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Wlittit CO
'We hare reading matter on all the pages of
this paper. .
t y s
We ireassured that oar citizens feel the par
=mint importance of putting an end to Barker
-66 to-day, whatever else may be their other
prethlections. The city has been deeply injured
anddiillonorcd tithing the term of the present
Mayor; and thin dishonor and injury would be
tenfold greater, should the votes of men, whose
object teems to be mischief rather than nay
thing else: be sufficiently numerous to re-elect
WM. Let)ievery good man, therefore, attend the
pc4le and Tote. How lie shall vote for him.
n 523, to may. All other considerations sink
tato Insignificirace, when compared with the re
damption o' the city from misrule.
.•Our attention was called last week to a serie,
of articles, in the editorial columns of the Coa
st:midi ✓eurnel, entitled .•PrltlT.cts is Quo
:Jas." At the time of their qprearance, tce
were not utile, owing to other eliptgeolents, lo
do more tLen in give tliem,a cur+ort peraotl. -
Since then, we have readthe articles in question. I
and now purpose briefly to rev:, w them Li the
article published in the Journal - iiii Tlitireday
lent, the Editorassumes. all.l Pride:nag, to main
tain, the position that the Pi!grlyie , sail Early
Settlers of New England, made uo pro
vision for Education. The Journal say.
"It was with them a very small concern—nor
did their immediate tieseendant improve upon
it much. We admit that at a later period learn
ing has been diffused uvre that whole lonil=and
plane of education. of the bei , t Elul, hove been
adopted. These pten•uree, however. have main
ly originated in that region. siuee they got a I
Considerable sprinklingaif "Goths nail Vandal,"
among them."
Nye might quote much more to the ••some par-
Tort," but the extract which we have given_ suf.
ficiontly indicates the position of the Journal,
and the Footle and hearing of the article in ques
tion—and we will now endeavor to 'how that the
writer Ens fallen into a gross error in regard to
this matter.
Ent first, let us understand each other.—
There is no controversy with the Journal iti re
gard to the - present State of Education in NOR
England. It is conceded that •'learning her
been diffused over that whole land—and that
plans of Education, of the hest kind, have been
adopted" there. But it is asserted that ••these
measures have mainly originated in that region,
since they got a considerable sprinkling of
"Gotha and Vandals" among them - At what
period in the history of New England it NM. that
lid; irruption of ••Oaths and Vandals" took place,
or from what hire they come, and how many
school masters they brought along with them.
or at what place they landed, the editor has not
!eon At to inform us. Perhaps if he should take
another peep into old "Winterbotham," he might
be able to satisfy our curiosity in reference to
these matters.
13tit our objection to the article before us, is ;
its denial of the fact that the Pilgrims and Early
Settlers of Now England were the friend, and
promoters cf learning, or that they did any thing
tOritrib the establishment of the system of Edu-
Wiwi which at present exists there. It is upon •
this point -that we take the issue with the Jour- •
nal; and we assert that the Early Settlers of
New England we ' re the encouragers and patrons
of learning and edacanon—that in the infancy
Of the Colonies, they established School:, Ace
'denies, and Colleges—and made liberal previ
etiOn far the etlncation of all the children and '
youth of the land. The Puritan: of New Eng
hind, eo far from considering learning as a mat
ter of “very small concern," regarded it next to
religion in importance—aa a matter of the high-
est moment. But we do not desire that our on
imartion shall be taken as proof of the fact We
intend to establish our position to the sane:ac
tion of all candid minds, of whatever pursim
'ion or creed, by evidence of the most unque,
tientAde character and- of the very highest au
thority. Bancroft, in his history of the United
Staten—a work of rare merit--( Vol. 1 pp 4'5E
-9 2ed.) Says:
"It teas ever the custom, so I it •ocii became
the law, in Puritan Now Enc.lo,l, tiiitt •mone
the brethren shell surfer so taue.. tisr.tartim at
their families, as not to teach their children and
apprentices sn much learion,e at snot enable them
perfectly to read the Englisit tottitue'•--iit, the
end that learning inoy not he tiar.ef in the
grates of our foreftth-.- , 'a ions ordained in all
theihiritun Colonic,.
.1617. ••L:..l‘ t c T.tern
chili, after the Lord hash suereased thtim to the
number of fifty householders. shall sppottu oe
to teach all children to write n t.. 1.1, mid ali en
any town shall ineres, to tit: tot:oiler lif one
hundred families , they shall set up 0 gracutuar
school: the master there:a - Lein,..h, to inetruet
youth Co far or they may be hi Pnl for the UM
-versity." The preen be;;: tt it- cork is Itlt:a.—
••When New England w... poor. nml th;‘y.. were
but few in number, there no. 9-,rlt to encour
age learning. Fie :In,. he arrival of
Winthrop. co P.:311, the trenet..l e..ort vet, el IL
EtinVeqUal to 0 year's rate of the olio:, Colony.
towards the erection of I. In 10,th. John
Harvard, who arr,ed in U. 1.1,y t.ty to f,.1
victim to the most wa,ting elTnoite,
desiring to connect him-.(" imp:on-hal:ly hill;
the happiness of hi, h:opt:al co .:fitly. bequeath
ed to the college one ball of ot+ ',tate. and At
iti*lrusrry. The intact inetitutool wys a inter
tie;-Connecticut, sod Pl:,antotth. on.! the town:.
In the Ernst, often onitribute.l lit:'n otTerinan: to
promote its success; the gift of the rent of a fer
ry, (IC-15) Rae aIA WO . of “re or the State:
and once, at least, every family in cue-h of th••
Colonies, gave tut& college at i latulaidge twelve
pence, er a peck of corn. of value in unadat -
treated Iliampumpeatr; while the magistrates
and wealthier men were profuse in their
.The college, in return. everted a powerfui
inanence in forming the early character of the
•Country. In thin, at least. it can never have a
rival. (hear Meczti,r, ..Iprrsoity 811 OM lax, -
tatFUSkfrig coninivn 4r/.L,, lieu the secret of the
liaCCeleamicharucter of New England. Every
child, at it was burn into the world, was lifted
from the earth by the genius of the Country, and,
in the Statutes of the land, received as its birth
`right, a pledge of the public care fur its morals
and its mind." "
We have copied the foregoing extract at length
because it folly sustains our position, and is con
clusive of the question in controversy. The
it/ancient of Bancroft is fully sustained by the
authorities cited by him in the margin, as will
be seen by reference to the following—Colonial
Laws 74, 164. So, too, in Connecticut MS. Lets,
tad In the New Haven Code. Folsom'! Bsco and
ltddeford, 108. Pierce's. Harvard College. Win
throp yd. 2, 214, 216. EvereoC Ynle Address, 3.
tai OVZILVIII JOIINSTON.—It Win be seen by our
Itaxiitiorgb Correspondent that the Whigs, in
niacin, nominated Wm. F. Johnston for United
States Senator, and that he respectfully but
peremptorily.declined. Perhaps the Whig. are
too four in number in the Legibiature to hare
had much hope of electing him : but be that as
it may, much 23 WC would like to cue Oar. John
itkee in the ;Senate„ne would rather hare biro
mere ko is, and try to keep him there another
_ term if Ae
Tag GoresNotc'e xessAoc--We find that the
Whig preaeof the State us far es we hare seen
it, is strong in itz praises of the admirable mes
sage of Gov. Johnston, and in this it only echoes
the voice of the Whig sentiment of the common
wealth. Ww - give the opinion of one paper as
• specimen. ; Speaking of the message, the
North American says:
a very able and instructive paper, pre
senting & very lucid exposition of the financial
condition of tbeState, curl embracing many ju
didous auggeetiuna and recommendations on va
rious important topics of State nod national in—
'West: It breathes throughout a tone of manly
sense and patriotirn, referiiiqr temperately to
the irritating questions of the day, rolo.king in
promterms the di,luyal rpir:t which lra, f"uud
Utterance la seine quarter,: and in temme a. ,
proper, aseertinf, , th, , ever faithful derotion of
rennayivania to the Constitution and the Union.
Szow.—Tlie papers speak nr Leary snow! in
Western New. York, Vermont. eel eleowber,e.
Here in Pittebnrgh, January le, ere hare not bad
.. otke Ineli yet. .
~ . •
DALT Pita.—Teo proprietor of tees Mamas
Pioneer loss Weed a prorpecrua fora daily paper ai
Fir tho Pittsbnivb Goixtb!..
Mr. Editor:—By reason of the rawness and
inclemency of the weather, and by the many un
mistakable evidences of approaching winter, It
becomes important to know what provision has
been, or is being made, for the poor and desti
tute, daring the cold and gloomy season now in
prospect Oh! yes' the poor,--how seldom do
we allow them to occupy our thoughts, or engage
our attention, until chilling blasts and inhospi
table winds, would prove us as totally devoid of
pity, as of feeling, if ma did not at least bestow
upon them a passing regard, soon to pass away
iu total indifference, leaving no fruits to evidence
these blossoming, of the heart.
"The poor ye have always with you," sayeth
the Scripture; and it is certain, that as long as
sin, disease, selfishness, end oppression, shall en
- dure--. long as our social system remains no
defective in theory, and unequal in its operations,
its we now see it to be—and as long as oar land
continues to be the receptiele and home of the
penniless, the needy. and oppressed, of all coun
tries end tongues—so long must we expect that
our poor will form a large, distressed, and piths
ble body of our population, which iv not only to
be tolerated, hut actually aided and supported
from the happier and more blessed classes of so
ciety. The duties, both of legislators and citi
rens. appear so plain "that he who rumseth tiny
rend" indeed, they cannot escape being aware
of the necessity of their personally interesting
themselves, end being accountable for the giiev •
I atm effects of neglect or delay. No romancing, In our paper of yesterdny, we published a sy
no misplnced enthusiasm, no Utopian nopsis of a stupendous projecif of a rail road
I need be employed in urging the claims,
in on. from Nova Scotia, through Canada, to the Pacif.
gesting methods of advancement, or inimprov- i le Ocean at Pu g it.°
tog the condition of this dependent end suffering There are two formidable obstacles in the way
department. Food, fuel, clothing, mid enema, of this gigantic enterprise. The first is the high
-ag,ement, must come from those who nre amply I northern latitude of the proposed route, it being
able to afford it; or disease, despair, and death, a region of lon g nail intensely '" ere win ' er " —
from those who arc illy prepared to suffer IL much of it, perhaps, too inhospitable ever to be
' What, then, is our duty iu the promises! What • come the abode of civilised life. The
. other
does humanity, and all the higher and holier im- the great and unbroken elevation of the Rocky
puises of our nature, contraot for us, and hind Mountain, being in that latitude, a region of al
us to do? Mote over our cheetful fires in indo- most perpetual snow. In all the British do
lent self complacency—told our arms with sloth- I minions, from latitude 49 to the Frozen Ocean,
fill and alniost contemptuous indifference—make there is no such depression as the South Pass.—
no allowance for misfortune, calamity, and die- The project ts certainly a grand one; but in our
o „, o ___,„ pi „, none are worthy o f ass i stmce or opinion it is closed, (to use tl.a language of
Isympathy, because all are not—or, finally, con- Thomson).
sign them all, indiscriminntely, to the commend- -11 y essioni+ thaw, with eternarbwrw.
ed. but rather equivocal, comforts of the jail, the But we like to see John Bull looking in that
Ito,pital, or the work house. Alost air, they direction, because it will stimulate our people--
. 'jest at scare who never had a wound," and AO i who bare a good route—to exert themselves to
do ouch pseudo-philanthropist, and mock-moral. reach the great prize the awaits the tint tuition
lots, who make light of the pangs of hunger, the that will open a communication to the Po
; pinchings of want, the griefs and sufferings I cite.
which know no cessation or alleviation, because
experience, sml and hitter, lons not taught them
to pity, or to 'loot for others' woes." No one,
unless he has actually visited these abodes of vile
poverty, and haunts of wretchedness, can form
any alleluia° conception of the squelid misery,
the object depravity. the disgusting filthiness,
and the total deprivation of all the blessings and
comforts which should attend, and which alone
make life endurable: and of the suffering, degra
dation, drunkenness. and Tice, which crowd about
the filthy euburlis of a populous city like this.
