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To the Whigs of Pennsylvania.
rat'A STATE CON..VEJ.TI9N w .. bc . irld In gin Ci . ty•
or lantastcr. on TVIII,J.L.v.ffnXt,•-:,,T.:
i'arJ(Ctlio7l" t.' nd sno ntr Juthow. of the Surrctne
(Bort. • ''''''''' 2 , , d
M. TULLIO:. Chairman.
Jor.cph It. Flonealt6 sumac' )lellettontd.
E. Knox Morton. C. Thicuron Joon,.
• Welt, 11. Slionloff, Earourl B. Thoutos,
.linroorl Bell, . John S.. Brown.
'atl.:lel I.llranher. T. Taylor Worth.
a.a...i0.2.;/2MFost... AlrAnoder E. Brown.
NVm. Bahr,
Thomas E. Cochrno. Wm. M. Watts, • .
Moro/ammo, James Clark ,
Chwrido B. Borth:own. rld.rtosu 1/. Phelps.
r kqic,l77'. 'Munn C. Wilmot,
John Allison.
t'. O. Loomis. I Dittinl t•lcCunly.
• John Ilitunrun. ! George !drawn,
. Wm. Brous. • Alen't• dl. McClure.
John C. Nerilip, ,' Fraxleir Jordoo.
R. IItINDI.E SMITH. Etcretori.
The Mouortguliela House wan surrounded on Se
turday by a dense crowd of spectafors anxious
to catch a eimpse of the renowned General who
was within. The halls awl ante-chambers were
crowded with our citizens, many of them Vete
rans of the war of 1812, or Soldiers of the late !
war with Mexico. The - former had assembled
inn body, at nine o'clock, and proceeded to the
Monongahela House for tho purpose of being in
troduced to the General. The introduction
took pace, amidst loud cheers.
The following is a copy of an address, deliver
ed by:Major John Willa& to the General on this
interesting occasion.
To MaJoa Grivevuu. Wtarictu , Scorr.
Dear Gaierah—The surviving. soldiers of the
war of 1812, • residing at Pittsburgh, are here
assembled to bid you welcome.
They greet you on what may be called your
first skit, to a place of some military renown—
the Bite of Fort Duquesne, Fort Pitt, and Fort
Itlf comrades and I, regret that you miss
from our ranks a volunteer soldier of 1812, now
no more. who was your dear and personal friend,
who eloquently defended you, when attacked be
neath the dome of the Capitol, over which the
flag of our country had floated so often to an
nounce your victories. • •
We hail you, General, as a fit and proper per
son to be sent out on this glorious embassy of '
our country's benevolence—the selection of sites
for Asylums for aged and disabled soldiers.
From the landing at Fort George to the land-
lag at Vera Cres—from the days of Lundy's Lane
to those of the lane to the gate of Belem, you
have not only been the beat trainer of the Amer
icansoldier, and his gallant leader in the field,
but his kind encouraging and consoling nurse in
the camp of pestilence and bed of sickness.
May God watch over you, General, on your
noble mission, and preserve your own health, now
so good, to enjoy for many years to come, the
honors 02, our country and the blessings of the
To which General Seidl:replied.
. My Comrades, of 1812, your presence fills
"-ma with painful yet pleasant recollections.—
Pinta re surviving soldiers of that war—this is in
deed pleaioat, but many of your companions and
mine are not here—their day ot bustle and battle
is over. I thank you from on cid soldier's heart
for your kiraineis-and respect. Whatever ser
vice I have done to my country, has met with
• general approbation andfavor, and I am grate
ful. If it bad not been for'you, and others of !
the volunteers and regulars in 1812, neither vic
tory nor renown would this day be recorded. I
. can say, gentlemen, from my heart, that in that
war, and in the War with Mexico. the volunteers
of Pittsburgh. did their whole duty, and won as
they deserved a glorious name. [Tremendous
Addressing Colonel Black, wh% was standing
in the throng, the Geneiml said, I am glad to see
you.near my old compteions of 1312., for your
gallant services Wet theirs, belong to the glory
and history of our country.
Gentlewee, I ran= you all, the thanks of the
oldest soldier amongst you.
General Scott...hook bands with the veterans I
of 1812,.and then turned to bid adieu to Colonel
Black who mid,
General, all the soldiers, both old and young—
pray for prosperity and long life to the old e st
and grelitest General in the World. [Tremendous
• t -sappLause.
Our citizens then crowded around to salute
him. Among the veterans of 1812, who were
present on this interesting occasion, wo observed
Colonel Trovillo, Major Willock, John R. Parke,
Captain E. F. Pratt, Lewis Hutchison, Nathan
iel Patterson, John D. Davis, Major Lynch, J.
DWI , * James Tillson,t L. Mitchell, and John
Mr Chambers had served immediately under
General Scott in the war of 1812, and was, next
to him, the tallest man in the regiment. The
General, although forty years have elapsed since]
then, at once recognized him, and the meeting
between them was most affectionate.
Among the soldiers of the late war with Mex
ico, we observed, Colonel Black, Captains Nay
lor, Herron, Porter, Charlton, Denny, Rowley,
Lieutenants Anderson, and Seidenstriker, Bert
plata Lenox Rea and James Sample; Messrs.
Oliver H. Rippey, John. S. Hamilton, James T.
Shannon, and James Sample.
On lolling the Monongahela House, the Gen
eral was greeted with load cheers by the sur
rounding multitude, which he courteously ac
knowledged, and was escorted to the steamer
Messenger, by Major Willock, and Captain Por
ter.' The boat was crowded so long as it remain
ed at the wharf, and dropped down the river
amidst loud cheers.
General Scott looks well,,and is in admirable
good health and spirits. His friends declarethat
they have never seen him more active or vigor
. tun than he is at present.
The General was waited on at dm Monongahela
• Howe, prior to the intetrting proceedings
above narrated, by a large number of ladies, to
whom he wan Introduced.
- -
He is on his way to Cincinnati, and after re
maining there a day or two, will lease for Saint
Loth! and New Orleans. He will then return to
Pittelmrglt, and spend several days here. Oar
readers are already aware of the fact, that he,
together with Adjutant General Jones, Sur
geon General Lawson, and five other persons,
have been appointed a committee for the purpose
or selecting sites 'for the reception of aged sol
diers, and it is with this object, that Gen. Scott
is now visiting the South and West.
Postmaster General Hatt., met a number or
Bostonians,lsst le.laday evening., at the house of
the liestanyostmas , rr, Mr. Gordon. The Trans
eriptjustly spealts t Mr. Hall p. gentleman of
fine attainments, snperior business habits, and
eminent 'qualifieatihns for the important post,
wfifel he holds, ..d it adds that ' , President
'BB:linen showed hi accustomed eagacike in the
selection of Mr. • • for a place in the Cubinei_
Re is a wont effiti•nt officer."
We have recei •ed from Mr. J. B. Gultnes,
third street, topic. of French and German ••with
out a Master." Th •se work. have passed through
several editions, having examined them, we
can offer our hum de tintimany to their useful
ness. They will t ustinGly fresh the student
the different langcniges, but they will give him
an excellent ides Cr firm principles, co that
study awl practice which moot follow, will be
coo and pleasantl
Tee CLIAlte tie STEA3III3.—From
scetementtocompteil for the Loudon Times from
prerlisotitery oeument, it uppeers the the
Canard co - mealy receive i ftnin the Britieb Gov
ermnetit.C.l 15,000iper eeeemiequal to £3,300 per
voyage, while the Collins . line 'receive from the
AmericanGovernient sXi,oooper antintn,mitud
to £4,04:6 per vojagii--the Collins company un
dertaking to make twenty voyages out and home
in the year and the Gemini company fort-'our
voyages. The firmer, therefore, gets doable the
day of the letter!.
ALL Id Vora LD TOUT 01, MILLS—We Ling)
boon shoernby 3 mime's {New Btolfoni) Express,
largo lump of C Ilfornia!gold, of about tirenty
011110e3 which . Nantucket , gentleman lately
bought ' in llannirancisco at the rate of eixteeu
dollars per on . Mizele grat . itlel with his large
e d
lamp', bespite', ed it to the mint in.Philtutelphia
to be coined thi"espress" will take word to
him with the 1 retarned,l"that there is not
geld enough in it to pay far coinage:" The
ttoted& is sp • ed over with gold the Inside is
copper, The madoectore of ..lumps" is a
newleade, and I t tradeiti,tniware.—N. Y. Ex.
-----,..---., ,
poet:.Datositve-The tinkle below, on • spiritual commimicati7a conveyed through claire I confectionary, all of which were e .n ntl y re th l i :7o• .
home of the prevailin- •lel.ione, is worthy of
M i le - 1 1
voyance and Recheeter knockings to be truei then ed.
We candid exam i vat e; , 0 ,, y , ot, who i .,, , t we have to take all the just inferences that fol- , Mr. Lewis aimed nothing: Mr. Sherman, air.
Y ' low. They are these-and the reader will read- Montford nod Mr. Keene scarce • I
inclined to yield credence to the atrenmptions • ily see their absurdity. The spirits can choose i the furniture and effects of the other
and evidence of these] imposture, on
The public ' their own medium of communication. They de. I consumed were, for the most part, itev i :7 P rr a
seems to be in a dizeised state in regard to es- lilicrately hire then:Fere, out to n limited num- somewhat damaged condition. Of cease,
nt - t
her of person,. to whom they continue the mo- , amid the alarm and confusion incident to such
cry thing supernat •or which pretends to re
.poly of the business. With their consent the can occasion many art uncles were broken and
'real what cannot be known be the ordinary i
e xhibitors charge a fee for such interview and thrown 'away, and considerable loss in that way
means of acquiringinf meatier, by the senses. No , pocket the proceeds. A spirit wishes to commune su c tainea.
imposture can be n o bold end glaring not to • with its late associate. perhapsite benevolent and Among the stores and offices in We brick block
meet with honest ad sincere convert, who, for • best friend in the body. It has, bower er to take destroyed on State oh, were those of J. M. Jos- I
the chance of that friend being a vieiter, and ev- tier, clothing merchant; Walter IL Knowlton,
a timo, become moo rowancs on the subject of
then must make him pay a dollar to In. Fox jeweller; 1. 11. Williams, broker ; Mr. al'lntosh,
Mesmerism, Clairvey cc, Spiritual Knocking, or Mr, Fish before the interview can be bad.- O'Reilly Telegraphic Operator and Thompson &
or whatever may ben the moment the fashions-', perhaps, too, when its friend galls the ladies ere • Grunt. Attorneys id Law. Mr. Harris' Resta
ble delusion. The a cle is from the Sew York , sick. and hold Tie exhibition, or the play having rant, fitted up in beautiful style, and was imme-
Commercial Adverbs r .. ceased to attract and be profitable. they suddenly diately beneath J. 11.
