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VALVAULE Wnstic.—We are indebted to the
publisher, John Livingston, Esq., of the New
York Ilse, for a copy of ••Livingston's Law Reg
ister, for 1851." It contains a list of all the law
yen in the United States, together with their
addresses, and must be invaluable to all prac
tising attorneys. We learn from it, that there are
one thousand seven hundred and thirtynine law
yers in Pennsylvania, one hundred and seventy
of whom practice in til.Ls county. All orders for
this publication should he directed to John Liv
ingston,'Esq., No. 175 Broadway, New York.
Our reader will bear in mind, that Mr. L. is
the editor and proprietor of- the Monthly Lsw
Magazine, and also a Commissioner for every
State In the Union.
Crrardis Dceosrr BANG—An election for
officers of this institution was held on Tuesday
weaning. which resulted es follows:
President—Wm. Dawson. Directors, J. D.
Kelly, IL A. Cunningham, Andrew McMasters,
B. Bruce, Jr., S. M'Clurkan and-S. Morrow.
Present, Honorable William B. MCClure, Pre
sident Judge, and Pamuel Jones, and William
•Beggs, Associate Judges.
. -
Commonwealth vs. James Skiles and James
Robinson. Indictment, Burglary, alleged to
have been committed in breaking into Mr. Jos.
Beckham's hardware, store, in Allegheny City,
and stealing therrrom, a number of articles.
The case WAS pened on behalf of the Cora
menwealth, by istrict Attorney Flinegin.
Mr: Beckham estified to the loss of his goods.
Wm. Robins° sworn—This witness testified
that a lot of bar ware was stolen from Mr. Beck
ham's store, on e night of the 27th of Februa
ry. He identifi d a number of articles produced
In Court, to the able of 1120.
John Snge, a olice o ffi cer, of . Allegheny City,
testified that a the night, in, question, Skiles
came to the ore Office, and confessed that
he was the burg or, ot, the sometime telling him
whore the goo were concealed; and taking the
wilco to the spa
Police Officer
dam, corroborated Mr. Snee's
• • - when he ,mode the confes
s drinking house when he sent
He implicated Robinson in the
the statement relative to him,
an oath, or by any other ovi
out. •
Bkiles was d
situ], and was
for tbo officers.
transaction, bu •
=supported b
',dance, was rule'
The jury rat
a:lles, not gait
ened a verdict of guilty as to
0 , as to Robinson.
vs. same defendants. Indi
meat, Burglary
stealing several
of the 21th of
John Parke,
lThe prisoners were accused of
articles or jewelry, on the night
, ebruary, frotwthe store of Mr.
!f Allegheny tqty. Plea, not
opened on behalf of the Com
. C. Flonegin, Esq :
ont—l reside , in Allegheny City
The case was
=wealth, by
John Pule s
and am byltra.
business is 50
the month of
open, and an.
oil cues, e wa
din Coast t
or two previous
wanted sottie' li
up to the back
I noticed him p
conduct strange
store before.
High Csnstable Adams sworn,—We found these
articles, together with those stolen from Mr.
Beckham, in the same bundle.
e a watchmaker. My place of
.e Diamond, Allegheny City. In
r ebrnary, my tor was broken
her of finger and ear zings, pen
h, &c., stolen ; therefrom. The
the watch, which was produc
obinson called in my store a day
to the robbery, alleging that he
le repairing done. He walked
oor, and examined it carefully.
rticularly, because I thought his
I bad never seen him in my
The jury in the case tried this morning, re
turned a verdict of guilty as to Sidles, not guilty
as to Robinson.
His honor, Jadge McClure, observed that he
regretted to see the prisoner once more brought
before him. Re was sorry to say that -this was
not hie first offence, but he would be glad to hear
any thing which he had to mention.
Stiles said that be bad nothing to say, and
WU then sentenced to two years imprisonment
do the Western Penitentiary, for robbing Mr.
Beekham'a store, and one year's imprisonment
on the 'lest indictment. Robinson wits dis
charged by proclamation, and Stiles was re
Commonwealth vs. Conrad Vogel and Eliza
beth Vogel—lndictment, Assault and flattery,
alleged to have been committed on Joiaathan Bu
Mr. Buhoup iv Constable of Duquesne Bor
ough, and the assault was committed while he
wss in the performance of his duties, as a police
officer. This trial occupied the whole of the af
ternoon, and the jury retired, after which the
Court adjourned.
Before the Honorable Walter H. Lowrie
The jury in the case of the owners of the
steamboat Caroline vs. the owners of the steam
er Consignee, returned a verdict of four thou
sand dollars, hem.; the full value of the boat, for
the plaintiffs. Tbis was an action brought to re
cover damages for the loss of the Caroline, sunk
by coming in contact with the Consignee. She
ler and !Btarmton for plantiffs, Loomis and Gill
more foi defendants.
8. Kingan & Co. va. B. F. Bartlett, et eL No.
178, January Term, '49. List No. 221. Mellon
for plaintiff, Irwin for defendant- Action on a
?dockside's lien. No verdict.
Robert McKnight, vs. Walker &..Beszell, No.
378 April Term, 1851. And now, on motion of
Robert McKnight, Esq., and on the court being
Satisfied that a mistake has been made in the
name of Matthew Beaten, ono of the above de
fendants, leave is granted to amend.
Dr. Wm. Badger vs. Peter Cool. No. 251.
January '49, List No. 222. Dunlap for plaintiff,
Black for defendant Action for professional
services. No ventiot
Lsoimas..—We are informed that I'. U. Schaad
intends in a few days to deliver a lecture on the
"origin, history. and 'dangerous influences of
Pantheism upon society and upon public install-
Dr.v.t.wrouss Fos OREGON. —Albert Eggers, M.
D., Quincy A. Brooks, Esq., Mr. David Irwin,
irif and five children, Mr. Wm. Cartwright, of
Pittsburgh, and Mr. David Hart of Washington
county, loft yesterday on the steamer Oriental
an route for Oregon. We trust that they will
lan a pleasant journey.
Taisars.--John Scott was yesterday commit
ted to prison by Alderman Lewis, charged on
oath of Bridget McGraw with threatening her
life. •
ASSAIILT.—Scary Hosock was yesterday com
mitted by Mayor Fleming, charged on oath of
Jobe Foster, with assault and battery.
Reatona.—We are pleased to observe that the
Ash market hos been removed to the rear of the
Old Court Rouse. This will be more convenient
la the dealers, and certainly pleasanter to the
pumenera along Market street.
Daftness Bostic Scuonz..—The annual exam
ination of the scholars toot place last week in
the presence of the Board of School Directors
and Guardians. The pupils in the First Depart
ment under the immediate charge of the Rev. R.
N. Avery were exnmined in the upper hall; and
won [small present. admiration for the advance
ment and gratitude to their able and accomplish
ed teacher for hie untiring efforts on their behalf.
The pupils of the Second Department, were al-
SO examined, their proficiency and diligence
giving entire eatistaetion to parents and guardi
ans. Milts Mnry Shedd= the teacher in this
department deserves great praise for the effo
she has made in training the young scholars.
In the evening after the close of the exruninn-1
Lion the, upper ball being brilliantly
and tastefully arranged, the citizens ossembled
to witness the interesting ceremony of the pre
amatation of prizes to the snocessfal competitors,
- aa also an exhibition, in which the scholars of
the first Department acquitted themselves admi
rahly. Prizes were awarded to the followin,
iaed pupils, for correct deportment and dim
genes in school:
• lit. Prize, Miss Esther Feilbach.
2d. - Miss :Melissa Brown.
ad. John Wheeler.
4th. Miss Elisabeth ll'Cormick.
Aloe. Young.
6th. •• Miss Anna Boynon.
7th. " Albert Day.
Bth. " Miss Mary'llaninett.
9th. " Mine biargartt ilamnett, and al o
to.the following schoLars in the second Dep.
meat; Mine Mary Nesmith; Miis Adela Ham
tcus; Mho Eli. Miller; and Miss Henrietta Fe ...
back, for specimens of Penmanship and i.
FM!=Oat in writing:
Ist. Prise, Gotlep Zehentler.
tad. ... Miss Mary Miller.
3d. Miss Emma
4th. " Robert Murphy.
6th. Miss Olinda Mprtison.
6th. " James Wheeler.
At the close of which a brief but beautiful d s
coarse and paternal advice, was .delivered th
by their much valued and respected teacher R
The tumexed Programme will furnish the .
'ldes of the evening performance.
prayer by the Rev. J. J. Buchanan.
Singing by the pupils—Mr. Pies, Teacher.
1. tion, opening address. .1 , ~ -
Heading—Dryden and Pope, Miss Mary
I den and Pope. Ist.
3. concert—Reeding
of Ilome. Miss
4. C o mposition—please
Olinda Momson.
G. Declamation. Robert
G. Composition—Life of
ry Miller.
7. Reading—Ode to an In ,
meth M'Cormick.
9. Dialogue--Ilow to tel
Day, John Wheeler:
Singing by the pupil.
10. Declamation—Cata
el ELamnett.
Mou... .li,, Me
sat Son. Vie. Eli
had News. Walter
a Iddress. Semu
IL Reading—J epths's
ughter Margaret.—
• lections from Scrip
12. Concert. Reading—S i
tare. second class.
ly and Lady Urace
14. Dialogue—Lady To !
Mho M. Murpby and E. M
14. Concert beclamatio ,
Ist. class.
ingbag by the
. Esther Feilbach.
Ps Banner Miss
15. Composition—Music.
. 16. Declamation—Pans
Eliza 111Tormick.
s Mary E. Ilamnett.
A's Ball. Miss Olin
. .
17. Soldier's rrest. 11i,
18. Dialogue—Lady Ink
da Morrison, Miss M. Tiara
Singing by the pupils.
20. Composition—Life o
L. Wheeler.
21. Reading—The Lone
sa Brown.
22. Declamation—The
Wm. M'Cormick.
23. Concert. Doclamatio
Cr. let. class.
24. Reading—Selections
Washington. James
wilful. Nliss Molls
rettchmaa and Rats.
—Thc flour of Pray
'from Scripture. 2nd.
Singing by the pupils.
25. Compositiore 7 Submi
Miss Emma Miller.
25. Declamation—South .
:scion to teachers.—
Carolina. Benjamin
°than and Massachu
27. Heading—South Ca
Bette. Walter Day.
23. Concert. Heading—'
on of the Stars.. Ist.
y. R. Murphy
29. Dialogue—lrish Co.
J. O'NeaL
Singing by the pupils.
30. Declamation—The b •
Miss Mary Miller.
81. Parting of Douglass
Wheeler. •
82. Concert reading
2nd. class.
33. Declamation—The
riga of Sir John Moore
land Idarmion. John
e Child'a Inquiry.—
es. A. Day, Thomas
34. Dialogue—Hot Coe
The Final Judgment
35. Concert. Reading
let. class.
36. Closing address,
Chant by the pupils.
Benediction by Rev. J. G. Buchanan.
The scholars throughouk the exhibition acquit
ted themselves in a mastirly manner and drew
from the Rev. J. J. Buchanan, a very flattering
encomium both for the lves and the Rev. R.
'N. Avery.
We must not omit to n tice the singing of the
t sm
pupils under the direction of Mr. Peas who is en
gaged in teaching music ' the school; this part
of the performance was p 'rig and added much
to the interest of theoccas OR. A SPECTATOR.
Willow Grove, April 1i 1851.
iss M. Nlorpby.
Loos. HBBE i mum!
4 ,1 ,f RE YOU A FAT R, laboring for the
trjorat of a familj a md jhutrinti from Cereal
itr. a. n. w iletelZhAluer perilla. `"'" ' ' '''
Am you a Mother. erailmineU from dineme. to which fee
rally mime.. 4.2. Dr. S. D. llowe's Shaker
Sane t will certainly flirt , you.
OMat am dews, ar Geo oaf of our .Beretta tend get •
0. 11
pamphlet. gratis. where you I . that the Shaker Sar
saparila. af prepared by Dr. N. D. Howe,: has been the
mama of perscumently coring more dlmmes. to which the
human Wally are melba y eubject, than any other
preparation of Sammarilla •ker yet brought beam, the
p rep
. if .
This medicine hag establls Its high reputation by R.
numerous and well attested s.
It La put up in 41.1.11 bold and is the only Sarsaparilla
that acts on the Liver. Kkt
I ls, and Blood ar the .amp
thus. which renders It altom er mon valuable to every
oaa partimiarlf to female..
Be pure and enquire for Dr. S. D. WISE'S SULKER
SARSAPARILLA. and take lo other.
Price Si per bottle —6 bottl a for U.
