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. . ' *AIBRIiGTON Feb. 11.
SCNATE—liamerotas petitions and reports were
Mr. Seward offered a resolution' to enquire
into the espediency of reducing the , weight of
silrer coin.
. The deficiency bill which wan ordered to
. engrossed yesterday, was taken up and
The Senate, then toole up the bill graiting
ten millions of acres of public lands to the several
States of the Union, La' the benfit of the indigent
;and insane.
. After some debate. ,the bill was ordered to be
engrossed fore thlrd' reading,
The Senatelhen adjourned: .
Ifonsk—Tho;bill to establish 'a board of ;te
nements was take'n up.' The ques lion 111. on agree
ing to the substitute to the report from the Com
mittee of the Whole an the,state of the Union,
-permitting aggrieved claimants to sue the United
States, by n bill of equity in the 11. 8. Court,
with the right of appeal to -the Supreme
The eubetitute was lost---yeae 85, nays 109.
After several ineffectual attempts to defeatthe
bill, a motion was mole to lay it no the table.
which AM rejected—yeas 99, nays .107.
The bill was then rejected—yeas 99, nays
' A motion was mode to reconsider, but din
greed to. Subsequently, the vote by which the
bill was rejected was reconsidered—Tees 102
31i. Doer moved to reconsider the rote by
which the bill was engrossed for a third reading,
and,.on motion of Mr. Inge, the motion vas laid
on the table.
The question the recurred on the gassnge of
the bill, when, on motion of Mr. Inge, It was loot
an the table—yens 100, nays 98.
The house then adjourned. •
.Leunscir4r, Feb. 11.
The river has risen four inches in the'last 24
houra, • and there are now•8' 1 feet in the mud.
The weather is cool and disagreeable.
The Gladiator and Peru hare passed up. There
are fife feet,.two inches water on the folio, in the
'lfidlana chute.
The Wabash A reported rising; find a rise is
expected in the Cumberland.
Feb. 11. 1851.
Flour—Sales of 650 bids Bosons:1 Street at
it $4,50 - 0 bbl.
Omin—Limited sales of wheat at 1000102 c
for prime Red, 100e105c for white. Sa les of.
•whitecorn at 13061'87c, and of yellow at 59030 c
la bushel. Salenof oats nt 42.( 45c 1. 1
Whiskey—The mookBS - 14 without change.
Febradry 11
.00:i REPO T
Cotton—:Pricei have declined I with soles of
100 bales.
Flou4—There is a fair demand, with sales of
1500 bbls at. $4 816,5 for Indiana and Mich
igan. sad $4 816:4 87 for common Ohio.
Grain—Wheat is quiet. Corn is scarce, and
hellat CBc for new yellow.
Prorinions--I'ork is firm with sales of 100bbls
at sl2i for. mess, ands 9,25 for prime. Beef is
qedef, andanchantreil, prime mess is herd at $l5
60 la lll—lard is scarce. and held at 80®9e.
-Tallow—L;Sales of list' bbls at 81c'}"!lb.
Whiskiy--The Market is firm, with sales of 50
Ibis at 2.5e.251 -e gal.
Closer seed--Sitles of awl.s new crop atBoc
71? Pound- '
Linseed oil is firm, with sales of 1500 galls at
90€,e01c gall.
•S New tione, Feb. 11.
..CottLrk--Farther miles of 7130 bales at the re
cent decline of ie. • •
Flour—The market h quiet and firm. with fur-
tber et of la - Haidlbls, at $4.816;4.87 for com-
India Ohio; :$4,81(4:*',1 for Indians and Michi
gan; and $5.2505,73 for fancy and extra Ohio.
Grain—Wheat if, more in demand, with sales
'of 'GOOO bus Southern:at 103 e - 6 , bug. Corn is
scarce, aud new to Lela eyt 67,6 i GBe bu.
Pclaims—Old prime pork - is better—dew do
is nnFdtanged : gales 4110 bbls at $12,121 for mess,
sditliii - 9,Lnifi2,0,31 for prime. Beef is in active de
., trikrul t ..with sales of f:00 bbls at :88,60a.510,:i0
11w mean and 755(0.? for prime. Lapel bag ad
, auactd;with sales of 100 bids at 846118 i for old,
and new. 'flogs are al able , at i . 40 76. Beef
Haturrare at old prices. Butter is dull at
9®l2c. ' Ohio Cheese is finu, at tifih7o ?
* Whiskey is unchanged, with sales of 150 bat,
at 251@2.9e la gall.
Groceries—Sales 100 Idols Orleans. Sugar, at
131 We. 31olasses is in fair • demand,lwith sales
' of Mffabbls, at last quotations. Coffee is droop
ing, with sales op 400 bags Rio, at 11} 4a lb.
~Tobaceo--Tbe market is unchanged; witbastm
orpo. o bbds Kentucky, at 9€.,C111e; 10 cases Pa.
seed leaf, at 151 e ""e lb,
• Linsersleil—Furtber sales of ^_soo Wills at 90
€9la I? gall- '
Lead--Galena Is quiet and scarce! • and none
setting under S 3 It cwt.
Cbx,r3Al7., , Feb. 11
The, market is quiet, excepting Lard whipt .
has adiuneed with a sale of old western at 5c 11.
Stocks—The market is unsettled. Soles of
$7OOO Cincinnati sixes st 971 e.
"AlipTen number. and formidable chandler ofblimetri e
originating In • daymed FlZte of the liner, limiting chid
ironed the attention of medical men. Nome of - three
mum, clamed under the 100001 term of candunddloa , bare
boon auppmal dimmable, and the rothappy taffeta nu al
lonal to dle, w ithout medic-al erienre been enabled to offer
Idm • hopi of deanery. tlappilfiidu rav tto idllTnnbn the
mac. A remedy bee tern found width MU cure all there
earoplthits, of 'ridden, charterer, erloleg from derange
ment of the llrer. The Pills ditemered by tee. Prime, of
l'irginia, net directly on the liver, and by amrecting 14
operations and p ithfring it from theme. oafs off and erne
gates the anntleints that hare their engin in the &dime
of this omen. Pernedien hitherto praindal for these diem
ma ham la6nl to•ope rare mon the sent of the them.; but
3FLattie MLA mid ileo.orelres felt uldit (by action of
the liner, and by thrombi: , the Pontain dry up the Impure
ratreame of theme nhich theme dear.' thrir'existrom For
Sale at J. KIDD d CO.
• frligdakolur ' Wood 00
Ir no, Timothy .Serd. Pr/not nes mia
la bat Boa kegt. No 1 Loaf Lank
• -. t. 2.5 Mat, - psi ate 'N. p. F. agar.
140 loin N. O. tilobrataa • • i .
- ' fal het. MOO- trrottoJ O. I n Moto-meta
~' . 110 hrl. Victor. eutl.rtlne told extra brand..
lamtlias and for tile by BROWN a 11111KVATRICK
10 CASKS CLOLIDE LIME, 3lngpratts';
N 1•0,1 011, pro crop. Dimes;
.Z. 50111”. Enrlolllorwrk , , v.- - 4
1161.r1+ 11111,
2:r110 Thu 111. Yitrio!: Fnr ale by
Ufa E 1 OD &CO-MITI:0d rt.
E LAINI:S—A large and splendid assort
=Mt of o°ll .1 , 1(.111. Ilamllto.. 5.1 PrenoL Dc Lain
trnro 11. l• pl., yard.
irrurly all wool lain,. and C.blllfitt rximaely
/01/ ' A.. A. MASON-
TAT.AILORS' THIMAING.9.--Received tad optnel thb!d ay.
vas, lh, &dial, Twist,Zzlin ,nd Lartiag Test
'cot ( Cult". Dor" *O3, And .146 , 6 , .. 1 Y...t ...i
Mew Batons. born end kilark'lluncEasprairr. l . l attnns ,
k_fela , A. A. MASON A CO.
To Coal Nen and Boat Builders.
00 000 " IN IliEttT. COAL BOAT SIDING;
'l iIcKNI
1. _ , , AI ~ /0 0D arkOLIT. Milk.
eyseyeey, tam& by.
,_' s aga • - . Fourth atrvet. •
O - PA
BTNElthllP—tThe subscribers have
ttet4 int. C.l.artrevi,mdzZpqa, aloge. !ODA °boy. . A
JA.Uk.`, ATN.INRIti,
jal JOHN 11 (AMY." '
• -____.....---
4]1.11.111. , dq/•0t , 0 ,
lark. Clue, krorrn and trrwri Drotolclabm of thrianl
tbriabl'* moflu ' Clark Tkorklnr.
• Wrrt of Ell.l3l4.larmt 11144114 ex dw •.
Arblzia Errand Konto , lrY
Clark FALIA, Vanryrilk,a.'whint rr. Aire. and Mar:wilier
..'Perttnyt. ,A:A. DIAPON a CO.
• Alt kGi marra,t,
• 1 _P•it MIS. Dutra) PEActiEs; .•
:,ipur LAI Lua r brb...l
'Le brl.Vlatirldr.ri 31 . olorrer, rAk enoberairr.
109 dos Corn ilrotruK Jurtybr'd for rale by
.11mill:it , a ROI , -
' ' 7
• • FA' ING EU LIMNOS—We. aru prepar
turoub and mt ri.yarbtur for besting Abra
11 buildborm Iq rtratu or ha •arrb and Parr to.
surd U. Wllltart (row lbr rut in ell I...linked Ur awn-
LET--- ILionni and Stoant Neter 'fur
poryter, EtuAlre or
• Ytall llv YU.ul.l
rViouAcco--5 hinly OhiuLeafdoMaryland,
11. In more Aral for ..i. Li W3I. IL JOH Nry7l.A. •
110 dos 11ruttar.r..r.1,...1 for We II
!. , 1,1 reed 01111NY-511rIs Cincinuuti Ilonainy . just
1 per wiretoer etly,r, a tsirti .111 1.1.14 very low
'. I U . Grl. or bao, j.l) IVM. A- .11rVIAIRO t IX,
nUTeli 111-.lltlttlsai —l2 keel+ new, for sale
-."1/nr vzt tc.u..r., ArCLIMO I(X)
mle (lever* ro4 Ilesler, It/ Prniore: biker rearov.l
a . at. 121 11er1.1. in,114 Fire( elt, bevir,ll Wart Bud
/1 4. Pittiloarg4. )a034
•Closing out the.Entireltock.
f4.REAT TIARGAIN.S.—A 'Curt`her redue
,,rvp a...kyr. The •nivribo r volohing ciDee nut
. .4.• I...rck. Vaioeyso.l Stapte Dry by
;the lot ft( Ator Zie.ll. I.ollid `U
4:4 bit old cor omero awl the public, who. otro in 'nal of
coo. tar r cent. Dobow !brow. .Der. Teo any
Vol.. no 24.11..
D. l
UOM ooloportunity, will dlopoo. of Ow bal
.., at the xll4l lit al lent, vitt , •
,Whiclo Low C. 0.. Dr fivrr 11 v... 21.1 tmo.
ktol hmll7 Trade.
licaTcrk;tqcov. Pit.looDr
giTES 41.1 ct fillAilSngraved and
' apL Notes and Dra M t., song beauttful de.
fa so4ne •or Mord to &sees et stem For
at W. a. LIAVNNN Plank Wok Wm.
Con. Liaiset and &mut sta.
• and Post topTA •
EELER I'EACHES---A small lot receiv
@e'4. by ;4l w M. A. St,cunul • /.
