The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, October 22, 1902, Page 3, Image 3

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    w.?!! . . i rnipKJ'n "r"Wi 3!g5r,s?p(56.B'! "v wvsa' vTgftimpmmr , ? j--.rvJW's w$?z
SJwFtTSww ii,fssmR 4- t f
Are What I Am
po vou nlwajs scud with piisp?
Anjwhete, liny light, any point
It so, you mo toitunute; If not,
jots are still foitunntp In hnvlng
help tlto sci vices of ii skilled ejo
H fractlonlt one who has px-
(IIUlUCll MIUl fitted glllKFPH to llUll-
dreds oi cjes and never made a
! tannot nffoul to make fall
uic. You cannot affoid to allow
thop who make fiilhues to ex
periment on jour eyes'.
One chaigc covois the cntite
cost of my examination,
glasses and frames.
Dr. B. A. Baer
Eye Specialist.
331 Washington Ave.
Coiinfy Savings Bank
and Triisf Company,
506 Spruce Street.
in Sums of
.md pays ; per cent,
lei est thereon
Xi. A. WATRES, Piesident.
0. S. JOHNSON, Vice-Pics.
A. H. CHRISTY, Cashiei.
Yv m r lIalltoid, li:icitti .imn,
i: P Klmtsbtuj August linblnson,
(I h .T(ilin-on. I In, O ISl ien,
T- A IVntlos,
Mm Mm
vtf u r.m
'ft Ail fi Cj jt33k.
Look Pleasant1 Yon can't help
showing .1 pliis,iut ipif tioii wlun
on come to inspect 0111 oods in Will
I'.ipu Shmlo mil Paints Um Roods
.110 now and up to d n.
Plctuio .iml I'ii tin. 1 1 iin- In ill
ttvle rnul iis
Wo ri um I'muio-, it Pniloiv
Jacobs & Fasold
SOD Washington Aions.e.
Opposite Conn House.
... i
Tlic Uiavv Will "
2 Morris' Magnet Cigars 8
, i n let aim for." (cuts. y
1 lln 1 AlI illli fnc " mnlr.
'I i one tuid on will smoke no A
tin r v
1 1 "" '' iliiic li lima of "c
C-4HS at 1 7". )it linx. 01 0 foi lit
'Mi" liiisot vniletv ol I'lpta and
Tlnerns In tn-vn
Tno Cigm Man
iW5 Washington Avenue.
The City
No Quotum Piesent.
uwlns? to tlio iilisoiici ot .1 ruioiuni tlii.
loud id fis'ioi laii d 1 1 .' 1 1 1 1 1 ." did nnl hold
tlioli U'iilu mutlnr, ovenliiK.
Bankruptcy Petition,
lulin A HtoM n-, ot Tliuo Kpt iut;-. j oi.
tpnlnv iiIhI n petition in t inUi upti-j In
tin I'nltPil Ht.iUH dim lit coiul Ills
i1iltlc ate $10 in si and liis awsots only
f I.Ul ly,
Qleo Club to Meet.
'I ho Not Hi 13ml tiloo iluli will miot on
buisila.v nlnht fm U' 'lln nium-
ifiB mi, rciiui'sii il in m l on 1'ilduy
ili;ht nt t ' o'olook foi .ittemliUKu at iIim
j.jioum nui'H nuoUni;
Donations for Septcmbei.
Tliu mull iKPlilPtit of tlio I'luioiiiP mlh
elon Ri.itd'ullj iiiIuiowIhIkm tlm liilluwlnt,
clon.itlims ini tli month ot Soptuinlmr
with MiaiikH, Munul'H and I'louo'h mm
I. ut. k -olulilps mid tt nit iuckly; ZiMd
Ill's and l.lnduei, Ini id iind lolls woijU.
