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Taking the Black Veil
"*"The sitjoined account of the ceremony
Of taking the Black Veil appears in the col-
umns of the Saturday Evening Post. The
subject of it was a twin sister of the writer.
They were twfdtartS, and at the age of fifteen
1 114...#ere placed in a 'Boman •Catholic
school. After remaining there for, several
years, notheing permitted to see each oth
er, eicelit - in - the ladies' parlor, and in the
presence of stame of the sisterhood, the time
approached for leaving, wht'll, to his aston
, ishinenf i the brother was bithrmed that his
- Sister had determined to take-the Trlt ior I
1n7 4 . In vain he remonstrated and entreab
ed; her purpose was fined, and accordingly,
.• on u set day, she went through the ceremo-
"ny of taking the White Veil of the Order
of Mount Cannel—all of which he describes
in, tones of pathetic grief, for, the loin of out:
„ heloved so dearly. Twelve months after
wards she took the Black Veil, ,The de
scription of the ceremony on that ecuctiow
is as follows: • 1,
/ 4 The Ritual of -the assumption by a no
-vice of thdßlack Veil, that is to bide for
ever. the world from her . eye—the.pall that
Is to hide forever the. brow if the living
dead—is, let me tell yon, if you have never
r,een:, the august and solemn tawny—
' ninelt-naore profoundly impos m than that
of the imitation of a mere postulant by the
reception of the white veil.,
For weeks befoie'the impottant day ar
' - rived, a rumor of a novit.e being anout to
take the black veil, went all over town and
country'. The awful ceremony %Vat, even
then, so .rare in this country,..
thatsau int.
merise crowd gathered, and from the cash
ed hour of its being opened the chapel was
'.." crowded ? . I repaired to the chapel slowly
and''witli a dying. heart. I. arrived late,
mid finding no seat, was. forced i to take a
.stand - in one of the aisles nearthe altar.
It was :a beautiful, eorgemis and solemn
autumn_ &V; the Warm, still sun Oys pour- -
. ed richly through the stained glass of the
gothirwindOws[ flooding the church with
glori4ne,` though niellowed light. Amid
. .
'the-great crowd, an awful silence ieignetl—.
an atrj.Letillness, too, moved only by the
k i
wive — it - of the gor.eons., marry colored
. .. . ,
-Presently, as before, the door on the right
hind of. the 'altar swung noiselti.ssly gen,
.4144 train of sacristans, in robes, entered,
'Frceedinsi:the bishops , priests and deacons,
their -- canonicals, and followed by the
holi:brotherhood in long procelsion, and
tool:;' their places within, before tuikabout
, • the'altar—the bishoP occupying the etntre.
The door on the left now sw ng none
lessly open,- and a procession oft the holy
sisterhood entered, preceded by s CrOKi
bearer, while the choir chanted an before—
"'Veni Creator.! They langed t i bemselyes
quietly and eolerrinly•Lanse the altar.
` The novice approached. from tunnug them
. ,
tend knelt before the altar. The nct of pro
. fossion, with pen and ink ; lay near her.
The: bishop now intoned from the altar the
50/Ell.llll 'Elllitte Spiritunin tun.m,' Sr.,
' Send forth thy spirit and they shall be
created,' - . while the novice responded, 'Aral
thon.shalt renew the f,co-ef the cart h.'
Then f•Aloared a pre en by the!'
the close st which he Ide, , ,a - -d tile.
that lay near the altar. Then a'
t • intoned alternately by the hidtel
candidate before him.
the end of which the bithle , p spri
f blank veil with holy water, and in
or the 131estted Trinity, at tba,elopi
rite the goapel foethe
if thy officiainn2 deaet
by ont. 41t
Lvly ST.rior and the Suh-ptio
led, the 111111Nite 'Ol the ortt,, when
interiotrdted as follows,lv the bi'
. t. " Itlyiehild,-4hat do you demo d?"
' " INly father, 1. most humbly cg that T
May be received in the holy proqssion."
"My ( child, do you consider yourself suf-
Eriently instructed in what regards the vows
of religion and the rules and cor . .stitutions
of this institute? And'do yon know the.
obligations you contract by the holy profes
,.. Mean i
"]es, my father, by the _rack! of ( . 1oil."
“.3 1 aV God grant you TKirstiverance in
your holy resolution, and may He deign in
t "His mercy to consummate what Tie hits be
gan. Ili the name of the Father, and of
thit•Ban,!and of the Holy flhost.i Amen."
Aftertnis the organ pada,' forth' its rich
tones, at regular intervals, announcing the
solemn Moss of the . Holy Ghost. Purist!
all this time the novice continued knc-sling
beftirc the altar—the Lady Supe li ior on her
right, tite.Sult-Prioress on the let. At the
end of,the Mass, several pritycrstiere offer
ed up, several psalms chanted; and then the
Sub-Prioress, taking the lighted!taper front
- the hands of the novice, laid the act of pro
fession before her. • Slut arose, (wlt it up,
aura:Jelled the grate, and holdii g it in her
hand;cl anted the "vote mea DoMini," &e.:
—,"I will pay my vows unto the Lord, in
• the sight, of all His people, in lc courts of
the house of :the Lord: . ' .Thei , kneeling
izabi,Lie Conditeer4m.Lsaid ; after which,
thebishlop pronouncing the '• *rani: non,
sum - dig ils," &c.,—"Lord, I Mn not WIPr•
thy the . Thou should:it come' under my
roof," pproached the grate I l learine the
Holy E Maiist, which be held Ibefore her
while she thus pronounced her ttrt,—read
"In the name of our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Chriet, and under the protection of
His immaculate Mothcr, Mary, ever Virgin,
s l, VeronitM•Tuileigh; 'called is religion,
Sister Veronica Ginliana,rof the Most Holy
;Trinity* do vow. and 'promise to God, per
' :pettial poverty; chastity, obedience, and the
=firm of the poor, sic!, and ignorant; to
.peraevere nnto the end of mydtfe in that
. • tuStitute :of our Bleased Lady, of Mount
i Carmul, necordine.-to, its approvMl riili; and
conitiintion, under the authorfty,. and , in
presence r.f you, tay Right _Roraima Father
in •God, Paul Pctcr..A.ndrewS; Bishop of
, . this*Dioicse, and of -cur 'Refereed Mother,
Cad:Mile IVilmington, Callell `in "religion,
r - /patio, :Other f_.'-`iptrior of ti is Convent
of, our Lady' of. Mount Carmel) this 25th
day cf . ; October, itsthe year d our Lord
. name, and.; coking the
- • sign on the cross after it with t e .pen, she
• passed the. deed to the Lady filterior, who
knelt her right hand. 1
• - . The most interesting, ' the r
......--- ofmoment the august eetemoni
eome—khe moment when, hay'
herself to hor divine spouse, elr
ceive r i I return, his pledge au
mystical union . t . that instant '
' -when the bishop, reputing t ,
words, to her. Ili
• 'Cliarist,--ri‘What Cod has co'
' • thee;inky Ile himself perfect, '
Lortl.f ses..elni,,t pree.erve i
, life eve lasting. Amon." 1
I .
To_ g from the grate, and
....t.,,, ~.., Superior, - Veronica r'
. . her: he. d the conseeratO rin
whole' hoir rang out spin- i
• .: poriss. diristi," "Cotne, Spam?:
l'erortititi then :.-mu with .91cnin
ing,. elidet, - "tu'cipe MO, 1 . 101) i
times, in: honor of the Thest-t
Then kneeling, ..lie rncolved th'
. tlin bishop, who aid, 3- ,
on her cad— , . . - -- 1 ,
a l
• . .''' ire:the holy veil,: the
eltaiiitl and modesty, which ni
carry beforoythe judgment stay}
Jesus Clarisf; that thou invest
lifer; .omen ::" - i• .
Theril,ring from hci•knees;
• tip;- holdiUg herf lighted taper,l
Proksut LIIITt• sang the." Youth
'- "Ilc...llpieced Ilia seal u 1
Lead," 'V.. Ilea folliitred th '
of tiro hishop's benediction - fro
_ . • . - •
re.4pund dim in- every clurise ;
kneain nun. 'Then rut; ' n
"Pe'. - . Muntli;" at the op
i a
Veronica "prostrated herself, and - while thus
lying .metaphorically dead, the glorious
"Te Deum" arose from the whole Holy
Brotherhood and Sisterhood, in full choir.
I saw no more. My head reeled. I felt
that the shroud, the coffin, the pall, the
Imaumung in darkly bet!een me
and ail I lorrd on earth. Ido not know
how I left the chapel."
The Cldnese Term for God.
. •
From' the New'York correspondence of
the Northern Christian Advocate we learn
the following on this subject, which has
already been noticed in our Columns:
Vour readers'are probably aware that
there has been n long and interesting dis
cus,,ion among the missionaries in China, in
relation to the proper Chinese term which
Should lle employed to express God, in the
translation of ;the Bible into that language.
I The terms proposed by various persons were
Shangte, Te,l Tien 'l'e, Tien Choo, Shin;
while others proposed simply to transfer
from the Hebrew, Aloho or Eloah. Unable
to come to a satisfactory conclusion, the
missionaries referred the matter to the Brit
ish and American Bible Seieleties for dea
-1 sion; but, in the meantim ,e -prosecuted the.
work of translating the New Testament,
leaving the words affected by, this question
blank for the time being. So far as the
American Board! is concerned, the matter
was brought to a very happy issue at its
last monthly meeting. The committee on
the Chinese version made a very able report,
I which was unanimously adopted g recom
mending the Chinese term Shin. The
word Shamite meaning supreme ruler, was
.1 objected to, because it is rather a title of
office, than expressive of Deity—because
the Chinese now apply the word to desig
nate a material idol, and also because it is
a title applied to the Emperor. The term
To simply means ruler, and, therefore, is
100 limited in its siguitication. The same
objections lie against riot Te and Tien
C 7,..). '' As to the transfer of Alai° or Do-
:di, it' was objected; that when transfeired;
some of these_Chinese terms must Le em
ployed to explain it, nr it would convey no
meaning to the mind of a Chinese and !
therefore the real difficulty would still re
main ; and, indeed, the introduction of the
new term might, in itself, be the occasion of
difficulty, as, in fact, this very term has al
ready been regarded as the proper name for
some new Buddhist deity.
The word Shin, though liable to some
objections, was thought to be the best that
could be employed for .this purpose. In
opposition to- Shaagte, it is employed par
ticulat to express spirit, or that which is
spiritual. The objection that it is employ
ed to express indiscriminately the Chinese
gods, is of but little force, as the same ob
jection might lie agtinst the use of - the term
God, in our own English Bible, since that
Menu is often employed to xpress idols l &c.
The committee also re judiciously re'
mark, " that much relianCe mug be placed
on Christian instruction, in order to form in
.t.lX`binese mind a true conception of God,
and thus to incorporate in the word Skin a
fullness of meaning, which it is freely grant
ed it does not yet contain, but which it is
better capable of receiving than any other
word- yet proposed." Id China, 55 mis
sionaries are in favor of .this term, 10 in
favor of Shang.te, and 6 iu favor of transfer
ring the Hebrew term,. The report, of
which this is a meager term,,
was unatii-
MOUSIV approved by the Board, and the
Secretary directed to communicate the re
sult to the British and Foreign Bible So
i hop, at
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aid if,.
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I h.,d the
✓1 of which
4s chauti-d
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Anecdote of Tather ,Sewall.
The recent death of this good man re
minds me of an incident I heard, of him
several years aineo , which is too good to be
Ile had been employed by a Baptist
church in the State of Maine, as a stated
supply, ;doling a seas.ini when they were
unable to support a settled 'pastor. 'His
fervent piety and faithful labors won their
Christian confidence, and even veneration.
At length, 'desiring to commemorate the
Lord's Supper, they obtained a Baptist
clergymen to come and administer Gte or
dinauce—a:measure in which Mr. Sewall
very cheerfully concurred. When the sea
son arrived, the brethren were much embar
rasqd about Mr. Sewall. He was present,
and would probably partake of the Supper,
unless forbidden. But how could they for
bid such a man—their own preacher, under
whose ministry they had sat with so much
delight and profit? No wonder their best
feelings revolted at the ungracious task.