For sale by• •
DR. S.. D. HOWE 0 OD, Promietere.
1 Otilege 'tali, Cincinnati. Ohio.
To whom all orders may he addremed.
AilIM, fur sale Jones, J. Schoonmaker 0 Ca.. M.
...,.shICIZATA 4 '6kTVATi`46 . I mg',.trt,". iN. kr : :
Masud, Sleuenewer P. Crotker, Browslertliee, Jae. Pauli
a Co., Pawling: J. IL. Patterson. and E. G. Morgan. ril
-1 Clalrsellbe Mellen k liana. Oldie. oehloilheT
Patent Combined GriMiing ,and Bolting, or
Pittsburgh, „fa., March 14, 1851.
0 THE PUBLIC—We have new in use,
in our Flaming Mills, 0.0 of ••Jelnee M. Clark's Pa
rtir Combined Grinding and Bolting. or Merchant ilmar-
LIL )01 1r iV`AF'odorthdg "Idali ttrlt= nod
The first is perfectly adapted to li. nee. doing the work
as well LP ordinary burr inneiaml requiring surteh
power, making it in a Merchant Mill. it nearly
Dm run of burr stones, tha., will and ray 11,500 to SUM.
The latter. ms • Bran and Steal ensurer and duster. pro
duct,. an actual matt of abcpt
of the (ilds Iran the Mill. I
Tor manufacturing the rale vain Into non, It does the
erork. sprang', producing • good !smirk of superfine Ylonr.
and having the dusting apfltratua eomhtned. Mrs worthy
the lion of Millers do g a merchant husineee. andld for
Grist Mills it is uneuepnon I.le.
We. e undergnd. ope-wree In the - Pittsburgh City
Flouring M, emtiff Thf
W. It. Nrt.l? "'"
Iraraa Cues.
A. J. Mural.-
_ .
Grinding and Bolting, or Merchant Mill.
AVIN° purchased the entire Patent Right
of the tinned Steal far - James Clark'r Patent
Cried Grinding, or Aberchant Mill," and now being
me pared toren County and Stale Righta, Mentes the Mil
At op for use. I take Ms niethod of informing the public
that I =I able to offer theism:earn invention of the apre.
and one which to sure to tom& with nomese. and ntrich o II
h ag h ltat m e A m ; etle et e 1
la perfectly portable. and only «copies a spree of four feet
there Weber Amer. operstio. and Le capable of
grindlug and belting from live to ten bushels of wheat per
hour, It min be propelled !nth from one bone toner up
to any I.ller dented. all and Pee it in Orrralloy at
Mesas. Wilmarth :Lob e City Flooring MIRA Libor,'
at m; Pinstansa
I, further, bare the ri ht of James N. Sll/7
AL ICI lIN E, wad the M nee kr sal. haring purchased
it of R. linarely. All le Pert Arid will
be wtaww.foi
I kromPGi.
[ mehllMArrlmrkT
DIMS, composed thIMIS of Tod...Meth I.llltestom
Immediate health. Thle Ponder Is Invaluable hoe,.. ure
of th e nummous dimness to tettien Cattle an ant
Ho' 011nder•In ard Strenta,_Hide Bound,Lon of
Appetite. Hone Dthernrecr, Horn.' Dltho the r in cattle,
elm the Using. of the CO4, and Ithethnallem. commonly
salted Stiff
tehlelt proses fatal to so 6.1.7 en
able home; and pmts.; Ames from becoming end no
faandered; 1t aterlft off a? gross humor. and purdles th e
blood; It b also • safe thd reruns core for the limeys% al.
so for lizattg „ td l i cle, „ V i ll&meto to .. be tb lh e s o. orlblof so
Meifrom Bots. Worms. An, and &oat mrton, the stomach
and bowels to healthy action
Ear ode, wholesale or I. by
mcb2l corner Slmh and Wend ste.
rE SUBSCRIBER has been appointed
These we the best Reams which have ev e r Inoilered o to .
the cubit.. nu =maw-tither t he ; Shall ho
a lm alt v r of rn'al ed''''''''',..l ii.,%,44".,.` .a brueet r re ° Oesn th et
see steel with . cove. arouva Made. and trutnthrrt.ihetrethue
liaxprocess they uwienxliiii tc..P...,t,ur .10, o.a.
• - . heed.... liW . . 4. TjAr e .o4,Z.d in n se .da, the
donee .4 " ui•
superior so le axe, that they are esth war.
mutat mad if ft t in any respect, the mount .
W guarantee ' V. r " re't steculsati ow—
Fob eels, , by the li'. W. WILSON,
thchtll larket and Fourth We
reed. for sale by
PlO MT..- no for mile by
mebl9 _s[ LT, MATTITEWS t CO.
PSSED SPIKES-160 kege (improved
or sale by mcbliq iIIIEY.MATTHEWS4 CO.
ko • 5 Lbbt Fregblloll Bart,
5 b
lb x.s do.
bbl. Idwired do
bLI Pearl At.h
50 bm. Extraer -
HO dos Cora Br
WA. rfrk...l
UK) b t u. Dried A
M 01.9
Ere, for Mir by
1 24 ' J. B. CANFIELD
, S'mut Mill (complete) for
9 We by . _ In 11. DALZEL
FIV HOUSE-KKEI'ERS-ers for Paper
4 L °"' ' 11't! l per t="Mr; iItZiAL...
a s a
tract from a letter, d
.., reosnatuvitin. Feb. 11. 1.51. ..,
; Mr. R. E. Sdlerv—T r Medicines are unlike all Ober
Patent Medicine. as .7 are twoomlna more and morn
Popular. Th. Salt • . yill. rent rue tire weeks ago, are
1120/1 7 lo use
Every u w ho make use of rod. Liver Pill.. Veruilfr4
mni Owlet Syrup, IL in strona wt. of tbrir
almlitle. lour. .. J. DROOP.'
IWfth and of the""beermnsterial&6l7lL Enretr.4,";:0.571Z..1..
Brent. and may be bad 4 Droorism renewal!). Ifeblni
I,J St. Louis Relmery in etnre said for We by
100.4 MILLER a inworrsos.
' ii aUtiAlt AND T
k-' .(9144.- Phao
laimr, (oak rooloomaa:(
440 bblx. d
la rtain •ml tta rale
• mrhlo
case for sale by
KIDD • 00_ IN Wood 4.
, a of the best brands. for de how by
OA Liver Oil; *yr
Clurke genuine
br J, gum t 0.,
co Wail rt.
tl /MED PI
for sale by
L BOXES—Asikortod sizeP,
ported, for sale by.
ROLL BUTTER—A few Lisle,. on hand and
ITI Snood. ..Id ISI Vint n..
DRIED PEACHES-550 bu. - KT - • stale by
yechb Y.N, Liberty n.
asks (pure) for sale by
_~ ~ • ~~~
D ap iai. AP )
Il.,a¢!.t.e.ct, April i.
Vehster last night, wan
took place at Sander's ilo
large, and comprised the
I the Legislature, Heads of
.y citizens.
h v e tu r o tt u p ,, p a e ff r
i o r. M
eum tel. The company w.
tioremor, Members o.
Departments. and mai
ply to a toast, expressed
Union was safe, and that
lig for tuy-was to sustain
bequeathing them to our
a - 4 we received it from
nd indivisible.
Mr. Webster, in
the opinion that the
the only duty remain,
the compromise acta..l
children: and the Urn
our forefathers --one
by the Governor rind 111e11,-
. and every thing pissed
Speeches were mad
bora of the LegiNiatu
off agreeably.
Thin morning Mr.
the Governor, and S
er, and others, visite
' Webster, accompaniee by
nators Cameron and Coop
, the Pennsylvania Railroad
Nr.w YORK, April 2.
nt noon, to-day, with 120
,000 in specie.
The ArctiC sailcdl
rassengeri. and $lO
Baltimore, April 2.
f cats from Baltimore to
oruing broke through a
m Baltimore: six ears were
0 cars and the locomotive
• at,.
The burden train I
. I
Philadelphia, lid
bridge seven miles fry
badly broken, and t. l
fell through into the
The passenger and mail train to Philadelphia
was obliged to return, and the mails and passen
gers were taken in a steamboat at noon.
r BALTIINOILF., April 2.
General Scott and General Jones arrived here
to-dsy en route for the went.
Flour—We notice an increased inquiry. for
shipment, with sales 3000 bbls standard and
good brands at $4,31}, the market closing firm.
Grain—Wheat is in limited request, with sales
11000 bushels white at 100®102. Rye is in gond
demand at GGe. 70 bu. Sales - 5000 bus yello'ir
corn, mostly Southern at 60c..
Groceries—The only transaction in coffee. was
sales of C 35 bags fair Rio at auction, at lle:10
eta on time. Sup, are in better demand, with
sales of GOO to 700 bhds at 5A fur Cuba, and . 5j
to ct for Orleans, on time. Molasses is unchan
Provisions—)less pork is held at $14,60. and
prime'at $11,50 7r..? bbl. Sales city mess beef at
$12,50. Bacon is sell's:, at 8(i? ; 13.1. for sides, Sc
for shoulders, and for hams. Lard is
in bettet demand.
Flour—The wet weather checks outdoor opera
tions to day Western is held lower than yes
terday morning, with an active home and east
ern demand. Sales of common to straight State
at $4,44@5A,50: and of extra Ohio at t53.25@
$5.50 per hbl. . .
. .
Grain—Wheat is held firm. with tome inquiry
for prime, for milling: Corn it firm. with a fair
inquiry for home and trade demand.
PROVISIONS—Pork is in fair inquiry, but trans
actions were checked by the advanced pretensions
of holders. Pickled meats are dull at 61,i
for shoulders, nod S(81 for hams. Lard it qui
et but firm
rm., Inf. ti
the attention n O te Bxn
the IW. e new
att A leeetttlful et, Ire or Light and Utah Ohlowea. tow re
~led Ohi, Reveal.. open
„thle morale, an addttional
!t?l ' s P e l !eiTs St in S ti ' ...o l l l V,Qns iff , torti " e i t n tlatn7 e L k"' —''''...."
IBA, ItiE:,;E
ita .1 , 1 1 . :
dory ~ , ,,...1 .., i §. h,tyanti n. b. D w ark ; .
Laurie. fer eliddren. rie d and ielltog le, tie
uo.nia • Idl'lll'llT a BERCIITIELD
14 . ROOMS — LW doz. fancy and good conk
xis on Cern Etrteime. foe eel.. by
naeliii L S. WATERMAN es iitiNS
SEEDS--Iltl bbl. strictly prime Clover Seed:
0 ba""
1. ; WATE - 1111A T N i % ' 1! : 3 0''"i s
Cotton—Has declined is -,.., 1,, 1 ijVitfEß--21.1 bbl- Itoll Butter;
Floor—The market closed firm at this morn- 1 3 - and 5 lie, PartBl lentler. tor
ing's quotations. I. a W ATEBMAN a eteNS.
Grain—Corn has wirer...A lc 1 , Au. with sales Is . '''''' at •SI Water. ..1 62 Fre. -t
prinie yellow at 67c 1 , hushel Rye is firmer. at , It ACOIN —4 casks Hams;
74(..g7r , c I , bus. i 1 . 8 - ma,
i - Shoulder": itiW ree'd, 5, eel. L,
Provisions—Pork hos adran,ed I2ie -r e ma.. 0, .. WALLINOILORD OCO
with stiles of mesa at...5..,13.,"; for new, and 13.'25 fp Acus _1,3 p „.. f ur „d„l,,-
for old. New prime is selling at *11.5 1 1, and old D md,, WICK a'
do., at $1 0 ,121n.10.2.". I , 1 1 1. Cut meats tire ' 'st cyTHE itiFj . ,E,L... I:, gr ,,„, 0.„,,,,,,,i) ,
dull, at Sic for hams, and til for sh/1131.1( . 1'F lirt. 1 . In .tier „ and fur sate hy Ttl ta5DB a SOS.
con is scarce, with sales of western sides. at Ti .Bbli Nt. el W peter .t.
- .
as. 'pt A. Lard is quiet. at "in. O.; 1 , lb. - I D
Hemp—The trammetions in private sales are :.. LI. WO healls
o f 1
~,,,,,, 1 , L. bil. 5he11...1 Oerw, for e.,,. ,
inettrisiderable. Sales at auction yesterday, T WratB • sus. tit watet ri.
