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THE onlIxranton paper receiving the complete news service of the associated press, the greatest news agency in the world.
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Shocking Accident In Which Tvventu-
EiQlit Persons Lost
Their Lives.
It Is Expected, However, at the Vic
toria Hospital That All Will He-cover-
The Body of Plicman Rick
etts Found Covered with Snow in, a
Ditch Testimony as to the Cause
of the Catastrophe Ptomises to Be
By llvthnhc Who fiom The Associitcd l'lii.
London, Ont., Dec, 2S. There wore no
deaths today unions thu persons injured
In Friday night's collision at Wanstoad,
on the Samla blanch of the Gland
Tiunk railroad, between tlie west-bound
Pacific cxpipss and an east-bound
freight, in which twenty-eight persons
lost tliclr live!.. Tonight the Associated
Press was infotmed at Victoiia hospital
ih it while seveinl of the Injuied are
Ptlll in a, pcriou.i condition, it is expect
ed nil will lecover.
The body ot Fil email Ilicketts. of the
cvpifss train, which was last night bo
llf'Md to lie bulled under Hie wiccked
engines, was found today toveud with
mow in a ditch beside the ttaik. One
firm was completely toin oft and the
body was otherwise mangled. Death
must lime been instantaneous It Is
believed that the body was thrown
c liar of the engine and into the deep
-now in the ditili, wlieic in the storm
and darkiipss the wrtrkeis, failed to
liml it Ptldny nlglit. Snow foil rapidly
all tlrit night, so that Rickotl's body
was roveied and was not found. One
ot the mm working at the wierU found
the body under the snow. Tonight
tilde is but one unidentified body at
the nioigue here, that of a woman who
was ticketed from Toionto to Duluth.
The mini's body wlnob was found last
night was this atteiiiomi identified ns
George D. Southern, uf Lockporl, .. Y.
Andrew Carson, the opotator at Wat-
mru, ine tirsc siatton ease oi me wicok, i
uho.-e failure to dnliver ordfis to Con-i
iltn tor McAuliffp, of the Pacific. epres,
to pn.t) the fi eight at Wanstcad, and is
said by th" Gland Tiunk ollielah, to
have, caused the wreck, this altrinoon
made to the Associated Pi ess his fhst
statement sine the wreck. He says ho
lecelved the ordu for Xo. r, the ex
press, to pass the Height at AVnnstead
at IMS o'clock, but declares positively
that a few minutes later Dispatcher J.
G. Keir, at London, called him and
ordered him to "bust" or cancel the
order, lie said:
Directed to "Bust" the Older.
"About 9,13, after calling Wjomlng
and ascertaining that the fielght was
tlieie, the dispatcher called inc. lapldly
a half dos.en times. AN hen I answeied
he told ine to 'bust' tins older. I wiote
'bust it' atioss the order just as Xo.
fi was coining in. Conductor MeAuIifte
came in and asked me what the order
board was out against him for. I told
lihu that we hud had an older for him,
bill tin- dispatcher bad buhted' it. Ho
asked mo to huiry and write him a
clearance ouler, which i did. After the
train had started and was out of my
ip.-ich, tho dispatcher learned that the
freight bad leu Wyoming. 1 told him
1 could not stup No u as it had left.
Die hiimcdintf ly began calling Kings
Court Junction, the station between
Wattoid and Wausteud, on the lail
loail wire, and I tries to laise them
on a commoieial who. We both failed
to do tills, however, until after the cx
piess had passed the junction."
Citson admitted that he knew it was
against the rules ot the company to
cancel a tiuin order without sending
a substitute for it, but said that thu
dispatcher was his supetior ollleer, and
lie disliked (o question bis order or dis
pute his authority to take this action.
Dispatcher Keir's aider book in tho
local Grand Trunk uillie does not show
that thu older was "bunted" or can
icllcd, uy Carson claims. Aceoidlug to
the book It was still in force and
should have been deilued to the con
ductor of thi' express. Keir bus not
Hindu aii statement even to tho jail
road olileuilf, and will not until he
tnkta the stand at thu inquest.
Division Hupctliitindeiit George G.
Jones, ot Tinniito, pjjsi mat tin, uilu
agulntt cancelling in- "busting" train
ordois is (he sti Iciest In thu company's
code, "I do not believe," hu said, "that
it has been violated since thu dispatch
ing rules went into effect. Dhputciier
Keir Is ono oi the best and most oflle
lont dispatchers In our service. He Is
thu opciator who accompanied the train
beni Ins tho Duko und Duciuss of York
on tpo i oval tour of Canada a year ago,
J have every conilileneo in him."
Other Grand Trunk olllclnls who weie
piesent also expi eased their conilileneo
in Keir. Coroner Dr. Harvey, of Lamb
ton county, will begin the Iwjuest at
"Wyoming tomoriow.