ED , TO BUY—Notes of theWeetern
and stock of en Pittabornb i rAar a. '
Isersinsmsst.—slre regret to state, that our
readers will tot below an account of no less than
three attempts la incendiarism. one of which won
but too sucemsful. We earnestly trust that
the infamous scoundrel or sconndrels,\ guilty of
so many atrocities, may soon be discovered. and
meet with that punishment which their crimes
no well deserse.
Another attempt at ineendiariam of the moot
:daring kind,likewine came to ourears yesterdiy,
but we have been requested not to give any of
the details, and accordingly suppress Item.,
Wrrntatsww.—The Chronicle, of yesterday.
states that the Hartford Insurance Company
have withdrawn their agency.from this city, ow
ing to the late incendiary fires.
INCENDIAttI,Y. —The watchman at
Marshall leGeary's foundry in the Fifth Ward,
observed a suspicious looking personage lurking
about the premise. , on last Sunday evening. He
asked him what his business was, but t asseled
an impudent answer. While they were engaged
In an altrication, n thirst party , approached„ and
knocked the watchmen down with a cord!, mitt
ting his face, severely. As soon no he recover
ed from the effects of the blow, he leaped up and
heed a pistol at his adversaries. tie of them
fell, and the other carried him away before the
watchman wholly recovered his cease.
It is supposed that the rascals went there for
the purpose or bring the prentises.about which two
men bad been'observed lurking on the previous
evening. Search has been made for the wmut
ed MUD, but nothing. has since been heard of
THE tIDF. or NS:lit —The fire men
tioned in our edition of Tuesday, which etansum-. 1
ed.dhe warehouse of James Wood to Co., wax
fortunately clang - dished befere it extended nor
further. The firemen *lade desperate exertions
to save it, and fartunntely , n ll the buildings be
tween it and the M u nongahela House, in which
direction the wind was blowing, were covered
with iron roofs.
The loss is very great, but is covered to some
extent. by an insurance of $1.0.10 1 on the stork.
in the Western InsuranetCompany, and *lo,ooo
in the :North American, of Philadelphia. The
building was also insured for $3,00 0 in the office
of the latfirenampany.
We ren ' iet, to state that this fi re was owing to
nn incen diary. It was nscertained yesterday
morning. that the iron safe kind been broken open,
and all the money which it contained, (about
one hundred dollars in gold, ) stolen. A draught
for two hundred dollars, which will be perWitly
useless to the thief. seas likewise taken. The
safe doors were; left open. anti the books were
of courser as the fire spread, consumed. They
were pulled oat, anti scattered round by those
who first entered the store, when the filmes se.b
sided, which gave-rise to the story of their hav
ing been taken into the middle of the warehouse
and set on fire.
• • • • .. - .
The loss of the valuable books and pavers Is
by far the most serious part of this calamity.
ATTESICTED ItieiNldAlt.3l.—An attempt was
made, on last Sunday evening, to fire tile public
school hones of the Fifth Ward, at the corner of
Walnut and Pike streets. Fire was V 04111.101-
cated to a broom,.and a number of sticks idled
together, but it went out, and the incendiary,
probably becoming slat mot deramped without
effecting his pnrposp.
FESTIVAL. —We are rejoiced to learn that. the
festival for the Rev. Mr. l',savant . " Inthrmary,
last 'night was attended by a large number of our
most respectable citizens. Nu w"rthier charity
exists in our city, than this hospital, where all,
no matter what may he the nature of their dis
ease, ere admitted, =uttering being the only qual
ification requisite.
lIANDSONIE PECESCST.—We le'arri that Mr. J It.
Lambdin, the celebrated artist, who is now on a
professional visit to our city, has presented the
Young Men's Mercantile Library Association
with a beautifudportrait of tine late lodge Mar
shall, The painting is rendered doubly NAluable
by the cisme of the painter, as well as by the em
inence of the subject of the portrait.
ANuTIILR J CUS,III. - Me learn that
Mr. Kemmerer will give another Concert at La
fayette Brill, on rent Nlonday evening. on which
occasion he will he nvsisted by a choir of three
hundred of hi,‘ youthful pupils.
SINOULAB.—II. I, SoMelf Ufa singular that,
within the post few s'eeka, DO less than three
iron fnetorieo or warehouses have been tired —
First, that of Mr. McClurg. in the Fifth Ward
6econd, that . of Knapp & Cu. ; and thinl, that of
James Wood & Co. The incendiary, whoever he
may be, seems to entertain n ...penisl dislike to
the iron manufactures.
llAnntan.—Captitin John Ha.rtnn of the Fifth
Ward, aged seventy-three, yesterday led to the
hymenear. altar, Mi.% Mary Jane Richardsm,
aged twenty.
The. gallant Captain did his countt# good VS ,
vice in the lati war with Great Elritam, and has
been "time whereof the memory of 'man reach
eth not to the contrary." superintendent of the
Boyardstown market house. Ile ion vallauttwd
fearless matt.
Tug Poor Uncap —There are now one hun
dred-and eight inmates in the City Poor Howse.
This is rather above the usual number at this
. Dr. Rollick has again arrived in our city, aQd
announces his intention of delivering a free f,ec
tare on Physiology on Friday next. The inter
est his lecture excited byre before, will doubtless
insure a large attendance again. See his adver
Sisartast Ptnervrewarr.—We I understand
that another attempt has Leen nindfi to fire the
rmiidenTee of Mrs. Totten, in the Seventh Ward.
Icr..—All our ice-houses are now nearly
Ss the supply of ice for the pest ',reek ur two,
has been verb' abundant. We have no' oubt that
our citizens will be able to procure it nt a rea
sonable rate during the ensuing summer.
• Tun C.,..v.“..—The Gourd. of Camil Commis
sioners have directed the agontz along the line
to have the Canal ready for the resumption of
navigation on the 15th of the present month.
OCTRAGEOCS.—A colored man, employed as
fireman on the steamer. ames Nelson, was yes
terday brought before Mayor Guthrie, charged
With committing an indecent assult on a white
woman, who was a deck passenger on that boat.
He was discharged on paying a fine of $l . O and
,the costs, as the prosecutrix, could not remain in
the city till the neat term of the Criminal Court.
PZTiT LAECENT.—A colored Mall, named Eat
on Kent, was yesterday committed to prison by
Mayor Guthrie, charged with stealing meat from
the butchers in the market house.
Ptcitcoesti s.—Our market people should be
cautious to day. as a number of pickpockets bare
beeti, for some time past, in the habit of frequent
ing the market house. Several country. people
had their pockets picked lust Saturday.
Cowitirrxm —Four women from n - notorious
house on the hill, had an examination before
Mayor Guthrie, yesterday. 'They were charged
with stealing a silver watch, and three hundred
dollars In money, from a stranger named (Any.
The watch was recovered, but the mouey was not
to be found.
Three of the defendants were omit to prison, to
stood their trial at the next term of the Court of
Quarter Sessions. The fourth gore hail for her
Sr.LLI9O I.lO'OU , iVfnlen'T L1CCN3E.—.14.61
Adams won yesterday committed to pri4on. by
Slayor Fleming, charged, an oath Thomuß Gil
more, with selling liquor. without:, license.,
granti sad ilmnkarti4 "ere ye,terday. IFuuglit
before hit honor, Moyer Guthrie, and cummixt.,l
to prison for various truer ul'
ranging !raw twenty four boors to thirty
BRUTAL Aoest LT.—The Tribune of yestes
rap that a hardware merchant of Ude city.
while returning from Church in Allegheny. in
company with his family, was brutally fUyILUII.-
ed by nix ruffle. in Anderson area, near the
canal bridge. They knocked him down with a
colt, and inflicted severe wounds 011 his head and
face. one of his front teeth being broken in the_
affray. The attack wan made without provoca
tion, the wretches probably tutting mistaken him
for another perrota.
ea. MITTEL. --Peter McColl:4le was yestenday
committed to prison by him - honor, Nlnyor Cuth•
lie, on the intyrmati. or Mr, Mary Me•
Oonnigle, who More that he had threatened to
kill her.
i3ELLi.—The bell of Trinity Church is
now rung regularly by the sexton whenever a fire
'occurs. If some arrangements were made so
that the bell of the Third Presbyterian Church
could likewise be rung,it would be greatly to the
advantage of our firemen.
nuu,—The alarm of fire yesterday evening
was 'caused by the burning of a newly finished
brick dwelling house, on the North Commons,
.!,kllegheny city. Conaiderehle damage was done
to the interior. We did not learn hew thb fug
!derstand that some
Ins haceit it in con
for the purpose of
in. order that they
[diary firer, 'which
ity. 311 e trust that
ions into effect, as
coos of remedying
SetCtit. Vi'aretn—We' u.
of our moot ptotainent
temptation to meet together
organizing a'apecial watch,
may put an end 'to the inc
Lane of late disgraced our
they may carry their
this i t ems to be the only •
the evil.
large number of the
a House, removed
night. It was for
r, and was saved
• lance that all tho
below, were roofed
lodgere et the Slonongal,
their baggage on Nlondny
some time in imminent dap:
only by the fortunate ciren.
house.; between it and the h •
with iron.
lx..iNtry.—Twelve or th
pour honbe are insane. Th;
trinarnent, and all their w.
tended to.
paupers in the city
y have good medical
tr ore carefully ot-
Bred dollar" worth
toter, from Mi. M.
coo warelfouse, two
James Wood & Co.,
BroLcs.—About one ho
of tobacco. and cigars was
31eGinleY. who keeps a tob
doors above the iron store a
at the fire on Monday night
1. 3 in Lir —l' main
I quest on the body of
1 the employ of Mr.
[lair Township, who
I l wirry, where he had
.1 Pittsburgh, on the
Thad been probably
he was found when
to dinner. He, in
Ifection of the heart.
m the visitation of
• StII,IIEN Du r ant.—Coroh
Arthuis yesterday hold on
John Marshal. a laborer i
Wm No of Lower St.
woo found dead iu a stone
been Working. two miles ft
Brownsville turnpike. LIB
extinct fol. some hours, as
the children went to call hit
.all likelihood, died from an a
and n verdict of “died
,I.l.4"iwas rendered. I
The unfortunate man had no friends in Alle.
'gheny County. •
• sSSF.I
rum indebted to the Journal, of
yesterday, for the opportunity to rectify on error,
theitiononguhels 31essenger has discover
ed. We quote from the Journal.:
"We clip the following from the.Monongahcla
Messenger :
Sateldr—We regret to le len theta young lady.
residing in Williamsport, whose name we forl?ear
to mention, committed sti cid° in the early part
of this week by taking arse *e. She lens engaged
to Lave been married on S nday next.. Rut her
betrothed unfortunately dint, and the melancholy
event so preyed upon her ind, ns to induce her
to commit the rash act by hich she was deprie
ed of lite.
•We were somewhat as rised in reading the
above paragraph in the ritishurgh Gazette of
lost -week. and we thought it strange that such
an event could take place in our town, without
it coming to the knowledge of ourcitizens."
We should have written , M'Ecesport, instead
of Williamsport, and the eiror was not observed
until the daily and weekly 'editions were worked
For r Pt;talo . zrgh Gator,
Ma. Lorton—The Juvehile Concert, given lust
Monday evening, at the Lafayette Hall, afforded
universal satisfaction uhd delight to a large and
respectable audience.
Prof Kemmerer is certainly entitled to much
credit for his success in teaching so large a num
her of juvenile vocalists, and the large audience
assembled convinces us that his musical achuire-
MentS are appreciated in our community. We
scarce deemed it possible that so large a number
of pupils could have been so adthirahly trained hi'
vocal music, to keep such aecurafetime, nod to
articulate so distinctly.
