The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, March 15, 1851, Image 1

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WETTE ec CO.. • •
(gown 11.11121 re.
re. Elms
OMC6 TIIIED to,. TO me rorr oma.
DAlLV—&eresidoltri it : rontom
her fromtar If
n•n4r4t.n...", e r aIIDLIZI. m Wea.: CLIZS
h. ' , applied on the ri:lowine.relltiocue
1 • .... 04.1 llkenger .
Ttt'entf neelor .. . .. ,
on e rho reeket Wert:eh Glob to ire rantrotonl to ono rem..
wet to 10e*.41 inesebtbir In earn., NoCtub Paperer
• be rent after the - r"nr expire, unko, the money LN rent for
• eventtrat.
RATES OF 85mnsni0. • •
... .
• :04,55,919C( (IC Itro.O :If Noapere . II or Iron , ••
. 000 insrrtioa .... ..,.........4 . Lo
': • . :Do. -. • e9rDtvlclltlor.o.l ato , ertlou- 12.1
_ Do. ' tiro to ,- ..... ........... ~., ZS t
3 o;
. D o. • Om, 0 - ..
• .
Do. ~• Von mont/tk .....,..... II 00
. • 90. tlarr. tuontbr ' 9CO .
.. .
Do! four months ' 19 99
, • D Ix . .
•. tiding Cord& (A Barr or lon, 91, corouro-S5 IIC
,;. (hIo Dollar forrechoddiDuoal line. ... •
'O.• Nunre, clinger.W nt raccoon( . (9er tn._ •
.. - • Dom) el(l.lcigiro of the
_paper ........ ......„...25 00
,• 1bte..4 , 194.111.9,9911 , 4199-r. losorted aver Olio smooth. and
kr earl allitioool skunfe ho
ander 160. yearly rat , *
Advartlacemait6ezovisliox a ' , lour, and not over MU:A
trifle f••r
Told thr amount chargtst for molr:roblehott.: 9
[11:101113404. reorlidater for allten. to be thane./ th e t ame ,
CY other adreell,•ainate, . •
Arleeit/stonenta ant irtorkedn tbe ropy-for A rprolted
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or Inerelloru. trill Irs motioned till trebkl.aad P.Srs
tarot mkt.' arvoistilatly.. •• - ••
.. Da. tatelltra otannoolvalvartivers is strictly Ilraltod to
their oleo hallos/IMo Iniviosent and all advertisnaleatn !iv
llut benefit of other Nemo, ao ...Ater all advertlameats and
. Immediately. eonnorted .01114 their own butionevh and all
threes at adt•crtlsourati, in /torah othervise. lvrrovl
the Leona cognegtvl. lo eharged at the unual eaten. Toe
sit-Ruch transient advertivitar, bills oh! neharatelr
. readered, and Imunpt d'Air , d• • ' •
All advartlerinento the &arils GI. tartito flow, Are Amt.
larder: ward, towathltCond rah, habil.: mnothro.. and
'l oth
hhe. to bo charged half print, payable etrictly 10 ad.
' a„-re nntlrea tole tiaras felltl
Death uothm, tnmrt,l oltionit chum, noir., nommlut-
IDed.hy funeral luritotionf obiturs noticu, and atun
So aecompatmal to be f.a.brb.r.
Rftul. mot all °thin a pooling entnroonlea
1 ;aV0f.a74 1 .7, d a:; ," 774l2el d o l lt.:= 4 rnt t :,
Mbertubarresore Malt for
.arinuttotom--all tot Mrs of Imi
tate meneialLou—etrri nolo, ibmgrual to p
romote Wtenon to
Pirate eutartniara, zaleulab.,}l:r-illl, to p butt.
lidnat Intrrert, ran noir bo Imuteclarith rich.
log Um& the fame Ilk be (C)d)0 th)r. Intendhl Im
wiled In the local eolionn. t 33, mill be etuared at the
rate of not Imo Dam 10 (42Ill)) rot bur.
; Maher or /Q.. both,* to be elocrmultuipie mine.
.Tarernlrecnor Potltiona &brut,.
. Heal' &tate Auento' mot ,tnebourre ademal•emente not
bo be clamed utaier.youlf rater. but to be ellorrol dim
count of tbirtr Dm, and one_ third tor moat- from tbe
amount of bilLt
Oz. rabartrit to ntnr 1 • .41'005.. •
. CM). Aquue, throo ....... 50
'L. Dn. ' emicrablitioont ... .. - trf
ancran.smars IY orratr P)11•2
I),) 4), ....-50 mutt.
• „Do, . 4 , l,llthomtlan 'Smuts.
All trawient al reSti.mumm to I . '
paid In adraner.
- PARK rNSAN:Argiiiiigin, • ilfth
4 "Ward, rem,behieeu (Mara and Walnut MI
iv; F.. WHITE; Atuir at Law 4-01:.
0 . no; on taunt chest.: twar Fourth . , in Arthur,' bull&
initalrOtrargb:r. hply
- - ,
N int at lair an.l heal b,tlt; Agents, N 0.107 4th
t_trZittsbrtrzb„ root; -
itrAMES KUHN.Aibwney-iit Law, offset.
to Tllchinan 11411, web, of (Iribt street tad Diamond
, jaltollt
H. COLLIER; Attori ic;.v t La*, offthe
hsta lo g i r,
1444164409 t.titw , b , ...T7g , li - , e tts• Landn
to 1it44,9 ho 11 , 17 ,.
Wrcc.n s ., tle.drpartzuratc
JAMEST: KERlL'Attudwyrat Law:-Olce
:ba 4tb st.,.basreora nuithßektkitst tir4bL trittsbumb.
L'IRANCIS C. FLAND3 1 Attornetat Law,
a.. WATSON. .Attorney.i
:Y. no Fourth iWget;lll.l,burgb. . • •
Ite INCLI,—)111-11.1 et A: Par: JAC. Snyder. K.. Wer
ron, llortipoa BCo.: Wm. IL John Fleming. Ar
emu:dant; Ike.. W. Jerkeon,Plltsilprih. laa :1y
DWARD T. — JONES. Attnrney nt Raw
Mint 04 rood!, aroct.:l.tirm¢ {Vat.' Anal Smith
JASPER - E. BRADY,: Attorney nt Law
Ho. S 3 }'filth arm t, PI ttaltirgb. ,
warm AN
...- .....
- •
, -,•,_ -
- V. ' 11. Wlt ' , LUIS . & to., ;Bankers
• -
and EiehanCv rnirtr.. - Nortb ELIA ...7iii of W6cd
and trd.e..cts, ' -
Alttnannetiorin main au_Uncial tennr„.and'entketfons
imnonats. allmnaed nx ~.- ~--,^ - a9:1,..
_I D. KiNG.l3anker and Exe hange Broker,
Younth - Arent, .Ihot Nan, ritlls'ef Ex
t7tagta:gt,% r.VlLaelicala
talfoilasorud Menlinn and ino.netk Dollars , nap.
M. LARI IEII, JR], Banker and Broke;
, - 49A?rv z tio.folylilitan l ihe Think of rlmboddth.
Routh rtut. Corner of Tbird will Market Ftrnetn. All
xa 01! tart. 'Rend
NidellOLDlFSizitiON; Dealers' in Foreign
sneDornonte Earhonoo. Coot Wotan of fk
:Donk Not." ontl No_ tm Bioko" street, MU
-6arffi-115-Clleigiont en all tan principal intler
tosoufoout the. United f Ode,
GEORdE..E.-ARNOLD I CO., Bankers:
Dealers in xcitor. Coin.Onk Nano, No. 74
Fourth Motet:mat door to the Bank of l'ittobtorott.• Col
lortiorocarefollt,nottortml to, and the proceedo troolttecl. to
KRAMER B;• RA 1131,. Bankers Arid •Bri
,l/rokeril Delbert in Foreign awl Doto.rtie
of Exelange.-Certifioxtee ilerenito. flank Note,—
t Ot he lko c razr and 11 . ...1e.ryets. directly oppodto
CAROTTIERS Banking Bans*,
..lio.1511"ncal covet, Pitt.hurch. Curnini oner re
cc retitle Darnall. enlicrianna made nn nil The principal
titles a the.VnlWl F.
BAIRD Commission Merchants
atralllMltrotena N 0.114 Etrcoral greet. remnant and
Mate atxurit ate :ran 5100 to RlO.OOO td wart. on hand
1111. c.
ALMEII, lIANNA & CO.,.Succesgori3 to
II Minna Co.. ncontoo. EXCIL.,II Boom.,
&lamb: Foroiqn nod Ikoo.tioEsthnner. Cornfield..
of Deporit. Conk Notes, and fp. , i.— North }Brut corner of
' Wool ind•Thlrd etrronk- Corr ot Monty rnativnt on Do.
EnflOglko r lx; t l:' , C o o el oat t r n il t. l s to u, nade on near-
Th. kin Vest pronnton pai.t L>i ..F•Volglf old Atociican
Adrineca ma..l inn nt
11. W....TAYLOR.; Comini4ioner and Bill
UR Bra. 112 14....1..rtrrrt. irict,att.ll. mill' be
'env to - 111 laigrt.,ratrwted his ram.PltNbprgh
Paantegetami emir!.: >bray] , han.lpr prommrdat Amt.
notice. Nara, Nlortom.., . fastm r
able teram. - ...I.l•Pnro r,idted.
n! - 0.-srochlyciN, Jolinst Stock
, ..
JAS; D. — 110L5LES' -Cheap _Literary Depot,
. Third stied, omme.ito the l'o4 011 ea.. Nora 1k.4.0 pe
or red daily by exina,.. Soha.rietiono ter.l.4 to any nr
Oat W... M. at . Near.PaZ. ,,, .
r.!1+1,131 at the pubilsher's
J. ,,,,, Wire. • . •
RR -- HOPKINS, Book. Aler and ,Stationer,
N 0.71, Fourth rtrvrt, • •
BAKERS AND coifitarioa - ERs.::
pevw..BowN,Jß.; IWholaaale and P:etail
Bola AndC.F.Elot.. Vault, etrrrt.Plltxlmrgh
An& on/TIN . 424.0.
All colt. punctually ntrentled In,
3I'CLINTOCK, Man I/ fnciu rer nnti Irn
'Awe, nr,earPetf. MO, Steam Boat Trim
an4:24 : =7:1V124 4' "-""h""'.
- --
. , _.
L 1 ATiiiagulTY :-..1C0:i-tr:Tf,',lTP"le,nrs."
CF.aftc*:,72V.ir4: , ...-Trit7..C:: r ah"." '''' ' & D bl.'
iin4 comt.wion 3ltnliantn, 2:o. fli Wen' 01. , .t.
11. SoiikstoN. rortsa - ' - n - 4ing and
tt. . , ona*-4.,. 3frra,..4 No. in .s r ormt .treet;
XR.II, 4 lONE - ii, - PiTr'Crarcing 7.11;71 Coln: .
- altrinion Verchantv, Dralen In Prudurn. Ina Pitt.
u Innnufneinted nrUclnt tl.nvil 14.01, near. Frventh
stmt. PlUotrunet. • .
EARDY,JONES R. CO.. Succensors to At
war Jorun A en . 1.7./r.nni,lon and Fnt-nenlin g • til., I
&alert In l'iltannl:ll 31.t3fActrizel 11.40. Pats.
0 C. SIIACKLEIT L CO--Wholesale
• Deglerr Fortinl land tkow,tic Dry
I' Arror;;i-iil7.7.ltTiniit.
1.A.`31A SON 1 IV inolvslde nd Retail
Deslerit FattyL 4 tAid; brr
nd D r , 60,..1.1 Much:lntl, corn, of Fourth
1 , 1,R1X0 Comthisicin
Id•rcluints—Toi tht: ea!, of DC , 1,1,t).. Wmlen. and
Onodr- o . vo, tleAtor, in all 1,1n,t, of Tailon , Triton
nom, No: IIN• Word -rtr,t, Gnlrth tlO.rll . onl Fifth, Pitt.
