The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, February 11, 1851, Image 1

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Mr. OT 14110 StertS. 7:zr 0002 to 151"7051 Cirter-
•- IDSlLt—germa dollar. per annum. paretic half )early.. Jig
Imu-dot If mild 10 advance...". -
• 'WrNtbLY—TWO dollar. per antrum. advance. Omni
• • .1.101.6:!-.1 on the following ntallDAVis ...
copiew no
Tau 0/1.0.
Twenty retire do
bWyO T dd M t‘,,,tttt,;"`t,',B',"Lt:A=Mnobl.r . .`=l
bs teCt . th.v.prAectillas, mile t th e runnel seat Err
inteeld. • • 1
.• • '
UO. EMS.* (101iner of Nonpareil or best)
Drs"• cm-a atidttional insertion
• • . leu. •is
• A iv)
4 10 mwtL tha......a.._
1 9 2
twelve. wont= ld no
Iltandtag caret. (5 /inn o Wi per annnm—Ss 00
tn. Dollar ter mei addituna
On. deintintectlamerable. at pleminrii (pm my.
• ' anni) • mltlaire of Ilse paper._ ...... 00
.. • ' for matt • adfltionol squat, inverted mar one month. and
,e ar aned ndditinend menare inverted under ton poorly roan,
' • ' Advertisements exceeding a squner. and not over ((item
. • L amb to tew charged as quote and Wt.
• _ . Ptah:deem not nermuitable fur legal advertivetrunatv be
,' goof lb. amount charged for their path... Don.
etaxonorint: 0,0.11.100 v for ogler, to t charged the tome
adscrtibetoents. • L
A,ltcrt am marked on the ropy for s airelStal
Mdm rot luvenion., will le rontinued tOl forbid, nod par
mrat emacte4 sceordin •'
$ a r t. of oanml nlvertiders it dricrly limited to
thair AM. liralrilLate buoin , ns: and all adreettniments for
the tonwlit Mother r e e well m all advertisement. not
Inureeduedely ronnectol with their own banned, and all
• Met a ft.....dvertimmento.. In length ur other/du, beyond
m Waged. sill to charnal at the unual mt.., For
• adult tree/J.oot nlvertiAntr. till , wilt be mparntely
tettedrred.diad prompt raiment deired.
L . ..Essirettivement. choutable fire ma.
vatA. township. an.l ether public meetings, sad
. to lie charged half mice, payable striutty Yul
Sitirebtlw notion tote charged 50 rents.
Dliab twtker hiremeni anthout charm, unless area. 'Op.
ided by funeral lovll.thmn or obituary notices and when
100 semartfunled to be head for.
adreatisrm and all others tervilap communica.
• • 'Pa or
ure ' rte o .. o :r d ar ' : €'" o pub ' lk 'Lli ntu a .gar a rnti o .
vibitto chars. ars made Dar ad.:mitre balms of
rate askriathea.—.. very' note,. detagned to colt attention, to
private enterfeives. redeulated Intemlol to promote
ridne4 hstwrevt. can only to invetted wit/CM. onderntood
in4 t,nat the mate IA to lie paid for. If intooded to ba
iteand_De the Meal column, Ulm A.. will be charged at the
rat•ol,l3a than 10 CoUVI iwt
. .flialpp or Lai- Notlem to he chargod triple price.
pzirs flneuse Petit/me -2 each. -
te mei Auctooueers .
alb not
tte be rladmd under 'early
tent to be album{
catnip( thirty three aml one third per mot. frau, the
einMettet of bill,
smata at tOtwtrooo VI MILT PIM.
Otinift(um, three insult/ow St 5(1
•Da oo tultlittorul
11 WELK.
• Ors &Lustre. (lu Huss.) two ntent= TAMIL
•. • Do. • ewelt tulditioual imsertiou SS nuts.
Lt trsostent uLlsortistrusuts to be paid In saltaurr.
Cfl A. PARKINSON. Alderman; Fi ft h
Wahl, Pe tut Atert.. lx•tArren 011ang VrA/nul_ All
AvtAl4.4 AIUnA.I to.
- - --- -
• . P. & G. L. B. FETTEKSIAN, Attor-
N t e ri egtx , tr, atm to"! Netste Agents. Na. Lai a th
4AglifES AL KUHN, Attorney at Law, office,
to Wahiawa Roll, comer of graut street and Diamond
. • a. litiabarid s.
g ab..
H.....COLLIER, Attorney at Law, office
- a
In Lowrie'. Balldltina loarthit, abore anattagerd.
ring Sainal a raoreeetlon with lien. Nt•tve. Ek,., of
W 'City. (narnerly of tbe Laol 019...) La AS pry.
pared to Oar proper .allentleu to the proeuting of Land
WemataPeneicsin, Er., sad to the
_prtaeouiloo of claim.
_ telt. Coaniess, or aoo of the departmeuta isi7
allAfilig . F. KERR, Attorney at Law-A:lffice
~ Oa ith st, totes cu Snallldield and tiratg. Pittsburgh.
itio,W2 Vouet street, filtslmagh.
*- . TOWE & WATSOs, Attorneys at Law,
Ira. no Fourth stmt. Pittsburgh.
garritusg—Alrassidrr d Dan John Porter. Eno.; Iler
ma i Umbras B. Pigs, Juba liming. Sia
roaritant:tiou. W. Jurlsom, Pittsburgh.
FiDWARD P. JONE ' Attorney at Law:
Oflar: on Tourtb xt.m.rt, I;etwern Worn axkl Venn
GPASPER E. BRADY, Attorney •at Law
Ms. PO Fifth Itzte, PittAnigh,
CO., - Bankers
irsa Ereha WILLIAMSnge !note,' Nor & Earn miner of Wooed
and Int ntroet.r,
kfltranamernan tad. on literal tern. and collection..
onionntly attend.' toi JandY
mid Exchange Broker;
Fourth *trod. Dealer in Hank Note., ODL of Ex-
Gold and rilx Hoek. toorht and .14.
irr= 4 ,„TrZlir=v.l:lTLAVTlF: A r e Te
wMAARIMER, JR., Banker and Broker,
allistrark :ion 66 adjaning the Bank of Pittsburgh.
i2KINS &r CO, Exchange Brokerd,
rra) ra flint .of Marcel earner.. AIL
at moat libte.
IVIOLMES & SON, Lealo.3 in Foreign.
.m Domestic BRIJ of Eartiamv, Cerclerstes of
Dank Note. end Spscia, No. 159 Master street, Mt..
traren. - 111)-Collections made on tho priaciont cities
tluroogrout %be Unttni atvg..
arIEORGR IL ARNOLD k CO., Bankers:
LA Dealers In Esobiattri Coto.llauk Not,. te.. No. 71
Fourth stra..l. prat dory to ILe k. PYlstatralt. Co+
lertiael ostsfa7lo tab rolotl ts. alai tits rrotaYls 'twitted to
ow part of the 'Carat .
,"\•!.. UM/. am..
• RA.NIER....t RAIIM, flaukerd and E
x. etiatr4c ..11ruk,rg I..ra!mx to Foreign sand /....le
at Nscham.ce, Certasett-. or Drimite. Hank Note,—
Oliervemarcor Thi.l.4 Ircca stxrets, direelly elppmelte
the 14,ChazIrs mw.. . . . .
g - CAROTHERS & CO., Banking House;
!to—lb Wood etreet, Pittsburgh. Current linne t ; re-
Vtd Dereett. IZAilleellons nude on nll the pineapal
Mmed the United Listee.
Aim) k IRVIN; Commission .slerchnnis
itadlMßrokers. N. 114 Second larva. r.rfoosi, sod',
Dian Neuritic* tram !UK, to 1,10010 saw, yx on 11.11
offfallf. rear, .-.,-10..rv0. if.. .... ...rm. If. • fxr.
rI.JIER. HANNA .tt 'CO., guecessont ta,
' l 4.ll..`"VgP I,x.‘,SWlT.W.ltTrAtilt.i .
Doosit, taut ffc.T., awl t,—Nortb
Wood gni Third nr...1.1.. Currmt Wiley rrocired.. Dc-;. ,
poste: filght. Meets for va1...A.1. rollortiouf =dem near.'
11 1131 " 11m 6 ggr, 4 1 ,- . lh r.n ~t.' ti;:, Mu eri cos V
graii. ,
. advsnoef made on ornawiflamenta of Progloo., sblypnd cid.'
cfa literal Ora,
-------- --
.Vir. TAYLOR, li'.emusisaioner and 8i11`. k../Wisr, Ili! Ramat) street_ Strict attentton will be .
'to an business entrusted to Ids care. Pittsbursiti
matsniketmad articles alwaytoo hand or ptucuh4 at stunt.
lacattla. Notes, Muir, alorluges, - ae-, negottatad on fan,
abili Urn* ' -Unser, toxie.liesnittred. nal
_ ,ILCST - C/CKTON, Into Jvlinet to
onn & & ode ,
tobilliatulleri Statham Prints,. sad bltulay, et,
sOlsitst sagThinl amorist, Pittsburgh.
. • ali.ffils 7 Tih . &rzihr bepoL
Orbit %polls thn Port Ogine. Nei Boots re-.
dal] by suns. polonylpttoos rscsnyr.Cl to soy of
tet, tin publltbnd at the pulall•bpe,
. ' WTliii " kaig — , Bookseilmd - 81 7 ,.
W 70..71 north stmt. Apollo DUlldlnits.
'. BAKERS ADD colincnotwas.
11:4 „
AVID SOWN, Xeir„ Wholesale and iteiisir
Dater indlioiketioppr, M Vol:nth curet. Pit/Aural.
OA" .4 Yawl , cotdreltaa . w.s/waYo on hand_
£lllasetuany attnkinl to - ,
...11'CLLNTOCK, Manufacturerand
. .r r ytn. 4.[ C a rp % Oil Moth, Ittomut Dust Trim
hew t. Warthog... No. t 4 Fourth . L, hihd irnd et. 4.
` .. !:40111 . 118810/1 AtiD FORWARDING:
SON, PRODUCE rat g D ,
am Merriman/4 Na 61 Warr end:
rffil-C. BIifiVELL. Commission rind Foyr
• . ' yatillal Plerehnit, I= Wan. .t d, Pittr.
12. AlliNiTth Ni. Forraiding• mad.
•- ' .1...34-,m‘st, No. 112 *mad armt...
, . . -
reftW RIWI., Forwarding and .6-in—n
irittoltnt....o4o4, D.2.1,n, lo r trt: . rd s,, PZ.z .
Amt. 11Mtounita. '
ri:Nilififer, L CO.. }\Tnvarding and.
Oasumfodos Menba.u. Canal Avln. Pittsburgh-
Art doxlici64s.7sWcee.r. to 4kt-
VrrAte„,call"- "="al,t'grulz
-- r ;ii ,i..
~ DRY 90 7 0 D S
-:EWI AN .
T - &
1 a,ia:in, , ,c..,.l7.ri s c: .
r .i or.. A.
MASON d; CO:,,Wholegole and &tail.
Pi ~k,,,, I.
ttawnTb• hoot sad 114.p6 Dry (kohl. 6 11tharkel,
o : & BRCII
— lfi UFIEID Amain&
t(Mods literclantr, colon of north
0r.% "i' biii si b :—..---.
. 7 'ii;V:l7inaccFr.: rem.; Vire:4r
SNACK LETT - i. WHITE , Wholentle Deal-.
I, Tonlyn oar Docorrtic Dry fricalc. Jiro. 101.
crnillitrarn, Plttorarttl4. t
121:11,SEY - PLEMINJI ..t Ommin'un
, , C 0. ,. t
llrolrobturni—ror tho role of Donorrile. Wooing. oat
-, Woad.' abordialcro in all kind. of Taller , Tricorn
. - So. MI Wool ttrect. fourth dun friocalfrn. Pato-
ER McDOWELL : (tileCe m errn " to.
1* gerr IC•pn..) ntpt Rexil Thvg riL
P=ILIT;nIr,UI , Z 74147141413.4
FARNESTOK & CO., Wholesale.
and Udall Dreetist.., Scenes Wool wnd Frtet
_,:,:•s2lttliS.A'holetmlfttkali!r in
4gre Pad.. MR..b. 011.. Tarnliticor. 44. Ar•••. • •,
Enrols, Pa' GoodA varraatell.
