The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 03, 1902, Page 6, Image 6

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Rev. T. A. Humphreys, B. D., the New
Pastor of the Plymouth Congregational
Church His Sermon Yesterday.
P.rv, 'I'. A. Humphreys, U. U, tho
ncwl. olci-tcd pastor of Hip Plymouth
I'nnKi-tK'itlnnnl church, wtm limit nonr
Mum, lu Allen county. Uhlo, ami after
pnsslng thruilKh tin' inilillc school nt
Lima lie entered the college lit Lob-
anGii, whore he Inter graduated. Up
became a teacher in the public schools
and for over ten years was actively en
gaged in educational work. During that
period, and later, he was also engaged
In .several Ohio colleges as a teacher of
Believing his life-work to be the min
istry, he entered the Oberlln (Ohio)
Congregational college and .studied for
the ministry, later graduating with tho
title of B. D., there being but very few
.out of a large class who received the
title. Almost Immediately he onteied
upon his ministerial duties at Rrncken
brldge, Missouri, and since has been the
pastor of largo churches in Colorado,
Kansas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, his
last charge before coming to Scranton
being at Sharon, Pa., where he had
gone but a short time before from
Cleveland, Ohio.
Tn 1S.S9, at the time of the great
Johnstown Hood, Rev. Humphreys was
pastor of the First Congregational
church at Johnstown, and the church,
with thousands of other buildings, was
fuvept away, leaving tho congregation
homeless and poor. He immediately
went nut through the United States
from Maine to AVIsconsin and raised
enough money to build a now and better
church. "When ho left Johnstown, a lew
I FfiRF!
Five stamps given away with
each bottle of Dufour's French Tar
I The Man I
1 Who Sai
"Talks Cheap," got away with a pretty smart thing.
Many Dry Goods buyers have found to their cost that talk
is quite expensive, because it is often misleadi ng when
used in advertisements. Our reputation in this city has
stood for absolute truth for over twenty years, even in our
Huvciusemenis, ana wnen we say that
Our Dress Goods Department
Is the only complete department of its class in the city of
Scranton, wo simply reiterate a fact known to every intel.
ligent buyer in the city of Scranton.
Our New Costume Velvets
And Corduroys are attracting much attention, and well they
might, as the range of prices, qualities and shades leaves
nothing to be desired.
The Other Dress Fabrics
Such as "Bud'' Suitings, Knickerbocker Checks; Scotch
Tweeds and other rough-faced woolens, our line is limit
less. The same remarks apply to Dress Stuffs of smooth
finish, such as Prunellas in winter weights, Venetians,
Broadcloths, Meltons, etc. In a word if it's fashionable
you'll find it here, and lots of it to choose from.
Special Offerings This Week
3000 $5r?&h00tM KOoa 8,mdlB- 19c
25000, 25c
2100 ;,,i,'JS 25c
1600 Slnwoo ff Wltm s"''pe3' An 29c
1500 AliVf?.01 a,;l",,l,, Clotlis iriircl'twVsV'lVnlslV."' Tho most diir- 'JO.
" able dress fubile mndo, Wim Wc, Now , ,, OtC
5000 S ""'"I'tcfl fabrics. Tho niobt popular weaves of tho sea- A(n
tivrF BOt)i All wool, Average vnluo about too. Now 4,C
1250 inches .de. All r)9o
10m'l;l!fy "ml ' 59fl
1600 ?&&&, 0c
llM$?y.TOM 59c
S00 J;,,h M'"'01' Piunnellas hi Hhick only. This Is tho fad of llio r
"" hour for tailored suits or skills,... ................ ()5C
500 M'&W'ffi S9c
Sale of Waist Cloths
1 wo hundred pieces Fancy Waistlngs. embracing a full
assortment of all that fashion demands, such as Satin
Stripes, Ribbon Stripes, Satin Stripo Plaids, Lawns, Alba
trosses, Tuckings, Persians, Cords, etc, Bargain
prices at from $ i. oo to , f 9C
Light Weight Black Goods
l he finest collection of New Novelties ever seen in this city
now awaits your inspection. It includes all the new
weaves you have read about, and, as usual, the selection
is abundant.
m 'MVMvmvmvkvm.