40 0 bales American dressed: at $142 C,0q1:170 I
fil ton. Stocks on hand ate 2800 tulles American 1 4 carLII W. P MA1L811.51.1.
dew rotted, 600 bales Manilla, and 100,1 tons Rus
sian. .. 1 iiv IN Bo h l t l , ' BLINDS—ForHate
woe,l by
11241 A LI.
Tobacco—The market is quiet, with sales of '
14ACON-5 casks reed and for Ask by
100 hhds Kentucky. Mr shipment, at 536,...we -el,
twill I 4 8 IWLW.IItIII L .01._
lb, closing firm. The stocks in Inspect;on Were 1 -R-F
house, this morning, were 4,014 hhdo Baitricky; 1 4 -I LOUR-100 bbla. reed and for sale by
699 bade Virginia and Sonthern. 4 hhda Ohio, 5 u'hil J. le. an d t CO.
and 59 do Maryland—in all 8,676 hhcia. ill OLL BUTTEIL--10 I.ld, for sale by
Coffee—Prices have declined, with sales of it n"b" A r DILWORTH l tit .
Rio at 10n..101: of Lagnayra at 101. and of St. j C't ILESTNUTS- - W Id d. for sale by
Domingo at :if "pl lb. . mall° oAlfl2 El. P 0111110 Val.
Whiskey—la quiet. at 2.2( 7 2,3c "it gal. D Ol.l. BCTTER-1 0 bid. prime just reed
Le end ter sale by SAMUEL P. suritivrti„
,II ICKORY NUTS-01 bbl. for mole by
w ,.,,,,,, SAMItEL p 8111t1VEIt
v WARE, Tee ware. Itrltanola Tea...n.6.81 tette ear
Plated Fork, Spoof. and Ito.r hole.: Table Cutlery.
ttneet ~tairtieeonly.) temp of till deerelptiow, tor
( bom ,be Btomr, Bute. Halls. and Itteelllngeq ti.t Chase
defier.. "its itraelitte. Lisa Nature.: M0W..., feeet, of all
Ittodir. (old Pew; Wader.' and Uta.u. Cotter? Dteinonda,
L.e- Le
Jae-While my gore Is .m.i.ntolog palm lo from- ~....-
tomer, wlll nod me la the rear of tbe store. tenvanc• In
trout.) ettth • large Ouch of the above gouty and at tini
witally 10. prices.
'''''."'" '''''''''' ahoy
'''"' ,, , n. °°,Vrir_zoN.
ntrliT carver Fourth and Mark, eta •
firm,.and in good demand
- _
Hemp—ls steady. and the stock small. Hold
ems fire firm at *107.50 for American desi rotted
and sl4ofiz;.sl7o per ton for American dressed
Tobacco—The market is quiet.
Litmeed Oil—l, firm at 73e for Englisli
The markets generally are unchanged. The
disagreeable weather has operated against bus
• -
Flour—Sales 300 bbls 11. S. brniatls, nt $1,37
Whiskey—Sales at 2* in bbls.
Flour—There is a good demand, hut prices
have given way slightly. Sales 400 bbla at $3,40
Provisions are without change.
Whiskey—Sales 1600 blob, at 17®171, the lat
ter being the prevailing rate. The market closed
with an improved feeling.
Groceries are quiet, and unchanged.
Clover Seed is in good demand at full rates.
=1 tad = et.
Boys' Wear.
aoioci tment of the 4,1• C• gills. adapted to vring
of plaid and plain eurimerit... light mint
' dn.. Twerds. Merino and Jot.. .ivr..t•dgoal%
rariotie kind., all at low.. trim.. rochl7
tA9.—Stralurt t Brarnymin Inane the attention of
parvenu 'venues, Mourning Goode, to their unentnient pf
Honabaslne Bombazine Dallied Alpaca. Moue° d Lne..
Rama, es. S
lIORTS--300 bu. for sale low to doge eon
term:neut. by *Alit EL P. 6111111'En.
B UCK ! :„.TS Es A, 2
i ' o r d L o rp .
400 bbl,. Family Pinar
fA - No. 3 Mack,rl.
• 05 rnin: •
Ne+bsnonek PotaVra
- SWla.
40 Greart Arplea
:AOl ba•IL Ear earn;
too ! , .harta
ha) .• Itatic
50 - LrbJ APpICA far •.I.• bf
Produc. Wale, aral Cortanwn NI qct •uats
weblo N o . 01 W tiatrr
OLL BUTTER-3 lAA. juot recd End
xt, Ws by T WOODS SUN.
mehlo 61 Witt.•r st
raARD 01L- , •-26 bill. No. '2, just recd and
for Itale low In ALLINGFOP.D tCO
k/ large ..ortraeot or 4.4, arul u,r. Shivting. Twilled.
.11 Figured ILA. Ina Cnrriage 04 Cloth. a Oltadid
article, for sale wholemalo a% low ee easn•rn prin•s.
MCII7 J. k 11. PIMA IN 7 awl 9 Word .4
CP yds. 4 and 6 qr. 1./n.n Oil Oath, whole
sale and rata!], No. 7 and 9 Woul at.
mch7 J. er IL Pllit.l.ll'd
SUNDRIES -1 bbl. Chestnuts;
• Hickory Nem
ti froirs Sfrarlu Caudle , I, Axle by
rcteLl3 J. 11. WILLIAMS A CO
ASON'S BLACKING -25 Fro. fereutle
■ br meh IL, J. KIDD a 07, no Waal a
ALCOHOL -15 bbl. fur sale by
whW J. filllb tat W,ml st .
at our .haw for sale—. 3 Fishing Nrl, one of them 137
yardelona, and two Fmaller ones. They vein be sold at •
merit:lee. ea the owner le an sued ladt , d 72 ream, who I.
destitute, and wtehe4 to obtainlnuann to take her to her
fuully in the elate of Indians- J 11. PIIILLIPS,
hn No. 7 and 0 Wood Ft.
CARPET—lteceived thin day, by Lerch Sr
C Cool rat the Cota.t Wareltoom of W. Ile-
C NTOCK, No. 76 Fourth Ft , nanprl.lna In fart the fat
Jowl., varieties: Bruewls, Tareatr pe). Imrial Three Ply.
Tapestry Venttian. Plain enitlan. and superfine Ingra(n
Carpet., of the mod raulern Ft) I.e.
tIO boxes extra 6 . • and is'o,
11l ratty boxer extra 4 round.; 14 sale by
naeh7 .1 P. a CO.
tlkl.. KING, Banker and Elebange Bra
• ker. Fourth it., deals tn %Ve.tern Fund., Sight
*4! on the Eastern ...Me, and make...oil...lions In the
weal at Inn rates. and now pa, ine the highest market
pormlum In par funds for American Alter woe:
QCOTCIi SNUFF-50 0 lbs. (Garrett's) for
ode by mehln .1 It 11111 • tar.
O ATS 4„ .; ducks Cur
11 .' 1 1 (.;:il Y 3IrCA NI,LESS
Ve b
ORN--32 bbls
Enchll . for 100 y
Hosiery, (Moires, Mitts, &c.
& BURCIIFIELD h a y. n os ,
°pro vi soi•orttorot of Mork, Tli'bet sod ,
]ter Ising god Half di, lilte.,Mixt, Losil, and
CiAron do; onbloorliol Cotton LoLso
sups slot Silk MiTro.
Cowls find )
po l o,
at d°A a 'i. t t d
l.lovost nub polo, at North Ewa oorour of o . i i t chio so d
j ot.o.
Bit 00 - 16-100 tiOr.. Corn, iiiJfiUM;
Mr. 1113 VatiViqr.
Elo WDElt--4000-kegs Hazard's Blasting;
lOWltttle: Wale
mettl9 J. S. DILWORTH d CO.
-13 .005 Id& N. 0. 3101a0md. oak eaoymrsge.
do. do. erto,vo ,
11 .11:40 N. 0. Sugar.
ba,o prtin
keg* d Tarild Cotr.,
do. Plug dn.
W. and 1 11, Lump. 'Alit/101 brands
0.1 do. Irtanda
o 0 dos.. Corn WindoSmw 01... nao, INty and Country
110 Abb Large No. 3 M 1.1.N. " 1-
t 6 , 1 Alf Idgo da.
CAP I.o* Dr, Aypltx In store and ror rate by
17 1.01. prim• Rio Oak,
100 ht eb. Y. 11.. O. Y.. Imp, end 01 . 0 'k T O o.T.
•ulu yuperinr Madder.
No. 111001. h:
bbl, Twomey.' 00;
.10 boar. Tare., extra fp', for ul• by
hn•hlJ J. S. DILWORTH & CO
AVM. filtiOrS, N 0.1343 Ltararr Swan,
very haat. and itukairkir aback of Fashionable Goads,
iolaptial Cl N
ear for Sprint:: eonatnicioa
newest style. In American. linitlinh, and French Cava
vier., very cplendid sicootment of Vmo
eellnan t Cloths
of evert fochitinable shade and color whirl, tonotherwith
n lame la of well manobictured cfork of READY INIADE
makes one of the larim. ,
atocks west of Ito Allegheniew, all of which the Proprietor
deb:mined to otter at such porno as •ill convince all
who fccrir turn with a call, that not only the mail auPerior
Clotho-in in wild at this eidablialoinent. but mho at the low.
cst prices In the city.
All onlera T
the allorina llneeseential. as usual. in . the
heat teeetible moaner. and at the %hon.•ot notice.
pICE -10 tes. (fresh) fur sale hr
a, ni , tith SAMUEL P. PiIRIVER.
1 Alt D-30 bbl. No. 1, in store. for saleby
IA LOVILSEk.:II-8 bbis. for sale by
ii., , rarll44 • WICK .4 NIeCAYOI.E3S.
1.1 . UTTER-6 bbl. prime Roll. for sa!e by
A., melll4 WICK It lIrCANDI.F.I4S.
1 EGARS-150,000 Com. Ohio, for sale by
1,„7 mehl4 J. al IL FLOYD.
TIMOTHY SEED-50 lux. for sale by
mchla J. R IL FLOYD.
FLOUR -100 bbls. superfine, for bale by
metal J k IL FLOYD.
m ARD OIL-10 bhl. No. I. on hand and
ter CO..
A 5 10 , Wantrat
WOOL WANTED—The highest market
7 prier, Is ca ,b. .111 be raid for the diffemnt_gendes
of If poi. et mehl4 P. W. lIARBAUUII.
0 T I C E.—All persona having claims
mßeinst the steamer SCHUYLKILL. will pin.. pm
moat them W the miemlbere the eetticutent Immediately.
. the Mat h. passed Into other hands.
meta! WALLINGFORD & CO, 95 Water el
roil SALE—Ohio and Penntrylvania Rail
road Stork:. Bunko!' Pittsburigth aneErchanyrollarr.
matte 11. U. KING. Fourth AI.
tre awl far sale by JAMES DA
mcbl4 r.B atrr
... .1 U, .
.3' bble . N .
for ttog er
ail! JAMES DALZELL, E. Wet, Pt
. _
I)RIED PEACHES-300 bu. for sale by
mchtl 8 A W 11.11LBAUCIII.
QOLE, LEATHER-250 Sides for gale by
amehi* 8. A W. HARDAUGII
QUI)A ASII-20 casks Kurtz's bnind, for
AJ al• br 000014 F A
11. - 4 1 L.AA SEEL) OIL-2000 gall, for anle by
mrhl. s a W lIARTIAUOII.
I;si DOW ;110
‘, l6 , xes %V iTlow
4 s rtiVtll3l7,lll"
L l'ennorlynnis It•llrnad CampoLnynr.• now twzryinll
Philaalkphia for GO rent. 1.1 luU
nvhla /deCADEN A COVUDF: Ikoz.
g , OIFISII-15 drums in store, for sale by
I-I0 1S
hales first sort Western N. Y.,
1l w srul for we by
14 1 CONOMY CRAB CIDER-1u bbls. in
AA gore and frr by
rrABLE MATTE—In store and fur eale a
I lb. Ca,. IS sr. hour of
corha W. McCLINTOCK, f 4 Fourth st
McCLINTOCK invite's the at
nneum or those wishing 4, furnish. to his stnek o
rteetved (ma the manufacturer.
New Books! New Books!
Plreff. oppoelhe the Poet Lace.
Gr., a /I umobm. Novel: by Geo. Seaworthy.
()rearm and t'ullArsnA or Sight. In the Gold Aroma.
lontlYa ho rutile,, hl Alex. llamas.
o..youslo. in I. Nice. tAt
Laeengru: the Scholar. the Gibney, tha Priest; bY Gm.
The Queen's Necklace: by Alex. Dumas.