A Pathetic Featmo,
On of the most pathetic fcatutes ot
(lie wieck Is the triple loss sustained
by tho Bodluy tamlly, of Poi t Huron, in
the dtath of Mrs. J. Uodley, her son,
Clem Bodley, and granddaughter, little
Lottie Lynch, who died ut the Victoiia
hospital. The bodies of nineteen of tlio
victims have been shipped to their sor
l owing fi lends at hoin.). Tho tiunk of
the s yet unldeutliled woinnii was lo
l.Ued by the Grand Tiunk officials to
day ahd unved here late tonight. It
will be seat tiled n endeavor to find
something with which to identity the
Tho possibility of pneumonia develop
Ij'B among the Injmed, as a usult ot
their exposiiie wiille pinned In the
wreck, is fun ted by tlio surgeons. To
night seveial of tlium show some symp
toms of the disease.
sixty lives Tost
in melacoa straits
News of Disaster Bi ought by tho
Steamer Tartar Senleis Ha v. a
Profitable ason.
By rjuliithc lie freni 1 tic Asi,ccl iteil I'lts.
Victoria, 13. C., Dec. i'i. News was
brought by the steainer Tartar, which
arrived today, of u disaster In the Mela
coa straits, as a result of which sixty
lives weie lost. The Toklo Ashi pub
lishes a telegiam fiom Hong Kong
stating that the steamer Hunsiing was
in collision with the steamer Klimgynn
in the Jlelacoa straits and the Kiang
yan was sunk, sixty sallms and passen
geis being missing.
Dispatches fiom Hakodate report that
an outbreak of flic oecuned on board
the Iwanal Steamship company's
steamer Hokuun llaiu, off the coast of
Su Tsu on December 3, and the vessel
was sunk, eighteen of the crew losing
their lives.
The Japanese sruleis had a profit
able season, although four essels of
the ileet of nineteen were lost, three of
them, it is believed, with all on board,
although thrio were inmors that the
men of one, the Tanya JIaru, have been
seized by tho IlusHians', The total catcli
of schooneis flying the Japanese flag
amounts to 12.0J1 skins.
Trolley Accident During tho Golden
Jubilco Celebration of Passionist
Fathois in Pittsburg.
fi; l.Uu'Ir Wire fiom Nip .bsocutcd l'ri--.
Pittsbuig, Dec. 2S. The Golden jubi
lee of the Passionist Fathers in the
I'niled States Is being celebrated in
the nionastiy of St. Paul of the Cross.
Thu hist session was opened this morn
ing at lOtfO with a m ileum blessing of a
ni.u hie Calvary group over the altar
and a solemn pontifical mass. Tho
blessing of the Calvary gtoup was con
ducted with ninth icllgloiih pomp by
Ills Imminence James, Cardinal Gibbons,
of lialtimoic, assisted by Itev. Father
Joseph Huehr, with Kov. William Klt
tel and ltev. II. J. Goebel, as deacons
of honor.
The great ciuwds attending the ju
bilee celcbiatioii taxed the capacity of
the street cais to and fiom the monas
tery, but only one accident ot conse
quence tesulled.
Xlne passengeis In a. lunnvvny
Southcin Ti action car weie badly hurt,
but nono seilously. Two newspaper
men, John M. Eagan, of the Tiuis, and
J. It. Johnson, of the Post, suffered tlio
severest injmies. Uagan had two libs
broken and was cut and bruised all
over the body: Johnson's head, hands
and legs weie cut and torn.
The accident oecuned immediately
after the afternoon set vices. The cat
was crowded and when tho long bill
was l cached, the brakes were Inef
fective because the Kills had been cov
ered with snow by boys who were
coasting. The car began to slide and
had gained a wonderful speed when a
wheel bioke, tliiovvlng it against an
electiics light pole. The ear was com
pletely wrecked and the passengers
jiinimmcd Into a confused mass. To add
to the passengers' distress, the Are in
tho stove communicated to the wreck
ago. Fortunately other cars came
along at this moment and it was only
a short time botoiu the the had been
extinguished and thu passengers re
lieved. It was found that the car had
coasted ono thousand loot bofote the
wheel broke.
Mine Workers Will Demand Increase.
Ib Evilusbe Who from Tlio A&oclatcd J'io.
SprhiBllelil, III,, Dee. 2S.-W. D. Ryan,
seciotary-treasurcr of tlio United Mlnu
Woikcia c.f Illinois, in a statement todav
sujh that the mines of tlio United States
will make a demand for a uiateiial In
eteaso In vwigen at tho national conven
tion at Inrtliinnpolli on January ID.
Il i:ilubc Wlro from 'Ihc AsuoiLitiil l'na.