KIM& CO., Wholosalo.Drumsta: Den 4-
.• ere in 11de13. 1 4) , 2p.11e . ,1 , 41714. vil Iclnee k, la ..
ET•ni: 8 Xfq N e e. GO. mrart arrd „„,i
reelZebeets. Pitilbergb en itlll be etra Pa.
We e% .ith 411
N,WICKERSII.A3I, Whole:tale Druggist
• - -
ISIORGAN,WIlielesule Druggist,
un Defatri Itt.DieFlutfo:Palute.+3ll...V.rui.lo4;l,,--
j. IQ tl
Wood ftrwt, davr math of Mann.' Miry,
. --
J S(IILOON NIAKE ft tz CO., Wholesale Drug
see..treset rittAsigh.
reersritim fr.t*N .............. .......... gir.onGiszrtfy.
IIAUN &DEl'rElt. Wholemale and itettil
urekDrusratta.rormez of Librn; sad St Clair env
faucca smart
_ . . _ ... ..
--- I
L. SIIEE. Wholesale 0 rocer, Comnamaion l
07 • Merchant, end deal, Iv. Paprr. and Rag, earner of
Venn aud Iram atm t., l'lttAarsb.
1,7 rev: Prod., cood 13ercouireioo ' 3lerebonte, DM Dept
etp I,l•llteburgh Manufnetan.d N0...10 sod 132
SePoutol otri. bowl,. Wood pod Pietsburub.
nuoroiro rnmpo
01IN S. DILWOitTIi &CO .Wh I I
Ilrorrn, Pr , pipo Commixhoo
3 t-r_for ils=rl Powder Co, of Iliaardvill, C. 111.1.,
litttburßl, ,
Berrlotiwr..l &
limner% 0, , 1 Commipalon No.IIE
I[l ILEY, .NIAI"fIIEWS £ CO., IVholc- , alc,'
t,Cntarti,:cn 0.1 Fon!
• Mr Muhl. Cotimi Wat. t.. Kusburiii ,
anww .......... ...
wAtt Or 3,l neerm.
CommL..lou ?Errelisto,nutt Pr.dure and
rittelnu,gh MAntancture, Lat•err... "met.. lilt.
I B. CANFIELD. late IT Warren. Ohio.
A..h. and N'. t. Vra+lttre
betwe.. Stoltherld .a 1 Wooa. httsburyll
B. .kir1.11.1.74 11, /IVY. W.t..1111....4
kS. WATERMAN S: SONS, 1111.1014,a1e
• Grocer, Ceetuniution un.l Yuroranitntr Merchant,
reln all tin& of Produce sod it.eurth Manufertu.
Article, and Agra. far the fate of ltirLunowl and
Lenchlturah Mandlecturrd Tobarc , , Not. eh al•lltl.Weier
Auk citurrrs, Forwarding Bud' COMIDIMI Oil
an • Duller.. us Pittsburgh Manufacturerwl Western
Pratt:we. Nu egrsug of Vomit A.-ert last ar
JAS. DALZELL, liolemale Grocer, Com
000des NterebauL and Dvnler In l'nniner and Pitt,
butch 31anu6etun..—No. I'Vnthr 0., ra.burnb.
1.561. WILEY .011,‘ ccv•
ten. Commbri.n 51erehanitt, awl IN.slere to Produ.
GO Wale, •u 4107 Vmut ,troet.
lIGL. P. .141.1311.. 1.0•2" 61 . -CNCT,
bNISII BF.NNErr, late English,
Gall her k Cu., WholeaateUrwera,Coutukluttun and
attling ! , ierctututo, Qui Lualrt, iu Prulsuu .04 YR,
Limb Naltfosturt, t.O 12.1.4.cuud M. awl 121 Firupt..
I..tunou WruLl awl i,tultlbfErld.
• - •
FM. 1411.111. I.IIPAD - A...-. v. me.... eirrese.u.•
% . 1 I ',LEH It IC EtSON, Wholesale
Iv/ drarno, ,ant lalp.ntrto l t innnip, IV in••,•_ . and
iol= I ? st Tr i o ;/!T:6:.'et1,6.:. 17::1:':;;;,';;.111;;;
• _ _
' DILLS l ROE, Wholinear , Grocers and
. Coratuhuiba Alerelssa.,
jtoBERT mooRE. Whole Pale
Pins Orneet.,
Itertifying Diottlhr..k.lor. tu Produor. 1 oittP
sauttictutra. , •11 kihd+ ot korriga nud douses n•
Wino. sad Liquor, No. MG Liberty mu..., On Land •
oou 114,0, Awl, of suivtior Alogragahots Whiskry,
hleh broal low for rn.b.
13110BEKT DALZE I. 'Wholesale
I.lrwop. Cot:mixt. Aten-bauw, donlers In Piudaro
Imo! Pittsburgh Thrauf,cbtr.... No. U 1 Litunt, Atetl.
OBERT - GUN NlNGll;i3i,Wholesale
tine"... Prat.* Foratudtag. (1311111141,1011 Ater.
ICA:nd, 31saufartorm. NA. X.A.
. . .
”Okl/lf . -MIT T. 0....1.1r.
MTM. BAGA LEY .l.: CO.. Wholesale Gro
mrg. sad LW N u.t .Iron. Pittsburgh. •
Pee,. O. %till. 11 111
nodW IOfC
nm•cennorn to
comeomen Alirrhata, dusk., au (sou. Nash, bilsen,
Cotta Ton.. nod Pitt.hurgh Mauttinctum. grorrally.
turner of Wool and Wm, street., Pittsburgh. -
/L. CTLIM.II - 90,1-............. . .
cuLBEiiTsoN & CLOUSE. Whitie,ull•
a rt.• tiraonualACConsaihihai Merchant.. Desilon in Pro.
isuld Pittsburgh Alsaufactun.d 195 Lihrrty
itivol. Pittsburgh. Ps.
1). WILLIAMS ACO.. Wholesale and
(!Alit Family ttromr, Forasrling sad Cutrontsgiou
erthatibb end Desb-r• in Country Proda, sad Pitwba'rgla
. 3.lsaufsctort, corner of Wood nod Fifth Nty
neer. 111,111r10401,,
irBINSON. tirrix
. cO., No. 255
'Llb•rty Atml, ritt•bargb. Whu.s.alt, Gra.rers.
tioe sad CogualLulau 31.-reastitg-grolde.dcrs is Pittotatrgh
/WM tI.OT,
& R. FLOYD. illiolesulellrueere. Corr
• mission 3.l..roluintA, nod bosh, in Prolum—itottaal
tarrh frontip., ea I.ibert,. mud ninth
Orarp , .. lietshurch, Pn.
01IN PARKER & (20 . Wholesale(lrocers:
thmlor• In Prutu , Wino, I.hilsVi,Uld Moo.
y . tiA , F i Zif...l . l rhUtul - -Nu
TOIIN IL 'lELLOR,Drialer in PiiinnVorni,,
apcl Iv.runterito , I Rook, •rtil
c si"q - 11.1:" v°'"
ENRY-.. Ii.LEBEII, Dealer in :lonic. Mu
Meal IrLetrnertntA. and Importer of Italian :trine ,
errent tbr Nunn, t grand and fiance.C\ Amalie :Eoleam Attachment. Al, F, bunlun'A
r XEDY, el:11,11s co tti
ONES b.: Iqcuturaaurers ri
Win sud Miner Ayr; Plough Wing...
(40 , 11 and Elivlie Fr;rin.r.. Rammer...l kai.t
dealers in Malkahlr , . Casting.. Fr, Engin , . Lamp& awl
Coach Trinnoino iptic..ll., corner of Ryes ar.d tea nt,
Pittsburgh. r.
net. Ben, Ce• 31anuf...-tura, of Sncln Ath. Blear!,
rrs..3luilatic gmt Suiphurie NVerehnure,
C. 3 Wahl: rt.. Imlov
Y Samar! C. 11111—Intlt. , anal., 1,, Rendt
tbd Alamos's lain Ihnehur. and 14minrr, NVltnintr
1tha4. 0 3, fn. fitte d Prints, Al.o—Wrltin, Pr',lank,
and Paper, iF Wm-dm, t. tourth
aid Mammal all,. Pittrl,r4l. Pa.
Mtn-haat, Eytt Ade of the Inomond, lin•burgh.
-WM No 2a . A. SI'CLURG & CO., Oninera and
Ton Donforg: onY tore
boy.. alsiun on hood lance asnornnent of Own,. Orr An d,
aal Eno Tenn Also—Forelon Yonno and Nuts.Wbold.
"mk."....11: oniddied loom. loam
r uN A. CAUGHEY, Agent for the Like
Erie and Ntkhlran Line, to Beaver and the Late.
, 0 the comer of Water and rant/Ovid rte.
1 1 AAFFE O'CO1 , :lall, Proprietors of the
rittebutah Portable &en Store, earner of Peon and
slot etrerta
DLEECH .1, CO., Transporters by Canal
h p . slaLi . vardmt I. , rrbout, rorwr of P•on Ort•et
A..107111111.e. . - . ncerr.STLti,
A.WESTERVELT & SON, well known
. 140111140 fillod Sinkers, Coin. ennnlnntly ors hand 00
10 - ordrr the Mn Unor nr, at thou old
Nand. N. 13 Ft. I.lalr isms; 00, at No 04 I , latkot
Poinund 'lore. 'Moaner In the Diamond. Veniti•O Shutt,.
mad. Warder. and old blind. noatly retoir.d. aria_
TTA. BROWN would most respectfully inform,
lho . Toildin t hat h01t...N.0 hand atilt...Lod On lbe 'tot
to of Diamotid, tillnalieuy city, a rouniittn ..4011rnent
tit Yenlfiltn bliatioa.oo Vonitlan Shutter, are Linde to ardor
the 1.101 ratroolnd oqual b. am to the Dolled 111. 11110.00 non horemovol without the mid of ow
mono. dol., Having tnntLese4 thr surk,.toril. and wood
of th e cobitwientaNishoirnt of Ralnnay Mrelelletid. lam
iin•ph.l to Dirniolt Moir t.Ol nantoto.n.. o orll an the 001.
lie ai lato , ,eritt. eon thing In tlinir
ue, Ann.
11*.ed ~ P Llaulin
A oetortqS. J. d. DROWN.
ALAM lIARDIE, Veterinary Surgeun, late
hew Tellubursb, eeetlaws. reriwetfully
iit the ttzt b t e tAn
ttioturs.t.;,,,„;, In „me
lo•rosueetion with ace. lifiree elveleg val
will he retried Le, at tlie onmer
or Tue.! otreel. awl gtoneylvimia Ave.,.
• _
A '""'
Q & W. ITARBAUGIL iVesll Merchants,
117 Dealers lo Floor and Pruluce prstervlly j Yor
Intrllug aud Oryltniso.l , . 51e - thy:lto. No., 115 }lnt Alrrel.
sod 11.16reoud tterel, EltiAburgh.
Phtln H 11. 11111n1 elnry.) Plilaburgb. 1.11.— . 9C , " Of
Ilrad,4 of Newapaper, rroOt37plKro,
I , otbtrtter , erne Labor, In r,lerre, Seal. Inr btririnrn. tko.
clkle•a,arnelika , oeiallorm Cotton :, , tamtno, brat 'err,.
o r art, arid let lien lorroot prnma.
• -
„ lc trtal , llehntrnt. 11.1,1 he Port
rttralivrqh. str.ot 1,111,
Dr5,114:11e0.11.1.0,a, Atrilllorttlnd and' Machine
anal V ianina cam,. So.. ..1r00,100 , 1
drea' hoof, and print,,, In rnlnt,. 11,4, Bronze. or
marl. the 004 ep,nr,•.l.etyl, and al the wort reamol
abla prkes • Rtnin/
W W wa; WlT.;ST o i . ; , ,,W r t . iteteu, , .lrltu r .ll7. Sjiret
d -
Fourth Omar. littstutruna- li.-4 alt ' ilra Clr a re n k,
r•nrfolli r0,',1‘,4•
HIUMWARy vatecmutrs.
