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The BIq Packing Plant ol Armour
and Gompanu Is Entlrelu
Swept flwau.
The Totnl Loss Is Estimated nt
$900,000; Insurance, $721,500.
Flames Discovered at 12.50 O'clock
in the Morning Firemen. Aie Pow
cilcss to Check the Piogress of the
Conflagration Which Burns All
Day An Unequalled Spectacular
ij Txrluslvf W ire from 'Xlie .sioc-lvIM Prcsi
Sioux City. In., Nov. 1G The his
plinit oC Armour & Co.. which occupied
thice and one-half acirs of gtound at
the extreme south end of the stock
alds dlstiict. was totally dcstroed hy
lite, which staitcel fit 12 50 o'clock this
moi nine on the second floor of the fer
tilizer building,
The loss, e-Umited by Charles W.
Lcnnon. manager of the company, is
totnl of J900.000. The insuiance is
The lit c was said by Mr. Lennon to
have been either spontaneous combus
tion or an Impel feet drjer.
Six hunched men will be tin own out
of emplojmcnt all winter bv the lire.
The flic was discovered by a watch
man of the building, who, only a few
minutes bcfoie had pulled a messenger
lio on the floor wheie the flames ted
Quick! v the Aimour piiale depart
ment was called out and the entile city
department followed.
By 1.20 o'clock sk streams of water
weie being thtown upon the fire, which
was dcstioying the fertilizer building,
but the prcssuie was inadequate. The
lertillzer building, which was of brick,
120 by IGO feet, four stories high, was
located between the beef killing house
and the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis
and Omaha railway tracks on the cast.
The floors and contents of the burning
building burned like chaff. At 1.2"
o'clock the roof fell, and a moment later
the flie bmst tluough into the beef
killing house. Simultaneously the cat
tle chute ignited and lasted about fl e
minutes, when It fell with a gioat
From this structuie to the oleo build
ing was only a step, and when the laid
was ignited the fire piesented a most
spectacular appeal anee The big beef
houses caught at 2 o'clock, Hy this
time the entile plant, except the hog
house, w as a lake of fire. The i oar w as
tenible. The countiy for miles mound
was lighted up. Suddenly came a ter
ilflc explosion, followed quickly by an
other and then another. Twenty-four
drums of one hundied pounds of am
monia each, exploded befoie the leseive
supply in the ammonia cistern -was
reached. That ignition almost razed
the cnthe plant fiom its foundation,
At 2.30 o'clock the flames bui-st
through the heavy fire wall that 'sep
aiated the hog house fitim the othoi
buildings. The hog house was the last
building tft the noith and the lnigest
of all.
live Hogs Ciemated.
Steadily the lite crept against the
wind and tluough the office building,
which tiom the Hist had been enveloped
in flames. Not a sciap of paper was
saved from the office. About this time
a. burning loof of a chute fell on u
bunch of live hogs and their squeals
weie added to the appalling dim us.
When the hog house caught fire, all
stieums were tinned In that dhectlon,
hut the water seemed, like oil. In the
building weie !!,C00 dressed hogs and
2,300,000 pounds of poik pioduit.
After the flic got u good headway In
the hog house, all hope of .saving any
put of the plant was abandoned.
The shops, chicken plant, Ice houses
nnd ico runways and smaller depait.
nient houses weie consumed in quick
succession. At U o'clock the the con
tinued with unchecked fuiy. The ef
foits of the fliemen seemed without le
sult. The tenible ioailng"cnntlniied
unabated, high hilck walls crumbled
and flio walls weie absolutely valueless,
Fiom a spectacular view, the lite was
u niagnillcent night.
At 3.23 o'clock the file depat linenl
had given up the light It was nppat
cnt that all Its effotts weie useless and
the entire plant would be desWoved.
The the continued to bum all day,
and this afternoon theie was another
teiilfllc explosion, which tlnew hi Ids
and pieces of lion for huiulieils of
yaids, eiulaiigeilng thousands of spec
tator, but no ope was seilouslj huit,
Plant Will Be Rebuilt.
Kansus City, Nov. 1G. C, I Aimour,
of the Armour Packing company, stated
today that the Sioux City plant, de
stsoyed by flte last night will be ie
built at once. The new plant will be
much laiger nnd finer than the ono
but ned. The company, in the meantime
will i email) In the maiket, the cattle
puichaseil to ba dlsti United between
Omaha, Kansas City and Chicago.
Thiee Men PeUslTat Red Bluff,
Texas. "
B) fjcliuive Wire fromllie ViwiUteJ Prm.
Lometa, Tex., Nov, 17, The false
woik of a bildge ut Red Bluff was
washed awuy today, canylng with it
three men who weie tijlng to keep tho
drift fiom collecting about tho sup.
