The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, October 22, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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    " f " Twiv?'" ' Hn
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ttyi jkrattfon CvtBune
rnhlUhul Dlly Except Holiday, by Th Tribune
I ' mbllihlnf Company, at Fifty Centi Month.
mvy b. nicianD ....... kmto.
o. t. hyxbeb bummim Mamahir.
Knitted t th rostoulce t BerAtiton, m Second
U1M Mall Matter.
When apnea will permit) The Trllnme la
ntwiiyi Bind to print hortlottera rroni It.
frlendi bearing on cnrront tuple, hut Ha
rule la that tlieae miiat lin aligned for pub.
Mention, by tho wrlter'a ronl nunie) ntut
tlio comlltlon precedent tn nrccplniice la
thnt nil contrlbutlnna alinll lie aulijcct to
editorial raTliInn,
The following table rtioiva tha price per Inch "uli
Intertlon, pac-e to lie tned within one year:
It.Ul Of 'l'
I'" Itl-Klllllg
.Ml ' ' .Y
.411 .44
.10 .1 1
,:r, ,'.;3
i,ii "
i em t ti iriSTtiTl i r
(0 Iniliff . . .
too " . . . .
SJO " . . . .
MM " , . . .
lOW " . . . .
For card, or thanks, molntlum of condolence, ntid
llmllar ronlrllnitlnii. In Uib imtnre r ml vrrtl.tnr.
'Iho Tribune make a chari;i of 5 cents a line.
Sl'IIANTO.V. ocToism;
Lieutenant ilovetiRii'- V W tllimVN.
SeiKtuiv nt liileiiiul Alfiili-- ISAAC l.
Congress-WII.U.WI CuNNIll.l,.
Jticlne-A A VUrtlll'lHl
coimi!iifiin-is- .ioiin commit JIOn
Jlllio lnieetni -I.I.IZWIlf.YN M. IA
Kenatoi--.101IN II .lOWDA.V
Khit DNnut .iorii:i'it
Second Distill t-joiix scni:t 1:1:, JR.
Thin! Dlihlcl -KDWAltD i.wir.s.
1'nilitli Dlstllfl-I'. A I'll II. I1IX
nii'clloi. tiny. Nov. t
It Nn't lung until pli'ciliin il.iy, lint It
Js long i-uough to cii.ibie every thinking
working: 111. 111 tn titlst his vvelfutt' lo
tin-1 Republic .111 i:ut ami not to tlie
ctiliiiiiity bowline: Pi-iiiiier.u-y.
Hnke It a Good One.
-y-ili: si'lUIT or Si-ciotuiy
I .Moody's itii-iitinii .Monday
JL night .mil tin- ileiiinnsti.iiluii
of heulth.v I'epiibllcun en
thusiasm eviiKul by hN m.isteily
speech indli.ile tliiii .ill i vw-ll In this
repii'seiiltitlve. It lin Iinlcil .ill c lit---.t"-.
Aleicli.tnts and men sat
alongside niliipi'-, iiiipcnleK ,iuil work
iiigineii 01 v.tiloiis n.ides. Kepublli .111
iMH is big ( miugli lor .ill :unl its liene
llts dNtilbuti- among nil.
This mooting sntisllH-. ii- thnt the il
tompt of e-oi'tiiln InllueiU'es 10 use the
strike nnd il dlseoids ns .iKcncles 0!'
dtsruptioii of oidlnniy p.n ty ties is not
succeeding and eunnot cuciecd. Tills
means thnt the opponents 01 Uepuhli
canisiu must simul or Mil on their own
merits, nnd inn-Minn Ii ns they linun'i
nny meilt politically, beius; without
chin t, issue or compass-. It is safe to
bt'liee Hint the. will Mil, as ihey de
pei ve to.
Nevertheless, Ceptibliwin.s will be
wise to k" liHht on ns If tliey expeited
to have the lisht of their lives. H will
not be Iouk until the cainpaiKii is oer.
