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IVZIIPOOL lifa aim., I I
Liverpool, Jan. 3, 1851.
• Cotton-,The market is dull, but without I any
change. Sales 28,000 bales on' speculation, ! land
1500 forexportation. -
Flour--The market is languid at 21 ahilllnga
Bacon is in demand. 'Lard has advanced to
6d per lb. a -
Ciinsola arc sold at 93. °
Some political difficulties prevail in Prance,
and it is reported the ministry have resigneil
•• - [stiemat vzsr.vren.)
The Artie brought 30 passengers, With shell
freight of valuable goods. • - • •
Flour And Grain were extremely languid,% the
transactions going forward hying only for imme'-
diate wants of the trade. Western Canal Floe].
was quoted nt 20s aas Philadelphia and
Baltimore per ILL Colin has receded Gd per
quarter. r , •
ProvialOn..---The'market presents more
nets.. Good qualities new are commanding full
prices. The high rate of l'ork, however, cheeky
ed basines°, but the advance is likely to be Mil
tained. There is a moderate demand for new
baion, and really fine commands good rates. Old
hams are less active. -No ;boulders in the mar
ket. The demand for - laid is not extensive, I but
holdrs have established on advance of Gd per
100. Fine cheese moves off readily at 1, fall
taliorr--Frices are hatdly supported.
Freights are' well sustained, especially toNew
Took. Passengersare plenty, and the rates are
The resignation of the Ministry arParis was
caused Ity the open hostility of the President to
wards Gen. Changazier; who, in defiance of the
earnest rfroteitation of the ministry, was given
- permission to v justify his Conduct before the A
ssembly.. The right and left warmly applauded
Gen: Cluinganier, when the ministry abruptly
withdrew; mid, with equal abruptness, resigned
I !
The President experienced great difficulty in
the forMation of a new cabinet. M. Barrett re
fused to accept office.
The baulref England will not advance the Vete
/:of interest- The bullion lathe bank amounts to
14 millions sterling. • I I
The English securities 'are well supported:
-American stocks have increased in demand.
Penna. fives sell at 81€t8.5, and U. S. six at
108131081. -
- .
- _ _
Wagon:orris. Jan.
§enate—Serentl petitions and reports
presented and diaposed of.
Gen. Shields reported a bill to make
Scott Lieutenant General, for his gallantry
the late war deitfi, Mexico.
House—Thai noose has keen engaged all
morning on thin private ealender.
.Wasunsdrosi, Jan,' 2
.Tbe following appointments Lave been con
cd by the Senate.
Milliard Mil, of Vermont; second Comptr
of the Treasury. e
Elias S. Terry, of thins, Recorder of
°enema Lind Office. •
Itobert Halpin, of La., Bupertn . ' tentlent of
•Dranch Ittintiat New Orleans. I
W. Du 114 s of La., Treasurer of the 12
'Mint at Now firloms. •
' Ed. (L. Dale, of Pa., Treasurer of the ?al
Philadelplsi..., I
• cldeon S. Holmes, of Mass., Consul to
Cape of Hood Hope. • I
• A.s 11,n , 5. of New York. Consul to St. Cn
John Sloan, of Ohio, Treasurer of the iJ
A Stephen Sennett, the Fugitive Slave, who;
remanded by - the Unite i dSintes Conimiesinne
the eurtody of his muter, him been pure;
and eat atilberty.
. .
/MOIMILLE, Jan. —5 -
Tliere are tax feet water in the canal.
The General Scott went up this morning.! The
weather to pleasant.
Thesentenee of death was passed to day on
the negro eouricted of manslaughter lost week.
Hods to be hung on the 2nth of February..
l'i!rtAinartun, Jan. :25
The. foreign tlelix hall no effect upon, the
market, and prices are generally the name us last
quoted. •
. • Flour—Tho market is dull at sl,filje "i l l bbl.
. t Provisions—The stock of ald mess pork is un-,
nasally light, and sales have been confined -to
small lota at $12,95 Trl bbl. Sales of prime' at
,$8 "ti bbi. NO new western has 'yet snivel
Jemmy new mec 14 iis held at $l4 bbl. City
'mess beCf La heldpt $12:250412,50 - gl bbl. Sup.
plies of It come forward very slowly, a the
article .18,,wanted, partimilarly Side,O rl r
South. i Prices have advanced a .fractiots with
sales of IGS Idols in salt, part to arrive, at Si°
Se for hams, and Go for shoulders. Old hams
range from It to it c; and new city cured at. - 10P
lie "e lb. Sales Of smoked sides at qr., and
shoulders at 7c 1-1 lb. Very little new lard is
coming in, and old is getting scarce. BalCsl6oo
-kegs No. 'I at Be, cult. , Some holders refuse 81,
• 4 months. A sale of 30 bbls ne* wes • lard
at Bje 11 '
Butter—Limited sales in kegs and firki
097 n. and of prime atlOn Ll Tb. Sales o
en at lic ? lb.
Cleese—Sales ot Ohio at6i(i_e,6le, and
York at 7647ic - o . lb. •
Lard Oil—Hales oriununerat6Ge, and
ter et GSC 11
•Flour—The.tuarket is quiet under' the Steam
er's news.. Sales 600 bbls Howard aired brands
at $4,554.. City Mills brand in nominal, at $4,-.
60 per bbl.'. .
Illye Flour and . Corn Me . al are without change.
Oraln—Eales of {end and prime red' wheat at
99651 02 c; and of white at 105€5110c per', bushel.
Yellow Cote is selling at 59, mid white lit OS®
114 c tesbel, . Sales, of oats at • 47€148e per
beisheL '
Prorislime—The market is him, an prices
are fully irmiutdined.
-'1 .ket is quiet, with moderate
Alrian--rfbo marks. Inn.,
tales nt fe'rmer quotations. ' -
whiake - s-L4 a l ea '2s6a2.6c in khds
i •
• January . 25.
Cottot t—The market is unsealed and, dealers
awnitini; their private letters. - 111
2500 tails At ' , 55 for Ohio round
hpopl , :
ed. Corn is scarce
at'6o/ f 9 r new. .
Provisl ow —Sales of 150 bbls mem pork at
sl_Ql^,,l3l. Other qualities are the name--
Beef ts in moderate demand at s.s@tl fv prime,
•and $8,25010,50 for mess. Landis firm. with
Wes of fA Ltds at Sc. :isles 100 kegs hew' city
rendered. nt Ole. • •• • •
-t,dy, mica 115 . 0 bbls
Whiskey —llnces are . Mean ) ,
it 26e.
Oroderies.--Sales 100 litals Nair Orleans at
61g0.1 per lb. • Sales Zia pain:mak at
tars. ,
eel Oil—Sales 2%000 galls. since Than:
day, at Mc cash leaving none in first hands.
Nsw Xotuc, ,an. 25.
6tton—llan declined le, with salon of '7OO
Flour—Miere in a good demand, wt eaten of
4,500 bbla ats4,Bl (5,4,85 for Alichiga. Indiana;
and Ohio: 8A1,254,5_ , ,.5,50 for teeny Ohio, Mid:W . 4623i
®5,74 ter extra. - • i . •
Grainr--Wheit is nominal. - Corn is scarce, and
held higher, with sales of 400 hu new yellow at
67c' per he. l
Proxisionn—Pork in firm, with Hales of 600
Mae old nines ak 812,121, and some at $11,5 0 "fil
bbl;:. Salon _of oldprime at $8,25; mid of sour
do. at $7621 Vida. 'Beef in unchanged, with
sales of 100 bbls. Prime moss is held firmly at
$lOl6 hbL Beef llama are nominal at 6ii
13 kb.. Pickled Meats are scare° and better.--
Bmill males norm cured hams at 81e8ic'ef M
iklos 80 bbluxhouidera at 6c.-. La.M. is firm,
with Ales of lid bias at noon prices. .
Whiskey in etcady. with sales 226 b
Tobacco i 5 unsettled, with no gales to report.
Linseed Oil is firm, with oaks 6000 kalloas at
870 from the wharf, and from atom.
C:afreo—Salma 200 'bap. ill°. at 11/61140 V'?
Provisions--There nos been a s hea . v3 ,43 b n niiin ' es •
in Provisions at a farther ad
Mess Pdrk—Sales of 400,0001 1e'.
rj, 2311.4
410351 and 6.1,, wtor sho'
8 41,3 Of 500 .CIAS L.u,l tt( 11^aas•
atand -000 keg.
• . airhieLanah Tramnintftmal thinAkmintr rertiflcatu.
• 01Id then doubt. If;1 on fan, the triumpbant pm.
. mini by thln ;yard manly.
•: • ' Cranbury thunnhlp, Tem nuef ' h:. Dm.31.1847. •
! Mr. Eir-1 tutu ploamm itt Inhuming
You, ib buttk 4,Dr. WlAneet VrmAt.ii. , ihkh I Par
• rhaintl from rem. ben Aaiun rue entire
a Entirdit;r4 r
mine man balmanfal of It, and . panned 117
- iftuntat The acct :waning 100 itCr n U51T000,41110...
irbytl gin hanto4 ; 4l3 Imam the next tumult, 1 vim bet
:Om; nnuetPamatilT, atal oho pamol 1Z mom .; num. an
•• • " - • A . :DIMLY WNINU
Tor nth hy; ; J. KIDD* •
- • - No.CO 0.4 it .
Cif,pturr Coicinr.—A concert of snored mn
ecie,! for the benefit. of the poor, will be giren at
Layflyette Hall, to morrow evening. We trust
that the room may be crowded, since 'the pro
ceeds are to be devoted to so praiseworthy an
object. Tickets can be obtained at the music
stores of Messrs. Mellor and Kleber, and at We
' - JAMMU! 25t11, 1851
present, Judges BleClure and Jones
The Court room was crowded this morning
with :spectators, as it was generally known
throughout town that James Kelly, the youthful,
but "hardened murderer, would be sentenced—
JUdge McClure directed the officers to bring
Kelly into Court, and in a short time he entered,
quite unembarrassed, and perfectly self-possess.
ed, lie was placed in the criminal dock, and
sat down. Ilia honor, the President Judge, or
dered-him to stand up, nut asked him whether
.he*td anything to say before sentence should be
prunotmad upon him. Jn n firm tone, Kelly an
'swered "no Elf."
dudge'lllcClure. before sentencing the prisoner,
;lug-erred that he would any nothing to him, since
he felt peredrided that he might as well reason
with a tiger, or a rattlesnake, Mit he had a few
observations to make, which he hoped that those
around him would hear, and ponder upon, re
garding the administration of justice. Among
die laws of Pennsylvania 11113 one, meting out
the punishment tif death to the wilful murderer.
That punishmenttlamea Kelly had well deserved.
and that he bad not reached the gallows was not
the fault of that Court. Of the blood of the in
nocent, hereafter to be shed by hint, he declared
, before God and man that his skirts were clear.
The'Court had charged; the jury that the prisoner l i
was• guilty of murder in the fire! &veer. and,. had
not 'attempted to insult their intelligence by
charging them relative to what constituted man.
eLinghter. Neither had they explained the law
relative to murder in the second degree at any
length, because the prisoner was guilty of a more
atrocious crime, yet the jury bad only found him
guilty of murder in the second degree! I
riat society should ponder on, was, whether
It,, members should entertain scruples which would
eh's& above the law, and render its salutary pro-
ViAO . ll9 nugatory ? Whether jurymen should
violate Weir oaths, influenced by feelings of mis
taken mercy? For his part, he called on Cal
and man to witness that , so long as be sat on
that,berich, bewould endeavor to du jostler to
all, and mercy aboulll never cause him to deviate
from its paths. Theprisoner'a guilt had been
rendered apparent, by the triple cord of the tee.
tiMony of three witnesses. There could he no
earthly doubt of it, nor of its atrocity. Malice
afore -thought, had been expressly proved, and
the murder had been cooly committed in purr..
Mice of a plan 'which had been previouslylaid,
yet here be stood, to receive a sentence which
Weald only consign hint to the Penitentiary, while
the Court should be sentencing him to the
lows. There he stood, spotted all over wild the
leprosy of guilt , and how slight would be his
punishment! Society should think ors this—that
society front ainolig'N' shunt jilroris were selected:
'should any person was not resolved to do his duty, lie
'should never enter the jurylliox. The learned
Judge proceeded. at some length to comment on
the duty of : jurors, and the atrocious nature of
the prisoner's creme.