They however mustered courage to signify
to bins, that according to the rules of the
Baptist Church, he could not be permitted
to commune with them, on that occasion.
What'." said he, "is not this our Father's
table?" "Of coury it' is," they replied.
"110 you tot, then, regard rue as a child of
God ?" "Certainly," theyanswered ;
have far more confidence in your piety than
in our own." "If, then, lam .8 child .of
God, wily then May I not come to my own
Father's table?" More confused and em
barmased than ever, they could only reply
that it was contrary to the rules of their
Church. "Well, then," said the old gen
tleman, "if you will not let me come to
own Father's table, I wilt go and Yell my
Fothr,.." Ile rose from his seat and moved'
toward the door, when the Baptist brethren,
overcome by the obvious and irresistible
force of so simple an argument, begged him
not to "tell his Father," and they would
receive him to the table. ,`
ii -, oi , :TAINING no hlereitry, nor 'other
[et tiza...131 troa 01,10 0. tOe
Dt.'licomicr heath, the author of thaartor aamf
rat -work ettutlal 'MU Amor - Ir.:a PraStlue of M.L11. - atte
Farnlir Ph> :mon."
1101100 Lavamodr cah the Inerritenta
whirls a. Nt0..1111 . ..r . ...111-11.-AlinaOtnttornt•ond
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pr.totln I tor, no hcatatan onyinp c crrtlf, hag that
it Li V,,,gcla.LlC Itvaartr. containing Du mineral outatanre
a hater.... that too-MO - at , cou.Lio.r.l L o y
are. anJ
atorl 1.4 Orop. 1007, 01,1.1 0111) harrolrsa.
but 'of 0-nr5t•01t....1e.h.,•• o trul; i.otent4e Itroardrof groat
ol.r.:1 1 claarfall; ovrommeod It as a mataarn I
hlO kaa s don.. tno:h oral. which h. , 11 to lb,
corn of Gnat Cr cam. Th ong.. I ...tee notor
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otroraztrr of the pourrietor 4i tithcintraenu and the falov
of Me dlrf.r.rerr,cblitr!llle 14 L'u••..ti ',villa; It
Nat. La,h. Arril 'On, 15 11. 15 111:AC/L..1. , L.
one of the tart things intl. wort.' fur burnt.
Var,—Thaurand. are parly ciital by this Ointment.
It never faun fn liPaoh
or Turner!, Clara:aid ail Mimi,. of Sores. ft ham no equal.
I,r3Lotllm. and }urns , knee In rain , . to cans oreeollrn I
or Sore Drauat.. then alwaysapoiyll. in such cata,
)(nud arrarling to throctions. It _-fern relief in a very for
Around thrt bait dire g ent kr alnADidrra
OintmentSea:Cala Liver Cor,plaint, kity..lprlaa. Tetter.
Chlinlaut. Stall Hood, ki)aa ikOneY. err
litourbstie, Nat Aeration.. l'olua, of 0110 , .
itsal Aria.. Damp, all lhaa:aa or the ...kiln
Earuple.., tootling of the, hanha. hbontaa-1
tiara Croup, awelleil or Mohan Lirra.t. I
Foot!. Actor, Agu. In Ow Fur. AO.
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that tan tuaclr hial S of it ! ! rove ....AY In It. W. 1 .,
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lir. tirry care it eau do no iW uhf.
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tit.. Nail. lb., th.; rettilitate.
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Nfahlenrr.-..k. herkr 31ards 30, 1847.
Maar.. Itittar (.6-1 Oma n. to that I gnu.
elstin II curect of a curet. rata lti Um butt. by the use of
U r als... whirl, vurelita.o.l from
you. 1 ..wher..ta ith it for alvut tisenty year, and at niitlit
vim Lux bio to nisei, During that tide. I tried varouti
whol. a,t.. proweihmt for ti de.
by phyrichualaJ
tAhrr 1.41 , 145. any and at
rood.. this melt a r. , .ult favorahiee.
trestles 1 Sh. raw entirely Übe I rem the pain, and
, at night 01
peaceful and rant alley I bays. also used ttio
salt , tiara the tixith ache and other unubt:inta. with Unglue lunYi moil, 10u. tricul.
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liiiiiTll.C(rRCDS. J. T. DECKER,
111/1/14V.11111 t cal.. Builders atal Cr...tars of Licht.
nine Bolos seicsdiße principle& Orders left at MO can&
s. or the rest and for personal latorrisna.ein
seen en north siren, re , ldenue at Dr. Ilunt..Lsdaseu
Marker and. Ferry.
. Reference....-PrnLiesnr Bditer of Billinateidniii.
ran Pnifrunr 1). 31. =Obeli, vf the Lturliarnti Worn..
TT; Pr.:donor llabert Bet& ..'llssisrlsanta lirdreralts.
iqulssior Coster Leiser, D. 4, hen, Twin
Prureenr J. L. L.Sssel,_l.3tereland Bair eMc.r. 0114&_. - •
.in Visranursti-.4.33'.'Lacnis. John Kamm& Bi lk, Ü b e-
Celanese, 31r. ChM& Cs.l.llernan. -Bat. .31.45,:k-s, .
li'ell' Suitor
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tIOLD PENS. We Imre non. no hand n
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MAN elwgewt Geld Powell Coen awl Peoleletewo.
ere,.eor{etr. yorrnine Pen Helder% Pnrl Jo.
71.11 for Mae wholweile wrel retha At New York, F l o ,.
W. 1%.11'11,41N.
itISON HAMS.—_'. boxes rechl&l LUDI
for mks. by del/ & P. Wit.,yoN„
&ale by &KID J. KIDD
.LY for wla LI • , , 1 , 141 J. KIDD /4 C.
AM) 111 L-4 bblx for tiafe.-by
___ _ • _
PlO IRON .—Fifty tons Brush Creek Fu nate,
—Pie Iron. for talc by R02120.N. LITTLE 1 CO.
ja/ • .1:31 Libert, no+,
S UNDRIES. -6 Luis fresh Roll Butter,
21 kegs butter
Le: trierl
ri gllo4lr 1117 ""4
-r LE .
L ARD. No. lin store and gm sale he
I_ll &27
fiIIROME YELLOIV. 850 Ibo for sale by
Itj jw J KIDD & to
USE YELLOW. 014 lbs for sale by
it wile by ,ja9 • J KIDD .5.(71)
• •
WH i l JE BEAN S. , br 11 for sale b~}
1011. S. 50 brls in store and for sale b , .•
lJ as 9 W)I11 JuIINSAIIS
n moms. 100 dozen for sale be
OARIC fur sale. by
COIN WANTED, for )chic k e
1. 4 p highWotpretalaut will be paid at the Exclutage ofti,
••ta A.. WILKINS 1 1..0-
iw Carlow or Thin! nod Woad at+. .
ij by Jr , '! WM. NITLISToe . !:.
kj thr barmbraurn rouortmeta ~..r bruoyht to Pitt ,
burgh. Mr mak b, tat, •11'11. IrCLINTOCK
A Li.lll. 44 bbis for tale Iv
^1 Da wu. 1111.44LE1 .1 01.
X.I ADDER. 5 1111%14 No. I Dutch; f.e. sale
lira br im7 WNI. 11-‘111.1.1:1 0 C.
LINSEED OIL. 51.11:1161 for sale by
ld J 1.1 CA F% P1E1.1:
MAELOW.:L-Fifty brit; received and for sale
X b) , ' ‘1,15 5111:1V1:1: 0 11./.11N1..-:.
CI.IIORTS.--I.lne tbdusand bus not rereirod
w.J nor Rte.. Mazy bra, .04 fur Mil, by
.le:Z. S111:11 ER 0 DARNI.S
LI , for.d eh:. largr or rromll :paltullties. by . "
POTTON. 21 bales hew landing from tbT
Li steamer Ocnero, fur We by
3.29 ' Water Yront .t.
bbl,. No 1 Lod:
6 bbl.. Sterkur vox lauiing from . &ono,
Foe ale by . ISAIAH
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129 Haul stmt.
EATIIERS. 16 sacks now landing from
steatant far aalo b.
=o %I at, sua Enna,. sti,
of Au.attnT County. •
*Ala and Petinaylvasda Lail vied Company as Lydia
Stuatvell. To. da tiara:arm 1651.
To 11.0 ;byre defendant—Tod uns tirrYby tir.tifidd, that
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term* at the Bont.lo, Muse et
01:01RIC C AILNOLD .f.•
• Mt. 74 Fourth
attention of merchants WA Won, to 'lns largo sof
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Mayers. Thg abcr. nrtnien tqlk. N 001. Monaw ant
C.ton. of all bit° and onto', constantli on t,aaJ nod, O,
tar low Os o= 11. EAT,
(aENECA OIL.--rive br!ti rec,ived, fur sale
BUTTER.—Fivy brls and ten jars prime roll
fer mar for
"1 ;11111V Eli 0 U.41,N1-,.
IV 0. )10LASSES--li l lv brl, to trr it o.
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VERMILLION—Trieste, Chinese, Atnrri-
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1311USSIAN BLUE--Ton boxed No. 1. nir
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LAU' ) olia.` - lArd Oil of a superior quality,
13 . 90 hood for pale by
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L ASSTS. — . .ranty one Iris primei
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house. No. Fourth otroet. PO ,
- DOW D and Ri fl e Powder.
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QAFETY FUSE.- , —Twesity brk Safety
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HEY . APPLES.--One. hundred bushels for
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_ -
UPEAGIiES, —241 lipshels ter sale by
.111., JAW J.Slol I J.BJnTIII Cn
The Old Printing Establithuient,
bA'PE Johnston and Stockton',, :vid B 14111:
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Commercial, Cartel, awl :ilea= &Ai Jr .1, Plinth , keel linkk
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M:Second streets
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Nowilwk.s Just Received,'
4 L LT6N 1/3Clikl, Tailor and Poet.; an onto
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Abbott's Nay Rant—ltatory of 'Mahn,. Roland. la - John
2. C. Abbott, with env:matt"hhifortit wi
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Faint... at this p., ) ,atra Irraot ic.4l ail., For Fa la,
' It. 110110 NY , Apollo Dull:ling, frotath
. -' ltur .---- EcTioN INSURANCE.
t Hartford, Co.g. Ccrpltal SW: t . WSurplus Pout,
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any In Ibis city. ULU. L. AHNxiLM,
iulC 74 Puurill sL next door to Dank utPittxburuh
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GOODS.-11. ()reale S Co.,
)Imntaeturera of Pereign nal Domestic L.ltrao
11 the attenticu of buyers to their nonli for Indira anti
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package decoplo exhibital at their rue, No. Lin Pearl
aneey. / op .loin,) Nor York.
TELVIT PILE' CARPETS of the rieheit
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VIIEESE. 100Trboxrs for sale by
A J 119 J II I'l LLD
WY I'EACIIES. 305 t,:1,1:',1 -and 11 LH+
/ f. , We I, la. 'I. t.• II ATEIBIAN A : 4 0
11l OLI7BUTTEIt. 15 balls fresh roll:
Jo ... w keg* to 1., le sa h,
PLAIN 1)11, eIIINTZ, re .l 1 bo , dor
at the Carpet W'arehutp.e.. Fourth rt.
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IV.. de27 woolys a li IiIEPATItI. A
irANNER ' S OIL.— Sixty bris N,.. L for anir
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jiItUSSELS •GA,ii:PEVS—We invite the
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IM very rmtun.l uriotr. itt W. 31 , tlititoel‘ , Carp..t War.-
haute. N. F 5 Fourth 34
~..•---- Pao
MOLASSES. 30 brim
M landing from rteam
. oduosti. and ralr D C)L.NFI DLO,
fiat rt. bt.t.rrrn 1i Uri t thnithlirld
PEARL ASJJ. l 5 brls for Fate hv
ORESii ROLL RU'rfER. in boxes and brie
koo.ned dolly by ' pdo J. IL CANFIELD.