Ten days ol eiiPifrelic woik will stialn
no one. it will lealiy lie a wekoun- ie
lief fiom t lie business tension of ihe
past five months. And a tlioiouuh lit-k-Inp;
of the opposition will liae tills ad
vantuso it will hlmpllty 111.1 1 lei .s in
Theieloie, liepulilii.ius up and at
William Counell, the- man, you nil
know. William ('tmuell, the ctiuaii i"-s-man,
stands loi Uepublicilnisin, piofi-i-tss
and inospeilty. Those who want
Kiiod times nnd steady wast"- will make
no mistake in voting for til in.
The Ripper.
IP ISN'T an issue In this campaign:
It Is only mug In by the Dem
od.itle oigan because tliu slock
ol 1p.1l Issues J10111 tile DeiuuLiiit
ic ttandpoiut is small and measly, and
because expel lence has shown that
some voler.s an be sciiipiI by any kind
of n fool howl it it is made Iouk uiioiikIj
nnd loud enough tn diown out theli
judRiuent and lommoii seu.-e.
Hut if they waul to talk lipper let us
insist that Ihey tell the tiuth. AVI10
drew up tlie Upper.' one of the kin
dest (luiiuiri In tin- ile was Ucoiko V.
Cutlule, now tunnliiH: on the Dem
ocratic ticket for lieutenant novel nor.
tluthrle slioiiled lor a lipper until jou
inlght hae believed Hint If he didn't
net one he would never lie happy tiKuln.
When William Ponuell uiul other level
headed Tll'lHIUlllMUH weio wuiiiIiib thti
leadeis ut Ilarrlsbuiff Hint the ripper
clause in Hie now tlty clmrtpr bill was
loaded, nnd that they would have
tiouble If tiny undertook to yank out
of olllce men duly eketcd by te of
Ihe people. It was Hie yelling of sink
variable letounei.s as llutluie that
xwuutr the leKlslatuie over on the side
0MI10 tipper and laiuined Hint meiis
ure throiiRli. It Is no dlsueilli to Will
iam t'onuell 01 to any liopubllcait as
sociate of his fiom Lackawanna toun,t When they saw Hint the passage
of the hill wufi lne liable they deter
mined to uiitke the best of It, Thus It
was that A. A. Viwliinp;, now candidate
for oiphans court Judj;e, then city so
licitor, was sent for, together with a
committee of councils, to assist In wilt
ing Into the Upper bill piovlslons
necesbtiiy for Set anion's welf.iie, 'Pliny
pucceeded In making u much better hill
than It was oiiglnally, and the lesults
since the measuie has been in opera
tlojt in our city justify tL. c.ia, ,mt
Scrunton has neer been better kov
crned. Jiut. they buy, Cunnell lipped out
MJir, tlius Insulting tho choke of the
people. That, of couise, Is not true,
Molr was not tipped. He leslgned.
And when Governor Stone asked Jlr.
Council to recommend 11 bticcess-oi' lie
made a choice which we are ccituln Is
giving general satisfaction. Pity af.
falis ate running smoothly for the first
time In years; every department of the
city government Is being bysteinatlzed
and put on an economical and ellleient
basis; the ciedlt of the city wus never
higher, and when they say that taxes
Mve been increased they ay what Is
not true. Tuxes have been efiii1lzed!
assessments have been ievlied nnd
inntlo equitable and In consrtieuec of
more Inislliess-llke method, the. reve
nues have grown but tho burden on
the Individual cllken Is lighter than It
luin been In years unit lie Is getting his
money's woitli,
All of which Is leiilly out of place In
the pipsent campaign and will come tip
ninie pioperly next spthiRi when 11 new
lPLorder Is In be chosen. HUl If our
"ituil-iniichliic' friends think that 11
iliscuuskin of the subject now would
make their Doubled pathway easier we
me .lust sympathetic enough to give
them Hip beliollt of it.
The "irolley giab," which nlteriiatps
Willi the "Infniuous ilpper" In the local
Demociiicy'o exhibit of political lmr
101 H. had for lis piiipoe simply the
IPKiillalng of belter conveyunce facili
ties In cltlrs; and no chnitor gianlpd
under It becomes effective until ap
iii'piI bv the muiiiclpal allthorlllps of
the ell 01 cities nlfpcted. The bur
den of responsibility Is thereby placed
Upon Ihe tlty councils and executive,
and 110 light In Scianton has been
snc-iiflied or Is In danger of outrage.