; Urn. I'llt. applis, timutoes, pout i,
piap i, tin co quail i annul linll, litpnk
liiHt loud. Mih C'utwfunl, onu lioltla
MnclnR, Mibj KlikputtKli, nno b.iikul
pcarliph, Jlis- Alunm Hull, uno-linlf pound
da; Mrs Ktidlo, nioail A.L. Slollo, tout
InilclH applis, Jlic Tnjlm, input! .Mis
Bilinnip, clothing: and mlllnor, .Mrs. l.
I )'ii n, iicctH and hiiiiihIi, .Mih. II. ?I
Itdlcs, miat; .Mih, Dlclil, enko and ful,
Mu, Kn,, Mii MiClae, dlblips,
Dr. Rtaululej, dentist, Spiuca utiont, ton
iiollan woith of woik; Pi. Anna Clark,
profutslonul soniiu, 'Jrllmno, Itopuldloan
Bnd 'truth dillj; CoiiHiimeiH Iio Co, ho
dally; I.niltawnnna Unity, milk dilly, ico
cicani once.
H. Company Building New
Bleaker nud Wnsheiies.
Delaware and Hudson company
tins linked nut rioiiikI for a new hrcak
cr at MnjUrtd, near the Pondoilv
slope, nhoitt n mite notlhent of the
Mnvflpld stntlon,
It will bp a dotthlp hiPiikei, Itavlnn;
both "wet" nntl "dry" sides, and li to
ho htiltt In the most modem fimhlnn.
It will co"t $70,000 and have n rapidly
of liMO toni.
The new tticnkei will ptopate the
ptodttct of the I'owdPilv, Caibondnlo
No. 1 tuul small hIzpi fiom the Coal
htook. The new bioakor will relieve
the bli? Conlhrook, whlrh now tnki")
cnip of the pioduel of noaily all the
Dplitwaio and Itudon nilnei In that
vli'lnllj. Heslde Ineieanlng' the out
put Il will pt event the necessity ot
shutlliiK clown of these collletles when
the Coalhiook Rets out of otdor, which
has happened with nnnolng frofittency,
The nninti of the new bleaker will bp
the Powderly No. .'.
The poinp.tny, yestetdny, inHed the
fintno work of a now annex washer j
at the I.egRett's Clock eollleiy In North
Hcranton, anil It pieparlng' plans for a
1,200 ton annex wniheiy nt the Von
The now Inuakct and washoiles when
completed will lnireao the oninpany's
capacity by noaily 1,000 tons u daj.
County Cominissioneis Have Re
ceived the Foim of the Ballot
to Be Used Nov. 4.
The county cotninlssloiieis hae le
cihed f i oin IlnnlbbuifT the foim of
the olllclal ballot to be used on No. A.
It will be ton colunin In width, and
will 1up the follow Ihk: tickets 'on If
nupubliiMii, Prohibition. Ho-
ilallstlc Laboi, Socialist. Citlens, Anti
M.iiliiui, Iiallot lluloiin and I'lilim.
There Is also the blank column iPiiulied
by law foi the man who Is not satlsllod
with the candidates on tho lefjulir
llikets. The landldatos on the lit pub
lican and Democi.ilic tickets ate:
Ilopllblllllll CillMTllOt, SlllnllOl V. Pl'll-
inpiiko', llontoiumt f,ovoinoi, "William
M. Hi own. 'outtarv ot intrrnal ntfnlis,
I i.iiip t! Ill own, coiiRios, William (' m
nell. 'tuatoi, John I! .Ionian, rppicni n
tilth o, riit dlstilct, Joseph Olliti: Sec
ond illstriil John J S lioiicr, Tbiid dN
tikt, Kdwaid Tnims l'oiull. district. V.
A I'liilbin. oiphans' limit IndBe. A A
Vir-lnu,, lonntv i om.iilssloiii i-, Joliu '.
Mori i-. Jolin JVninin initio ln-pcotoM,
l.c illMi M i:ans, DiUI T Willi un-.
