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    ° 'T'[IiCELLAhEQU
- aous WITH THE 16,PArta.
we take the following ruttier interesting .
article 'from "a late number of the Honolulu
Several ship.wrecked Japanese being in Ben
oit:du, We requested one of them, *holes acqui
red as efeellent lmowledge •of our language, to
Mike is risit. accidopanled by one of
cutoartynien lately brought . hither. We shall
first =traduce our reader to .ffie interpreter,
JohnMang. This person, with , four others,
were - taken, ten yea= ago, from auleaolate and
uninhabitedialind, where they Lad been cast, and
where they had limit &rent hundred and eighty
. dam cia sea tails. t They were brought to Hon
olulu giCapx W. Whitefield, of Fair Haven,
who then conimandeof a whale ship in the. Pacif
ic,- Fear -of the number 'remained here,' one
haring died. John 'slung was taken by Captain
W. to the,United States, where he learned tbe
copper trad - e,.aud.enjoyed a good importunity for
going to SchooL His education is highly respect
able. . Helms been ono whaling voyage and then
With the multitude wait to California. There
not seeceeding• to. his expectations. he came to
the =laud, indulging . the long cherished hope
that he might. . obtain a passage. to his native,
shorts. It is his ambition to command a Junt,
and nirtigate„het with compass and quadrant
and show his Japanese countrymen, that the
”Mitside barbarians," understand navigation;
which science he has acquired sufficient for all
practical prispohes. Would that.' his fond wish
might be gratified!
tin Mr. Mange artiral at Honolulu, he learn
ed there ITR3 a fresh arrival df his shipwrecked
countryirien,.. and for whom Le ie prepared to act
as interpreter. By his aid we learned the follow
. int fAts respecting . die;Japanese, taken from •
Junk, by ,Copt. Clark, of the Henry Sneelexffi,
on the 211 of April, in 48 deg. 11. L., and 155
deg. B. L. -
Tearimolly., was the name et the Junk, eon,
mended by Capt. Husky; with Mr. Eekurero for
mate. .There were thirteen all told on board the
'wok. We May as well state that Eekexera the
mate. has famished= minutes from his "LOS."
mud' Ire have nd - doubt he has noted down the
facts in true Japanese aautical style" But to
proceed—Mr. Hung, acting es interpreter, end,
Ketweero dictating to him. The Teestru-
Molly was gamed by a soldier or nobleman, in a
torresitosted in the S. B. aide of a small island,
W;fremi liipht=„ The name of the island,.
cur.ear 1767 toe dull to catch the sound, although
a part of the name, we aver, was
The town is twice the rim of Honolulu—the pea ,
pie err femme and fishermen-OEly two j un k s .
were owned them, but a plenty of fishingboate."-
rico is the principal product, besides all kiredi of
'vegetable product'. Both junta were owned , ' by
the ll= Mr. Sommung. •
Tee lecr-sumorty had taken a cargo of rice to
dinharged the same, received PaSmint ,
' partly in aver and in paper money, (we -have
seen specimens of both, as for the paper mow
it appeara as well is any we erer saw,l and
started en her homeward passage, ordinarily of
enlydkree days. but was overtaken by adverse
winds. . Their &apply of water wee exhausted at
the Madbf. sixteen daye,:r.r.l their rice at the MI
•cf twenty sir. They were then reduced to
same refuse fieh wades and occasional choime,
but by the merciful care of Divine Providence
an wet* preserved, until at the end of ea dayi„
their junk; rudlerleus and dismasted, fell in with
the H. Eneshuni, Capt. Clark, who took thens ill
• en board hie vessel and supplied their wants
They cherish the Most grateful feelings towards
Capt. Clark and his - ship's company. Sabot
euently Capt. Clark delivered six of them to the
hull= authorities at Petroppaulelki, under the
promisethat they shonld be'returned to Japan-
Two. were taken by Captain Sherman of the
Nimrod. end two by Captain Damn of the Ma
There is an impression Chewed; that lapaneee
if.taken back to their country Will be put to
-- --death. We are positively insured by. Mr. Ket.n-
eeto,ihrough the interpreter ?deplane, that this I
is not the fact. He asserts that should any ves
sel take them back to their native tillage, the in
habitanti would rejoice. to hail the Teasel. and
would put on board n supply of fresh recruits.
without charge. We, hope soon to !care that
some man of war, merchant vessel; or whale ship:
is bound thither, on the beneecient errand of re
• stoemg these mfortanste persons to their rUmn
try and home. Referring to their home, leads
to the remark, that seven of thee° ere married,
and their families reside in the village where
their junk was owned.
Our Yankee propensity of ossking -question"
was weaderfelly excited in our interview With
Mr. Eekamre, for we found that he could feeniah
much valuable information respecting the Japan
ese ielards,, and the customs of the people.. The
following farts we record; respecting his native
village, containing sixty idel i eemples, which ac
counts say are full of gods.. Every temple i 5,
prerided over by a priest, who nits ex•efEclo as
ached teacher.
The children of all, botierich and poor, attend
school together, and, nearly all the inhabitants
:can read and. write: The people are all taxed
:for the support of the temples. Every farmer
, paying about hie bushels of rice, per acre. We
asked, "how do the laws punish the thief:" Cur
informant replies, "For the fast and eeem,d of
fence , the thief is impriecned, but for the•third,
. his head is cut straight off."
"How do they punish the murder - et!'
• "His head is cut off direct," 'the wars of the
do for marriage, a man is allowed but one
wife, but if she does not please her husband, he
can Bend her back to her father s house, with the
contentof the old people, otherwise the husband
tenet support her.
Touching their ideas of a future state,. we learn
: that the bad people are believed to go-to. a bad
. • place, after death, and the good to a good place.
When ' • person dies, a record isipnade of his
name, and it is hung up in the house of his friend,
- "and the household have stated periods for pray
ing 14 the spirit of the deported In Jepaia there
ate six principal sacred days, including a New
Year, which occurs in January. •
Ati Zasr.oorso CarrALß.Tlre captain of a
cruising frigate in the 31editerranean, , on de
scending the ladder for his coat, about eight
'O'clock is the evening, and contemplating the
felicity , of a doter, hours' uninterupted repose,
left seeders with the - officer of the watch to be
made hemiainted of any change in the Weather.
Teener - 1s 'midnight it soddenly began to look
bleak' to windwaid, the breeze freshening to. a
,long continued squall; which obliged the lieuten
ant to shoriew sail to the foraail—the topsails
were !clewed down rot-resting. Here the captain,
was informed of the change of weather, snit the'
sidles ship was reduced to in consequence.—
"1,h,", said the captain,i"it blowa bard, data it."
"Yes sir," replied the lieutenant, "there'll every
appearance of a gale." ' , Very Vell,", said the
captain." At 12 o'clock the first lieutenant, who
had been for the last half hour watching the r.
etatfpf the. :wwdhor, made up his mind to dia.
:orb the captain for the permission of the }e•dA,
telling him that he thought it necessary; to ens
the top gallant yards down, and mako all snag, r
.frrit.was blowing n perfect gale. "Do so,' said
the captain, - "and-any—lot me know if it Uwe; ~!
harder, or arty thing particular happens," Bath
yaddand roasts were struck, the fate and adz en s '
mein, taken in. the fore sail reefed! and cot
agan, before the watch was called ; link after
vitrich,the retard lieut e nant, in Obelimme to the
ardent left him by the noble first, went down to
report; tho toss ti the xr.ain top sail, whirl had
blown elm= out of the 'bolt rope. - Tad, gallant
.ccuananderliad - hcen awoke by the 401$0 occa
sioned by the splitting of the sail, and the ma
meat the cabin daar openz.l, and the CirsCer of
the watch entered,.as he had erpieted, 'prompt
irorderetibize, .021 hoc stating the case, to set the
stoma stays 'ails, adding, as be laid Isirnielf dowtt
tigabt, 'and, yea know—ahl let me be called if
it Moan harder." .The ship labored much. and
,inst alter 'daylight ‘ahipped a moot tremendous
sea, Whieh made 41 ; shake again, washed away
Wiles way haanneekhetting, and with is nearly
half the watch. The gale, if parable : was still
increising, - the sea ruining mountain. : The of
ficerSrt the watch reportai the alai catastrophe.
"And it blows very hard, lies itt" seriously said
tka . captain. "Very hard, indeed,': as mourn
- , lieutenant; think I ark..
tally isplial the Heat,
laaewit to blow so hard.
dea tLe cyptaia, as be tar9ed dialelf,ro
thought of 'some farther order , "what, you.ieo, k ....,... -. „
er keek - it blow so bard' "Never, air, add ' "I 'l. U.' kur of the lastuckg uf tbk, cp
the liguteozet positively . "Then sw I tatty. by a ureu L r the VII brh it recta
„...,: y o u
. , , it MY kryratty La tr.,"
kgiolf Wien ,it moderates ." —Ncurical Standard a,nan y. 1.5... a hIhILL U Ni CRltTri Cart
- -p,itITICE ral.en up l iv the , uhserilier, on
Ateilora os Pots= er laccsan —At a nweusg at th. l '''' l" t " 3 " • lU i ' Ll:Pl " ' b "“ r ' h. ""q h.
Tho kilt, Chita Mission Society held in London on ' 472,l`' f . t ''''
' "u'
" hl` 1'
111 J.
, , pak con -e end .1,1.11..111J. tko other totalark
thp 17th of
tbas Key . Mean. Dallas end emeeZ'sas L rt.;'''..,,n' u -f 4 1,..' j ''''''' " ' '''''.
• Greif, of Dublin, gave a sketch of mair obseniatiens ~,,, r ,. '. ' ' . ... r.r : I lytck D PRIOR,
dosing a tour in Connemara. They (gaud that ia, -- . -3 --.: -7-- - _ITT , Pee ',yak Pkttoburytk .
of that a„ ,,, ofe . re ~,4,, tad ief i, ~,,,a State Inutual Faze Insurance Ca, Harrisb g.
of this Comas, to to afford
Roman Ceilbolic Church cud joined the Prutemant i THE ilesizu
Estalawhinent Between teed and three thousand i baa.uef ....7u're.llll 7P '..l r :kk.'. t "7 o k:k t e' n uk P ! o. 'l7Y. o a7fr ".
pRTIWTST DOW admit the emit ut Seriptuas nadr -- rz , .:;;, ,, ,.. , - ,, -.. , fr.L., ca.' huhu. okylornatlD t o
This taw non mate of things . AnothrS equally riei. in thy :: '..`.%'1.,`1i s';!* ..` ti ' r1 1 1_4171. 4 1',":.
makable tact wasmentosped. The Protestant Bo ih it f i '''' - '7"t . ' ~ .r s; , a i, 0 1a5'i..,''th5.,,,..„,„a
op et Tl.lll bad: publicly coabrined fa, hundred 117,R. , ...,,, , T,rkaku . kh'nortr' ri d = j k l h :k i rr 4 l . ,!., il
Ies t.COIVIT Mr Glee SISO reported Pa'khe meal re loakes au urrlTl't'a.”'"'a-kka'"'XV'',., r." T;. 2 7mk " ut of
that t amr he bad visited idly one Ixeduics ''''' ?1,,/,'`...gil„,v. 'l,,, i l's , r, I to a h iai";;;zt.a:= , , ,- , , ,,
. -head Ofb‘u Divine worritsip was per
as i pemsnal P " re ' lkerta .7.7...:1rr":,itr,,, • ')....".24.6,,p,...,,,,,,,:,,..-ia
uy La Wet.