The men woe Olan Lay, James Jaik
son and Jack fJodbeuy. None of the
bodies have beet; recoveted
Oenneio Ruhino, an Italian Anaicli
ist Pites Three Shots at the
' King of the Belgians.
Be 1 vclii-ld- Wire Tiom The Vssoeluted Picis.
HtusseK Nov. IB Tin op shots weie
filed at the King of the Helglans this
morning as his majesty was proceeding
to tho cathedtal to attend a. Tc Deum
In memory of the late Queen Sialic
llemictte. No one whs hint.
The man who thed the shots is an
Italian, He stood In ft out of the 13, ink
of Buissels, on the Itue Ho.valo. The
other c.utticlgcs In his icvolver piovcd
to be blank, but It is known that ball
cartildgps were filed. The man was
Immediately aiicstcd, and the polfco
had some difllculty In lesculng' him
tiom the hands of the crowd.
Rome, Nov. 16 The minister of the
Intel lor has established the identity of
the assailant of King Leopold. His
name is Genneio Rubino, and he Is de
scilbed In their records as an advanced
socialist. He was condemned to a long
teim of lmptionment for stealing at
Milan in 1S01, but he effected his es
cape (o England wheie he Is supposed
to have imbibed his anaichlst princi
ples. His father was a. patiiolic com
munal councillor, but Rubino, while
still serving In the aimy, was con
demned to five j, ears' detention foi
wilting a subsorsive newspiper at tick.
These aie the only criminal lecords
that have been found against him.
Since leaving Italy he has leslded con
tinuously In Scotland and England,
first In Glasgow, and nftei wauls In
Seveial eais ago he was accused or
tieachery by his anaichlst ft lends and
expelled from their tanks.
Riussels, Nov. 16 Accotdlng to some
reports, Rubino, In the coutse of his
examination before the magistiate. de
clared that he selected King Leopold
for his attack, on account of his inaj
otj's Inhuman conduct tow aids his
daughter, Pilnqess Stephanie, at the
time of her mother's death and he also
wished to show to the anaichlsts in
London who doubted his loyalty, that,
while they onlv talked, he acted. He
would have killed King Edward, he ad
ded, but for the sttong feeling of the
English people in lavot of the monar
chy. Rome, Nov. lb The pope. King Vic
tor Emmanuel and Ptemier Zmdai
delli, Iwie sent telegtams of congtatu
lations to the king of the Belgians on
his escape from assassination.
Tt appeals that Rubino has ,i la other
who Is also an an.uchist His father
fought with distinction In the Italian
wat for Independence
Washington, Nov. 1G Societal v Hay
called at the Belgian legation to e-pie'-s
to the officials theie the legiet
over the nttempt on the life of the king
of Belgium jesteidav, and to extend
congiatulatlons of the people of this
countiy ovet the king's eMape fiom
Holt Collier Declaies That "The Col
onel" Shall Not Go Away
Empty Handed.
Bj hxtluth W Ire from 'I lie ssoclatul l'rei
Smedes, Miss, Nov. Id Sunday was
a quiet day at the pietident's camp on
the Little Suuflovvei. Theie was no
hunt, but the nic-Ident and seveial
meinbets of the pili ty spent a couple of
bouts in the morning rambling over
the jot est tiatls on thelt hoi'-es. Din
ner was the chief event of the clav, Tho
menu In duded mast btiu piws, pos.
sum and sweet potatoes. Dinner was
sttved In camp style on a lough pine
bomd table set up In the open ah. Tin
pl ites and tin cups wete used, Theie
weie not enough knives and forks to go
nioiiud, and the colnud i imK an
nounced, to the amusement of evciy
hody as the pint sat down, that on no
count of the seat city ot the ni tides, he
had illsttlbuted them onlv to "the col
onel" (as the rnesldent Is liivatiablv
'called In camp) and the "fotelgn gentle
men "
Tho piebiilont Is enjoying his outing
eiy niiieh, He has not had thiee das
of such complete tieedom and icst since
he enteied the white house.
The Chicago patty, which Is hunting
with Bob Bobho's paik of hounds, sev
enty miles itoi th of heie, Is icpoiteil to
navn nail better Hide than the pi ce
dent's paity, ace oi ding to a message
)eiclved hex tcalii. The partv duiliig
tho last week hugged eleven elect and
four beats,
Holt Colllei'.s (lander Is up and he
vows that tho "colonel" shall not go
homo empt -handed, His dogs have
had a good icst (oday and will he In
Alio condition to lesumo (he chase to.
mou ow The weather tonight, how
ever, Is not favotable, It bus tinned
colder and i.ilu Is falling.