I Globe
years later, the church was without
Hov, Huinpliirys tnttrs an active part
In church life and alms to inuke him
self personally acquainted with every
member from the youngest to tho old
est, He also takes an active pnrt in
inlfislonnry ami temperance work and
by his mimical talent proves a great
help In all meetings. Ho also conducts
special revival meetings and docs not
have an evangelist," as he secures
greater results by personal work. All
churches which he has been pastor of
have been loft at the end of long and
pleasant pastorates. Increased In num
bers, and with greater spiritual and
financial nower.
Social Notes.
A blrthduy party was tendered W.
V. limning, at his home on North Jlyds
Path avenue, Saturday evening, Ho
ru'shments were served nt a. late hour.
Miss Grace HIcc, of Schlager boule
vard, entertained her numeiotis friends
on Friday evening. Miss Uloe proved
to be a charming hostess and a most
enjoyable evening was spent.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pike, of 323 Thir
teenth street, entertained a few friends
at their home on Friday evening. Vo
cal Instrumental music, also games
weie enjoyed till a late hour, when
Mrs. Pike served refreshments and dis
tributed pretty souvenirs In memory
of the happy event.
With the Churches..
Rev. Kdward Howell occupied the
pulpit of the Sumner Avenue Presby
terian church at the 6 o'clock service,
and also preached at the 7.30 o'clock
evening service of the First r.nptlst
church on Sunday.
The Loyal Ciusaders attended divine
service at the First "Welsh Baptist
church In a body Sunday evening. The
pastor, Rev. D. D. Hopkins, preached
a special sermon to them.
Rev. James Henninger, pastor of the
JSinbury Methodist Episcopal church,
delivered a very Interesting sermon
Sunday morning, from tho text, "The
Fading Leaf, the Emblem of Mortal
ity." In the evening Rev. T. M. Phil
lips, of Washtngtoji, D. C, preached a
thoughtful sermon on the "Christian's
Hope." '
Rev. C. O. Maltby. D. D., of Philadel
phia, preached a profoundly Interesting
sermon to a large audience at tho
morning service of the Jackson Street
Baptist church. In the evening tho
rally exercises given one week ago were
"The Signs of the Times" was the
subject of a unique, yet very interest
ing sermon by Rev. Hugh C. McDer
mott, D. D., at the evening service of
the Simpson Methodist Episcopal
Rev. John P. Moffatt, D. D., occupied
his pulpit as usual at both services of
tho AVashburn Street Presbyterian
chinch yesterday.
( y mvwMvmvmm
The celehrnllon of ttie Holy Eiichar
1st took place at St. David's church
Sunday morning.
There will he a meeting or the hoard
of mine exninliiers In tho oulco of Al
derman John, this afternoon.
Mlfcs Margaret lOvans, of North Oar
fleld avenue, Will entertain the Jovtyt
club nt her home on Wednesday even
ing. A regular meeting of C. It. nnd U. A.
council, No. 169, will bo held in Y. M. I.
hull this evening.
Mrs. George Lewis, of St. Louis, Mo.,
Is tho guest of her sister, Mrs. David
H, Hughes, of North aurflcld nveiuie.
Miss Olive Escott, of South Main
avenue, Fpent Sunday as tho guest of
Wllkep-Hitrrc friends.
Miss Alice Lee, of North Lincoln ave
nue, Is quite ill.
The funeral of Helen, tho 4-year-nld
daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Itobort M.
Pockuns, of Jackson street, who died
Friday night, after a long Illness, will
be held this afternoon nt i o'clock from
tho parental home.
Miss Lily M. Strong, slate secretary
of tho Young Women's Christian asso
ciation of Pennsylvania, hnd charge ot
the gospel meeting nt tho West Side
branch, Sunday afternoon. '
Miss Mamie Trainer, of Emmet street,
Is suffering from an abscess of tho eye.