..f an Ohl Meld or flints to Twang
Loo lateu.l-
Ins to Marry
OnfrThe aboye can aim be had of P. S. MtNAMARA.
leghen, -
BROOMS—• 0 doz. Corn, for Kilo by
JUP incbl4 J. aO. FLOYD
IiEsTNI T TS - -30 bu for sf, , le • h o y rwyD
lJ mrbli
MOLASSES— ^ _S bbh. S.
o ld.; i0
' - ' 4 " " 4 44 ' 44 " . " 4 1:70' ir Ent AN a &ONE.
ro , hs 80 1 61 Water, and 08 Front n 1
14 1 1511.-4/ 1 bhl. prime large Na. 3 3laekerel
Boston loxpeBtion:
10 " ElBltimore liertinr, 00 001 e 1.,
bu. Apples; -
.475 PP* , fur Fab• by
TANNERS' OlL—'_'S bbl. for rale by -
T UBS A; BUCKETS—CA doz. Buckets,
10 .. Tub, Cr .1.1. , by
IMOLASSES- - -'21.10 bid. N. 0.,:f0r sole by
mrroi 0.0 W.IIAREAUUII
(1 AN IlLEs—no buzeu Mouhl;
Iz - Etar
rarlo; I',
- MAW ' l'Ali',!'i co_
I LOVEKSEED-- - -.50 bu. reed, for sale by
%, mcbd S. a. W HARBAUOII
J EMPSEED-15 1,61. for sale by
meld° J KIDD K CO., ro Ward d.
1 INSEED OIL—IO bbl. reed, for sale by
PE Alt L S-14 casks (first sort,) for sale by
mrhl , WICK a Wd'il NDLESS
1. 4 .1 EATllflltS—ri sacks I prime) for sale by
EGGS -4S bbl. for sale by •
aiaiii I. 11. JOIINYTON.
LAIIR-17 kegs in store and for sale by
mien IV 81. 11. 'WINSTON
IIA BLE OIL CLOTIIB—A very brie 584
anrtment of Tattle I.:over, 'on hand uld I, ask at
So. 7 and V Waal otret-
-6 1.401 Cloyer Soul;
m,1,1 " Tirn'thr . j 7.V.7;iLigki r irtjg
fi ICI ED 14. ACI I E&-- . 15( i b it . ( piime) fur
*alp by [meta ; J. S. DILWORTH h.CII
IrOTASII -- IO milli No. 1, fur oak by
ri,,N —vim b rryebtriL by Ilrg. rmal Arrivlo.,..,
7 . l.7.;';l,V,7:47; . 4,l ol .Lfk!twilvre o n t .i . litiTiUrli K l.
to.rthrr wall at 10r0e lot or eltrap oatlu RIM common Pa
SZ. Wwyl yt.
61A FETY 150,6110 feet Baron, 1310 k,
forl Co's make. warrant...l. for /tale by
( )11 : (I LOT Ht . : 10 i IRRI o yardmllin,r0 9. 11C1‘ , , t1 b n
attvrae. which will I. 41.1 as low Ina Iwo
at whole/ode ea
vsetern mak.. Leal relall lower than arty other bourn in the
• ivy We lovtle the , attention f puowere to Lbe above
Mock. nt our warn roma; No. 7 .o 4 I/ WOOl et •
web: J 9 It. PHILLIPIL.
- 6111112AS' ALE—',uo Whole and 111.
Moo, with rovolvont arrivals from the Brewery,
.." ." V3l at'
9'"d",. t".. IIIVIVITHON a lIRDPERT.
DPAPEOO Sheete (superi
JL7 en+llty) MT We byR--3 J. KIND al.
mot' No. 00 Wood area.
Tbi r , oprodte the Thlnl Prw.hytetian Cltturh,
au second house from Ferry Th Is ta .,,,,,,d ar t..
hi t . Dwelling, embracing fuurtreua.m., mad laahlru
mum. with hot and cold water oupplt. !how, lath, 1,
Sltuattal mares:arn tao truant.. and market and la • tpurt
arul phattant neltalborlawtt—end> the ynnulawu
mar tPl:tr.
For Rent
Ferry street—a I. and I.l3tHdantlal
front, suitable for an Aeadem)• nr manuarne
',l.9.lriTzT 1 - 1 "
n.ruer ()animal alley and Fayette 4.
Flit) LET-An OFFICE on Voter, be-- 742
rereen 51301.4
JAM and F
ELL, 6$ Ne tee
F rr streets. Enqu r ire st or
. EL4
. L
OR RENT—A Dwelling House on ti:7o,
Third etreet, &km, and near to Smithfield. ItLy .
gas tlatures.larde yard. trash bout, ire. Will
renttsi los. and ts,e,eaak.n Kiven
A 4 —For Male or 1.e., some lota In the Ninth Ward,
tnattreen l'enu street and th e AlleAh.R . tr i s_ s r ,irros.
at Bey. parlinaton's,Vourth street. near Wood
Valuable Real Estate for Sale.
TraIIE SUBSCRIBER offers for Sale, on
faTohle terms, the following Aral Entate. I n
ay of Pittmbr blgh,
No. 1. Thrre val u ua e. three Ktory brick dirclling honk,
on :.i.coona istrcct. Markct and Ferry Arocts,
loinl,e , itut each 19 tet front by SO dt , p.
inn Chu h, T on h Vbret r iV;nlet l itt
four oinry bri the mint
ck bou, t5,...1.0 atc, not
two story hrkpc.nrchoupc..
No. 3. Two Int. In 1.1,11.t0n, Beaver rannty beinz tots
N.. unt 4, bring shout 10.1 feet Muzar.on
cd one Mock. of lbw (rano. and ono I.,,parn.
fne .
Li. .
me we o all tw stone. high.
No. 4. lint lot GO feet front on Dark street, onrooltr the
obote, and exteotling to the top of the hill.
Two Ovate each SO feet front...Ll running
horn the toed to lor mark. no the ilia Beaver.
No. f. I lon valuate water lot. 100 feet on Wheel /la,
with ten shone: water power attached.
O. 7. One lot opposite the water lot. SO fret front, nod
egviollog to the top of the hill, on whieh in erected one
two story Inlet doer and warehouse. Ga by 50 fret: a 1....
teare dwelling. two stories high.
No. S. line Jerre lot in New Brighton. Ileneer county. be
ing shout 110 feet on Jinx:Away, nod shout . 200 fret deep,
containing 134 se, no which are erected two barge frame
dwellings, nod one man frame house. 1.41 as an film.
This tin:petty eras formerly neenpirel by Mr. T. C. tiould.
and In very I:tense:oily located. being knoteellanlY .I:Pnato
the Falhum Drklge.
No. V. Ono water lot, immediately below Fannon Bridge.
Icing about 100 feet in 1.01. nod esvoding from Wan,
sivet to low water mark, or twins POW.
The oho m property will he sold on vv . !" L
N .Orable terms.
11T cos
moh:11 (Journal and Pont nepy.]
Drug and Prescription Store for Sale.
1 , ..t4 In flonrl3hlng and Improving pmt 0 f "
4.1t4-h clden, yr 441.1,10 bus4rn.., 14 of
feroll for =Jr wen emir terms. For further particulors.
1nc614 DAMS 1 HMO.
114 Sroond
'FOR SALE—A large Brick Dwelling .egv
ileum. and Lot of Ground. ea }tank Lane. Alio
`l"l.og7J„"*.Y Okl ;7101:1,1,':iT,
Pone.. daft,. Ottaboo , a io the 0100 Tondd focl It convont.
' llso , —TA - o Lot, 25 feet hr 100. on ktel,ca str,t
mfa4 Pr'".
IlAcel l , ' A ' iftWlN. 111 secood st
SALE—Two choice LOTS, pleasa
Pirttated for rriTste rr.idnncres. fronting on nDu
gurate I,:ay,twlveen Pitt *tn.. and Evan's nliry Thee ,
:al"; .1 6+t
tVct r u...l;lr to i"'"'
TL ET--A NA ARE-HOUSE. xituated ....n,
Wca.vr 4 w
„, Letert Mirkrt 4.1 Ferry dm,
. g,9
su A , far dm, Prctium tAlgu.... Fur trruo, it ,ft.....
quire ~ ,f JAMES DALZELL,
met% No. 119 Water ,L.
For Sale
.1_ BLOCH OF BE I Ltd Nt , , on the corner Ipt .11
Ington and Ptnn otr,ete. Rod fruntan,. the l'
uleanta Canal, to the City of Ittuaturtch The lAA (runt.
me hundred and (“rt, tour feet ‘.r. lu-onetre, And one
bun:l,l weld nine het hint. lames nn tudditglun street.
to • ['tent, feet aIWI Itu,nin of
melt. dm Itut Penn et
Land for Sale.
d iNE TRAM` of 3211 Acre, IiTIP Trot 01
114 Anna dale Tranlnf in Arm. nod t o Tr•rt.
. Acrn. rn.l All 11. n above land I. nr 4.. .ml;.
rd. •.f firvt no;; quallt y... 1 well 1m.1..1 to Munn.. ...11.
Indtn i 1 pnrrhannr.. ter: Inv l'nr funk.,
rantrulur. Inquiry o r 1
111. 11 .It,IIN,TON.
112 Forenn.l el
TU LET--.. Blilet: 1)W ELLIN6.2
It 6 ntt r~rt~ of grv...l atUrb,..11.111.14 , al ".
v FOR SALF—Two larve Flour Mill. and a Yaw Mill on
the Ikea er le`nolt, 'loth nornuar, water rowor
a woll tint/f0t0...1 Fortin lu Lawreurreounly Prtn.
Ala.. }arta of 11, aorr, riarr, turt-e mato
Faavor. for laalala , Alan, Cl,, of Ito sett, on tho
.11110 rivor, mile. twFow Rest, for 1102 pet ann. Apo,
aerot 111 Lnr men Al.. fora. of Lek, Inn, and oe.
ann... for 1.f., tar ar Al.. I:s arno for 31 . 0, alai
arr... for $l5 pot aro, toartlwr with man, ottoow of Tall
nu+ Oleo and, Enoulre 4.0
Attoranyto al and Real E.tate /tarn',
111,10 Nn 10: ill, ot. Plll.l drat,
Ii EAL ESTATE }lilt SALE The under.
K1:13 Darrel fnr Yale a large number nf valuable
but mi
dim, I.N. and y....... r•r• ...death. otter Pm wanuf44-
tnrire. in the Borough of lartaluOlarn. 1..rat.1 nraz the
wee Publir ',hot. 1bi,,.. awl hihtlish Lutheran Church
Tb, rayed gm - m/1h of Illnutngbata in p.1.u1a..n strl
manufartuttnir •aalth. alai lt..m..lolr pner. at •hich
In will 1...1.1
will triplet thew a safe and hmtltable In.
re.eoleet. Tin. perfeeh Tern. f , l'ar.bk.
fur particalara and tent, entire.' the uwlrrel
rnt, P eard. at
th.• nett, of ilr , orFr V llilmure. •, on Grant .t t,
between Third and Fourth Akrnets, or of Witham,
s,inmer and N Pattern. EMI, at their atter.. In Ulm.
iitilus. 1&25 ShiltEll V ItaTtiN.
FOR SALE—The subscriber offers for tr
• i
ask • large and wrll befit linnet iiOUP.V.
sr man ann. of gl annd.attuato. on 11. Fourth strnet....
Maid. Irlx4in Oa.. gar. of 1[14..1 1 . Poaarnnnn ervo nn
th• 1. of Rpril neat
A..,,, A1 7 ..n . v b rr: J g n n n t .t v nn . nt th aln ,, lng n nT . e i, r u i r z . r i
war lin. a 1.,.
- - ..... •
Al., • lot of genand 4, fewt 11 inches by 11.1 , (mt. rIPJo
Wirth.* ra..44.ha uf Mr. A. Tore, near tJw eitt, Wrpnile
the a. nth A , "nn ,
It I* !DIV n un that the Plant n.o.tii 1.•
ywar pr.l-rty
"OR RENT OR SALE—The subserilwr rziki
...nor pr. hi, ~ 1 1.
• i•nni, In Allegheny tit, Ntu.W nn Ohio Lane and
Alleulieny ••••••nue, flu Ciitainon, him:. is •
lit+cro ..inubl• brick building. in nitniiblii unlcr. Then. lo •
rrin.c. Amp, otabir. 9,81.1 unix, nat., nu I.b• KTUrni,
which rirunktinn I. orrna. .ell Improved. containing every
derinipti..o of (mkt al.. • , n*l.bow ., even wbesumer &limb JOIIN
.-1 o‘ll,l for ra.h. or tat perpetual Ira., one lot on
are., 24 rn.nt lOU feet ttpring
wicung tqr Ninth W.,d /2=int. Ilona, Ale., tale «mar,
6,ltmlel -by Liberty, C 25190. and AllMb<ll7 street. , and
lipting Alk,, feet on Llta , rty. br 112 , to 71 , 11ng
Alley Al.. lAal fret frontlw on fertmonotreel. Immo
diatelr opposite lb. Central Ft.alroad 1,. 1, and containing
45 *ere, batt22,d,tf JAME4I O'HARA.