If the imagination should fail to call up, with
sufficient lividness and distinctness, the tremb
ling and famishing groups—the cheerless and
comfortless aspect of their dwellings—the fre
quent shiverings, and thick crowding pains—the
mutterings, dark imaginings, and heart-bunting
sobs of the afflicted and desperate—sod, to finish
the picture, the ravings, naockencs, and Canes
of the reeling drunkard, as he •.matches a tear
ful joy." and purchases a Inoluent'4 respite from
—and oblivion of—his wretchedness, by the ex
change of a body grown burdensome to him, end
n soul of which he knows not the value, let him
learn from those who make it a practice of visit
ing those localities, or let him go forth .d ex•
amine for himself, and he will and to hi, cur
prise that "die half Lath nd been add him."
and that "there ate more things in heaven and
earth than are dreamed of in his philosophy "
He will,r, within the limits of hie daily
walks, dark passage. and sombre seen, of life,
which defy conoeption and which moo' certainly
beggar description', where the tragic is more la ,
eible than the comic, where the idron' ii heard
rounding above the glee, the cpte, wreaths
bound oftener than the flowery eiraplete, and
where distresses are counted 1.7 hundreds, and
pleasantries by tens.
The work being the, large nod increasing, the
laborers, and the efficienq of the Aid rendered,
should he proportionably increased, the-greatest
difficulty is to animate the apathy, and remove
the indifference, of the willing and able Let
stifle miuse of , ii , trtriv. o..uu appeal to the char
ities of the todnlnc nod )-enificent Iw mentioned
in the papers. or ,rlll , ,lnc.'d In,e dire desk, null
money :rows in lihe water, and relief comes rin
pentliundantly. Careless about troubling them
selves with finding nut ouch objects for assist
ance. they content themselves with giving when
asked, though often' unwisely, a nd di• s iparia g
their charitable funds through channel, neither
life-giving nor refre,liiric It is a maxim la• trite
ns it is true. that •icharity begins at•home. -
Treieures spent :n proper and approved crueles t
have their effect, arid. we 'verily believe; carry
with them title I:desiring. from we think tat
least more immediately beneficial, if not mere
really cliaritdide. to give liberslly, where the di
rect efforts and manifest Imppy results of his
bounty may enlighten and Mll large hi , experience,
uui rejoice and make OA his heart. -•Mercy
id IFIC,LIen,OII, it ble—etit him that gives -and
him that takes, - s the immortal Swan of
but to gins blindly,
ing and through unknown 1 ,
sz.omies. ;though it mu; he bountifully,' is to
depri or t Ids most noble impulse and celestial
quality of our nsture. of half its value as a
beautifier and nu elevator of the character.
There are numbers who ore really anziau. to
make themselves useful, nod to do ao much good
us possible, but are ignorant how to make a
commencement, and how to etimoruize their rime
and means. so no to realize the greatest practi
cable amount et benefit. both to themselves and
to others. Ilere now is a came which commends
itself to their sympathies and their assistance,
which they can become ministers of mercy,
softening afflictions and soothing sorrows, restor
ing wronged and prostrate virtue, and righting
end elevating obscure and Buffering Merit, de
emoting evils, lessening troubles, benefiting so
, ciety. and diffusing happiness where none before
Fas felt en
; in needs not that we should be lavish and
I prodigal of our sympathies, that we should make
frwitlez, effervescence, of feelings, or useless ex
penditures of holy and sacred emotions over im
aginary and fanciful distresses, which the ro
mance or the novel bat, in glowing and vivid col
ors, pictured to us, while there are cases, with
out number,of uhsulute suffering and unrelieved
, want, within range of our vision, such as the im
agination of Dickens, powerful as it is, could not
call up; and such an the experience of Howard,
thorough and expansive es we know it to be,
could scarcely surpass.
No one can, by the possession of wealth or
luxury, opholeter - himself into happiness; but it
aCCI9, more readily acquired by an active, prac
tical benevolence; by a otriot observance of the
golden rule, du unto others," he., founded
upon an unwavering faith, accompanied and evi
denced by good works. Compare, for a moment,
the fictitions and fluctuating delights derived
from a full supply of all the luxuries of life, front
a felicitous repose upon downy cushions, the
spirit's ebbing and flowing with the changing for
tunes of a hero or heroine of the fancy, or even
from the more permanent and healthful (because
they are the more rational) pleasures of intellec
tual pursuits, with the lofty feeling of solid,
cheerful comfort, occasioned by the revisiting of
blood to wan and faded checks; by the recurrence
of light to a hollow, spiritless, and lack-lustre
eye; by the rejuvination of a feeble and attenu
ated frame; by the smoothing out the wrinkles
of a serried conscience, and the pouring the oil
of consolation into the tloubled breast, givingjuy
and peace; and by the transposition of cheerful
ness, contentment, hope and plenty, in place of
want, misery, and despair.
But, to use the legal phraseology, we have
mode a “departuro in pleading," and "hare wan
dered from the record," our object in this com
munication being to acquaint- you, and through
you the numerous readers of your excellent pa
par, with the claims to a sham of th4ublio fay
Tor Ana patronage, of a moot valuable ,soeiety,.
organized Or a more thorotipb, exteative, - eitl
meihodleal relief of the.wretchaand seen*
poor of our cider, of which more to Morn*.
We select from the Poo, with pleasure, the
following article, in which a high compliment is
paid by Judge McClure to Mr. J. IL Kennedy.
As Mr. Kennedy is reporter of the Gazette, deli
cacy forbade his notice of the compliment under
our head of .4 Home 3letters," but it is one which
deserves • place in our paper, to which his whole
time Ls at present devoted
The Murder Case.—Capt. Naylor, on Saturday,
in the Court of Quarter Sessions, made an appli
cation to withdraw his motion for a new trial in
the case of Daniel Mackey, convicted of murder
in the second degree.
Judge McClure observed that he thought that
was the proper course—his impression was,. and
had been from the first, that Le was a wilful
murderer, and perfectly sane, not only when the
murder was committed, but up to the present
moment. If he got a new trial, he would swing
—his life had been saved by the great. and ben
evolent seal of his counsel—hilyoungfriend, Mr.
Kennedy, hod done himself great credit—his
address to the jury was characterised by a high
degree of eloquence and ability—he spoke in a
lucid and logical manner, and succeeded in creat
ing a favorable impression not only upon the
Jury, but upon the Judges on the bench, who
• had unanimously ezpre•sed their great gratifica
, tion. Ile would soy this from the bench, as he
had repeatedly expressed himself off of it.
. Capt. Naylor, the senior counsel, returned his
I thanks for the high compliment paid his yonog
Judge 'McClure said that the gallant Captain
might make this life which he had saved, an offset
against the many he Ind taken in battle.
Tar Wnta ALMAN•C.—This valuable annual
publication has made its appearance on our ta
ble. It contains n great amount of valuable
statistical matter in relation to politics and com
merce, not to be found any where else in connec
tion, and brought Into so small a antupa,s. Eve
ry Citi.ll9l2 who wishes a reference always at
hand, should. by all means, secure a copy of the
Wing Almanac. Published by Circely and Mc-
Elrath. New York, at P2i cents a single copy—
sl per dozen, and $7 per lOU.
PI ,7.111/1.;,;11
This song is alledged to have been sung at a
meeting, of a Literary Club in ScoMind, at which
Sir Walter Scott, with others, erns present. It
was the rule of the Club, that each one, at their
meetings, should sing a ballad, in turn: and the
rest should judgo of its antijuity, by the metre
orthcepy. This song, although to tact written
for the occasion, wan pronounced by Waiter
Scott, judging (min the first line of the second
verse, to oe then, more wan too centuries
1.111 ImmLl na Pear IMMIk- ... b.•, my .L.Y,
UL hami a ye'cr matair 1,114,
Th. as,. that Lae lawyt may La
bar Fmk na .me IMLAY, ou MY, my Mr,
Sae luck no no lightly no me
- Or' gr.r.t r, st Lam. rrar, Liar.
"- Or' AA at rarrii L.rLrru gra,.
a.vh.r Orr.Lt thtll3l.eit,
au attire. Lauer, Slay. wan, '
15 a.e an atter, tram )1.,
'Ye myna' ashen art v:,.1 in Wingleu..byw
T. Yak, *tyro Yr. voy na Wlayely.u.
yr d. 417. &wee wad, Yas ottm 1.
way war herd van yre'cr byway- Yen. tb.rt. Jean X..inat
An• CU! Lord van year byway - men 11Wa.
Oh Qom r• wire • thing to ene, Joan Luna
Oh then t wene • ' thtnn m
And thensuento se , sinsl Uc CC. l nl. f the
When Leann' tLe v wz . lb,. J..n lAun.
When tentlti the uu•en wt . thee
I tanned t a bawee,l.y_th• latela .tran Lma,
tamed S• a bow., by the hada
But dreamt vs that helm, a..e sae to the hew
That foarmthe wad tak as atwa .temt
Ilmt tartan° wad tab he a tera
Ye Lark fine, in fatal , fu' Era, J, f.. 12 mu...
1. • r J. 4 4, • • •trd - Alfu • fill,
Awl I'l 1e pu•l Jst J okfl
And Um 0 pa, J
SO fILT.II ING NEW 4 4rag Sistak, ln HMS., •
—After four days' hallow:1g, lien W AMC lan,
was elected .Speaker of the House of Ro
presentntietta of Missouri. The lientonitss ha:
candidate to whom they stuck most lellattonSi.
through the whole contest. The Alittiltentonite
hail one also, bat tieing the weaker party of th.
three, they gam up what WOO to them n perfeitt:
h o peleas contest, anti threw their weightlnto oh
Whig scale, which caused the result ahoy...anted
The Whigs am more numerous than either of rh.
democratic fncti tilia.
Tb- Wantungron correspondent of the New Cork
M irror gi yes th rotorw ing seemiut of the manner.
or our later Presidents
Mr Firimore is in hoe hearth •lid spurts, and I
think 11 will be conceded by every body, that he is
tbr tacit Woking of all the Presidents who have oc'
copied the n soon& mansion. I hate seen the gloat
part 01 theta, but certainly for an •parleiledly
polite and reurteousttentletnan none could compare
with the present isicupani lobo gurney Adana,
with-whim my presidential remembrances corn
menet., wan choitng cold, and unsterile] in
01 moving yrotorii he made you keep your distance
Kroll:eel ir too
General Jackson was frank and dignified, but not
very cordial; hi. successor who glorified in wathrng
in his lootsteps, but didn't, Wllll smirkingly civil and
printery gracious; Gen Harrison, poor old man, was
kind hearted but feeble, and was woo worried am
of existence. As for 11r Tyler, ti Is hardly possible
to carry awn,' any other impression of him, than that
made by P. very prominent nose blr. Yolk lair a
very marl president, and easy in his manner; but
ing. he always appeared hire an over worked machine
v la: ry leero , f . r o arn=deoldg . re k T i pzi fio d . rd no i Ll n eaß •
Our neighbor is even harder to please than
was the soldier under the lash of the Drum- tor, beuv-n rest his honest anal, received rat al Y .;
men '- Strike higher!" .* Strike lower '" were ; grandfather does his grand children, and you left his
the alternate cries of the suffering soldier But I,77a7:B7,lrytoyravbr been lit:7l:l7Lanadd.
our neighbors do not wish the Legislature to act est old Pool in exauence.
at all at present. Wellsburg and Holliday's Core he amen
Ftllnsore differs essentially from them all;
are too high up, and liaiing Creek. or Inland t hp piajo te ri s ty ' r a it r n P rnhrt=it * lnt in il h yl: finely
Creek, and Parkeraburgh, are entirely too low formed, in good health, with a bright eye, clear coin
' prelim, erect in carriage, 111:1d sudimmuly stow with.
down. out being corpulenr, he is a repruentatrve of the
The fallowing in the policy of the Wheeling : American f!ntlemen whom his countrymen may she
folks. To prevent We passage uf 'tiny more laws t Prrda Ha,....aaaadrartY winning to moiler
for railroads to the Ohio river, until tho Bahl- :f.r.77,;:p'n,t': "
to e v e ry ' r: "Y''
smiler itn
more road is completed to Wheeling, then to tome lathes, and moves about the room wlthlf ° eZ Y
apply for a charter fora railroad from there to rj n t r ,ro u e r . . r ir ni r i r" o 7 . l7 o 4is o fri k, e b. ode p l „. ..h . ts .
soused with the Ilempfield road, or with some ally popular with the people, let them think of hirn, as
other road from Pittsburgh to the State lion, in they may Praia-ally.