Mrs. McGee and daughter, Mntm, of
North Rebecca avenue, are home from
Orange, N. J.
Miss May Durkln, of Luzerne street,
Is In Now York city.
A number of West Side people at
tended the wedding anniversary of Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Kvans, at Green
wood, Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs.
Evans formerly lived on this side.
Miss Norma Williams, of Eynon
street, Is quite ill.
It Is the First Column oil the
Ballot You Will Get
Mark One.
Samuel W. Pennypacker.
Lieutenant Governor.
Mark One.
William M. Brown.
Secretary of Internal Affairs.
Mark One.
Isaac B. Brown.
Representative in Congress.
Mark One.
William Council.
Senator in the General Assembly.
Mark One.
John B. Jordan.
Representative in the General
Mark One.
Joseph Oliver.
Judge of the Orphans' Court.
Mark One.
Alton A. Yosburg.
County Commissioners.
Mark Two.
John Courier Monls.
John Penman.
Mine Inspector.
Mark Two.
Llewellyn M. Kvans.
David T. Williams.
Tn tho Second legislative district, h
plaeo of Joseph Oliver will appear tha
name of John Scheuer, Jr.
In tho Third legislative district, tltu
name of Edward James.
In the Fourth legislative district, tha
name of P. A. Phllbln.
Services Over the Remains Yester
day Afternoon.
Funeral services over the remains of
tho late Peter Hactlch weie conducted
yesterday afternoon by Ilev. Oscar A.
Uallciikamp, pastor of tho JSIon Ger
man Kvangellual Lutheran church, A
large delegation from tho Scranton
Lleilorkrntiis were in attendance.
Tho church choir and a nunrtette
from tho Lloderkraiiis sang nt the
house, and tho latter ulso sang at the
grave In Forebt Hill cemetery, whero
interment was made.
Tho pall-bearers were John Horn,
Theodore Fahrenliolt, August Krelgel
stelu, Oenrpo Klnback, Conrad Wenzel
and FipiI Hurr. The llowcr-boarers
were Albert Zonko and Puler Zleglor.
Killed in an Abandoned Mine.
Hy Kiclusitc Wlif (mm The Aswl.itnl l'rr.
Now Blr.illMlJIo, l) No. 2. Maurice
O'Hilcn, a minor; (.'h.lllcs Sampson, stnble
boss,, and Ilcrbcit Cnrnn, bookkeeper,
were killed by an explosion of gas In
Lost Ituu initio, near hern today. It Is
hlipposed tho gas found its way Into tho
mlno fiom mi adjoining mine which has
been abandoned for several years. It Is
believed the men went in to exploro the
mine and that tho gas was Ignltd by the
lights thely cairled.
for children teething. Is the prescription ol
fcns of the best female physicians and
burses In the United States, and has beea
used sixty year3 with never-falling sucJ
cess by millions of mothers for their chlN
flren. Durlne the process of teething its
Value Is Incalculable. It relieves tho chili
from .pain, cures diarrhoea, griping In the
bowels, and w nd-cpllc. By giving healtU
lo he child It rests tho mother. Price,
twenty-live ccaU a botUa.
Services Were Hold In tho Parish
Houso of the German Probyterinn
Church nnd Wero Participated in
by Members of All of tho German
Evangelical Congregations of tho
City Those Who Participated in
tho Exercises Funeral of the Lato
Mrs. Jano Duffy.
Three hundred and eighty-seven years
ago, Martin Luther fired the first gun
of tho reformation, and this momentous
epoch In church history was observed
last evening at the parish house of tho
German Presbyterian church on Hick
ory street. Hundreds of tho members
of the German Evangelical congrega
tions (locked lo tho spacious audi
torium, which was crowded to the
An appropriate programme had been
arranged for tho occasion, in which the
newly reorganized church choir, under
the directorship of Prof. C. U. Derman,
took a leading part, the accompani
ments being rendered by Lawrence's
orchestra, and Mrs. Eugene Fellows,
who Is acting ns temporary organist.