D: Pontist, Cornet of Fourth
:%larkot ovl FrrT7 strratr.
aa. nr , 7l - - Tr_ e len.nru.
EYSER. & .maimELL. (Suce"°,.°°Tß
, i t'''
to Kerr ,e Keyser. ) 1rt,,, '" 31i, "4 new t
7 /. l * 47 g l War r ,Yiil)! • • 711..:::Z1..1 ' z ' Aseht luf.i
'4,stflflTl ffila" 76:7Wciorj,a14.iirnorintfi:
Ta:nt, .11ye and-lrotruntento—
or Dr-kilo:Wit celelyated Ifurzu /.Ir
er no. Wu , I'm. kfrure canur ant
haunt sotteeta, l'ittaburch. • Orden Viii to carefully rack
ed. Rd forwerged old/ dukatca. •
• ...i .. •
. .
J, - ,... : .
. - :' . . -: . -- :". , : •-- : ,71 ' ... . - : .. . ,- A - 'At4a..„1:::". , -",' 3 :-f,?
~, _~ ~ y
.' , ~e'F' : ~ i E '
I~ „~.~ r ;;{.
D IN; 1786
• •
A. FAIINESTOCK A; iWliolepille
• Dro and nl:e.rtf3.lurr.,-1. 7 r of Wbit., 1:..‘1
mi. auZI I am,. -me - 1. 7 r 11.,..t
mrh7 1
. E.
.1.. -Dm etll , . 011 k Vomit'', ie.__
o. A: VC
Prjerm o ttreo., P., timed, warrantod.
1 / I . llgalit,
.1 .11 Ire
tO. Ul IVoc 1 , kr...L. DizzoinAl
E EI.I•11 Am, VYhrde ale Drug of
1G n,l
It RAU • ITE IVh6l .. Nale and Itetnil
JP Drugs 4•,ruro-, of 1.11.-.1-tt ;a:4R. (, Pat,
rgh. a.
SCIKkdifiNIAK E o.l...Wltt;lenle Drug
• ainut. 14. 2111 , ..1 rt. Pll,lonrjr.
EE. WI I 4..ter, C9lllllligAilin
lint. awl (:,•11...r lu I,ocr pmt Haut. corner of
!tt ar7., 11.burall.
L P. SUMTER, IVholenale
op.fte:J •.;.13311-3i.m 3lerdnuotr,so D. 1%
rr tpl r itjl
.4er .1 Art
. . ...... ..... .
TOHN .. DILWORTH 4. CO., :Wholileale
• Orn,v.” 11`1,4n,ath1 C' i `Fm I lerhauty, and
tre I ;tzar,' Co., or ll.warth totin., N.•
31 Vinod ft.-
BIS DGE WfwleFale
M Counnif - Airn n.,1,anc..., N 0.116 11 ele
stra an 1.1 hi], rs.L l'auburgb. _
pHEY, mATTHEIts & co.. whoieeak
Ornery. Corarnksi,,n and Forwarding Merrh‘nt, and
el. fir 11 hron Como 5711 aI.T A.. I titt.biimil,
'An & co.. 11-601.....1e Grocers.
n MerrlisatA...l I 4:11..r. 1•r .1.
tattartnrrn. No. Area!, Pitt,
burgh I .
j D. CA
'ale * Deelfilit i :
Pearl Anh. and
bets en Smith
S. IV, TERMA N t SONS, NV holt:snle
tr• lira,. e.nunna•lon and I ,, rwarnini; .31..vir-int..
4ifet• In all 1• of I.n.lure and l'itAurph Stan trrtn..
.lArlirl, a 1 Agent. lot the sat,. .t Inehman u a And
.Lrrnetrhu mPittib.ur b3l ufactured•Tol.--•,,, \.r. SO Mid AI ‘l'st,
gaeet. .1,
Q F. VO.. BONN HORST i'',.. CO., Wi,„1„...
lo• ....i, Gm 'ra. l'oivardide mud Cmnnl*.inn %mil
•ntr, Deal,v 1 lIII,Inn - 11. Al•nfarturen tuul IVe.n..rn
Prnduro. No.:' ' rorner or:Front evert and Clan,' y Lane.
Iltlabllrgb. • ...•
IAS. DAI ZFJAI6, W liolt,ak Oro!„.er. Com
o/ ntisni.v/ 31 reltait•end 1n,a1.1. in j'n•ln. , un.l Pitts
numb m.nuractuiv.--..:50. 7o Iv., ..... rity,tairol. z.p. _
— l.lllAfi. amts. , ... Ls nicer,.
SAJAI.I • DICIi.EY & CO., 119lole9ttle (fro
.commiApiou 31ml/salt, And bea!erp In PrAiJor
-I_t.t:6ffat,r, and 10. fmnt str...t.' IlttArtrult.
'FIELD, late of IVarren, Ohio,
on not V, , nonnn^ 51orrhata, and Whol.-
ttratern Pot and
Wekern Pro.luee Water . ntrevt,
id •n• 1
M. H. <Ol
.11a. M.
burgh ll.nofnct .
I...reen M nod
r I3ENNETT. late, Eng
IA - en, IVltnlte,d, rnrcr,.....untl,
/Intro, sold iti 1 . ,11e0 and
1 . 2.1,ec0ud .4 121 fl
• root!,
err., No. 1 . 21
buroli..Po.- Ito •J
B pA IIUCKETSOS, Wholesale
uJ Pruv.l;,. 11tn.v tuld
,• Irgriu
enott4aQl nut tautly
A ir ffILLS 4, ROE. AVholesale Grx;certl antilL Comm ion Al..rthant, "in. ~- . 7 1-ilo,lr rtrett,
- KaLtEk'r mooitlf.withie.4 - 6 (.IJTT;ITI7,..
llettlfyln • Distiller. Al-al,r in Prtrbire, g h
N armfaeturvn, .1,1 all landx of Ft,i-rion and. DonierUr
'Mtn, and 1.1.,” No. r. 15 1.iloort) .rt.revt. On hand ,
very large rttrk 't loari•rlor old Whlsl. T ,
whirl will he rot low V.I. raNli.
110 4 3EP. , T
T iwf
ALIELL t'thr Wholesale
mintsrion Morchoult,.. d.Len. Iv Pratt...
latmfactur,.. .o. 214. 1.11..cni
I.lrnorr. l'n;
tlaut. mud I. , rale
Lib.rtl t, pit
lan cvi ILIA.
.LEY i: - . (70., laolesale Gro-•
iianrao 'wood etoryt. l'at.bur,tl.
at. and
.101. 11,11 a.
3:. a. J.
- • •
1.. . . •
Wirk,lll..V.,slr otart
etr^hult, Seater:a In Ina, , A 1
t 111.toburgh Maltuf.rtureo
t Water spvet-..
nod Conunisaion -
corner of Wool an
. 11trwrr arr.
41'0E4 htt:lntrvb.
J. O. ' U.ll,
'll. WILL .. .SlllB z's, Whol
CO. esale and. • 11.1,11 iarallky Fortranzlinir nod 11,nrucirrion
rcharannol 11.... Jr Cuunter-rn411.1.....1 .rntrarch
lanufartneer; curn of 11 - . 44 bud. flrth rl
corr. urrtr..-...c.tnc.,Ansrmtros.
jtOBINSON, JLITTLE CO., .10. :5'
Livaar.••••r.; Passbaran, Wholesale Oroc.r.. Pro
mtte4lllml.7 Merchant, nn.l dealcz. Pnlchq.erb.'
Ma nnflrturer.L_ • •
TSON & CLOUSE. IV boirsal
Comminiqn Nomhanl•, in Pa,
•h Alnunnietnriat Lit...
t 4 m '1)
o , Whole, , alc 4.lrocers, Com
• Ini,in Menr, 31.1 L, nn.l nler, In Prralner-I:cnnd
larch Buildingt. ntlng Wend. and nixtt.
otron•t" Pininunrla, '•
Innlon , In ITt
Ikutir, Mt Mon.
•T 011 N LLNE;
• etale,
' and
etatirtaary. Role. a. Putuoylval
ILOP., Deaki- in Piano li . orte.
, tral In•trumont., School llonta, nn
nt fnrUbirterinie, I".zno'rnrte%. f
in—No. Ml tVoni
BEAL, Dealer in Music. nu
at, and Inter of Italian Firing,
Clavier, cram! and ,are 1.1311,.
= Aftathstfrnt- Alf, for Ifffnham's
c, agent for Netnn
r. , 11. aten
11 Trine and
lIILDS d CO., 31anufact
oprrinr 4-4 'Shertine. Carpet Clip!
U 151.7. P(C11 xm . Ilttabor4.b.
3latiufacturerm of Sywing
;: Much Reel. Flnel 'Plough Win,.
;mi Cranny,.na, ll:mm.2M ln-da nnd
nr. Engine I..ran t ,a. and
~n dnd. and Front eta_
josEsk quil
tasch and E IL•ter
e n ;
desdern is,' Msli n mn
Ouch Trimmings kr
MUM:mg!, Pe..
Moottforwror , or E.-4o .t. 4,,, rime,
sod Foloburie Ari..l.. M arrt _ or
I - Rem- ArOal
tri , 717,1:1••. )f arfitti
n,c3 Water rt helt
4: • PAP ?
d :nn4 Id
1 , 1.0er, I.ard
rdwoing Paver.
advl Maniced sale/. 1,
31AliSIIALL Succo-s.or to
i f
I i—tui t ....r aml beaten In Frcll , ll
llnn,in,,, mI IlnrrlPrn Wind..
inIA. on AI,-.-Wintlnn. Printbra.
N.. nI. %Vent plen.l.. I•elitroU /Fourth
tt•bnrch. Va.
WORTH/ Tea and 'Wine
a the Pitteburgh.
A/ MIS it 1 I
1 Merchants, Mx
1410 & CO., Gnaers tin,'
, .2..6 1.11...rty stmt. Oen... 14'..
L sn.orunent or 0.14, Ornm.,
h ,,, ,-Lop
ctoiL4 und ....oh, Who!.
, uwell.,l on the bllf..}l. term,
veif. Ave'
Lave alwayx halal '
irs and Firm Teas. All
as& awl retail. I*.alr;
iIIEY, Agent. f,,r the: 14ike
n Line. to I:eaver And
Eri, , mid AI
Mir. m ihn.nraer of j
L'Ertlf S;
'O., Transporters by Canal
Itlrrehautr, turner Penn rtmet
Ito onitinn 1111nd
ltlnGr ohlen the 1,41
stand .\0.13 At. (lain n
rn . ookl ntorbruktonn
kw& toorden.i / a/t1 oh!
4• A.fIROWNw
thn rohlk that hen
der the lAnno to/1, Al
of Ireoltion hlloda
In the Lent nty w.
Elate. 111hAls ran
file /ohlort Mal/Halo
prnpared W furninh tlki i
Ito At 1/03,/n. with non.
Aonn httO en. N/1.3 Wco/1
L 1 & SUN, well !known
aim , . k,to ronelantly on tmod or
itle in thou. line. at their old
rtolt al.o. at So. Sr, Market s.troot.,
,hettto Manton& I, rnitlan Shutter' ,
Atolls neatly rrpalr..d. apt',
. . . .
uld moat rem Electfully infinnu
~..le on hand at h It stand on thonost
hen,' tit', a rota pletotolort t
111it.141/ :4114 tern
ore mode to trnlor
r l ' at i : ' itoT o2 . l . , l to irttUni S t o ttP:„Fr !`,l,
urelati.4 lb., god.. tool e, and wand
!Lament A McUelland. tan.
