The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, April 22, 1851, Image 1

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(axon Wan
ow. ON THIRD mar, WIST 1:00/1 to TIM ,tot or=
DAILY—Soren dollars per ann.= Iar•blo hat surly
31.3 Daunts if_pail In adranre. •
WEI:MA—Two dollare per annant, In dream. Cr. 1114
DI be eoppllod oo the IJllo.lng 0013dIttrun—
Three eopie3 per a no ...... 500
Ten roplol do ...... —....--.. ......... 13 00
l'eren) alplra do 2) 00
The racket 5 , r mob Club to be addressed to one
beto be raid InveriaNy In ,donne. NoClub Paper=
t o . 0 0 afro, the year expires, oedema the Money Is Dent for
• renewal.
O. Square (10 lines of Nostrarsll or less) '
ooe Issettion.. . 4 0 SO
Do. rarboldltkossir. 0 2S
two wet., .. 3 00
Do. two
Do. three trsonths-- .... 9 00
Do. four months 10 00
Ito .. le 00
Staldlog Cads. (5 lina lea , per eniatlM-1.5 00
One Dater for each additional line.
One Mee,, changeable et pleasure (Per as
num) ealusiee of the paper.. ........._:...78 00
Tas rah mitlitiostal spume. Inserted Toter : ma month, and
Pm each Odditisomi ware inserted under the yearly rata.
half mice.
ddvatisements exceeding • alma. awl tat near Nteen
Lees. to bsechermal as • square lead • half.
Pebliebers nut amountable for legal ndrerthon.lts be-
Tod the •mount chased for their Peblkalot ,
oteramming candidates
lot ogle, to be &Mud 0e me
otha raratiuments.
AdserUsements not rattled on the copy fa • etwaSel
numb, of insertions, will he =dinned Ull forbid...l Pa
lma exacted amonlinelf.
Th. Prlalma ammo.' advertise:ls strict to
their owe immediate Maness; and oil ade fir
Oa Made of other perentaaswell se ell edeertiammatenot
ImmaUatele connected with their ant eledell
C 1110.• of ideerthements. In length ob otlttra.b
b land
" t
XV. t t i i i 2 e rt ITUti ' /I " ra ' r . tarr.l.Cl :
render re
ed, and prompt payment Met:red. •
Ail Meeresements fur charitable Plaitatonse.gre coals
posties..sard. tareship, : and other public meetings, and
seas like, to be charged half pria, payable axial, in ad.
Marriage notices to be charged 50 met.
Death notice" Inserted without charge. lankh moms.
tried byteneral Inettatinus or obituary notioet and when
to accompanied to 10 paid for.
• Becalm adarthers, and all others ereate.g coolaennka•
tione or rmarlua alias designed W. eaU a t
tention to
faro,' Pare.. Commas, er any p u blic. entertainments.
ohms charge. are mule Or alcatttanew—aU notices of prl.•
sate amociations—crery notice designed
to call attention te
privates dapter* esioulatod or habeteled to
. erm=lt
ridualletererts can only to tusertsd with the
hag that the same is to be pall fir. If inteeded to be to' in the local column. the same will be dat the
pot, of not leas than 10 coats per Ilea
Bishop or frir Naha , to be cheesed triple OM.
Tacna License Petitions St ash.
Heal Estate Agents . alai AtletkaleEte alarthements not
to be Board under yearly ram, tat to be allowela dis
count of thirty three cocoa cm Mei muL Mae the
mount of bille
warty a rota= et mat ?erns.
One Equarr, three Me:atone ... to
. Do. each additimal tamale= ..... St
/11.11131n0= 1 13 U WM.. lurin
to 1,. ;ski to earinec.
A. PARKINSON. Alderman, Fifth,
WaTd. Nun Mott, hots.. Mil. eurbd sbaut.
[MWS pm:aptly •ttended lex
Lt icor otaltrott. AI-MINDER TIMM,
(Lots Uttiontoorn. I -(Late of libliona, Pub
Yourtlx No. lCu
Pittsburgh. Ps. klibi.holuoeu
4rulttitirlili orsots,
IL-5. oasmnstatar - Orin* Stara*
Nets York. arab
QUINN & COLLIER, Attorney; at Law -4
OSn+on Yozrth Emlthlreld.
W. F. W Attorney at Law I r
. on Grant Meet. aril . Fowl/L. Ia Arthur'
bur. lutiAbazub. I's. - EachB:l7n
HARRISON SEWELL, Attorne7 at Law',
013 W Slat" CoustoOsiones Mr toting Dopolutkoks, AO
tboorlo4goseento or Deed. a. Ognoo—Faulta Cm!. 5t....
tOstilignota. snrasuml.
P. tG. L. B. FETTERMAN, Attotl
t.prvtgir andhealMate Agent; No. 11.0
COJES J. KUHN, Attorney at Law, offlO,
ii i t t aa tn 4.4, corner of Grime Arent Di
WI amon{l
AMES F. RIM, Attorney at Law—Of6o3
U on Mb et; tutu,. Smlthheld and Itroat. tlttaborgh.
N0..170 Fourth strert, Parrbouth-
Ana. a. a.raca:
, • ac WATSUV, Attorneys. at Lal,
Na 1.10 fourth Exit - % Pittsburgh.
cou—Alextaider a Der; Jobs etude , . Eq.: WS"
eon, Morrison t wet. PA Pimp: Jobs IlstMitt
mania= Quo. 31. Jackson. Pittsburgh.
DWARD P. JONES. Attorney tit LI :
Milne on Fou rt h etreet. between Woad and !nil
TIMER" E. BRADY, Attorney TW street, Fittaburgb, Pa. . _
' fl. g.letutatn.... -..r. is. 1ra1.,.... - ..3.0. 'coml.
H. . WILLIAMS k CO., !Bankers
, lkil Esehanneßrekbrs. North East corner of W4l
tir.aalellotr"ttPuLe'taigteral terms. ....a ....n.tiai.
proceptir attended to. 119:17
I. D. KlNG,Banker and Exchange Brok i er . ,.
e, roarth , atreet, Thaler In Bank Notes. Ina of
arm, Gold and Bilirer. Stoat boagbt and told.
-lbw highest market price yekt In MOIL= 1 1 / 4 . Aarni.K.
MIS Dollars, and Bletttaut Las .s*esds nonsns :I
'YLAMER, JR., Banker and Beek r,
.ssuse...No.66.ssisssasth.nsak Or On.
& - : ak. WILKINS & CO, Exchange Brolil i i
. saab Esti Coma of Third pd Starlostabeett.
at most Mend ndes:
X.HOIAISS & SON, Dealers in Foreigq
sad Dectiotielnlli of Drehaam Cortifeataikof 124-
111, , ES Notes LW 4peda, No. OS xarksit Mort, Pitt&
&Woos made on an the prbwilwa
be United &atm
lll.l)teas In E
New. N 74
l erth .0 e. nest &oft% etleh D ef AMMeee.
oaken leiretollr a ttended fa, end the lemmas •to
mar p.rt of the rem.
KIW&ER & RAIM, Bankers md Bs
.==a h tcY W P'q'' .'7ll ' . ' UY 4P 1 -!
_ _
tr. Banking Hattie,
• N. ID Wood reet, littsb Consul llonisi ro-
ma eposit. st CollKtlous m.W• on all the •
ellto of tho Urdted Star..
is; letra_l. Dm L.= •
EAIRD &- UMW, Commissitai March to
l ami Billnrokers fro m 11l Saved staest. Persottitr ,
?slots esenritles llOO to 110.000 away. as,
• VAIMII. raraux..—.—natarta Fa?.
..10PALMFR, HANNA. & CO., Succ.emOrs to
pal ,
The hint prematra'reld wOraign, asal *menu
Adm.. mole on eorolzommta of Protlare,ahimd
ch yheal tarras. •
Si W. TAYLOR, Commissioner and Bill
"gd =A .111 b
i artg ea
kaa-r .
mmmtttarlea sto
or procumt st short
Notes, Bnds, Morid,ms, se. negotiated ouldror
able taw. Adm.. mad. if rodurad.
--- ifinititiliiiiitkiiii
800 , .
c. STOCKTON, late Johnstoti& k
-4' . i.itf lifrt:tj'/fri47;sCv.z.P.Tl7ie -4- ..-
lAS. B. 1101t3LESreheap Literary Depot,,
Thirl ar...C, cr:tta..r.t t. „ - 9 , --,4 4 zz tr , r of
the = 1 ,41 4 47..` e cni-xixtio.ra, plated at thie paths -
' Iforest F ire. • _ _
.ip HOPKINS, Bookseller and Stalls or,
'ist.l. no. Ts roorlia rot. Apal, Dvllllor..
• nAVID BOWN,Ja., Wholesale and Ritall
Cillolttg,t.c"Mr. V ,, ,,12,= •t zg1r 2 1 / It
AU .ram mannwii> ateli..4 ii, r'
- - _
A 7 r letiNTo - iFK,MrkTufacturer — aiid
tit Cinall., Mean Part Trix;
79 A "eh's"'
commisslon BYD FORWARD 6 ' 0.
11..1 . a... ( rt )1 1rr i) ot E a.P . ftl F :ro e t:. " ) . / e n r°f .G W Oil at t a V.l U "
Irtarara Horn. atal tar the florrhaar .04 If t imii , •
Wrote/. Prrri arr. Inn. Nail.ol., ar.4 tbe mar. ranl
artirloa Of Pinar.. naratalli.
Alar-/Agent for ran/ at Harper Ca, anti )...51li /..
.pan'oreleMst.. l ilst.,Vp•Vot, _rhayrylph4l
"'UM ana Jenkins Cr./a saw/n faclarrreas. rP 6 a
31 . C2INULTY & CO—Transporters,
lJ forwarding and Conardosian Herebania. P.P6t.
Canal "Win. 405 Penn Inttraarnh.
i fq
W 1/15
t , rioTaT
rzl Una/anon. aloninntr; N. 61 WO/ /,
JOHNSTON,O Forwarding and
Marrhant, Ma 112 2.asall
A; JONES, Forwarding and gom
mnelon Merchant., I/ratan , I, Poi antl' Vitt.
nza alanutseneul enlriv, Caaal floe. near Vra..,,th
amt. Pltt•barna.
At...AIrIVI'7JONES & Cos: —. §7 - cctssorelit.
. wnod. June. k
C. Cc. lo•
dealt•el In PiWnurg?
• btrit4 tn.
beahrvin Cmlca an
0.0. a !ante.. rittSblirgil.
Iwo] A exe. errreenenA...
