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til4:l - 17‘4 MORNING, APRIL 29,1651
,nnty Convention.
ige and intimasons of Alio,
1 weft on Satdrchr. the nre of 5110,
place, of holding or/Ittorl kaoctlncr; In
.5 , e ty at 3 o'clock. 31., and In the
Burcukhr. at: o'clock, P. M.. to Paled
nob 01401100 IHstriet.'ku a County Cole
us the Court Hun., on Wrdroaday. Cu.
at 10 o'clock. A. 31.. to wake the County
ser The 11
Oozy Comity
pot— !alba lut •
the Tiromablio
severe Word. I
t.o doirottoo f
votticot. tot. 1.11;
dtb of Jime not
soot/Wk. • •• •
oho to appoint dol
lUL...tor. on
tort to the next General Lhmtion. and
I(srates to the state C32l,GOtit/11. 14 meet
1, • :Ith of Jose.
4:Mu a C.031111t10.
174 C.
First page—New York correspondence ; Rail
road Wpoting in Mt. Vernon be ~ .Rotation
of the Earth rendered visiblef'Parisianand Loa
d= Fashions, &e
Fourth page—Poetry and MineelLeneous arti
Third mo—llome Matters, and Telegraphic
General Scott arrived in New Orleans, on the
. 23e1 instant, and was warmly welcomed by the
Jarcr. LIND. —The Buffalo Commercial can
not:Laces that Jenny Lind will sing in Buffalo, in
July. She will also, it is underaistal, 'visit Cleve
land and the Upper Lakes, and will then again
suit Pittsburgh, if the necessary preparations
are made to hare. the hull in entire readiness.
The ship:Mary Hall, which had been given
up as Iva:, arrived - 4 Baltimore, on Friday last.
Tan :caw rosrApt •oratrps.—Messrs. Toppan,
Carpenter 6 Co., Of Philadelphia, bank note en
grants, have obtained the contract from the
Post Oita° Depart/gent, for engraving the otamps
ordered order theSnew Tostage law.
Winn, lifrestvo.—On the ith inst., a large
meeting of the Whig citizens of Cauibria county,
was held at .Ebensburg, at which Daniel Lit
.singer, Esq., 'presided, and after, a number of
eloquent speeches front several 'gentlemen, the
following re-solutions were unanimously adopt
- Resolved, That Geis. Winfield Scott is the unan
imous .choice of Cambria county, for the next
Resolved, That WC have every confidence in
the administration of Presidentpillmore.
Resolved, That we have undiminished faith in the
justice and wisdom of the State Administration,
and hereby instruct our delegates to the State
Convention at Lancaster, to' support for renonsi.
'nation Wm. F. Johnston.
Unsolved, That we heartily unite with our sis
ter comity of the 'old Tenth,' in recommending
the Hon. Thus. White, to the State Convention,
for the Supreme Beach.
In ?elation to Mr. Cnsatas Scaste, the Sena
te.r elect from 3ts
lassachuset, the Boston Trans
cript remarks •
"wears not prepared to proclaim
ruined in comae:lumina of this event- Mr. Sum
nails &forcible and eloquent speaker, an opt
scholar.' a man af superior abilities, of polished
address, and extensive acquaintance with the
=mead events of his times; and he may become
& !esteem= of ntarh iu the political arena. Be
will probably set and work with the Whig party
on all questions but one—a vital and momentous
'aria, it is true, as he will find when he gets to
Mr. Sumner will find on reaching the Capitol,
that Ma4sysbusetts, and even New England, are
but a friction of the United States ; that there
are interests besides theirs ao be looked after,
that under his oath of office he is bound to legis
latefor the whole Country, not n, sectional part;
that the constitutional rights of others must be
respected; and all this his good geese will soon
teach him, if he needs to be taught.
The speech of Sir Henry Bnlwer, the British
'Minister, at the St. George's dinner, in New
York, is published in the New York papers. Sir
Henry appears to have been jocose, and from
the iMrenthetical notes of "great applause,"
..cheers," "laughter," rue., the company most
been in.* humor to
- appreciate anything
Itke fon, or ri other wpide, they innstinure been
dbeigiotionfl humor... In end or two portions of
Me addien• however, he grows eerie= ' Here Is
. • dipinto pditical economy:'
.I.:My; therefore,' that I delight to End myself
nes* this Society, because I could not summon
• better' witness to contradict the most vulgar
mid 'am:Onion of all fallacies, vie: That of sup
pordnithat in every transaction between State
and individuals, what one Party gains the other
nandlose! ' (Applause.) What, let me ask you,
M 1... President, has been taking place under
your eyes? Have yotinot Seen the foreign capi
talist wanting employment for his capital, the
fineign laborer wanting employment for his a
do:try, and the - American farmer and manifac
-Surer wanting railroads to faidlitate - the transit
and enhance the seine of his produce? Railroads
Which were likely to return great profits, if once
made, but which be (the American) wanted cap
ital and labor to make. Well,lave you not seen
the foreign capitalist advancing his monkfto
'Ding out the foreign laborer to construct the
American railways? and has any one been a loser
by these transactions? No air! The foreign
mmitaliat his increased his capital, the foreign
laborer has maintained himself and family, the
• Anterican•lininer and manufacturer has doubled
lam= cases quadrupled the value of his prop
y. My reverend friend on the right has spo
ken of the blessings of peace. I concur with him
but I don't confine those blessings within, the
Mere fact, tkitt a man is to die a little later by &-
warm the gait, than he would do otherwise by
tim sward or pistoL"
. The folloiring 'Fessage is curious. However
trail the assertions may be in a general sense,
the : reader will be very apt to remember India
• SO hew governors, especially Warren Hastings:
Were conquest, gentlemen, is a vulgar thing.
There were the Tartar conquerorm theyawept
'OM' the eirth. Their march was • marked by
~ter, end their trophies were raised up by
(Applause.) There , were the
Belin conquerors, the mightiest "aey". of all
IMSlguity; but how does the Roman historian
Saks his saclmt•Britons subjected to their sway
gad describe the - end and aim of all their con
geal? He says sadly: they make. a „solitude
Sad can that----peace. (Long emotion and loud
appl►ase.) Long will that phrase of Tacitas
he the fame of his 4ountrymen! But we En
-004 instead of making solitude and calling that
peace, have made ran that haso peopled SOU
• Sir Henry made a digression to nail to the
lallatei the forged “Intercepted despatch" of the
postern Celt: He speaks most enthusiastically of
Lie belief that the friendly relations which ex
ist betweee the United States end England will
amr be broken. We have not read the speech
closely, bet from a glance we think it a very cre
atable performanceior the oedsaion.
Farr&also Vssera.s.—WO learn frum the
•Courrier dot:Dant Mir, that the project of a trial
. of speed between an English and an American
soiling ship , of the same tonnage has excited the
ressieb ship builders. A cortlesporident of the
J . 41, • Havre, Mr. Corbiere, Proposes to
, Work* hundred thousand trines by subscrip-
Man, far the purpose of building a ship of the
Vows settled upon, and enter the lists, o7 with
thradmericans and English. This proposal:has
balm warmly seconded by the editor of the Jour
wil, who shows his faith in the project by h ea d.
istiths list with s wery liberal subscription.
Locitwoon's ExPltnea—This new Express,
haws Pittsburgh and Cleveland, Massillon,
sad interverdeg, totals, which Is advertised in our
taltaans, will be a great convenience to the peo
ple of thiatity. Tho public may place the ut.
Pea oonCiee ain the promptness and fidelity of
this line, which runs in connection with some of
the beat established in the country. Among its
-other eamvenisnees, it' will give ns a supply of
rah, huh from the Lakes—a great luxury, as
all boom who have partaken of White Fish and
. 31Lladdraw Trout, fresh from their native ele.
• =oat.. We understand Mr. Lockwood expects a
-supply of lidtthree times a week, for the market
ZitsllloDlaTlurCll Bu#.—This much
faked of case, a revolt of the separation of the
itch, has finally been set down fora hearing
in the Vaiterotata Court in this city, on the
11121 - of May next. • ! !
far the complainant, the Methodist
Chnrch South, are Daniel Lord, of New
rarklerady Johnson, of Maryland, and Dan
telWebstar, of lilassachasetta
Far - the . defence, the Methanol Episcopal
Ckizeb, B. L. rancher, andGemv Woods, - of
Ivy Tat, and Bubo Cm% 04 Mamcblulette•
rPott. ! - •
5110 P Ecalarros.—The followiag brief
memoir of the late , Archbishop EmitMotl,
from the l eitholie Expositor:
..'vent mixt° was born on the 27th
, l, in Kent County, a few miles from
, wn. His grandfather was So John
who emigrated to this country, from
'Englandlnfew yea;a prior to our struggle for
independence. His father, Samuel Eccleston,
was a wealthy farmer of Kent County, Maryland
and was liistinguished for his highly cultivated
mind and manners.—Borg of parents who, at
that time, were members of the Protestant Epis
copal Church. he attended worship in that de- ;
nomination until about the age of eleven years ;
when he was sent, as a student. to St. Mary's
College, Baltimore. In this institution he con
LS a day-scholar until his fifteenth year; I
suit, during this early period, displayed shin
ing talents, and a peculiar toot for learning. By
his sweetness ,of disposition, amiable deport
ment, and graceful manners, he secured the
friendship and attachment of his fellow students
and professors, as well as all who had' the plea- ,
mire of hie acquaintance. It was the intention I
Of his mother to direct his studies towards the
profession of the law. At sixteen years of age,
he became a boarder in the College. He soon
manifested an ardent love of virtue, and other
dispoeiti 3 lne which,in a few years, resulted in
his stud of divinity; in which pursuit, by his
assiduity and talent, he advanced so rapidly an
to be con 'tiered qualified for the order of priest
hood at n earlier age than that order is general
ly conferred.