Rare Chance for Capitalists and Mandan-
lIE undersignell being agent for the ow-n
-en. ffer. for We • nurniwr of Wein in the town
r orlarrillon. :nark esmoty. Ohm, with out lot.. sod small ;
reT i c 4 ritL i n d oe t' tt ' ttlo n' , ' ,lll — ...Tthr7,Zl. sal Yrnet
iylvanta hallnad. now nearlT
l.nnit thtsinidi
It, this real retitle afford.. perhaps. the ne e opportunity
lately offered, to µpreen. veto.. may wish In engage In num.
iiral.tunng altuo.t de.criptioli. The pal and
ebeapoein ..f all the meant of living, We nor ply of [(Ai for
fuel for incam power, the great nuantity of •00l brought
to this market, as wells. the Imilitks for tratteporutlon of
6,ltilliarlUfrai articles, all combine to MK. Oho out of the
ed In the vi l estern country ,
arveral improved form, in the 'hinny of lb., Canal and
alsooffered—• train of :57 3 acres of earellent
tirolwred laud, king between the Canal and Railroad. and
argott half • mile fnion W. latter. • lot of stout seven
adjoining the Itallrowd Ile
s. •hfrh
O. trot Noses. and on two aides. etreots of thrown. Ito
lel keepers and merehanta will du well to bolt at this tam
fare U.") , fourths., elsewhere,
The tawillton of Mannino. In I n heart of an agrleoltoral
region. sod •orpsrueet Vor any In the eotiorn k well
known that it k unneneintary &Snore than rater
call to indure all who wish to talk. int,[131,..... to
call and rano:ono this propene Title indiepittable and
long 01 , 1 th given If dotin.d lion. And,
IV. Loinnla and
JoAbus Hanna. Eg.. of Pliteborgh, will kite Information
ooneertinni g, and any enquiries will be answen.d by ay
pllcation to Thome, McCullough. Rent Jarvb. or the under.
lift JAKV
V "' fehl.kowd.'
Of Forty Town Lots in East Liverpool, 0.
HE recent unprecedented naln of Lots in
i• thrirtna Town having nearly exhausted
previnunly ont. and the demand Plan condi:mink.
pmtbs"pt;t'y'Vowhrioh=fil.rbt...—...„r la out r
fors el
pnoesand terms Mal
(all as
Ow vireo of
thneentthlng tn purchase. It nordlees to r ai n uythitut
of the loricti. of the Town and panne.. It n teen
Jewell...l meent advertlitermuts) other than
that tore. toe Moe roteutlt Onward bomb.
and becn purchased by those rotting to procure • dream
ht. Loma
The above iota tweeta the most ellkilde and derfrable
in the place, and too
located in the rent, of
thane recently mid.
For Information apply to he proprietor in Liverpool. or
to lamer Blakely, Len , Fourth nowt. Mttaburch.
Mad Liveritool, red 2m1.1•51 febiellhettia.
Executors' Sale of Real Estate,
ILL DE SOLD, in pursuance of the
lab Will and Todantent of lartin Lowry, Into of
the City of pltuborgh. derM, on alontlay, the 7th day of
Atoll, 11:d. at 10 u'eloA, A. M., at the Conn Hon, in the
City of Pittaburgb. b, nubile auction.a valuable Lot of
Irottod, situate on Quarry 11111. near the New Ilaalthin the
niath Ward. rontaltdog nearly ONE ACRE. being part of
n.', plea, of ground which wan held undivided I,y the
.aid Martin Lowry. and others. and which. by virtue of
pnxeedingt In Partition, in the DLltrtet Court of
th e County of Alleghoto, No January Toren. 11119 er.
analgned In neveralty to the heirs of the maid Martha Low.
ry. dec'd. by metes and bound, ,tc.. by reference to the
Inquisition and plan thereunto ...tea, and other pro.
eoullnera In the cam had, will now fully and at large ap.
It ia troneeet.ary to enurnento the advantage. of
the above property, ...mounding. al , It doe, a beautillil
prrwyert of the city and the two river, being ea.) . of 0'
nese for a private reahlen, and abounding In eannilent
atone tit for building purporem—aa they are well known.
Vor a plan of the property and further Information, apply
Meeery Mitef and Palmer, Attorney , and tlouneelfor•
atFourh etreet. or to either of the underehmed. no.
eeutore of the sot Will and TeNtament of Martin Lowry,
N IL—The adjoining Lot. containing .10,11
d tho FAMO
quantity of land. Is at.,, for nth.. naelVAiew
A Blast Furnace for Sale.
lIE UNDERSIGNEI) offers for Sale his
HLAST VIIItNACE, situated In f.,&tscounty, (I.orpta,
as. as the l'Allaluona Furnace. with all the onl
bulldinga IAW and A IIOT MILL, and every thing
noun to carry on the rluteltlnst of Ore. It has 1,410,
Acts. of laud attached. with as touch more usltnlniug at
vrould he neretwary. •hieh ran he had from :dr. in-82 per
ern, It luso the inept faromble ktealSon in the South, for
making IMO. hashug the ore within one-half to one Itajn
in rr innge quantities, OW, to mine, and yielding
tom 60 to Talass rent., It Is one mile and a half frtan the
ittowah 11111, when. • rrady sal. ran he found for
all it, products of Pig Metal, and Is twn milea from the
IVeetern and Allantle liallroad, which Is one of the lines
of mists the Tennessee hirer with the Sea
font. whlrli it., in lines of ralhosado running nut from
it, finished and under contract passing thnouth all the tin.
portant Town, and Cities; in Georgia, where* red)
found for Pigt. NlStal, Machinery, Hollow Iron, as It Is
nnw In full b last worked by wales ts,wer. with a fallsl ls
fn t. on a never falling stream, and in the moat health,
part of the South.
Lotten , may ha addreseed to me at Etowah, Can no.
or I can be seen at any time on the premier's.
AIIATO.A rotates, Starch I. ISSI.
nichtalaltlMw•lttu •
LEAD PIPE--CorneWs improved patent
i.... 4 l'irs , for lignatt..,
A il ' gnettanu
'i,'"l‘na ' .CAS.a/lAitt I'ORDOV.
, me.bl7l/ 134 Fro.otreet.
_. .. __
DRIED PEACIIES—I IN sks. Cot . sale by
~.,,an trlcurawcA:‘ritkes.
D RIED IiPP L ES- - 10 bu. sup. P. Apples;
.. .
volt ST. LOUIS--The splendid ,
l e fast 110Irf ROGERS, !hatcher.
enrotuatnlor. will Iva. for a 1... azd inter.
mediate I..rt,' 0nTh0r....34 In,. al 4 v x
r .
Vor (night or pa..., annlY .wfd•
Tlle nue neatuor
umnern will loavo iutertnediato
port. on OA- Jay. 2.1 in, at 1.)
Por front. or on hoard.
1 In coat—Tle• •rdetull4 t 4. pa—onnor,
•trlttoor>T kTEnIIAN.
nun., will lonve for the nut intortn..ate l.,rtn "II
Frill.. the 44 Awnl. at lo A
Fur froightnr nn ire., or lo
eplt: h It. NI I 1.1 . 1, • hit. A t
-1.117:111.1.11 h eI'\FIMII. I f s
TTAhl.tentur PI ',la No A s. Puny. n,t.
will leave l'lttrl.ll,ts for A1.),.,.aud r non,.
over) Mon.ln, .4 Thu r.l, . at v Ain
hwy., nuntl, for Cat...a, WI.. --I ..t Pitt:4..o, ‘•
err Toe.. and Fr 1.1.. at In ••-1.--Ic. lc
..aaphir,,o loan &pent u.n thn 1.4 running re4ularly
durltf: tle wer
Par freight 1.1x4r. an Unnl.
sag 185 t. ao•
HE new and fat running qtr. C.ISIIIEIt,
J. S. MOIR., Ma-h-r-- Regular W011..11e.
Ithnollug. 11.1genort. ant Sunfl‘h Parket—lr.n rittaburuh every Wednonlar
3 o'elnrk, I'. M., for Wheeling and Priag• nort. a. eve,
Saturday.. 3 P.M.. fur Cann. and nuntlxh 14nurnlog.
leara.Ahrunflrh orvTy Monday at lo u'el4ck. A
hrhlgriort .4 Win. .ling every Munday anal Thon4,, et
For height and oar.. aPPISf... 4,
nay. JOIIN FLACK. Ago.
I it, SUNFISH PACK LTThe faxt running
mean., WELLSVILLE, Clu.t. 11. r.ung..lll
fun sa
Ruhr la.ta,n Pitudkorgh.'l ,
tErldi.TPort and SonfialL leaving Put.tatruh tooday
afternam for Wellarllle. SteulaUTlli, and Itralpi..lL and
'Thrt'artatu itmhenaille,ltiZepo C unt u shu'. ryurning. lea
rra ftrblg
part and ,err
Twuday afterunon. and Suufkh
orrry Friday allernmn. Fur [might 0rJ....nun...UP1, oo
Num', or to [11.1a . 2.11 W. EL WitELLEn. Arent
arokart. atratner DIURNAL, anyu.r.
I. n inrher rugulur
Ulla all, and Whevling. Icarins Pittsburgh at 10
..v.y Standar, Wodtu,lny and Fri.., and n•turning.
Im .r 7, IVherling. eTrry Tuu.daY• ThaTult ,, " and S.t.rd.Y ,
In .itch week. For freight or an ur
nail AIt3II , TRONII k LKOZEIL Agents.
PACET, CI NCTNN ATI Ca.Phun Joh . , 4 11 7 4,7,
rmingham. Thlo spl..tadid bUal was built by'
the oworn. of the ctras,..r !mar N. , rton. and oth..ra. for
I the Cindunati and Plttabursh Pork.A trade, awl .111 Imv..
..Wary IV.-d0...14) fur Cintinnati. ular. a .1., N. Eng
AND WELLSrILLE—Thr nno• onnmrr
d:ILLY.. Wm. Stir,Men. mdder. rill run
dr;dtilar parka( bataron thi'
city and W0.11,111a.
31 cmda.d. Wedneadd, and Enda,. A
For (nicht or 3` nn /.vl.
I • "
INtl PORT — The fir, orrroarr PACIFIC.Y .
oxent. mutt, =IIIK-woe for Ow abort. me
Wrmr.liate porta every, at 4 o'clock, P )1
For trol.tht or pasoago ON
{Tato, and r. 3 Front .1a
Forty-6is h,ur, to Philadelphia
F.,rty-four hours t.l Baltimore
wile, Canal
Two Daily Lines Express Packet Boats.
tkN the Canal NA, Two
.orVari;..l,th.• Porta, t.•
Th... Inklag lb.
T. , . 11at.1,1 and i',ll . l,l. o . rni , rt akin n.
Time threllol reerr 111 !kit,
Faro to I'Valadelphl.s. 11.. ,r v. Esltlm.,
Ti.. Car. ..a lit. mut. am near. atul th.• uaal
nAnatrortax. 1.4.....mf0rt and aalet,
trusrue,.. at n-hi
sta1.••••• . , otanlng I
Passengers for Baltimore,
On ion ml a C.a.* , Ilern.htsr.. tap. 0...
.rlan.l Itattro.l. t0...h..
!oar m,l.n ; Tint, now
So charge for handling Itrutgago nn this route.
Ti,.; I iter.s....l Oh. nho
4:0, sad 4,1rah1.; t......0t h. the rot..
hot tah.tho. Informs..l rpl,
I lot.—
Or h. It. LEEll.i h (11
wl Iv
h. lAK.loshit, .0...11 w.ll tittrh•ta It. Imo
httttotrt.b. F. lo.tor IP. :I
Manufacturer's Line.
I S 51. .'.7.! CT TrIE kPrt. ATI., .1 T.
129 0,1 op. LINE. ...,,n,yed entfrei, e.: .;..-mm Boat , . , Waryan,sl h. om sdnaliceuen, 0, the money re/vend.