the presenes oi Cellerceillotaik, IDOctcalk twentieths :she Paunki Clyty a dr:lcicle at,. tho at
ot %dote had been Roman CaSOlics; he also Met C'.. 4 '''' . "". ....., wa Lywyay i .P L .,, u Ii .. A
akatllkke.aukllluk Later hick.P. .1 p.c.), ku tor„ ; 0n.T . 010
thaws,. brdamed ; clergymen of the . Establish. kir._ ~..,,,,,,
. n...
is a
moat allot whom had been Itonain Catholics, threw . sha;irsilr',Eral'is," 'ir, 7%,,,',,,',(4.c..,:,,,-.,.. h.,,, .
cid= lett e r
in sub4wo dm following
of ta• ,Lllt:I I. , 'f r ul ,' '11"..„'t,''',......." , " ,:i '.. ,"4,1' . t.', u ;
a .
from a letter in i b' London co.ropondeace of Lho sz..a.o ii-,:e;iwcd toe To.og. ,t - o:: - =`..:rill - Z;
caution koirooole ]:= 6 i...nt 1”.#4" ~ ...4 .:tt,. woh ,-,
the Dakhla , acm 'Rum ague
Weigel opery is tasking all this gain En/Isae. d ik. am f=gll hAkt s . ,. ..:aa esker...llo thk0e,,,,,0,
ylow. that Ito aped, am dot, op
Sbel"611111101* Pb elga to Matti nu Irelan. Theta the mamma ot cash .cirk ItaqS i a.T. o4 =shrill
i f
wg resis of mcmotarst truth, ni the blob tongue, op, Ms ....T 0 n......" ,
pears to gowns Importance daily. About a twelve Illtralt r b -,,, tv . t ra,:. , ,,,, t ....... 00 Sloe
„:„.,,,„„. it wavitated riot the Bishop of Tom hue 1110 000 insirr t arena rir the follokrtye partners -
~,,d m p r e, e m u fear hundred eo t entes g oa , lam P. Ituttierfard mess.
, 4111att, Pummel T A - 4W,
Boatsmen% and now A is atoned teat not One has rii,,tV:".", Lil o t. .1., wid........D.1... Jut.
soon toot tq tusfonaet Pt? l e p ton it I. moreover z I io. fIurIfERFORD, Pwrienit
Illtwed,lhaglais wale prwate is Felted to dedwe A. , AJ. eILLETT. tlrnetary
in ikthr l .• ... ill. Home °( /'" di l i b ' _ biswilh " rsret=" lterarti iwurrYlluals. No re EmlUs•
•ha 1/011th of Lis ducom, not lon dal ma ikza , 1,4,14,a,zitta orav-wo
i •
sand converts from Popery. Thin is a new and won i
dirful thing Inaba . history pr the attihroa coa.try.--
hi the city of Dahlia, also ti'mturf ha imovenient VS irt
poltyats, by Yrbieb . msuly are bemocoulit a
the Bible, Rod man y' are declaring the . es Ree
tliatinda Polnore. Ftw manif yeah the .11"
of Dublin bitabeen Whenv in the hands of thatYCon.
aril MAY.
now and - then-a groteritant bovine
apy place 1130 hp -them, tar at learnt a Protestant of 1
weight or 'temple. At last, however, the city '
grew weary . of • the degradation under which it lay
twine Bitch muntnetpality as had been in power for
Fem.!. • Th Chamber or eomerne, therelort, revol
ved sidsta ing a nutrililbra retpectable men, aiming
a , Charnel r and oveylholrtir
o party consideration. --
This re}.ult has teen a complete reform. Tony csi•
tied tb4ir etindidates everywhere, and now the vast
malorivy of the menthes, are men of work and intl.
once, god Withal, Prmestants
• __
; • 'Aitention, Townships and Boroughs. ,
.Frlii,.. ‘, - izens of the Borcinghs and T0na1 .2.,
.2., tillio.nre regarded to curet at they. niPtell a eleetkm.
mt iatords, Vat In. 1 , :t1. Cr the maw... nf elate ,
itn Dlezate , tn a Ct.oLls enlale.lll.;4[l..d. h; r -/d e.t , tpe
IWI'. ..110'Ir,',P,',X.7:1'.';;',...:,'hIrr'lltr:1;',.,:j ..4'l•=it% sth .
1,5r,,,1,rh.f,'';',.;, i c :Vi t i !Z1'.!,`,;°:! ., .. ,r‘h:.T.,i - Inn".":.? „ `_
ii,rtt;4.l:l4.the how. of 31.1 S r ta , haelti , 4 „ ll old< tlt
. 7.‘".'.' "n:ItiI;.Z:.'n'ACI:NIIIIIE.
. .
44 1 1'1 il!''C.ll*.t4'.'N . Comm itt ee.•
NV:11. 1111,0 N.
j alt. JlLLirtfebltt tl. E. ..P . l.
I'I•YI,N. 1
itATitSii;iiWiiPikisiTE BAN tt p - r, ----
~-,s .
.....4. D.—.0,,i ra. Iso The CAP.:vim: it • 11,0
o write,: • tin+. tor three Ye. , Pai`ar h , ttne Atate. bare
retnaintli in thit Bank nnallen.l nrt..l .Inel:timid. together
'V 'J'„Ta„-"1.11Z1:T.'.7 , ! , ;° 11,1,d ..a j ''
ilen. %ValnbOtr , VW. Jo Zet a h. th '.
Both of ed.uve depontn are at ltdr/n at the rate of fin=
nee coat per anourri. •
.--- JCAIN ?LttiO£FlN, Caglier.
AtArmed unto nod rur JM u u t t l / . aar ralSe. .
otos} Pattie.
pie9 h. January_.lSUl --inliglitetB
--. -
031 NISTRA'fOR'S NOTICE--LetterA of
Adroiniatration Orl the•estile of Call:mi. per , &al, Loa bon granted to the untlerouned. All per ,
pans indu
i•1t...1 sill make immediate payment thaAr haring
fill.. ill nreaeut the tumor:J.oll4.CM.
CO.-P kR'CNERSIIIP— liaving associated 1
. m , . O,IT. toooLyth. with too, the Lo. Meta lota be
motto. st the olt Itsr.l, no MI Keel M. on4cy the arm
of IC. Loo rd mkt cost
'rim m r patina of the firm return. MA:Metre thank ,
in the id oda mol Wmsr patmot of Me Come. and bow,
by strict Mott., to tomictts tot the manta of natomer&
In moist toll chore of public yo , trootr. ,
..., All pet • kommot th,totelt ea lutobtod ta N.Lomat
bity book.
or Mbermoe, Amor to JtlitlYar ht. iSSI,
r Fin blot. call ond milk, kikt !AM rata. malclltiwtMl
Public Sate of Real Estate
rf.L be eie.l 007 th e
f ifst % , A a
o'cck A. on the {=43 t =a% t:.r
lead a
re t
he tastonly , 0.147 91 .6. 1 kgh.01 ,
beresdre Cu the north by Well of Ilea* , Z. 11.1. C. Lac
nest on too eeulls ty banzl 'ea) /en erel
the PM by 10=25 tali), .LtaitlLF: till .4 tr. null
C iLLS o 9.I) seles, ante er Ica, being Interne Irea of loon nhlch the tau Jerrau ereneinte Ce &Li kronen/ .
Iles neer, the Treutaesen /cAul,uni Ls unsut teu
to from
the taty,cf Plttabnren, anoet 00 errea.of the etnuni eat
licere. mud in coal militia.= ICS 2014.4 an..., 1,14 at
tue Lelfls rcjruniendtbeyrepezt, 0017nue sud• Leif
•,- Cell Carl treet of u-lens . Cls
no alms, n, r".... 0 E. 110: thire yen
Caretheratemug LNAllec.mrczni by - eln:
01 Are Eleni=als =Gyres: ef
,ielyz/VtlrejltterVief.o3 TrlVL,eltfai,
t ffi Inn4tnt..ri Allenh
natcrevt of
the ulei F4Ol, turte to
,F 2 Os
,`ERATitic if r oli n &rilrtg
tO e . thr.k. A. It Puma ef re u ic oil be
4RPITINS' COURT of Allegheny
ata tar. A. D ISZA.
er of the ;arntlza d the sea eat. of
of Ababa. naraltip,
':our.iy, SS:
Pater—, Oz. .saraA i2jazternon,
,‘,...1,,1tm,tx.A.A...:41.= I
. silk, a mtaor,Vti -
.alarra Palaraza, 71.
C. Patterson, as.l &tali bell Paled*>
zdzarta moll guazdaus ad Alma damn
ltdaagka, Laza as Las of William H. OW
lam is iTer ' air giros 27 thz a. e nor:el prinks, that
by rut, of the plisse taectionta lost of partition an
g.* iFit he taken and hal upon the Friers , tiiietrin
IT trat:ertWittla ‘ = % Z ..L.l..Z
hale of Jam Li , * itr . i•ip .I,4tp lisolatt. John 11.14
1: r Lletarrsott. Units,/ Union,
wail OA tiara of Ferrr rstterrun, 04414 m about til
p.,er, Irish the apparttosares. alsii. 000 clgrr PCII.I
ir.M.1611 aril Part at load situate in sea toris - rds of
I 1 hvibetis. bourrlel hi lands et JAW. klebitileitt, Than.,
Mars., and the hem of litter iietter , , c, e rtnilr i nntri
Itis-11 ' 7 . )1 sV h . the
Wrt. ` : ti I it; Tbr,to.T:'lgAbe
125p`-.1 1 `:V0 1 :s '"'"lt 7.11t111 - V4P7t' , ftlg ,
i L '' '''' l' - ` °c l`,l'A. -szriv...lbat:!i,,r
, ..,..6........,...... 0z.. , ; 11. ~- , 1-1 •1 ;...
BY virtue of 3 writ c.,f Levari Facia issued
!ant of the Dietrich Conn ef Allegeny cchurav, and to
i .r,
cow inwted. will he eshoevi to puddle ale, at Oa• Conn
dlo se, !n the It eh Ilttetodayb. on 3lneday , the g7th day
of 3 i lee+l, 10 o'clock, .1 11., the following''
' '' jf I that cre ' hoTri t F. '"l of
a n ritrate in the lieeerre
onyee:lte hat!) !!egt,. and acs's hy tho name of hoe
da !ii ant! .1d t g In! al., Ida 001 10 . P. 3. Lseyatt, eat!
i rad In the recurt.: old:-!, da ueol. 3F. eel 03. rode
3 , te•Jintang at a earn , of 3 - 4 No ~.1. :tette ennelhi
a' Itman! etre , 4to tel to a menet on 'hood etteet
tn ce Oen; a l ley
11 - ert re/ feet ht tlerhare alley. thew.
