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A HAllstead Pastor Will Resign
Potatoes Aro Being Shipped Into
Susquehanna County Miss Whit
ney's Narow Escape The Man
Who Jumped the Freight Train
Personal and Other Topics of In
terest. Special to fho Scranton Tilbune.
Susquehanna, Nov. 28. "Formerly 1
was a hardened skeptic In matters f
psychic phenomena," said a prominent
Husquohanmi county lawyer the other
day, "but I was converted by an exper
ience that has made mc an ardent be
liever In thlnga supernatural. One
night last winter I was on tny way to
Towanda on horseback. While passing
along a stretch o woods, I suddenly
Haw, Just ahead of me, the figure of a
man. He seemed to bo surrounded by a
fierce fall of snow, which was appar
ently hurled against him by a terrific
Kale of wind. As the man struggled
along feebly against the storm my
horse, stopped Middcnly, and pitched up
Its ears, and pawed the Kiound Impa
tiently. All aiottnd except In the smull
space surrounding the figure of the
man, was clear and calm. T rubbed
my eyes and made up my mind that
the man was bomu drunken fellow on
his way home from the village, and
that the storm was an optical Illusion.
r called out to him and no answer
came back. I shouted again, and ngnln,
louder each time, but the struggling
llguro gave no response.
"At last the man fell as If exhausted,
and the fierce gale whirled the snow
around him. Knowing that If the fallen
man was drunk he would freeze to
death If I left him lying there. I Jumped
from my horse and run to help him
up, Intending to take hint to the nearest
place of shelter. As I reached the pros
trate figure I saw the face was turned
upward. I started back and almost
fell fainting in the snow. The face was
revealed in the darkness as clearly as
if It had been broad daylight, and it
was that of my brother, who lived In
Dakota. AVhen I recovered from the
shock and turned again to the body, it
was gone. There was not even an lin
piesslon in the snow wheie it had lain.
Bewildered and much unstrung, I final
ly mounted my horse and rode on.
"I gradually recovered my compos
uie, and at last convinced myself that
1 had been the victim of a strange and
unaccountable lialluclnation, but a
strange foreboding of evil haunted me.
A few days later I leceived a letter
from the town In Dakota where my
brother was, which informed me that
he had been caught In a blizzard while
on his way to his cabin and was frozen
to death.
"The letter gave the date and time
of his death. It had occurred at the
very hour and night that the appar
ition of the man struggling against the
storm appeared to me on the Towanda
load and I recognized my bi other's
face as he lay dead In the snow."
In Susquehanna Courts.
Rev. S. S. Jones, pastor of the Hall
stead Methodist church, has resigned
on account of ill health.
The Third District convention, of the
Susquehanna County Sunday School
M'jsociatlon, was held on Fiiday even
ing and Saturday in the I.anesboro
Methodist church.
Late advices from Jamalcla are to
the effect that the health of W. D. D.
Ames, late of Montrose, Is much Im
proved. They are still Jabbing- the earth
for oil at Steam Hollow.
Hallstead is growing once moie.
The Montrose and Tunkhaunock road
is being widened.
Thousands of bushels of potatoes are
being shipped Into Susquehanna coun
ty from Chenango county, New York,
In a Paragraph.
After an illness of three weeks,, Mrs.
Patrick Griffin, an old and respected
resident, died at ner home on Kuclld
avenue, on Friday night. Several adult
children survive her. The funeral will
take place from St. John's Catholic
church, on Monday morning, when re
quiem high mass will be celebrated, and
the remains will he Interred in Lauiel
Hill cemetery.
The prominent Erie railroad yards
are congested with freight and coal
CRIRM imwfl!iJ
To Prove What Swamp-Root, the Great Kidney Remedy
Will Do for YOU, Every Reader of the Scranton Tribune
May Have a Sample Bottle Sent Free by Mail.
Weuk luid unhealthy kidneys are responsible for more sickness
and suffering than any other disease, therefore, when through
neglect or other cause kidney trouble is preinltted to continue,
fatal rciults arc sure to follow.
Your other organs may need attention but your kidneys most,
because they do most and need attention first.
If you are sick or "feel badly.", begin toking Dr. Kilmer's Swuinp
Root, the great kidney , liver and bladder remedy, because as soon
as younkidncys are well they will help all the other organs to health
A trial will convince anyone.
order as kidney, bladder and uric acid
diseases, poor digestion, when obliged
to pass your water frequently night and
day, smarting or Irritation in parsing,
brlckditbl or sediment in the mine,
headache, backache, lame back, dizzi
ness sleeplessness, nervousness, heait
dlstui hance due to bad kidney trouble,
skin eiuptions fiom bad blood, neural
gia, rheumatism fiom bud blood, dia
betes, bloating. Irritability, wornout
feeling, lack of ambition, loss of flesh,
sallow complexion, or Blight's disease.
If your water, when allowed to re
main undisturbed in a glass or bottle
for twenty-four houis, forms a sediment
or settling or lias cloudy appearance, It
is evidence that your kldnejs and blnd
der need immediate attention.