Mircav or Wtirrtiso —The eorre•pondrut of
the Wheeling Time•, at Richmond. notices four
applications for railroads—one from Holliday's
Cove, near titruhenville, to the Pennsylvania
line. One from Wellsburg to the Pentisylvimia
line, both above Wheeling toe from the Balti
more and Ohio Railroad. at the Three Fork, to
Parkersburg, and another frork the Three Forks
to the Ohio river, in Tyler or Wetzel' county --
The two last are below Wheeling, and either of
them would, of course, become the main stem of
the Baltimore. Thr correspondent thinks there
is a terrible conspiracy by Pittsburgh, Wellsburg,
Peakersburg, and Baltimore, to ruin the •. bead
of navigation." Ile boldly asserts thut the Bal
timore and Ohio Railroad company is still anxious
to escape from the wide embraces of Wheel-
the direction of Wheeling.
NSW ELECTSO-CFEIQSAL TEI.ECiHAPII ding the es,.ile leclmg in South Carolina, th e New
Etigand Society of Charleston celebrated itsanniver,
The Eamon Atlas rays that recent and wonderful I anry with the ustrel spirit, and among the gums were
the Hon. Judge Gilchrtst, Hoe. W. I.Grayson, IL W.
improvements in the transmission of messages by the
nor mid others °route in the Palmetto State The
electric Telogroph, have recently been exhlbitod
g feet ., ~,,
prim. o.assacometts was
in France. Ths Instrument is the invention of Mr. tanned, with the wish (hat "she had yet enough of
is called an etectro chewiest telegraph, and t the pure best blood ill the Puntan and Huguenot to
'coveys message in the very hand w ri ti ng of We- slough slough the vile taint" of Abolition:am The lies
sons who send them ! i t claim.. have greet • L atTlLle.G:iftmnadnonna,:leurrdni,a9,;‘,ljhretn.lnlinau.enn,qm,m ade
vantage. over the etee" .tWhehe telegraphs Southern Conferacy become necesstrry, so event
general use. While the latter transmit despatches which bedepreciated, It would not be "without Its
at an overage me of eight words per minute f or Plymouth here " During the course of the evening
was received from the New
Health, each conducting wire, ital. new inventing can Imes.
init trorn 200 to 400 words per minute. A Comma- I mac seoument
wi n it d ihr 7, l,l;
tee of the French Legislative Assembly, at the . forever " On lbeiarhole, there is a glad deal of ,e
-head of which was the celebrated astronomer Le serener fur one ” o hle j, t , tutiow , yet Intl to South
Verner, was appointed to Investigate the ;ocelot of I Gn ohms —{Phil.
this onvention. They caused the experiment• to he
repeated in their presence. A message consisting
of several thousand words was unnstnoted io Lille
and haat, alum et single wire (the wue ben-I-untied
at Lulls f. an to carry bark the message.) at the ruin
of about 1500 leueis, nr nearly four hundred tete•
graph., words per minute. The committee reported
favorably on the project, and the Govorunteut or
dered a let of dr/carat° , to be constructed to be
placed to the first Otnionce on the line between Pans
and Calais. Thin line was completed in the early
part of the la.t month, and its performance was wit.
ceased by the correspondent of a London journal,
from whose account of the discovery we gather our
in'orntatlon. Hu own despatch, which would occa•
py about 'a column of the Attu, was 'Trammed cod
amtlea by itra apparatus la bat pmacuse at the, rata
a 1200 lows per minute. The characters were per.
reedy dieting:* and legible, and the despatch was read
twat tbeß 4130 i° his Metes.
Nint.l3o.•Poent, a D., mined GU 'Vadat:May, fat
EvuoPlhetni?lsgibe lolly plaengen in the owner
It is remarked by the 'Provideoce Journal that
while the manufacturing Liminess is so teach depress. !
ed here that over one third of the loam to the even
try ore still, the reports of the businese in England ere
highly favorable. While Lowell and Providence
are suffering, Manchester is flourishing. The tara
which bears with ao much severity upon our own in
dustry, opens a new market to that of Great Britain.
It was not wrhont reason that the Home of Lords
raid to Mr. Walker, then Secretary:of the Treasury,
the comp Irmo' of re-printing his Free Trado Re
It wes a document admirably suited to British
Desirable Suburban Residence for Sale.
Too snbeerlbor offers for gale the hems.. and groundl
when he now millet, situated on Park atm.:. below To r'
moot, in Allegheny, and about 1r... minutes' walk from th
market of thi. city. The lot Is ti feet front on Park at
running Lath feet, to an alley—cmitalning mearly one
•mre of around, and is landed on every aid. by large °pro
lota, Wowed with trees and shrubbery. The house/ ut
nearly new. Inrge, and exceedingly well arranged, baerpn
• hunt ot3o feet, and a depth of and containa fouru
reams Weide. torte Get wide. It Is built in the
and molt durable manner, and harn - tre-proof rcof and
motions all the modern conveniences. Two putupa.4l
. a unfailing supply of hard and :oft water', are at We &,+r.
On the premises are the neeeamry out building, ruble,
carnage house, Or Tbe grounds are laid out mostly
coirethl with choler fruit trees. evergreen, dowering
shrubs, currant, g , sawbertiee,,thd a small
garden The fruit Is of the hest bind, and the me, are in
their prime. and yield enough fur the wants of an urdlthry
huolly The situation of this property. as to salubrity and
suburban comforts. weabinod with continuity to tho
is not thrpaseed by any rooldence In this vicinity. It has
• 'low of the Ohio River fur over a utile. of Temperance
, elite. &Kith Plttahurgh. the city, the two rivers, and the
bill. wand, forming altogether n tanorainle dauthert of
which the eye never wearier. Every boat which enters or
departs from the port of Pittsburgh on the Ohio, passer in
Nil visne. Th• residence and minds are oleo
need from any annoy...* of dust. so a...mei/re of
ma y or , ape vegetation, and affords a retirement as quiet
and peaceful Gulf Ithated in some quiet laul its the counts - ,
The property via to sold at • bargain. and pea ession given
NAVE ATIO, or TDE Rio GRANDE —There are con• ! on the Got of April. Engl.* , no the thasetth 0114,,
"There will be four eclipses in 1851—two of the
son and two of the moon. 'A partial eclipse 01 the
moon, en the 17th of Jaounry, will be invisible on
thin continent. An annular eclipse of Melvin on the
lot of February, invisible in North America, but eta.
nal nod vertical in the Indian Ocean, near the Isle of
Java. A partial eclipse of the moon, on the 18th of
July, visible throughout the United hinter; first com
tact with shadow, 1 o'ctock. Goon ; middle of eclipse,
2 o'clock, 30 mm; test contact with shadow, four
o'clock, 8 min ; mean time, morn ; mognitinde of
eclipse, 52 5 &nein on moons southern limb. A to.
tsl eclipse of the nun, on the 28th July, partially via.
on follows Begioning of eclipse, 7 o'clock, 30
min. A M ; middle 9 o'clock, 37 min. A. M end of
eclipse, 7 min. P M. This eclip e will be total at
Badin's Bay, ',chador, a part of Greenland, and in
he Mann.' Ocean, east of Newfoundland, eclipse
on the sun's northern limb "
dieting reports n• to the posslbility ut navigating tl"`"" SiIIIIT
b ß o i r o de ß r re de e te b nC e . . '" Gi n 7u "' lt ' r s ui a t e r a l: a t a of d t re b e e t T ite "n l :re f A hp.
r s 3": t.
letter,,b nnMr'Ltin..ll:.."‘nn.m7romG"3.C':rn---
Chapman and to explore the river asthorougns Vi:, " L br in th iiiio P er r l P roi ri t 7 l ' : " o tr tn'' mndinin*.
‘ t bn rnil'n'n
ly as the means allowed them by Government will distant part of the Wash .11ninuaStInseeffecC o f
Ito "'el"
u an also fur the sale if the
permit, while Col Johnston a Investigating the land " c.a.'aa not
:communications between the Upper Rio Grande and ` h°i ""
the Golf. The result thus far rather favor of • -Hain,.lllo2 o'l
the land mote, although, the most discouraging of th e lane', Vi s vin . 1( Lot tnrine;!7re7h u retl 'i by ' g
r. ot
n Me.
river surveys makes ioesin navigation possible be V.
en or eight hundred miler, to Frlmutto Rio Grande, -- " Ln'' , "'rnnn - 3:33
n"73' ""
thirty Indus below Fort Duncan. Others. fix Eagle ussit u.'d in t th o'i'olri.ur"sadth ea
r ' r ;.• ff is7o ‘ ar b ' az:n ." ol g lt 11 7
Pass, and even the Peons, oue hundred miles above, moots. Wr are deuroue of obmiedec the mcdielt b
he the no ,ittible head (0 the river. The existence .fi "' dir ` ic ' 'flarr.
~pith rhea
I of coal, Iron, mien, and gypsum, In immense quan-
d ay ether medicine Cr keen. Pleane send O.& groes
J. t J. 11'. Cadeoe..
tin., and parneslarly the latter, at the edge of the For ...le tif J KIDD A CO..
sterile country shove the pacos, is LIOnCVI On all fall:slaw% No. 60 Wool
bands. It in said that a plenty of ground gypsum European Agency.
(plaster of par.) nil bat is required to convert the ru The the p un
the itio Grande border into etch clover field. °tee , h e t te ,„, y . d or ,. th e ment h e h e
April. !do,. nod June nest. honing Pittaborati on Miirch
DESTRUCTION OP A PORTUGESENA.II-0P- it t h, sad alit be plowed to attend to any autuctes of atu.
WAR. alone. charaftnr erlalch tua, be molds{ to Lill rare
W• had a Telegraph report a tow days ago of the
_l!L.._","°*l7 dudsDIVIN"
accidental blowing up, to China, of the Fortugeec MEARYARTa; CASE!
otanoil war Donna Matte, on which it was stated EVIDENCE IN (JU Ii MIDST.
there were a number of American officers belonging ft. Bin—S4: t cheerfully nanny with your raven
to the sloop of war Marion. Painful as was the ea- that i would glee yet an mem:tato( the almost miraculous
L‘totty , We are glad to lege, that t u t eh ig h t *h . mo d, cure of my hut, danehter'e eye by the hee of your ''Pttrn .
dun oohed by the absence from the fatal ahlp of all
fr rh; we+ attacked with a very n u re eye In l'Atuary
our °dicer+, who fortunately hod not yet assembled m eet , t e ,,, • h e „ iyom„,n.yely apalthe h eet , hte dt.
to enjoy die enteetaininent which had been provided cal aid In the city, by whom It was pronounced • - .dry had
for them. eye,. and all cave me no hope of doing her any .nod. Af.
The accident happened at Macao on the 29th of • Lrr ehlch ' tuna hen Into, '°,'"gt7
to en old Irl(. eeho
nau an. surre Cllralff yualu. Lu....t
October. In iffing • salute the dip took dre, which her now wee hopele nrait
ss, es she would ce eyes. etaltal kwe
almost immediately communicated to her magozine, that cue. but Ltd Mgt "ZhIS s
hlow,ng nee up at about the hour appointed for the se..rottaws uttiou of the blood. Aud Ido acetify. thut et
dinner. There were on board some two hundred t"" time my V "
her (j • " .1) ""s".. the "'""1"d""
Mat. better try your Petroleum, eite was ndinly
f.r.""" ""d very row at w hom will.. Olen or en. eye. II is nos' about two months IdULIP ale
luell live.. Some of the particulars are dated in the beau its err, and she ran twee raw with both eye* a. goad
ollowiog rotruci from a letter dated at Kong Kong ss ever she did: and. as tar as I ran tell, I belt... she has.
on the Mita of October, published In the SolllioemploO with the Westing of the Almighty, bora ran 4 by Petro/e
-ues,. Yours, tospedull,
(Eng ) Advertise, M. Sodom, V• 113111. Ccum
( "We have the painful task ta record not merely I . ll.tsborth.e.ePt. 00 . 5100 .
the dean of the senior officer, but the destruction of zgyii-gar sole by geyser 1 McDowell, ISO Wood 11. k
h ship, with nearly every soul on board On the &as". by h hood D. 01 Curry, D. A. Elliott. Joseph Don
the aontvcrsary of the binh of the Queen'scouw ) olda, and If Is &hearts, Sitaghsor who be the {rood*.
a. ‘Don Commode,/ Capt. EVAN!. Silva made se non
runcoenle to give o party ty on board tat slip, the orsTelaw-S Csrul Duly, Seventh st..,l4ttebOrwh.
Donne na !dove il, of 32 guns A number of ClVlrinn•
from Mosso and the officers of the Untied Bunn. PROTECTION
sitnip Nletrion Terre Invited to attend Fire and Marine Inatirmice Coinpany.