Ile addressed himself to society, ftir alas! his
winds would doom good to the prisoner, steeped
in guilt as be was. Let all who were present
reflect that where there was no distinction of
pimishment, there would be no distinction of
crime. If this were the case here, the ruffians,
Wandering about our stniets at nighrwith their
bowie-kuives, would kill their -unoffending
tints as well es rob them. for dead men tell no
tales. All that would be thine with them, in
ease they committed murder, would he to send
them to the Penitentiary. Another evil resulting
from this state of affairs, was that good men,
losing all confidence iu the - administration of jus
ticeby a Court add jury, would no longer trust
them,- but would take, the law into their own
hands, and bang persons whom they know to
have committed murder, .without waiting fur
their triaL
I Judge McClure proceeded to illustrate Lis po
t' tion by referring to the case of : Daniel Mackey.
Convicted during the preseet tern of the Court.
- of murder in the second degree. Ile felt per-
Suaded that if that wretched man bad murdered
Melchior Belt.thoVer, subsequently to the trial of
the prisoner, the byettmders would have hung
him on the Tot, while kiS hands were yet stained
with his victim's blood. Ile would say, and be
said it with sorrow. that the acqUittal of Daniel
Mackey, and of the prisoner, of murder in the
first degree, had weaken - est the security of socie
ty, and cheapened`the value of human blood, in
Allegheny county. his honor then alluded to
the facility with whichlsignaturen tit - Petition:, for
the - pardon of malefactors were procured, nnil
censured those who railliliappended their names
to them, in the strongest terms. For bin part,
he•wonld think that he was gniltx,,Lw..- -- p --.- •eat
crime, if he did not pass as-ttertreb - 7a ekntence as
possible upon the prisoner—he would feel as
though he had introduced a tiger bib, the dwell
ings of his fellow ritizens—as though he bad
placed a rattlesnake under tot infant's
• He - did hope that his observatioos might do some
good to others, if not to the wretch I.efore
upon whom they fell like spray upon the solid
rock. As to the testimony in the case, he could
not advert to it. • It was of too horrible a char
acter. Never had he heard or read of any crime
so atrocious. _ No case was to he found on the
erlynitud records of the United States, or of Great
Britain, or France, so full of horrors as this.
James Kelly, you have - been indicted and found
'guilty of murder in the second degree, committ
ed on the body of James Cox. For this offence
.the sentence of the Court is, that you pay a fine
'of six and a fourth cents - to the Commonwealth.
together with the costs of the prosecution, that
yon undergo an imprisonment of eleven years
and nine calendar months in the Western Peni
tentiary, awl that you stand committed till this
sentence is complied with.
James Kelly. you have likewise been indicted
and found guilty of larceny, committed in steal
icig a portion of the goods and: chattels of Mr.
William Hurst. For this offence the sentence
of the Court iD, that Ton undergo an imprison
ment of threqyears in the Wesem Penitentiary
'said imprisonment to• take effect at the capita
Lion of the tact term mentioned.
- • . . . _
• James Kelly, you have been convicted of lar
ceny, committed in feloniously biking away some
of the goods and. cliattels, belonging to Meyers.
Townsend, Carr dr. Co. For this offence the sen
'tense of the Court is, that you, undergo an im
prisonment for and during 'the term of three
years, said term to take effect at the expiration
of th at last mentioned.
Theofficers.were then. directed to remove the
prisoner, who 'during the whole charge did not
manifest the slightest emotion, nor did a Tingle
muscle of his , countenance change, except once
ichrti he smiled. Ile mut taken 'out of the dock,
and removed, through .ihe "Sheriff 'a office, into
the county prison. The immense crowd which
. aPsembled to cane upon' a wretch who.
though young, hod been guilty of a mu Cr so
atiocious, then quietly disperaed.
Haitian Itoann,—/—Ataheet one
o'clock on Stindaymoriting, the upper hri4e
over the Allegheny. or, ao it is sometimes term
ed, the " Mechanics' Street Itridge," woo disco.-
meal to be in flames. having been fired in three
places. Owing to the coniustiblernsoure of the
materials with which it wan Iconstructed, the
whole bridge Was speedily wrapped in. flames.—
The engines commenced playing on it, at both
ends, but it was impossible to nave it. The night
•17,37 and still, and the spectacle prevented
thehurning of no huge a mass of dry timber,
was one of the most beautiful' which hue ever
bein witnessed. The bridge anon commenced
falling, and the burning fragments floated down
the river. In a few minutes nothing but the na
ked piers remained. The lower bridges Were in
great danger, owing to the luirning timbers lodg
ingagainst their pierS, and it was found ineces
nary to introduce the hose into the St. Claiirt.
bridge, and play upon a portion of the burning
wad work. ."1
The bridge originally coot seventy-five thou
sand dollars, and was, we understand, insured
only to the amount of twenty thoustutd.—
The kiss will not be very heavy, however, as we
learn that a wire suspension bridge eon be built
*at a cost of from thirty to• forty thononnd
tars. The inhabitants of both cities, who have
been accustomed to croon thin bridge will •ic sub
jected to great inconvenience. We thick that
we have never beard of a more wanton,fa*ociona
outrage, thari that committed by the Si .'ll who
' &id it. If is evident that there is a gan or in
-cendiarieft the city, who, undismayed by the
fate ofSims, nit punning Steir most h rrible
occupation, and we trust .that our; poll. will
exert all their energies to chiwocerthe see , circle,
and have them brought to justiee,-
Ati - carren Iscaamaamm:—Whitc. the
ra Engine mat; at the fire yeatirriLay nriore i
attempt wan mailit to tiro the eng ine hou
the company returned and, ietfirigniah
flame! before much damage bad been don',
Esq.. ams•stoppell towards the close ofln.l
in the Sixth wont, by two scoundrels,
tunneled Ids money. 'lie told them tint
none with him, when she rascals, who I
have recngni.tsi Lim,lhiuce one Maid to [hi
"Oh! this is Atr..941e." went nwaY
troubling him
ATTEstrTr.n 111011 VAT A
Fitscuorriv Nos btopptd htst week, 011 1.1
road, above the Arterial, try two raffia.
demanded ;hit money. Putting Lit ham
patina, lie drew out n revolver, awfl pr
trigger., The bomb had been in for ton
lina . the cap failed to explode. lie Fr,
trigger 's
second time, with the Fame
The rands tied, ae reoUiss they NM the
IlitcorsitY ow Taxes Goons.—A box of dry
goods, and I of boots and shoe', together
with a him coil of rope, worth from eighty to a
hundred dollars, were discovered stowed away in
a depository of Oaten properly, by Mayor Guth
rie's police, on, sturatty. They are supposed to
linve been stolen by the thieves who hid such n
quantity of plunder in the basement of the
Welch. Baptist C.ueeth a short time ago.
MAWR'S Orrice, Prrrssonnu.—No business
of importance was transacted at the morning
watch returns o\.
Saturday. Eight common eases
were brought be ore his honor, 'and dealt within
the usual mann r.
Maron's OFFICE, ALLEGIIENV.—Four “tenr.nt,
of the iambs"Trere brought before his honor,
Slayor Fleming, owSutnrclay. They were Corm
!pitted to jail k)r . twenty four hours each.
The invincible Fire Company of. Cincinnati have
presented a teal:l'ol6loft au marble to the Washing
ton National Alo omen
Handsome Donation —G W. Smith, E;1, No. 5
Exchange street Boman. has made a donation of
srio tonne hew England Society, for the IMprove.
meat of Domem Poultry.
The BMW, chip Arabia (nun Liverpool; arrived al
Quarantine this morning, alter a Paa , tee el ' , earls'
',evenly days. 4he has no board two hundred Tan.
+engem ' about thirty or whom aranut with the chip
fever. Twelve ' ted on her,ge.—[New York
Corn. Ado.
...Great Deutruet on of Sheep —The Rochester Amer.
rime ie intorund that about 400 fine wooled cheep
were killed by four dom., on Tuesday night. upon the
limn of A Chan pion, run , 1a the town of Gets.—
(Albany Argo,.
Tte Het z Company at Lawrence have ardent for
building nixtrea k.,linietiven, an Upon aa pmenbable.
The cue they bit it recendi is no much nepertor to
tuber', that 'bey ould procure ordern for forty more at
soy day.—D3ont n Cote '
la pulling down the walla of the old St. John's
Church, at Limerick, a large mouton hull was lOtiod
indeded in the Mortar. It is thought to be a twenty
lour pounder tired by Crumwelt's army during the
mice, an that vas the recipe spot Egmont which
be directed hi, attack.
The business f the Rink of Prance IS at jiresent
so extensive that . the diserdors have just decided
that lorty two clerk• who. bad berm taken on led,
poliwily, must still be continued Worn the begin
aing at the year; with a minimum salary et 6,000
The St. Louis Intelligeneer states that the flour.
ing null of Mr. Joseph Pow!, in dint ply which was
destroyed by fire on the 2.11 at October last, was
rebuilt old ready for operation on the loth of Juno.
cry, just forty eight days after the old Chill was laid in
As Mr Preston . King, of K., on Monday morn
nipped tit. the street at the alarm of fire which
occurred on l'enn.ylvattia avenue, neatly oppoote
hi. Edgings, the street being covered Sella um, he leg
and broke the knee pan of his right knee The scut.
dent is not sitrunts, bill will confine !tondo his ludiongi
fur a short time--(Wach. Moon.
The Senhonrd and ittautuake Karl tiled as Sect have
heretofore announent, has already been gompletial
to Franklin, • Alumnae or intrly .even nille.,. and
there la said to be nut the slightest impediment in
the way of • its extension to 11. Sothern'terinantr to
corniest with the Wilmington road.—l Itichtnonit
, „
lititvetedy ol . Roeheeter.--It is certainly a credita
ble, as n is a tarit.eurbat remarkable, fact, that in lees
than dueaear ' 6Olll the opening 'of Pubseription'tee
he establirhntUnt of the Unlvereity of &wheelie.
about $150,000 have been bubsenbed, a tall faculty
(excepting p president) trishalled, and about 75 flu
dents matriculated. 'hex students are scattered.
through all the clime, and the ling coiameneemen
dl be held duriug it:a alumina &gamer.— IN Y.
Corn. Ada' '1
Somehody,—name unknown—has left at the land.
log at General Harrison's farm, at North Bend, a
tiusgoificent maible Monument fa memory of the
lustriocrtex President. The Manly have not the least
intiintition from whence It coat..
A lady ofdistioguished wink to Paris, lately gave
birth to a child, which, although otherwise well
formed, was totally without brain. Thy s yeong crea
ture, like, the sensitove plant, experihticed the bee
lest emotion upon being touched Tlk lop of the
head won completely flat, whb-h, joined to a long
and narrow law, gave to • the tare the resmo•
Menet, of the bead of a !Md.,. It lilted twenty
gm hours, In the pent astonishment of the doctor,
who had amen - dried to inspect this extraordinary
Frdi:llestickv—A word strongly expressive of Con
tempi It croaker alt reply When'a lady once eoyr
.Fiddlesticks"' he is a bold man who Otte& noolnel
The Albanu,Thnehman raye in.ra r. a ma n u p
Wnabinrion 81. jealou. he count:. bin utile'.
hair every day, 4. Nea ii the hag not sorra a orienicnia
during his &bream.
A wag watt jugging borne rather lair and a I tin
happy, wlien,.pitivoug by a dark alley, o two toted
fellow "lapped ion nod aetnantiell hol money.
vAlonry," raid the wag; "money! I have none—
but it you will,euq,la Ilion:rut I'll give you a aloe at
ihnly days.
A friend of the lamentable Hood, on 'whom
the powder's 'oolitic yeerun le have fallen, .ay. of
hint, “Poor rierrat!—died of pore peiwroieiy—W
pettily the undertaker, who artrtefs to nen a Amity.
Tole the hand of the !needle's.. Smile on the
imp and dereieil. Sympaihoie with tan.,
trlve,averyartex to drIP a around you run•
idling, and joy • If you do thts you will be sure to be
Ga. Hall, nt Bridgeport, who ban tutien some
mini. to ingestistaie the linia kings" in
Sttatfotd, and elsewhere, to ulythyr public lecturers
on the "art." He ton "Cap" anywhere, and in any
rectilired quantity, equal many of the 'palatal Olen
71 y. ung lady wrote to het brother. who in alarm.
erin Ohoo, to ash whether he hnd no good farm.
lure now, no when nt home He replied that she
must not bother Min with such querttens, hilt to give
her wine idira of his style of living, would atone
that his entire farm sass wholly fenced with black
walnut. " . •
W0,11.M.'6 .111.1 T.— Old Genlleroan—Say, boy,
what's nee reason your mother don't tear a pats', on
your ITOOffeflOOns nod send you out with a trifle
cleaner face?
lloy—Cez she stint got time
Old Getit—Aiot got no time? 'What's the reason
Boy-abe'. bony getting op resolution!, for the Win:
man Right Convention, no else hasn't got • mnme
to spare for nothin eke.