Swamp-Koot Is the rfreut illscoveiy of
Dr. Kilmer, the eminent kidney and
bladder specialist. Hospitals use It with
wonderful succehH in both slight and
seveie cases. Doctors lecomiuend it to
their patients and use it in their own
families, because they recognize in
Swamp-Root the greatest and must suc
cessful remedy.
Swamp-Root Is pleasant to take and
Is for sule the world over at diuggisls
in bottles of two sizes and two pi lees
fifty cents and one dollar. Remember
the inline, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Hoot, and the address, Bing
huiuton, N. Y on eveiy bottle.
KDITOR1AL XOTICK. If you havxe the slightest symptoms of kidney
or bladder tiouble, or if theie is a trace of it in your family history, send at
once to Dr. Kilmer & Co,, Blnghamton, N. Y., who will gladly send you by
mall, immediately, without cost to you, a sample bottle of Swamp-ltoot and
a book containing many of the thousands upon thousands of testimonial let
ters received from men and women cured. In willing, be sure to say that
you read this generous offer In the daily Tilbune.
The mild and immediate effect of Dr.
Kilmers Swamp-Hoot, the gieat kidney
and bladder remedy, is soon realized. It
stands the highest for its wonderful
cures of the most distiesslng cases.
Swutnp-Ro l will set your whole sys
tem light, and the best pioof of this Is
a. trial.
14 West 117th St., New Yoik City
Dear Sil : Oct. ."ah, 1901.
'I hjd been sufiViliitf seveiely fiom
Kidney tiouble. All symptoms weie on
hand; my foimer stienKth und power
hud left me; I i-oulU haidly diag my
self along, liven my mentul rapacity
was giving out, and often I wished to
die. Jt was then t saw an advertisement
of youis In a New York paper, but
not have paid any attention to it, had It
not pioinlsed a sworn gnaiantee with
every hottle of your medicine, asset ting
that your Swamp-Hoot i.s purely vege
table and doe.s not contain uny h.'U in
fill dings. 1 am sexenty years and four
months old, and with a good i oust Iem a
I can lecommend Swamp-Hoot to all
Miffeiers from kidney tiounles. Four
membeis of my family have using
Swamp-Root lor four cllffetent kidney
diseases, with the .same good icsults."
With many thinks to you, 1 lemaln,
Very truly your,
You may have a sample bottle of this
famous kidney remedy, Swamp-Hoot,
sent free by mall, postpaid, by which
you may test Its virtues for such dis-
Woik Is rushing at the Susquehanna
shops. Over fotty locomotives nie
awaiting repalis.
There fire ten candidates for the pas
torate of the Susquehanna Presbyterian
chmch. The former pastor. Rev. 12d
ward Ellsworth Riley, left on Friday,
to assume the pastorate of Grace Me
at Johnstown, near
mortal chinch,
Just Between Us.
"A good man gone wrong," is usually
a bad man found out.
You don't need to put salt on the tall
of a big cow.
It is far better to buy a Good Garment on Easy Payments at a fair price than a Poor Garment for Gash.
Thursday Is Thanksgiving!
Buy New Winter
Clothing Tomorrow
If you want new Clothing for Thanksgiving wear
you must buy it tomorrow.
Suppost you come and 'see our splendid stock.
We'll show you styles none can surpass, qualities
unbeatableprices no store can cut under and terms
easier than any other.
Clothing, Hats, Shoes
Men, Women, Boys and Girls
How can we sell on Credit at cash store prices?
Simply because we are the Largest Credit Clothiers
in the world, operating a Factory and 34 Stores.
At lNVtVij
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Credit 3' Lacwa,,na
First Floor.
Store Open Wednesday Until 10 P, M.
A lato writer remarks that "our
happiness depends on little things.'
This Is ttue. A man who comes Into
possession of n plugged quarter can
never know true happiness until he
succeeds In passing It off on some oile
else. .
It 1b ciuel tu "fire" a man In this
It Is well to trust In Providence. Uut
there'B Plernout.
Where there's a "Joint discussion"
theie's usually a bone to pick.
Little News Mentions.
Brooke's Chicago orchestra gives a
"sacred" concert In Susquehanna this
The second charity entertainment
was hold In llogun Opera House on
Saturday evmlnir.
Hev. Dr. "Wilbur K,Stowe, of Sait
gertles, N, Y has accepted the pas
torate of tho Oakland Congregational
church, and began his tlutlcH today,
Misses Lena and Mnbelle Whitney, of
North Jackson, nurrowly escaped death
on Saturday morning. While driving
across the Delawaie and Hudson
crossing at Lisbon, just south of tho
station, tho vehicle was struck by the
north-bound express, und they were
hurled from tho track. Both young
ladles escaped Injury. The wagon was
wrecked, and the horse was unharmed.
The train was running at a high rate
of speed at the time. It was a miracu
lous escape.
A Sabbath School Tour.
