', , g.,. 1 JONES' Solution of Jet, a Liquid Human
00, Mack V ate, two Mire from the Penmylvents Rail ' nod Dye, for the chmoring of white. rel. so grey hal,to•
Road. end one tulle from Jacknonville. Iseprommeme con- i imautiful brown, or black jet color. lo • few minutes.
Mt of a two story Low Dwelling Rouse. bank Ikunche ine b e - tozo j te ic a i lk ..bni,..b,
of word, frame btable, sad neoem out building., Apple
Cider Prem. go . Title .tiputable Ever tertroweaquirer s O Plltel urjat.
thenremines, of ROBLICP 8 BTERLES
JONES' LILLY WHlTE.—Ladies are cup
AYER'S CHERRY PECTORAL, ginn ed athinet ming the common prepared Chalk Tbw7
not aware bow frightfully inJurioutl it b to the AM
FOR the cure of Coughs, Colds, Hoarse- Ir..Zirriii i iir " tain Intr h 'n b at ' n ' s n rt i r! n t:Altikin:atlitl
Kn.. Brtmcbltis, Croup, Asthma, P . in amok injuiotu. containing a large nasality of lead!
ad Coomoption
We have prepared • beautiful fregetableartiele.wldeb we
The uniform mgrs. which ban attetakd the um of OM call Josiee . novinteb Lilly While.
P'''l.."*l'-'....T .flees-It. P... to 0.11,. . d . beet
r, i ' . ' attlli=tibtiViltl ' l fi na l g n 1 1 , 1 11 6 :11V.71 ' .
cure affmtlona of the hangs, hare gained for It. celerity abeetZ, , Brion white, it. ths some tune acting as as
equalled by no other medicine Re offer It to the afflicted mune en the n skin, funklmilt soft nod romoth.
with enure enottlenee in Its virtue, a., ma (unbelief that b : a. i f b4:4l '. Art.,t,l'hi l'ACKV'laill....t..‘
It will subdue and remove the interest taterte of disease' ao &davit/ 8
two the llaroet thd Lungs These remalts, RS they be. I
come publicly known, very neturallyattrewt the attention ORPHANS' COURT.
of medical cornwhatmad philautbroputa , everywhere what 14
Weir opinion °JCL/ars Pre torsi ma, be .en m the tol ÜBLIC SALE—In pursuance of a de
laying -
cree of Om Orphan.' Court of Washington Comity,
I ALFNTIN L. MOTT, 1.1 E. ; .IV al,bo of a derrwe of the Othhans Court of Alleniten o r
Prof Sor.e.• 3 h& Cnißr. '.... */..• "mfr- C'.':.:til'aelr tvi'4"in't'en.:;',,A.Z.n.lTC'-,;;;,l,"s_rcenilil.
ttr"lt gh...,Fh....",. ^o,l,irtp th .„.. 1 . , ...d .U..., of • on the 2.1 List Li 31ay next A I , le ti fa in o'flock, A
i45...0?..10.11 . . r t0 " :4; . th . 5. TI/VX, '" anrl /.7, a it ' : 'll' . ' - '144. ' m • ''' the 1 ' .4 ' .. • .4 the '` , r 0f th 1 .3 ;• ,,, r0 , 0 .r ... .• ~
TI C.• at a.. t..... iii. u.t Jaen nrin.. In . 4.„., to in. 7:11 '..:nr,'.'''' ve
Irmod, who erne het mallet. noJer .0 thmtiou of Oh. tritheumr bd. situate 01 the mouth of Lawny and Nosier
Lune:-'Try On Cherry Pertural and if any medicine can 0 nee., In the iminediate vicinity of the termini. I f the
.4 , ve you reheL with the blenehag 'lOOl that will." areat Central Pthumlvente itadmad s end within on grove!
Cum 4 tn.: grail:Lot Loomitha mime - rn‘t • 7.0.4 th. de'' , . 1 ^"i 4 r° ,ol . tor tfonmdce di .. ,- ..iion, Of o b.
~.,,, of nn. C ., ~,,,,a. o f s e em e d attac k . o f 1(:,,,,,, b y property, the •Ithennoer won 1.1 r. • ft rto hand Gala that run
the - Churl Pf floral 'We orcemnal at tile more. So. .0. wan Old n of th e D emend.
10 'the numb. r of Ifate aro ow folhows I, ...-/ n. ~
Y. th 10 11. 12,1 .. and 14 all Immtine on I.llw rte, il ooh.,
Ilie Lenahan Jetiruel of 11.11 cal beieure gams, -n e t and } root stnets those on Llle.rtj and It atm range from
Whim and Bronchitia m ormaleut in Um Inclement .1 / .4/ to ...a Mt trouLarith tbe ea. mtlen of No IP, which In 14
ma..., has iselaol with eurpritung rapidity to Ayer s Liter 6 '...L. f..t. .". " nPr's'
ri Pectoral end we cannot too e t
mwmnaend this . •t'"" . I .' '.. 0 . 1 ~. 1 the nu whe'e ton.. l. he
sklitful tenon nahun . [he r • lnfes.ibn and public gen,. Paid en the t 1.1) f r .4. and the. residue thereol al 1 , er.
ally with Intro-a :mm tt s ..- •-• sea. it s tonal end
t oe on the ironer, ',tn porebeaer• tin gee ounce,
Let the nal, est auffetwrepenc for himself -
t i ''' iti ' CI Pt S lib trli • Ad linistrator of
Ilwarrota, Jas. 10. 144 . / ~,j, „ fs e the r ..,., . • .;„ 11 1',. 0. ,_.,,, ~ I
Dr. J. t t j . r- hear bir-liffe e ig been 'mound Mau • , . 1,1 ...... d.... h i . ''...•'''''`‘`'' .... Wt.. I
f lea rl'S BU RC II CO3DIERCI A L Cm , ODD,
ovomos. sue 1G Ile./ iou lira or noith,ll.lll,ll, not only
4 ...1,00 to ,0., l tat for the loMituation of other. in IlLe , , (orner of Third and alari/ct 00,0 tlatelest ti , t D
ai t , c , aa
,0 The way Vaal. red InstatiLe a the knot Or 1. no
A slighe colfhutmn the lunge, n. simted et first. became et / min/min
thee stetting of blood • a eiolent mugh end onatme PA, 1.17-Jo, FitYINo, Principal Itrtrurtor In the
ciwlat ewenie folios ed and fastened neon me. I Gwyn,. a P. ,nu oe Of ArvOUrllt,
ram 0001, miuhl not steep. sem dm. wed by ma cough, end , 0 K. Lowwart.i.v., Prof. snot of Pennotenelm. 31 / maa.
a pain thrOUl,ll 04 stmt. and In abort hadall throb/nun, . Ole Computatomee
, nap.. of eonloantarcia ,No [ te d at all , Attu... alt 0 AlWre, Eau . I ectun ron C. cermial
,j, mash so y ems. until I nrmidgotally 000,02 your Chewy i Ime
occtorei. wrier non rte. ml and nue bon earn! me Bog,. or Tenerres -Hen Wm. V tithe,. Ilan.Jnrom
lours with regent. a A. eTi_va ALT 1 Buchanan. Hon John Borden, lien Charles Baylor, lion
m„.„., l'. April 11. 111 , limes liamougi llon II II Lowrie, Dr. Jll Mefilutoeh.
Dr. Ayer . Lowell-Dear Air -1 have foryea.rolemo [®lo- John Autrson awl., fren J K 3E4archead Jame. Dun
owl with *Agana to the wort form. m that 1 hate been m .3 p • ;• • •, ,,g,:1. „ =, , nal . , h •
hliged tosiceP,th e'l . 1../ ..." & ;:i 1• Ti . ..7. , ,.,_,2 011 . 4 0 .. e. - La; ' Yemen Taawy, M ' e r robant. " ll T f ( l4 ' : ". aersenutTri r t
got 0nab1.W.t..`...° `,.. lr o m ....-4 • a_ . •//,_,.. 04 7 . ptudente ran enter elm Inetitution • t " n . lime, and oh
...nein. to no PorPme e • n.'41.°4&;:ii... B r.-.. ../ . tern In/dm/Mon individua ll y. both de; 171Zr/setting when
atil I:awn:tient, YOU , 01. n" .
At ffrst it teemed to make coo worse, but in Ism than a ; . 7 M 7L7V 1 , 1 7.=. • diPlema signed by the nsoulty and
week I begin 10 ........ I..:. r .Urin g .11dir° ' Thom dmirlOg • thmough amain". or hook kething.
.g.. nee, and now, Ili (our ..... ' l. .. t• Mini) ..v • Pennthatehio, Ac e will bear in mind that thls le the onlY
moved lan rimy on my bed with comfort. mad enjoy a o
steta of health Mad/ I Led mrer exported to enjoy ‘ ,.._ .. wharteled Collet 8f
K the c kl i.. od b.. ln
hu. Pittit . b il u i r . .h .t Com ,.ith n4 = unintw v,
!rpared by J. C.ATER, Chmost. Lowell, Lem non seS
id in Pittsburgh. wholesale and retail. ar 3231 TOM/.
ud, fit litho /Mart end Jomph ...Elam. alanchana
city. sal by Dealer , . lo Weilcine eVerT. • theve . .