',..";', :17,,, n 'rrgi,=„472n'i::„=',. ° ,f,7, r ril'llllS FLUID in composed of pure Silver;
,-,;:du ' yo s en, in a.. yhort tan, aml at as 1, a rah., a, an, 5 W has Veen toed by Blue.. keepe.r. In Nese York Cor the
~,,,, y, gn ir t. 0 .. . lad P. , : ear., and to lamontna a necessary vtiele lu lilt.
royeial arrauayment. ha , . alye he. a hod.. is.r oar, Inc Adno•rt , 0' , ...1111 , An l ero.. rat, int a Bar adnute, n-
IVac Erelaht le. Itlstesclll... .1,.1,r.-t....n. 11.11hiarsburc. ! Oore U. •.nonal loauty otd pintytt Goad, curb . Upton,
II ater etre. , Aly,audru, P, ty r•horalt. iiiilitlte,..ll. MI! . M11ti1. , ,`.. 1 ... Cal. Basket.. Ear rinse mud Ilarne,. Purni
cmg, 'l,O ~,,,,,,,, 5h.,,., „„ „ i.,,.„ Nino, „de. SIGIBI, Edtprfone, dc., ur plate Pith pure Weer on
~...,,,,..„ o g , . F .„, . ,‘,„„,.,,„„ . c5,4,,,,, ~ o.i ell hr., i orper. ur Orrnmu Pliver The warrantee In sstf
er In4rmedory twoids on Ile Poo, Paula Canal and Pert. heout I', tt• Introduction Into every Lundy.
AIM Rail rayl Iho tin. rots , ' :51• -t 1e ,. , ...rum! Hum 1,,.. 2O „no per holt!, A liberal dhaount loJesteltre
the Ju .n nfata.. i, proto
n. plae.. nod o..ularat.. •lopmeu t h, 1,. and raner tholc dealer..
.1.., .1 MITI 1ik.1.1. :or , t'll' 1,i,r,4.r ' 7,111,1,114 .. ... ET 1(0 Fulton Garet. New York.
_ inel.l,l .end . L eer a..., of the .: anul Shawl and Mantilla Warehouse.
- - -
4. (To Sl:ors, NEW YORK. I. roue omuzina . one
. ot
_ 1 . ,, ,, ,..„ ' ~ l i . ,, lz l ra;.t
,n,,r,...,,..„ ~,.—.—.. 14 St . / O , N°
L N/6 . 0 .
1 * 2. OA 1851. _.._-,--... v.,;,,.,,..;..,,,...:,ir..1iZi.j.:17.7A5.131^;ur' . *-•
the elated,
Part. MoLleuo. rem ived by cue stea..4C ' e ' ra.
ON/. I": 111 HOURS r ,, I'llll. AI , ELPII I - 1 . "" :;, ' ... - . r'i r. '- :;; ' ,7;1::;.0 ". .i. ' . ,' rifliZlll-.. AND UM.
GOOD INTENT AND TELEGRAPH RlEL . l.AS•yonoistula .5f fringed and Platt , edged rut. m
ate, il, and lurk Satin Tara.oly nod Cotton and Ging.
Mail Lines of Splendid New Troy Built , 1 ,.: ,,, ,'„5„...,!...'",`„`..;
. All ..: Tui,,! , :ill t ,,, ... , ff= g ., ; ,,,,,,.,„.,,,,
. ~,,7,... „, .„,), I.= , n a,'"a.:,;.".`" ' "''
Coaches for Hollidaysburg,
.i..... tas rHOW STANDS.. far exhibiting Shaarly and
And from th ence 2.13 .1/./0 , by M. Stanfill.. put up in r 3.1.4 fur transportation. fehILII
al4T,s:.—i-1-7----1'4,:--"`—'l-,7:71 C. B. lIATCII & CO.,
To Philadelphia, New York, :Lll , l Baltimore. 41 AVE now' in store, and are constantly re
Tat TOMO , . 4 , ..11 :1, a.<
V.:". I I , etving by otearners. the need. extensive a.orteuent of
Coaches aid leave Ever, Burnam at `, ,cOal, I o'clocl.. Gentlemen'. FURNISHING GO. H., ever h e ro, 0 dy r ,...1,
I' it . and h c'elcsay P. Cl , endaraymo the fan--.t and rad... 4 otrles of Brava...Pl:lPM.
I:saras to Lave at an, 1.01.5...1va, •to readopeo TGIN ...ode, Ilradery. Suspender, Under 0,010.000, London
is We ca., direct. cotun , rtable. and expeditlous,rou. t,o Ti .,.f.1nnk,,0d...1 Sir., D,Asitig 1,01•111. liillAlkcrthier,
. __ ..... . •. • . , I run., scith a variety e. Aber e
,.. ...
iii.. - icet;inl'it , :e 7 ' Pa.rger , fur Prs:lTirrr - d-e .A.ll , new , 6; - r - lirt6t;L Linen C 011.,. with a variety of other are
Railroad at Harrlabor,: direet . th. arri , ad ~.: the Car: ..t tieLtarcultar .
v .. thdr
, I . l:ae of m tfin o e L zr.._)l , ll of wh t leh . will
that ri., NCI. „ ,, at th err low t Eden'- rIT .stern In .ti I tre
N. It -Th.. enir on. fr r .he a lore Lines under Sr. inelt..4 to eraraine oar Mork faVeLlm.
Ch"li. ' " " '.l. N... 4” '''''' ' " Wir } ; ' i t . ' ;:il76% : .,r , . Ent_. Superior-Black Writing and Copying Ink.
AIAVING DISI'OSEI , OF li-11.F MY IN- - TONE'S EMPIRE INK, :35 Nassau street,
TEIIEST IN PILVre/f.l.lf'S I. f.N*E. to la , r Nrrinr. 1// Now York.
t,: E IIIN , :11...)1. t. loieuor • at Pltserurc , roll here. N.LTT rm. - ra TO TIRE THADI.
:PUT . tranracnel under the et. k of -tr.., lino:ham a (.10.m... per dor- ...... SI :a•peg. per d o , -SO 50
Pieta.; lOl BINGIIAII. . lid.. •, I in Jos. -'
...... ....-
02% 2 oa. ..
Binghains' Transportation Line, On draught. per ga ll on a. cents.
Th., the l a ., ankh , . numufartured. It Sows d f
_...,......,.. 4 . AL) 7:: 4 1,,i- r i..--- ~,,,k m •
r nt.i COPYINU INK-and will not corns!, mon' .
10 j I . ~,-, orontotate or degay , and pases.... all the nuttily... melon ,
....1 for a goad Wigwag Ink. imitable for the quilL and ad-
DEr I: r N [nimbly.elapted for ill.. Steel Pen.
PITTSBURGII & TIIE I:ASTEIIN CITIES. 'Ch.. undereigned . pretaired to furrdsh to the tradoll
ther for rxrewt or house onPaAPPUPP..t tb ahoy. rert
FirIIE CANAL being two , ' opeß, wo mi- low rr,0... put no ae tor order, and dellsered in any part
de to rend', and forward promptly, rroduee and lof the c i s, free of charge. No charge tor emcee- Ilarrela
hatnitse. 'rod and went
be, arc charged extra at nett rod-
Freighte ale., at I..eet one:: charga‘i by rerproisible TIIEODORE LENT.
Line.. febtly R 5 Nuatau or.. New York.
Produce and 31erchaudine a ill be teener I KLI forward... . ae . ,_ , ,_.,,
I pant and west. without our ch., for fora•rding -, f r a.l - . murpny 8 oeu-Sealing Advertisingßavel
l''''''' h ilit - fTg7;;!l':i"r.T7f7llrtctivra faithfully•
~ti:VSX,O Y'id;.,,,,,p,'1,• . ,'... ' , IV 0.'263 '.I..A.I)ISeiN ST., NEW YORK.—
l 111. BIN , i lIA I I k CO.. Canal liaain. 1 11 The entogribgr. in rolieiting the patmna.gre of all who
I Corr , Libor , ao , , Valrr .... E , tlaldtrgh I Mar ..... thia adNertieentent, feel, none of that heeitatlon
I LENORA II a DoCh. Ir“ 01arket .1. 1 with which a nee rLltiele IA hron,•ht bolero the pm
tit The
' f VC." has r•taldblaed their FL ,krit be
b"..r/31F .;I '' Wl . .:4 " /N r .t ,' n ", : ."‘"'"'" ' ytri ' ..i ' :iro ' n: . .. - 01,.....thr0.t,ra1y ,t.r. jit,,,,lttno.
No 1 , 2 North 'lnward rtreet. Italtimore or of shear ilt1 " •11.04. .4.1, el. Onto ored these evelopes,
JAME:. lIINtiIIANI. N., in {tear .. . and to his rapidly Inc:rooting sales. se proof of their excel
in, hl New Tors :, ne,.. _ - . —.
18 5 1 r - -
Pittsburgh Transportation Line.
JAMES O'CONNOR , k Co. r‘u.i.ur.,:h
JAIIE!. , .1 , Snail I inrr,
and t booth Fourth atre,, kluriod Ch.,t
nut rtn•tb rhllaAelolas.
CYCONNORN S CO .70 Norm •doeet, Italltrnor.•
HAVING hilly tcd our arrange-
rata: we will he propar”.l upon lb.- of the
1' •)Iranin Caoal , lo ram - 11 , 1oht In and trrm Pitt,
butyl/. Ilalthoorr. Y.•rk ,
nall, f•t nod K
all Ow a, riot
haw .in , tate. anti with ma , .11..paorn mod ,nn. than and oth
er I.lno. All g0r..14 elkir,l hi our Lino are fully meen•l
by Itnruranne, without in , char, to n. r. a prote.rtion
not rally Monlod I.y an, nth,
Allta• mrhtFo
Hall A Co. Cavinnato obb. I.oni,tlle. 1,w.•
o.l.lrne. will no.. anti attruaton
aa - N. itar Line n..rotzto....tlon whaler', ith ; Ow
Phitallololna and l'ito.bury h Tran-portatloo lane of At.
ci# , S-..ww 1 5 1 .
Merchants' Transportation Line,
(sin PENNSILvANI N .11.5 AND R fan.)
C. A. kIoANULTY A . Lout Hams. Joe fan
CHARLES RAYN OR. Central 6ba t. Itnool gin.. C. Phila.
Wo aro prwpaml ro , ive tarn. %Font mor.•l•atot...
and ptoduro Mltb 00 Ito , ot...ntn, of oanni. I.•
dwlphla. and all inks-mean.. 0b.,. dwet raw-. dt..l
lean time than in m, orb?
Sir N It no. 1n0n.a...1 ment., of Thud, ~ndb1...1 tor
. the Canal Omullaxtrin.,.. tor carr,lng our InnO• ott tlo .
Star nl
e Itnilrnatk, n - 111 tn•voil nowninll , , of .1.0.0
Jullnkkorn. Iltaltleygldirg or ....W., tlu. "S.".
C A kIeANUI.7I A 1,
0.41 Ikon
To Shippers of Merchandise, Produce, &c..
TO AND TROY pirl4Artuni. 11,11,-,411.511.11,1 OLP • ToA
ATKIN: 4 , T- 4 7 Market. Antl SI
C e 0wnerve 141 . 11 . 14.1141.4
REM. k 1.1444/ A..4114..4.111 11.111. I.ll,lmtgl.
JAS. TATI,I4 A ♦1,1 I• iA11.10,0
We 44n. prrtnAl. ~,,, 11,.. 1 en 1.44
.I vania
Cnual. le e.mtreet 14.3. A. lee ne
eldwre me,h mei :00
tOollu Mcht•tru ;
Penn Strett.
Penna. Rail Road Co7Central Rail Road,
r: subscribers having been appointed
auentr , fur e iviinflr.ola or Cvntrul
public that vro aro. vow prrpa r d t. O
au Nall
rof the
prioluew fur rhirrio.nt rgot clothe
ur rulnif of the mum.]
...I. Ha !hi' route will be ourrlud throu^b In 15 , r der,
n , l .11reemenoi towill be forwatiltal of commis
luu or char, for adrativer.
• It.rei or rumor newt. run...nrtna
Dry o , esin. itru. Sho, Bank, Ftationury..Catlery, Corten:
, Fruit, Feathers. Furniture, Draw, Menes,
Wool..tu nc. $1,01) fl IVO In.
queetwenre, Groceries, Paint, Dye Oil,
Leather,laneer. Flan. Timothy awl
dr, . We "fi ,;:"
Ilaa.o. Derr, Pork, Rutter, Lard , Lard 011, Totamo 6.1:
edam Tallow. Oren and Rags, t'da 14 100
!So Mar
table (rough) Tar, Piled. Roth, Germ. Clit
la, - MdADZS s coii
rni•TrILEII. N 4.. 41 ,uth $lll, above
C votuut...asA r.l•.lll3ll.le4thta. •
. .