Id g raid alley 4! avt. to e od'nee !d - l'A dir gt. and
the en Glop, tho Pg..71f . i 1,0 fi,l. to the place ea' oed!oldng
Lel ¢ at ha 5e.143 in the nteezer Thot ogtoote
"rat , to turgh to ar lb.. Nutt!! leen:=!er- In the liertuth ef
A Leta - . wthla ti 'attire .. ,, , , ,a and eendient ccovev!
u! tedanae ',nal lu E. :1.417.4a. Lea t!!! referent.: td deed.
et cal In aced lesaa'd 3f, fcl. f,i, p. 001, wid mere fully
.. ; 31.7.3 the f‘ , l F. P. Casson. sli d bus stn. by dood
•la thelth dos ed Antrost. 1.1). ISOts, soweot • -, t the soo3re
W st ied Jam Amberson in free wt.. .t.,1 is teanded
to . teen wen-, store —,wtotether with nil
law the woos, watem Sr., Lod 5nurr......r...• whensoever.
thelmsto helossitor. twins' awl token to execolos le
the toyerty of 3oLta Anthems. at tho suit of 11. 11. Ito.
Ca Intb. Aontros ofd t.t. quest: cud to be /Qin by
C. CU :Ie hlarrltt
' • .. esta t e CHTIce. lantary 31,1051.—pati10t5r...33
. ,
1 Military Bounty Land . Agency,
ISIATIItW lIOSEY, would revectfully
inform Shoe , inttrested that to Vat engaged in ',to
jiirt.17,At'11'1t',...t.f:.7,7,nr,,1•4,,` ViZroV the
rII edT:7l.l;"t`L-..1.'f,7,,g'T0';'.-f f:t00.t—',1,''..,r,r,,,hi11f,,q,,-,
th total at e.•; anw as the la• ,sta,sl, 'lotuses
.3.n the trnsodwre, no bene.'w own s,rue to the suldist
u Ibis land is irwansit. It is II ~..r alsO evident that
'lldual elaistoPatts nowt seissl their Iwtuleatneriniernal
nI Ann , . Tbe own will Is. found too exleutitelhe
ihrr to be aftlerdit, rmauddri lirival,liddiiiime,„.3l4 t m r
'orl AR tee
inifaViln'rlottr a t ifra to ''''' Ti• rim.- I t?ili.h h tlies...3 l l
es are the ea., hasinrsr of toe rayon, in the arr.:aim!
[ hie t cr ctrarylotod by Cony - rem cod reirmamcodel ta thi
IlrMellt , .mi ra3lo Mama I prom,. therefrrer, at •
cloMparataely mating heir t 1 procure —Pit A Land
dr anima for those mulled AI o rupanntrodporionalli
tt r Mastitis of cold warrointi tlien.l worming and guano
Lieu. to
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GOLD PENT.TVe have DOW en hand u
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S ibrls frVsh Roll Butter.
21 kelp Butter:
lu) Lne Dried Applec
' u La% Mint I'vethr, ermiresi Ly
I ARIL No. 1 lin store and for sale bv
.4 de_- , IrAl All DICK BY'S CO.
VIIROME YELLOW. KW lbs for sale by lli iO9I J nu, a lb_
1 110 S B, YELLOW. 914 lbs for iia . 1;5 D 1A ,,,,,,
Ade 1:1F ,AD A KIDD 1 ey,
WRITE BEANS. 15 lirls fur sale by
g AMIN. 50 brls in store and for We by
l J 3.9 wm m JumNstoN
ROOMS. 100 dozen for sale by
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GARI6 for Sale by
COINER COIN WANTED, for which the
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Jag Carper ht Mini cod Wood ne
:1000 AND SKELETON MAPS for sale
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ALUM.. 4B bbls *for sale by. •
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LINSEED OIL. 30 bbla for sale by
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TALLOW. -Fifty brla received am
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tenfity.`"l2,,Prr4igli yell VIV 'IT a 'i r a oN1.141: .-Tin Jacob Roar, the discoverer and mole proprietor
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SILVER. BAME NOTES. SltillT I THE Bgrrisa PERIODICALS, T Lawn to thause of his Lonathur tune. lorodisection a ith
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GOLD. .s runs Drafts On 000 goat sat West. btor.o. as.. ; A ILi N 1) 'l' lIE EAIOI.ERS' '61.1.DF... othr...l an auparallriPt atoincoup to cooing live. dn. I
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OLIAPIE E. ArsilLo &Co i ~.:' , , , ~,,,,,,, . , ~,,,,,,. ~,,. ~,,,,,,,,_ eases peculiar to (melee Inipad. Perri torm of &watt.
j._?______„_ No 7 . .1 four th ort;eb I 0,... Y •, " “- '. .1 "-- tirl r‘ , or i L 7' .l , •ll.E . l,t , lic ..-111,-nris',..Yobste;.tl4ob.,,, rthil. , hfw under the nee of his lewd,. to which huntani
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QENECA OIL.-Fiw brls reeeiverl, ;for sale r .i.., i, , ,lrsiiiiiii r f hoilocreler era - tu nee bi , . th e lacst far- w w i c , ai. ....,,,,, , , - ~, ,, ,,,,E - ,..„ ~,, . ~ ,, - r : , ,
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I.‘ for rain by 3,3, iififili iiii i. I. sti . ,s_c .c ,,,,,.., ,7„,._., 0 ,. „,`,,r,,,.,,'41-0t.4',„ ' ''' ''''• I J Selnoot.Ser * Co.. 30%3.1 st . rtmialre , •
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It I: FT'S ROOK Kli 1.: PI IC Ci.--.% sig.piy Th,. ~ i.,„ (e„,,„,,..,,, , ,, a.,, }!,,„. , Lbe A. belch. , tiruggict. ti or dm Piet Othre.Allrglyr
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‘OTION FLANNELS---A. faltLsr silo* y i iiiii ii....d. . . sr.., all other socroole -if th....yr ;1A hi iil7 MIPS. YUCITIII.I , , b (..3)
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VRENCII LEAF-Fifty bundles French. , =TT-if ..t...l***. tr. the. -....,,,- 1 db.: . ' 1L0101... 3 .0!.. LITIIJ • CO.
its intl.:no both in °rest Btu---- -
.11; Ficrecee, Dutch- Ciold end Picea:. Last. isr . t.* “,,„„ ,L, Etat, worts as 'ea. Caa. lil sOFFEE. 213 lin& Rio for isairi lir
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COLORS --.5 Ws Rose Pinit: , lytu , , ram ous • re Imo.' by the le•dio. I FISH. IR* Deis lay \u . laelsarels,
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A'ERMILLION -Trieste. Chinese, Amen - 1 ~*,..,,,t,
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end l ''" v. "'"J"k c iiia ., W ,,, .. , e‘) 1 F.. r Levities per enown 113 CX.,
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i lp i : S'SEN TIA L OILS-1 ..n 011 of Sasso* ros; 1...,,,5p, .3, . ,11 *, tt
2 ram !Oil of LaVtl3.l, I roe oil of Boaconar- I van ' i"r oil is , . i : . , ....I`. _, .
.of Lemon. I tau Oil of licryythaot . 1 ty...r. oil of clot.. , :i: t ii,,nr . , , ::::
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„, ~,,,th) r .,01.7,:..;, ~,,,,, th, 014,10
iAid) OIL.-Larj Oil of a superior quality.. ‘.,, ,^.*,,,..11:.7..14,,,;,:.,,,,,,,,;‘;',;.rr',:.? 0111,1? 1 1 147„ . .r,; In"
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IL oLissEs.--Twenty one bils prime '"' .",
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st N. ''''.,,,' 3 ' .. P '''''.'' '''''' " "‘.'" V. ' lia•CLIN - F o a ' COMFORT AND BELIEF
'IL.-')IrINDOW ILL.NCIINCIS -W. MeClintork 1 - pioil 'IMF. AFFLICTED will be foupd ill
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QAPETY FUSE.-Twenty brl!'dafety Puce
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Olt., novel. by the sulk.* of - lb. Olitllsivs ' ..
The Mother's • m pence. s'veavl. BY Use.te AV...
The 'Ann:sults. o Is.. ms. neva.
TL'alvoilvs of GO —an English story .
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'illis's Home_ Journal
SattiTday in New Ycltk
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J. V. W. respectfully .intorcat hie friends tuid
mestomore that be to now completed the largat -
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attended the... or 3111flTIMEli'l. , RIIICVNIAT
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maiing the sevemwt and [Mail inveterate twee of
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/lundreds of caw, many of them citizens, of et
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matory Lkso. very AIL hotteier.;petil la the won
ekrfol.virtues of 1111 A medicine.mad th0n...1. who 11 5
10 I
realized its benefits. and are now In the ....lament of health
• eau but extern, the original di- rater and proprietor. a
benefai.lor of mankind.
It It well known from the eruct . ..nee of th , . past, that no
;rtlifl ' ilgad d i2tirto n
uniments. partial retie], iu 1160.• mar In obtain...
foy • short time. Hut all the'aldle thia din.. I. fixing it.
tnure t
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Will again develope itwlf in a more dreadful form. and after
fee' periodical returns. It
lute chronic form.
able! , If take anon a rt 0 10 4. ruins the Individual f.e . lir...—
Thi. welted by the history of the pant id all rountriea.
sad more fully demonstrated by tile hittory furtalphipl of.
I¢e.• to the prortlemr of 1)1' nooioamW. a..riven by .moron .
—;r3llglrerh'llo.e , r , V.: s, l i r f':,7, , n," 01 1 . 1 . til 111.001;
Pt:hint:lt then Internal rem , d --emir...ores it. pera.
Slone where the illweaw drat originate , and In pork roof
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impursor ....tie Pediment. whk hp ha. settlid r
at the
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the system, and restore. the indi•iduzl N rieet h e alth.
Let those who are annelid not
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put od the use of thin 0:1"1/CiTIP WIT o n until their
limbo are dislocated or runtmeted 110 a, degr ' that
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'WI internal remedy, to pm... the Mud ettiet y met Woo
Onee Ithentriatic (kenimund and II ruritier in thy
only named) that has ever been dl either 10
America oz May other country. that w I ellettualtY run
TbU Medicine ran le bad, whoksale retell, at No. 73,
Third Ovet, belt to the Poet Jmrs Yin hltrah•
Alm fn ml. in Pittsburgh. by IL. Orotr.r, orro. Thorn.
J. It thaws. I. N. Wicket .. .ham. end J. .
t. 5 per bottle: d 0 bottlee 411.541 i; or at 3 per docon
PazdAhl!te min be had gratis of the Yr..
Murphy's pelf Sealing Advertising EnveV
Opel. • • I
11j0.0.63 MADISON ST.. NEW YORK.—
1 . 1
The subocritor, in whetting the Daffrodffe of di oho
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The follOwiag or. 4 few of the Ml.= rot 0,6,1.5.
tag. On th• plate ocrupied by thr dd. o Poo.. ma
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lid. The Envelopes manct lie opened wiffdat Mao ffo
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Ith. Up= the adffortit o letter. the his.und its
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price as plain onea
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' 'S'irttilualog Is o of prices for 1104 s. engraved on
brad. sad which alli toff for year, and of E.M.34lrp.
oho ususl else. alba whiteor bu ff, of good paper,
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('71400 0,019 =ale
10 lettere or ..... _41,00 abort.