WILSQN 7t CO.. Imp
Wbole.l. In 11.1.4. ann er,y, No. 1:7)
-mast:tort. Pitt,hurch.
th liliNtTlieniint; Corner of Fourth
and Ikcstur L. bctlwa. Auld aul lary
Pittiburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Worts.
T "luti4eraigned hare just completed their
and az"i m.ufseturlo. aim. of GAS PIPE. Lo
romothen ,4 alter VI., awl an 1 , 12 e, of
'alias 11,y Jrae fat the 10144 mem .
.T 4, art , "
now prepatvd to aerate ord.., to a.. extant., about
SPAN , :
• No. al and Y. Wear atm..
!Al3m 'PITTCItt , ROII. PA'
I,3IARTH NOBLE—City Pouring
11 MIK laretty oo c 4 Adan3a Pittataarqb.
Nr - iimai,As VIVIAN, Civil: Engineer,
floodtor Moe, Water Worts, ttollittia cr.. 3127 4
batartat 13 A. M. awl a P.M.. at U. reakteoca. \c.ll
1 A. MADEIRA. Agent fur Delaware Mu
taxi Safety luturnora Catoyaloy, 42 water 44441-
JIIAIIDIN ER COFFIN. Agent fur Franklin
Fuc luaoranco Compaor, noith amt ranaer of Wood.
mad Mini :IM.
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Paa 4. - roar •
--from /damp* -kklorday,Jan. Cl
I trerpool danuSsi, Feb. N.
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r:cn.. I"Grk and Hariy firs—litardAlp Trnaa
FROM 111[W
-...fe11a Satanist), Frh. S.
..--Havri. ...-tlstorday, Nor, tt.
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...n„,71:., 7,,,..7..7..— r- ITedurstlaT3lar. 1, -.
liar WednexlaP, AP./ 2.
Ida Wedneßlay.klay T.
. '''''' --limn ..........„..Wethienlandnoen.
' ( n'o'r s.,..,e,w• A ra r e, ',/, Ch.—APIS/Jar Trine.
Al 'T , ) ,, 12 ..., ! ,... 2 .3
T,,, ‘ " ,.. 11 ,.. 01 i nt r, 1 i e , .a11 , L.1
.. ..I , te part ta i I '
11 , 71.1111MCM.
qaurdar. PO' 22.
mire, of Woad and Emu ,u,,,,, i'OO turoh. Where they . IT"In.'"" from
N , " net
oder ala and rumple. stork of !IMF, (, Far, &,.. or i c , .72.......`,..,. - --„,,-:: _^—,. ' , Monday. Mar. =.
erery quality alui Ovk., I.r Wh,leyale and lletall;and ' in- i 11".7.....,7.7 , ! . ...: . 11 .. 17:4: e .; ''',„,."C = l , ' . '' ,..lLV It
r the attention ot their etomra and porrhuers arms. I
tar...quits. them that they will sell tar the most edema. /80M ALA.:,
..ottcrm.... I Wtrhirmtca.... ...for N 2 ark.... .... Friday, March '2l•
vv3 . 1 , . ,,,, Dli i l ,„ l . 3 ,,, Y ;,,.: :ll , g l e , !l l :ug . :S u rk v il7r, I) , :a r per,l waAnot.too. ..... , :f . :*1. , g ...... .,.... : fra5e ,y 1t, p....
a , u ~,. ; Ilermano
Now Coach Factory—Allegheny. . . - /UR CA IFuItNIA.
, U. A. mail
to here fete York on the Ilthand l lsth
C 4 1M10,44., M. A. IVIIITE A: CO. would re- , a c`tdt march,ft. ehtnfft. ,
A S spertfull, Inform the gliblle that they hare' 101. .ANTI rem WAIT.
ertd ••nu on Laroc between Federal and Sanduaky i .
,111.43. They are note making and are prepared to reciter. ~ , ,. .4 . 1 . .P " 1 . 1° on t h r ' 'M..' litho(
orders for every dolerir San of vehicles, Cosehe, Chariot, i "a. , trontc.t.
Barouchea, lignia, Phretoo. Ac., de, which, from their ----- -- ----- - - m„-- ----- " ---
Inuit experience iti the
of the atame ~ , a te. ' ARRIVALS MID D ABTURES WI NAIL&
and Ho Iwklak, the har they (...VI edam they are t..
Emmaus-11y tiresusburgetolicraborn, Plolaquiiyhi...
enatiliet to do work on th e m
oS re...suitable, term, with
: haw lark, Za,tern, Centre .torthern pasta of lt. tea.
lb., wanting attleh.s in their line.
Pat lag parttrular atteution to the yeleetion of materia/s. 1 I*i,'"gr,'N'it,.. Jerry,
and .` i ' n . ' ' 'l 1 •1 4 , 1 : '" r,,, k ,7 n — s
'sell .haring nano but competent workmen, they bare no Ne.„,,, urgimakk, daily ° Anna:act - 4T. :: 4 . &var. at I ,
brattatton In warrantiog their work. We th en... imit the 00.50 1‘,,,.,,.._ ,,, i i .uh „ , ii ..„
ou , mow.
~,., v .
atteution a the oublb . to Illy matter. .
N. H. Ittluticlum done in the best mantel . and gn the Including the totuglee a Bradlonl. Cambria tents,. Clio ,
_. •
moat reasonable term, fa:att.( Xt.. Juniata, LYouming, Morin. Mal/ er.u, Potter, Perg,
. n,t,
, Murraysellle, Salem te. Road , New Alexatidne„sud 10411:
, • I auo minim,. Arritel, ,lAAI, • swept Hood's, at da. st., do
I Putts daily at 11. P.M.
trrr.--lly Butler, Pa, Ile memo Crawfurd. sod Jellerson
rvutite-s, OnsdertiwtolNa Yolk toad uppereatudadally.
1 Art - ores at II e...; and deg, sat Ike.. m.
I ~.outtr,tak tan 11 rarno, 11 adiington,tirmn,
I.L.;=. 7,-..eito...fhttgn , ,—.., ~ ,,T.11,..., . .m...:
era vat, or Ohio and Indiana, Kruliar, Illmol, To au.-
' I:L.t ,t ;Tg ', .. ... i ir " . 1 )" 1" ,!!ltil Tlro, ' ' Xt ' s
P. .
61.1 , 11321V11.1.1. thno.-11r ayette, Haman, Darliigten,
Florenee. Parin, Pa. llodlilay Orre, Va.. Jetternon. llarrt•
j ig
Carroll. WM. .amt T a.m. , euuntley.GLin,daily.
I Arm.. 11 P. k.; depart. at 7 A. M.
I Naar. it sassusr.—lly Beaver, Pa, sod Clevelamk Ohio--
I Beata, Co.. In., Columbiana,' Trumbull, Purl. ..Z-9=4.
lA , btabtd. film k.Wayor. Molina. Cu yabok. timmlalt, Lake.
ll Aland. Lomita, Huron. atm. helix Sanntmay, Wood.
amain...muggy, Obio; the extreme tairtlyern couriti.,
of the Siate• of Italians sod Illinois. lueluding all Viebi
' man, leers, and Mamma", daily. Antre, at 11 A. Ix; ilw
i yamta at ti P. M.
iirtrauxo.- Ur Shargtburc.llou,toti, Spriiiitued.Taren.
• to. Pnat.ort, Kittanning. tiLkitohnlas. Amin.... CI..
ion. and Ciractlehl ruuntie., daily. exeert on Butalaxii. At.
; rite. nt 7 P.O. and de(ute at 0 e a.
Nfrarra.-11, Perr)wrill, Wexford. Zellenople, Porters.
rine, Ilarllusstra and New Ledge. Artist. Mod.),
• Thursdays. and tinily.. at 6 P. a.. th.part, Albods) A,
, wmigemtax • and arida., at 7 a. n. •
Inatt,rnAr. —lt) fnuri...min, Hall. Finterrille. •n) Mon
ounaliele t'it. Airs, 'Lambs, h".1..1t. AI :. 1. M., de.
, nart, Wednewlaye and Yaturdai .., at re a 5.
IY,rogro..—lly Buchanan. Stmt . , H.. McKeeeprist,
Cent Valle,. Ellmbettnown, liambles, Iluxtrairor, Beller,-
mg, Coulmtown. I , n , opull, kaet Liberty. tuver Middle.
too, Pa_ Ammer amid+, and Thur.!. e. or x a aX: dm
wt. Minato, A nod Thor:dap, ate l.
E1V111.7.1. V 0.-14 It Mitre. moll, Nobles - Mao. Omni...
Porneltmowu..Clne , Conk Village. Pai
alle g .111..111. ia t. Pii.--
la.;liauy. la Arne, tomb., awl Thu ' ralatx. it 1U 1. no
.Iquil• Honda. and Tlantatigyri .; t P. 5.
/mama, la.—By Clinton. Murdoelusills, 31,,0n, Hob
. Frankfort MI - sings, Ps. Fajrrien, Vs- AttiVlA to
Friday. at 6 r.,3 to &tart. on Y'Atonlar, at dA. a.
Yort.Ortx —Be Antrim. North. Warldnatun. and Apollo,
, Pa. Areirre on Irmitteedawat a r. n. deparlr no Mond,/
t.w.V.IIACC , ..—II• I,ati% Ferry. Arriirs on Friday, at t.
P. AU: depart. 00 6atueder, at 0 A. N.
.la, slams-11y Penlmdlef 11 etford, Itnakneck, Bel,
Pry...7,e, Whiteidowni se., ineluding It amen aml Vt.usaist.
ronoties. Arrivegri a. M.. so.' departs at &la aM.
Lett,ra for the .. ells moot i.,, St the 06,es tambour '
trove their der e: lettere for the trpttecaly, sesnl
,epekly.and mtvklT mall, molt In In MA Otl.ratalr au hoar .
before Limn departure. 1 ,
111'3.1. GLENN, Boor. Et io:}l., f l ood Ftreet,
V Necond dorr from the corn of Th wherelte_jo
menuto do etcry dororiotlon of 13Indin, with nentato.o
l - olglity. Malik Eters =hot mtr yattorn. - and
hour 4 rob•tonhally. Ikons hi nonnberli or old b,lcs
hood carefully, 1 . 4 remixed. X. unto put on In gilt letter..t
Thu, who hos.;Litettar,4 are in,Lnl to rap. x 100
G.; lIACKLETT R WIIITE, Wholesale Deal
-10 ers Dinne•lie atil Foreign [My tlimdf No. 101 !
ear t street. l'itmbiargh. Invite the attention of liiiiyera to their
mrk kirmh Grain nok- of-nhig, and which they j
sr , ki PO Ver.,' . iil.lM From
11. nhcil l a . ente - tanth remilrina frmli kimbi awing the
warms, oil requert an examination of one stick by trio- n um b ° ,
ern riterrhatiti. awl others visiting one
LWIGIITM AN. 'Manufacturer of all
ktuo. of mttou All.ahrus,
.7Le share vertu , helms tiow to toll sal sum.ssftil
i,sstisso. lam raper,' to with disi.d.h
for all. kiwis of machinery In utT ha, ...11 wOldsre.
yieker,rpremiern.eante.griudlutt ctuselda, re !wars. dhrw
lug frame, stssrdern, thrwnits. toucan. woollsql cards, double
orAug I, 114 oterrhaut roman • twit. couirs, nuts. tr..;
sit& end hand loth, sal tools lu, returns!. All Muds
of shafting ede to oat,r. or 1•100• s.rrr , for Vr.log Isetu
n..s su
callls ressorabls.
ltrus To—, Clllllll A Co.. Slarkelock, Bell Co..
It lull. l'eutursh d. Je.s. A. Ors r.
MAP. 111AltBLE . IVORKS. (establbibed
131 by EDMUND WILKIN:+, No. ISI I.Abrily
of W0..v1 atrmt. Iltloburgh. .14.umet4. DOH.