A. masow. it co,
;,,-„A t. Anders injancr
sad Retell tirr mooch ILa ta
liatstreata. Vinabargi ,
' EY, 'FLEMING .Sr. CO., CO /3/11
1 Alse. 11 Li l t Team" el
Ma. IZO wag anat. *math dam taxa x
01)14; ) ,,ilzy
D•••• HIIN'f, Dentist, Corner of Paarils
• passim belma Mutat stn"
TIIV . -. _. DAILY.. . riTTSAVAGII....._
D ik A. FAIINKSTOCK CO., Wholesale
• Dm
wl a zu. sad rostiorartere. of White Lrad,
0. corner Waal iudSruot Psi,.
garig mcbi
nrvx andj 00 wh A 0b... N . ..11 1, 11 ,,, 5 , 0N . - i - LCC..lm er,tr end akort , er . R . a . n 1
. 24 no, Of Dote o~ an
co roghl and owl eh... INtutorala
-- - • . . - _ York
➢ U. itaTaili"las 7- nixd•
- -•— WaehrogronlAprlll9 New York U k foorb.
MISCELLANEOUS. Africa ...... April :9
N e w Norir 4 Britaio LlroOKu l i
LaWette.... Mail 33 . New fork U. Sago Uwe t Pam
Ohio April New lurk U pLale N ➢niche
- - Lioe . O . Drltaltr . .1.1r , r90.
P!1'!I c4"'"
..: . ---------- ta. n. n. Itarlill.)--- k . C. 11 . 001CC1.1..
EYSER & hieDOWELL. I bueeessors to
hto Kerr d Whnlegsle ana Retail bro. and
riptiou Sty., corner of Wood stwt and Virgin Mk,
yalciang brenrnonens wilfully compounded night and
T. ___
1. atoo
KIDD &CO., Wholesale Druiests: Deal-
• era in PainG, Oil!. Dye OWL, and - Inatrummax
; mr,
of Dr.lPLane's celebrated Worm Speclfln, lir.
mut Lustig ErNya lin. 00, mean . nf Wad and
!fourth events, Pittsburgh. Orderi .01 be ornfollT Wk .
jot. and forwarded with dismatrh.
S. SELLERS, Wholesale Mulct in
A A man. rebna Dye antra Oita Verniebea
no. lir WeKel etreet, Piteborgh, Pa Goal* warnOeint.
!elms loy.L
SY. WICKERSIi.\d~I, \VholeNale llru,^,gist
.aa I
l Ulrr is oJr •nd ASNmltvr + l ImDlrmrac
y,t6~.a6196 \Yaol ehes; mroer of Nli[b.
U, and Retuil
I Dmagbip, corner of r:ilif
Liberty sad M. Mar .w Pfter
ut& No. 24 Wood IWtstoorob.
ant, Grocers arid
• comma Merchant, Agents for Ale of Du
Pout • Douller. No. HS Second. and NT Pauli st,,,
llr L. SATE, Wholesale Grocer, Commission
.its • Yerebant, arid dealer hrras•r and Ilada, corner el
wean and Irwin ideneta. Inetelannki.
lIVEY I `AiIiLIEL. P. SU , Vholcsale tiro
-1.3 acr vrod.,,,ad coc=dzicirs.hat.l..nd
Pttub'tnr,:t pt.burgh.
Becond stmt.
.10117$ a 1M,110.111- • ••• .... orancnati.
1101. IN S. DlUVOlifli CO., IV hOldSalo
GrocerA,Mge‘war4loF.rlr=d74!anbanna, and
Ana nlite. Dann.,
tiBRIME & INGRAHAIr Cfhole ' s ' a . le
I Onvers xoe Ccaamlsalan MaTebancc No. 114 Fete
and 140 bleat,tn'at.
THEY, MATTHEWS & CO., Wllol4sau
Wares Cart/Aslon end Forwarding bUrchano , , ,, nd
to for Brighton Ibiton Ism, 61 Water en_,Pittstargh.
7701,1 FAT,. -. ........ -..10113 IFILSO74 -
OHN W A T T Etti.,.W6lesale Grocers,
Commis:den Me:thaw:A, ar.4 Unat,rx in Protium! and
Alanafectures, No. .266 I.itxrty stmt. Tittr,
b. Po. 1
jB. CANFIELD, late of Warie — o, 15iii,
...!,,,.,:ia=rW-?." Frar'Elt+ur,tt,
ream Asia. and Western galuca ireakerally. ' Wawa taa.,
betrand Salittald and Woad, Idttaburgh.
I. a. 1,1,...... -..a. N. wartaalax....-u. a...aaludgaa_ _
L.R. WATERMAN & SONS, Wholesale
llnadrra,Cadastlasion and FarratV March...,
W ln kakis of Prof.:Allard •Idtiabil 3111..tfaau .
at Articles, ar-d• data. far; the sal. of Will:mad and
Lyncbbarala lilanuured 'Wax., No, SO aad NI Wal.r
amt. l'lttaburatt..
F. VON • BONN tiOßS'f Sc CO., Whol.
wain Charrad, Forwarding odd Cornallavion Fiera;
Dealers In kiOlaborg. Idaradtglogrra and
Re •
Product, No. :w, coma - of Front Meet wail Chown r Loot
JAS. DALZF.LL, Wholesale Grocer, Coln.
bunch M.. ufr ' t
nenC.X.ramke 3f.rehav l / 1 . and rwakry in 11-.4u<4 , --
L Le Water. tad Ildl'aa tarrat, Wu rour_ls44.___
, ..
RM. b. lotouso Jzotoo J. Itt..T.TI. •
OLISII & 13ENYETT, . late -,
Galls4chor A Co;.11"bolooslo ti totem C.lttlildAl WWI
hto Itoteboot , and Doolt, ito Proolooo and. Pi to
tougb Stasolfortmot. No. Itt: iecorol rt. ...I IV Firot 1. I
bettreco Wood and SoOtltOrtl.
--- 1 .
vs Maticit. C. 11101.11 VON.
Growl, gal laticat, tif tirtralr. Witmi arid
No. =I turner of Liberty Ind Irwin tirerst: Plitt
WO. PA. Irv, Nall...Como ite, , etiottantl ,
to b.&
4. SeGll.4 WALT. c. war..
'GILLS .4. ROE, Whole Hale Gracerd and
a rE c i ajamimion lurrtaaa Li
~ No. L. Liberty pt.:,
OBERT SIOORE, Wholesale Grocer,
IteelifylnclUt4lller. d ealer In I'm l'itteburith
cifaadren, and 01 lunde of foreign ond Lionn ,44
Wlnen lad Liquor , No. Literrty plreet. 00 bend a
;W a ll% btoe.k4dorotru{i.V.t.g.lJ Monongahela
110 °BERN DALZELL & CO., IV holtviale
. _ .
Orrice, Protnee romardlon, and (X.mtnisiion Mer.
• t. 11.1 La.aler in intuburgh )leout.ture, =9
Liberty runt, 111:sburgh.
. .
VII . . . .Jong 4 cu.:a:Al.
. .....;
ISAGALEY & CO., Wholesale,Grn
eery, SO. VA and 'X Wad etheet.
/Ma D. Wlel Latin leGiNntitS4-
WICK & McCANDLESS, toteceasors to
WV ' L. a. 3.1). KYY. Wholoislo Geom., Tor 'warding
and Corandwdoo Ilnalanta ckailan in Iron, Nana Ail.,
Cotton Yarn, and Pittsburgh IhinplaCtUlS
wawa . of Wood and War. Meet. Mubarak._
• Grown and Cncunbarion !dertgantA c De . : ll: s .l t l„,
um, and Pittabanh 31anulartared Arta
Sta Wast, PirrAbranta rAa •
D. WILLIA9SS & co., \Yholeanla ant
Groans. Fornasnion sad Consnotation
Boston In Comers Pruitt." , alai Mahar),lt
Alsons.l.ntnaw. cosmos of Wag and fifth sta. littsaanit.
gI : I 4 1 ‘ LE 1.. 0. -.Jo
LDettT stre;t. Pit • h, Wheatsl. Grows, Pro.
&llmm . .
i'LGYD, Wholesale Grocers, Cora
. lesion blerchasitr. and. Dealers Wi n :' - Road
EforetTlialktima, frauting ou Ltbert7,W=l. and Sixth
.geed. Pitt burgh.
PARKER & Gr . O l d
Dales lot Prodow,tionizn Lona., Old Mon.
I =trl t • t it' . tht'd k " Cowaocrotal How,
eOHN E. MELLOR, Dealer in Piano Fortes,
made, and liltolod lostnionnts, Scheel Books. and
. Eo .gene for .111eterlojes Plano Fortes. for
Warn PennBylvaala—No. 81 Wool rt.
BE Nit ItaBER, Dealer in Music, MLi
sieslWrosoents,_osol,lBBBBcrter of Milan 81doso•
vlllxV.Mr= Wl= rear lt=
ba - 3SIIMA
gNNEDY, C 3 LDS & CO., 3lnnufnetu
ran; of very Pepe:dor 44 noetlnn. Carpet CUL.
Twine and Batting. Penn sun, Pittsburgh.
Ilial A. ..... . • - - ---- JO. F. .
ricE i ' &• OffilA, S . G;Tfacturers of gpring
0.04.13,....13ted. Prilangh&leVemieliLlo: IL ,. i Tnx i
dealers In 11=1.! P •a? , ii., "' 0,
Engine WV.. nrot
Coeds Teinentlnirs general,. corner of Woe and krone. et,
littebtuvls. Pa.
net, er; s Berry A On, Itanufartumrs at Sala A29 a l. Bleartr
eit Feedadistic and Belcher. Arida rebmm,
No. ea Water it, below Ferri.
Samuel C., Ilill—lincrter sad in Erma.
and American roper IlangOuo wad L4.adezo, Mad.=
ahadei, FYra Doot4 PAuto, Atm Mu—Wm/not, Frluttuot.
god Wrapping Player, No. Ai Wood otroot. hearten Fourth
old LOaaaond Pluotoorgb, Ya.
ROBERT MORRIS, Tea and *roe Met
.1.11, chant, Eon Pi
of [be Diamond n:burgh ";
A. sreurw;
V CO., Grocer. and
'lon Doo/ore, .N 0 v,a latwrty stroot,..olo.Y. W. 4
Intro alwaix latul o r, 000goto.ns id Om litnev/
vai Vine Ten, Aloo—Forrion
solo and remit. Donlon ourn!Jol on tho logro,“ t.-aso•
- 101 I N A. CAUGIIit Al.Nnt for th , LA ,
& CO., Trntotport&rs, Otnal
sattragnling limbo., cf Pcaol
Pate •
1 A. BROWNwould Intmt rest - O , AI u Ile iufurat
r..01.n Wind. : alto Vennia tre n
Stutter+ , illVpad* to , . trier
10 the Dna .lain,
m auraril equal to nn, Lt. ITIn•I
, Etstes. ^IDA fain& ato retutn,l •Ithott o, t.