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10 tow Offd 7,40
40 to ou.. o,ou .Xrd 10,4 u
{Owl® 12,0014000 Oda
%lieu It lo tot conropient to forward .000000 of order
U.T 4 ... `,..l7=TtitUrlre
altenthl, If ad/roared. wat, multrity.
No. 1103 Modisoa street, N. lurk.
Orient will be snaffled to promptly, it!he stores
of Ileoirs. albeit t M 94. Al 01 41 drat; or o M". U.
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1 UST RECEIYEp fiorn the Phillipsville
111 J/ Oil Oath Futon.
AN. 84 rittlT Oil Cluth;
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1411 U JOUNtiTUN
QUNDHIES--Three hundred bble. No. it
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stare end for nada by Jan J. 131119 UAL.ZZLL.
a A.b '" °" . °4 ". " I° ".itor
ll ne DALZELL.
EIEHBS—EIder Fitment, Sage and Boneset,
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CO Weal -
,A. 8.1) OIL. 8 bbis received on consign
_l4 boent. And RA Yale by WALLINGFORD
1. Us WWI . ytybet.
1 -- V 0. MOLASSES. S 6 brls new crop, us
rersire4 and tor WeD> R A
FRESH. ROLL BUTTER. 4 brler.ju9t reed
Wra.o for sale by tlea 11. A. CIOiNIN GUAM.
MITE #l9. 75 hr and hf brie for
sae by oder 0 der 188 h i
80 MEIN co.
11,11CKORY NUTS. G bags for side by
1111 1~ L. S. WATERMAN SONS.
MOULD CANDLES. :20 boxes for rude by
.13,1 0.7 WALLINGFORD t CO.
SOAP 160 boxes Louisville No. 1 Rosin,
m Loa Canna &Am An• mac bp
sapply of Iturccare'a celebrated lientacky Mustard,
t In the erockl, on hand and tor dale by
COI'ION YARN. 2000 dozen Hope Yarn
rerssiv by , le WALLINGFORD A CO.'
URANGES. 35 bbls. just received and
Ir'l . ' •
DO Wan' Greet-
VLOUfIo 150 i bbls. for sale by
il k ivinEro. The Preeideiii and Board of
st.era of the tiortlAtro Liberties Dreg. Colo Y
nog tialsay geelue/ . sl‘ , *ae PnY
ctnuan vath sauv of tbi [UAW .to- . k of sat:i rptoperis,
the sataatelli wei4 to the stockholder. oo or
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10th instant.
U. L. WARN MK. Tle.lllNir
Allegheny. Jun. Ist- lFil.-I_Aet _ `
- ---
ed. New York Syrup, • very •uprrior article
°Ltd. Sy rub from tbo Luols retba , t,
Etwar Iluune MoLimaes • do do
1••• Orlesue du for tato by
_et/ WM. A MA21.1304 t CU.. 7.Z Liberty et
1 0DA ASII. .75 casks Hartz bramlinr sale
by • al-. b. .t W.
1.1101.. L 13E17E12. 20 bills. priine, Mt:4lV.
rt titt sale by tWat s • r fiAltItAC6ll
rtilLOW. 511 bbls. prime for sale by
JOU e 6 W 11AftlIACtill
lIEESE. 5 boxes W. K. Cheese fnr sale
IA; 00 S W 11.11111A0111.
IG 51ETAL. 175 tons for rolling mill
'purrs.% 0011 111.1.K.1. MATTHEW. , a (7.11
ba ßif.t. e s r big i r i :Z e a r i:o fi'r
!ale by del:
,WIll 7 Elt. 20 bbls roll, fur • _
ROollit, 40 dozen-for sale by
d I IrEA:11 toblY. DOW landing from the
'fr'"""es'7' mr ISAUn DICRLY
1'22 Wee:
`ALERATUS. -- 1617ios;a
i.,l,Ctic t -tOC BOOKS—Educational
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, AILn R.t Sand) um, Sr sLe bT
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LINSEED OM. 10 1414 received for sale
by • da'S 41 .. e• IX HARBACCIII.
it'S.U----MMI DABAff: 1500 lbs just received
1)11 . and for nda Of FIRSUN A iIEITER,
Tal Corner S. Cbdr and Liberty sta.
tiARNESS. 40 dozen pairs Horse and
~ 54u/ ' """' ". 'es tr wavignitaN & 50551/_
. ; - '4oiiiiiE. in store and for sale by .
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IINDIt.IO--84S . lbs Spanish Float, 31utlras S:
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tKlNTiiiif — lionee and Sign 27Lipting
teir(in„tiiveci),-2.=.„,,,,..4 5 , 5 55
;Yhiunig nod tils=r d •• 501 othar valatsra ta tn.
city, *Ware Sr
.tsl, t°4'it' J. aa. rimirea ' :
1 1..) , cn0 Italv /ale ua DI: AL'S 1t13113t.
IN..0171: REDUCED —IV ilmarth. Noble
t (lair /atm Floor. cltlivn . ..l. 12Sger NO lb•
n 1
npettba at tin lb, • libel* T. trul
Wll.l tall
H IDES. DIC, Dry Hides;
Drv . Calf SW.
I buigll.• Deer bkl. Inaulingfianle by
..There ere more thence In heaven and earth.
- nom are dreamer. of •In philosophy , "
VIRTUES of this remarkable. ?erne
." dy.•ard the constant application for R. MM. propri
etor. has Reload him bo bare It put to Inhottlek with be
bete and directioua. for ttw lament of the puldir.
The PRYPAILEUNI ia . pmented from swell to this magi
at a depth of four bandied feet It a pore, unadultera
ted artirle, without any eliendeal change hot Jae a,
fl lt
oss fog. Nature's Ureat Labratoryll The. it totataira
properder rearhing a number of disease", It no longer •
matter of uncertainty. Them are many tedium in the ar
cane of ordure. which If Moan. might be of vast useful
men In talkeriatlng suEoring. nod restoring the LImMY
health and rigor to man) n sutler., to ny laggre the pro
prietor thought of puttlog It dp e mi ne nt Lt/ors. It had • strut.
ilia tor Ilse elm of disease. The no dadir meraw .
sing culls for it, and several remarkable cum% it her per
formed. Is a sure Indication tf Its future tuft:tariff end
re le dread .pvllEllllOO In the rum of diarear:
We do not wish to Lela, a long parade of curtllkates. as I
we ate the
that them...hes. an scoot o yowl Its way
Into the tacos of lbw+ all...idler, and wish to be headed.
Whilst we do mutt rime foe it a unbent] applirtation In at•
wry discs., ice mdweitatingli say, that lo a number f
Certain , Disease. it is unrivalled. Among them may lie
voutorrate.l--all dockers or the moraine tisanes. latch as
stage.! ASTHMA, mai all Wawa of Om eir..lPiiee•VN
Pll eXIMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA. Rialto, tmetasea of the
gladder abd Kidneys, Pena in the Erick or Side. Nen./
Inagua, Neuralgia. Palsy. Rheumatic Palow clout. E7l4P
elan. Tetwr. thou - um - ugh Man, *Aida. Etrage, Old some.
tr. tr. In au-of debiliti.r , Wm e.Pwe ,
long and protracted rams of ditrava, this, medicine will
brio; relief It will art tea a general TONIC mod ALTER.
ATI% E ' , itch sera, iropartlog tone end *arse to the
whole fresh, court reli obstructlona. openigg the Aug:glob
functions. which min disease and • broken emastitailio
and Orion increased and renewod energy to all, then •
of Ilfig The proprietor Loons of amoral cures of '
that reaistol evert - Wag treatment, get well under the 4.10 e
of the PIITIKILEEM tor short
ma. The pant n.
given to any
ine pert. who desires it.
None genu without thesignature of tea proprietor , -
Sold by theproprinth,
E. NI. BIER, Canal Nein, near Seventh street.
Alm, by IL lIELLERR, 117 Wend it.,
and EtitibEß t'SI•DOWELL.
center Wood ertet and Thule Allay, who are
his regularly appointed Agents.
NOW all men who are sick and afflicted.
11 disease of lb. Bladder and Kidney.. with rheu
cpains bark or llmbs,.stiff pAtits.old ens. running
nicest se., th at they tan is eared by taking the PKTMS
LEI:3f sou may toil atcati 10 Woea matrueas much
oa you plots, but thls does not make it . o f orm; form; proclaim.
in the ass of an bawd community, that It has virtues
which are of contained in any other messily. The man
who la meted with pen el auffaing from divase, 00,
too 30 cent., got relief I d io m any of the Ilia entonerslat
abase. '
Keader! it oats eery little to makea tr ial. This Potree
loom to too mixture—no compound, put op kW the vesper
or imtsynup on the community; but It 11 • remedy
by the master band of Latta*. ed bubbles op from the
1.000111 of our mother earth. 10 Its crialoarpurity. and of
fcm to suffering humanity a ready moody, • curtain mei
cheap con.
it lysa cured Piles. after other otecticlmw het feed to
mu relief. 10 lam cured libeurnatisse, of look
standing, and of the worst end meet painful charseter. It
has 0,00,1 Cholma 31orbus. by one or two dosw it has
cured old came of Mania., lu which .iiry other malady
Its be. 0•01 no stall. As a losal remedy In bums .04
itbettor tbausny medical compooods or oiatment
that we I[llol, of. it will runs chilblAtus and fretted fret,
In • few appliance= undoubted testtmony ran be Waste
ed of OM truth contains! to the above statemeot. by ee/1 -
ieTA.T.:I3t3IiIELIKIE.II. Canal lien, brienth Arcot; ur
Keyser NloltowrlL corner of Wood street and Wires
I alley: I.
E. Sellers. Oh
Wax' strait; D: A. Elliot, and D. 31.
Curm.Alirabmi mtii me the ...Ma.
8111611.1Pr11l SALMI.
(tensas of sundry (: s ee LOT•Si Facht• and ,
tionl Ripens+, out of the Dane
Coon of Allegheny county. and to no direttsd. will t
be exposed to sate, the Coart Noose, oily of PIM+ I
lough, on blooday, 7th day of January, A.D.
I+3l, at 10 o'clock, A. M., the following described I ,
property, to win—
All, those three certain lots or pieces orground,
sltuate in Sidney vibe, St Chur townshipnemtared
38,37, and Ss, sod Noce of ground adjoining lot No
IIS, to said Suinspeolc, bounded and described as j
follows: be/ironing at the tOilthcoat Corner of fold
No en, sod mottle+ scrub 7 degrore end I west,
as perches and 1110 to a oast au me public read,
throes smith fl , tart along sold road 17. j
perches slid SS IID to a post on the corner of Centre
went sod raid road, theure *long said ,trees north a
half a drama rostra perches sod .10.1.00 to a post at t
the tooth ve e•E torn. of old lot No Su, thence limb
rug degrees su est 17 rerel,s to the place of I,oli:ening. I
coat:tiptoe three mere. and bo as
T two Pe,ra, mores?
jlest te , er.i and taken to nactittnan ea iLia propurtl
u Cohn Blow, at toe tad of Christian Anclurts, tor
use at John Forsyth.