'11111111Ci,L1,&c., just 'retired at 7 2f;f0 Liberty
.I. ntrmtr—Plrkld Prattle. 11. 41.1 J.. 17, Pickl . o.l hit.
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C 1 1 ank l E. GREEN . fiat lbs fur sale by
ina .1 KIDD A CO. us Wow et- •
.. .._ . . -.. _
PARIS GREEN. -66 0 .11,s for :late by •
isn J KIDD k CO
• ...
IRBY APPLES. faibria for sale by
Air to . wm it JOINSTO It,
DYER INGS. • French and Amli, ,
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pa peke. Fur ale Lo"' W. P. MARKIALL,
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Cool int , nt Telegraph Ana Exprew ,
Six dally . Lane. of Sew Cuaelte, for lIOLLIILINSIIVIJII.
and fn. theme I. the New I',-no, 'vaunt Italln..l to
Duns, the Klipvnot of canal !.avlgallon..sla
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or to J. P. LIOLNIES. 3lonsugahrla Mune.
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1111 ..FALIF. n
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r, of John 3l Menviv Co..
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Al John 11. )101,., tgrool. has rW. r . i.
I , 7 lor.allount Memory. tient. of 14nnly..
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Snow Viol., -htterinn I,olu nod 11, tun
Fur PI, at 11.• EWA' VI lON A I. VA mok MUIR.
4.-MArkol V... , h.
Morris and Willis's Homo Jouinal
I)I2BLISIIEI),very Suturday ill :%ew York
lily. A r,n, th.lLtl+ 1.1. 14 t. in %I/
AM,CI tt,. 11.0nte Journal. No
117 Fult-ti .on.t.t. Sec \ !taw.. 24. I,u. -So 01l
whom it Ma) I•.neere evrtitt I Motu ,
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Hour .1.41 • rem uh,ut ho btu) itt
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urn, r• 'the new rol.ltu. will pt.nnurit, on 'ht. Jaw,
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11 tVESIAMi 1:01%1 PO U N.D. ;this
Cotupuln.l v..arnatte.l 1,0 produue the within do
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Lacksrlyst rates , 161,141 s sash, Is rll..msl in the
Cane' t shots , I, p.r ss•nt
M.ssr. Era ttl'fi erh vniqd of flow add two u.s
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You can put thc above CompGand Into lea takra., putt
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T HOLMES' LITE It:till' piqur. Third
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Tlr , LL - 4opme.
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The Loki., of th.d.l—,o Egorlixti story.
To.ia.r...rod to be Lorr.l—. talr.
Caroline or Brun: Arlon. By 0 W 51. Reynold,
The Itorni.4h Contesounel.
A Lyrture on for Jesult• Br Dr ikr.r.
Ur. K,. Reply to !Whop the Drdir. 01
-ha..1..1 linu. the discosena mid tilde proprietor
Ltheme moat pol.ular mad Leueficial medic's... mut alto
the inventor of Mot celebrated instrument for luflatnitt Ille
Lun, us efl.*Lnig scare of Chroule sibs., was a mu.
dent of that eminent ph,olemn. lata-tur nue., or Is •
graduate a the Cids.rdt, of Peon, leanla,noil for th.,..1,
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ea, and Ow application of remedies thereto,
. Through the ime of
Inflating tis.ylossionectioalth
THE BRITISH PERIODICALS, , hi, Proph, hulk Nylon, and oilier of Ids molest*, he has
A L N 1) THE FA [(NIERS' GUIDE. gained an unparalleled moloanne in miring those dreadful
• ~ , ,sAt;t, F, , ,yry L (•,,_ y,„ ta„hy a ,...,,, few
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WO Malone.. Tubercular Connonntlan. ranters.
tot . volition 1•,•111•11111 I)e four I...sdiug. Quarterly Its- -,,r i ,t Ilt„.._"'_•ier.th_iti•ijr_lT !p o d
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1 . ,,1i .;, , ,, ",„," .. ,',.",.,:, i ,L , ;.,,, h j . 1 , ,,,.‘ i:,, ,`` ri t,'"":,
~ ,n T r i t : _,,, n' T', , , , , , ' ; 1 : , • 7. ...1 ',,;', , ..1 , ni ti; ' ,., 7 , ; ,:,, ' ,0 1 „, ,, , ; : i 1 „:4 1 , ,,i,.;, , : 1 ; I li u 1. 1 , .... 7.1 1 . n i iir .
b r ,,,E . , • ,. : 4 1: 00 1- ,. : I F L. !.
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1 e h .s :. :; . .i!‘,i'z'' ' J,. , al - ;;'„ „' „. - 4. Z...„ 1.,„...'
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They ore,. le ...., pul.ltiloal to *Motor." LIP S'imie ts. i ' . -.."',".“-P,'.' - " '' '. .,. h e r' s m. ... ‘ - 1 .L . .1 " . i 'T, a ' s " se i r ". ll L k t, ni 7 aft drug
of CY p0.,-1-, • aril ...eltisd....l the steel • o,stimulge. am! is ~_ r,; -•_t o :/,,! . ", it!' • . .7"_,_ "i
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l'but.h , the I‘,. etnetts. ler 1,11,1 ,1A , ...r 47, and !dark- . d t..Z 7 :1 1.,. , , ,n ., ,, ,i1.. ......:.- rn 2 ..., • ..
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[sailed tn. Messrs Verdi a 1...., o' that stit.s.nbers U. the , , I% anus telish, for 0..1,,
Reprint of inst Magarinel3llMl alllll,l n•i) 141 harm., the I _ "a' l,ll .V.M.AVTIIIitIIi AIV
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Horne Jourrwl. Nu 1 of uon volun e - 30
IVAN:rI4I. 7 -23 aitualioil 11; -- 13
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Audrc. J C. 11., ihrt No 9. 1,4 tat,. i'll.1•11,h.
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I haft m a l l (wool three p 1...• ofreilk. too
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. :,7 • - •
jji A LANCES UN I iEI'USIT, which have
ouge thi ul been ulran,ir iitf. or dux. tram upwanht. In the
tiehnk otuirgin—
Wilinuu Purl+. ruddent, unknown, Aug. 9, 15.741, :r.n).
Ppnrutirr Rattler. Z•nuirrlll,O. 1147, 14 5
that Uwe 6.0.0 Vi tialaheu..l.4r io ho dun to
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the tux,its Piaui:-
• T. ll. WAVE. Cnqlnter.
Swore wad tln4. rilwd twAn.r. sp.. LW...sib 4. - of Ikons.
mull to prorund in the Eng Cal outlet. Ma CO coeds
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The Th. Market l¢ Wi Dismohd, curt Ode. 44
=EMU . 711:21:. CURED.
I , ....ttrizded the ume StORTIMIVA'S ItHEUMAT.
/ • COMPOUND AND BIANID 1.1:111PLER; inffectually
.enrla th e eeverek and Moat Inveterate rangy of INPLA.M.
litre AND eintome LA • enfadent
mtamntre and relMnmemlation I induce all who are an/fe
ted with LlM , dremlful dievae to try 14 virtue&
II utkin•l. of caoen many . of them of ft. Lottia
and other. from alaed. hare been curod within the lad
few mutitha In'theeity offt. luuln alone. Wilifr letter. from
agent, ahrund ,how also that it Ix performing the vane
whrevver tried. Many of three were chronic mere of inna
',Waling, and hoin. nf ...emery had been given OP.—
While calm" 'tem of more recent date, c,f the acute intim.
matory form. very Ift,err. All. however. ylehl to the elm
.derful virtue. of medklne, and thorminda who hare
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can but edeent the nriginal db....overt, and laymen., e.
benefart , uf mankind
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It is well known fawn the enwrienne of the part. that tip
outward appllattlon npoesibly effeet a I...rum:wont mire
linim thi ent.: partials dreadful direlief. In ne., B)
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far s abort time. But all theLw'e while tido diw nt awe it fixina it:
will tln ti 6 ft. r r
a few peri.•lictil return , . it jot., s e h ro k,
which. if not sum nrre.ded. rain. the Individual for life,—
~,,Hl‘ . „l by the lipliwri• of tin pool lit all eontitth..
and more demonstrated by the blatom furnl4.o nl
L to the proprietor of this oonuamnd.
by aeveral
hundredr of tattle ho hart Lanni under his Immediate
noon and treatment during the hod for. month..
SllRTl3lklit l .4 and 111.11(.1)
PI:111F/ bi
internal reined, --euninwinw. Its °wra
th,. where the diwww Brat originates, and it, pwrit)lnit
the blood. pawww Omutal. the whole ....tem. neutralizer the
Impute or eaustie fedl/1111t. 11101 L. nettled upon the
the.bran... towel,. and tendona—removev it eutin.l,
a, .ten. and reetorea the Individual to varlet., health.
Lot thaw , also are attlicted not deceive thelmanivew, and
ri " u ' ilfart. "' dirWa o reP; ' tu .d ttti, q td 1 ,.:7;
they are rrippleCor life. The CninliCtirt• hundroln
thou.taudo during lb« ta.t. •1,11 - d„.
prewmt demon.stmt. the 1.111 of exPeetim; twrmfe
Pent relief . ftwui external appileatiwna.
The proprietor of thb. valuable usodielne fnai exa
twrienee. that no outitard application eau powibl/ mi n a
twrinsuput rum where thi. bruit fixed in the
ol.teut. ran told doeP prepare ut apply an edmaw
tlon lu Wm acute rulawa whirl. pillwive rellPf !it .Then,;
time, but 1111,.. will not allot a pernotuept Pure he tm
tun.. of LW. h. tomb tlUt rototne. longer time. and'
au hoer - owl remedy, to proaltow the deelred ell,et, and .Ibr.
linaure's Ithrunialla Compound awl Blood Purifier is the
only remedy that has ever lawn either In
Am or ail
other enuotry, that will ill
corr .
thin di.www.
This p.lieltie nsn I*. Intel, or midi, at _;o. I 3
Third nwL to,t to tlo. litt4purgti.
ALL,, for wale it. lbw. Thorn.
J. 1,. IlJr,pu. S. N. II Irkt.rwhatu. awl J.. 1. J....R.
. . . .. .. . .
Prim At bo.ttl.. lor V.L: ur $l4 prr .1....
i•nm Pldrp cll be hvl ~.1-4114 ~f II uvut.
Isov.ka It. 11. \ VI.,11.1,1: I. Ag..nt , .
Murphy's Self-Segiu,g Advertising
Q. :MS MADISON ST.. NEW Yottri.—
2. alout,ntwr In nnlicltiny lb, almnnu . ,nf nll ctT
hi% nds,r; , ,lneta. (err. , I.t ' e th 1 ent
With zsrlirle . u ln ,' !or,
.al nlicur+ ot),nrs has «stablkh.t. their notwta.rlt,
)n.l nII no,nttot, an.l I,ondently re,. L• the te,llon , -
et' .4 flu,. bnutir.n. in.t. who hnv,
and In Pie ret.l4l) awararlue. prs, .4 tl,
The 4i, a ft...of tha rmn...nt P, their Ponn.
lnt On a.« p 1.., nemlpic..l by It. *nal. a refrl.l mut
base hi, nun, ti11.1141.A. and /Warps, rOntoricuoutly and
bnaultfully eruboreed, colored or ylnits. alLn.l.nnts-t
-mt Nrcunc, 'anul freaLl.
24 rapant opeutrierilluntt L , loc . dr
'"rc j. ‘" ::ailbtt wat..oor stafel,l.l, le,anv,l to 'psi ttwnt.
411, Upon the utivlTV,agr nt lettnu. the !.nrai trnttnsil.
Itaroplinle vt,to to the onnJer. Innten.l Lurical
Inemtls. In flip Dena Letter 0111 re.