London, Dec, 2s. Tho Itight ltev. John
Wogiiu Pasting, bishop of .St. Albans, is
dead, ,
Los Anuules, , Dec. 2S .Mi, Jesslo
Kenton Fiemunt, widow of General Pro
mont, died lust night at her homo hi this
city, was " years of ago. Mrs. Piumont
was taken 111 on ClulstmiiH moining. For
Hat past llneo juus tho aged widow nt'
thw "Pathllnder" hud he-tin extteinoly fuo
blo as a tcKiilt of a fall la whicii sho mif
fcied a dislocation of tho hip which had
slnco piovoiited her tunn wulltlng. Mrs
Pieniout wan tho daughter of Thomas A,
Ililiton, tor thbty yenis a United States
Detiolt, Midi., Pee-, Paimer,
author and publisher of a two volume
blstoiy of Michigan nnd a lccogulzcd uu
thoilty on tho htstoiy or tho nmtlieast,
died huddenly today at 1ih icslilcneo In
this ilty. Mr, Parmer, who was ttf yea id
of ago, was a fellow of tho Ameilcan
Gtfogiaphlcal aoclcty and was well known
as a lectin er.
Mlsliawak, lud., Dec. 2S. Veiy He v. Au
gust II. Oechterlng, rector of too Cath
oliu church for forty yours und donn of
thu Filth Indiana dish lot, died today af
ter an Illness of two months, aged 03
jenis. Ho inherited wealth tioni tils pa
i ems' crftato in Germany, but devoted ull
to his pailuhlouets,
liilladcl)lila, Dec, 2S.-Georgo Itussell,
probably tho olilost lumber merchant In
the United States, died today at his coun
try homo In Mcrchuntvillo, X, J,, at tho
ago of Dj years, For suveuty ho
had been actively cnguged la tho lumber
business hero and was lluanclully into est
rd in bulldliur thu tlmt steam saw mill
In potinijviv a .
Annual Convention of American As
sociation Begins Today.
By Kxcludvc Who frumllic Atmlilel l'u.
AVashlngton, Vol'. 2S. At a meeting of
the executive committee of the Kcneial
council of the Atncileau association for
the Advancement of Science llnal tu
rnngeiuunts wero made for tho lltty
second annual session which begins to
mortovv and continues through the
week. The local member- of the asso
ciation will give n luiichton to the vis
iting members on Monday at the Ar
lington hotel. Kilduy evening the sci
entists wjll attend ti leteptlon at the
Corcoran Ait gullet y, and on Hatuidiiy
morning tin menibets will bo lecelved
by I'lCsIdent Itoosevelt. In addition to
the tegular pi ogi amnio on Kiidny af
ternoon John Hays llnmniniid will de
liver an addtess on "King Soloinon'.s
Professor It a Itimsen. of llnltiinoie,
piesldunt-elocL of the association, will
pipslde over the meetings, which will
bilng together a huge gathering of tlio
most noted scientific men of the coun
try. Thu progi amine coves a a wide
range ot topics.
Eager Crowds Gather at the Stations
And Try to Got a Glimpse
of The Piisoners.
Uy i:clujiic Wile from llic Assoiiitcd l'icis.
Paris, Dee. 28. The train bringing to
Paris the members of the Humbei t
family, who were anested In Madild,
was due to arrive at -1:52 o'clock to
morrow morning, but ow ing to an ac
cident to a brake. It was two bonis bite
at the Spanish frontier, thereby missing
connection with the Paris expiesss at
In their anxiety to avoid the assem
bling of itowds and demoiistiatlons up
on the arrival of th Humberts, tlio
authorities here refuse to sav at what
station the pilsoneis will leave thu
train. The preeautions probably will
be defeated by the delay In atrhing, as
it now seems probable that the ti.iln
will reach Paris in broad daylight, bl
stead, a.s inlendid in the d.nkne. of
cany moining. it is possinic mac too
prisoners will bo taken liont the train
ut some station outside the city a id
thence conveyed secret y to prison. Cells
weie at the Conciergotie have been pie-
pared for their reception.
.. . ., .
At Pandayl, on the Spanish fiontler,
the car containing the piisoneis was de
tached from the Madrid train outsido '
the station on the Spanish side of the
frontier and the Humberts were hut-,
rieil-into a French car. held in teiidl-'
ness and handed over to 1'icnch oillc-i
tals. After this had been done tho i
Spanish police retiied. The change of
rnt.s was accomplished so lapldly that
thu vtaitlng crowds barely caught a
glimpse of the party, but it greeted the
prisoners! with ironical cheeis and hoot
ing.". This gi entry enraged Mine Humbert.
After the car had been attached to conveyed to Senor Beiald President
the Fieuch train the journey was eon- ltooscvolfj refusal to act as arbitiator
tinued. laugp nowd.s gatlteied at all j tho Venezuelan difficulty. He recom
the stations along the line and waited mended that the matter be taken to tho
in the hope of seeing the Humberts. ' international peace court at The Hague,
They were disappointed, however, as , which had been exmesslv organized' to
the blinds of the car weie kept closely
draw it
Bunkhouse and Its Occupants Swept
Down a Mountain Side Nine
Killed and Sevcial Injured.