Tlie "antl-inachlnp" Democracy, In Its
sote sitaits for something with which
to dhert attention from Its own Iu
moiitllKntloii, cannot fake Its way Into
power by any such dap imp.
Hack to Work.
BllFOlllC the pre.-ent sliike
was called, Tin; Tilhune op
posed It as unwise. During
Its progiesjj we tiled earnest
ly to theck its excesses and keep it
within the bounds of llbtity regulated
bv law. Now that It is at an end, we
slnceielv hope that the men. women
and clilldiell who hae been put to suf
letlng by It may soon enjoy again the
Independence of sull-suppoi t and mpld
ly regain what the) have lost.
Tlie umuiier of ihe ending of tlie
stiike lellects credit upon niltiei s' or
ganization. At the call of humanity
as voiced by l'lesldeiit ltoosevell. dis
sc'iHion was put 11-lde and an unani
mous ote given lor a leiuiti to work.
'Phis action, taken In the fine of the
I ei tn In knowledge, candidly communi
cated b I'lpsldviit .Mitchell, tint all tlie
stilkeM could not Iminedlately get
back their old places, exhibited 11 lo.val
side to Hie miiieis' i liaracter tlie sen
timent of loyalty to ellleient lenduship
and ot giatltude and coiisldeiation for
the public suppoit and Intel est. We
consider till- spectacle the must ini-pies-he
and Ihe most hopeful one in
the whole sad panorama of the stilku.
II must hi lug a new measure of public
sympaili lo the miners' side in the
healings hefoic the aibitiatlon com
inission and (ontribute uiutei tally to
the demand loi a Ihoiough liglitiug of lal wiong-.
'J'lie strike has been piollfie In les
son" and ll is yet too soon to enuniei
ate 111 discuss tlieiii elfectlvel ; but
one k's.-on above otheis may aheady be
noted, and that Is the Immediate inert
ol banishing lioni our midst the spiilt
ot laucoi which tor tin eo ye.ns has
e.ed and einbitleied our industilal le
latlous, anaying lapltal against labor,
to the Inniiy of both, and (unveiling a
peaceful and piopemus alley into n
theatti ol lestle-siu'sw, jealou-les, tui
moil and lawlessness. 'Phis whole long
intu-val of agony has been a pitiable
mistake. It was not called for and
that wlili h has been gained by It or
Ihiough It does not begin lo ininpeu
sale lor what lias been lost in couse
iuence ol It. Tlie .sphlt of conlioversy,
ol contention, of quick and uncalcltlal
ing strile is a lo-ing linestinent lot
bulk woikingincn and employe-is; and
now .is the (in lain Is utiig down on
the final act in this tiugedy of enors,
let Its di-ient 111.11 k the end of such
lolly tor n generation to come and let
eveiy decent poison throughout the
coal Melds face about to make of the
futuie a time ot peace, reconciliation,
piogiess and piospeilty.
I lax lug oigani.ed the work of the
new oiplians' coilll and got exeiytliltlg
going as it should go, Judge Vosbuig,
011 nieiit, nsks 10 be conllnilPtl, and the
Itcpubllcaii jiaity cheerfully endorses
his icqitiM. ric-oive the political bnl
unie ol thejudklar by electing lihn.
The Venezuelan Rebellion.
A(li:i:.T VICTOItV is u-poited
to have been gained by Piesl
t dent L'aslio oxer (leneial Meu
dou, the lebel leadei, Theie
does not seem to be any doubt that
altei a battle lasting seveial days that
a Lonsldeiiible number of ihe contend
ing hosts wue killed 011 either side,
fastio plating the slain among the
enemy at tlnee thimsuud soxen huii
ilied. 'Phis Is not perhaps Miipilslng,
consldeiing that the sun was m; de
giets on the field of battle and that
the nibble tngagid in this 1 evolution
aie neither men nor soldiers; neither
gave (planer nor incepted It,
It Mendoza's lout Is as overwhelming
as fasti o says It Is, the Venezuelan
1 evolution should be drawing to a close.