• • ••
B ACON -43 casks sugar cured hams;
a do do Shod Wen for cdeby
J. K. DILWORTH & 00.
Military Bounty Land Agency.
%NILE UNDERSIGNED, residing in Edgar
Cemity, Illinois, la
to locete Miter, Laud
is arrant* hi peal bath. stable following na rip
sere Warrant., Me bt , sure Werra:l%lFr: 40 Nero Warman,
re—which... be eurcifeed with Ibe .Warrerd; or, It jpre.
fernd by dem mewing NO am Warrants. sand or the
late! wail is, reavlired for the oerrire of
aribatuted with met af the recarde la Ma
vies, the eubwrnber bits peculiar adreatarts imtlag
atruna. Addr.s. (p.d. paid)
ton emcee 00, Whitman 1111644,tv.
REGULAR rACßEl'.—yb e , g pt i .gig
hub miming steam boat CLllFirrAlls. l. T.
Rum Alaeher.leaelltbeinnl of the Ohl Allegheny Firbli.T.
j'LL gegrgn=ln7tifitlliV'Orett=tr. " titn ' Vilitt
thr Allegheny aidr.. DT We 're:mm.3 , 4om of ri,
Kenn al.. at 41 other Pniitu. Ai- Extra Trip Id , 1,1 0
clock, P. M. •
to 2
Mesmer ROHRER. R041.F.112, Duteher,
t= r ; ' i
n e.ls7t WA; IT , V. It!' j ot"
For frlght orineuLl•Aint . l2 o_t_, board, n/l
Lrs--The vlealld steamer J. 4 P
e.S. Lucas, mutter, .111 Iran. for thc oe
am all int.rtardata pot an thla day.•t 4 n'cluek. Y. M.
For freight Ur peonage, npply on beard. ,
__,, n ,
did steamer FORT PITT lini . r. mann . .. LA . 4
. ...,,.,e the above mid inlet -Inedible poru •
an C1113 , 1.7'. at 4 o'cloek, Y. IL
F._ (night or pamwa 0 00 1 0 ht , h..d, mr:
les, for the store and
Into rl
port, on thin
the 31 lost. at 9A.M.
kOr freight or rwrla g d.. Fl9:4ll Loud, noi2
rj OR
muter. will les, for the shore mui all intcr•
mediate parts tide afternoon. at 4 ciehielz. o
For 1,101 or ;int ade. apply on hoard.
4 i ihean t e ri;: t lPlLEnS,Con.troatter,wiil har e ° j4F .
,44 4
,0,147,44nd iuternieatiato ports on this ilaY.
For freight or twang, apply on board. aliat
r.l liftSON• Ca Pr
mire for the shore and littcrmettlalo fort,
thli day, at 4 playa r.
For freight or paetaiiii, apply on boanl, isp3o
t•Oß did
otonrocr NAVIGATOR qp. prim.
yeMna ro m r,at ' A. LL
For freight or poottago ntigir tiAnt. or to
J. FLACK. Agent.
ji: The fine steamer AAZONIA, Mcßride.
router. Irnre far above and Irdertordiate
SAforiar, 26th Ind. at 10 a. N.
, For freight or Inissage, apply on board. apT3
1851. .4E2
:KIIE new and fast running str. CASHIER,
S. ats.ner— Regular Wellrrille, Start
n.. Wrllrbur, Wkarllnk. Bridgeport. Capita...33d
Sunfholl°P.-ket--I.atre. 'very UW..0.1 . .3
3 o'clock, P. IL for Wheallna and bralarporr,aaar7..7
daturdar. at 9 P. M., fol i Capllckk and SunWh.
1 4 1 1d ve ir . laaa -' t b d %' . lTZin,,Tver r y. floods, .n.l Thurrday. at
irjght ''""PP. l ° 37lhl l C th . Agent.
.11 1'
ll. — Thellchtdraugherdrscrr _
1 0
P. Kinney. mmter, Warr. ellarllle earn , Mo .
n dr
%al arse:Lay. and I.3IJaY, at .1! a:r_l,:rdt,xA,
L r . 1 , " 11:
Patunlay. of IO o'clock. A.M., for Doure r, 11 erran
log•Glasqoa, Loot I.lrarpcal, and Wcl .vllle.
For (might or mama, aPP l rkk bo.N. spy
W11F.711.1N0 PACHET.—The mleralkt
new Inapt Mem, DIWINA Cnowll,
rhrlii i lT Wlß.t i rg e iZt, ' l;tl.l=llV=l:
~,, Monday. Wednesday and May. and returning . .
I Wheeling every Twelar. md Saturday.
In each week. For freight r peeing, an ea board. or to
I E ,,
ht. etdentld bonit r n t : L . ' l.lll j Ve
the owners of the steamer lame Newton. all other, kr
the Chernmati and httabetrith I'mket trade, and will Ines
e‘ery_irellneelay (heat:mint:n.ll.lo place of the New E n =-
! a r'lre r " rot-m:6=n - I°.
~ ,rl toA. ..m itener,,will Imre tbr tko,ton. and In >tl
ItU n TITBK, CLARK lc CO.'e Pure Medici
.o co %en om .T. sgr i er z loyli.J.. br
CC. CO li«d lit
.‘_ pale by .02 O. A. VAIDOUvroOIi aCO
ITRIC ACID--18 Ibo for sub. by
•e 2 IC A. FA IC:E.SfOCK t W.
BORAX -1000 The Refined, for sale by
•Le. U. A, YAMS - I:STOCK 1 CO
SEIDLITZ MIXTURE-150 Ibo. for male
11...7 by ' atgl B. A. FAIMESTOCK • CU.
`OAP-114 boxes No. I reed. for Belo by
Deniable Resilience for Side.
irrnE undersiiltiell offers for sale, one-of the
'IL Most deaßithlwreekbettom In the tewn of blawlllion.
hurt county. Obi*. rontedrilnu about eil arr. of land.
with a /ark. •I• 1 f01116111(111,11/1 Bela Dwelling Howe , and
nut homes. VA gout supply of ehnim fruit nod throb
-011• th e beet .hoole In the einantry 14 within a
ebort dliamiee..and • hen it in reinembernl that In ala
months from tide time it will be ,thin four boom' rid...of
rittebarkh i it will to even that beetle 00 mall induce
ment bar soy who de/ire • cheap awl elegant eetmat from
Abe tit?. either 11. a summer tetirrinent or • permauent
midden°, A part or the whole of the !awl will ie wild
Ith tho bulldlnsv. Tbirpropivt r mar now be had to Iran
than the boilillnee met id. procure title and con
ker. without rbarne, a but of morn than twosome*, situabel
Rthe hank of the Ohio Canal , and about twenty rods
,ns the toned of tlae Ohio gent Pennsylvania Railroad. to
any capita/Mt ne company who will ertablish thereon a
mmitsfamory of Ron Cotton, or Wool, which Mail employ
a one
of SAW.. Let it borne in mind that Maasillon
it one of the most beautiful. ami thriving towns won of I
Pittoburgh. Coal. and all the means of Itelog. so well to
ran he procured here Ea low sent any point. Goode
when tranlifletared east of ream, with great rime, be
transported by Canal or Railroad.
• Valuable Property for Sale..
TIIE SUBSCRIBER offers for sale a V3111:1. ,
. t.. rum, of rrruirrty in Allegheny City. having
feJtit cm Itrlisertt :rk.Vl of 82 feet. and rannin4 hark
fm - trtreet Thir rmprty ritunted immrdiale
is !meth eY the rerttleere o f
Fa me' Church and rudr the
The toryte m r , ty liyel nnd troll rutted for Layi Sid
ng off tyole,
hcs and fart of the purhan. maiwr nn
cored on uie ground. Inouire c o, the encerriher. on n thr
Initial_lniti JOHN T110311..50N.
A s.
.;mall well finibhed and completely fur.
cs, usst door to thr_posEurrtre.
E, D. GA7ZA3I,
3 , 4 and dth rts.
aPltf ~ o lPut.rn TrL -
Desirable Suburban R lin. Sale.
THE subseribor offers for sale the house and
h tL f iT T . ovewhe r s h he now rlsta, t rintetan I:ent i t y be
the untrke r t of ill ' enr .IVe rfltaToz77`ark't
ronolog bark 2.52 feet, to so Ilea
every one
acre °lnvalid, and
an d on every tido by large nen
Inn, adorned with trees and shrubbery, The ?wow is
neut.,. new, lune, and anceedinaly well arranged, ban.
n freed of fk feet, ink • actin, of 12, and meld. fourtieu
room Leann hallo nine feet wide. It is built in the
nod moat durable manor., and has finwproof most. and
containe all the modern eonvenlynees. Tamps, with
thlialy of hard and eon e at the door.