[Exit old gentleman, profoundly musing on "Wo
men's fttata,"and the rapid Widest of human progress,
and wondering what on earth people would be gel.
tins at nett.]'
Extraordinary Surgieel opertlion —We kern,
says the Banton !mast, that Or. Warren, of thee
city, weevily took (Finn the 'tinned. of an Binh girl,
at the,ldraneehtinetts general banished, by means of
an inewion, * tape worm forty one feet end eleven
incite. in length. The 'operation wan perlormed
while the sufferer wan under the indeenee of ether.
She °hennaed in running to her settees, "Oh! 1 here
had a &want dram, and feel relieved." The
"MUM won drenned with great core, and she has
merely complatned ol pain since the. operation
Thin, we nn, told is the only rune on reeord where
the tape women fuss been laterally cut front theft:o
men inumeett.
The popidation of Memmuri. according to the can
e. jtra completed, is eat, 547, has• neatly doubled
the hot ten year,.
New. Fuel —A loeomotive engine in building in
New Tort, for the Erie Railroad, in which pothole
ton alcohol In to be wed (or beating the boiler. The
principle of ih conotruction entirely new, but it
in to be eiperted lolly succenaful.*„.
The Eno del Cornercin, of 'Vera Cm, informs Os
readers that letters have been received from the
frontier. annulincinfr that the entire Slate of Yucatan,
with Ilse excepiion of Compeachy, had declared in
favor of entire independence from Mexico.
Printers in ',wk.—The half of the lwelve thou
sand dollar pme, nscertained.yeslerday to have been
drawn in !Jhelum by persons in this city, wan drawn
by a couple el. young men who are compositors in
this office, and have been for yearn —lMobile Daily
A Curi.ity.--The name of a colored woman in
Craoriord enmity. Pennsylvania, is yiueDav:s. She
is enginy nine years old. She can see in, pick up
needle in the dart, and in the daytime cannot see
aeross the i can So writes the marshal upon his
auras schedule.
The Portsmouth (Vs ) Argus states that a movement
has been made towards the establishment of • 1 ne of
steam packein between-Norfolk nod Now York.—
Twenty five thousand dollars have been subscribed
by one person alone, nod the balance, It is suppmed,
will be proinptly taken by the bminens men of Nor.
folk and Portsmouth,
New Yiwk and Erie Railroad —The section of the
Erie . Railroad, berween Dunkirk and Foreqville,
eight miles, was opened fur travel on the fith inst.—
:A mile. more of the western cVvision will 1,,e eample
fed and : in' running order on the first day of Feruary,
and on ihei firm of May the whole line from Dunkirk
Panmel Hnmbleiee, E•ri , theist:tiler Purser In the
United-States Navy, died at his residence in Taitint
county, Maryland, on Saturday lam, at the advanced
sae- c d i 73 years. Mr. Ambition wan the Purser id
the brig. Lawrence, the vessel bearing the pennaht
of the gallant Perry in his memoriable acuun on the
Lake+. fie served with the etnomodermbitutelf it
the lane gen fire tram the brig, and was desperately
wounded by the dischnrsosfrom the enemy which dis
mantled the gun and left.the vessel powerless Mr.
Nambleten has resided for many years past in Taihni
Cl.lllly, enjoying 'he high and distinguished esteem
of a large circle
,g 1 friends. '
RE YOU A FATRER, laboring for Ow
kuppnrt nt n family, 0,! Inlff,il3ll fr.nn g r.n,at dt.
AWITIP a burden.
Arrr•u a Moth•r, nave - lug from din.n.n. r 9. to ,hloh
mnlraamfmn.:rallr ag... Dr. S. U. Holm's blaki.r
Falmararlll.l.—ll • ill rxri..llnl, cum you.
It week,
Ihe hod
med to
Old st our to
one of mir anent, and get a I
gams"'- pratie. ahem on will lind that the Shaker
!". D. 'A°
r..11),"Z; 1,:=7,517%,".tni";',1? h !
'demand., of 1 4 1/171.PlIii 11. orrr yet brotocht the
1 h t s Mabllehed its lash restitution hr its
nmmoun god trnil catmint rums.
it b. put ;up in quart bath, awl le the only Pannourill
that sea o p th e liter, Kidne), and Direstt '
time ~Melt rendera it slbontlicr MON nodule to every
eine.,toulloulnrly P.M,
Pe Purr .d emptire for Dr. K. D. HOWE'S EllAK.Ell
SAIISA PADILLA. snd take mother.
Prier /I've: taittle--0 hottim for
or saki.). •
Dn. C. D. 110W1: k CO. Proprietors.
1 e s illene Cinch:matt Uhl
To shoot nll noir. luny headdfreeed.
tu f ,,, ii,v . . i for on r.di, by .I. :, k. , Joneob J. Seboomunker a c o ,. W.
ra. 'll7 l ,l4T m citr r iv7ieli k ,.. -
I.Yed ,„ iitob Jiandienter: Crraker, Jan.
t d
. .
. ,
• , . ' '.. -. , *;/..o‘"'f - ,` 4,- ' • ' ,6 ' 4 ' l ' .
_...,.,... .. . -
..,. ...,,,...- ....,..
..,..... _..
Sta Kari: . / obeerrull y comply lr.ith 'our
that I you, give you m arnauut or the &honor turroonsload
cum of my ILule - doughOrea cyo Ly the toe or your - Pot"
Phewax attaeltegt with ti very sox rye in Tehrnarl Or
Hurl Met. • hen I itomedialady spoiled to 'the bet mech.
cal aid In the city, by whom It WU pn.wouvrni a .very bat
eye." altil 'all gave me DO hope of (John, her any umd. Ah
ter which I toot her lot , , the evuntry to an old lady. who
had been very sucmasful fn enring tlhe told tun that
her cue wan hopeless. as Abe would certainly hoe nut °nil
that one. but aim that the other would (01100,1 being o
scrofulous affection of the bloraL dud I tIO eettif, that 01
Use time ray father (J. D. Vashon/ came to the conclusion
that we had Jetts, try your Petyoleum. she mu Wiwi,
Glint of one eye. It is now about two month, since Ow
heitan its on. and she can now iwe with both eyes m Mod
we ever she dill and. as far m I can tett. I I.lbc. rite ha,
with the of the Multi:hitt . Iwzo clued by
31. Pll,l-3,1013•33110.3
Pittsbumb, OD, IR5n.
pale 01 Key., It McDowell, I.lo'lctw,.l gt.., R. E
t. 7 %1,.J FL: D. 11. Corry. .1. Ellitt.l33•oo
elm,. an.' 11. P , h , rlrt4..lll,,hrny: 11.. by 1.1••• ProPri"
nov7:t.lisT:s Cmud 11%.411.
i...r, hiiiaih i Third atriail, opiai.lle ' ',...z...4/
Ay, Ptial i ifla,
' Iles, Siiii.huin: a Jarailiih..tor, of Ihr
Rehm or lienir, I. 11, 11. I'. H. Jaaais. EIN.
' Thr 1/uchra , ior Whulana lain. nail l44iulatii'a 1151.—s
Shaugauilah, a noval. 11, airs giialbwiirthh .
s not el Or the null., of Tb.....ei1vh... -
ll.llllThthien, n Tab. f.. 4. Moth., awl RIUVIIICI, 11)
tirnce Aonlar.
Holll,, tiram AL•10/0l.
Ilsoker: Mtanziro• for inottetr,.
11121 r himanar for 1 , 1.
No 1 of tho Amorlean IllnminaW riliGoo of the Warerly
lllloto , tolvrary L tml. Thlnl oppoeile
hni,.ll Boot for Prbruar,..
(Inatome,. Riftg.irm
. suHaitin Nbonfrino ,
Shanuooul, s norrl. lo 17r. ;km1131.1111.
Home Intltionr, ft lain for motion. sad dargad , r.
11r3re Ag9ilnr.
. • .
Alotheex Hertaurvn, 0,10.1 in lInno• !Olney,.
Olive: a amyl. By Om Kothoor of-elm Ogthio.
no. Whig Alumnsr for
No 1 of 80. Auo•rkanhunk...led ...1i1..1,0 of the Waver)) .
11...1..ap,t edition et, publiobeal. Jals
New Books, just received.
171 HE f1.,r1, rJ tbo Bible: by (kon,..r. (Ma
hn. 1 vol.
i.onwk "Ilendlatf, lwing pec.n.,l••• exhil,ltkat Of th e
I irammur..l...ivoi.,l f .r I., In kinwk. and
Nx -, 4 fur and Antliel C.
Kendrid, I .0..121nm tuu,
• . .
Youllio eitponttl. H. Hannah Flare 1ina141..11 vol Isron
and l,nuter Isharm, B, Marla J. Mr
1 ‘..1. MY,
, .
Thr kt-00111Pril.' : a 14n...1 W "
, les¢.lll. and 14,41.11. , A. , Journal.
vi Jto.t
cnnionA Anol crilkAl Latin. En1.71I•11 LA./11,11. Gr1111.1. , 1
... bun,. LAPA.Prnnen LeTitApnlPr.ll'elliAnnAtnal.
ith zuhlition• nod nnrnAnl.An , ll,ln the of
FarcintAll. P...runo. 1.. E A .11..11,,i 1.. 1.. P.
TAA '111.411.1w I.tevir: Len,: ,A.rAuntl tint
ralire end n+olt• 111 rug..:l3 ,nisolnirh ur Ilan.
rthAn gur.l.Aberjcsrld ,o 1 11.1. nena. By Rev. Hen"
T. (lino,. - 111,11 bele And bpi Anne," P
Titsmi ostrt , tarlialrr,hr: mor,url La. Hamm
11, 4;rrs•—r Acuity. 11.. y i.J nua Li
. .
.13 • IL C. 1111111KTON. PI, and Ara.rlr. (ay,
and w l'vvrof ell AIIVA end ru1..1 and plain. blue
. . .
Stationer, —Eni:l,ll. 1 1 ,nel, wad A111e1i , 213. tw,' and
r1e,,,1, f.,r ml.. 1,, W e. HAVEN. 1 1 14,15, , ,, ,, ,..
/tl ,l . Wwk. , l. M. erinwr of 11.•,,,,,11.
r(X)N AND JOll PIIIN Il NI; —Every 111,
i 3K71 ~11, , n .11,a31.1`...un1..nie1. ,t'teauth et. Culisl and
unl fund Printniv.. v.v.....1 al 245.. rt Toth, ima In 111.
1,...l mops r. 10, IV S.
'•tinting 081,, :or 11.1 - ni .1.. 6111,411 lark..l suJ F..rt/.
5 1 TATION Fla—W. S. lIAVFN, 'eOrner 1.1
II ...LI .14 51. t..- h.. for Pak 1.. g. .1.-
0 ILL , an annrlniunt of fen, dishonor, 4 14 over lawit
nhenoil In thin nr41,.. Ifonhaine oupplifil with one,
article In thl. 114 On Ow moat fainrahh topif. iota
)I .a tit rFolt- —o a,
Flio, l'-ko• rominorrial mind
, iimitan h. Kll.l 1 . , l'apor. a ifirwo.upply of ail qua n,. rifled and plain. bluo and ahito. for sale on 11141.1
term. at ' lain. ft. S HAVEN' ,
ill st tho finkton Ilarp. fin 'WI nilwi 4 .
— II. I: IXliiiit is t, rii,li Mg A froAb I.W
of 01.-.. Pix.....n.10 .1., ',Ns+ A: CLARK.
Nr.r V,li. allow, Mom. ii •plontibi 7 .tire rarhal Piano
athe rwhon d. orrihtion of 441,r ant too, It la ma&
in I tio Rorini ft, h. in sowin- in 114 ralirn of laini. XIV anti
\l. .11io it new Wa ..2 1 - .t.,i....1. , ... awl lanwiliir 'him , .
and an rxtenalva 41.441 of Itrait. Inalpinnenti. 110141,
Annum Melodeon,. owl e4ri iwrioti of muritail tine,haih
dire. JAM
ILT EW BOOKS.—llumholes new, Work.