A tepott elicul.Ued among the iol.
oii'd people that the pieslduitt was
(oinlng to .Smedes today, atti acted
about one thousand uegioes to the sta.
Hon. They waited heie until dink be
foie they vvoulil be convinced that the
lepoi t was liicoiiect.
Switchmen Get au luciease.
U) tiluilve Wlrlioiirili.Uv)cUt(J 'rti.
Dcuve), Col, Noy, hi I'nder an agiee
litem toadied between Manuger Heibcit,
of the Rio flr.iniln hjkU'HI. find the
Uiollierhood of Uullioad Tiainnuii, the
nieitibcis of thut oulc-r who uto einploed
in swltehmen In tho vuilons yards of tho
company aie giautfd an Increase of pay,
bused upon the Uhlcuifo schedule, recent
ly adopted.
Tialn Despatchers and'Agcnts on tho
Southern Paciflc Get 10 Per Cent.
By Fichnhe Hire trom the ,oclJtcil t'resJ
Sun Ktanclsco, Nov. 16. The South
em Pacific! company yesterday slotted
a new agiccnient with the telegiaphets,
tialn dlsfatchers and agents employed
on the Pacific svstem. An Incteaso In
sahnlcs amounting to JO per cent, was
agieed upon, and salailes were ad lusted
to suit the Inct easing business or niaiiy
important points, The confeience be
tween the ralltoad olllclnls and the
committee leoresentlng the eniiloes
was most amicable.
II. 11, i'erham rcptccnted the Older
of Railway Tclegiaphers.
Leadeis of Philippine Catholic Chuich
Will Define Their Positions.
By f zeluthe TV Ire from The Msoelted t'rei
Manila, Nov. 1G A confeience of the
bishops, priests nnd leaders of the Phil
ippine Romnn Catholic church will be
held In Manila next week. They pto
poe to address a memotlal to Mgt.
Guldl, the apostolic delegate to the
Philippines, setting foi th their position.
A number of native pilests who .stnpa
thlzed with this movement, but are
still adhering to the Roman Catholic
church will seek an Intel view with Mgi.
Guldl befote leafllnnlng their allegiance
to Rome or joining the dissenters.
It is believed Hint Mgr. Guidl will
deal with tho church situation befote
entering upon negotiations with Civil
Gov. Taft regarding the friar lands.
A Piobability That the Executive
Council of Federation of Labor
Will Be Enlaiged.
fly 1 luUe Wire fiom the o.iiited Tien
New Ot leans, L.i , Nov. 10 Theie Is
a strong piobabllltv that the executive
council of the American Kedeiatlon ot
Labot will he enlaiged fiom nine to
eleven membets at the piesent conven
tion, and that one ot the additional
members will be a lepiesentatlve of the
Socialist wing of the labor pait. Tho
Socialists claim to control neai ly one
thitd of the votes cast In the conven
tion and feel fniil confident of getting
one man Into the boaid
A sttong element is opposed to the in
crease lirnumber and the Socialists say
they do not expect to win without a
fight, but they do expect to have won
that ninth when the fight Is ovet. But
two cities, so far, have been mentioned
as the place for the next convention,
Buffalo and Milwaukee. The latter
place claims the bettei tight, as It has
been a candidate three times and on
each occasion has wlthdiavvn In favui
of the place In which the convention
was held. Howevei, eneigetlc woiK has
been clone by the advocates of either
W. E. Kennedy, geneial oiganiei ot
the Intei national Biothethood of nitc
tiical AVoikeis, hn ptepaied a ic-olu-tlon,
which he expects will talse some
thing of a bieee upon the floot of the
convention. It is to the effect that the
piesent local government of the Dls
tiict of Columbia is antique and obso
lete, and that the lesidents of the ds
ttiet should be allowed to ote The
i evolution is sine of opposition, as It Is
the aowed policy of the fedeiatlon, to
i ell ain ltom political matteis
The Nltlng delegates weie hand
somely entet tallied today by the local
lnhotlnir men, who at ranged seveial so
cial affalts lot them dining the aftet
noon and seemed one of tho the.iteis
foi them tonight, !
Unpiecedented Demonstrations
Honor of Late Vicexoy.
Bi I-il huh e Wire fiom Die Avxiitrt I'rrti
Shanghai, Nov Hi The luneial
Liu Kun Y, the famous vlcetov of Nan
kin, which took place today at Nankin,
was the occasion foi unprecedented
demonstiailons of lespect on the pait
ot fotelgn lepioentntivcs In that clly,
The luneial coitege was of great length
and the obsequies, by command of the
dowager euiptess, weie cairied out
with pomp. Neatly a quaiter
of a million people lined tho totite to
the Jetty, wheie the i cumins weie eiu
b.uked on a Chinese cruiser, which will
ben i them to Uuuiiii, the native piov
Inee of the deceased statesman,
The foielgn inen-of-wai l.vlng off tho
city fired minute guns dining the pio
gt(ss of tho luneial moLcssiou.