Will Brokerage.
• rerelve tom., elsewhere. Why this and•all the The aggregate actual I.s by this auto[ innate
As APPEAL TO NEON Si:avg.-There ay-- ,
other lic spirits must peek on awl be off also, to , calamity cannot Ice less than ..1 1 50,000--an
pears to be religions, oral, intellectunl epidem-
Mg money to their .exhibitor in Some other , amount greatly swelled, when we consider the
tic diseases, as well ao those affecting our phyni- ,
town. The dollar is the mainspring of the , unavoidable damage In furniture, he. We Bins
cal system. Every 'adult resideut of this - city , i ,
re tom. 1 manly e ympathize with the sufferer&
can retaemberhow thr teachings of a certain no- ,
Surely common sense will soon come to the i Most of the persons burnt out were partially
terions female and her male associates for a
rescue of the deluded victims of such imp.- . insured. The several amounts, with losses, so
while caused the popular mind to ruck and ewayi l„ , ,!!„ ,.. : far as we can learn, are PA follows :
in the tempest of unmrtainty which ewer, over , alajor Brown insured, $i,600-loss, 810,000;
the masses with reference to Christian faith and j ,-,
For the P•. hur , •ll ra-,tt. J. &J. Williams, $2,000--loss, $2,000; W. 11.
morals. More recently the wild speculations of
Miller and his associ tee held temporary .domin- , •
LECTRIIE ON PANTHEISM. I Knowlton. $4,200--no loss; Lewis & Co., $4,300
' Montfort do.; N. Murphy, •$2,G00-loss, 82,00%
ion over the popular mind, with what ruinous re- ! Mr. Ecli:vr -Of late the literafr and religious
'sults we need not te l ll. The first of these errors j circles of our city have been thrown into coned.
. -- Jo 'l el ° J l o o h " .o l u V , ' f l u l lly Sh i e no r n m re an d , ; fu ll il . y S. ir' Hutt ured ter ; , e A fl
was fearfully evil inprinciple; the letter brought 1 erable escitetuent. by the partial ucquaintauce they !
in its train An immense array of practical din.- ! intro eclttle with PrineiPlne. thee which new, fects an raved ;B. French, do.; G. B. Keene, no
w ' ! insurance. lees $3OO ; E. D. GiOnalsOns 8600--
1 tors. The utmost litretch of charity could not trey -ay, are more it
to our sacred and
been i small loss. In addition, Mr. Cadwell's building
! civil iustitutions. The public ear. have
attribute to Fanny right, Hobert Dale Owen,
and infidel teachers f that clues, u pure end be. I greeted with the philoeephico-religious. views
. was cousiderebly injured, for which he is incur.
I ed. Mr. Justice sustained hut a trifling loss, as
nevolent motive; fo true benevolenes, however !of the dietiegol , heil ftnifh Wi , ido Ememen- , also did Mr. Mclntosh. Mr. Melntoehhastaken
it may err in the e lectiun of means for the at- ; True, he was cautious but still explicit. He
a room in Wright's block, where he will contin•
iinment of its obj ct, will never set itself to ! stands before the:lt:aerie:at public as the verita- !
work deliberately t destroy man's dearest, most . 1
1 hie exponent of American Pantimista. As ouch : one to do business in the O'Beilley interest.-
I Thompson and grant saved their books and pa.
petrio., and most nnobliug hopes. It may be he believes in the dicta of the German schools
laid down, and m t indeed be received tie an ,that ,everything which exists is un emana. I Pere generally, but still were damaged, as they
I estimate, the am ount of $l5O. Mr. Harris' loss
axiom, that any syatem seeking to subvert the , ti. from God-that unassisted human r.•
Bible revelation of jelife and immortality" is on- 1 eon in the may element in man competent to 1 em ail, if any thi n g .
ly evil and males however loudly it may I cominct Lim to happiuere and truth-that this I
I --....-----____
talk of good
whit and philantropy. That can-
reason in divine, .d by its spontuneity !affords I NalthealkeetTT TRAPPEIL-Some time ago I
not be good whichlopenlY repudiates or fritters men unerring certainty in all its dictates: that God ; called at the house of an old most who lives on
away, or sublimates into transcendental unmean- 1 1' "s neither personality, nor eubstantialty, • the ,Vest ride of the Saucatucket river, between
bigness, that which, by centuries of demoustra- nor intelligence, nor . urpore, nor will, lif Orefield and l'eacedale, in South Kingstotin, a
tion, Ins beetle:arced to be man's truest and I Own, nor creative power, apart from te Whole great part of whose life had been passed in trap
chlefest good. I univerre-that all is toil itself-or t h eee the ! ping and kindred pursuits. He showed me a
The Miller epidemic WAS of a different char - ; ran .tae of Fichte. ••God is not yeti, nor I. nor : hook in which he had recorded the results of hi s
acter. It origiruled in! an excited imagination ; anghtelse specificelly,hut is all in alLand through exploits, front which I made the following el
and perverted jetd ment hut' the de•wsion was I nth, thin moral order, the infinite medium, the , tract :
not inconsistent th benevolent intention. Its 1 grand idea of the whole:" Need we be surprised 1 Between the years 1814 and 1847 he load temp
votaries proposed not to mow down inan's uni-1 that infidelity finds hero a gorgeous nsylum! I pod 00S4 muskrate; 2067 minks; 1185 wood
venal hope of ire ortality, but they over zeal- I Szliellmes definition is that "God is centre and I chucks; 19,403 Ike of turtle meat, after being
ously stimulated at hope. Just so much to : circumference, subject and object, the universe ' I thoroughly cleaned and prepared for food.
show the radical Ifereece between the two epi- I without, sod the universe within." Hegel al. During the tame period he bad caught with
denies, each of w ich took a wide and detoda. firms that Goelis neither the subjective nor object- I hook and line, 3,735 fish; he had shot one eagle
ting sweep over this city-and neighborhood. But ! tive, but is found in the abstract synthesis of the I measuring 9 feet from tp to tip of wing had shot
there was a symptom by which ton great extent I t wo-a pure absolute idea. To which portico- j nine wild geese; 1252 teal and duck; 300 crows
this radical diffetl i :ce in the nature of the epi. I
for school of Panther,. Mr. Emerson bele:age see I for the heads of which he had received thirty
domino might be ' rented, and which, as a gee- caunot se but he expreesly stored that he in • three dollars bounty.
eral rule, will a t !eas a test of the self interest- God. We quote him-•• I ani Gad." It is the' The turtles are what are called mud, or sap.
ed or benevolent hharaeter ef all similar epidem- inevitable result of his philosophy. We know 1 ping turtles, and were taken in powerful steel
ice; the was followed for gain, in one form 'that he regards the Bible only no bailors the or- I traps, which were set in the water and baited.
or another, the prime movers in the other sought soles of Zoroaeter, the Dethadir of Iluesh.g, the I lie showed use one of the traps; I could make
no recompense, bat suffered lees by the advoca- I Vedas of the Brahmins, or the institute, of Menu.. but little impression on its springs with both
cy.of their view. An epidemic prevails at pros- This is not merely his opinion but it is his gen. I hands, and yet he assured me that in hie time
eat, having its coMmeneement in mesmerism and uine belief. There can Ice no each thing as evil. Ihe used Co press it completely down with one
gradually passing through the phases of chair- Everything we do is just as God would hare us ! hand, while he adjneted the fastenings with the
veyance, ecstatic communion with unseen epi.-its do, because, since we are God, it is God himself . other. Sixteen turtles caught in nay's gettad, in
spiritual knockings. and writing on slates. We who does it It is not we, but God, who think, 1 the Southwest part of South Kingstown, weighed
regret to know 1 that many persons-some to , Virtue and Morality ape together merely the 80 pounds each, and when prepared for food
whom one would [halm attributed more sobriety manner in which the soul act agreeable to We yielded in the aggregate 686 pounds of meat.-
and intelligence!mcd more acuteness of percep- I interual necessity of his being. Fate is the only ...He stated ae a curie. fact that be had in sever
tion-are more r less under the influence of' , law. Man is the product of nature, and even if lal inetencce taken what speared to he utter,
this epidemic,aml we propose to make an appeal ! some would consent to allow sock a Wing an par- of this species of turtle cock litter from the same
to theircommon sense which we would fain hope 1 vial evil, it is hat the imperfection or nou-growth. peed. cud that when this was the case they were
will not be in Tata • The strict pantheist, however, identifies evil with I uniformly of the same individual weight
The disease nisi[ be very! prevalent or our I good. Just as he doe , metter with mita
1 ! To visit all hie traps required a walk of about
publishers wool "y' no market for the int- , It is not; Letterer • so much Ralph Waldo Em• I sixty - miles in circuit. The sabre of the skins
manse amount° trash, infidelity and blasphe. I ersou wee would spoil; of-ttt sic much the man 1 soul ' thus procured, exceeded five thousand
my, having its onnezion with this ridieulone l as e sstem of which he ri o the xbettor.! Nether : done. -.Vacroet Meremy.
theory of spirittud communications, with which is be alone the mile one ie oar country of whom I .!
. ,
the press bus recently , teemed.
is this that we retold i beware There ere other,. lenders I p,,,, : _0,,,k„..,,d,,,y evening, a b out 9 u . e t e
bas seemed to us to demand another protect in the liurary fuel religious circles who are I .