On the prumnot are the merman- out b a ge, natio ,
marriage boo., 71n. arsiutichi are Ind out Muni, aa a
lawn, covered with choice fruit thew evergreen, Clowning
inch. prim, 41.1 i yield enough for the wants of on nolltan.
fatally. Thu attuation 0f this property. mto adubritY and
suburben atmfnr ti combined with contiguity to the city,
la not ounlamand by All, n-01d..,, Is this vicinity. It has
• new of the Ohio /liver for over. ladle, of Tvotpsninco,
vlll, Smith I l ltlaborwh, the city, the two riven. and the
ttaround,formingall • th
ebtie r ye if=6lcl'"'enTr!
toll su the :pin. pain l i n
rairaciva . from run. annOt'asise? '
Of dat=giv,C.f.
neuron nod vneetetinn. and affords • retirement v quiet
J pioneful av if located Inatome quiet none ha the manotry.
The property will le sold at n bargain. and goasirmion given
whenever ilesind. Esquire et the Gazette once.
atinaltf D. N. WHITE.
For Sale.
TILE members of tho Fairmount Fire Coe
dy,wavy, often. their Engine for sale. It Is in good or
er and will be .14 the, Enquire of
J SMITH, Frey,
No' 41M Penn street
For Rent
ri ~
Tcrry .tenet—a large and subillantlial
Dung, suitable an Academy, or mthtifectu
Poeseasion Oven imnie j e ri l Ja L tr . lA ll3 lr i tpulre of
*roclat4l . corner Garrison al . am! Lamas st.
ANOR RENT—A Dwelling Howie on
.tort. abase and near to Smithfield. It gfu Ihnues. large yard. wash house. Ar.
bet ranted low, and yard.
amen Immediately.
Abo—For gale or Uwe, sense lots in lbw 'Muth %Tard,
between Perm Weet and lb. All. river.
at Benj. Darlington's, Fourth Anat. near Wood.
Valuable Real Estate for Sale.
TILE SUBSCRIBER offers for Sale on M.
fa eoraLle terms, the following Real Last/. la ve
City of Pittsburh, rig
No- 1. Three valuable thrne tory brick dwelling houses,
on gamed street. between Market and Pm/ .erect.. the
lota baths each 19 feet front by an
No. Contains 61 feet front - ou TUI4 atreat adjoining
the ThirdPreebyterith Chursh. on whkb Is atected ono
an, b rick boo, used 4 priming OA* unl on.
two story twirl sarehon.w.
No. Two in Valls WM, IldaVer eounty ‘ laeing lots
Nuad and 4. h,ins about 10Q feet aquant.on whir-nisi:Test.
.1 one Week. of lbw. frame dwelling", and one seeparats
Icarus dwelling. all two stories high.
No, 4. One lot 60 feet (mot on Back greet. oppwita the
.tarp, and extending Id the top of th e bill.
No. 6. Two trash lota, each 10 6.1 front. and running
as the TOW n , low water mark on the Mg Dearer.
No. d. One sal uale water lot. 100 feet on %Thee/ Ram,
with Dm *bar, water power smathed.
One lot orrnow the water lot. SO feet from and
emending to the top of the hill. on which is onll
two rimy brick more and worrbouse. Pi by 50 fern alsoons
frame dwelline. two Mort. high.
No. F. Aloe ler, lot in New Ittigbion.
the shorn 140 4.t on Brestdway, and about Sc: frt deep,
I.Msere. ' bleb IN I, rvrtM keve tram
dwellings. and one on frame bet., e• so Mlle,.
This pro,rty was femme; tewupinl ley Mr. T. C. bra idol.
and I. Ttxr ples,ntly Ineafed, lying inime.tatei 4 oneiwoc ,
the Janne. grids,
50.1. Ow vale, lareebsiely leehm aurteo 11,1,1ge.
hrin,c abort 1,0 knelt, and extending Orb, truer to In= vat, mart.. or lon •
r.,,rete will t. 1, re iaeorable term,
Arnie st the I 1 bird
'•I • •
and Ratite; suet. JOHN 1 562 , 11 , Agent
1.01,11 -room.. and Pent
For Sale.
lIEUNITED sTaT 110T,...- , ...„„
BI,OCK Of 1-11.711 PINGS, Comervl
-es* Rae ard co the he
vtraa umal, tbe City Pk...buret, TI, front,.
3 o.rt, inur 1.. t NOP Ptrevt. agui co
nunll-4 inrd rearll
"^ • I , n a a Oo tv , ..l 44 mil, otrt.
lA.I.CA 311LL:s. AiZ S., A N LOIS
• rnl, —T-.:.F. -u• •nl . 33+ wn
triipremwd in-r, 1.1 4 6*rrn nt 11 4 the Olyo mcr. three tole!
P..•cr, for . 01 110 Av.r... on M.
~b t, riser. 6 Entl,. w r. I r pyr ken Also.
urre fr.: 115 {or 1,. $4.1
5,4 El for 31:..1,i 45
tll gape. kr.ethcr with oiLi s r,
4110 s ar.d pncee. Lnquiry
. si L B t ETTLioLkx.
A Blast Furnace fdr Sale.
THE UNDERSIGNED ofTero for Sale his
BLAST EUILNACE, eitualsel Is (his
.FARlana Fu with an the out.
iudlennsw ral GBIST MILL: aery aloe ne
....ars to carry on the Soacitt. of
It hae I.tuu
Am. of Land atauleed. eith as mue.t. more isboloins
eould b e new... which can bo man tod per
am, er
It Pm the nowt favorable location in the Youth, for
making Iron , having the ore vithin one-halt to one rolls
oE, to veil lane ouratltles. ear, to mi., sod yielding
recut .50 b, 1 per rent. It is one mils and • half from the
Etowah Rolling 11111. where • ready sae no he found Ow
all Its product.; of Pig Metal: aul two talks from the
tratrro and Atlratac italleral , .Lich one of the lion
of nitro... connecting th e len... Braer with the Sea
Bow d. which has rte line. of railroad. roaming out from
It. finished and under COntreet p.slog through all the In,.
portent Toone end an. In elown4a. where a needy sale L.
found tor ar MeLel. Machinery, Iloilo+ Warr. la It is
now in full LLA.I. worked hp water power, with • 1111.11
part of
fret, no • never
ooth. falling etzeam. and in the most healthy
the b
Letters may be address.. to me at Etowah. ass on.. Oa.
or I on, be seem.l any time n o
Ausroon• Pus, Match 1, lat.
aimed often for male • lerge number of tamable
tr. int, fat, med4o b ra jef i r de i tna,11 . .11. 0. 1% manut
TT; E i z i b Lutheran (larch.
roanurootorino eala..rrie rromonntio Wet at whkh
lot. will he soW. rend. them a wife and profitable In.
vestment Till. perfec i !. Terms favorable.
lb. ' .lllMrg 4" e n t ll . (.31Tott;,,em 'i" . c= a :ree 4 rtrPlitt
rgh, betwero Mixt and icairtn ' strotto, or of AI
name. and N. Paterson, at their eke. in Ilinne
teetharn. jara MOSES P. EATUet.
POViSigton Inn Works for Sale cr Lease.
THIS ESTABLISHMENT, aituated on the
Ohioan!, opposite atelmsall. havlnglia Molest tau
te ergo. thorough repairs In new foundation. machinery.
At bang ova of the meat efiglble localene in the train.
Mr the manufacture of the various slic. and kinds of Iron;
frellgtr rot:re:Xl:Tetra' c7c4,l4trraTertesreryaZt;
tonne to gull applie.M. Foram. I thewerantage.of
lugtahllehntrat 5 , 10.001 In the rant desirable pato( ale
al. to addition to the taxes Wag mush
ll (statics tor Cincinnati trade. It Mnelete of .soap
geggv!..":neittr.rrite=e.":lg."lr• sr Mt
chlttera to make from inch Iran op to b lob, nametape'
Il i ah si se i t i .ll all lb. ..I flat Iroa 1 •Ith • good Sheet and
Itn A gtoe. oftnVlL 'd trutoll ' o d ans pe P r i day Sheet
Jn Wdwom , there Ie • Nail Factory, with Penetrate ro
; gine. moralising It Machines, arid. rat be tuatara to
'' lterrTr. 171 9 2rA d it AN, Cincinnati, or J. D. McNICKLE,
at :;l l ' Lle—A valuable Iron Establishment eitnatod on
the tralu river, In tiollia county,Ohio,eanstsang of • 101%0
wmtalning three Nobll, g or Finery Fires Woo ikehm=
Tensors, one ruut dire, ono par
Thei s!luau Bolls. with
asperity to make l onins Iron pod ay. slet suntans
'ore. of Coed Land, of two veins, rack SS feet deep.—
The outran,. to all the Lana or Me. 10 {rem ta to 400
prel t .,fTt i llafterv. T, It is one of the bat lomtUousin the
Crfetarton/ . MeNICXL.E,
ALtlO - Abrick pre proo f r
w6Dir s llnallie ' lt7lll ' s . c . NOtv,a
with anoldlng I , IIZ 11. oi ow . (Berra QM/
th! .° 4 l ll• S F—r_iTtr", a d ietti l tkra t bge tt l' e ' at o rl U v o lng o B:
of niZoing, In A rm strong co.. Ea.. knows ea a r e
Allegheny Purnae property, mutant. at all about 1 7.a
arClr•ea The law m On Lim...ncufcr
a Mr*
ers for
fur, man, adeantag... irtnana t, lot./ pt.111..n
n 1 the betlem lend now rultrretu•n: Chu high
arc ...table of Lane lushir imPrwodi maid are 0111 . -
,ty arena to all e lte_priorus.l mint. ,4 the land and tht
setraw. Thor oro eftclat anti. ma.. Fur
nw. nen., Enninc, sod lele...•pparatue, for Iron:
together all the budding, 91%,ri.efolng 0.1.0•
Sum lion, Dane, Maid... a, whole all le die.
re;eerl of upon favorabl., tern, or It will 14 , ..e.ded foto
tr.t. to suit porchaetr w A plot of the or 1 ,0 5 . 5.1' nod far
tber particulare can he obtained br addrmang
apl.el: isu to. 111,01 A NA S.
iFOR ItENT—The large and fl eumnumE-24
ot. ow.. ha Penn atmet.