1 1,N or nada,. or o Vhracal rirrerf mina or tha
frarnon.:r nerrla
UT LINE Nlik epleollid Out
II lin: Map. art• , as fatnalut la all 1.1, la.llar.
in ,laael v ark Mr !rata obtrata
•al Ile. aaeur,tm Mu In la 1111,1)0,1e, aml 111•111. trarhen
Snd ,ahaal rpaaltl.a.• to ....II 10,4 r.autute th.s“.
o. I—Map ..r thy IV/ 'dem , • ,2
3 .1.• No.rth Arno.,
Aneeriett AfrterL. ;o anl
Prirr the norira. with . 32:.: or the Prat two Ilem
phers Map, with ker. CO
Theer,mapa are ithri,allot triao-vrary. haute . tuet cheap
new, and mlapted to the wawa of.tle. primary, uratertr..r
mei 101. th, 1 Imo' rtqtee
n 11,1.4.1, r". n•l.lltfnu nr
lt f.1.1.1•% . 1'111\ 11. It. lok
• •-
••rn. r
- IV OW IS TOE TIME. M.V.i.17.11%; ES Fox
1.1 ,t Thirl qrrei • s,
pNV the
' Mutter.' 11n:rtatm.
Ilrr It-:Si!n, Mn,nrn
Nntelleviv.rv, v
err.v tllln n ll..
tharnnr.' Vlnenvun. . .
tiraheniv Ma.anne . .
Satain'e Mew:trine
International Marton.. .
titneketr•l v Mvavrthe
Ilertteuttorhe . . .
L Cubit:a,
The Jvnunn number nl then. Itncarhn— nth , the tirt
numb, nt nen voluntr. 1,1 .111 the ter t ever
N . .rer 1.• no,
texiiittittre tte ilelivernt fmei iil poirti
tilb tn,.. y atrua
tre. kiln:: quite satin. lo Our , euleirritilua
A lame >IA ...It nLrL.I otiwk of niscniturot ANNI'•
ill, WOKS. Ac guiNt,l% , fi.r Chrirtinio ,m 1 st•
I kw'. Prrernt..
Aloo—Ara ev.ortment ,Novci•lLTlll,lrap rub
li4-Lreno.,tattonory. rani, Lc. All .1.. x atCe.l ,
I,nl , .4metpxll3 • J B. 11.11.,1112+.
. ja9 No..7lThinl
n TIIO3IPSON't , , and Ilarrimn'o Mark. 1-4.1,
rulln. Ink,
linolaJn% F• 111.71 . ,. Ir•multnnet noel Jrsekl44,
mJ Mounw's Mart nrul l'rncliw. • " .
Ink atand• .leYerfolomelinoll'o, Cohen,.
Let, ysel other inannfarluyey Stnel
hq. U. P. PI. Smith'. Imarre....r to A.ll. ILL) kV A
Gold font. a Ilh 4,1,1 and t flyer try..
\Mart:m.l'Y linstrinu Pyper—anfinuariAl. 403.
ble elephant. allay. roluml.l..r. raper YoS my.) and
ltrielol ear, .1. my and mrdium.
Perforabyl IY.anl.
.paly.r, plain mail ad other.
5.4.1..n1ery aryl fan., ni•iArgi rafe.r. atyl
',lured ynyetyrY. liabogymake for Caney lox,:
prepartel pardaneni ni onfL.l.l. for theely,
eyy vol Prenvb ..ofe poly,. abr.,. on band. the
nmet .IYvira l le .I, and lYilteri,y. ',it, roll.*
,e,I and eilvervel. enotable for bai)s, party., vt land
• .
Frrprh note etlve plain and letter envel
op,. while and blue: hod nod 'dalu adheal•O rm
rolopea, holt blue and rhlts.
• 11aforr. wafer rap, rarionr patierne: areitli,z rand: brim
lin l
r..ros and Turk«, Inn reel ,and troter,ogoine. prrlo•er.
1000-hr, Fren..ll and Enrllth nn, nit hoot, and oil
gooier, tiortie impor Of 1111 rotor,: r.. 1 and a Into Vltent Idot
oar., Ar.
llo• a 1.., with aft other article. Stallourt
holli lane, and trap!, hatethar with large a.ortmoul of
blank hook% and ineninranolion hooto of sit,oumu hold.
of roll., In riot, rt, or loialnot. and ;pis, ol tore.
n it i l r /It t . ro: i for mil, Sr reduced (; . 411 11 1 11 maoor•
Illank Itoolt and Flalltirn•ry 1r arelam.e.
no/C. Corner of 11arketnial lrevond rtroola
The Greatest Bargains of the Season. OBT. 11. TIIOIIIPBe9N. N;,.
LIB :klatlet at,
fro liurit.t. I..1•11*
. I.y the lirrt oi hpnl. front thin dat, a.ll
hir eut1r0.,....k et P.., soul Pr) th+.1... , f0r
(12.1 h. Thia rockwo
nt., Id psrt v follow c
-011Y.,z, Paramettts... C..hunt
Cloth. betels+. Cs..l,thereo. and Alpsors.., all rulynt: Dean
SilkA I side I. Marie do; Shawls. Lung and Squan.:
11ENT1.1..1).2'S WEAII Cao.sltnetr, Fatincl.;
Vrolles,.. Cravat, Mkt, I/rawqr. tr.
1101;SE KEEPIM; 64.1,6-11anok., hl...Caw, 44..4
and 124: Cntlnn 11...4 Table Liars. Immo
sod Mewls-41: Iht2
n 4 ahle 6,141u1 Napkin', 1N.,. b., 2
Mos. s tart, s,eartrartit WhilDrY (lath Illoaktols,
eihmck mu.t hr tgr• Iltvt At, il.
o.lollm kIIBT 11. T1111;11'.40N.
9!.'" O.T f!".*-1
. .
Couunor,,,,, on Shan y. tlrrottilrer to coullour
through the mouth ..f Januar,. Tholr whole roIALIA.IO
tuent Lnr tern thrown Orbell for Rotall Trodo. suul thoir
tenAlre otork. amount!. In Our Hundred not Thirty
Thous.. MU In Wren., nt fllll, nor
fourth Ines thou non. prier..
The untln of their Snial.Atinital :nolo In ony ono of tho
thoworel. who Atiroolool the nle of lA. rear, rill he nuifi
rlent nil:lronton foe 1111.n-c.0.. Th.., will. r,
month. • row of lbe owl the lw.tinf.t
ti 4140 who Intro moo, altendrel 111,1,0, vlz •
OWL Carhutroo 70 cr.., o-oal pro, it.
toll ult.. Cotton nod Kan (I.luneno. 2, eento, until
Rrh+a routin
1:00 pin.. Cotton null Wont WI 11., IS nrul lY nont,,
,uul prloot) , itnd rout.,
on pit .
~ high colon. plant 11m. V.1....MA. prho.
rnut ,
tOI stritod and tl<nrN Flit.. :Al rent, noon]
kirw ro
ill VIVI,. I , a f lip de Chlnr and Nadi, ,7% tuotol
urine I
1.1 It tilk,, nAuerd twr emit.
Ital French Oloritor.. ft 01,. 11•1131 ii(lnr ULM q. •
:20 1 1 itil'OVA ttiAl Limit., Cloth, motored XI
er r.a.
pl p erlot A 11.... All ...on noltuytt per rent.
Long ymtin :howl, which will Le .4.1 Oulu St k.
I on.. than wool' pr.,.
.:tit yard. lOmnot hiLl.ono nl N and to ono. comal
yrl lo cont..
FwtnAo Collin,. at cotta. laved prior or.
100 cnao En:ol.h And A 01,11'011 rolinoo at h owl 1. ,
veil.. 11 4 . i t.riro
am.,4 111rarlu..1 redt.. entit.. , ier / : rd.
tO.O led, Drown Ologlin. all wonho. .
AL.°. Lore,. Aro. Trinittilno , . 11.4.10rtT and
Glow.. Clowka. Cloth, Coootorno..
Juan,: toorther with nu- I , of lei o ur :wean od,
nit nfwhirh w 111 hr Mark,. !town to Low. Prim.,
n,.., it nArly It. rotmon, of thrir rhoirlol
good, w i ll n nr. ,01d. The lownAl 111111111N1 ra t
A. A. OIA,i.oN .0 Ili.
atol Olorkrt
11 3. 171 . 1:1:121 , ) , 14 4. j , u , 5hr i y?'•1
SII EEP POLTS-111:1 for cal. hv
jail ‘..r. B. CANI 7 IIRLD
N the matter of the account of Janice
BlAkely. Adrolni.trotor dr !gni, non of John Illattittll,
coranol. No'_ ttoo.lnA T. ItsO.
Anil num, to Sit Janonry An), IFAI, on motion of A. 11.
Milk, the Olort .ntoniot Jn•por E. Boob, LP, O. audit
caul *.ljunt 'lll4 amount. and JotrilAde it,, Onlnwn .
Ity the eon,
~ . , • I t tA I NIJI, Alr7ll , ltl:l. , t:lork.
Nod, I. L. r. n. tin wit nt oln a •.. .
No an HMI non,. ol tho ritf of 1•11.41ntrah...0 stood,.
the I:th any of lo lortsnr) 00.4 et 2.....11.1., P. la - tor' the
win., at ru, spoottatnnent. J. t:. BRADY. AJolltor.
Januory Viet. 1,1.---IA=w,JT
ill A ISINS- 7 0no hundred and fifty boxm and 1.10 tall box. rmelmt and for eakilew by
4 UGAR—Twenty hit& new Sugar on hand
I 2. 4 MY rate nom 1 . KIRKPAITICK
TOBACCO—Twenty bis W. IF. Grant's;
15 Lap i;resit A 1711lljassi;
15 Ina W. A. 11noakna
31 Lax harmer balfpoood:
• 3.5 lan Oaborne's do haial and
ARD---thse hundred kegs prime nOv Lard
.1;1'5 04 ' 1 . " °4 rnr ' d "
SIINDRIES--Te b n , bxs S. Tolman Cocoa;
10 bum o Eagle Cborulstrt
do )ryuo, Sartr. I/U 11•11 , 1 o , r , utle by b" DIAVS BIItbYATBifA
GAS COANV. Januaryla, 1401.
te 3IP
TruU,s, of the I'lltehnoth Ila• bare thin
day . declared • Ihriden.l .1 Fite rent. Ott the prfft•
of the tart eft month, oat.. Capital Stork paid to, rat A
Ito to .00 holder,ur their 1,4 . " h.
with. at the oftke, of the limit.
,aul4,l2sr JAMEY SI. CIIIiISTY. Treseurer.
fIUIMIAV tnedleinal ttneee...loov• ou hand nod
r-r•n l - 1 . , )10110.1• A IU
14 1 1.01 1 8--Three hundred barrels just, recd
tali for ntle:l,y DE ILIIRIDE
Water et.
111AVANA• StiClAll—Tnenty hoLes White
plll Nov. un Water rt.
PICES. Pimento, Perpor, Clures+
1 emd Ntilateqn fur rale 1.1 ' LSAIA II DICKIKV II f•o.
BUTTEII---Eight barrels pack., for sale by
IcRI) 011EASE—l'en }lris No. 1 Laid;
4 be', lireaae. now laaaling (emu nteatner Waahlngton.
' Ol. ". bY ISAIAH DICKEY • (Xl..
Water sat Front sta.
llbris No.l in store and fur sale
Al bY IS : Al/ill hieKEY a CO- WW•rk Front MA.
1 ItEtitik:-.Forty live brls in store, for sale
./ard Water 0.1 IN"at St..
S)LSSOLUTION—The firm of Kennedy d
. Sawyer we:. Ole laoL The Imailnesa
be ntatlimed a. ben-L:ll4v by Thorn. Kemosly. Jr.—
The /I.lll' ill (helot.. trot will be t.edbr tinter partner In
rettlicw lip the blolheno. THORNS , MIEN N F.llll, JR,
BEST BLACK, TEA—Same kind a.. in
England—Natall Leaf, xtrra,g sod fine, plerwant
free front all heel bole—prim tvnta per !Kauai.
,al” br 00110101HAIrORTII, In the Diatneoll. and
e 1... In ysttslyargh. Jalt
_ _ -
ELLER:3' LIVER ('ILLS nuperreole all
ollu.ry. Chrsle,ton. Va.. nne 15%
1111, bonnno... popular In .11 Luis rr
fr,".`,7,:gle,Z.l7&rh - •
• • •
rt„ott.., JA N 64 A. CRIVIm
ti.t L Lim Pills
! IT ru•• and igvonlkn• Wry. 141 L sod it re a, L.
I I VI OA strni. and of Drion,i..-tAgruvrally in
. .