That unhuppy country has borne dur
ing the last eight uioiitliK the 1 tailless
and Miiigtilimiy despotism of a dic
tator and the tumultuous and lint laps
ing incuislons of a iebd general that
asphes to be one. A stale of society
In which revolution Is always Imminent
or normal Is as dis.wstious to the 1110ml,
muteiiul and political luteiests of the
(ountry as II Is siibveislvo to Individual
Riu-igy and the social seciuliy of the
citizen. It Is the policy ot the rolled
.States to lccogulze any dictator who
muceeds In establishing his political
pi ('dominance hi the Latin 1 (-publics tor
the time, lie may claim fiom us dlpln
umtlc and iuleriinllounl lecngnitlou, and
we tieely atcoid It, and Km ope follows
our example. Khniild we continue to do
so without scrutinizing Ills ciedeutlals
to executive supieiuacy nioie closely
than we habitually do? Our attitude
tuwaid the Latin lepublhs Is not ex
clusively a political one. In formulating
the .Mom oe doctilne xxe uko assumed
to a certain dcgiee a moral responsibil
ity. As the happiness of the Individual
can only be seemed by the general wcl
fiue of the community to which he be
longs, bo the happiness of the Individual
nations composing this continent can
only bo secured tluoiigh the gieut wel
fare of all that compobe it. '
It is childish to claim thai these wur
ilng icpubllvs have the goyeuiment of
their choice mid that II Is an Imperil
Hence to question the xvlsdoni or dis
cretion of their selection. One of the
chief ends of government' Is stability,
Without that Ihere Is and can only bo
uiiitiehy. We nie protecting these to
nubile fiom tho consequences of titclr
crimes and folly. After this revolution
In Venezuela I over, If dutio remain,
supieinc xvo shall continue the existing
Intel national icIiitlniiHhlp with him
without leqttlitlng guarantees thnt he
has 11 legitimate plectornl title or any
title that passes tin rent among civil
ized stales. Does any one suppose that
flormany would have chastised tin In
sult to her Hag the other day by sink
ing nuuely a nilsoiablq Venezuelan
gunboat; or. that she would have pa
tiently submitted to rustio's Impudent
ami insolent tcptttllnllau of a national
debt .some few months previously weio
she not deterred front going to extt ent
itles In lecngnitlou of our moral us well
as our political altitude toward these
feiineiitliig 1 epubllcs'.' Tho Monioe doc
lilne, ll Is true, recognizes the right of
foielgu governments to seek icpurntlou
ot South AniPilcan 1 epubllcs tlnough
the oiellnnry methods, when they me
In contumacy. It is morally certain,
however, Unit anything like a tempor
ary foielgu occupation of Venezuela or
any oilier of these Llllputlan lppubllcs
north of the Amorous would mouse all
our latent national Jealousy and fence
us pel hups Into a war with the Invest
ing nation to pi event an admitted Ihco
letlcal principle bpconilug a concrete
The lime It- coming when, lor their
sake, to Justify our pioleelorate over
them and In the luteiests of tlie pence
of the world, wo shall be obliged effect
ively to dkchaige those police func
tions in South Aineilcu. us a policy
which, we nie, as a necessity, tenta
tively pprfonnlng on the Isthmus ot
A paiiy which only piospeis xvhen
tho country is in trouble and whick
builds Its soli hope of success upon Its
ability to woik up discontent Is not a
paity 111 tin the support of any healthy
American. choose the sunlight, not
tlie shadow.
Kiieiul and foe alike admit John
Sc heiier has made one of the most ef
ficient and success! ul lepiesentntlves the Second legislative district ever
had at Hat rNliuig. JJp-elect him.
3Ioi 1 Is and Penman have done so well
in the (ouiuy coniiiilssioneis' ofllce that
the fair thing to do is lo re-elect them.
That, by the way, is what the people
intend to do.
denial and obliging Kddie James,
whose th st tenn in tlie legislaluic
laugh t hhn how to do things, will go
back this w Intel with a lush. He can't
be head"d.
Clean, cool and self-owntd, P. A.
Phllbin, in his Mist leim at Harils
buig, won everybody's lespect. Fourth
ilisiiict voters have a light to be proud
of him.