Hy l'.cluslo Wire bum Iho Associ itcil 1'rot.i.
Nelson, B. C, Dec. 2S. A snowslide
attack tlio bunkhouse of the Mollio
Gibson mine, ten miles lroni Lake Koo
tenai, Christmas night, razing the
building. It is believed to have killed
nine men and injured seveial otheis.
'Che men tuirl ?tlrirl ntM.e ltrarllnf fin
Itnpiomptu conceit. The snowslide
came down, crushing in tlio roof anil.1",,' "",' ., '"" """
aping the wieckage and thu men I
down tho mountainside, strewing them
from SOO feet to half u, mllo fiom the
site of the cabin. One man won found
in the snow, suffeiing terribly. He
died a few moments later.
Eight men are unaccounted for. They
are L. Bioulee, M. Hull, Assayer Nel
son; W. G. Murphy, Alnsworth; T.
House, Sllveiton; W. Collins, Nelson;
two unknown Itullaus and George Chip,
Chinese cook.
Of the men accounted lor. J. Cnnm.
bell is dead; J, M. McLaughlin, John
A. Bell, and a man named McGlnuld
are seilously Injuted.
The mine is tho second highest in
the Kootenai legion, being well above
thu timber Hue.
Unnecessary for Officers Here to At
tend the Glenn Comt Maitial.
Hy r.viluiho Wire trom The AtaoiiaUd 1'iCw.
Washington, Dec, 2S, Secretary Hoot
bus decided that It was linpractlcablu
tor Gunetal Chalice, General Smith and
other officers to go to Manila lo testify
botoro the aieun comt mnitlul, as tho
purposes of tho investigation can bo
fully served, so far as tho testimony of
the officers named Is concerned, by fcu.
curing tholr depositions,
It Is Penied That Many Men Have
Perished Undergiouud.
By Uiuhe Wire fiom Tlie Associated free.
St. Petejsbutg, Dee. 28. A (lie- has
occurred In ti coal niluu at lJac)unut,
Ekutorlnoiilav province.
A liundreil miners were undergiouud
when tho tlio stuited. Twenty of these
havo been lescued. but It Is fc.ued that
the others have succumbed.
Suicide of Hariy Jackson.
Uy LUushu Wire from Tlio AuoiUtid I'ret..
VoiiiigHlown, O., Deo. 2S.-Hair.v .lack-
sou, foi email of the ctblo dvputtmeiit or
mo jicpuuuo Jton and Steel compuny,
commuted suicide, by dilnkliur cuibollu
aciu m mo uctei .vtajoatlc today,
He was
an CNpert olectilcian und formerly lived
III 1'hlIndl'llllll.L. .lni'llurm 1HI.',I .,,, lll.
mato friendl n a low on Clulstmas chiy
limi doclnied bo "would soon follow him."
The Rebels Have Resumed no&till-
ties noalnst President
Confeieuce at Caracas United
States Minister Bowen and Lopez
Borald, Venezuelan Minister, Dis
cuss the Situation Senor Beiald
Deshes That Mr. Bowen Shall Rep
resent Venezuela on the Commis
sion to Be Organized nt Washing
ton Venezuela's Promises.
Bj. hxclutlve Wire from The AsbOtialeJ l'ri.
Wlllenistad, Curacoa, Dec. 2S. The
A'enezuehin iusut gents have tcsuined
active hostilities against Ptesident Cas
tio. There oecuned yesterday morn
ing a lively engagement between 1.200
i i evolutionists under Geneial Riera and
government forces nt Cauyarao, in the
vicinity of Coio.
Details of the engagement aie lack
ing, but it is known here that the rev
olutionists had artillery. The govern-
ment foices. weie commanded by Gen
eial Itefuivno Castillo. General Kicra
retained his position.
Tho annistiic between the govern
ment and the revolutionists has just
ex pi ted.
Washington, Dec. 2S. The Venezue
lan government is now In possession
of Uu, conlpletL. nolos of Great Britain
ind Germany containing the vailous
reservations made by thoso govern
.. i,,.,-,,,,. thf fi,.f.isnn ,,,, ,, ached
that the Issues bctweeue Veneztlcl'i and
i lir. llll ntioitll fnvurnllipnlsi linvlnc
Ualma ngulnst ,,,. vhouM be ,ettn.ed
(() T,)0 u tribunal for arbitration,
. ,., t-,,,,,,,, ot,u ,,,.,,, ., ., n
J "- w..... i. .,,.. .... u. .. .... ....
intermedial y in the steps leading up to
the acceptance of arbltiation now turns
over to the Venezuelan government the
lornial woik of completing the basis
for a full healing befote The Hague.