(011 l earlotnert. an troll 1. 11,e pub.
Watt In thelr In.r. .
nrt. l'llled.unith.
.1. A. 11ItOWN.
. . ..._
gra A m r mania.-
• PW.lntr.e.—l'snidei
Unamoo. All.thrny.
N. .13.-7.1 m.,
. mcll4:lr. • i
ee, mrue, r TI
n DA:11 lIARIM
trqm /11Inttoreh,
qnnt the no tbnc that h
above ploropitrnn ntnl. I
nu i tr u ngnl tin ItZ.Zir a t , inj
Elseltnnlthint; I:rn ,
of Tunnel ntpret endt.
otlaotl. IISLIT
I, I
ui nney,
r trglv ‘ ,Tfl
mre 11sr,11 11
e) IvaAreu
' , valet-A In Flonr . tt
NE. TV( 11.
1 1/11111 r th.
• _ _ .
LR Jon,
i littlz3 , ltopinnex c
chi, hnd.trowitthr..ll,
of nrt, nod ut th. tow, t
ll7d e V . Pi ilal'Z'nl.l4l:}Tal'n.
hrartv. rin.,7 •
drawn .ro nrnl
Insek. in rh h nnwt h sp rh
%\, En
to t , )
In rt•lt r•r. t •
n tinznirt,
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j‘Whnlrraln IValvrn
ot.l Arra. Pittnbor.h.
Ilardirsre •
I irlini Line— .V , nners.
1 . 11.013 ED DATES OF e.ii LlNti.
rIVIII ~,, 1,1, rt. IMP.YOI-.
W.alranal.. Merril lithiSettinia:.. Merril kW,. - lirthiSatuninv.,l,gi. April 241,Wielnealay. April
. sth
11...11..-thy. - lathlWAtte , day. • - .uth
- - . ‘ al ''' r ' ..l . ; '''''. '1 •: ". Iltklrl:rjaTh '1" I,':,',
Oas Fitting. - r..1111i.g, . .1... I'DOVe.lneedan.. Jun," Ilth•
•.t‘lnia, • - 1,..V1A ed.o...tai. - :nth
MAFFETT &OLD. OLD, :Muni, , July fdt4Wednemlat. July nth
7f : - I , .-.
- Poth4eginesola, - '-' 1
•-•'-',''' ' Front ntnvt,l,ttreen Wood t,V,„ " ,.:121 . „ ~, ...,, w ~,,,,,,,c a ~,, 141,
Starkg‘t, pittAktrzh.l.a., F;, - . ,',,,j„;' -..""- ith, w ' . - Illth
Ira Y;" - : 1101.11,1 Write the public In their 1.„,,„,.,,;;: , .. ~,,;it; w.. 4 ,, , :Id
n- , "nettnent gd .
- lith
ti. ,„, d , /ieri, reatunts, ihntilLr. t MuM " . • .... 1 ' Y3', 141r, ' , ‘ ,.71:j.; ,a t, 14
t/f r i:Yi, - J:^.. ‘, Fa.rdel,
They are Prep..' to execute,
:,,,,,,,,,. Oct I 1ti1, 1 .) .,
... nitl,Werhundsr. - I:dh
.. 2,0,
ive Fitting on the abnrle4,te. Z.,,,,,,,,,': N.,- Ntb , WedneNtel. Xor. IW3 I
1.-. s. and anal. rea.onit.le tonne. trneh7:lf ;,,,,,,,Z.: '.. 2 . ..SollVedneeelaj. -"
L . 6"..
• turtle; . . De, githiSatunta..
4„.. 1 DM° FASITMN FOR 15'I—This i10rd..,. - ...t.,0 s.tu,A.',. D.,.
- ..7ele
F:1 heantlfni girl,. of nat.+ neeelord and for rale hi. /}.nose/ Lene-11 ,4 / 1 , refl.
""".e "'"' Rant I-"mnad . a l, ' A eig ,r a " n L'l''' 4:: , e ' l ! ,rr: '" ' r' gtt ' n ' ll7, ‘ ll ' a ' 4:lll 1
Wegner. Bneeliner & Mueller's (anal ;;...' 1 .1'.r,:1 , ,,,i - ----- - ..ggt;': i r :',V,.. 1 .:1 I
.. k':`..1.,;;1: --- - - - ;.!,:1 0 t . ° .,;: ) 41.11 I
Fr HE ABOVE I'lloi reEpeetfully announce I , rna 1.1 . 71”001.
to their friend. and the ptildie ,:enerally. thnt they ; 47 ,4 ' t , , ,, ,, t . 1 . , yA l =" - ; . .V..;,: 2 , 12 ,:
;.,., prep..l to emorote, in the lint atria
their art. NI 1,,-,- • -- - . ' ~ ,,,,,,m ).A, ,,, I ,
t.....h.ra I, ,h,tar t:ard, 1:111e, Diploma,. Check, I I:lting I Aagt:r No, 1 05.... ... 1%.otlIblifik).)111.111 P !
and 1.,- .f. ,. .4.1, - .k.,1 , .. m.,.. .1.n.. i.. 1.4.. le.
1,4,,,, . 11edni_Ida.Vall .3 , 12
?he.r eeted.n•ho...nt to et `:., NI Market rtre,,t. between i Il . l,';' , ''•
1" "' ''°' 11 "011010!•, n i''''' s • 0. " 03 ' 1 .-..
P ' S. , e " 1, LI Ir . b , ' 5 Tor. I:: - ! , cond
eir •,...
ne , , , a 1 n . or .n.., .
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacttaing Comp'y. ''''''' ""
.rem I , ,rt ...( /her, /. , ... - -.11,4.14,,Tegpr.
-• e,,on a r Jowt.. ---- It , .nr 4.
tali): , C , . 1•41 C - 1[ ii,ar
Prankhn. Saturday. • Eel. I Franklln_*.4,l',ll 1 .211: Mar
illieol.l.ll. .. `di, Marl litnnholitt 1 -
,i2th Apr
Pn k, "' '-.t'' I 'lK7`?'' l T:. ' ..!
. ' flay
MILE SUBSCRIBERS, hitring been ai
•, ,,•• a
„ ygginted rvitt...for tbe above named conent. will
e.g. ntly on handl n xft , tily of the celebrated litillwar
F lirirk.Crucible Furnace Ilrartha and 'naafi,
11, " , Pretand to nee., order+ for .01 brick. to
to nude lg , far and fhotle to tuit purobaturs. w Mai ehall
1,1+1,0001y filled.
Weil° not deem It noreeenry en ennmerito the many ad-
Inntatirty tLe Ltolinar 11[10, PONOVI overall others that
1,1101 teen offend f.r tale in thg United Rah, their PLUM
rwrit y aell _known to.:lllnntt all tter,g.n• rho we
I ire Ibink. The prorrietort hove drier - nen/ell that the
ln.e.ttoue gt their tg.i will enviable reputation.,
r:•ll..!lVri:ttl . 4%T. ' ”
ergahll,linient non rnanufictunntrtg il ir l .00 ek l l s l , l , .zf t t or.
ineb7 fialtd,ftwirt. Sorentb Pi g
51131jOiLO: et: CO., have received
n 'irth:theatumnnn of t t l :::ie n u • =i4
ere ari.l the genendly: •
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
undersigiiedlutre just completed their
. .
and . .v.. nn. .nufarturing all sires of 4.1.48 PICT, .1.0.
cz‘noritc an.l oth ma er 1 , 10,.. and ail ~isrs of
-which. th, offcr forrale at the 10.c....t prtrol. Th.y nn•
n 0... nntarrd t 0 ....cut., orders, tom, extent. without .1...
lay - SPAM/ a CO..
NI, ..11 and 112 bake Mr..,_
1;,61?.¢:t ITITSIICII4III, 1..1.
; fir] LMA iZTII :C. NOBLE—City Flourine
'Vi Mi I, N0..,.....7, 1.11.,,rty mr 0t.1.1.1.taa al. Pitt..hor....lC;
I'kV 'CID/ LA S VIVIAN, Civil Engineer,
.1 DrauFhtmunn, and . 3lintne Auk... 31.1,•7
•,rancht.. of Moth In f,r; the 151.01 tithe, Jr-;n. of 31.1 u.
n, r, IL..3llnrs. fistr 11 ork., 11:111nm 31111, 4.,.. May I. ,
t;, 10 A. 11. an IN P. 31...4 Li* redden..., N 0.21 ;
Ilarhar , rtri•cl, l'it.burah.
_ hy . 2 . _04,11 , • ;
1111 A. MADEIRA, Agent. for Delaware Mn
i_ tu . al list - 'lf lo..uraore etnunany, 42 Water att.,.
11 GARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin I ,
Cr - Fin! locnninra ceeminr. north ram volllrr of Iroo.l
IVA Thin' atmrt...
1111T.M. GLENN. 8006 BINDER, Wood street. 1
T.7..1 7 ,.47 ' 10 di:' some f r 7
" al on corner ni a llT h •!„ ' erit74 " ; ' , .';', t.'...`: 1
hull dursdalar. ltnals"rulrd to arty pat Urn. Ind
1,, , u0.1 mil, , tantiall3 . ltoox,. in uon.b.ra, or nl.l 1 , ....k.
hound rarefully. or rcpairrd.oxtail In wilt lota,.
Tno.c oho hate hind nut .e luring.' to .n. I.rlo, 1.,.
~1,.,....1 1)-
S CO., lioleule unit liPtml
rd 11 nod and /lIVa . t . . - rt 7 et a' s
'Cornlull and 00mph...v.1 , f Hat. t Fur, 1 .1
anl at, le by %thole-only and Retail an
the attention of OA r rag. ant t'on r
l‘ a:ornilng thong that they aid oell on the trio ialran
l " « "i7lenh‘ t ' ! ' a l l rr, I /11r In 1.1y1a,7l '4 I
fiil.3lo .IIPFER itav remneeol to
lohortr ntreet. below hilt. No Office and dwell
in the earn., building an, 1111,in
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
et , r-,2r. lIITE S. CO. would re
ad •cv/rtfulit rin the t uhhe that 11, he
• 'hop". lan:net, le.tato.n )oderal and eandn , ll .
are now ct-Jdng aiel ant tropanalma-vivo
re for ever, tle.orittlbn of t thu c Ward., (71-131.,
onmehi 1 tttana. le— h,i, whirl. (non their
lona eltatunn in the mann...Ann of the aloirt rt.
.1 the fouliti.g they km.. Owl f• 1 cot/Went they are
enahl,l to stork an .themoet roa,‘ Lorin, with
tho,. Warainz . ,rtit 1.1 In their Inn,.
I'a inp parrtrular attention to the eelootion of ryternal.
and L. 014 non• hut maspntent wtottnen the, hare
r an in w troantlng 11,ar wort. ,lather I torten,( Ito
sin Winn f the put he to tht, matter
ltidounnc dune in the hoqmanner. and on, the
wet nomonable Ulan, Jl-1,11
AGLE WORKS, (eKtahlighed
1.11 Fa/111ND 15TLKI`th, On 1 , 1 LIN rty
tiPP.O of ltre,l alrort. Pittehuri ifonurnenct harlot
I wilt, Ttnahe, Efetnlolon, alautel hove. C. ot- , and
ISerlt•(...101111). on band. and mole lam
11. A rhoire nof Dream,a 1, 4.1 /al.
A CARD-1851.