When tho services begun at 7.30 p. in.,
the following clcrgyipen wero seated on
tho platform: Uev. AVIlllam A. Noidt,
pastor of the Hickory Street German
Presbyterian church; Ilev. Jacob
Schoettle, of the West Scranton Ger
man Presbyteilan church; Itev. Aug
ust Weber, or the Taylor Evangelical
church; Hov. J. Schmidt, Pr.D., of the
Prospect Avenue Church of Pence;
rtev. Eugene WeisskopIT, of the Price
burg Evangelical church; Uev. Felix
Stelnmann, of the German Presby
terian church, Petersburg; Ilev. Gustav
nobolln, of the Adams Avenue Gorman
Methodist Episcopal church; Ilev. Her
man Rltter, of St. Paul's Evangelical
church, on Prospect avenue, and Rev.
J. J. Schmitt, of the Hickory Street
Raptist church. Tho programme of ser
vices was as follows:
Opening IlemarUs Ilev. W. A. Noiclt
Singing Congiegutlon
Praer Ilev. Jacob Schouttlo
Hymn, Gloila," from the Creation,
Apostolic Creed Rev. August Weber
bciipture Heading from Psalm 10.
Luther's I'avorlte, "Tho Loid Is Our
Refuge, and Stiengih and Help,"
Rev. E. J. Schmidt
Solo Mrs. Alfred Guthelnz
Address, "The Necessity of the Retm-
mation" Rev. G. A. Hnusser
Luther's Reformation Hymn, "Kin
ceste Bing 1st Un&er Gott."
Address, "Work of tho Reformation,"
Rev. Eugene. Weiskopff
Hymn Congregation
Address "Blessings ot the Reforma
tion" Pastor Felix Stelnmann
Singing Choir
Lord's Prayer Rev. Herman Rotter
Closing Hymn Congregation
Benediction Pastor G. nobolln
At the morning services, which were
also well attended, Rev. Mr. Nordt
spoke on the reformers, under three
heads, as follows: First, "Humble
Seivants of God"; second, "Witness
bearers of the gospel"; third, "True
friends of the people."
Tho services and anniversary were
conducted in the parish house, because
of repairs to the church, which will be
formally opened the first Sunday in
December, the sixteenth anniversary of
tho dedication of the church, and the
eighth anniversary of Ilev. Mr. Nordt's
Incumbency as pastor.
Yesterday's Funerals.
Robert, the 14-months'-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Hemold, was laid at
rest yesterday afternoon. Services were
held at the home and many friends
of tho bereaved parents were in attend
ance. Interment was made in Dun
more cemetery.
Mrs. Jane Duffy, whose death oc
curred Friday, was laid at rest yester
day afternoon from the home of her
father, John Gibson, of 313 Prospect
avenue. Services were conducted at St,
Mary's church, Dunmore, by Rev.
Father O'Donnell, and interment was
made in St. Mary's cemetery. The
pallbearers were: T. A. Hope, John
Hope, Patrick Nealon, David But Ice,
James Langan, Peter Merrick,
An Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Jo
seph Balderis, residing at 2013 Plttston
avenue, was laid at rest in tho Cathe
dral cemetery yesterday afternoon.
Every member of the South Side Re
publican association should be at the
headquarters on Alder street at 7.30
this evening to take part In tho mass
meeting and also act ns an escort for
the speakers of the evening.
Communion services weieheld lu the
Church of Peace on Prospect avenue,
yesterday morning.
Madeline Reidenbach, of SIC South
Irving avenue, Is seriously HI,
Dr. Schley's Lung Healing Balsam Is
guaranteed to cure all coughs. "No
cure, no pay." For sale by all dealers,
Professor C B. Derman, lender of tho
Choral union, has also been chosen as
musical director of the Presbyterian
church choir.