Tho notes were transmitted to the Ven
ezuelan government through United
Status Minister Bowen at Caracas.
Theic wete no now fcututea today.
Conference at Caracas.
C.iiacas. Dec. 2S I'nited States Min
ister Bowen and Lopez Herald, Vene
zuelan minister ot" foielgn affairs, held
a long confeieuce last night. Mr. Bowen,
obeying Instiuctions from Washington,
consider questions in which the honor
of a country or tho disposition of teni
tory weie not concerned. He suggested
the organisation of a commission to sit
in Washington, the allied povveis to bo
leptesenteel on this commission by their
ambassadors to the United States, and
Venezuela by a delegate. Tire commis
sion is to sign a document setting forth
the matters to be decided at The Hague
court. Mr. Bowen said also that Ger
many would not press for an immedi
ate payment and that she had agreed
to accept a guarantea based on u per
centage of the customs receipts.
As a result of this confeience Senor
Baralt telegraphed President Castro to
return fiom La Victoria. The piesldent
will reach here tomoitow and Vene-
5SUl'la-'s ,u,nfvor, to tUo fo,eBol"K I"-0
nm tl mill .i crlivm thnn
ur"IOUBn,u e Venezuelan eie egaie
the commission the Venezuelan gov
ernment will ask that the blockade be
lifted at once. Senor Baralt has ex
ptessod the deslte that Mr. Bowen rep
resent Venezuela on the commission, jf
Mr. Bowen cannot accept the post, It Is
suggested In official ohcles that It bo
given to W. W. Itussell, seeietury to
thel American legation.
Senor Baialt has ptepaicd tlio fol
lowing statement for tlie Associated
"Venezuela iiBiees to pay all her
debts, the pUynientb to be guaranteed
by a ceitaln peicentago of the customs
receipts or by the flotation of a special
loan; also to be guutanlccd. I believe
tho proposal to submit tho Ismios to
Tho Hague will be acceptablo to Piesl
dent Castio, I inn sony that Presi
dent Hoosttvelt was unable to act as
The City Is Decorated in Honor of
the Admiral's Arrival.
Ity 1'xi bubo fie tioni '1 lie AMUclaled IVm,
Police, Poito Klco, Dec, 2i!. Adtnllill
Downy at lived bete tstetdny evening
oveilniid trom San Juan and received
an ovation, lie wus warmly mooted by
n committee of nattve ninelals and citi
zens, and was escnitul by them fiom
Juana Diaz to, Ponce.
The city wus decorated In honor of
the ndmlrnrs arilval, which was fol-,
lowed by a pi occasion, with bands of
music, thiough the streets. Later tho
adinltal boaidcd the United Htutes
bteamer Mayflower, which vvas waiting
for him, and sailed tor diluent.
Mr, Biyuu in Mexico.
Uy lAcliiiivu M Ire trom 1 ho Awoolutcd Pn..
Mexico City, Dee. 2! Wllllum Jemilii,;s
Ilouu and his tuinlly have left hcie cm
an extended tlip to the tinnicni p.iit of
thu stato of Veia Ciuz. Mi, liijuu je&
tuiday afteiiiiiou bad uu Intetvlow with
Senor I.lmuutoui, minister of ihmucc.
Eaithquake in Russia.
U. l..cluHc Wltu irum'Jho As.-cci.ilel 1'hvi.
St. Petersburg, Dec. 2$. Alt enrthquako
shod: which lusted twenty-three secoudt
was felt today at lileslc, in the govern
ment Of Tl'Mfck.
The Dead Actress Identified as a
Former Resident of Rochester.
Uy I'vihuha Who from Hie Amh1 ital lii'(.
Philadelphia. Dec. 2S. Dollle Kuvle,
the aetress. who last night committed
siileldu In her di easing uioni at u bur
lesque theatic, was to-day identilled
an Dollle Allen, daughter of Mrs. T. J.
Allen, of Uoclnster, X. Y, Tin- Identl
ilcatloii was made by Mis, F. Meyeis,
of this city, who said she had known
tin- nctiess since childhood. Airs. Mey
ers, stated also that Mis. Allen was
mai tied to a Mr. Bowsinlth, a Xew
Yoik buslnesa man.
Her giatidfa titer was John Talllnger,
who, according to Mis. Meycts, was a
wealthy men chant of Itochetitcr, and
who, at his death, left his business to
T. J. Allen, the gill's father. Dollle
TJnrle, as she was known on the stage,
lormeiiy sang with some of the lead
ing comic opera companies, but about
tight ye.u s ago her voice failed and site
appealed with vatious biiilcsiiic com
panies. The coioner his not yet heard
fiom uny of her lelatlves.
Flattering Speeches Exchanged at
Pekin Audiences The Emperor
By Inclusive Vire JroiuTlie Aaocialcj 1'rois.