WIL ........... ...ALLYN
lip Fro-o,m ,No I'M Market st.. lOxilmololphO. syll
C. 1e.211107 . .
111,EA1,1), BUCK NOR & CO.. Tobacco
Commit" , in Merehnnto, No. 41 North Water•et.
North Wharvea. Philadelphia. augl
ERCER & ANTELO, General Commis
j‘l t.ion Merehanut, PhilatlAphia. Liberal adystm.,.
in ctontiguta.tatt. of Prtdst, generally. tjarig.detto
11.0.10 11•VID.TIJI. WALTER C.
• Coniniermi and Formatting sterchniaannd Flgiu
No, 276 Mork, .rtroot.,
To Southern and Western Merchsuits.
1 111 The ...b3eriber rosp...tfully nblle attention
o..tort of P ...33aps
erfumery..S p hartng Cream , .
,y 14.00.
ae.. obleh arveu Silver and too Golden Medals have.
robin the loot FIX yt.ar4, I.v n aleanl.l by the Institutes of
New and Philadelphia, the latter being the
only !iota.. dledida ever saanl.l for perfumery either In
Euro, ..r In tido count,.
UN.14 . 4 Suter. Oa., (Almond. Bose.
and ,Imbroxial.l univervally aeknrorledaed ttobasuperlorm
an, tug Cream in Ibis errantry or Europe.
411.01.41.114. IMt Snatlaa—Nantifttlly transparent, and
Moth: .91.rwmaeroue and emnlik-nt
474.14401101.14 Ambrosial Sbavitm Tabr.t.t:
, 1. , 31,
~...r.rmr Tram" Fo.a-vs—Altriond, tloto
hnuo.h.o. )u4t, ,, l i `a n yhouslz a Ahnnibtoi. /loafing.
'lm'r .1 " 'arolin.. den.,
Lind, dltruesellne,Jork .
4 . 1441.. Clews:it, Citronelle. tt0.....ral many
0114.. r Lrt 311.1.1, dinerent 1 3. r1nn....
41.1 11411 . 1410 11 . 404.1, Eau de Toilette, tEranlin
1. low., Water, and variety uf Cologne. mai L...." .
der W
Pro t." 1.01.0, I;eari Oil Anthlue
Oil. Cutorxattat Oa Man.
nto , . Hair livid end In powder. and Philocomr.R
can, awl .I...sar laud Ponta.l. , .
ti 40, I . YI Amp Tooth
IklarOic.., teluo U or, Tooth Pastc.arld Tooth
CoNmetir Cream. Ama diDe for
ehat.ped hand, Cold ertana of Ro,vs. Crrs. de i'enm. LP
Warder.. for mmoiltag.perfluntublit7 . Prarl
\lual,n• d•• Rou,. Arnmatb• ittmis
Hair Solt, b , sides a mat , ari.t3" 01
otlo.o =tick., ton numerou. be named in thl, ndvertia.-
The elrw.eriber Lotwe to maintain the repot tlon which
thie Pstablottm•.nt nenutrol. br dispostnn of nodal.
Irnt hmt rate articl, and will be apps furniah three
.1,, ma,- wish to patronise tither wholesale nr retail,
on r,...ronable terms am amy establi..hment in the United
:tab, zAvirat DAZIN,
Socrcsaor to and Gantt Din+ctor of the LaboratarT of
114 Chemut st.
Mr. P.arin , Nrfumery i, for sale by al the principal
Drn.qilt. In themontr,
UTCIIINSON & Co., Nol3 Spruce Street,
mn00f...7.,,, of tho hod
F—NGLISII INKS. 5,r Steel and Litho
araphl Vrlnttryz. and fn ho, 110,0 and Job Work, which
the , • arrar.t to be nanpc..7...,1 of the purcln roaterialyar.d
poll all ..rdniary
ocgt..:%V u pon
in the, toks...ire such ns to pre a
an, to o,l tn , superior to any other Inks now
Iv 11, Foil at pm., varya, from Si rta to 54,00 per lb..
put up m =no. and Inrawardod to =ler.
II a Co also manut.v.ture col.rrd Ink. of oTery shade and
quality rarying from 11.0) V. 5.00 per IL rodata...
VIOULTON 3 CO., Successors to Jous
Fkunnkk 23 Co.. 63 Ceelaz
York Pine Meets, Me.
Yor mot. Merchant. •1311.1n4 M3or CUT... 360 .
Inlon . nee mock Forrign and D4l3l•ftiC broom and :tag.
ant th 30...
Thrtr.tort to rottrely now. and to Addition recoil,
eve, .teatoer. nay and elepaar confined exelu
,d 1.• 1414 boue.e. rolet•lint;of .wenteartetf or Dtt
idaadt L, Cam(' in the FTVICA. Giarnton, EnplEsh.and Ant-
Con wd,r,efs. and at prine that will defy competitor,
ad t Idt, err and 31erchants generally will do well to
rail and etZPIIIIr gtock,ae our Rm.'. are adapted to et
l 11l of the taountry, and we are P,011 . 0•1 to 11.7•17,330
elfart, ta make it the,d of elan - merchant to farm.
atth their patron., JAMES S. MOULTON,
New I,A. 1.61 medr2lat!ar
N., 79 .1 'late 7G) 31mnEs
Aiwa!, oppoeite the Old Stand.
.01. , Dau.s-11..) Licht,
Wool. Ma-
Buck. Moll. , and Cotton. IbmeAlc and For.
Mud, Bombazine and fancy of all
.1, RlOin
or , and ro,—Paner Silk. and Illuek of every kind.
rt co./ ftwAn.o---01,11 . Linda
. .
ma: and Snun. 11.. w, Englkh Sigdn,
'wks. ludmn. lkatb,s. M 111.4 Indigo
at c.3r
,tlk. l.itvn, Thn-aa, anl all the latwt of
F rvn.h mud Englifh itnt.ortation,
Lalutt . B Wool. 611 k, Linen mod
/ 6.1,/ \ ret Cashm,re. French sad
Li tr. hi. t,r good, men an.l Ivlierre tun.tF of
I,ce of all
e e•tuM it, r.rtleol,r ntirnprilt
0.1 3lnith.o Lao,
Tin: following nre a few of the rearm. for their popu
Ort the place oretipiwi by. the teal, a pergola rag i
hare In. name. buctnect, and addn-w.. cot , PiruOnall and
twaunful l , mulwand, n.lond nr I ipiu, Our affordinr. prr-
P, ...cord)a : 3aiu.t fond.
2.t The Envelop, cannot be Opened aithont haw dr-
Neither wax nor wafer , are required to real them.
tth. Upon tho miwarriage a a letter, the eraingrvt.
munial.• tarn tho wader. iurtead brill, buried
month. In the famd I.orh.r thhm..
sth. The En v•.lopws are furnighed at allarat the 4.200
s.. pinln one..
bth. letter mailed L. a rmwt eßrrtirr adrerdwrnent.
'tare to attra.l the ntlootkwi of all through whwe hand• It
may plfw
(nil/orlon' 1.4 a li.t of priews for Inn. engrnre‘f on
liras., and which will Iv/ for pram no.) of t.rrrtorm. of
the mooed other atm: or bll. a go o d paper. and
made a• above. name. addre... u a
Prw , s :Dan, ,1 Enr<l.4. ,
mad, ar
4... ... 7.50
40 u. ru
10 00 . .......
%%hen d not omi..mont to o ,rd. or e k r
per tnall or earn... a rnmr..ow to a
_lB 'r •t
Mlll 10 enthen.nt All Mem. vr ,. 11 3, ..7 ,, ,,wAt i hd y, mpt
Mmtlann street. Now York.
If )cell
J .n.liman a Co., 134 W
• Nllu.ttm. , Card.. eml.naed In color , , from mime
tri.....i 11o.:+: Mar
- --
Professor A. Q. Barry's Trieopherons,
1 . 1 1; CO3II'OUND, infallible
ynd recnoalmr. nittgernting. end beaunft Insr the hair,
An hut. xt. all alba:noon of the 14,111,4
mwtmna 111.` o,ln, diamme. of the C 1.14,
p ar ch much
ne e thia tm,parallon - them la no much
• I Tt • ne.t ntrnel. on America. Medical men
..1 I.l.Al.`gt ra1t”...m... prominent otianne of .11.p-roles
aml aim Imo.. inwal it for year. ha their drew
• one- - mrtl.that fr
siOn issne• Ana nurseries. admit it with one for
eon,. glows. Insuristire, end curl to the hair,
sad dandruff: healing wounds, enring
sting., an. and rode's - Inn diseases of
' s i g " tTitetol g t ' Xi l.! . .;?:c i n4o h" unt. ' lll; ' erllsed " m p itc e Ne.
en pri”te practice. ln eheamseas as well
egleoency. Itarrys Tricophenms unrirantil. The Im
mense east. sales ..1 the article. hare enabled the inventor
te su+, aat cents tar bottle. Which Is from So to 101 l
per rent less than the price of may other pneparation tor
the hearnee In use. The *dentine treatise the hair
slid the skin embracing the valuable directions for the ma
in, In
ac d prenersetton of nature'S chnleest maim:tent, In
In limb eh Isatle bench...ed. Ls alonerth the money.
The affinity ledareen the unsubranes whit-h ronntitutethe
skin nod the hair, •taeh draw. its 'sustenance Imo, this
tripi. , envelope. Is very rinse. All A...ayes of the balison
innate in the skin of the head. If the gotta of the matt.
so dogged. or if the blmsl and outer 11 ukin an 131. t cscu-
Inte through the email vessels whist, h.. 1 the net
oath moisture. ..I Impart life to the fibre., Olere.,ll( is
ern. dandruff. shedding of the hair, grartnesa. det nen
and harshnem of the ligament, and entire baldness. oath.
case mar be. Stimulate Me skin to healthful actinn wit . '
the Trimpherous, yid the torpid s r anie, recosering their
activity, will annihilate the Warw. . In all elf...lons of the
skin. and of the subetraM of muscles and Integuments. the
proems and the etleet, are We It if, the shin,
the museafar fibre, and the glands, that the _Trirophertnts
has its spedge action. and in all aflectiona and Injury of
them organs. It is 11. amend. rented,
Sol , in large bottles, prim ZS mum. at tbeprinelpal:f.
fitw 137 Itroadway, Nen York, and by the principal
_ / 21 . r tr
.1 .tco ,
an Mad druggists throughout Ms Lulled s and
Bian — k Books.
T. 11 ,— E, ... 1 -7- 5 11' 6 :-.'` . s.;.'ll , :Ac. l ' ..B ..Bof la rib a ; k ... i k ß thiE t „ . . l u l : 3 °ll;: o remil i.. e 4 ;-
„,,,, v.d . nni mmytipl vor 7to .. eall M'' atul rumi. oar Moil ,
'dad, tee 'offend •I.1011:4l
r at. th . = i ll , 2 tarp NO in this dts”
(Pat Lod CoDYJ mach
lASI') C. TUTTLE, Attorney at Law,
Cotambagloorr fur Prznasylrazis, Leta, M.
rommuctimLionP pm.l 4 .Y
101LN IL Ft.kNli. IN. Attorney and Coma-
Hum W. Foraart.l. al2aptco
M"Can11,...6 M,Clurc.. Jas. E. but, 81 , rells
McCon.l Ai Co. auKltly
TiiE undersigned having entirely re- ,
hulit th, nt.,er ..stenri•reestalioh.2
n.nt... , .atainh. in all almut thew hundred and thy
mild ',PIO nal°, that it nnw Rad/
fnr n.r...,tion and arc..mmndathpa of the to etithlt
• .
An truhet. melee of the no eurpaered roriveny e .,.... thy.
eopertluou.. the uenerons Improve
ment. whirh have ben made man. b e property Oren In
an iely..ritiement. Suffice it to tap. no expense has been
mired to reader L amy ararthaeritperfeet.
The furniture was relate ..epnessly to order. In - Antler. rit
and rertain portions of it, eepaclally the Craning
roonee,llllo found to le. of the need Icautlful meant:die
tun, Tile Dinh.. room. arc catneions. and the hour, Pre
meats Gill to et, arratuied se to coil the convenience of the
ely and late.