1 . 1 111° ,T4 1 " . :i. I 'Fl u str i m . , l =,l 6 4
I MORRIS A IIAWORTIrS Men, rant •ide of Its
1:1.4 Garuml74a. 10. MI mot. rwr
T!u. ISorrquxlit. at 74 AI .4.
.I:stra .uprrfit, at II
Old •••••.itleihat u••••• TEA. will faulour•
till 11.eI. icil.ll4.eturl/,. The, kioth .11 T..nn
.11,r1 (mu. awl thn . situ. 1. 1,4,uw1i1l
• :WU
4 ,37
I r , .PPIE ii S-augt , t l r ,i lj i l , m ;„ Pippins
I .1.14
1A1:310N.-5 brim Salmon, No. I, in store
sos for Yak , by jal/ 11011E11V LiI.ZELL &al
1t .:' , % , 12 ., ‘; A . 21: n tz ; remo ved
v. 01 the tatuelatilling. atnelleltint
t r E1..511 FLANNELS, of the ililrerent
J.!, p,r l "'-;tlr, -ool",travAreluurk.-
L) lVatattel 1 Vool by /all LEE.
V 0 0 1 :LF:N GOODS.—One case • Scarlet
Ilanuel, 1.-pt Itrnen Flannel. 6-1: 2 ea...Ye WM.
nanny]. 6-1: 2 came Nein:: Terml... all opt 2 earllr•Mi
enentner, 2 ram. J,too, nrwlrnl on eonsbentaent frt.a the
tnaiinfaeturen, and for tale by jail 11. LI:P-
GlliAllS—Fifty thousand Cigars rezeired
sod Io rale by /all N. & 11.11A11.1146 1 611
NII3BE:INS tt 1111511 LINENS.
tlorpbt & Iturebtlel.lrootlet. to beflow partleular
at entk. thlr branch of their bashers, and are riminl
to obert linen.: pore lb..
mud 4AL al low twit-v.le quality. /all
if I lIINESE VERIILLIUN-74 for sale
I J. 11100*
•rrnls (new
) . 1:111„ a CM. P) .
I LII E—Tirentv licp harrcic for sale by
J. 01011 • 111, No. ao
LASS PAPRR—Five hundred reams of
LP Soth'. rodent. tor Yale by
.11 .1. 011 1 1 1 • CO. Wood et.
bbl; for Cale by
RARE CIIANCE—A roc's...table young
0100100 tr 100.0,. with aea IPI far. b. la
006 0111 double n. toot, le, man ill
won... ran beer of LI.. chanty, by dropping • fete hoer
bne,l, the office. /labile eh... au Intert ran
role] et. p 1111.1 illlllEltek.
111 . 1"/Y66 . SATINETT,S.—IiIurphy d Burch
-I.we reeeie..l • If.t of llandee.i. Palley 0111.1
tly. •• or. Plahl and loin In./Army..
is: greet ram 6feralo 11....itner.e.11entneLt
251.1.0 t't Ir., le-. at north at noose of Fourth and
'Verb. Etre... oel6
N 171 7 5. IC.-1i2:1711A
_ corruntr: innllron PadniiJn a , Me M.
Ilaounn 11l t.A.9. do. dn., 40 or br4 do. do.: 40 y bar
&La,: . .ndrurn9: , Enrrna,4i, 3 eve, fltrort 40, I.Omon
Corny 1 , 4d41: Inn nnnie.we
Irina nI4I 1 . 41<r :+6,11 111.10•41 s, 4440740
ran, .4 11. 11 ILLIANIS
Vl,olill--4.hte hundred 1,14 Extra Family
Flgoir.nno nwrirod nn4 40.4014 td
41' II Mll4lolll_
I F..% ‘i - tiot.LEN t:Oopti Foft SA LE
1. noocod ,d044.401,1411nd0f 4010 , 44 n. Drab.
XII.i 111.1. tel 4, Mu+ and nral Clth,
4.41 Cnt, n 140004, hien on. are sntldrin,l 1.04.4410
o,lond prow, arol 4111 1440 kt on favrTat.l4 Icnn•
4411 r Vt.
p 4
LEIT'II I S.-5 tons Saleratum, in hole and
lor. for male b 4 Jab ILOIIERT DALZELL a 4 - 10.
I F Lard in brio and keg
KA stud for rc..14 to. ROBERT DAL7.ELL 00..
1 4, Liberty rtn. 4. t.
4. 1 .111;A It.-15 Wick Prime N. Orleans Sugar,
77 in 0., and for .410 by it.nakarr DALZY.LL t CAL
Llbert, .tree.
l ir 1 Sll Fifteen drutns O. 11. Codfish;
N.. 0 ,t Nlsrrr4l: :N. brio No. I Lnt4 rids: 10 qr.
00,4 No. I Ms. k4rol. atore rani for 44.1«
call .141ILN trArr r CO
II EESE—I94 taa Cream Cher?. in M tore
end for rnl. by JAMPA. DALZYLL,
Intl NO. n 9 Water Rtrevb
SA I. EItATUS- 1 4 .5 ' NO :, 1 Saler a i ttin:
Iu mid fur nalr JAMES DAL2IiLL.
11`i ernret
_ - et.
11.0031g --One hundred tons Tennesee
JD Innotno nu+ rerehrinc: fmm Aran,
end for nab. by JAMEY I/ALI.ELL,
Inll N.. 0 ,, Watt, ram..
INIK)W ULASS--Fire hundred boxes
y V ...wt..' rise. iu more and for rein by
- -
• . .
JOTASII.--5 eusks Potash, just reueived,
-IL a., 4n mli• t.y 1‘• fbditGllT a lll.
d 1 ItotElti Es.
it 1 :It tsar ow. vsjust 11,su Black
radl, do. du. Imp. and tiun Pnader.
h01w•1tu,...11 a Itobin&ua w Tubarrn
:19 the I' 1:01.8n.n & .tut S. du
Cubbw-mo T‘dauv.
nr I•non mud Ilarantarp It, du
It ratt, l'l,r•Je&mi Ir. 1/.ldro U.( tu
• I.unal.. In 'dory aad 4nr nale by
1a.9 JItIIN PAIIKEK a It).
• in ht.d....w rnw qualitt, In 44, and fnrndo
4 ' IletMtl, . JUIPI PARKER L CO.
f. nu dwa.n iN•ru llnnffs In Ann. aLnd 114 val.. by
k IA) 111 E WHISKEY.
• tur
-41 hid, purr Whinkrr. ,very 014 and choke."
CU bll, Old 31onon,rabels Will§ker, in inner end for
VEW HAMS—Evans Stvift'li Cincinnati
7g72'N.2 *b 0.1 2 L t r
1 EA I' I.Alilt-,-Prime Cincinnati Lear Lard
v sot up in low fur fruillf k. c l r !n A n . 17.,..atundja:
reTilt SALE.—A few ehares lOU Mine
Plot' nb, North Amuriam and Westrro lissurstias
dl dT N BA11:1) k IRVIN, w Rsoond St. WO
liTTElt.—Thirte kegs and brie fresh
Juri,r not rrnevel . arel for rale by
jai° J. S. DILLWORTII t co.
OR: A It-21111%6 N. O. Sugar fin- sale by
1._701n27 KIHIC PATRICK , IN Liberty at.
N W RAISINS un consignment fur RRIC Ijy
111111 Wk k KIRKPATRICK.
.Poolhe kr rale 1 ktl 1 BRAUN
.1011N r eARK ER Is
OLASSES.-25 brls Sugar House St.
_LTA i.ui Itellnerfju.t rer9rrd, end for re by
11011KIIT 11ALLILL kl2o..Albrrly etreeL .
ee iiii:lg — LAßD—TwenTirasbrease Lard
‘_llllre-vein/161W lorsalo Fr
1.11 & W. HARBAVOR.
IlEAllllES—Three hundred InTs
Pecirlo, In /lon., ant( for rde
1,01 21.. k W. 11AURAII1311.
. . .
AT Ellit'S Normal Iliadern,filetiallie's do.
T 1 Arttlnetlr... Ilfammars, llconnplil..., Mat, nra.
llnery. M , . id 1.... sod ...e1.,. work in. 1.1 In pubtkratal
0*.th....h...1... A 1,.. a general runortment of Alton sollt
al.n 1. , 1 4 1n01' . .11.1 . 111.A...0.1 Mho,. Alro,l'arttr• line.
put.lleattcon, at VII: til/LICATItINAI. IthninllTol:l'.
1, .- 1'.5 Market at, ,wrier of 100,10.
. Ili ..101IN :111.11tRAY'S FLUID Itlaasr,m.
Pt - e
1 . ta:l.l toutrr the or I.ho lovuut,
ainl ..1.11..h0d no . Olouattwof !hitt; Sent ,
101. ennnot onintrotton I. rnrommeulled In all eve , of
1.1., ehlito., liallnovtiou nut. and nra,..l. n.. the tao. 4
v:ta):eurl ethltual On, In which too/ . •tl
1t.....1 th.. only non ht 01,1,1,11 ounht to hr rabillitnl. no. -
.. 11 lite P , 9K311.11 of the iln„-ro,ia no• to genet , .
to •
I. 1..10n liable 1110. 11.,1. form dattnnont. eozn.n..
lion. Its the loos el, it etr. , lnntly eon.. Iseartlasro without
In ~11. th 4. uh•lx of the .toutarls... n no.- pos., lont their
ra 1011.1 Liv. pm know. to .nr. it pre,enr. rho 0.4 of Infant%
to don moo to all rare. It ad,. • OletntAn •r.*"...'"'d
6 ,ntinrly tulantrd to fenothx.
'lt illtnlnklTY InAs lt•onttott Um. t.ho Notation form. aa . l,
ul t o romlnuntiotot .1111 urn nr{.l rah. In warn of an.t!!!! . ... ,
rel. Ilterebt mouleractlng them 101tini.... , t7r ,.
. hen OM., alltalles aria e'en 31come.ln 11,1 f, Ilan ~ ''• ...,.
Front :111 . Philip entnto.loo. Hart., nvorrat n , u
A goy In Itclatal:—
• 1.41.1 . 14 ;Theme*. he no doulA that NtannelA , roar ..
1 :11.4:rinii t
,:1 i tu:: : :. . ,, :.1:nir. .: ::,,tn : :;:;i f ;;,. : ..;,.. ! .,:, , ,,,, i,,, i;. 6 ..,,,,, ,,,, : r.:Liti.., : ur i r:t .. 7 : ;1 . ,, , ,,.. , , . , . :: :: :7 .,.... : .._:: r . i.1 .:. 7:, : :m : ,_;
. thrienant Ilvrnert Sla,o. of Louon,. I . t/ I t
._ ,
~., 7. ..1
, urns, '.. Fluut Nlnowlei. sr In•lnn Inlll hr 1... r ,',.,...7,„7,,T.
n......nt than the .oli.i. WWI Frra-17[ 1 .
9i,""a,7l;LL{;:elll,'!prt7P:.l:27.raltr,V4L. .71130.
A. i. i . i0...Wn.0.1 • Front rta.
mO LET—One House and Lot situatod
. 11
00 lin:MN .to Seinntb Wart n•e
applr to
110111.40 N, urru: 2 a)
DMRWLE—The gubscriber ofTi2rs furl
1 . wt.. is largo tial well bout Britt< How, with tl.
KT. :Irirt=o:Xfltilirl=loll7l l eis ao
.ey.lo4Al.avr rableot of enud. nv talcine over four
d.+inblf lot
Acres. with • Spring of .omile/a weeder thereon. sitnabal
near the above.
Ahri. • lot stirososi 45 feet II inehes be r.T.i fed, ...tini . fl
ing the residence of alr. A. Toner , near the ritl. oplosite
th e F e e e nth Wasd. on Penns, hanta Arenui. Pcssession
Ai...a hnintilntely.
It is now eertvn that the Planli Road will Le complete
i fiVi!.! '" r l ' irn ' Prc r, "'. .p s r/t . l ; itallDTllM.M.9=th P s e a t .
ena•nes2ath.• nrst ' .o;;enrwat proPertr. isZSIlf
Olt RELATOR SALE — The soitiscriber V
i Fssii sell or rcpt t 1,1. 'very desirable Dmory rift+ r.....;
.., Allegheny city. rltuand on Ohio Lane sod
Allrrluene Avenue, west of the Uommoo. The haul/els •
large datille heel,. building. in er.mplets order. There is •
earri... house. stable. and isso sight en tbe groonsts.
bleb rempriw two num, well Improved. containing were dearriptkns of fruit .1-n. a twine Wore and smoke house.