V 15.1111.. Tomb,. Re: 3131110 Neer, f. , tat....1
ou tuna, Rod n.l. wort.,
ti. D. A ti10te.....1,1100 of Drawl.* ou band. J.lO
Important to Stage Coach and Wagon
Va have b,nabt lb. Hata of •u AXLE:. b0r.m...1 by
tr. t. l calln3 Patatit.. It bus
boco te. :am tml by out got omit bron.uterd to
1.. ill.. fart lo tta.. An otalloary tooth.with ret of t 104.• •.
Atlom. roonma ..111,...utne a 1.11( plot of oil fools I
mnths. Mr arttall quantity of oil kt..l la
rrldeor. bat, ot the an-at n.luctloo frlyttou. And
...nt~rutputly grvst anritut of pi - i.en It .111 make the mach
ocopt)rtor. AV, ct.oVoo thew .let acul f.
At., It will gnu mat .
not tttliardet, out ...oh,
will, the irlpel, and not busing mg mnbetlon with lb..
axle. .11 ...ntiray orrartat the al (row mtuinsl Olt.
Ito ,a,
LA rair. tbe nntontocs mill matt, of On.. Astra to
li.?.l. ' l l 7 . ll 4 n. ' atPl7g . Fruot at.n.V
rner 01 Fourth awl Martel etret.... 111.teburh.
at sUe , to of the Neu r ear ,
turn their thanks to their eurtomere and the piablie getter
ally. for the large share tit coot , . extended to them. aod
melte the rontlosmnre o their laver,. reeentl7
...larged tot hgprnred their room. they, are euaLled to htvt.
teu hood a eery es.hup.ire s.e.ortment of Geode—sod buyer.
T.1:I Leer the altantate of pletty of 11,ht to cumin. ;
t 13.1 make their eeleelmor. They deniao making
their eetabllthment, rt.a far aft prorthwtle. • FA3111..1
:TURF. • Item every . ..allele to the prr Sheele ho,, seeded
the Ott. of ragolle, ran be procumt—and lo their
ntinurd ellort• to velvet the beat good, awl so Pell at to.
Prseoe. he)* bore te make It the
of ratoolt, awl
dirlduati. to far, them with their ruotom.
IV—The 11 - 110L/.1LI: 111:VINEVI , will te,rnUnnnt In
the, up andr•—entrauee trogo 4th otreet. throLja...
Corner of flint and M'l
arket rmo , . The unix char
Ll 3 Itoiltotion of the Litello Pltt.bur,.ll
tle.—John Firmlo,. trim (pal loatrnelor to the
I , e4oer of T.111:11,.
0. K. Chnantorriin, .4 retamtatultly. 3lerr.ntile
C4mputriltAn. c.
N‘ r stron.. rte. Ischuer entotoorlad
111. e drthing eorephe turnslndge a link larwps.g.
wri It, applirnbon ',err brloch IviDemsb. dm
Gant and arr ited In and
in. the RrrangtatrutA
Lem. , rel 4! Law erere !Imlay 1 , 8
Itef,vvre bane the rn.leut rnrrrben, 14 itp
tre n l w O rt l; L
1 11 1. 1. removed
, 11) .
s In the .szne btalinc. .0
AV ILK 115, 14. '245 Liberty eq.,
I of 14 oval •treet.
M,1,111 , i2t0. Itaripl Vault, Ivrttbst.
A,. ! , I..sttla- nitr aol. ner Top,
, tuel nwir onler, of tb,
at cry mlur..l
r., 1 - , , ;;;;.. .1 tr.ruk,). Invanac: ar;
,1.111.11a . 1
1}1,101,4.1C I ca ---
- } from 1.4.
- 1 110
Hun. ilvrmnrß nnv t..1•,1 Tiernan. F... 1
Hon Judgr J,bn Nuirm. Em.
Wm. Ruhin,ntr,dr.. EN JON W.. XT . , Y.Wr . A rth I
' l'l ! ,lu2s n", t;;- '
J. H..`sL,noverr. 1%.1 1. .rry. Jo
Wilmon 'loon Exrgvut. do.
RuLadl Em. Lumley tr Co
Jon. NklEnight.Em. Br - ming-U. T. 31rdcan Co.
ham - - -
Johns ithrnle,l Co Ender.,
• • •• -
:t.l.throp. A11,11,3Y•
F: t . ” . IA itratefot for the vrr peromtgt•
find durtng nintwn yr.+ to flax eit,.Eatinst h.d Itku
Ilargcrt and bled ent.vstrd to le n.rr up In the pre-unt
time. and vtllLndeaver to rend., s...tistaction Lerreter.
,II„CoGtru, Wartz i rotr; 07 il 7 Third street.
eurnooters thlrea f rte 7 nit ' er enut . ple ' lld ft trie 'l argt i
and hnett stork of bouernold furniture eert before men n
title ray, OR he la deternanod to uphold the quality with
rellferotoord materials, beet uotiunatettolp, and netrtrot de-
PiNtIC and from the extent of hit ceder. and tevility in
manufacturing. he iPenabled to produce .a poled furni
ture. at the louestitrea.
Ile bat adopted • principle or Identifying Ulf etnetten•
ern' Internet teittt Iti men,
and luireld keeps
always on hand the trreatest variety of every oaf
furniture, foci the eheatteet and plainest, turtle aM
urn 0 1 and corn'', that a house. or any part of GM,. unte
PoTir. 4 ll! " tter!grerAt: r an ' tillteet "6 lo i n u 7int e AVlTatar.
Motu of LIR establishment may've anorn. The follouititt
atiodea rouslel. In part, of hie slisalt. which for tidiness of
Arlo and tinieb itanuot be softwood In aor 00 the Eastern
Parlor, drawls's, dining, sod bed-roren chain, of every
erier', eradiating of rosewood, mahogany and lout,
Elymbethen, Couserasloiro awl Earty'Cbsirs, of every tWa
motion; Com be., Felo.,Tele-sdele aud %rims of the Lanat
French and AmerVen Wbathot% sod
',Ake parlor Writhar Do.lts of varkso "bubo Work Tables
sod fancy inlaid stand, muele nand, and holders...hie
top, lashowany, rosewood sot walnut rent.. and fa, to.
Idea, extelodun molaz lath.: 511 sizes of the matt hoprused.
end derridrdly the test kind work ranl.Prmbruke and
lv jal. , l: o s; s.w:goher h tiZeitsod Tai!bstamlst..o.f
chain. a
othausue sod War ...Mary 504 ...k 00.Z/de bottol,
farserver, Porelasoks. hat stools, sod music stool, ,rib.
and rote for children: laded nisch, table end lea pros,
mahogany, mamma. sod inlaid {esti Tank, sr. de. &r.
A hyrgo saavirment. of Common Furniture
Chairs Cabinet makers frupplird .11h .all srßoles imthelr
Steamboat. sod idols. furniabod at the %burden untie.
All mien , promptly attended to. MO
()USTI' LANDS—Cerra CsLis. Nevwx,
d I turner at law. No. 163 Third at..
of Chari
-It. r !...viou made arronserung for tir
. 4ez , r . , th 1
t r ap '' '. aro! rVidren..Ld '' ZillTlte n tniTt soy °Uttar boo.
orr.. rooureted with th e goteroruent .or aril. Depart.
Inmate. the Pewit. Gifu, or the Courts ut the City ad
WtoWoutost. J. 27Att
. _ .
i fer steamer Perahontar,
bnel SPUN ROLL DACCO, fer by
1.10. N. 000. k CO- Fob. Agoot,
of DRY (UN:ILS. at the film More of
A. A. MOOS t CO.. fol. goal (14 Narket (demi
Commenced on Mhalay. (*camber 30, - 1030, to .anion.
through the month of January. Their whole eatablich.
men. ho t he thrown ^Pen fur Retail Trade, and their ex.
teualre *trek, amounting to One Hundred etel TWO/
Th./mond Whin, wiLl he onenAl at Retail, at Mir One
fourth Iree than usual
The notieu of their Semi...anottal Oahe to any one of the
thougantle who !Mendell th. ode of Lot rear. will hi path.
cleat atotau,... for • call this *eaten. They With heerenT,
hietlehorl • fon of. the moods and ynoo. for the bout( of
thow. who Moe St.ner attendo.l their palm via:
Rich Cashmere.. 76 yenta, tonal mita ST.
LW pkves Cut l nn and W I C•shuwrrit LL mu!. tonal
prim Z 74 rents.
pit.res Callan and Went Delalnet4 IS and 1$ Pant,
usual Idle.. and rents.
511 vivre]. bigh rnlund 91.1.1 d dd., 45 rent,, nsnal pile*
W o,m pitri,.l and C. reel ella, 110 cents, mat
price 76 rent,
ta) plow", Satin de Chloe and Satin. 0 71 i ants, wual
Veit* 11 21,
111.6 Silk, redtved 2t. pee
100 tortes Ftench II W. usual vein , $1,37.'i•
ZOO l'aranwitaa and I,norsoo Cloths. re,luard .11
1,..r mot.
Aimee., all rotors, lured emt. .
L'bOrl :gnarl, Shawl, whirl. ...Id Rom In 1 , 3
fa lets Ibsen usual pewee.
2.000 yardo Bonnet 1111.1. , 41.4 at h mud 10 rents, usual
111 to 2., MM. , .
Fast <eak usual prin. Q.-.
~V;;;;;Fl.,;;rAn'b..tin;3; iazd 10
mt.', tonal price 10 and 121 i mob,
00 rsoea illogcbrd roltutsl
10h bale. llrown 01b.1113. all vriwkl. :nab, pv,.7..d,
Alv., Lan,. libbrubleriro. Ttbascalbaa. 11.x.icri nd
Glove, I.lncb, Meet., Clatbe. Carsitnner. Cartnnin
tbgelbrr .a 1.111.114 of otber KO.*],anr,
all of vlorh will 31ar...1 Ikana to.f.over Itlma flab a./
'171:r1T474,"71,''k.'1y (all, a. bub , f bd_
rcAn .obi. Tbo loven pr, v ml,l„i r ., t
A. A. M.A.SON i CO
-410, tad 61 Market et.
1 " )
QI'SI.RIES—:3•IirIs fresh Roll Rutter,
• lni. 116,5,
64 url. rlited Corn Neal;
r. }tithrrr,
`lguaaL 1 / 1 141' 1 'D'AT '
17 C r
`4, MAILS, &c,
The ttutlern,..l Or other rreeele tr. iirpOintol,l{. ;WI 2)
• 14 • "
44111. UNlttl) 6111,9.
....... .Satualay. Jae, IP
daturlay. Feb', IS.
..... ..Saturdar, 51ersh
...... -Samaria,. alarchla.
._...-..Saturday. !larch:ld.
Saturday. Ar* P.
&trots''. Aprd
. stntrdar.Js-
etracri Ln
toOlt .
Et:yla It
Asia. -. Nem k.
Neu. OE
Tv t
XIIYOM .........
hon.', to IlaliCsa, or“.
zoo ars—(tAine
I,e ur
.....11 eihirribir. Jan. 7.
Wed...). SI..
April U.
Apr l il O.
g;YV:I4MIi "
SONS Baukrra
N. If 01.311.16
Ne $7 Marla d. fortvern Pd
"rd mod / I .torbisf.).J'ittst;tiya,
Brznrh at lbw .... da
liranett at 1 ,, 5tr:rat0wn.......1n
CA, Laolt. ... . .
4ratilelln Bank
101110 Life te In.* 'hut 4lt robrti Reserry bank-- 4,
lank ..f.... Llo I
t : Nt!LAND. _
Bask of Plttoburgh---,..isar
Tartmota F0a1:440 ......
Bor. Ilan. of I
Back of Conn,. (
Bank North Aroarka—par
BankNortlio lahrrtiraparo
Bank ofCLIAILF.IIIIII/I...—paril
lank of Po Tow nahha.pwril
Haul. of Linßra Nuts"
froottunwial Bank.ror
Bannon' x Meelanirr'Bk
.:iron bank
Rourinutouhutk. .
)lasslnfo, 31,13 Dant.- par
M'ortlanifo . Bank ar
Morin:flooring Book par'
PhilarlelphLaßonk ...... ....par
Southwark Book . ..
Trodrra-un's Rant—' par
W ooten, Bank • pal
Bank of enotaborrtaualt- .f 1
Bank of Cloot.r County —Tar
. .. ..
