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    -mg twadtion designed far her by =tun.' and
pointed out by, the unerring finger of Providence.
• Your memorialists respectrimi Pray that th.
chertar inconwination umy ba grsuatcd to the
--.-"PentleAvenie State Agricultural • Secicey," by
'fileifttitiveetistent; and thadsuch'• approprie
tina Ffi2.T.l.e. :axle for its icliefitutd.anistance as
to lame honoriblobodien may rom Just-
and so
And your memorialists wilt ever pray,
•••••••'.ftarrisbdrg, Jan..• 24; 16 51 .
After the the of some bnportant buni.
'lawn, Judge Woodward returned thanks Los the
Convention for the honor thoi•hud conferred up.
on theta amt the Convention, I
1u Executive Session,' the following- nomine
tious of the Governor were con . firmed:
Solomon • Foster. -as Alenoctate Judge of the
'-j Ccairt of Common Pleas, SchttYlkill county.
.• The ?canto also confirmed the nominatien of
--Joseph it. Stemat AreoCiato , Judge of Court
of Cotainon Fleas of Erie co. r
Jr., and Mark Dixon WI Associ
ite'Judges of the Court of CommotiPlens of Ful
`43amnefft: ItustmL•an Anociato Judge of the
••-'Court of Common Pleas of Adams co.
'Alentuder llollman, an Anociate Judge of the I
•••'-', Court of Common Pleas of 'Venang,o Co.
, • Daniel VOrMill and John Cooper, as Associate
. ...Judges of the Court of Ciantub. Pleas of ilootoor
i< , ., James P. Lawson and James Paws, • AS AF.Vi
ate.Jadgeti of , the Court oe Coma:inn Pleas of
.'••• Clirion
' ..entiruel Crows, an Ansociata Judge of the
- , • •tottrt. of Comnion•Pleas of Tork co.
. • Jared B. Evanfi,. as MioCiate Judge of the
• CM:l:ft-of Coinuion Pleas of JVlTerson co.
- • OnT,:aiondnae of the naririttiburgh Gaulle.
„fro Array of Baltimore—Canal and Rcaroad—
Ncliotiosh'i Bvitult—Maiktis .5, ... -
~ . . , BALTIMORE, Jan. 22.
•;: . .tAi4••
„. ;'ACcording to the reports of OTT Corporation
;',...••4:iiitilfiters, the progress of BaltinXere has been on
, ,".•;;;;;-)tard and its prosperity unexampled. The as
Lir••:tessable property . has iccreased in the sum of
'1,938,030, making the sum total $83,105,022
", •.; in value. During the peer; there have been 1827
....;'.houses erected in the einrratiots limits. Bal
."! - i• • tinier° toren waslaid gat about one hundred and
• ,„...;:twenty - years ago, . and then contain.' some
ir . ..• dozen haute's. • One century ago it contained
;'; . t treny-five "lonises end ttr,j hawked and fifty
-• lands:. . Iti 1775 the population was CAHN ; in
= ; :1790 it was 13,608: and in 1851 it is 169,112.
'• 'Of f the present population there are 24,023 fine;
; .•• iierilared persons end only 2,940 slaves, although
' • Ote emporium of a Slave State. I give you these
athatemants as interesting „to those who note the
, • ; progress of our ' city.
1 • • •• Ari excellent resolution is before our city
1 • • •lcounidaln reference to the western works of in
; • tertud• improvement, 'and it will no - doubt be
;adopted: It looks to the; appointment Of a Re
r. ' • 7 .-„lact committee to ascertain to what extent the
_ ' - . ' 'the coal trade of the Balt; and Ohio RR. adds 1.
, :- „, the . business . and wealth, of .the city; the ,
1 ' tunount of trade reithiroArn by the Chesapeake I
;:red OldoCanal from thecrity, and the expediency
,i of making a cross clot from the District of Co
-1:: iii to Baltimore as originally intended- In
ri.d:l: Ao the coal trade y the railroad, it will
• , .beifound of immense benefit. Siice the road has
• ;;; bra carrying coal; it licit produced a large Mil
"; loge on a point *friend opposite tho city, where
wera,ardy a few farm houses before t and now
,it a
s common thing toea twenty mid thirty
•••• . vessels—mestly of, the 1 rgest class—freighting,
; ; with the Allegany coal or different ports. In
„ , reference Loth.) withdraal of tirade from Haiti
,: iaorebY the: canal , true statistics will astonish
,', frioreitizens and give aril petns to the old ' pro
c , . ; position of a cross cut, at I think must ensure
tOaticouneils,and lilayili still continue at war
inregarrlto the .bequestof Alr,McDornigh; His
•Illmor basing twice vetoed the bills appointing
agentsi;han in turn vetoed the bill appointing
three ccmiasel” on the pint of the city - . The
• Critiiicilt; us you are aware, are democratic and
",.11.3 . Mayor is a whig, area bothelaim the right to
•t. the rieerita and e counsel—hence all
2.P.! ,, . lb
0. daezat.y. .
, • 4 mentioned a few weeks since that a project
....Iwas on foot to secure a Legislature in California
- ' iierahle to the repeal 4i' that part of the Con
stituticin of the Slate which prohibits Slavery.
thinthern..papers assert 'hat the present' legishe
tore will do so, but ihis certainly premature.—
' -•;• That a strong , and_ pro bly surressfel attempt
„., cif the kind will be made, is hardly to be doubted
,„.i . —then ; again 'We shall have another tempest in
7 ;;; Congress, witib what result is not easily divined.
..'; The proposition to senli out President Fillmore
the World's Fair at L odor, has caused con
- -a;
d - la di • • • ' • '
„. ... era e vensay of opinion CO to its propriety.
- ;• -.I doubt not if the .Ihiesident of our prosperous
' •;". ; epublic, would not be, however, the . greatest
.. . ,c riosity there. If he should see proper to go.
• . .. i i s, to be hoped for the credit of our institn
. iin th at he will dress in the manufacture of hi;
. wu ti l.:d . , and
2 strictly
. die. l card Al di court. dresses.
..." __,.. t hum be a plain simple :of an ' , American
In thamtmey market 1 have nothing worthy`
$ . r
f ,Irpecial note. The ;weather. to-day has bee
'et and disagreeable, and has in some meager:ill
iled out-door operations
••• ' The Dry Coeds market is very brisk awl heavy
' -..•' '•
aware making. Western and Southern men
• , hauls are still crowding into our city. Brie. ,
, "-•-: firm on my previews quotations.
• ; 'is • • Feothers ore in good demand at 34ffill5jc.-i
Stock of Western not heavy. . ,
• ;•; ', • A smell Sale yesterday, of No 1 Foundry
, - Charcgal Fig Iron at 1;24,75 per ton. •
• •l• ' Sides of bard oft at 65666 i Winter Sperm
r '• $1,35e1,45;' Florehie, 30 flasks to the box, at
- , • $5,00(a90,25; Whale Ot 1170.
I -•• .. In-Provisions, Flour and Grain , the trans -
,;„ ' • /ions are fair foe the reason. The ouotatiZs
• ; .•••' you have already received by telegraph.
-; The local columns Of our papers arc extremeli
, . , barren of matters of; interest to your renders.--
, • I hear of uottring • ye to-slay worthy of note.
iteenr.r. ;
. r
. .
- • .
(Cmitersonarneo of t e Daily Pittsburgh Gwe n, I
. • • i --, •
' WASlTrienTom, Jan. 23d, 1851
, . ,
3fr. Hampton ' s speech on the tariff takes well.
Its facts are unansWerable, and though there
maybe a - vast deal f ingenious generalization
and sophistry upon the principles and theory of
Wen trade, lint Tet little will be advanced in
opposition to the p lain statistical informatiOn
contained in r?ilr. lit's exposition. Many thoh
sand 'copies of the I speech ,have already been
"subscribed for by his colleagues and others who
agree in opinion with him, uprin this vital ques
tion in our polities,'
Another scene in ;the “free farm, for free men"
flunimery was played out to -day. , Mr. Johnson,
of Tennessee.. introduced his bill proposing Jo
geoid to every able bodied white' man who lull
:have resided upon and cultivated his quart -r
neetlon for a year or so, the fee therein, to hi n
and hishcirs forervgr. Mr. Casey made as aisle
and animated speech in opposition to the scheme,
showing that Pennsylvania had a full and com
plete right, us due 'one of the old states, to her
distribiitive share lof the public lands, if tlOy
were to begiven away, and taken from the proper
guariliansiziOstal ownership of the federal giiv
,ernment- 76. Orre!en, of Missouri, replied with
a great deal ofwarmth, 'contending that the old
states hod reeeived l their share.
' The. debate continued for .an hour or More
. longer, when the s'ubject gave place to the deft
. . ciency,bilL. 1
• The Frenih spoliation claims bill passed the
Senate to-day by the vote of ayes 30, noes pti,
a most just and righteous-verdict. There ma
: samble claims, whichthave been urged with on
. wearied pertinacity for more than half a century,
arc nadoobtedly titmis fide obligations upon Use
treasury, and ought now to be discharged. Still
it is eery doubtful, whether the bill can pass the
lower house. Indeed, I fear there la little rha
lon to en , DOt,that, it will. , ,
The very bast comment. upon the seimet plc,
among members Of Congress' to proscribe II
fellow citivens of 'opposite opinions, that co
possibly be made", has been given, namely,
pnblic.stiou of the paper and the withdrawn
.. ,
sipatures from
,it. I elm not bow Toner,
.., and authoritative, die names attached to this
per, it was in the, highest degree indiscreet
arrogant. Were members of dongresselertz
Control the choice of President, Vice Prcsili
'Senators, Representatives,. or Members of .'
~. . Legislatures! They were not. and it is a p
• of very ern anil insolent usurpation for t ic.
to enter into any league or . engagement if
' theseobjwts in view. I. continue of the opi dr,
which I•Tiave on many times before emu, Ned.
that the most dangerous enemies to tho a id
are those men who. are seeking to raise the sou
.cif union or disunion, and then to.• throw tii
question (so Made by themselves stone) inti tb
arena of , political contention' Tbe love 0 M
4Merican thoion,l only another name for A , or
can Nationality,' Le too sacred a sodium t 'i
OM) , American ;heart to be made capital 'or
faction. You and your reader. must (roar wit
. my plain sienking, when I describe these MY
~who denounce . all who decline to support ,ver
One of late compromise measures os d sin
. - I/nista, me alliei and confederates of alsditii Didl
i and nullifiers id the work of underminin it
strength and glory of this Union—this Ante ice
nation, this one united indivitiblJ; collar.
' Jitive a right nil speak plainly, I rim 16 arise
: span.. .I,am oppoecd to aboiitioo aid nal tic,
'-'." - tion. -I cm in favor of a fugitive law. I to,
-.; ground in this i correspondence in favor of
'' mare efficient performance ofjar exualiln run
. 1 .... duty on this . painful and distressing questi u
-'' '' returning one fellow men into bondage. lon h
Toni the fugitive act was thought Pr. l. ha . e
ways insisted that •we must pay,tho utte , t
'farthing , notiditated in the bond," though
take the pound of flesh nearest our hearts_ life
- 1 .
. ' amdenenneed,rhated; And despised , but itl
hottest isse.rtion of ivy ,oirn convictions
1 I
i.r:Yg..f.‘4. - • ar
piturnioniempt; „Ayeg table sW.
obactirli, no I ate, I will astOn t ;aint will
Vitali tor ldoffy and tonight, W 10,1. , defend'
with Voiceand pen. and With my tits
the Union on eatablialled 'by the Co. titution.—
With my /*natal, detnagegues.ahall, not put up
the Union no a stake to be played for, to be won
or itilit'neekrding ns n skirmish beta ., en accession
rind treason upon one side, and fa alien! aboli
tionism on the other, admit dote e. I pm.
notate the secret (tong - re:Aortal pl Igo to linvo
that leidtney and uo other. in tone it is a
mistake, in ot h ers a piece of design rig mischief.
It is a I.rocrustenu bed which will c' off the legs
and heads, of many a noble and pot lotto lean in
this liion. and cannot, by any possill lily, staunch
oe or theihi(qtliPgßOUl.i.3loilth whit, the country
ia n afflicted. It cannot allay nod au preen nein,
tiOn, ina must embitter it. It ot make one
I.4a.idential candidate. but may 0. make many.
