The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 15, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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Z$c gctanton Ztt&m
l'ubllihed Dally Kxcapt Sunday, t7 The Tribune
PublUhtag Cempny,at Fifty Canta Month.
mvt b. mcrrAitD
... EolToa,
KnUred at tb rwtofflca t Scranlon, M Second
CIM Mall Matter.
When ipao tflll permit, The Irllinne t
tlwaya (lad t print short letter from In
frlenda bemrlna; on current tiitc, but It
rule It that thei ranttbo signed, for pub
Mention, by tb writer real nitmu) and
lbs condition precedent to ncBcptnnte It
Hint nil contribution tbnll be aubjrtt tit
editorial revltlon.
The fallowing tnbte dlmns th price per Itii 'i h: Ii
Insertion, space to be UMd nllhlti one year
Itun of
Paper I
aiding j.,,,,
TtAt "'"""?"
.It 4
.a .Jt
.-71 . w
si jn
.i;i la
i 'eta than 30 iucUm
M Inches . . .
loo " . . .
550 " . . . ,
11)00 "....,
For Urdu of tlnnki, resolutions of condolence, and
similar contributions In the nntiire ul ndvcrtUlng,
Tbe Tribune united a charge of A centi a lint.
hcuanto.v, m:ci:Mm:ii is, vm
TWO illtt'llLC," illUW-ed Uivl W'tfU by
Judge Nowcoinl) ,ito cutctiltitrxl to in
vite minimi Nmi. Kiuil Moigiili, lor
lorsiMy untl fiilu iittense, lebtlllliiK
in lils satins a K'llhm of whiskey ,uul
ii few ilolluts In chniiMP, wii ppiiti'iiooil
to twelve .xeiitH nntl .t lifilt In tho rinl
tPiitlitij. Wlitiliiluw Knostimouk?, who
tlitcw ii oinpnnloii ovi 11 porch iall
itigr to I lie fjiolmd ec-nil feet below,
InenKln the man's necU. and. ulio win
lor iKiuly two jeai-? a fURltlve fiom
justice, was Mfiiu-tircil t'i tluee .M.-at"
and nine inontli- lit the: witlieiitlnry.
Food for Thought.
IT WOULD be untl lie to -a Hut
the Vontucl in MtllUlon i not
ilKciiiictintr. to Aniotleuii-. It U
chock full of the )os.ll)llitle! of
tnl'ililpf. The Mom of clocUllie Is 'lm
plc cnouiili as wo liilciptct It and If
i he IhislMi and tin t loi mati- would
look .it It tluouwli our sptH'tat le-i, all
Mould k wtll.
IJUL as a inutlfi of fact, the ihtiopean
le.w of the Jlomoi' ducltmc is neither
sympathetic noi curt. Lima ing Gl cut
Hiitulii out ot the Cor aia-u-
nientV f-aKi. and because the leusoni
why -he 'houHl ,i-h to avoid comim;
into anv esliaiiReiiu nt with us lai out
number and outweigh anv i onclvable
conpldetnllon to the contiaiv, the case
'lor Oeiman.N stands about a lollow.
'1'he e;o eminent ot Venezuela is le--pon-iblc
to cltleiw ot Gerinanv toi
leitaln iliimages inllictcd and lias not
only not paid, buL hat actuallv delaed,
situiimed tnd blow beaten in it effoits
to aoid its lesponsiblllU. Patiente
having teased, Oct many, with Kngland'
co-opeiation, has s-cl foith to cntoice
payment. Pa.wuent be cntoici.d
only in two nav.s, either b the wizuie
ol customs, or hv the taklt.i? of teiritoi.v.