Over three hundred children song together iu
perfect harmony. The solo by a young lad, and
the five pieces performed by the little misseS,
-were well done. The performances of liyerly'e
Brass Bawl added much to the pleasure, of the
evening, and the excellent arrangement of the
singers, caused them to present a very beautiful
The behavior of the children woe excellent,
and gave great saticfaction— indeed the crowning
triumph of the evening was the cheerful and
( decorous behavior of the hand of boys, about
100, who, like the little ladies, were supplied
with white handkerchiefs, and waved them. and
sang with as correct o MPOSI.Ift, . and conducted
thettiselve, aid] ns mulch propriety as the little
There ie to be another entertainment on unit
Monday evening. ParentA Nhould hying their
children with' them, to give them a torte for vocal
music. which lA too much neglected.
Alt A (*mut:.
The 'Empire City' arrived at New Voik on Fri
day, bringing news from San Francisco to Jan.
I.- She brings 210 passengers, and about one
million in gold dust, $750,000 on consignment
and $2&0,000 in tbehands, of passenger,
Melo!lowing letter from a letter of Richard, a
missionary, written frcm the Gatune station .of
the Panama railroad., furnishes information of
interest relative to the work
In all the public works I have seen, I never
knew so large a body of men no happy and con-
tented, or to enter more fully into the spirit of a
1 • gnat national enterprise. I have made minute
enquiry of every laborer, and also of their en-
cellent. superintendent, Mr. Truesdale, than '
whom the company could not have selected a
more able'or efficient officer, as to their health,
and their opinion -of the climate. Found that
since the commencement of operations there have
been only three deaths, and thai those three men
bad been sick before they left the United States.
As to the Irish laborers there has not been one
sick since the commencement, all are perfectly
r contented and happy, awing to the wise, humane,
and judicious treatment of Mr. Truesdale.—
There has been a good deal of difference of opin-
ion as to the time it will require to complete the
whole but from what have seeb, I feel sat
isfied that 15 . mouths will be Fufficient. The track
is already prepared for the rpils from Navy Bay
to 6:dune, a distance of three miles and a half;
and a large portion of the remainder is already
A Coin counterfeiting establishment on a large
. „
scale has been broken up at Panama.
It in stated that the Whip have been victori.
ono in Sacramento City. which gives them the
ll... Tendency in the Legislature, and will probably
seccrre the return of n Whig to the Senate of the
United States in the place of Col. Fremont..
The Placer Times (Sacramento City) of Jane
:try let, has the following review of the mining
Up to the present time, we have had but little
rain—not enough to enable miners to work in the
ravines or dry diggings to much advantage. On
ly a few days at no time line there been eafficient
water to admit of washing. Should the present
weather continue, it will, to come extent, inter
fere with the calculations of miners. They will
not be able to realise as much from their mining
operations in the early port of the,wirder micas
tintidgated. But when tho snow upon the moun
tains begins to melt, the Present condition of
things will change, and ample amend. will be
made, for the time will not be lost, as tho mi
ners are now throwing op clay preparatiiy to wash
'rhe anccess of the mining interests of Cali
fornia, during the past season has been good.—
Notwithetnnding the losses that were nustained
in the early part of the season by damming op
endions, miners have generally done well. They
have,do the aggregate, obtained a large amount
of gold, as the returns by the steamer clearly
The excitement of mining in California has
nearly pact. All classes 'of our citizens now,
very generally, understand what can be avenged
from mining operations, and they are not dis
appointed with ordinary SUCCOSI, llold mining
has b7cone a permanent business. and we hear
less complaints from miners, than et any previ
ons time during the past 12 months.
1 . 110 Snn Frulli•lSCo .I.lllllllla Commerce in re
lation to the q uarts mining, says
• Among the most extensive establishments may
Inc enumerated that of Stockton A. Aspinwall, the
erection of whim.; machinery in now completed,
together with a large number of surrounding
buildings, such tis dwelling, houses, blacksmith's ,
shops, joiners shops, Sr. Their machinery in
said to be tar superior to any other yet pm up
for the 'purl., for which this building is de
Palmer. Cooke Sz Co, are also making large out
' lays of money on mining operations; and have
tit., far been well paid by the rich harvest of
the precious metal which they have extracted
I from the huge and ponderous rock. Our infor-
Inset says that they have removed enormous
i quantities of rock, and' already extended a tun
nel about one hundred feet through the most dif
, link:part of the - solid rein of quartz. •
• Several companies are now organized in the
vicinity of Burns' Diggings, for the purpose of
working the quarts rocks, there being in that
section one hundred and fifty persons engaged
in mining, and some of them have their multi
'nery already engaged. The veins in that neigh
borhOod are said to be , the. richest found in the
A correspondent of the Pacific News, writing
• from Tuba City, Dee. 18, says
IVery extensive dry diggings have been die
covered in the low ranges of hills between Tuba
and Feather rivers, audio places unlikely foe gold
accoSding to the notions heretofore received con
cerning deposits, - that it is not probable, bat al
together likely that the discovery of gold has but
just began. The prospect is good for getting
back - some of the money loot in damming :the
Feather and Yuba - rivers this eummer from the
dry diggings looked upon as worthless, while
such great %hinge were expected from the 'lam
'~..:V: ~'c£6ea.Jr::~ic~~
. .
The Stockton Journal contradicts the report
heretofore received, that Mr. While's party had
been waylaid and murdered by the - Indians. La
ter intelligence bad been received front him. In
whieb he announced that be had been snoresent
in finding the extensive silver mine be was in
search of.
The Sacramento Transcript records the find
ing of a lump of gold at Ophir, :Sutter County,
worth $10,01.10. Several persons had died of
cholera at that locality.
The Placer Times says:
Alfriend who is located between the North fork
of thpAtuerican and Bear-rivers, &i miles from
this city, informs us that new and important
discoveries have been made upon the last named
stream, three or four miles above Steep Hollow
on the Truckee emigrant road. Two or three
persons have been at work for several weeks
past in the location named. and have realized
-from one to two hundred dollars a day to each
man employed, A large number of persons
learning these facts have crowded In recently and
located claims. The most of those at work we
Lear artesloing exceedingly well. The gold is
found in the side of the mountain, in what
•pears to he decayed stone, and pays as deep no
shafts have been sunk. We are told the gold is
in coarse pieces curving in value from fifty cent.
to eight dollars.
The same paper notices the discovery of nn
extensire bed of eyal shout forty miles from Sac•
ramento, which had been laid open by the miners
intsearch of gold. From what little is known of
the geological formation of California, we are
rather doubtful of the accuracy of this infor
DEATH to TUE iIIOENSAINS.—A correspondent
of the Pacific News, under date of Yuba City,
Dee. IS, mites:
By the last reports from the head-graters of
Feather River. snow has fallen to the depth -of
1:: or 14 feet, and cold is no intense that eighteen
out of n party of nineteen men froze to death in
one night, and sixty or seventy:mules.The avow
fell so rapidly that the woad was nil covered.
and they were obliged to burn their cabin to
keep them from frCezing: but even that did not
save them. It is known that over two hundred
men retnnined up ,the North Fork. -with the. de
termination of wintering there. and fears are now
entertained that they will all perish.
Bernnrd B. Light. of Elmlgeville, Vu., was fro
zen to death a few miles north of Downieville.
lie hod started for Grass Valley, and becoming
'unwell, was left by his companion, who proceeded
to the nearest settlement for assistance. On his
return, nothing was to be found of Light, -al
though the blanket on which he hadlnin was dis
covered. The-nest morning the body was dis
covered about, fifty yards distant. The snow
was about n foot deep at the time.
The Alta Californian records the following sin
gular ease of kidnapping
Some time in the month of July or August
last, the American schoonerJupitor, Capt. Snow,
arrived at the Inland of Dominique, ``one of the
group of the Marquesas idnndn, l and remained
there for several weeks. While at the Island of
Dominique. the captain and mate induced five
females, one of whom was the Queen ,of the bay.
and only fourteen years of age, aud'the Others
the daughter s of chiefs, to go on hoard the schoon
er, by name false pretence, and, soon after they
were on board, got under way, and forcibly, and
against the will of the females, brought them to
this port. During the. whille voyage, the females
were treated with great cruelty, and after their
arrival here, they were treated still worse. no
much no that all of them jumped overboard, and
endeavored to escape to the shore. flaring been
saved from drowning, they were again taken on
board, and won after the schooner sailed for
Strwkton, still retaining the females nn hoard.
The captives were afterwards taken to San
Francisco by Col flays. and upon being taken
before the Justices of the Supreme Court, were
ordered to go free. Capt. Snow and his mate,
Cullman, were also arrested, nod after an exam
ination; committed for trial, forfulse imprison
ment of the women on board his vessel in the bay.
Bair was tiled at se,oot).
R. McKee, Esq., and Dr. Worencraft, the com
missioners appointed to treat with the Indian of
California. had'arrived at San Francisco.
The cholera bud been very fatal at 'Santa
Barhora In many cares whole families became
The custom houwo at Monterey wav robbed un
the 7th of January or 1:50.0tAl. A portion or it
belonged to the ',Heim, awl the remainder to the
Government. Five men were under arrevt (113
ruspieiou of being concerned in the affair.
The bark Bostonion woo lota iu entering the
Umqua river, in October, and Wm. Bell, of ram
bridgitport. Mos, . John T. smith, of satirbury,
and F. K. Johnson, of-Pruenia, were drowned.
A Bible Society, auxiliary to the .American
Bible Society, was formed at...San-Um.. the State
Capital. on the Nth December. dna Professor
Banister elected President. The annual meeting
was to be held un the fourth Ssbbath ofJanuary,
depositdry had been established, at which Bi
ble, and Testaments. in English. Frencb, Spaa•
ish and German, were kept on hand.
We have news from Oregon to the middle of
December. By, an advertisement in the Oregon
Spectator, we learn that the people there are in
earnest about a Railroad to connect the Willa
mette Valley with the Columbia River, with its .
terminus at some point approachable by large
vessels. The whole cost, it his been estimat
ed, will not be over $500,000, and it is proposed
to divide that aunt into one thousand shares, at
$4OO each. It is thought that it can be com
pleted in twelve months. We are pleased that
.our neighbors are awake to their own interest's',
in promoting all such improvements, by helping
out nature, where her hand has Dot quite met
man's necessities. ~
. .
The Oregonian contains the message of dor.
Gaines to the Territorial Legislature. He advo
mites a liberal Policy on the part of the General
Government, in the donation of lands to actual
settlers., The Oregon land bill, which passedthe
last Congress, was suggestsd to that body by
Gen. Gaines, for which he deserves th• thanks
of the people of the Territory. Ile urges the
immediate construction of the road at the public
Ile advocates a liberal system of education.—
Of the public buildings, he says:
"There is now in my hands $&,000 fat the
purpose of erecting suitable public buildings, to
which may be added $.lOlOO approprinted at the
Into session of Congress. "The want of a secure
place of confinement for persona conrictad of
high crimes, renders your prompt action In re
gard to the erection of a penitentiary
rably necessary to the faithful execution of the
laws of the land."
He asks the passage of a law for the protec
tion of the Indian tribes. The General Govern- .
tent ban appointed a Board of Commissioners to i
treat with the Indians for the relinquishment of '
their rights to the soil. Ho advocates a revision
of the taxes, and many other laws necessary and
proper to promote the general prosperity of the
Territory. In conclusion, ho feelingly announ
ces the death of the Into Prenidetst Taylor, and '
congratulates the Legislature. on. the passage of
all the compromise measures of 'the last Con
The Oregonian contains also, a highly interest
ing letter of Om Gaines, to the Into President
Taylor. The Territory is represented as being in
a very prospect.. condition. .