, Itte
liedrag:t.Ttrlidrlg= n w tii. erAi:Alllttnna.
it'rretplund to their old custotnem .o we d on , an put,
large,_vtlth 'very thing In then . One.
Artnny.Nto.s Wood 'Anna, tutm.ri.b.
._ . .
4 OSEPII JOll NSTON, PArr.Ft Jim:cell &
IN.i.rn4sa—lteld.lrnEr.corn4 GI Third r 11.. 1 sad Cut
ammo, Allrithrty.
N. 15.—Lhao. Send Mortar, Lab, .31, br iar.
DAM ITARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon. late
Tilttlturghb &Withal; to, renaLuttf,t t ;
V Inn at
arel, b ntt% ' eful :etnnthaFto whatever tt
entntrted Whim, ho bor. to give satlentetion.
nonneetion with Jantee llardle. Were Meting and
Illackatulthing it, general will be carried On, at the corner
of Tunnel street and Pennallrania Avenue.
_—- -
nURPHY & LEE. Wool. Drataas and
comaa.a,t, Idrirbante far Um ale of American
0.a., N 0.139 Liberty a^ rinclnifea
& W. HAEISAOII, Wool Merchant:el,
' Dealers liflonr.aed Perrince mmerallr. TO,
warding . and Cocomindon Merrlinoto. No. 115 first A.M.
and 130 5..4 weer. Pitlonnin
6:(eW3110q1;674:7. • :vs; G.
'' • MILLE 40IINSON, Engraver on Wood,
Philo Ilall. (WA stooT4 VtUtiontb. Po.--Iflooro of
.. - .7 Iloctit ikv nidiNo=7=44 PeoXiz.foro.
kin ltionoOottreStooolMk
tho lint dile
..d dal"
...... of art. mad 0. Up! lowan polo..
..c.--1.01 SEIIIICH3LOPS Lithow•apl
toratablidan.t. Ind.+ otzoot; oPPodto the Poot
o. PICOO=I. 133.1,1a•0=p0k Portrait; Stow billa.
IsrAreldeetuell sad DS orldrof
~. =IL PA= =I, Wrong! re
,tlO.Eliar MA oiToro4 stew !1.111!s, tb!orr or,
',".. •
WILSON, Watches, JewelrT, Silver
ware, mud Mllltat 7 G oo dy, or t ut . ktina.
Fourtb Pitlaburgb. l`a. N. B •
carefully rVd
Ivrn of FLINT and UIIEEN I.ILASS, all
ada of BACIIINEBY, take thLw method of inllmang
thaw desirous of having nth work done, that they are
prepared to do it at the lensed posinble rate*, at tho abort
est collet, and In the beat manner at their establishment.
reennd street, above, tho Canal
the lisa Works.
Twee Bons foe Black (milt and Blast Ptintaces, mann-
Cavil:mad at the shortest noden, and at the lowest title...—
AU kinds of Jobbing done on short notko.
Gas Fitting.
Fro ,, t 0-m et. between Wood and
Weinrd leivite l trinVe to their
assortment of
Chandeliers, hhadarde, Brachia&
l' a ter n ard na t= ..
th..btooru,rsee m.
n t
tire and most reasonable tem.
Wegner, IkLechner & Mueller's
MILE ABOVE FIRM respectfully announce
to their friends and the public trenerally. that the
are prepared to execute, In the linit Mile of their art, sti
orders tbr dig. , Cards. Sills, Diplomas, Cheek;. Visidtbi
sod Professional Cards. Mars, Charts. Labels, 50.
Their ea...Mini...mut is at ho. 60 klarket stmt. te , mm
Third and Fourth streets. nr Marra mehe.ll_
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Cooley.
rICHE SUBSCRIBERS, having been op
pointed Amines for the otore named concern. will
keep ennatantly unhand a supply of the celebrated Balser
Fire Drick.CrocildeFireClay.Varnme Heart/nand 'WWI.
They Orr also prepared to reeeire weeny tbr ed DMA. to
be mrde In late and Mere to salt Warchasers. which shall
Wr do not deem It necessary to enumerate thirmanp Pa•
ran:ices the Bolivar Fire Thick prerse over all others that
hare iren offered for mile In the United Mate; their tame
rierity being well known to almost all parsons oho. use
lire Brick. The proprietors ere determined that the
DMA retina Lore none of their present ensloble , repulatlon.
t. ' l ito ' s .o th : t7 L he ell= ' 'PreCast!' them
emsolielonent um, mroutactuntm Fire Brick at &Hem.
011:11 5 JONKS.
Mehl' boil Buie. Seventh et, Pittrborph.
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
THE undersigned hare just completed their
nou nomulamotin,r ell el••• 01
mencrire mot other Flues. and all rime ef
711 tL.. c. 2., fat uak xi the loviat prima Ur; aro
prepar..l to ~cutv crde, ...” s g i t . ! , f i t l wAout
NOBLE Flouring
-- Mit. Libazi can a Usu. Pitrsburs6
Dranchtetoso, and Prortteol Mining Agent.._
moth. or 3103e1e for the Potent Uttee v deetou of
_leer I
ery for Moooe, Water Work.: 311 le, I^r•
mot hetwist /Ltd. ant P. EL at ha N0..1
ettom etreet. Pttesloarph. jollolly•
1 A. MADEIRA. Agent for Delaware
tunl Nr.fiqy I a.m . .. oIMAM. 42 gr.t.
. .
AIIDINEP. COFFIN, Agent far Franklin
IP/ tyn lontrate• Compaq'. I...Arth oast onto., of Vrcc.i
awl TlPatt .testa.
g. (.1 LENN, ItiNtice, Wood strett,
V ., ...taut dn, from the corner of 11.4.1,here be 4
nr.=.'z".",ll.l l ,7"ga_l l ,7,""Quidr i ll7o"4 h 4r7:7r 7 l
Pub2unt4.ll, hove• ta 3 outumer,!tor ' 1.7400t. 1 .
rarvfolly,r myrtir...l Neactra puton to irot It.ttera
Teem alto taro biodlo.; err litmtatl to call. Pners
• • •
aII'CORD S CO., Wholexale and Retail
in Hat, Cap. and rm . ,
ue Wg...1 and Ykftb,trueta. %Chem they
unur a full an.l rumplete 'tort of flat, t.ty.., Vat,. au., of
ever, quail.' mod rtylo. by 11 bote..ale and Retail...A In.
lthe stiontiou of theirsmata.uera and purettasera
ally,e gown
Fonutiug them t tt tbel
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
.3. 1 . A, WHITE & CO. would re
•wwwfull% lidurm the publ. that 0 01 hu.•
• tou n
ted .iw..pou between kwhwal and I.Wauliwty
:It :t l e
l.atm ctiv r Nu w . w. l'lmettirw. !tr.. ic., faun their
I.,ng iwrhulw in th. matte...won. of the ahoy. work,
arut th e f0rh ,, ..h.• the, have. they 61 rontArnt they are
..r.abled nr, to d t ,
.IrAf/Violititra.,l, 7 .l"oust4+ , tent. with
Pang particular atteutlon to du. aulewlion ad .11.
and haring untie cut ~mutant wormen. awl' have no
hesitation in warranting their wart. IV* therefore uk the
attetillwn of the public to thia matter.
N. 11. Betaking doni In the tkon anatiaterwand on the
moot rramenabie term.. ,atattf
gAO LE • MARBLE WORKS. (established
I!Ur2l [sr EDIIUND wnsaNa. No. IM L.Pserj
of Wood • arse; littsburth. MoststosaLL
Vasa, Tombs. Hradstodes, An.: Mantel El.. (Wt. and
Pirerops. always on bond. stid msde to order.
N. A choke as of Drusrtscs oa band. 010
I_IIIAR.Ri & CO: nre prepdzed to
IL do all ands of ELATU LOGYING.
ALES. LAUGHLIN. *N e on, Ems st. Canal.
kirPlata Roars prceoptlyAsepaged.W"rk.. mita'
. .
A CARD—latiL 1
claim,. of Fourth end Market streets, Pletabeu . g, •• . 1
g we, et th e commenownent of the New Tear, to re- r
turn their tkIAIAILs to their customrs end the public genre. E
ally, for the large shah of mama ...idea tot he. and ..
Invite the coutinuauce of their fen.. 11.1. Al recently
enlarged end lumps. weir me. they.. M•ato Seep
hand a eery exteudve ameorterMit of C.0.-ma buy..
.11l tune the advantage of ninety of light to eland.
mule a. ma. their ...tections. They <what lasktne
theft Mahlistimmt. se far as practicable, a FAMILY
IlifUnile where every article In the Ur, Goy. 11. needed
cou n g: r , tilej..7 y etri i i torment . .. l. t it g ' Ll t ae:i . ;
i t t. ipeeld of
.. t e o z. .ll . . d atV .
di kiwi to favor them with their tow.
ip.3..TIL . WiIeILEMLE BUSINESS will be coutinued In
the rooms up sialon-eutrenee from et. 6 &mt , of m
lower coma. —...,...
Comer of Third end Market Meets. Th. =it 04 W
e il d Institution of One Mud hi Pligsburgh.
Yame...—Johu Flmelug, Prindpal LuMuctor to the
Science of Aecellsat.e.
O. K. Chamberlin. Professor of Paumuseuhip,Kereants.
Compatation. to
Alex. M. Wm., Esg.,Leetnrer on Cceenuercial LIM.
&Whip a mapiete of
or Book Keeping.
and Ile IlplaXelle.o to every breach of hunnemelre m ele.
pant and rapid penrciambip, are leaded to cell and mem.
' I
to!turir.==lal La w
Reference to my of the readert ri cig mere l hanta in . fa.=
Earsumsnso 1832, by EDMUND
WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty et.,
heed of Wood Meet. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Moreumente,BwielVaults.Tosubst o n .,
to.. Mantle Plows, C.d. and Pier Tope,
e 1... hand and made to order, of the
chola. 31whien, mid at very Ahmed
! . rdices. .A Mo. Median on
.• .- 11,,erlIT . T:11, I.
ice Potted - - - - - i7--=i .
•.,. M . i I
••• • =am. ,l
r• . I
Non. Item. 10000 Clark Tiernan. Eel.
lino. Judge Wiii.Ae. Jaw Beeper, PSI.
Wen 1.1.....10., Lee nos .P.., Kerr, L.., Alehltrel.
John elude,. Es q . Ca...
Pitiebarrh Pant. Mawr i - ger lee' m,.
It. ehsenleerver. Eq. 1141 A Coen. do
Wielon eirmindle.i. Eno. 11... & Sargent, ..