• .14 t h e Liurth and 3fuket /OWL., Pith.linrgh.
lasreynt eorotneneement of the,New l'oar. to re
. turn then. thank. to bele roetioner. nnU the piddle aener
al Ir. fierthe eharc tu.n.en extended to teem. nrwl
o, de the rontinuoure lb., far...
eulameil and Improved their 1N , 11%. th-y are ...hied to keep
no hand • Tee, extennive ae,ertnient and, buyers
II base the telvantace 00 pl. ot e of light to nitruine
t ¶ -4-ele, and make their eeleetion. Thee deeluen nialdne
theirheir e..n.lilietunent, far ro. prnetienhle. FAMILY
in hen...eery article in the ho, iiond4 line. needed
for the wate faroille, .an prtenneh—ittel In their
en:dittoed e n to effect the hest terd.....1 wit at low
sh, hmpe to make It dd. intarro of faconie. and in
dividual, to fae.r diem with their runtom.
Va..lho WHOLESALE fit:SIN/SS will he enntlnned en
tten inenne up emir.- encrattee tenni 4th thrcrogh
lower rini.m.
j_ Corner of Thinl and Nlarket etrowte. Tbe.rindr
bard Itotitntion of the kind In Pittaburg.h.
, faerter.--,Jr.hti binning. Triomf.' Inetrpetor in the
cin., of Aerounta.
Charnheriln..Trnieneor. of rellittoarvhlp. Men-motile
Computation. At
Alto. M. Wat,o, Lan Leetures en Cornmenial fem.
Thom deetring • contiarto ',marled...pp, of Honk
'and ite•pp/Iration every branch of Lapin., idea 110 e 4 •
Fant an t. pd pronutrubip. am invited In call and ...t am.
lee the 11.11,111..,11r134.
1.111211.0 on Cnonnereial LIBW every. Monday rlP•ainC.
nrfelPianti to any of the reshot rely ruerehanh. !dell
• Err.trartti ED 18.12, by .E1)311.;151)
Y"1 q'ILKINS. No. 245 Liberty oL,
head of Word errret. PatatirFb.
lonutnent,..flitrial Vault, finnlieb , nre,
- Or-, Mantle Piie-re.Centre and Fier Tuna,
rdwityr on hand and toad.: to order,/ the
, ittr, 31arlden, an! at vem reduieel
pner .. criotee
tinTrter •
I i 1' •
Ron. Mariner bettor Clara
11.14.2,1 H".
burgh Hank. idridner dn.
\S 11. nlownleerver, Ittil a um-, dn.
Merandlewit. Out. Moon A C S
argent, dn.
I:l.!errt night. 10t. I 1 tn. Raiktaley A to.
!Snob?, It. T. Morn,, A Co."
Luau. Joolina Rhode*, Co Ender , .
F. L.l hrop. EN,
E. W. feria crateful or the eery liberal patronnei. rr
during nint , en rear.nti thle city. having had Ilse
larireet and feat J ots outmoded to hie rare op to the prid.oit
hole. and will endeavor to render miti,Netil:ll hereafter.
e 1 /11 .. 1 N I., i n lf It . N: ! e l R v, E n it ,d lA , N
.1, W. r, Inform. Ids friends and
castornern that he_lias the
aid of hoino•tlld furniture ever before rei.n In
1111. city., a, he la delerinine,l to uphold the quality witlt
wall...wined material, beet worknian•hlp, and new,,,
=eg .. .L . froz
a, ega i tif o lti r a r zl . tx w aild
lure, at the lowe,t O.
har. adopted the principle Of I . Jentifylng the en , tt.m..
era intervat with hl own, In quality Ind pr., and. keep.
mik 4 , . haul lhe grealAt rniody of eter dea,intion
furni anyo
ture, rnati the and plasin,t, L. the noel elr
anal and eoslty. that a bona, or anr.part of one. rung In
furnl•lod from Ilk rhnk firmanufactured ea pn,aly
all, If. thereanv wild. InFpuetlon, lfilll the Ado..
of his eFtablirhinent nay known. following
elea renohd, In pail, of hi, flock, which for richners,r
atfle and tlni,h cannot. be rurPnuwd In any of lire Lia,tern
11 '
Parior. drawing, dining. and beill'oom 'distr.. of ssiai7
rarirty. rmodating of raarwinal, mahogany and walnut,
lk.nterratoiro. and Easy Chairs, of "rear des.
eription; tiousiire, Tel.-atilt. and Divs.. of the intrat
Fre.ll,and Amerinui letter.; Truk...,
.ladica . parlor Writing Desks of sari.. Muds, Work' ables
Mal fa i ry inlaid stand, music tioldrra, marlin
op, mahogany. roartroial and walnut contra PAW 0 , 11.
rstroolou dining "di AAA, of the moat rlisanorl.
son , l decidedly the loorklnd mash: saill.Printisoke Mal rind
Orr . tut.ll, aranimbra, tarirtraila and snub/hand' of rook A
tarn., anairtment; got
, hic: hall and parlor nsrption chair.
ottoman. arsi os;nry and hook Cillta, aide Lauds
firrenamen,Marl rack, hat 'land, and moan
not rota for rhilitniti; t 4 1 . 1. and 4 a_Pala
'onion:any, sort...rot, and Inlaid pearl Table", tr. Ar. •e.
assortment of floostrion Vomitus' , and Winds',
ChtriCisliintt ninkrunfiled with all ankles in their
ramlawl" and litdrll,forniahrd at the ahortret nothr.
All urdrra primptly attended tn.
PAttornry at Li0,N0.163 Thlrd Ft, owner of Cherry
l'or,'fiirell6-ntrkitt'n''f:l=orat3e par may.
tahlinri and rhildrru, and will attend, to sny othrr
sonntried with the narelmnent or any of its Depart.
lowits. the PCIAFIC.II atm, or thv P.,11{14, at thr Vityof
Diawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil
?4 , l l l l ,;t n p;o r i i 4
51hltart fat
I ;at " trin, l ' s•tt.Tir °s fe i r /MI
: nre.... fi f ura of indrortion.fmn. V
.; to 4!i. a
ndlo'" n t ' T; •' elan
asmai u
I,ttr,Dr. s
or fir. Addison.
.11,0 Font P.R.t.
i fJr Flie___
' Surgeon, lute
re,frctrully tip
In thpe
r e ,. n. at Ile tvt.per
I• 0' American
Vir Ynr
.r on Wood,
.1..-1 kea or
r IhrlXlort , so.
In Ihn It )14.
.. . •
Q.IIIITLEY & COLVIN, Coal Merchants, .T.Aill4 la Dry Don.l4.llflorrir, Inn, and Nail.
corn, r•l' Walnut. etch no al irs , hinstou Turupike Ittrul
Trureran OD. • nel0r1i•ly.:1
-- ir. ;,...11NUrrAff I1,1".1.,.
P. 'cIIrYINGIT. ' D. 11,11.1.
W. (71.73TNINDIIAM .k (AL Manufarturrrs of irtnoror
.N, , ..'.4 Ahrkrt rtrert.. I.r.hyrrn rino•sag :rend.
Dittrborah. Pm.
ho P wit
. boa WI,
.1 nn .l into
I. .
an. . a I r
.rr tt . or
I• t. IIN N.-
~ I,
1..1141111kt attention paid to odd odsm Aloo—Nalen
flint tils.s. Ac.
t grin.
cf.trzum, t Prrnmown 1:11120ln
Hamm; F.b. 21. lA:a.
:fiHE STOCKHOLDERS the "Clerelnrld
aril ritinintivb Railmad enlnpany. -- no-hereby no.
n}..tunnt at the arkyd of the CA.n..F. In nm^..^^
•thn 14111 tiny nf Mardi, innanr, at in Wrlnnk.
to Intn FonntilrrntinnlM aruntimentx In thnlr Char
tbn nt.n.trn,
f the Akan I:ranch, VVIZTTSVO:NrSgriIrit.
115'01N, 11;nr.
nt Shied nFI:
Atrb, mni florka
Init.,- le 12.)
~ , ,
.`atic~''~~j ~.`~.
I -
6 VVimAN34*IOI
rtrananx, a. O. nue tear.
0 -
kend . ofIFL I I T ERY R take thi L meth MU f, D n&orai a g thine d..iinar
or having aneh arnrk don, that they ar.•
prepared to ch, It at the taataitdr rate, at the abort. swat,. and In.the beg manner. al theft evtablishient.
Sword .11,14 atone the Canal Itridge.near the Work.,
'lw lon.. Tor Mark : , ¢llll3 and Ulan Furnaras. mann
fartni,l at the obort ,, t mg!, nod at the lotarat•prto,—
All kind. cf Jnbhing dour on fhnrt noth,
meld Lam
nuticruutnlor ether r.wwlrare apt.i...l lu sail as
Ilusta Idit
Irnn lin
llostu I It.
Pm ,
. .
:J Alio 11utu1,...1.1t,
31.1 31, rnnkliu.
:Nth Jun, 11um1 , n1 , 11..
31,11, Jul) Vrat,l,llo,
,11,l .1113 Ilutut.l,lt.
~ 1 11:1 . , p 1. lrnoklln.
loth 011. IlitmlK , l,lt.
I.lth I , ..r.FrrsoLliii.
13th IN,
00 an ....!,191 Nartgallvri
Irk.hln,,k . New y.Tk M,I
Ilremtkon.. Nett fork.
kAstoototr n I ork.
lirmorn.l . " _Now York
r‘.11.,1.11 , 1•Ett
S runil ,e, •
rk dor 11111mbl 1-4 h
4 earh tunn..l..rt.haamp
'OP / 1 4,1 NA %NO Ar. 11,3,.
1 1 1..amthio 100...1 4,00 I:huh-Eon ttn the 10 rto.ll:ahof.
XII - ALHA/ ro, I 1.t1a.4.44.1,
Nor 1 . ..41, I.. J. ..ierti, Cott , Nortl...t.rt part: .4 N. 1 ok,
:Ind The pit 1.n0nr.4
Th. , 14164 1i..... .4 estta.l4. Not 4 4 , 44.4..
1tri5t.0r10..1,..1,. tom., et 4 r. Id. : INpot• at I 1...
Nolll EA•TERN. 4.14
surl.+Jsm4 tv0tt1..... linvlionl. Cambrtn, (Notre. Oar
ton, tortt, tleheen. 1..4 ter.
I ton. Coo.. pan %1 Livorno,.
Mlatnto:ll., 442.0. 1,14... Ind In.ll.
4:14. rri at 3A II
part, .Inll, 1 ~ ...
Er.or.—lty Butt,, Po.. AtertN.r, or. , l;ath.rotn
rout:tr, Xt totem turt tlNtor York tor..lut, rt,troda.dxll7.
Arrirr- tt tool deport, I,it.
rtApttrli, ANTI 1%•,11:1.11.-1:, attorogoo, Pa, Gown.
Fat t 1t... 1,1 or Wtotmorrlasrt tlrr.loO.
ttolitto. , ,.'4ltottottlon Co! . rtotthrro tort iVrto
oro for, .4 ult.. arta Itottan.N. Triton.
M10.431i. N1 , ..t0•it0.1. Ark...< North ,ortr
toorna. Lo.troatzet. Florida. anti 1Nt50.... dolly Arrls rn
and tit,arla ett trit.
Ylnn•rtlnrn.—B Itanncton
P ji. 11.
Carn2ll. 11.ama-, gt arri
Airlar.r. at 11 Y. u. : depart.. nt :
. .
No.rt IVctrral.-11, Ilea, cr. Pa, and l'i,vrlaxkl.
ne.:11.41n. yahn,,Suaabit.l-11....
Itirn!mol, 'Pazulu,
anq In. lb. extr. ut.• northern
.4 If, St.ift.. of !I'LL..., mu! It if Mit il,
I url ale.. 1 Artlst, at II •• .
Kt?, ,•taa —l4 ,harlaharr. Tana
m. Fraa , pt glt4anua,. KORiannizak. 11-al•arane. Oar.