Let I.IA ilriVn an cod of nil such
FROM IwOiszußo.
tforry.pmdeuen of 0w1 , 216 Plitibu4o
The fellowingresolutionsweie introduced into
dui Senate by Mr. Ivluhlenberg. the Senator .
from iterks: . , .
Resolved, That the late settle neut of the
questions ut issue between the , orthern nod
Southern members of this confm..eracy. meets
with the approval of the Legislatufe of Pennsyl
vani, and that it reflects the highest honor upon
the true patriots who originated toil supported
those measures of compromise, w ich have pre,:
se ated . r in :itimpt to dissolie the ihtion.,
Resolved. That the. A(!-rptaid Measures, com
monly known as the compromisnact, should be
looked upon as a Solemn contract between the
Scathe= Mid Southern states, niain the proper
performence of which tine fate of the Union is
-dependant. and that no attempt tel interfere with
any portion of the said contract should he en
tertaunal fora moment.
Mr. Scofield, iu the Howe, offered the follow
ing preamble and resolatiomi
Whereas, in the opinion of. the Legislature of
Pennsylvania, the reports of the decisionsof the
Supreme Court of the United States, containing
ns they do, the only authentic exposition of the
Constitution and nets of Congress, nod embedY
ing the Supreme Jtdicial Low, of the Union.
their dissemination should he co-existent with
We vast and wide interests over which they have
Controlling sirens:, therefore
Resolved. Titan ii is the duty of Coniress to
provide for the distribution ;hp reports of the
decisions of the Supreme Court of the United
Staten, in such manner as will hest promote the
puldia interest.
Iteaolvtvl That the Senators and Representa
tives from Lis 04.;p be requested to use . their
intinenee in procuring (Inc fnis.mge of a law Pre7
tiding for the distribution nf ;4 decisions as
indicated in the foregoing re-solution.
Resolved, That his excellency, the tso.einor.
be requeSted to transmit copies of the above res
olutions to the presiding officers of both Houses
of Congress. and each of our Senators and Rep-'
reseniatives in Congress.
The Agriculturril Convention adjourned last
night sum she. The Convention was•quite a full
one, and its silting% were attended by iv large
number of deeply inuertsted spectators. The
cause of Agricultural improvement receivd
nn impetus which; it hi hoped, std rier;:y
nearer that perfection which it should .attain in
Pennsylvania, with her population, her resour
ces, and her unsurpassed natural advantages.—
The constitution bad been signed by one hun
dred and twenty-two members; among whom
are Messrs.. James Carothers, It. C. Walker,
Morgan gol.,ertsoti, T. J. Ingham, Mimi', Holtz,
Geo. Deride. of mu county. Mr. Robertson, of
the Senate, has lonia; giro Mr. Walker, of Erie,'
Mr. Reid, of tie sense county, Morris Leech, of
Mercer, Win. Evans, of Indiana, YOU //P.
of Crawford, C. 'Myers,. of Clarion, and oth rim ers
from various quarters of the State.
I believe I mentioned to' you (toe. Johnsont
tins selected President of the Cisivention. lie
declined the boner, fur reasons staled by him in
a letter to the nominating committee. lie nt
tended the converiti. nu Tuesday afternoon nod
evening. and paid marked atteptinn to - the pm
.ceedings of the meeting and the rerniwka of the
members. He inns since joined the society, and
with him his popular secretary, A. L. Russell.- -
When the best and most -prominent men in the
State feud the sanction of their great and hula
enlist 11:111.1.w to the glorious enterprise now com
menced. of mud of itopmving
the condition of the farmer , of the State, noth
ing but culpable indifference oe the part of the
farmers themselves.. can heat the price now of
feted before them, an the rfqrartor ita.blAry one!
No business of, italerc,t
your readers wa..
transacted this morning. that the bill
nuth,vitiug the Sheriff of Allegheny county ti
sell certain real , estate on bond and 11.ortagt
passed the Sent{' this morning, and is now i
thettands of the Onfecttor.
The bill to incorporate line's Mercantile A.s
rociation of Pennsylvania. wan reported from th
committee this morning with an emend:nem.
..• . ' . De iturssm.
1110S1./$7 10111,11tif/.4.INUARY 27.1851
A ctrsTox , HOUtil fl FTITSBIIIitGE.
HOUSE or Iterne.srier,vrtemi,
Sin—The Committee of Wupl lap)
this morning. it my reime,t, inserted in Ow I . !
it and 0111. tm nppmpriation of ,rl'
ly fir, th4F,311711 <l4lars. for the tittrelmse 0
r. „ Il
.te. tind the erection of 1,1.4.1 Dore and Ol
or ()thee,' in theeity of Pittsburgh. I hi
it will pills Vali lionises.
Yours, in luote,
I. H l'il PTi
HITE, Esq.
.The uclitelaborc of Mr. Ilnsicron to liecurif
that justice to the public interesti in Pittsburgh,
which has been awarded to Cincinnati and St.
Louis, will meet with the approbittion and grati
tude of all our citizens. That the cutitetoplateil
building is greatly needed, to secure the inter
ests of the General Government, and the safety
of the public property, It requires no argument.
,- to prose. We sincerely trust that Mr. Hamp
ton's stiticiPatiimit r of success maybe realized.
EsnasytNo.--IVe should have noticed before,
that the new handsome hotel of our weekly paper
was engraved 14 Mr. N. Johnston. who has late
ly e,tahlished that branch of business in this
city, and who has given general satisfaction to
those who hare employed hint. who wish
engraving welrytel speedily done will find Mr.
Johnston's Rooms in fiarram's Thtilding. over the
Post Office. •
—We are IP-fiL.llll,l On authority which we know
to be :wear-ate, that Mell—Solllo of them mecban
ice--are now employed in this city at hard lo:Itur
at titre' Aar, a week. Some of these same
Men a few months ago, wet, Meiling $7 AU a
The truth is, every departmentof manufactur
ing industry in this city is greatly depressed.—
Some of lour engine baibion; have not a single
contract, of maim most of Weir hands are out of.
employment. The coiling mill are still going;
but they cannot bold out roueh longer. This
state of things is bard upon the proprietors, but
far more no upon the operatives. The heait
. sickens at the contemplation of the privatioit
and suffering which nt this motnent exist - in our
e midst; privation not arising front any visitation
it of Providence--for God has dealthountifuliy with
l ie u+ • —hut froth the obstinate perverseness of our
of rulers. Will: .nothing induce them to afford re-
", of r
lint amidst the din of aspiring an,
to politicians the cries of children, begging for breed
cannot be heard..
- ItAertvt; OUT.—it will be reMetnbered that a 1
10 few days ago we published an extract from the
Iha Piya6uryli Oahulir, on the suliject of the sup
' pre.sion of the American t:hald at Rome, ex -
Rn tint only approbation .r, but "hearty
tit delight" at the nct; and in every ,way avowing
be . sentiments of the 1110,1. extremeintolerance.
!" that paper of this . 'week there ill an article from
a correspondent of apparenttf high intmence. se
verely rebuking the editor for I hi, intemperate
sentiments. The editor tries herd to back out,
by putting interpretations - upon his remarks
which no one else would think . of patting upon
diem. It is well. however, that he Inm been
com pelled to disavow the atrocions opinions,
which, in nn „n g —rdp.i mnmcl
his Iwo, aal which ore no &tot
mento of his heart. There
"..moray gaol . catholito were aq m
any of 4'ar eitisens by the pent
.luctiinclt; ntol on Fovere n leosci
01 been rend ten this 'retirement:l
ages, that he snit he caution*
first priciplcs of linmatt litter
o f Tarter, spin.
',This is'tti;tinth day toe the
there are n? tidings of it. Hut
entertained of her safety.
Itzzirr4ioi Oil Titan FROM. TALL6IIOIi.
14. µ • e pttition praying the Leg;
14st:use:fa ".repectkai.ylaws exempting
trona tation, except public schools, court lious
.es.jails and prison, puldiusquairnts, and fire, and
hose companies;" and of course leaving church
es, 'cemeteries, hospitals, and charitable institu
tions of every description, subject to tavoion,
equally With prcdoceirc property. - •
The first reason set forth in the memorial is
that the laws now in Vint !loster and favor mon
ied monopolies by exempting them from taxa
tion." Now suppose a number of benevolent
individuals Contribute their money to erect and
furnish tin hospital, where the poor, the strulgfir
and, the afflicted of every elms may receive all
the.nitendance and care which kindness and skill
can' bestow, Otis, we suppose, would be n •• monied
monopoly," according to this document, whirls
ought not to tol i fostered or favored. Or suppo!.e.
they,build a church. This, too. Ws a monied
monopoly ;" for it requires considerable money
do so. They have a montopnly in the expendi
we must use the word, but there, we
It, it cra•es.
achlwatlille i. hargily worthy of seriote , a°.
hot as the subject matter of the memorial
nportnat, we shell give mt opioitin for what
projorty detfigneil Tor private urn, for
peiwniary profit, ought to he NOlliKt to las:Ilion;
hut when the ol t iect of the istitutiou or building
idniply benoticout, it ought to he exeuip-
te. •
Into which of these tinsse-3 - do catches foll'!
The first thing to inquire is, irhnt i. the object
of those who erect tliem ! It is mat pecuniary
profit. nt all events: Is it for . Uicexclusive benefit
of the indiriduals who compose the corporation!
because if it is, they ought not to he exempt from
taxation.- lint this is not the cute. Those who
compose the corporation,: ntdrwho contrilinted to
the erection of the. building, have Ito privilege.
over others. lint it may be objected that io
ny churches the,peviS nee sold or rented to indi
viduals, nod thlis become private property, and
thesis rents produce a regutar incotuc to the cor
muntion; in:':.some cases defraying in part the
expenses of the erection. This Is very true, nod
in this way. the burden is. in some measure lee?.
ened to those whose benevolence mud public opi
rit establielied and continues to custom the ite.ti
tution. Agaln it is ohjeeletkludas the pew.tar
private property. those who are not pow holder.
ore etelittled. Sad, is not the fact. The flit!.
Ace between ehureties with free, and rho.
with appropriated seats, is simply this: In the
former, a krutigor waWii in WO site down where
he pleases; in We latter he is shown to k at by
We seaton, or invited by a pew holder. yr.. this
the eweptions are too few to affect the general
fact.' There is no more exclusiveness ju the one
than in the other. The pew rents are apPropri
ated to defray the current and incidental
of the institution, and in to instance returns
us a prat!. or dividend to the pialiiets of the cor
porator, They never think, of such a thing,—
We believe we haw shown Wat churches do not
belong to the productive class of property, and of
course, fall into the category of benevolent
But take anoth6r view. Churches enhance the
value of other property in their vicinity. Thtf
We Often, See exemplified in advertisements for"
the ado of cfnintry property, when•, among oth
er advantages enunicrotesl, It•in said to he •'near
a place of worship;" it follows, therefore. that
if a place of worship reflect, value upon the sur
rounding property, it floes pay •an indirect ton.
much greater. probably, than could lie directly
.....,ml upon it. A church to a neighborhood
isAifie a good house on it farm. The ne•igLhor
hind pays a LigLpr !on, .la•eause the church has
enhanced its valuation, just as )lip farm pays a
igher tax thii house enhanced its
Again. Hammite all the 11ml - ellen 1,1)1 . 111i.i.1111411
eve dentolighell, and their pincer oceujii..l b)
tor, or dwellings iif equal value an
shut ;ityetit would it Lure upon the aggregate
ruination of the cit.' Unquestionably the de
preciatio would be many OWL, greater than that
of ill the church prit'perty nor,. in the city. lone
man may gay, w I put no valgi , upon the church
pririleges enjoyed here!" W'erhatig not: but if
you own a Lynne and lot which put wialt to sell
or levee, you are benefited, in a pecuniary point
of thew, by the ebtarelier, man amount far be.-
paid What you wottlil derive from tbadr. being
[impelled to bear a 'maim! of your ta!a-
I lion.
IF three arguments are sound. an rectiems
churttes, they will apply equally to cernet.eries.
Itoepitale. and every in4titution designed
for Fultlin benefit. AIIII we think the rule will
he found to 4.a a sound one. that all property
which in it. 11:14 . 11rt• is n o t iteitigued either to make
or mvi money. and which is intended to enhance
the well tieing antl the inhabitant,. ought to he
exempt from taxation.