• Every department sill /volurted In an uneareptionre
ble Manner, and the proprietor pliel,es himself that the
itnerlaera Honse sholl'he,truly the Traveller's Honer.
febs,3aerdteeuhnlf LEWIS RICE.
fie mai rrmedyfin• Ontramytim rtf t) Laws. Alreefin,
the L. Artlnna, Broncheit. /tins
tnc Ilrate cm Lamp, wid cat, affceion; f,14
1 Pulmonary Orga•.s.
-Wdo not wish to trifle with the lives cad
ealth of the otiletod, but we sincerely Oloder ...-
cams to mate no thsortion as to the virtues of this medi
cine, and to hold no hope to tarring hthunity, which
farts will not warrant
The Now of Iceland. and the Fine nod wad Cherry .
iunlty celebratud (Cor the cure of all &mom of the Loup
and Limn , which am re, fearfully Prevalent in all northern
latitudes , . From a eambinatiro of chemical CM:T=t6. Pro
cured from thin Mom , and throe Tri,a, Dr— wntnesataze
6. or wren C.C. Ls chiefly formed.
rite - Wistar i e Ilalsant of Will Cherry is a fine rithath
XrDICIV2. <017410.d entirely of Wild Cherry Marl and the
genuine b,!sitid 31cds. (the lattrr imported ealPrriT for add
puriscuu.) the rare radical virtues of width are 01.10 oar,
binf..l by a new eta - Ideal tree., with the extract of Tar--
thto madering the whole compound the moot certain sad
einid,cious remedyever dlitherriel for the
main of Will Merry—The following cuo of Jeremiah la
migg. of Consumption. (fire of hill brotberi and.sisten feu
ring died of Consumption.) is truly wonderful)
Pumas" Musk Hamilton ces, Sept, Tat
.0 D- Paax—Dear Stu I take the liberty of nastqug you
of the benefit I hare aerie.' from the cow of Dr. Wirt.' a
Balsam of Wild Cherry. I was prostrated by that terrible
scourge. Consumption. M May bast The attack was truly
horrifying to me, fdr fire of our fumlif. Dattbrotlicra and
:stern) had dial of Consumption. I um alliietul with
nearly all the worst features of the disease, I had a distress.
i cough. arid expectorated a gnat deal of blood. bootie
fever, severe pains In the aide and chest, cold anis. Uteri
siting with Buhrs of heat.
I was under the care of a skilful phyrician, from the
time I woe taken sick until about six weeks since, being
than about helpina, and my friends esinsidered my case
hopeleu. or at leas boson.' our PhYaiciasee stilted
the nu of Wistaes . l3aLetios of Wild Chum'. Without my
kriewledge,my father prucured it, and conucenred
ilering it to me. and frtun the first day I commanued tak
ing it my health Imprmed, and in two weeks from the
time I enrnmennal using It, I was able to bo out and over
pee my bnAilif,ll. end Mho, wi.leh I mill continue to do. I
bare taken four bottles of the medicine, and note consider '
mywif perfectly well. IleGllllolo.
;;;;4 ; ;$ 4
Chine Potot. Lake Cu., la.. June 11,
Juno D P.dtk-0..r :fir In July.:Vt.4o, I was attacked
with a feverof tophoid character. which left mo In • very
debilitated state. when, In the fallowing triol,:r. I was to
ken with • severe cold. which mlueed me to such en ex. . 0 to at.,., ton the onSwarane• of a confirmed monnote.
tine. I labored under a nevem mush--expectorated unmet
deal. and was troubled with rah' (tat mid night aweats. I
oiso frtviently rnir..l bleed Dion cot lum+. I motioned
in this state, gradually sinking nutter the dheate, until
January. 1447, when I was anainattaeked with fi-rer.
friend. de.paind of my life. and tor PhYdetaoa tbounht
could survive but a abort time. My extremitie% r.peeial
ly my PIN were modantly coil, and almost tort their feel.
Cod, thee, met.titnuaraw It ma; be trot; said/ wag
a determined to quit taking me-
dicines pmarrile.,l t,y ph Tririorv. and try Dr. twitter's Rat
/NW of it tilt Cherry. unit frmo the firs. work tied I 0 , 04-
t•ort.l t.,kloc it. I Ono ILL te a gradual reCOVt[I. I motto.
and Its we on month,. at the rod of which time I mu. cor
ed, and eujoyed . cood health ever fine, and 'cheerfully re
mend the Italpant to all lb.. I/filleted with &seasca of
the lungs, and would pay to those commencing ita use, not
to be 11111,011 Med if two or threw bottles do unt effect •
cam but persevere. se I have, done. and I bare on donbt
ot nine Mars out of ten. will to blessed with renewed
health tel I have been. IteApoctfullY root ,
From Dr. Daker, W..hingt.s Coiauts. KT
1.1.1 k tau. Kr.. (lay 11. '49.
Stanfunl k Parke—l take tide Opportunity of in
( 'nu of a mud reinuq:able CUIC twrf..rined upon
me by the ova of lir.. Wiatar's ItaL4am of Wild O'er?.
In the year 1140. I a.a takes with m indentation of the
howeL, which I labored and, Kr air. we...1m., when 1 cad--
m.lly recovered. In the fall of IR-II I wa. attacked with
,eeere cold. which geated Steel( UPoriniT Idninii mid fir the
spare of three year. I was c,oallued ho my hod. I tried all
kind. of medicine. and every variety of ell, without Leine
ft. and them I wearied along 001121 the - wittier of 11120.
when I beard of Dr. 101,1e00 I.laham of WILT Cherry. .lly
friends persuaded me to give it a trial. though I had given
up all hope. of nvoi err. and !yid prepamd Myself fur tho
change of another world. Through their solicita Linn+ I was
Induced to make nix. id the genuine Wlrtar'e G.dmin Of
Wild Cherry. The Wed woe truly rumniahlog. A-11,
three year. of anitetion and eutlesino. nod after having
...pent four nr fire hundred 0..1100s to no p.o.e. md the
heet and meo r,pertable phi .trims had prn2l.l
lug. I yeas.= reat,ml to entire health by the blcring of
God rod the ure-of Dr. Wistafe lialeam of Wild Cheery.
May ch^ bk.'. of (iul reef 'lron !Um preprletoss of oo
valuable a• mett.tdonle= of Will Cberfy'.
YJure. respectfully.
Sold by J. D. Ps22.(succerfor to Buford A Park.)Fourth
and Walnut streets, ClnelnnathOblo, tieneaukl Agent for the
South ood West. to whom all orders
must be ullmssuel.
J. Skid 13.. A.• Fehnestock 2 Co., J. A. Jones, L.
PlUaburub; Lou A. Decklam, Alleuhroy Citr.
L. T. Ittusell, Wsalunutou, L It. Doyle. tiu100 . .,n,11.
Welty. Um...bur. S. Knuntr. SOMerttt: u S (Amur,
Itoincth heed 2 Son. Iluntinuduu; birb,Orr.llollidly..hurg:
Ilildebrand 2 Co., Indiana: J. li. Wright.,Eittantdud:
Everts I Co, hrtokrill.: A. Wilson 2 Sun. Wayt.e.hurw:
dleFerslrid A Co. N. Calleruter. bleed,lie. Burton 2. Co.
Krle. Graham A Forktr. Merrell James FeDy t Co. Dnt
lert S. Smith. Bearer; J. O.Sincunerton. Warren; Y. L.)4 C.
S. Jones. Coudersrord, P. Crookur.22.. Drowtuville.
The Homan Body Must Perspire,
S 0 SAYS NATURE, to havea healthy ar
mamma; and - persons who do not ywmpin, Ruble
tu the mmt dienustin: Skin Jos ca Malian
Chemical Soap raisers•fme per.torason. aud at Um same
time month. and mftens the skin. giving It tbn tcatnrw
of an Infant's.
Scurvy, Mit !thrum. andSemi am not only but
cured by Its m at Irma .1 physicians in N. Took know,
who use it in rush maser, and /3.1 It unfailing—as et. I.
Pimrlm, Blotches. Freeklk, °rant other rkindisen., 'rho
readmmewed that this is ,upuffed ,`strum,m
one trial will prose. I could cunt:scram at les.i musty'
yemons nand of sore head, sore leg, and sore besri.
_Buy It—and the roister Is again aunts..l woogd not cru
hose nen it
who are for the oho,. nnlem 1 kril, it to Lc ell tate.
T liable to shank'. maard.or cLui,Nl Uvvb.
will Owl this not only a cure. hot a yromunte: and 1 mn
now only add. that. anyone afflicted with any of the above,
or similar dbmses. will And this all. and even more lughini
ruble In Its properM , ) than 1 . stun:.
U sod he st t t . w r" c A y m'tttblgr .cum '
buy it only of WM. JACliets. only Agmt l'itntatrgh.
bond of, Wm.!.
Pearly White Teeth, and Pure Breath, to
he 1.14 for MlLA.—Perrotr who Lin either, art Loom•
bit soured that If their brrnth t. ever m foal. Cr their
teeth dertyti. dark or yellow. and etaturted with tartar,
that a 'X, rent box ~ 1
an d th Parte till watt
the teeth n. whit, a. eta., and the hearth Wulf...rya:Ay
Sold only at JACIIIt.O - N'S Stem, 240 Liberty at-, head el,
A Scientific , Restorer and Bean
:fled—Trial Lott!, none who Lore ttSrd
Coral Itatr romonr. Kin exrellent quallties—
thow .10 hat , nt. a...d.rt. 11. to Pand
wtli force the Lour 1.• irr , d on artll.tdt , b , r
nature Intrnded ha i . to gro, It tallitad ott: ture i Kurt
or andrull: and tuck,. lidhl. red. or .ta, bairt...nror dark.
Fnr'renderin ,, the hair :deO. and .111.,. nothidd crud
6a-1: :nal:, It try:, otifol. and k..etd It on. It ia.,td•
derd, th e mcdt t.umrtur—articlo fur the
only at JACICSON'S ' , tote. 210 Lll:tddYedv . n.
brad of 1,04: Patahutgh.
1.-iera--dri:i cunt.. et.ta.... nod $l.
JONES' Solution of Jet, a Liquid human
Hair Dye, fur the rbancing or
orry hair, to•
beautiful brou
1,14 , k yet cu:or,m few tuiol3.
l'rte,--Zu mut.. and $l. •
sold by U. JACK:ON -:,10 Litmerty arret,bea•luf Rood,urgh. •
JONES' LILLY WHlTE.—Ladies ore eau
ina-nitot or tha enntmon prvEl`rt , d Cha:k. They
aro not swan, bow frightfully Injurious It to lbe Aso,
bow warm. bow rough. bow :alloy. y.41.a, and asobeallb,
the O hio api a .ara..ll., .0105 preps-mil - ball: ,
nuncio... containing .large quantlly of bad!
v e hate proposed twautlful lea-elable article, whith.
rail Jones' doodah Lilly M 1...
noritud or all drletcrio.
qualltles, and Int path' to the this natural. Le.ully, al
letter, clear. 1111Og wl,lO, at the name them actin): a, ena
haaal 1 toted. Pnt.oorgli. ITke. va..
Needles Celebrated
Tbewe highly Medicated Alattert ban, been roads- les
mot , vt a, para. during blot time th ,. ey Piro
to whom their rentiewl
tion ban been et:hi:roted. have aim, the Most. tietto
teetimordals at to their turcrior virtue over all other plas
ter. roll.
The Ingredien is of their compoaiticn. eery wtefally and
me r r etiy ombintal. render ditto becullarly amlieable
itulirrl, with pulmonary &state.
her pains in the brew., resttlthan from protrattell
LmDlac c -ooy,ll. sad howl rah the •arieue bentaloe
diem.. in the body, their beneecial hart to boycott
quettion or die s pn ll o te..As b. remedy In I. ,, o u tyw.go y their rue
:Fnr,eaknexe j.4 . 13t in the back mot side,nqultni d
fn. severe strider, Meesea of the kidneys, a n i s
,ro.rity over all other plasters hos been amply leered by
hnndreds who have eareneneed cure arid niter from their
application. To ouch •01 suffer with rhumstie Mean
plsetere ant tecommended, with the oolitlent ateatotires
that their bettelltial efforts will be mord vm7 decided:
Yoe vale, wholesale and retell, by
radio B. E. bh1.1.1115. 57,T91161 rt. •
Closing out the Entire Stock.
fiREAT BARGAINS.—A farther reduc
ko l
inenhs radon. The subwriber wishing,. to close out
the bal of Ma stock of Fancy and Staple segOogete
the let of April neat, wou:4 reelect/ . call.tkie attention
of his old =tonne end dm üblic, who are lu want o
good gordaet to per cent. below former rticei.
person wining to commence boldness. liarketekreetithn
would be a goal opportunity, ). will dep.. o f the b.,.
arm of tboetock on to
tern. erltb a lease dike Oka.
wbleh be has occuplod for over 11 nese an 4 an... 0
lent family trade. 1111. amatanD,
uwo York Yore. Market ea Plateborir
COPPERAS-10.bbla for rale by 4 •
P. E. 431412.13&