Pekin, Dec. 28. Tho dowager empress
and Lieutenant Geneial Miles ex
changed flattering speeches at yester
day's audience, tho dowager assuiltig
the geneial that the. "success of the
Amcilcnn army was assured under a
commander so celebrated." The em
peror never spoke, but listened with a
cynical smile.
OfMcials In re dlsciodlt the leports
that General Tiiug-Fu-Slrnig and Prince
Twin aie moving on Siar-Fu with
tioops. The missionaries, however, aie
said to be retiring from that legion.
The ladles ot the American legation
and Lieutenant Geneial Miles and his
patty weie entertained at luncheon to
day by tlio dowager empress and the
empeior. United Stales Minister Con
ger also gave :i diplomatic: dinner In
honor of the general. Tomorrow the
minister will entertain at dinner a
number of Chinese officials to meet
Genet iil Allies.
Victoria, B. C. Dec. 2S. The lecrud
osceneo of tho tebellion in Kwang-Sl is
causing a lamentable state- of affairs in
that litovintp, aceoidlug to mail ad
vices iccptved from China. Lung Chou,
a prominent walled city of Kwang-sil,
was being besieged by the lebels when
the last advices vyeie dispatched. Xm
Xing, on the West liver, was surround
ed by rebels-w ho sent-messengers to the
governor railing on libit to fight them.
These rebels looted ft steamer .rnt to
Xan-Xing with piovislons and money
for the governor of that city.
Another troublesome movement Is ic
ported fiom Nan-King, wheie Boxeis
arc said to be openly proselyting the
men of north Kiang-Su.
A Seveie Shock Received and Her
Plates Aie Badly Damaged.
No Disorder on Board.
By Inclusive iro from 1 lie Atoci ilcJ Pre-.
Manila, Dee. 2S, The United States
transport Sherman struck a. lock near
San IJeinardino Light, south of Luzon,
Piiduy night. The tiansport sustained
a soveiu sliock and some of her plates
wero damaged. After the accident 2J
Inches of water weie found in her tot
ward bilges, but vvns controlled by
steady pumiilng. The steamer proceed
ed for Manila under her own steam and
arrived here today.
When the Sherman struck, the pas
sengeis on bo.ud were tordfled, but
there was no disorder. They promptly
took their stations, with life pieserveis
on, in the small boats. The otlieeis of
the Slieuunn handled the situation
splendidly. Her cargo was not dam
aged. It probably will be neccssaty for
her to dock at Hung Kong.
Four Bodies Recoveied from the Mine
B HvJudva Ire from Tlie Ao-ociatod 1'iees.
Fayette City, Pa Dec. 2S, Four
bodies havo been recoveied fiom tho
Llttlu Redstone mine, two miles above
lieto, wheto the explosion oecuned last
night. There may yet be another vic
tim beneath tho pile of debris, in one of
thu entries, The dead recoveied ine;
Joseph Kohol, a Slav, aged 43; leaves
a family hi the old couuti v.
Albeit Kohel, aged lh years, a son of
Joseph Kohol; unmaiticd,
chiules Ktook, nn Italian, aged !I3;
leaves a taiiuiy in tint old country.
Flunk Montuke, an Italian, aged 2J;
Tho dead tun victims of their own
i auiessness, 'it Is claimed by tlio mlno
otlltlah-, Iwcau'-o they dcilbei.itely
passed a danger signal while cat rj lug
naked 1 imps.
Chapelle nt San Juan,
U) lUiiie Iro I rt in The AumUtctl I'riN..
Sail Juan, Poito Hlco, Dec. 2S. Alcii
Jblshop Chapelle, apostolUi dolegiuo tu
Cuba and Poito Ttico, artlved Jielo tills
aitcinoon and the people of the city
tuincd out In iJtgu' nunibois to tecdvo
hlm. 'llio water fiunt vwih crowded tor
hours buoro tho aiihblchop illseuibiukcd.
A large piousslou e.-corted tlio pi elate
to tho utheduil, wlioio seivlees weto
An Appointment for Ceiveta,
By txclujbt Wire from 1 be AjsocUtcd I'reu.
Madild, Dec. 2S. Tho appointment ot
Vlco Adtuhul Cutvcia, who put rendu ed
to tljo Ameilcan tUot off Santiago, Cuba,
to tho post of chlii of stiur of tlio nuvy,
has been pulillslad In tho oiilclnl Hiuolto,
Eaithquake in Sicily.
1U Kuluihe W'iic trom'liic AfjotUUtl pie.
Home, Doc. 2s -A sovoio (aithiiiuike
shock wan cxpei lent od at Hrucuse, Sicily,
this evening. H was pieeodvil bj sub.
IMiaiiiun liiinbliiiK!
Another Attack Made on Ching Tu In
November Captives Tortured,
fly rivclusht! Wlte from llic Ajfochtod I'rt!.