, ,pre broke out in the Flouring NEIL of Joseph m
against this c1.1,‘ of imposititm epee the pultlie; reeking back as fast as eireumetancee will per- ! Kieeick, nem the old Iron ir orke, which in a
another effcirt Iroise people to the employment ! mit them to the very depths el Paganism. A short tall, ill :Tile of all effort, reduced et
•of that COMM° eense -with which their !Maker; celebrated divine is: one of our hi:is:ern cairn ` , 1,,.,,,, „f smo l t ," ru i,„, t ,„, ue ' t ,„ p„, aw ,,.t.,:
I Mae endowed th M. A volume before us carries I
/.., h. already feat no hesitiLey in reying that we. ~-, „„ ~,,„,,,1, „„ - s used t b e t - --- r -- '
r utmost exer
tion, e ith oh e obi engiee. whieh acme! to be
these impious a sardines further than maythitig I meet slew God "tie it Breton , were wcll me, op, '
,a e have either[ met with. It profeeses to ere. :es if the Jehovah.' the int Mite I AM- the M"'": to reale impeteut tu a We flames. rresung e am. The
the the reveletions of eight esuctiet, mho at I lath, were dividing oti Mine , : I . With tar more I w•ljectlng burbling" were saved only by keepin g
various times held intercourse with the spirit ' grata' end far more lemielde ono': es !thee the de e! .benched with water. The mill was wort
I eared. One c4ims to have Mel Gabriel for his old Atheni , e , m.,7iit the ehr - tiatt•."' "'IV eW .3t :ea. $lO,OllO, and contained about .$5.000
I guide or attendrg angel: another mite GC/ him-
urge semin't l'eall'el'i! the " ,, i , """ iirged it" warin ,!!' ti, cm and grain. It bad ties,ooo insured
I ser in the same relation ; another is•thus waited gaie - t Socrates- 11- •thirmi nietiLt. thvY dr ma tv - ' etc It The numoer in which the fire originated
' upon by Jesusj Christ. and so forth: and etch cexoi , e the t-;` , I •f'hit'l! '`'ts thlnicirY rreogierey I r:- ciecernea rut ea. the result a ilecidet
preferees to hnve had familiar astiveree with 1 without ,loUl.t, they inn oduee yew divinities. k ...• iti • • i;.::d..
these, and withjother spirite, en subjects trivial, ! withont ii in , 0: they iyirriipt ti c
,i irit n. Ske need
ludicrous end rdelicate; each describe, vie.- . net iltel. that I teem. -clLetee , m etir tea • ~ „
of pmegns nnul hates
mo st e t,...,, : ma ctee „ r ii c •,:, , ernment Ia• bee-C„ree up the preseuut orulorot t" '' ',` , I'o.'l:R.-An engine hay been
ouch one would m scow ta d from :di tut tile mort I caeietY hx ,- not de !".! ell,: la la P.acll.e.t.c. , r•n- •• • •l"• l' a ii"b•• -b.ieriboo Meehiee Works, in
debzwer or ...s.. ge life, al foreleg thc elart, of ' cilde, Leery day we bear id now .
1. y , , ,,.,,,.. ~, , priiiii . i.i. Mare In which sir takes the place
! the namen Aver ch awl each orce contraeiete the • col“vttiimtmi fd-•rto oo.oc ‘l ,, lsed by tim sett. • " T. -m ,.' on o ' th ` • 'lr a.4 ' . for"' It is to be vent
I revelation whi b another makes. er.ied ..eciolcetez. 11 e ne...1 itet , t''
„_I 'd
" " 6 ' d ' `..1" It is said is. work well ,
, ,-. , ,
Such pnblicatione, we repeat . ~',. ,i,1,,, 1 thud, tea, ne.tratigc ere- bie e upon -or th,,, a.lthst air ens produce the same effect
that the epid mic he widely spread. Add to • l , :fi' , ". olt - ..- Wr- Inol Pao tholmu meepjy r : c:- 't• mii a.l h•tiventieth pert of the fuel,
those that rase tent and traveling "1 .••-ei .ns" ,t ' IddlY thth the lezislatiee tssly. into the ,clect, ! etd , e -- leezrer re explosion. A patent has been
- I s
t ,
~.,, ~,,,,,,,_ ~,,,,,, , ,••1.0, .1 II sit this he true, the inventor must
multiplied; a tso diseased have some minis he- ,!,,,
~. , ~,,,.,,,,,, 1,, ,, ,,,,,
wur 7 , ,, y pro . , Lie: 1 i•iitel some lie, way of making svintiah!si a
come that he more absurd and barefaced the teaser writ eppear before lot .loan, aril soy . , 0 l '''' " hi .. ' hi.- , '-',.,. Inca tried before, with no
imposture the more eagerly -is it believed, and startlir,r tones, tes Ail richt, in Vrennit -•im;,m. srwer-s to 1 , romper./ with steam power.
every reader ill see that it is hiele time, for the dereen, re untreme. i rsiii: es. a' i G, , 1 '' 1% h4t ;
reputation of ar common shretednees and itdel-
are .. fo Grate, e hat 1. - ety oe ni-t liiir. when 1 Market Street Store for Bent.
, iigence, and sssennSor from the dark chem. men of original and tanking genine are betaing I.:ifill REN The Store, 118 Market
bees a lunacy and suicide. WWI. On community all their energ.,,,.... p,enld our national c horea , F ....L., ‘,.. ~,,,, .i..., 6.... th... Truer of nar.2
should pronounce, at the bar of outraged cent- ter, to blast Chri,tiani, from our hearth-stone, i stoll- ,-- ttf etre:;,-.. riuseYtien Wen no lora ApoP__.
moo sense, its condemnation of thefolly on all its to make: us Pag,n, 7 It we give the :-oat coon- ; r ""`„,,,;,,',,f'" n " 106 INma at
length and breadth. We are aware that there I tenance to such kiwi of in s truction :is this, hew ' - . • .._ .-
is a strong te dency, a natural bias perhaps, to ' long will it he befiae our y..Ulh will exclaim, as 1 r.eze - lie. M' LAN ea Lcr LB Pmts.-The de
superatit Of the excess of this. designing I did the editor of Schleirmacher's le acre on the , meats, tt, c rest reeeter a meetly larreming. and we
Men and we en will always take; edvantage- ! Lucinda of Sec
that he ••teDs,Ei 4704, I, In ..,^'iw , i‘...r..1.1nic ~mars fa m a a1e...,.. or lota.
. :loch , er,- tru.l p aims. linpowilble to supple as fast rsi en
against it th se who would expose the fallacies j li en wah Sch,lhng, Mos us fi r s,,, ~,,,,
and impietie of this spiritual intercourse thee- ! et, ."' How long will-it be before ran...pant inu- I '',,..:, ' Ike
'LT.,'st ::; . :- , te ,.a rculilL nel . u i l i ees oh,: trial to
ry- MiOSt co n nd- But we confess ourselves I delitY will write "A tie defence." ••7erre t• ee ' i',„,, w ~, ~., „ r „,,,,, :„,',„:,7,,,7,Z. 5 '
mortified the - among „ peop l e w h ere , i t may ~,i. God, - upon the arciremy of the tomb" Against ' ..,,,,„ .
-.moms. 0- Mer la Mr.
most be mid without a figure, education is a e such a specious, element:. pridedlettering, i led , J. t i re s k C..--oemlefora. As 1 ant engaged In Mang •
free as air, ything no grossly absurd and so l
, _nsulting philosophy ,the clan:teat of on age mast : leer very eludie mammas, tau net consider my stock gm.
bare faced!) . elf interested and mercenary on I fight, neither i
_e it the part of clrietiattmen or 1 vete etch., I bar.. a supply' of tr. >names Lleer Ella
the part of tie principal promulgator!, es the I women to lend their influence in behalf of any , 1 "asteecl e.g.. dean bre.. of thew Palen,. undone
. epidemic on Cre notice. should find votaries and I one, no matter Lt w attractive Lie genius, who , ' , ':, ! ' - ,..,'„ jth "" '''''' t ''''' sad
ea l uo .l e 'b C VIT ''rely 'ma'
supporters. 110 is humiliating and saddening. I seeks to rob us of our prospect of heaven, by , . • t _.;' ,•,.. a .„, „ t• In, P. at."
We beg the candid reader te hooky moment at casting reproach ripen the charter of our hopee ; metee-tseles Na 60 Wool et..
the absurdit, of what is claimed bthis class of We must be vigilent fur we have everything to I
imposters. lairvoyanta, for thin folly -is still fear. The mileria of Rationalism which
.has ,
lAttention ! J. KIDD k CO..
, , t respectfillly inwited In th e
practised to refit, claim to attainthe knowledge ! made Germany and Fritter, emplecti.lly lands ~,,,,,,,,,,,,,..„,,,,,,,,,,
of the m ost refound secret, othe.rwiseabeolute of itifidelity, deism, atheism. and ecepticiern of , e ta, un.rni4ivii easement ofJOhn WWI, whownw
ly and imm inahlY beyond the K . e. of morels. every description aimed). infect* a Brent portion 1., ~, es , ••ie i.•••e • es he ite iii. of aid Fraliollnii
They claim see clearly the faintest tint of • in- of our young P.epublic. la five short years how , „amt. me,
wail(' lhAt I base been eared of 51 old
HaMlnation,ere slightest intlithtilons of organic I fearfully rapid bus been its progress: Aud what , Chien. Pooch. be the WA of roar Realm of of
and local a angement, right awny in the dark does it otter in the room of oar faith ! The The neigh vitAcked.roe a emma , lastDecember,andihad
caverns of a man's internals, arid this through abysmal gulf of human error! Arc we to re- '''''''''', n " 1 1 . :,: 4 ''':',.. n l,;,` l aa l ' 7 L°•°„0"..,0 th'"dri" a I
the Skin and dark, solid fiesh which one wOuld trace the steps of flristionicatiurtund accept the i 7 . , , , ,,,7,,'„'„ 5 ' au ,. , „.. ~,,,,,,,,auLi •,:",:nelln'a
think wouldudee it mighty dark a irithin and
m oral Siekering torch of the mystagogUe for the burn- i 7.... e t . eureleete. a sarteetaance ruosume . twee....:
a very effect.] barrier to the vi on of the ost ! jag lamp of Sacred Truth' Must we tarter a- ! t oasts [no. r.bicauents whist , . gar galleltanon pg..,
clear sigh creature. Then they claim an into- ! any Pah for
,reas,n I !duet we resign 1,13 c hope ous u ..lo
Oro. sal niece for the purpose that alp,. er ta,
hive knowle ge of the mode of mire and the pro- which the one inspires for the incertitude with , me, to e.rlee le. , tw h oe the
T. , v. so Us., lei
parties of m 'tines. They coral also the power
tl i
which-the other perplexee! It cannot, must not I , e0.t'1t,r,e,...t,,,',7t,m_7t-,l,r,t,°m '''' e j aet ef PRedstellic
of trump • g themselves whither they will, _or I be• If the Arabian philosopher who raised Idh ~ 1,,,'...",...":....,...."*,.,.".:. ' learn Z us i , If ii , ..