Hilly .Mason's depnrtiue 1 10111 the Ke
piiblli'iiu pai ty leaves a hole nboiu the
size ol which would be observed
upon lilting one's Pingei from a pail of
The latest annexation talk indicates
that the Cubans would be willing to
nm tlie 1 ountry and allow I'ticle Sain
to pay the bills:
A modest but deserving young man
is John P.. Joidan. His lriends aie
legion and they will make hhn senator
by a nattering majority.
Jofpph Ollvei's lecoid in (ouncils Is
a good enough guarantee, thnt he will
do his duty Mithlully at itari Isbiug.
Pioinole linn.
It must be lalkcr dl-coui aging to the
tlon. David Hill to observe that his
plans had nothing 10 do with the stilhe
'Pile best xvay to show gratitude for
the settlement of the strike Is to vote
Hie ticket of the paity that sellled It.
A vote for Pennypaeker Is a vote of
satisfaction xvitli tho new unity of slate
Republicanism, l.el us have peace.
Mine then ever now our mines will
need good Inspection. Vole lor Kvaiis
and Williams-.
Xo filend of Theodoie UoosovoU will
voto to tie his hands with a Democrat
ic congress,
The election piophet Is about the only
one w ho has a sine thing this year.
Xo strike was ever settled In a man
ner in please iveiybody.
A staff coiiespoiiilciit ot the Day lesion 11
Dally Intelligencer who was in Scianlon
Inst week wiltes this about the city
"Heianton husile.
"Those two wuiils tell tllu Whole slot''
III a nutshell.
"A western city, planted In the uoith
cistern pait of I'oiuisy Iviinlu, steadily
glowing now, with tho piospect of even
gieator Mildes In the Inline, with all th huslncts men nt the city doing
their utmost lo push the plmo Into the
loicniost of the business w oi lit of today,
Is what Seianton leally is,
Restless, tiiulcs activity, a vvilliiiBncvs
to inking .1 daihig Initiative, a civic and
Inrtuslilally ciulie sphlt, uiitrutiuuejoil
by useless traditions, ilcli In
tilings nnd, as xvoll, in tho culluin and
Ic-llneint'llt of Its cltUens-educntioiinl In.
stilutlnns of icicigulzed nieiit, stihslniitlal
and handsomely built, excellent Hanspoi
union 1111 Illtli'S, nil these go to do their
i.ut in inuUIng Hciatilou a city that would
tell Us foiuidc-is, could ihoy see It today,
Hint they 'bulldc-d bolter limn they know '
"Kd.uilnil Is one of tlio few places that
novel' expel lemcil a 'boom ' Its giow'th
was always steady and poimaiionl pos.
bly lather blow lot tho Mist lew yen 1.1,
but veiy siuely. Indeed liieoipoiuteil ns
a boiougk hi lii'iii It had then u population
of thien thousand. In 1m, with a papu
lallon of twenty llioiisuud, it was ciealed
a llillil class tlty . In fifteen yc-ais theie
wete over a luimlicd thousand illj.cns
aad Hciaiiton was a second class city
.Moio than that, the population within
Bhoit disliiuces of city hull Is veiy con
sicloiuble. Inside of 11 two and a half
mllci laillus theie aie about nuo liundied
and twenty tlinusand; within twenty
miles tho llu'Uie is set at toui hunched
"One thing that points, as cleuily na
nny uno thing will, to hp way In which
tho city Is glowing eonies xvhen the vis
itor Is told Hint HiPio tue forty miles ot
sttoet cur lines within Hip city limits,
xvhllo extending beyond hip sevpnly-ilve
miles of track,
"Tito Reiantonliiu points with pildo to
tho fact that theie imp folly public school
buildings, of which the total value Is St.