Green Ridge Lodge of Odd Fellows
Attended Service nt tho Church
of the Good Shepherd,
Thlity memheis nf fltecu Itldgo lodge,
No, U0.I, Independent Order of Odd Pel
lows, met at Masonic hall, Dickson ave
nue, last evening and marched In a body
to the Church of tho Good Shepherd, cor
ner Mousey avenue and Green llidgo
hlreet, whcin Hov, Fiances It. llatcm.iu
ilellveied a most Interesting sermon up
propilatc lo tho teachings ot Odd Fellow
ship, Tho speaker dwelt upon tho doctrine nf
Justification by woiks as being thn eoiol
lary of the P.iiillun doctrlun of jiiitlllea
tlon by faith. Mo Mild that tho faith by
which a man Is Nived Is tho faith mi
Hummed up In tho apostles' cieed tlm
Faith of the Gospel; that It Involved ac
ceptnnco of tho moral and siilritual au
thority of Jesus Christ and obedience to
the lawn of thn kingdom of which J lo Is
tho Dlvlno Head.
He then proceeded lo dcseilbo tho kind
nf faith such a man as tho apostle had
In mind would poiscss. Ho said ho might
baso his claim to hava faith on tho ground
of certain religious opinions, or on cer
tain religious feelings, on tho gioiuul ot
udmlratlou of pincticnl goodness in oth
ers, or on tho ground of satisfaction with
himself as being ns good as other people.
The pieacher then lusscd on to notice
the Illustration of St. James as one which
would appeal to tho faith of an Odd Fel
tow, whoso organization he had heard
paid iiioio attention to tho sick and tho
beicavcd than any similar organization of
which ho knew. Ho-concluded by urging
Odd Fellows to try and conduct their
ceremonies .with tho grcntcst scilousticss
nnd not to say, as somo wero In tho hnblt
of saying, "My Lodge Is my church,"
Whatever they know of piactlral piety
nnd woik ot mercy wni learned of Him
who said, "I was liungiy and yu gave ino
meat, thirsty and yo gave mo dilnlt, sick
nuil In pilson nnd ye Visited inc, and, In
nsnuich ns yo havo ilono It to the least of
theso my bicthicu yo havo duno It unto
William Oblesby, ot Sandcifion avenue,
has been nppoluled imijoilly Inspector for
tho Thltd dlitrlct of this waul to titltu
the place of O, II. Nlcol, resinned,
Mrs. B. P. Hull, of B.indoison avenue,
has returned from Washington, D. C ac
companied by her daughter, .Mis. James
Kays, who will spend the winter bote.
Postmnslcr and Mrh. W. ,1. Peck, of
West Plttslon, spent Sunday at ltnetawn,
the homo or Mr. Peck's paicnls, Mr, nnd
Mrs. W. H. Peck.
Mrs. Arthur Dunn, of Delaware street,
cntei tallied S.iliiHlny nftcinoon In honor
of Miss Hall, of Elmhn, who Is her guest,
Miss Mnblo Maneo, of Wyoming semi
nary, and Miss Hrwood, of New York, aiu
guests of AIIsh Elizabeth Lansing, ot
North Park.
The work of laying crosswalks on Dola
waio street nt Its Intersection with Ca-'
poitso and Mousey avenue has b'-en com
pleted. Elcettlc City Wheelmen and the first
team of Green Ridge Wheelmen will open
the bowling season this eenlng In the
championship sciles at the club house, on
Wyoming avenue.
Columbia Literary Club Celebrated
Its First Anniversaiy News
Notes nnd Personals.
The membeis of the Columbia Liter
ary club celebrated tho (list anniver
sary of its organization, In Its rooms In
tho Auditorium, Friday evening. The
rooms weie beautifully decorated with
the club's eolbrs and potted plants and
palms. The side walls weie draped
with the national colors.
After an hour's enjoyment the guests
proceeded to the parlor, where a bounti
ful supper was served. Rlchnrd Hughes,
secretary of the club and chairman of
the airangement committee, on behalf
of the club, warmly welcomed the
guests and gave a brief report show
ing the club's standing.
During the evening a short musical
programme was given by the Misses
Bertha Williams and Emma Weaver,
of Olyphant,
Among those present were tho Misses
Bertha Williams, Emma Weaver, Anna
Davis and Ethel Evans, of Olyphant;
Helen Roderick, Cirtie Longmore, An
nie Rhule, Emily Thomas, Bessie Will
iams, Mary Richards, Mr. and Mrs. G.