~ rough the room. of any house they , dialectical skill to demolish the domnane sys- , PITT-ECILi.A. FriAll.l :3. VAL
choose, eeemig what every body' is dothg, and
isms of his day, urged upon his natlen tbe ne- , „ -
r mde ii, Kerner A McDowatl, , 10 Waal stre4 a. Z.
knowing ev ry body's thoughts . Other powers cessity of espousing lelemiten-If a recent French i.,,., , ,..
.... ~.,„„,,.„„.,,, to.
,t!. y
L i :,
... ,
they claim but this enumeration will loeflice- mtaPhYsie l em after Miring shown th:a every , w....m Pros[ ..irecte DN. Cr M. D. A. tone At . :OM;
Now, reads , suppose you possessed these pow- attempt threughout Europe, of late, m the tied 1,,,,,,,,.... an. II I' Silviralti, Allegheny. alio by the pl.
era. Wont you only employ them when called lof philosophy, has ended only tip l'untneieui. - er.os. EM. nun,
upon by so' ebody with a dollar or two in his , urged upon the people the necessity of retreat- . teteeiei,.T Canal Destaßeeentb.t..Pitlabargh.
hand ready to pay you for using,them in the ex-' rug for security to the bosom of the Roinau cetl,- Forei gn
eloration o his stomach, lungs lor liver! 15 It olio Church -surely the chrietian ehould lie lii, • .
and American Hardware.
nut Olin you that if you possessed such pop/• al enough to his Redeemer to prove to inaukrud LOG i ,, m wiLsoN Bz, Co.,
ers, you tni ht speedily have the !world a suppli. ! that In Christiauity alone is found the true soh, .rt-e rr
ant at yourlfeet, and might commend wealth even noli of umn's difficulties and the world . . direr- No. 129 Wood Street,
more tuaboModed than your desires! Assuredly , der. I RA VI: NOW IN STORE
you might. We have written thus for not without a ape- '
I 1 a full .at wwipitwo... - a of FOREIGN AND .43f£J2ICAN
Reflect a moment then upon the absurdity in I eitihdesign. We have rec. it ennoneced in some IIAItDWAItE
which thos persons are ineolyed who claim iof oar city papers that a lecture is proposed, by ~.,,,,,,,. r .,,, t „ ,t , t ,,,,, „ at , sod ~,,,,,,,,,,„
such Owls of clairvoyace anal yet dole them I ale. J. C. Schred, to.he delivered before the cit- j 1, all,. liniwinawrii at PRIM mat will copere
tetorghle wto ear of the e.t.a v titles.
out-that ait for questioners i who shall pay j izene of Pittsburgh, expository a Pantheistic ! , . _._
such fee as they can afford, be ittwenty five cents I principles. We are thus protnieed IL view of the
. 1 Citizen'Blnsurance Company of Pittsburgh
or five delis., for such vague and unmeaning ; Spiritual Philoxopby from one who knows it .t , i a .„,„4„,,,..5,i,„ I ,, way „ ,_..,_.
answers as, they choose to be :content with. I only spreulatively, but practically as he bee nen e• 44 Si ~'.,,,,,::".....' ~..',.'nt h. ....b.... 6, ,
u. u.
Let commonsense decide here. I Equally absurd I wishki iu his own country. To all who j oes NT. , .W. Mgt., t 4. 3,
are all thejother outbreaks icf ',the
ta bl e prent epi- ; to gain ittl'eacquaintance with a subjeta I "
rs:. O.,o,e ' t re ' is l CZ.. i ;rs -r4 y . ..erieti to tenure all see ' a:Wm
demi& Four females sit trebled a bl that I which 'month . or later will engross the attention , m a : re. 7.1 in tnowito. stun
'through them the spirit"; of the dead may make a 1 of the Whole nation, to all who wiend hear a de- I 3 se ,
I wilitaiwi l i7 e. sil•irdril in the character of the Igreetcow,
num b er o knocks w hich the fem,clee may open I scriptien of the most danger°. foe or christiiiii- ! ono nil. ii.ll c.itura.:f
r lin.riih. well and favorably
Oilt, knoc k by knock and letter by letter, into a i ty, ere would env Arrt:Co ! The importance.
1 ,t0,r.0,,,0=00mm nr a! wit ernaiille, intelligence.
very Util.nt s factory answer to oil very foolish and I the theme cermet fail to impress itaelf upon es• I folio', Wu, Dsgaley. Wm. harrenes,
simple que don. Now look atlthe pretension, I ery intelligeet
ntil. It memo: but he iuter-
,tene ilwiiiirili. ri. Ilgilcauelt. P.M. liler. apKett
They Bret at spirits are preseut; that they knoar eeting, especially •in the lc.. of our who
your seer t thoughtS; that they will give you enderstatels it as thornogicly . won believe -
New Spring Goods,
any info alien you may desir, that they will Mr. Scharol doe,. Wt. bespeak for bier IL large
only do it by rapping and` through these wo- and respectable audience. We belie,' that tit a .t. NI ASON & CO. will open this morn
eas,..iity r Roane oat Integrity of tea
.Ic. Wrnilel . 11,,i1l slush 11 Slog. is Reason..
Men. Itt tier words the 'spirits of One's dear. the prevent tho lsom., will he peculiarly I ~/;11„,..1, miwr:ti.s:.7,...,llLmi,orr.ttinmi...l,mlric.., VII
I eWt { t imid prefer to converse with strangers, I acceptable, . t h eta publ, mind is IIIIW 001110VillAt , ,„..f . 4:11:,1 tar • k 1.1111 1 ,11 of their patron. ald ' ile th p . ubtla
~who mak a profit out of that preference.) to i awakened and inquisitive. Be will ' hear at lets[ i a l ..
Mikum w Won e's self; they fellow those ladies . a philueophica! eat...Atli. of Penthcism from a I 1-4MLICRED •POPLINSt--A. A. Meson A. Co.
ehoa, Ilk lop dog's in leudiag ribbon.; those ! cicristimi I tund-romt ;.4 shall be butter filile to • nn . 1105 opeomg cages and package. of Plain, riot
•pirits kn we one's tboghta but say uothiug until I see the rea, lettere of that .:.. tern Oil 1 Multi ~,,,, ~.,._,,,,,nu,,, ~,,...,..
aUeetions re asked, and then
answers in- I than all °them threatenz our civil end religious i . ,
correctly; with a lontrtran of other absurdities 1 liberties. . it iiiii•it t or ilipreitii- , ..1 carton Vritihid Cashmere, Itch
that crow upon the min i. These are the pre- I -- I 44,1 more, binteroidived do. Fancy de Labe and oar
' , teems: e reality, Or. Lee litre sufficiently ex- '
__ _______ . -
, , .- . , .., , a . a ., •., , 1 . 0 ,1 mear omen.: eae. a ler lota Laos Capes, tusk
pliiLANDl...R. ;e a II A W LS-A. A. ales.: & Co. have just
iir moody _
D Ili IIoNS-A. A. MASON & Cu. WlLlexhib ,
lik, h. thts mercer., evrtont of row etyles Bonnet lUD.
Se meet for the absurdity . . ' Wu hold, hewer- it,. c ~ii i 1... awl Lair cede. Frolirdidsfies, as.
Or shot diem is a far more revolting feature of
the wholt businee than thie. The clairvoyance;
the Bach star knockings; the spiritual interviews
and co unications, are all tainted with th is
one thin which ought to open every one's eyes
-No es ' , No ocronaterioel The clarvoyant
rocs; th Rochester women make their mulled
sounds, f ee nine)/ an interview. The invalid on
the brin • of death, who cuneults the clairvoyant.
meat pr eat his fee, if it be
,'the Mot d o llar Ice
has and is wife and children are estarviug for
lack of oney to provide food with,"The votary
who vi te the Rochester itineraut *enders of
npiritued meseages mast pay hes dollar before the
alleged p int, even of his own wife. child, will
eeccr a single rap at bin. I Aud so all round.
Was eve the greed of gain more .barefreed I:-
Why yo r quack doctors will; advertise ••no cure
-as pa ," but these impostors pretend to mend
at the to of the unseen wold, to hold in their
hands e keys of the only dor of entrance ...I
exit, de tare thenmelrea the only medium of rem
teeniest on between the !spirits and flab et,
ebrined 'mortal', and pet:wham aloud and tua
blushinto W an ly, "step in, gentletnen: a dollar a head
1 ..
i n te-room, all round, and take the
chauce f meeting the spiritiand getting the in
formed n you want. Tots centrot meet the spir
it of yo lost child, sir, without paying us a
exact at
We ars
tog ed.-
seem rough lan ,
tI truthful statemen
.: 1 13 w 1
a 4" t en: re d v i pm s d at :was: 6.1
F. 1 4 ,111 the Erie Garol,,,
.1 p ,,1
We are called upon to recant in this week's
issue the roost destructive lire that ever occurred
in Erie. It broke eat in the jewelry shop of
Lewis & Co., in the Reed-House Row, about half
past two o'clock on Tuesday learning. and, not-
withstanding the vigorous exertions of the mem
bers of the different fire comp:Mies and other
ailment, it rapidly communicated to contiguous
buildings, end was not eitlEMAllhltell until the
entire black, with the exception of the 'teed I
House and Empire, belonging to Mr. Cailwell,
had been COOntillted. It Wit+ only by dint of the
most determined effort that the fire wag prevent
ed from spreading to the frame block on the op.
posits side of Side street, in which event the
largest business portion of the town would have
been laid in ashes.