Very & I ron -after his ordination he crossed the
, Athantic, and visited. England, Ireland, and
France.—Be was, however, suddenly recalled to
America, (after a sojoun of about two years in
Europe,) in consequence of the death of his step-
father, w ch happened about this time. From
abroad h brought back with him a large !tore
of usefuli knuwltlige on ardent zeal in the cause
re re
of his gion, and au incased attachment to
republic institution.—Upon his return to his
native country, he was received with affection
by hie n errata Mends; and, in a short time,
received arks of their esteem and approbation,
by his elevation first to the vice-presidency, I
and sutlequently, the presidency of:the flourish-'
ing instil - titian - in which he bad been educated.
—This slice he filled with much honor to him
self, suit advantage to the college for several
The late Archbishop Whitefield becoming in
firm frond disease, it was thought necessary, ear
lyiin the year-1834, to appoint a coadjutor or
assistan bishop, in order to lessen the burden
of his d 'es. The choice fell upon Mr. Eccles
ton, whiCh was no ordinary mark of confidence.
when yell consider that he had hardly attained
his thirty-third year, and that there were so
many others in the diocese, whose age, expe
rience, aid talents would have qualified them
for the4tuation. Upon the death of the late
archhi p, he succeeded de jure to the title and
honors oo'ff the see, on the fourteenth of Septem
ber, 188:.
As a reacher of the word of God, the arch
bishop bad always been regarded as eloquent,
graceful and persuasive, displaying great zeal
and piet i , in all be uttered; and was sure to en
list the i r ndivided attention of his bearers.
In perrn he was tall and commanding, and
reanarka le for his graceful deporttaent and ease
in conversation. No one ever approached him
familiarly , without being pleased , with hirtf;or
Without en increased respect for his person.
His piety was of the highest :Order. No one
could look upon him without being impressed
with the idea that he was a true , prelate of the
church. Ever rolostenuatious c and Unassuming,
his grew S aim was to dog ood to all men, seek
ing the dill of his great Master. ,:iiis study was
to pleas Him,
.1 .,..,
regardless of the ; - - world , which be
would ' gly heap upon him its choicest
honors id he not studiously fly from them.
Such was Archbishop Eccicston, the worthy
successor of the Carroll. and the N'eales; end a
il i
model, ' suavity and elegance, as well as energy
and ecel iastical deportment, for the hierarchy
at who s head he stood.
000 - Le Fllll Dale.- I We 'GSM that Messrs.
McFade. and Cavode are now 'receiving goods
regularly in five days from Philadelphia. This
is a gral improvement orer the old slow coach
mode, mid is almost fast enough to satisfy even
modern • patience. 4 .
!—We refer our readers to our local col
I. fall report of a case of arson, In which
ace most palatally demonstrates the
• of the incendiaries on trial.
"WIT . SPORTS OF THE West, by Wm. H. Max
welL" new edition of this pleasant book, de
scriptive of the sports of the West of Ireland,
has just een published, and is for =lc at II olmes'
Depot, • ' . street.
. ,
We pu'blialted a telegraphic despatch OIL Fri-
Alvin-nil containing en account of the breaking
up of mma organized band of outlaws iiiirchigan.
Wewop the (alloying particulars from the De
troit Tribune of the 2lst. instant The "notori
ous JoelDova" spoken of es the leader is now
lying in the Allegheny County Jail:
"We *idly announced on Saturday the arrest
of a gawp of men in Jackson County, who were
orgazuzsd for the most nefarious purposes that
depravaf, could suggest. Our readers will re
memberithat for the last two years the Central
Railroad Companyturre been constantly annoyed
along thhir line, by persons whose sole occupa
tion Beaked to be in placing obstructions on the
road, and otherwise destroying the property of
the Company. At one time, no systematic had
their work of destruction become, that the Rail
road Company were induced to employ a couple
of shrewd persons, whose duty it should be to
travel along the line and detect the offenders,
but so well organized were the band that for tO
months they eluded the most persevering inqui
Some four weeks ago One of the persons em
y the Company obtained an inkling of
the o nization, and by adroit management
succeed in worming himself into the confidence
of the initiated; hat before they would trust him
to any chusiderable extent it was required as a
proof o his allegiance, that he should fire the
Depot at Niles on a certain night, provided it
.was not previously done by an individual from
this city, who was to be sent on for that pur
pose. The night came, and to ward off suspi
cion or betrayal, as well as to secure full confi
dence of the gang, the Depot was fired—all ne
cessary Lprecontiens having been made to avert
any serious damage to buildings. , The news
that thMDepot at Niles had been net on fire, but
fortunately discovered in time to prevent its de
stritetiort at once gave to the new recruit the
fullest confidence of the gang, and be was forth
with adMitted into the most secret counsels of
the leading desperadoes.
Counterfeiting, horse stealing, Incendiarism,
burglary, robbery, and the smallest petty lar
ceny, wirethe sworn objects of this monstrous
organization. One of their designs was to blow
up the track and cars by an ingeniously contriv
ed torpedo, so arranged as to be fired by the lo
comotivi, and explode while the passenger cars
should he over it.
... . _ ..
The informant continued to act with them
until halhad procured the names of thirty or for
of the conspirators, and their places of reri- I
deuce, 'conbned principally to Leans, Center,
Jackson, Michigan, and to this city. Before
plans had been matured for their arrest, the no
t oe Down—who, it is said, was the gen
eral of e concent=was taken from this city to
Pittstrarp,h,. on a requisition of the Ooremor of
Penneylyaam. and themanagement of the gang '
devolved upon - a felicrvrtalling himself O. D. Wil
liams, then in this city, bid a Nedra of the State
of New Truk.
This person It is ascertained, was to leave
Detroit or Buffalo on Thursday night; and se his
arrest 0 that time would be the signal fora gen
eral disPersion of his accomplices, it was deter
t. .
mined let him proceed, while an officer funs
ithed wt the requisite papers should accompa
ny him, d make the arrest during the passage
thus giving time to perfect a capture of his com
panions lin this State.
That arrest was made by Wm. H. Goodnow,
of the Cdstom House, who was acting as United
States Marshal, and Williams was brought back
to Detroit on Saturday night, under escort of
that offider. Op his way up, Williams requested
officer Opodnoir to mail for him a letter at De-
troit, as Soon as he should get there. This, when 1
they gotj to the prison, Mr. G. consented to do,
but received a reply thatit was not then neces
sary, sal the gentleman to whom he had written
had alsS become as inmate under the same
roof. I
' On Friday night, the time it had been agreed
to ma* the arrests in the interior, an extra
train of Mirs was sent out fram this city, with a
large number of officers and assistants engaged
for the tecaafon: and each were the arrange
ments made and carried out, by leaving squads
along !lie line, that at Leona, Michigan, Center
and -Jabber,, thirty-three men were arrested
Simusly about daybreak on Saturday
mound brought in and lodged in jail on
Sejor4 , P. Id.
Arnoug the prisoners arrested are three 'Jus
idea of the Pests, fi ve man called Doctors, one
Judge, , d
four Catutablea—the latter belonging
to the t wnship of keeps, not an officer of which
from Supervisor down to Postmaster, but is said
to be'
In city Washington Gay and Brutus
Smith ere arrested on Saturday, and the house
of the Ormer was found a variety of implements
for burning buildings, and so constructed as to
lmut bit-boar, or three days, before setting fire
to the bbilding. '.. ,
By one of these machines, it has been du' coy
er. t 'tl , /
vi m d epot of this city was tired last fall,
which in the loss of one hundred thou
sand worth of property. The arrests
were made. on a writ from • the United States
Court, fOr stopping the mail and for. counterfeit
ing United States gain, and the . prism:Mrs will
1 probahte bolt detained tmtil the next MAI= of
1 theDisitiot carte
~ Jl M .
Whereas there is reason to believe that a Mili
tary Expedition is about to be fitted out in the
United States with intention to invade the [s
tand of Cuba, a colony of Spain, with which this
country is at peace; and whereas it is believed
that this expedition is instigated and set on foot
chiefly by foreigners, who dare to make our
shores the scene of their guilty and hostile pre
parations against a friendly power, and seek by
falsehood and- misreprc,votation, to seduce our
own citizens, especially the young and iocousiti
erste, into their wicked schemes—fin ungrateful
return for the benefits conferred upon them by
this people in permitting them to make our
country an asylum from oppression, and in flag
rant abuse of the hospitality thus extended to
And whereas such expeilitions can only be re
garded as adventures for plunder and rubbery.
and must meet the condemnation of the civili
zed world, whilst they are derogatory to the
character of our country, in violation of the lows
of nations, and cxpressely prohibited by our
own. Our statutes declare •' that, if any per
' son shall, within the territory or juritAietion
' of the United States, begin or set on foot, or
' provide or prepare the means for any military
• expedition or enterpri-se, to be carried on from
• thence against the territory or dominions of
• any foleign Prince ir State, or of any colony, dir
' trict, or people, with whom the United States
' are at peace, every person so offending shall
be deemed guilty of a high misdemeanor, and
• shall be fined not exceeding three thousand
dollars, and imprisoned not more than three
Now, Therefore, I have issued this, my Pro
clamation, warning all persons who shall connect
themselves with any such enterprise or expedi
tion, in violation of our laws and national obli
gations, that they will thereby subject them
selves to the heavy penalties denounced against
such offences, and will forfeit their claim to the
protection of this Government, or any interfe
rence on their behalf, no matter to what extrem
ities they may be reduced in consequence of their
illlegnl conduct. And, therefore, I exhort oil
good citizens, as they regard our national repu
tation, as they respect their own laws and the
laws of nations, ns they value the, of
peace and the welfare of their country, to dis
countenance, and by all lawful mean, prevent,
any ouch enterprise: and I call upon every offi
cer of this Government. clod or military, to use
all efforts in his power to arrest for trial acid
punishment every such offender against the lava
of the country.