Cleat-114d anaatia, - A , .
rm., al 7 a. alai damn, a 7 a ru.
lingisuei.urz vul • 144, A 175,4
ri1111 , 1,11, ,
4.1 I :
Mau, Ittio —lit 11,1, hal, villo.. anol.3lron
%, • and - lounial • .1 r, •
11, Ilun, Metinofl•urt,
o°,l t.lua'hrthuoartt. Iloatraat.r.
Tu.,%•ol.tloown o
lAN. 1, Arm... : NNW, nuol llustata,.. of alunola, • an.l k.
Erttet. v. % tutik, N..tolooaolotn, ONO,.
Ilurytttato.Nta tINN. I,l.teroouto,
Broth mt. • ,rala‘ • >NI IU A. bI4
Po • .14 ...IF Ar
too % • - Ilunt,l,l slloo. A 1..-.,, Man.
tour% Ituull.ort Pura., In. Arti,rl
-Autou. %..rtll. Atofinn.
11 • Are, o• oto t
au, • .• •loNattlr nutulal
I.xt sto.-1 , • Li, Vol, Slnteoun rtalat. at to
F. • II
1%) ., I. II ralurd, IlmatnNolt. Ogle.
I•n1nooluJout alo.l ...I WO
1...A1.s !ark... daily al c 1.. lapari. at tl• a al.
I..tu, fur thoo ..11% ToLu•I ....011/er nor bin.
U., tt• to. ttttt Attar fur tri-arekl,. rem,
itaNklr.atalanarlit maNt. nowt L. in the oodieNjot al nu butt,
loefura their tlta.utlu%N.
r..kG-1,5 1.11.11 - 1,0. nit ine:wt. .[nnt.
N. HI ILNIUS 1. N 1 1N ..4 , flanker, ' :
.V.• a: .V.erll et O. 1.-hrrn Ty retie...l elhnerfle 1/. Plater, :a.
PEN NNYI.T.I NIA. I Olean h eet Nlaanellou .. --An
Hank of iN l l.hallth .... . par, Inner. . WArt.A...._ -. A.
End..., Pe.A. 4do par ; [lnane h /1T le,. ... .1..
!1.-r mod 51.1 eel A• .rillrateeh &I VottllC....rll. _AA
IN.. of i -A.A.,. par fl', e 11.eolt. It nen - mall._ .....
Hank re Non), et...en-A ..pari. tin /en, .
hank ..1 N,n-i I. a late rt.-. e•ar Ira-alien hank.. ..'.. .i,
1...5 o: i•neeee,ie A eAhee. ~, , a.. 1.0... Ina A Tenet CA Are
'yea ..4 a, 11,..t tenet.
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hank of L•41.10.n ........ —illerehaeets' 1 Vlach Rank 1,
Bank r.f 511.1.11.1..... n. . l e ,!North 11e .tern hank. ... t.
3lort4rem.n Co. !lank .. ) .par; Ilrannhee .
Bank.' Noithumberiani.par, NetIVITI I:A tor IN ell 5 A.
Carltele Bank
(Womble Ilia A- Drilla.. la. naeelsk of 11... N Carolina.. 2
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Iberreeburg Dank
Ihenealrelre Rank.. . . ,.flt, .1 Brunarlek. Augunta 2
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ItrnOtlll at Chiiirvabo.- in 1 111111 GAN.
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Itrularb at Lannuter. A.A. Italthilore .l e . . ..... .. l.
Penned. at llotela.ns elle . dal 11 EITKIIN ECI'IIANI/1
Ilraterle nt 111. 1 et nom__ A. finnan.] I
Lionel. at Nearark. ... ./relAteorilla
Priet at Eirrik • dole[ leeutn
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Plants, Shrubbery, Evergreens, ex., &e.
<4. THE SrosuoillEtt offers for Role
I - • an
m ally largo and wall:adrenal 01 ,
siirtment uf Ornaental NAM, YhruLt.
.. '. la.r, . d:verracus. Hlarlr Tha.a, 1/ratai
toe, .t, VII, lilliAlln rollection of Everldn.doln.
Violin:: sad Pillar lho•es : Ilnelutlinw now var.:, of .rant
merit l The es.ortuo,nt uf Ihthlins naltaias one hundred
of the namt . atestnad and lint. varieties In rultli anon.—
Prior Lists to be bud at the otarnt. WI marlat dns, use sent
filth arl All nrdern addre.a...l to l'lt4hurith Kat Oftiva
trbe prr.nthtl, attendad I.d.
6.1:2,:a. JA311::: IV ARD/101', Manehrder.
V b: .I.N'hirrlr ti:dfllf: nA"I.II , II;LSTM.N.—Or,
Combe. in inn valuable w rot Ind• 011 the ..i.b,•tal.,/ , i'
tr,t4;,"17:::7;!;*,,t,,^.N,T.',1r..!::;;;A L i g, L ' ll ' 4 . l4.Zll ' ..a. '" o ' f
Ily.t.apsln: Afhl hr stain that andlntlngallnlaq ppaa,nr of
I.+liritte. in Lainlho. •ho was rwrerely Mill/led •lth ltd. I
ennrphunt., finding everytillint else la hdl. had menurne tn
ths thudrln dub, ntaddued from tha ntarstaell of liVlOl, MO
/111.111., which pm:rost cathpletely sueers•ful."
Dr. Ilottablon • 1hd., , , the trus dlnattlrr Uhl, nr lia
trla Jolend'n Great It yXr.p.fa Cur,. preparodfnan Kennet.
tun.the fourth nlnfnurit nf tha Oz. after dtreetions ;I Dam:
ef dir : the craat Ploniolosriersl riardnind, 1.3. d h, i1,,,,,,h.
Rt. D., l'hilnislphin. Id.
l'ltla Is a truly rondsrftll mumt y far Indijrastiond li.
pstads,Jantaline. I.lwar Cs.nvialla. Constipatlun. and Da-
Illity, anther rater nnture's nwn tnathfid. hy tustnre;s non
ot..nt, the If tlf Irk: Jule,
The Ilmtrn: .1t i. llw great aulrent Ho , food. tlw no
rlfylng. pre...cringe atitnulating agent of thn 'lomat!. and
inte.ttura. Il li hunt It there eon to no ithreytion—no nor
VerPkut of fond into hind--uojantrulott of the body; but
ratline a fool, torpid. painful • alldr.truellve condition of
the whole. dlgratise alenaming. trenkitalf doad. or In
-Il+l gnome!, protium, no u m,' attelof. ule, and .henon
the elleen., eli.trera, anti debility which enane.
But Ihl. runt may he supplied by extruding the digen
tine Delwin!, Pepsin. from the atomrteha of animal, re
embling wan. [boa forming a Divectire'rhod. prnellel
like the natural naptrie Jll/11L-.. in ha elo.mktd la'nera. and
Inrutelting n , wnuldete and perf , et stslotltutn for It.
The art of performing/ the pruceat of diKeallon art ifielallY
haa long 64,3 known to nhyaiologiata. fir. Houghton
claims the merit of making the applintion of lino act to
I the cure of ll)snerods. Inn prif,t her... Table form.
Read t h e relenttllc evidence! harm faeldg. In hi.
Irrated work on Animal Chnutiatm, An Artificial
plgenlllr Fluid, anahnnuta to the . tlantile Joie, ma In
- prepared from the tnurotta tnemianno of
mint:mto( tltto e
in whit carton,. artlci, of aa dand egg , .
wowed. changed. and Mg. - q.t./O. pod In the .ante mar,
nor a. they nook! be In the human stornneh. -
llonaletnn. ofThlladelphia. renal+, an artirclal di
ream« fluid called pni.:4lN. from the tlige.:4re.•tomaeh of
the Its. %Weir aff,d. au adtuiral.le terrwd, td;
earl ng ails? mum...4,1.n ',wilted, to nature.. own agent.
I br.l{,othe prlnriNe. and Sr. the nil
matt, e. 14 1 ,1100 of
. nttburgb.b ak, n" n sn l, b.t . R. t /teltora e.,..l
at. nicht:
Eneiss. Nin-r Eton, mr. Hamel and *rend N.
(t".-- n.
PMEiBI3ItOH nunzr.
Or tulPirrsomron
Slarrh 15. 1541.
Tbo tnarkrt ye,,ery.Ur no Important rhano . In
.5 0 ". 5,61 .5. 1.5 r as we coal woortalri. The nattier
Oil,! and plewant for outdoor 0p.r. 1 / 1 .14
given.—Th,, *et! 5 re.. S
mrtnl mark. Intl evealt, andrallimr.
Cole, Dearpr.
ga.ltZ4n2m. 8""..r.
bran. Crx
31eK7 s ,r lc tip s yruclward. Brun:m..l/le.
• 0.2. 1.,1.1, Elizabeth
Narlolnr, Dean, Louts,lll,
Mt ' eVigjOrT 1
14 ' 1 7 e ' i.
Dennel.t. enrlllP.
Ip i rkhuon. Lirolorzumille.
NinthalL • Now w trrltY;3.
Columbian, Reno. NA.hTille.
Fleetwood, C0u1,,t..q. Louis
Inurnstl, Conwe-11.11Rawnuit.
RhedJen: Elizatwth.
14 . 111 .9-14.1 em, 10, A .
. 7.pksVlLLE—Empre, 4.
• FOtt Lorm—The the Altur Idadem, t'ata CwhrAn
.ill InM 111.1 alwAr thiA day at 10 o'clork. A. u.
4th June
. 2tAJuly
it.h t Ner
"Eib ‘l 3 -1 . 11, inLIMAL-41 bhJ. [camel-v. biNg.l...r
, 15 , 1. inuou. litter Fon, Ill; IA Mut+ wham..
1....7 , 11 7',, e
zu bulk 11,4. 11,11141.),J
Wlut AlrOutllu, 1.1.1 u applet II welt dr5,81
llorbriJ, J lutrxuu 17x mat, II 4 tmlb.
015, Wtlerulunl' 1 lot m,.. , ,11 A 41:66.;
...4uul. Ilinthant Jk. buouu. Klur Jourt: 47
u 15.51. t Nob!, .1.11. Slunsbull:
11.15.1, 02.77777 k 47, 45 e.t. ulauwar,
II 5 eun•..ll, 2 lid 1..,1 bbl. • vleu, 111 dn ruqn,
In nn.l 'tutu. 7 It. bulk,. 1 .1u4.111u1
- 5T11 11 .1.11111.1.77-I.rt l'arzuJJ 7 7,1.1. rlovvrored. Y t 17
11 k . 1 . 411 414 1111.71. lard. Clmrk a 111.1•; 1 I.x Ann
•1.0.11 g Ar J
ef..r. hint. Md. IhaA II VI, .1:1M) Wiltumrth t Nuble:
4'. 61, ouuer n6...:51, 21 out, J 6111r101, 3
14. I 1.,. IS 1., button, wner
ul...urkl. I .64115.1 1, 51.1 , .. b 1 . 1 . 1 .R1 . ..V.11, pr, o bulk
ru , u4. nw,.
~stunhy. 31,7 7..
Fritb.r, Mar,11•11.
r6lAs - -1,11
Nlmt i.
Frl.l>i in,
olAtn NA ri —Ten Curl.), No Intmn,
1.....)11 A I)» I 1.1.1 win, .1 fr, , ntts, A (),2 L A
1 0 :)»rri) ^ 1.1.1. tall .41. 3..11).r. A NilvlA) lAA trA)IA.
A lAA .3 cA1...) I LA. II ilArlinct.AL AO tr.)) ham.. Ihoul•
.1) t.r. And I.n)At 1: blujA Alloul•Irr, A i. 13.4 mire. 1111rAfr
119119 N ATI— Ibra Nirt,r,[ll-12 bhl4 c.f., oil. 19 an
14:3 C45 . : , L1.1.4, 1 , 111. 11 Sox?' 4 ,, e ng
r: A gret,4-14 b1:14 whip! .