Edward...) lth at matte, Int it:P. lll dt, . 1 . 1101
t0n.,1 .0a t ant. Alms—tintiding for tarn hnrata.
* tllllllll. l l Co..
AiilOß RENT--The Ihvelliug Howie. on err!:
ihr M 171,7 nf Sotin mad•
Wont oinmona,
odnuidrd nt drhurkk, deed. Pons. &Mon 16 ,. .a
n /I , dr !moth. King. Cad:, nr Wm.
In 1,. A n.-I.or Work, All.nihenv
Valuable Real Estate for Sale.
POR SALE • -Tliat valuable Lot of tlround
enoood .t 0,. corner of Market mad Want
lort...nt rictium..l hi 31 , 11. any I .. , 11t.i. ao a 11 1,, 1 111.,
.1... having • (rum tio Marl,. Orr. of Lit II inch..
ad on Mater niter( of 1i fort l Slm , ll
Alan—The Lot of litutud initniunig tha t1h , r1...
und) .r,t1{.,,.1 ii
31r..100 Inmmihn a. a
in^ 1 frnid of CM ft-rt on Oh. lionototh.l., 10 ,
er7and running nark :Ltd lett to lin...tough etre,-
Persona &alto.. of ran revelle, [tints,
formation Wm IL C. nTOCISTis.e,
No. 47 ]larlat
Of Forty Taint Lots in East Liverpool. 0.
tT.. recent cuipreeedented toile of Lote in
the above thriving Tovrti imolaiu nearly szhatodod
session:oily laid out, and the demand Flail ountinulus,
the undersisned has been Indy.' to lay out • tOrioti
his reinvest/ to 1.1 lots am above. ..1 a li en 0... 1 "
at ;micro d angertms that cannot fail to meet thn They. of
thioe eto purchase. and needises to vay sorthlon
of the location of the Tinen and involved... (It Lariat hoe.
Weueleleatly described In recent advertisements) other tat.
that over one hualevel lots have resontir ebang.' hoods.
bidbeen pi/mt.:Pod by those vrithing to Pro". tu ir ..... "
L om.
The shove lot, are mons the nod eligible =admirable
to th. F l3 " , and PrlndpWr !waled In the contr. of
[boas recent) y sold. oso
For inforniotion apply to dm proptietne
to LI"FF"ii"
to James Blakeir. Es, - Fourth street. Ficietursh.
JOilie B. mans
Fast Liv.rpool. Fob. 2nd. MI. • hhi'dkittfEL
COFFEE -150 sacks prime Rio;
au " # l, ll l reMagey
, :-,,.. -----_.------___ ---------- ,
____________ _
~ , , ..i .„ . ,
..,...... 18 c i nomAs InirrE - llox --7 :, , i -- , -,. -,4 +NIT - • 1
y FACTUfslin. Nes. AI ..:uth tevi. e i . i bi s .„:, - , - ,.... 0 : '
. • ' on: t. teen ride., l'bilaio'lphir. .'" - reb - ip, - ' - '
Cleveland, Pittsburgh &Massillon &press. I 13 AG Atli', -w6Oliv A Id; Ze''''''v
A 1 ......... r e No ... fi M kti • - -''''
:fins line runcin connection { l7th Using- i ---- - - 1 ---- . . - ---" r 'l2.. l _•P`dorad ~41 !
non. Fargo, .t . Cubs Restore. Western. Southern ..1 . ' f''. - •,..",•••• lolrotr. .....107—
anode Express.. at Cleveland. end Adams' Is Co'. at Pitt. ! .' - k `‘...."••• • ........ •• ..-• --.• "• • W. 4..
liTburgh. giving It tilvenlag. over all other ....d,. ~f elm- 1 lI N P.A LI ) , lit, .k. CO., T0v,,,,,,
...y. 0 . 4 . z. , , , , r gn u N,.,,,.. A !:,, , ,Et.i .. , :g . . 74,-,:, ,, ,, , ,: , ,,rh a
. .ft . ; cr i 7i ,, :Al „ . q ,Mprk-Inar l .,,No. 41 North Wat s , stn ., :
Feeley. in chargenf Onaty.d compete. fornonger. '''---. ---"'---• .. -2-.'..‘ j-".".". 1 1".'"4 . 0"'. • ” .1
Ife will receive and deliver pa Lace. at the fallowing ! ti ERCEIL A ANTELO. Genend enn --- T - m — ,,i
platr •
I non Merchant. Phildidphia. lithe., ailvana. . .
lt.hester. Pa . Faissn. CMadiece Fells i so u no const e mmuints of Poe., genet.. ffonfedem '. '
fl. 0., ,n , lea a ~ -,
......;:.f.(-7,77,0.001,,:fai...,... eithat.v.o;
tains. AA?... ~, j. ? „,„, , ~..._,,,,,/,
Coshocton, New Castle. fn. Young-town.
vs '
Akron. Newark. Sleagmlle.
Wen.. Fulton. SliDeriburgh, ! - ---- - --- -- -
. 1117: : ilia no t tr l i 4' h7 l' .) tylilsi with the live., ..itx;d
PI . • fiascos.. Navarre.
Tr enekrbOrZbi l' . ellaburitb• V•-• ,1,1Y,de.11.. - ----- -- _..r-- --- -
/tech.., {ruing, n si g, Ta.. i
Franklin. D 01... Dalton" . Professor LC. Earrys Tricopherous, .v T r `•• l ' .1 " 10 .factali but wa .•
' , i ,. ....i..,1„.„ ° „„,,,,,, ~ , , th. -... ., ,,, 1r nimse eat.
Ft... wife. '':moll,.
Canton. Wellsviile. Ib L .rnesturgh. . cat MEDICATED COMPOUND, for re-
rein •314 ta bold eie t virtu. of this small
Canal Dover , Crichsville. Noy bon. I ILY •torioss. pr,.rwin., Cud heautifrine the hair...radii.. ! ~...... ~ - ...• '. ...Tree,: hutimmi, atad i
Neel. 1.11. , Teo finlaCeiribin N. te Cuntleriand. . tut sour( and dandruff. and euris,i.dirsease. of the am -- - -'" not warrant
Doh!. Silver. Beak Note. Jeweire mil uthse i.luterie . glemis end m. 0.. songs. L. bruise.. e rre., s t a , ye . The Mae of Iceland. and the hira
gouda.iloolval end f' • drer..h. qt. eolia • has Nan ...ei rtunnl by egfeerntht. that Barr •n Tricoph- ;son, .ele i.ratal tor them...o fall. 1e,...1 nd ,92.'" 7 . • "
tumor Not,E. Bill. Drafts. isfi .l +y. nt, The
rat...tvi• , - .11. h.s prodeeed the ,„,..r eff,t to surto. dic.... i i o f t t, , Li s , - - - nee. Of the Laile,
Cl to.
•I. in, eL of We har... and oil the ammo larm.lot. The ~". :'' 7''" ~, ' ' '' , l . '...f.n r•il • •• , ctt to •
MI MOrtheru
J. . LOCFO , OOIt. Ih - yrti•tcr ' f...ining fivtmnials. selected from
of d.
ofeimiler ••••-• /r • r • • ...... of Omni,. • .e... m..
A ~, ,.,-9 , 1 0y, . ., . ...,,, , ..i, ! . ; pg. T .: 3.1.0.• , .: . 100 . ,1. .!.0. - .. .1•!...'f . mrt , ll, ~ I I serve to .bow the vaine of the preparation. 't
cured from this
and Ow. Tom. Da Tema • - 12...
e f a; .1 : 1 7 . 71 r ,t , ,, ,, ,,,Tg.2 ,,,,„ , . , ,;
~r , •
r :; . ;ig. ,, , t! 0 . , ,
~ h... r.., ' s4f , ..liecist , imatior. lu which It_ . held by those who hare , s.s t or With C0r....r.r L• ehleny Ramat. '" -
Arita t v-C C. Cotil f'.. , eintd: hater it . liener he. Imt. , -
.t.,,,,,,. r ietftee feel Mon a mid. ctm-y t. • y ea
boo-,],. J. It Cesil Mune/lien. l inrl.... l'aike. 0 Co.. , Pi,. lisrav-Dear Sir-I he. Leen with •cm ' ...1,-• '' ,. r ...d. nnr ,, lr of ni 3 .l ebefriT Lint =I th• '
r; 4 . l' h t- dla i k ' t r 4 . ..w r i `“ Er r ii - ' 4 7 Ytr . 7°:: • IT-'7.";.;rW:rti..clri. i. "'teTt'Py' c r l). ' d " stt= "'"d th'''
1 r7,,',......W'.:,h0..":r,..,...31'‘,i,„.i...i(th'it.":„.iri'17i1.,_.i...T.MT10r tb.