• nizo,
At tbe nab', aisle, Interest sod elator of Peter ford
rat, or. in • 1111 .h roam lot, of ',found a4note
the alto of Pittrbutec, on e south side nt Cirnt
'411,, and fren.una un,said .tr e at le feel. and ettanad
•r.g Lana Ott feet— eh , ihren rs cc ecc rd n triter. story
an., and L• bdatnled on We ens. by property
.1 lion , c, MeCitli4Vd•ll , ll the evert t, property
toms. cr:.rd upd taken in erten:ran a. the t
itorstly or felon CI me sou or Wrlbsra
: row+ tor ow,. and t• he sold ‘o , r
I' CI: ICI 11, riberiff
aid Col et an
r, 01 Common Neal or Alleehen• coon., and
,f,eee'eft, arileto rap...ft fn
sole, al the
mitt f ord. e LI, ell, of hatyls, on Monday, ,
Lennart yr A 13 1,51, 01 10 alrteek A. 51., the to 4. !
drver.t.ed pt, per.''. to
XII Inc right, Ode, didereot nod clam of Theo
dote F.'t root, of, and to, ail those two certain
tots or plectra o. groonkl, marked tool dealgossed No
4 and :/, in John twine plan of toot, recorded in
deed book, —, page Wooded and desclibeti
a. reboots,—tunotteneina at the dollen. of 46
feel 2 toebeb,lnon Eno Street, On Centre A1101:111e,
or errant . of lot No 3, thence long card Avenue 44
tees 6 Inches to tot of NI, ft..lrwtn, thence along
will Ile od reel 10 au 'alley 11 feet wide, thence
ulong said alley 44 feet 6 manes to lot No 3, Ranee
wit.* tol.l Id parallel woe Erin street, 76 teesto
ylatt of beginning. being the same Iwo 1044 which
Jno. S. Irwin nod Martha C. his wile, by tbeiideed,
dated the 716 of Nov., A. D. 1649, and ream:let:4ln
deed book, vol. V 2, page 21. greeted end convdyea
tot he woilTneoi t ore F. Wissak ttjelsed and taken'
in c.v . :anion as the properly o Theodore F Wright;
at the null of John Watt.
twht. uge, inwreYk and clattn - of Andrew
Ent loc. In and to all that eettatn lei or piece ol
gro d..onanoc to the Often, Tract. Noes townshtp
oppoutl the Nut :ha ro Labeters of eldshOrgh, be.*
to pin dd of ne p.a. of 10111100 Oat h) 0 E.
J.. 1,101,, F °rens, containtne tronion
at leyonet otrbytke Ita lc.,
and extending back to nn
ato trot wide, ott h in elected a tom 'toe,
brick bCoake, cog< bar with all and Moran, las tol.
prOveme.• and •ppurtanaoess on said lot. tiriZed
and tato/ in caeca:ton Si the proyerty of Andrew ,
Emanuel, id tteuutt of John Gent
All arietett and ennui of John Ate atent, id, in aid to all that certain lot or piece ofotsdn,
iiipate 111 niaorneater, on 'hr north aide of
Shenfinl4 "vet, Dritioning ai an Whey aidne dowarree
of ion wrat from Chain. .11071 and einnaintog
itoni on 14.41114 *keel 41 fret and extendiva of
that width nertheraidq parellei with Came/ Cited
Oh (Woo Sc boar; the same pteparty winch
Donn, el al. by died rani/nand' b JOhn Amberwat,
Ott et Web there te elected a two war, met dwelling
hintaa, nainact In a inoVaise art the *Awn which
retarded inruoilaaan book vol 14. men.% fin the
el 114.0 twrard and taken in carnation an
nr Tarty of John Arnaerson, et the and at Audiew
All theinghetitle, interest and claim of Jew oh Roll,
ot, to mid to ell Wet cortaln lot or piece of grouod
attune in the Savona Ward oftho.chl of rob,s rgk,
desconed us follow to wits beglinlag of th e corner
of Arbor Wool so s,t
Centre A•entio a d A ff ord d p s o f ,
Artheretreco cootbersedly 74 ljet, feccoe parallel
end! Ceinre loscnne 20 feel, Innate poodle! with An
au, et 74 ft, in Centre Avenuccund Won. by Centre
Aypoug the ptace of beeinnlnig, then d lot of
depend booing thereon enacted ttwo ow, brook
dwellig:one owct improvenseiney Seised and Isnot
illllooll,loli a• um property of Jacob Roll, Id Ina salt
of the Trustees of lhe Noosed eresliyterian Coign
dation of Pittsburgh.
All the ilea, tale, tonne...Rd clelm of Robert Moe
too, o 4 In, and to, all lti.l OULU] kin Or piece el
gram f launt& in oho Fifth Ward of she city 01 thtto
barge, fronting on Fenn 111001 twelve feet, end en
folding hack by the same width UM feet to Molbefty
alley, nacos or, boabded by properly of Jonathan
R. t
he on the west, and thc bees olJewes Lnsery
on the east, on which is erected three inlay hick
g house Felted and wt. ot in executive as
In p lbs r
petty of Robert Morton, et Mena% 01 fiarb r lOU
Aliller,iorthe two IA J. Forge.
All the light, Lille, mg] claim 01 JOII. toe.
pita, of, In,and to all lion cert.m lot or plocc Cl
and on the need. of Cherry alley sod 010th strati,
in the oily el Paul...rib, Whig twenty ate feat all
ebtain front on 8101.11 Intent ' Sod eltendln o g heck lb.
HULL, swag Cilarey alley, On fret, mwr It.,
on which it elected • two story belch Gwen m g liguse,
fronting en Silas Watt. Seised and lat... es..
teen as n i a property 01 John toppla n at the Ballo f
tworland. ALSO,
Au the iight,6ll4, , lniegew and clam 01 iota,
of, in, anti to all that veva.n lot of rronawingte In the
tallith Ward Cl emelt, of l'itubutg eing la. No.-. 11. -
Black's plan Of, tote, to 00th wall. (,slime Cl fee.,
mote w 1n... a n Gibbon Meet, and rite Lding 131 fee.. •
More or lc., to 1.w..“‘ anent, the time
.width loom anent to oiler., on whin.. is clod one
doethk brick haw.. Seised and tat, 111
as the properly of Jac Garet, at ill . twit of John
Forsyth. ALS' r;
411100 voila, the, inberet end rharn of Thrw.
Akita..., LI, 114 to or 0111 of, on ;ha r,iu ltd Or
. pmea of gronnd. nit.. in I' Clairimgankip, Loan.
and degcrand as (.111000. - a. •
e ms.t black oak, and (Udine. by land..ll Join. • Long
no th 74 deg weil al pe , edieS 10 • black oak. them e
by tonal. nl Wtillorn •vd.rd,on,. swain trJ deg real
7d fondle. to • white oak, thence y lai. of room..
Boyd, sow Lop. to peneneg In It pat, •ial
limner vy land n. lee Cl Jul:, mon., deemated.
north g , pet cog wtbe pl. ccol neginiting,
id:l-4 acre, and S 7 pei rhea thon gr teat, on
wh I. erected atero santy 11•111, dhlo,uoy, •
(tame barn it a out h:ogea
Alga. /myth, ',tree' of ut mini!. ler aeve,d elm in •
i thoo n by m e oni ggionaten.roail, d a d
:o M•rUo...e.r • g.baiook,
•I the haw tn owe. John Thamtwon and Solommi
Stone, on the from Intolurgli to' Waal..
Ing Int., l'ela.)1••1 1 / 0 , and
et alone the 001 d mad
smith VII deg , 7.0 p, re lig• land, line bOtereen Jon
T o , an d heir.' landln, rt..lnt,g
ne o no., t.t!,teg , ca. thence . ..l 'AI
e e. emit er a ritaleht aim alts Internee.. the .ann
tlttWen. Win rhotnp.n •no totem.. atone, goal Cm.
dtion sa hetw,i ". ere inandalo an. hrgolnitig,
cant nntng three ocr , g, mato , les. nod oaten
In Oli ga the ...Tem of Italians Aldeinnn, •I
Ina of Ram Alter.on
All tic TAM No; to,crolt el Joh, P
and Co thnt etrlare - part al Int No, 109
..bunntogit on. dr. two ot ;le, lioda, beg..
ains LI a biu. W.. ....Intl of At No ine, and run
steng said, line, worth annul 03 porches to the
.ortglual enrne• el tot No 1,5, thence along rain wigt
net line west 41 perchh, /new .rr :es . ,e a host.
.nee hy a conilistonal hoe south...3ly through the
shore meocceoll.lot 4,a whne eta en the tooth in •
of .ald lot, thence a.nha the south ca. 40 perroes,
more Or .res, ton pile oittrotog DOtr times. thence ,
northvardil .1000 Dort of the above mentioned
conre3ed.t3 1711.11nan Cierny, and by sell Chrt.ftan
Gorky conveyed to Clary Hickey elcw, to he Place cr
be atoning, containing 43 acres, Wore nr le.! &Ile°
and taken to exe.lon Si the Property. al 3chn P.
Were, at th e sena( cu ßain
All that certain lot Or piece ol and .Itoste in the
Nitta. .word of the cry of Pitt botch ; mked awl
MILL.II , I In the plan of lett laid ut tor rico ar A: Ds! .
aid, in swd IA era, as hat Not t, boorcheiund ..senorOil an follows, to wit: beaten nif at the cellar( Of Penn
and Beldam its,lnat renalng teen.. colt ening Penn
street. 21 feet, to the cofnerol Lot there. atora
the line or Lot No. 2 100 feet, to en•• thence
elan, said a n al 21 feast, to Baldwin wired, anJ thence
aloof said Baldwin street, 100 Ire II Penn Meet, t
place a b.g.ning; .Pn or" '''
toeyed by tin eateuto.• IM!. LVlrOtri, Or re
dated the 17th day of September. D 1,79.U.Ge01e
A. Ba)t. and eouve)ed A. 0.1.071 by
deed dated tin 7th day of Jane, D. 1917, to aald ,
J. ha A. Ltolohy • the in fee, fOgetktr'
rIerLOCGO, &Ir •to Innis
skink an and NW' th 6 L a t . , '
lot of it rev tr, Wong aetaoub...n 00 ...the.
w.t of
non as Ow gsaPnnin i Jekul DainnY, USa
Wasgand Madre. •
• atko, i , _
AA or ught, 44 4,: 4 + 4 . 444 +. 4 ‘ .14i*.fj"-4' I
a ,4 + sae K.... 4 rel.( atthio .ttt.llk plots..
__.,. 0 W. .
41 reed. tateale In Ltdrear St. faqir Teasnaltip, wan , .
L y feuds et WOl,lO. Chet*, name. Learns, llth 1 99 ..
of W unarm Mellor gaol Geo. Lade; elatteinnag 4, .....n .
lanill •r kw, betea the seam repeat, new la Ike we p 1 veld June* Keane. Seated and theta II
.... 9.9 lth the orepette of Jester Kearns, la thle all
9, Ildt Fre., (Aureola of Wm Mallet, fteni maurouLd
Cyr*. Settler.