• ,
fah The Entelupet aro. fortdahod 'at nitnoxl the ram•
prim nn plain one..
kAeh latter maihal L. a ulna eltectisttolvorlt.mnent,
CI, to aural the ntlontion of all thrtualt wtoot hands It
Ihe following alitl of prim. for Int a, owl - ay.,' on
bra.. and which fir 'tar, Y.! Of ENV1.11.11.1:, of
the ulna! &lac, either white or hull', ,mcal Vapor, and
male aa shore, with name, addro , a, an.:
. . ,
Price: 1f lnia. Pricr3 yf 11m , Thrts ruath , er ,
.Z 1 lettrrn. or Ir. iI.IIU 4bure.
7 iou
p r i r=
mum wlll twpolurimL All orders will me.,l. aria. 1,i0n3 .1
alb-talon, addree,l It 11 31 1, 111'11Y,
No :63 , 10,11Pou ettxt, NeW 1 ork
Ordas will to sl4ndell lo promptly' it 1-11 at tbt Ntorrs
of 01eXAS Nlott.'al 11 all etnrel., or of Ilium. 11
Jerollmso t Co, 104 %Hl*. nt.
N. 11.—Brodnfts 1.1713114. enaltwani Itt colors. (tam Imo.
DIM at 110,ixt per 415tauark
VRNI FOR SA I.E.—A FARA:, situate in
N.rth Ilunti4tion tuvut.h, nrasrson•Laul rvuot,
f 0111.1114. 244 crir. land. boor.d.lig lambi a .Is.
.. • - -
entt tiaan. llrr. Painter invlcittn•ni—vtiont I ertnertereleatisl.
balance an,hertry Inithes •Itlsu nue nf - the lont,lnts
g Sind, 4% al,. ern. mile. trtint the 1 4 ritia1 14 attbrtvl
ite.l. nal one nide rnntJArkinuvilfh. lininisretanntr
¶l,ll ft POO My'', lloutnl. bank Barn. lartte
11 - nunt• Stithle. atni itoriennr) nut ttutlitiapt. Apply itr4aril.
Chter Pre., le. Title /or terse, elniltr4r.
thy ofloilt.ENT S. 1111:141.-EV..
JUST RECEIVED Inlet the Plulliprille
• ul :o .l ‘,lU.'`rf
~, rot 4 1 1.44.; . •
Snit 44 an .1.
n. urd• 1:1-4 Wlns•ut tot l'lnth.
mae% Table, Statil %WI Sins, u
1/nee., of Weld fintrh. anti le-nun:id 44
ICYIO whol,al.. and Irian...4 the. Nor. 7 and v
Hurt 4tree.t • ins J. 4 11. 111111.L11.4.
li L g. Anp.kuoii.
1101'S. 9.1,84 es fi,r
%%NI it illit.wros
: •
UN I)ItIES •--Three• hundred .1,6. No.
I - 7 31 ietona: halt told, .I.t et.. I,LIJNo. 1 egln ou'
1. , tot •.!.. .1$011:0
, HATT 6: so vs
U - •
• 1U11.7.1,1
111 er : N tge mid
frrAt 44.,1,b, •
, 1 J. MIMI rt CO.. Nu CAI 1V.v.1
I ARLO OIL n 1)Lols received on consign
en 6 and for *e, ni CU
WAII:1,7:4; FORD a:
y.Wet, po-.4.
ITI.I.SIOLASSES. 86 biro new crop, juy.t
0 . 04 . 0 fr t,) n- A. CC NN I bj.
44> 1.7.^3 Liberty rt.
itotinurrEit. 4 brit, ju,d read
bnubl. the gale by ficY.b R. A. CU:INV:MUD.,
Vt 7 lIITE FISH. 75 brls and brit. for
V cab• by ,ntr ISAIAH' DICKEY 21X1.
iCKORY NUTS. L lanrl for 84e ny
.11. ite: 1.. S. WAT}IIOI4N A SON:',
DULL CANDLES. 20' Limes for sale by
la iaY tiaxioSoito a CO.
56.7i.1'. 150 hoies Louisville No. I Rosin
4 I.tet enAtileScairfor Rd& bp
KN't'UCKY MUSTARD. A constant
coni.l6 owe'r celebrated Kentucky Altutard,
thr wo r ld,ar band non for rale hy
WALL6NtiktAiD k
Dist dozen Hope Yarn
I elt ASHES., .35 bbls. 'tits received and
V tor inlo k
tar •
Water otrect.
160 'Ails, for sale by
011.111111I1IVE a INOIIIIIII.
pIVIDEN.D. The 'President end Boned of
Melorrterr or the Northern lAbertler Midge OuntunY
atitl6 diz dcolnred dlivelrod tme.lollar atebtln,
r e t' llu t ' rlll " l=a f t t o h illT r s t irjkll 4 rde . ifri: ' 2rWAlC
Nth JoAnne ti. NTARNEIt, Trencurer,
Allegheny, Jan. 1651.-1a1613t 6
ctl, New Cork Syrup. r. eery rutnulor f
Gulden H, run from the rellucri.
Sante Mom 61016reicv do do
Sr. Orienre. do foe rule by
Jul MV. A. Mcl . LUItIl be CO.. '25 Liberty rt.
' fur rale hi /..;
67:151:A . 5 casks Kurtz brand for sal
ko i.e s. a W. ii.k&RAUG 11.
0 Lf3ITEI 011.11 : Nriij,rceiv it,,;.L , ;Lo ,, i .tin Li
T ALL 0 W : 50 bbIS. prime for side by
•B. 1 c tr. 11-11:11AU(41. '.
t iIIEESE. 50 boxes It .. IL Cheege for sale
!_, / by,10.1 8.. t IS. lIAMIAMITI.
DM METAL. 176 t on s tor rolling will
fl.. Maid., err, Rif 1:1', MATTIMWN 10.
_ . .. __ ... - ..
DEACIIES. 173 bags ier Mayflower, rkw
I no., Is, Ilk; .1011. A, MATTIit:WS & c.. 1.1
1 - 1 iTfi C E E. - '..t) a1;..,,ii, for t:af, h
up J.. J MCA NYINI.I ,
- _ ..
D . ROOMS. 4 •e
0 dozen forale by
if I REASE. 9 Idds. now landing fr o m the
„ L.l Ftvrsuu'r Ileuva. fi.r••aln by
, IBM tll DWKEY 0 CO . .
Jan') , Water out Fr at ntrrvt!,_
(`.% LEBATUS. 100 boxes for eale by
, . •. .1 Ti . t4x - elr.p . ,
61E11001. BOOK 1 . 1. - Educational Works,
I. I ilubri. Oil, Itutratutntr, :itationary , Carter', l'ab
livotict, ' EIJIJCATIIihAI. RE1N... 4 1111111, .
_let t.f. Matt
I t ORN MEAL. ..
/ raibap fur Lumly itt, for Rah. by •
ell - aa . iv. itanaanun.
IINSEED OIL. 10 bbls received fur sale
IA by ,eau • s. a iv. itattnataiii.
Cl U 351.1 BABAIL 15011 Ills just received
' Or and fur salo'bi 'BRAUN 0 BEITOII,
:• . al :
Eerier 5- Mir me Librrtr nt...
HARNESS. 41l dozen pairs 'lonia and
-•-"` ' 4 ' l° il4"'". r n bY WATERMAN SONB.
iIUFFEE. In store and for salsly
I_2 dell DICIII . -r t CO.
palao-$448 lbs Srusish Float, Madras &
mile by • J. KIDD k. SX)_
le - AlNTlO—llousk and Sign tainting
1-tiv=il=tvgdre..r.m.;',; d.!
knaktlal . u W
nitilss=e t,, beßti ELY Un l
cltyo are J. k PaLLIPS
Gu)ll* tor Nile by (lanltAt7i A ItZITEIL
LOU iCrtailia-D.---Wibllarth la Noble
.01 their rata Flour, delirrml. at $2 25 per Ma
F uitt'fira. at a: PT no ' A Moral discount ta H l e a
IDES. ID4 -7
it .Dr (fides;
12 Dr ) CAM:SkiI.
dplf.bundle Doer 416 landips. for man by
- AM° - MUDS, OleitOoK.
'There are nion. thing, in heaven And multi.
to.. dtwatopt of In phlliophy.
rritE VIIITI,7IIS of they remarkable reale
and the hunitant opplimtion Sir IL lathe root.
has 'nano/ him to have it put up In bottle*. with la.
isle and direetlotolfor benefit of the Pain.
The I• LTgOldari I. procured from a well in this man
ly. at a death of four hundred A purr. nodurtera
hel Wide. without any rhemirld change, but;inet ew It
Owe from Natunle Omit t...armorn
proorthe. rearisitO a number of &wean., is uoionster a
Other of unortaintv. TOre am many tblnsoi In .the a l
on> .1 ohm, If annum. might be of irot
lu tatiu muttering. and ...tort., the blood
health and •igur It ninny a puffer, Long Ofare fro
urietor liniught cif putting It oft in bottle, It had A P.n..
two for the cure.' doom.. The conetant and dallY.trierro -
Aug rall+ for 4, noo reta actable moo It. has pin,
Wined. 1.. :cane, indication of it.. future popularity and
, iipreodApPliention In the roe of Wool. '
416 not ir.h to make • long pork of rertiftento:
wo ore enuolnte. that
. t tuctlielue 1.013 work ita way
into tbr tato of ti pea alio suffer. out wish O beelod..
lVlithit we dr. no laim for it a unlopaal aPtilloth. In no t
7;ind.nt it u1°,11%
eimuirrute.h—wil dionees the =norm, tour, woo ow
CLOWN le it t RONCIitTIS. L'ONSE3IPTION. tler,lta early
11.) etal dieoins. of thw air low,. 1.1‘•
...1101.711MI'L INT..l.WppEPel.A. n lgarl ea. Moora of the
not Kid...), Paine lu the fla o zir. or Nemo,
Setiralgia. Pain. Rheumatic Palo. °out. &yell,
Toter. Rlnsooruni, !told.. ItruPo. Old oro,
Sr. So. In own. o( - ilehilitr. rerulting (P.O. erpoure. or
lon, and
to db...., this I:indictor AIR
relief. It will art ao a
t i no d and ALTER
ATIVE In roo. Imparting too and n th to the
...Ole frame, mooing ol.trucnon.. opening the eltießiah
itilletiolk, le can...INV-VP and a broken constitution.
and giving loreoll and renewesi merwy to all the or t otis
dd• life, The ginuirietor Soon, of several moot of FILM
at e reod every other treatment. tot well under the ow
of th err for a short time. The proof can he
given toPny twomi who. deriree it.
None genturie without the eh-it:duo of the
1 1
litßit. Canal ILO
I.LL , nor Seonth
w h i i ld " R I . ' " )VlisVP. it it.
ruer VP...1 street to Viruist Alley. who are
tior 2 •ii I 1,. reAularty oPpoinorttoct,
ull men who are sick and afflicted
ix with du , ...tne. , ..f tbn Madder and Kidneys, With rbett:
man,. palm. In back or limb...tiff minta old mares,running
We. n, Ac.. that tn., ran 1a rand by taking the 1•ETI(0-
1.1.3 Y,,u may ;talk nimut it. haunt a , h
n. 1. 0.a,, bat liar .1, , ,es not make it am fart...proclaim.
tr.` , of an howat etnumunyty. that it ban rirtura
aF.ide hr. , not any other reita..dy. The man
chit mel,d nitA, iLdti. and eltietinif from divan e. ran.
for,. get Inqiet ftnnt any of the ills entimerat.i
It met t.ri 1411.4 to make a Mal. Thle Petry
n no mixture—no eutufouncl, put up fur the purpore
hr nateelne an titi•CiattlilUllity; but tt lu remedyrialera.
tett Cy flu totrler hand of nature, and bubbles up (tom the
Iraara of oar mother eraih. Hat:right. purity, and of
ehrup r futa tulleinz hlnnanity a ready retard,. a cantata and
It has cured Piles. after other nuriklors hare iollad to
n.zuler auy relief, It has cured Rheum...lna of lop
stanchn.t. and of the aorta and moot radnful chirarter It
bas cur. Cholera 'Alorbua by oar nr too doe.. haa
canal OW rope 01l 1)1.711.. 11. %Web Cirri ether remedy
h. teen of no arril. As a heal retnrely lu bona and
scald, a Letter thanani medical P.N... or ointment
that to kcom cL j It•alll cute chllblatnu awl frosted feet.