All Autinint. Ilank,---.-....X
- NlilA VURK.
Ses York
0/diary . ... . . ....... X
illallionnic Ans .
All solnent bank,— %
Beak eftbn Vallcy.. N
Ilk Al' Vlrinnla. Itirlunonil 1
I. natl., l'., Norailk.... i
an, Bank or Vire:inn 1 ,,
Wan: It :Audi. liana ...4
North Wi Fora Lank. ii
Aram+, . . .
.. , i
il lrl . 4% . lVi t n -,. i . ...
- ' 4
1 6,...1 . 6 , i -w 4ik Iv iltr. - :. %
31erchaii LA. Nrab;l4 A
l rii./UTII CAROM N.l. .
,Lk n( le At. at S. Carolina 2
/lank f
ocfCbaricr un licrtith E1r011na..... 1
Planners' A Mechanics' Ilk 2
• . ..-........ • •
Hank 14 14.1-, Clntter-Bar .
!tank of tmrmanwrv..~.l*r
hank n f;
Bank of I,•lftnarn..- .....
Hank -f ‘1411.-trArn....
Mt.nikonr.r..Ce Rank .-..pur
Bank .4 Nt.filinkalk,rkuulßar!
Colotukta Bk t Brkire Co.pari
Ikr,lertntrn Book 1,47 1
Luton flank-- Do
Erin Bank. ' . 34'
kann•re lik of Lonfkrler.rer
Fars. /3k of erttuf lk C....par
Far.t. row'. WeineAtou rklo.l
Erankltnbk Usti:du:tot:par
lakra...tor Bonk. ... n jot
lkorwtor County 8at...4a.r
Lobanon Bank ... -
Miner,: Dank of f , kflsrille
Krannug ' llk.%Vflioyberreparl
York Bank
Delhi . 77.72 . 2 §I
A °trots Int 1. Ranting Or 2
.link of Augusta '2
ilk of Brunfwkt. Ant'usta
in wheal loot „.. 3
like( Kentucky, Inuissll le X
lik of Louisville. Thomism
l!lortldrn Ilk of Kentucky t
Sostbern , n t k ofKentateky
Ilk of eta . .
Stole flank and t IJF
Kota of ....... .....Tb
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Drawing, Derepe e ve, and Painting in (AL
; Sr
l u ll. D. It. SMIT is now prepared to give
laterarlion to a few rtollo la the dttftwont.hrenelser t
m Elellahtfill art. at W
m moot he ?desalt. &wife •
Atloneetet . • new Ft:haled, 'het Wert. between Wood and
Here, t Ara.. Houma( detraction, from :le to 410. rid
how 4!-;b. erg r. It. Cher • ~4 other partacuhrs ran IT
hwwn of ~Irma (afterato•) se the rm.,.
het, to In..oassana or . Addietto.. jealltf
for rale by
icifted. fur su.:by
Pittablirgh Board of Trade.
3131 . 1 rl* ➢EIIROII Y
Pratt/IMAM vim air.
Wkallthl. OrnA. 'Feb. 1.., isgt
TA, 2 , ,,,,1r_p m . yeti: of d mod l odietnian- r. s.
0,,,: .. , ,, ,,,,,,.., , ,a, , ,r _
~_ .., Salatbra forte .% - nr York, .IThreqehrzett,, 171,,1 ,
11;6r...711.1n. t'' .. i Ishand, Curinerrirto. Nev. .ler,v and ,Ifir,%in.
Tar watt, yr:feria, was errs inelernent. v. crotch rag , Since I first wrote notice the influence of feel
f.a....i. .. tolleeta a 'toad over; thing Oki' bovii."v , lugs produced by the total defeat of Ur. Stryt t g,".
Dutra, the afthricon. a ' had hears' atom. of wan ant :
, effort to Facture a modification of the present
hail. and we will! now. dnutithaa Lane came wthl ...ether ,
oppressive tariff oystem, the tare of affairs has
u .etra so. an vEL•e eta ate warm floe unethatiolible ma i
brightened somewhat A portion of those who
then of [LC ton For dap..
FLOUR-The arrival, kraterday acre contwol to Frei sympathize with us in principle and purpose on
ansaldhas, an of: which we utoicretrtutt wont Into Wawa, I this great question are even sungvinuof enter,
Try market is Mill, weir a &tailwind Rodent., • Stub only , hi din attempt which will ho trade when Hunter's
I a " "r " " " 4. "' " ". n '''' ' nn b '''''' . " I ' 4°4 , bill far Bit! appointment or Appraisers at large
"a , "" i's "a."' tear 1.4 late at b '''' and rodnl 4 idling the mode of valuttOon . of imports
IlYr. YURI nominal 0113.240 ;ski frota'nrst hand, .
. I shall come up in the House. An undcrAtauding
awl 13.37th1r. Dora arr.?. •
. i i,,,,,,, t,„,h . ,, 1 ., ~,,,w i r,s or i n . obr a t. I has - Lee' !crime to en respect to the relative
and rthelderablr' quantities ate now taken -mat tie. roe ' claims of different branches .ef manufacture, and
mot' at , '"8 ,7 '... iv bit. In ouvi gram , . mr-bicate vivi i that circumstance greatly increasesthe chiinces
neoronly hap Wen dolor. with no divas.. to Win,. I o f f oo l s o ften - .
9 The bill . upon which the at
m u nd A°C ... E a n o l , r ' - ' 4 .7,1 ° ,, ,.. 4 7", ,, ° ; - ,'
m i '`',", i d . ° „1:"L. ° ,',";,,7,,1 b ,. 1 . tempt to engraft the modification will he made,
is now lying on the Speaker's - table, and will
firmly at W 4423. IA est. N O. 514.4. r i• .citing , ...... , '
toot at ovikseic,,,, tee for and prime g oioj , .. it, op. ' probably come up for action next week. If no;
Deo a thristir Improved fat:ling in coffee. with wlair at lids anticipated by the appropriations, the French
at 12.4 cash. rind 12w.i..r.; time. Some are bolditnr at IV: spoliation bill will be taken up on Saturday next.
excite' p b. Othertethio are without change. It Will not be permitted to occupy more than two ,
RACON-Th• market continuo. sec. rem et fall rei,.. .
or three iLlyv. I very mach fear that it a .11 go the '
Fades ti ends iineulders at ce. on./ a c-ilia rides at tr 11 tea.
sr w
Phan hams am =me, with small rale. at SAlFtSdie. , Dart ••' a. of the well contestedhronch mint bill. tMost
oft iFITM , aucar Cooa hand at India ear si !, of the northern democrats, I find, shelterd hem-
OrLK :iiiiiief-WE notica [...lent,. copyist in ...rt.,' ' selves under the name of Silos Wright lath John
withtv What sal , ' of :mono ai". vvootr; Clot, hot 'A. Dix, who both mode celebrated speeo ea in
v" : "''" ''''''' t ""v ant ""'"") ° ""'" °14 "" "" ^44 " : the Semite against these claims, Mr. Clay and
eta.; far iihatilderi, sodas; for aides. <Rib. '
LARD-Mr. Benton hare' occupied thepenter part.of the
Srupplito am nollerate. and eater hare 'born rant, '
o d f ay t „ he in b th o e ,, Se to na t t i. e, in ,i, d er eba n ti o ng tho th s e th p t r e opo or si 3 t r i i 7 i
w itinsi ns, to t sta . all lota at z!iitz7l. to bbla, and LIASc In tee,
BUTTER -TI, market is V.ahaz dub. and priess thug' a' semi the two per tent fund reserved to each of i
cid.. ran, e.alcs of rod in Ltd at 12414 es and of pact..., I the states, from the, sales of the lands lying
In bbl. out keg, at 7W.1.8c perm . within theta. 41r. Clay contended that liasouri
DRIED FRUIT.-Pale• of apples from era hands at 7fr. ,
elms paid. ...:Ir. Benton
and tram rare sat Dr' In small lot.. e,4.ak. of peaches in , had been much more
1 Wall argumentative, witty, excited, violent : furi
note at $1,770,t40 Par tka batter quality of halve.
. (0 ,1, 1.... Er i., ,
~ ,, ,p , r, r _ . .l
fro l.,..i, ,L,. , matthsel=wht . i . sl . 74,„fh ., ,
br i :L i d : oils in his answers and rejoinders to Mr. Clay.
Brit Mr. C. had the best of the argument never-
Fliff -Sales to bills Ka a-lase...korai so $7.50-now halal . theless. . . -
at no. tribqr articlet, under' this brat are uorbanawl- l Gov. Seward sincerely regrets the dissensions
'" DS-ra g " U 4 ho d *"" . 'd to '''''' a °'''°' c '" l 'l Ihi New York, which appear likely to deprive tbo
rerl7. 4 Tim j othrtbeia .: T sz.7
500.2,0 t Ztiv t roita s'43' ,.aunt, "° Whigsof their fine We
opportunity , i° elect a °ma
., 22... ,,, '1&. } . l . sa d ,,,i i, ~„,,,..d at jr.c d rrow ~,,,... , for there at this session. e believe, bower...
Olt-at-Salt • of Idtoc.l in 'mall liaa at sia it tit of Ne. I ! despite the presentunfavorable indications, that
. . _ _
lard at OA:, and of tro 2 at to ice cal,
._....{VnlpcAhr• JR. V-.
__ . an election
will .
on take place. I confess 1 perceive
little probabilityof that result. The mode of
pu toe 1/.1.--The follow!. le • etatcoand of the electing iu New York in peculiar, and ought to
''' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '' 4 w'd .°4 Wh ''''' ." 4 " " ''' r remain BO • If not abolished altogether.. The
l i ° ,l " ;, °' Uw"
1'"611.' " the
'''''''' I.4 “' "i .... VI law redni;es that on a given day, each {louse
bm,,,:,, 01,4 et, L., j„,,,, I +Lull proceed to nominate a cenntor by a major
2.sku 10.t . 0 1 itv of votes If both Houses in separate and
doe U.lOo LIA. r .
.. . . 1 di s t inct session nominate the same person, that
, 12450 - person is declared elected. If they nominate 1
t no, • differen - t persons. Itudt-they meet in conference
:Ob."! 1 and electmie of the two by a majority of a joint
scowlvote. But if one or both Houses fail to make a I
nomination on the appointed day, then the else- I
Nom auerrEas, TRADE, ere. : titan goes.. over for that year. The lattet case,
1 ha.; happened, and it will manila the passe, of
Buneess. Feb. (I' o
At the Stock B eth , ,„ d „, ti „, ~.j( e, i,t h ~,,e , the e „,,,, / special law to effect a choice of a senator hyl
Wheal sad uke.l. ~ the present leeslature. E.T.-GON Mar Hamilton I
Poofc tom.— Maryland (Ce o.4tfolTervd. 102% aekot I Fish bad a majority of :17 rates ou the hest hal- i
a° acted, " I ' °D.. " '‘` . ' l64ll ' 4 ' l ' l4.ll '" ll '" ! " . ' lll 1 101 the laseuthl and *us of course nominated
tl.) acted, lirotola 6'. av "tiered; lulu/craw 61. IBTO. 104 1 - in•• 3'
earred. dd litol, lutU olltrrd, IOOSi wired: do 5'.. av , ofer by that body. hire Itickin.son does not appear'
. I!".:V'''"''''' '"' ""' '' . '"'" 4 b '''''''''''' '''''''''''• ''''''. ', to have obtained one vote. In the Senate, which
. I
11.1 craw—Paltltnore. 114.11 carrot Merrhaute', MO: 1 oonnist. of _thirty two 'ambers Gov. ciAlt u ni t ,
' fl br e ,V,l .4o " e 'r eeed ' ° !•,,% / 7 .l . ereie • ... V1.. / " . """ i y e e e tr l ee ..r u i,` .l 4 3 l `li I.siateen rotes, different democratic . candidate.. !