At noon the Donna Mario fired tt rpyal salute, sanest prseulums, Capital Suitt sad Surplus Fund
shortly eller wh ch several of th• invited melba. 81,000,000,
went MI to the vessel, which was then lying at anch
or in the Type At half past 2 o'clock, PM. the POLLICIES MCC. ON TUE 11011 FAVORAOLEI
ship blew up with a fearful espies on, entirety des. Trams,
ruyina the vessel and all on board, except the capes 111 0110 bu rl? RNO Acret.
son, and some lion IX men, who were taken out of leerms N o -71 Wm_ Mtreetinth.
me antler by the butts of the lla led Stales sloop of Foreign and American Hardware,
war Tee crew consisted ctoegy of 1.1131,11F.,114,1VC,
allot, with European martoes The nturib/r tin LaGAN, vinsaN
, s ,„ cy)
board •t Ole OM- .., he raiartrophe cook! nol have •-t‘sers
been car snort et 300 wails. The American ctricers, No. 1.29 Wood Street,
it o believed. escaped, as they were ahem to quit HAVE NOW IN STOILE
their own yeneet when the eeOltettoh took Piaci , A full and carucirts stisik of FOR LIGN AND .I.IINRICON
Who were the c.. iliens on board m on: yet ewer.
Coned 11AR-1)1\7-ARE, , or Wrereart VIROIN, —Return, 5 , 1.34 for the spring orals. End which they are prepued
of the now census have born roomed at the Audi oiler tu r. at u"' that ariD "...1."
ts., , rsbit srith no, of m. swum sitar.
,tfire to Richmond, V•.. (or the core District
4. irX , Otn, I wh.eb theft BASER OF Discourr.
an of rr_a- Ito who e Blue mkt,: :En 011111 rtr. rsrl.o.A.c,a urrts, It
Ad of 404.7 N HOLNIES & SONS, Bakery.
tiA472--atone •n Marna.. 01 1.12,i7+ pd..;
MO, the Crtittl , l and • total increnr•e on 20 year. PE
boshSA •IlraVol. at Maaelllon. . _do
! Bank a fit ... Alas Branots Voodoo do
of 1X:,04-7. Exchanae Bank of do ...par lirknel. r.[LI.L.. do
Mer.and Man. of do II -1 Vonivstorn . do
Bank of Cotokuorre r.• City Bank. fine-m.Ol 0..40
Bank of North America-- par crcial 111..thoculnara do
Bank .f Nottliallt.erne.... par Iranklin 1140 k ._do
Bank Yennal trams- . parilafayatto Ilaak... do
Pant of Penn Inaln.hlp...par.ollu Llta Ins A Trott Co Ao
Rank of the t f . st.ted I:2lMtetent Rcaen - va Lug.— -do
Commercial t of
Bunn N 4) achanlrs• far: , mall Note,
Girard 8ank....... par NEI. , ENGLAND
Kansanaton Bank. par. All Bank., $ 0 .
Mumfat k Bert. Bank- • for NEW luOK.
Movi.l.nior Bank ...par. N ew Y ork. Lily
Moramenaing_Eaak partCountre... .
Philaielptna Bank. par; uwitytAND .
Tara Bank par•BalUmore.. . . _par
IV tern hank pall X JCIttLI DI.LAM HY . I
Bfk. ~ (Chatun,,bo,h A 2 1...01
101 s ti .
Hank of Ck
of heri., Count,
Bank of 1100141 e par , Bank of uze r ant;
)I'n ""
.tra r rt k a
.11 ad
NG:th ..torn hunk
Ilrnuctur• ,
NOlrf 11 kIWLINA
Bank •ar sl. l'Arolius.
C .42
!orne,usi Ilk. 10
tle cu rrhant. hook. N
Bk or th.• St of iarnitua
. 1.14.11,....1 sou. Carolina_ .
Plant."' Mrchaou.' Va.
U 0 ,31411.0
Anar.uta In. 1 Ilantzny
,11. an of Anaurta
molrent hank...-. ..
Ilk t of Loo .fErta l.w.lllo ky, Lout:1 , 111r
Northern Ilk of hent...-L,
&althorn Bk ul,
111,:n .E 11l
Bk of Slate of
State Bank and bran. has .0
Houk of
WII 4 (XIN23I . ti
Marine A Flo. ILO. Ca, cb1...;
Farmers' Mechanic.' Bank 3
Stock flank-. 3
iln attr i etl . C 0n11,40/ ••
ilia of lONAinerl, Toronto:.
Bank of the People. Toronto 1.
Bank of Slontrpsl
Bank of L' Canada, Toronto
On New Tort rm.)--. • 4
On Philadelphia do 4.
On 801Gr00nt..... .
Cincinnati ....... I
01 Louis. . . . ...
t./01.11 Spanleh 10.00
do Patriot. ...... -1540
Frederieked'ora..... ....... 7.50
Ten Thalers 7.80
&Tertian.. 4,53
Napoltnne 3,SU
It ts vetted Mal the ebb. aad Indelattgable Postm.-
her Genera Plea completed s ctel.fitwilon of all the
Post Odice Lawa,:wamb will be sem to Coerces In
faw dart.
Nrsosarsta E.glsO —lf trs Mr Palfrey, who
eamnacoced edittua the new Free Not Organ at Mrs
ton, broke down-to two days Llke • goetd many
others Otto rut d haute In dos world, !her 6,,d that
when that come to anyllong so -tat as new paper
rd t t .tg. t, 'r no go. It to t/rill t . n•ter titterers.
per to utak, great met., than it ~.or them to maker
i'01 1 1.14,105 of IRK P4hCIPALIIII of tas Urll.
KID RT•TIS.--T4e 1cA41415 C4lcll of the l'nved 81•Irs
IR,' 1445, under 'he new eentets, as to populatinn ;-
18:10 1840.
817,000 312,000
l'n p
H+ir. .0,1
Lots.av,;, Uud.lo, and Waah.r.gton are about
OCKI each
Snt.twx. I
Nrw ENGLARO6IIS EN S. CA.01.1,0, —Notwith•tan
♦ friend tn New York sends us ,a private letter,
from which we make the following extract for the
benent of those Interested
. 3 A' lady 3n a neighboring Mtn, whose hair had
prematurely turned grey, used General Twigge'v rem.
edy with the hope of restoring the Color. In one
week her hair was as white as the driven snow 3
W est eays tour reporter to that? In one respect .he
ha. gained : the hair has st..pped falling out, and she
doer lives to the hope that the ham may grow out or
the right color from the roots gradually. It may
prove Co possibly. Even Pandora's boa had soma
consolation at the bottom of it."
A. our local reporter is here appalled to, we moat
permit him to reply for himself. He mys
"Such may In some eases, be the lint effects of
the remeay, though ihis t. the only ene.of the kind
of which we have yet beard. But, by persevemnee
in the application of the ittletttm, the dented end will
be attained. The instances of sweats Ire too nrc
memos in this elty - to admit a doubt hi par mind as
to its egiesay. Hair that has become Isharotha by
age, or other came, Ulan:idly mace :by it ro
original colon The proems is slow, nithig SSW
cal weeks for its accemplishmeith, *Seat en
Ard iippuyist at the cots, btu ultimately exlertd t• I FOR SAN FRANCISCO. CAL.
the Itltecultilta. 11,01 tNIA.t—Tle ncc and eubrtnuti.i
the care above described She hair hs.
r r itt.n eb tai Stil4ll. thr
stooped (silk( ut.' This is lucky, for it Fives u
so TA;
,t, ts.e ,t u .. but t
assurcusee tbas the lady will not fall out with uS
fortayin . me . dathe re . r ip t ..n_ig,,p u bL birth, mut har tL. bew ‘ t aertnntordatlooa througl r 2Ottt.
furwh,..l with twth lad all 4. will make
the ln.- u, ttl.tut I.‘, tiny. Perwm.. - i.hing tot.mi,nte to
oh their famille, • (ant Oat the
ot,urtunitt that lax. yet to«. oTere.l. The toi of
pu.wzip. to San Pratte..., .111 be LC' bat attol 1741.1
Irseluded The fawtape vivuer mud be paid n mecurtng
the ticket lane will I - . alhooted 160 e ltot of bUt
wage. Thenutute, of, have Ineu ar.l •
tro.l purtlho dromir det, them.e person. w
pr...11r. OHL*. an,.. Further iuformatiou
nntarthutt I...nagv or freight ono he had. by athln,tiug
1 , 0 4 t rail, ilhOliGE W. COREY.
Se..reta, of Cirinuttd.l Misting Co..
tau 14:12w —CI, Una. 45. Cincinnati. Ohio.
B o o f f te:v 7 trfullel:
a )1014.4.
Wnt Xi
flentgotu, 11.5. i.
l'xrll.l. 11.4 A \t,
rs. Bank
Farturr• tit of litu is Co-par
humor.' 11.4 I
Daulo. 414.441ny pnr
Cann Cu plc.
i'vllltapu i4ualut. IX
rauLl ..4 pa
14.auLuter Dank . I.N
er [vont, hank parl
LA.,. 1141,1.. . mu
31.4.nngkbel• 16141: lux
\lust Ilraneh llwub. X
11 ,uuung Ilk.Wllk•o.b•rrertur
400 WO 238 000
10,000 10'2,000
145,030 ON 000
I 16,utAl 41.000
11.. Rata Rank.
Brooch Aaron
Ittatarh at Atbaua. . .....
ttrattet, I.loveLml ... do
Branch Toledo. ..
Branch at bay 100..
Itraurlt at Iletawara
hooch at C.altallohua.
Brawl Addabola _do
!launch at Salem. do
Brooch at Manafa.l.l . do
hooch at Rita, do
rawl at Cluclutottl
Brant b at Caloroboa ....d.
Uranrh at WttabtOgtoo do
Brooch at eadla . . du
Brooch at I.arwaster... ..... .do
Brooch at Steut.roalllr du
Brach at Mt. Vernon.
Drawl, at ....... . do
Itratteh at ....... Au
Itraach at SprlogiSeld do
Branch at )lutatta.
d od
Bondi at TN,.
...... ... o
Branch at Mt. Plosaaut...-Ao
Ilnutrlt Zastravllle ato
llnuleb at Noratalk do
Brandt at Ravr0va...........du
Braneh at Chillirottle
Brooch atCorahoga.........du
Itraoch at Toledo. do
t 731. LARIMTR, JR:, Banker and Broker,
411 Aran, No. CC adjolving"thi 40, 6f PitfAbutsb
10PARTNERSUIP-14e have associated
with us Immo,. Bitlate Cashier of the Farmers
Deposits Dank. uho day penonal attention W.
business. ilas style a Lk* liras remains as heretofora.
143 A. WILKISH l Cll.
Corner of Third and Market eta., Pittab'gh.
talestreet, Pittsburgh. Exchange on aii the Eastern
and tern ethos for sale. Collections mode In sit the
prinelpsi plarTs Is the Union. Notes on all solvent Banks
dismnated Note, and Titus bills negotiated. sal4
/OHM r. 1,10.11.111 /OM. 1/11M0.11.
OLIN S. DILWORTU & CO., Wholesale
o,lnoe and Commlotion Motel:mut, .31
t Pr
ots for 11..4 rwwder Cu., of Ramat .tiv.
31 Woo,' rL. l'lttsbard,.
1 L. SHEE, Whotuna° Univet, Commission
Merchant, and dealer In 'ParecAssui gags. corner of
Penn wed Irvin Am., Pittrbursh I
VICLIOLAS VIVIAN, girl! Engineer,
IA Draught...a, anal Cradles' MloLag Agrat. Makn
driorglita of Mo4ela fur tlx. Patera 0210,e. designs of Muhl.
very for Mara Water Works, 11.1234 All to- May to
Ibutal Mats/ 111 A. M. and k P. M., arlMa raalenee, N 0.21
Marburr stmt. 11 30e14
OAS COMPANY, January 13, Itsl.
i rt Trustees of the Pllttaburah (Am company have Oda
day dxiarnr Dividend of ,FIT• per mut out of the pronto
or the hott els nurotha on the Cashel Stork paid In. psya•
Itle to awl holders, or tiler legal Irpreeentattres forth
with. at the Ulna of the Work. t
Jaulishue JAMES M. MUMMY, Treanuer.
PCIIIDEI/11, trading uLor the tdiso of WOOD Alt
dd eee „, WoOD, All/11)17 CO., tam/wave Of LW..