Given under my hand the ttrenty.fifth 1,13. of
April, in the year of our Lord one thno,md
eight hundred and fifty-one, and the seventy
fifth of the independence of the United States.
By the President:
W S. DERRICK. ...4cre.g Serr.tar7,
Bosms. Apni 2.
The reply of the lilort. Daniel Webster to the
invitation of the Common Council to meet the
citizens of Boston in Faneuil Nall. was read I,e
fore the Council last. evening. It is as fol
Mx-Afield, Su:urday Ap, 19. ISCiI
To Francis Brinley,,f.sq., . .
President of the Common Council of Boston:
Dear Sir—l received your communication
transmitting copies of the preamble nod resolu•
lions adopted on the 17th inst. by the Unanimous
vote of the body over. which you preside. I
shOuld be incapable of all just emotion if I de
layed a moment to express ray grateful thanks
for n proceedings° friendly and so honorable to
wards myself.
I wish my stay in this vicinity could be suck
as to afford me an opportunity of calling indi
vidually upon you and all the member+, nod pay
ing to each my personal regard.. There are, I
know, members of the council who entertain
political opinions different from my own, and
this makes me more anxious to signify in an em
phatic manner, my sense not only of this kind
ness and courtesy, but also of the manliness and
independence which characterizes their votes.
I shall not have the pleasure during sly pre
sent Plait of meeting the citizens of Boston
What I have dune during the last year to main
fain the Union, and to preserve tile relation.
or peace, friendly intercourse, commerce and
business among all the States, has not been tibiae
in a corner, and I shall not go into a corner to
perform -what may remain to be done. Nor
stall I enter Faneuil Hall until its gate4shall lee
thrown open wide, not with Impetuous
grating harsh thunder, but with the harmonious
sound of golden hinges, moving to let in freely,
and to overflowing, you and our fellow citizens.
and all men of all parties who arc true to the
Union, as well as to liberty—men who can look
around on the faces cf dm Patriots which adorn
the walla of the sacred temple, draw in with
their deepest inspiration, and stand upright and
erect upon its pavements, in mind and heart
elate in the consciousness that they toe ire Amer.
karts, lovers of their country, and their whole
country,and not unworthy to follow in the foot-
steps of their great forefathers.
If Providence but pleases to spare my life and
health until that hour comes, I shall meet the
citizens of Boston, and my voice shall be beard
once more in the cradle of American liberty.
Till then, again thanking you and the members
of the council, I bid you and them farewell.
Dams]. nns i re,
The Erie Railway is completed. A train has
passed over the whole line from the litelsnii riv
ere to Lake Erie. The cars reached Dunkirk on
Tuesday evening, amid great rejoicings of the
inhabitants Freight trains are forthwith to
testers° the entire road, and regular passenger
trains, connecting with Lake Erie. will be or
ganised and put in operation early in May. The
Journal of Commerce gives the following histbry
of the building of the road:
The New York and Erie Railway Company
wan chartered in 1133,3. It was then estimated
that the read could bebuilt, graded for a rloubl
and laid with a single track, from the river to
the lake, for less than live millions of dellatU
and no one anticipated that a period or nitre
than six or eight years would be consumed in ?Ai
construction. Nearly nineteen years hare
ed since the Company was organized, and e
road is just completed, at a cost of about my s
ty millions of dollars. It was not, however, till
1835 that the million of [loners required to ena
ble the Company to commence operation, vine
subscribed; and from that time, fora period of
Um years, so little was accomplished, that. in
1846, when the present Board was organized,
only fifty-three miles of the four hundred and
sixty-five, which is now the length of the track,
including the Newburgh Branch, mus completed
and in operation, and for seven miles of that
distance the present Board were called on to de
fray the cost. Even this fifty-three miles was
in 00 dilapidated u condition that it had virtual
ly to be re-constructed Indeed, till the present
Board of Directors assumed the managemeut of
its affairs, misfortune or extravagance seems
to have perpetually thwarted its progress arid
threatened " with a calamitous destiny. Half
the capital originally invested in it was lust, and
notorioustaismanagement had so weakened ptt,,,
lie confidence in the practicability of the entit .
prise that nothing but the faith which can merle
mountains could be relied on for co-operation ip
effort to resnscitate it. Happily that faith exit
ttd, and its fruit has matured in au achievement
which, for magnitude and commercial impor
tance, has no parallel in any similar enterprise
yet accomplished on this continent This result
is due &the public: spirit of those of our mer
chants and others who, in time of need, advanced
money in proportion to their means, to the lib
eral policy of the State Legislature, and espe
cially to the Board of Directors , Who, in their
corporate capacity, have manifested the same
energy, effiziency, and wisdom that the individ
uals who compose it are known to exercise sev
erally in the conduct of their private business "
After the subscription to the new stock had
been completed in October, 1845, nearly a year
was lost to labor in waiting for the legislation
necessary to enable the Board to avail them
selves of the most desirable route for the eaten-
Sion of the road; so that, in fact, but little more
than four years has been consumed in the con
struction of this great work.
A Paorrostuo Conntontse.-111r. Botta has
submitted a eonipromiso in the Virginia Conven
tion to settle the vexed question of representa
tion. He proposes that the llourie of Delegates
shall cansurt of 160 members, 76 from east of
the Blue Ridge, and 76 west of it: the Senate to
be similarly divided, and elected by districts.—
lie also proposes a uniform ad valorem system
of taxation, except where specially exempted by
two-thirds of the Legislature; and to prevent the
creation of a public debt, without at the same
time providing for its payment by increase of
taxation. Appropriations exceeding . a certain
mm, before, becoming a law, must receive the
Tote of a majority of all the members of each
branch of the Legislature.
—A contested election case is now before a spe
cial court at Danville, (Fa.) Judge Jayne presi
ding. Hendricks - , 13. Wright, the Democratic
candidate for Congress In the district composed
of Lucerne, Columbia, Montour, and Wyoming
counties, contests the right of Hon. Henry M
Fuller, the member elect, to his seat. The point
in controversy is the omission of the votes from
Montour county. "The majority for Mr. Fuller
in the district was 66, 'Montour county having
given him 1,717, and Mr. Wright 473. Mr,.
Wright alleges frauds in the election, and that.
illegal votes were received, and, immediately'
upon the assembling of the judges to cast up th
votes for Congress, protested on this ground
against the vote of 'Montour being received-:
The certificate of election, however, was given ,'to
Mr. Folks, and the present issue is to ascertain
T hither Depltotes mere polled"
Corametrl,t AdverUser.
....ipoxices of-the United Statute cover his depor,
• THE 'WORLD'S - tatioMof:the fugitive out: of that State. The
Teri Baari. -the skimmer of the ocean," is report also alleges that Commissioner Hallett
daily expected at the Southampton docks. The I disregarded and ins - tilted the Liam of Maseachu-
Sultan of the Turkish Empire has beard of the I setts. as also its legislature; "' I the City Mar
fame of the great exposition, and applies for for- shall is rebuked for disrespect to•the committee.
mad admission for his country's products within I The Sheriff is exonerated, as acting under .the
the Crystal Palace, even at this late dor. She advice of the Attorney General and District At
sailed from Constantinople on the 27th ultimo; corny. Two bills accompanied the report pro
this :steam frigate Tei.ei Lauri—having 012 board I riding against a similar recurrence of the evils
Vice Admiral Pasha, Gemandin Pacha, Sail) complained of.
Effendi, and other tailed functionaries of the •
Turkish Government, bearing such specimens of
the wealth and taste of the harem, the bare cat
alogue of which has served to whet the female
curiosity of the 'Weld end to the utmost It ap
pears that the Spltan, in order that the produc
tions of his kingdom may vie not ...worthily
with others at the Great Exposition. hai made
large purchases throughout his dominions. Car
pets of the most magnificent deecriptem, tapes
try that France cannot rival. textile fabrics that
have never before been suffered to leave the
country, and have been for thy exclusive use of
the seraglio, stuffs of silks and wools exquisite
beyond compare in fineness and finish, and shawls
invoiced at £BOO sterling, arc among the arti
cles of Teisi Baari's cargo. Is will be a late day
for the estiihition when these goods reach Lon
don, but in consideration—l hardly know of
what—perhaps of special compliment
. to the
Salton, because he has at last awaked, p erhaps
through the paramount influence of the ladies of
England who will not hear of n denial—the deci
sion of the Royal Commissioners to receive no
contributions after the 10th of April will be re
versed, said special counters, tables, and fixtures,
will be prepared for this unexpected offering of
has Sublime Porte.
It is amazing what arrangements are making
throughout all the world for a pilgrimage to this
ehrtno of universal industry. Every day brings
now intelligence of the crowds that hasten bith
e-. There is prohtbly not n civilized nation on
the face of the myth which will not within the
next three months have its representatives in
London. Even half civilized India, in the per
semi of minces and nobles of the East. has 5411 t
a large deputation. and almost any day at the
"palace" there may be pointed out, not only
Payne merchants, but the nabob of Nizam, the
Rao of Catch, and the Rajah of Travancore, the
attest .lelegotbn of half-Anglicised East Indians
it is said, that ever visited Great Britain.