I`...,sewion riot., whenerer dolled. JOHN 4113:11ART.
1.011. RENT—A splendid Dairy Farm,Bl
IL anding t Orchard. good Dwllig House i
hum. tine Apple AL., • coil Publed
Ceontry alaneWn, efface style.b) MOM, with out
burldnat.. aud one nem of ground. wi thin twenty mintee'
drier of the Court House. Aloe.- several Boston. and
Dwelling Ilona. in nod out of the cite. will be rent t I on
manonalle term, by COAT AIITHLS, WI AU} at Les .
.14 Grant stmet. Dear 1/ . 041 , 1i
JOR RENT—A two spiry Dwellinga
Howe on R.ll'' rtreet. Enquire of
ain JAMES DALEELL. bg Water at.
u —l' will well far rash. Or on perpetual kw,. tete ki. on
Penn rteret, 24 feet hoot 10/1 Pet to Snring alley wi.
i, , ,l=it air Ninth Ward ?amine Mee, Alws. one Name,
ed by Literte. Canon, and Allegbetiy_streets..aml
Fork. Alley. bring 21.4 t .sq n tosoti. hi 1 :n n, Slung Alley. Also. lAno fr. front l ' oc on ?regimen street. hart,
diatelY oPtswile the (?viral itaikeed Depot. ales entilalning
45 arms. i • JAMES O'HARA.
VOR RENT—The store room anti cellar on
I.' the south ...a..s. corner of Blark...t street amt the his.
mood. at prelwol is-rimiest a. a lalup glom; /deo th the
and Wed storhi of the name holhltne. entrance on hia. •
mend. Will to rented for one or three sears. teem the Int
.4 April twat. Apply to LEW hi 11111111:40N.
jan9,ltf OS AVaterStreet.
_ . . .
T The Third Wm. rchool !Inure. and citro n
which It rtasula will be .11•41 brr separalAy or
A:ether. ruit probarrrr. Lot 110 tort wide on
flrrry alio, and 14! IVrt dcrp on Diamond
Any additional Inturtuatton dowirftl will be even. 'and
trnu., of talc mile known. I. AP0... 0 ..
Prr , l. Hoard Dirrrtorn. a. N,. 47 and LS Market rtiert.
land 4m .
11 1 1 0.1 t SA I.E. AT A OItHAT BARGAIN. 2
.1 • 11. 141117 twirl; Ilwellina Ilona, en
Arrnur. %%ant; mtalrrn 1114.1. having Len
tinuttle rurinrc dtulau ronananil kitehrn ern the rirst
I our. The lot io Lurid, ham 1.7 ninety four Awl: a wide
In the Rar. Ting pn.rwrtr Mot ttnaltl. and Will Le
1 . 1 .,06. or WV down. Vila In O.
and We thalaurr in two lan.
Enunim or T. lloward, Attorrwr at Law. Fourth otdwl.
14.lwrrri aRJ Grant etrrel.... eall In Mr nuwah=
14.7n+ 9 oclock. 1111VAltD:
TO LET—A large Maneiim
sow of Lana ittachnl, rituatfd at oatlata.
yl9 11141XDV,JONY.3 t at
Real Estate worth $lOO,OOO.
ITEKY DESIRABLE Propeity in Alto n Oen y rtly ft. Two opletull.l traldenek , lank. I+l word, one haring front of hu
•I. South lkautuon ..tio to Water .11,1.. The otber;.l.l4l
1.44 (mad 1, :N0 611 alloy. ho proved In the bent ntant. - e;
allonlinc a alelkthtftit •tew,of rltr of 1111,1Jursth,llot
Allt.gheny anJ 01110 river,
A ho, 11em of ground (nutting month on North tlnninon.
1,10 feel, mowing 1411 reet trek. toumhd hy two Rr tot
.treeta and al foet alley in rear.
t.^ l ty wrlw. r1.1.-n, the Rail now Demi,
ot the Intel eater T ll . : rivet:, now offend for rate. Th.
id o°' ° ' 1 1 .17111 7 :1INKTIr 'KeeMI,I4.:EIr
%MU LET.—That desirable residence
prevv,nt occupied h, the rubomther, situated on 7
the fitvetoburr.h like. in the Borough of La
Tho hnueeU Iveme and cnvenient. Imo 12 room,
Z d tce7 n nte ' r ' ll w thlGt7givhnnt:. :n a tati l n i Te4Vire7.7l l 4l " .
=L a t n ett " Tn.r —l ,b.‘" 'l;n, Nr
iTclaii.PPO!T ty-
Nu. 110 Market d.nrct.
FOR RENT—.t SAW MILL in Euot Binning.
ham, we!) situated ft.r a large bunin,w; It clan rom
iuml Ihe tntlre 11,. lirmabv Coal Hail 11..1.
It will be ilsonsuchir rviudrt..l, with well, Icihr, end Irek.r.el
f.r.lertu of yrs],
earwilent Fite far brick making—tlar
Al n•reeal qm.l yuarrirto ea - evil/nit Ntone. Inquire or
iallzrazwa. Rut Dirmlnglutan.
FFORRENT—A Dwelling ll.,uxe, with
fru ea. rlevol moms to good rrosur,stol with lerim ::
yord. on Erdrral rtrwet. All , whrny. Bent, 8175 prr
Al., A STOBI.: no Nlarkrt .rtn,rl, Pittsburgh.a Imo
iVan-luraw on 'third stn... and *e'er.] Ilmmo In Pool
(Mier Building& E. D. GAZZAM,
JAlo,thr' s 144 5....6m1 st.
Illnnwir, hod. sod Tnhum• r ,, ,, A 1....1t,
9 1 0 LET—The Three Story Dwelling
Ilauw.„tin 171 W vhe Aro.. at powent orrulde4 E:1g1
Jolko Prinawlno. nontainion two parlora....
nenm kirlwn.. no tlin .111.4 1144. l'ossocilon
Ltren no the - 14 ..fAord. luoutor if 3. k 11. VIAIY - li.
11110 Rourpl eborrh4ll
PIN) LET—One Two Story Brick Howie, =4,
motolnOlo 4ton rnol . lw Avenue. 111nerwia
ot 1144. 1:411 na,
Enottlto of
--- -----
VOR RENT. ThP Store, 118 Market ~, a n
anet. the
ilvnr ••, , ,n.n.l from the c ,, ,n , er Nhulu,t,r*
th aVl7 f o
mat. Ingot!, .1
'IVOR It ENT, two very convenient 2
jr DWELLING 110171 , tat. on AirJ thehve ,m,
and nrsr V. tOntlhnetl. I.cay.—Wv..l. oon ltvit
'' .1 '. .!:.. U jr1 ‘ ..%,,, Ls t,no .4- nt.av veer,. wane litt,, rwunt
i.l. on nwl r.-.r Ow Allv,l.ow Rlov. to tit.. Ninth Wart.
'' :.teel) to WII. *l. WAItL!NOWIti.
or TIE! , iJ.
• Fourth rt.. neat Rini,
tIOII. RENT.—l'he following proper- f... 7%.
Ur. are 1.. r mut- tic
n.l nntnnl..tely form h.l.=
Fl , ttlt, .11 Staxtet rtreet..twtnent Thiel nod Irotarth sta.
nultal.h. ft, Dry tio.-
fireral mans in 11x4 Mlle. Dalklintrcin the mnnod and
thirst stnrite...ntitable for limns+. Order, .4c •
atelenntenient PWLLLINtI LIOUSE. in
nru parj of the nty.
1,... .J the for,cong ran be arrn rn th. lot of
April next-
AD. , a SMALL FTIIIII , . on,t deml tn.the
he ran
Third Ptn...t. h , reinfore .o.eonn.ll by the late Mr. A.
For h.rtn,
, -
lain F.. 1:k7.7..01,
In 11. 31'CohNi1t . li. w llanl
1. 4 , 0tt RENT. 3 Two atory Ifinisi•!:cl
11_ mal flack .311 tvo .Ituate ana
14.11.,n1 ;;Slxo,, to I:013,0N, urn,: k CO,
4,12. 1.11..rtt
.4 Una, 'rant sittcand . Duque.ra. Way. mar 11l
Am. ouilleirrO
Lola 014111 wen thweand
Pet of I.tmart. to 'vat. a in.) Kprlrdre of
111.:VNOLILI k 1,11E4
. - .
enruer uf Penn and burin
IV - 0 LET , the Store Roma •No.
PlyV. . a u tir w l h .too 71, ti . , l r7a.
N. Huhu. k Its et Dunkin.; RIO rhatu. now,:
Thhi man la lonted thumortrentral and best Latrine.
pilut In the city, and well inlap.l far !tanking and Ex.
Ogre. InFurthee or a guru. A aPlutulld
new (mut. with Enulkh Plate will be put In mouton
thy weather wrruitr.
Piewe,don filF•l3 no the flr , t of February. If wanted.—
Enittin. W. It . WILSON.
.la 7 earner of Marks and Fourth otreut...
IVOR SALE, the Three !dory Brick I
liwelllnw. N... la lb,
r ;:. ' l„ W t= " Ja T. O l. n h =g•Ttlrtr ‘ l 7
Nut Clear oi all thrutobratu Utle buthpa4ll
A cirolr 'WILL I AM Ititlfili;
Ja74lltn • Liberty ...web
FPO LET, a four mtvry Slate
rtnf Ohm, bath 11.1, gam haturtw. 'and hake
ove. 1.11/ Third
I novi rt. hh titer rt.r...t
S. H., HANFORD 4 co.,
It:wen:son to La - wts
.No.. 252, 274, 256, and 258. Pearl St., N. York,
Iktutoro Fulton rt. and Burling 811 p.
111'4 0. xem mx L.IOT Juotornicre or
In ILe UMW. Matra. adaigegl V. All ?dyke.. In tha;•
artteln of sad DRAW.EIL , .. ve la. , ep 11.4 etullem
larlet‘. Al, the upoot valemxive manufacture. al OIL
CLOTIINO oI I.X)V EKED HATS lu tbet amid.
Plain anti FaPhknuttalaelothhatr of all Mud.. eataloa-u.
I.f pluck pent lir mall. Onlerp,omptly a 11 e 140. 1
S. 11. lIA I4 NVOItII 2 CO..
to tool. Ilartfunl,
.1:117 alotanw Soo. 2N.1. atal 2.18 Pearl .L }7. York.
FOILKS-95 dot hest cut steel Hap Forks;
Ce 114114 1101.1 ate
.10.1ne 4 pronunl ran steel !lanai., Pork , :
1.0 enoplgument atxt for nalc
0.1 0 . L. S. NW ATV.P.N AN
dor. not Cart Steel lloes;
5 '.ln Garden lIMIC
I'ir,"'""'e"`"!' l-1- " 1 " t.!;
"".; P.
IDEACIIES—Three hundrisi bushels reed
aMfgr ralebr 1m291 SAMUEL I% siirtivEn.
SCYTHES -7S des best thaw, Scythes;
Vi;:tt; 17.; 1 ) : ". ' %A u "" .. el2 . ficsa
mil for ale - x'ATISI:MAN glib:,
lals & Water arut 62 &root at,
6 1 ,CYTIIE SNEAT,IIS-4,25 dos hest patent
Snmtha. oa manimment fv.r rale by
NSPIKES—eII kegs far WO Lv
1.1 JAI% . 1.. R. WATP.RMAN
)EARL ABll-12 rooks prirno for sale by
I. jai , 1.. N. 99 ATTIIMAN A 5419.4.
1 - 11ELANGEA—D) brio 'area, to arrive, foe
N., We by I: A 1991114 AM.
fat .11.11r.Irr rt
ICE-D) tut for solo
jal9 or aultianr.
UG A R MOLASSES---30 hlolo Sugar:,
• traborrt•ln for
w3le by i'll9 Doe t imam. a
bx s si zes,
evorinh.l with Lein hi. F•rwwi n.
AiU PII V LEE, Weeo. Dr.ovetto and
Mer , hant. Ore Fab. of Actlcrlywn
:. 0 , 4, 9, Lll•ertY .L.
■` 1 LUE—Twenty harrn).. ingt rneoivr.l.
II: I IF•w th..lmm , l. nt. :L .- N. %VICK MUM/ 01'S
Fl‘Th .1.
LBS. CANARY'SEEii recoived
41, 1.1 tor rale. S. N. WICK
Cor. Wool A ink!bb
CINSENG AM) lIEI SB'Alt.-2.3 . hags
oilnreng-. I rroLt Dolmas.; now Innalnaltunj oboran'T
T"branwn. for lotto I,
iloln DICKY:IC k. CO, Woe, k Print.V.