Ina few applicattnie undouldnl terlhouny can La Ihrtdrle
.1 of the truth contented In the abort. statement. by'rall.
hut r.2.31t . .1.L KIEII. Canal Baal., a...nth 6..4 or
either itf the.
Rayn p.a..
e a mart of Wood atreet and Tires,
Clloy; E. ./lent, 57 Woad etreet. Elliot. and /J. I.
um, Alleakunty tall, are the azonts.
EI7Y virMs ul sundry cants of Layer' Facies and
IJ Fenditioni lErponaa, trued out of the Diann
Court Gs Ancithent county- and to me directed. will'
ha exposed to tine, or the Court Italthe, city of film
buret, on klonday, the 07th day of hide),
1-Sl. at IC erioct, A. N., lac following deacillued
properly, to win—
AdMose tele° estrum lots or pieces of ground,
• lotto ins endrint villa St Clair townshm numbered
22, TS, and 30. and a o ' leen of ground adjoin:Mg lot No
car, to SlClvym la, hounded nod dettenbed as
a: tho south east corner of said
30 lot No Z, end hattuln •ottun 3 degrees'. snd I west,
pmc nee and 1/3 trot to a putt on Thu pahliduoad t
Onto, south 71 detract, <am aloes said rood 17
percent nod Sallie to • post on the corner of Centre
,and mill road, thence along said turret north
Weil hvgeee east 07 pen.* sod 00.1010 toe Post et
Ito anuth verrt homer Of told lot Nu at, thence north
t nu neg-nee eon 17 porches to thorium , of beginning,
cottlittuing int& 'acres nod fifty two pore/tett, more or
..e•c.Lxce aj,rl taken in ezcent:on ea the propelly
0 J(010 1 11 , 00 , 0 i 0::0. tat of Contd. Anchors, for
Sae el John Forsyth.
PCI the right n tillo,lntercaL sod elsim of Pot. RUM
ot. to slid lo oil :Ivit rennin lot of g'oo.d 'agate
iu Llto rittr of 11,t.Lrrirn, on the seen, e th e Grant
or.ting OLI etrcet vt , sett, luni extend.
DC book UN lec4—on yea. sr.!,
Ott 11..11.12 Ofld .4 how:dz.! Oli wwt prepc.F
o' llurrev cu utebi prop,ity of
lh ...I tot csa rieutmoh w, the
r.v.,ertv fi w We.
unt w.e. • ria •tm *old by
I,y. vrtue t.r eu ~Try ...rim of Vett , 4::..ll‘
lan I.e.vaNi!Fu .. ..., ift•smd out 01 me 1/latreet Court
t; d utol (74m.r.0,, of Aqe, ben,' county, and
lome oat em. J.. 1.0 zoosed m ...In. al the
i.oort ili.o-e 00...5ty of • Ito L.lrgh, ou Monday',
s 7 A:0 1,51, •1 10 o`corr it A M., the Mi
lo. avg to
All the right, tnle, interest mad churn of Theo.
done F N tight, of, w, land to, all tame two regime
liar on shrews rs ground, marled end deaignsfisl No
4 end 5, its John Inetten plan of Ison, •rreortlee
deed ti6slc,sol —, page —, bounded nna dereribed
as kri:OW, vms—rornoteneing althe oloonnee td 46'
• lee: 2 ,111 . 11 CA, Dom Erin street, o e Centre Aveatte,
at corner of lot No 3, thence along Lard Avenue 44
fret 6 inches to lot of Miss It. "twin, thence along
tsasol lot 76 feet So au ailed Il'feet wide, thence
along raid nary 44 feet t 3 inches to lot No 3 thence
along sad Intl parallel with Erin street, 7t lent to
plasse 01 beginning. being the name two into which
Ino S. Irwin ofnd Martha C. Ms owlet by their deed,
dated the 710 61 Nov., A. I) 1545, and. reeurdbd
deed bowl,, vol. 22, page 20, granted and ranamy,d
tot tin raid Tnew'ore F. W wain. Seized and talon
in exec.v an the propertyo Theodore F Wright,
at thereon of JOlns Wats.
At: t... r•ght,jtille. Interval. untl elttint n( Attar..
Etannc, al, rt all tam eettato lot or lor.r.
ship kr01.1.1. Ott' Iteaertre '[reel, Ho.* township
two... the NOr the. I.lber,ra of Fatabor,. It, being
lot Ne . C=l' ta thet platt of lots lam out by fi alert!,,
F t e.tal/111111, it from on
the Buller tuthimle ttl rcet, and ektetoliog bark to an
silty 12 lett wade, o wrltteh is erected a two only
brieic boo.e, Loge boo with . x.t.o asnigulat the to,
n.r and :ttoportettpoces OD 0111 lot. erixetl
Ind ttat , vibe proreity of Andrew
Ea..rt,l a o l4 x o C o o John
A:. t Ut, int , iitat and claw of John Am
I of and to all 11,11 i i ttittata i lnlWi t vier o tit
ittitat iic.:l I t.II It intAllt of
nellittil Arco!, f. attnittn i atan alley the &dim,
ot writt trout CI * * deer and contaming
1/..111 thr id el!ect 41 fert and extending of an. Chattier limit
13., tit'. ID III';IIe), tome.
I. tt deed voted to Jot,
tyht. i tt item, it tittii tiro btu, 4/ICh OVEN.
~,,, On err
(mat w O lOOlll.
C. , 4/ tiii it
itto .11,, .0 c i te..tin. •t
tistly jytin • t . Ad 'it •
All ti.. rutittl tilt t/Iterrrl chum of Jac , 6
to, atiliur p.ttr M crow',
„,,, ,aa i,tasett, t iit tail aittte at t t Pas!,•ta rel. • AU, ,
alencTilard tli i. 11,10 • I 11.1 I ,1,0,111, al I .C. cuti,c , ' All thi. oats, tole, att i re st, sod claim of .1.. e•
nt 1+ poi ateiti ta • e ta 10 Ai ...t o ti ib i •ii .1 n ni ' Vance, of in, and no all lbat eertern lot or pince, of
Art. or ttitt , . ern...tit, 74 ~,, tarter. ppril II 1 itestnil,simete In m• borough o l'Tirentun, Am...
atm i + tv' 't+ rnllf 0 1 . 1. i Horne . I',°_''''' with °.• hn .7 rod one bulf of lot No 4, In raid borne., f rro 1-
' l '''' ' ' ' ''' ''' ''''''''
too '"'' 22 ” ' °h.' ' I. gon Me Penney I•ania Canal, on which are erected
Au o t•u- Al 0 •o c place of t reamilit.i tae to 4 lot . on no Cory brick building, ono ahoy. one Rama
001 a" no. ,a ' " ` cau ° " ° '" j a '''' '''.", b..° : ho'eme berg the •ame which la. conveyed to net,o
-41 w.nlitug alai la i annravetnenye ti_ zed aid taken I dint by Team , Donnelly and se.fe. by need mourood
in cease. , 0.100 proyinty ot J.teou hall Aro etto m oral, book 40, sot n, pate :1741-1. :wised and
at di< 1 to`ie:. o r “ ait • ' - 'd, r .iiii Vie , '" mratali 1700900 'Omuta Atitmuan at the p °petty afJalega Vance, at
pro 1 of l'atts'huttsb the soil of /oho Ingratant
• All Me fight' 1 rc,intertut a wl clam of Robert eler. All the
angst, 0 0 0 . odor ,' ~o 4 o r offo of y awn
'"''''' '".
" to,
P"" . All
of, is, ani to all Hott tenant p to. or Weer
g' °a" ."" ''' '" '''''' Wan' nip,, " ' Y L ' P°'°
a .i... i. o.o.orpv g 4 of Manchratar.bonnded
I'lllei 6 ',0°°,,"4 ° ,,,°h,, Paa ,,, ° a L °° ,,, 2° ,..,‘7, at , a .,0, '''',„' h u ,',',, L1 .," . and deserbed •• follow.; ooglnniug cute err•tatd.
' a ll ' o ; n Et,;,:te c— ore...., -- ba ' ,.e — ,4%ni; - , - , 7 4, — , - ,i ,-- t —,:,;„ th -^7„„ I 'Ada of Proble street, at um eornarofLaMerst Wet;
." genre este , ding ir. front on Feeble
3h7 feat, to
11 St Cde, on ill , RT.; ' l n ° iba ° O n '''''l'L°°°a Lowry,. the line of O7•lrtat strecallsome &Jar • the :lime 143
. the Fast, .14 ." 4 h 4 "...." . u " c ' "'" " 4 ' o fret V mcher, to Gk. elnict Oteime yarning , . emmia
dwelb g hue./ ticazed and oh it In r gum. or no touter and crossing r ic e street to the Ohio Rater
the t "") al Robo " ''''''''"' ''`,.`"`"*" of li'mf". ' , O nee amon lbe sad river 417 few a toetiestarninth ,
A ler, lot tie tam of Li b. 3 inroto
ALSO, Orly 1,1,c of Leonel ttreet, egt.dingsbenea eastwatd.
I)) along the mud ling of Loeatt •treet to the tatted)
A tb- dght, ails, interest and claim or John Kos+ dor of
In street, end the, eo along aognitt-simet
i f /
pit. of, In wit' to all mat certain lot or piece at diO feet to the place or beeinstiods. calm-eine and eon
, sod on the corm, al Chem) Wry eon Suns stAset, °Ovine watito sold bounds Ints Nos 1.8,162 1711 171,
oboe coy of 201.barsh, [sine meat) Co feat - stela. 177, 171, u p 1" ,(( In the plan of avid borough aria..
Stir. tit itooi on PasLt.. 4,,, t , " e 7 t.ldteg bosh the eh.ter.erLlAh . in recorded in A Itegtmay eouXy, In
game width alai, Cherry ones, 20 hot, more or leas, plan hoot Na t, paten, the said prnperty bsing ontr
on which IS t reeled. two story brlelt owe! ir gto use, teat to rhio liner
fronting on Non uneet Stored 3..4 taken. neon- lot CID 174 bedizen , fret an Prehlo titre., and CI feet
non It. the pr +v. lii l . ' , ti . 4 . i ., . the son t (ran, inehes -V Chia street, and all the other mentroned
Rooted. AU+ lots botng each al fort on Prep g Greet, and Ro tten
Ail toe lltilt,iatla,lo . esettlatet of bloat, fire., af the,. no I hit street.
of, hi a. d In el the cora n lot of groundaltuato Indio Also, all tie right: title, interest and claim of said •
tdelni, Weal 1 the ony of Pit.sburgh,t omelet No--In IdoKain. of ia and to all _Mat certain lot or pie. of
Blue. pl.. ' 1a , .. . o.d wom, rroo.oc II Nob around squat. In the 17: of M.. hmter, begin ,
ri .
more or yen., n G bOOO loot a and exteadmg 131 fee.. ohm on rho easterly aid f Mork...Greet
mu d...
more to lest, to L. u•t atreet, preserviug we Send toner oft% feet soothe. T. m the corner of damp.
width morn ems., lo atoot, on motel, te ere, Yea Am win tinter:theme. rm. - ding an front on l'ltereot .sat
dovi 1- brick house . Sound and mken In o f 42 Met, to the tine allot NA SI, and ito depth e.twa• a
se the property of J... 11 tarter, arch roil lobo ly parallel with +amp°. attnet. pte-aaratag the sat.