The aspect of the interior of the industrial
building changes every day. Only nineteen
working days note'riinatain for the arrangement of
the goods within the spaces allotted for them,
and each nation represented is urging forward
its work with redoubled eneto. No one can form
any idea of the amount of labor to be done au
less he is personally engaged in it. The mere
corpeuter's work an our United States division is
greater and tic Much in coot ns the building of n
house in a Nett England village. and when this
s finished—when every counter, sad table, and
elevation and fixture is completed, the work vein
he tot half Commenced. Every table along the
central avenue must to covered uniformly, and
es the British division is first completed. at
whatever expense, we and other foreign nations
are ohliged to follow, their lead. There all the
other tables and counters are to be covered with
some tasteful material, the fixtures to he hung,
tie rough legs of the tables and counters to be
concealed, the disposition of the immense Minn
her of goods to be made, the show cases and
cshinets of individual contribution to be allotted
and ten thousand other things done, which math
hag but their actual necessity, as they are met
with in the process of work, can fix upon the
mind. You way form some idea of Lion super
ficial foot tee hues to cover, when L tell you that
1 yesterday purchased 21.09 yards of bleached ,
Muslin, with which simply to voter the fixtures, f oe winks of the writing applie7l W the cylinder
that is. the uprights behind thecounters. Nearly of the transmitting instrument, were received in
as many yunts of another material will he re- I. Lothbury in the presence of gentlemen connected
goired for the elevation tables, and counters. with the Telegraph Company. The writing,
Then come the decorations of the tour enlemble. formi by was
With the least national pride—with the slightest I dignnen, legible , and the signature could re'
regard for the interestsof nor " aribut `''' cognized. The rapididity with which the trans
ter oil their labor and expense—indeed with even mission tuns railed from 120 to 150 let
the mere form of obedience to the reqninitions of ten per minute, according to the size of the wri
and rules of the Royal commissioners, Mr. Rid- I ling-, and we understand that Mr. Bakewell ex
,lie. our commissioner, could not have foreborrs pecta to accomplish more than 200 letters a min
."; the expenditure he is now mnbtog. ; nth with a single wire when the telegraph is in
If the goods or one exhibitors were to be exhih' regular- work. The messages transmitted were
it :a, in the most common justice to those who written in full with capitals, points, and figures,
loon 'oat them over tome thousand but contractions and even short•huid symbols
and oftentimes from " ist ' ri ", o ' mo r e might he used. No manipulation is required to
than thousand mile , Miami. th ey .ag" to he transfer the copies of writing from one instru
exhibited to-advantage. To place them in all meet to the other at n distance; therefore this
Wear labored texture and exquisit^. finish, `Von telegraphic correspondence is free from the lia-
Ivr.cht, of enplaned boards, such as were given bility to error which always attends the manual
u' incur divisien of the building, would
thanhas° operations of other telegraphs. The writing
been even .oreohaa.slaaatransmitted in an exact copy of the original,
to have gout them home again without opening.' therefore error can occur. T. exhibit the
it w as ama" undesirable position in which Mr. peculiar means of secrecy which the copying tel-
Riddle Comet himself upon his arrival here, but gg . rgp b pre„g„, ounce o f the messages received
he has extricated himself from it by the ennead' from Brighton on Wednesday were impressed in
of a shrewd business man, and in doing to,. ho risibly on the paper, and no trace of writing
hue the approbation of every contributor in Lou' I , could Ice seen until It was washed with a solution
don, of air our American residents here, and of . thatinstantly ma d,, tho whole lagibin_EgAth
our Minister, iron Abbott Lawrence. who 'from I
We onset, has been untiring in his labors for the
honor of his country iti the exhibition, , SEntnit Carr...SlN Tits Sates.—By the recent
I suppoie it is no secret —it ts cortain.iy rot i death of Commodore Barnes. the teniorityof rank
here, fur the project was unanisr.or i ly reemalder- t in the Navy of the United States devolves on Com
el by a meeting of contributors, that Mr. Rid- I 'galore Crleglesi Srewwar , who is a native of
die has peroour.Ol acivonced Abner. xlO , OOO, r Pennsylvania, and appointed from that State,
with 'which to complete the arrangements for though at present a cajun of the State of New
the proper display of the goirla, from our coon- , dense. Commodore STEtrio.gri catered the aer
try lit has dens this. I understand, upon his ; site es licutennut on the same day ts the late
own personal responsibility Coder every con , Commodore Ilium:re—to wit an the 9th of
sideration it is highly honorable Whim. Should l March, 17,n---tuad his present commission bean
Congress make no appropriation to reimburse the date of April 22. IbOC. Commodores Mon
him, it is of course undotstcod that he wilt ht4tl Wane:soros, and Dovnet.3 are 'next in the
all the goods sent here, no security against iris series of those sterling old American naval he
own peroonal loot It iv sold that he took the roes, whose prowess in and previous to our etc
boat legal advice upon the subject before giving ! and war with Britain, no lets than their high I
his name, and the opinion rendered was deci- mental qualifications manifested In ixtrionsetnero
cite, that in the emergency of the case, consid- geticies before and since, have challenged the
critic the polio, of which tho goods were rent admiration of the world, and given them an en
the rules of the Royal Commissioners in regard during niche in the temple of Woe. —Bcpuitlic
to u proper preparation of the builciing, and the ;
itamcdiaate necessity of the case, he was fully ; Robert R. Rbett has removed his Eon from
warranted, in law and equity, in raising
.upon the Harvard University, in which he was a mem
tbe goods the amount of money requisite for , her of the senior class, on ancowit of the anti-'
their proper display In slow of all the circum- vlavery agitation in Niaszachusetts.
stances it cannot be that Congress, will decline : Which suffers the most injury from this ope
to make the accessary appropriation. i ration, young Mr. Bairn or the State of Mas
i intended to make a.begining. in what I mean ' eschusetts! Biting ones own nose off, though a
shall be toy weekly description of curious things I difficult operation, in its literal sense, is easily
in the Crystal Palace, in this letter, but my and very commonly dons., symbolically
usual space is nearly occupied. The most woe,
derful thing I have seen to-stay, is the Liverpool l glarß/Connut—l will be a candidate for
gift to the L'gposition--a model of that city, l tomete of neozoles, sithiat to the deciationt the Whit,
tit.LLIOIIICCOttIIty totocntinn.
containing. no shape nod corrixtly reduced pro- BAWL saIINTZTCCK.
portions, not only every bacon, church public ratitsirch, Atoll W,ibitativitcv
building, dock and ship yard, but innumerable SiErt'unrcry Tarascatit—We are author
carts, waginsii, horses, donkies, men, women lied w troalarsi„th,tt hart s , of the na ward. Cot
end children. in most admirable workmanship. " v '''',.,:',!li o id7.4 4 , o l,2'="Z o hale,„n: r
wtic gad
The cost is said to be over £1,200 sterling. One County Cor.vention.
A poor woman, a self-taught artist, decrepit Vir Curti: OF Tar Corar.—'flie name of
from the effects of a fall into a pit of one of the' Jain Horns, or Wilkins towashion ravened to
Cornwall mines, , t,V=r i m :ll
whose livelihood, it seems, has l,,,, l. , :o th 'r'„ ek ,d
; r j m i .,l l o ,9e V b° ,,,. ‘ ''''
been obtained for many rearsby preparing taste- •P26'otnetc'9 _
fel work for the shops, presented yesterday se,
ere" specimens of shell weak in dowers and
wreaths, surpassing is beauty all that I ever
conceived. The, Hovers are placed upon a ta
ble composed of 7,000 pieces of wood, embracing
pieces from the oak of Glasgow Cathedral, the
foundation of old Stockwell bridge, Queen !ilary's
boxwood, Allowny Kirk pulpit, Highland Mary's
thorn, Millie's Mill, the wreck of the • Sopa
George, London Bridge, and the old Bell Tnie of
Itosermath In addition to these there are a.
large number of native and foreign woods. The
top of the-table is four feet nine inches, by four
feet sir inches , in the centre of which is a profile
Of the Queen, surrounded on the corers by the
arms of this three kingdoms, with thenrms of the
cities ,of London and Glasgow interspersed. On
the same•style also is a chitTnanicre, cOnsistiog
of 5,000 pieces of wood, and a ten caddy of 1600.
On the back of the latter are chased In the ye
neer the likenesses ofdher majesty and the ray
al consort: L L E
The Roman correspondent of the /inner:, the
I ; arisinn "organ of Pius IX., gives the following
information The statements in reference to the
American Mission at Rome; norwiihstandlng the
high source from whence they come. we think
rather eipocryphak—
"lt does not-appear that the elwvation of the
Most Rev. Archbishop Hughes to the dignity of
Cardinal Twill take place as soon as expected a
few weeks ago. We have heard two reasons as
slated fir this delay—one, that the Sacred dol
lege is at present nearly full, and that there are
no•vacanetes but such as are indispensable; and
the pecond, the difficult arising from the remote,
neskinf4n American Cardinal when a conclave :is
We believe that the presence of Pr. Hughes, at
Rome, has been the means of expediting the ne
gotiations opened some time since between the
court of Rome and the Government of the United
S totes for en interchange of : ministers between
the two countries. We are assured that this
measure already decided on in principle. will be
speedily carried into execution. )jr. Case, the
present American Charge d'Affairs at Rome, will,
when the arrangement is carried out, change his
present tide of Charge d'Affaires for that of
Plenipotentiary, with a complete American le
gation installed at Rome; and the Nuncio of the
Apostolic See will reside at New York, as being
the most important seat of Catholicism in the
United States. It is added that the Holy See
may send three or four inter-Nuncios to other
cities of the Republic. Finally we are assured
that the government of Washington are most de
sirous that a Prelate of the United States be in
vested with. the character and prerogatives of the
port of the proceedings of the Massachusetts
Legislature, we perceive that Mr.' Robinson, the
nkoter of the inquiry into the conduct a the
Sheriff of Boston, in the case, of the for„ittre
days Sims, and the Chairman Wf the committee
of investigation chosen by the Senate, him re
pOrted that the city authorities of Boston, in
the part they took to support the United States
laws grossly 'violated the statutes of the Com
monwealth, and that the Marshal of the United
States also was guilty of . greet contempt for the
~ereigaty of 2dassaabaseas In timing a criadail
Comvondence of the Mu... nrk Erprcre.