0, Avon' on the ,ahject of loooowaie4, of
which we hoar so, moch. We hold that no such
thing can he established by law ft) this country;
if we except the monopoly which a roan has in
his wife, if he has ono, in his farm, or house, or
horse, or any piece of property which he has
lawfully acquired. Webster defines the word
thui , •• The note power of vending any
.species of
goods, obtained either by engrossing the articles
in market. by pundmse, or by a licence from the
government confirming this privilege. Thus
the East India Company, in Great Britai,n, once.
had a two/VT(3la of the mule to the East Indies,
gawnted to them by charter. , Monopolies by in
dividuals, obtained by engrossing„ arc an of
fence prohibited by haw, But a man has by nat
ural right, the exclusive passer of vending his
own produce or manufactores, and to retain that
exclusive right is not a monopoly within the
meaning of the law.-
A PLEASANT ITEM or NEwei,--The Washington
correspondent of the New York Tribune sap,
•• I have just leerreil that the Swiss Government
have forwarilA n beautiful stone from the Alps
to he place•) in the National Monument to W:.ii
ingtott., •
Far t lot Pittxhural.
In pursuance or a previous call, the citizens of
the vicinity convents! at Pleasant Vi' School
Elizabeth ,township, on Fr id ay, 10th,
for the purim -, of.ndopting measures and
justing plans to secure, in the coming 'Legisla
ture, the'passage of the New County Bill. The
meeting was constituted by the nomination or
M, loose Witivos. Sr., to the chair, and John
T. Shane, as Secretary.
The object of the meeting having been Muted,
on motion, the following gentlemen were appoint
ed u committee to prepare Intsineds, viz: Joseph
Wall, Joseph Sutton, Hiram H. Gamble, Mr.
•John Irwin, and theory Stoner.
'ln the absence of the committee, Captain S.
Kerr was called out, who ioldreesed the meeting
in a few pertinent and feffoitous remarks, show
ing the reason why they demand the erection of
a new county on the ;Monongahela river..
Then, a mot ion • of Ebenezer Caldwell, Em.,
that we drop OUT new, county nabject. end take
nip theTittelnurgh and Allegheny petition for. di
vision, was discussed by Mr. Caldwell, in the.
affirmative, and by Mr. Joisn King in the nega
tive. The motion was - lest - by acclamation.
The committee then reported, and, on motion,
their report was, taken up and adopted ArfirtliM:
as follows:
Whereas, The people of this section have, for
more than forty years, sent petitions to the Le-
Oslature, for the erection of a new county tint
of ruts of Allegheny, Westmoreland, rnyette,
and Washington comities: Therefore,
Resolved, That the ereetion of the
new ,county of Monongahela,. in a WOKS, in,
the deepest interest to the people of
Elizabeth township. 1 •
Resolved, That the ill success that leo hither
to attended cue efforts in this important MOUROTT:
and a serious consideration of our wants and
neceities, in matters' pertaining to the same;
have brought affairs to a rem, whirl, demand
OUT WOW ardent and- earnest devotion le the
Resolved, That we Will throw off the 'shackle ,
Of Party, that have so often injured the cause of
the people, in measures of great importance,
and,siapport only those for publie trust, who are
known to he pledged' frtnds to our favorite re
Coohty ratamr.,.. it
Resolved, That that political . party, which
shall give the greatest support to a law emoting
"melt new county, at the present session, shill
be entitled to, anti receive onr cordiahlipport at
tlitOiext general election', for both Slut , nt'd
County offictim.
Ott motion, resolved, That the procre , thip
this; meeting lw publidted in the Pittsburgh Ga
zette, and Pittsbutgli Port-
Op motion, we adjottni tin meet on Tuesday,
Jan; I ith , 1851, at the Mud School house.
',ISAAC WILSON, Sr., President. T. Sl6.rne, Secretary.
siring and squabbling
it the real seal-
Mt .lpuht that
telt asttfundo.l u
tatlration a each
at, doubtlese, late
Itive of, the dart,
w he .14. tile the
itt to grey, a
Atlantic, and still
little Lope in now
► , rwo'lnnism * * .YII CAtIFO32IIII.
CaliferMil ,1 !O
p~=.Lloiher Frr in San Pr.atiivro;—.llistor,ry
a Rid, So1;41.
tick YoRK, Jan.:2l
The steamers Cherokee and Promethen, arriv
ed Shia morning. from elnigres, bringing :2.000,-
000 dollars in Gold Poet, and date, from Califor
nia to the 10th ult. She has not hrotrglit the
California leans.,
The Chirokeeltil Clip'rs on the Bth. She
brings all the New fork rars:reger . ,, ex7!) , t a few
Who held tickets for another steamer. The Eng
lish steamer Themes, 'mid the English steam
er for New. Orleans, were r the only steamers
in port.
The Philadelphia was to sail from Chogree on
the I I th, with mails for Havana and New Or
' lean..
. .
The Ammer from 'Nan Fritiri,o,
arrived at Panama on the :141 of inoilinry.
the iMIIIIIIIM on the it IL The former liromilit 4 20 4 1
iinesengers and :100.04441 dollar, worth of :sold
duet, and the latter 1.1:01 imererigere and 2 - 25.41011
dollar, in gold.
The Falcon arrived nt rho pire, nn the 14Ith, and
1.9 to 4.11 for New York an the 1:10.
The Plealller Director got 10Z; Lake Nicaragua
tlui prat of .1: ttttt ary. -
. .
The Cholera has entirely disappeared front
Another fire has oeenrred at San Franci,en.
destroying property to the iinionnt of 51(10,000.
The tirq commenced in the store of Clink & Krns."
foot of Sacramento Street .
Itirketo nI San Francis', were declining% ow-
On overstoek Of isoii.l4..
The TAWrx front the mines in gi•ileraily ..f a fn
rorattle char . . .tor ..
State Legislature oceaelono coushlerffile :Teen
u. to what thot. -body will do towards re
lieving the State from the 611micial iffiffintsrffit,
merits which tt eigh lunvity upon her.
nismlscr of candidates' asrottenly in the
held for li . s cu ntsr. Intl who will ho elected
it is difficult to nay'. The ase.effildigg of the
LegiAlature eon nlone deter/elite Ito p third corn.
plosion, and of eI.F. , C theguirty affinities+ of U.
S. Setintor.
The San Francisetalleruld thinks that Colonel
Frentunt's chances' for the Senatorship are des
perate. Col. Weller's friends are sanghitte that
he will tie the succe,ful candidate.
Ityyant tleary are also among those
mentioned for the Alice.
:Improvements in San Francisco are rapidly
progressing. awl thneity presents a far difierent
aspect to what it did last winter.
The tuition. are liar,! at wort., uttd their labors
i yield n fair return? Thousands are wintering in
Ithe mines. preparatory - to eiiinmeneing opera,
Itions spring. and improving the opportiej
tiny alfordisl by the tempuras . ) . cessation of Sit
rains to work s ufficiently to pay tottienses.
execeffingly rich tiher piste, hits
covered a few leagues from Monterey. where a
einntihny is forming to work the mine. atom an
er-tensivt- scale.
The connuercia) news is tail important. Na
material eininge.ffiave taken place in
merchandise. .t Mang title of emigration
t. set
towards the Atlantic States.
The Cholera has tinnily olh.apponrotl both from
S:111 Fratieisoi and ffiterainento City.
'file Stockton Times says there isholelt want
of rain in the Sianherp mines. It is thletilated
that the dint.' leg. in ennsetptenee of its absence
is at least tit It 0,101. The diggings tot the Feath
er River continue to yield a good return.
Thr total an of, gold cleared at the ('ma
tom House, at San Frllllol,ol, from Nonhaber
igth, 1N 111. to Itereinher, Ifith, thrill, was nearly
twenty nice millions dollars,
I'ARTIVVIAIIS of yite FM AT 5.,, rllANi'l ,
The Alta Villiti,n - nin of the 1 7 1 . 11 say,--.llm
half past ii io ' clonls rmot ryyning, our city 14,4
shocked again loy that terrible arch Phith, nue
esper • ially in thin place, carries so much of lea
rind horror withjt—Firk , .
The tire coopmeneed in the new store of Book,
Bras. .A Cu., near the feet of Sacramento --in s et.
.For a time. the whole vicinity was in imminent
danger, the buildings toeing mostly sol wow! and
of-light stria - tore, lint the well systematizNl and
ost Alio - lent exertions of the tin - melt, alio were
e ar l y on tloe grotioel, sumaa • oled loy,iilimot super
human loilsir in ;Irr,ting the Venues before they
could so far get command. as to lay, as hereto.
fora, whole miikres in ruins. The largo wooden
',Midi., loclootiging to lido Pon - ifie Mail Steam s hip
l ' ot.. awl toreopionl by Gilmore Meredith. Col.
was in the miaow! oloinger. an.l 113- ,01 :almost
by arm:tele. 1iri1,4111111.11. 11
,11,0.1. .X•lains .X . . l'o.
were on great danger, lint happily eon - aped.
1110 eler,),Oroortos. :in.l ti tools of the. team-hip
re: Inusti t i;ol with entitle himm and P. their mei
cooninnetiolahloo exertion s their losiblionts •lireeiß
opposite the brat, owe in 3 great measure tlioiv
safety. All tire.-prideilitto.tioleol toils, shippeolleel
left the Bacilli . Mail Steamship Coe. Depot about
au home lwfore the lire necurrocol, hot the Ills o
lailillVlo .l 0,1 bet, signs. „
Below or give the names of the sufferers. mini
their losses ow nearly as possible... The timoolnits
are ploal
roolypretty near the truth. - •
lisicritioosiiep:rssr. —111,...r5. Cosok,,ltrosc S-- in.'s new vine store loons, hist o•reeteol, the 'in
and liiiiloling c.runpletely de-troyo - olf loots pros
Viably amounts to - litln,taio. inelmmor Itonitot,,,,,
Measrs. ' Bootleg .A . Barton. general luei • lioinollie,
totally destroyed. lois :wont $1:01011. .lobo Al.
Build - wt. grocery and entnulissionnierehatit, to.
rally ol o ostroveol„ loss atoont toiiiiiin the building
rte.' lw I ' . fl. Selby. and occolpied tir . 1 11.
A egro . A I '...• Renardl l ll ro10•+1.11 store. Mr.
- sooliw's loSs in the laiiloling mashes a , :olnol. Mr.
X o teßee's loss nowt have been great. the All , Pll` it
leis snood; liaxßig berm completely do-Bayed. rho
basemen t of dais. hog -, lAIIN 11,et1 as a bowfin;
alley by Bile-him, Lord ao l o tlo., whole los:
reach,. $lOOll. 'l l ootti-o N. Polibo. general 111Prril
IW , , rtcl; and loolit • lAw entirely de-trooyed: 1 • • •••
about ssOtain. Boardman, Baron :v. 1 ' 0... haol
ware nil merchandise, also desiroyosl, loss: thou
lillt.lioin. Itlantio . hotel and Ilestatuntits tootallo
olestro.yoal, loss not ovleertaino l ii. Ilairlow, litv,i
ing A C. 0., general dealers, partially .lesu - ow el
Ladling anotsios - kin a manner rained. Ile Isong
Mr‘looil . .v. Col. general dwilers, corner rd . Mont
nerr and Saner auto strecta, building ladle
down ivy iordsor or some oot the :ratios-lbw, 1.-v
-itt-at-3- - Broiler & Itaiton -' s shore, on 1.• • iolo s oloor
street, was also totoill) destroyed: their loss non
.1. -
hoar 1 n . heney. Themot-mg-ins) iron hullolii
on la ' esolortf .trout, beloingiug to rapt. Fol i o
wa s ivrtially 111 -.lroyetl: damage ilight_
";I ! Omra...
ro ßear roti. 'I rig WORLIA Feia.—Tl.