Diniorntii uooinoi, ltohoit 13 l'nt
tion Iti. tilt nnut hinoiiini Oourf,o W.
rjutlirlc , .pcrelarj ot Intel nil alfnh-,
bums Nolan --eiialoi I' 1". I'lilpin,
kKlitnie, I'li-l dlstilct. Tlniotln
Him,, Beiuiid dlstilcl, Tied I'lillllps,
Third dlslrkt. Willi im V I.ltts rourlli
illstilit, V I White: luunti lomini'--skmoi'-
John J Dnikln. Viitoi Hill -! In II,
mini In-picto! I' .1 Jlooir
It Will Piobibly Be Paitially Dis
pensed with Soon.
It it likch that the rcseixe -st(n,
whiih lias been In opeiallou in the
buicau ol police 'nice -hoitly attci this
in.uigiii.itiou ot the coil stilke, will be
paitially dispensed with within .i week
oi t o The niembeis ot the tone hac
been ihaHns undpi II loi some time,
and will be glad to ee the old oidci of
things lc-toied.
At pie-ent the night imn who so on
dutj at S p m and who (iilit patiolliug
at i a m , must rem tin on rescue until
8 a. in , when the men going- on dut at
noon put in an . finance and lennin
until the go oi.t on patio' The nun
(lulttlng at noon lemaiu on dining the
.itteinoou until 1 o cloik, and tin time
1 1 oin then until S p m is llllid in bj
nun i spoclalh .f-slgned
The pilmlpil obleition on the pai t of
the pitiolmcn to the piesont s..v stein Is
the w iv It bieal.s up theli sleep It is
p.obiblo that while in the futuie a ii.w
men will alas be kept cm iecote, the
'ohcdulc will be -o auanged as to per
mit them to git nil their sleep at huul-iliiiitPf-,
In -tc ad of onl pint ot it
Il W Wh.iitnn, mnuagei of Hie
Il.impj bowling nlle.s, mini out last
night tilth a chillcngo to clthoi Hie
Moseiallo or Siildn trains to pi ij an
ott?.inl7 itlot ol joungstpi whlih ho
has named the I.obsiPis, the three
guns to bo lolhd on the Hampe alliys
him Tiuwlaj night. The inenibiis of
the l.obslei toani hic noer bowled In
a league- gum1, Thev .no as tollows;
C, Williams. MiC:ociu, S Kikei, G
Ah'2t.mdcr and 13 Clark
It Is po-.sblo that a bowling It ague,
coinpil-lngr toui oi si teams, picked
fiom among the jounger bowlois, may
be oiganWed within the nct low weeks
to toll u hoi t season.
MeiPdlth Wntklns, Cli.ulci, Watklns.
and Chester Knott, thiee ehlldien ie
slding In Tilpp puk, wpip analgncd
be foi p Alderman Kass-on jpsteiday for
assaulting Adam, the j miner son of
Paul Skodn, of tlio Hilsbln patch.
The father ot the Skoda, boy allpgpil
that the other tlneo ussaultcd his child
bepuusn ho woiked In the mines. Tlio
il'ti mhints vahed a heating- and cu
te i oil ball In the sum of ?300 each,
Jaunt- Klpp, of fl, n Hold incline and
Doiothy stieet, (iiialllyiiiff us their
1,1st oi lettei.i rpiiinlulng iiiicallod for nt
tlio Hiiiinton, I'.i , postotflee, Oelnbei J.'.
ri.' I'd sons culling I or tliono Idtus will
pltaim MJ uilteitlmd and glo data ot list
13iu If Hippie, poKtm.ihU r.
Mih 13 A. Ilium, 13. A Hlnhop, Atui l
.M 13 Hi own, Milton Hnki i
Mis W, A Cams, Cannilinu Jlaunlar
till e i. I)i J M Coiutllcht (.') Mies Jon.
nlo C.ui, Miss Mai Coflmim Mih J c
Connoi. Ilomj A Colli llioigo Cassldy,
Mis N, H. CnlliiiH.