The area of the ruin ie quite extensive. It
embraced Major Brown's imposing and COMMo
trio. Hotel on the earner. with stable in the
rear, J. & .1. Williams' lien friar story brick tali-.
Le, occupied in pert fur puriossee of offices and
stores, and in part by Major Brown; W. 11.
Knowlion's four story brick edifice, occupied in a
similar way; with the whole row of frame build
ings on the Diamond, extending from Major
Brown's to the need (louse, occupied, no for as
our recollection series us, by Lewin k Co's. jew
elry shop, Mr. ilurph,y's tin and copper smith
shop, Mr. Sherman's Deguerrean ROOM, Mr.
3U:°rt's:sholiMr Kae.Bl
M.LJOhnIOSIMOitO e, Mr. barker
611r.Eteesatad cap it.reEr
litatter's oboe and boot shop, and Mr. Preach'a
page, but it is an
of the real
'whole business hum
us fraud and uoth
v;ory and practice of
Latest Publications
T 110L)1ES' Literary Depot, Third et.,
calla the I'..t Omen.
1.1t.11), ing Ao, N. 3.10.
Douglow , or the Autobiography of Mia. tee.
1%1.01 1,
p11,••lia. a tale far ratUtillh , ding.
Nurnual toteroottroe, hy A. J. barb,.
itarµr , Nl r uwor. for April—the bort No. hutted.
hiebant of lurk, ur thO Whlto flow of England; an Uhl.
Paula Itotnnunc.
tog-man without • >1.1e6 Ict 6 CAC , lotsonr.
T. 4 ".^ 13 • 4
Itrnt: the AVCIII,II hr Mrw.illyr,b, api
QEVERAL respectable young Men, of bti
t-t nitErNo 11•1,14, to deliver wad aolfdtorders for to•ena
w.gre and apg,
IN IN MOllairia
$6,000 1.° A ,
AIWA 7th and 911 i. id t i t o'clock delineationßinging by Dr.
cr ,„.. d u d.. with the public of assaral
nista eliraeu i rs. Seats, one Dint.
Turislay Evening , April tth—littrums, Dutim and its ,
Doctrines, as taught hy Phrennliery.
Hereclitary Laws and v t., H tiMst
sitienti. lecture.
arrliroftatlmud delineations of charactir, with number
ed chart.. and alio nal writton opinions, Including advice
touching Health, Occupations, Valts, their remedli
wilt perfection. management of children, Lc, ge, dell, and
unoccupied evenings at Ida private apartment at Drown's
Hotel. taP&lf 0. O. FOWLER:
STOCKS WANTED—Bank of Pitteburgh;
Norther. Liberties Brld`c by INEO. E. ARNOLD,
(.I . TOCKS FOR SA LE---Monongshela Bridge;
soon Waster. Rank of Weeling: 4
Fourth rt.
apT OEO. E. ARNOLD, 7 i
BACON-25.eseks prime Shouldore;
6 e o Video: fur We by
ap7 60 and SI Water. and 0 12 First stout.
LAHD--13 bbk. N. 1 Loa;
14 ten - for Pale br
• 7 1.. A. ATF.ENIAN SoNS.
LOUR-157 bbls. S. F. and extra, for sale
by ay7 L. N. WATERMAN t BONA
RUIT-260 sacks Dried Penchcs;
In ADpint
15 W. brt a• 4 by
• 7 1.. S. WATERMAN • SLiNS.
1.1 ROOMS-350 doz. fancy and contti., fur
LI tale by L P W.1‘11:10.1AN A &OtB.
HOES -150 doz. best cant steel, for male by
SCY TIIE SNEATIIS--- 3 50 doz. extra and
common. for sale at manufacturer'sprices by
ORKS-75 doz. tiest caseated Hay Forks:
%u , Fork.r. for maleby
LIQUORICE ROOT-40 lbs. Poled, for
1.4 sale by apT IL E. SELLERS.
RUB...UW-4 eases Pow'd, Tor sale by
OIL SPRUCE-4. cases for sale by
- 1
ROUND TURMERIC-2 bbls. for sale by
Extract of Sarbaparilla and Co-
P.l.Amoated genuine, for salo bJ
VERMILLION-412 lbs. (Trieste) for sale
V by spy R. K. /ALLEM
CIIIE9E-50 boxes receiving and for sale
by .p 7 R. DALreLt. & CO., liberty at,
-6 bbl.. Sutler.
12 robs Dried Aspl
M. Line,
"' rre ' S r laL E i.AL,
wad InrsaLa by
D , Water. rt.
APER-300 reams Med. and Crown NV
ping, for sale low to rinse constArtment, by
apt JAB. DrILBELL, fa Water st.
-300 13u.b. Dried A
" S. Y. Cour:
ZlO dna. Corn Ilroncarn
'1 kegs awl 5 bbl.. 5:n.1 UM:
20 bbl Butter: -
10010kask bill. Tissoo7Y 5 040 :
lOymeake x
ssleratuon 121.t0n , awl km rate by
sy7 , J. t A FLOYD. Ruoud Cburch.
'IG IRON-35 talet i ma j ea i r, i, f . c;r win by
LOVER SEED-25 bblg. prime for sale by
7 30110 WATT k CO
Q ALERATUS—SOOO lbs. pure. for sale by
01 .P 7 JOHN Sr 017 O et).
11,1S11-3lackerel. salmon, and Lako Trout,
eale RVI JOHN Wort k.
TIOT-100 bags uss'd Nos., for sale by
sp7 JOHN WATT* co
B ACON -11 enAn Hams;
10 •• Shoulder , landing from at
Ca, Ilan fur nJe hr ISAIMI DICKEY ! CO..
api Water and Front •tA.
LTT&-5 bales landing from mu:. Cape
sy. sids by sp..
VEATIIERS-17 sacks landing from sus
.r May. T.'
ITOOL-25 saekn non- lan
Cape May, tor vale by
n RIED PEACHES-600 bu. for sole by
(.lALT Pt:TILE—SO racks for sale by
ap7 1051.511 DICII7IIII CO.
for sale at SW/111W Sea Man, ia the 111antood
lAY VIRTUE of n writ of Venditioni Ea
maim word oat of the District Coari Alle,thoof
, Court to tor directed will burgh. maul topohliculr.
al the House, City .1 Pitton M.A.!. the
oth day a April, A. D. 1011. the follnsna described pm.
All the s right, Otte. int...rt. claimand demand of .1.
D. Abell. of. in mad well that memo lot piece of round
situate,. lytnq.and toeing, to D01t... towtaehiDs.sf t!ound .
and diew - rited as follows. via. leOnoolog at • Isuid no
the Pitt.burgh and Freeport mail. at the corner of land of
hetn. and running thence south I
21 610 .rehes to a poet. then.ocrth !.0 degrees. wept
then. .. 3-70 ...hes 0. a pat. then. wmtl, 1 degree. •est
It perches to the Allegheny ricer, than. along gaol river
great 71 deg s, weal .5-10 prob. to a poet, then. hr
land of C. C. Noble north 12 deuce., east te.lo .rehts
talJ road. thew. , elmp maid road 11.111.11 fl wee ,
6.010 perehes lel the place of Legioolog--cootatnlng cne
and one half a... more or les. beint the 0..1. 00
fi rl :ra r71 " : 1 1:72 . 1 d , l ' !otlf.e r rilred .l A rtti 111219:rol ' SC-o
er.ber. 1 0 1 0 . and Lacing ....mut erecttd • fr..e al..
louse. feet high, and uti lot In foot h, 40 loot deep,
with cut InOldlogs. and a small 000 story frame dwelling
house. "4.1104 and talon In trueutlon as the pro,rty of
Joseph D. Abell. at the gull of Jaoce McCracken.
sll^riff's art,. April Mh.
JSIIEA ham removed .to 111 Mork
. faro.. two doors north a hi. old stand—thr h
web. orrup,"l Ay 11.- R Thom,. shit
ul N AtERH
VONTINUES his usual facilities to receive
.) fMnrage, t‘ale. anl Tranaldrm..LsulirrrE.ndig•
mnlgned inm. Boats lwaye ht. duck da4IT ! all min.
m th. Lakr• ntni the Illinois Cann] awl Inver
ll.G.rento-s—Memrs. Lorenz, eArrhns A Co,
Memo. Jona • 4.4,4:.
M, John 1. Oknia,,,T
House Reopen
vir . !slllNG to employ Paper Ilangera, will
V "
60 Mark. AreaI
J ''''' ' ' " I 'VI I'4:6l7kr=Vt.
QPIILITS TURPENTINE-20 bbla. choice,
io for ...Irby IIItArSREITER
noribrrty and M. Mar FL.
1 INSEED bble.
at.: for sale by
14 orc N a
tIORKS--10 balee large pint bottle Corks;
Kula Cora*, (.tort)jurt. reed
11.121 r rale by mita ' MACK a !LEITER.
LINSEED Oil,--10011. for tale by
ap.s J. KJ a CU.. 0., Woodot.
Dli. I.IOOFLAND'S Celebrated German
'DITTY:BS—I gross fur yak by J. KlD' ' k C 0...
LDS , W) %Yale.
USHTON, CLARK & CO.'s Pure Medici.
nal IAJDLI Eli 011,7I s trm
SliliFF=l. cask Garret's Scotch, Watt
derr.l Por &ale by AO J. KIDD A DI.
eOTTON—tO bales w arrive on Mayflower
er3 CO.
VOR SALE—White Louisville Lime, bythe
U bbL or ntoth 25 dn. Blue and block Inlc 3.1 dos.
Lead rennin 3 gen. Coat and other Molar: a few Mat,
Charts, andPinang. Ital Hann' old Identorlor. Si of the
fall amount of the Greet awe In Vlttaburgh: • eosin. of
Dhaka awl a fan School and other Coks, Tate
Counterfeit l/atocton all our Daily. erveral Wean, and
about' IW late lisf ‘ hsem Nee/roarer, Irma our primp/el
Wam wad 'I""' k ep t
Agent and
• Ceenvoireinu alrrelant. Liberty et
EYERAL Gardeners, and a good Black
stsua.(.ith faosile..) ran get plate. Several
ao well instructed young men leant place. as Bonk lire-
et...Wenn°. [School Munro. Warehouse Men: revered la.