'.TiO.OuO; 0110 bundled and twenty-live man
ufartuiliig establishments, their xaliie as
Investment: iiKgiPgatlug J.'.'.OOO.IKW; twnlvo
bunks with deposits ot ,2.,,81l!,oofl
"Seianton, only llih ly-four yeais old, Is
showing liupiovciuoiits Hint iiiigur well
for tho yenis to come. And notwith
standing lids golug-alipild the bonded
debt Is kept down lo what 1110 elsewheio
excessively low llguies,
Sei anion, consUlerrd iilllliidluously, Is
seven bundled and Ilfty roet aboVo tins
sea. level, Tim rloso proximity of many
hikes nnd of the sunouiidltig nioiliitnlns
keeps the tcmperatuio. ns a genpinl thing,
quite fnlily pipiiiblp. The lpsldoneo por
tion of Hie city, tlio streets of xvhlch 111 o
lltietl xvitli huiulHoine lcsldonces, Is pyi
ticmoly atliactlve, xvhllo In tho business
tenter Urn buildings nie of tho model 11
consli action Hint so xvell aceoids with
the sphlt of western hustle which per
nientes cvciylhlng In the pluce."
Ois.i, Sweden, has In course of 11 gen
pi 11 lion sold !",7."i0,W0 worth or tipes, and
bv menus ot judicious lepliiutitig has pro
vlileil for 11 siinlliir Income every tlility
or forty yeais. In coiiseiiiience of this
coniinciclnl wealtli thpin 1110 no taxes,
ttallvvuys and telephone nie fiee, and
so ate school houses, teaching and many
other tilings.
Do You Know
The best place in town to
is at
412 Spruce Stieet.
309 Lacktixvniina Avenue.
We have a complete assoitment of
the 50c kind, the ?1.00 kind and all
stnndnul makes, in all grades.
Agency for Dr. Jaeger's.
Rooms 1 and 2
rTnVAl-msitratrTTAnll-a T1 A t-m
OrtW a m -"tug.
lljje at Moosic anil Hulid.ilc Work-.
Laflin & Rand Powder Co.'s
r.lectric lUtlciiei, electric Hxploderj, Kx-
ploJin? Blasts. Safely l'usr.
Atlantic City.
The temperature at the AGNDW.
On the Beach, in Chelsea, Atlantic Clt,
Moodily was 51.
Kvcry appointment of a modem Hotel.
Kentucky Avenue. That Hotel Iiom 15cjc.Ii. At
lantic Cltj, .N. J.; CO Ocejn view roonn; ca
jiaclt) 100; write loi ulcs. J, 11, Jenk
ins, Plop
On a tnur ot the Allrchanv llounui I.rhl.'li
Willcy ulhoail: near Tou imla. Datliins, fli'iliy, 1
pom, etc. i-.cmicni lauie. inuionaiile l.itcs.
V. 0., Ape, Pa. Send for booklet
j t ., c 0Sl&
IT HAS REALLY BEEN A SURPRISE to us to see how rapidly our Furniture
Trade has increased. In spite of the so called "Hard 'limes" and other adverse
circumstances we have been obliged to open a large warehouse on Spruce Street,
exclusively for this department.
We know of but one reason for this unexpected success we have shown only
the newest styles in well-Made Furniture and have made the prices as low as possible
Williams &
We have now in stock the finest display
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Mahogany sets in tlie Colonial and Na
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gantly rich. ,
Dressers and Chiffoniers in beautifully
finished Mahogany; Colonial and Louis
XIV styles.
Wc Invite Inspection Whether You Are Going to Buy at Once or Not.
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"The Sfylt? of a
It's Different !
It Is the American point of sensitiveness not to know how to do
things as they arc done by recognized authorities.
Recognized authority is another name for "Style,
woman has style you know it at once.
You examine her credentials In your
first glance at her shoes. If they are
not stylish, she is not.
The style of a "Dorothy Dodd" shoe
is the first thing that attracts attention.
It is unmistakable. The "Dorothy
Dodd" is as different from an ordinary
shoe as day from night.
But don't take anyone's word
for this ! Merely try on a
pair and see the difference in
the appearance of your teet.
The Brooks & Sanderson Shoe
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A few styles. 50 cents more
fast Color Eyelets
Wyoming Avcs,
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How to
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44 YOUNG MEN and
fit a endenvoi'liiK to secure celucntlons
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TIONAI, CONTU3T. in which S3
SCIIOIjAHSMII'S, Miliicil ut ovor
ja,r,00, mo uffoicil. The) HC'holitl ships
2 SyincUBo Unlveislty.
1 Bucknell University.
1 University of Hocltestor.
1 Waslihigton School for Boys.
1 Williamspovt Dickinson Semln
my. 1 Dickinson Colloglato Prepara
tory School.