' Join - nal ol Cooicree suttee that a ldree ntunlorr t
1 " 5 geritletnen etrintr eled with the prortruut. irudeewanti
" Wed alter 'ohaage or, Werlisesday, al ele.ers. Wads
,istiworth...V. Sholdo , ,' el:chimp . Place, ko rianriort a
a.t tie re ot !hien parked ay Me,..ra Watl.tworie Dyer,
, , loi , or Chicago 1,1 , her the "World's Fair," arid
~ins, „. which, \we Votterstned. is a/simple o. several thou
! sued loot . , packed .1 their entre.' sh;ellt It. rail,
rooter the co lion.,er 41 Mr. P. Fl O'Connor, it well
vort street tl. !WADI try. , ti t soorn rm.., train Ireland, who we. the first to in
, to.lode, 11110 OW eanialry, years ago, the intro,
Thi. p.,,iii, :s e w. ...y. : —NotiVillistandion too M a
o r od„,,i The trade present, sense
very ',neg.. receipts of merchandi s e Within the nitro,n, were ramie: of the largest buyers, and beet
lest t4ontli, there i , lair a slight downw.r l tons , lodges or beet lon export Ikon, expres.rd themaelves
dell. owing to the genernl !relief, erroireou . lo : eighty pl te
elowd wile e article Tio s etese arotrtnuote
' n , -. of the east, the onnoseuee. and weariless .f the
fotur ell weitthink. that the merchnots in the min 'dog sii.triets 11.‘,. Rot follosopplied thetutelv, ' ~ 4 1.... g .0,... ,1 . 1 1" q.. 1 . 1 0,1 hbrl.. o , tht ,,, eh , a
obi:lion rrl ell 'The righted...of thi. beef
for the l inter .I"n'''''l ' '"""gh the rainy '''' :1 1 3:. ' - ' s r tV,.rtil's Fair," will have the, effect of draw.
son Inof tairly IIIIIINNIWWI It Oil dould strilit. , 1 , 4 fi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sa , t . E. , ,,,,, „,,,,„,,,,,
our writer. friends with no ineonsiderable de. rally, to the imporinal tart that the navy contrast
~,. a .trryttse, tied a Stale pketneitrit hall : e etre j ran Ire snaphad wtth h heel front the , errantry, at
than looney, or , 11 least its nett of kin, :1,04 i lend It. rderlitte hover tea. they nen. rally pay tor
in the 111,111111 year of h-r existence be on the . or Htmloorgli.
vertu . of hantropley - 5111,1 that it eorpentte City
within the santettitnte should and itm•ir u.: 1,h , , 5i ,,,,,,,,, .. , Erp , •• • • ,• ' ,— l''" 4 0 S t . " o.,r ir ,,,,,,,
within olithoo or pk,perty :LI. its .li,prroil, to tie.
106 , I"
loom , for lire A meat of Gen. Ottosan.
gall - to chili, 0 temporary loan at less roll, than Nak OtthatiNS, JA 20'
lilt, P 2 'it ' emit_ li month, tott .sell is morello .- i l'he.tratitrr litohnni roltup.e.l one ot her (boat on
le.. the fstet ::Ind the enure for all this limy her the Itraarr ir 1.,w day. ago try whore accident Me
Ira al not to the want of capitol in Ore ...Wintry, , ‘ , F , ‘...- , ”. 1 , .v....1 0. ~,..., ~,,,t , ,1 1e.1
WI for eau: of thud jrrompt ats t i ~, Ilai the lim o of : ~,,„,:1:7:,,:,L5i'n,'•:,7:7,17,. •.'
,:',,,1',1;:,::; theho' hers
theillentostl Dot , rnincut to Ow stoltihty Ind 0 I ,
~.,,t,' „ ,
~,,,1 ~,,,,,
saved.. Y
imilart eonfolener in land titles.l 11 1. now wortintned m hi, n remits.. met that
The sa banal: me raan , chick, operate on (Midlevel* , lsle.. Johnson has testotal a wuttent lon the tweet 01
it Are being felt most nerionnly by our bonnets , i ;ov e tt ior Ont i m aw, do l l o ' d will' pan: einwl ti l in
men, very few Irving able to effect loans, even i 11''',,,,(,4:1!°,,'"';',.'5':',!!,,,,,r;!::_,7:2411,,w,1i11,'l annealed
for small amounts, unless it be on the most Ito- i s 0 6 ..,,,,, , ", , a ,,,,,...--r,, , , , ,,,, , ,,, ,, ,,:; ithe -nr,., , ,, , ,m ga r 5 .y. ~i , , i.. ,
doubted sechrity, sand then only tit moist rain - s 1,,.,i,.„1,,, ~,, r, pp! ',rt.., writ 1,, rm.', n,
.th rate,— 5 to 11l per e e ' a • . weitib --mei :sash j of the Dinh Court ~ 1 Error. and Appeals, Inc n writ
en c ies the property uf securities hypothecated, i el Kneen , moon., which, the tinpreseurn is, will not
racist netroly lioadrupule Ilre amount Irorroat.L. Ihe wooded 'The nflair line produced ranooderohin
this ale of things fount continue with very 1 - r ....
lit le abatement, until Petogresu shall nen _nt. t., i ~...•
nearly all :he I,
for the
n,,::ati;5.:in,,,,,:,..1,:tt,n,finvne,.....—1T. I . te nd E t r h ie ..
i t:tiro:n o d
gi se us a branch mint. Then,3
d nt *Well now gees-forward through the handy IDompany ore mritstrueitte a large wharf, tia feet
u our brokers, will remain Item to be &lined, ! .ill' i nw tl i ,OO Nei long, at Dunkirk, on Lake Frie,
n d eventunlly seek itiVeinithellt iti some portion I
,aunt 0 , i „, Bh ,
..,,,,,,,,, . T i b,s,
...„‘" h„....,, . ,,
the State, and me no ' longer present to the ! t
ee, ted woh it eidgstve witrehouser ' for the odorant - .
to lid the :grange anomaly of , tribute payers to ~r merehentlise An engine house 300 fret wide, I,
Giber Stales, for receining this our truly and now reedy, fir the roof. II la built of brick. and me
tlort Vaillahle of nil psalm:thrust and our triends,l soma - noted its to allow
4011 nine to pasethrongh it, Wei
nl the East can do us IN/ greater semee than by • lieltnntly A wing, y6o feet, will propset from
„'rgi„, ti, le‘,/,33, of the hill est,thr,thing ~ !OW: 011111 V, 111 IIY used for others end psiownger ne
, commoaroloo.. '
birnotrli mint in this city. 1 Ai Port Jervis, or what ie railed the "Lela were
The speertiatioll. it the gone,. Ittlek Mining, ~,,,,„,,,,, t h e „ , ,,,,,,, c 0mr ,,,.,,, h . ..„ 0 ,,,,,,,,,,,0,, , ~,
Yuck, isnt present of a very limiluot antra l- 1 immense strutrotre one thousand nod eight !eel lona,
ter, Illhough most of floe.; interested arc re- ndsforty mode, destgoed a. a wood reed —IN. Y.
' r lining it very large juir eentage on their ill” Jinn'. Gran.
te.tmeot. --ow—
We haye recently loonal of several variable It is said thin niptato Erickson, the celellmted
discoveriis. hf quaOa • rock, stone or ,rliirt, are 1 I:lnetor er or ergaged in producing a steam ...Mgt
t aid to be empalde of yieblind eighty to alto Int. - j '''r ''''""P". plank " d '. h e ''''hieb immense Il.lis
parti,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,, ,„ , my . t ,. ... , onnsported, at a gold spool, with small cont.
It veers ono ninny rottene. acre made in
i i i r : l tstt e l..i " ti t tl '' i t u lit l•h' ite cc, " l l7 stele' lowitr i l l' i T i ' ll , Fintlsorl to misname it steam earring,. sortable to IMP
rig their claim., preparatory to eo.tettsit e 0 1. - 1 op.. connien roade,hill an is:penmen* resulted profi
rrattrite. wire. the rainy .....r.oti 51..1) , shave I fairly.
lO.,..l..mmmmarwerewewwwwWw.w. 'a
~,, hi, „ ~, , ,s s „, h. “,. 0 ,, I
~,,,0 ~, „„ gr ,„ . d i Sall A ILT N EltSlll P—We lotto assouialial
Q ~ ullh or tiour...o, kral late Vartrier of the Fanners
ob.. the e e ttt. e " tt hi te' IS ni l j'" l'e" - l e ' t •• netr,,rite Hurl, wk. 'mill .1, h e Id. aer•onal attention to the
al %lin e ' , halt hut.' 1 1 , :, the CI ',in at loarrirr,. rho .t, in or thri am nalo,rlin a. heretofore.
whirr we ht e etrri.ert, 131/3.11/111.1 try Ilie iritra- °!..j. .t. I MAINS it,.
nrainary j ril l,.intistatives whirr Lit e sorrouttiltel i ' ExcHANGE AND BioniaNG goo
no, we shalt then 1e elde to hoist of a get- ': ieur
real ntercludily ertslit unrionlied by any in the ' ' o
-, \ Alrr T1.4.11%..1 Ti %TV & CO ..
1 • i 1 t - +
",.,rail. .
- Corner of Third and Market ll
sta., Pittsb'gh.
' ' Foreign and American Hardware.
The IL S. brig Itnlphirt um., I. Irma San Fran , .
leieco on the tr.o. Elre. fur Vultutraiso wail Rio , ,
IJane lu.
; LOGAN,' , NVILSON 45 , ; - CO., -
The :Unitary foree turlhr Col. II tt r; tt rr, Al PW ,
. : I , No. 129 Wood Street,
I eerrille, has been :lb:bawl:A. No ea,e of .Itolent
fit son .frlalirluco for three &lye. ' A full uodemorlptusturk or I.II)REIG.V AND ANFRIC -6
' The brig San Jacinto wan wrecked in Coming i
'nut of the Ilutubolat Ilny—all band , .tt:ell• I I I IA-I,I , DNVARE
B„„w.hae fallen to the depth of veveral hie - e.. • ruital•lr n,, the room trade, sad IrliVrlL they Kr.. perraroi
at Nevn4a, previous to the (ILI: of Deceniher. • I I': 01it' f. r. , , , , ,, t-Ir r h . trertc h
,rn at. , : i tn th ee.: ., t . l, ,n ott r tp „ ll ieu et .. .. Pere
The 6fockton Journal records n cellywo....
ET#Pean Ageig•
vicinity of tirulhuma hill, in which 15 Morrie:MS
andl a Itiygo number of Indiana were billed: ' I IT, ruhleriber inttextx clriiing tlic 'primly:o eifire 0
Sain'USlocUm, of Salem, wali drowned by NI- ; (le.g tu t . Fr.auv , i .0 , 1 1 n:roomy, durole. thc month.
lug from the rthemer Nevi World.
, r, ei ff m, tll,7l .ri sliffo r
w ule hic t . t . toat b :cod ru le u r , L0r i. ne ,.. 1..0r a ho
: 1 I mil, 31.3 t June Coot, iceigny; l'lll,l)urrh 00 Moo/
- A party of even Americium bud been Attacked
by Indians beyond hiaripora and killed. • 1 j .. 7zun i, ."I '
. .
, - .•
IThe Frianent mining bill causes . e(•mplaint and- tentrMoring zunno„, , the realm, and adds to the
nepopularity of the nether.
A very rich Lead Mine hen teen .discovered 11 miles from Johnson's 8/Mile.
Dr. E. It. Chapin Ikas been elected resident
Physician of Z.3:01 Francispo.
The' steamer California had arrived et San
Francisco from Astoria, and brought files of the :
tiregon Spectator to the 21st of If:tweedier; and
the Western Star, published in Milwaulie, °re
alm, of the same date. The Star to, that the
place is only one year old, find already lin+
popolation of :MO, With a fair prospect of rapid
increase. There is a gi.ol School house, ti Post
011ie, and a good variety of stores, with two
'Saw Mills and Grist Mill; also a steamboat run
ifit-r, between ttreg ~ n City and Pacific City.
The e try is prenferons. What the people
appear to piide themselves greatly mum i., that
the entrap, to the month of the Cotimbia River
is tins' considered perfectly sole. Net an acci
dent of any moment has I .ccurre.l since Capt.
White has beep stationeil nt Aineritt. The river.
undergoing important changer, amt the nevi
pill soon be onobstnteh4l.