Nolen lb-Knight, E... W. Beg., S Co.
J..... )1..11.1•11iL E.-, lumina le P No.. • 0.
haw 1
~ tether'. P., ./ . ,, A b i t i ,...s ti ttb rn i/rt • Co Fruit'.
E. W. feel. grateful for the very liberal patrotme re.
tad du nn. Dintere i.ere In thin ear. 4.100 hed the
iwe e ne .... tn., e In h... up to the precut
time. erel will ...I. S. , on to r,m1.1 r hhountion hereeftee.
.I,_ I torturer. Ware-row.ene 07 J.lOl Third etrert.
.1. tr . II reertotii 011, infdrui, hi ',wish. moil
in.t , divro that hr Imo snit i.usupirted lb; laz,vet
.tiil tnr.trtiek of hou.-ehrlJ furtntors._ rye
1.4 , 44 ei•ett lit
Ito ow eir, a. m. se Seterials.l ti. nphr,lil the gy.iit, d ill,
•011 01141,11.11},}tPri11, tWAt IV,. k/11.411P• 1..1 MP/ .0 do
tiros; eat tri,m llir ext..? of Li , toiler. en 4 [malt; la
mito. t hirts,ja.,t , a. emit let I. ',Ware werrattlol funk
taw .et , t re..
11. IMP olswo.l tli• prihrlite Of hleat47lsE the rush...
en:inter-et will. h. UM{l. In anent/ •Ml Pr., all tee,.
miss), cm hem! the ; isri.te IA 07•1. y iteeeriptlon iif
furnitore. tam the rh. even end philtirei, ts th e pert al.
gent snit moll,. thatany pert of Mei to
1 . 0.10 bl• rit or enennbrturol 01(41 , 01, I.
74,:t.'nf Ile
I , ! ' ll ' rr_ Irg - ;1 ' ;r111 " 1 " ' 1=1: 311 1 . 1 1 .. " 1:1 1.2111 rUi .
Ikrilirlit cl.wl;t, in Dart. •f till 61,14. 104101/ hir Whores i”
file and r.nt.h noa.4 I , thrys.,l Is moot of lb. tla.itilli
Pular, drawing. 'lining. arid let room plain. of every
variety, i...totitins of roorsokil. ateleatAnl 0./ VAIIIIII•
EliUtontil..ll, iirt Rae, Chair, of roe) die.
t r n i 'l ii "' il ' it ' t::rt ': :i ' i..t r oiltrite! r i:riers '''.lr i tstitili ..„ l.rtil
Wire' isrlor %tilting mirk. of
ranouir tali . Wnlit a shire
em! len,. Inlaid ..tend, mart. 1i0n,?., and hnlitiele. marble
my. maniirsay, ritrwn.l e nil veinal. twat n snit este, tit
Nee. ettelioi..n AIM,. tablet: ell 'lvrea( the mon latiimro , .
1 attil dr.-Weill,. the bent kiwi metl mrl.l'rnibitikr hell SCA
f.",l't ,1, A Z,".":,t` r b 'L.;i,'; 4 l= l .lll l d ori: , t l rtt , lf gr.P.'
011.111lIK end Melt, ee. e .retery and hook 1.0,!111411. board, '
far ferret's. towel rarke. Lot Mamie. sail Musts gLI.IIII, MINI
in.] mite for rhilarthi raper matte, labia end tes pale.
melioireny.rtroirootl. lint Inlaid toed Teblee.Er. tr. Er.
A ler, sooirtment of Common liarniture end iiiimhor
Chair.. Cehiart - . supplied with ell article* Its their
lilrambonts tam Hotels, furnish...ll Id the shortest natl.
All order. , promptlt attend.. to. .149
GUSTY LANI.'APT. Cuss. Nerwit,
No. 143 Third id, rorMrr Clmr7.
Dr, having meth, art .getruentA f theipurport. nut
proenrr truantsband* tor onkel. and toldkm. their
widow, and children, and *ill attend to any other Magi.
. connertrd ulth the government or am of It, Depart
ments. the Pention anc, or the COWIN at the City of
Icathingtg:o._ _ nertltt
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in OiL
fm i . ,. D. S. SMITH isloow prepared to give
Instruction to • few pupil. In tic alfd.prit brand.
m ow
id hi. man.. In Ileum Kcalle
Atkin:ice. Iler Wilding, Vint *treat, barmier. Wood and
llarket aurora. Ilourn Dr Itutrorllcal, f.o to
front 6it to :la X. Clump. , and otter particular... ba
i cuc cru y tafterucou) at ch. mal. •
Itefar to Dr. Garrard or pr. Addison.
---OEOEDE E. Alarm) pa,
DrAIERS. IN TACIInNOZ, COIN. nnnl, x o ni, „ C.
No T 4 Para d, wzd t. Bonn VlVletnonn.
Not. end Drafts colleend on all . put. 4, the
rota Boots bought and cs votoms. febTaltler
w. currsoount A 00, • ••• *Manor
lAtig Ito, /414rtin streq. =moon and becosnl.
7: 4" Pargini .,
04 : 7.l.3ten..len tea dttB Abolthyy. ,2;
o.—razmss+s gym.
Walanttit= siWi=al"!'
. • •
. .
or TIM
- -- -
Y• I.—lly Greensburg, Ciambenbtug, Phllwielph*
New 1 wk. Easter, Conine and Northern vents of N. Tor t .
Rola. New Jersey, and the six Nerw. lowland Btatem—
The B Mt Province s of lainq Canada, Nova Booby and
New B unswkk, daily. Melee. at 4 X ...: /*Wt." 50 ... 0.
Nos g Ravvver.—Dy Ms/mills add Itollldarebur; raw
inel the murales of Bradford, Cambria. Contre;CUro
ton. J u Lyromtrig, Mithitm McKean, Potter, PerrY.
Timm, Unicomarul put of Westanueland. via Lixiid....
hiorraysottle, Valem 1. Ma,. New Alosandthuattd lath
partsmfy. Arrival daily, elrept Meador", at 3 .14: dx
parts co daily at 1.14 x m
i'. l . -- BY Butler to.. Mercer. Crawl And, sad Jeflemon
oonntlom It estenspirtorNow Turk add tiPiXrCulhaid .n r .
Anises at 9 e. v.• and depart. at V a. v.
rooms. ran ' 15.2.1111.—8y Washington, Pt, Greet.
Berea, Vomentet, part of Irmtmoreland osuntls - 5 ifiLBIL 4 _
Maryland. Ilaltinumr,Washbagtonatr,A.MATAr.. ..'
errs ;Arta of Ohio and Indiana. Neuturgy, Gllnuls, Tennew .
Ste. Alabama, 511soond. hilasiatispi, Arkunma. North Casa '
linm Li.mris. Louisiana. Yketdu and Texas, riaLy. prime
at 8 e. is.; and depute at 6 v. m
_Pr Holliday rßa.,.7lTitrloUrlfge
son ‘ turroelloulemand Taurimmas outtuthmOffs, dully.
Arrwm st 11 e. xl dttsret xt 7 A . ..
Norm Windruv.--By Bairn Pa, sad Cleveland. Ohl.
Braver Co., P.m, Columbiana, Trumbull, Portage
Ashtabula, Stark,Wayne, Molina, Cual.o.therniol=
Rutland. Lorain. (noon, Ottawa. L y
tle. handualW. W. , "
mei Luca. counties, Mast the extrema northern rowdies
ot Gm diet. cf Indiana sod Illloole, including al h'
OM loWu and Whronsin, doily. Artiv. . 11 a. a.; 44
perm at 0 0. ni.
Ktrranso..--By Slat - hoboe s. Gotta., BPrlistdield , Tere.
rum, rreeport, hitter:zing, ktiskltam ArrusirostA, Oar
ten, Ind Clearfield emotes, dai. except on tseday• Ar
rims at 7e. nt. lard departs fil ly. ex cept
kliMota.—By Perrysville, %contr.!, 'Leliepspi , , Poleax
Lille, Ilarlirobrag and hr. Lodge MTG. Tnnsde7 4
Tbrawdays, .el Snlnxtsrs. a II . v.: drignTe liondaym
Wetterda, and gruisys, et 7 a. x.
Ruu.vitkr—By &unwell's bah Sloterrills, ad Sion
enualsels City. Armes Tuewlat 0. Irides. at /5 0. It.: de
parts 4,dom.lsys owl Yalta - 4a) .., at 6m I.
UNICATOOOO.—Ar (Man.., :iirsre. hut, iicArrsts...
Col railer. Mlttatwittogn, amble's, Ruskraver, 'kilt el•
nen, Cooknovn, Per, tulis gut Lihmty, Upper Middle
we. Pa Arrive , vends, s cud Thu/ties', et 5 • 4, do.
parts 31oudayst and Thursday mar 0 a. 0.
Bug 0111, N A —lSt ll altey's mills, NLhiestoru 501...
Bllreettolo , l2, Craw ("nest Villa., Phrtsreces tall, P...
Bethany. 1.. Armes huraley• and 'thanes, e, ta 10 w...
departs Ileudat o.d Thumb... at 1x
lutturx I.—Vy Clint n. Murdnek o.
sollx 51 , 00, Rom
onus. Frattfut r plum 4 Pa, 1-aircier. 3 a . Arrives Ira
grtdau at 4 X. it,: JAparry .4 rid uAI., at C. • ks.
tinaumws —.ily Antrites. lintrA Wasittu.n. nod A polio,
Va. Arrives . Wearis..A.e. at 0 Is. a, thtattr cm nt•odaY
at 0,..n.
Igreascmo.—Ry boy/Ws Ferry. Aniem 150 friday. at 4
0, Kr Aryerts nu 4.0 N. 7 at 64. is.
ravt•us.-11, Perm n 5.11.. %rosined, Breakneck, Dale,
Prosy..., Willtet row u, 5e., metuding 30 arms MAI Versa Alto
onsolirs. Amory dally at 7a. and depa rt s at 61, • w
4,14 et tor the Jelly mina mrst ß..
6.. la the utke on,iseur
before ltwir deinsrturr. letter, Ar 11. [rho .1113 i hr. ,
uoitly.and oreells well's malt Lem she (Mire halt an boor
behow th,ir daturture.
1 , 11"..M11011 tuzrrn. aI
SONS, Bankers.
XYttliD [WIT MI 111
.N. 110LNIE9
NI 62 X.yrtei ff. httioi , va Third mod Iturih&s.ll7titio2A.
PENNYNLVANId. Bratith at Matitillov.....__ 1
Bank of Elthiburch..---fue brawl at Warier-- ._ . di.