1 Newton Colleginto Institute.
1 Keystone Acndemy.
1 Brown College Preparatory
1 School of the Lackawanna.
1 Wilkes-Baire Institute.
1 Cotult Cottages.
4 Scranton Conservatory of Music,
4 Hardenbergh School of Music
and Art.
3 Scranton Business College.
5 International Correspondence
2 Lackawanna Business College.
2 Alfred Wooler's Vocal Studio.
Soveial of thc&p hc-liol.iinlilps Include
not only tuition, but hIho licmul, room,
heat, llslit and Inutility for iiotlods of
two to lour yeais. Among theso lltty
one youncr people there are thlily
tluco who aie leallv stilvliiK to serine
cdiiciitloim, and their names appear on
aiiolllol- n.-lirn nf Tim '11 llltinn OVCl'V
inonilnt,'. in the table Knowing the f
HtanillnK of Contestants." rney
should be enrotu-nRc-d In their com
mendable endeavor.
If vou are not already a subscilber
to Tlie Tribune, send a note to some
one of the contestants, lequestlng a
Or, better still, send your subscrip
tion to The Tilbune, together with the
money to pay lor same, designating
some contestant which you wish to re
ceive tho credit.
Contestants are ci edited with one
point for every month you pay In ad
vance. The pi Ice ot Tho Tribune In
advance is:
One month J ."in 1
Tlnee months 1.21 "
Si- months 2.M fi
One jnr ....' 500 12
contestants m.iteiiallv by furnishing
them with a list of ft lends who might
bo Induced to take The Tribune.
Or. they can personally request theso
fi lends to subscribe.
Or. tliev can send Tho Tribune to
their f i lends, paying tlio money them
selves. Jlnnv ate doing this and toe
contestants are very giatcful for this
wholn-liearted aid.
B Remember: The Tribune a rcmica
tlonnl Contest closes October 1'j. at S
I No points not In Tho Tiibuno office 1
8bv the 11 ist stioko of S. as told by tho I
Court House clock, will lie counted. I
t-.-v-i-.i--nt-. 'Pl.rtcn , At.nUfnfl Tnv tnnll n
anil' postma'i keel at or before S p. m. I
Do You Want
a Good Education?
Not a thort course, nor an course,
nor a cheap course, but the best education
to be had. ho other education Is worth
ipendini; time and money on. K jou do,
write (or cntilojue ot
Easton, Pa.
ivhleh oflen tlioioujh preparation In tha
l.ngineeung and Chemical I'roleiaons aj well
la the ri'sular Colleju coursed.
Syracuse, N. Y.
Ol'"Ti:nS. beside the K'uulnr Collese
c'oiiim"'. Eleclilciil and
Civil KiiKliiPoilug, Ali'hlleiture, Mulo.
l'..illtiilg, Law, .Meilli'liio. bixlolos
mill IVdngOBv
OVllll KtlltTV of the lending unlvci
slllcs nf this counliy and l.umpp "
U'liieseiited on Iho liictllty nf Iho Mil
er.ll Alts Ciille-ge Tuition expenses
aio so inoilciiitc that they aio less
than tho lees In some colleges wncie
lice tuition is jjlvcn
Send for Catalogue.
IteguliH finite Notimil Courses and
Special IJepul intents of MumIo, illoc-u
lion. AH, Di.iwlug. .Slenugiuiiliy and
Tniwiitliiri; Htiong i'ollt'Ko
tui l)cMitmeiu
Hoarding umiciiscs $.1.30 per wccl.
Pupllit adiiillted at uny tlnio. Wlutei
Teun opens Dee 20th Wiiio for cam
lofc'iie T, . ,
u. U. iVi-lir, A. 41.,
1' lllelp.ll.
SsCltANTO.V, lA.
T. i. Potter, I'letldtul Klmer II. Uwtll, 1
tt. i, rotter, Etinlejr p, Allen,!
Vice Preililent. Bil
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