All the neht, tole. Wreak and eleiek or Jolla Cab
bait, el Itt and to. or ma of al. Um ea taus rselle.l•4 o .
wel Irvin or pieta ea wad, enema to Wawa Too a
ehlp, beenne4 end eetenbra ee fallovr vie : brittle:'*
at a post al tee wet. Are thaer.iess C. .al toe estnet.
at laud of J.rob lancattle. Weer. , Os .aid lloolledis.
lea, No)* VI d , s :W en 90and 7.19 tee.; 100000
iNella 24 erg., Ca..l 3 petchee, then North 7/. eis.,
West :An .ado IV }4llilnl,lo thud ea W.dosallielic
.e..., Cleave ree.r.l. 4 '4 deg, Etat 4 : Palehnit 9 19 "
at -- —, thenee death. des, wed .1123
Krona thotee 2.11.3. des., Ewa 2eS,anekes, thane.
South YU deg., West le awl AD. • -palate. So a wk.
oak, ae.•• r... 1,41,1 I: , Eut II kWh. to a white
oak, teener. lewlA 771 ded , Vas 49 welt Mo.:lame us
tll'oUtio'/Nrecek.":.lobs7r2Vdei.brear 3t . g. ' re l ies, th T . ‘P
~0 , ,0, Ili des, had 59 pcfc.e, them., wadi, 21 deg.
K.. 0, pereact, thence Vot. It I3d West IS 2 10
perches Rut history, theme hae.l 36 deg., Weat 2
pc macs, thrice elan dl des., Weal 2 path. to • is
set tree, awl nonce 051 des, %V.,et lid it plicate, to
a place at, cuelanting 91 bert• and 13
Wen.. 1111111 ineayare, and en. wa c.s ia erected Slam
.torn name dere has house and sage; also a elnall
kg boons dad 0.111, together wok ott Geer.. • Screed
aW Gwen In asceolien as Me pieperli ol John 'Cab-
hag.. et the suit of Mrs. Naas ea rig. - I
~ • .
, •
Ali the red. Ude, Int 4 ll44,and cleat of Joh, 0 di, ,
of, L., and to all that ter lit pieVe of sloalla, ...we lo ' I
the •illege of 'reiwrreocerllle, bung pall ol ha No II ,
to lit plan o: lets called - Ethod't 111 , Ighl," mad: 4._1
ZWr helanodon, , ell tne Pincher's ad 16.eabneille 1.,.
...rop.ko toad—klesinaing at the co, rot tat Na it la'
'sap] plan. then, along lichee of seed lot No la loath
23 d,29 re, ea et 129 it, twee ratify VO h wide,thenee along
said elleyrand paranel with the tarn Ate. SOMA al deg,
40 ndo, west du feet to lot No 8, thane along din lu:. ,
lit lot Nn 9, parallel 11/1111 the Lue of 14 NOI9, LIU feel
to owe utruplee rood, and thence se th Um thropthe 69
mei to we i;iacia of 6411111l1K—beal
Alesanges Popcszll WWI, by dm(
and molded Lu book J, prge
John ucu, bb wbibb r. ..cetto ow
dead C bOds.lo.l,h •10411 bale
ky MY
Gil It CIE CILLtOn Mu prqler la I
of Itubort *ebb.
died Asoott
VI, conveyed to
uo-ootty grew
retard aid tot.
• 6114attio .ou
All the nett, *lllO, interest, ,
Chronbeit S.l, in, or 10,1110 Mawr
or piece oi tatid,ultate tdJefrearan
100 01/ etteg, Mort or We, and bo
Jecou Aber John barge, Salle
rays e, • 4 other sada of and WI
smote mc store and of Sallee glary
twonatip, died, wised. end on erto
• a
pre log dwelltog h0d...• o
aka 11l esocutial w the purp)
ben, at the Pat of Thai.. bleLlort
ALKO, 4 .
All the right, tide, Mara. sod iti . of
sabredMus /11.•
begay i uf,so, sod to al. tha eer piece pa of
gtound. a tog and being to he to alp of Illighe.alt
at and datotued as rotlera, to writ s' beg
sing at e poat,theace by lead of Douche; Collierimarth
1.0/ deg, Veeet:A paretic*. to a at, th ew. by. land of
Dr Deurge ulna. sank 74 deg. rot lb perclies,la a
dogwood, theuee by lad of mad Wl.lllon Idebathy,
tosimiti degorrest 5 $.lO alarm la a poste swath Al
dmy, sea ;0 kesca. to a pact, and non 1111 dogs esut
sut 340,,..ee5, m tar plat al bogioningweuelebrlng
0 area,
encasere. king pat a van a land
°weed a act Ildeliatfayl anew. the peaitegoe e y,
Antall Vanua. hated aud take , in eleadloo alto
oh/ any of W want lichilleY. id eat of ueaa,
gleffrisath CA-. • : All3O, „ • ~ . -: ,
j .
Ait ha ugut,title, inane:, aud a arm 01 Jgallio Tit.
du, Jr„.l,m, end to a arta of on the waters Of
Mot tal.o fen. adjutalog.luels of Jame 8 esOnd of
the heirs Or or me w l 4.
tellers— annual.' fa
e a., taro or la . , abject to an lanai/ ground ma
of Om ce, payable quarterly 16 ame* 15 Craft; fa
which it elated a toe'cable sr welling, aid the
It. °and ha botataland .1 Umber. eased and token
In elee•liOrittethe gin.pelly 01J • Testa,Jr, Vita
hat of Clarge,Lradlie.
• • 01.60, . .
All We right, title, Interest en claim or /ewes'
Deory , f, to and of all dist tartan tot of grand
'AMMO 111 the Parte and of the tly of Allegheny,
ad Wended slid death...llW lull erie begteothg on
the south side* Maui street, In se d try of die west-
ern lira of lot ho shl. in Warner Palatcra. plat of
lout thence tog 0510 ereetefli lute of aid lot, multi,
worthy 100 feet; fa 0,0,00 !tea, thir. Kai hie
Mum, water - 1041r by said alto V* feel, Mere' 00
Orr, to eaten! boo of Jones blot 'it's 1,1, Woad - liy
tito write lion/
s adly Lut. feet. re or I. its 40 *WV
t ifenestid, dthcime,by lb acne easheardly
Al2l f e el, mole. or lees, 00 the p •00 of beginning,
b e ,,, we eirtsaelit tut transom hu, end Part of lot
Nu :Ice 411 laid RIO,
one taaelnslneteon <1
11 a .1,
two *troy fielOollpitim, used as a weitiog to sate,
all 1 intol,etlnylv arab the eprotteriancev. 6.4.1
Wig tete. fa etv,eatian 10 Me p
eg of r e e i es,
Deers, at the 001: 01.4004 Milan, SOT ago Cl .honcisf
and I. tgeert A 5111.61 t.
All the right; Utle, intereso DOA clang of Garen -
Jaefr licavcm WC lowa. ot hot drainstalar Dv.
atom Tres, who noose, an , o , le ad ,t, MI dad
cattalo I . or No co of gatuad, - sold at beiory No el in
acme. D. ItWina plea, elleate on eedt re Avenue, and
ioorial a final on (:cane Airehar of 11 lea. a d 11-
lcialtlig in &vat 12 , feet, to si nice. 401000 , mm, and
Mont . & it in good boot 4 amid Woo' the tam lab tir
used .11 Anna u 1. win, 401.4 24dat0y,i5„7,e,,,,,,,
esi to Oro,. Arson Ilona, Swatd and tall ell la 010.
canny lie die prOpett) pi Gate Jacob lima,. the
hada . of
Annania.rotrr, Lantana 'fret, WWI
mode to minor cep a..., hy Largo titian, their
heathen, ot the: sall.01.1140e• it. It %Ma
• Al, the tight, utle,haterem sr
Vey. 41E1 tight,
tO the follavrix ,
alnitile on r o sy etreet, belt! pt . .l
tic cite i kll there', beteg
foo l y virert, er.d evading b
foo, lo sew 11 to , t 3.1.4, olelai4ll
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cored burl. to we, Lemg the
d...• raw ed 14,06 stoma Uri
ail LI, errs( Louee in 0.1 to
tiVre , W, and I. the wan
Craft N. *al k al i. t.) acid oate.
1801, ~,,a I. e.,o:ara Ili &el/ two
11i..... -y bailed and Wan lo
gurny of,Jptin noise,. at .he to
A:I the rota, ~ ..l.e, tairecal 6 f lalen, tied &mad- o t
Dam.. aw (Dr. 4. Calte , d,lll I boa. fa . Slit admit.-
~,, y e s, paaglea,stat.luouce to widow, ham Act of,
I ,
in 1.. 00
sat uf all thaearteln hue, or pal ea I of WA
Wei.. in Holey towaltiN 'c posed of duce parade,
amigo og lIX Watson Wyk cats , more or less, ad,
/,ng Panel tan& of skid Dew d Shafer, (taw d ) .
e s aaa yrs,
toil othea,_hse g belonged to 'Wale
, r E. ,.,,,,,, t a ms., &OS, a eaten as tha-letan '
vat Celled sod teters lo ex 01:1taan rts the ploceity.
ot David Nailer deem... 6 lo t e hada of Si, adedn.
Meal. lota Chid-a, wdlt uct 1, to —bh.f.,, .
ow at reit' Davtd :Rader did proa,-yea ph. k,,.. ,
trth, Baehr 1, Willis , . Mira and Seradhaticr, by
, 1 ,
~ jai, arty .. enepa Cain* E4O, and to Andrew,
20 ,,,.D..i ~ end glary to, bee , bi In at law of soar
Davie. clorraed d, at the run 0 John Pavenia.., now
al Wtlllein liattil LBo
All the tight, title, batmen a
better. of, to, and toall the fo
man of g MIMS Staten , in. J
above Sad nearto dm taroas
ed }oddment:led es follows,
...weer lot No IC, on the so.
Merl, and et tee • • of 1
Haman, swirl %tierce elope
a 00 feet 4 7-8 itiehe.., 10 frrall
thence tang sad Ihman't lin
on]. arm, roc thera.dly tee
wide, thence iloug said site
nch.. to the sinter al tat
Tines of lots Nos 15 and 1
P.M., *mei, tar.plate of Lit
Nut It sod W. meta., watt
d, this isnot narghen d
ground, which . John lira,.
retel.l,lllthbetgee by led 41
Pe, and recorded to d ea lai
d takes io rleoution a ut
boner, at the wit 0 - Yeat 1
James Gray, 4th st
1 cleat of Williams,
Ig 41,50,1bett MCI %
• wastahcOotaio•
• acted by lauds of
1 Valsoo, James •
liso, . tatambeco—
got., lath of mad
li mte is cnotiod
. Li. 41eited, and
/. Wllllalai.lokok.
/.1 clams of -Jam Rip.
g deserited protwnYi
trot tote ?Man and Zt
about IS feet Isom ott
I the rams vrldth 11l
n the prtarlege al Me
'arch le es tetedet tame
!seventh I, awls Shy
,ll Pourer, eormnenesng
, pent'
from Mc
1. ropeny eauveyed by
, tue UM - of (Paster;
! H 3, pegs 54 to stud
/caseannv as the pt.