1. It 4 1r4de. .10 lard ml. 5..114, t 5444,14: do 'a i.-
t . .r .1
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.; Toudlo 2 do du. k Duncan: 8,
.A. 10 1114 boot+. "41 rolb loalbee. 1110 bulk oboublerk
1.211 , do dd., 1.41, 1,14, oil. 2.25 has candbd. 120 111 dd. 11
1.11. ta".....:‘,"kkrart47"4"‘Ttlha°44u!k'''l7l4l4W4 A 541974.
11114., 31,4114,44 4 el.
1,11 194 S to. 4n/C —19111hd• heron rhonlddir
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bblo t 4 blot,. 1.1 blolv Lobo., 10
r. bun.. I 4, do.. 122 to.o bacon ham4.2l 11014 tobar,
11 orad .2 142 barn. 2 0 , 4 141dr,44 14 2 4. bb lo .144.1,4, 114144) Ilay, '
ko K 9 I / 4144 9,41 144.4, da
do ar01,4, Clutlor turn;
lob. tuba-co. 2 1144
.kr0,.1.4... 3 1.14 14,4..1 .1 llotall•no n h er,., 41 ell 14-41b04.
ondi..l 14, 4 Phd. Intko-44.1,J 31a4ortn: 3 bk. Ind, It'
Ilnodbuo k eke 1,14 craw, 444 likuu. 14t 1.t1..111,.., King
1411e4c,k :11 1... IIFt, l rt. frath , ro. 1/ beech Alt b
1111 I,,nt. bid, a 101 do 1.4. Clark It 4.11: 10 VA haFu.
boors to Philadelphia
Forty-four hours to Baltimore.
2.40 sulks Railroad—D(; miles Canal.
Two Daily Linos Expresc Packet Boats.
vv ,mot,
13.1 i
4 )N the „r c.nat savizaion. Tut
N [Az kapt,t, l'a4rt &wt. rill let.. 1 .
14 , na, Itallnud 4.
r.. 1 i1.111,13fid r..u t fiur fi,
Time through FORTV-S. Hour,. •
um new, 3.10 0 et. rg..141,,0,
rlibxtruolo. runrfort ..10.1-
t b
_..1.301.r1T'..1...• 1110ttInet.
•r 0 ....:ouin4
Passengers for Baltimore,
lames' of Car. at lintai•hurr. take the V-aritaarct Cum
le•elerel , rtaw oltne t la that elt, telerhty
atr 1e.,.
Nn thnrrze tar handling lingstige nn thin mutt,
The Ita - reaael ce,— thee the atunt ennafertaLle.
xte en.l deeinel•le naar;ta.e . 0. the EeLateru 121Liee.
Frpr Is ai. .rlafarnlat,.nt.klo.
1 . . 111.1101 Li. 7. 4 '11 t
41r lit
01 .
II I. let livlnnst
t+ nr”,11.1 t.• I.• , Ix.rten lA. Um.
Put•lbor.A. kehrztarr rol
Foreign and American Hardware.
No. 129 Wood Street.
1 IA 11.1)W A 11E,
th. rprina [rad.. aryl which they art pewylatetl
to.otter to t•nrrha....rn At, that will romer.
f.torably with ahr of the.a.tern raw,
1/ont,the ,;114 lq , rrvn E.rrhav,e, Bank ,Votre,
Go:d linuglit, Surd ExcAangoi
No. 64 Wood Street, Pittsburgh
tttPwLh tutt DEM.I7, ,I,
C bat, sociated
I IL: with,. tit, la. Ca4hser ill.. rot.
n [..rho .111 per.onal talentl.ko. the
bt , iimr , A. The et. l,utfo. a. bervltali...
111.1 UII.KINm A
Corner of Third and Market sta. Pittatigh
Citizen's Insurance Company Pittsburgh
A OM , No. el Water avert. In of
lilt A NT.
Ilvegst, Trrvhlent.....A. Ho:Ca.:hr . ',
Contra,- t• mot, proonnol All otembandleo
In ohm., and ht trawl., • Or.
An amide guarani, ler the ability and Intros-Ur of 10,
'tondo.... is 'nednintl In the obarart, of It, Ilfrortnre,
who tar , all tatlvorsePttlrlotte4. well and favorably
known In the on:mutant', fer their Tendon,. lutelligrurr,
un.t ntln
Innr.votet-1.. lltte , ey. If tn. Burnley. It no Catintrr,
Jr.. 11 +ln, line., lltogh Iv Kinn. /Award Ilentelten t
John Haworth. C. Ilarbauttb. 0. 31 him notXrdf
Sr Prrim kr•ttlYTtn, 1, tnm.t rmrpretfully InrhrJ to the
nmsarnl.),l rtatement of John Watt. who waa marg.l
of an .14 rLoyA . the tim of the Ilarnotrets
May eertlfy that 1 have been cured of an old
..clsrnlo t'onah, by the use of Four MAO, "1 Pelrolentn.
The , snub attacked um n y ear simo ball Doretuhriband I had
1..1 all h 00.4 of getting well, an I had taken thr Woke of
phy althbut nny hynett. I wmp benefited
almost livtantly by the Petroleum. I .nntthed tub daPino
Coeurns/ the
I bankr these 42 04111.1.1 without rust aolieltallun from nn)"
one to do a awl aolely tar the purjaa that others who
mar he !suffering v may ha brooded. Von are at IlbertS to
j0i1.11.1 lhl, rernflente: lam anold eitigen of Illttahnralb
batlt: r , 1,1•41 thin) rev.. Ily rekldener, at
tht tom.. on Syund stn,t. JIIIIN II ATT.
Ilittsremin. February 2/, 1,51."
Fur Mellowell. 140 E
2 , 4•11.ry, t. 7 IVt.ryd 11. A. I'nbmrturk.A lb.
{rm.] l Punt M. Curry. U. A. 1.1111.1 t. .t. ~h
Lod p. P. Schyrorty. hr 111,
, Vann; Illyyrin Syventhei-a-PlY4bunth.
RE YOU FATTIER, Inboring for the
lo I n oror ? rtof rannily. hr e
rullering treat Warta)
Tee lire -m"
Are you e rotTertsta foul. dl . to whirl, Re
male. ere grnetally no. , Dr. S. D. Howe', Shaker
rer.eintrll , le;lL ., o 111 tvrtalnly eon. you.
l;al TLt „" ZII O 11;11 ' lhnt t' .
eaparllle, preperal by Dr N. 1 , . Mow, •been• the
111 , 110 A of 'a.. .manually author Loon. ellavaa.a. to which the
lumen boldly ere nuallnnelly eubje,t. than any other
preparation of Pareeperilla ever yet brought before the
Thl.. medicine har eatnbilebed Iln Llch tatattutlot , by
nut:wrong and well atteetedrum
it is put up In .putrt bottler., and la the =IT I ,, i'ealeatilla
that act. on thr Liver. litcln.), end Wool at the same
which render, IL alloorthor Leer* valuable to every
one, perbeularly to ll:melee.
Ile sure awl enquire rot Dr. S. D fIOWE'S 1911AKER
SAI:I4APAILILIA, and Lakeo Other
j • riee It per l.POttli--11 hunt, f..e Sal
t or coin ' UIL . 7 . D. DOW!: t CVI. Prnr , th.
To whom ell nnlere t o I Colle, Moll. Cincinnati. Obto.
ar be torepard.
Alec, fur role br .1. A. June, l d &lnalomeker a Co.. IV.
Inert.. It. IV. Meutte, A J. M. tgrl/11,11i. J. Mohler. IV. Java.
Z.j"ll2l:43re'attllepriarr, IV. It.
A Co.. tillealina: Patterene. and
Clehavlller Malian • hone. Oahe. nelaalearT
t Forty Town Lots in East Liverpool, 0.
TILE recent unprecedented side of Lots in
tin. atom.. thriving I'm. Inning nearty exhau.trai
vr , rlmtal, laid nut, and lb...lnman:al mill continuing.
the uneb.r.lgnral haw trevn Inditred not o r.n - ttott of
hi. prnperty In town bets a. illaern, owl nth,. tlinm for Aida
at print. and tenn• that rannnt fail tn moor the of
these triahing h, porrhan., Itt. medic,. to as, nnYttitrig
of lb. nt the Town and fit haring I•r•no
rutamently In *mint aderrtl.ementai nth, than
" ,nor non Lundred Inkr barn rnrvntly rhanamf hand.,
and lona purchased by three On. , r , ^ •
7'h. atxrte It are among the tont ellglble and dealral..le
in Ow plane, and are prinrimall, toratrd in the ,
•PPfy thsproprisfst I,lanryanl, or
mJam. Inaltnly. Lat., Fourth nsnet.• Vittsburah.
'LOUIE-1!q ItarmkryScott'. Family
114 " k" mia ROBISON. urn.** cu.
learrespindrEcr of thr Daily l'ittqmh thartk,l
WnstuNwrox, Nlareli 10.
There is said to be many a slip between the
cup and the lip; it trite old Fa in. 3111 d
gond one in its day, and one that wears its age
wen too. The application is this. The pirates
and their nutneruu, train of free companions have
not got Mr. Ewbank out of the Patent Office', nor
themselves into it, nut% ithstmuling their confi
dent belief on both points, one week ago. I learn
In-day, from a source which commands any belief,
that Mr. Ewbank ha' not been removed, will not
be removed, and has never stood in any dan
ger of removal. tt. . is trite that the President
and the Secretary of the Interior have been
inundated with complaints and denunciation.s
directed ngaiust the Commissioner of Patents,
but they come, almost without exception, from
trespassers upon Patent Rights, and originate in
the hitter personal hostility which has been ex
cited among this class of persons by the steady
refusal of fir, Embank to violate the rightS, and
destroy the property of inventors. I•mentioned,
in a recent letter, ft particular case, in which the
agents of one of the most daring of these free
looters (I think the epithet ix not too harsh)
gave public notice, in a Washington letter to
well-known print in New York, that unless on
given day the Commissioner gave a dycision
I against the proprietor of a certain very important
patent, and in favor of thenmselve•, they would
'let slip upon him the dogs of war. In the ELM
of this impudent threat., he went forward, .lid his
duty, and defied the iyhole crew. They raised a
great hobbub through the press. and tiled their
charges, These charges butte been examined,
and the report to the President Ilpoll Otero iv,
that they are frivolous and contemptible, and not
worth refuting. Therefore, the report that Mr. I 1
Curtis, nr anybody else. has been nominated in
his place is a fabrication.
1 It is stated that the treaty now before the
Senate, in respect to the affairs of Nicaragua, is
the old one, negotiated by Mr. Strider, in Sep
tember, 11,49 In fact, it has been before the
Senate for a year punt, being submitted imme
diately after the Clayton and Bulwer treaty Ara,
ratified. But, in truth, I am afraid the game is
up with regard to those fine - countries. the .lie
jointed Central American States. The British
have taken and retain quiet possession anti the
Mosquito Coast, the best part of Honduras, and. '
from the best and latest accounts we bare, are
! appropriating Yucatan. On the western side,
they are bloelmiling the ports of San Salvador,
1 lloniltum.s . , and Nicaragua, and have had the ail
; dress to set the people of those States to fighting I
with Guatemala, another State of the old Con
federacy, about the causes or that very blockade.