The buth.o:se off Le settled hi elthr; f the suberrit/z,
0110 are authorleod to we the nor. of Ile Dna or trots to
Thiuidetent On that purpose, at tn. oldllenual Nn 1:17 gar
let street, I . lilledelphln RICILARD D. WOOD,
0011 N: YARROW
JAMBS .11111071",
i t o Odlddl DAWN.
hating been dleeolved ae aboTe bud, the budedsi
Id to enetloned by the indeeedlede loader the bile of
WOW, HAWN, it W., at the old enunt, No. 127 ]Jacket
*beet, Ph/Lae/phis. 1111.111.1111/ D. WOOD,
17 1 1 / 1 1 - WARD,
DUN.). , 11.111011.
Iteltr LEAVII7,
Philadelphia, Jinuari 1.1,11 51. -la/deo/It
ISSOUTION—:The partilerabiva Rey
odds t nee was dissolved los so:stosleonsept on W
Inst; Me Dulness of aim veal be settled tQI
es lb* paties, tbs =As ts As us.v) Pos
pOIS. • , L. fl,l ItZIINULD4
Sicta nt e== g l . l Is* ;11 gni!
IStrei the
w,~~~--.,.., _.~
U AY an A
1m1,,t h 4 r W ik nk .
L r u l n n, erun u nh ;barengLrn r,
molar, double real - 1011c dining rrountul knrhrn on . tbe
Vinur. The lot twv.r . four L. r r nzti a.,, rn „ nr
,1 171t 1 4 efoci-L% il 1. 000
of T. Itoonrd, Atturnrr at 140, north street,
between Suilthneld and Grant street?. in the rooruinn
t.fore 9 oclock. TIIOk. HOWARD.
and Plnnnt stn•ets, entbrarlng ore, slotren thourand 13. n.O of e
hutnind frr-t of gronat.cotou.ncit, at the
of Holliday sod Ile•rwit .4 running nerth
feetthen wert 52 I,el then north 93 fret. then ice.,d Si feet
,11 Yry .. ct l ioifZt ‘ t i n l d ' inc -',‘ ;tftVi u ,Ti:e n e tt fifc 7 t ' lll:nrcs, th' al
Eat from this point 20 feet, then Scab lob fret 14. Pleanut
street. then nod to , he 1/11,t1 of L,..nunlng IC7 fret. Ibis
omperty meg improrni he a lorgc mod rumnodinus Soap
and hullt In the root subilatittal
roanner, cl the beat ma.rlalo and orktuanittp,and •
m.n.,fartable Took Latino,. 01th • lat, o. Thu fac
tory I. n feet wid. feet de:p Triih a One yard. The
...mos. tar :tom , and an attl, hot four large
t., , t ,ao
e , rh. t , 4
Vat, a Lux cellar undEr obole and pa.
throughout. tu rtiutt. it ham rued cookene.oee for earring
on a eery e,to.n.r, 1..k41t0.r. twin.. deArlng 1....-
bon fbr • Foraar4i. Hour, tor thr. Iran:4,in, of bus , -
Baltauon. and ,p ot
r: Railroad. tin, proper.
ty o f a nne opp.ztunar: haring an
atom, of 251..4 for the I.lllltilltSt a • truck, which tronld
went...late thrre ftorwanlitip hours., with • ratan:tow:a
on Plearant rtn et, If rata:raki,. Ai, forth, nalormatlon
.an obtain...l of the lute:tit, on tho prenasea.
da1...1n--Halt Pat
t RARE CHANCE—Arespectable young
ootii,tu travel, nth if capital nf fav
b dnllar, to n Druntnblv and nan,tabLe
.lublo bl/ mo, In Iv.. i.
Inunthv enn Inn,r of thin nnv,
tbroufa, the office, flan,. wln.ry nub.nriva ra.n b.
LW i 3211.1wv, CHARLES Co3l3lElleE.
diIISEEN; APPi.ES--,-Tootify lonls, Pippins,
E,r vale by d I It)'. ON
11 F
ROOMS—One btnallr7tl dozen for sale t.y
S. t , ON COilultsTco.
REight barrels packed fur aale by
tali $. F. VuN ORST d CU.
TILE BEST PLACETO BUY TEA. 11l A RD--.enty barrels and thirty kegs No.
imams a HAWOUTII'S T. Stoo-, mat aide of lb.. iu 1 Lard rszeived ..n.l for sale by ,
mmond. . fall _ L SHIM ER A BARNES.
end' flavond Tem at SO eent, pl. r .,,,,,d
Tb• Ilawr quallOde at 76 &I do
Eau,. hoperene at fl .0 du rr ALLOW --Thirty barrels Sheep and twen
' A ty barrel Ittwf reeecr...l and for Bale by
Old Country Iwoole that 13.4. BLACK TILA will Oudot. ! pall 1 SIIRITER a BARNES.
tuft their palate exa.ll, Thew. Linda of Teas we swel.... 0
.11, from England, and the, cannot b, boudht at any ! rill lOTI - ri.: SEED-4 barrels received and
utber etore iu Pitt•hueub
. l! ‘" : tOr wde b tall SHIFTER k BARNES.
CIIESNWN—Sixty bushels received and
'.4 by the owsrt or wholerale. Kr rale bk , I for aa/e by' All SIIRIVER a BARNES.
.w. 14 LUILRIY
HE BEST — OE — WINES ANDBaxsoll.l,, pEACIIES I —Three hundred Imshela recd
, litahle for ruedlrinal purowee, al way• on ba
..,,,,,, . and for gale by [Jail] SHIifTER dr BARNES.
" ' I.: ll.' 4 ' —101 l "° "" Illl " A " °Mt 'Ai 0 LASSLS—FiIty barrels of new crop
'REST BLACK TEA—Same kind as in 1 /NI rervi,a 112 d for ask by
11 BAR IKES, -
I_l England--Sreall Leaf. errand and ere. ph,...t 0. , J a n _ N0...130 and 133 Second etreet
voted, free from all herb teate—orke 75 emote per pntnd, i
Sro rade by 11001118 d HAWORTH. In the Illatntald. and w• - • ''' --
no wne -_---
re elm In Plttabureh. , triO
400 bbl. beet Bemired Whb•key,in stare and far sale
I JIP 35 halfpiper Cogolae Brandr, "Pale sad Dori .
14 caks A or. ..k. do do "Pole," various vines.
10 do do, and m o d. celebrated brands.
6 Ldp. Rolland, Gil, at
Anchor" and "Ptah."
2 2 punc o heotot
JI ame rish
!. Rum and Knotch Molt Whiskey.
I 10 bble. N. E. do. do
:V, qr. casks Port Wine.
2.1 do Madeira Wine.
% do Sweet Malaga Wine.
ir, do o. do.
10 do S Dry d herry Wine.
25 Loxes Bordeaux Claret.
In store and fur mi. by JOILN PARKER t CO.,
heal 331 Liberty street
VoIIACTTY.—It is uniremally conceded that
. twoutty is more mammon In this mint:, than in en).
1 . ..".„. 7,.:7M =, — ,,„, th — ..' 1. 1 :. ''?.4.:" Iv other
certain extent but the ' N.. Often rewind by neglect. We
ray to all. do not ne..loct your perwmal appearance. but
mad the In
~ and you need not lack mood look.—
, These articles are wirutlffe preparations. and bare all at
' Mined a high popularity.
I — re. Dane) s pervion or Morse Powder..for haparting
. I to he meet bilhuos conacl . exion • r-i 4 k i t , ' , A.?...
o i: i
~.RE AND MARINE I NSURANCE--The I . ',..i ° .,gftt sh° ,. diliiiiri."Zl,..rXtii`Tetild :17:41tii,,i-
11:111.111.1,0 Coo:tram. ...f North America. Philadelphia t ous My Chinese powder iscompounded itli.dtraffiC UM.
tai {—Ctrwytir"t Etat wiii goiee lasor a peo or, . oar, nod captains 00 In
which am iacealbly haffiet 1
bra Idioms and their cooteata. in the ..ty end ...Mit, aim I en hoover.
on orrnert. of er.ry kind. dnote..l per .team and rams , Jule. howl's Depilatory . Powder, for rem...ring aupertge
temp. and ......I. 1., lola.. traumartoduu or on the sea_ low hair. What is more modghtly than hair upon the LIAM
nriamorusti j or ann. of a lady. This article. will remove it In a short
Arthur G. (Mtn. Pmet. 9anattel Book.. ; time. without the use of an. sharp haelroment
Alexander Leary. Charirs Tatter, t Jules lanai's Vv.: Dahl.. Luistal Hair Die will irotantee
Samuel W Jou.. :Samuel V kohl, I ...pod. import to red. white, or gray hair, a beautifully
Edward Smith , Asthma.. Whit.. • Mack. hrown , or auburn color. It will color the hair in •
Jahn A Brown. Jamb ST. Thema, 1 honer time. and more effectually than any other tit.. be.
John Whit.. John K. Neff, . mg at the some time ludellible.
Thomas I` rnpo, D. Weed, I Jule,. Hood . . Shaving Cava/rt.—lt Ls really a plea-rare to
William Weld.. Prrogos Ileakimi t .have wish this cream. There 1... none of the unartingsen.
11. D Pherreri, 5....'y. I votion o.oally ITlPaliell.4 la the use of most soap. lin
This Ls lb.. oLle.t Insurance C.Papoof in the Ended States I ohe etoWerr, It lee , . the skin mouth .W MR O. Mai.
and for it. 'high 'tomboy, loog riporien i e, aropie mean,, I lout'., and not liable to Leconte chapped.
and timidly; all risks of an extra hoodtdous clurarter, It . JUle. Ilsoas lime Tooth Pas - ie.—Next to the halt. we
may be muaLlered a. offer", Imp. vomit,. to the public. i think doe Teoth were Intended MI o:totters/est is
WILLIAM I' ./...N Et. Ayent. , dm Pomona Cam but whma neglected, nothing iv wo diefflru
doi No. 111 Erna erect I TIOIj. or K. quickly ace.. Sly Raw Tooth Plies., sill Impart
t • the stoles • I'.' Is - whitener; at the same taau looming
TIME ...6ICTI . AL BENEFIT LIFE IN'SCE- ~ .....k...^, i 'n-ithr
Jctm HAVEL, Perfumer sod Chemist,
ANC.. .:0 , 11 . 6 , Y So 151 Morket,Street Neu am, 1
.36. i. 0,..., 7 Phil.
. ".d .." '' '..' ....`-'''. N. '.• .. e ...... 1 "ed'. , Ear wt.. whol.el sou real, 0•B. A. Paituadock A Co.,
,'..-, - '''' 'du , : fr... "'il. ''' l'r nut P" th 1 .........-
'':red it ir sat rt. Pittstur,ll, • J Mitch:4l, Alloch.3"
th.., ...ti . creive app 'snow fur halumanee on .. 1 ..
au • hill.. guar.,. mr,...ful Inatutom Cantaltar the Ward. a r ty , " - ! AU.=
:-......t. bona dival.d ~....on the ....-ntred
d i 11.1.1461 P. 5e..6. a ge ... 1 AVDt. DIG TIN'. No. 136 Liberty street, begs
d...., Na 0 1 Frani...amt.. i V V reltivolfulli to inform his outrun.. friends and
Women. that bets lust roceteins hie near fall stock of
TUBES. TUBES, TultE...:4— The undersigmed j florwi r CASSI3LEKEd. ...a vrArriiti, a h. tweed
have remivr..l rierod gg,voigv,on yrog, and a”, ,o di.. 'cries, Wanted for the appruarbirta fall sod winter ses...ons.
r communication with the Birmingham PATENT LAP : all thou in Went of cheap foshineable• and goad elatldnif,
WELLED IKON TELE COMPANY, Li tti, , sole of their' vrdl tud .11e lamest. mon favhionable, cad best stook lathe
•cry excellent and aupernor, BOILER and Ii Ad TUBES to , d.vterto connate). at this establiehmmat. er9lo
."; ""." p ""9" 1 ". ih" %i i"..n L'''.... ‘ ' v.. " '.. • VIEN.MANSPIP—Those wishing to become
tetwise v hot it, In: am; and e rtatuunt of Loreto.
and elf cx...10.h. lo I. gmal penmen are turned to call el .Pitilbto - 0 annum,
WILLIAM 01.(1/ a 1:0 . : / knae,e, • bete 4...trurtlon in Penmanship) given al ad
Iron 6 Tin Plate Merchants. . 1 Lour.. from LI A. 61, to LO P. M The number of lepton b'
41 Wall street New York [ out ihnitaL but all rho enter are partedited to reMs/n till
6 Martin'. Lone City London. hey lento so .I:ga it conamercisl hon.L
A13.11t0 and too Iterbenan um., ......gow hoots., corner of faker and Third street..