.rt of Fdveild" gimps° n
• claim of Pet. &Witt
eerier dextltted lot or
'i . o l t k il ' lt ' og i to " s ' ILO=
~ eat : beetled., g It the
b madly mile a *Hever
0 feet eutereOPY gout
iener street eattethrd.—
de of ClittetLan Douai,
and patattel with Hat.
feet, 1.0 W. 11114) , 114 feet
eeterardly r 9 feet 0 I 0
13,thee 00.11 the
neribenre iy let. feet, to
gonine, ent tohreeter lets
me whet race of
eta, the time &toot
4 wife unmoved to etad
r .4 the Jr k dot aM•v•
! o k 4 .1, page ISt W 1
property of Pour W lan],
'4 Socha, foe the not of
'AU the rish4 dos , In"
Veneer of In, and to all the
around, ribose in the boron
No. 1, and one half of lot No
it g Lou
wo tee
beck ..S.
one t story btuk en*.
boner, being the same wets
i d n ee d t ,ed by Te boo ote k .:
D. D0L71 7 17 7,
thkee re.cation as the pr .
the suit ofJohe
' -•
• ,
c••n l m of W ,am
animate, bawds.*
, In mid botemib„l tan
on mbiell am mecicd
one shop. OM Goo*,
loos tosOrfed w Deka,
Id war. by deed nc , rdcd
I • Vu-I. &dud end
' • y Miamo• Peace, In
h't and aloha o Jima
"t cerni• pine* or pnrcel
at hinnehnsusr. Wended
',Wain% lathe . 4 , 441W4Xt•
1 *woad Loolnksuent.
Prneln , unotan7 tau, lo
1 . &bag the mai SI
TieriT i zitz=7,
17 feet 4 halms,. 44111 3 4 ,
.nett' dance easiwand ,
!Winne% us 1D• aratedy
!nee taunt 1.44441 4 ..4 1
mbl•einr "Ai 04 , -
11: : g ile• len. no 170. 171.
iol 4.14 bow .55 dr bran.
in Annannuy, In
sant rope°. twin tab,
1. ,•• • pebUn klit.aY.
. leble sittel,4•4l 111 feel
all the inner mandoned
mons mann, Lad .59 I'nei
Aft the, nett, Otis, intero
Mealn, of. in and to all the
of land minima In the beeeligl
and deeenbad as fellowet to
ly side t( Preble stseet, at th
theuee elle-Meg in front re
Me beget %Velvet *Vieth
feet Pioche., to (Min Wast.
eohne.and crusting Uhto a
thence down Me said hoe!
erly line el Locust 'wet 0
ly .long the said fine et
Mee el' Ohio etreet, sod th 1
It 0 feet to the pheo al boot
teMlon within mid bounds
172. 171, and 174, la the plan
betel, which. Is ieconled
planna No I. pos. It, lb
!eats Ohio etwet.3o had et
lot ho 174 helog St feet no
Si Inch.. • nAgtie Wed. SO
lttta being each 33 feet ea
il Inciwe Ott 1.0.0 street
Alto. all the t.gtit, title, i term! and claim of said
Megaill..ol ill and to all U. t eettain lot or piece a
ground alto., In the 00100 0 of Mattnitentee.begin•
Ale. nn the eawrrly aide of want at the Mt
tenet: et ;117 (ret setilllta•rtll 1. (114000 Gerrit or Semp• -
O. a meet, thane. ext.edinel to from no Market Whet'
45 Wet, to ti,. lin e of iot No I, •.d in depth eastward °
iv pnenne: with •nmpoon • rect, p Om same
at., 'W
(inn to 1.00.01 al 1,, end being lot m ttttt •
or nunthered St In the pl. of Me Weave. of Man
enevier. It eroded 11 enedee's place, et ithXhenY
cutout', in elan hook hot, age le Salted and Mara'
to execution a. the propr et of James !ricksa, at,Me ,
su , t of /awe A, opiet.
. ... [
AL • O.
All the .tees. title, Interns end claim of lames Gray
of, In end_t o all that rettaid piece or land situate in
the city 1 Potoborsibeheing oats o
nd f lot
d No Zl3l ea
. :
Woods , oleo at POl,buritt, mended aescribed
folio. a .•11.1 hens, - tug • the nest ,stdc la Market
street et the roothommert earner of. Martel and
fntoth manta thence es adiag in width or M a tt, t.
atone Nista, rm
street toisl• %Mord stew* id feel:. 1 .
mom or 'ese,to ground ol James Riddle: nd nib:tato , [
or Aloft ' , a [ ro.g Fourth •trner wesmotrdot towafortrd,.
Ferry erest; prescrems the Swan midta, lea ,'
mot • or s tem, to other land aflame. Soldlot, en which,
are erected a lame Mere a ry belch buildlng, mew
n i .
Mod m Mores nod Macro se. and two smad haute .
bulldiner (immune oat Fog ilias Petted and Bann
in cacrabon as the proms o es Gray, iSemake .
IeY,I at the .nit ul Boditr, Twee. ghat. [
ALSO, •• .
Alt the t. rkt; title sourest and claim of elm. L•61111.[.
en. 04 In Ono te 4[l th•t e ttttt n tram of land, 0.1112 th in'
Versants Township bounded' and desenbed
leas. am: bestming at a pest oo Torun Crone; °lathe: i
line between the land. of Wet A10ft...7f, med those 1.
of George Brinson, (formerly Henry Funk; thence by. I
land of mid Min on, hentlb II degrees, Ehtt WO perches,. .
to a poet, thenre•North 71 dogrel. Ewe 413 pereltu, to
• post; thence Sotrh Iv/Mimes, Eh,/ de percent,. to a
pogo thence South 73 deg., blot W perchea, thrice.
W. 1 .,, • dog . En.: 0 tomer., therms nonth 05 dg, East
0 perches, tecnne Noob WI
p r e. da to peretles,themest
Sou hOl degrees, .bleet 21 hes, to •poon Menge
North Red eg P.
Salt ht pereoes to n
. *eve North
•ig d e gre, FAO 16 perches. to a Glacial ode , ' thenie
North tel deg, fast it/perches, thenee•NorUt 00 deg. I
Knee 44 ~,,,,so a stone, il noon Sloth 67 ltd , E•trl
IhA pnieh -s to a port. thence South 4 deg, haat UR
~,,,," tot . ~,,,,,, tree, thence South G 5 deg , West Alt
perches to a post, thence Squat 11l de g,,Eut3l reMbe ,
es to tondo In the aid Mods m pmseaton of James Middle, • thence
by tho s oth Mg deg, West 24 310 p.,,,,b,
to . pest. theme Bach 20 deg, East 18 10 neschea;to ".
toe lands of /osn and Wlll. bill." thence by the sua
1411d South at deg, tVest4oltonAnn to • I not ther
North 73 degrees. West 66 petcbc• I.o•,lotasi, the cc
!teeth di deg., tiva• 56 palates, to she Idonong e la
neer, and Menet, damn thn ;ame, •hy the metal
comma ittitentto.a crucial land called .. Greenftwd, ^
patentad Cr George Wallnee, Mettle fith day Of Jill, '
-it 97, and tow in the yoseesskonof Wm. L. Miller sa d .
Wm. itleitinneT., thence by the acid Greenland mkt,
Nora, NM perehesto the pine et beginning; eonutin
. tag about 250 sem, snore or las,. which ant erected;
a.m," story frannsthrelltag hone, florin trams ban . .
born tad stable, ind those tenant WIWI. ' '. .
Also: all,the tight, ink,. Interest Land Oita of Vico.
'l.. Idillor. of, in and to lots , No. - 160 and - Nos. I, 2, 7 4,
- 5,11,7,6, 9,10. 11,.111, 13, 11,1d,.16, 17 IS 111, 44 gilt,
113.14,116,*137 and lei to held .WM. L. h1i11e247 111 4 of
Uto urea of Pon Perey,ln Nreraallso Township, lola k
loud plants wonted In the. itestonlier's ass, is s 6 h 1 •
etotatr . of 41116106ny,bi Plias book, 7 /01., /I Itlnittaam '
't ~.
th;iiitheitictit I -
L. Mater, s,.,thuoutitud das
All the eight;tit .. Maw , aril claim of Ina. L.
dList and is Mts, fa laited Pion I. LA 4. 5,
0 . o. l kl o . vt It IA les 17i 14,111.11kti.
30n 30,17;e -d OW the aid 1A en 1. Millet% plea
et the tam . e 1 hoe Peter, in TemtilleaTP*Wkids
plan la Matta in the Recaraees offitsiAls .a. 6000
ty of Allorhenyiin Ptan Bork Vol. I,paga Din Selm a .
abd 'Shea ii eleesUen as the property of Weal. MD
chat Me salt ot Wittier K , mberly.
• . \ ALS°,
All Me right, title , Uttered:and this of Jan Ya
m u ter, yte., of, in, to ot„ost of all those titian lame . 1
and tenemegMeanthe lOTa ern embed by Soho
hieStele,4l. by Ms last .0 and Umamett, theordol.
pilau' gosh. Vol, pay An hie an. /Duel .
pr e m./ars, and • f which the VOA Jewat McNemar, -
wet? dierd, iced,. and internam. - and laohleb IN
sal John Me ht5.1..... 1 2.. ia rattled min ondthltei.
intetengsse toeJ at w lase
the ithilis.e.stdomta
Vat.. mother of dot said i oe..
huf part not wa led to mamas Meldasion)
omalomg f
Me t. blatant tract; and
whicho, p et oen quo,
einasts in ---TowtOW, on e tatted Ca/.
Nag baresd oiner.
Aiplm 1 g.., ox ftve story thoesol. !Metter 00 Llh•
ear t ee t he ody of rinthorgh, and tha lees
da a high they . ate erected . otth theysed
slase, below the Me eruntioned in said will, as dl.
Maw MM. property fowl the tavern propielytand
amer Me farm on the hal , actor lately
• c T n f omic:pr.,
Aretabale Robeson. situate , fa
yak tee dwells& Mmes. bent; and Other betprere.., •
mews. Saba and Wan Mammalians* the twaMY
nfJohn McMaster*, Jr t the suit of David tilgar,.,
Kean a, Pda,itatette others • '
ALSO, - • -
All to right, title. Mimeo and claim of John Ora
ham. of. to and to all that tannin lot of grand, will
the butte:imp thereon meted, betimes! en Mhl4lll '
MN...Second Ward, Allegheny rut, onto dividing
Itne between lam No 90 turd No It thence trameito
ly mama. Pump alley ito fret, tam. omthasm ll o
15 ft., thence outwardly Ito Poo Middle alley, lanai ,
along ?diddle allay 15 het tote plant of Mental.;
the same being pan ed lot No rikAaduaribed in Bar.
page It. plan of late In said roenzd In vol 70. 1
Seis ed and taken toexecution as the pro-,
pert, of John Graham. it the salt of Sank Darla ,
• 'ALSO,
.All the deo, latereat and claim of Eilizsbek , '
Cooper and Jane - Cooper. of .in rote to all that masa
lot or puce at g tomd, together with the banding
Maroon sinus In the Wash of Bonitnalak
bounded and deo:Obit as tallowy begitutki mato".
ea lIISTS4IIA the One of p lOOO1 t 1 to ale --
fourth Caper, deceased, to lobo set! George TM
saes, and usteading beck to the boo of rostrum Ott.
cd by Christian --,ltl ket or Oa, eaboau, Mesta
a'om tic hoe of mild property MI feet, it the Bee at
- 'propsrty owned by Evan Wdliame andanob 113441,
therm along said Una feat or therantroath. Ca- -
WA mom and Menet along *aid tuner SI led- be doi •
plata of Maiming. being pan or lot fin MOM as
plan of Biratingliab conveyed by /oho U. Pall mod -..