The Number of Cases in the City Is
Inci easing to an Alairaing Ex
tentAn Epidemic Feaied,
By Miliidte Nil'' frmii The Voilieil Prm
Manila, Nov. 16 The number of
iltnlom eases is tnete.islng in this city
and the spiead of ttyu dWeaso Is caus
ing some nlaim. Thete aie on an avet
ago thii ty eases dally. The Euiiston R0.
seive hospital, the casual tamp at San
ta Mesa and Blllhld pilsou aie now
Included among the places Infected.
The disease is spi ending lit the Mar
qulna valley wheie the clanger of an
Infection of tltu water supply js ,0.
gJided as gtuve. Should tho water
supply become Infected n geneial epl
(Iciiilo Is toiisldeud Inevitable.
The cholera lepotts fiom the ptov
hices show a dcciease In the number of
Secietaiy Wilson 111.
By FxUutlrf Mice from the Aiioilittd 1'rtsi.
Washington, Nov. 10 Seoretaiy Wll.
soiiJs (onlliic'il to his home by u sovcio
neuralgic attack, which has developed
since the lecent pulitical cuuipatgn, In
which tho becintuiy took an active part.
His ailment has been considerably if.
Ileved, but It will lie some duj.s heron,
he is able to lesumo his duties In tho
agiicultural depaitment.
Statement of the LehlQli Goal and
Navlfjatlon Gompanu Submit
ted to Gommlsslon.
Development of the Company from
the Date of Its Charter in 1822.
The Expense of Operation nnd
Small Profits Upon Capital Invest
ed Demand of Miners for an In
ciease of 20 Per Cent. Is Declared
Unjustifiable An Exhibit Showing
the Earnings of the Employes of
the Company for One Year Anoth
er Devoted to the Oveit Acts
Charged to Striking Employes.
Hv 1 xitul(G Wire from Hie vssoeiatcJ l'res.
Philadelphia, Nov. 1G The statement
of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation
company submitted to the anthracite
coal stillee commission, now In session
at Scronton, Pa., in answer to the de
mands of thtv mlneis. was made public
here today. The answer lecites the ele
f?iopment of tho company from Dip
date of Its charter In 18J2, lefeis to the
expense of opeiatlou and to the. com
paratively small ptoilts, and declaies
the demand ot the emplojcs foi an In
ci ease of 20 per cent, is unjustlfiaole,
the leasons given In support of the de
mand not being founded on fact. Ac -cQinpanjing
the statement are two ex
hibits. One shows the earnings of tho
emploes of the company foi one jcar,
based on the time woiked dm lug 1101,
the number of the seveial class's of
woiktnen and the tates paid acccndlng
to the p.iy-ioll foi the flist half of lluv,
1''02. The othet Is a catalogue of oveit
acts charged to the stilkinji emplojes
of the company timing the lecent con
test, the liots, assaults and disturb
ances of vaiioi.s Kinds being numbeied
at upwat ds of sixu.
The answer states. "The Lehigh Coal
and Navigation company is the oldest
cotpoiatlon engaged In the mining ot
coal in the antl.uacite ipgion It was
chattered in IS.!.', and was the successor
of the Lehigh Coal Mine coinpanv,
which was otganized in 17!3 It n Un
acquired cettaln lights on the Lehigh
liver which weie gt anted in ISIS
"It owns and contiols about 14,00i
acies of coal lands in Paibon and
Sdiulklll counties, which aie esti
mated to contain ovei 300,000,000 tons
of available unmliied coal Its emplojcs
number about 6,000, and Its capacity of
pio luctlon Is ovei 200,000 tons a month.
Its capital stock and funded debt
amount to unwuids of $32,000,000. AU
of its capital stock and bonds weie Is
sued for full value, hut although its
mote Impoitant coal lands wete pur
ehaed at a time when the countiy was
tt wilderness, and all Its lands have
been acquit eel at model ate prices, the
dividends upon Its capital stodc to date
only avttage 1.02 pet cent The pioilt
on coal mined by the coinpanv dm lug
the ten ye.lis ending Decembei 31, 1001,
has avenged 11,09 cents per ton, aflcr
chaiglngoff taes on coal lands and de
picclatlou, but not Including anj ibaje
for loyalty which lcptesents the value
of the coal In the giound. Not weie
the tates or fi eight upon the
exorbitant, as Is shown by the fact that
the company opeiated Its own canal,
but found It advantageous to set.d the
coal to market over the tallioul, lather
than bv their canal "
Claims of the Mineis.