EseLiorhyii think rddo car BrattY.E.,at Xenia- duL
go'. hhil 11. h. a du ...._..par Branch at I
tank of Catutitilne peit City ktitak. Canal:mull .do
Utak of North hitieriis-pay LE , contryrial bt,thociauslido
11.1 uf North% Llbertlehhhr Vranklin Etat........-....- do
Book of Penhayfeavia--pat Laftyrtto Bank ----..d0
l'atili of Kiln Totrookip-.pitt Ohio Life tar. it Trustlki-do 1
ilault of th.111.11^101.41.3 12 Wilitryn fleshrve Bank .r 0
CoIIIMAIT/411 Bata of Ta--hic Rant. a 21.0.1licia-..- ..... -do !
Baroteri . A th. [EWA& Eli Ph , hiiitidi NiNi....,...-..
171nn1 Baia .... . ....... ..... pitri NEW Eist; ... ..,EAN ~..D.
KOlilirl "'1.111hink...... ..pariEll adyinti Danl.__- •
~ 1
tl im oy.,..h.undi Ishui,....gihr NEW Ytfliti. -
- Philhdelphili. Bank par 14.11:11.712i1E.
WNW, 1.401,........
Haut of ClantlyrrYtiot
Dank of Ches3e2 .0 51.
1401 of Dany11e......_
Ilant of Did, Co, Chester.
Ittfili of lierioarithint....
Bantu( thiitystiorgh..-
flank of Lewistown.--
!WM of Bliddlehyrs....
Montgomery Ch.B.'.
Cant of Notthatriberh
(*Milo Batik
om.e.. st Valii
faMers' By of soots t...
Saralore Ilk of Lalleattlif.
Yamad' Bank cilia.... -
Farm. Ilk of &ha,
f gellinit " . %Va.%
11==riLla . lt....
Lassader rsok.-
taneutrr Cousty
Labanot t Bask.... __.....- ..
1P:=1'122"2.:L. --- -iiir:rt.°l= i gn:
Wast Brush Bank----9 Northam Bk of If • isto . k A
Wyoming Uk.laUktalmatanst lioathans lik or llontookj 1
'Yak Baak-----. I ' ISIBOUNI.
Italkf Notos---.—.. /Bk of &at. of Inmate 1
Ohio Stataßank---.—.. 1 State flask and branctus-10
Branch at. Akroo---Ao Bask of 111inut..... ..... .43
Bratsk at Athesta.-_......d0 WISOONSITi.
Branch .0 Brktgelort...:-..d0 31.1. a Imo to 00, chit A
Branch fit 0,111,... ......,, W.CMUAN.
Itrfuth at Clovels,d_. .do Partoere Mshatales' Bask 3
Brush at Total.- ---doliaarrotorat Moak Mak-. B
Branch at D
000b00aytos..--..-40do Prottoular 11a5k..............- 3
tdascil at Detawar,a-....d0 lasams•Coompaar..—.... 3
Itrumb at. Aahtabsia.--...d0 ..... ,5.A... nk 4ADA.
0112411“ WC. - - 4watt...infanta
.. - Toro:dolt
Frani& it @Wel
Branch at Chat.,
Braze, at Colamtm
ttraneleat WuMara
Brava at Culla
Braach at Imamate!.
Br anch a
ameht ta lt ab- '
h i = rt trpr.
Branch at dota l
Branch at IWta
Lamat ian
a cari
Maar+ at Nee--
at Pon.
K Eaton—
at etlyabeg—
st Toledo.
Braid ,
rmunari. And l9, 11"
tnAvA. I 2.2v.kags.
.— t --
Dn11 , 21 Et2t2 2 ... 117 518 Int./. Jdll
tro W., quo , iu218;100 ;ltd. Vetk Ang
ow., ... lob w. 1
V 2 3.2., ilnt
MvY Von
.vp..o4,Acrylluu : v 5 do
Do map .8 do
ritt•turvh eltg,tes. 110 c, m. I tT Illa. Jan 13.11 F
1.0, .00q. ,
All2vber.) 207 2'2 t122. , ' 25 VI !ad?' I.Noo
PO3-iDy, 6S 20 I jo
Wt. 4.0,4
nonmphrla 14tb1ut...• trl . 2l
Ilittul Nt. 11,14.1R.1 44, 40 41 .
Yorthrrn t 00.
AV,ll,..syurt lltWxr tOO 10 ! '
Ire -Iffy Its.n.nme. In
Ct. ~,,INOV oo II
A : 6
14. lunuraor, b
. 11/1
41. 1 000 , 40 t .
Jir r • ot,
v,Aurwb, 44 ,
k rtVA. ' : I" 4 40°
atm µ4l urca.
ate. ar:
Pit4llXnal ha. Mak, 1.0 ae jce, orr r
Mannar shell , Elark,,,torr, In 61
Voual,l , •,theur thacknate 74: 40
Pran's.l..antral hell 0
a 4
1 41n, 44
1.0110 X hem's. Rut gnarl. En ah :17
U.H. ohs Katt licact..i EU' .
tlevelan , l ellelho 11.161 1.11; 4.6 I
Merl. It Way, Der Dak , ltar ton 'lo.l , ,lthr Dee 4 pert
Fayette Meni4. LO, to 4cl
Kn. Canal 6 1,, ndettn , dh•-4 ,46 1 46 I
do. larw)...:loU, 46 4 ,, I
Turtlo Croft Plook 11.01'44 •:z1
Allen. Perrysville Pk Hal j
oireanelarTuraplar fal
Chart gem C 4 ,31
ti ll ort iU ri " ta h' ert "" : , "ft
North teen o,l .
Martha .............. . Nu. MO
I.lltehura feta 1t,1.-1 ....I
Ohio Sala Royal —.
Wanda , * Ilinghtno.
Vita Shoal—
1...' 12 ; •
n z ti
Fresh Assortment of Spring 0 006,
T051.A8 PALMER' in daily waiting
from the Moslem allies, at 14. obl Pewi t
No. 55 Mmecicr Krim,
Beaten Third and Forth rued., PiatdirmA,
117 =lli a ti t siVZ
P " W 1'„ u ",2,744t
mot/. 00 . "4" Trcr i lt L i b LoMarerde . 4. PO..
et r = — Zeent= " =r;jai d t rbt l 4 .4 7p
the Wham.. of merchant. sod It.epOre
hair Invite&
V.WI WALL PAPEItIr Owl 4fLrelejt
Wk. Market respective eillee. Urgo4
MW gr
the et b y t a,.31
Eaatern Exchange
PER Tonx.
rrm.E.224= ..
Banana. AYralcti.—Adeertlemantaand Nobtotiptionf
fn t bill pa W r reulved and &model free of expense, from
April PN
The market generall r oci.t
ed change. quotation.. '
PLOVR—The larger portico of the moan. rraterilari
was for eastern obtrumeat, amlequeatil naa ,
baud ...ere not exceeding 050hhisl at 0 ,3, 4 3 X*
B.llluts are solUng form Mee at i 3.44 6 3 40 A bbl.
&Angling to brand.
11111 FLOUR—FoIa we. maned to small lots at 67.,b1
(4)2,07 from lint booth. and 6343.3A 5 horn Oboe..
CORN MOAL-830001l nln from store at $530& 71 Mk
CIBAIN—OnIy a nicderata bus.. has boat doing In
the grain market. Sales 160 tin corn from store at We,
.d 120 boo oatse<S7*o4 b. haleshf wheat In gc.II ids 04
0*,08; of rya at 1.11 ba. Na sates of bartar.
• IiCOCCILIES—We not. a far general burinoa doing
at full Sala Cl Mug lt 0 sugar el WO, it
Bala la small lots at 6V/Ghle for fair and good fair quail.
ties: 5.'03 bbls mole. es, In Cypress, at We cash. and
of 50 do at 30e.4 moll. Salo 60 bids mgarben. molag.
at 43051 gal, and of 10 do map at 45e 'f gal. were bold'.
at 1150500*rial.
111CKEICEL-8.• a bids No 3at LIX bbl. 4m.
In smaller lota No 3 aro bald very firm at $8,50 It bbl
We quota No 2at 110. sal No 1 *awe , bbl.
GNAD con IIIIIIPLIN(1-831es of new shad at 111.50, and
of new herring at ST bbl.
COMESE—VaIra 100 a.m. at 156714 r. Small
sal.a am= at 5e .1+ lb.
ntrrnii—ui. 2$ born .rtes mu.* m. Bale. I hhit
roll. toll at 13e ill 0.
BACON—The market i coy firm at fa pricy. lult4
from stare of lf,eks at 4/46664r for shoulder& 734 for auto,
.4 81:(4tOle for ham& gales from imolte boom of MOM
Is Wee at 77: rash, 10,000 gm wrote. cured do .1 7% ca.,
and 068,000 IDs doodlers at lidie $1 0. Gales sugar cored
emus,. hams In teg at 1014 e TO.
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PRIED FIWIT.,We notice abumdaat aumplies, wink
rather a dun market. The.mtualzatea from store are In.=
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a 1,241.31. for mama. and 704T5 for apt:/..
LAIII:-.Eales to • limited extent, In bbls and kap at I®
ValtS3i , II b.
OlLS—Vorther sales tIo I lard at Ine, and of 1-Ins ,- 1 at
EOSlN—Stirs 7O Obi/ roam, of 11,L3 m small lots
at k 3,75.
Willati.X.l—bale• of rerbged to small lots at Vs
:Cgtr El.roat, Aril IL
spzuST—cnutnova oral dorizol. withont arty
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ho 1500 bblv, tit 11. Ne 11 gal
WLIALIK--The demand continuos very gond. and ndro
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buyer, BraVr.
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UT. Lek Art—Esurn,
Buena Reeve—The eplendid twur emu., Clankln.