E. 11..... Akron , Daniel Sl a urvoll. IluEvat Wm. II nurse.
1 bum the ' •drlce ."' nf e entra e o ' fVfmcst eminent Ay.. ,---.- --- s ---- . • '"'''' . '•••....' C.
1 Canton.
er2l , , Hons. and haze tried oil the preparation* ir the haer and L'f.. La' • .. •b... ..f.......itb the extract of T.....-
• ----- '-' I skin now known. without the least benefit. 1 wee advLs.l th. rendering the whole Pou 4 tae ,mat j bf.• fli<lo , l t.* 47 Tour Trimphercue. I did eos . . last elliosolcum remedy ever dm.. o•=ered- to
M .' . "Ml'
New Lake Superior Line.-1851.
un co_x vr Ths ko s :v iroin o lo. r ro rc er.... i.L.N .7 .
T .F., new steamer NORTITENER, Capt. B. ! ,7,:altr&lftijj'rrre..'l.TZ'tit9ZLlsTirkll ~.
0. Soto., hello.. every modern improver.. for rdbordcr that... times 1 w. partatibr , lll 3 ind r
I . apELyg,
.. 11•E1f. ,,,,
W ED iw ITAR C° ch N , I S "
ea r.ty ar.d comfort will tease Cleveland on Friday s - the 2d ' Respectfully. your..
grLag. of Con.utupflane (five of his Inotheiletad dam h.
f May next. on bey fort trip-. 0 am:W thereafter on 1 I 4. - Coltuntla aterat 8.m107.•
Friday, at dle, o'clock. I'. M.. for the Sant Fte. Mari.
The steam. SIANIIATTAN, Capt. JO. Cettowto.. will Siter rpm Oct =, 16.50_ . ring died of Conisumpticai Is truly wranlorlha t • .
leave Faut Fte. Marie. for the dtherent landings . Lake ! Pao... ho o t-Sfy Mar Fir-Atcuttwo ye...ago tor hair ' Pth....m" Ile
the co., Sept,l7, MO.
Supetior. on the arr.. of tbefikamer Northern. meld, came out a er.t was
and toy head wee much altictod .
t.1,1= werik u f , i;Lo p e ,.r th ., .. , uuctiout r the mason, between with dandruff. I was told by • • friend to try rourTricopher. la. O. San-Dear Si..l take the th e of advialni 7 . 0
v,i ,.. 4 , 0 .
~,,,, ;,...,.., did n, and to toy initimbliment, my hair was of th e Cermet I have derived from the we of Dr. Wister'e
,;7 1 ,,T.,,,,••;tt r r'g r ;LT '•ff 'th•Dr"..-.1...' the i Ditlavaa of Ind Cbcf.7. 1.. fmetilded brill. terrible
Cleveland. 0.. April 4."ltit:-tf . '" r."
_ _.
With respect I am your Obeill.ret, ' .coot. en Consumptiom-in Slay 4.0 The attack Waa teal/
rrEFrom England via Quebec.
... .
..TS TREAT/WELL, .13 Ihniadway. horrifying.; toe, fir•Dro of our Dmally, (my brothem eml
=domiciled, residing in Queinie, is j ..,nlOrs,'retinriall'i f t,... nrd 7 n i rgli ' re b .aiVre= r s ' ldge.. " ''' l ` . " ) b ' d ' o ' l '''''''''''''','"°' i '" .' Ll i' fr d . 10 .
=art,. all the war. f.tnres of the distenn. I bads dititio.
r0......n. ; s,r,,,,,,stiti, of nili m m n... en d o w. , MT Broatheiy, New York. where ne witi prod..° 1.00 lailgi•
~..2:1nd ... ,!. 'IT 11.7. M. Par,. on Lake Erie. The i nal lettere.
• fug cough, end expectorated. or.: sled of Noah, hem."
•ry.• es. et Q..... Li. ...Meet for ear.
' Oversee...a pd a in the aide •oel A.... mid ebtrglilier...
fii:Ctit'sig reader.
im ar rud"
‘i 1 heavy mere. imam
IN slating with lushest of heat
wall pay 11. Atlthtic freight on care.. consign. to him.
I was nailer the care of a .111(10 physiician, from the
and atlend to any bust.. connected therewith, forward.
time Ivrea taken old unDI idsals six -reel's Wag
log to such western ports a may. reqUirell. Far flirt.,
then stout helpless. and my friends
. tad my rued'
13 : 11 = 0,7 .q=4 1 1V,11", th ""n d M. 1 '.`.1.`1,'. Or "'ir '' ~„,,„„,,..,.. In..f beyond our phyrician'a .110 advlasai
_.„...10.1..1.0 li. W. LiFII.OI.NE.
We ti, of Dilator's r.,1.... of Wild Chtery. Witimet ..7
winner( Gnat,.
Inewledge,my father procureg It, mad ommth..l Sand.
isiming it. to me. and Irma the fret day 1. ciartramined Lak.
100 It my health improved,' mid in two aretr..- . from the
time I coninsemied using It, I am able ta be cut and over
...T beeilmsh sad labor, .11ich I ailll conti.v. to do. 1
hare taken four bottln of the match:es and now consider
myself perfectly well. JE1:11)1L 0 II ISOILIGG. .
; ; ; 4 4 4 P 4_ 4 4' 4
eg . i'o.Ourr, Lake Co, ...June 1., Md.
JGEN D. Pact-Dear FL: It July. 1410. 1 ...tilde
eitb a feveraf typhokilitharthlen which left marn a rerY
debilitated ..., when. (0 the miovring 6nider.l alia to.
km with • moor, cold which reaiticcil me to rod an ex.
tent . to lira one the appear... of it icafirmml .minuat,
lire. I labored under a severe c.igh-..ipictof i tid agriat
deal, end was troubled with cchl fief in.; n.eht seen.. 1
o , xc frequently raised blot] fr,
PAMCS ♦ CO, Itocuatrra, Itorrartvas.
THE PROPRIETORS of this Mil and well
known Line. would Inform the public that they raw
noe a rlipreallwn fur the piment eenwm. and have hummer,
'hag Freight and pa...tenger, whleh they are fully
pre to ferry to an hot uta on the Canal. and Lake Erl.
Mlchhow, at the lowest rates. One of the Bow of this
Lee will be ettnstwntly at the larahnu, below the Monon
gahela fledge, to freer,. frelaht.
A. Age,
Mk, cor. WaterJOHN
and holthtelalCAl:olll :l% wts, PlOw nt burgla.
IL W. ennufnghana. New Castle. Pa.:
ii.l`..3l7:fax.'", 7'b r a'4l' . " ..-' • ILE5l.rifA L.
it a . A rbre 5. INC t. Co. , . Slturr Oreene..bor,th.illoe
\l'm. Henry. liarlatown: No.tit 79 81 (late 70) 31.M:tux LANE.
Wm. Power. Conmainvllln.
C. 11. Reed. Erie, Pa.- ' NEW YORE.
G. It. 11 rallbrld g e. Buffalo. N. Y. apt
Deredly oppoaite Me Old Stand. ' •
- - - - -
,L, GF-VTLYAIEN.S. eizna.p.a....-
- ~t.r.., i...c of
I. ed, S e r ra and Dr , etrri-llene, and Light. WOOL An
:S5l. Slink., Buck, Mrtmo and Grdmn. Dethesticatui For.
I NO.o.ta-Satin, 0110 , Mod, Bomb.l. and fancy of all
Forty-six hours to Philadelphia,
,roles and qualities.
.Nurfa and r , .. - Esau Fla. and Black of every kind.
Forty-four hours to Baltimore. j 0,1-Ers and k....,...--or all kinds.
i `a'rerote-Fa n f 0110 and can, 11ya... English Madre.
28.0 Miley Railroad-103 miles Canal. a....., Itanaa 'Pram Albrtt horatbers, Twilled Italian
Satin, Ir. •
Two Daily Lines Express Packet BOILLS. ' JUL , Thnaavvv , i"efe-Covve, Linen Combel, ke.
fh .S . ;Erf o rzi ff, T-French and Erglda. new etyle. Romantic 1
h :f. f. l f ro..- f Lit i l, h Silk, Linen. Thread, and all th e Latest of
(EXCLUSIVELY FUR P.I.SF.EN.IFIO!,) ' Ifoutry-Sbaie;;Vsrecin'.='s Wool.filk-Linenand
TO PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE AND : C ''.' , ..:,".th ao Gnu Lane
-Vadvrt. Cad.on.r.,Englith, French thd
NEW YOP.E. 1 ott; „ ; ..t, at,
(IN the opening of Canal Navigation, Two . ti.":` ja " 1'.. "" ''''. "''''''" . 7 '' '' ' ' ''' - ''''''" Y "'
,y2tzt , ,,:=.z.,;• , r;pu.x , r;r„i11 , ..,':".-ni .--,-, (t.T,gr,-„‘:,,(..'.'i.,'.?1,....u,..),-,..T1i:;,,,„ to 0,..0 rk,„,,„,,,
Kna Under-el:or, Drawer.. cod thwi re
lIOLLIDAYSSITRON, ' 11'1I. 11 AR . PSI'AN a co,
' mehln...Seto. :11 Ar L 1 3lonlen Lan. •
There taltinr the
NEW PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD, Shawl and Itlantilla Warehouse,
Two Ilittalred end Tort .6.. tall,. drool to ' 1. - 4 1 S. MILLS, No. Li CORTLANDT ST.,
PIIdADELPHIA. ,Aj . g. l Stool.) NEW YORK, la now op.lng one of
Time through ttot/T1 -SIX 1 Lure. ... Maur.[ and nelourt. a.,-tc....nt. of SPRING •VD
i•UMMII: 511 111 hn ..,-.. t..i.tre r.,....yrd. Are, larCE I
fa. to Philatlrl i dEll. 510 For.. Ralt•morr. V.: ', 'lt 0 LIN and nil
P e r of OIL!, I IANTILLAS. toonodaette
The Care o n tbu my ore n... and ef t h e mr ,,, a , n ,... r ed nu m the bur- Per.. ',ln ,-. 0 , ..t.rd by the nothitrs .