Hollister, Eveline L.inyon, and Messis.
Daniel Davis, Evan Thomas, Richard
Hughes, Morgan Willhims, Frank Cole
man, David Sciib, Thomas Howells,
Zaeharlnh Williams, Stanley Davis and
Ivor Danvers.
The North End Stars basket ball team
will journey to PI union tonight to play
the team of that place.
Chailes Dougherty, of Thompson
street, has returned from a sojourn in
New York city.
Oscar D.ivis, or Bueknell university,
is the guest of his parents on Summit
Mr. and Mis. John Jorvls. of Wayne
avenue, spent yesterday with Mis. Jcr
vis' parents, In Taylor.
Patilck Mullen, of Bloom avenue, has
returned home fiom a iiwi months' Islt
In Ireland,
High School Team of That City Met
the Local High Si "ftl.Tenin On
the Grin....,
One of the finest football games
seen lu this city was played at Athletic
park, Saturday afternoon, between the
.Scranton high school and W'llkes-Ilario
high school. From stmt to finish the
game was replete with ninny brilliant
i tins and sensational tackles. Although
WIIkes-Barro had tho heavier team
Scranton easily made up In energy
what It lacked in weight and won by
u score of IS to 0,
In tho second half, Levy, of Scranton,
distinguished himself. Scranton lost
the ball on a fumble nnd Wllkes-Ilano
calling back their guards sent McCaa
through the line. Ho got clear of ovcry
one except 1 lower and ho, by a beauti
ful flying tackle brought MoCaa to
earth, wiving what looked to be u sure
touchdown. The Scranton boys then
held them for downs.
Quickly lining up they gave Levi's
signal and amid the cheers of the
crowd ho dashed around the end and
do'dglng man after man, sprinted to
ward tho goal, With ten men ufler
him and ouo In front to block his pas
sage, he cleverly dodged liliu and plant
ed the ball behind Urn goal pusts after
a wonderful run nf wonty-llvo yards
thiough tho whole WilUos-lt.irro team.
Bower kicked the goal, This ended tho
scoring and the crowd collecting In ono
plaeo gave three hearty chceis fur
Levi, Tho line-up;
S. 11. S. W. II. II. S.
Lovl, Jones left end Kaufer
Evans left tackle Mitchell
Wellard left guard llelnz
Kltzolmau center. .Sheppard, Rchco
Hooligan right guard Richards
(Julim right tackle (,'oiigblln
Thayer (capt.)... .light end Bradel
Bower (luarter back itecjo
Edwards tight half back ,. Hook
Allen left halfback Mct'au
Hurly full back..., Cupplcr (caplj
Refcrco Fellows, Cornell, Umplic
Laulmch. Timekeepers llurhman, W. It.
II. S.; Thayer, S. II. S. Llnesmen-Rhine-hlmcr,
W, B. S. H.; W. Evans. S. U. S.
Time of halves Twenty minutes. Touch,
downs Levi. "; Edwaids, Kupplcr. Goals.
Bower, 3; Kaufer.
IHKliil iii
kwk We
H Distinguished Medical Editor Tells HW Many Aro
Subject to Semi-Starvation or an Habitually
Half-Fed Condition Because Their
Stomachs Won't Work.
A Way to Curo "Chronlo Starvation" and Its Attendant tfeaknesscs
end Disabilities Is Pointed Out.
isyfc 'WEB
liilpin If
An editorial tn tho October, (901, losuo of tho
Mcillcal Brief, a journal publhhed by and for
llijr,!clan3 and having tho largest circulation of
nay strictly professional medical publication In
the world, says:
"There aro many p&tlcnts who havo nothing
organically rrong with tlicm, but aro kept in a
weak, anomlc date by a lack ot digestive power.