OwJt R T 11TIUy hee entered irso Delver trule: wiwrs .be
will nintinue to run Rea slum( Uwe. The C. bar been M
UNI up and therrugbly replayed, end affords geed sum.-
usalarkers Ilyr p.m:Rum Rer hour for leavingis2 o'clock
reel def.
antennae Scon:-Tbe litobtand Ilan, down yatenley
now Wenen.leyorta bating oaamail Ina anima Aottiony
'Wane. sunk h. Wont b' feet' enter. at the been of the
bead *bra Meet, Lonna,. The Wayn was bound to
tleho Council Mutts. and at thetime of nation
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denim' AllKlirw, whil. lying fu tbarknal harm u basalt..
was driven sonnet the wall of tlas basin with stub form
as to rain her anthers. and cause hat to sink to • W.
minutes. Iler tom it.. In deep water, but her stern fete
upon the wall. The wantiliscry and cabin tnnalturo will
he saved. Tito Wawan was on old tow. awl much dllspi
Mated. Llnr haia will not <want 1112atillt Lunt. Kaput ,
°voila.-- 2
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LOUISVILLE—P. hams Ina-34 1. b. Outexita .tgamm
Bell a L... 15 do, 25 rolls leather. 51eVaderi A Col ba books. 6do rime, do roam W 111116.3 074 97
1.10 feathers. 7Ms fun, 42 Ithds U Leech k C b
do. 26 sks bah, 6 bias bristles,l bz bacon. I 1.1.1. Clark
a Than: 74 bbd. tobac. 50 eke barrio, II tirraff C. I Ins.
rides, 16 bp Burbrklge 4t Irorrann 164 bbla mo
les. 1. King; 2 tirs .ml. 21 Ins barns, S W Ilarbangb,
II bbl. tobacco. U Wert.. 7 as bacon. .7 .6 Unlade.
a Ca 166 bblellme. Brim. A Perry: U bbd. tobaceu. Yon
erth aCo a bits feather., U Rhode.. A Son; I ttr feathers
lyne t Mech.. I ores ammunition M J Bonet:1
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110 CHING I'll:MT—Yrs 11AD:err—I) head male, 73 bnke
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Tinter; asorn. T Wood At font 33 81104 storks, .1 8
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CINCINNATI—Pea llotuale 10 2.-50 Ude irblekey, J
Forerth; Ibo eandlea I pke rood. iiirolck 4 r. 40 bbls
Isal oil, roll Nicole 13 be bow, a/ roll. leather, I/
laerh 1.4.4 II) dot en lbe eneaths, Huber
(rooks, Dater Vora, Ita 10 bbils Fuger, J Boll[ll Jr: al do
tobaceo. J lluurje: mks feathers, 43 der bhlb A W
Huta:ag 124140, N a C Hata I b: leather. IL T Leech:
01 tee eboukters, Meriden& Comb, 140 bz• :cap. B George
a 04:21 il 00l W Darker. 108 Weds bee., 1 )11tehnea
bee, 31organ.
ILLINOIS:MVP:a—Pt: Flartrr.--48 bbl: ahltker,.
Plnkertml Young a Oa 30 Oa red Boob,_A Culbeeleont PO
Olt toolsesakb I' Willem; 10 teerfee, A King: 10 bble mo
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S2SO DU bulk meat. k lienett
SUN FIFII—PrI PILOT NO 2-1 laid tolar,o, 2 do 1 koA
Damn, D a Co:s bh.l• toltu,.. Clark TIDDr:2 bbbi
lin : I Lark; ela ye, 11 D-Altell a Co; 17 Latta sob, Ti
STOOKS WANT:I - 1--Bank of Pittaburgl4
/North. , m Meal.
0. AltN.ll.lle. CO,, !Fourth Pt. : 4
(STOCKS Fon SALE.—Nlonongabelaliridgei;
13 NurtLltank heimun b 4 y
Mai F. Ah7:ol W .l. t .70
a , 7 Fourth at.
t.f. Gn. Nc, 4Dr et
N di
61% ...
Bank Stock far Sale.
OTIC E li:hereby given that in compliance
with the rowdeltione of an Act A..netubW ,
Ne :Lida, of 31ar1,. ILA theta .111 ba offered at pub.
he eat. at the Hour, (INC TIIidISAND SII.A.UIOr ,
:4 KW eTtICK of the glooobele Kant drownsetlle on
IVetonst.., the 7th Icy ki g.a Sr. 155! t.
at 10 cfelccL, .1. 11. Ity cad 2 of lb. hoard of Ittreetoz..
aplas 2. KNOX., Cashier.
inietE.— The highest market price
far Amerieau owl Fereirn S.ILVEIL and fur Foreign
doldt, at the Etchenge I 4.1 01. lIILL k LW
ant:2• oa Wool et.. 2J door show , Fourth.
iF . 4(V ootyr6 . igi,tBllWMiiiituAus
• Board olUnderwritera 7
AT a Meeting of this Board of 'Oriderwri
ic s.
Illowlutt neee e hltaled: tat unanlknonnl2 nMP
,no .101 to be inthli
kWed, That from and after Ws* pnbileatlon Of this no.
tee. or Kiln whether °del.' or eonthanwh Phan be
eonetderea to tetra bawlny In* twenty (Mire twit& diY.
aunt the premium II ln cacti.
1W onler
mll :1f
'Life Insurance.
kINIIISTY of 1...au1n0 AAA Neu York.
••f+ p•riaokout lwaltutiou. uaulArtink the tuutpal
proulko.l.llll6 tkst of • xurk cotor.ol. 4rr.ntn rugs W.
tool.Aos to lAcut• ,A.IIIIIA to imam
00.. of fk4upa., fur Wotterst Pentoylt•rds. lb.
1t0u1004...h00. of WM. A. 111 61. R
W CM.,
61 [o.lit.
A til, PERSONS having businvim with the
at:P= l ly . .24l4l',, wr iiitirltili;l i ttin " 4= -
filigi44‘..N.lo:l4l. ,mmor, a ll y. from 9WI .1 o.ork. A.
t ., , ,,,,,,, m pyjn Jto 1 le. M. Ler bnola in Wallil of rams.
~,, 1 MO.. Mignon of demon..
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Ip i Alt a A iST - ,41-foticlieisiind -- . it
1 a ar1411117 ,, Zi ,. th i 1 ,, n 4ute sie.111:: . a
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"nma .11). , ail. IL, Voul.2sPtlani ertabllsn
...t . I. 0... On.inn up. And Mil .. a.. the 0..
nor r =4 ,
If f .1. ni.#::44llqattltk: yrwp4'"NrAftVr
414+1,10,0010N.u.80ut x.
Sroa.—This store
Licit=trAt.v.,,... I. b.. Ju+ , l been 74tted
_ ...__
raPtia - -- -
• ,at i lte 2 .ztt Arii.g
5. I
R I Lad;
luu bth. Tlmothr b... , t
Ili woks
' , t o cask.i=aao stare sad for We $7
bsasb.MOLASSES-400 bble a . N. .
a IL n 0., oak wiper
by subloir
IC.Teepoodeoce of the rittAllroh ucrwJ
. New Yooc, April 16, 11151
Progress of the tawdry—Baltimore, her growth,
her railroads to the writ. l'hilad4hia, her em
pni adeanement-r-Diseappearance of rifle. and
conntry costa. Nets York, her immense popula
• lion, co innterrial aetwity, improvements in nodd
ing, 4.e., 6.,.—Preralener of sordid anstiment
di s no,.. , Folkfire—A ease of well directed mina
afire: and spirit—Crowded elate of immigrant .-
An yen proceed northward and westward from
the political capital, you are everywhere met
with' the most striking evidences of the advance
ment of the country in prosperity and physical
resources. Washington itself, though improving,
hardly keeps pace with the progress of the re
public in population and power. But as you
approach Baltimore you see her stretching out
her iron arms to grasp the wealth of a region
which until lately was an a sealed ` hook to her
citizens. The Alleghenies are no longer a bar
rier to communication in that direction, and as
you look along her chief channel of traffic with
the west, you are reminded that the slow and
creaking wain no more plies its weary way over
their summits, but that the willies which break
their ridges are smoothed for the passage of the
swift gliding land-ship, or their heights are sca
led and even their bowels pierced with many
great , gaping wounds' that nothing may hinder
the thundering course of the Iron horse over and
through them. The terminus of the railroad
with its fields of ponderous cars, teeming with
the coal, inns; flour, and general produce of the
interior, seems liken harbor crowded with ves
sels laden with the merchandise of all untiops.
And Baltimore is extending her brick and mor
. lanes at a rate which threatens the nbsorp ,
tion of all the lands adjoining. In fact, so rap
idly are the Atlantic cities spreading that it be
-1 gins to be a question where they will find room
1 for suburbs. In troth, I notice with regret that
they are generally tispenaing,with those btallti
fal appendages to municipal corporeticna
When you reach Philadelphia, you perceive
1 that she yields nothing to her more southerly
I sister io rapidity -of growth. There too the
town is making ouresisted irruptions into the
country. The quiet rural lane is sadly giving
i away before the noisy, dusty, rattling paved
street. A horde of sturdy Hibernian." with
opts attack the fountlatioas of the German home
stead with moss-grown roof, and a Yankee are
i man or two lay their reopens at the routs of the
stately willow that has smiled over it in the son
! shine and sighed in the storm since the master's
I grandfather won a hoy, and they fall Loge.
thee. lo their place it quickly sees a row of
__ , ,
stores swam:my
. ..mice.; of the 'upper port of
1 this house to let.' Such is the process end such
! the revolt.
No city in the Union has improved with so ra
pid and at the same time so solid a growth as
Philadelphia within ten years past. tier coal
and Iron and her public works have done the fat
alness for her, and the advantages which they
secure to her no vicissitude of commercial for
tune, no change or diversion in the avenues of
tgnde can deprive her of. Port Richmond. the
tot for the coal of the mine • on the eastern
apes of the mountains, lavitaelf a city.
Itie neat arrive at the 'commercial metropolis
the 'Empire eity'oif Atnerika, truly a great and
beautiful city. I sympathise with the fondness !
and pride with which her citizens everywhere 1
speak of and tarn to her, for this is the spot of
my humble nativity. Great she is in numbers,
great in public spirit, in enterprise, in wealth,
great in her ships and her mighty commerce,
great in the magnificence of herprivate citizens,
and her public edifices; famed for the liberality
!zit her institutions, and for the catholic senti.
rod 'which pervade them, sad renowned, too,
or the beauty of her daughters. I wish I etirild
'way more. I grieve that New Fork holds no
plaza of deserved distinction for bold, indepen
• dent, patriotic principle. From toy soul do I
deplore the depth of debasement to which the
accars.l spirit of traffic has borne her. The
voice of truth; of humanity, of that eloquence !
and genius which speaks wherever the noble and
generous Impulses and passions of our nature'
!have a home, is hushed and smothered beneath
the sordid howl of interest, the cry of 'cotton!'
'silks!' 'profits!' l'asnr.l' luaus !!' LIOSIVIT used
word dear to American hearts—that liberty
which means freedom of thought and of speech,
freedom to meet for public purposes and to dis
cuss public measures. Brit it is now in this city
of ships and cotton bales a proscribed word, a
hated, and despised, and denounced word. But
let that pass; let other matters for once take the
place of political invective.