Should the customs noi sutllte. temton
would hac to be taken ot Hie claims
so unsatisfied. The chance- aie that
the customs will pioe lnsutlleleut, es
pecially if Vtmzuelj s-houHl decide to
diaw it&elf up haughtily In its moun
tains and bieak on during Oct man oc
cupation ot its ports itb (.us-tomuy toi
t isn (ommttLC
Hole comes in tin. .Mouloe dot nine,
which, while acquiecliiR in the selzuii.
of customs, foiiiid- the alknatlon of
teiiltoij. Uui if the custom-, arc in-t-ulllcieiu
and tcuitoty may not be
alienated, how K (!eimuli. to net what
is comliifr to hoi.' No ptokion clsts
in the Montoe doetiine foi Ameiiean
intenention to pieent amoutj moiifriel
American republics misuile .such as de
elops the.'-c eilses, nor does tho Unit
ed Ktates oner Ironi its own icvenuc-.
to leinibuise Kutojican cieditois to
whom one of the customary interna
tional methods ol leimbursemeni the
taking oei of teiiitory H 101 bidden
by otu edict. If we look at the
Mibjool ttom tlie Gernian standpoint we
.'-ee that oui position is at uuiauco with
intei national usage, that it is like that
of the dog in the mangel, and that ii
may be tombaUed whenevei some otliei
nation feels s-ltong enough to defy it.
It may leadily be conceded that the
iiuthoiitles at Ueilln aie acting In good
laitli toward the author lik-, at Wash
ington and aic ti iendlv and "eouect."
Hut if the Vene.'Uelau ae should go
on until the Oct man lighting Mihli was
moused and .some suboidlnate on the
.-cene of htiifc .--liould ooistep ilio lim
its het by , is it hiconi eivable that
Uerliit might vni) fiom its belated te
pudlatlon ot Von Dedktlclis at Manila
and resolve under coet ot Cngland'.s
liiendly altitude to put once lor all
u clamp upon the Montoe doctiiue"
Not everybody in oflkhtl position Is at
llbettv to .say all lie think.-, hut we en
title to fay that the thoughts which .tin
In the minds of our executive oliicials
lonceinlng this Vpuossuelun dispute,
would, If clothed in winds, make mlglity
intei eating leading.
Toda.v's .sptclil tein' of (ilmliuil
coin t, ehieily to liy casch gi owing out
o'fjthe fctiiki?, will .moid an iuteu'stliig
test of (lit, Juiy system, In some local
ities In the aiitliiacite nglon thu juiy
fystem has .succumhed to pinjudke. 'i
want no such dhgiaec. in 1. ickTw.uiua.
Occupation for the Negro.
Kx-pnnsi j)i:nt ci.i:vi:.
LAND'S at the nieei
lug 111 aid of tin llouMii
Manual Tialnhirf i-chool In
Philadelphia the othei nlaht has at
ti acted lunch uttentlon among
who mo of a philanthropic tuin niid
Wljo leulUe that the piogies.s of the
blue); nun siiuo ills ciuanclpatluit has
not been what lutein have been e.-pci-tcd
u a land of .suunus-at tuedoiu
anil enlightenment, Mr. Cleveland put
the whole (oloied iiiie.stiou In out
phiasc vvlicn hv .said that the way must
unopened for the iiesioon to eugaije in
joumthliig bcttci Diun mvnial .scivtte.
Hut, Mr. Cleveland, like uianj otheis
wlio desho the betttuutmt of the t ol
oied man, muktu a mistake In aasuni
lug that the ncgio is unuble to leai'ii
any tiadc whcieby ho may gain an
nonest livelihood. TJie icusoii tiiatMie
jioes aie nut found among thu tindea
it the rouiitty Jt, not becuusc they ato
jnablc to giasp the pioblems ptesent
iil. but because they aie bailed out by
.ant, in the yiiblic! schools) the coloietl
boy is ntlowed to tnke hli place beside
Jill white neighbor and gnlu knowledge
which would enable him to successfully
compete In almost any line of skilled
labor! hut when ho on Ives ut ait age
when he niluht bo able to put Hint
know ledge In piucllcal tie ho finds the
ttVtiiitieii ot labor rloed ugalnsl him on
account of color; and this rule of casto
Is etifoiri'd even nioio ilgldly lit the
not Hi than In the south, witete no con
sideration tor the black mail Is os-
fieri. The coloteri student may wield
the whitewash biush; black buolsj be
tome a vvaltei; Work upon the asphalt
pae and In tuo of unusual good for
tune scciiie a position n? Pullman por
tei. Hut loi him attempt to enter as
an appientlce In any of thb skilled
occupations for which ho may be belter
lltled by minimi nbliltv and education
than inaiiv of his white biethtcn, and
ha would Hint that he niltrht u well
have lenialned a slave.