- ;all 0 K CfLvMBERLIN, Instructor.
FLOUR—Three hundrnd barrels just reed
ytl Yw 116 W.try
H AVANA-SUGAR—Twenty boxes White
Wlt b
irRn.E. tam .
l a l4 No. 118 Water at..
`1 had not used it twice Ware I felt its effects."
XI R. R. E. SELLERS—Sin Suffering from a
_J.". cold and' cough, fm whkh triad many recipe',
without obtaining relict I was presentttl with . leottk of
9t. E. Senora' Cough Mixture." I think It • doitY *blab
owe In bath ion and the public In general. to polthely
art, that I had ant used It twice beton I kit its bent&
dal elkets. and (under the Divine bleAsing'i bad nn occasion
In linisb the bottle. I testify also. as to hawing eritne•ged
aagie prop...sties on friends of mine; one to tuartictilar,
who tu hot . trying attack on her loom. with a
dbanwelng rough. Verily the only true Esculstdne (where
coughi and col& effert the sufferert. has drsconaledantonget
us in - IL E. Sailor: Cough Misture. -
11. VITS3GERALD, 135 Wylie rt.
Pittsburgh. /2..14, OM.
',pared and sold by It. E. SELLERS, if. 51' Wood A,
and •ohl by droggine generally. iota
LRD A ORE -\ SE--lets 1,1, No. I Lard; --''- -
• 1
fol. fo you, f..•r ho4loof ff ~--. 40 forfor I Xa.htaxix. - .- CU :k; lilt I E.
1,t1...11 DICKLY 11,.',' 4 Z - f rrl. , ur. r inn
1.10 hater end Font .ts • AT:ries, 1 art Ex,,.
LAilii --SIXIX Iris .k.O iin store and for sale' ' 4l
ay iala loAlrAlt DICKEIs Co . O etir a tr..nt 4.1 - 41 I S 1.1 !din., 0...8. Codfash,
d I RE ASE—Forty five hrls in staler. fur sale. di- ‘' u 'ft* n belt No 1 Lake Ft,tx togs
CL Nu 1 Al and far sale ht .
I,_.b. Is AIA II 1)1CIALI 1 01 yell .101 IN WATT d go
__ ___ __
II ISS , rI.I. TI?N , - ,..., -•yk , e
„ I:yr. :,i,LEr.L..,.1v...1.5. 1?Rl..;: - `l4)'ff.l.S.-3.iuthy &
....u...i • mm sup y of the
„r,..,„,i0u.,1 4. !for. toi.of. lo Thom,. F.4offeOf ..le - •• If '.. ...all!. --., „--. c!,. zu•_tir.l. , _ usc ,1 , 1,, uubl.c_ l•
•rb• a..... 1 th. lat. rou, ...11. ft.. I.t ...her pool ro.r le. ',.. no. `..e , um , .. , -n. en all Ur tithe amt xexsinixe.'",
~ohm, t. O. hoon,-. TliffSIAN K ESN EloX, ,ip, ...0...k aod hon., and black satin le.oo. nt ter) lov
~.,,,., ' lolls M. f.AtS,I.I.:It ~:1,... for the otuday nolf.
lIIN,I LEI'- A large Alan:don !louse with •rs , ' nOY :S.: SATIN Errs.. --.3lurphy - S: Burch.
I a., acre. of Loud fata.}.4. 4f1uxt..41 at 1./attendr,;l.s ' g_ll 1.10 Lay.ass.celt..,l a lot of barallonte Fancy Mixed
~,I, ittitlOV` lON I, / Cr. ...too tt t for Boy: wane. al.. I.laid mud Plait, Caoduteros,
• ~. goat ...r.ery. )lenou Ca...lsnere, li,i.tte'l Jt1.13/. Black
Real Estate worth 8100,000. 1..bi0 t ..1...r5. 1. or north eakt nu-I:Ler of Fourth and
c viz``
.tnot... cold
I' 1:111r . DFISIB.ABLE Prcuaertt in Alle- . - .c•
1 04. n, CO, f4r of.le. - r0..41.14. , ..jr,N , fill:E.Sll !lib PI L S. NUTS, SA - 2.-62.4 lbs
..t tiro la. , lt sae h.. , 04 4 'root f•I ffo foof ........ I taut itirnu 'Lilt Ito.kidlet, /Wein., ZA tree M.
•.n . .nth X.inwon by 2.1. tr. it ater .rre...t the other. 1-4) o . 1.,a41/ 4 "..., 1 d1..44 do Jo .40 or ht. dad a . . AO 4 boo
rrf { nvut 1.1 :0 to an alley. iworo ouner
v, alu ilo. box w, 24 drum., :sruyrna Ph..-.. k cr.,' Citron; 4 J k os Latau
tIo n
anit. • dehahtful ,tea of th, city of Pittsburgh Lb., ,ogni t dor Currie Nader-, 0.4 fare noraesut •runex It
A.11..y1a,u, and Own river. ' tale. I sna and r otill Alta.-I:C:1 Au jars ed
A 1.... 0f.....t voualfrontinx , outh on SArth Coma.. helt.l.e- Inc tale by J - O. WILLIAMS & CO.L
04u foci, r uum, 170 Flo .4'14 buff bu 4Jol by tv.o Ilft, tot drib Corner Wind A Fifth .4.' 000 t. ou.ral 1'..0 Ale, hl rear
~:.., te...nty lox- , dirertly omx..tro It,, Itall Roof Li.. f , I;LESE-1,98 lixs Cream Cheese in store
of tile ill,l fit Mali. ;mown, woe attend tor oall lb,- L, ,rd ~,, rd, 6, JAMES DALZI:LL, .'
''''''' a '''''' 'o"." VlVl ' llre " lli,77.l l ll `°," . "''' ' I'll Na id Water street
- - ---- - - --- B "-' OOKS! - - - SALEILATUS--.1 asks No. I•Sakratus•
IMAI lk ifbi.o do do,
:we end fur ....le by. JAMES DALZELL. ~., - •
.4DREWS' LATIN, E,GLIAII 1.1 - 1. ICOV-.. A ''' ',
,ri - •
Gs wal. , , uu•ct. I QV 1 .T 1 .4.N.kl MAPS—Pelton's splendid Oull
,ik i ..Aphare awl :r!th al lotto ; k:fittli-b L. ....n. ft ~,,, ded - ' . lue Mint are ~ossia.lng Introduced in all the
LOOMS -.One . Ono hundred lung Tennesee ..c ' In ir . E land al - kf • • nar k.if h er:
Vitt I:rifrn,t i f t:..l%! , 7=n ,L rtZn ' 2 " ih r e i re , :l.. ‘ ,! ‘" o ' f l t=e ' r . BL,?, ~i s ~,,s , „,,,,,,,,„„ frss , . 55 .,„, 3 -1„.. N-1..._ - • -.b.u..
ucy txr tura. In Plttiburgh, and Invite Issmern
5.,....;,,15ti. Sholler.l4'ol,.. R. A Andrews. I- I. U. , t,,,„4"ssid f o ' , " .,,i e b . , '" jty,3lk.,u i ; A..-r""` ! dna schkol conattitt..... all andeaanklnn than- • ;
raL DIAN IP •11.1.6 or TIM P tclr, bang the ik. ,, onal oar , all 2,,,, 0., •1,.. •• ,• ; 10 . 1 . I.No. l-M. of the Wedern llonkulti re. 11.2 xby tithe...,
nalif arta motif. of lrof el thn.ugh the Sandwieb or Ila.• • I 2 do Eaxtern do
ass, and other P 04... in in., 11,7 - IN DOW lALASS—Five hundred boxes: •.:. do North Anoxic. 70 aSI i
T Cheer,. author of - The Nt bale awl 1.1.Ca0t.,, ' %VAL
a 5,....ed .f.., ~, ~,,,,„ ~,„1 t• 0 ,..„1,. b . , ' 4 do tidied Slate, Ili xSI t
.10113 111,
• JAMES D.ALZELL a do Europe, TO x St
Tot rev'. [4,31111 . 1-NMIC a eetiorl to lion), loth...we .-. Je". . e. do Asia. TO a 9
nY the ` l / 4 '..". i ''''' . ‘" .n d t n r xele 4 ptrAsti.-- casks Potash. just received, : T do s. Ass/rim* Atrim. TU XS4 ,
Ala It. C. STOCKTON. 47 Market mt
1... end* , "Alc bi lag ROBERT OALZEI.L. a CO. ' Put" eg U. is.'h . , wan ter, kttl tx the tust um ligini.i
I.`hroni..le. Iket..d Anonitvu copy
' Dir.. Mane, Vlth key. ay,
VOUNO :11ENS' ;Fit - CANIILE LIIIRAItt.—,k IL EU LICIIT.—We have received a lot of nces, 'h tt . d "4 :r ‘ pt ' :l trgrerTm. ' e s iTh ' lPATJl, ''dc6",
o:reenter in..etina ant be held at tin. 1141 mOh ore., 11 LAMPS, of various has land kinds , of a nev and hhat sehOtols of_ type [lotted Stale, ;
Mnday evening, Jatmary lath, at T o'clock. runetuel construction that bi quite ottOplo and coloplebi--roome urns - Foe rake at Publidieeekrlas,ollitout addition oFfrekhi
sib ate"" hCr 'ET"'" d ' .. '''''''''''' "' rt.' '"1 b ' n.d ' m* V ol d 1J In Lures ith tu railed 'II ml Itnid.” ' d'rjr* lo "tk* " I l' ' '''"N r A 4 . I tAltigk' 'ar " . • t
and JIM eleclloll r oilleers fur tio cologne ~.. vill tab.. •.!'i U. m1.r.;.! ... , : .. .4• ! 3..., - _!_____ ••‘..r. - ~.._. l'Unla Xt.
plane. DAvri, NI . mu ., .or Etncrlat on. it nu rim gown.. ofoftr.O mood
ialrklat • SAr.rettry lLte the eth'sdhn nf Utxemboet sae., Hotel L ktotora and I - Li RE N C 1.1 , LEAF—Fifty .bundles Frei:tali
Iron.- keepers. For eleanlinees, mono*, anu.brultancr. ! J: Yloreilm, Dutch. Ovid and bile.. leaf. to oak by .. .!
I S.SOLU TION OF I'ALITNEESILIP— '''. 9o '""" , th '" r ' n ' bi "'"' 1 " . '" : „talo J 2143100NMAKElt a 1.51). - V.t Wood 'la -
1 Penous oho plasm to call ca tur •pi be shown the porn- , ___ _ _
The tartnervhip heretafury existing under the ton Ilaritio , of the new vompoural.
onemp * N °mete, Merchant Talkies, on Ltberty stout. A constant eußply o f The 11441 end lamp kept by
has been amicably dissolved . JitalvddT ftk i5...1. H. n. , semPz a ATKINSON,
tincrop h . azi t rig btaight tint It. Tpxtele,"anal having taken . dell tot art .. helve*, Wind and Market
at lIM f the 4att of moot all debts at the old firm, '
finery are nny, to nettle the Woks, and to nee nu mune ( 31 .1 ROCERIES. .
o the ohl oral loan such oXtJrttente. D. IL bUti . ail . ' in half abode tonna Ilyvart and Mark Tema
It. COM/ • I.E. ' sr, eau, boo., do . do. Imp. and Gun Powder.
tAI boars Russell tflablvasta 5 . • Tobarea • •
.tat r. ad l ioNiZ&V i tZ,Ve at.=-. - r - k,tl'; L om . ,i 4 2 , r.i,1,t4.-r V. de.
n ohamo
D RY PEACIIES--Thirty brit?. just landing IS or. boxes Prim .d Ilarereal's gad. V , SS ... BN
a T , I , A ,
i. i.!.! , 1..L ., -- 1., 1....c.m 0u n Cl o a k.....7 olSist i -
~- .1
„,,, iot f Lemon; I ran Oil of liertatoot; I box OU Carer&
. I p s ra ln tx . y th b , :x . end. f. rtrl-T . roa r peak ar. ,- 6stiss Le- ,-.
~ ....,,A b o , th, of n,„ j•• •,„,,,,i ~,„.., by . 4
fallfor de by
fall S. F. VO2 BONNIIOIin I CO. a'
' L' o . . joltS pAttICKIt it CO. 'i
•j4lO J ECl l UONnmatt. k co.
. ....._ _ . .. - . .... _.
lIEESE—Two hundred bit, for s:tle by
pat s. F. VON Ito:0;11011ST 11:11.