Rio DE JANE/RO, Feb. 14, 1651.
The following statement of the exploits of a
whale and Lis attack upon a vessel, is abstract
ed from the protest of Capt. Joseph Dies, of the
o hale ship 'Pocahontas," of Tisbury, made be
fixe the 15 S. Consul at Rio de Jtmeiro, in Jan.
ISSI It is said to be the second instance known
. rl a direct attack on a vessel by a whale. The.
other was the ship 'Essex," in the Pacific,
etiich was entirely lost Capt. Dias says that
.oa t the 12th of December, 1850, in latitude
about 33 47 S.. and long. 48 35 W., at 5 P. 11.
',taw a shoal of sperm whales off the lee bow,
lowered two boats—the larboard boat struck,
and had been fast 15 to 20 minutes, and after
the line was hauled in to the boats, which line
tits whale had sounded out, In the attempt to'
lance the whale, she turned upon the bait and
literally crushed it to atoms with her jaws, and
all belonging to it, except the crow, who swam
to the other boats—the whale all the time stay
ing round the fragments. The starboard boat
come down, but pulled back to the ship, in com
pany with the waist boat and two crews. After
they came on board, and boats hoisted up, the
vessel was squared in and ran for the whale,
(which still continued about the place where she
stove the boat) fully prepared with lances, Sc.
ready to make a dart. In about 15 minutes,
wore the ship's head towards the whale, having
everything ready to attack her, vessel on the
Ir.rboard tack, and whale coming to leeward of
the ship. When about two boats lengths off, the
whale rounded towards the weasel's bow, and
muck it with such force as to start one or two
planks, and break one or two timbers on the
starboard side of the bow at the waterline, caus
ing the vessel to leak at once at the rate of 260
strokes per - Immo
Under the circumstances the Captain tem np
Rio, when proper repairs were made. Ile
sailed again on his cruise about the 10th of Jan
It Nether he will meet his old foe is doubtful,
hat if he does he will give him batik. R.
The jury in the. Woodworth Planing Machine
use, 9u lung pending iu the Supreme Court,
before Judge Grier, in Philadelphia, was on
ethiesday decided by the jury. Spring and
others, the defendants' in the case, were deci
d•'d to have infringed the Woodworth patent.
Judge Grier said that if witnesses came again
into that court tu swear that Wm. Woodworth
one not the inventor of the patent, he would
hold it to be prima facie evidence that the wit
nooses interidA to perjure themselves, by swear
ing so what they knew nothing about. This
question has now been decided in the aline way
by every Circuit Court in the Union, involving
an immense outlay in litigation.
of Mr. Bakewell's copying electric telegraph woo
made on Wednesday last, the 2d instant, between
Brighton and Loudon. An instrument at the
central station of the Electric Telegraph Compa
ny in Lothbury was plated in connexion with a
corresponding instrument at Brighton, and com
munications in writing were opened between
"lose stations. Several messages, which were
isarComin• HEmerot.—The name of JOHN
Mr.C.LNISZT, a the ant Ward city o( Pattabwrgh. 1w tub
mated Atllol4.ropie Whig Count, Conveution.
+acandidlet.f, the ,th, of lt,lALtr, tad will he earn.,
mpporsed 0, eery
ap.12.3/1, 11•-'W Entree.
se-Coestry RCO . IBTF.R.—John K Foster, of
R.tawh. too nehig, *III be • extaid ate far Rrgleter, boron.
the ensuing Anef.llamaie serf MU' Ceunrr Caureatlou
ArAssEsinLy.—Robert Abrabamp, of I.:li
.bettatnrough, sill anhault hl, immeto the AntSNllipss
1 Whig County (lowest •• • cm:Kildate for noulliss
ciao t• to. Lrglidature.
— Xliareo CS:TY REGISTER.—PIOIIite “1:1117:11 lteP
thatlJ Lames. of Allegh.ny ett•, will be catlklat«
fog thv office of flogiwor,lahipet tleclakai of thr Ao
11-Nla.oute and Whlit County Contention.
CLERK of lac COl:RT.—Henry liannen, of
Alla,Lamy ory..iu to candidata for =mutation to lb,
akar of Clerk of the several Court. of Allegheny County.
before the Anti-Mseonic and WOk ()aunty Content=
serlivEß Pm..s.—These Pills, discovered
by Dr. McLane. and which bear his own nettle, were find
wt.! In lids own practice. In a few Inn, they ettravved
the attention of other thyliciene, and thence. paned ludo
general um. for curing all dlveagra of the liver. they get
with certainty and regularity. 'The patient FOOll feels The
remeal of dlsatee. until he le well. The caret In elmoet
megican and after 'y1410131, &Inns and medicines of anov
they description. the sufferer Enda Kunkel( relieved at Once.
Diseases of the liver are very common In this country. and
ere eafriatiThal In their character Lethey :trent...vent to oe.
egyvencr. Are you ennobled with any of the numerow
oopplalnts which orlatiuto to a diseseed state of the Henri
Pemba* Dr. WI-one's Pals, sal be relieved at once.
forsaleptry J. Kiwis cp.,
No. CO Wood rt.
ikarket Street Store for Rent.
FOR RENT.—The Store, 118 Market,.
t i 9:4, 7 11r seecjEd p =canti v e e ner i tif . l4,l:kilikr o.
121121..2x . ii :lin of 01 49 .7
tun Peon et
Foreign and American Hardware.
No. 129 Wood Street,
A fall cr.d .Oletoetock cif AVIIIION.LVD ANENTGAN
Sailo :tn. the wing Ina. atail wh theT masted
t tab o oNcr purchanna at rum hic
that will cataliaye
farorablv with any of the eartern citita.
Citizen'a Ineniunee Copipany of Pittsburgh
001ce N 0.41 Water street, is thenambouse ofC. W.
ti. intim
A. W. Mears, SW:.
Thie company isnot, prepared lo insuntall merchandise
In store. and to tranein vesels, Jte.
Au =pie rtISIS.tT for ability.d linearity of the
institution. is ailordvi Mo
obannter cf Dinsunirs.
ho ititiwas of Pittsburgh. well and favorably
Imola= to Use OintituunW7 WV their pradenee, Intelligetwo,
liVjAalysery. W. RUM eTi F Ol
rttr•lrtgillit‘ D . Kr CdeW UZOtr.
—•- • • •
o u 11.namothlil7th hut. Dr. 1tar5 , ? .. 173=, t . the
ni year of h 4 .se_ Ma funeral fro= hla.late
residence. corner - of rcarth streat anll7erry a 11574.447.
r,;,,,der, mat, at 3 o'clock, P. If The Limit of the
(=Xi are Davitial to wood.
Var COLIVIT Commeoi6:on.-31njor JOU::
Mucci. of the ' , rat Wank Pii.l or PlttahnraS, wlll to a
candidata before she Anti-amonlo and Whig o,aut7.Con
reneloacqf W , r 4 re or 4 , 4.4 Voraaatodoner.
Ccium iticaris- - :—Alemuider Rich
ardson, of the Fineefordalleay Mr,. will be • use
e o r es SS of lb tee, stout nu de
eWon stion.
Importer, Jobbers, and Retallen in
; ' • DRY GOODS, - . •
i NO.. 62 - and 64 Market stme, Pitts l .7 4, P '•
SOUNCE to their friends and the pub
' I "...lir , dhat.they are now preposed to exhibit
helot and most %weevily selected look of
1 they hoe ow offered in thin city. eoto7elov 3 " the ."'
Y h and fottionabi tobrio, as wall as the bier: ,00lmon,
and which will be :Toed at the
o which goods CilSl be wad in any Or the Elaterla elle.-
, Their two lower salwricOns will be devoted Oelee , /j.
. road Wad, and the goals isawiged In DvoaxentO ~,'
' % Silk Dep
All the new net fashionable mho let tment.
Dodt.od th ' 4 " .. "''
isoltolind the best makes of Dina Silk.
Dress Goods De
pastm ent
i G Cm on P s dKDopinODeraGeo.Tama.Dow
, de Lain.
oin.. Loww, Molina, l'anzdes, Joon%
1 duo, Gee... Aloes 80Mb11421., MAMA. 60.
Shawls, Vizettes, &a.
Conlon Crape, plain and ambroldarad. Abo,
TtdOea. A Aid, Ashmore, Silk, AA, Figured do., and
utter Stialrla:. VLoattas, Atelota, f:anWlaq cu
Hosiery end' Glove Departmenl
Wtil waTo Cotton ud ...ta mnplete, tho boa =atm of
Silt Haien . . The bett Sid 4.llores alWaTo on
Linen Department.
6-6, 4.1. 4. 6-4 White Lin= E5. 46 .8..PM° .
Co oat,
a Linens, Napkins. Mr-Hu. elneh"l.O ron. Dam-
White Goods.
Checked end Dotted Cambria Mall, Sidra Boot and
not:text Mcollun Vwtorta and Bids, Lawns, of seal
au e
ality r o d
Sc.prim. Alec. Curtain Materials, rano and Tr
hi Curer
Embroideries, Laces, Trimmings, &e.
A entiiplete ateirtinenk ALIO, itiblas, F:oven, Saba
la Panatela oi all arils Lantnote of ad the latest etylet.