It hits often boon said that the litilf
cducated neiTid Is worse lhaii thu ignor
ant one. This Is not sui pi Islng. When
one considers the condition or a colored
man of intelligence who finds the doors
that should have been opened by the
proclamation of em inelpatlon over n
Milliner ot a century ago still bailed
.(gainst hlinj and that his rights as an
Anietleari eltlpen oflei no oppoi tuiiltios
lor betteimetil, It is only u wonder that
lie Is not mote desperate and untiact
able. What Is wanted is not tialnliig
schools to teach tlie nearo trades nt
which he will not be allowed lo woik,
but the pioinotlon of a sentiment that
will allow him an opportunity lo enter
tlie various tnenues ot labor as on ap
pientlce upon equal looting with the
while man. Until this sentiment has
been moused, all the eftorts of all the
philanthropists in cieation will he im
ivalling to elevate the condition of tlie
In declining to act as a wet nuife for
Wall stiect In Its latest "peeulathe
spa-in, Hcctetaiy Shaw shows that he
has piollted by upor!enoc. Thee who
go into the gambling pioces-cs ot Wall
'tieet mtisi go piep.ucd to accept the
c onseqtiem r- It Is no pail ol the duty
of the United Htatis tieastuy to lcgu
Intu lis movements for the Imieiit of
i-iUee?'d gamesters.
Th" I'lotectlonlsl foi Decenibei con-talr-
Walter .T. U.lllatd's ai title,
'What Mcico Is Doing," and the Prac
tical Age, a monthly publl-hed at Mol
hitf, lllinoi-, has tlie -ame tjentlcman's
Otu Kilucationii Woik" Goth these
Intel estlng and etisplj wiiltun ai tides
liav,- appealed recmtly in the i filuiun--of
Tlie Ti Untile.
Un.ibh to please tVeibod and sick
ol itniust criticism. Police, Commi'-sion-cr
Paitiidge. of New Yoik, has te
figned It continues to looks as though
New Yoik could not stand meicly lion
et government foi ihe beneill ot the
governed, but must 1 elapse into bii
gandage lor the benefit ol the giaftei-.
It I- ol coiuse, only a coincidence
that Dcwev and Coghlan, who had all
plans laid to light the Gei man "-hips in
Manila bay and would hae done it if
Von Dedesichs had not come lo time,
aie In command not lai 110111 Venezue
la, lint such coincidence- often 111 ike
Alu.idv plivski.ins in tills count! v
ate eiitioUlng the methods of Di.
Loi eny, the Aumiian suigeon,
who has healed so many cilppled ehil
chen; but as usual in such cast- the
ciltks aie small potato s In tbe medi-
(,ll piOt''.-sOll.
i'or once tlie Loudon Satuida.v ltc
lirw is light. Our Mom oe doetiine i ail
not be sustained by winds alone. The
uuc gnaiantee of Uutopean tc-pect lor
the Mom oo doetiine would be a navy
bU, etioimh to ci'loice it.
Wold has been Uielved in (,o to
Ihe efreet that Pat Ciowe, the kidnap
per, will -oon suneudei. Now that Pat
lias dec ideri to i ome home, no one eems
to want him.
As a in i,!aIlle oi book wilti-i, (ien
ctal DeWet will uudoubUrilv lealize
that the pen i- mightier than the sword
in the way of piodtteing Ihrimlnl ic-
.luu -1 das mote la whicli R'publl
i.tns wishing to inn for lecoidei may
fcet Into tin- i ace. Do the pte-eut tu
tiies tultlll all re ciuiiemcnt-.'