The Sinxt.ator complains of the high pool' ge
Letween the Atlantic and Pacific. It says the
charge of 40 cent", is unreasonable. unjuet, end
Advic,es front the Sandwich Island. to the 9th
L, have been received. Eleven lenews were
*stroyetrby tire at llonolitle—on the nth. A
ceting ball been held for the firrination of
dice to proteet eitize s from the tlepredationt ,
• thieves and harglari. All the VeSseiS Up for
eight for the United States are likely to till up. I "Z
From 61,4 of El Monitor ILeptiblteano to Deeem
her 14:6, the New lo. 1: l'etbutte lisosletet the 101
- •
Don Pedro ff.arena Conde nod the °ITU*, of the
Mexican donndary Llomonenton;lell Chtlfonhus us
the 23.1 or Nov , for Palo del Norte he pa in
whdre the lane notheit the Daudet None a to b.. drat
tletermtnad, and the hie cunning from that river to
Ott Gila wall be deierfnmed in the yprutg. Afterward
the eoturtilenton II curve)' the couree al the Rio
del None feat, mouth.
.•Lettets trete Tentuantepee to the let ol December
mute that the enotera wan very vtottui at that place.
The tieneralan' and the 1114. r general of the
hoer,. of °avatar tett 01 s and befog bled he the phy
form who attendrat them, both died. Two hundred
men, I root th, hafnium linerero, bad denerted, carry
hit at oh them Ot•• creel., pert of the aria,. and DMd
nt taw' lit ['tett:otter , there are only ISO then,
tam intuag yolOtern'und ctitzetty Mniendez, knots.%
the ettadotati of thir-etty, wan rat het way to, attach
tt liar lame nitionhieft la lOW nolo.
''Several returning Caltiortunnndlfad reached the
Nor pan tkl Can Frnnel , a, lottloOt lo.t their Ve.,l
in the la t.., .1 Nl4rtpl. a, Where they had pot in 101
Wuler 1•11.-5 had vet ton tor t . .aelza.,aeleue,to return
..1 0 eir 10 OW I loond State,
"Two other vtrevels had toitehed ut Tehuantepec.
and lauded yytteral pat...ger, among whom men/
It general esol a ealonel-all hound fur the Corot 1.
tytalete, "
The nicaytioi: learn, by a private letter Tram
••IV rd Mexico that il m. 14 get rally believed
tiiii Anion ertioltl font the following
Mantel ILiblee, MlnWter of War; Marie
a Voney, tut.n,-ter of itogilemc Se Agllier ft t
,ter id itsiiiie; Sr 'layer, Munerer tit the fret-
;Aro Irton. from the Sigh, thrtl on the 234 of Nov.
ihe Mr%,/,0, Il k onotorNmon, on loft Chihuahua
for t.n.o dt I Norir, where it war ,. to swat: rile thoird
Ton Ton, or Mthwannin, in OM:MIL—From
Milwatie, argon, we ate in receipt of the tint
number of a new paper ealled The Wostern SUM,"
puhhdied by Mr. I. Whitcomb. 'lt venal , n 4 followe
til lt , birth place:
in--For the benefit of wanner" and bun'
an— mon atirinll, Who may wish to ridneribe or write
lair our paper, or baring other binine.n . matter, will
hod 'ln located upon the W tiliannette ttiver, about
huh way beta...en their no.inzt..hing town, Oregon
City above nod Portland I, ow.
M ;mini le. nn 'OWL, n but little more than on. ,
liar old, end nnmbera none than live hundred in
harimion, wall lair prinprein at n rapid inerene.—
Thon so in Ihn rta ,, a natal mihool, pint other,
tin -.hop, three store, printing
three loviirin. tn.. raw naw und
oit nti:l [wing limit, ako n nnarniaint for the neer
narieniiiin, between Oregon City and Paelfit .
iv, laliclong ra every 1.. where Mere ‘.4 bon,
441.flitirpolny Inst. the Stitilotry Amerient
.tr a y,. Slit riff Cuter, pre-oiled I. the Court hit
mintirmotion the deed Lir maid nail. The glee.
m mole to Monenre Itobitemn,
II 'llioutp,on. in tritiq the bielholtlcr: , . Tb
reiiii le, not, as i•OSTI rill n , th
Trevortoti Cottoroi. Moitcort. Itobiti,o.3l,
on.h,lT principttl engineer ell
tonil 101 l Keen e locate.l, TOLL in town, lintl marti
interevt in Ito completion.
- •
Fait: ItttikiNft tirs • rEll NEW' To
The recent annual report. of the Comptroller of
i the State of New Torii nun tttttt celhat not a sins
ade limit failure has occurred during the past
yenr. lis.l that the currency of the ilmte ii in
,anal and peaspervais condition. The business
of haulting appears to 1w increasing under the
General thinking . Law, both by the deptoite of
1 additional securities hr existing institutions.—
' Additional tT•elirit,le4 can ettllttlttltstl from the
eniptroller n corresponding supply of notes for
The whole number of flanking associations and
individual bankers terttnnited aniidoing huskies,
tinily, "The General Banking haw — is one ioo
ilredainil thirty six 'viz., liankintt
ieviatty one; individual hankers,sixty tiv
The Whole amount of cireulating:nten iasued
and individual hankers, on
standing on the firer of December, In:al,
Si 1,211:;,11:i. For the riairan lanai of thiA main
.eenritics ere and lithl in trin.l by
ut; Coniptr:llB, nomonting in the aggregate to
ut 4 ":31•0,43..c.. 1.11, -of these seen
; titr cannot of to and inortpgiai, New S.
-tfibe ..bwka and atock.; of the United-States
Deairable snbnihin Residence for Sale. I
Tux tittUperitnea ulfert for mmn the - and triOutuhl
ahem ha now nr4dert. elt.tnal OU Park atrnet below Tre-1
mn4t In MlnghniTtrattl abort T. 5 minute.' walk fn. "the
On" nit, The ho I. 110 fent.. matt .m Park et.
" back i.n. in an alkyW,enuttalnlng unnrl3' efre
acts nfsr.and. and in hounaletTtuberry able hr t.ry 01...
talurtned with twee and .brubbon. Th. borne it
nerdy n.., h0t:n.211.1 101 l atraurnit hat inv
a front aro bet. and a depth of T 2, and ennbinn Marto,
til'Aide% ball, tune feet withh. It i. built la the hint
nut tu" manner. and har a fin-punt( rotb nolt
untlainn all the uttnlow ntnvenieurew Two pump.. filth.
unbolliter tupplt fir bard and +oft warn... an: at dor.
ln Ore ppun.,e are O t e nneenym out Intiktmutt_rtattle.
verriare Jou ' ,Le. The: noundn am laid out nunitt
It entered with rholre (run Iron. en errronnt. rtintertpu
'brut.. currant., gonntertto, rarithetra-t Le- and * .mall
unnlt n The Otto." of the brut kind. antl lb. trees smile
their print... and > kid onorteh Cro the salt. of au ordinser
Until. Me titnatinn night. Prnnolf •un to nularltr nut
Innturrtnn nanktro. tutnt.innt wttl. nuntlennty to the riff.
I. n .. 1 an n PL•lll. , n , in thin It hag
n view of lb.' lint. ktver for over a milt, nf Temperant,
ti1n1,11 0,107 , 11 . the city. the tan ritt .
nr.tnyi, ttnuttnlt nltte,ether a Inuttramin Att . ...pot 1.1
whiell the et,. tuner araritn. re, bat which enter.....
an t ra,. font the ...rt. nf Plttelturrh ttn tlnt Ohio. loons in
fun vow- The reeLleiteet ant loa n am stint enntftleketv
reutnotd font nen mann ann. on. dot:trued.. ut
n.ttlfort and ‘,..tati4,n. n
wend pen,. Ist to if loured in Mini, quiet nottk thentuntr.
The property 1.11 Ito hind at a barrain and fotetnpnou given
on the not of April. Elllgnite st the liewritr ntbne
falittlll 11..11.
Citizen's Insiunnee_Company of PittsbarglL
( 224 Mere No. 41 Watt, 1.11,V. In the I...wawa:An of 11 11.
iit Prs.oident k strr.s. Fon..
no. now preswed to Incur,• sdl tuercharcll".
u ,toro. and 10 trawitu. ve,d, Lc.
Assg uarantl for tho ability and Intcntity of the
leastutinu. alfordc,l Its the character of tin. Director,
who arc ull .eurs of Pitt , huruh, well and farorabl,
;omen to the community for their prudence, intellineue,
slut lowsrray.
Istuteloac—(7:4l. Wtu. flacaley. Wl2l.
Jr.. 1144, Itr) ant, Ilugh Kinn. l'alumnl Ileurelton,
John Ilaworth. ilazlnutth. 0- K. kler. .p.rtr
MrSlif, 017 - ;,I Foreign Exchange, Bank Noe',
Gad 4 didrrr, lhaight,Solll4. Exchanged
No: 64 Wood Street, Pittsburgh.
Ln brain mturrrn or rivr. rcpwarm. J. 14,1
honnt 'Ulm trot . noint• Lttunle. on Ow
tit Instant, AWL. rat St ~t,ife .4 flowill C. tril
Mewl... and tinuottlor of It. T. 1..001t. Into of thou
- • -
nowlipu of tbe orioorintino will In hold al tho
liinsa. on Minnlof ovroino. htAtoal wow
k. A full moil ioanotinil ettonilanoo
Al.{" Svc',
I 'ON CERT of Snered Menlo, for the bent•-
to go rn I. an 0,01,111 0811. 1 1
:11..4 Lea,.
at 7', •,.v1.0... .
to• tt tint ',
Nal... rr
A. lalorrd [krll4l..
ent-It'Llt luv a t4ntl A
IlattrlttJkli Irk the eathrr
Part . 1.
t.l.witiutt—rt Caulk.
, tiert
Ttr.,e. IVorl.s Ilat aro.
ht.rrthy • • 11...r1tt.
tlraul ItaltrlojAlt ...... A 11.1.1r1.
Tirk ren..—to Ir. Junl nt 0,0., a 11. RI. totr,
J. IL 11. Itiel.r..ll. askt the tlwr. In
A .
,4 (),..
.11 ,
4 , ,
ii ,-,, 4 , ~,..-,)... ii , l
, 1 .-.4--;.!\_.,i,ii__l,\
ESPEI7FULLY announce that the w .
tv . r . uag
Quartette, Zr. ,
at 11,0 wiwl at
..Ina al et, Ititrivrt will rortimettre at boll
p.. 4;
0, N. , aivount weittlirr.
AIL eau nt tiiiiiivrt pa.;
OUN TY LANDS-41Am. Cita, finale.
P .k I al Law. N.Y. 1.1 Third stun of l'hwrry
huthr: S I,' arrangrukelltfit Olt
Kn.% lank
wkwl Ek. wkwl 20..1 to WA
uknto.whl lel. the wo w
werunrut ur au m k u ut iuk
turkat•. thr Powoutk ur the Cuurta at the city of
i s /MYER 11 (IN NV ANTEL.I ecnv doet•rie
& oarlo-.1 pry 11l ill Co.. wmm
buf tarn Elrteu.l,.. pro. 1.1.1, or currikurl.
A. IV I ItalNU 01..
rot. 1 hint *tut Market 111.
ISI 1)1 lE$--I'l bnIPA COMM;
141hrlo No. 1 Lard:
1 hrl
1 . 1.111. •
'm.* ~ .Ithrr,
i .
p.lruar 1.4 - rain by
1.17 ~lAt Prmit
lIfIAI:LS---1.5 cAtiko gliperior, for Alli;4; by
~. w ICE. e McCANDLM..
. ...
1 4 01t•N-2 111 t..41 whirr! A- yellow. for 1•Iale by
S Is o . i. L IteCANDIPSS.
- —...----- - ~
1 p l'111:1'.-1 4 . brls prime roll. for nalely
cpo'lll. 4. IItirANDI.I.3.:S.
. ..
111 ,,, .11'11F. it. S--; ,io•k.. prin.!, for - role by •
or:: 1, IcK e M.C.%11,1.F.. , .,
. .
11,4 1 ALILY I' LOU 11.-2 1 ) Id, i,xtru, for kale by
ji 010 K .1: MoCANI.iLi- , ,
AllegheurEiiiii - Batler Plank Road.
SHE outlersigned CarnmissionerN beroby
x giv.. notim to the si...klmlderw or Uo. Allrahmly nod
holler rPlankCompany. Iln , no e1re0m , ...'1. , 1 on ,
wr...Went. hoe nod x Trrwurer tor naldrompany,
111 be 11.4.1 at. lb., 1,011•41 Of Mr. Tower, In in
A11.,,,ben, 0..y01,...n Tbn-ri1n,.110.....71h of February mxt.
Ow elerlion to I, at eleven oclock. I. v.
John 11rolio. no , . 0 . ,!lllll\ All.