.1 tonednoupcn Irr n .for ....! sears
.1, I. .... ...err morn., re •-- . I ..,r, , ' r . 5 1, er.r, •!':- I.r' . •... .: I , sl,ASithe AND I.:51.
...I ..„, ....,nine at the rem. Iv ,r- : II,• :. 1_..• . un ~.... r Cr., P . lei I han ed.rod no.. ,
, o d ...', . ta l :ark co Par,- ' oul orlon nod mug.,
Pitsseni:r.r. - , for Raltunov
. • , •r, I mt..: , .!. • I ' .. :Schw a , 0r.....1 at .c.orm e l •
Ye charpe t.., odranutr. t. • g,,,. u' on , 1t... r. ut.' e'''.o • ~' u.• • - , .... , U, t-eetortrthoo le, I I.if .
'' l ''''''''''' '''''''' ''' '''. '' ' ' • '' • ' ' 1 ' ' .' '' SPE INGCMPORTATIONST
1„ . 11. li.vrcli .... cu..
.1 I', Pll- .1.:. to. tt7 111111,1 , r,:tyr, NC', von
I' trycTi .., cc. .ty 1., , A i n store, ,rlol 111, ei,rlillllllV re
rtta. ' i , .... ,Pail 'hr. ......0,......." t ..... 'tot; to, “erielorZ vetto.a.
,d i .j...,, ,: ttr„!-1 ,, i-,:;-. L. : . J ., -;! • o r t , t ;t, , :,, , , - , , p .f. - ',.. , 7; .. ,. ,, 1 ..,3.r..,,,, thy 1.1.. t ...A etylee of Crtuatr.Lstiro,
"" 'th` ~:, ~.., i1...1 ,,, -. , 1 , nd.-- , 1 . ... , .}.1. Garment 1.,....1,
,it p7.Flit.).i. ,''''" - 3.......u.a.. uticd ~,11.. 1.... ..the G.A., 11thrtherenefe.
._. A lAubier . trete. 1 ...eo / • Ile,. et . itL a ehti,rto r.. 1 other au
I 1,. 1 . ut...r :, to. le Gm. .4 Sue„.... Alit/ wldrh will
Il.nafact , irer's Line.
' '''' r •; ,` ;;;'' , ' , • , • '- ;,7•7,`, , !- . T• k '' "' w ' t ''''f f ..'77 4. '''''
Wil I S5l •,-.4tk=dz•-,,5-k '
S ''''''.- - 21 • N - ,V - ------ 71 ----- ft.
• • -........::.._,-..--- ... BRIT/Or . lea ritmp t un ....pying.
4 - 4 11[IppEr,,..
.. ‘ 1:0 lip:I:1:11Y IN:Hi/131RD Io\lo S 1.31P111E IN ,idi Naooau street.
,‘,.. r c r.
m.., , 10 . 0 ., 1.,,,
nu , theterht. r ..... e nd,. , .o.•
We , lfc..Cr J" s '''' , '• '''. ' fi r n' . •
,"t• I'L • -•af*L'' , s. rm. , th. ...t oni.. ...ain't , ' cl It lR.a. f...../F-- Needles' Celebrated
V. rd. !: ...wt. Mesa:ulna. I•ft. c f .. ru r- . fin, ....J. E..... f r0l I . e „......1 cr.! rut, 151 i -e n.. i;• ...., ~,,,,, na ,,,,,,
, r ,,, 03ip0 „ u N . 1 ., ITE AIL , . , r
':•"-,`. , = \ •'A.I.,' , .'; , :‘‘..- ?1'. ,1 : ,, ..,:.;!.-. 1 .ii, - .;1'71., ',',r :r: ; -,. ..y,, ,, :',.!:;;',7::;;,;,, , ,'” 4, ..1.17,2:1i 0 ?' ^-,:nr. r ",i b.. (, Thew ' , ,„,.,, ,„„,',„ , ?„,, c , h ,., /A ,,,, 5T- „ R ', -
yr to.rnardrat. j ednE,. Er, p noe,lrtona 1.,.., old Pot n lot le adopted Pr U.. P.n.,/ P. 1 .: O the ''"' td , mare than twea i ty - roa'rs, e arn duji.2 . l , lollatlthelltt'y have
ani Railend liavent 'Ol4OO 1'...0- 01 jr,, ~ . .., 1 Do. Th. ittelere:cmd I. putharnl to Conzich to the tre.d...... e uttuod • permantht u.puted,on, et the moot etscardosa
the Joulata. hrcenpinee. nal regularity in rhino:en.. to- r the: I. r report Or home coneumptlo--• et the abore very ' She inane and Strour.then L.- P'...- • .r....- es' kb
the afor.ald pcthts. at the Ma... ret•-, ma, lo ratted lon pre., yin up lint, ord. end .1.11.0-tel in t , alci2a, of the high,t - ..- 2,17- '1"" - 0-0 'tli it- ''
upon. .1. MITCH F.I.L NY tIT. Propnetor. .4 the city Cof l no eh.. for 'Ewe, 'lll",rrobr fWm lin. Lazo SUbliuttlet LAI, ' A tm'e n tr'e Mool L tf =r• antering
Warthoup, !drone ' , tenet, „ Le g s are trout
extra at nett 0r.....-- . •
tetalmog.lala as to th .tranpuior von., over ail Gam- plan.
nehllMl brood Barr of the Ca.,
THEODORE LENT. ter. sold.
- • •
['-bill 05 Nausou st-. New York. Thr ingredient. of their conlie.cition, v e ry ..w.m11,.....1-
correetly combined, render then, ye..mnarlY applicable In
TEREnT IN 131.Vrillel.11'S LINE to Any Lro•hr.e. . ....Pars Self-9ealing Advertildng.Envel- , F. ,,,,- ..••.sNrit- ,, ith p.1. ,,, ..,-.2,.......,..
, F.,. poi. In e Load. too-a:Ling from P rotracted cold..
u E BINGHAM. the built...l, et Pnt.burab w:libt-re- '
1 t ee n I.„ bod H. r I r ~,
, d . , 07 ., 0u, ,, ,, , oo t ugl.l. on , d , heel .. ? pai .h o fa ist ,fh the „h var . to., „ tu t.. .rat a :rte .:l
after be traneactrd under the .1,.1. of .Ittn. Moab/tea A '
C.•• :nicht 1 1111. BINGILI/I. - /V7 a 263 M.,i.DIX' S. ST., NEW YORK.-
alb sub...rile, in walicitt na tbe patronage of all .0. , ~,.'=",;'• 'ol,Par c ti.,:,.: l ',. ~r l .„,Frir,,ts; -L ,'!',,,, b t ° h„,,,, th * -- L"..:
Bingham:is' 'fransportation Line. mar ewe thln ulvertle,ment, feels none of that hallation j a e _.'n, L ,... been lolly „..,,„ e yl - ,:pit - , - i. 1 7„.,...,.-„ -„..,..,-,,,,,.--,,,-
, oth which a veer rertlehr 13 brou.tht berm, the public- The 1 .„ ~..„/., .„,,, i r .„..„ i „; 0.,,"L,,iiii,;;;;;Z:, - .,,,-...,-,13,7;
igimga 851. ...,._..,. ,ex ror:enth of ;eon. La establlcluel Writ superiority . be. , froth ~,,,,.„,,.„,;. : :. . ..y ~ ~,„;.„, , • : -- C i a ~,i`„
, Toad all qo...tu,n, and h. confident 7 refers to the. to.,tana. t penority over all other pin.tcr. Pee 6,11 altrl A . to,th e l by
~ BETWEEN ' Toad
of th,...!..../..........wha Lava tivad ther,tut,le
~._,.ofra.• ' do la who ha.e eaten... Led ... and relief trona Melt
To such...or . , nini.r f hurriaLo pones. [hare
PITTSBURGH .k THE EASTERN CITIES. i':il . ....!''''' r '''' ''' '''''''''" r "'"' ' 0 P "'"" "'''''''''''' a11t". 1 '....
pIE CANAL being now open. ii, , urn r•••:1- I „ . A.`, 1'u... , 5• , 0, •kw 01 tho ..iolii, far thole polon ; r et. e .° 1:1: e ,7i . 71.V,`'., ~,,,jt, T ,. 1 .1,,Qn1 . r,i . ,1',1'.'L 55 ..
f ir f .. JoeiZe
and wort. Prornfil,. Pruluee and het. On the place DeGypied hy , th. sa l , nperson may ' For l l ,l . '"''' ' - ' l ' --d •Vv.''S. I 2LLE/7S. 57 )I'nictt etc
ral:fte ale'. s'at Cu'.' thermal by re.ponsible •, ' Co7. 0 ' 41 . 1 I y n t s d ' tZ l . " estorV' - p d lT,' L'i s t'il P = 4' ' BEAUMONT'S YS :'P. STARCII TR;
Let n.cuity ...M e t trued.