The neatnight after I reached this teeming
solitude—for all that once constituted the dear
companionship of home within these crowded
limits is scattered and gone, and I am now as a
stranger not to the manor born—l eons aroused
by that serenade so vrbll-known to every dweller
here, the sound of the fire bells. The voice of
a rough countryman in the adjoining room
conveyed the comforting intelligence that no.
unless I saved myself by instant flight 1
should be smothered by the raging II antes
On looking across the street I quieted his
alarm by telling him that we did not allow
ourselves to be disturbed by such trifles in this
busyplace. On the opposite side of Broadway,
three or four doors above, the flames were burst
lug from the roof and windows of a lofty store-
house, just completed and occupied by a firm of
importers with a valuable. stock of goods. It'
happened that I had been admiring the nrcfiitee
tuml beauty andimpasing appearance of the eil
ifice a few hours before. The scene won magnif
icent. Such was the rapidity of the fire that with
in twenty minutes the ton of the building was
one mass of living and warring flame. The
brown stone of the facing crocked and coated
off like hailstones under the intensity of- the
! heal. An array of firemen with a dotes Or more
of their engines were immediately at work, but
- all to uo purpose The fierceness of ,the tiro and
thchcight of the building were too much for
Soon, the Homes blown by therrind caught the
wood work of the windows of the Howard House,
which was filled with guests. who rushed forth in
various elates of unpreparedness. For half an
hour it seemed impossible to save that building
hut divan eared from fire by being almo,fdelug
ed with water. In less than an hour after the
alarm was given, the first building ott.tekeil was
a Leap of loins, the walls in their fail, crushing
two smaller buildings, propped up at one side
under Its protecting gable. It was perfectly ob
vious- that had the wind been light, the whole
block, is very valuable one, would have been de
stroyed, and indeed the scenes of 183 i, and 1845
might bare been reenacted by the destruction of
the greater boldness part of the city. The height
sii ,
of buildings must li e a very great ilition to the
danger from fire, in all compactly" ti ilt cities. I
noticed the next morning, that the 'xtreme heat ',
had shrivelled and searched the int on the
doors and signs on the opposite side o the etreet,
and penetrating the shutters, had crocked and
spoiled a line plate glass window.
Upon the whole, it was an exciting spectacle,
I witnessed it from my bed, the whole passing
almost under the window of the room in which I
slept There was one incident which in worth
the place required in describing it. When Uwe.,
seen that the flames were getting poesession of
the upper story of the Howard House, it Seemed
that the whole ostensive pile must go, unless a
stream of water could be thrown into the top
most windows. tio stream then playing, reached
within twenty feet of the flames. At this mo
ment, the elastic energy and enthusiasm' of One
gallant Jerseyman, Horace H. Day, .. the Indi a ' I
Rubber man," eased the structure, and whops . i
presented a terrible coutlagratiott. Saki:tins the
only engine in the neighborhood, which had the
requisite capacity, the "Southwark," of Pills- - '
delphla Ennead:a% hi mode a 'Olt istirrieg
appeal to a• soore of byittandirs to
. cinici to the
aid of the wearied Armin,. sinAt,sosian4 to the
some of tie amble ititkitheix , filiftcreemeot,
etcrrAnry Ihr guard
Business Notice.
speedily raised such a head of water as poured I hag coat for her baby. for that It was pity, to let •..
a beautiful and abundant stream upon the point it be-burnt, hergoodmact gave hetranch a thump • i
where needed, and completely 8 ,„, , ,,,b err d th e cm her back with a knotted stack Which be had
idled out of the hedge, that she fell down. with
flames, and prevented their spremling to other fend shrieks; and when he went to help her
parts of the building. S much „cart, the deter- l up shejnalled him dewu` by'. the hair, and, a s I
mined will of on* man o en effect in moments of , vereed Martini. :mid, now executed what she i
peril. Such met
nomeli es save 4 battle. _, ~ht b.l ' l , : o h ntei te h e ti r u f t,s selt o wi eh tt lth g a e t i rt ,,....,... :
In the course ,- .lf a ride through What lased to. tit the
ether people came Amin up to theta,
be the northern nvirons of the city, YesterdaTe and held her back. Meanwhile; however, the j
I satisfied myself) as to the mode of stowing the 'storm had almost passed over, and sank down
Immense accessions of population, which thla towed the 94, - . i
city Ints received within ten years past. Why;
we r An e ld w d b en ar i . 4 r d r e ne s ib treehe r"a l h he a r V i ha lti l wo we ' l : S
it has been extended by miles of closely built
covered with people, and the pile and stakenpon
streets, toward the head of the island.. Houses the top, upon the which - Me tall constable jam
and' well known localities, which a few years pod up when he saw us coming, and beckoned ~.
since were considered in the country, and were with his cap with all his might. Thereat my
senses leftme, and - my sweet lamb vas . ranch
the resorts of =rid pleasure parties, are now
overflow of the city in that
better; for she bent to and fro like a read, and i
lost in the general stretching her bound hands toward heaven, she t
direction, and you pass through streets of new mice more eried'out . '
three and four story houses, each of which ap- "Res twownite masltstl3 l
pears to be crowded with half a dosen Irish or Gast asllsadal salvo. oath.
Ea rs Jae. foes potato:.
German families, evidently new to the town and And, behold, scarce had she spoken these words, • "
to the country in which the remainder of their when the son came out and formed a rainbow ~
lives are to be passed. There is a closeness and right over the mountain most pleasant to behold; , 4
o suffocation in this piling up of animal life, that it is clear that this was a sign from the merciful ‘ l ..
such as he often gives us, but which we
I confess, excites in my mind any thing but a ' IA,
, blind and unbelieving men do not rightly nt*. • i
pleasant sensation. But the disadthatage wilt Neither did my child heed it; for albeit the •• 4
probably corree4 itself. That part of the pops- thOught upon thetfirst rainbow which shadowed
lotion which does-not properly belong to city forth onr troubles, yetit seemed impossible that :.
life, will, in no long time, find more fitting held, she could ;Tw. he saved, wherefore she grew so " i
in the west and the interior. r . faint, the he no longer heeded the blessed
tatters u
'l - - sign of mercy,and her heail fell forwards (forshe . 't
Jrlci rs • - ` could no lange.t lean it upon me, seeing that I
lay my length at the bottom of the cart), till her ;
garland almost touched my Worthy genie his ' !,
knees. Thermapim,he bade the driver stop fee
.a. moment, and pulled out n smell - flask filled__
With wine, which'he always carries in his:pock
et.: when witches are to be hurnt4 in order to
comfort them therewith in their terror. (Hence- -
forth, I -myself , will 'ever do the like, for this
' Ashen dray dear gossip pleases me well). He
first pooled &omelet' this wine down ray throat,
and afterwards down my child's; and ,wo had
scarce come to ourselves again, when ii!fearful
norm and tumult arose among the pctple be
-I"hind us, and they not only cried out in deadly
fear, "The Sheriff is comb back! the Sheriff is
come again!",but asthey could neither rim away
forrards or bickwards (being afraid of the ghost
behind and of inly child before them), they ran
en either side some rushing into the coppice,
and others wading .„
into the Achterwater= up to
their necks. Pow, as soon as Dots Cuorerurior
saw the - ghoet come out of the- coppice.with a
gray hat and a gray feather, such as the Sheriff
wore. riding on - the gray Charger, ha crept under
a bundle of straw in the cart; and Da, casyZ
cursed my child again, and bade the coachman -
drive on as madly as they Wald, area should all
the homes die of it, when the impudent co sin- •
ble behind us called to him, "It is not the Sher
iff, but the young bird of icienkerken, trite will
sorely seek to save the witch: shall I, then, cut
her threat with my sword?" At the fearful
words my child and I came to ourselyes tigetirt„
and the fellow had already lift up his, naked
sword to smite her, seeing Dow- Conal had
made him a riga with his hand, when my dear
gossip, who saw it, pulled my child with all his
strength back into his lap. (May God reward
him on the day ofjugement, for I never can).
The villain would have stabbed her as - she lay
in his lap; but the young lord was aboadithere,'
and seeing what he was about to do, thrust the'
twarspear, which he held in his hand, in between
the constable's shoulders. .so that lie felthead
long on the earth, and his own sword, by the --
guidance of the most tightens God, wont into
his ribs on one side, and out againnt, theather.
He lay there and bellowed, but the young lord .
heeded him not, but said to my child,-"Sweet -
maid, God be praised , that you are safe"
When, however, he saw her bound hands, he
!mashed his teeth, and, cursing her judges, he
jumped off his horse, and cut the rope- with his
aiord, which he held in his right hand, took her
band in his, and said, "Alas, sweet maid; how
have I sorrowed for yen: but I could not Save
you; as I myself also lay in chains, which you
may see from my looks." • .
But my child would answer him nevem' word r .
! and fell -into a swound again for joy; howbeit,
' she soon tame to herself again, seams my-dear ;
gossip still had a little wino by him. Meanwhile
the dear young lord didmeamne injustice, which, ' ' -
however . I freely forgive him; for he walled at..
me end called ate an old woman,:whor citithi do
naught have weep and atraU..• ! Whyliatt I not
jmarneyed after the litredishlthirgyar why bad I .
not gone to Mellenthin Myself. to fetch his tes
timony, as I knew right well That: he. thought
about -witchcraft 1-.(Birk; -blessed God, how
could I do otherwise than believe the judge, who
had been there I Others besides old =mantel:lld
have dons the same: and J. never once thought
of the Swedish king; and say, dear reader, how
could I have journeyed after him, and left my,
own child? But young folks do not think of
these things, seeing they knew not what &father
feels.) ' . --
Meanwhile, however, Dona Came:wins, ha
ving heard that it was tbayotuaglcrrd, had again
-crept,out from beneath the straw, item, DOW:
Consul had jumped down (stint the coach and
ran towards us, railing at him loudly, and ask
ing him-by what power and authority ho acted
thus, seeing that he himself bad heretofore de.
notmced the ungodly witch ? But the young
lord pointed with his ',tweed to his people, who
now came riding out of the coppice, about eigh
teen strong, tftmed with sabres, pikes, and mus
kets, and said, "There is my authority, and I
would let you feel it on your back if 1 - did not
know that you were but!,a stupid ass. When did
you hear any testimony from me against . this
virtuous maiden? You lie in your throat if you
say you did." • And as Dom. Consul stool
and straightway forswore himself. the } oung
lord, to the astonishment of all, relate - 1i o fol
lows:—That as soon as he heard of the misfOr
time which had-befallen me =I my child. ItO or
dered his horse to he caddied forthwith, in.. order
to ride to Budgie to bear winless to cur litho.
acne.. this, however, his old father \ Would no.
wise suffer, thinking that his nobility would re
ceive a stain if it came' o be known that his
son had conversed with a reputed witrii by night
on the Streckleberg. lichad caused him, theca.