•ife. ny erect dated and reaNed la duroPead , :
net alike of Alleakettl etat7, dad tdoll.'. - ","
page kale late Joseph Cooper. Seised sad tam
eStestlar a• the
Mineola Cara nod,
/me tuoper, the salt of William Noble nod Jib
L.Vreettom of Jooopb Caper, deatased. • •
All the tight, tide, littered and claim of Ana MM.
Robaea and Data ot /talus, el, to and .to am 0.6
half parted lots Not to and iu Wm Arthstet
of bets to Anharsolla, together Will the bandana
thereon and apputionance. Lbtteliate.
on.leb saldhalf panthereor le pe:relrmkid sad
at t=
followe , beginala on ateatines allay, at the' ea ,
POT of lot Noll let said plat. end ornmiNi therm Wool
am Wm of &said let tt a Use pazalM wish Mateo
Wed. le Wilkins stook& dismane *fig Amt. - Mom
come Willem strops in a Ile. PerelteleethWar -
alley, a dietaries of IX/ feet, theta in a gas
oil dram lowa a distance. of 71 feat. theta la a
parallel 41111 Keatlnea el !cr.& &rata - at bet •
thence parallel with Amhara street, a &mama of 71
'feet ;home ea," [satin's alley • &Junes of -164 •
fret, b the plot of Deginntrp, bele; the MAN
Of VOALBA recovered hr asiddefemods. by praetor ,
Main Om Di•lrielCOMl of Alkahany coantyud Apol
lerna,l4l.No •. .geiud and taken in extant' ea .
the property A l AIM 'Mali., Robinson and Catharine ,
ankles, ate salt or James ttenferd, sow for we of • •
Amiss U. Ikea.. •7 . .
Ali the - meta, tille, Imeternt and alum of John Coo - •• ,
elan and Raab tientiltoh, of, la sad to all than two
lots of toted Minato on Yews street, in the sly of' , •
Piusbangh, and being lots namb , am:l.2l4st . , r •
Farah Fatteraumht plan of km, each lot emultang. '
ti feet tu rout on ' Rose street. and extending bah r r
preferring the Ise.. width, lea fact,la aft feet Clef, - • '
an *blab are erected a lease doable brick • dwelling
hone, with liep•flilt seamen • for diferent bantam; .
Salem and taken in execute/I is the property as ': •
Coniston and litigh Hanalthes. at thean of Saa b S B. •
AU the right, title, interest, and clam of Rabat
hicKeralien and Matthew 111c14emman' of, *and I
to all Muse three certain Iten, iikftobinson`e Plan of
the Borman of Allegheny, bounded and described '4.
as follows, tie: beginning at.the northeast earner. 4
of bit No. 161. in same pleooit übe intaseetims or -
Larvik street and Isabella alley, thence omit
said alley 100 fat le Anne street, thence grad by :
Anne street 92 feet 3 inches, to the linear kt No.
104, thence north by said tot,igo feet, tcs Letemdc
street aforesaid; thence east by Lacoek street, 92 .; i
feet 3 inches to the placed' *toeing, on widishii . r
. erected en Wm laundry and other improveimmtn' ‘• ,
Sacred and alma In execenon meth* . 4 ..4 at ' • 1
Mathew NicKerahail and Hobert fd
the snit of Smith 4e Guthrie, for use of William- ..:
All the right, title, Mural. and cham or mot .
Dickson, of, in, and to all that certain lot or pond
of ground, situate in Ohio townstap, bounded sad
described as follows, to wit: beginning on Lomat!
greet, censer of lot No. 14, in plan of lots of the
heirs of P. Peebles, the'd, in said township, Chen*
southi3S de. 55 nuts
, east 6 6-10 perches, toles No
r *thence e g arth 54 ski° smin., 2454100 pee'
.k.s lot No. 12, to the centre of the itsinter • ;
rood; thence altHg- said road n0nh,135 depict:m . ss •
ann., west 6 610 perches Menet Nolo Wreathes. t
54 deg. 5 min., east 24 51-100 perches. to Locust
street, the pace of beginning, containing Co. acre
more or lea, On which is erected a brick home,
two stories high, and appenenancsa. Seized end .
damn in execotiret as the property of John Didion.-
ei the snit of Clam. 6nn A
t . .
All the right, title, MUMS:. and chum of Join
Titular', of, in, and to, end on dull that certain
lot or piece of awed, almae in the City of -Pm*
burgh, named and described Wan yaw of Ws laid
cla by Jahn Rugg, on Hrgb street, Inlaid city, Not - -x ;
51—said lot romans re Fourth sutra 29 feet. and
extending tack an a parallel line with High "met, :
• distance of 117 feet, bounded by lots numbered ' '
30 and 31, end by Fourth street road, said lot being'
subject to t ginned rent of sl6s,oo pee annme.— '
There is erected ref said lot two fame hones, two, ; •
atone high, three bnck homes, two stories high,
abed roof, and two new brick homes, twe'staies
high, unanahed, shed roofs. Sewed sad taken In
execution as the property of. John Tagpn, at the
snit of Bernard McGinn
All the mat, nibs, intentat and chant of Abraham
Porshin end Joseph Walton, of, in, and to, all those. .; ,
two wo certain lout or pieemof groand,altuate in Tea - -
perauceville, In St Mir township, Alleghee_y
and marked and numbered 116 and 147,rn Winder
Alexander's plan of Ws by Z. W Itemington,
'and bounded and drecribedas follcres,vig
at the earner of lot N.. t 45 inlaid plats, on= i .
thence by Waco street 50 feet, to the contact teat ,
No 146, thence by Imo Of said lot 150 feet to
den street; thence by Warden street 50 feet to Our,.
Corner of log Net 145; Wince by the line of sandlet*
150 feet to Walnut larbeCtlelPtlke of beg_twiny,:
taking to all two lots, each? 5 fast by 150 feet
being then e° lots ar pieces of strowd Convoyed'
by 10hn.13 Warden sod wife, =4 John Alesandeett
-.and wile. to John)* Smith, by aced dated Apra by
IW, who conveyed be the said Abraham ?ambit
and Joseph Walton ; as which mid two lote of
:Ewa are enstned a nes nosy forme home, wkkb
35filet in front aerWahnteweet dereend. ,
red and taken unmake no. the ;minty of sitt*
brain= l'orithing and Joseph_ Within. el the snipe
John J. Smith, for u e of Wimps Magee,
All the right. title, - interest hind claim of gime •
Kennaly, of, in and to thatontain let of Mena
news in. South Pittsbargly Rent Lower at Char: ..
township) led bounded and desenhed as f0110ww.. ,,
sin beginning on the similarly side of keratin*
Peet, at the coma of grinned al 'Sarah M. Phillip,
and at the aims= 40 91 foe 1 1.4-4,,n, lent-the
tomer of Fifth street, tens enending to Irma
Bingham street, enateall 24 and In da
southerly, preserving the lame erkkh et right mal es'
to Bingham street,.loo feel; to. Chelan —on
which is erected a two story Hick dwelling bans „
and kitchen. Seised and Wood In =anion no the
rp.kof Isaac Kennedy, as the snit'. of White,
All the right, title, interest, and claim of Alexan
der 011cOrete, of, in, to, or out of, all met ettain , , , tt
lot or piece of ground, situate in Ike Sewed W ud,
edv of Allegbeny k belng lot No. 38 in Robinette,
plea of the extension of said .11oetta
Vtala." bonded and dmonbed as :follows, nee.
beginning ea Ow anal ride of the North Coontsoaci'
at the diespeo of `4ll foal west from the corner
Palo Alto street, thence, rennin wen by the and
0000MOVI. ground,' od, 51 feet to the 'unto,. of lot No.
37, thence twat by line of pant to 170 feet to an
19 feet alley, thence can by ran alley 51 feet to -
'Me pilot No 3/, and *core soot, l.y Had Inte 1270 '-
fret tjajbe paws of tirainning—brang the same tat
of an d which, Wilt mm ktoinnioa, Jr.,
et tai, by
deed, dated August 17, 1643, conveyed to said A.
015gOrenr Seined and taken in eremitism as the
pro(Krty of Alexander O'.l erne w, ate the suit of
Charles B Treat in trust for Truitt, Brother at Co.
Ankle right, tide, Interns and claim of J. C Merl .
Cory, deceased. in the hands of J. P. Bass,and
Comer, hi. Lanniiietratogs (with, oogaytecee to
John V.:Rowland et al, legal rep vet of
maid J. C. McCully, demo -W) of. n. am to, ali t -
her cartaus plantatiom or traet of land, -grew W:
Upper St, Clair Township, bounded by Wads ell Jas.
ouch, awl coutainle
55 acres, more o u t
ass, and h ar in gg thereon
a two story frame dwelling house, and log Marmon
• I
out boudinp, and also.planied ante% a rung ott - I
chard Sequa and taken in epetniOn as tie pop
arty of J. C - M'Cooyi deceased ~.
io the hands afire t!
administritari; J. B. and
lees Cooper,
notice to John S. and Enzabeth wife,t
James 112 Olen and Rebecca his +de, Howe
kanson, Finley Gilkenaon, and F7ikabethGillotescie, 4
mien children of James Gilkeem and Prune ha
wife, late Peaces McCully, and Thomas McCut.' I
Iv's heirs and legal represennuives of said J. C. I •
McCtdly, deceased, at the suit of Sarah Joao Mot2' ,
Al th
a n ght,
a n interen, estate, pr 4 tuty chain -'
and demnd ot Janne IL Speer, one crib* *fen -
deem, of, In and to, all that certain lot or pia! I or .1'
ground sintite In Me Ward of ItaleghlasZ tio HnO t
bonded and described as follows,to
ae Canal Street, 146 lett from BObtaaona4OCCte - .:
thence by a line parallel with Robinson street. /W.,
feet, to Crahystreet, thence along Craig greet 'evili-S
nrantly 19 feel, thence by a line parallel with Robti,.^
talon fteet 120 feet, to Coal street, Mertes som=a
warily leap Carat Bates 14 feet to the pine or
begieuing, being e recent ar mu se p
and Wren exectnion as ate moony of
Jas. R. Speer,ht tine sin of S. F. Van - .Bienfiong
artk,ewrig.htd, Inigrest
the eitypf Pittsburgh. on tbs
roe bom
a Dit b a
o lou pn t l ~.
eonser of Stevenson street and rode' street, trtetb
big on Stevenson street *twat 60 Gm,
sad t estendinir beck *lose Farb al urea or tlattips,.
nruhh,sbout leateet, moos Or less, end bawled Ce
the me th by 'Stevenson seem ens the eta I.g , F or ba ,
we doci um • tooth by grounds of ---.
and on the east by towed --- Urn, Ind hal , '
ing thereon erected e. two staVrick ciliates
Wee, en* the apportenenees. sixt
fo suc utkm the PrOPOra a
to b D a rmitsittr i lathe
satteq,eob •C. CURT dd I /g2 Shsver-'