Itolon llnili . Mis I II Diiley
Mihs Josepliliio I3aiis, ,1 l.'dwanlR (loin
agent, I), Mi i3duanls, II J Uhilitiidt,
IliuJ.unlu 13miiih II Clock, Tuly J'oul
Mi and Mis John Ciouloii, ,lzlc tin
don, Mih. .Intob Outh
W T. Illglp, Mlsi Mniy Hughes, J
WpIIk Hollenbnik. Jolin Hughes, Mi,s i;
lliinibb. r, W I logins, (ieoigo Iloolev,
t! 13 HoiKlind. Jolin Hills. Mr. lijnil
liiau, Janus Hill, 13 V litilloiiho'k
(,'h.illis W, Jones, Miss Susan Jones, V,
W Johnson, C'liailes S. Km on. John il
Iviapmoi. Josupb Long, "WHIiiim I.uyUm,
Mlhs 1, halve, 'ihooilmo CI, Moirit.. John
Mildon, Mbs CiliHsIn MeKiim, II i,
Mooio, Miss Man Me Weens, Mis Wlll'nin
II Mideinau, John Million
Mis n Xim
Mlhs Jtnnln O'Dunni'll, Claieneo Otter,
Mii- Kiln O'Neill
, I'ongn & Hi aeuuitli, I. ,S I'oek, Mis
C K I'ottei
l)r Clinilcb C)uglo,
Miis Joan M itiij Simon Iticliauls,
Mis I" 11 Hoe. Allen Hoberts. Hiuiy U
Ileililtit.nii, lUwor, C'atteilne. Hodeghleio
MIsh hal.nly blmsons. Mls-s l.Uzlo Smith,
Mia, Chalks A Selinolfei , W". V Sliauen,
Miss Kitlo Stanley, Mamo 13 Same
William Tiiieun
Thomas Y Wolf Joseph Well, John J
W.Ukrs, Mrs Comad Yoims
West Scianton Station.
Kami Duniblewtiky, William Deitu. Miss
Ollbeit. Mis Maiy llulililnson. S It,
Iluglies, I3ihnul Jones, ji William Mc
Koe, 1'iank ilinlth. Mlkotl Surzljulc, Mra.
Cliuillis Taloi, .Miss Sadie Thoma3.
One of the Witnesses Testified That
He Was Wot so Than tlio Beasts of
the Field The Coddingtons Aie
Also Sepniated for Good Manner
hi Which Cases Weie Acted Upon
in Argument Comt Reversals in a
Number of Cettioiatl Cases Mar
linge Licenses.
Two decieis In dlone wetc gianted
In argument touit jostetdny linniidl
ately after the eases hail been submit
ted. They weiu Mis. Chloe Sihthtr
frilni GioiKO H. Si lit her and Albeit 13.
Coddlntfton fiom 1311abeth Coddlngton.
'I he Soluhors weie muriled May Hit,
1807, by KeV. W. A. Not ill and began
housekeeping- In South Scianton. .Mis.
Schilver wns the ilaughlei uf Mi. and
Mrs. Jacob Sihlniel, of New stioet,
and was JI yeais of ago when she ni.u
rled. She was the thin! wile Hclnhei
had piomlsed to loo and ihcllsh.
Sihihir was IS, wili;hed -JO pounds
and wotked foi the I. tik.iwntinn lion
and Steel loinpatly. Alls. Little, of
I'unn ateiuie, with whom the Sehihcis
boaidoil for a time, testified at Un
healing that his habits weie "woiso
than the beasts ot the Held."
Mis. Seluhei testified that lieu' hus
band diank hi'all almost fiom the
linn- of their man Inge and when lip
was dt mile he abused hn hamefilllv.
striking her In the fine with his hand
and his ilosed list, dilving hi i out of
the house at night and lalllng her the
most vile names Hn testimony was
iiiiioboinled bv hei -.Istei. JIUs I3tlle
Schltnei, hei latliei and niolhei and
Mis. Uttle.