PrNN ERS' 1,r1,, Bank Oil,
In bowel bnlor. for ..rlolo J k YI/1171,
Ik4OLASSES.I3/4 brim new,
.in etore, for
rate 1 .9 alolt/ it. PIIISD.
1.A1111 1 .-4.4 brit+ No. I, now landing, for
0,,, " hr dell; ISAIAH PICK k CO.
I?CICR'IIEAT FLOltß—Twratyy racks in
.11botor 1a by, I jot) BRAUN t REITER..
r it.mhn4l ha.e 11 has rpp l , >f 0 .•
lbo olovo Inolabolnk black
twilk.d. 'err nue. A 1... Pre, rb fint.,kina ant) CaMmerea,
black nod Caner, and tilack ' 2atla VC40.0 to.
prior, for the ,uaht, a.%
DOLL' BUTTER.—T.Ton lads Roll Butter
ll neetvoi and fnr sale br
Jolt •
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ST. LISIS—Tbe tut steamer
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the Ilith Ivey at 4 P. AL
Tut freight ur hem.. WIT au Mud- . Jar.
• • __.
ST. LOUIS. The fast run
&Oh= RODGER.% tiNsit
either, will lease Gsr /be above sad hues.
mediate wets this day. the It7th Wend. .110 A. IL
rori btoe passage. eater iisa bread. tar, .
wW rklemlid Meaner FEDERAL ARCH. • e
keo3totmem tentmerter, will knee for &hoe
and intermediate ptle ou Paturday. the Zth Inelard, at 4
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FOR ST. LOUIS—The eplendid
tibmarrier, .I,
kare ler atom. and Inter eree=4
tordink Porte on Saturday, the =kiwi. at 4 e.ll.
For (might ac raemme. akplr nn hop d or b
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did Kamer Veritwal Capt. Ilaalati,
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at 10 delrek M.
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110CRINGPtillT---Tbe Sue steamer Pl.
Cart- S. N. Crain, .111 leare an adore
ecru Comlar at 4 o'clock -
For freight or Peerage, •
4.L11 - JOI NSTOji. Ara
roß LOUISVILLE—The splentl-
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hl steamer MILTON. CapL Darla.
cern tho abore and intertuollato porta cm
th 4 day at 10 o'clock
14 1 , ?dela or pamg, old! NO h 0.- jalS
light draught Steasoer PARIS. tender. .
Jr. will Imre for the shore and Of In.,
mediate poria on Monday.* 10 For freight or pa..
raac cut laanl or ..
running ral:mart/ NNVA.Capt.
no I leave for the alien =1 Intermediate torn.
on Monday, :WU) WA, at 10 A. M. •
RP f•lalet or pumice, apply an toatA. inn
ruttnina Ammer NAVIGATOR, Captain
n, Will entre tor the shwa 000 Interatetli
ate porta. thlx Jay. at 10 A. Al,
Tv trelaht or puska, apply on Leant. • • jail
VOR ST. LOUIS. The-splendid
JI Pen steamer FLEETWOOD; Wzn. Colder.
commander, will Pure far the store and Inter
mediate par.. on Saturday. the 1111 wrap!, at 4 P. N.
14r-fr..4l''''"""P S l . Y NTVl'ltrkf/ONE4. AI
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il In:al . :Pr thin morning, IA iconannnt 10 o'ckiok.
For freight or pannage, appl.r an &ant ran .
OR NASHVILLE' .The aplen
did 14w:on FORT PVT, muter, •
Dm the above and Intermediate min.
Mtn day. nth Insane. at 10 o'rlcok. A,
For frrlubt or truqrre..pply on tonol. • in 9
' LOUlS—Thentleadkt ;trouser ZACHARY
EL UL, Hunt wader, •111 kenofor alone
and kit...rm.:lWe porta Ms day, at 1.0 o'clock. A. M.
b r fm i.N.!"TU.•!MIP 4 .. 1 -;HO G
AL %MERLYN° PACKET—Therplendld
uev.parlet steamer DIURNAL, (bou rn. roas
ter. is Dow perfaizabau her rtunslar tri.weNtly trip, l'uluruo
this eltz 1,13,1
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poll AREINTRONII h ,OZER, Agents.
,iiVEILLE. D. E. Du, muster. will Uwe
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nalnsamn. Tble enlendid bad was bat br a -
the owwere of the stPanwa Lam Nowt., ant! o th er., for
the Chninnntl nod Pittklmigls Pnek,t trade, and will leave
eivorf. N % o l:t7l . ll/11:y_FT cinelnnntl , lance, of the New Eng.
las . X Yr IlltiVOlimragor
JAL StINFINIT PACKET—The WI runnlnc.ll., lt2
vnener WY.I.LAVILLY., Capt. 11. Yalta. trill
run.. a rranlar
packet Whaelinn.
and lluntish, Icarian Ma:iamb every btrinday
/Memnon for Wellsville. Strulnovilla. and thiclparrt l and
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pert and Sunfish eve, y Tiamdar afternoon. and ltnn.h
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IVELLSVILLE PACK KT--'Th. Ilabt ary,••••
tight ztearner ARENA,
_D. P. Kinney. m
ter. PittAbunat on Mondar,AVednesuLmy, and Friday,
at 10 n'elne.k. A. 11, `Law" Wel,hrille Tnoslay, Thum
d'in 17
rgtVg eel rk.
n A.
19 'Nassau sired, .21 - tto York,
IittNUFACTURE and' hare for sale on
favorable torn' the !arrest trtark of (NXIDTEAII'S
1 1. A . 1 T METALLIC MUMMER lltanat In Monica; war.
ranted to Maud all climate, emulating of
(Nub, Cloak, Pontine,
to.grito. Paul. Cap, mn ,
Weetery, Blanket -I, Plano and
Table Coven Crumb, Carriage. and .
Hot,. eloth9, Salim , and Trarelling
' hag, Diggent . Exploring and 3111/Lary
formsro. Itrea,t Pumps, Sylinat,
ant artieha. 4,0 dr0c,.140 et..l • 1111,111. Engine and Ihev, Ca. Tubing. lion. remlon, Knap,L
Pannt Premium Co. MilLer. Machine lieltintr.D.ll,
To, Life Pret.crwer, Cwhion, Led,
Whip. nridin, Waxen tai TAW rim...
. ItoaD,Knanmeke,l'antovna.i.T ster Tank:.
toila, Inv Ducked, L, Anklet for
the Truk made to Outer. 3alTallat
Professor A. C. Barry's Tricopherons,
removing the sew? : 11. re 1n
tired. and 7 rlea=2:Vtli b e ' v h m s fi r t:
and end. random, on the akin. disauen of the elands.
munch. wog baumutnenta. and relieving sainukettha. Mtn.
west, serail.. kn. ith (hit ineparation .. there Is no •surh
t h ea WI.. The find journals In Atneries. medial 131.2
of te highest rIIIIII , III, pturningut eitigens of all wee.
can ladies. who have Mod
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'the Mane sat nurartiew admit it with one vernal. that fill
Imparting allot: glom. Insurienon, and curl to the hair,
end:eating:tend .red dandruff: bathing ItIAMIN curing
Weamain. dins, te.. anti enlacing diseases of
de. dim the glandA ntal the munch, It has nit equal
among the multitude of rump:nude adtertised in (Inc put.
he remit:or need in private prattlr. le thespian., nev all
gituater. Ilarry's Ttht.pheous unnvalltd. The Itu.
raldl , - .1" the article. hate enabled the incentoe
.upply it at butts per tout, whieli fnun tn 101
prr kw, than the twin. of any other preparation LT
the ham'
in nw. 'The nrientifie treatise en the hair
and the skin ernbraring the valuable directions for the cul
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in which tweh fautie is madded. in alone worth the mono,.
The enmity between the membrane% which ennutitutethe
and the hair. whiett Ito sustenanee from this
triPle ..rine'. In veer r lmo. All disease,. °rube halo on'
ginate in Lim skin of the heed. If the purrs of the scalp
are awned, or If the Mood and ceder fluid. do not deca
l:tie fonelj through the •small vessel. whieh ford the rant
with moisten, and Impart life (a the hind, the remit le
wart dandruff. dieddi. of the Instr. gravonewt. drynesti,
mai harshods of the ligaments:, and main: baktunset, SAO.
rase may he. Pthoulate th e akin to healthful action alth
the Trientherens, and the torpid remelt, red:erring their.
tnicity, villa tUate the Mete.. • In all attectiontnef the
in. and of the nubstesta of math and integument.. We
angers matte .11.01 are the same. It is upon We Wu,
ihe Muscular lihre. and the the Trimpherous
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tn.... on., It Ls a sovereign maw',
Pohl In lartm luntld. add 23 awn.. at the Swindled tt
floe. 137 Deo:tawny. New Tart and hy the principal merch
ant` and arUFRn4 throughout the United Phatai and Can
ada. deenk3m
brls N. C. Tar for sale by
ill BUILDRIVOI: 2 IhillithAM
LACK, - TABBY VELVETS of a very on.
mem onalthy, foe langm. to beltati at the store
Y A 11u ItClialhLD,
Jail .1 tor. Fourth mal Market ate
- Brachfkld hare on hand . anorthic. of *bore tin..
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a io,',. y. Welsh, and domes ti c dm al., Wide Flarawis
for Han rm. . ' Ja.
ajid mit,. a Buerliticl.l hestrar modal ...lon on tl.
ale. deportment of their burins and Invite per.
wanting eiriths of .1 dogniiition lo gs,them a call 61..
mr... jal`i
00 88. far axle by , J. KIDD a CO.
plI 1.0 Wond et.
0. , ro , . 1 , br WA J. KIDD tKO
YIAI. 6111 K- x) iffi gross for sale by
/Ili" , J. KIDD tCO
QPOI4GE-2 eases fine, and 1 halo extra
mow, rOf nee ty jalB J• KIDD &CO
IPSOM SALTS-15 brals fur wile byp
U N DRI ES—Fifty Lurch; Family Flour;
LT .,- Dry
JOHN WA,, A (~N,
the Amerlroo Revolution. lly L'hirr.lOrrnArob FM. LibA o ry 01 eb• Ilrforenatlon_ of dm tbsteenth Cenbor!' , 3
br J. IL Merle 1.1;Au1Ann0 . . „4 1b , p. ,, .... e ,, n , t t ol t rZ . fte .
1 . 4 '1 TZT ' lnied by 11. WILIto., IL A, Trinity cor
frtrenlnelL3Y7reLlistory., AnUqultief, and Ilkrraphy. 14
lu.tratnl by k'i te .'"'"''" B IL L 2I 7 7I C aI) . N.'
. The above wor for role y
• Instorner bbollmer.
WO • Corner of Alerkrt and Third rte.
ARUN'S TItiZOPILEROUS for sole by R.
SELLIilig. Li Woi.l nie agent foe
Pek mats per IvAtie. della
MCHANICg — AND otuliits.
The extrusive limits of build Inn fornwrl P
Leech nut ON., at Ile Point. betweenW awa .
nd Ilitiptcone Way. will toi 1ew..11 fur a term or
They ain readily twinnti•li with deem
nu.late nvery kind of ni.snufweintiog busituvit. Prein-iwou
given irtnnoillately.
Jpply b CILIA H. GS. Apmt.
Fourth street. toh.
PLACES wanted and pereonn nupplied at
..hnri ware, with number of lernti rala.inen,
lontn men. and men and biy• of nil a., In sloe.. mu,
bowie, or hi trade. or wit machine°. lingtice;
wiintrucr. or Inborern In town or country. Wet and dry
nu, rhntolvinitald , ....AAA , Money , or lent.
aria all of /Ai:ender itly witentlx.l to for moilensta
charge , Ph.. exit nt I S A AC IlAttlille Agency ant In •
telilgence Mice. 111th street- halt
. _
n mrr oy d Unrrisarld hmite the M Ihrar
wantina aona• 'bmpi wear. m thi r amortsorra of tbrm
mut other ,tty Im or mo.a. adapted for thig purpoen. jab)
r rl
BROWNFLANNELS-One cam) just re
lved from clartufacturre, fro for ralo bfS
Iwl re
L --
ED .FLANNEL-One case on hand and
ta stir by MI6MURPHY LEE.