Befell lug to the claim of the mlneis
that better wages aie paid In the bitu
minous fields for substiinthilh similar
work, the answer status:
"This company dc"s not know what
late of wages Is paid In the bituminous
coal fields tliioughout the couiuij, but
thete Is now heie In any field woik sub
stautlallv sltnlliii to that which Is done
under (ontinot In the mines of this
company It Is a fact, howevei, that
inlnets of oullnary skill mid eNpeilence
have nlvvios been able to go fiom the
mines of this company tc any other
milling legion thioimhout the countiv
nnd obtain emplo.vmeut,
"In mm, foi day of ten hums, coti
tiaet mlneis earned an avetage ot
JS11 per day; skilled laboieis, $.'3;
llliskllli'd laboreis, Jl.SJ; bo.vs, $1,00 for
woik undtigioutid, The lates fot out
side luhoi avenihO us follows: Skilled
labor, $l.9G; unskilled labor, $1,2S; bo.vs,
77 cents. The avetage annual cainlng?
of adults weie $173.')."
Denial s made of the claim of the
mlneis that their earnings ate litsut
lldent to maintain the American stand
aid of living and, concerning the em
ployees of the Lehigh Coal and Navlg.i
tlou company, these flguies ate given:
"Out of 3,0 1 J families, S70 own thelt
own homes. Pianos will be found In
HG, nnd house oigans In :M7. The com.
pnny owns and lents to its i mploj ets
ii71 houses, at an ineiage iciital of four
dollais and seventy cents a mouth,
The diaiacter of these houses Is fully
up to the aveiage in any pait of the
countiy, occupied by any other class of
woikmeit. It has been the pollc pf
the company to sell surface tights to
those of Its employees who deslted to
put up their own houses, and for many
e.ais theie h'is been a steady demand
on this account The town of Summit
Hill has ti population of about .thiee
thousand and almost-the cntlie suifure,
wlh the dwellings. Is now owned and
occupied by emploees of the com
pany, .
"The families of the employes have
ample .seline-l aitp.ijimoclntlops, with
cipable'teacler;t,nnd ,vei thiee t)oi.
sand clil!die'Vaie ln attendance, while
over sevj'nl,inye ppy centittn' of the
whole fuud'eM'ended In the region Is
derived fiom faxes paid by this com
pany on its coal estate,"
Ilegardlng the employment ot boys
the statement pays:
"Slate picking Is a veiy easy occupa
tion compatecl to the woik done bv the
bov upon it faun and many ate needed
to take cato ot the mine mules and
other light vvotk, and In this way the
wages of the household aie latgely and
legitimately Indented. Since 1887 mote
tlinn two hundred and fifty young men
have gone fiom Lansford and other vil
lages In the nelghboihood to not null
schools and colleges and become mining
englneets, nttcnnojs, chemists, dentists,
aicitltects, mlnlstets and priests.
Action of Foreigners.
"Some of the fotefgneis prefer to live
In a veiy nlggaidly and squalid man
ner, so that they may accumulate the
larger pait ot their earning", and ic
tilin to IJIuiope to live In Idleness; but
those who have their permanent home
in the legion have at least $1,000,000 on
deposit In the banks and sav lugs funds
In the vicinity, saved from the wages
earned In the employment of this com
pany. The annual lemlttnnces to their
families and fticndT nbioad, tluough
agencies in the legion and vlclnltv,
amounted to $1BO,000 or more. Di 1881
the company established a beneficial
fund, to which it has contributed the
sum of $1DG,S89, and the employes $ir.l,
7GS "Din lug the sttlke of 1900, in which
the etnplo.vees of the company declined
to pal ticipato In acknowledgement ot
Jhclr loyalty, the company contributed
$2,,000 to the beneficial fund.
"Since then," the statement contin
ues, "most of them have joined the
.union and felt bound to Join In the
strike otdered last Mav. No complaint
was addressed to this company; no
grievance alleged, and no tequest foi
higher wages made: but, without no
tice, tlie men left wntk In a body,
against their own will and judgment,
because lequited to do so bv the vote
of the mlneis emplo.ved in othei coal
fieliK" '
"The claim for a t eduction of twenty
per cent. In the bouts of labot, with
out any i eduction In earnings, foi all
emplojes paid by the hout. dav ot .
week, would be pecullatly abstnd If
enfotced as against this company. Tn
point of tact, the bieakets of the com- j
pany aie only able to tun nine bouts
a day and not ten The mlneis only
woik from five to seven bouts a dav,
and the leal difficulty In the legion is i
that continct laboi pikes aie too high, i
as the men get an amount suflldent fot
theh wants by working les than thiee- j
entailers of a day. The men emploved
by the day onlv woik. as a maximum, I
nine bouts, and as many of them con- I
sutne from half an bout to an hout in
going to and from theh woik to the '
foot of the shaft, they do not even weak
nine hours As illustiatlng the Influ
ence of the excessive tates paid fot
contiaet woik, it may be said that din
ing normal conditions In Apt 11 of this
jear the men working bv inntiact onlv
earned an avetage of JUL a day, but
when it became piolmble that a stilke
would be otdeied the same men earned
an avetage of $4 IG a do.