When all parties are completely exhausted, she
will take them under her august and disinterest
ed protection, as she has done theAloupitos, and
she will then have another inamdficent dependen
cy on this continent. stretching front the southern
liorders of Mexico to the Isthnuo of Panama, and
probably including that important passage be
tween the oceans. These results will be mnrtifyi ng
to are national pride. end they will also greatly
retard the development or our commercial emu.-
gie, and grratnees ; hint they are tent the led.. er r .
mitt Theevent,tf the L.. 1 three orrouryear, have
lholvo that there no erten', froth there ten.len-
t•ien but by A very rernlutnarrertitin of the rights
of our own reinitilie in tini determination of the
Central American yutainn. anil it appear, that
no such demonstration or what we Are entitled
to iletnanit. an.? to itn.i.A to ininte
The , einlte f the Sao .I, m i, only the prritl.l
to the Ittpropeittliett 1.,.e et- of ever
votaniatoling point °II in. eligible lino or co m
munieMion either by railroad nr canal Itttdreen
the Atlantic. and Pacitie. The rltiytnn trente,
which, in Mny I:c.tSerenteff eußi n ,ensntinn of
jcs exult:U . l.n throngitnnt the cettntey, has
been repudiated, after ratifienti..n, by the itriti,h
The &lo° certainly ought to go home. Two
hour• weir idled away thi• ramming in mere im•
Or, te, the• :,en
rite thnt
the river an , l 113T:.', spy, ern, tion bill lael been
toi,repeeee ti t e d Ly the 11eta,1,1i..111,4 ?AN,. lie
tool; tip the articles of the Republic /111•1 proird
by a ntaeterly et - incl.,. that lit* your, hml been
frank and clear en the utteetion of Internill Im
provements. including three partieul ar appropri•
atione. He showed that he had t a lk e d an,l writ
ten in taxer of them, 1 4,3.i,P11. of very
great •moMe and conftn•ion, and voted in direct
oppot.ition to the said lettere bad speeeltes, or
dodged with ,ingnlar dexterity the vote. which
would have decided til l question.. .li,ene,eil in
them. Ilewas very etaere inklee.l upon the Re
public for its dmibts Co his coneieteney or sin-
eerily, and then tent on to prove in the moot
ootiorniitory n. r, that the diepithlic
hio inio•h Letter than he did him-
Slesars. Butler anllieu. of South Carolina,
nest took the floor to place that import an t and
fidgetty little State ..:ritet and to notice
the allegations in Sato Ballston's letter to II
; ikon. just`pohlislicl. Your roter. most knots
that the two General,, llooston, of Texas. and
Ilamillon, of South l'arolirm, hove had,. — sharp
correspondence . ' io the newspapers, all atonal. the
institutions td South Caroliow The find llenernl!
says then' in tin tin:. in minding Sonth Carolina.
hecatete she cannot help fretting and finning ;
making bervelf ridiculous to lice ,istcr St,des, ;
being, ns she iv: nothing Letter than a done Corpo
ration of planters. hank presidents mid directors,
railroad manager,, and finally cotton spinners.
The majesty of the people, he =are, is not known
! there. A tyrannical oligarchy rules the State.
And nattele more to the manic purport sap Sam- ;
.he reply of Hamilton is very long. and
not paidicultir nonfat or spicy reading; Now
lthstt and Butler take up this petty new , paper
wrangle, Lying it into the Senate and there deliv
er eulogies over and upon the people, the insti-
stitutions, the soil, climate and productions of !
SouthWorttlina, interloired with philippic, upon !
Houston. The latter replies in tolerably g,14,41
humor and with motifs point, and the orators hav
ing 'dotal Ont.. the 'natter blows ever.
This in all well enough, but it may he asked
what ban the Senate to do with the articles in
the Republic or the letters in the Union' Why
should the people pay nizty-two men right dol
lars a day, and a naineless and shamelmet amount
or ronetnrrlirc rnilruyr, to babble over ',tick • trash
an this?
It is whispered that tim treasury has again
been pillage to the extent of that ennitruetive
mileage for imaginary journeys. Itintra' tie
ICerre•pouJntee of the Dells Plit,etryh 4:1,11 , I
, . .
Or. Carothers reported from the I %nominee on
\lee an,) ipllllol,oly. of the Senate. With a nega
tive recommendation. the dill n. re , train the
immoderate 11, of intorienting Il. t itol, and to
prevent the unnarranlahle and II npr...)kr.l ee , ert
to lirearma along the unfinished portion lt he
Central Railroad.
The attention or the Senate woe :ie.:or:le:I al
most the entire morning loth n direnolott of the
Free Banking Bill. %% whose 1011..mlitivtig were propose:l.'earli of whirl 1 . 0!0.1 forth .41,111'
Meat, and more declamation. one to allow the
parehave of I . S. Stio•k in ailditioil to Stote Stock,
woo It:at—yeas 111, toy , : IS: the of the
hill generally voting in favor of the amendment.
The effect of it vvoold have hoer to kill the bill.
Another Inotieit to refer the1o01.1:: the Committee
on Itankn--tin indirect mode or demputching
ittensiirr--.1,1 , nl,l voted thorn.
A long debate envied, in which NleNsrs.Cralib,
Walker, liege, Myer:, honiginncher, and Foryyth
In the Finale, the following bilk paced:
For the relief of Lawrence Titlinferti, late Treas
- er of Medford county.
To incorporate Use I .it.h.h and Clarion Turn
pike and Plank [toad Company. •
To ineorporato the Torentuni and Saxottaburg
Plonk fowl Company.
A hill relative to the Danville and - Pottaville
Railroad Company.
Tn incorpotnte the Kittanning Mutual Ingot
ante Company.
To ineorpornte the Monongahela Mining Corn
1 To authorize the Meadville, Klecknerrille. and
Edinboro' Mani Road Com Pally, and the Mead
ville, Allegheny, and Brokenstraw Plank Rand
Company to unite their respective roads, and to
change part of them•into a railroad.
To incorporate the Prompton and Cherry
Ridge Turnpike Road Company.
' For the relief of the. Robbstown Bridge Com
Supplement to an act to establish a public
ferry on the Allegheny river, at Tionesta, Venno
go county.
A bilLin reference to the Courts of AlleghenY
To reduce the erpenses of collecting State
owl County Takes in Beaver and Venango count.,
A hill to extend the provisions of an actrelative
to voting nt elections in Adams, Dauphin, and
other counties, to Washington, Wayne; Fayette,
Somerset. and Sullivan counties; and relative to
I ertain election districts in various counties of
the Commonwealth.
Tn incorporate tlie Hyde Park Academy, and
relative to a reboot district in Indiana county.
Supplement to the act to incorporate the Spruce.
Creek and Phillipsburg Turnpike Road COM
TO incorporate. the Loretta Turnpike Road
e Zo int iTrporate the Kittanning Pl.k Road
To locale a eleeet in Ilrookerille, Jetteron
To facilitate the painage of coal and coke boats
over the Monongahela navigation improvement,
with nn amendment which reduces the penalty
fora violation of RI priivisions to $lO. The bill
fixed it nt $5O.
To open and extend an alley in Alleghenycity,
and relative to the grading and paving of streete
in said city, not to a street in South Pitts
To ineorporaje the Mercer and Showman Plank
Roil Company, in Mercer county.
The 'Senate has paimml the'rupplement to the
art relative to the House or Refuge for Western
Penimylvimia, and the bill to authorize A. K.
Lewie to sell certain real eNtAte.
Col. Robertson, in the House, offered. amend
ment ton bill to authorize the Canal Commis
doners to pay to the authorities of Pittsburgh
the , expenses of constructing the bridge over the
on Penn _street, in the city of Pitts
The amendment was declared out of order,
and of course no vote was had upon it.
The Revenue Commissioners have fixed the
following valuations
Chester. - - $21,899,432
An increase over that of '4B of $499,684
Cumberland, - - $10.597,808 .
Increase, - - $813:793
Dauphin, - - - $9 . .784,403
Increase, - - $1,320,397
Delaware. - - - • $8,578,163
Increase, _ $728,436
The above are the amounts returned by the
County Coinmiooioners. Drusisirs.
[ thr Maly PittAtergb Geaet..]
NEW loan, March 10, 1051.
The flow Henry anjr arrived in town this af
ternoon, and was most enthusiastically received
14 . y hundreds of people who assetnbled at the
er when he landed. He was escorted from
Philadelphia by n portion of the " Union Safety
Committee." lie will visit the Henry Clay hall
thin evening, and to-morrow, it in understood,
that he nil., leave ilithe.stcarashiP Georgia for
Cuba, where he intends to remain a short time
to recruit his health. lie looks very well con- 1
sidering the late trying tittles at ninshingtOn.—
Genet,' Foote i. also in town, and will probably
visit the ball this evening. Mr: Foote is at the
Irving (loose, and Mr. Clay at a private horse.
The health of the city is gord, (bwrc,ing small
pox =t
om! newly arrived emigrants;) and the
beithe. necoriling to the City Inspector's report,
were lase week or which 04 we re men, si
men. 12h 1 ,,, y•, and 04 girls; 219 native., of
thin century ;I I colored; of consumption,
small pox, :mid° of measles:
An English mercantile firm received orders
from London by the steamship Pacific, to havia
clipper ship. of 1100 tons burthen, built in this
country. This is a handsome compliment paid ,
to American ship builders, especially so, corning
frond "John IluiL" The admirable sailing goal- 1
sties of this class of vessels, seems to have
waked up oar trans-atlantic friends, and the ,
receipt or such an order here is a tacit acknowl-t
edgement of the superior skill of our ship
wrights. I nety also mention, an another corn
pint...tory circumstance, that 'the, British goy- I
eminent hss chartered the Anierienn clipper
ship Itottein, to rimy troops front London to
i n extensive fraud .in the Post Office in this
city has just come to light, involving a hereto
fore highly respectable party. It appears that
on or abort the first of January last, a firm in
Philadelphia remitted Reinling Railroad Bonds,
to the extent of $03.0f10, to Europe, which was
stolen by a clerk in the Post Office, named
Vassar, who immediately sold them in Wall
street The parties received a letter from Eu
i rope recently, stating that the Bonds bad not
come to hand and an investigation was inimedi
-ately instituted which fastened suspicion so
strongly .m the Post Office clerk that he con
fessed the crime. The young man was induced
to commit the theft from the fact of the amount
enclosed having been marked on the outside of
the letter. His father, who is possessed of eon-
siderable means, offers to make good the lose,
but the clerk is still held for the robbery.
An important derision was made in the Su-
rem° Court of this city lastw-eek, in relation to
I rent estate owners, and builders. It was decided I.
that where the owner of a lot agrees with a I
builder that the latter shall' build a house on the
bd. the owner advancing money, and to give n
tel when the house is finished, and take back
a mortgage is a contract within the lien law.
Money is in active demand, and the rates of
paper are a shade higher 'then :they were last
week. The n-cent failures have made the Banks
awl Visc oun t looses rout lOUS. and business notes
are more closely scanned. Primo paper is-quo
' 1141 W day at by./.7 per cent and call loans II per
cent. ealifitruia,eotititmoo, to !supply us with
large amounts of gold; about one million and a
half having arrived Within the Last twoor three
days, and front private advites, them will doubt
less be a corresponding amount received by the
next arrival.
The Stock market is very dull and there is no
malerinl sar 7 ation in pric, since my hu , t. A
failure occurred nt the Stock Board on Saran - lay
niternoon, in Which the differences are quite
The Stock in which the party concerned default
ell sr. Rending Railroad. There was an average
loof full 12 per rent het4 : cen the market rate,
and the ratt%the stock was purchased. The firm
alluded to bp Wheelock a. Brother. ,A branch of
the 541110 house in Roston, failed about 10 days
ago on Canton Company.
The total amount of specie exported from this
port, for the week ending Saturday woe
091. and for the year lot :52,1010,9411. Specie
is still going south, about *900,01)0 having been
shipped to Sew Orleans on Satunlay.
It nary be remembered that repre•entatliMs .
on Ibis subject) wore some time sitter addressed.
to President Taylor's administratioredly the
Eliglish plenipotentiary at Washington: A amt
very Ineh, or satisfactory legal argument, signed
by Mr. Clayton. was received in reply, but it
contained a clear admis,ion that the privilege of
icarcerating:Briti,ll .iildect s on account of dis
conloration of the scarf skit,, was not one of the .