Jana, M , cillon,.. jr. Ilea. W. ' , mills.
Ugh., Campbell. 0 tn. S. 1,,,1.
S. C. 5t.,...a.n.. .f. 'Zimmerman.
11. C0q..., Al:1411w Caro,
tleor, 31illrr. . - I:. it .14.,1., ~
1.. t:. Curtis. Wm. bait
Jolm 0,1, . , navel pal ter,
Mono:. NlVlautalliu. Tlnwon.n. 1,1. Stewart
.inane! 2,111.1,1 —j.,';',17.1.114-1.4T
State Mutnal Fire Insurance Company.
Branch °Ole, hi
n SmithSfield et Ilitnatuireli,
Ja field a
TIIE heat evidence of the miresof the
ilir r etan entranorine to utakr tbe l'itrAec_alter tt
t iNest .LP S . " t the umnhiof the anditmoulty
th.• unparalleled nuomtat of which Ilan horn
than i nd air
The Directors are farrind tia rad • that tuarlf nil
prte.rt, ie lb. eat , Lind, In (man re.t.r
and a far, ymportum Insured ter leaf
liumberof 61MR! a.wa
,ttuount of {import,,nAmount a gwrant, prva1ume....1411.49 6 to .
Amanita ofhath nreunl 1111 l no
Amount of guarantee :met,
Amount of here, Mt
ini.Mltirmd fmnit the a 1.... Imlaime. Incidental e
pewee tif the offh,.
r lt etupan) ir condn u oled etrielly i on d llt „ a
ven t ,
.and L) ale Quit
euultaltle mediae' In t ilt ryrtem of nititind Inentrance--that
fl..tiledrYlhlillleKF—Lbox nitnal
ben. Itta It. the Inc The it.
are areonlinht,
dim in,
di.tfurt amen-, the start, onniding that tio
1..1 of the fund. of either ran Le aptinifirmOld (.3
m.. 1 a tor* aretam the T 11.• [lest Iwe in
.lenotuitu.tral the
trlatelt lum,
anea. may too made atp.i. chute& derellinen, linen. not
imatlnt, .ml pralaiß, nothitm more
I/amnion." ir allotted to bat tale],
Ihr lineon.l Chen I. denominated the MillttilAhTS'
1 . 0111 . AN1. in nl.l. ineuranon• itity tnnale the
mfer Land. of pruned., id haw." atati
The pivinlinu beta , are nub intput aria tin..d an lar,m
mnintly adaidynnl L. otberdfondrinieh mul the
hot its,, Iht-fint 1.. allowed is, lie th.unsl In one In
e ‘ 1,,,. .n.l the neplienht alloyed the pn. deer of idem.-
tairJ liborallry. It d. tun. under the rentrui of taw
foli.tving atinedn't
Jelin P. Itutllerfont. Albert J tithed, Samuel T. Joint
Alan. , A. Canter. Philo nirleeve k. k Robert Kilda. John
II Packer. J. P.
A. 3.1.1112.,f.
A. A. tinted., Artuar, jal.l7,aT
c()Ncgivr fir, tit,.
A !MN F. FIT ..f the AI.I.IIIIIt,NT tilll'llAN AhTLItNI.
:oven 111 'flit; USD Al, einninvneat, linth luelnot.
inkier tier dinati,a of 11,. KLEUEII, whn Xll b..
mni-ted by Itin. hi. ter told (lend, ' , man, ILanindinr.
1.4 N. ..kaora., nod ineether with full am{ ir..11
trnined Orthertra, Anionic the nominal mdeltiennititro
don't will in the ISationnl sir, the litar Ppattultsl tanner
and 1 . 1.r....111,111,naa, with maim-dm ateetAtianieteldn.
The l'neidantoun will he piabliehnl on Mond.,
be Pint.... tined am thi. eresnion aill be furniMed
Itlrlier. (man lh. eelelitatral tunittifitett, NUtin 4
Tlekent fad rent.".li. he Mid ht the Mama, f 11. Metier.
Mint tdrort, Wm. Ilemb and inns. A. Man
ket idreet. and at the don . in thr earning of the perform
Ineini open al "'Ouch. Chneert to nommen, at half. pant
l.loi] SE OF ItEFUIII".--Notiet:_ in liereby'
p given. that en Election for unimeta of t.ho linerof
it.. of W...n. 1t...e11en., to Mt: a l'netitlent, 01.- , mun.r, aterielarer...n. Tool.. 11makeera. m ill
tm held at the 'la., of the 16mq of .Trado. In the tilt of
Ilththure o h.“ Thttretla, January :10th inaL
r. at. All enheentama are ...atoll to tateutt.
111 order of the Committee tat I , ltalrof the rentriltotora.
- N. 11.—The ofthel'entrelTotamittoe,a.. tat tlml
robe ommittemt, mmt. earnmtl, rrottmt. l ht.
rethollde their. effort, In the mean time. to obtain further
~.utzibutions of I/3 h.q.! in Uteir Tethealite lita to the
Chairman prellil/tl// In thr clay of Lim elev.', In under thet
a ettere' hat of ettletenhera 11101' Ic prepared for that
I,nran. •Ito late nut let lat.l nu' ompartAtnny Of
,b,ibitnr. both from 11in anti Miter t,uttlitet .1 ll rate,.
Pettne,lrattl.. are intittel to he present at the eltettm,imt
down their nantre tat rubeerile•re.. nut the,b)
thetnelata to vote.
Pirwcrarrrr the mins U.. of.irrrirrn
lk nrr r.inertra rnpy thir not 10..1 .ncr.
rru ItS P I ELECTION 00110
I 1,1 r t t h e 101 l lamer of the Fan{ ee... and Meeltanim ,
Tontrilo' 1l of l'otaratty, the Malt itt•tante when the
""' Jul .•l
1101,. Tnettirmr.
atm MEM,
.1. R. TIMIInLck. T. J. CamPisli•
• N. B. ermiu. C. Uri..J22... 1 .r.:
irEAk) PE--Cornell's Unproven ivyt.•ot
1..5.1 Pipe ror
linna stut to . arri!....! , b,,
3.e.!:.nttr ALEN ANlitit •
‘ltaTsay's Tatra
=ll4l. N. 4/
131S—dor. Vriots•st ..ipvriOr, 1.,1-
spar 1,, la!h I ,,,insi.s. IA tali AOP
_ .
130,T ASII--$ ,siskr just risl'.l for salr b 6
JI, 1:411sIsoN, LITT(.I: A ,
TAN N ~..fts, 011.--.25 r sal,. Ilv
• Ja2A luIllO t;. ON.. 41T1(141 *lll
ifilif i'l 116 N— 40 i.;trt Ilr,iji drelTC,i , fi r Ttiie
.1. I...c.!)rtISON. tarrut t co.,
1.101..,i.5.5ki5--100 lids plantation, for nalri,
11l b, _ _ 1 . ,4 ' . : JAS. A. lIVICHJONt. 5 {V.
112:,-.0 Galena; fur sale by
111 IC £,--36 ief. ptime Cdr.Ai= fo sale ',v
itt ~-, '.. .. ./.1... A.,IITTeIfIS,Vi 51...)t)
(g tiliT--.50 kept assorted NOR. for sale be
I 1 012. i • -'JAR. Jl. t1y21.21 . 1 , 43 ,1 A 112 '
r , Y 111: P.S.--31; hrhi Golden Syrup:
tr, t'.% brie Clarls,l 11.. for Wet At
r,1," • 3.1o1: A. 111)11111.91N A AY)
*II I A I,I A ) W - - A.!).1 hrls reti'lli;r ;tertuner Are.l!a
a aml for .r_le A, 3. tIL }l.Ol - 11.. ,
..11.ound 1. hurvb I.lulkjll , K._
iloTA.9l_, ,a.skq 14 - '. it. j ivn 'Potash,
i a f4r .... Ay
i,AK 1 MIT ATlON—Papl.r Hanging an int
; Ilatinll of 0.k..m1 ~ruo.h.J. 1 , 4 ....1,. b! -
11.1•. , 1.111141A1...5. , Wrinel .1.
Eri, sro Aus-L2.)1,s ref ,fiarg6 loaf
,J , ‘ m.,13.4,
111c1i1,.r1ito note
St. 11SNn
I L I: It Ell Lit,+ pl,a,.orn in
n•Tontinc that he lest 0n , .41 w Int orrilpg
Pisn , w Ow relehro,l ate c.f .
Nt,•<.4 k etoot and Ilt . wlttlt. New ink. wlorlt. with tho.w.
nt ,trie.r. and ,xtrn,tisc,t4wk
try. Sri io thi;
Amon,: 7 went, doubt,. rartnl
isont NI V with the urn tlw ov,r
the Int.-. 4 nod to.nt i iEfl It itzw!•rvt . twent. to
Ulla .o N 11,11 14 0 ChtrlCA liance.. Alm. two xot.vrt ,
Att.ntbnwot Pinmw.
N. IL— tn nntnndre hn. of N , ..3lttnic, erobrvinz Jermi
Lityl , t, and`he rlttlived nrw Som., Polka, Wwlt, , , Se.
iw2 l GN tiF Tilt 1101.1q.;..`i 101 Thinl nt
T.,1- Jonro..l, Clinutickt. end Dt7twi.b. , ltv.l
WILKINS. No. 245 Liborty st.,
trrrut onereal Arert.l•ill.barA, P.
Mohumo•nL4.lluro.l l'.l4s.Zatetnam.
Ar- larttlr ("rntm amt hrr Top.,
Myra). nta h.dl snd made to onto., of Or
AlarblcA,AM at wny redt.4l
.1 Ourior &,tOO, Drmeirrpl .
_ _
iton. 16,711 ,,
Jock.- John tiorpco. Fcq.
AVNI. itolinoon. J.+.., Kerr. Kno-.Architcct..
socd,r, F.,. Sou, Divkerc.
Pitt.t.urch Honk., ...come& nalun. do.
J. 11. 11111 Cont. .10.
Ilblon A Sar,vnt. do.
ladwrt , McK LA, !Mtn. Co.
Jr.. McKnight. ..1. Cruluo,l l . T. Mor....nn A Co.
loom. A Co Fruit're
I.4.thr9p. Alleghent.
Mterut for tic. Tory !Mend petentutge,te
ccircd during nintecn porn thl,eity, haring INA the
I , bent toto entruntedleati.eare up to the pre‘ent
I me.
nrl will endrovgr moiler c.Aticroction herrulter.
KIISO, Itanker and FiKelirtnge Brokw,
. Fourth ;011 , c1., 14nier in - 'lank Ha, of En t1..1.1 and Sib\ el', AWL , I.Ught
Thc hiwhicct market j•tin. put.' In premium tor Anwr...n
1:01. 0,04, 00.1 .ohl Slcod.h , tt
, .
I INSEEI) 011,4-20 10.19 reed for snlo.hy
14 t aa - s. w. II Al:BA con.
SUli Alt R NIOLASSE;S--50 hlals Sugar:
NM Lrla,
bets it. U. do \
t. j'n"'
"d 1411t.r.1111t1 1 1: Y IN./WHAM
.1-21 I Itt Water et-
g 1 ERM AN 1'1,,V1"--.sti hxs lust no by
.2.1 111'11mm:11 o imilitcol.
tem j ust ree'd for PIIIO
JiJI num:mien:a Piu104.04
I I.IF slit; A 11--14k 1 lntrridn numbers
I (dr ‘a1.."11.. nc.:l INIIII/001.
IVO\ EiLEL—IS qr hrls extra No. 1, iQ
and (nr -Alp
Wand and Enmt
1%711 FISII-75 brls sort 40 14 do. for
V .c. 1.• 1.3 024 1:0IAII DICKEY J. 0).
4.1 ER Piti-1 00 11IN !misty scaled; fur 'We
1 11FFEE-1 00 bags prin..• and fancy Ilio.
uxi ntl Cll.
jadJ 0 W 111) and Ws.
lt—Primo new and old Orleans Loaf,
ifrnonoi And royden3l.
OLASSES—Plntation . Sugar House;
("Id" Iv 7...T.";511.etai . : 44 co.
r hrt.iw b ts med. to e Vra
, ?reen
14 1 ill rr.l ri.riV ES-- .
and 1., M. It
ant n.I f.rlrJa,
• 1•n-m.rt - rd 1...a , 1....r10n1..1/rattr. and F.lrsalanlin+,
lints freeh Roll Butter.
enra Mral:
Inl.l Apia.+ and l'earlim nn eon.