Nunn. te. Anent Man linnet , Cool.. utissieressids,
Mat .ad ""
Nu"'to- n"01
em fgAlribelll7l7 ""
' at
•f3l° Agency and !Wallin.. Oahe, Liberty s i
Plaak Road Notice.
I % , LL PERSONS who have subscribed to
o ltie Furg , tf ., n e arlit Plank 11 , oiali on reporylnrlllale
lin 'll7nry Harare, ' netire i ltn T iV P l k a f ho c th'
tDe ratiortillier,iii Itelarille i on or before thAfith i of April!
au i t pay fifty per cant. on their reapretire
ilitiiNitY REIS, Tres,
Ult. J. C. SCH = AALpro i poHem, itf sutfficent
; 1, Ymknlant
Methodist t .ourch.of the City of Miriam°, . a fur
the Instruction of fond, of bothin the
11. lazy., and lima,. Liam:aura. Ile mill attend to the
ma le d e partment in the morninz, awl the female In the'
tor further pinrtleularg aprOf to the anbarriber, at the
Mllam !fetich s Boarding Ilona., Fourth at., Vittatotrah.
Het. D. Baird, D. D., Firth rt. 2i, New York.
Mr. Batt, M. U. Drowiwni 176. "
Pat:Own/I and Allegheny.
Her. A. T. McGill, 0. D. , Thom.. Ern..
Her. D. Elliott. It. D.. Mr. Ethinten. D.
Hr v. J. T. Prevoly, D. D., :lamer Dunlap.
Horan' J. S. Kuhn, En.,
v.& M. °whore, C. Zug, Era.
Mr. SCHWA has Own • tutor to Mr Celnllr fur tlilvrtord•
tStluttlugaingaltx •.10i;11,:illraTtiral1101, to he
lti l oolodoo of the leaping. which hrtroglr d ta I tt ' se t r.
ppd L e 0.11 nuallnal to import Instruction in that branch
or eduestion as enr other Individual with who.. it has
been tar Menne to be nritashited. IRO& WILLIAM:4.
•Pdl,l Pommel copy.]
ieed Store Removed.
timed Subscriber }um removeddlis Seed Store
fri. !ke rma street to the buildingce
rently oecuplal
r. Reed es Shop. nn Third street, ammo 110.
lately opposite the Poet MSc,
WM. A. HILL 00.,
CoustkalY for =dr bY
PECIE.—The highest market price paid
kw American end Foreign SILVER, 0n4.1 for Forel,*
O 0, a th e Elehoogo Othoo of WM. A. lIILL k CO..
&Oak HI Wont et, INl4lonr %boor, Fourth. '
WIDOW LA DY;cif highly reopectahle
meatecUott, recoatly fromthe old country, wishes to
ethane herself to tore charge of any menectahle family
that. mar h o World thins over to the • Fair. Marna "t..
U.^ Post (im. apnit*
OR RENT—TWO ROOMS, adapted fur a
!TORE, auh A
•friaa . .) °melte to the Ila
Y . PO on the zrzr to
Eureka Mining Co. of Michigan,
A'MEETING of the Stockholders of th,
E . r .k. mining Ca of Waldman: trill be bald at th
n of Palmer. Ilanna / Co. It Ettlabatata on -Monday
aptll7lh. tanl. at 3 n'ahntE. P. SE Punctual etandancel
mutated. I•P•311 GEO. DABEIE. Praia
PPLES--1 0 bbls. Russets, for sale by
aM J. PVICOON MAKER • 03., 24 Wood .t.
Board of llnderwritem
ALT a Meeting of the Board oe,Underwri
eima die fallowing railoluteon wee unanimmuly Mar
and °Memel to be publlahwti .
ir o dr Th at from and after the publication of this no
tlcalairemilit=n4.ll:: or i lainal ur c arad, shall lw
Office in able ally,
ali the prottdual ir• Paid en mew
fly order. A. W. hIARKE.,
rochZitf Feeret,th, of the Boar/.
- -•— ---- - - --- ----
4.IMUT ittUde--1 Smut Mill (complete) fur
mlo by Mahn B. Diti year
A Late teMOllll
XIII. ISAAC HARRIS has removed hiel
kerner end Intelllg.enee °Mee to 1.45.9. n
eu ,
LoVi d en ' ile aCtlrern=e.'h.." Xlll
Carpenters. &C.
erentsd 14 w i rost... o m3z.
:?..!`,1"11),, flog
er ' llist . glt4, th' y ' rhaod
15th 1011.. tg Thee'7)l. Vole,
ES, a:O.—A large stock
the mint liberal tem% eft
Amanita gaits
'Bateman's' Deopa
Balsams de Malthe
Mundane.... Elixir of Health
British Oil
Carpenter's Extraet of barb
ens's. Plaster
Indhs'e eanninalive
Depurative Syrup. tor ow
eureof King's Evil. $71 . 13i ,
of YePPersedut
To Contractors, Mean
• Cliureh. to e
.reet. run be teen ot the Sunil
Church. Meer!. to the same eat
Illarkhuridi who lire. on the ,
iirotai , ttnat m enntrart
nn their protioeal• before the I
t the Exch.., Bank•
(Journal and
- •
In More, and for rale on
Lemon tail
V rt... and lro t n i e l a t i t ment
4odeldr. Reef' ,
Itultrionat Rale."
nd ,rony's
1.4 • oti-Dy.peptle
•• Evan?
Kt!' TamaW
. _
" liernamot
r t i=recn
Sprain, for Herr
Eyo Water
tiliniroor'• Liniment
enrdi 4
Heiden Tincture
ILwiete 011
Flora Powder
of Wool and Sixth streets.
Awe Ohatumut for Tenet .
etrerurtheolog Marrs
tortiogron • Balsam
Worm Tru
At the Drug More of
&union' Sale of Bank Stock.
IC Monday Evening, April 7. at 8 o'clock,
at the Commercial Sales Room. comer of Wool end
!..Q. rte.. will be mold. by caller of Executors of the lake
John Gibbs, dvid-413 Mare. Stock to Mutt of Pittatwiratt.
P. M. DA%113. Atm r.
& F. WILSON have remored to No.
Ir mita mee.ol at, and 147 Front .l. tetaaan Wood
IiARPER'S MAGAZINE for April, "the
unrivalled" of the monthly.
•foro and Doblod the Curtain.
Turkake year. observa.
Mtn among the theatrea a Nen by W. R Northall.
blseadoe fur April: reed and far Wm at
Holmes' Literary Depot Third at onPunlA Poll
It/11RP lIY & BURCHFIELD have just re-
IT thl. Otortdog, hr expreeo, s lot of oew goals
t, Monk and colored SA, Tore Wine Palen lent shows
udle toltunnod cuffs bortoPll ohd M0twd1.hd 4 . 41.4.l
eeI:WIN% et In Wide Ribbons; Whits Emble. Tan..
too Mus line Ye. ap3
1 Wines aid Liquors.
60,157 Liberty at., Formerly Da tie tracker fatiory.
a. mans., of Iltlaburad fd. a. terom - arrl.„ of V. Y.
VICKEISEN 3: STOUVENEL, rexpectfully
o o.
m the public georrally and their (nen&
r •Y , ak nt th. shore rt.nd, bear the shall al
ap. km, • foil roo.ortmeot of the pert moat—)l sod
Freud, rod fat white Wine, Alao, Yrench dark and pale
dmodier, of the eholeest riota,-ra, Jamaica rum, Milani
blob Whiekef.e.hampawe and swath,. buck riu.,
of the moet approw* , l br o od.. port, Title., Madeira, sherry
nod utu-cat Ines: AhrgaLhe , 6c. Mao, rardlors, Holland
10-rnnao. : , ...11.11 and Limbural, Mee... All of which th,-,
ili Ana .. :kt.7,,, hn p i a " nter. or !sl ,l l4: " . 2l, l ' . ° :farr :g;tithTtl!,-
ouportati ,, t , 1,,,i0e5, to the rity . of York. the abo.e.firtr
L te u ; L tu l 5:1 not ') oo ' s7. P l•r d eaee a t iTo t t r a ef:; ' e It oo
purciaa , einorhere.
114 - 1-amillet supplied free of extra chan , 0 sod at tiCo
-hon -
est notice _ •
j —A beautiful article. }apt rm-'ll =altar sale by -
TIIQA. PALM EIL No. 65 Market et
1311ILA DELPHIA, NEW YORK and 1305-
T tN WALL PAPER—Pram the mast mlebrated fae
" ViltB l7 .
Ilarkat st. by_ (ap3l
- FALTURF—A Large sad geveral
band at 5-i taarkrt et.
11 r..k• LL blms
tAn do Adr t
0 An An .hould.n.
2 ne, yeenhrt:
1 bid oterir.
hog alumna;
17 bags frathert
wooh tnarrlve and Or ale b 7
INAIAH DICKEY a t.O.Watera Frontal.
t.nd.r.,,, for= steamer Fort Pitt for mole by
ap2 IOAI.tU DICKEY t CO.. water a front sts.
- - -
It:reenters' Bale of Real Estate,
{TILL BE SOLD, in pttrananne of the
v and Testament of Harlin Lowty. late of
the City of Pittebur,a, deed, on Monday. the .th day of
April. 1,51, so In erica, A.M.. at the Court 11.. e. In tho .
‘Sty of Pittsburgh, by pobbe auction. a valuable lot of
Ground, aituite on quarry 11111. near the New 11.10.1 n the
SIMI. Marl. ronteduing tosarli , LINE ACHE: bring nei
old ~lartln fyr.-...v.7tkar,7adb.w.hiLld " r. '4 virhie :f I
.ertain preovedtrtas in Partition, In ttno c illatlct Court of
the County of Allegheny, No. .06 January Term lal9. was
a-reigned In severalty to the baba of the Pahl 00.0010 Low.
an th k' arllunto a a r it . n%!g ,' sitroal
-loin Wtrwt .rd '' pro
tb.. ease had. vrill now fully and at lan. ap•
pear. ' lt is unnenessury to enumerate the advantage. of
lb. also. browny. ecansmandlng,as It dons. a Icarstlful
I..mapeet of the eity and the two rtVers. being easy ad am.
rasa fur a private residence. and abounding In e xcellent
atone Et rue building Porn... - . they .^ 1 . 41
fee a plan of the property and further Information, apply
14 Mew.. Mitelial sod el
Palmer, Attorneys and faun lor•
al Law. /four th ! treat. or to Other - of the undersigned. ha.
arutur• f the last Will and Teatarnent of Martin Lowry.