Albert C. Coddlngton and llll'abelh
Coddlngton weie man lid In New Yoik
slate, Match I!, IS'M, and lived togethn
until Sipteuibei, ls'iv, wher Coddlngton
e.nue hetc to leside. tils wlto letusid
to live lieio ami has slm e peiMsted In
hei dtsntion ot him She now Ihes In
Klmlin, N. y
.ii Jtumuut was made to htay foi a
time tlm dUotio pioieedings ot It u -in
t.i liion agilnst J.unb I3ilon, when
tli- Tub lot a deciee In dhoiio came
up loi lonsldtiatlon I3iion was u
leaed a fiw weeks ago iiom the peni
tential , wlirio he spent a let m loi
criminal assault, and when ho letuineil
hoiiii' lound that elhoicc pioccedlngs
had been begun against him.
His attoine, C V. Dawson, said
e-.tal fl.ij that Mi s 131I011 had ton
domd and toighen hei husbind's of
fense and that it time was gunted b
the cottlt he telt that the. paities would
be tp-unlted Aigtiment will be le
sumed this moinlng In the ease. Oth-
ci eases weie ailed upon as follows:
AlRiicd Crank Ilollenlnck agiilist D
S llolli nlinok. ivpoptlons to ippoit nt ic
li reo 13 Hiker & Comp 1115 agilnt M uy
McAlrou, oMiptl'iis to leport ot ictoiie;
Petn Htiikc agilnst 'lemplo lion oom,. tiilp to con-olid iio to aitlon and
tile amended declaialions. Ad nil W Crn
mci against 1' 13 C'lamet. rule to mc no
dceiie hi dhiiite 1311ibctli Boei
ag ilust I'ml llanowm-iii, rule to open
Judgment, Mich to! Coiln against D Oll
nuirtln, itilc to opt n imlgmcnt, J. Scllg
ninn t Co against A J. TenUu, cle
muiitr: James is. DonIc ,t Co against
Annette RpmioIcK iieptions to alllda
lt ol iltfenso and lule for iuiUmeut, W
U MIlln against Gem( W Ciainer and
nthii"-, ink to stiiki of non-suit Clunks
Hi cd again1 1 A V Walkn, ltilo tut ti
iii! iU lor cosls
l ontlnuto M W. Uinchill against W.
11. Sli pus mlo to opi n juilgnii nt,
Thomas .ilenlli.o k .. against A Hlos
tie lerlloiarl, Jenkins towiisliip and
otheis agilnst John D Jones and othei",
lulo to optn iudgment, S Maniisk i
against r Shorcii-ki, eeitloiail, com
snonncilth of I'i iiiih,inla nt dust Maiv
Dm Kin, oertloiati- I.on i IS Di anra I list
1" IlirtOdi, peitkilai', Lima I! 1) tv
igilnst V. Cccoaicl, iiitloiaii, Ha
Krntei agilnsi Crank Alt. iPitiorail;
l,il Cioulons against K -Wololta, cir
tloratl; A. JI. Storr ngnlust Ainelli Ston,
l nlo tor oomi'-cl Ties and ilimom : Ca
theilno N Ken against Agnes O'M illpy
and others mlo to dissolve attachmeiu ,
Man" linn Iind against Marin Costilln,
ruin to qunsh inpla.
Non-rios Sininn Jllglln against John
Swankk, idtiornrl: Simon Miglin against.