If wo can Itnprovo dlRestlon wo Incroaso their
energy, products o output, and senso of well
"For this class of casei, alcoholics nnd strong
bitten often do moro harm than good, while
they temporarily stimulate and IniproTo the
appetite, If long used they bring on a reaction
worso than tho first state. Gastric catarrh Is
llkoly to follow their prolonged uso from constant
and artificial conuetloa of the gastric nwcous
ostuarfs Djsp9psla Tablots nro tho proper
roniody for this condition, lictng In tablet form
they are not only convenient, to carry and tako
hut aro necessarily free from all alcoholics and
the objectionable stimulating drugs do not enter
into their composition.
Kvery organ and tissue of the body depends on
Maniii'iictiii'crs oi
Old Stock
! 5 S ! 4 J h ? S' ! ! ! 4 !
m. r. - - - .". irwn.
fr 4 4f & v 'f '!? !' I' b
., 435 o .5S
N. seventn St.,
Old 'Phone, 333i.
New 'Plion.', 'J935
Donations That Are Aoknowledged
by That Institution.
The following donutlons ure ackiinwl
fdBQd b.' St. ,uei)h'.s Foundllns Home;
A friend, Ju, 1'. U. Flnb, ,; Mvh. Jo
scih O' illicit. ?.'; u li lend, $1; a niend, $1;
Mm. John 1'iiIIk.iu, ": Jll'h. l.Miett, U
Mis. .niile JkC'onnlelr. tl; Mi. l.awer
miii, 'S c(llt; .Min. J. J. lirnwn, $."; Mm.
Thoni.iH Ilob.ui, $.",; Mis. .. .1 Casey, $-'",;
Mrs. 1'. J. CMaey, $:'."; Mis. M. V. O .Mul
ley, $:.; Mis. IMtilek liuvlii, Jli U.
ijiihin, Hi Mis. J. II. Du'siin, 11; Mli
Muignret Ciiyle, M cents: .Mrs, 11, (Viry,
Jl; .Mis. I'. A, H.iuett, SJ; .M. Iliuiis, $:,.
KiiIkIUs ut Columbus bread, hum ami
fruit; Trade) .s' Coal Co., bairel npples;
Coisiiniei' Ice Co., leo for tho season;
YV. J Maivel, llsh, fiult and veKotnbli's,
every week; Miss Kalo h. Muwu, Zi lbs,
flour; a. filend, tea, coffee and cakes; .Mis,
John Hiuno, bushel pmutoes; Mrs. John
Kelly, W lbs. Hour; Mrs. John Keefe, ::
lbs. buckwheat, nine beads nf eubbuiso;
Mr.". Thom.ib Kennedy, box kers; Mi".
(Sinister, HIlNo stieet. bairel nppleH; .Mrs.
I'lillll; Sehioeder. :f lbs. Hour; Mis. I'on
rad Schineder, b.iriel flour, ease crack
ers; a filend, bnnvl Hour; Mrs. Itoluwas.
s-er, box bread, c.ikes, two dozen iieam
puffs; .Mrs. David Iteillv, l( lbs. Hour;
Mrs. John Hulk, bus of pointoet, mid a
UlesjMls. M. I', l-'lalieity. blanket; .Mrs.
Or, (iarvey, uroeeilesj ijdiigo l' At'--Carty,
bairel ciaekers; V,h McCarty, bir.
rol apiilos; .Mary MeCiuty, b.uket i'iirnj
Mis. Akiics Moylcs O'Malley, two pieces
Klnghanis; u filend, barnd Hour; .Mis. W,
11. IIiiKKiiii, ens.i of (,'iiods; Mrs. O, T.
limit. W lbs. Hour; .Mr. and Mis. Clins.
(iiozenwr, barrel (lour; Joseph, Maiy and
Kail flioiiengcr, Hi Mis.; a friend,
hum mid baenu; M. M. Ituddy, bariel
ollur; Mis. AValker. Uiecu Itlilge. id yalds
oiiIIuk llanucl; .Mlhs S.u.ih Metvin, bushel
apples; Mis. INitriik Ci.ivln, lluvu con
densed mill;; Miss Kllz.ibeth Wnlsh, bar
lol crackeis; .M. J. Kelly, bniiel crack
ers; Clarke Ihos.. barrel Hour; Mrs. Mi
chael Morrison, Cnibnndale. barrel Hour;
T. J. Kelly, case of canned fruit and con
doused mill;; Thomas l.oflus, barrel as
sorted canned Roods; W, F. llolnud, JO
lhs crackers, tluco cms condensed milk,
n filend, 13 quarts pickle; T. 1 Mason,
box boap; a filend, four doxeu glasic;.