The Spectator states that a part of the bones at
a person supposed to have been drowned, was
found near Albany, in Linn County. The name
of the person is not known. The _money found
on him iv in the hands of Mr. George (line, of
Albany. Mr. O'Neal in faking the census of the
George M. Williams died very suddenly at Or
egon City.
COLD Vit LATHED —We learn from Mr. Collopy,
just from Portland, Oregon, the wenther there iv
extremely cold. A boy returning from Portland
to his father's-home, one mile from town, was
frozen to death. lle says the ice froze at leait
one inch thick in the room he slept in on the
i •
night before he left.
1 MPRi,ENIENTS —We learn that new and sub
stantial buildings are every day going up in Port-
I land, Oregon. This thriving city is at the head
i or nav igation un the Willamette, and le de:llliter'
; to become a very important city in that prospef-
I ous Territory.
.. Vt. I: I, li tra."—We have received a floe solid
potato. from Henry Fuller's farm, in Portland,
Oregon. It weighs three and a half pounds, and
mensiires twenty three and a half inches in cir.
emnference. We have also received from our
friend, Thomas J. Pryer, n turnip. weighing 35
! pounds. This is tow:hang for Oregon, but we
raise bigger 'potatoes in this State, and as to tur
nips. there was ones on exhibition on Central
wharf., last Sunday,'which could not be got into
a flour barrel. Dryer says he would have sent
us' cabbage, but they could not .get it aboard of
the steamer. --Cal. Cons..
Cratots CENRI'II Ao ECltto.i. --The Oregon
Spectator gives some curious facts, which it de
rives from Mr O'Neil. the Census Agent for Ore
gon Territory. These facts will afford some
discussion among the ladies. The Spectator
The population of Linn County averages about
7 to each family. and strange to tell, there is
quite a number of bachelor,. in the some, Ile
found one family containing 12 children, hearty
and well to do—the product of 19 years ; and
another containing 9 children in 11 years. Ile I
visited a number of families, the mothers of
which were but 14 years old, and several the
mothers of which were only 13 years old. One
family, in King's Valley, Polk County, the moth
er of which bad three children at birth, about
five months previous, two of whom were still
living, the other having died a short time before
his visit. Three Wallies by the name of Apple
gate, residing in the Umpgita Valley, contained 89
children; the distribution being nearly equal be
tween the three.
There was oaf family, the father of which af
ter giiing in the names of at= children, Wag
interrogated whether there was any more, re
plied—v . Yes, there are four or fire more," but he
being unable to call over their names, was oh.
served io trail for their mother• by whose assist- ,
once the catalogue was completed. >lr.
called - upon another family, the head of which
being absent, it should be remarked here. that
it is necessary to inquire the birth place of the
beads of the families Ais house keeper. a color
ed woman, was interr6mittsl as to the Stale in
which lie was torn assuming rather a
knowing look, ••I don't know 'tartly what State.
but I think he was born in the State of ltellenio
uy—l don't know if it joins lientock or not.—
Fre often beard him talt about it." Ile was a
native of Ireland. Another, being askeir - what
State he was horn in, replied that his father' had
moved round so much when he was n baby, that
he was unable to answer corieely.
The country of Yam Bill contains a population
of nearly 15011 .owls.
14‘011 RTT—The store on Market
" . .b "%151111!1:IN;'OCE.
LIAR SA LE UR REN'li-Ekven acres 0t.,:;
I' ttt
froml. altunted tha atnnaa , ° 11 ‘;111
of Alines...till, on a n rreetr.l (mt.
Ali ana.l .4111.115,„ an The Anon.l I. all larsr
1er..1. mat lento 1..0r0nl In frant by the
rtl..1.1111•I Lark In Ina it $a
one O the :non In the rleLnit, of
'ii, that i. nes in Me mark.
LET—A Warelnann situatati
r n nne..l ren arel Stara., an.l runnito th
Don Una, tr. Neeont re. .1.11 , 1,...,4.1 In..'
•Irvile, At,inren. It t..ultat,lr fee
4 n r •Var ' .... "... 1.666. 1.11 F TI. I NS. 0: s DEEM'
litill!SE AND LOT FOR. SALE—Tir• T r,
, I °,l
a. !ranting. thy l/11111111.1111i Val fe. andnn aorket atre..t
210 feet The bona. aril ea..rue:ea enmfot anJ
enleure. nh on flonlanr. of Cato o ut t..., 'I he
Sat fa sell *tont nitlt rhalre fruit tors. o abruh O lnar, p —
The 0.n.r.. pn.port, - I. ..,..lestrat.l.• za.n I
Oat. ',ON.", t 0.4 ntWrrl:t.
Wet No. 14.. IA fon (not,
rind Nq bark. OAlnrlna•.l.
. • /Inn. SLCOCIII:A.N. canon:burn.
Atrther panntolsra. Inquire of DAN I EL RI SING ER. *colt
Dearer. Jou rAI.
OR RENT—Ii gond ' , rick grahlo on 2
Lls•rts an.l smith.
trstruntx nt prnnrot arrant:4,l for limn llorsnt. ran
ring, it: ontill Im.t_wil7 trout.. to :vrntnico.lnte
Thn buil/Inc twlng 1,1, and converlinntl) alt oat
1. nottl.ll., tnrr p.n., of storms . .• for mon.
chant., ;I:totire nit ' JAS. 310.NTIS1TII.
Y7..177 soltil.ll.l.t. or So. 17 Stst 1.0
130S/TIVE SALE —A numlwr of
L in It.. tr., tltontion , . In Lie
boronzh 0,l Itlrininttnnom. Coq lit/rningltant to. nonth
I•itnaturvh. g• Inr lc., an,l 033 ao-tanuolelil2..
t. rno 414111 , 441. to
llasr.l A Irvin Otto Inr Itrtv-etghtl , ltt
nn , noto ACM., 1 , ,r tenth. monk. r partnntln,
FUR R F4N T —.‘ ‘rarellutiqe ,itnat,,d on
W. 11112 t. 1. tc... Marl, 411.1 Errr, ,1110.1 e fr,
prod.. Enquir. JAS LZELL
Marl,rt otitvt
rift REST— The lion., and ..71 - , 1
onarr.aandint Vr/Calad• oca ner ki 0,1 1, r,d)
1. al di,tarad cl Prid, utrrut. I!) Eialhth
art•lttne ta . finl c Cantu. In, tram +mnkr and bac-
CI, url Tr t n+l.l. an a t ,. tit.. a hen. •naria a plc,
11 It. lf Oft.• IMMO , m nt Icigin,/ , part cl
lbe HT)JAr'.W
OR SA LE--tkven year'n Inane , with gtock
and ft./Mr, nr Dry Linoty atr,t.
nr rUnkl.. pArtirvllr• roatunv ...Coro (..1.1,11w
Very Valuable City Property for Sale.
VIE undersigned Adulinktrators of the
FLI. OfTho.s. VAirmett. elcr,t,tAl. ttllve fitr Atli. the
ntra r•tate a the ..hl Th.ttuutt !Airman. roatti.ting
of :Ate A/ Ittrt 10ttsz tat Lilwrt, tAnt.t. running hark
to u fr. ft., ill, inA
A 1,.. tht, tavttru tiara knotty, A. thr
MAcouto 11..u , e It ith Ow trrotautl• tot Plahly ectratirttAl.
frt.oltutz on Hum MI, thirt • !On , lert tour In.
Al, thr, 1..1. inttatou nrl Oh. rr, Allt,...steh rut tart n
L. 4 (root. atAI ruitntng ht. It tialt AAA ytkraltrl truth Plum
snort ull a It holt prtAtrrts wall br told At ,rtttnltt auk. At
Applwalutti to lb , •tiloAribtAA, (Ad Lot Alla I.4ttr. thr ib
t of March. will Itit trerrAJ t ilirtiAlli To it, htiaten ltkltlert
01... the Tat eto tttu.J . l.t tAl.rotl 1,4 mot Arvlst tit
It. FA lIIM AN, or
,A,AAlmrat lal 1.11.11, .I
- I.ilLflt RENT .1 lwautifully 1,,...-atowl Lot,
Au11.,1 for •market cl
go ß atr ' . '" l ;' fr,Z;nl7l.ll.l4("'' *0,0,1
Pl., tetlll 4 u»t forth, rn.cUl. ,, , 4
17111111\'1\r\ a
0N SHINS'. Art.rr, al
r LET-- Th. , Store 8010, No. 65 .rp,
ItsYkrl street l'ke twrt liwatiro in for ;e:
• nicy
err kind. r t urs. akin. fur 1101111,11. ,
krill., • oftirri Ark s ti t , 11 . lF WI L.-11 . ;
14 1 011 ItE NT --All that la.rtinict my rivt-r
bota.ta t. Irlyi.en .0 •
knell Plink Antil tont IL. rl,. r. 0 , -nI
iny' sena tr ••
11l nil hi arryixer•l a ;no r a ni.
honer alth r urn , . akinoirilar ziinrckark.
and torn. It IA all in a hi,h *tat, is ruin. aCs .
I.ln. ealcuLwnit (nr dirlrt L.r rum,: yin,
perann nerd lint... he gra entree
if ni
osurn•tkled bintrotri mini-nil,. and lialitArt Tby
fseiliti.• In crlni ni ni innrknt kin. outwit yln the
inuntrt, a• lA* kintrtit rill have • an kf thr rrri
Tr•Z i. I
EA L ESTATE FOR SA LE- - 'Elie under
sale reiltAt.lo
1w 41
1. 3,4 4 .•5 IrliTn.i.,hsto. ito 1...15. 2 , 7 T.;
new &bon! Mum KIM Euritsh Luth,rsanebti'rcl...
. . • • • , • .
Tbr ranl,l grutath of Itlrtolophant In t..pulatlon and
manufa,turlnir wealth. an.] tint rearonsble p.m. at winch
lot. will toe fall. 0111 n.n.ler them rare aryl ntontalde In
,lllnent, Title perfect. Tcrtn r farorabl.
forpartl,ulasa and 1,114.. rtiquir...t nnclernrnecl at
ibr elb.• of tieorne liilronre. .rt tirant strd.
~ Pitta.-
I.urelt. Irtlrorn 'Third and Fonrth s c treet, or et William
;Tama .d N rattersuo. •. at their otos Ihtm.
Ingham. tttl , 11,1SV.e, V.AltiN.
Warehona, N. 3:,1 I.ibrrtystreet, nor
hell A Livnett, will tv,rrntrd. ult the lupin
prlrtlrrers.. trona the 1.1 of Marsh of xt. Arta,' to
Jat.%.sltf II BRADY WILMNS- lot V..unh
LET—Otte [louse anti Lot situmed
r i n fledf.:rd quet,Fh Ward. ant terms.
annir lA I
1.11 - 11. E CO Ain.
Jar I:vs Ltherty at
li I OR SUINCri LPT offers for
I: ma... lahre and sell Mirk (amen, with eve a . ~.1 11
or mom acrr4 cround. mltnat..l tilt I•oorth alree l an , ..
arltlat, thrce nailve of this elty. Purraearlon on
the 1.1 of Aprll next.
AI.. a vet, derlral.le lot nf mund.rontalning orrr FoUr
Arms, arlth 0 apring of excellent grater tboreon. pituatocl
mar the ahnte.