Domestic Goods Deportment
Is volubly.. of the moat ratentuve In the country, am.
busing everything known as doinestwv.
the Proprietors fr.! contdent was, with *ad . basin."
Willits., large and attractive stock. and mussily low
Lew, oh. y cannot tail to giro perftvt ratiafaction.
Wholesale percbasicre are respectfully Informed that we
will be pleased to rewire their olden, at any time, for
er.g= a
pripie also, to duplicatplicatee any eastern toll
at thy riEls tlla trill Pates.
New and faaddonable Omit will be received cotatantly
through the eras..
OYE PRICE 0.:17.1'.
ep27 A. A. MASON Z co.
KLEBER has just received
• Lten'a celebrated BIRD SONG. as rats by
1117. R 1 4 157 P o ' f m aZ " vt ' Z l .Mlo ` .t ' S.;;Tyli,. l" ll l 2l7as h :
The Poor %lick Bay. -
Where are the friends of me youth
Housiho).l Wails, by Liloclac.
'lb. Gentler, by 5 Mikker.
The Li en Nstlonal Cl tulkn, a &atrial.: mog,•ated the
ry ay.
Winn other thertd• are round thee
uently rthr:rett-ettrra
re think or thee St eretaide
My Nan England Home, a=pcso.l by Mm. A. Wed, of
Alleilleny City.
dna Read., fiennetta, Wereriey Pretty Little, de
theieinl's tinick,Stehe
oidn:•'s waiter Preeeptor.
Together with • eeiretlan of Waltz, Mareheib
Quick Step, Isriatloue, Leesous, de. Ali a. Unelut
of Mortar ••..1 510110 1.10.1 , No 101 Third Are.,
glint Golden tarp.
Summer Blooming Flowers.
rrE subscriber offers fur sale no extenSive
va In y of liontbly Finuering Mau. .ultebb , for
p satiny I the Yard. aml Uartlen. the CAI., comPoeed
In part of U) warietles of the monthly Verbena.. contain
lot .ame now ana, brilliant color.; price from al 10111.50
per .100.rn. Helltrapes at al,bo per donna. Ever F3lOominit
OOOPO from 112.25 to $1..5.) per darn, areordlng ta
tlerarannia. kushelan. Vining Plana., Dahlia!, com
pose.] of rho floret free flo.ering tram Ot to per
doon Orden.
at our stead on market day* or by
toto ..itteburgb 'Poet Cirace, will Ur promptly attemlea
to • JAME.? WAD.III/P,lllantherler.
THE HOUSE of the Seven Gablee; a Ho
ammo, be Nathaniel Ilartborps.
Ag. Na Ua.
riODIES' litrrAs7 Demi, 'bled street, oincilse the
Pest Meer. rP29
Associated Firemen's Insurance Stock.
I QQh. SHAKES 4 .. do tty subscribed c fo k ,
6V-9 - .66 No. 64 1V6.1 64.
HONEY -14 ferkins (fresh) fur sale by
•,:e29 WNI. Ih.romignA
DRIED PEACIIES-50 sacks for sale by
sp29 WM. U. 1011NSIVN.
APPLES bbla Dried Apples for sale by
((BORN-700 bu. in store and for sale by
.eIJ .a ism. JOILNSTON
FARIED A.PPLES-200 bu. fur sale by
jj apt, AI. WILSON.
ICE---30 dorm' for e.sle by
AISLNS—rISO boxes Bunch, for sale by
is apv w. aF. W7LS,IN.
( 1 08.3-50 . bl. Shelled, for sale by
Sr. a F. WIISON. 147 iirst rt.
_LI 11 tierces and earl for roLie try
L ARD 01L-24 bbl. No. 2;
0 " No.): co habil and for ale
TOBACCO-5U boxes W: H. Grant's s's,
a fa sale by A. CCLBERTSOS 6 CO.,
;4 , 29 1;.; Llberty rt.
I,UTTER—A Small Let of the celebrated
Zaar ➢utter eat tap czyrearir Par fm:] are_ , hot
r d sea tee lir A. CCLBERTEON 4 00.
3 WO De, Men=
übNabth . ..llP.sztnr.
Cdnty . •
••, ivAlsera valo
d CO.
Professor . C. Barry's TrieophorHoos,
NJ/ Morlng, ytiaerring and beantlfyley tba hair, miles
non muff and dantirtZ. and elated Mackin of tb• akin.
gland, and minalrk, mean. mita. beeline melee are It
Laub oon aroortabral by wpm:runt. gut Uorry'a Treopb..
emus ban pindu the ram. *NM ourink dlmerea odd.
kit, ate. of to. Were and all en maltnel k. in. Tb.
follow - mg tendamoiala relettal from bobdteda of similar
t =k eVtris " ; . I . ' git TAIT ir f f I
s m aroVft
04111 •• trial:,
Put, 131=21;tety dly—T be N arblen " tEd s Z rlthson
tarl.ll! eyoyUou of the scalp. t met lf.lcrlnSfd that ,
sago, for the Its bx, nattan revs, and dunng that Mad
hsre bad th ? ricesoma of dm oton phyab
nuts, and e n . 11 1
the pytratlont fdr theatnneno
her and
Ilan now known,'whhout tha least bmett. I nes adrlatf
by t Mood to toy row Teleaphoroun. I did so, ae lost
rem ot, =I, to toy aurntiyo and nrallEettloo,found tnytalf
oozed lo about tau, month. Eoch sat the VlCan.f. of thr.
;Wonder that at t•dart I sat parnall blind.
EydpectfUlly. room
la) Cola:obit etym.; Bruoldyn.
Pro. Toni. Oct ?Z. 16f0.
Paul. Bssai—Dy Dear Sir—About two yea:sago me heir
alma out a •hyt{t drat, and my head was tunoh affloted
with dandruff.. S was told by a friend to try rota Trloophan
out. and 1 did wa and to my A5t.:11.b.i.4 my , hair ~ 1 11.
firmly rovad...d all tho dandruff dirapprated, so the
heal now ehowa for limit.
"" I '4 J CbS Broadway.
if soy l.Jy or gentleman doubts Ohs authenttolt y of the'
Itoms, they wllboloses =II at Professor A C Barree office.
57 Do [way, New Bork, whore ho will produce the encl.
nal letters.
gram the 3111,tary and Naval Argos. roe. 9. 1590.1
'them Is no rfenel tor the permanent cum of L.:Wheat
and dlemera ol total ;ohm - ally, that has maenad
the PuP 9 latitY in/o) , d thr article knorla ...Pram=
bm-i••Triooykerocr, or Medicated tboll.atal.. It It ex
it-ad\ lay head bi , tho upper a.m.. of the .amutannity; Ir.
almasterery •ry to the land it le used In preference to
other articles of the kind. It 'Myer. vigor to the mot, of
the hair. and time promotes it...growth to • remarkable .le-
Eg s o t tTIE the
It tilt of, of
raid Id. deco roma, tad color obnosimi e r unt.,
dem of the skin in .3mayhem tut tell 'mettle..., It stands
undrall.el. It sold In large bottle, P.m 4 ..c'enta. et N.
lirmlstaT, toot at the Dillgrif aancrallr, thmoytunat
the Culled Stehriatal Canada. ap“,a - tr
A Yet NG MAN, a situation an aerk
bock keeper or Selena., Is thesmogior ronreroot
v. it Bout 'Locally by Paubl9 Chlrf. sal toltiMlCll.• gen,
ml bueinem IchoulAge, would La happy to enna...e moth
soy erholt,alrettabllalmoont or fvraardsng and enteunission
had.e. The coact respectable ritf references given.
Addrre, W. li. C, pare Mr. J. Exult!, box la Poet Of-
Pee. apaalSto
J. Wilson & Bon.
11 ‘ i r. 11 , 0 , L . F... , 5. : 1L K. E „ u ‘ n ,, d ii r l e u tail
t ult , :ipufirtu- r 2
inl marvel. third door belay 'Almond Agi: \ Piu C a l all
burgh- alien (bet offer e MI and compete goth of Hats
and Cana 4 theit: own and Instnna rasnotsrtaren of uteri
qualltr and at) in by wholysale end Math and Troth the
Stl n t ' .l:y r lt t li ' : ' ll7l 4 =aat s l 'd the r ' d ' k u b b l l a i'"" y '''' ''''''''
.I.r,.dawthT. . ' •
I -Removtd. •
T AMES WILSON has removed Ids Hat
",ant Cjp al Wood Meth third d'air south
10-PARTNERSHIP—Haring taken my
1-1 t o, El'lVaii.7u—VZ.DVz,rlo,l the
1 ,1:L . g.,%., a J. WIDO 0 Y
SO; at 91 iNlabd_a_treet
dAIIEr! W11.591N.
NO% S a4t7:tXe l i. ' AllePreUre! ' llatrVit e tl . :7l...
al , ..airdaarta.
AN'ILLA BEANS—Just received, a very
- root oi•tich, Wll. A. McCLURCI It CO..
did Liberty
fi n Sypr Cured Dry Beef, jag
G n0e.1.4 and far rein 67
p 2.5 - tOBISON. Larru: e O. 2:Ali,it.rty tt
BOAS Cincinnati Palm Soap just re
di l7.d and for tale 67 ROBISON LITTLBACO,
3rkniEXOS NAILS, unsorted, in noire
1,/ty and for nth br ROBIEON LITTLE I CO,
.12,..5 mat,. 8
LENTILS-ießaceiretl and for sale by
tf >KWH°
ap:24 Orocersand
The Dagen.
LIEBMAN PEAS—Received.and for flair
bVf i ii7d. A. II aCLUEO a CO,
Orows and Tea Dealer,.
j 1124 for sale by RN. A. )IcCLVRO I CO,
ap2l3 Cream and Tea Dealer,.
do asuoN. in beractically sealed tvam rc
had faille br
A y.e. zwitrao & CO.