ter , cot. 1...1.1r ,, r•Leirered;
, 1 / 1..v1w T. , , ,o_lltcv.„t. 1 . 'lll 'i had tifteen, and Hon. Francis Granger had one
tr ° r ~ .1,. „tx.- 3 ,-„, , L ,,..:,,,r -. 1 , 7 ,..,-„,.. 7 „,,.. : . , rote, given him by Hr. Beekman, Whig Senator i
reaatila: W., otet;.l, 11%
1 . 1111,.., to l / 4 ottered: le l. (Silver tirey i from Now York city and a relation I
" rs.i - trt ' s.. b r—ltalthe '"' ow La. !... og..wd, rie r a.,,,•, ..r2 of lof Mr. Fist. Had Mr. Beekman even refrained
cm -. 1. Wdbolove rov• ' 2 '. . 114 "; t Avvvild.'d l'lrvo . tve'• ' ' from voting, hi, kinsman, the regular nominated I
eserw.t. abi asked. ,
lord. nos - a—llaltlcaere and Obk, Railroad. 24'd offend 1 candidate of his party, would hove been elected I ,
'at' aOtoo hottlatem red tOninebanant 0.. I''', cm... , Bed he chose to perfect the work he had under
31% tote*, loft sad Cumberland do d'fle ob:vol. Xxli I , . , • • ,
who , •
waked. lidetrooinCeuruial.e. 6 olirte...l 'ion; di.. 4 oden‘r thkrOß , -11 , to widen the real to the g art hire
Vroterlea do. 2% otte..l --laewr . conduct must inevitably. canoe, 17 ...ietntirig the
' Tile 5 cox Id, T 'democrats nod carrying a. motion to adjourn. I
At the ;Woad to do, role 1111 . 01. , tole!, at eetece t ed , (11 conree Oat ended the bovine-, '."‘ °thing',
a" " 1111 ' 4 " 1 “ ' fr. ' '''''''' ''• 14. 1 1 :3' 11o r m " .1 '.' Dl ' l '' 'now I t thecoalitionof art of the Bambara-
slid Ittaroo 1..504 Cu and It eon Over (met toed. , . a p
lee tell rich ltf Harlem 0 It. x. sod Erie n It. ober.. tb, 1 era with the Illigs can effect a passage of a
tfr.7„:', l r or tt o a t or t .,..: ,r,-„-,,, , -,,, ,,, , L .--, -,,,, , ,r,,,,, , -,t , , , ,,,. , law to autborite another attempt to elect at .thl.,
elan 1.4. searion Nr such ...edition is likely to take
Estatemm—Votuos —ROI on Pert• axe reerre and 'p de: / ,
, in .. .n .d d• In /. 4 / I .fr it . feea ,. ~v t , r eq t zliona. ,74,l , u o .,. ., u , .. elisi v . l l:, ,
p dre k ,
i n m n i d ng. th t e h,, l , l e un rtai ke n r d ,,x otauc „.. ns u t i s .th a e r i e r i fa f r e ,, , , : i d , ,..
th....: i sub dl .0.! 'An'' , ... . I '"'"'"" I. ' Dickineuti, Lehi. unothcr legiclature to be elect.
413,0etit I cnton.... ProVoo7:llrrturo (IIVITtoi.
toorma—The 'I re , tote Aro and Mame ineneenee Co eft next fall.
hate deetand •61116,1 , 1141 rt tou dolber. ter Jhare. to, able
on,lncaud. . To-morrow i- the day of fate in )la.achusetts.
... . .. . . . .. . . .
Nes 11.1 h rd _
trwt ou II wen.
1 , , ist: .1,914
: Sumner Bill ,hably A 0 again defeated, and the
tam' ant the Nwetary : u%rb I , 1. . 1 “. 1 U. election will beportponed for tb esePrion. Things
' cannot go ''cry far wrong in this State. For
S. ikr Lent ete.lo.--!('‘an..t4t. Sumner ian:gentiotnan-a triati•of learning and
I ability. If he be elected, whet calls itaelf
mocracy will 111.0 ,in-the Senate a relentless foe,
, Nam &tiers& Sat', thadd.e. z end sound principles and true morality to elo..
Wetar). deededrtneratlon tent, to dr anent advocate. But if ho ho not elected, then
..I*=e t Zah= • '- the mutter will be referred to the people, and an
thrl• ay. modern , . and the I nowly btwr• &men add rtiMOlit rialto 'Wing Irgielniure will he returned,
L t. be...`” width will
M Win th rop.ho only differs
TIN outbids of Soren's& wheat and their, ever, cannot., - elect - - • •
drrand, which b , from Mr.lSunmer . in having great experience in
tN a Leer that setae.flr o ,", l „ . „ !,;,1111,',,,, nI,V.,`" legislation, and in beir.g firm. consistent Whig.
bale Nan oral od.lornitt oh , w he t s a& • were ow :ONO gen. Junes, Senator elect in Rhode Nand, is 'a
swath below our lwwouotenc,i.a. wrlldwrwer, ronazde
d ,„„. ; gindl enough general politics, and
weiik mote than thank
311. I'M, In Floor, et, the tided protective tariff or In New Jersey the
wedeln. to &Itch.. though ted quotably mi. ,
l o w a . c ord . t a d ., . democrats bare two majority on the legislature,
bat we :lank a mot e dellialatl Iva) expe...l but they have nominated a
for Senator who
far um uncle to • /de weeks.
The idtacilwl ernealrol foreign wheat art from the Medi- ! is Obje,tin.hie to shout one-third of that tnd s int ,
t,rrnd aa o,, to d ~rune dour la *LIN,Ind in the En:writ 1403 a ity, and who will probably he defeated. The
al • print equal to Plo• t&I Der 1,14. r.
alt„ La rpm& nutlet to daj 1111kx - ntod u. ; present able not eloquent Senator, Hon. W. L
n. nrnsh' t I rte I vit Whigs It
• ay AP, ‘e sUppo le .
au t ism maw rod <Lange to yr. ,
Li 1232 131.11--
, would seem likely enough that the discontent of
Wheat, 33alv.t. ..... 101 ak,,,al per 70 Z. the democrate,.rind the nearly equal strength of
L.. ........__.;r eda,a id dn the Whigs. would here too throw the election
du J. 110. ..... .114315e. 0 1 do
Cumber, 10 tots ..._.......—.,...,_. 5s do , over to amdher year. The Connecticut legisla-
Th.wd ......... ... , J turo Las already admitted its inability to choose
F mar,
duttutal rd. ......... , V•r bbl
the numerou: nod the
u... , d0 . non will decide the election to be held in April
twist corn: ty s err toe It,
to -tor idea. do next, fora new Legislature members of Con-
Yhuldlowfna is the lawn of wheat, btu., er e low gre,t, he. In Michigan, a(so. a stormy time is
Lineidwol, trout lord. pore. tortbe fornatitht loth osrceted Gen. - Cass loo nls largely over any
dary. Ins wheat: base d0: ..:.,:'1, tither ilithwidUtil but the united forzen
bad nowt, 1:0711 .seta did Intso Able Indian wean ...,.atts j
barbels 'what, cin
o, Ln•lntl• f. o, owelta oat,. Of hi s competitors are fur superior to his um n. If
holes rte. se: IS cwt. do, ' they combine to prevent his'eleetion, he rill he
defeated. though no ode clic shott E ld succeed.
aunt 5.
MONEY zaesx:Er.
, . .I.anaia. Colas Jan. 17
The reitiCinetit of Wrenn, nut hat:taken place to dat i on:l
the Einelteh remit he se expertented a farther iltsitue of • , • We31113:0701t, Feb. 7.
gUltloe per rent. Coaxes "wood at Len. anti Is coca.- • - - -
queues of War fort t:lee at etocp. rebteli t o o' a O rton : The President's :tree to-night Was as crowded
temporary .4:metal touttep thee declinedo.belata, I
Prow leank twis to to. ler the lath cf ithrunry ele, 1 Ile unintl, notwitit,tanchtig.littlio Sete net:m.3l
cities , ' et oiii• fhe won... rte tot ban. to the sewn • roots of the fashionable order given in various
Easiest, has anemic Nan se lee ..' a pt reit., but this
arts o f
morning ati muck is 4 per root. watt often In Immo itutan- I parrs or th e loc . :. A brilliant party was given
fr;',; w hZ . r,.s. i i;L, t.,12:,..=',,.... "ii' a ,3 ,„. o li.'a only tors kr, ; by Major Beale, Sergeanbrit-Arms of the Scoots-,
ovimeoUry circuatatantwi, " .7.7:rthT'itoilt . o=f u :rill . Itt Whir It, during Some portion of the evnng,
roatonas to Mak. IWO. ea 40.71,1,r ptriod. or ~,c1...... I certainly every member of both Honeys of Cun
t/two 14 dare, at testier t eant. hank bock left cit 73 to
itl.% kV* to 4: lewatabwAniarteeine t3itts- cisli to %; I greet vnanaged to drnp in. The attendance of
taaa A‘aaata, 7, 4 , /WI. thwit. 00 a 0, 3 i'ti iitlis . o ii.i's i the rest of mankind was numerous, nor stay any
711 sod Eseboquet Hill, nie to Ws, Issemitwo.
the fotrian utarket waa auk; Uole. acil !Attie alter:dim ' effort made-to COlahue the enjoyment of the
occurredln Niece. .
' to tilt, tt dire of the democracy," ihough Mr.
The knell ream - Paris Mit morninp,
• Impreeston that, °idea to the ebumlancTof ' Vlo ' "rn tb g '
neat • I
Peale is a disciple of- that political sehool. The
look of Prance al ataat la tate the unuettal Actin( Polo- • soiree hi tho Postmaster Cleucral'e t last, Light Was
Ma of discount Dom to 3 per math Periotie
however, who are likely to Lovell Worland ee M the view. ! another crushing assemblage of the beauty,
of the direetota, assert that there le no tech Intention. I fashion, and grace of the coetrdpolis. o•
The shill:manta of Allots to India •, to tooth:ow.— .
We understand that the rammer of the ti utis will take out e I A very important debate took place in the
further /Ma Of tn.. Latitteet to 1.30031011
Auitytee mea-Th,,, j .k, t r,,,,,., r i h0 p t ,,, p t „.. m .i Senate to-day, and occupied the whole of the
ties keep hem. 'trines are as Pillow: sitting. The Committee on the Judiciary, to
U'U'd oo m""' edv .h 'eprt r ce n 'ert t lso n teda'u t t,'" l io!itr,:,,,. I whom had berm referred Mr. Winthrop's reso.
do lila woof Mork. tea s :ten Lot, Inn. lotion of inquiry as to his right to sit, speak,
, g o a, o a d &t, iri,',.'",,, Pe r 'ATA ) l %" b j E t" . . 92. ' luS • v jr,k 4 , j vote,in die Senate, after intelligence of the-dice,ooh Pow tor rent Mock 'SS ' Ilion of a successor, but without knowledge of his
SlMarbufietto Vice p e r cent., : n et ti ng toads. ISla, O ct lo4 acceptance or refusal of the post, reported this
ileryland the portent, sterling Bonita 10 : I morning against Mr. Winthrop's right to hold
Canada nix too ow hoods. 11174. 107. 107 ts. the:stet any longer. Mr. Butler, Mr. [lsle, Mr.
Berrien,Xr. ItheflTond several others supported
FOREION . Tot iroo —A lab N.. York Circularnya
The lm bort/glow. although of 1.,. magnitude than dnthng
they ivIL otill mold. fur preeent dam.ado
Of Cuba rel .
HOW., and of Havana 422 do hoe, been rend,
.1- &the bar , kelr4 lotto Olth Import,. mid lb. current
mire, of th at month ham been• generally .attained. We
.7blaide Oman/ isgliy do oda Jager and Youstri', 20)
.0411 6eKtipthrugin UM hand, are modem..
.la:--Groh. 1340 bah, Mamma I=al dam. rt. Ithathogo LAS
do: Ambolino 412 do.
. - -- ,
• • 327,563 95. The value of corporation Wharves
the vieweth men the report, and argued that
and ferries, in 8" 998,000. The entirh cost of
even should'Mrl 7 lluntoul decline the honor, My.