.J. 1115 CALDWa:LL.
N 11.—Tbe alyoinlna Lot. containing almost the um.
quantity of land. Is also for rale. aps4kw,C.lo
P 1011 In tb. nineteenth eenhary. eye-10,11a of the
......I..r.ndtbon and earnings of the max alas... In the
Beth sh Metropolis. In ronnavgan witla.the country, b H.
!dalbew.with engraving , of the cents and persona described.
Slow I and 2of thin excellent work hap Ee racelved
Literary Depot, Third ot., opus:oda tba P.M tar..
je per No. ap2
50- SllAlt E S Houghton :dining Company
. tor gale by A mums: CO..
atil aoroar at Market aml Third st.
il \VAIN'S PANACEA-12 dm
_just ree'd
to .0 fay We by are . SELLERS.
*3 . No 57 Wool, nt.
II ROME YEELOW - -4 eases reed and for
C alO. by •p .1
OILS --Oil lemon, tle= me ot.eloves. aniS
t.u. '" l K. SELLE bod tar d.
1.11.1 D GENTIAN-373 lbs reed and for
IA Fair b 1 kb3 • IL K. SELLERS.
ORANGE PEEL-0 reedSF.LL and for
...1.. by ap.l 25
FL EEfl.
IQUORICE BALL-1213b1e Cur sale by
CUM AII.A.BIC-500 lbs for sale by
0 PIUM-1 4 .5 lbs new crop for sale be
6,17UE-50 bbls No 1 for sale by
GLCINED liAGlaSIA—`2O oases for sal
CARAWAY SEED--300 lbs sale by
B A vnitnsrock • CO.
...111, , atrarm fur Palo by B A FAIINESTOCK CO
ORANGES- 7 40 boxes sweet Messina ree'il •
and lo atm, for sale by WM A 31'CL1.1116 k CO.
2.54114bertY d•
_ -
bItEPARED CORN—For Pudding, Blanc
1.. )1.1., kr. el wy. on han d üblibr mac. wbolcoalp.or
ratan by WM B 51eCLUItti • CO.
.00 0n....r.• awl Tl`adralr...
FIIANNERS OIL-50 Mils reed and for sale
1 by • fty.3 J. DALZELL.
TOBACCO—IS kegs N. 1, 11 twist for sale
by app J. DALZELL.
' 1 lIEESE-33 'sixes just reed and for sale
b ,3 li BALZELL I CO, Llb.bll 0.
_—_-- .
TILE SUBSCRIBER has commenced re-
Iriva a larger and more dealrable etoek of FANCY
I ETY and 1)110 GOODS thou he .or brought athie
' l l. lllli ' OncTi ' nt r ite. o wlT; rt . 4 'f otta. de LalWrit. Ole home. Al.
3=n ' e.. k frtfslr. " gl..itt o , " o lk* rws " l:=ZT
J ot
. D
Dello and Comm Stripes Idol, Lineal; I`
Hada. and Cravat,: natal. lieu. 4. Line, and &gig
ShastlA Wader, Gloves, 1111 bone. Leon, Yells, Combs,
Bottum. Stopendcto. Parasole 3 Umbrellas, Table and Pock.
et Cutlery. Clocks. Jewelry. Matches. Le., air, to which he
revecifully Inoltee the attention of merchants and pedlar.
sld . C. AnnUTIINOT, RS Wool of
cretin Roma, Prrraataon,
Shrrevers Odin, April 2.1851.1
GIIiALEDRROPOSALS will be received at
1177 taa.elar.,oato clo'ook. '2oth day of April: lost, for
tliedelverfy I ftb followinuarthies,for the use of the aka at
the U S alarine loepltal. new thitiaty. until the idandaY
of Juno.
Beef. as free as possible from bone. mire per poujaL
Dread. each loaf to weigh our lb
Drown Sugar of the beat qualifY•
Dice dour
Snap ..
........ . .......
Bolter; best quality
Midllog haaan,
Flour. ben Allperli.e.
Post Wine
Milk Vlnegmb
Itestbolted meal ..
rumbas. ...
W Ho endin my
All of the foregoing articles to be of the very beet iinnb
It, sal tots furnished at melt limo end Iv mob quenth
lb" sr on the requinition of the Steward of the Hospital.
LP X r n ° , 7 7 . 4h b e ' r th r . te. WlT;y 7 lt s era7tr d the contractor
In furnish at the investm sort prima.
It Is estimated that Ctie number of patilints to ha
Id will average about Oi per day. 11. addition to which
there will be about 10 otOcars and servants to be enPriled_.
Any Information enneernind the rontracb_wlll be Igoe.
MI application at this . RESAT WOODS.
atilt:OM Surreyor and aigt. U. S. Mario. Itoeultal.
OSIIEN CHEESE--Superior do for rale
by Wif A MeCLURO A CO.
R OOKS! BOOKS? !—Louiminna; its Colo
lstory and Romance,Romance,. eh OBY•r":
4.0.0 II 301.1 Il ob, or Philip King of the ivamsmow: av
bleariest romance, by C. U. Minster.
Mary Bell, a Franconia etory. By the author of the
Rollo hooky,
London Labor and the London rem , . by 11 . 00 7
with pr §O7o7llarpeta n' 00 ,VV;Fp ' ll i t ' 7 . ?lit... y all ' ar i; POOO
Th e eabove, bookyrun t ot ' end tor Me h r.
Fre..E.EOCKTUN, bookarller.
• ,2 No 47. Market strreb
EN BOOK S!—Lonisiana its Colonial
.1.1 History and Romboor, by Chas. Wolff,t yol,Yiya,
aN Irollant's Foreign lidoirdoceocas bT Mvey Mdt .rd
Grad Holland 12ents, mos.
Dade ot the Bible; by licesOnitillint T0.1..111t25'._.-.
Ndod's Wootlarcor God'ocve over till his nor did
Remdln far e.eq der to cl;t2rzfixt.. lb. urlb
tho a etwT
inase Uell d the Polio Wks
II •brata sod Lain Lexicon of do
laßn ctr=
to tha Childs. hada the
4 0 saa _
ogas Latin Ces Pc .
Ouniplaa PIICILIMI Hooch., . th i o tp ;
mud te.and
Cu ff ' I ' ol ' . byd
Napoleon sod his .
Dictionary of Machado ,
Theloalitie of Popery sod Ito CMIRIN g Iat addred delis
credin the Brod oar . ituararY. D.,—
tAseem, /Zili Numbenalwayn.i. hand.
on2 j'" ""c ll.- LlOka.La 75 .11143 Blaolsuithlo.arth rt
VrACKEREL-50 bblo No. 3 (Ilarifax
,VI . brand:, tomb ,
25 h•lf beds far ••107
•ta JAI, DALT-VILL No. 1.,• p a ter at_
test So. of • n.. 1,1. rrc'd I, Holm, Third St, al-
Mb, alh , ~/ th , author of pumas in Frawe.
IRON-:.75 lbsfor: sale by
SEIDLITZ MIXTURE-151) lbs.,for sale
by .P 2 IL A. P. RN ;I . Crt! P CU.
..„ by .g. R. A. FAIINESTReR A VO
CITRIC ACI-DT lbs for sale by
D -
AD,/ R. A. RAW:Et - MOCK A CO.
BORAX -1000 lbe Retinetl, fur sate br
VERMILLION -7 5 ItltMoose, for oald by
ap2 I A. IA lINF.PTOCK tX.I.
Ask by 5,2 B. A. PAM:F.1 4 700i' Co. k
ANURE PO A s, or sale
by •p 2 B. A. FAIT STOCK A CO.
The bed Green Tea in Pittsburg . •
COME New Crop Young Hilton Tea has
...I ;net ite.n reeetred. et blorriet 'rem Store In the
I g 3.0/1_ ' a which for stredgth and , •••r 4 5.• • h "' 4.••7
soli In Pittsburgh. e 2
o ICO bake Prime Dark Green Coffee.
bble Surerkc LAD Fisk
'X do do do o.almon:
blbtisT;;Z - c .°3 s 3 Ol a Yo 't
lu a r do do Not do
10deems Codlitahti oto
e re Rad kr swe by
3srrk CO.. Mont' et-
QIIOULDERS-0000 pieces in salt. atria:
r.od tor sale by lIAIIDY JON & CO.
SIOULDERS-64 make': arrived and for
tale by [.p2] HARDY JONES s CO.
ACOS-200 lbe received and for male by
• _
B UTTER dc EGGS—in store and
JOID:STON for male by
wm. .
MORN-700 ba. in store and for sale
IL PPLE .. S-120 bbla Green,zielsAtr,Nl::::7
Q, 111 P STUFF -100 14114:18 for sole by
I.I.REDN APPLES-40 bbl in gond fon di
I_ll flea cut for We by J. C. DI LIVOI:T11 CO. &
pßurr-150 bids dried upplee
ISO do du Pune., fo.3de by
CORN & OATS-500 bu for sale bv
ap2 • J. S. DILWORTH k CO.
. _
B ACON --3 casks sugar cured MUDS;
do do Shoulders for sale Le
GGS-4 bbls, reed and for sale by
•147 . J. .0. DILIVORfiI t CO.
1111OLL BUTTER--10 bills. for sale bT
1 t a. a W. liane.ktan.
• 2 '5;5145 Firm. and 116 Second it.
8 R . 09 0, MS-400 dozen, ~.d...7lll, : h k roti.
E ' — ' l2°() bth for
l a% „AnnAtio„.
ACON-14 hlots. (hos . round) for Bale by
R 1, 2 F.l R. lIARBAUOII..