Pnyment by Weight Impiacticable.
"The coinpanv claims that psiinent
by weight Is impiacticable at its mines,
as eadi mine constitutes a distinct
fiioblem nnd the conditions aiy fiom
month to month The onlv method
which lias evci given satisfaction at the
companj's wot Kings, It Is claimed Is
p.oment fot cutting coal hv the lineal
aid. The late of pavnient can onlv
be detet mined In each paiticulai ease
between the siipeilnttnclent and the
"Some influence believed to be tliat
of the union," the answei states, "has
led the men to t educe the production,
lif.f t.rkt.i l.l.ut r,,lt,. .lit,- illHlittilt i
Ul ,,,..,, httt. I' . I S l,T lltlllt l,y, ,t i
teiiiains tine that the only vvuv In i
which wages can be sntlsfac ten v I
measmed Is by contiaet foi the wotK
done, which necessaillv vatles fiom
mine to mine and sometimes between ,
In easts upon the s tine gangway, and
even upon the same bieast, fiom dav
to clay."
The, company o'mphntlcnlly piotests ,
agjlnst the millets' demand that theie )
"hall be an ngi cement with the fulled ,
.Mine Wotheis of Ametlca and In this
connection, the answer sas;
'The conditions of mining In the Le
high and Schuylkill legions ate quite
dlffeteut tiom tho'-e which est In the j
Wnmiig and Setanton dlslilcts. !
Willie this (omp, in v has no objection,
theiefore, to its own emploves otgan
ilng among themselves, It has alwajs '
objected and doe objtet even to an'
oigauizatiou which includes othei au-I
tluacltc fields, walking under diffeient
sv stems of compensation as a lesult of
which Its men ate otdeied upon sttlkes
by leasnn of conttoveisles in which
they have no Inteiest.
"It would be still mote luec usable
that any outside nuthoilty should u-
suine to Intel fere In tho dsciiuic,e of
an Hinploje. Uvei fito man has the
light to quit woik when and as he
ehooses, and theeniploei must possess '
and be able to exeulse the leclptocal I
tight of discliiuge if he Is to maintain
The Sultan at the Head of au Aimy
of 25,000 Men Will Put Down
Upiislng of Babyles.
Ilv I xcliitbc Wire from llu iiIjf1 !'re..
Tutlglets, Moiocco, Nov, lb An out
ing to a lepoit which has leaclucl heie
ftotn Te, the impeilal tioops have suc
ceeded in captuilug the pietender to
he lliione,
It is stuted that the sultan,, at tint
head of an ai ipy of .'"),u0i) inen, will
diiect in poison the opeiatlous to put
down thu upiislng of the Kible tillies
inen at Zemoui,
I'lbvious dlspatdies amioiiuccd that
(he sulun, with the eutlie .Mmiilsh
u my, was to leave l. on Noveiuber
10 to suppics the lebelllon staited by
the pietender. The latter began his
mission among the most iguotnut and
superstitious of the ileiher tilbes. lie
at first confined himself to a lew con
Jtiiltig t licks, but his success encour
aged him to nUejiipt hlgger tiling.
The Dietender Is nicknamed "liu
Ilamiiie,'; meaning "fathei of a she
as" because he nevei lode on any?
thing but a small donkey.
John . Mitchell On the Stand, Under
Cross-Examination by Two
Different Lawyers.
General Counsel David Willcox, of the Delaware and Hudsor
Company, Continues for two Hours Further to Deal
with the Question of the Desirability of the
Operators Recognizing: the Union.
Sntuida's session of the mine sttlke
commission was tepleto with Intel est
iug featutes Ptesldent John Mitchell,
of the United Mine WoiKeis, was on
the stand all day under ttoss-examlna-tlon
for two hours by D.nid Willcox,
genet al counsel for the D'elawaie and
Hudson compnny, and two houis and a
half by Hon Wayne MacVeagh, of
counsel for the Ihle's tool piopeilles
It was a ti.vlng time fot the miners'
voting Ieadet, but he made a leniatk-'
ablj good showing in the battle ot
Inalns with these two legal giants.