Al.n • int of 01 , 010.1 1 , foot 11 mohoi ha I hot. attolrn
Inc the n..ofoh of Mr. A. T.. r near Nn cit.. onnr•lta
thr nolrt nn yenth Marl on Prnn.,lranla Art nor 1' , ..-annn
II Ata
gn nn
avo. rtkn that On r/nnk Rovl gra! nvmplotn
the r. , nnn ram. r For
further Chita{ hyprth ot.
rout n•ar Or Mat iten,to•l ntyporty I•=lltif
dil'Oß It EN TOR SA LE—'rho Kubccriber ,x3Z
nal n 1000 trot Int r.ri do-nrahlr ontry q 1.1-•
A ltrr; h ! . rt r, rt
.lunar , t . y , i i l , lll . on Otto 1 .. r. c 0.t .t.. 17 . :
leave doullo bock 1111,1131 g ord., Illore to •
r•rrnsat hou tulle and 0 , 4 n•t, on tho •r , nod.
arnleh nnniwave. .rn imprnvokl rontaltno• 2 20 t7
devrintuc of fruit •In• • houn. owl •Inch 1100.
Ponnv.inn tir,n whcnev.r Dolor
WI RENT—A twu t,tory CA ;
' Non.. on liar *timt. EnTtire
1216 JAMES DALZELT.. G 4 neer rt
—I will 4111 fnr 4,41. or nn periwtuall 1.;141
(nna Ir) 14: (IA M Spring alloy. ad
) n ruzln , Moth (1 and I:ngtne unt, ,qukr,
to by 1.11..”(. 1./krP , ll. and A11....,M,L•tny.t. , . nral
STring Altry. b.-Ina 2(4 Met on tartly. ..1' 10 , m :Zpring
All•-). 1.300 11 ,, t frantln7 on li.l.Cl2,l7l(lrrrt.
dlntnir ni.vrit.. l>ntral Rodmnd Itqat. and rontalnint:
43 atri,,, lanaktli JA3ILS WHAM,.
• Tlool Ward Public ~boot 11no.,nn.lnItoon
whielLit •Instil. , . will 1. whillther ..varately of tn..*
r n h u r a Ide on
t. An) n.l.l2Einual inMrtnattco will tw .
Inrun , of .1.. made knovt api3 , 7 l l l ign , t , c. ,:c.,s.
nrnrd Dirrelnrs. at N.( IT and Z.:. 3lnri.rt -tnwt.
71 1 0 LET—A large Mansion House wittiTt9 ,
I a , ern.. Attu+Ell,' .Ituatenl of o.l4land.lai
LET.—Thar deKiral.lo ,residence at Rl7".n th.. euhscrther, gitualed,vl3
t Grx...l.:.htir,). Pike. tn the Borough of Luvrryt,e-.....
ntlle The hou.e lerr.e nr..l <nor rnimt, halo 12 rm.. 2
gle,lNi 1 0 1:IA1111a , r u
purl. Al,. 41. , 1:4;1...0 carry
bcry $.11.1 I . ra t It tr ' ret f goatnltu " .:ltation ' i c ..
It u uT., ' ll " ,z,V,.( l"'""" r"
giIMEIT! on iliTsrfrslA7ar.
311.11 oe 110 Market
VUR RENT—.I Snw Miu. in East Binning.
Con n ie,
w II ,Ituste.l for a large 1,11 , 1ty...• it ma man,
..ntir. .4 (h.. th - Coal hail
It wilt therediahly m... 1411113. with
r. • t.•t Ye. ,
011..., * rn v. .it.. fir 1.0,14
K.Alnunrrn.. nf rxerllent Mone. In. nf
A.11,12.,:n E. PIIILI.INe.txrt Birmingham.
To LEY -Tile Three story ilwellinct i l
How,. No Ifl pr,ent orrpi4
Juhn D. I.lsun,ton. and .-.ntalnlng twn ;calor,
/huh, r.. mid I...chru. on the OM
g , •
lrn on file 1.1 April Inquire of J. It. VIA/lIP.
laIU Hound Church.
rro LE'l' • Urn Two Story Brick llonse,n
A """'
coo J..11S WATT A CO.
FUR RENT. The ,Store. 11X Markets
Mrrvt, the second door from the rm.., of !quirt =
na rly pirrti the Ist of April mo.•
oext. loquin.ur. 1M VIL GREER,
lnu 41:m t 10J Pet, K.
VIM. KENT; two very MblrlVerllellt
a DWI:I.I.IN° 1111V:tEt+. on Third Arent. tame
anJ nna to Smlllthettl. rt.rtestintt Flr ru on the Orn.
of April newt.
4, Luau. for une or morejN. not Tart. ~rant
Lot , ea unit uenr the Allevhen, . ar lu the Ninth Ward.
Fourth Ft.. near NVnal,
VOlt lIENT.. --The following proper
.: tie, am ;or rent. viz
A large. well notah.d. and couiplettl,
STOOK nu Market xtre..t, I,areen Thinl and Fourth oh,
oultable for Or, 0,..1e
Sendai room+ to 14,e1Mee Building!, In (be Fecund and
third etude, puitable for Arty., Itconts, INtlert, tr.
A borne rourenient E1.1.1N11 1101`31 , ... In a boat
no. part ott f the eity.
rdou.gdo of the Ongoing ran he
April nett. given on the 1,1 of
Al.. LI. STORK on Third stmet, next dear to lb.
liar-Ito Imry I•oa ,, e,lta given ludnedLlety.
FOB MALE: Anunexpin.l I.nae on the Warehnuae. no
Third meet. heretofore occupied by the late Mr. A. Ih deo
For tern, aut.!, to
E. I. GAZZAM, 164 tkeeand etreet
jaul or to 11. 31t01131ICK. IA; Third street.
• -
FUR KENT, a Two I.tory Frame Huuer
and builalnG with two lot, Monte anld
Ilfnnl greet Sixth Ward, adjoining Ilhrorn
for .rtnY,npyly LITTLE a CO.
Liberty 10001
FrET, the Store Room N.. BS Mar-n,
krt ntrvet, adynnung the Watch and Jawrlr)
. W. Wllaun. reerully necupl^l
N. lloinkaa & an a Banking ackl kachaugyfl. , .
Thle num In krand In tbr moot central mud brt buyln.y.
point In the rity. and 0.41 adapted for • Banking Alld Ex
rhadge 10 Inalnsurancel.llller, on a atom A attho , ..t
new holt. with Atl
English Elate W., hr Out II
the weather penult..
KITIM 00 the tint of FArtiary. If •an4.l
Engulf, of IV W WILSON.
Jai attar, of Market and Fourth atm..
In the Diamond, the be• Ertl
frbllech; this Is puff. but a P.M.
eolo=mn *III mote
„or , ,
-The best 171=Irl ' ill!Il. Stat. 7. a.
Omen Tem venally go. toot
All Teas at thls establinhment are w 1 . 11 .1 fr.the
Original limas. bang tareup. to Package Tm•
In many I.tems. base bee. CSI t fr . " fr. Tr''
cad Ton
as well ram.. Bac mep
• atemll bundle as in 1 st.sek. •• to think thal Tca will keep
andl la ',Mtn, so in en calsinal data..
114 .1 01: I.OI . I.SVILLF. -- The Sylell.
I dal pew cr.ier IX ELLA. Wm. J. Fauna.
ritarider, willarit leave for the above aral Irt-
L ti ~,. g.,. on Tur.ala). Ihr llth WA., a 1 o'clock. P
".-- ' '''"
' L ..... ~,,, noir ort board. t.r - lo
•• .. fr Y ." '''' • - I. SEWTON JoNFS. Ai."...
aNOR ST. LOUIS. The splendid
1 4 in, sti.anier FLEETWOOD. 'Wm. Conte),
niandi.r. will iravii for llit above and in
' ,dia.. r e r s.... wws...isy. th. lah Lit:dant, at IP. it.
' rm. fr.lii hi .r i P'''''''''' ''' i 1 . 3 a11 4 R1 ' .4 . .11.11 ? f , i; A l eut
. 11,4Noit ST. Loris AND I LLIOOIs
111, frfp,
I•llC—The taw gem, 11Iaticui. cart.
I ilo , rt. .111 leave for the alai, and all Inter
mVnit4l.l. piirtx on lb.. liith In, at lu terlia.k. A. a ,
~,, (n.ivhf. pj• ILAAAAA, SW.i, nn biiard.. 1,1,11 ..
14‘01: UM lISV I LLE—.The spiel,- .•
' din mi an., NAV lii ATtill. Pant. W. limn.
11 Inati.ll2 lAv rikiiir sal all iattrui dint/.
psi, Choi slat at lirusrloet. Yi.r tivight tit paiiiaiie apply
on tenant. le.l.l.2
ST. 1.011. - Tb. fiat runulug .I..enrwrg7llTl
1,5 N EW TON. (.1{ Charlt , I,rxel. will
.1 I'
for W. •
el.t•Tr and Itilerwmllato port, Ou thi.
4 . NI.
. .
Fur (night or pa•••,..•1/1) 6.1.12
I.IILLE. Wm Shodarn. qvr. •111 run
a revular paellot 1•Isr•• um
ana % , 11,111, Iran.ln •ror, lionaay. 11 '•am•da,....4 Fr 1.10),
- For . fre.41.1 'kiwi) on board , s ,lO
tentnrr Al
nth I.,•••
Inf. day. Nl , l I'
or pn... ,, aar. apply on fr 1,12
Z A N ES% I I.LE - tine
tenuser Em s. Co, Inaotvr,
or atrove and lut,rnollhar port. tl.l. allorn.,,n,
loa pno , a,ro. ho 4 ld• ynsi
r j.. 11/ t ,
to:n park..t 1.11.71LN 0.nwet1.74;..- "
,rforrn,nn kw; la•tn, n
fhb. cit l . .01 WnI learlntr Yitt.urall at In o clock
'l 4 :Etkl n aV T l fl nd' in'T ' a 'd d r .;_ll " 7 . ll‘7.
In rr'h novi. ior fright g.a.r0“....15.1.0 o n . o.
nni AII.3IS7ItONO d CRUZEIL.Aarnt,
Al l 'iVi i .eO lL it E lCA- c , K lL77, b ;lrri. ;d r - > I4S Z .
rift.l.urgh rvery Tuentar.Tharcla3 - and S,tifttlar.
Irar,g fro, Monday. Wed...lay and Fri
tln. owner* of b' FY
Irtrularr ;mu. Noorwr, aryl other,. Er
,noAnnatl nn.l l'ltn•lntr,th Park. t tn.d, awl Tull kat,
r; ti for Clnrinnatl. Flare of OW Iry En,
Icsol No. 2. 1.00 fn•iftht apply on nowt!. nr to
11. BEIM ER. itcrnt
114WKI:‘ , WORT.--Tbe fine Myna "' . F, 4 1-T
of . o 2. C.,,t I. %.
..een Tni-.110 of I U . C . ID( k v u.
P1NV7.7.1,1^,-,,, 0,
ADELI'llIA.—wr ham. mall.. xrronminrom faj•
iq24=4R7s.Z.ll==;:tl7ll - 714=11
r,ml IMlLLMaidaa. Thromat In 7. hour, Small 1.4..
Doll mu Le taken. U LEECII
..1.17 &Ma _ Cava Flavin,
..S. Thine d< Ilaon to Piaziadelphla.-24
tuklee Rat+ ets..rtg. •
OrKel Intent Telkceeph ant Expriv. Line Stur . c....t9rapt.