Theifi is undoubted!) a im thod In the.
hi'-auilv of thu Mad Mullah, but the
condition of the peisons who lepnit his
(In Uh Is dltlle'iU to diagnose.
Win u the time tor sti inking the illi
an Ives, it will inobabb bo demon
Stiatcd that the AllBlo-iieinian alllalieo
Is all on tin sill lai e.
it is Kauri that Mi flex eland's nt
leetion lor the coloied muu will tie ie
gatded iv Uh Icalous ees out hi Ne
btaska The lit illsh gclieials who epei t to
c.u tlnlr f.'hilstiiiun dliunir In Caiams
will do well to make the ainioiinteiiieiit
at din (.
The Itoei war has evlikiitl Inllateri
C'astto's iiiiiceptloiis oi the ability ol a
small po'vei lo withstand a big one
Italy now .shows a disposition to have
her claims against Vemv.uehv on llln
when the jec elver is appointed.
it will be Impossible' to ovetdo tho
Uhitstinas gift huslnesH h showcihu
piei-eiils upon tho needy,
I'lc'slilent Unalio has piobahly been
leading between the lines in the Mon.
loo doctiiue. ,
I'linn thu .Siisiiuc-iianim Tiaiwetliit.
'the linlf louo inn null of llcv. Tliomas
it. 'WiUMii!!, vvhlcli uppeuiu in loduy'u
Issue ol the Scrantcni Tilbunc would
easily pass for a picuiro ot oui fiiend,
17(11101 Tajloi, of thu Monti osu Ite-publl-tuii.
Mi. Watklus lias Mr. Maylm's eyes,
no lull' woith l)icutloiilu0- adorning tho
top of his head, and the llttto bunch of
wblskeis under the. chin irudeis tho u
semblrtiice complete
Significant Words
of President Baer
AKIIATt'Jti: ot t
Pctinsjlvanht I
Vork last I'
the dlmier of the
Society of Now
lay night, whMi,
ov Injr io the lateness of the hour,
did not receive the. degiec of intention
In the in es reportsi that It would have,
leeched had It ocotured earlier In the
evening, was the etttaordlnuiy demon
stration of uppiovut elicited by Ihe
concluding portion of thy speech of
President Oeoige V. Daer. The ev'en
itig's How ot oiiuory had hern without
especial Incident up lo the time that
the reputed head of the alleged coal
tuist arose to peak of the principles
ot government In Pennsylvania. Up to
that time the toasts lind been hugely
In the vein of pleunantvy and humoi.
When Mr. liner began there seemed to
pass over tho huge and tepiesentntlve
company, Including many of tho foio
most men In tlie commercial, industilal
and professional life of New Yoik, cm
intuition that something out ot the or-
dlnnty coming.
Mr, Unor made, no feints at phi) fill
lies". He plunged at once into Ihe
midst of his subjei t, tracing the Influ
ence of William Penn's docttlne in tol
einncc upon the development of I'onn
svlvanla's colonial inslltutlons unci upon
the ffieat charter upon which her state
hood was btiilded, a. fuudamculal piop
osltlon in which was the right to ac
nulre and protect pinpetty. He
called atlontlon to the fact that one
of the doctrines of constitutional lib
el ty as exemplified in tlie constitution
of Pennsylvania and the constitution of
the United States was tlie right of the
state to legulato her own Internal af
falis", without outside inteiferencc or
prcssute, and he predicted with solemn
emphasis that tlie modern attempt to
luke fiom the states this local auton
omy would be rejected by the final judg
ment of the Amei lean people after the.
letuin of sober thought and the reas
seitlon of their common sense. Then,
speaking with intense earnestness and
fail ly quivering, lie continued:
"I lemember when a boy In the fifties
coming out of school ohe day as an
excited populace was shouting 'In
giaham1' 'Ingialiam!' and hearing on
a stieet corner the late Jetemlah S.