- IPLOUR—Twenty brit, Kum, for Pak b
5 i...,_, ::: , ,r ,i e i .. . e.t i .y. ,::, .. , ,,,0 ri, q,.. 7.. , 4
C ORY BROOMS. tot. I constantly on baud for lo Ity
i g :tR,, i; ... L O A °.s s IAL L A— E u
fili dozen Corn Deanne in Morena) for rabibY i -- --- - t , rt
Sugar Rouse Molasses, just reeelvc3 and Car Pala lo'
A - t ---- " L UJET,F.;i
ii I b b l i t:..nt - NT R ooo r' Pg•he k leVltrjer, °l4 l: M r d .r . L. " .... i T - 1- 11 9 1iE . E PLY .A:STD -1 1c d air A S T ENT E1.. 1 -424 ' W"
sale by Daniii JOHN PARKER A CO. ......_,.
_ m McClintock loth.t ktturthatters to Out lame* ate.
PEARL ASLI.-25 casks for sale by - pm SALE—One hundred white and green '. Owl glmitte , ramentcf . ithrt, PI) arid
~, ....I ngralo at .
jail It DALZELI. &Co 1 blank - To Übe' . tZSO nice Temorramm q FAl,= 4 i :171,Mtiel w. iv,,ii tV.11 0 .17: ""...). 2 ti
e ifEsTic CTS.—Ten bus Sr sale by a t o, Or,. rim t eitototrall la 161 sit NO 61 Fourth !Revel and 79 Word imett. ''''
• • i
Mi‘lirol it lode, 75 of urt, Mb aiition o INttAturith IA- • -. ..
R. MA LZELI. LCO ' , ROM." i5 O •rotts or Cool and Vest Moles and ltuttitt,
For nate to no) drunitity. to suit archers, br
PLOUR.—One hundred torts superfine Flour. Pillkdthlto lib 16AAC RAIL/Ili Fifth M. , !
F received ;sir 4teauter Pilot No. 2, and for .te by )I'l, OR sALy„ extol of Mediebaea, viz,
.1. & It. FIuYIA lionod Church Bulldiog. ' The Bait 'ti.i . UV.. b fq. , Omen's Attlyne ytertßal o6i i) i r , ..
1. 3
DOTASII.—Ten Casks, pure, in store and ;"""..• .P' '''Pt ''''" I : r En ''krii v an."r; if:thing.
„, , i tlis, Or Laang etooLlue -,ros
X far Web ) mti
" n ' ' Ur" ' Fever and A•ue Ift.rti 1111 s. Dr Mont , Pills for COlllll.l,
L„„ c,,,.0tt wane. Can for
pRODUCE —0 brls . prinie Roll Rutter; t1,,,,,,,,",,,Di1,,,'. 1 7„n!„,V„,,,,,,,,dr i t t tul Itz
6 Fri. No. I Lank taltitßilwit! lAAAC 11,10111.9. Fifth st.
0 bus Cliestourt•
3 Raga Ortmt I.eath,r, mcilvt.ii bi
1 1.4 1 0 It 6A L 1..-- A mall retail Hupp of
wagon, and Gitr sale by J• 3 J. • r.. FLOYD. ‘, V 9," r g ~ TI I " " j::,,i P T.l . Bl:trit. l :4T: IkrO i l.':
(11..INSENO AND BEESWAX.-123bnp DLl,,c'l,-tn :and 00 ,,,i, a attaawy. a taw aaak
UK Colosen• - . 1 rank &caw.; now . lamhit• from steamer 1ta,1.,. a - fertiperatwe CR- • Nriid ' h i , ' . I ili. .t•iil'
Tuscrra. fur We by ~,, ~,,- . m.,. of the liellyr. ainl of the Mark t; fur
Tur d
ISAIAH DICKEY A CO., Water • Front it, c• Falt. ' b . : . ' . ..i.M.`"""'" lAAAC If ANIMA
ULASS—Eight hundred las G him 4
8110. rut mal•loy
WHITE FlSll—Fifteen 1,r6 for rui by
_ • _
MANNERS' OlL—Twenty lids Ha air Oil, rLW ILAMS--Erans ii, Swift's Cincinnati
J. in goad order. for sale by doll JAI IL FLOYD j Mug. I. inly's., inn moired, ter siLlikb
itIOLASSES.-36 tugs new, in. store, for i ! " --- "- A t'A-el''-±--c-2.-:41131.'):"
.IUL .1• by Jell J . IL. FIAIY I. , 1 41 1.1A1 LARD—Prime Cincinnati Leaf Lard
pat in. in Leg. far Cozily me. just me 'd for .1.11, -
I ARD.—I•I lids No. I. now hindina., for • i ,, o 'WM. A. NI<CLUILO lt CCP.
.I_4l ash , to dells isAlAll DIChEY .a Co
JUP non snd for robe by jail t a lr. II ptlla L ill'. . ii ... A ,,,,., 0 ,,, ,0 our,. , wo
..1. boll
ItOLT. fIUTTER.—Ton 1,0, 11011 }hitter r A TI t... ft , ; ,....., , ,,, , ; , ,,. , ., , , , ,....g., !:;4 r0. the Nor Imiss o n
.I.lid mreirodysrol for rale bi i • ....... 44...1 Gr.. 8 iserri oflboilan land • sUra.. Pr tmai "'l l,.. ' ;',Lt f
.11 Iri a W i LIAJLIi_Ln,ii•
j it , Ibe i li t o w nso . b b, ar , :=l „, e parjb in r,;r s - ,to . -- ,o„„, --- ..
GREASE LARD—Twenty bras af teinOTLayil ~„„.,, Ming P.... ,00t.At3dt,.",tf. th, , par,-?..•
...Ivo , ' and for mai by • , ilo balsnes. lies. rall ' it 11.44A1. 11.4.1111.11ii m" ''''
1.11 . a , . a W. ILLF.FIALL IL Asi-ricy and lionillfireneo UM. 5111 FL
—.---, .- -. : itill„,.rarnas .1d cr riirdnd and all kinds of ,eitrieit I.
'DRIED YEACIIES—Thrce hundred Gue . tend.. for moderato chivy., Al 2tirl •
pried i . ' “ ' n ' . "" l 'io' r :l.YLL ' .llßACOfl. i
Jail - .,___ _........... •
(AIL 3111AL-41iirty bags Oil Meal, receirel
YU was for rain tr jai M. F iti i . lIALBAIXFIL
_ • _ ..
F LOUR—One hundred ..brla Fit Family
.50 E =cared
3.4 w. • "'BE VELV
TO LET.—That desirable residence at an 1
K. nreat veroplied he that enherriber, ritneted =la I
iiiii , ii , iii i iiiiiiirigh !ilk.. In the ltuouitli i.f. Lamle..
iirPieit.. ' Last Week—Positively' close ou Satunlay.
db., : :11, 1,.., , , ii Itrin. at.l metretatin . t. bit , 1 -. -,-,... - .„-, 4 4 I
: the 18th inst.
rrsnl.l.%=;•:;het.---....- M.'". 1.1. - i b' T..?
' ,ice Alfa.
trniy end fruit tr.. The - ereirTiridattoTt ‘ te a alert dd. I I ECTURE ROOM, ATiLENEUM BUILD.
ro c r.!;l7i , V,l P"' ' '" "'"
' ii,V. r Vi73`fra""' 't M,Kesit;7.l7lf..lT r afire r 'gritil. r =
jelldlin Nit IN Mukrt third. 1 ~,....6 . ,,,,,,,,..,,,,r , a i . nor , 11:: , whor. ",,.. x. th ..
1 4 OP. RIAT—.I S. w Mitt in East Binning. 1".-and= ,t,i; '" ; ,7,1, :titeru ' VA irk , . itt
b ' ° ' ' th ' 4...4 ( uti . hiriSr hntinetei It nn mm. 1 tlifi Theta. Tuner; brilflutly illututtnited; and bath
uoth Ai n ch,: t r . i ,, i ro tire
u ati i, d , ii.. - .4; ,,, X th: ith Orrot ...r ti.r b. C.oe
k, l /tall
i 1t ,.. ..1,. ! betties of the treentlnil Illrer Milne.
An exhibit-ion on &Insider efterni i
iii.n. eta o'clock.
Va . a of tear,
. Admit:id-in tiS nut. Children under Li yiusot nee, 13
Al,. iiii riti-.llrrit int. for brisk making--eler drep
- cent,
Aitti. ~teed iltiitt ,l nee of excellent ft.... Inoulrii of ' D oor . .111 Opell at 6% 0 . 40 , k. Panorama to commence
. nitliit i
_itueiiie , I. PHILLIPS. East Birmingham. - t . i.:
MOTO], a. . , -'else.. 3. 5
Attfiffsil FL A N.' E LS; of this different , ---- - ----------- -
1,,,, ii;'al`l"',rri ---,rnvv.TllV,Wftr.
I_,) of Watlint }Fail by lull II LEE
-- -- - - - - -
^(3 .—One case Scarlet
a L c. - c
5? Itraw D ;Fl 5-4; Whit*
Flanatal. 5-3; raaas 6pring T.ronla .1 waol:'2 autoto F. 3 ,1
Casnaurr, ...nlJ.ena, 21,111ra evn.arnaltat from flit Manyl,tumr, an for sate ty gall IL LEE
IGARS—i illy thousand Cigars received
. o sr o A u B. W:l.t.tllB.ll3LP
6.3utluu. w L.. parliCla.
411:1/ at tbrir ond Lr. carnal
arikl,—tha la..cmarranted pare Rat,
.cowr quality. Jall
4 1 11111TINC !
10 ,Ll,rpli, 4
tls 1.. j
t 4. vl,t 4tq,no
nod both al kw
LION-74 lbs for sole
J. 0100 2 CO.
ll—Fifteen barrels Inew crop)
J. KIN) 2 Co.
Al for ralt by
- erkty five barrels for Pale by
J. KIDD & CO. No. WWo 1 st
‘.s 'marl a r,
.171Z11,0 it CM, No ,-;:, Woo 4-
'OItIBEIt offers for rent for a
or more years, the celebrated Fire Ilrlek,
oa la Isufleld tovraahlp. WetocreLd
!leer .tf IMllver. Laid work. soy on tilt
al and I'matral Itallromt. Then, in on the
RIM of Urn Clay and Stone Cool , choreal
he w. -rat ere on the Tut 31'11 Cook—the
. ime f o r the aork are en.ctrel. A Olin Is
hr term. •olds to the aubterileer, reeldlLg
—({of ounotemo.
"Sams. llp. UN. JOIINSTiIN. '
ut, w l, ;it. u a k ,-
lAnd 4 1 , ..
„ t ,•
ury build
1 1%-:. ‘ Met
- 1 1 LOL: It Seventy tire barrels Family Flour
reffiTiq EL for "r; t.,
snarvnit i BARSK9.
ROLL BIUTLIIR—Twenty barrels prime
YL jicc rrotiA - d arid fur male tor
'n KY APPELS—Fiftv bushels received and
JUI for qt. br Jall ,liitIVER A BAISNV.
W/TE BEANS —6 barrel° received and
for .vie be •SIIRIVEB k BARNES.
•Filtv horrels Family Flour;
Flour. '2,r.,t, ON du. 4.) ba.tels Dry
OIL rwra
J4.411N u ear CO&
10 bhds. old crop prime Quallly, Ws...A f
_eV: glares l.:1111 agile
Stzekt elsa.North Ansencan Ina IS - extern Insurance
A 4417 to 411.1 R D Ac IRVIN, 111 Pwcoal sc j. 14, • •
(` mo t ELLERS' LINER PILLS' supercede
U. Übe.. Cbszkdasz. h. SEDE 9. 111.4-41 r.
alerr.--ticar Yilu bars bneawa. molar In all WA
=L I= Vi1if12 . 6,41t0 Iplyeriade 011 OLlum 113
ftvcrad. of a Whir.) JAM .Z 2 l l bLinit.
PLactumrs molted olt:. &aria irva Pith gnaw
=mi n or truiv wad Ert l
i r j r=ll, wkl malt
The Greatest Bargains of the Season.
IRLOBT. D. TIIO3IPSON, No. 116 Market 62,
Mime doom from Liberty, hating determined to claw
iiiminem by the gret of April, WA ram thle day. sell
his entire slat of Farmy and atertile Dry Urals at co.: for
tuak. This stock being new, lamps. and well selected. Mire
alms in mat as follawn—
Dllked 001)7331tench Merincemettak Canty
Cloth, Detains, Otskinerce. and MP
Silks,• wide &wit Wiwi., .10 t hhewhe, g and butane;
Uloset. licoseT, rte.