. „
LANK ETS—Single and double bed, stoat
pfra, aml math. Llaakete for mar by
3.11. MUMMY t LE.E.
riIWEEDS —Three cases aosortell Tweeds
lust mmirml from mumfacturers fur sqde by •
Jala know' A, LEE.-
t1141ii:l--Two tone Sumac for sale by
t 7 too • MURPIIT a,. bur
.BlllOLASSES—Fifty-fwe brie new crop, per
ticatarr Milton. a ••1
nd for • • 4, b
in y
111011ACCO-8 bms No one, 6 twist, receivel
per 'taper ,ndf, deT
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016 JAMItt , Dr. L. trt Water rt.
SS tad( pipm Coronae Mundt,
IS mita k pr. alto do do • .Porle,.. mrkwur elnYs
10 rlo do, rut mart celebrated broad.,
Open Rolland, Gin, —Roblin , Anchor" amt
2 sowbelly I rub and Scotch Mull Iniatey.
do Jamaks Runs,
10 bbla. N. E. do. do.
nn or. cacti. Sort ,
2.5 'do tlaileira Win.
• WI do Sweet Malaga Maw.
1.. do Dry do. du. \
" 10 do titrea7 Wlltu
'25 boom Bordeaux Claret c
to m m o and .r sale by JOIIN PARRKR
jaol 1211 LAbertr.stre.L
LARD.—Tvienty brls anffRITER d fifteen keen t ar
w 4 of
ae.t.s s BAftim
INSuIt i ,'
Marine, Fire, and Inland
IF Insurunee Company of I
r =te hiladeiphla—ChartenAlSt.
ary I:4ael
hll,"-L:e fol. WIN
tialintre and their tiaseent, thli et t
ett renperty of every deerrietioa.
steel ether Terre!: attaral
• • ••
,T and vidnitr abo'
. .
DrILIM-2.1. . .. ,
Arthur (ldln , -Ptet, M.A. P (Vint •
Samuel W. Jones, . - Joh• P. ett,. • ' .. •
' ) 11tranl Smith. Richatd D. Wcat, '
Atha A. Crown. b' Willis= Welsh; -
'Samoa S. Faulty " - Trancic Ikellimt
. . aamnel Erwin, 2 , - Awn. A ll lbone. ..:
Chart... Taylor, ' Wm. E. , •arrni -
Anal.n,se %Chile, George. Anaran.
laei.h M. Thom., James Vt.aon, ,
S. Mcorrir Wain. 11. D. S "rg, Sec y. ---
Tht. la the ohhat I woman. Cola inns to Unita:l3W.
.1 snort ~ hiCh K.minr. Wag eatanimen.antria MM..
401 avoiclion all rirke or an extra Itasardons characterl t
m. In e.tchhred as offerins
-Llarnplo smartly bathe Pun.
11 - ILAM It JON ,
AS, Attent.
,_ia2.l , .• Tio.illl Wont Want:.
American Life and Health' francs CO,
.:IYritt fur Pilltt,urgh. 1,P.1.VL. D. TOWLE.
Vinb et, above fteltbSeLl.
. Patophleto ronlAiwsr... newstarr 101.0111 ess be
chlaioell to. Ihn 11thicv.
Delaware Mut=lj Safety Insaraaie Co.,
ell AMI on' thus!t
Qc thll.oring nt a the Ann a the ento9.ll.
publl.hed In .nttylnity eith's trurithit of Id Charts ,
19.51 e
Prumottoupirriled during t rat tttling October:Li.
012 atuine and
On Fin.
Manrl'raino. the w ooec.l9
On Marin.. tux! hiland
nnd eAvagr• .92
rte. 111.12
Mui L.3"" wa . o E tllr g landill a acrwaticla durb t=
gigf" • •
Profit nal aw._ 634.33
Return Premium. - ....
A wary rhartd, ....-1.. ......"... -. 1it5.5.02
lixpetteres I:col-Solark, Statiottory, ix-- e 444.92
i•ae- --
I ifi1a.351.117
The Arista of the , Company tun •• Talmo •
Bowl Mortersarr. and fetroural gent,.......—SNlP!
..... ..... ~_ .. . ..
a Jrouvu ..ent ._
s~ ~.iw u~u.:i""~~e.; e~ nv..~oi, ta.o__....._...•~eee=w
11:11,000 l'ennnv Urania
515,0110 " vire
100 !Malys Peet., 121.11 lined Comps. T.- 000.40
]loom Hank .4 {, I
L__ blit:yrbNuGt an 4 Manufacturer. Beak. _IL __
'5 . Phi adellphia nal ILmed,OraceStenzi-i =WA
Tow That Company .. .. - ... --....--
2 Evehanire
Scrip end Stock of ruottry 'Mutual ituurance
tk.pauler .. ....... .......... -.-..... ...
Eine ncelvabie ,
t nen 011 h 2.1 • ITl,E7t i all
Inter. due _ 141121AZ1
litlannte In the hand. a Arent, and rennin=
. Bhu-ine Punch, recently tirdeci
• ,
41b, lkin. •
The Boned Itimetore'llare thistle," declared a divldnat
Ff SIX EEC CENT. in eni.h. nn the Capitol SUEZ and hi
EE CENT. on. the &rip of the (nnipauf. papa. Ole Seel
oM Ileiv.nitter let, 'B.O. Ado • dividend of TEN PER
CENT. In Temp. on. the Capital Etnet end Eanled Peer*
um, Certinntes for It Lich will leaned n '
Irarrn.• .
Wam Marlin, William ' O. &basica.
Joeerh John r'.1416•11n., Ihunnhl_E• Stank.
E. A. rend,. I. It. Al. II artAT h Jame. wnoinur.
John Junes C M 71. 1 ,4 •
N. Burton. T. reintllng, . cl.-Ear.
John It. rely., 11. Jmkra Brooke, J.T.Legars, Pitteg.
Elvrnnle. 11.
J nit7g= 4
(I. (I. Limr, • rm . . •
E. that,.
211.031 AS C. LlAND,..ileePresideaL
Jol! Gnus. Seeman,
fly tbn Art ineernorathm this Cm:open', tbe partitelbettier
rine pn.perty theme air runnel to a ahem el the vredits
of the' Mental., viMout subjecting therneehre ,
trrond Lin` Tre.nium Pa" •
Tb Cennal dart and nobarripticeNotne rue roledred by
theLltarter nu the payment of ken= awl tbe-prodtr
Me Orem reef ere direct/41 to be Invested and 1.... AM to the
nowerion ef the C.;, , rfantnotr, feed the the fruiter se
egglty LpfS,n n. aag
i ll t.r TAL4flrld vlll be L 7 . 4orreertred br
the Ltured eterkh,;:dera 01, rata Per ,
upon the umemt
of earned PreMients and enteral Stmt. •
Mustenah Agercr, Water street. . •
jan2allm- - P. A. 31.1.11:1133.1‘.
State Mutual Fire Insurance Comp
Harrisburg, p a .
nu very liberal patronage extended .to
.tfd, rartopon3 horino ieumoi yolleles to the tehtmEnt
of uru
Oar aul n Yell nZl2ollark, doling t 11.1•21
Lbw. 2nnott.s, ja ontrkient okanitestation of the era:Ma=
and oon&leora <I 122 ,, poloir in the rykkort usuna=nent
on irbk.l. It, Moine,. lig okoloctod. •
To city or (coot,' 2norrhonto. and OSM, of dorollInco:
amt b,olotoi sop! monotry onorortr. It io bolkrod thik
' rony.•Ror.22 tulkuno.o...l2ll , 2oo'oleb.kopnemOtolkir, - ..1
security,lnfor.or VD Ito. , :ronot•Cuurponylu Macon:2l4y.
C , olueoll on 2101,Lonikkblo arulgoo....22 , 2mprokkolndrlD.
of Clookirontion 0r 112. k•, oxel Woo, All special .huurr.% te
r ring
only 1202424 amount in nor 22 2 , 020 , 011tr.ttun212. 2.
eluding dm' frooo,noy nod cororreurz•-of lkt•On f100..M
.o on botb tho hook nod Matool 'Aka. it not onlll2no
rOOO tho chropoor. nod noo2tnueolabon of b 0212 nYttro 2 •
but entitler the tnoun.l to 22 portioipation In the emelt.
t task, the ennto4 I the inlloolot; Dlekotono—Jobn
P. Itutherfont. A. J. 2:Molt...John B. Packer. El T.
Alms* A. Cuoirr. l•bilo C. Solorlok. Rant Watt._
J. P. 1:11711121t1 . 01ilk Proaldent.
A. J.;tkeeirtory.,
d. Car.l2ru. Artost7.,
liranth frit AI .hero rttrotrylinwts, fit ftoltSSrlA
sta.-rt. lit ithiterwh. Pir n.on dirt-mg Jwintragnii will Lia fmt
wirtihil with boats td tlw Chutrany.br_eallint a; lbw Wks-
Western Imarance Company of Pittitrargb.
cAPITAL $300,000. R. MILLER;
Vrelidcnt, t4mmtiii7:
in.tire. iv..nin.l all kind. of rid?. Ilre.end
All tr•iti, will I. 111.. rally ikajtirtiat'and rrniiiP l ll. l4 .
A bums InSlittiti , .—iummvt
lilmoin the cniuminlty, etul who ere iletermin4 by
ptutoptem , and liherulltl h . lemAlotaiti the disputer irhkb
they time...m.l. to .41ntig the tart hbleetton thrihe
shn a t lb: I nsurr.l.
. •
PrtßCV.l.—lt. ItYU ~sir., (1,,. hist!, J.W.
Itonee, Jr., Wm. It. Dolma C. lhareen„ iti. Jackson.
Wtn.ll. tron.'Jmnes Lippincott. Cargo frare4e,Jamoe W.
AukT, Maya. Th. Nada. ' •
0040, an. 92 NI nor stare. (Wareham of Ellaf* * CfLe
up stake.) lobar
Pam Life , - Insurance Company, Phiadela.
Jr, at Ilso °Mr a the ;Vertu% bulimic tatulala.
s : Wator otr,t, l'illaburrb.' ' '
MunDble , g. N itin all rien-armry . Informs/Im, And blaak
Amo l w nd m.fu rli rar i e t iwir lire, f,.
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Igivra and chi l=ent,l.4 , 4litor, the limo of their debtor. .. h01i,n4:14 44' tit. , tlonvany arc diridrd =rope V..
hnlci+ra nr Lif. feline. , . r
'Fire and Marine Insurance.'
Amprics will makn wermansent sal limltttplostrane•
Z14 ' 2.7 . = ' L7::, '' ;:Pt; `) ?r r. 4. "l :,= °` lP a:m l
kr tl r ,c "r ( 47not e :t3,4 ""'" u f' Tl
P.t..."1 islruranm,
WM. 1...1(1NFA Montt- 44 Water at.
Delawaie Mutual SafetylnsuranceComiVy
CHANG E, Third surer. Philadelphi OF
a. T
tr. Ilmehandhie, and other
I "Wn". l
MAIL, larraarera—They aloe trortire ' Venels.
and lirriable. lonian nem..tali,. tinder ayes et
am Pm 11,111,1 may desire.
1114111, TI.ONINACTATSON..--Thel ItIAIM hintbll4ll.•
tranaported W10141%_ trod earet Qua boa% mid
h.als, by
rivir and La d m, on thalami liberal Uerma.
litilsonme—Jirrph Peak/Miami:4 A. Pander u* John D. .
Darl. Ilistatt Dun.. John E. Pewter, Eleranal
(hair, C. loupe., Edward Darlington. base IL. Da74517
liw Pols - ell, Jain Newlin. Dr. R. M. liosta. James O.
Huai. Throphiles Paulding, W. - Jot.. Wadi
PleartMoab Coo. • Derain. Perrili a _liperintr
Chvira Kelly. J. 11. Johnson, Wm. Ray, Dr. B.pitillna4
John 'Seller, Wm. F.yrr. Jr.
Draw.. at Prrratrardi—D. T. Almtlan. ank Cud&
John T. Lot An. .
W LJ rim. n Mom, Pea /Dad. Tan. C. Mon, Ifico Peel
''..or.ra of the 13:101PIMY• No. •M' Water stmt. rldra.'
i[oe--tf •
P. A. MADEIRA. AFlde •
Franklin ; Fire Insurance Co. of -Philad'a.
pF'RECTORS:. Charles W. Bander, Geo.'
W. Rif , D=D2 Tb0r..714r1., .11m , lees1 D. Lerrisj . obti4
_ aroor. Adlph. B. Doric, tlmxtrw./ 0 rant. Witt 8.
Jacyb IL :mills, Morn. Patter:44.
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