Fix dmily [Klee el Sr w Coach, 11OLLIDAlen Run.
1,1 Irma thence he the Sew IN.ottr.,Penelia Rallenad
1•1111.M.LI.PIIIA. NEW YORK. w,e.l
Dann: the ruapertaion of Canal Narlannan. Six Pally
tl n C.acht. wtll halve tar llollstlataLurgh. and (rata
ht the Net. Pettnarlaatila heal noal auk.) Pt
Phil.lelphtm. tl.n.uah P.
Pare to Philadelphia.
.1 a itatae avery at ..elor.R.
.ot., nicht at the aame hour
In . time. *brat. in madit.,• Thia
I+[M tat.ePt eat:Ohl - table, and
[Le en..h.tat
• .
l'axavnrxr , Ga flp:timnro tate the N. Mtn rcaul at Mr.
Jur, nu thr aztiyal gd the car. at that kor
"-..'4° imfi T ' lNt'alitill ' t P .A * ll, St Charles 11,0,1.
. •
or to J 1101.A1F.... - Mouratraltrla
Pitt,burett. Itor 1. Is:tn.—tire:
Th. Attherrther ottnts for k tiff etncit, gond will.
ICambotun liiiindelphta. c.l the Itellsnee
L..' Th. putronsge 4 thin rad e4tatillthl mut em in roll
wkth, 14...x...iteration per.uo •i•bina tn eniLsrL
Ft.-I.l.tiflur-A, of thc... tuny Vn.y.J3
Ir. th... - arr, MP trod, An lb. I. aJvftnring Tor m•lunn en
inn Awn lot th La , Ene • - y sin riaz it S. inthottatit
101 IN 1I ADEN,
~urvivlne parto, of John 1.1eF*1..11 ,
lea Cannl 141.40. Prun
:24u BBLi. 2.0. MOLASSES;
. .00 Orse.l 1,-,ch. •
num., Fl.ntr. F., .1:147
.7 7 l li 11A1,1,4 .411
oar 1031.5 LINSEED OIL,
^OO •_l. 1,1,1. Tallow
15 El.k
:1! Luse. pun. ralt.faltl•
14.1. HAI Butter.
'tar :la Coalman ' 41,
r-at/ Euellah thaw, du:
4 I,d- Illekory Nut..
LW bud: Mini App.1...:
4, 044 rat,:
• . A 1141ruu:
A small uf ella...yralla For nal, o
)an'Sal , J
(2() 1: A L L 0 1 111;
wing,. Coll.,
So 4414 No 3 Manktr.l:
11114 Tar
lr ha, r:ll.llPan, rat 1 .)
I,alute Dealer , and l'eannuaalou haraa.
33.2. CI Water 4re..1.
I (.)00 L"S
:SoDo Corn Masi:
Ir4a) lb, hurk hcwal Viol.: for sale Ly
T. Wll,ll/5 .t. SON,
Vrodure Roles and Com:m.4/41 51.1.rhalata,
ra!) rcl teats atria,
I.: LK . I'OIIK —2OO piece 4 heF nmnil, well
■llritarn4l, far .ale bl IV3I. 11/1.1.4 LET • CO
I,EATIIERS—I7 sneks•prime for snle by
116 Welter
brls and 15 kegs for sato by
3,2 S J., DILW.RTII .4 co
11,1111LX)51S 7 -M dui jugt rer,eived by
II ~...., - J. S. lllLVrogill kCo
III:I:IT-100 bu Drivd Peaclieg:
ILO bo Dried Apy1...,.64. Pale. by
jrat J s 1.11.100111 t co
1" ERMILLION-1 caee genuine Chine,
rol. hl J K I id. CO,
,st.N •1
LA.IIPIILACK---io brIR for snit. I.V
Jan , J IIDLt }I
jVciltKS ON 1100 K KEEPING—
T ,
wort-, I mr Mr , ".. i.rrr - nrrir
for ode t.r .1011%SIV.LLOIL.
m_ts sl %tool a
UU It HE E LISA It itOW was taken away
(ram our am, Fralay. the 1/ah of Januar,. by e
man of the name or Wm.Willlam, and add to Mr.llotlfen.
Of Al:cal...a , rit) and taken In I'. M. Daft,' Anrtlnn It
no Straub., 09. - Znit. mad mid. The izottU , •man who mu
ch:L.4A the I.. , ll..artmarrturn the mute.
and act hi; rem,' n‘talt Ity thans 1.01 wath'
oblige .tra.N
J. 11. PHILLIPS.. and 9 Wool xt
lin.:11 7KER'S FARINA—:i eases 1.1. r sale by
1 I ,51..1 J. SLID MN M AKER k CO.
21 25, $1 50, and $175 per gallon.
T A V ERN 4; EEPERS bad better try Mania
A llimorD.C. Pr.. P., Fnewn RUNE,. td the .l
Vrtrcs. Ilk f..... vurcla.luz ....I"...ber.P.
ja2.5 rebt pide flits^ Dimond.
11 IC E-3G tes prime Carolina. for sale by
ik J AV, JAS. A. 111.Te111r , ..N .k co
110 Y-40 kegs assorted Nos. for sale by
10 ,i,...• its A 111. - TCHIS:IN S. CO
A,I OLAS:SE , S—Plantation & Sugar House;
'JAM ''''''"l.7l. l 'i %'il.;fi'VA ace.
T EAS 3U lif ehsts 1111.X.1. to ettra tine Green
enttv tno. do do do
IS Of rhr.n. Chnlan .nd Onlcuz Blue*. 10
^. l e I.S' ' II J. D.W11.1.1,01., .t . CU
MLLOW. . 25 W 1,
Ws for sale * ,
11111 G IRON-50 tons Brush Creek, for sale
1i °LASSES-4W brls plantation. for ral
1- ''' pers : JAS A. lIUSCIIMON OCO
I EAD--;!500 pip Galena, (or sale by
.1 . 4 .3:J JAS. A. lICTCIIIS.V. ICO
LINSEED 01L—..."0 brls 'reed for sale to;
1.24 .S.- a W. ILARBAUtiII:
SUG A lt, s & MOLASSES----..10 b h101 .0 1,
0.0. Stier. ,
W Idb. X. 11. do
.11 EIEII ANC LA y just reed by
ICE-411 tex just ree'4l far sale by
I.IIL 023 BUM:MIME s IsnlinAm
REST BLACK TEA—Same kind as in
.3P tuuland—Small leaf..lmr. and fine.
to when. el.. In Illulnkrub. .0•14
14 1 EATIIERS---1 packs 4 - 4 . 1 - 11 e, for ;41414. by—
. 4.24 WICK a 11.:AND1.K. , 1
li`A LI LY FLOP It '2ll brls eztra, for male by
I EA i./ • PI PE- -Cornell' , improved patent
N.+ b e Ils ,
o t.
Are.,lll[l.‘ll J ,
All on hnn.l enl Init., 1,.r _
LEXANDEIttlititlkIS. Wat.r
IF AM 11.. l FLOUR— -145 brls Itarn.ll'. extra
tdu brig Ymidy dc , .
'''''''' '.."""
'' ''''''
n it=. idrrtd .. a CO
..! . 7.'
Biiowls . 1 !Ai doe l'efi.reet ' s superior. fur
mi.. lo yea. ROBISON. LITTLE A CO
- . I
1 .
. .
I 31E111 - I. " , kegs ne.orted. for sale tn.
I IQUOitICE BALI,— 5 craw's small stick,
for .ale br yd, J. SCIIiioN MAK Elt A CO.
i.: 'Y
li Ft . S.-36 kris Golden Syrup;
1.7.1 ....i Idly ClurJfird .
A BUTCHIS dn fur
YS 'tile hy
Ail A CO
7 ~ Y I.LOW —25 brls recd per steamer Arena
Au.l lid ..1.. by
Jed:. Boun J d .
)..UE S3l A vise for =le by
1111EF'D SVGA RS--20 bze d. ref'd large loaf
103 brie mull loaf;
MO do ernepondhtd:
170 do ered;
,30 do Clatiflod, In done and
Ante Et. lends Bum Hettnery.
LOAF SUGAR-30 brie for pale by
Int BAG/alit & W.
thrtutmon Cds Barasrills;
tar sale bl
/12 , 67 Wood it
110 AGALEY, WOU . D.WARD & Co., IVholo-
I JP thncrro. NA 2.11 Market at... Philadelphia.
, •• ~
g~ALD, BUCKNOR & CO.. Tobacco
eolimt.gion Ilrrrhant-t. No. 41 North Water Arr. , .
1l N.rth Wham.. Yl/flaklptd. 1.14.1
}: I 1 „ tt
toa.leott tvor.hanaroto or /Tubb,
wotott w. rotwo Ol ctwww VALTIM c. 6mm:draw.
LIW. PNDEXTER Sr., 00., General
• CorosoL•mlon and Yumanling Merchant...wad alone
•iw, No. ni Martel •tropt. raLoelphlw. irs
To Sonthern and Western Merchants.
10 n U e S . 2 0 1 :., L ,ri 'L
itbt. etlnViVe Mark arfilme sall iy. " Luta.gait:th
Jr.. to which amen 6.ilmr and two Oaten Medal. have.
within the last six )ea n, been awanled by the Inatitutes of
New Vora. &wont. and Philadelphia, the latter being the
only. tiolden eve, awarded fir timbal:Derr either In
Europe or In thin country.
Hut Contort Sntrtail CUMIN. (Almond. Sim%
and And.raMil.) universally manna Ward to benuterlor to
.113 Shaviini,erimai In this country or Europe.
OuornaarSon b'itorran—tkautifully trail .. .went, and
bbrtily tisrmeenut and ..mollient protasetb
aanousiremm Oorapouild po; Ambrosial abasing Tat kt !Ulna
rrarm vrba. Ybara—Almond, More. Millefleura. /tom
rivet, Pirtachio. 3lutk, Pod. lowrly. utunildts, Floating.
Trampomut. (100,101. Windmr. and Cimiasian.
:Z . l - It44Ts 1. TIM 1111.1.11011t.N.--12., Jl.lllllO. llon
-911.1.I.• Can - Jenny Plod. Iloumeline,Jort•
tlimmaia„ Ch.snatite. Oitnutrlin. &mit, and mull
lu 01l nixty ditterent perfumer.
T.mar Arla.--11.,Mila It atm, Kau do Toilette. ()Mtge
Pluam at,. and a Pre . .. variety Of Colognes and L...
ilvr 1t abr..
kV v.. rna li•yn—l)enular Bran' 011,APOgnG
LuArale, Oleiae. llnaktiound Oa Mats
row, Ilmr 1.3,, 11,oill and in road... and rhilOn.g, d •
nine. and . I, .uti% Lind l'uniader,
,noty ~,tote l'itiVtaktioxs—lialrarok Boor Tooth
yduntin, Tooth lloto.andlTP.O.
w. Creraetie cream.ilEttandlos. far
rhaped banl.. 0.14 Crnoi of H0...4.1,4.= Perv, Lip
Itawriwn, •
liepdat,ry Partb.t, tut r•lloThl{remprettutuukiair;
Vinahere de hnoo, aronutie Vinegar, Vittoria
ether amid.,. P
uo . r, t t h o e e b g e, a,imded
a gr hx
v a a l g r i e e i t l r e f
mem. .