, t . building and repairing piers during the last five
Winthrop's right wailerminated by
the lac ' ' I year:tin estimate,' at 8531,095'28. For thename
the elem. of naother man. Mr. Clay, Mr.
rindpe ;5515.842 72 were received for dock and I
Seward,. Mr. Rusk, and others, thought that I
ship rent,ni and. $29°,154'84 for ferry rent. The
when the Constitution said Gild. in case of a va.
estimated value of thrry property on both rivers
cane y occurring during the rice of of the le is i , a .,, 15,0K
tare of a State, •• the Exeeutthe thereof may - '
The whole number-of person arrested in this'l
make temporary appointments until the meeting
city during the quarter ending 31st December, 1
of tha Legislature which shall then fill such vs
according to the report of Chief of Felice - was ;
caneies," it meant to regard the whole session of
no fewer than 8,322 of which 6 wen for murder, !
the Legislature an one day or term, and that the
62 assault with intent to kill, and 'for arson.- f
meeting did not refer to the mere coming togetli-
Who says crime don't flourish in Gotham..'l
or. 1 listened to the argument all day, without,
The examination.of Ray Tompkins, is still
1 must confess, being more enlightened than progressing. A largo lumber of witnesses have
when I took my eyes off the plain words of the t aan n - d aannnod, relat i ve to t h e t eta l oeeti t raa ,
Constitution, which authorise the Governors to I don h o d w i t h I,n :et ... t h e d a y of his Metro. The
make appointments to hold good only '. 'n- HI I
. excitement has much . abatesl, and the general
the ranting of the Legislature," evidently mean
impression is, Ant no criminal charge can he
cog that tho person appointed shall then be no sustained. It is I aid that be will be let off by
longer a member of tho Senate unless t he'nFs ' paying fifty cents on the dollar.
poiotment he confirmed by the Legislature. Still !
the conflict. ufi mind grin , ."on upon the B . floor of.l man named Lawson and his Wife were sr-
rested in Brooklyn yesterday , charged with pets
that. truly august council was impressive and I s i ng large quantities of counterfeit American
interesting. The two points presented were et; quarters They Lase been identified by a large
great imporace ins many respects. In the first Aund ," of small „Ljealeta.
plare, all admitted that a usage had grown up in !' Th e canal Commissioners, report an income of
the Senate under which a Senator appointed by ; nt ,„„,x.,:.•2 , othtteffi from toll!, 119/itaf the year
the Governor of a Stale was permitted to hold ".18,-A, end upwards of a m illi on of doll's. re
his seat until the election of a successor, without I maiming on hand. The Auditor expresseS a fear
regard to the foci whether the Lexisloture were 1 that there will ho a considerable reduction in the ,
or were not in session. It h as became now ne- income, from the competitive recently csinamen
to inquire cessary llate into the correctness of this ' col b y the Northern Railroad, co n necting itoeton
practice,practie, and to establish a rule by the positive ;
with the lakes,. and the prospective competition 1
the Senate to meSt Such 1 . 1.,11. 1..4., l of the Erie Railroad, which will be in fell blast I
madly, a decision 14111 affect the po,ition , of two lon the opening of canal navigation. To effect
of the moot able and dietinguiaud Senn cos of the ! this disathantage, the Auditor tines the imme- i
body, and to , d e p r i ve both of them of their ' 'Late execution of the proposed enlargement. of
coats i t , it_ n amoiy. ' Mr. Winthrop. of 31 " s ", . the State Canal at a cost of several millions of I
' dollars Since writing the above,. the telsgr a pn i
and Mr. Ewing. of Ohio. The dismission was
Ittpt up all day, an•l the 'Senate adjourned, while !xtinuunees that the Clued Board, have minced !
it was yet pending. -It may consume the whale '
.t the rate of toile for thin season. The most ina
of another day. . . . I portant change is in flour, wheat, and nurolii •
The ore rumors that the Ateerienn company,', iron. The following are the principal artiß
consisting principally of New •York capitalists;' ri ce which have been changed, and the rates per '
who obtained," some eighteen months since, the mile:- -
_ . _. _.
cinitract from the' Republic of Nicaragua for Flour, grain, cheese, beef, lard, oil, domestic'
F " lt '''''''' t--41 '` t1° T Pike N. 2, C ., ' C"'""ii F building the inter-ocean ship canal, hare failed hydes,. and foreign salt-three Mills; oysters,
lean ,. above ago der. at [ha usual boar. to f p foe aint their Cu gement., and have forfeited fo mills ; mPsolietiron, two and a halt: mills;
: tei a r , cataract. 1 s incere'''. hope that this is not shingles one mill and eight-tenths; copper -half
roest. Lorbt- splendid stair —_,,,,„__-
air haw. Newton. Curt . i 'e, but them in, I regret to an y , *mgleehable the old rates in the red book.
1..... 1 . .in ie. , e Ili. day for the anise and an lawromds ; a ority for the statemeut A gentleman, who Another Wall street .broker, named Frederick
~i,2 pore.
j has been engaged informerenterprlnea far cc- D. Robinson, has been atte s ted, charged with
• complishiag this magnificent object, and indeed, having embezzled $l,lOO from Colonel Russel
expended .4.10•5 t a fortune in one of them, in- 1 Jarvis, the editor of the Philadelphia Ledgef; an.-
forms me that the statement above alluded to is I . der the followiegeircumstances: It - appeth that
correct, and the embarrassment's of the company Mr, Jervis engaged Robinson to to r ntb ille 40111' 1
ore to great that they can have no reasonable abuts of Reading RallwaYStonkrZedidndvarleir
hope of extrication.. It is cerialialipoerible that obtained $4OO, on aecomat• - Mk° slack was Pirri
3.11 these reports may iosult from envy, malice;
. ehtmed end again sold by - Robb:lain; and the pm:
• •
invady, tar demand, anii prima Raga taawbaright. salvo of
huh bh 041::tay11W bblaat 111.30 tk nwithh
rale* have titan made of 400 b id., what. If OM all at Mau.
The .took to Um market to much naluml. %bale market
honor. holden la view of the light bovelata ..1.4.4
mood, blve advapowl Ib.k previo. lwrunwiDruc 00000.
has twolLdoo.oo to ebtak oheratiouo. Buyer/ ate La thin
market, but ..ratinot loom : ba p " all"
,100 bean ot.
Whalobtar dull,
o rtn. tr end
bay.. only to ramit a salo n to of math hv a at
:AV 12 , --1011.111 Ll,o.
TROT Rom. %nu', I.—Tba Vale, of W. weak are
:Apik) mn &rem. 004 MOOd Om pulled • ar
klarkee mem active awl prim, Manua aPwarde.
oat heed Mr eat, WO Mara and palled. kWh otn le o erre:-
10 at lb. market value. >uquote t1u...f0.10 , v1.w
rarmo of rroac—flue aaway Ceram toaet.pae do memo,
474:4.. tall bkaal 4!..4411, %to blmel 4114.4kce1l '
111 , ..—Shen •ere 6 fret Idebry to ebsorwl, at duet
by met6l wart, tall ...Wu., and rirlo;•.
Michigan. Brim, Senior.
WOG, IP/melt. Dromos•Wo.
Atlantic. Parkin...mOGllll,
.J. ?toKw. tlrmirkkw4 Mofireogiriet.
phriiror. Haller,
DirOltliats=., Moore, Mbooling
ILohigan, Orin, Dawl - . E
Doovro, Gordon, Limiter.
LAW, heininitt, 14m u.rillr.
Atlantic, Path:tot, Drotro,,,lii.
.1 Molt., Ihnigrielmo, MoKimmtVri.
14/elll4 rihd~e4 ElLsaliett.
Mt Vornoo.
110CE1NUS011T—Pilot. No. 2.: r. 0.
JAVISVILLE—Navigater, 10 A 0.
St WEIS— laaao Nimlon, 10, A p.
F°. 1 "'" 41-71 t. Mutat parkrt onstr
Capt. Nan, will lean asshore tht.
SILVER WARE—Spoons, Forke,
1 1 311......„Eni radtots. cosh4-
to .mer 1.1 on mum fu tale at the ialrest nat..
f 1 . "1924t.%41.01 egrts• 1.:01sL . Mattur=
ICorn , Maleore of dr Pitt.twrgh
or misrepresentation. By the contract the corn-1
pony bound themselves to pay tea thousand
tars a ;Oar to Nicaragua as a bonus for the char
ier, until the work should be completed. It is
said fliat the second instalment has not been
paid. •
In Mr..Squier's treaty With Nicaragua. which
has not yet been acted upon ty the Senate, oc
rcinreil a provision 'that the United States should
defray the expenses of sending a Minister to rind
maintaining him in this country to negotiate fur- -
ther arrangements. Of course, no money has
!been advanced, as the treaty has not yet h`inti'l
ruined, and if nothing hasbeen paid this yeas.,]
by the company, perhaps that accounts for the 4
non-arrival at Washington of the promiselßtr,l
voy. The agent said to have_ been seleaßio
residelkere, is reported to be now in London.• It
is altogether a funny episode in the diplomatic I
lisv• bates.
FllOl HARauratutoa.
C ,, roiroisteute or tbs Dolly Pittsburgh thief,:
I u the ;ante l f i h A it, " = " ing, F lt e l b r . . 7 Ro l berteu B6l. ti
I pre,ented ti petition from Beaver county, in favor
! of the erection of n Poor House in said county.
I Mr. Lawrence, frsan Washington county, for
the passage of a law to prohibit the snider in
ter-jesting liquors.
,- •
The hill to authorise the• Auditor general to
transfer the stock owned by the Commonwealth,
in the Pittsburgh and Butler Turnpike Road Co.
to the Allegheny and Butler Plank Road Compa
ny passed to second reading.
In the House; Mr. Bower, of Chaster county,
rend in place a hill to establish a Board of Li
cenaers, in ench County in the State. - !
Col., M. Robertson rend in place a bill to incor
porate a Board of Health; and to secure'the port
null city of Pittsburgh. !Titian the introduction
of contogialm and pestilential dileases;, also, a
bill to - incorporate the Birmingham Librnry and
Mechanics' Institute, of the borongh of Birming• I
ham, Allegheny Co.
Mr. Iligham, in place, a hilt to protect the Ca•
ants, Railroads, and other public worlll,of this
31r., Bighorn, from a Select Committee of
the intmbero from the County of Allegheny, re
porteJ a supplement to the act cotablishing a
uniform standard for the measure of bituminous
Mr. Fife, from the Conimitter on -Nice and
Immorality, reported - n general bill 'regulating
tavern licenses, which nuthoriz. the Judge, of
the several Courts of the State, having power to
grant Licenses, to issue's 5UM113069 ereapias ter
for the signers to petitions for tavern linens.,
and to require them to certify under oath, to the
troth' of the facts set forth in the petition.
In tier Honor, the Tariff question was under
disrttseion this morning. 3k. Bonham conclud
ed his speech, after hosing given the House so
hitter a dose efFree Trade,that the most unadult
erated Lorefoco might have difficulty ill cheer
fully swallowing it. Ile denounced the whole doe
[Till, of protection, and wished to Zee all our
manufactories- destroyed, and our whole people
engaging in .Agriculture. He forgot that tee no
tion under heaven ever prospered, grew great, .
became stealthy by devoting itself solely to !he!
production of any one class of articles.
llis reason ryas this: Europe can, owing to
various causes, produce manufactured articles
tench cheaper than we can; we can raise grain
more cheaply and abundantly than Mt. other na
tion on the globe. We should buy where we can
buy cheapest, and sell where We rout at the high
est mice. We should, therefore, buy our manu
factured goods from Europe, and they will par.
Chase the grain they need from UP.
Mr. Bonham, in another part of his speech,
declaimed bitterly against monopolies, but lie
certainly forgot or overlooked the Let, that the
Itentlgeeleei lin proposes above, is one whose
main cliaracteilatic is monopoly.. ft would place
our government in the hands of the Manchester
manufacturers of Greet Britain, who, having an
entire monopoly of our market, with no compe
tition at home, would lie able to make us pay
preeisody what pricer. they rho, to affix to th e ir
The theory of Ftee Trade would subject us to
the iron rule, of not only what Locofocos delight
to call soulless corporations and heartless capi
talists, but far worse than that, it would subject
ua to.the - whims nod designs of foregia corpora
tions,. wllO9O feelings soil pPrjuilices and affmities
lead them to bate our institutions and despise
our people. Let this country e'en!e forever, such
doom. If nothing else will deliver us, lot our
spirit of independence, and sense of dignity, no
well as interest, rise to free 0, fr o m the domina
tion of parse proud monareblids.