- ak 1./ 100 J. p : AVILI.JAMS
Drawing, Perspective, and Paintuag' in la
It.' it. 1). R. Ssll'lll noir prcwured to give
lot ructl , ll In a fl.n popil. In the dllienrnt branclzeq
ei 11k. nrt. Ing roma, In Moans, thdfc
Lin. tio 11.1. inxt tr cL between Ward and
html.l of in.trurtton. from . 21 1a434. and
fr. n‘C`, 0. (Sham.. , and nth, particular. can be
t.l ,, rn oaltern/o , n/ at IN.
11;31-"M Ad. 1.443. _Sa=ultr _-
'IIII . RS FM: SA LK--Westiirn Inc. Stock;
I - 7 lamb. en..k Knadlll. l lr.:
I . l!latrzh, Innati and 1,114 - 11IIn Tcl , Jrraph;
Call Maud .I.llrielgn
H. AN.N.11.1/ Co,;
7J Fourth 40.
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A_ ,b.,.1.,. 1.1., had et the store of • •
,!..: Ililti.111" a BUItIfIIFI Ell,
T EA IVAllE—EttgliFll,C:Atuericall
4 4 Plate& ilaiket, Candle ,
So oil. r. aro{ Trzti, ru n e bee:quality liwry
one, Handle Tublo Cutlers. 'liver Fork, 'eri.ons.. end that.
11.114,1 th.rman eirrer Dort,: and rlpmme:,
Table JIM, lea Tra, tine ilinahmtata manufactam.
hi4lll, - ornanivot,l; I'lal.l Learitlful pellernr.
ter, rup , .elor Moder for rb.mum_ and relishing Pia.d
wore.• for cleaning. eklnr. Feather
U, Itieina,cr—.`orris ,lebrnted ,Itagic Kitchen,
about it-,- rise of a hat isKich will makecoVe. nook beer
rl...alt.os Arra or any thing el^r in • few mlin Wl tlef.... •
For ralc•
Cur. Ilarket and,Fioirth sU
./..orrON-21 bales for sole by
ISAIAH DICK CO. N 1 inter It heat eta
'n2l s 07 Word strnnt.
WLED FRUIT-12 ig . 1.1 gil d ed ° A 11 1 .41.41
; 7,
~, by . WM. tiAOALEY & e' , 1:14
IN et :,,, Wool A
II ULK PORK-2uo pi,e• hog round, well
UP trnam,l,fr rale. hi . WIl. DAGALEY ACO
LO V Nen ItA ISIN S— '-'OO Mixes . Krekler
1 /Lrand.1..1”.11,7 frrom ,431uPr Ibmvitt COntnn. 5.r ..a.,
3,-, WII. u•q•Lr:v • 1.7.) .
1 OAF SUG tvIA, for sale by
SSTS 1 h'S ESS. lllNC; Ell;
eel+ Sa. , ”.l.aill=
zbtr.m.rslls. Ibr gab. by ft. E.
Woul Yt •
11110.1VDEIZ-150 kegs' blasting, for role I,
E. fuV: .J. 4 fi.rl/1Y11:11uutul Cburril
111 : illSef --75 niekerel:
rs4,l,,llixt, fur nalu LJ FLoYI.I
u !,:ft •
CI flea ASII—'2S ea.Aks flolmston's brand.
I I lstl dor rocralt• 12r ,
1 - P
I.t;Lte, Sole .A.;;Ilitt)1
pi Co z‘uurito4,rl.o4l'alf $OlO,. Co. 45. Denver btavet.
New Yuri, 0 lan, norhud.
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1,.). At 10 n'cluck 0. /14 1211.• new board aro ropiest...l In •t-
Drug and Prescription Store for Side.
1)111!0 . &.1 , 1:ESCIIII'TION
• ee-sual ht a 11.tri,111nc nod Iloptoting I.rt "
• tit...b bi, le .loin 4 Prolitahlt• of
fenal .for gale 0100 rai, leen, Lor further 'partirtlars,
• ullke oftlm. it==
having I•een emrpen.led. fin. k IViirrrips. late
Pr s in rehooly, R private rorla.l
fire and ..n flooday nest. In the Loam , . Hoorn
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low. MO nynie known on Al•riklitkal IT Hand Ftroet.
n. at the echonl nwtin. . .•
g ict-I,AlLTNtat.stulk—,Wer In i ve_-this . !Inv
pith 111. F./litlchl,in. The hit.:l-
r.• wilt be neutten,l 1na....11 , re. under the firm of •
PitlAhstrels. Janina, - 214. IS4l.—ia!allm
AV: ' ,.... '" ::! ), ; - ..l ` . ' t 1 ,! ' ,? • A‘ g- 1!' " ,,,- "` ," T.T.•',";*. ,, '",... - ".. 1•:.
paral, hitril.l) mu11...n0. amt lo .m.lll tone yew.
to lenrn tlu. 1 timner:. thud n • leant , will he regnire.
lonvin at ad. Wit, _ _ ,A-,.....11t
ItICE-15 casks Carolina for 0111 e by
' ''t' . J. tIL !GOV/
Wrict'—' •
ilw fl trtnervltip lleretofore ex
.N. 1L”,.. nal. r du • f rni or Bolivians A liani.s.a t . , T
t asolyed no the 1.4 11 1 .bt... b) . 01 .' 1 ' 1 .... 1.1. '
/V". 1.11 lu r A. r I. evritd / n. br LItInT "I. lloilmun nal
klrrltron 1.01 . 0,a1 in It. name ed tiartAn i l,(az , ;....
_ VI F .
MI 1.0 1%.
.1.2-^dl, • .l A.AIJII.6 O N
, OTICE—A .11",turz, of the Comntitte on
N.,,11.1 01,11 ,, n+ will lu 1.1,1 Al Is
/la.. 01 , 1110.1loard
i 1 .1 , nn 1 bur.l., r•• 111113 Itie ..,Ittolud. 0 . orite , t,
al wk. li tour 11., ni nil. re .1 Ih. eommittee nal ur ate a
runt. ,11)4 ,nutnitte , ...n. n.,..i..1 to npul. in PL•rnm or
them a 11, , onter of the 1 enlnd* ,
pal! IIKSJ I. krilet..l Kalman
1 irE .I.SmUIIANCE--IrPmromer, on per
-1 ite:;i::r ;tV.:3:ll,..::lTt'giig.LlAtrnlLl•4l.%ty.tll",,
ni:t..14:17t,:T:::jr,"7•71-114-1.41 Ponnhit o tx .init
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.., Iw i lle t at c .il nazi
' n ' ''""' " r \Vt..] .L w.rund dour ahnvoinorib
' , Tbri,TlTn.h.ln,.o,l
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tun,. A
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- --
I i
Mill-7 brls No I lAN'S 1,1111 I;
1:4 2.11... do to' fur iinle by
I i.,-, mu itl uALta kro
: , 111 . ." t—lm 1.4 4 Pore l'ol.a II: _
la ea.A.1 , 11. mu. 1.. . le l,
,a-: .1..1.11.1•1. , 111 . 1 Masai Chun+
....... -___—
S . I:ffti:lt,-100,000 common 111 sale he
it ‘. fTER---16 brl. - primo roll fln :- .0(11) -
_RI ...-- 4.A IL le Ltil t,
Soda Ash-LPrice Reduced.
-2 3 44
- Clothing at Rediced Prices,
kT MOM'S doirkg -CA. Clothing
A :Mr, LATerta
titopri,tica , the alms, tatitilfilutnint Was 4ortront
nf IlinimMig of Abe lialanen lot M make
Vim Or td. eitMniiirn nurebtam SK fairloat , Mmtia m ar•
m, Mtn attimmintal in nCer thinit at spaal.l7 reittited
lake, fat cm& MI Ihnitii mho mutt miind, Lmiblntralki and
ell mum anibling. mill Mal g Wk.-Maga
to EMIt him mill) a call, m gamut tem.. will be Wend.
• : Value about , TC •
E LDBY Alien° ,
PR,T•G ~,...iT TO .Bwer..),Th, rah- will mammon e Mat hurt. at 10 o'elnet
the %Mtwara; era enaliture dad, 'rub , 10r: Jams
lectlon rli•poord uf, at. the tont
liwcLa. FtTM. Tht, sra,alid rollmika of
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tinu of article, rennertea It, o ‘ . „t 4.
esartiln.,l the day
will us I , nm, ruprrirrr stuy,rtet ever otrettri Alm
etaupetitya Yu mar part
. tr ttun redlars.llo%.=
,d atu k i na lier i rtr i, zlto th rrut l ,oO
for ectufiu. =net•
• similar nm.,etunitry. vim ha
put up hi putt !nit
mit all tutrharren , &WO.
•tor will to.:11-trted 7t ,,, , ,,, 77 ,g t. tag,
• M. LEM:. ' . • •
111 ROOMS—S-5 dor ler rale by ' ' • ,
.1 p boa.
HICKORY N UTS—for ertl eAW --
as2-IHi. H. Jultisins.
• -- ,:,
111 if y . APPLES-4U sark.lf . ) ,, r r i,, A t : , .
Al ,a.. 1 '''''.?' ' i•
C(I)RN-250 bumushelle,l, for Pale by ' -.•
i,ea Wt. la. agfarreN
I_,ll 0 f.I. BurrEß-2 brit fregh for 'ale by •
AL sal Ms. IL 3011-N eIIA.
t. , OTTON BATTING -100 bales for nal° by i
I_,• J.:I • • wAt.t.H.:9 Timm 4W. f.:
QTAIt CANDLES-30 tax Cincinnati ma
miaow, act band and. for sale br A
A.. 4S iin..l..ribbv. latrderd for ihr buolkerrhki; "-,'
44 dot. 'mull - - - . (Ardorted.)
14 dos. dem,. Thal Sarbetn, lame nth. ' 5
D. d..., •.` ... rm4ll yalia.
dtd. common finfill Noche*. .d. _ z
ToOtbrr vith ,fall o ffing re,
fumrr),, Xrt roreard and for pale at PALladelpEdlt prirat..l
the' A-11,r 1.4 Wool and sirth Amis.
ALLOW-Thirty barrels Sheep and ann.-
tr barrels Dmf meeived dilknd En rain br
riIIMOTILY SEEII--4 barrels received and
firt rale by I j..11' BUMUE.'4 P. HIIIIIVER:
fillESNUTS—,Sixty bushels received and
‘..) fur e.ak. by WI) SAMUEL I% SIIRINCIL .l'
DRIED APPLES—L/d0 bushel just recd, 4
and far rah. by [1a . .111 W a i WILSON.
• i
- I% . IOLASSEN-FiflV barrels of new crop .•.'
.IVA_ nreived strkl for ealo-by '
re.II N.L.130 nod IM around stood- 1
11 - 4 1 1.01.4i--SeVelllr fill/ barrels Family Flour i. ,
il rv...trod sod fn. rata by '
'B.6rnrc p. anutras. • :,.
IllfrrtT--T7enty Inurels prime
1,4 1 1.0118-100 lain superfine:
hrbt Ern: E.P,101. by
W,. lb J(IH NSToN.'ll2:.ixmal mt..
k ItY_ APPLES--Fifty ic4shelsreeeired and
17, . F or rale by .la.a) N. 11,13. P.:11111.11'ER. 1,
BEAN&4ltiarrele received vuld
V r!!ro.le-by 1.31 SA/lIIEL P. NIIIIIVRIL
1 .4 1.1 . tr)..--Tnonty barrals and thirty kegs No.
• 6 4 137UE1; U . EIWYE&
RED IA asons.
LI INCE the; introduction of Oda new Ono-
Cookbn ati.l.eokin are runnel In very 'hart f
time Wo will srarrant• Pr. Keyser's Porlors.l Syrup to
cure enee of Cooklks. Cold, r.ouoloo ti 100
limo mid at a dueler; rate than rani - other medley. ever
IT 11.1tt AN.ENTIRELV NEW MITION—The oldikaugh
tiediritice all sicken the stomach anal mutat,. names Which f
1. mom ilionnealdetbau the cough iteelL This is obvi
shit In thin uilstun, for it Is s plemeint stiothing_artlele,l
- it will rumor /iv 1.410 tail I An n•froard I The ert-1
deem in fovea this medicine in Our OM. Oct own!