ISM Lr giving. ...ant:Rd gin,. to I.lneti.. votonut.
Prodore and 3lervbardiar trill Co nor:eV/el wed forwardel , L in E n r o .• b e
, ..„,„,,,,,,,,,. e n„..,„ y„ r „....,,,, . a . 3 ,,,,., ° l'• •"=....- . 1 " . .c , . 1 th-="b4.a d.• bet., Collars. Sinrt 1'...-ut i.. 1. ena: all A:lde of inntat 1t5e..,..,
e ..,..,
•anrin g feergbt,oonthal.aion, or . :i f' ?.;,.. th „.„„,,, „,„...,,,r,, ~.., ~,,,, ,„ ~,,,,,, um pretwuts the /rcr, lo.m e.theri ne to the LEnem, and duet
Bab or tadio,,a forwarded, tiia an th,,cdunt CA.thrldlY 4th. b ieni the Innucarria . g. of a le tt er. th., Foal trod'ire;lte ' r ''''"g'.." "'"'"'" r ''''''''" '''''''''''' "' ci ' 2. • ct '.
attended to. Andrea/ or' apply to
th re o.a. the la.e.c.. /doe I.•th , e-nrwatit the mewed
i.iiuslut. fe.f. to We rethlev , ltnthed of b.t.thi thLtled of Y ourli an article, and to it:. 11.,,,t,' ca l naiad,. will be for
W3l. lIINGILI3I 0 CO.. Canal Buie, onths in thu 15.,u1 Letter Oillre.
Corner Liberty and 11 ~,,,, ~,,. P Ol ./n.0 3 ' o 'sth 1 h Entelope. air Corr-L.lnd at sinio.t the i Il'' 't'th.d• to ."' ....01.l ": 10 '''' '°'..". t n tr .... '' .4 ' - '. 1 . 4
'''... ; trial.
ILINGIIASI a DUCK. Ica 11...A.1 .1.. ' ~.. a... plain ones
between Fourth and YIN, •00 Phlladeli.bia. ''' . .3,1, E oc h t ern , „ e g ed 1,....,,,,,,,,,,,, r ,., I N. 8.-On Cake will do DiLeir learn ;
cf cloth, and no
eon. to Attnect the attennun of all throu g h whole bands it . W u" , ''''''''% 4 b r ''''''''': h ' • .
No. INS North thwart! .truct. Baltimore. n ,„, ~... l'nce mote per Ca.e. inr.lCApen mit h holt dim-Limn.
JAMES BINGHAM. No id IYeei ..t. I'L e foll o wi n Is • list of onus for Gm., engrav e d on 1 For eale by mrif-t I. I._ rir.LLI.I:s..,. Rued at.
_Mehl New York b uo , and whkh will tut for , ran, thid of eer/r., of
- --."-- - the tonal dz., either white or bull, of goad rarer. and 1 BACON'S MERCANTILE COLLEGE,
/SEEM 1851 a - ...-----,..=...,; , ..t..--. - ,!--- 1 :" E.doPcs ad< South East ware of IV zh .d Wathot Streets,
t 35 letters or 1ee5....-..._.114,00' r '" o d ow . 0 t ' t
Merchants' Transportation Line, 1 -_,., to O 3 1JX 1'1000 ....---....-....-.5400 1 , ' CINCINNATI, ODYIO.
i 30 Ss 10
010 6,00 MQII ...... . . .-.....--. .... 7,50 1 (Incur oratedin IS3 1.)
OUT ResuIYPING. MI to lOW 12.011500 ..':.,:pal.
A. mcA. ,,,,,,,,, a co, , AAA , ~,,,,A . 4 ,,,, re. .In 1, r . h... 't 1 . ..... • .""nt 4' '...." Z2 9 ........ 7.1.5 : rd . Q'
C r I pie: 11§.`iil670:i..°.flIcfgFs.lje';',1"".2
retill:.Tl l. eititt
Plttabund fr mall b7L%%: . .L . ' 4 7,7= Zi'roc V: i i;: * 'tt' . 1 ler hank• rer 11.0,- 3 'it er ' ~.• tnr.,,,,a alael t
ClilliMßß RAYNOR/ Cerd:r o lßk'a. 8 .. 4 ''.. 0 .; r"." atiei'llon. IC i;adrvaial. ' WIL111:1101117" I e baltr:at' t!;.L sad n 01,... Li Inii , ,GAVII - 0114.ttion to
No. 05,3 Madison ettett, New York. I bueinese. to merit A conithythoe of the unpu....d. end rat,
W e are MT..' to rund.e a large amount therulotoal. , Ord.. trill he attandad to prompt/a., If lon at the istores I CAM. that b. &totaled his eer rtstinrlnn the a. wpcto
.. I Pfta , twe .ablp 0 lb. '....". l. of ]lnure. Sdell k Slott, 20 11 al.
sir or of 3leters.l.L ! The utility of Institutcons of tho de....Lou L.,...beco r ine
delpola. end all istananitste plata, at lower 0.100. and In , J .,,,,, th .„,„„, ~, c ,,,,.. ~,,t'w„,tlant „.
been „tahhed....i bra rcent,rd , , , ..outtraneu t t.. butt
taut/wattles lathy previa...eon.
m, N f.. 11- n lt h. t hh orine o. l r s
th e:et/ 0. 1 1. ton ; beefed In colors. fif fCaM ..,mhff nat„ I been no loudly atte.ted be th e thou rottA l A wh o L ave , euei .
SEr: a ill. Tie mere... 4 number of Truck/ provided try i
1 .4 th e rdethten. of their instruct/cu.. ne longer to re- •
W Comodeidoreen for cen7log our lacat. on lb. ,
I , I nt ro other argument for their aupycit or anio e ry up.,
tatea , ..„Leor k tur , ll . loze ff f . l f z i y hm s : l-1 11 of h delay et [ -------- -
C. A. MoANULTY dt OD, CHICAGO, ILL 'OIS. le plth edopnat In Imehinr, cambia. pritetke Willa
DalklS Canal Darin. ;- -- -- - -'- -- -- ------ -- - ; Irb7Tol.4'-'."llllen't-IYolle.?;;;;;!dtnerb'oPil'...:"./ 'ernit''ed"d 1
THOMAS RA tR, ' J''' ' aPnn .. Po‘tu. Ilolanon • 'tc voids.' • and
I P u ft ; rt . ', vorirr,' of thearrt t neia 't for"Z t i t n o
' iWgZglia 1851 . ..a.:-.... , FORWARDING h; COINIISSION 31EACHANT, 1 `pp - in bsu,ncu., wt.. tiwtlrtolneTi
CHICAGO. ILLINOIS. I h e . lore. prosperv. and Entree.: .q tn. °LW:tying the
To Shippers of .Merchandise, Produce, ere., PONTINUES his usual facilities to receive ~,,,, ,=,%::,,,n,1 1 1% gt.t . 1• . “‘ , .." dßlia. Of [ la
in se.
T ... ,.. „,,, T „,„, ~,,, , ~,,.T . 1 1,.. lon ', t o r ., Sal e , a n d Tran,hlFornt. all Merchamdire 1 "The oOttrie, of the:sat:twit iel:1 a Wist Or DOUBLE EN:
RELIANCE PITTSBURGII TRissroit- 1 'X'':;;;; ° 172t,.';',L,t7,4 , : , ,;:, 11 ;r ,. . : 5i7;; . ,, r 41 ~.- : ThY BOOR KEEfINII, vnthra.. i .. ,vory depart ment o f
I trade and Ileunt,.. nerotio e, el !: 1 11,Olereale.4 ta.l. GOLF
ITION LINE. Ileferenet.-E.,„... Loreto. :writh e 0 004
1 ; music, Exch.... Rani... N.ont.f.ctunn g . Shipping.'
Mr.... Jou.. a Our.:
~ ' lodividthl, Partntreldp. utromboaterg, Pod Compound Co.
'ATKINS A (%).,TProprietnew. No,. 227 Market, and Si . Mt. John A Couxhev. ' en s root Buunc,.. Comm ettal talmilat.n o . Prthtlad Peusuan.hlP
Coithierte, street_Ldladolphla
and Commeniallaw.
BELL a LIGGETT. Agents, Cana/ Reek, I•utrburgli. .