Black haninguing an audience of 3,000
townsmen In passionate elociuence.
amidst tliundeious applause. I asked
my father what it meant, and lie told
me how Captain Ingialiam, on the wnr
ship St. Louis, in the harbor of Trieste,
had demanded of the Austrian govern
ment the sui render of Martin Koszta,
who, two vears befoie, had deciuied his
intention of becoming an Ameiiean cit
i?en and who, upon leturning to Aus
tna, had been nueted and thrown in
to prison. Koszta, though foreign born
and only started on the way townid
Ameiiean citizenship, was deemed en
titled to the protection of his govern
ment m a far oft place to such uu ex
tent Unit gallant Captain Ingraham,
against tlie guns of the Austiian forts
and fleet, cleared ship for action and
would have tought had not tlie Aus
tiians thought disci etlon tlie better patt
of valor and suuendeied theit pilsonei
peaeeablv .
"Again, onlv a few jeais latet, I
mulched through the greatest war in
history, in which men by the thousands
fell on eveiy hand for the puipose of le
movlng the one gient blot on our na
tional escutcheon i nused by holding
working black men in bondage. And it
was leseived for one of the children of
tlie plain people, who rose by virtue of
ills own rosotnees and meiit to the po
sition of chief magistrate of his counti v
and greatest of all tho gtoat Americans
of his time or any lime, Abraham Lin
coln, to put his pen to the immortal
document which foiever secuied, as was
suppo-eri, the fieedom of Ameiiean ki
boi. "How Is It today? With shame do I
say that we have leeently seen, not one
man foielgn liout put into dm ess be
foie the aceiuiiement of rull Ameiiean
citizenship, noi black men held In slav
ery, but hundietls, yes thousands or fol
low citUcns, fiee-born heie at home,
and supposed to be assured of the full
protection of our constitution and oui
laws, denied the light to earn tlieh
honest living while the government of
Pennsylvania and even the government
of the United Stales stood idly by, and
politicians pnlteied. I say to jou to
night that ihis light lo woik,
ainoiiL, the smallest of the nat
ui al lights for the piotection
of which government was founded,
must be le-established and ie-defended
nnri that if necessary the whole power
of the .government must be used to
strike down tlie hand that would de
sltov it"
The scene which followed will long be
lememheied. Tt was diamatlc and ex
citing lo an extraordinary degree. The
olum of applause which followed the
development of Mr. Bner's argument
lose at id- climax to a legular ton eat
of, din Men ioo and stood on chahs
waving handkerchiefs and shouting.
The applause latc-d for minutes and
then lepealedlv lenevvtd itself amidst
calls of "Daer!" "Uaer!" Those famil
iar with the history or aftei -dinner
speuklng in the metiopolls say that the
demonstration has had few paiallels.
The dinner JUcK was n notable one
aside fiom this ill .turn tic and unexpect
ed featuie. The Pennsylvania Society
of New Yoik, although only four years
old the youngest, In tact, of the state
societies founed among men diawn to
tho big city by business irnsous has
become in sUo and cliaiat'ter of niein
beisiiip easily on a par with the oldest.
Its 450 menibeis, with their guests',
lllled tho spacious ball-ioom ol the
Waldoif-Aslotla and, amidst hanri
somo decoiatlons in follnje and ilow
eis, and beneath the gaze of beautiful
and be.uttiiully gowned women spec
tator In the, balconies, presented n
spectacle not ensllv foigotten.
The bonvfiiihs, too, worn unique
aluminum coal palls appiuentlv filled
with Imitation anthracite, hut i cally
masking a delicious confection, for
which llitif vvoie dklilbuted dainty
souvenir spoons, This clever idea was
tho contilbutlon of tho society's Inde
fatigable secietau, Jli, ilan Feiree,
who Hipet vised all the uiiunsemenls.
month was luise uud his nose not
Ills ojes wcru a washed-out blue,
Ills eais stuck lur fiom a pear-like jnte,
Ills hull- vuis a c.iuoty line,
An insignificant, gimcrack man,
Comical, miulut, emtio,
ihillt on a wonUionsly homely plan
riom tho odds and ends ot cla.