Annex Amok' nun-lore any ram of Itn efflessey. Ist the:
eon-ripthn of a n-aular physirian. and has teen toed by II
bitn in his 4.11 piTtiits • for • nudist/se of yin" with the:
m heroin medvm.
ININPUtt 17111 N— 10 , 1) . from ,Pleutenvillo write; 0.4
her Ilaugh 11
ter lest, afflicted with • ;rough - and espeetne . ,
Won. nimbi sweats, hectic fever. and all the 4/141MANCI
2'11117';11•1":Ni.;•rgn."1 . that
U. jl kl W•Yri: b‘A:`
Uml. relayed gad the =t;
thefar Ngol
nse d ladle
I do se n I e lilt ;all 14A1:4
esi rots A tr..
that limn, the Pectoral Sdruti to be • gaud article, Pe
he hes used it In' his own eine and In the mesa meatier,
of liswith the most perfect snoreen.
Ir as ON, 0, car lwr 31groMmta Wow coatis—lt
r ot up in half pint Wilke at SO tents each, oe dr bottiet ,
fldiemsr Prosuarrrran woad,' do well to trop • m 501.71
this end elne on hand all the time, m , la 0011 . 0( tb•
terfect and rah-minus medics ever disenverel Sur
esuelis and dinars of Ihn lungs and Inchisnt firunstrAtioe.
CAMP.* o , —Wank lemma will try in g
e t taco
buy 00,.' nor of the various tantrums. but do am breg
thew. If 3ou want lo well buy .1.1. PECTOWI,
Prase. and take no other. this will cure you- It has. la I
. of the Most edited& plants sal herbs of the volallTh!
igt iyth,..,41,4 or I pernon skilleddo the beef.
00.0 There eau be no deo:client In thistoodirina. kl
000 i oloor ono., rity, and the proprietor has =mew
sertificates perNIIIN In our own city, attesting WI
volumild• belt will be shown tn any perm
diwinudl of seeing nu m.
An iris W ik - ria throughout lbw United Rabe Patel/ phi;
medicine. Large discounts will Ns made to them who ad':
take an Inters-Id the medicine. It will papa laski/Drcer
mrente.beskies.they will twining suffering
Ild. .
erice by phasing their handy the mostest miklrp
far Lung &yawn the worLI has ever pnalmwd.
- for Vald.•liolosnle and kotail. 'KEYSER - A Iftl7ol , j
ELI. linproisto. 110 Wood ern.. Pittsburgh. Pa., to Wile
nll lettem for am-wife must bo aiklreasel. Al' Leash
ld Curir..Alleoheny city; P. Iliskrker,,
°nem Land; 'rethink - Min John }turban.. ilickorl
George; Keyser, McKeesport: J. IL TowsiL Ihnousbur.
uerchaute and drug:trts cenmatlP. `h.=
rhir Ornes
rßOlVettLSlvilt he received Ant thin U a
ind-men* tall the ath day of Meech net. be fund,
00 rump. to We use of the lbel Wire. of the Veit `
SW.. fur B wr
:room from tho fine day of Aptil next. whs
onlensi by 40,.. Departments of the following deserhstest
The =DP of the raise MO Aber In rinulatllMen. , *
11 .a, La .Jll.l I,lack of letters eel
mai nada I
no Mahan( letters end thenres W. donate
mouth and day. with It Thinnh•neror \val. Sark kio;
d fiamr, IA pl., nue!, +Mop. and the Intent tweet
Incl the game. WI be Or t hen
sin ea Umn now mar.
fartUPRI and In EWES tuned malotrettY blowfly L t
m like nen. to be ...utterly fastened to veld Munp r
months of theyou . aldniated so se tom:dein but thf
letters narls. of the serve enema In use, end lo be rut ere
solid block. of hanldned steel. Ifiewnsslor the darn ON
alma, from 1 1.31. V, to ha walla! Ilka bazdad
motet. and of the sine Lot ettrnedd. ••. • t
Abu. stomps se the *runts - pale t
Stine of then Mot la mUt•
.4 be. tenant w illt Gaon.* &holing the Talcs or pada;
and - streilla to those now tv ogee • • -
AU of lite shore moo, to be wide of hardened anti t
Tholloun.sels rated also contain separate bide for the s
color stump, with the maths met down..
Al.'. for rati. seturn. ne
e pi, nenteinleg the months
Meting It din', MAO, r • .
Abto, On each densest., pine fee the daya of the nuati
Also, In. each venerate Inn with the we eds"faltr
Alr . for n ark venerate Intons With the fl dnad
the rates of peahen, The matins of the chinned ens
not.. however. beCI,M M different contrarian. but
Proton/ for lb.. *We wkirk le.daewd mod beroralat
the Inmrtment will be eneptelL Tne Departmeiti
ernes to itself the 11501 to reject ell 4 ' .
n deemed ntraregatil. • •
eperimene of the minus Wolter sterepanturinlnt
coon at the appointment Minn of this Preantment•
ja-,llavrit N.K.1141.1. POWMIner Grans
11410POSALS will bereatived bylhe and
timid,' until the 10th (lay of trehtnary nett, fitr
onstruction of Nine tricks and Darts In Duck Wm, ot
to naive of them. and forrlearingtheeltanarluf tint
. t di tlc h i nt. of tn. leaning over the channel. - •
11w D a me will average =II fra . lollG.jald .111 be r
l'i feet high. with a tape of rgl feet in width. The 1
Chamber will be I'll fect human+ 40 feet wide, with IX
MY Pi, thick and In feet above the numb of thy dn..'
guard wall DA feet lone, 10 feel thick, and 'of the 0 •
'hetght as the kok wall, . • • 1 •
Th Locke and Dame to be hat; agreeably:it; thirly ' ;
and .'the character particularly spec.. end thitentox
the engirt of rylv thus Lathrop, of Pennsylvania, 0 Mr
%%kb will' be illutal with the proprietors of rock la
papers as publith thie notire. to whirl; reference Is tc
fm more full and aceurate tufttromtkm. •
The entire work to bk....pbod brut ,Jantthrbrl•
unkes the work Mould he entartird 1.1 wourthdr wlii
tberefore. unfavorable ham., . thintrartant wiL te ;
iplirett to glye µWham' nernrity for Dm conatrnetio,
the Imprvermdut. bantstuntat 1,31k1l PILYISKIIIS wit ;
mode to routtheturs as the, wort Peughmer_ • • :. i•
The eminpana rearms the .ththt of reeptlng thee
to mar deemed b..w. for Its intrrert alai the *AMY runt*
til the ma n? work. • Dy order of the Mermen 1
• • lTilitn. J. beLLY.I •
ler=3;_ief_the Duck Alter Mack 'Water harlawthent
. 4 bh " r '' ... i ------.2211 1 1
Allegheny County; ss .
....,3" , •,, . TILE Commonwealth of Perm,
• ' • irZt,uzzonaiN:, - . l.raT:i
.. 1 -,... ,• t' Kf111121...13.11.1. thildren, muter the to.;
•.: i fourteen year, of rho-4. McKenna. hi
;;.; the rity of A lierheny. deed. and to all ie
". 1. 71rT1 perewir Inkreeheli greeting , 1
Wherent, at an Orphan, heart had at Pittahnem
and for raLl manly:cm Die lath day of JlOl6lll/7. A.D. e
theyietition of Atm Merieuria. Adminietratrlx. of Fre
McFnuna. late of the city of Alleglerny.thheated. limn
tented to the said Oath, Amen. iwhy 01 k , that the;
iuteetate. ty virtue of a certain mtkle of agmenterth o.
; I irti."llllllZ,lntr=iy4itOrtr, !•I " t ' lie * O b tri n Yr Lo i
hid Francia Megrim, of theater,
other parbdied ached, Oi
in all that certain Inter here of Ground ritual, in ILO.
eliYof Allerhettlitlate Oni !Perry< Tr.t. ILms tooth
opposite the ' Northern Ltherlier of Pittelitinth) twiny
numb , two bncalnal and tort. - three (2.13) lit the t it,
lota laid out C. Toney, Jaren, Painter. mid leLtl
containing in d a ln de thin afoot toeutt Dime feet
extending hac l'orpenteta
hul l; haeirinerechM t ilt
feint theeetifa twomere hick hultilinx;Mxtut teeth g
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ti and ta the tear thlontgi
Mary (tame
e l o f per Carpent,, , ,, ;,. 9
Mane theetthel Real rotate tanuptiemig And real tt
m i rt i ph theitaid intertate Deli mixed- myth/
heart tor mot her an linter to hake rale of the mi.:
elate, with Die appitrienntooo. S.rf it.. moment ,I
detth mei the ntailitenatin. and education of the ti
th I khan of the mid inteetale.
Not, thereto, we mennumal yon. that rim In and i t i
talue our said helm... PittehttrylL on aktpfdkk, .(b,l
Jay of February. ISOI. teen and there t00t,,., eak i,
irme, why we prayer of the raid petition ex
1M... hod
the l i ri;t7..fV f a t ,lo,o, 11. 01eClunr, "r.. , 1ad.. ., p' '... ,,,
; lodge of nor rail Court nt Pittthurgh. t1a1.. - ezo, •
January, it. lt PgA. . DitNIDL Sterx -
The pafttlenddp befetoforn tatiang lathe , . 71
p DMA, awl klebbautyibr taakette,magl
the'M Thou., Itb-Culdetee , by,
D , of all Multilane - 4 to (lee alttlalltderabbi
.rani., Beer end Jatnes 7770, 'rho papaid/get tee
uteleteidurd. one of the members of the eaddelfw,s
nue earn' de ate butthega muter Ma Dame otaami
Cm The amounts of the -late beta .ill neenralte
Pled ay James Blair ,k Co-. Watt:mu Daly all t0rn , 404 , 1 thereto ate youttgeted to rata 1., meat
Pittaburah,'January 0, lesl.—bt=',l3l.
runupTbe paMrl4lp l trn i tiore T risslag %mace
ban 0 d10 , n4v.1 JaultaryTth h , i l ban
Doctor theght out aud
Open blubeelf duly of letting all debt , / of the or
If there oft att. to teUle the Woke. azel to nee thi
of the okl firm molt melt letth went,. IL 11. 0 10,
11.,7 - A. IL 'Sum+ ICU carry no the moo Irak
Moral. nod ta: Camay to rerrive 14.. mato:Erma 'Jai
nEAUTY.—Ipis universalLeoncmie
iji bmxats it more'txmennoli In this UT that;
ono. white at lbs Oat, too It 0 ...!.16..1 that ht ti,
eroutri Is ia k./I at : ~,.iwn, -, t o 2,. hot Mit tit a, ,
cote% tottoth Intl lb. 1.,. rogtot mood ht •,,,,=.
my to all, do rot ant...ot yore prootutl
ot Om Colhort,,,„. in.), inn tool to trott
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an .111. , V• ~ 'i
Jut, ,moots DrpiLalori Mdse. E.i maniac mr-li
1,9,.. Loin more mtt-tat, than LW - nom 4•.;
nr arms or • anti• This s5l
alll mama . ; ,. r ,
[ 15mo. Nothout Übe toe at Inty ahoy 1ntw0 r ,,,,,t
~ 7),
Joh. 'toter., Veortahlr 224a14.21,,,,,. ID, T.
=Cotl 4 S Z4 l. tor l ort, ' ltifil .,
_t a :l-41
~,,,,,,, tonr:tra no. eftertnall2 non lot,. ottro;•,- .
Ins at the same arm InanUible.
_. • ,4
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1015555 ....lax' wsperittwar in tha whet - I. I,
the earararr. It Irarrethe skin r.(141, to n t pit
ranttood sot lialtle to - beano, erlaq.,,,,t• ,• ..,
Jul. Mears Won Tooth Paohy—titot b the
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the b k nnin tam but Ober Moto:tot. ambito, howl
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teeth rti17 1 .7. ' Yr lama Toad Porto wilt,
at the Ai. drlbt
110 aura Ciao and t 4 V .'*""4 1,.. • :
.• - ',-;
,• Aid • [SAM, Parflancr'sad aa';'•':
120 lataarat at.. Phil.' -.'
Tar age 7 . lagmla aall ratan, WI
Jac e .1:e•U. It. A. rah:aste
Dalittettutih t Mt J. IA
N,l ". *! .' - . -. •
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