fore, as prayers and threauxwete of no avail, to
be bound hand and foot and confined in the don
jon-keep, where till datum an obi servant had
watched him, who refused to lot him c!....t.ipe, not,
withstanding he offered him any sum of money;
whereupon he fell into the greatest anguish and
deipliir at the thought that innocent blood would
; be shed on his account; but that the all-right,-
eons God had graciously spared him this satrow -
, for his father bad fhllen rick-from veiatien, and
hey abed all this time, and it eo 'happened that
thin morning about prayertime,, the huntsman;
i in shooting at a wild duck in the most, had by
chance sorely wounded his - father's favorite do,-,
called Packan, which had crept bowlitte, to his
father's bedside, and had died. whereupon the
old man who was weak, was so angered. that h.(
' was presently seized with alit dnd gore up the ,
! ghost too. Hereupon bit people relecied him ; '
and after he bad closed his, fathers eyes anti •
prayed an "Our Father" over hied ha strairhtl
way set out with all the people he 'could•trul in
the castle, in order to save the innocent mailen
For he testified here himself before all, on the
! word and honor of a knight, nay,}note, , by his
1 hopes of salvation, ;hat he himself wan that
I devil which had appeared to the inaideri
on the mountain in the, shape of - n hairy
; giant; for having beard by common raper,' that
; slit oft-times went thither, be greatly desired '
to know what she did there, and that frail fear
, of his hard father he disguised himsell is a
; wolfs skin,aathat , none might know him, mid
I be had already spent two nights there, when an
i the third the molded came, and he then saw her.
i dig for amber on the mountain, and that she dui
i not call upon Sates. but recited a' latin carmen
' h aloud to herself. Thui he would have testified
at Pudgla, bat from the cause aforesaid, he had
not been able: moreover, his father had laid his
cousin, Claus von Itilentertan; who was there en
rivisit, in his bed, and made Lim bear false wit
ness; fore Dom. Consul had notseen Etitci(l mean
the young lord) for many a long year, seeing he
had stadied in foreign parts, his father' 'thought
he might easily be deceived, which accordingly
happened. • •
When the worthy young lord hid stated dna
before Dom. Comma and all thefpeople; which
flocked together on heating that the young lord
was me ghost, I felt as though a Mill-stone bad
been taken off my heart . and seeing that the
pedple (who had already pulled the 'constable
from under the cart, anderowded round hiMlike
a swarm of been) cried to me . that he Was dying,
but desired first to confess • stimewhaCto me, I
fromleolordr,toandcall the cart
called. totDoinas tightly
consutanid"thmieg bach
elor; and
withlne, seeing that I could easily
gams what he bad on Ids mind!' He sat upon a
stone, and the blood gushed from bii ride like a
fountain (now that they had drawn' out the
, sword;) be whimpered on seeing mated .eald
, that he had in truth harkened behind the door,
to all that old Lissie had confessed to the, 'Arne
, ly, that aha herse/f, together' with the Sheriff,
had Worked all the•witchcraft on ntanand Lewd
to frighten' ay poor child, and force her to play
the wanton. That helm! hidden this, seeing
that the Sheriff hadpienthted him I gut te
`ward for so doing; but t4the wattages , confess
it freely, sibsGonad onglit, mychild her in
neeence to light.'; Wherefore he besought my
. _... .
. , . . _
e Deily Pittebeirgit Clasette.)
(C.rorojvcsadeoce of
eii,Nzw Toast April, le t:
The very natal term which Ina been pre
vailing in our city,, r the last three days, and
which T see has ezt led over, & large poition of
the rca board, at p eat begins to Show some
signs of abatement- It, s has not rained to day,
and tho sou is makin a sickly e ff ort to shine. ,
During the proval re of 'the Thin on Wednes-
day night, a family o liveddn a cellar in Al-'
bony street, were weed out , , The man and
children escaped, ba the worinne a dzoilms
wretch, paid the deli of nature. \th another
cellar, la the same sir et, onthe eamenight, the
first ward police found the water up to the bot
tom of the bed, In wh oh the mother and chil
dren were sleeping, w ile the husband, a tailor,
was croselegged on the big, et work, and smo
king a pipe.
The sudden and nap ecedented separation of
our State ;Legislature y sterday, caused by th 3
obstinate eandact of t e Locofoes minority, es
the subject of the Erie Enlargement Bill, has'
thrown the city into ferment. The public
mind is fall of expects 'on as to the issue, and
m i s
the future clone can earthe consequences of
such a measure as been purraed by the
twelve reigning Locoroc Senators. The coarse
of the minority , I find, not generally approv
ed by the members of the Democratic party,
while the Whigs to en, • •ssilier grey,"or
-woolly head," uphold be action of the Sena
tors. The extra session ill be held in June.
Anions the him lost b this action of the Sen
ate, are the several apps priationbills, including
all the donation bills, su ply bill, the city bills,
giving power to raise snicey, the city loan and
tax bills, the Erie canal enlargements bill, and
over two hundred and fifty other bills for the lo
calities in almost every corner of the State. The
lose of the tax bills will greatly embarrass our•
good city fathers at their next senior, in May.
A - poor Scotchman named Taylor, while_st
work in Johnston's 16th street distillery, yester
day afternoon, was caught in the machinery,
and in a few revolutions, every bone in his body
was broken. 110 was a single man, andhad been
only a few weeks in the country. .
A foal murder was committed last night in
Cow Bay, "Five Points," about the worst dis
trict in the cliy;'though not three minutes' walk
from the tombs, by a man named Stokey, a well
known desperado, who stabbed a negto named-
Moore, through the bead, The - mtirderer is In
safe keeping, awaiting the Coroner's inquest
I learn from the Health Officer of tho.port,
that since the sth ApriL.lBso, 42 vessels basing.
small pox nn board, have with their 18,l7:11 pee.
ple, been subjected to quarantine. • _
The annual report of the - Girceittors of the
Almshouse issued to day, shows that...lllring the
past year 11,906 perianshave been relieved with
money, 26,068 have been relieved with fhel, 1,276
children have been received into-the eity miss-
ries. In Potter's Field titanium been 1,360 1
interments. 'lle tentuber- admitted into the
almshouse proper woe 2,855, of which 1,464 were
' Irish, and of the whole number only 545 were
natives. The cost to the city for maintaining
prison and charitable institutions during theyear
1850, was 623,864 69. • '
Ex-Alderman E. J. Mercer, of the Second
Ward, died rather suddenly yesterday afternoon.
At the time of his death, he was extensively con
nected with the Masons, Masonic Temple of lion
or, Odd Fellows, United Americans, Sons of
Temperance, and almost every other benevolent
order in the cityi lie was also President of the
Young Guard Henry Clay Association, and Adju
tant in the 6th regiment. We may well gay of
him that he died ”full of honors."
John Johnston, of the firm of Boorman, John
ston Rs Co, one of the oldest merchants in the
city. died on Wednesday, at the advanced age's,
of 70.
Among the bills paid by the Supervisors the
other day, was one of $297 05 for refreshments
for the common council, and $777 50 for Judges
and jurors._
In the Superior Court, a verdi ct has lately
been rendered of $3,000 damages against the
corporatiein in the case of George linbson and
wife, vs. the city. Itappears that plaintiffs were
upset ono dark night into an excavation on the
Fourth Avenue, their carriage being destroyed, •
horses killed, and themselves severely injured.
The damages are net a whit too much, and may
have the effect of causing those whose business
it in to be more careful of deep pits in the streets.
Very doubtful though. -
Two steamers of 1100 tons each, ore building
in this city, to form a direct line between New
York and Norfolk.
Only 179 bills of any ceriscquence were paned
bythe Legislature at its late session, leaving two
thirds of the work undone. SPECTATOR.
lion me gaughter wan at length easel hi the help of
nee all mernfollt en, of the all,enerritul
Maaswinix, by reason of my unbelief, where
with Satnn againtempted me, t had become no
weak that I was forced to lean ray.back against
the constable his knees, and expected uOt to
even till ste should come to the mountain; fur
the last hope 1 had cherished was now gone, and
I sam, that my innocent lamb was in the same
plight. Moreover, the reverend Martians be
can to upbraid her, saying that he, too, now
saw that all her oaths were lies, and that she
really could brew storms. Hereupon. she an
with x smile, although indeed 'she was
as white es a sheet, ‘‘ Alum, reverend .godfather
do yen then rosily believe that the . weather and
the storms no longer obey our Lord God, Are
storms, then, so rare at this season of the year, ,
' that nape save the foul fiend coo cause them!
Nay, f have never broken the baptismal vow you •
I coca mid in mv name, nor will I ever break it, !
ns I hope that God will he merciful to Me Its my
Iv t hour, which is now at band." Bat the rev- I
I trend Martinet shook his bend doubtingly, and
said, "The Evil One rime have promised thee
much, seeing than remainest no stubborn even
unto thy life's end, and hlrphemest the Lora I
I thy God; bat wait, and thou wilt soon learn with
horror that the devil a lair, and the father of
I, it." (St. - John viii). Whilst he yet apake this,
and of alike kind, we came to Uekeritze, where'
, ail the people; both great and small, rushed ont
of their doom, also Jacob Schwarten his wife
I who, a; we afterwards beard, had only beer;
I brought to bed the night beform'and her good
man came running after he to fetch her back in
vain. She told him he was s, fool, and bad been
one for many a weary day, and that if sbe had to
, crawl up the mountain on her bareknees, she
would go to see the parsoa's witch burnt; that
she had reckoned ape; it for oolong, and if ho
did not let her go, ehe would give him a thump
j on the chaps, Adt.
Thus did the coarse and foul-rnouthed people
riot around the cart, *herein we eat, and as
they knew not what bad befallen, they elm so'
near cm that the *heel went over the foot of a
boy. Nevertheless 'theY all crowded up again,
mere espedally the loam, and felt my daugh
ter her dothm and would even see her shoes
and atocidngs, and naked her how the felt. Pees,
one fellow asked Whether thewould drink
somewhat, with mar more fooleries, besidetc"
till at last, when' several came and asked her
far her garland - and her golden :chitin, the tant
e:l towards ate and smiled, rota& 'Tether, I
*not tif-gin to sneak eama /Oa Mail?, other
wise the follriwlh letive mono peaca' That it
warrnoVeranted els tinim far our gnarde,' -with
the pithfarks, lad lour resehed , the' bbadmost,
aid; dothtlese, lead thine what ~bad
aryls presently btu a grestattontiag btkind w
far - the lore of Pod to tombs& before 'the
witch did them a Raiohlefouid iaJekobßehiter;
lath% wife heeled it iwt; tat WI Owed; ray
chito_tlgitktter her ItEott to tale 11- attebtat•
- - .
• • '
42: . =1• 4 11i11t
V I" 1:•• 123, .
Wblcb ,d o =. " =: t L t l " enitai 4 on
ice.bingta Um. gat* WraT • I.'