'iglus ceded to the federal government by South
.! Carolina, in the constitutional pact.
APPOINTMENTS lOC THE PIIF.SIDENT, The application of Mr. Consul Mathew to Gov,
m 1,4,
,sel r,'uvol
cults ernor Means is the direct logical consequence of
John S. Pendleton, of Virginia. Co he Charge ! e1'3143" lett e r . 'The Fe'l , ral
•I'.l Hairs of the (*eked Stew, to the Argentine authorities have Abandoned, under i.Pri‘s'ident
Fillmore, the position which they took up under
110 , 1; d ahZ. nnirm,,D.
of San rrunci. „ o. . in I Pt , esitlent Taylor, and Sir Henry Bulirer is en
smetcrladdah‘noriafttoszin resorting to d:e S
. 1 diplom atic be Judge of the District Court of the United ^n Fed in a ••long mid Active correspendence."
Sta ri tz , f e o e r i t i l n o w •
, n r ...r o tt f ieLn el il i i m, stri n ct t, r;f h l e 'i n d o if . ..trz o il iaotof
lustier of the Supreme roan of the Territory
New Nlexico.
, ; , In the case of America, the indipity offered
I Jelin S. Watt , . or Indiana, to ho 4 ,,, n
__„" s4 " . '''''', Itous by . the South Carolinian practice, in the
1 I.luntive ~ r th e Supreme C m ". of tie T e rritory r '' . more inexcusable, liecon, the relations of the
New Alexiee. -
HO, countries are ant governed it the common
1,0 1. LIO.IIW r, to be Consul of the U. S. , at Illy of
nations, cr by a •ii le treaty. but by a
S.11111l•ber% in the Duchy of Soso Nleininger
~,,,,,,,,,i on of irootio,,, o„ , l.l,yhniotiele9 of cora
, Itildburgrihatinen. in (lemony.
toenail intercourse winch t, -e, a sanction M
IL Jon, Brooks, of Pentriy!cortin, to i.e Con
, most beyond that of international engagements.
col of the Unipil States at Itellamt, in Ireland, Nor Tati . it be orgiqUagait,t us tint we hove not
Henry A. Homes, 0$ Nlitenachueetts to be
the ro ,„ e ili en: ,i . We lied e n -
Axel appe e lico to t• i
;riAant bragotonn nod Secretory to the Leptio
of the United Staten iu Turkey. I tourer tothe
i loaned that no
. iiirisdirtn n ter the matter re
__........ ,
la Orcimin.,—..pray. Mitt C." ta i d a gentle- I sid e d in Washington. We now betake ettranlveu
man the oth e r miming... "wiry CO, ladiesn r , fond i to the government of l'artilizia-a novernign
or ,dr.,,,,,7' . -H o p )14.0,V... rep li ed mi„, •,
..,, 1 rtate. in every incident or s - orertm,imty—whid,
it tot perfectly natural and proper that a ' lady :• Itril4,,ennottr,:i".:unthl,r,r3ili....ri,ll4iratleVl;ln'tnegrfue're' weintll
shontlil like a good orfcr, ale"
The ins a ~,ne v t. urging upon u.—reaeonably, it may cription on the block of marbl e which ; be. but most illogically—the perplexities which
Is to:be given by the State of lowa to the Wash- . mist carer if we litteinj•t to treat with en hau
nter. Monoment is as follows: late.' member of t!)•• roieratiOn on the soma
-lowa—lfer affections, like the rives nn her {noting as with Mexico or Chili.
borders, flow to an inseparable Union. - .
I* k •
We were sincerely desirous that the ..long and
Toe 11 manta. DRWILI.O. CA mE. —.ln the /loon ,
of Representatives. at Ilarrhdinrg on Friday net , 'votive' enere`Peedenee should produce some in
n hill Woo introduced to &yo
I telligible result, even if it do not bring redress
r e ; Ur. Willi..
Wetlierill. of Montgomery c ..... ity from lii+ wife. -- n" , the! we ere the evict inclined to imitate n
On the someday, in the Senati,a rnetno . rie was ,;
few or, ou r tru '"ut l u"tir eoemletrttrive. wit o rult
received from the relatives of lr . wellierill. ' their bond.' "yr!• the dispute, declare it iftvnln
ble, ana enncluit ,e with ,imu
if we
lnte eravity, that
iit must end in a war. But cannot obtain•
against lila application frii• a divorce. Mrs l l; i eth rg :, _
erill, although the motherof 17 children, i., :, 1
eTI by her husband with infidelity. reparation, let uer
sat all entA have the rmeation -
placed in the proper light. Mr. Webster's
' ttophistry will doubtless be exerted in mystify
ing it with greater success than Mr. Clayton's;
but we - trust that Sir Henry Bawer .will_ drive.
his correspondent to a.point beyond the !Oda-.
clout quibble that the subject of our cotapitlifff.
is nothing more than agile of load police. .....
. . .
Nonrn (:A➢OLINA.—The official returns of the
census of North Camlina show the total number
of white persons in the state to be :43.776n free
centred, 27:567; sieves 289 . 455; theme, 63,4611;
dwellings, 106,084. families 10/028. Death
tiering the year, 10,278.
Ptoo r d during Me second n-onion of the Thirly,,irsi
trym.u , -No. !A
.\n-1 ]
nAt 'T to amend the acts regulating the ap
prai•unent of imported merchandise, and for
~Cher Napo,. •
Loaned by Mr S. -note and Nowt of INO-t
-rrniacOon, United Soars f Antrrictsdn CYR
gress ann.ndded, That in all elves where there is
or shall lie imposed any nil valorem rates of duty
na any goods, want., or merchandise, 'imported
- into - the Uoited States, itehall he the duty of the
Collector withill whore tp,,t r i e t the same chat! he
imported or entered. to cause the actual mar
ket value nrwholesale price thereof, nt the peri
od of the exportation to the United States, in the
principal markets of the country frorn which the
came shall have been imported into the United
States, to be appmi,d, c.timated, and ascertain
ed: and to ,uelt value or price shall be added pll
costs and charges, except insurance, and inclu
in every rase a Charge foe commissions
the usual rates, , the true value at the port
where the same may he entered, upon which du- -
ties shall he assessed. ,
Ste. 2. .Ind le it for Mer marred, Thst the
certificate of any one a the appraisers of the
United States of the dutiable value of any impor
ted merchandise re. IQ fired to be appraised,shall be
deemed anal taken to I,e the apprnisement of such
merchandise required by existing- lays to be
made by such rappraisers: - . . - - Anil where inerchall-
Aise shall be marred at port. where there are
.00 appraisers, the cerlitianate of the revenue of
ficer to whom is committed the estimating• and
collection of Julie. of the dutiable value of any
merchandise repaired to be appraised. shall be
deemed and taken to he the appimi.ment of ruck
merehanallse repaired by existing . laws to be
made by coot revenue collie,.
Sera al. Awl I, i 1 fit,ih, i narfrd, That ihere
shall he appointed I,y the Preiialent of the
United 'Stairs. by and with, the mli jct. , and cow,
sent Cl the Senate, Tour appraisers or mer
chanaliae. to he anon,' an anonal salary each id
two •tilott.r.nal fi a e h'orialred dollars ; together
with their sound travelling expenses. to be reg
ulated by the Sceretary of she Treasury, who
shall be employed in visiting such ports of entry
in the l'aaited States, under the direction of the
raid siserefary, no may lie deemeai useful by him'
for the 'comity of the rerenne; end shall at such
ports'afford such nit and assistance in, the ni,-
praise...lit of merchandise thereat as may be
deemed necessary by the Secretary of the Trea
sury to protect and insure uniformity in theicol.
lection of the revenne from customs; and Where
' ever practicable, in eases of appeal-from the de
cision of the Ilniteil States :appraisers under the
provision. of the sevainteenth section of the tar
iff act of thirtieth August eighteen hundred and
forty-two, the collector shill select one discreet
and experienced merchant to he associated with
one of the appraisers appointed under the pro
visions of this out, who together shall appraise
the goods in questiou; nod if they shalt disagree,
the collector .hall decide between thorn; and the
appraisement thus aletermincal shall be final, nail
deemed and taken to be the trace value' of said
' goals, MA the duty shall he levied thereon, ac
cordingly, any set of Congress to the contrary
5r.,,. 4. ..4a4 1.- , Mueller r nattni, That this net
quiff take effect on and ;after the first day of
April next; nil all acts anal parts of acts loam.
sistent with the prorisiomi - ef this act be, width°
same are hereby. repealed.
Approved Well ia, le:al. i .
Fro. Intellivoncer
We have very briefly given our own , dew of
the late Wanton 30.1 rear, :I,artlr on Mr. Web
,ter, ),y One of the representatives in Congress
Prom hie own state. The generous spirit of an
enlightened people has never• more signally man,
Vested itself Elam on this twca-ien, in
. the gen
eral expression of the sentiment or reProbstion
at' that
The nu:moron which it wai attempted tx
tatn the Charge or Mr. AUen are, we have no
doubt, substantially no staked, it: a more con
densed form than we have seen them any where
else, in the felltra lite paragraphs fawn an East
ern paper.
F. 31 THE 'I'Ri,V[IIE%i'E
"The charge brought by-Mr.. Allen Is trant .
mined by a particle of evidence, •tend his own
witnesses testify agoin,t.hina. The degree of
foundation upon which the Free Soil Represen
tative re:ied for this calumny appears - to he this.
Mr. Webster. in — enruing into .trie Adminis
tration, Made a great sscrifiee of his perional.,
interests. Ile surremled a professional income
worth four or five times tine value of his olilce.
NI, Webster is not amatt of fortune: be had
nothing of reputation to gainin ally race, and
the crisis at which he assnmel the' Department
oC St Ile was one from which the boldest man
night shrink. Ile night wr l inure C.PUed
but the whule country seconded the
wise choirs the President had made. Mn other
man was thou;.-ht elf and Mr. Webster yielded
his periontil inclinations an
the congratula
tions of all parties and all sections.
some of Mr. Web-ter's friends, it would op
meat-, appreciating the sacrifice which he had
placed at his di.ipit,al a sum of money,
equal perhaps to a th 4 r.l of that which he eat
riticed by taking office. It was done without
his request or suggestion, and the. Boston Doily
Advertiser says that to thie day Mr. Webster
has not been made o.,potioteil with even the
names of the men by whose honorable liberality
he has been in part remunerated for the pecuniary
isteritice which he mink The thing was honor
able to the men Who did it. It was honorable to
the man who had inspired such attachment in'
his friends: and the attempt to construe such a
gift into corruption 00 the part of the givers or
the receiver, is base, pitiful and malignant. It
will find no iiyinpaitty among honorable men,
whether Sir. Vi eb.tee's 1, osuts nr his enemies.
The fame of her great men is the most valua
ble treason; of the nation: :mil Le i. ho attempts
to break doyen that Woe, athl to tarnish the well
earned reputation of the forenoist men of the
country, should he ti'otittitl as a public enemy.-
SOlerit CAROLINA NNo ❑re xr
London Nlorning t 'llernOele of the 29rh of Feb
etnlty, hag an article upon the controversy he-
Cleeen Great Britain end Sonth Crtrolina, re
specting the imprisonment of colored subjects'
of Great Britain, ,Vo . to which we lean] that a
coreesprindence has heen opene4 between Mr.
Secretary Wel,ter and Sir Henry Ilniwer. One
or two extract , from the Chronicle's article will
show that the matter in tvking exactly that
coune which was predicted at the brat publica
tion of the enrreFrion.lcucc betwebo Governor
'Means of Mr. Mathew.