Vi fa: sale
mil, just received wad
og i " 4 ' k lIVRCIIFIELD.
SIIAWLS—Co-limere, Thibet,A
10 sad cramteadred by
WRITE; GOODS—For Ladies' dresses, of
Y V all the4ratoux kindo.llsed.- . 3.l.ll.llualagisr
Lam Th. dKaration paper, like that a parlors at ilia
r. mAssa.u.t..
• wmxi
B ACON r-' 1500 the Sid '
foe - ea ism.
SA Li= • just micind gal for
Ws b 7 I s. I. VON BOLti o liStap . c&
___ezt ,
BURLAPS -5 balee, 40 inch, rear and fo
sea by erg . Air !MIT a CO.
.g — TC — K - ;-1 1- 1.
k 000 ryeii and old iiehai • .!Wool
0 sacks; c. 4 eao, cr .4720 HURPt..... &co
-,-................. '
P . HLOltild, OF LIIIE-150 tip
- for e
*pis BENNETT. BYE' ' Yt OD.
CIAL SODA-200 cask' For ini4t_by
•pui 83.32M5T. .1.=1'44,1X4
POTTON {,GODS-2 c.siee Cotton pant
auff.iaotrweiTed and 6t sate er gap IMPLIA k N.
Norris's Tea Mart,
jrN the Diamond. second door from Dia
1, mond allep. TILL. state to Dotal fur sell'4a tins kola
ru• In Pittsburg!, nP
ji Warm 6 tles celebrated Way and 31ariure Forks.
rectartal from the manufacturer. Idulatielph
meat and far Ada br - W. I , OIND
Water Beet,
Forneatness of !lath mad lutielnik KW, these Fork.
cauctot surpreaal; and the lon prim at which the/ C.
. mast Menne their trdroduction• .926:17
Paper HEui,gings.
THOMAS PALMER. N 0.55 Market street,
Inu recently centred • besatiflal tglartmend ornall
race,pr, representing Sienna, Meat, aak tail Situated Or.
suitable Lir Vestibules. Linn& and Dining Bon -
Rarkingham and Domestic lanectosware.
VirOOD t WAID I TILAIIa t Y 2 ,I2 ; aIB.I2-
tarmumn. Ohl.
tilileMarople Rooms, corner Sixth arei Liberty Meet,
cksturd Cloumh bulklllusd =Man= tot daor b ' 3. a a
Our extent,. Works enable to to ell orders prom PUT.
s. competent rimer being euturtantly emploSmarlsbn mt
u• to keep pare nail all the nor anal lammed mires
a i l .' " " Z . Spitoona tlkbet.s, Ori,
_Dewed Sett,
Flower TAX; tiobrers, 'Mantel via=te, Maid. and
Snuff Tam and tutieles tor
um. in trant tallarf •
Orders renal:Wry suliarerl. noels22if
SUNDRIES -100 sacks Corn;
10 bit. Dded reach.:
3 - Fared " f"r tsla
5731 JAMES DAUM/I.GS WAter et.
rrOBACCO-25 kegs Gedge 6 twist fox sale
if_ by , e.:I2V TAXES DALZELL.
CIOFFEE-150 4 prime Rio, for sale by
VIACKEREL-50 bbls. No. 3;
np2o 25 hlf de. far 160. by
LIP Hawn k Co., have readatal a large 1 , 4 or . n. 7
a, Black and Fancy Efts.
SILK POPLINS—Now opeaing at A. A.
-31.m01a c Co., a Lana smortm.r. of Silk divaof t be
^w -eat Ft yles. nal"
K A. A. Ma.. Co. hare on hand • oomylata stoek
LAP& laconeto Caaubrica. .
AWXS AND ..Nosi• receiving
luta,A by A A luAca co. Mts. Of UM 1.4111115 nu]
56 talcs Comic
0 tack, Yealbersc
!hied Applax •
• •
2 EA=
tierect UMW': • •
2 ECU do; to vrlve on 12colner km'
p..a4 cut fur talc by
ayai Front
YAEON HAMS-14 e.ks on hand; fur sale
b 7 band: fur Jade by.. sp23 IS.AIAI.I DICK= tCO
ALTPETRE-60 huge crude on hand; fur
D OLL BRIMSTONE-12 bble on hand
t fur -ale by apM ISAIAH DICKEY aCO
No: au iv . oce isi4c
PTIERRE DE SIENNE-100 the for sale by
.._ •p2. J. JUDD 1 CO.
A DIIESIVE CLOTH-200 yards superior
yu•titr fur sate by . sp33 J. KIDD k CO.
GM CAMPHOR-200 lbs for sale by
•r 4 . ,.. J. KIDD 1 CO
XIEDIC.UVAL BRANDY-2 casks for sale
111 1 , 1 .r , 33 J. EIDD t CO.
Banker and Ihrehange Broker. Fourth at.
ttlitden markct prior paid Or SILVER•rrur 4, -
Exchartgo Bealk Stock for ule.
I.IOOKS ! BOOKS!—Charms and Counter
Cbannia br afar: J. 11elnbush.
ehouldn Knot or bketchea of the Tbave•fold Linea
'h.; .."7 nr the Fan Cautnril - b7 if. F. Tett, 1 vol. 12
Dictionary of Meclualea, No ^e. Jest reed and tar
Tale by K. I.IUPKI.NS, 71 Fourth at...,
• Apollo Brlldtatip.
200,000 lbs. Rags Wanted t
K4OR which the highest market pnce trill
be pold otrret, —'h. the Paperarid Beg Vivo-iv...X.
roty rev the
Where can be hod Weiner. Letter, , WroPPWW. and other
tads of Paper. obeepor then cut be found at any other
store In Pittsburgh. sp:Cato
POOL In the Nlneta oath Cer.tarn Cyelopthtla of
ractal Oorditi on and F.Al9llllt. of tho Non. •I•••••
the Watch Hetronotts, In evanternen with the =snap, Bt
IL Mahe., With ongrartsan of Badmen. and pantos da
ft:trite-a. Nh. 3of this ceeilent work. has been :salved al
liolmos' Literary Depot. Tlard opprota the pan odicw
prior 123fc per N. ahZ
of ills excellent work will be annyleted in a for
ce,t 2 i ipzeree m ar k le . l o tlng , 11? sat r l i nn !reek. MI
meet. opalte the / 1 0:X linen
PIRITS TURPENTINE-10 bbl& in good
17 cedar. fu ala by a a 6ELLZBB,
ar.:s 67 Mad at
A L . C .2 1101" . -10 bills. for sakoA
Q A.RSAPARILLA-1 balo (liondaros,) for
0 sale try ae..5 It. E. SINES.
I ENZOIC ACID-50 oz. for salll
1.) cga
POW'D COLOCYNTE-50 lbs. for sale by
ap2s it E. SZLIAIIa
AIiSEC-600 }be: for ealo by
- ---
Hosiery, Trimmings, and Lace Goods.
11. EATON, 62 Fourth street, between
. martin end Wood. Inetton the attention of whole.
we and reta:l buyer. to ttia latgo and well wactsd awn*
merit of
Slk and Marina floe. half Kae. and Glarern
Hen P a t s Kid alone and Riding titbit:
}inured .od Plain Bonnet Ribbann .
Black Trimming and Plowssling Laden
Dress finnan§ and Than- inns
Lacy Capra Undersharenrand Valle. nuked Mktg
French Wcrhal Cellars, Chaninnen. and Gran
Inaertnn Inning end lacep,,l elan Kiln
Dirait, karate and Wrought l';ouncinr, •
Gents' Cranats. Jolneal• Tiesand Stake:
Pine Shirts, Under Garment. and Drasslnn Genus,
itns.' Needn't, Tape. 'Dutton; and Braid, emu, Inry,
and Hera Carat= limn and Teeth Graeber, item:arm ers
.an coma.] ran, and Pawn!. Zzphyr Wanted Canvas
and Pattern., Slippen, Gaiters, and Vaceislor
Walking with • m '=let/ Wwtli
useful I may Anions, .hit !
kr °Erns at the lowest eatn
either far cash ur sr eren.rl credit.
bbIi. family flout;
100 Ostia" -
100 - 800
SOO blth. Ebollol c0rn:.5,00 Cob
100 " Yototoor.
Rio ••Ebom •
50 bblo: Tv:
N>4 now P.a. Barra* at robnigroboot by
S. WOODS a SON. Cl st.
QWNERS WANTED—For 40 - Carriage
Dub, and I cask of &wee, without markt, left with
ithe who:o=Am T. 1000110 SCLN,
arill 01 Water it.
ir t ACC/lc-70W lb.. Ling Round, receiving
AI and for enln by DALZELL,
ab:bl GS Warn. rtraat.
F"ll—No. 1 Trimmed Shad; in hbra. and
half bble.
`'sm I Here:34z. Ic bbL,
• No I SAltuon, recelling end r
sp24 JOHN wAri & CO.
T - bbk. N C., for Ale by
.p 24 JOILVIiATr a CO.
TNNERS' OIL-15 bbIlL for sale by
ap2i JOHN WATT a CO.
?AIiTON preserved Ginger in Syrup;
Chow Chow, (: I ;lznaro ct
,pia Grocers u 2 .4 Tn D•wOro.
(7 , 150 bu. (Shelled) her aaleby
bble. just reed and for aye by
JA, 14,10 W.l F. WIL.wON.II. Float ot.
111101 -. Y E. FLOUR fib bbß. for tale by .
FRESH BUTTER-4boxes Table Butter,
June meal and tee mile by
epae R. DALZELV A 00. Lflnet R.