Victoria, B. C Dec. 2S. According lo
a despatch lecelved by the Steamer
Tartar, the Boxer tlslngs in Sze Chuiin
continue and another attack was made
on Citing Tu In November. While
some of the tebels battered the gates,
another body surprised thu outer foit
tess, but the soldiers fought desppiate
ly nnd ultimately defeated tho Bueis,
killing many and capturing some. Had
the fort been captured by the Boers,
tho cllv would have been at thu meiey
of the Invadets.
The captives were tortutcd and ttom
hifotmntlnn obtained several citizens
were ui rested, chatged with being in
league with the tebels. All weie be
headed. Befote tlio execution, a mes
senger tu rived fiom the Boxers de
manding the lclease of the prisoners.
The messenger was hanged in a cage.
Five Thousand In Pottsvillo Have
Had No Work Since Strike.
IJ. Km luni Wire from The Associated Press.
Pottsville, Pa., Dec. 28. At a meet
ing to-day of tho "locals" of the United
Mine Workers of America, it was de
cided to lay before the strike commis
sion when that body leconvenes In
Philadelphia, the condition ot tho idle
miners In this vicinity.
In the Ninth district, tlictc aie 5,000
mine workers who have not secured
employment since the strike was de
clined off.
Eight Persons Expire from IIii-
nttural Causes Three Clear
Cases of Suicide.
Uy KxelusHo Airc from The Associated 1'riM.
Xew Yoik, Dec. 2S. Eight persons
met violent deaths in Gi eater New
Yoik todaj. Thiee were clear cases ot
suicide and tho others icsiilted from a
variety of causes.
Mrs. Mniy Clarke, aged 43, wife ot
tho chief officer of the steamer Beverly,
died fiom the result of gas poisoning,
George Simon, aged 11, and Jacob
Schwartz, 33 years old, died after drink
ing carbolic acid.
Alary Steek, aged 2. of Whltsouvllle,
Mass , was found dead in a hotel. Es
caping gas is given us the causp.
An unidentified man was found in iter
room unconscious.
Mtity Series, aged S3, drank wood
alcohol and died In a hospital.
Henry liunkey, aged 27, was found on
the sidewalk with a fractured skull and
died later.
Two men aie dead as the result of
falls, one in the pow-or house of a street
tailway company, and the other in a
lodging house.
An S-yenr-old ghl unsuccessfully at
tempted suicide by swallowing embolic
acid, and a woman, 3J yeats old, hanged
bet self In a police station, but wus cut
down In time to save her life.
Asks Ft iends Outside of Kentucky to
Furnish Funds to Conduct
His Thud Tiial.
Gcuigciown, K.. Dec. 2S. K.-Scci e
taty of State Caleb Powers', who has
bad two tt litis and now awaits in jail
heto his third tilal for complicity in
tho minder of the late Governor Wil
liam Goebel, to-day Issued thu follow
ing appeal to tho public:
"I havo recently wtitten a number of
letter tn dllYeient states, asking for
financial aid In my coming tilal tor al
leged complicity in tlie Goebel minder.
A poitlnn of the piess has, thiough a
misunderstanding of the facts, attempt
ed to thwart my plan lor inlslug thu
much needed money with which to de
feud myelf, by cheitlutlng a loport
that these lettetH wito not genuine; hi -cause
signed by dllfeient petsins tor
me. It is tttto that many of the let
teis weto signed by dllVcteut persons
bccatib? It was Impossible for ono per
son to send them out In the limited
time beforti my next tilal, but all of
these lottei.s aie genuine, I have been
lonthiuously in the Jails .of this stato
for nearly thioo jeais. My means uru
I'VhaustPd. The geiieiosity nl Kentucky
litis lieui tuseil to thu utmost lu my
fonnor so-called tilals. In a tew weeks
I am again to bo tiled for my life, Iipiiui
my appeal now to my fii uds uutslde of
Clouds of Smoke and Dust Pouting
Out of the Cinter.
1) i:ilu.Uc U fro from 'I ho AAOiiairi lien-,,
St. Thonvis, Danish AVcst Indies, Die '
2S. -The cable ship Xowlngton, whb h
aiilved at St, Ltiula, Ihltish West In
dies, esti'tday, tepotted having passed
Mont Pelee, Island of Mui Unique, at
10.30 u the morning. The volcano was
then in violent uiuptlou.
Dense clouds of gray smoke and duit
weie punting out of the crater and as
cending tu an euotmous height. Other
advices say that the cone vvas lumin
ous dm lug the night.
Vnnderbllfc Improving:,
Uy Uxcluslie Hire from The Associated Veen.
Now York-, Dec. 23. Cornelius Vander
bllt continues to Improve. Ills teinpcia
tllio is slowlv dronninu' totrwid norninl.