The tuna who can advocate either openly or
covertly, so toomtrcus a doctrine, should be
branded ss villisnous, if his want of ability to
under:dam! the tendency of his measures, will
not save him from the iodignation of freemen.
[Cmre7por..intre of the lhaltr Pittalmrxh Gaxtt,
MAI Tons. Fib.::
The Steamer Empire City, has just arrived
two o'elock,) frnm Chogres, sia Jamaica with
two weeks later advicesfrom California, and the
intermediate Pacific perm. The "Empire City"
brines a litrge amount of gold dust—estimated at
between two and three millions on freight, and
it, the hands of the passengers. The news is of
no treat importance, hrtsiness Irma moderately
active end the markets overstocked with nearly
all kinds of produce and merebandize, from the
Atlantic States. The tide of emigration contin
ues to set strongly this way... A large. number
eturned in the Empire City, 'and a great many
'acre left behind waiting a'favorable opportunity.
The news from Jamaica is unimportant, except
that the cholera was fast subsiding,. '
• The Cast and Nortlt Myers are very much ob
structed with ice just at present, which is toot
ing dowu in large quantities. Two barks which
arrived this morning were locked in, and floated
a considerable distance down the hay, awl finally
reached the wharves by coming through Butter
milk Channel, or the east side of Governor's
The Iro'scrn tel other motariliinun litre foci
very math grieved at the-defeat of the Sew York
That bill, sal Me: tr. I:hind:Lir and 3locife mem
bers from Pennsylvania ate denounced .11, being
unworthy teats in the House of Representatives.
The- annual Fireman's ball winch was held at,
the Astor Place Opera House last week yielded
the handsome sum of $3,200, which goes to the.
Fire Depertment feud.
-A beautiful •stcanuthip called the “Lousianar•
I was launched at half past twelve o'clock to day.,
She was built for Messrs }lowland and Aepin
wall's Pacific line, and for beauty of model, and
strength will compare favorably with any of her
predecessors. Acceding tat Government mea
surement, she is 2,200 tons burthea.
It appears from a detailed estimate .made by
'the_ City Surveyor, that the total value of pros
petty owned by the City Government, is $14,,
--NUMBER 162.
fits-thereon together with the advaneed mov er
amounted to SI,IOO. This amount is alleged to
have been unlawfully retained by Robinson from
- Mr. Jarvis. Cards of crplamiliim hate been
issued by both parties, and an itnextiration in to
take place this afternoon.
The stock market rallied tcralay, bat the spirit
of speculation is broken for the pie:eat:and it
will require many favorable co-ordinate-eiresuri
-I,sta noes to induce speculation in take the Rime
1 train it followed a few weeks since. Money is
14nore active, add not so easily obtained on fancy
Ottocker. The price of money an paper Lundeen
!' , b u t good mimes will comraand•money at 51
r°'a 6 per cent f9r6o 5,90 day bills,' and 6 a 7 for
Clays to six month do: Call loaxis are still
negotiatad at 91 to 6 percent; the fonnerrate on
government sto ck dollaterals. •
At the stock exchange to-day Pennsylvania 'Yr
c•trcre ouhl st.94} and Ohio' and — Pennsylimila
muds 96. 'Government stocks are ratherquiet ;
the loan of 1867 brought 1181 and do. 1856407.
Western State- stocks me very firmly held, with
few or none offering. All of the railroad and
fancy stocks are from 2 to 10 per cent, and some
15 per bent lOwer khan they were this day week.'
Canton, which lips recently carried to 96 by the
Boston holders of the - stock, sold . at 70 a
depreciation of 26 per cent !
The spring trade does not open so brisk as was
anticipated, though there is a fair amount of-bac
- siness doing in the dry goods line. Many of the ,
leading importers and jobbers complain bitterly
of the large and growing number of unction sales ,
to their great detriment. The stock of goods is
not overlarge, as was the care last season, but
much more select,cboth in the foreign and domes
tic branches. The total value of the dry goods
imported at this port daring Janciary 1851 was
.$8.707,833; same time in 18-58 $5,748.492 , ;'the
some time in 1849, $4,599,945.
In the produce market there is but a limited
bailees, now doing, and prices are generally mai
form. .
Lord Grey was attiaples, 'fidelissinia•Napoli,"
; the bright the beautiful, the city of thl; S.yrtn,
that piece of Heaven fallen to earth; well nwy
its inhabilanta exclaim: ',•See - Naplei and dftil"
Could not all this enehantmenteill a smile 'to the,/
lip of Lord Grey?. Al, no! lie was on melon=
;holy as if be was living in .a London Illovetaber
fog,—the courted and flattered, the admiredimat
envied Lord Grey, Possessed ottitle and eatates,
handsome and 'gifted, with !slumber who bated
on him, aid. a thousand friends, still the young
lord was not bappy!, In 'the company of tho gay
and joyous; how Zgrave and thoughtful; when
beauty smiled upo him, a remembrance of some
lost seemed to st nver him and the smile was
not returned. Alone and almost unattended, he
was now travelling.through the Southern cities,
seeking - something. be knew not what,. he
could not find!" Change of place: seemed the
one thing coveted, but change of place brought'
'no relief; et Paris or Naples,- It was - all the
same. "Thai& heaven! !" be. exclaimed ;as be
sauntered through one of the Mott retired streets,
' , thank heaven. I am -free at last from those,
troublesome friends, for one day at. least I can
be .
• - ,
- .
Scarce were the words spoken before some • 1
one grasped his arm, with the f.milariry
en old friend, and. “Sly thirds : in
deed n fortunate meeting," sounded • in, hie
car. The young nun turned, and recogni
zing an .old school friend in the merry lace (
before him, greeted,-him as cordially as hie mood
would allow; and then came all the news of the I
'The new !lager," excloi teed hiS friend, - "hare
j you heard of the new singer; the Syne is noth
ing to her. she makes her first appearance to-
1 night, Julia. Pisino, a Roman' name, and there
is a strange story of her having been token from
I the streets there, hi some -- ono attr;otted by . Ler
voice, and educated for the stage: you must go
; and hear this wonder."
i - Lord Grey answered listlessly; he some-beard
whet hid companion said, and in desperition, '
; half in the hope of ridding himself of his fries
he promised to be there.. The eveningearne and •
found the yOung lord en his way to the principal
theatre, not that he expected to ha amused, but
. becifuse ho might as well be in one plate'sd •
another. lie entered, the -brilliant lights, the
crowded boxer, the Bashing eyes, were nothing
to Lim; seating himself is a retired corner, he '
leaned his head on his arm and was coon lost in
thotight. Ho forgot-the scene before him, he •
forgot, the preter.t hour. Scenes of his' boyhood I
• arose in hie mind, scenes of which .tell years bad '
not effaced one line: he thought of Rome aust the
dark mournful:eyedhe had met there; and then
came speculations on the fate at the ehild'who,
had eo interested him. Snddenli the same tones„
that for ten years had echoed in his soul, flailed ,
I on his car., but sweeter, richer; now they •rorte
clear and high like a gal of wild, bird-like mu
sic, heard in some pleasant wood, now low 81111
full they floated on the air, steeling into theye
ry soul; it was a sail song too, and the same
'reelaucholyetratas that hadwon him before, came
now' to hie car, and fond Lis heart not less sus
ceptible. Ile dared not raise his head, lest the
delusion should be dissipated, it seemed CA like a
bewiching dream. So there he still sat, his face
buried in his Lands, drinking in every note, of
that delicious melody. There was a pause _She . .
theatre rang with acclimation, then all was
hished, and ag-,ain the song went on. - Excited
and anxious with hope, and yet with fear, the
young lord raised Ids head and gazed earnestly
on the stage. Hote beautiful it was': A lovely
girl, just blooming into womanhood, Was before '
him, and yet it seemed the child be had met at
1 Rome. The same exquisite features, ertmethitlg
even of the sad expression lingered, 'though now
it seemed to conic from thought rather thanfrom
Isuffering. Her hair still fell gracefully 'around
her face, and the simple white dress, "relieved t
ronly tt y a small bequel of valley !Mies, fittingly
.. as I figtire so full of purity and peace.—
rSue adigare could be the object of no harsE.-
'" WortldSb unholy desire a feeling of respect nail
1 empathy Sprang up in every heart—eveu the
applause was subdued, lest it should second one
',so shrinking er.l so gentle.. One look 'was.
' mouth for Lord Grey, Who that shad Been biz .
us the whirl of London fashion, or the still more,
brilliant Beene of Parisianguiety, cold andlisult- •
1 ty, indifferent and scornful, would have m0g
u1'...114 non'' lie stood up, in his box, his fins
face beaming with excitement, Vs derk eyes
, kindling with lore and joy, while a feeling of
repro eel lent s shade to iLI. iaPrel6SiOn, The
I young singer gaze) timidly around the ervveled - ;
I hence; at length her eyes rested on the bull:hi: 4
figure. What.rurb of recollections overpoWers
I her': Why .does her cheek grow pale, the tones
tremble end die away upon her lips! fan tt be
that a face but once seers end that amid the gather
' ing tn. - flight= 110 iaaprets o:lei:mart: The cons ,
teuence of one who speaks voids of tympathy .
and love in our hour of distress,: is never forgot-
tea, though time and change write der:pawl last-
inF traces upon it. Who shall say what, hid
shielded that young girl (roof elle.. temptations •
that enrrounded her, keeping bersphit pure and
childlike? Perhaps the remembrance of that
twilight hour, the -though that gencr
ens heart would sympathize with and feel for her-
And now they had met. It seemed but a mo- .
tient from their reeognition before the half
I fainting girl was borne from the stage by.ber ,
dfrien da hour after, the beautiful Julia was •
~vested with the young lord in her own graceful
j parlor, much was to tie told by both, and long
nod earnest was their conversation; no reproach;
es clouded that happy hour, for the fair gal
knew her companion's noble -soul too' well to
doubt. She told Lim Ler sorrow et net meeting,
him again, and how soon after, a kind, mild old
man attracted by her singing, hid given her a '
Mane end treated her like n daughter, and how ;
she war now striving to repay the debt. And:
them she heard frem2lim of his father's death, -
his own rank and wealth, but not ono, word 'of
his Imeghty mother, for the young lord feared
that his happiness Might again be ,rocked. '
With gentle, persuasive words, he won her; with
teara and blessings her kind old teach, commit
ted her tolls care. They were married!—the
Neispolimns wen half wild with disappointment' ,
at their loss. from the foot-lights of a theatre, .-
the beautiful Julia Plaints stepped to the ranlstif • -
• • Countoss; and never on one fairer ormore wor
thy, from the pcossessien of every womanly grace,
was a coronet conferred.;
Pr Qrcsnt.
I In a Loodontlrasing room, where every thing
that wealth or taste could devise 'won collected;
e c an hee h k ad -r. le ti fi ng bu o t n .
h lau- fi dy ri . s ti z ol t 'l l bc" it ru in tilface th li o .tr a , : hr h e c ry- The liredied destrill
fully over the rich furniture, now revealing WM.
tmintiful flee mailing from the wall, now chair. a
iog the thadont from the corners, where they
bad collected, as it were, for comfort on that
cold November night. Therein pattered agtinA •
the windows, but as then eye glanced towards:
them, it rested on the rich son:taint blushing
faintly in the firielight„ and* feeling of comfort
and repose stole into the te,art; -Gentle thoughts --.
—thaughtsot the loved and absent subdued -the
still haughty expression of the *dy'etece; the
soft light of affection was in her eye us the ga
ted wailingly into the fire, ttnuing,' in its -
log !alertness, scenes of beauty, faces that smi,
familiarly upon ber. The hose for her Sink
return' wasiipproaeliing, and her mother's heart
yearned to speak tbo words of pectin:. Ater
mint entered silently and presented a late; the
lady held it up s in - the NM light and s ti -
brightened her face se she beheld the; beloveds: Lights were brought, and with theist--
(coeLtDED )