Tbe eutacriber hopes to raiLot.4ln the reputation which
thl4 optahliquopot aoqurol, br 1.4.6112 X of nothing
bat Ilya toz , . ameba. ah 4 will by happy to kaal, thane
who ro a y ebb tot:Rama,. oith,
or retail,
on ro rearooable terms a- arty ~. I, l bligiment. in the Utrit,/
Noc..-,sor sad former Dirretor of the Lamas.) of
LIM ENE, it01.115E1,14,
114 Chewout
Mr. Lltrin'e Prrftunerp is for aale 144 all the priooloal
Druggists to the C1:1111.‘17.
AVE. now in .tore, and are constantly
rho <framer, Ike an exton<i•ra aw•ort
m,lit ref tirntionini Ft. - rod/mu Unodm ever talon. ,Herd. od.bracine th•• Lltr<t and riehwt !Isle< of Crarat<Shlrtn,
llomory. illepender, (iumenta, • Lotuldo
Br - ,<Woo. Gown, Liarolkorchlot4
flo•u1.1, Bran, L,oeo Collor, with a variot,of other or
to•I•••• prolior to their lino of All of whkh
w• , / rrrf our cce.:tern
to •-tamlm our nook • fro4l3m.
111. 3100 RE d: CO.. - 1= BROADWAY sr..
A 1, t,r, NZ . Y1 . 0a . . ,t 21 , 5 , Vn0r and an• mcelslng one
1 - ..tic1.71 - DRY GOODS,
ihkh 111. r oft, to but on nt cztermely low prima, on short
lit nr 116,ral ditrouot ft. , r CASIO contistlng In pare as
ps No 710 ;:i• Li.lies . and Mass' Bennct and Eash 10.000 oi Nn. 110'2i plain anain dm. 10.000 do Taf.
ta .1.4 plain. rban,abl... chino. nrat..rod rad corded Bon
111k.. tall ribtonc full assortment velvet dux
blank tad erarya. crniw 11.. r, tarlatan, zonbrr.
illusion and Ilrurell. ,aelltrial Buren, rap taut,
cnnig.oi tiLGmt hr.
- LARUE ,i,nitilirxr or DIMITHIE..I.
F.mbnnavn..l, nor.. and ounboun..l In lakn vn mu•linz
la. 14-4 un,quito dril. curtain frinp., um:ll:work nml Mm.
lonn.l book. , suMne. swl.o, mull and mon.c m line
plant dodo. lawn.turn't Plain Olk coorMA Z-5 L. C.
hd kt..
!farmlE., Floe n-. .tin. and India edlka.vilk button..
In rar,ty, Al mon braid% anon, arm, trlmmim,
AIR!, Ilona ralttbrice, Inrae, oment Kid
glnvea and mid, Mohair do do, Bala
arid .11k fancy 'ilk cravat.. veils. black
and Ki,Er Q nve, Brat Bart., 0.11,, ppum. twin. embinid
er..l:and plain H.., lawn and cambric Inlkk compkte
had:, nrl,l and cambric isocrtinm. and Wa
in., do do an paw,. caillar... cud, 0e 3d In M.
dram and fflrl, Erarata.
cattrailini Vtletleletmel.. 110.1taciaarf
1 , 1,m., all width. plait, und ewl.f nAtot, and •ilk lava,
While and et.1.,r,,1 for eaw. er, npletult.l Kan.rt.
Mart =Bk. azul Mohair triratalec ' •
A lance Un.W.rti^tt of the arw Wird. tacw.
an.l rich.,l in the market, and re. Imuld rc
r 3 amine tbeth
Jr BROADWAY, By Plain,
Superior Blank Writing and Copying Ink.
1 ONE'S 101PIIIE INK, $3 Naslau street,
gy I,rk
g am', per do:
per du
.. Ino, ••
WI-, os.
drattabt. P'r •... n.nts.
TI.! L. the beet artlrh• manufr - tureat It flow. frnrlT
n grad IN /FLINN INK—and Will not rartvdr. rounLl.
pit ur deray. and all the qualitira ruouir.
ha a 1,4 NVe‘6. F4tttahle tar tho Quill. and ad
drahl, didapted fr.r the ~ t od Peu.
The underfkaned h pretuind to furniah to tbe•trade
er Mlm.r port ur lua, rusnutnption, at the at... very
rireer. put up a.. per unler. and delivered In .1 . part
the est. td charge. No har, fur nwen. gam!,
harv , t estra at tkatt
Wt. N mums nrt, New
I:Fuca-v.4v in txxis a livuoln,)
'152, nd 2 if,S, .. York
Ilardy.. Fad tnn rt. and Blind sup,
trt II LND VI? Liu ShultilLEVl of
tt the ttotol obplod to All 31arteOt. In the
cf and DitAIVEitS, we keep
an et. Al., the moot trnOro ineokfuoturrre of OIL
'lorill!iti sod COVEILF.Ii ex lIAT:± in tler ecruld.
Plain end Ywhi.onobleClothlug of all klocin. Catuloguto
""4" by
taaa T . ,mTi es Zlr.!`a to.
: . : ,, LicrP,Suri to Lent. k Ilatiford t
0r:dr...13w No, 252, at 'SA ',aril...N. York.
RUBBER awns.
So. 19 5d , t+:74... street, Seto York,
xfANUFACTU RE nod hare for sale on
lqf ITZ! Art:l7llf sV.if).4 to America: er
-mfr.] ell clinumm. mastxting of
Onta, Cinakc Pnucbcry
Ca . v, Sou'
Table Cover, ltnmb, Carriage, and
Chtlr•. Sailors and Travelling
and maple. Go ne ue arm enrrnone, nrigine and ti Tubing. Mere render, Knapp'.
M rv i t ' s . Z . C2l l. lllt 6 :l4 ""k'
llrWL.<<Tnenn and „. ll ‘ nat - that,
Ifiu Cj , :;;;;ra . .F rr. EkT7irealr
Pail, Fn., Artidra tar
thr Trad° wade • ihkrar.
rDES., TUBES. TUBES—Theundersigned
have rrrararil °pi-rind permiraidia from awl am di di
era Ind Ihrinlngliuda PATENT LAY
cum 1 . 2tz.y .;. for I.lllLrald nLttrra
et; eon:Mint andeupertor WILLA and 11Ali TUNES In
lan. , or malt ouortitlea The, Inheo are coed rem ex• both no Lookup.% anal the eorainent of Morey,
e'ti Val6l.l.llnD
lron Sin Plate Mechants.
41%5'1.11 suret. Net York.
5 Morton a Lane. Qty Lotulen.
- 3.11:511m and 140 Ilui ban= eireet. tilaSslm.
Murphy's Self-Sealing AdvertisingEnvel-
1.1 hr rnheoriter. in roliciting the patronage of all who till. WI. 4 eh , none of tlipt beeltotion
with which 11 mew ortrele u fenuaht before the public. She
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4th_ Uio the tniwarriarn of a letter, the awl hum-welts
eandio w.turn In the render. 11,01.2.041 or bring buried
.001115. In tho Dowl Letter Mtn,.
Eneriopos are furnfthrot at aimed the same
psi, at plain one,'
Gth. 11-neh letter mailed ie amtos elfeetiresdwertittmenit
torn to attract tt.r attention of all through whose hands it
may pat. ll .
lite fowing is n 11,1 of prima for Dtda, engraved on
bow., and w Lich viii lad for yearn and of Powritunwie, of
the usual Flu, either whits, or hull. of good paper. and
L oud,' on abet, with name, addr. wt. :
Am • •
.Vlett,. or ...... .f 4.00 "a* as
.• •
it Iv not ~..norni.ahts forward =ant of nrder
m r eapree, e.t.a.- h e. to a realattable New York
Howe will be .1.11141. Ail g.rdem.witi meet with mai,
attention, If edam...el N .
o. 26:1 klealwn street. New York.
Orders will a lv attended to pehmptl, . if left at the atone
of Vint, 10 Wall .treet., or of lierwre. It.
Jenillmen b. Co.. 13.1 11 Ilium st.
N. II —llludnith. Card, ruil4et.d in aim, from same
Ines, er 11111 00 per thou.a.f. 12.:143.01
- • •
Professor A. C. Barty's Trieopherotts,
OR 31EDICATEL , 0)311'015ND. infralible
Tear neee{nu, to.morating. and beautifying the hair.
min oring the mart. datiarnf. oral all affection. of the scalp ,
a ., eruption, etc theskin- diss-ww s of the gland..
anuerle• an. integument., ad reboilingstings, rut, brut
e-, sprains... , IVith toot preteiration "there 0. no such
awls, Tin r ern yournalg In America. medical ma
of th'e lo gloat eintuenee. prominent edisens of all profs.
non.,awl ho have osed it for years in their dm.-
sin.: fordo:. and Imre eke. admit it with oneacetwil. that fur
imparting ',gar, glow, luxuriance. and curl to the hale, 1
raatratine worf and dandruff; healing wand, curing
contusd. , .0 am. stings. Ar. , and relePrlod divan. cf
the the glands. mat the muscle,., It has tul equal
among the multitude. of compounds advertised In the pub-
Ile print, or iveal in private prreltle.• In cheapness , seven
hart., 'fricoptuans I. unrivalled. The to
m.s,. eanh ware of the oracle. hate enabled the Inventor
co .nypi, it of '« cars per huttle. welsh Is Trona there 1110
rent les. thee the prim of .y other prernantion fin
Me hair in•ti se. The wientifte treatise on the hair
and the skin van emnog the valuable direction. lbw the col
m e n d pay...elation of nature's chokes* ematnent. In
in which each isuttle 1v0:L..1.0t. is .loot worth the money.
Thy. afßailty herwmn the membranes whkhenustitutethe
skin an.l the hair. ablela draws IN eastevanee flea this
oleo triples envethpe. 00, 010, All dlwasc• Of the hair Or/.
la the or
rd heat
outer Cupid. of the WWI ,
are cloy:p..l. or if the blood end do not awn
late lleely thiough the .null vcreels which font the root
with tonatture, and Impart life to the !Irma the swalt.l.
scurf. Miming!. 'bedding of tlve hair. graven drybeee.
noel het-Maws:, of the ligament, and entire halatrews, native
cave May ' bliroulete tlin skin to healthful action with
t.he Trialpherrat", and the torpid rebels, reaming their
I clarify, will annihilate the dleale. In all adettinon of the
11.1n a stal of the substrata of ILLIIH.IO3 and interamento.the
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ninv'vtihr 01 1 .. amt the gland, that the Trieephemats
hav hiss 210'0110 anion. and In allatfmttonuk and Wpm' of
!hire -ark-as. It Le a roverviwo com edy.
&hi in bur lark, prim meta. at the DricAng of
Y6 , 6.1m . Cheavra, Neu Yr tala by ties Prima. , merl'h
throughat the Lug.' States and Can
ada. 1 dee.24:Ylut
IV D. SIIUBTZ S ( i i9 zHx d p
'MVO 1.04 No, 1, any 3 Markinvk 800 hi., and plc
23a0Ins. la-it quality ellEy..sE, ,0l
IP° ' ubY 41)1. rililitcrliV 's , bT
Yd 3 Oitinanell'a What(
(Batt. Am.) Baltimore:Md.',
v CIOFFEE-1 00 bags prime and fiIIICT Rio,
al. as 7. D. =ULM CCO.
Cal, EMMA Woat
. _
AVID C. TATTLE, Attorney of
sod Coetmi.fener Penneylen t ,* r__ Lo. l l lonttink•U,.e pm:rutty satewerel.