I The attending physicians uiu well satis
lp(l with his progross.
An Investigation of All Commissions
Below the Grade of Malor
Will Be Made.
Complaint Is Made That Officers Who
Have Seived a Long Time Are
Placed Below Those Recently Ap
pointed Others Selected Walt
Many Mouths Before Accepting
Commissions The Resignations of
Seventeen. Second Lieutenants of
Artillery Are Secured.
By Uxulu-fve Irn frcm The As-ocUted Pre.
Washington, Dpc. 28. The scnatd
committee on military affairs held up,
pending an. Investigation, all army
nomlnationsehtiin' p'eibrpl the recess,
below the grade of major. The mem
bers of tho committee have tece'lvcd
numerous complaints about the meth
od of selection of ofUctra under the re
organization law. It is claimed great
injustice has been don officers who
have served' quite a. Ion time. Com
plaint has been' mad that men w ern
selected from those) Who formeily
served as volunteers to fill original va
cancies and that they became captains
as soon as they wero appointed. Oth
eis appointed, It la claimed, waited
from four to seven months before ac
ceptance of their ' commissions, which
date from tho tlmeUke appointment
was made, their rank belngr determined
by the date of their commissions. This
gives them many numbers above West
Point graduates, and others appointed
trom the volunteeis and who at once
entered the service and did much hard
work, when the men who delayed ac
ceptance wero enjoying ..themselves or
attending to business interests.
Another allegation made Is that quite
a larsc number or men appointed under
the re-organization plan immediately
became captains of artillery and were
placed in charge of guns and machln-eiT,-of'Vvhlch-they-ha'd.iijo.Jiojuledsc-To
obviate this difficulty to some ex
tent, the settetary or war, with the ap
proval of the committee on military
affairs seemed the resignation of spv
cntcpn second lieutenants of artillery.
who thereupon were named to All orig
inal vacancies as llrst lieutenants in J
other branches ot the service and In
some instances very soon were made
It is expected that the sub-committee,
which Is investigating the mntter of re
cent promotions will be lendy to re
pot t about the time congress lecon
Tho Imperial Forces Abandon Their
Guns nr Ammunition.
Hi l'.rlu-le iro ttom "Hie Associated Vtu.
London, Dec. 2S. Tho complete rout
at Tasa of the Moorish Imperial aimy
by rebels under the leadership of tlie
Ptetender to the throne, which was le
potted Dec. 23, has been officially con
tinued. Thu Imperial forces abandoned their
guns, lilies, ammunition, tents and
beasts of burden and fled piceipltately
to Fez.
Tangier, Morocco, Dec. 2G. On De
cember 2.', ten thousand Shereeflan
troops, commanded by a brother of tho
sultan's minister of war, received ordets
to concentrate and tako the offensive
against tho pietonder of Tasa. Hefote
the Sheieeflans moved upon hlm, tho
pietonder attacked them with large
bodies of cavalry. The Imperial army
was sin rounded, completely i on ted und
fled In disorder towaul Fez, abandon
ing till material of war. The lljst fugit
ives ariived at Vca uu the niehning ot
December 21. .
The gates of Fez at present are shut,
shops ttieio uto closed and tlio popu
lation Is gteatly excited, but tbeie has
ibeoii no disorder. The Eiuopeau col
ony of Foi, numbeilng about twenty
persons, Is taking no steps to leave the
town and appears to bo satisfied that
ti Is lu no Imminent danger, although
the nl t nation Is regauled as setlous. It
Is ."aid that tho pretender's followeis '
have lecelved nututtou.s additions slnco
their biiccessc-s, and ho is nlteady ne
gotiating with the ttlbcs of the Wo.!-"
ma web valley. Tlie population of Fez
is repotted to be generally hostile to
tho sultan nnd ready to acclaim any
pretender who will guarantee the town
from pillage,
Xo details of the Imppilal losses have
yet been received hcie, but It Is rumoted
that two thousand of ttn sultan'B sol
diers were killed or wounded, Tho au
thorities here aie tiylng to minimise
the disaster. It Is deviated that a sec
tion of the imperial mops sent as rein
Iniccmouts desett' ' in tho icliels and
aided hi chiving tin lovnl troops bacli
to 1'Vz.
m ' ,
Local data for Dee. .", WO.'
Highest leiuperatuii
Lowest tenipciutuio ,. . .
ltol.itlvu humidity;
t a, m., .,.,. ,
o p. 111. ,.,,,.....,...,., .
Precipitation, 21 hours ende
J' degve
13 degrees
ver cent
r cent
- -"f- -f 4-4-V y
-f Washnlgton, I)oc. JS. rorecat .
f for Monday and Tuesday; Eatm
-f Pennsylvanlti Increasing -f-
4- and vviitmer Monday, rnbt oi snow --
at night; light to nesh south to -
-f east winds. -,
1 i