oomph , ALdar, width WO feat la Lturcl al.ey, A. 4 be f ing lot marled
Ali the.rorha rule, interest and elelm of Thomas or oamharod Or In the pl. of the lorocgh of Vim-
A Morro., uf,,m, to or out oi, ell that minus lot or cheater. rtenn.l.l lo sold recorder's video, Alt.heny
piece oroad ',male In St. Clair 70.110* Loon ,, i n loon peek hol e page IP eeland tattoo
Al end dec o Imd eLi f 'roue, Ar. beet rung •t a M egeobt no as the PtofortY of Jam. (leggin, at the
stoallrlhi. kAM ant • ulumg by tardy of InenceLoug 't Mt. lain-s A. Spent..,
no th 71 dog iv.* 111 ?o-efaes to a ideen nag ,o f nfo
ALSO. r_
by 1.0.1. of W;ailzein hieb.rbon. Muth 72 deg. cent ~, 0, „, h,. tide. , „ o „ d do. 0 ry 0 ,,X,,, Gr .,
72 l'ero b d tt ‘ i " ft . ' ....k • th..o e by hoods Of 2 .c."..0 f, in and loan +het re.. woo a I 1..1 arnmeln
I° ' 72 + °" • h a 4 ''', `'°". 11l ''''''''' la ° 2° ". .°.,,° the elty of Pittsburgh. being parr or lot Iso 2.13 111
V.''' . ' y ''
I' "" '``'`" °I j '" ' ' ''''' ' ' ' C''' ' ''“, WWII'S . plan or n‘.l..Arge.bounded'atni abed
r.." ''''' 2 Ir,'Y' ° "' 2 "' • ''''''` i''''" ° " °. °' ° " °2, I ill :ex At. boom.. at the urcv aide o Marker
e° ,.` 2 ' 2 ,'" r ' d : ' , 7 ,P ° :„, °° ,.." ° ',".01 1 ''' ,.. Gruel. st the 1L11,31./e.ter•i'Ne-trnci of Mart. sod
w ",'''' '' ''''' 1 ' . - -01 '' . a '°' ° roma!, sreeis, theueo .stet iwo art. or Gno
t‘ton.r I ard II 0 lull It 11. re
, , ~ Gon g Malt of sae. WY +r TL ot ilireL 24' leet,
A 1.0, 1111(01 t pllrrl of tr.:toad. Britt. et, 4 111 . the ~,,,,, i,,, 11,. i,,,,,,,, oti rif 1.,,imi..111i,1ii1 ppd ro knot,
01,w. 1,0 the no r. nslonatatt Wu, laud desoribyd as
• or ATM alorg Founh street orratorr,tal) toward.
r0b..., oes —bagma anti st a awn Year rs itill..o onh, porn, .treat,'pre.renne the insme ondth, 14S Oita
at lm: tan: b totatt , Joao Illosaintott end *ltillharl ~,,,, ~,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ivo dilate. LAU., on whreh
.0 r on ille . •Rd letalate trout y i lliebasghlo Int est,
~,, ~,w , ,...,,,,,,e ~,,,,,, on o, ho o d , 0000 _
Ingo •• • t . .roo f leant+ old theyar aba t e t ar *aid road p l e d ' a , wiz.... .1141100 in home and two mall MIX
eount nonce fest i ei pert. het to alse line ear,,,,,a4t, 4, 4
haddinge Non°. on rag.% 'tom: rolled and taken
tin rf too ..,• 11010. hers' Mnd, mew ea. •long said in
so tbe °moony or Jamse Grey r {Scartek•
Inc Co o tis .1 aka , clot ,0 peche*, thenee north 112 1, ~,,,, rt ., „,, D,.., e, T y .,,,, o . sm o , . ,
• eir• i ail IA ilialAtl 10, WI II it tallest the tatul • •
Aimee. Jobno ‘ p.. an • °Woman °ton., and n
''' o.
"'"' ." ' ""' '." ' l. "'" ""'" "1.. "
'" din h.4.t, All thee ght, title tourreet and &alas at Way L. Mar.
1i. ,,.
eaet...g rhe 0, .., rho , . or lea. t...rted sad tetea et, or. in Aso to a I th•t en Isla tract of load...rite.
In ••aocto no • 010 proirelly of Thomas Aide:vela at Versa, let Tow.hip bounded nen a• fel
the sett tit lotto AIM rt.., yews, 'IL: beelnillat at a ptare - t i rt Tome Creek. on the
Al.7m, , lino between the 12A3+ of Wm AVlElgney, and thraa,
All lie rmir one, intr.. nod , claim of John P • of George Ittloson.ilforaerly !lour, Vane) thence hp
-11, cm•, of It ond to ail MG tenon° patent lot No 168 14•.60. seal Mutt ed. bomb 2 &Krell. E•er etrperelwx,
1., CkinnittAhaf . dolor[ or de, ree l lllo2llbil42, begat. , toe poet then. North 71 degresa F.A. 546 MTh.. IA
elog et a poll (I Cu rist II Ine of lot No. Ille,•od ZOO a pose thence So. h 'entirety - a VAS, Os perches. to a
• i ad liar. at - • • shot t ", ileriheli -
. ,
mr4; a:..,. ;i11! lid., flout atm 4 . 7:i pereLes tome
crepital ;Inner snot Mo 40 thence abet aid orlgt
oil Ind. weeti4e 'petone envie or lea. m a poet.
I otter hew c ..littnnal 11 00
I geadlwardly through the
oldie< meant ed- 1011.. a . white at on the .atlt lie t
of raid ion thedohlong the eolith :lot rail 40 p.feltea,
mate or 'O4, 0 a pile of roam id beer tinka, teepee
run differ - di, long part 01 the atone metnioned lit,
ennveyed IdThitattatt CDeray,' tad by amid Chrlettati
&traycaner ed in Mar, Mickey Nen., to the place or
brgandlng, eintainlog 45 acres, more oriole Sta.!
and taken tat eleetol. 51 tee prop!. of /oat P.
Wean, at the tutor Dori. sVar. . .
lin lot or piece rif printed altellte in the
of the et:y 01 Pinabiarah; Milked And
;-'1°14 1 ,1 0 4 To f I ' nij. 'lt tuld 4 ,ll 1:71 . S'eL 4 ll::
;to wit: begire.og 11l the comer of Peon
ttr, and nentaltie dnene 0 east Cora game
Ito the corner of . Lot too It, thence Wong
4 No.alytifeeLioe n, feet elle.; Mope,.
to •il fee, ta 1.144111110 0111,4 end thence
Llano street.
a t feat td rennitheet e ahe
totem being part of a larger lot otvettsd
(he egre4llo.l of lames 00 ton e by etaid;•
;day of 3ept.mber, A. D
0 ....u.I by ..- -r DmAA.I.iy
ae 7th .may o( Jana.' A. D.lBsl,l6Atud
joy, the deka 'at% tot tett; i_talgalthar
legator the;appnwenaneeti. lA , SO WI
pel.¢ging,tioliod, and Mies , in areen•
roperty oNaIA Micky; as the mi eir,
All that ter
Ninth Went •
nambervel ra
ard, in I 4 th
el as Aglow@
and Balgarin!
nrreet. sa fent4,
the line of pot
along avid ail
along me 11.
plate of negttj
<o3.e yea by t
dated the 17th'
A. Bayard, a
'deed "dated
Tim 4. D.,
with a 3 aad of
lot of wand, •
11611 as the •
Waitaa4 • •
AlOl •
AU the right, int. AJ ... moil eget of
of, to mud to, ona tat at 411 that tcritun piece 'or tract
vi land. anon* to Lower 01A Clan Townlop, boasted
by Inds at Witham thins, Thomas Kenn, the ante
of Witham Miller and Gee. Leine, nominal 66 ante
I .
men or lea., being the tome penny sow In the no
etipancy et loud June Inane: Seixed and When le
elecUllol3 aa the 'property of dome. Kenn,. the no .
-of to Fre*, Innenao of K in 510100,Setal and
AEI thic right tole, Innen, and anal of 3oali Cab
bage, of. In lad to. or oat el Agreement nesse. gin
Wu tract orptece. Ind, .thaw Ih Sobthebe Team
ship, Wendel aqd Lion tined astoliowi,vis a bath:onus
a pun on the bank tit ianuerx Creel, at the center
f laud of Jarob 1/.04111010 thence by •ant Doetilules
land, berth id; deg, Vent Need 7.10 perch.; tn a a nn
North 3,4 deg.. Kul 5 perches. dines North Ai iteg.,
Woe =end 610 patens, to !undo! the Wtdow aka- '
attina t thicnee berth 15f deg, Ent 43 pnettee, to land'
at 140000 nosh Se deg., East 103
potence, thence SuctOrAttitg., Ent St perches, thence
South so deg., (pool IS tun 3.10 pelehea le 1 white
pea, thence Scutt 41 a. g ;East 13 perch. to a wat*.
wt, tacace 71itt,11 :a deg OF-aa 40 and 2 leperches
a enaore en the bout of thearnota deck, thence ap
MAW.* Creek, booth :4 deg ibAnildttereittx,thenc•
mint,. 114 deg,. Han 40 nitre., Inca., South drg
Fist peronet, ibcoce Sim It In dog e WaitrlS lO
pen.. to 0 hickory. Othuea even deg., Won 6
ptrchee, innecasoula SI deg., Wen 6 petcbse to a na•
gEr tree, and ounce 661 deg., (Vail 14 lb entente, to
tue place et
and 13
perearetoUtet measure, and on whin oi erected a two
atort frame awe ling bans and :table i alto a .malt
g Deis together without honed eciseil
nil *then to exocituou ex the propene of John Cab
tine, at theautt of Alta Niney Eoor
. All the 0031.11110, hdircet, and clean of John G all,
ut, is, and ot all oat cc.' ant piece of ground, ttuitate le
the It:lleac et 11cup...steered; bong rAit ut Jul No O'
'so Use plead, lute called - Elltotro mad: by
W hewn. ton,is tee Pantheist; at CI Siteuucualle towl—Geatuntsig al the canner el tot No ill .in
.ant tocuce along toe due ut stud tot Nu Ith suet*
2eo, Alan eat IVU at, to le e s
Lacy VON siddestitettee ateee
and alter, sad parallel with tee tarnyttle, eoldliful g.
1u Win. west SU feet so 1.0 No 8, thence eloug e
of No it; plaallet with the I ea of I .1N; 10..1T0 Net
natant tettiptee read, and lattice the tualiptit AO
net 14) 100 ytace Or
d enlngbetne, the awe ethic.
Ale:woks Pupa. an wile, by ,deed
lot , . and recolden in Look J, pege 1 conveyed to
Joe. eau, on watch Is eleeteu one otteatot y lo.
e asel bugle, With stone bauenest. "laved end
et :non Itie }dupe ity otJuo Galt, a the .11:1
et linnet t ilodh
&V the rtgl.t, title. interest, and claim. I William
Chaahars, al, tu', Or IC. the tattooing tenet
or pteec ta..t: , Jedersoo tossrsel•itt,contai..•
tsa Oa sere,more nt tc.s, and bounded t.tdt of !WC.. :.113:111(1 i!suu, laws.
Yu, t.a, a a mud. at and Wl.kaut Chambers—
. cmg •1c e. 144.: in A .14.11 Mary Kohn, late of said
Ydd. setestl aadato. watch there is ...tett str do rtin.g house, • barn, Se. t§essedt and
Lass,. 14 Crap u al alc p,o;erty of ‘l:taistu t...hdot
bit,, at tut tad of Taut,. Mellott •
do the I igti, ode, inter.. and afafm cf William Mc-
Lane, ef,,o, end to at. last etc.., piece pof
afoot.: iy,eg and bang au toe turensuip of •ree.
es ehuorand turd desedood as silo., to wit: begis,
t ;Le, turner Dy Lauda Deatedict Coot., houla
.tot Jag, west:dimmed., to a post tact cc by ialla 'ut
6-orgetsliver, wt., 74 deg, sent lb perches, to u
was•oun, thetee hr lain 01 mad Walla= fatenaley.
sea.. 314 deg, wee!. 5 sin teach. 'to' • poet. .nua.l.3
nes, ea. ,ea eta aD. ai dual and conk den,' mot
to 3 :V, en bet, to In • pace ait Ingantatng—ehaLtairaing
n aerse, stile. wen-sots, is lag pert of tract at {goo
awned ay walaa klettaley and an • an the puesessioa of
AAA.. J•cina I, belied and taken an Linen:lon aw the
properly uf. , taia. Atetuallm, m the sal, of Defiant,
?Jordon& Co. 'AJ...8.),
All one right, title, Telexes '
.. tad claim of 'Jewel Tn..
en, J, sfou, and to a Inc: of land, on the wale. of
cane Ar.o ton. actor-idea lapds of Jana. S Daft, amnia
U.: hear. oa,tevues m Joints hallass—contaming
&erre, wore or u lee u, sal jto an annual ground- tent
of ito Um.' payable quarterly to Jam. b Emir; on
mach Is ere Med • lag cajun or deredieg, and - the
petted toil leen cleated of amber. and taken
execanott ad toe property of James Tustio,Jr, at the
Snit of George,kodhe:
. All the right, title ' interest and claim of James
Duery,of, in and to all Wu Certain lot of grewnd
Situate n the itc.ortn W tad at the any of Allegheny,
and boendedaand de-seabed on loilosrat bestowal on
the south side of Ulan street. in laud city, uabe wee•
„ aye 1 , 40.351, in -Prather Patois,'. plan of
Int*, thence qy said wean:at lane of sald le small.