A tour of the western part of the
counts In the Interest of the Pennsyl
vania State Sabbatli School associa
tion, under tho management of County
President E, 10. Jones, of Harford, will
be made beginning with Monday, De
cember S.
A convention will be held each day
up to and Including Friday, December
12, at the following pluees: Upsonvllle,
Forest Lake, Rush, Auburn nnd Spiing
vllle. The following Is the personnel of the
tour party and the subjects which each
will present at the several conventions:
13. K. Jones, Harford, "Norma i
Woik;" Rev. Henry J. Crane, Union
dale, "The Business End of the Sab
bath School;" C. F. Whitney, North
Jackson, "The Heart Lake Summer
Normal;" Miss Eva Sophia. Susque
hanna, "Prlmniy Woik;" Miss fler
trude Ressegule, Susquehanna, "Home
Department Work;" Prof. J. A. Sophia,
Susquehanna, "Sabbath School Music."
Wholly Unpremeditated.
A farmer went Into a Susquehanna
store, the other day, and asked the pio
prietor to show him an overcoat. "Cer
tainly; ve are Just putting down de
biices on vlnter shtoek."
Suddenly there was a terrific ham
mering and a general hubbub In the
i ear room. "For heaven's sake, what's
that?" asked the customer. "Oh, don't
get vrlghtened. Dot's only my miii
Isaac knocking down de biices on fall
A man In Great Bend made a bet that
he could jump on a freight train l mi
ning eighteen miles an hour. Ho lost
the bet, but he had an elegant funeral.
The game of life is played with a
It Is haul for u man, who has been
a toper all of his life, to find u watery
An ounce of good cheer Is worth
more than a ton of melancholy.
Matters In Brief.
John Alison, the Swedish machinist.
of the Oakland side, who leceutly at
tempted suicide for the third time, was
on Friday taken to the Danville asylum
for the thiid time.
Hairy, son of Jiiie Engineer Michael
Kane, was on Friday successfully op-
No home tuble so humble Hint if, Hhould not groan
like a imliu't! table with tho flood things ol' thlrt life.
Among tho blessings of the ago for which wo jrtvo
tliunhs, tti'o the ways of lightening the labors of modern
housewives. It Is no longer to Ite said that womun's
work Is novcr done.
Take NONE SUCH MINCE MEAT for examplo
it's the kitchen thnukofl'erlng to the progress of Time.
It makes plum pudding a tiling indispensable to
holiday-making nt home possible at low cost und
without trouble.
Mince Meat
This crown of every fcust comes rendy-mado to
tho cook's hand moistened, formed and steamed
it's a child's tusk to prepare It.
Mince pie goes with Thanksgiving, too tho cus
tom is as old as tho hills, and NONE SUCH makes
mince pie "like mother used to make." So tho
people say who last year bought 1 2,000,000 pack
ages of it. (Ten cents a package;) sweet, juicy,
fruity and wholesome abovo all clean made to
"keep" winter .and summer. A larder without
NONE SUCH is an empty place.
All grocers sell it. Mcrrell-Soulo Co., Syracuse,
N. Y., make it.
Valuable premium list of " 1S',7 Rogers Bros." silieruare enclosed.
crated upon for appendicitis. His xe
coeiy is ptob.ihle.
Special to the Si'i.mlon Tilbune.
Nicholson, Nov. :!!. Mi-s Bessie
Stephens spent the Sabbath with Scran
ton frieiuK
The- famous Oriental Troubadour
Comedy company, which appealed at
the opei.i house Friday and Saturday
nights, was a clean and up-to-date
show. The gentlemen's quai lette Sat
urday evening was one of the best
ever heard In this place and the faac
reil conceit which they gave Sunday
night was especially line.
Fred Ciutk U visiting his sister, MrSi
H. IC. Wilklns, of Jeisey Cltv
Mr. and Mis. K. D. Bell entertained
friends from Blnghamton last week.
Shoes That Will
Make You Thankful.
. Thanksgiving season suggests visiting
and receiving.
There are few of us who do not either
act the part of host or guest on our na
tional Thanksgiving Day.
At such occasions of receiving and
being received, we strive to appear at
our best. If our wardrobe does not con
tain suitings and costumes to our liking,
we see to it that the right sort are pur
chased by the time they are needed.
"We feel sure that there are hundreds
who should include a new pair of shoes
among their Thanksgiving purchases.
You may be one of these hundreds. If
so, we want you to read the rest of this;
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Shoe j Jpj
You may pay more money, but
you cannot get better value for your
Perfectly shaped, skillfully manu
factured. The best dresser cannot wear more
stylish shoes.
The soles are cut from real live
oak leather, which has been thoroughly
tanned by experienced men.
All our uppers are put through a
thorough process of stretch-extraction,
which prevents them from stretching
out of shape.
Special care on these essential points
in shoe manufacture costs more than
the average retailer is willing to pay for,
but it is what you receive in every pair
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$3.00 JL
Shoe gW
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Men. S -
You may pay
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get better value for your
Lewis, Ruddy, Davies & Murphy
Next Door to the New First National Bank Building.