1 - 011 N H. RANKIN, Attorney andThohn
ejr ..11or at U., and Cononitelonei foe U. 811.. of
Yetout lean., Ft: Loa.. •31a. (late of el
Roferet..—Pitubutele iton. Ir. Pen a. Soo
NUM, WC.' .t Wan., John E. Net,
Semple. MeLl.d • •
'ME undemigned entireli• re-E.
and enlarged .G u tr caret:Wee eaLihlialie.
went. continuing In all thaw Inubtlml and Ell
ire mane that It It nor mar
hie the trendier and erraturatekatiou of the trarelt44
Au erteutted nutter of the tlivalrpi.664‘sittetlietifff
Mum/1. dream/ euperttuout, as the oureentra lagrerte
mettle which hate Irv u wade eaugett intriletlY ern. I.
an advertneutent. Puller It to nay. nu erten. Luta hero
Firma to reenter may attartnient perteeL - •
The furniture was made rat...sly:to order, windiest a
met. and eiTtaln j.atbu. Kit, eitputially lbw Drawing
rut.., • ill he fouled tu le of the wet leataUtul immune
Lure. • The Dining mutv are earaticua,..ahl the bunts tar
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hie amann...4 the prone:-- • •
r.p , 6t.
othall• k wruly IL) TraNellr
'=el,:eiard.wfater 44111 RICE.
fIOULTER k lIACKE, Wholesale and Re•
1 tail Drunntnn Con. of Wn.l and Thini ...a, on
der the nn.Cbarlesil.l.P.U.4burytt. zartadv,
II -W tee for sale by -
~ jol9 RUN !Al box a isouatm.
:SO 6a•'.1ava1.... to
ATINDOW ILTEASS-2004 las ased sizes
9 MTh.. .Vs Lr..J4 for rah. Li
jal9 BL'ltititThel: S MMUS!
fILUE--'rtrentr lyarrels just reticit•ed, and
for aala be by tit; barrel. at S. S.IVICKERSHAWS
rata Weval It Sixth, fro
1500 LBS. CANARY. S.EED receired
mac tx:r.a; ITICEEI/SMAY'S.
123 a
Cc, of Woo.: 4 Sixths:,
Ginreni,l 1 crt Ite.ver.r, nun. I...atilagfrnir. iter.mer
Turv.cra,fiv =le FT
ileln DTCKEY CO.. ITer 4 . -Ftont rt
TANNERS' OlL.—Twentv brig Bank Oa,
so rrorl ardor. for KJ, br dai , 7. k PLAI-D..
MOLASSES.--438 brig nen-, in store, fcr
- .1 , by 41.119 J. k FL FLOYD.
ARD.-44 Lilt No. 1, now. landing, for
1 de& LULA DICKEY /1:9
Bt - CKW lIEAT FLOUR—Twenty sacks hi •
• tion , and 16rIele by jell F.O n. nannAroli
0 11 ANGtffERRIES.
coo lbetbr 'whaler belt L .IIALIhi 0 HEFTER.
Bualfald l'arejurt carnal e frah marlr'oft o
relirelic av
ant:ea of 'be :Ileac parka.Malan= e
mmy - ticre Mn. French Doeekine a nd Catrimmyr,
black end fancy sal Mate Saila Teitil2.l` m•-s
piece fur theme-414. 1.15
ROLL . J3III:2I—Jeo . bits Roll Butter
IGARS--Fifty -thou:laud Cipre roceir ed
=I fee al. er e. lb. 11.i.RILA0011
OIL bap Oil Mead, received
and for We be J.ll • & W.118.1:11.1e0II.
LOITR-rOne hundredbrls" Extra Family
...I S. now, received 6616:r sahrbE
at reduoad jariern.hoaristlhoot the hikodana Drab.
ail l and linty .Uninkett innE..and Um Roarer Cloth,
heal anal Crab Blanket...shirt see rare authorized to dose at.
rodoeval prim , and nail be ablal on 41 . problis 'pt.% tar
AIOLASSES=Tifty brls new crop fui saw
IT I_ be de= - DROWN' k IaiIIiFATIIICK. •
ALERTUS.-5 tons Saleratus-in brla and
kJ b.k.s. for =le by Js.9 ' ROBERT DALZELY LQ.
11 . EAF LARD.--,-Leaf Lard in Iris and teal
JIA and for mt. by ROBERT DAIZELL k CO,
yet', Liberty Milt..
- •
UGAIL.,-15 hhds Prime N. Orleans Sugar,
.kJ In kiwi", ,and for tato by 1:011EFLT D.kLZEIL LCO
Lib.-rty street
1 " I —
:3 Fifteen drums G.. 11: Codli4l. ;
14 S
50 Lat . kn. 3lnek.crelt 'M 3M, No.-1 Lkke 1144 1U M.
11 tin- 1 Mackerel. M 0... utel matt
,A-A _
,s . JOHN rr co
Aireaidehci , lie ip stwa
eal Wr rale by • J.IN.TeS .DALZEIIe
Va. b'S Water etraet
GO ballet ...4,i Young Ity, god Plank Teas
Y ss
gaily temps Ja.
Ilistass J son p. obarces ~ Im nod slms Pc'elgr.
19 do . P. Robinson 0 Go., 59 and S'A do. •
•1•6 Cubing,. Se Tobarco. '
d 391. linens nod lignionit's tee do. '
1;0 gritty boxer Junes Thompson Jr. 641. 1 , 1 . 4
Luton. 10 .I.lll9and foe gale by • •• • • -
ILUE---bienty, five ixTrTen for sale 1)v
J. KIDD a (..9. No- GO
411 LASS PAYER—Five hundied=reurk.At:f
.:ji pa s i li" l' J ' lftro lSoal Sc,:
BOYS' sATINErrs.-31uTphy & Burch
aaa bare rwviled atut of
bnialiraor rang Mud
:tatty:ken, Ite Boy: .16r. Plaid tot Kahl Ca.nalatrltt,
r :Virg= tTaT;CI I" V b ibI-
1p AISMS-LOne hatuire,r andiittylkites . aila
~Lel( boxes receiTcl Wad r toy
b iACERATUS-4 cwk_o No:1 Saleratusj .
• 15 NI, do dee
mac ma for •510 by D)11.21iLlo
Jo.ll . 55 Warr street.
BLOO3IS--One hundred tons Tennesee
Bloc. b cAng Tenn.. Slab, rwelvtAg Erma W=
cr bretim, god fbr esle by JAMES DA EZELL,
lio. CA , Water stint
VirINDOIV GLASS—Five'hundred boxes
stn. mil rfivsbLeuzaL
I A' cas R 'OraP .JUSt receive.,
and for We by 30 RA:4IEn DALZELL l CO:: .
F! E g f t poLL BlgTEß—Abgir feed ''f
FLAXSEED—A mall lot for sale by
.1.17 a. a. CATIFIILD
Q.IIEEP PELTS-1 bale for sale by
1.3 .t. 17 ' J. a.ceavour
gTin new Sugar on ham
sal for Yale by jaib fiROWY L ItIkKPATRICK
FrOßACCO—Twenty tss W. ll. Orit's; • '
. 5 Ins Cannt L Willinia%
Ibn.ll.L..llonnl.l`c a
151 h. Barrulen Ls] .and:
Lns ColnAnki , l an bud sad
.for n 4 Er )al5 BROWN S KIIMPATRICK
LARD --One hundred kegs prime pep , Lard
healmita sale cK
C UNDRIES--Ten las S. Tolamas Cocoa;
. .6 dr , Prenan's Proo; i - . -• •
•. 10 134 do Yu•slo Clooodlat4 •
• •••• 2 1,..1 do Coma Porto. ou Load
.0 1 • 1 . 1, 7 ftlobr 1011 ' IttOWN 1 1111L/11%Tnleli
pullodde Pie medid.311.17".. - A 11 1 , 94
.lo b - 1 . pie ' 31011/11Z-t-,IIAWOHn.
I[ 4 l l9oUlt—'iliree hundrei barrels just reed `.
jal4 • - .N 0.11 6 Watts ii
H AvANA. suGAit_T, F ciity boxesWhito
VlNntit t LW !MAX
614 No. 116 Wayr rr.
PICES. Cnsein, Pimento, Pepper. Cluree.7
kJ and !tomes% for ale by ISAIAH DU. El &Co.'
der „Water t Front rd. i.
n IITTER-Ei gl it barrels &kid fur. sale b
.'-1-11/ , F. TON Th. NNTIORST k CO.
ARD—Siitv No. lin i , tore ural fur RAI
br }AS ISAl:4llPlCGLTLCO.,lbster.brrontes.
GGREASE -Forty fire brls in store, for sal
, LAW DWI= & CO.,
vald Wl' and front Ma
BROOMS—One hundred dozen for sale by
Jail S. V: VON WM:MRS? CO.
Goad !Armed Tear at :0 orntr'yer Trawl.
The Boer quagga at 75 do do
Krtra raprerre at Al DO do
Old Ootarr rOOOLa tLdt ore BLACK T odll fittlortrf
indt their patate .w To Mods or Tots tic meter
direct from BodLittd. nod they cannot be booottt at Ulf
other soot. to Pttrburrh. • • jolt
• Glr Fele 14 BV. TON 110VatORST CU
brls almon, NO. 1, in stnre
Ibr bY •Jo S
LOTTON-21 bales for e9le hr
Jo= It , ALSIIIIICKET tCO, Water* Itra ° t 1
cmcrt.l Jost rercivni acul far fa .1:or . •
noonr:i. Nom
br 1%,1,30
.1...= .
jili Itl ED FRITIT-30 brl.3 . lhied Airilet; ;
Is .4... do itskrbes• for
InfrItAOSLET to%
. .16 &71 Woof et".
o uNcii RAISINS—: lx7xes Kriiiier
. pg. brand, landing ins strastor Dewitt Clisson. Is
WM. 6.41161.6 .11. V rd.
—..—...- i,
. . -------
lo lthdb atom , odmt..potir, to st...,oss kisst.
, WORKS-93 dos be:4 cast eteel Hai Forks; :
.1: 50 das bed German steel _ ' , kb _
40 444 4 proaysl nit FAA manure I Ork.c
'OO 0051filynment or4l 5.0 . 5414 by
'.., 1•15 L. &WATER-VAN ASO *S.
I_IOES-130 dos lest Cul Steel Hoes;
5 4ca 40 'OO ottlest lic4k, .
. e+os4lKomrot • Dal for .de y L
PEACHES --Three hundred bushelg ree'S
and Iv ..1* by &WEL P. BURIVPJL .
g(Ty T HEE.---754.be4GraisSevtheni-
Ca dog beat Cradla 9erbe4
la .
eu &RI r 0.1611 Front N.
and fur ...le er
SCYTHE SHEATHS---425 dm test. patent
I.!ltaltztaN a tope .
AILS ST--"-'.1.K.1.5---4,..;7'il kegsro7ll,oe,,
. ~21e /I.
EARL ASII-42 ellAkil prilp IP a .
1...1..t eat.m.tx
__ ,... tp_ .. 7...z .. _
- Sea . •
4: 3 I)IiA7NdES--20 bits overt, to urriie, for
/1C110.116'41 i.SIGILI;63I,
48 • 116 11216 x .
T UTT ER-10 brls p r Nr ithe N r M for
DL td ll elv
BLURS' LIVER Rot , e - t
IJ'n k ug .nth°"'"'" - 1rc..41 ,, at , ,0.iiiA. arm- 2 1 ,1
.0= itte L1 ,, 1121 , 11bit
coall vot ot al.: vattrout'th,
oar that nate* wool th e tagtOt tcyan ot ,
commend.Oce. Yam Ir. GELS:i.-
60- 1 4 K. E. EELLEP4F rt,