Vnlco Dtufiliick, eertloiiiil. Anna
I"ioudnsk ig.ilnl I. Olzlowcrk. ici
liorau, 13 Jrdkolt against S. Doifiiian,
ceitlorail, pommonweiiltli ol Pennssvl
atiin. icilloinri, James A. Koatnev
against Zinion Iliotliois;
Thomas V Duffv against Johr P. Wll
llims lerliorarl: S Xapplr. against Jacob
Smith, peilloiail
Submitted I'hnebo J. Kennel against
Benjamin Keimoi, mlo for dicteo In dl
oico: A V). Knslln against Kno 13nsln,
mlo for decree In dUoico; Orn 13. Saver
against A. Ti. Saver, mlo lot doereo In
divorce; Uuckpjo Hugg; companv against
AV. Helios, oxcepllnns to allldavit of dr
fenso; Helen JI Hack against .Michael
Hack, rule foi deoreo In ellvorcn, Clara
frisson against John frisson, mlo loi de
ciee; Henrv Sehouci" against I'aullro
Sohruei, inlp for dt ot pp In dlvoiep; Neltio
White against Thomas 'White, rule for
docren In dlvoiep; Catherine Cogglns
against John Cogglns, rule for decree In
dlvnrcp; W. A. Lnthropp agilnst Ktlnl
l.athropo, niln tor dpoieo In dlvoice; Al
len Smith against Smith, rule for
decree III dlvnieo; W, II, Campbell
against Julia M. Campbell, mlo for de
oieo In dlvotoo. In ro: adoption of Cma
Ilnversod-C'ltv of f-erantnii against
1' Miller, ccrllni.iri; J. O, Aekciman
ngtihiHt ,1, 13. Hp-s Haklng eomp inv, eer
tlorail: S. lllnerfPld against Koiantnn
Hallway iompan, eeillnnri; A, I'eteison
against I). 'Ilnslov, eeitloiail; rjeorgo II.
Low rlo against Ontario and Western llull
uiad lompanj, eerllornil; John Nolan
ngalnsl II, P. SehlnHs, iPitiorail, Jumps
A, Helllv against Anthiaeltn liter com
panv, leulornrl; Ilemy Southald against
Anthracite lleei coinpan. certloinii; eliv
of Si ronton against K Cliinnoo, ciitlni
arl. Maiy Schvvllelioek agalnft Samuel
Klsner, (crtloiail. Kmnia Hughes against
Maiy Diirkln. leitlmnrl; I) S Ilnn
against the Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western Hallroad compniv, eortloiail;
AVIIllim Kdwards against Now Yoik, Un
til! lo and Western Halhoad company, cer
tiorari; Joiikln Pavls against William P.
Jo)oo, pi'itloi.nlj M. Odniahl agilnst
Stanley Shop, certiorari , commonwealth
iis-lil, David Stlpp against A, Stllkd,
idttnrail, comnionvvialth of I'onu-j ,i
nln against I'uter rilltskj oortloratl
HuIh Absolute tlerman llulldlng aso.
clitlon No ! against 1' MoAudiuws and
otheis, tulo to open juilgnnnt; fleoigo
Jones ngah si lMwanl Conway mlo to
take off iioii'Siiit; A. 'illmoio against A I'
Duffv cxoiptloiiH to r.llldavlls of defeiiio
and rulo ten Juilsnifnt, Thomas Daillug
ugaliitt Kdward Millet, mlo to cnlii
llulo discharged Thomas (i Mooio
against 13 V Peters, mlo to opui Judg
ment Charles Mitch agilnst John Spm
gonbcrK and otheis, lule to open Juds
metit Dcmurier Sustained City of Soiantnn
against lliomtu O. i:iins, dcimiuer.
OiT List Commonwealth of IVnnsjlva
nla against William P Jojee.
Special Session of Oiphans' Comt.
A special session of Oiphans' comt
wits held jejtetdaj betoie Judge A. A.
Voshiitg, n petition for an Issue In tlio
estate of hllabotli Helgler, deceased,
having been pet down for a hearing at
that time. Choiles and lAizettu Hose
ron tend that two policies or InsitrniU'e
In the Prudential Jiisittuncp Company
of Aniei lea weie tmiguc(l by Mis.