JGS. TAYLOR a the h L Balt:pr m
prepar t d, on op..- of the Pne,lvanl. ' Si. LOUIS & Sl'. JOSEPH.. thl:rV:'.,-,.::-.'-';',-:',1.V,',"-;!..-TVrra',"l.l"l.,'",c,',,,:i''''''''
- _
CalflToaintrael for Fren e ht at a low r s n.. mud give , _________=__ • - - a _
pa ir exardmoilon a ar. huh ob. gs.-
shippers as much detrpoth and car, a. aua other Lin.. i
ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI. I I ' d "'.";l.lYb`rr d 'i: i r ".) '' L '.::.?" - '-
~.,,, ~-- --7 , - MI DDLET()N, RI LEI'S 3 I .GEE, 1 ';',.°:,:,. r ,t1,, .c.,„..g,t ~(1,!:.;:-Ltiy,,^.22,..---i,v.
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811IP STUFF--,100 mike for nuts I,l'
th 2 tell II dOII.;STON. 1....., 0 ATELSI_AN kSONS. 1 , 3 , 11 7,1 t . ,, ,Li t . . 8,. • 11 . .
House Keepers
jp ,PER-:300 reams 3led. and Crow n Wrapt. I,I 7 ISHING to exnplity 1 aper Hangers. will .tt t:C ft l V - Ta - .-E -7-- NGLIaII - J.: ITF ------- a NET T . IYlio
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itP7 JAS Palege.LL. ES Web, st er, a 5 Mart.i •... AMIILL'eN 11,th r„,..h.
_- -- _
`MOULDERS-64 arks. arrived and fur geed Store Removed.
kJ eaSibi latlPi HARDY 100 En i. CO. 1111 subscriber ilii, resuov. a Ili,i ;iced Store
vixii., R.,_.157 bid,. S. F . an d ax t r . n. „„1, ,
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_11: Le npr LS. 11 AC/ EILMAN A SONS. pLeßately oppothe the Poet utter- - '
F. L. 615011•DE.V.•
F RUI'r-2titl sacks Dried Peaches; • - 2 -±l- 4 -
145 .. " Advlne
15 bbls ..• ••• lir Alie Lr
DRIED PEACRES-600 W. for sale by
WANTED, and Ott highest Rreut tam pakt for W.
A. 11
cores Itark.t esd TKIN
ARISE RAljaWAY—Fuur Shares Me 11
q"' un " Y "I Dry B*a tleli.khsl M AS A CO.
(.1 11. 310LA8SgS:74.1bbis7liattleGrouii,
to. yea:lll3w from . Rt. Rt. Jearrann. and far sale by
spltt JAS. DALZELL. 15 Wst.r st.
$OlO J . satoatmuma a cito, 04 Wood C.
ffroto the Militaryerul Nasal Argue. Noe. 9, 1850.1
There. Is pa remedy f or the permanent cure of beldame
and Demers of the cranium generally, that has reaehed
the popularit. 'enjoyed be the article known,. Prefix..
.Ilarry's Tricorhertine. or Sledicated Compourtd. It t.
Mur,rused by the uppor of the community: in
anuted every nitre..., tia the laud it b. used to preferenea 4;
other articles of the kind. Jr imparts rig, to the readapt
the hair, and than promotes it. growth to • remarkable d.
era, It destroys the dandruff and scurf. end makes the
heir nue mid glorsy. It allrenre all disesse. of the scalp,
such as ask! head. den norm, and other obnotlaue diem,.
ders of the skin: in theXpecreas mettle...el., It
unrivalled. It ht told large bottles. price 2.icenta at No.
IX Rival way, anal at the Druggists generall., threw hunt
the United States and Omuta eteartf
PRINTING 13318.• .
ItCTCIIINSON & Co., Nol3 Spruce Street,
NEW 0005. Wholexale rnaint footmen, of the best
ENGLISH POINTING IMO, for Steel and Litho.
craplil Prfootor and for Find Dookolnd Job Work, which
they warrant 0, ,
bo rompoord of the purest material', and to
"?It n "11;11:t e.
rtfiL M lZa n n . ritilr''', ol ,* such as to gire a rith.
nra4 sou per, maneoey to work 50p.., ,,, rt0 any other tnkancot
Lo ow bold at prievs "clog bum 75 eta. to 54,00 per lb..
put up to mow and foravarded to o tier.
If. 4 Co.also.32lllfactlire mimed lok" of erery ahadeand
‘uality , earting from 31.4.0 to tz,oo per lb. ere,
11(r004--'S eacka mow landing from Inn
L_Cap. Ma, tor ale by
I , tlAll DICKEY i CO.
ARD--13 bbls. No. 1 Leaf;
"j ag r L icamthlegaza.
-root ky lanes. 1 cootiumot
to Dais state, gradually rialnag under 1.1.0 dlwar, until
January .1547. Ohm I toes anuln attacked with face r r. My
frPtinis de...paired of my lito. and inY phyrisdans tturaght I
could eurvire but a short lir,. Sly - extremities. especial
Iy my feet wers'coustantly cold. and olnaust lost their fuel. •
inr. Under thew chew:Juane. it may be truly raid' wee
a living skelstilu. I finally detanalnel to out , taking mu.
preanited by 9hr/rich:mo t e,' try Dr.:Vistaed/241-
.m Cr Wad (Merry, and from the foot week that I Owat
tognewl lobby it, I ran date agradual recovery. I contlep
tied Its gee gin mnothe. at the god of whd. thee was our.
ed, and moyed nowt health reer and cheerthlly.ree
commend the Hahn. to ell three afflicted with diwaseS of
the lungs. and would say to Dirroerdonmencingite nee. net
n. he dracouraned If two or three -bottles do not erect
rare but persevere. as I bare done, nod I have no doubt
but aloe =sex out of ten, will toe bleserd with renewed
health to I have Leon. Drznov:Sully yours.
(.10010/..TT TO TheoUTITCY.TO OTTO TOE.. OR T. ON.
From Dr. /taker. Spfingneld. WaShingtou Conuty. Ky.
• SlorroaDroo, Kr . ..31.71k '49.
Messrs. Stestkrd 2 Parks —I take this opportunity of Ig
firming you of a most remarkable. cure maw-lard - npon
cor by the use of Dr. liVirnu's DoDant of Wild Cherry..
In the year 1540.1 was taken with . intlamatJonof the
bowels. which 1 !abored laud, far cis wee., when I grad
ually recovered. In the fall of 1541 1 nut attacked with •
ecvere cold, which rontrd itself upon ray longs. and fur the
e pace of three years 1 wagon/M1.140 my bed. 1 Leird;ll
dads of medicine. and every satiny of al. without be e
r.t. and thus' wearled along ttntil Dan wints of 1545.
when I heard of Dr. Wbenes Ile'ran of tell! Cherry.. Ur
:Sends persuaded me to glee It o telal.thougli I Lod Si,.
up all hopes of no,. ere. nal had pre: opal my.,11 tdus
ehawre cf another world. Through thelr odlietati.s
:Waded to make 0,. eat the genninellirosr's•lfalttal Le nt
'Oll4 Cherry, :Le ‘flect wa/ truly tatnatslalr.-J. /flu
threw rare of elan,. and suffering, =1 after LSaving
or nee I: uadred doll., to to porroes, aml the
toet at,t most reepertrade rh,,irlaus haul nrurt,l unavall.
eur. I ono re:oleo,' 0. en.dp. tedlth by the blessing pf
ded W
are: It. oar of Dr eass, prison, of Wild a.fry.
- bleonnu of Dot pet upou ltLe proprietors of to
s.uetue. 112,11 , inr latscs Pak.. of Wild Cherry. t
Toon. resyertfall7.
%fn. It Ism.. I
Pid = Dont. ted---e.r Sardo.rd s l'ar;..)fot, al,
t..tTha . Agee: toe the
:oath Inc/” . =l aD order. must be. ~ . rd:,mod. ' .
J. Kohl 0 Co.. D. A. foLce:tirk. to_ Jong.%
ir.. Ire a. li.clsbant .I.lkYlnrcr CI •
T. ileswiL Waddrodirk L. 11..:a0.1•J: iltdonbnarn•
Welty, Greensbuto, 5. liatuttlgotopen &GU:: Gild.
hwiford:Dral Anent Duntingiorn Doll:dahlia- -
Widen:mad 0 Co., Indlanin J. E. :fright, ling • • •
TIVIUISa Co. Braukviile Wdsou &m, Wayrosbu •.
.01cVarelnd a: Co. N. Colleiror.. Dealt - fgt.; •.
Ltdr, Grahani 0 Yorker. Merger: JAVA,' tt . .lay
:mkt. 11..._•rer.' D t.ur n:erten. %envoi I. L. 2 I.
J<:,%.3,,,1-dokuAzirt; Itrueurrldht
R - ---
EMOVAL.-liEO. I'. 1/11131 hiis remoTed
. n . o b , i ' i t ' t 7 gT.! ' lt ' .: T.t i r " ...t, ' . ' :r? ,) :zr.t . v=,; . .t.
'Le. t...... , . 1.. p..e.....1. 1. all • , 11 hu t. , ...rrnmanars
pn.l UL. t... 1: :,, , 0,,,, : at,.:lta .
• l' / 1 •1 : 4 1 .3 1: : " { d \
La.,rti collectkat
m.o.' ta • joo lhe 1314bist nutlet
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