And tho people inotlad, but Lovo took
Tho uilbchlovous, iiindly elf,
And Ihievv a glamour by aubtio art
Known Just to his cunning self.
Thon, sudduii, a woman, legul, tall,
Sprang clo?o to tho bcurcciow's side
"Indeed, lie's the handsomest man of all
In tho whole, whole world!'' sho vrlcd.
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Rules of the Contest.
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No letter must be used any more times than they appear In these
three words. As an example, only one "A" could be used, but there
might be two "H's" or three "E's."
Only words defined in the MAIN PORTION of "Webster's Inter
national Dictionary" (edition of 1898) will be allowed. Any dictionary
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words not found In Webster's.
Proper names, or any other words appearing in the "Appendix" will
not be allowed.
Obsolete vords are admitted if defined in the dictionary.
Words spelled two or more ways can be used but once.
Words with two or more definitions can be used but once.
No single letters counted as words except "A" and "O."
How to Urite Your List.
Write on one side of the paper only.
Write very plainly ; if possible, use a typewriter.
Place the words alphabetically.
Write your name, age, address and number of words at the top
of your list.
Write the name of parent or guardian with whom you live and
who is a regular subscriber to THE TRIBUNE.
Fold the list DO NOT ROLL.
All letters of ina.uiry for information will be promptly answered. Ad
dress your list of words, or any question you wish answered, to
. t . l . ? H V. . ! i. V, H V. i
Always reliable.
Mill & Grain Co
Soianton and Olyplinnt,
U ' is tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt
UVQGWS nd WACiONS of all lilnJs! also
Iln ism nnl Bullillnj Lots at lurgalnj
1I01IS1.S CLIl'l'KU ami CIltOOUrD at
Lackawanna Carriage Wort..
Horns Office, 203 203 Mean niilMIn;,
e aio maturing b'uicj each month ulitch
fhuw a net caln to tho lnustor of about 12
per cent. Wo Iiun money Wo jUo Usue
run, 1'AID briiCU HHHD per kliaic, Jutir
nt la ible semi annually,
AMiMtT IHir... hecrctmy
rear Cll I aikav.amia nvenue. manufacturer oi
i Wire hciecni of ill Midi, fulli nnuarid for
J the Miring tcason. Wo inako all litmb of
0 iiArti irnMit ji
Central Cuitraitoi, llullder and Dealer m
llulldlug Hone, ( ementtng of 1 Uju u t.,1;
cull). Telcphorc 'iJii.
OfiUff, .U7 Washington aenue
Maker of l'.ilnj Wrick, etc. M. If. Dale,
Ufiicral talcs Agent, O'flce uJ3 Watlilugtcii
ac. Wtiks at Njj Aug, li ,i;,Ul . It it
second annual
Do You Want
a Good Education?
Not a thort course, nor an tttf course,
nor a cheap course, but tbe beit education
to be had. No other education la worth
(pending time and money ea. II you do,
write for a catalogue ot
Easton, Pa.
nlilcli odera thorough preparation la the
engineering and Chemical Frofe&slonj u well
as the regular Collcgo count.
rtcRiilar State Normal Courses and
Special Departments of Music. IJlocu.
Hon, Ait, Diawlntr, Stenography and
Typewritings Btions ColleBe Prepara
toiy Department.
Hoaidlns expeiiucs 3 50 per week,
Puplla ailmttted at any time. Winter
Tei m opens Dec. S9th. Write tor cata.
E. I, KEMP, A. M.,
T. J, V'oslei.Pies. Elmer II Luwnll.Tieaa.
It. J, I'oster Stanley P. Allen,
Vice President, Secrotaiy.
General Agent for the Vi'jemlcg District fat
Dupont's Powder
Mining, lllaiting, Sporting, Smokeleu anJ the
Ittpaunj flicmlcal Conipany'a
bafety 1'iic, Caps and Lsplodcri. ltoom 401 C&.
nell Uulldlug (Scranten.
J01IV II. M I Til 1 SON ,. Plyinou'l
t. W, UULUUAX , wnwtsuatj