I EMOVAL.—GEO. F. DITIM has reinoCed
J. bia Dry Goods Rom fro. No. 115 111nrItet Arent, to
No. 0 neon:, Ito, Irwin otreet, four doori below Penn et.
where be .111 be pleated to welt 00 hie former roan:moors
and the public generally.sp2aul
((RANGES.-100 boxes just received and
lly for rale bl DUABILIINIE 1 INGUR/111,
ald 116 Water went.
S UG AR—a/0 hhde. arriving, for sale by
116 Water et
OL.ISSES-300 tibia arriv'g, for sale by
ROOMS-1W doz, fcr sale I , V
UGAR-22 hhde. (Unrifled, Battle Groan
tj Refinery, Just reed sod 4&stale by
256 Liberty Street.
most extensive and complete amortment of Choice
FA ILY TEAI3. eeleeed personally by
Win. A. McClurg, In the cities of Neir York and Philadel
phia ahem* he bee just retuned. ho exertion will be
s L totZt.: . stnt,he he: aptitatio d n b treedynn
line to diletty, aniTet the ' lo=rates e
ga-Thisy tell nothing hat her they can recomlnend.,
and guarantee every thing as represented: ea that pen..
...admit children or seressit• for any thine need bare Oa
' knee of having an Inferior oriels. palmed od noon then.
They refer with confidemee to the customere by whom
they are tevonixed, hoping for • ematintunce of their
ewdom and many additiune to the already large Iles
' . Rig A. NteeLligli A CO..
ilmeers and Tea Deem,
Bank Stock for Sale.
AjOTICE is hereby given that in conipli . anLe .
Mos of as. Act of Asaccobl);
a PT
t day of Msteh. 15.50 ' th'' 'll l ( l )liaftirll ' 4li=
lie Aale. It th e aanklaK Howe. tkf:K.
NEW STOCK of the
IlonorAtlacla.ympt of
le to
db il a fio: e
mt comment.
at 10 o'clock. A. 11.
Lta bbi"
lo S. KNOX. r.
CARD.-1 have removed to my neir store,
(three anon. 140,) neatly BWilt nr
Pittsburgh, when I will ha gld taxa nsy fends and ft+
Imo citizens. and receive ashare t.l their custom. I will
keep a very lam; of c_phnlitery. Ited
dutth Curled thaw, t , prtuk...linak, .thtn kett lurk 3la
Feather Beds. Bolsters. and ttillosrts Blanet% tßattz.
03.0. k -tangy usti Comfurtn it Indn. etude.% o f tmkrl l
&kr kkd aWr7 artle/0 turtmlly fOund In the
utks-t extenttree eatablisltmentst of tha ordm respect
tulty.Atlkited and mat nrr v ittil4 ) ll4 , d 4
D . UTTER-5 bble licarjustreo'd_* Union
jut szui tor gale lir 4741) LAi CO.
RICE -50 tes. tallying pet% liratelitann,
bT bVI. W. I V. WILSON..•
. -
ca di p ' MOLLSSEO bble.
q uid Lou Ro
t...Jaw:47. artiring p M. Tin ip
II AY-18 toms Timothy, arriving per Mag
n, for We on the wharf. IT
spl 1t Y. RIM,.
• tl • II kl'AO
bOCIETT will bold their =min
111.• • Howl' of Trade Roam, uh r. :74 l l l h , at 10. 0
.4 0 ,34 1. =barszirlu/e gthul . u, th
By °tiler at the Lzecitamittec
ay111(..• A. H. SearotetT.
IL therwett receiving their mem! supplyof Gad.
Latch, whirl tent be found lthekabael Diaper. Illesehed
gra unable:clad Sheeting. 124 Linen hbeptantr ,. ..t.t
:am. Limn and Slualthloln. wide ha Anew .Ol
URPHY & BURCIIFINI I have received
rwcv mate all wool Tweeds and Calynn,
.IRD-►so kegs & 3 bbls. No. 1, for sale by
try, Deeoration, Teller aild Gold Papa Morrie= alai
border, the Drawl.= Roma . and Parlor., Irma the cele
brated mum:durum Dal ecoar . trf l'arie,l.p.t reed and
TALL RAPER—For 61 per Roll, for sal:
b) me➢Ll W. I.,NLAII-911ALL.
bbls. (Green) for sale by
l•• a snottU sum of =no . , nns lost bet's,. S 1
nuritnnoldMt. on Toastfey, tb •
It to the onar:llenunT :C U '''''`at=r"
DOLL BUTTER-5 bble.-(frrsh) for sale by
AL, =hal J. It. CANVI MTV
. n • UNDRIES--
L 3 • t'ff.Hdl
Just reed and for sale br I. D a
metal No. 40 Wood st.
GlNGR, 7 3bT ki tglt .
WDER RHUBARB-4 casem for nalo b
Enrh3l J. IMP CO
or We br metal J. KIDD 2 CO.
ti UM ALOES-3 eases for sale by
s L A s‘ch3l . J. KID KI Dt co.
AHD OIL-12 bbls J. L. Conkling's No 1
Lem on In .to. and ibr Inds br
221 and L 1 Llbertr 0.
COD FISR-12 druras for sale br
meb3l ' unram s RICAETSON
BUCKETS --20 doz. (Beaver) for sale by
10 COFFEE--150 bgs. landing. for sale by
1.1 ICK=-25 tierces landing for salo by
AA, brlLLiiit stexErbom
8it00m5......50 doz. for in I:7 l,lcx ' .
tr l .
I , IOEW BOOKS !—kloments of7A_
e Vit i
....amtrlmpurer.u4 .04 ote , e l
tet Let .
%. km . h ' y the author of the' fit(lo
Landon Labor and the atelon voce: bj . (l= . 3 LlT,lrry .
71 1.7 "717'
'n. s
fresh,sfAoLltei!l,`4 mebPl uns...
UTTER-- 1 7 :Egs packed, for sale
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DRY APPLES—IO bbli, reo'il, for sale by
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DRIFT) PEACIIES--25 bu. for sale by
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ter sale by
COK.-150 ( Shell
PPLES— , ,) Romanttes, for solo by
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WEET POTATOES -20 bbLs. for Seed, ii
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HERRING -1 8 bbLcs(lBso) well eased
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ORANGES --300 bozos Sweet Sicily, on
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NEW BOOKS!—NiIe NOtell or Mowadji;
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On the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal•
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Parks Co.. Youndstown. 04 •
M. B.*Tay ,la Warm,O .
A. a. N. Clark, Boston ialla.o4
C. Prentiss, Ravenna. 04
• prtYltt t Ca.. Lamm. 04
Ronk Grime' 6 Co. frankltu. 04
11. A. Miller. Co yaho., 13.1.12... 04
Whack, Lee et Oa.. Minot. 04
Hezdersot A lAttitous, Sandusky City. 04
Peckham d Scott, Toloio, U.
G. William A C o ,, Douai, Miehidan
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Thou. Wale, Mead.
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VINEGAR -430 bble. Cider (warranted) f.
sal. on condrnatent. by T. WOOD& S ON
TURN INIEAL-5 bblo. for sale by
lJ rachllS ICH S 2 CO.
lOTTON-2.5 bales on consignment, per
steatites Washington. for nisi by
N lON SEED-3 bbls.i for sale by
mr.1126 EIIEY, MATSUMA l W.
LCOIIOI,-19 hble 76 and 92 degrees,
for we by
GPPPERAS-35 bide. in fine order, for
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RIED PEACIIES-2000 bu. (halveu) for
sale by sorliM BRET, MATTHEWS it CU.
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DRINTING PAPER-7U Ream for sale
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01L-15 lads. No. 1;
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LNSEED OIL-30 bbls. for gale be
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WiIAPPLNG PAPER-500 :tune Med. •-•
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Double 'Medi= Prtutta_sr:Taper. .104 reed by r
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MED PEACITEI3-500 bu. for sale by
• Building Lots.
.it..te In the Eifihth Ward. Cltl Vlttahnnt , 'bp -
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meth:l,2w F 01111.14 street
lIEESE-50 boxos for solo by.
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Ll OSINIOO bbbs. to arrive to-day, for wile
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-0 bbla. Najd)? sale
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INSEED OIL-25 bble. recg and for -
Aby snchl.4 ROBISON. TTLE 2CO
GREEN APPLES-18 bbls. Russets;
Imo reed mutts,. silt by
T EG AR-20 bbla. (Cider) for sale by
1.1124 IL DLIZELL k CO.
-Q..k.LEHATUS-125 boxes and 10 bbla. for
.ale b y DALZ.ELL CO.
ma 2-4 Liberty street..
ViTANTEI3—A Situa Book-keeper or
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1ift.1.4 to G. A.. core of MARL'. t 800, otoolvo
ALLOW-20 Mao. prime, for sale by
mom +' 8. W. lI.LELBRIN H.
PPLES-- 91 bbls. Russets and Plains,
for sal* br N. Y. VON NONNI:IORn
GROUND PAINTS, in Oil, neatly put up
In rai••rwarof 10 lbs. each, Atm= .b , ate:
divine Green, Paris Green;
Mirk, Vella. Orb., . • .
Terra de Manna, Prandan MT" •
Umber Raw, • Umber Brunt. a
MM. hen and Word .U.
SWEET OIL-2 CZltiCEs=r, for sale
mom= 'S. E. wM.
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TYLALL PAPER-4r.el=rtment
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WANTED-45,01X ) Allegheny , Co. Coupon
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Prepared only by ,
JULES GAL Ele Perhones butCbaalst,
• Int Osman street, PA.M.Pbbt
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A VEXED PILL 80. S— goaded sizes,
Ihr sale by B. A. YAII.N.LSIOCK A CO.
tiXl"l9h-RACT INDIAN g
124 5 M. ''' . by a. A roncEnoce CO.
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LBE ia lvd.:
' LIMA k CO,
bu. for sale by
BLED ROBISON. lzs ü bnu
VIRESSED SPIKES-160 keks (Unproved)
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by scr:bl9 111111.11ArlkWitk 0).
pin METAL- 440 tons for Bale by
rorlll9 RIMY. NIATITIEWB a (XL 1.10135 E MOLASSES -10 bbls
1..7 EL Louis Bantry. fa nos• and to We try
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