Urn ILEMI-Vrt till Alt Casitmeres. Satiteelrti
Vesting, Crarain, Mkt, Merino, :shirts, Draw., an
'What: li.EEPINO 00011.6-11arnaley Sheetings, fel, 64
and 1041 Cotton Sheeting, Damiuk /Vole Lawn, brown
and Mewled: Darovk InalerClothei Ar.
g law assortment of Whitney and 6•M ie,
together with a full vrock cf lewd,
molt mai
upon nettinrt those rode at Mak
stock mustihe dared out tie th e not c
Patellae ain't. D. N.
sort 5E101101.24, 0. tr. 0. PAV.R.
liE undersigned, successors to Arthunt
Nlehol.on, be bare to inform the eillnets No,
burgh and the 110./k generally, ties they ha, rohellt the
EAbLE FOUNDItY, end ere on. in fulloporstium mat
here part of their pattern, ree4y for the Morket: Antonin
Whichare Cooking, Stave., C.ol and MAXI Mover. trith
Wend.' air tight inel Stot - o. ehlott it non Aug.:bed:oZ in
other cities, the egranmn round Stove. Also. elotay COOL
C.oklng Store. 11,11 adapted Su small Camille"; with a,futi
assortmout of e...0413au1a and Mantel Ureter.
We would partirolarly , tnrite the ath-lition of pent.,
banding, to roll at our ri ottrattOng
where. Kod examine • ,10.141 orttrio of enauttuelbel
Orate, tinisho.l in hue myle—eutirely nee in this maskob
Wembonar—No. gIS Liberty et.. not.o/to Wood ft.
amr,S,tif h1c1101,, , 0N clt PAYNE.
WEBB'S Nuruml Bearden., McGutlie's do.
Antlmictira. 015313.., St..
dupery, Mapa, Uiobeti acid mrpry war, timil ht Intbra and
whocils. Alw. a geiwral anutia.ut of Mar. putt
able for lichiad., all“ Al.o.CArter.k
LAlLl.nd{oria, EIM:CA4IONAL 1%):14)11TOGY,
delb 4 Market K. curter of Fourth.
1.7 Prepared under the tolonallate cur of the lined:dot
eslaslisbed for up...ardent thirty tears.
This el...rasa bmparatiou Is irCuMme:bled bs MS. of
lac, acidities, legkertion, gout, and gravel. st tha molt
lode, easy, and effectual form lo 'darn MarmeeLa may, and
Lome the only one in whirls it undid to be ethibltul, TOrr
melanin all the pent...rite...of the Ifaoursin now In gement
donsdlund brio.. lia effectual) ito form danger.. row,
In the bonak ity cures heartburn 'without
Injuring Um onto of die donowhom raid. totem. and naelr
carbonado tire known to do it prereute the tool at intkoto
tun:d r
0 1 l all rases. It trio a.. hlematut inietterit i mad.
Is Tern laxly adapted to females,
utophiny 'As) . entitled that this solution forniewid
uble combinalloora with Or: and mile In cares of goat tad
gravel, therebycounteracting their lotoriow tendency,
alien other *Malin and even diagnosis, Waif, had felled.'
From Sir YWlip Crampton. Hart, Sur,eott detirral to the
" m in Ireland.—
D y ear Sir—There elm be no doubt that 'if autwel• may be
administered more solely the form of • comentoded so.
button than lo eubstanor for ibis. bud foe or of her manna,
I am at opinion that the' Ft eh! MactuTla to a Teri rainable
ablition to war dtatiThi Medic. PHILIP CILANIYTON..
Sir Janie. Clark, Sir A. Conyor. nr. Bright, and Mew.
Outdate erel Herbert Mats, of tomb.. etrenuli moolitinend
Murray's Plaid Magareia as being infinitely more sate any
eattsrskiebt than the solid. and her from the 'danger atiend•
Into. the mod,mt tar of rails (7 pl.'s.
'par soda by the ImpurterbrlS Mr. - Air:beg *V .1..
AlLNEsrmit. k CO
jail Con. Waal t Fran Sin.
N . EZIf d O OO C , K
1 1;1 ; k t:1 ,1 ;4 '0g .:
KLEDER to now relieleinw • neon lots . r .‘"
of elegant Pianos, wade by biniiv,
New lark, aiming thew. splendid 7 inane carved Pinllei
lf the riehevt deecription of exterior and tone. lt Is mad.
athe Rococo style. in vogue lo lbe reln Uinta XIV and
XV. Also, a new lot of fashionable and peep ;Aar Husk,
and an extensive selecrion of Braes Instruments, %WU.%
Unitive. Melodeons, and every variety of musical cambia,
disc. 1•10
throw of Four th and llseket etresta. PittatMethe
e. at the nonunthorment of the New Year. to rt.
tune their thank. to their their the public grace
ally. for the large share of enelorn extender! to these. an./
Invite the continuanceof tittle foram ILaving recently
cutout/lee:4 Improwcl their roma, thee are enabled to tee,.
on bawl a tore eateuelve assortment cf (katele—and buyers
will hare the illiTILIltl.3 of panty of light to
good., and roake their selection, then Julio:a tog
tjojt establishment. •A far as protleable. a VAIUL
STURE, when, every ankh, In the her O.& line,
for the wan. of foonllier, era 1, pron....l—and In
contlownotettorte to melert tho bent wool., and to veil at km
pr, they hope to wake
with ' it
ot o ranolliel and UP •
dlstlonlot to favor tkeon Oh , Or 1,13,41,11.
•• • • •
- - .. •
cNThehntIOLESALE DURINLPS .U 1 be continued lec
the room. up stalre—erttranee from 4th greet. or %brunch
lower mob.
Important to Stage Coach and Wagon
have bouilit the riebt .f au AXIAL, Invented ter
ensuel *Seismal:, called "ehettlatd Patent." It has
been tested by our bed-marl, builder, and irrersouneedrtd
be the brat in use. Au ordinary hatch. with a sal of thide
it c an! ' if,:.2l " : g attl il l e ilgtttytrit
wawa:Lees we have oh the peat oduelloo CC wri
Mat easing al power, It will mate the Morll
Idorrretora to sere her not. nn tlielt stock and
Al., It will glee great subtle to roar alert the net resole.
Inn; fit
the erbeel.and uot having anyrorstualon wlthtbd
hale, will eulltely prevent the wheel tram haulm,
Ily junior ewe, the patentees will wursat thOse.taholltai
last hens lb to lo
W years, stall,' running.
Warebeuw—ho. ltn) attr..m4l-Iti grant atr.cts,
siIeZZUF •
agents eppolnted Lt reeelve contributkaos to ras
aahlnataa Com.. Went:no:Maud and Somerset maw
In old M the Waellngtou Monument !taster. at
Ng-malty, are temeollulle mo
sns.nrstal Inlay over Any Alone
In Melt honds talhe underslamd. toVelonto • • r
demUlLterAT idlAeSELEON.Tniansreit. •
.1.1 IE3I, at MIXES !Mann. Depot. Third etratoo3p- ;
panto the Poet c 11.., 17tetbrirch-
31aga4na-.....jrc I.i. 55 00
Merman& )1 _ do 500
noicaerlsocker lia•mir.o._ on 5' 00
American 1014 Devilry dc. OW
FelneCe Menem.-
di. 5 On
Mei. UM' Mnrninii ....... . do 00
..... 2' i! •,11
Gridsmao Napalm --
&wailer Mumma ..... . 254 •
lideinational .- do 3 O.)
ilortlmiturist ..... --____. ...... do 3PO
Cnittcntar .......... ...... .._....... do 1
L:riDA•__ . . do • (r 3
The Jannari 1311132L0T of tram Mr•anne• the thr Li C , roluma, 004 101 to the boat 111.11 r
1131-Theabove marazinci sill le delivered taw of Tip*
age at mT flt r, bolo. gun. • inslng to those salricaiting
A lame 4 well selecteJ rw.ele. of =gufflcent ANNZ.
ALS. WIT . KAM.% for Chralinaa and Ntr
Also—An extuusir, tm.reaant of Novel., nal Mewl
I'vutlog cwwl... Sc. All onlart.l4* .
wki to punctual',
j' 49 _ No.f 4 /14W13rtawat.
OTTOFLANNELS--A faxiker supply
cint the who FLANNELS--A
goal, a eupwior arlole,f, u.t reo'd
1 11:IlVillk IttIItCIISILLD.
NEW BOOKS.—litLvAbtat's new Work,_
C. 0., or Stoorlfr. of a Phi alooJ dr....JAW/wag lb*
ele3more's Skrlchwr of IllooweoPo. Up, Yew Floglawet VC
the Wrst., 1 xnp•
Hir oo.
• ItrwhafaLla Airlf.u.porets . Ilioiloarr, nit So.
Seriztotia. Itte, air wed worth reading.
Fox rah. I) It. 110PELN/4
1 30 Apollo klulldisurr.
the. Arnettean Reeohalo. Hy ALA,' OntymAt. Eq.::
Ilistory of the itelorAntinn t.f the ebotantAb (Autos"-,
bLi;.ll. Merle d'A . ublon.
fra =ite..' of V=.131 br White. A TrittltiO*
lientuek.r, Wear, AtaqtnAne, 0100 AlottrArkr.
luetrated by fan y entrenviar, LA`wA pqtr-
The •bore worts rut tole by AC. 8.101.1..111N,
floloooler LAI Station r,'
Cann of Ntuket and Thud att.
COLORS -6 brie ROllO Pink;
One Erma,
rase• Chrome Y•110o, z 0511,00.011
./.10 scum\ n. a co
!or sale by
ERMILLION —Triestp, Chinese, limed
.. and Imperial Vermail..4 Gr min by%
.DROSSIAS ItLLII.--Tea ',tabsl, 44
pal, by jai° J ECIWOrIikICEItt CO.
- A
'Om to those wltlAng to perches , • eery houtatar!
exiortment of Sate, Ihllin, thuna•kr, of the ustent.
tort rtyle. at reduhed prices. C• 11 at the Carpet. War'
hear. So. S.S k'ourth ctr.vt. Joao i
OlVDEM—Blahtinq and Rifle Posrdt
MO kegs. miLitulue. far 4.4.!.. '
lalo J 00..
‘4AIIETY VUSE.—Twenty brim Safety Flaij
foritlam.k.r, Sw sale
APPLES.—Ono hundredbushel%
KY PEACLIES.-241 bushels for sale
The Old Printing Establielunent, —
lo ATE Johnatou and Stoddon's, and
break .ad Stationery Warebettee.
n. ILtV}v 1.4 preps.. to ensure every siy/SOSUR.,
Caanner.s4 Can.. Ikal Job 11.10.8 ant uo
Irladlast sad fitralah every smelt In the nlaat Isve
Psper end t.seloorry tine, .t th• •, tekr• . 1 4 L . 4
the 1.. ',wash!, Ism..
.111.1elb.b sod gtallormery Wartllou.e , rot*. Of Muir.
sad ...41 Weer,
Priallas tribes and Itack 'Regime, No. V) Tkam
• L.
New Books Just Received,
ALTON LOCKE, Tailor and Poet; an ant
144.0,,. 1 vol. IZno. MILL .
~,,,d.,, pen ..
far llie two of yarisrla sod tateig, ',...
iact tor )0000 1.... of b , O l + ...., Po moo ad pmblir:,`;
od In montane. abla a resolution of Ow donate aadilow
of iterreosordedivta of tr. War. of NUchlmus.. i t
lea la,
b... A..n.. roar raisrlotondont of public lartivdtica. AI ,
r.a.... moo.
Abboila Sew Book—Atory Onfadan. Mind. bfotard
3- C. Abbott. rlib ongravlnov nubbyn vlth the laidorrl
volume) of thly,teopd.laol . drtorital aerie. Yea .. by. , '..:. / 11... tiod Farad. 1$ Apollo bu11a1Za1.41,...p;
lil Int AM
'. • 0f 4 ,1491.i. CoTt i Capital flak lad oil? ~,
1 . 4 = 4 '&= been llbboinbet limb fixi.this c . ... r .
1214 tooposd oonOooy to ammo! Xt. ilinftl. itro• -
am IN tadr to Immo la the are And moms, dna;
imam it gliveroir UMW ANT °Ow born
k 3
..,,,t. yam oft, (WI &Mot° - ~:
-*A - Te larada Roil la Rasa af ...
_ !
. ...
.i ! .
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