Mi. Willcox continued his examina
tion along the lines put sued the day
befote, devoting attention almost exclu
sively to an exploitation of the leasons
the opetatots have for not wishing to
lecognie the mine woikets' union, to
the extent of entctlng into a contiaet
with It as tcpiesenting thelt emplojes.
All. .MacVeagh also dwelt at length
on this same subject, but more pntticu
l.ulv devoted himself to piovlng by ad
missions fiom Jit. Mitchell that the de
tailed gilevances of the mlneis do not
justl.v lie against the lhie company.
Theie weie numeious Intel esting tilts
between Mt. M.icVeigh and the wit
ness, in which botli invvjer and ntlnei
scoted some telling points By fiequent
use of the piefatoty phi.f-e, "Would It
sin pi iso jolt to Know that, etc .'" Mi.
Mac Veil gh since' (led in jieenling a
lain'e qti.mtitv of lnfoi motion which
his side of the case would have the
i annuls. Iimeis heai. .Mi. Mitchell
would liivmlibl tell that he was not
sitiiised to heai that this that oi the
othei one, as the c ,m might be. had
said the thing in question, and then,
would in ot (id to do what he could to
belittle the meet ol the law.vei's tes
tlmoiiv bv iiddinsr to ot qtuillflng 11
wllh a little lufoimation favotable to
his side
Never at a Loss.
Mi. Mitchell wits novel at a loss foi
a iepl to the questions, but his teplles
wete not alwajs tesponsive. At one
tune Mi. MacVeagh w is moved to
"compliment" the witness at ills
adioltnes in "begging the question." times, he Insisted Mi Mitchell
was not answei lug his question, and
pulstrd In lepcating It until au an
swei was foi the outing oi the witness
admitted he did not know.
Mi. .MacVeagh, also, In Indliect but
newitheless effective maiiuei. spent no
little etieigy In getting .Mr. Mitchell to
ndvettlse his Ignoiancc of nntht.uite
conditions, and having done this to his
full satisfaction, chew attention to the
fact that It was John .Mitchell's slg
niilute which appealed under the set of
gi lev nines which came (o the com
panies. Kin It law.vei was aimed with a bit?
siuifi book and volumes of data fiom
which copious exttnets weie made for
the concoction of question!,. Minutes
of mine wotkeis' conventions, lotteis
ft nm the mlneis' headqiiat tets, a inft
of other smli nuiteilnl, was In the
lawyeis' possloii. ft was veiy evi
dent that tho companies, In thelt pi op
al niinii for the heating, had not lon
teittecl themselves with what intoi illa
tion could be gatheied fiom theh otllce
Hy the use ol "Would It stupilse
ou'" as an Inlenogatoiy piefaco to
Ills dci hitatlot's, Mi .MacVeagh biought
mil that the Illinois opetatois aie
not widely eutliusliisilo about the
I'nlted .Mine Woikets, ns '.Mr, .Mitchell
would have It ttiulei. stood, He Intimat
ed that ineuibeis of the opeialois' as
sociation fiom tliat state would be heie
to roiioboiate his contention that the
(cmdlllons into which ill. .Mitchell
would have the anthtaclle opeialoih
enter Is not consldeied a "seventh
heaven" b npciatots now eiiJolnir
Cliahmnn Thomas Piesent.
I 'i Helically the same pintles weie
within the hat one Insui o as on the open
ing day. (iiaiimnii II H Thomas, of
the lhle boiud of illiedois, ns the
most piomluent of the new comet's, lie'
sat with tho coiupnio's attorneys while
Mi M.uVetKh w is i ioss. examining
Mi .Mid lull Once when .Mi, Mac
Vtitgh made the statement that tho
Ih'o mlneis i mild liavn tin it pay eveiy
Satuiday, If they petitioned for It, Mi.
Thomns nodded his head in assent.
At the opening of the moinlug ses
sion Ciialitnaii Oiay announced to At
toilless I.Pliahan and O'llileu and
their clients, the nop. union men, that
lite commission would ask them to sub.
mlt to them u statement showing whom
they icpresent, by what nuthoilty, and
what points other than those that aie
aheatly inaclo Issues between the foi ma I
paitles to the controvoisy, they wish
to Interject Into the heai Ing; also n
concise statement of what they may
claim, and what their position will be
In tegaid to the general disputation be
tween the formal and logical putties to
the submission. He further said they
fmust guaiantee that they will submit
to the decision of the commission.
Mr. Lenahau said these conditions
would be compiled with, with all possi
ble despatch.
Substantially, nil the testimony o
the day Is given below.