BACON -4 casks for sale by .
.r='• J. 8. DILWORTH & Co.
BUTTER -6 bbb3. 'fresh. for Bale
ap22 J. A. DILWORTHA 00.
FRUIT -2001,u. Dried Peaches;
J. .o ' . ( tin& r dti e t b &.
A A. MASON & CO., No. 62 and 64 Mar- I'I.ORN-500 bu. Shelled. for sabl. by
~, A .,sc l r.,:a.Xtvo Z gy, 0g..1%.1. We W 1 7 ..., lo i g. , l_./ ,...... .P21
._ _ _ _ J. E. DILICOrITILI CO.
co. hall; teed por ecyrocr. %largo cosortineat of
oc' Trim:Woo, )44c.0.0. c. ap=t
ttOSIERY I GLOVES—Now opening at
A. A.. W'S, a toll 191117atment of llosiery
love. ma=
javtortzem,,r, &Itool A. MA.....??; COl3, new assort.
LINED PARASOLS--A choice lot of the
latest styles, for sale by A. A. ALLSON A 03.
Wes_ 02 and C 4 Ilarket st. •
BL K SILKS—We ISfter for sale eveu and pike of the diCvlent makes of Clack SUL
eV= A. A. MASUSt OU.,3larket
NEW BOOKS !!—Buttinan's Greek Gram
pßater the age of highrthools and nufrersilleh b 7.•
tman. lievheel and thlethed bY ta•
Bumer.mb Traoelaral ham thr.eigbtouaGcr,.........4,
by Ulm,' Noble...
The lrieb Orsilederatee, and the Rehahms awn. b 7
llenry bf.
The Autoblohrephr mad mecicrials of C.ptato
Cougar, pri yap.. soth. and shipmaster tram the
port elf her Ecre: br 1t ... Ifsery litheerrn author el
ins bleed World of Use Pechle thd Whale andhle
C l= "
Booth. Frenciordemery, bythe eraser cf the Rollo
7.4 n. 3 and 4 of London LabCT and th. Lqndou Pam
The aura vorks Rat remasol sad for 40 .
No. ifa I
laztet rtneet.
VLA2i 7 A mall lot for rale by •
1.5 Et:n:lT,
aeye,F , C=d• and lilmetreet.
- EriglLh Eut Irish Teas.
of Tow , , thohanr, bleb frrr ,
'r k;r4V,Talf.f "- sVtirg.' T
11.0 Wm. Mat hu beak admiltlng mo.
4..m:.51y 0r 0ti4V0 Thu, cannot =lath:L. to do Trith
haj.d.,Wa meat cf Tribit Tax
InYittiburou ' btth `!".
WM. a. addo a co.
Grcccr Teo Dealer,
TTdatl)-4 bbla. and 6 kegs for sale by
all= wa. IL JULYS/)N
.fj.R.E.EN APPLES-80 bbls. for sale by
MOWSES--14 bbls. S. fLsl:7ju.ol
. .
BE42obble. p
"S-30 White, for wile by
eem EN 0 LIAI * EN:VET!.
HIDES—Ioo (Dry) far sale by Vu
JUL on= a aw. Aarataatt.
MOLASSES—?S bbla. N. 0.. for sato by
.Q,ITGAR-30 Itbds. N. U., for salo by
roZ S. d Sr. HARBAL:4IL
BACON SHOULDEIS-4 mks far sale by
.02 JA.7.1/..1 A. lIVIVIIISON CO:
410 DA ASH—A superior. article °tour oink
Insaubc-Wlltansna hand sal lbr tab
WAS Mal =SAX Oa, Wasagr-
gaglBsl. OMB
.r 3131101. AILIULIOGEIdENT Erllllllol
XPRESS Packet and ILailroad Line for
Cleveland, oveneut Ler cr adv.?, ty Etegamers
a k a briah to lleav rm It: r t zrzo k e3e a vatti , te ears.
;Vrellda, led the epleodld ore llonotorer pH of the
ieeeladd and
Itallaced Co. atTellid.
_Steamert /ease their landlag °Wrens ?be Monongahela
at 9 o'elork.A. corammang with the Packets at
yates, whirkerilllarre iretm,dimtly m the antral a**
'rmtar, arriving at Ravenna in time ihr:halnareseTrain
fa Cleveland. Pante:wee by tloa line artier at
I Irraland in time to take ths naltroad• Line a
r BUFFALO and DETROIT. and the abymere Ire
Milesukie. Tbiedo , EandrAty Car, Dunkirk an d
‘, for erenitny train_qfxre fir Colornbue. Xenia. sal
• r.rimatt. ELARKL, PARRS A CV-, y.k.r.11.
Eommttra. Pa.
W. 11.. M0011117.A.D,
Orne• under Et Clitrlps
"11"' cadet Nan
IL~, Hook
art earaer,of A=lll2tld wnd Water
iltiM 1851.
On the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canals.
CLAT.L7., PAILS ,t.. toenurre, Pe.
TKIS well. known Lille is now prepared to
was freight and peranegers from P/ITSBURODI
Otheo any rant or. the Canal enlLaßea.•••
1 he funnies of Lice ere nottnnaireil Amu:ad:Gl:lW.
DA and reranitr et Beata, ermitsra of Centeine. end d
i' rot atv.4,
o fPitt:har and Clereand
I, connect:on with • Lim f
L a o betereenlM
FUR 011 and DEAVER, and • in of fro dangles:nal:Os
raageller eref 'ewes) on the Lakes.
Farts &Co., YonnEstonn,
Al. D. Tesler. Worm, 04
A. a. N. Clark, Newton FICIAC.:
C. Prentisz. Ilseenne.
Bra ten & Co., Enterani. 0
Reit, grime! a co., rrssafis.
It. A. Oilier, Curahose tale, 0.; •
Irterlet. Lee 0 Co., Aaron. 04
Henderson a Pettibone' Sooduelrf Or, 0.;
Peckham & Sea:, Tnlaiolo.:
0. KIM= Co.,Dentl hliehigen:
Done an a Co. Milerentie, ITis.;
Ii eo. A. oil,be & Co., arms% Ill,;
'om. Hale, Map. 111.
eh: ear. Water and Exalthtreld et o, PAnoburgA
Brandies, Wines, &c
G completed arrangements with
in Bordeaux and other European Olin',
t w o ILe eirentlau of toy order, 1 Loa lino t i e
oder to
1 , AL., St email advance over bnportatton cost, IRAN-
I, LES, kn. and Lit/rolls, or tae taunt dractintione
iron under nernme. house A.:, &tired.
Attention fir Invited my Net eu being:
110 pslikarna Cogran Ltontelts, o4 artftenello Bralallos,
idea .4 ' P lL. i s rate gold. and bi.ownSbarrna;
. %aimed am o rr.
, 1 dr. make Madeira', of every grade. •
Irv.` . Port Who.. partrary old and anparLu.
3 , 01 baskets Sparkling Chansmgne, w.. 11 known brands.
:en beam lilarrt lint.% runt,. /wands and rintaaes.
041 eas. Sauterne and Sulu, •intages Ib4B-7.
. .
45 cask. Sauterne and Claret Wine
15 pipe. Old Holland and SehuydansOla
IU Dun Leon. Old Stanch an i d Deg, Whiskey. •
4 .• bowline (lid ainalca husk
no cut. superior London Inothlitout ant Scotch AL..
With • constant supPiP of4ultswteel Liquor., Witch S
A Coquille, Slaruelhas , Cnranak Annisette. Cherrl &W
Larne stock of HAVANA SI:GARS always on WWI
AU of which I will offer oh very firowaLle term.
Orders will b. executed with desinsteh. aut
o = shlPPdal
al lowest rates. Die
linparter and Dealer, n Walnut Street.
spilhiseraindkPl Phdadelphisk
ex When LP the man who does not aopreciate the luma7
may Maud It my there be, re do not .dd,o aa mar
St ITC) LO the.. But to all Ahem we my, If 'you with t•
Alemum.. • ohm., ffarchme • box of Juke Hamra
ditnnad Pistachio, or Ambrosial rhatlng Cream It le gar
lo G.l med. to &mite the feelings of •
perms—who has 1.4.3 100.1 to !Miring with ordinary...l.y
yon nuking trial of ltd. for the first time. It I. a eom y j.
ZiatiOn of wonder adult meow and of Rums.
11.1.' 'S 811111.101 CREAM ls useedltagln.
emolleent, rendering the stiffest and moat Wirr heard sots
sad plied!, producing an esimlrable Lather. sad tor tre m.
nemely mod tutore adoring the lust:Mow and brommag
that Implement and rtiff ruling of the skla :reach b
uffen ...perfumed after diming.
eentlemeu ...lug Jules lime'. Shull. Crepe, may P.
the teldwg 'and metylereing winds Immue e t e ly g a g e . g
um without Mr Mint w•sedng Mapped. :,yd thme
toit, we eau safely my, will 1.141. roe ao7 Mbar.
Um great adranttge—whleh will ba sff pedalty appncle.
„ those who wear whiskers—la the fort Matta willow*
the baud, which met eave W r aldo s atelart armee
rosty appearance to the ellife et Like WM4.4
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S.GAR -197 hhds. prime N. 0, for sal by
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F RIIIT--500 bu. Dried Peaches; - -
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PIG IRON-250 tons for sate by
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ap27._ E. P. TV:JIM:MOROI & CO.
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BACON--Sides, Shoulder's; and Haas, th
TtIED APPLES—Su mire received - ea
RIED PEACHES-75 sacks recd
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, A . Cr --5000 , lbs. lisAirtibimt.d.
DRID APPLES-34.41fsttil
HIED PEACHES _4300 lat. for silo by
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