Excursion Rates to New Orleans, In.
aud Hetuin Vin Southern Itrtilwny,
On necount annual meetings National
Hardware Association and American
Hardware Manufacturers' Association
nt New Orleans, La,, Nov. rj-lilst, 1S02.
tho Southern railway will sell round
trip tickets from Washington, V. C. to
t riiis so
floi Well.
tho stomach for nourishment and renewal that
will proparo them to satisfactorily perform their
functions and resist dhenso. Stuart's Dyspops!.
Tablets do cot simply stlmulato but they tone,,
strengthen and build up tho stomach, make If
active and capable of converting food into puro
rich blood that will fully feed tho half-starved'
tissues so they trill develop Into fulMunetlonod
Thoro aro many remcdlos on tho market for
Impaired or perverted digestion but nono aro to '
safe, so economical, so convenient, so effecting ,
so popular, as are Stuart's Dyspopsla Tablets,
Whether tho dyspepsia Is of long standing or Is I
merely a case of temporary Indlgostlon, they glvo r
prompt and pronounced rollef. Their continued J
uso will euro all forms of digestive Inefficiency, ij
JSy promoting porfoct dlgostlon Stuart' Dys'
pepsla Tablets produco puro blood, sound and)
healthy flosh, strong nerves; make tbs ejresi
bright, tho slcln clear, tho mind cheerful, tho
sleep natural and restful. Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets aro easily and cheaply obtained lor they
are sold at all drug stores at CO cents a box. -
Vrlto to F. A, Stuart Co.. Marshall, Mleb.. for
their book on stomach diseases. It Is free; a
postal card will bring It; eend ono to-day.
Academy of Music
M, Rels, Lcsseo and Manager.
A. J. Durfy, Business Manager.
Week slf Nov. 3. .
Matinees Dally Commencing Tuesday.
Hnntley-Moore Stock Company
XI1W Seenory, Wnvdrobes. Plas.
Three Vaudeville Acts.
DHIPCO Alatlnce, loanl 20c.
rlUuLO Night, 10, 20 and 30c.
Ladies' Admitted for 15 cents
Mondny Night, Limited to 300.
The Dixie Theatre
I.csseo and Manager.
Sam Lockliart's
Trained Elephant?
The Three Livingstons
Deaves Marionettes
And Other Big Acts.
Ladles, 30 cents; Men, -0 cents.
Monday. Tucduy and Wednesday,
NovEMUiin a, 1 and ;.
Irwin's Big Show"
High School Audituriuin
Thursday, Nov 6.
ICth Seinl-Annual Tour.
Will l'icseut
The Greatest Collection
loving Pictures
Ever Seen in A.
Actual I.lvliiR Scenes of tho Oilcnt Pin
nti'il with IhilllliiK iciillsm
A (Ir.iiul SeiKs in nccnea 111 i.onucciion
With tho
KING EDUAllI) VII. Seems of L'neMimpled Splen
dor ami MiiBiilindo.
I'rlees- 1'iipllt-. Si eent; others, W) cents
Dl.isioina of Ubcived scuta ut 1'owellH
Mualc Slnic.
New Orleans, I.a, on Nov, mtli. 17th
and ISth at rate of ono fare, vise,
?.'7.30; final limit 10 days from datd of
tnlo. rorrespondlngly low rales from
other points.
The Southern railway operates three
throush trains dully with Pullman
ilKiw liiK-mom bleeplmr cars from New
York, Philadelphia, and Washington to
New Orleans without chant,?-; dining
car set vice on all through tialns.
Charles Iv. Hopkins, district passen
ger ugent, SJS Chestnut street, Phlla
dtlphU will furnish all Information.