' sunny 100 tent, mare or leas, 14 flaw Mall Lacy,
thence westwardly by said Lacy VS feet, mare or
asaq to eastern awe of Jena. Metralliht Itt, awned by
tic - .Ma nOrthwerdiy 1101 feet, more Or D s 3 w Mum
street aforesstd, and thence by the sane Outwardly
07,k feet, more or less,-to the plane of beginning,
befog the whole of lot burnt.. 7el3y and panel lat.
No 3:0 to tautplan, Wad baling thereon wetted e
two story ham. beelee, abed aa . a icaselittig and mote,
and a frau, stable with the riPperlstrianCeis. rkeacn
and .taken in, egcention Ma tee properly Of Limes
licery, at the suit of John tilltdo e for ose of knotell
and Ii Eggers ae.Elliott.
. A 1.50,
All fee right, tale, microns nod claim. of -George
Jacob Hesse, in Me bond. of tin dAmittrateator, Deal-
To o , ..., and to all that
c awn el po-ce ot ground, said lot being Noel to
estoss I;. Irani, • pi., situate en Ccolre !term., and
having a free, en ecune ~ e el.tte 'or al temt la den.
depth Ind out, to a taco du lent crane, and
Dere...! in need book al D, anti Deans the same an, tat
deed ea Jaen. It lawln, dated Rid latay,lB47, looser
en to Deurke Jacob lime- Elt,ied,len. Mite to eke.
eau., ea the property, of ideedge Joel b the
heads of his Adudotaawor, Denial.. TERI, iron to a liar chi desit, by George L 1... their
liaeritian, al the silt of Jame. It. /corn -
• All the richt. tale, Interest col chum of lore Itip•
pel t of, ill stud to the following descriLed propeaf t
atonic oa Iluy street. being pea *cots Not 21 aid
iu ILe city at In ,brash, being abet IS feet fronton
Ile enact, end eaut..4.g beet the lame width ltlt
feet, lb feel tbelearit the Pnetlrge dike
eurerugh at of too silty, ou which ie erected a three
storied hare hr. Lae, lothg the Peeellth breve Si.?.
die. row of there aware bnek bootee, erootaitioeing
st Ile upper truue in Had tow, hatobenug freer the
upper heuee, mho u the • Woe preyed, conveyed by
Crult h. mete silt. try Iced dated the adah of October.
lhbt, and teeradeo in deed boot 11 2, pate 31, to lard
harey.. recited sad taken exte•uon ors the pro . -
~y .ryyd. rt toyp e y. et the Not; of IXtrard the
All the richt, inle, Laura. claim, mad demand of
David hasten dreeamd, in tie hoed. anent &Imam.
tor John Sloider, (with 40112.45 to vrtdow, brim, ke) df,
In.-6. of tilt Oral! Out 00f11110 want or parcel of hid,
Aut.v to naleY towc. hl p, composed of thteepamela,
contatlitne 112 met it , . and halm ream, mote or traa, an.
I•tine 121.14 id b 4114 :abater, (now drehi)
Sim.; Byers, end .111[•11, 6.241 bcanged to Canso ,
.1 b.:, alai Iranian tkehl, and antis. are the lutatm
trnet Seed and tab. In catcall. as tba planet ty
f Dal. Sister detrillnl, In lilt hand. of air sdinta. I
Icr.wt Joun 2b.lrer, with vet ea - Sharcr,vvid.
Db. •i hit Aush,Joreph. aniaa•
bath, Huth , I, William Aires, atur Sarah tinder, by
tprrl gaardan, Joseph Cur:Orr, Sara,. and IS Andrew,
John, Dasif, and Mary' shade., halm 111 law of sins
maid, derierwd, Si nu run uf John tee•enso 1, LOW
fp,. are .Willmas Borns.
All the right, title, interest- and elaim of Petal Smith
berger-ofa lit, and to all following daseribed lot or
,piece of aroand aitarte in Jobe lirovra's plan of lila.
above and neardo tha borough Cr Birraingh•N, bound
. d and der ortbee as t.Oloarr, to Wit begtorargr 1.1 the
rney of lot N o pp, on the anotharardly'Adr. to Sniper
street, •n.I the antatleg 01 140 feel eastar•rd4 bout
llnmony e.rette kegler. along Sidney target caul:me
lt GI feet 4 7-8 mollies, of Ghtl.tutn Duarte,
theory along said lbm c&
lirie and patellel with Ger
many sued, roethwaplty Inn feet, to anal!. y Ceti
or.dr, theme. aim g said alley nrerleardly tS :get b 1 en
Inches to th,coluer of hcree along the
filo!, of lots No.' IS a. d (0 nontwardiy ion feel. ca
ey rho Ware . f, Guhranior lolr
No, Il sled GI, warn- r art th a nett 1 , 11 /Pitt pare of
roa.n. that ia nut untot d, b .Ine the cattle Neuter'
,ground, which John (Inv ...41 wife eanvevrd Weal ,
Pent nutubbergerhy dune the lb h day outlay.
MIA and meowed in d re'beek 41, pane If;. Priced
and tatee to eareutina •• tte propeGy of PeleromnM
hew., at the snit o . Vogt nod Hoene, lOr toe an of
lame.. Gray, 4th rt.
Routh :l at., grit 301;eichti, upp c ,
north a den, East 6 perches, Mews., Petah 71 de, rest
perch:a, anew 4l de., Emote perebeethance
nowt, t..! degrees, Fast 31 perch., to a post; theme
North a 7 dee .n
perebea tel • por..thenne North
to ,, , P.tot I 4 perch., to a Chesnut oak, thenne
float, 171 dqr., VIM Inpfethes. thence Minh cy
gait 44 p.ra.c. te • none. to ence Reath a Mtg. E.%
let Ii;.
to • pm.. thence Meth 4
We 117
perches to • sugar tree, thence Smith 6;04., Wen so
perchesat a post, Menet goad, 151de" East a perh.
1. teed. at the pone•atoyott Jillet• Piddle, thence
by the said tants mant-f% deg r lnfeat 34 3 leperchce
a nwt,,,lne•denoalb nt dee, East In 3 10 perches, to
• I k e Lud o of .1 John nut Wm. Bbew thence by the mad
141.45 . 3. M0htt5den.: )Peat parciata to a ; taunters.'
North 73 degrees. West Wretches to • lommt, theme
South - 43 deg; Weat Si potehes, to Ito foloaong them
ever.. and thence down that LUSA, by the myerat
coarse* the-motto a. lia lead called -filmerttand,.
PEented to Gem& W alt.
allace, oe the sth day of htly,
Va. •ut hour
pome4ioner Vi•te. Lad dter sad
Wm. hfettleitantheuce by the saii.Ortealand tract,
North 143peribe• to the vane ol.betteslag; 00111416,
leg atemteteaeresimare tem,sta rlach me elected
-btweeter? frame derelllng home, Wee trams bank
in fad stable, laid three Minus Waves.
Aho Alban nett, We tenant -tad clafaief
t.:111116r. cf. In and to loti Ns HO Ica No.. 1,2.3-4.
a.11,7,P, 9 tO. ILly 18, 14, IS, le, a •Is 19,ra!t,L..
L milked P 1.4 a-
Me town of Pon Perry, in Vcrtti les ToierelePort43
mad phut Is recorded In the aletorderts elt s ts 5014
coolly of Allealminhla Plan bdo4s V.A. ME
BtiV4 atd takon le exieatioo as ikeprepe.nY'Of
L Billlsrou the suit of Jai Pattort,jr. ' •
All to tight. 111 lb Intittst rted eleim 'of :Wm. L.
MdktrOf• be and to !ate Pro. MO and Nes 1. t,l dada
A. 7, 8 , 9 .1 0 .11,1*, '3 11, 4 0,17..10,10.44n 10.`r3,
0frd,03,17, • d ir the said Wm. L. blillothr , plah
the Wont of Pon Perry, in Vehmulles Trh, artdeb.•
'lea is recorded to Vie neetiv!iir`oolEct, - in naut Man..
ty Of Alleghcoyi ld Mart flue Ir.VaL I;page te.. Seized
acd taken in can-at:on no tie pivor ny etV W m L.RIIII
- a the suit of Neater & 6kiaberly. '
„ALSO,' ' ' '
All th e right, tie. :me restand claim of. John Ma
Itlattera,Sr-, of, in, to hrMn et ail those tenet et lands
and tenement. as the same are devised by John Ikle.
Masten, Jr, be his loot eel, and tostament, reeorded
in Well Rau& Val, d, pe ce. rat, his coo. Jet.cph
Mehlastess, and' (which the fold Joseph MehletteMe
lably diet,. se iced; anOntratate, too or which the
said Johnldetta tees, Jr:, if entitled to an undivided
iiiiineet, as one of the hears at low of his said brother,
Joseph Voltage's, entice! to the tile notate of Rachel
Mehlastera mother she said Joerph, vire, t be'ree
meitung half part mot of led Wilmaa blchlasbn.
of the t bona. tract. •trl woad.and or Powell met,
situate Toarnstep, whieh'is meted drreb
hog hasees. herr, zed other bitild.ngs. 4 • •
Alen, itine, 4,x 5" diary bdams, fronting on Lib
esay dtrett, in the a sty of Pirrebargh. nod toe lots of
mond o I.llkb they are erected . wait t h e Teed ih
the rear, below the lent mehtioned it told Will, an di,
aiding this FthOpelly 'VIM sae. tavern property, and
With th e forth on the now or lately occupie d by
Archibald Robins., sPorre in
with Ito dwelling Mutes, cam, and other improve-
Wenn , . 84115 and taaenin rleVintanwil.thi. property
o(John blehlasters, Jr, at the itti.e of Raoul &dyer,
Cc. & Fitz, induces and Others
. .
' . AALSO,.
Alithe ight, Idle. il/itle.l nod claim of John Gra
ham. 0r... and to all 13• 1 1:eertsb. tot of, ground, With
he loaddioga thetecut evicted. beettutto, on Middle
alley, Second WarJ.Allighety • ity, on, the div,
line between lots IhNthn and Na 19 hence divot's*
iy toward. Yurnp . allgy 110 fen thence smatters:di)
13 It.. theneemtetar orbit! A IF 11,10 In o.lle alley, thence
along !diddle alley 13 tent to lot omen 1.1 began eth
the same being part olloNooilt a. doemlbtd in Use- 11
nett.. p:an et lota in ea .1 toy, of . tendril to net 70.
peen In. 'Seised and tat n to eseeuttort as the
petty of John Umtata. at the sal. of Sarah Ilughec
All the right, title, melee% end est. of ttinbnit,
Cooper and Jane et
Ina:bits all thaf certain
lot or p nee of Iltgolli• 3/tether with the buildings ...
thetron. enti ate ,to Mel lottou,h of 131etnutiltstn,
bounded ind de.olob , d a follow., beginning *neat.
ton street. on the :roe 1 p•opetty told be like loin
. i
Jo.eph Coopetolecea•et to Chit
m d N ene ,. V.,.
man, and ovendme b•Ot 10 the boo or pooprety own
ed by thGstoto —, hy, k.,., it ~,,,,,,...... th,cnce ,
tsong ito line Of Weld prod , T 116 :Mt, •c• the line of .