Satuiday night the commissioners'
weie entertained at dinner at the house
ot Commissioner Watkins. Yesterday,
the most of them attended services at
the church of his own denomination, '
and last evening they occupied boxes
at the lectin e on "Success" given by
Bishop Spalding at the Lyceum, for the
benefit of the House of the Good Shep
heid. Resume This Morning.
The commission will resume Its ses
sions nt 10 o'clock this morning. The
ctoss-exaiulnatlon of Mi, Mitchell by
Jli. MacVeagh will be pioceeded with,
and at Its conclusion counsel for some
one of the other companies will exam
ine him. It Is likely he will be on the
stand nil of today and tomortow. Mi.
Mitchell said, last night he did not
know who would follow him on the
stand. The belief now Is that both the
mlneis' and operators' sides will be
heai el In this city. The commissioners
favor It, and as yet no one has come
foi waul to seilousls; oppose the plan.
Hv Mi Willcox: I wish to read In evi
dence s,,me ot tho resolutions which, ai
t tiiidct stand, were passed at the Shnmo
kln ((invention, and I will aslc you to be
kind i nough to follow thorn with the
minutes, so that jou can correct them, it
they ate not coucct. Havo you resolu
tion No. 0?
C (Heading). "To ofllccrq and dele
rales lit convention assembled, mothers;
Whereas, we, the miners In the vicinity
of Nnntlcokc, having by past experience
piovtit that the winking card or hutton
is viv little benefit to us In Its present
mode of working, therefore, be It te
solved, that the U. M. Vf. at A. at anv
lollleiv where employes refuse to become
memliets ot our organization and wear
the wotklng button, tho local governing
such collieiy, after using all such meas
ures to get such emploes to join, and
fulling In stioh, have full power to su,
liend operations at such collteiv, until
siieh eniploes become members of our
ois.iniatton," That is correct. Is It? A.
Yes. Commissioner Clark: Was that
tesolullon adopted? A. (Aftor consulting
p.ipeit. Tho resolution was finally
Q. Let mo call your attention to reso
lution No. IS: "Resolved, thut it Is tho
sense, ot this convention to most heartily
endoise cqlllory locals, ana to Insist thnt
the snlil emploves of said collieries ho
inembeis of said locals. Frank Maichln
skl, ptesldent: Stanley Debeck, secretary.
Local 110 Moved the resolution bo
adopted. Culled." Is that right? A.
Yes, sit
Q, Have von resolution No. 27.' A. Yes,
5. (Reading) "Win i cos, the D., I,, and
W, company have cllsdutged the firemen
nt Woodwaiil, Avoudule and Petteboun
(4liiiM for tefuslng to accept a piopo
dticu to change conditions regal ding
Siiiuliv shift; and wherrms, they huso
tltoii Kl' upon the claim that the
notices posted last March stated that tho
conditions ol einplovineut should remain
the same until Apt II I. lift!: therefote, ho
It i (solved, that we demand the rein
statement of all the dlsch.iiged men In
tlieli foiiner positions and fill titer, be It
tc.oHed Unit In lh" event of tho com
piuv icfiixliig to reinstate them, wo or
det a stilke of till niiloes of the com
puliv T. I), NldinlK The committee
eoiniiiH In tho above resolution. Moved
we louciir In (he above lesollltlon.
lived we concur hi the repnit of to com
mittee. Motion can led." Is that right'.'
A, Yt, sli.
New System in Force.
Q Have nil icsolutlon No, 29? A. Yes,
ilr Q, (Reading): "Whueas, tho D, and
If, roinnuny, nt Plv mouth, have Infio.
iluced a new v stein of forcing the
miners to place the loud on one side of
the place, instead of In the tenter, as
heictofore, causing almost double labor
In leading coal, and in moving nil rock
iitul gob to one side of the place, and
wliLieas, tho romiMiiv ies money bv
l.ienlug tho pillars fin rioui sob. and
ute able to lob plllais it less oxpouHO'
Ihucime, be It resolved, that we deuiniid
that the coiuunuv shall ptv niia prct
for the extia work itilalleil t the new
kvstein In theevtnt nt tin ompiny ie
fusllig to .njree lo I I u of these
leims nil the emplm ot ihr eniunnnv
be onlett.ll out on sn ',e, Sign d T, D,
NIc bolls The cominitten roncu n In th
above i evolution. .Moved the lenolullon
lie adopted, Motion carried." '(hat is
light"' A. The lommlltee concuried In
the icsoliulon. It was moved thit It bw
Continued on Pago 31
- - "
Wushlimlon, ,o. 16 Forecast
for Mouduj mil TivCRday: Bastein
I'enns.vlvaiiik Rain Monday and
Tuesdo . cooler 'i in sday; fiah aait
to southeiiHt wlucu.
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