.property cartel by Ny'loilVdnem t y o . , g.,,,, , v , k
It elite along void Inc II •Oet or thmesho n t, to Geri, '
e, es et; mot thence al•ton weld *Qom 3S ;art to the'
p i.,..,„ ~t ~,,inn i ng, bent pan - ot od, No ISt In the
pion Of Ilitettnahont.emfte,ml tot John 13 Grano tool
,&, i.y c , J ~..,, d —;end letC1,1.1•1111ht weld-
nee Mae t - 1 Allegheny Osanty, to dred•booh .-- 1 ,
pent —, In the late Jdorpll t'no,or. Smeod and token,
on tit canon n• do riot ~ ,,,r g 0 • ~ COO,, end
Jane I...otbet, et the sot, NoMe tad John
Glenn Exec•insee of Jo•ro, c,. , 1.,,-.1.,.......41. , .
- - A aso,
All the nett, t. 10. int-met .1 Anti Marla,
Rohnsen and tjtt.Yt nolin.on, nwl to sae one
bllf pan of lots Nos In :Loa It, Wei Anglin. Plan
of lois In Attbortn.lll, lagoonr ft, the boi.dwas
thereon appuriotowies liteiTarlb belnqxjp,
v.:el...xi/Wolf pert trerei 1d
f bonwird nevi descrlinnt
no Col ono: on's ay, oh the cor
ner of lot Non in ostillido ...a.n.pning thence along'
the Ilne of the Aria to: pi II no *static. with Anhnrs
strect.l...trilaino erre- f a tisisuor of ICC root, thence
Ilene 11l kin, • Ireet in a I no nntsilet with Keating's
alley, a dt it.nee of 13k fol , thene• la *tine par./el
wilt Arthur, wrote., Jlata. ee 01 71 (int, thesee hi a
Iln• penile with K-atine% tele7 a eistanee oth feel.
lb.+. pantilel wilt Arita s street, a distance of 71
feet thenee a . oig genting ahoy a dietwee BY
feet, to .ht pl we the mac. parcel
of ground rerovdre.l be sa defanuants. proeted
inns In tne Dionlet Coon cf./Allegheny opwity, at Apnl
toms Pak No W.. Brined and taken in exasttoo an
Ibe property et Ann- ltlarsnOtobw.on and Catharine
Jenkins,en the suit of Jame* Lonford, lions fur use of
Chants M. Mall.
AU the neht, title, interne/ and Warta of debri Cor
ds., nadllogh Latothon, of, in and to all those two
lots of ground situate on Bess stmt.. In the city of
pitishoreb, and being lotsi num:erect 3.1 and 3/ in
Stash B Fetterman , . plan of lota each 10l containing't
04 reet,in front on Be.. street, nod eaten/Ina hack.,
preeenring the noteidth/ Ito fettOo
On which are ereetod a forte doable beet dwelling
/loose, with separate •pstttrO:n r lot different tenstns.
Seised sad taken in execution as the propenylimbo
Carnawn and Ilath thwititon, at the not of small B.
All the right, tide, interest, and claim of Robert
MeNerahan and Matthew Mclferahaa, of,- is, and
to all Mow three certain lots, In ltubtmon'anin of
the Borough of Allegheny, bounded and deatribed
as follows, via: Irginoing,at the north eaat comer
of lot Be. 161 in mum plan, at the intersection of
Lamock. street and Isabella alley, thence .sioutls by
raid,alley 100 font to Anne street, thence West by
Antic street 02 feet 3 inches, to the. line of lot No.
• 161, thence north by said lot, 100 feet, to Lacoek
street aforesaid; thence Mud by Lamtclestreet, ea ,
feet 3 ruches to the place of beginning; on which fa
erected an iron foundry and other unprovemeots.
Sewed and taken in escalator] as theproperty 01l
Matthew filleßerahan and. Robert McEeraltan, at
the roil of Smith do OwNie, for me of Wham
All the right, title, interest. Ind 'claim of Johi
ThaWn, of, to, and to all that certain lot or pared
of groood, Situate 7o Ohiol township, hounded and
described as follows, to wit:
. beglnning ea. Locos
earner of lot itio. 14, to plan- of lota of the,
heirs of P: Pealed, deed, In said township, thence
south 35 deg. 55 min , toot 0 6.10 perches, to lot No
12; thence smith 54 deg. Slain,inert 2421.100 per
ches, elm g lot No. 12, to the centre of the Beaver
rood; thence along said Mad north;l3s degrees
min. west 6.10 perches ihenetNololomontiet
.54 dug. 5 min, tare 24 24.100 perches, to. Locust
Clint, the place Cl Isianing, containing tine am*
mom or less , on whi chis needed a brick house,
Iwo stories high, and appurtenances. Seised and
Olken in electition an the pi:poly of John Dietnrop
ai the snit of Chas. Grant.
• ' ALSO,
All the right, title, unennst, and claim of Jobn
Taggait, of, in, and to, and out of all thm certain
lot or piece of ground, altdate in.the City of Pius
burgh, mooed and delimited in the pleb of bita laid
out by Jobb Hogg, pn High' some, - in sold city, No.r.
31.—aaill lot fronting on Founlastreet 29 fect,'and
mueodiug back on a parallel line with High street,
a distance of 117 feet, bounded by lots numbered
30 and 31, sod by Fourth street rood, Said lot befog
subject to a ground sent of 5163,00 per
There is erected on said 1.8 two (mate houses, two
stones high, three brick Mises, two' stories bigh„.
shed' roof, and two new brick homes, two stories.
high, unfinished, shed roof. 'sued sod taken is
execution as the property of Jbhu Taggart, at the
suit ot Bernard McGurn.: I
• .
All the tdc intermi, and.clains of A.braharo•
Porshin And Joseph Wnitoo, in, and to, all dime
tiro certain lots arpfeeea of, gruund,situate in Tem
peranceville, in St Cinir township, Allegiteoy Co..
and'utarked sad namberedll4B and 147, in Warden
& Alexander's plan of • I. is by Z
and bounded ind drieribrd is followa,vii;LiegMaittg•
at the owner of la NO 145 timid plan, onWainut
thence by Walnut street 50 feet, to the Cornet diet..
No 148, thence by line of diaid lot Ifidi feet to War..
den sheet; thence by Warden street re (eel to the
earner ol lot No 145; thent:ro by the line of stud lot
1511 feet to Walnut street, the place of beginning—
making in all two lots, each 11 feet by 140 feet—
being the same lots or pieties of ground conveyed
by John B Warden and .wile. and John Alexander
and wile, to Jahn J Srti it h,by deed dated April let,
1847, who conveyed to thti wild Abraham Porskin
and Joieph Wattonz on Which said two lots of
gratindare erecteda two wory fame house. Which'
ta.3llfeei in front on Walnut ~sect aforesaid. Set-
Wed and taken 11 . execution; so the property . of.
brahaus lionhing nod Joseph Walton at the suit of.
John J. :Smith , to use of inherit .. •
All the. right. title, interest and cialmnif Isaac
Kennedy, of t• in end to all that certain lot or sioure'
situate in South Pittsburgh, ((late. Lower St Clair
township) and bounded sod —doe-rated as folthwa,
viz: beginning on the southerly:side of Jcsephina
street, at the corner aground of Stroh M. phillipli m
and at the.disuisee 'of 91 feet 114 inch from the
corner of 'Fifth strectohenee extending in front to
,131nghant unmet,' eagerly 44 fret,. and depth
'somherly, herly, prefer:mu the rune width at right angles
to Binghsca Amid, 100 feet, to"Chesunt
winch n erected a two story brick dwelling hoar,
and kitchen.• Seized and liked In execution as me
Oof base Kennedy; at the suit of White,
sien 41; arm . =.
• AA the right . , tide, interest, and claim of Alexia.
der Mat:Gnaw; of,:in, to, or out of, all that retrain
lot Of place °finned, Intrude to the &mind Ward,
city bf Allegheny, being lcii No. 38 in Robinson's
plan of the extension of said city, rolled "Boma
Vista," bounded and described art follows, as
on the north side of the North Common.,
at the diatanee of 48 feet went from the turner of
Palo Alto street, thence runniog well by the stud,.
Coateronsisround, 21 feet to the sorrier of lot 144.1
31, 'hence north by line ofisaid lot 1,70 feet to as
Ilfeet alley, th ence cast by raid a11ey.24 fret t o .
tine of lot No 39, sod th tote south by said line 170
feexto the pyre of beginnlinksbeiog the tame lot
of grustod which William 'Robinson, Jr.; et ex, by
deed, dated Augrad 17, 1849, conveyed to said A.
frMcGrew. i B etxMosnd takes in execution as ibe
propettyof Alminder Ot list:leas, at lee toil of
Clutrlesil, Trim', In Iron for.Tmiu Brother &Go..
All the right, title.intetnal and claim of J. C
Cully, deceased, to the hallo or J. R. Rosh and-
Jesse Colmar, his administrators (with, wine .to
John V Rowland et al; !end reproseitatives of
raid 1 C. McCully, deceased) elf, in, sod to, aR
hp' eertain_plantsuma .or react of lend, dime i.
IhrPeTRL Ue ar
b" Toasbip, bonaded by Lands oi
Omer, "jimun Crouch, sad men, containing atemc
55 gems, more on lem, sod having 'hereon ereord
a two story frame dwelling luitae, and log hain and
eta builii=utd planted Aroma a young or,
thud and ahem n, exec-mien as prev
ail of J. adhleCtilly,decensed, in the hoods of his
admloidath*a, J: R. flonstaad Jane Cooper, wear
notieeicsJoia Rowland; sea Elizabeth his wile t
James B Glenn and Rtbecka hi. wife, howl ell'
tenon°, Finley Gilteasoti, and Disolindi Catalano;
sniper children' of James Cdhelon end France* ha
wife; hue Flames McCully, and 'Thames 141cCut ,
In'a bees and re Inca of raid J. C.
MeCtely,dectiondiar e
l im of Sarah hum blc
Intermix, mw*, p7rpenyllaimi
Agght,oW ti ,
and de=nd °flame' R SpetV, one of the defen
dams, of, to, and o '
all tut errtaio la or piece of
=sitosto In Ow le int Weird of Allegbeny rn r ,
d and described as follows. to wtc—begio..
Oleg on Canal Swent,.l46 leek twos Rubinson street,
Jhenes by a boo Nuclei alai Refitment sheet, nv
feet, w 6aig street-, thenewatovrCroutsfreet owls- •
fungi 19 feet, tbene• by • line parallel with Rob.
ins= buret 129 feet, to Canal *levee, they're tomb
inanity sloes Canal suwet 19 feet to the plate of
hestinolast, being a vacant br unimproved la.
Bawd and takes in eseeulteu " the property or
/as. R. Speer, at toe snit 4 !.5. Ronchont
All 7be.,ri;hf. la* istietot. and claim of ak"
and to, all that pertain tot re piece
pooad erthe enyPauburgb. on the south cue
emcee of tbeiromo street etbi Forbes skeet, front
tog oo &mason street about GO feet, more or km.,
and beet 'keg Forbes -street of Om fatter
smith. about MD" of" sit Wm, and bamdedom
Iha nce m by &mesas tane on Um cum by Forbes.
11410111, o lon mash try ;Prods of ---. &ex,.
sad ea the can by or soil; and bno
fag !MUM eitetrd s I 5 story ' H i t t d .. ilung
h o me, web tissoparientutem.-- =cited end Wen
ecetrotbut u the PrOPOniof DatuelSorz, *us
wig of hitt* Etatistueso, sad to be to4d by
Slattiff's CCM, hn. /0514 . . .