Zelglcr to them, dining her lifetime!
tuul that the policies and picinlum ip
tolpl books weie delUcied In them be
foiu her death! and that nftrr hur
death they submitted the policies nud
ii'iolpt books to tlio offlcpis of the com
pany, nud claimed Hip limn mice! but
that by mistake It was paid by the
company to August Schneider, tho ex
ecutor of the eslnlo of Klbnbeth Zelg
ler. The potltlcmeis tonlend that an Issue
should be ft allied to detctmlne their
title to tlio pincceds of this Instil ante,
mid obtained a citation upon tho ex
ecutor to show cause -why such an Isstio
should not bo cet tilled to the common
pleas court for ti lul. The cxeiutoi lop
re tenting the psinte and tho legatees
objects to this claim, and contended
that the plOieetls ol this Instil mice be
longed to tlio estate, and him tiled tin
m count dunging himself with this In
suinnce. The Iteming was not con
cluded, but will bo continued on Nu-
venibei 8, at 10 o'clock a. in. The pell
tloneis Weie lepiesinted bv Attotnevi
John F. .Muiphy and O. W. Daw sou,
and the icspondptit by Altoinejs D. L.
Flckes and IS. A. Zlmnieiiiiail.
Yestei day's Marriage
AloMindei Wasllauelur .,.,
Maiv Puscowhz
Katie MeDovItt
Thomas Dj son
Martha Williams
Jiiomo O'Houike
Llzlo Jordan
William J. Sndei
Annie Hulling
J. Peicv Hughes
Maine 13 lletel
Clunks W. lluniplitov
Alaiy O Jiivson
Jospph K. Sloitun
Kunlce Kimtilu
Tlionns V. MiAudicvv
Maiv- f? Maulov
Willi im T. Powell
I.lzlo Pile
Hubert A. Ulishnill
Mamie J. Culver
Si I an Ion
Sci UllQll
.. Caibondnle
Paup ic
Attoimv A A Cli ise. lepiisetlng Color
Mmlev. jesterdtiy began an action In
Itcspas agilnst the Wllkes-B.nro and
Scianton Hallvvav lompinv and tho
s'cianton Steel companv It Is mother of
the Hood suits
Ksecutlons agilnst Hudson i Metcilf,
bote l-koe peis ol Von Storeh avenue, In
the um of $l,i "0 w ii c pi ic il In tho hands
ol the sheriff vctdilnv. One of the
evocation Is on a iudgment foi $Miii.
held In """Inrles Holilrison, and the otlur
Is to. 'sj z, on a iiidginent held bv the Pernsvlvmiia Hievviiig company.
Dailuig and McDonald Aie Wanted
in Elmiia, Auburn and Williams-
poit for Plundeiing Hotels.
Chief of Polite Cassldj, or I'.lmna,
came to this city yestei day and identi
fied James Dai ling, alias "A J. Oil
man," and J W. McDonald, the piison
eis held at police 1 uteis, as tho
men wanted at 131miia for stealing lour
dtess suit cases fiom hotels in 131mira.
Casskly identified the contents of I he
gill) found in theli possession as being
aiticles taken fiom othei giips, but tho
diess s.uit case at polite hiadeiuai teis
is not one of the foui taken fiom 131
iniia It is, new and looks as if it had
not been used jet.
One ot the grips taken fiom I31miia
contained SJOO woith ot goods, but this
was iccoveied thcie betoie the thieves
could get awa", and another was found
in Hlnghaiuton The extent of their
opeiations has not vet been fullj do
tpriniiiPd. McDonald is wanted in Au
htuii and Wllll.impott, and both mo
wanted in Dlmlia.
The pilsoneis weie taken befoio
Judge Hdwaids jesteidaj, and both ad
tnltti d thej weie the poisons named In
the wmiant issued bj- Ilecorder Hauj"
L Hogai t, of Kliniia. Thev wore le
manded to the custody of the shcilft,
ponding the anlval ol requisition
papeis Horn the governor of New Yoik.
The police believe tliej" have in Pal
ling mid McDonald two of the slickest
c looks in tho countiy, Hoth have
set v eel time In Hltnlia, and have been
pl lug theli game sin oesfuiv thinugh
out the countij". McDonald had in his
possession a hotel cheek tor ,t gilp, but
lcfused to tell where it was
Both weie nieastued and photo
Siaphed j'esloidaj", and their plctuies
will bo added to the local logues' gal
loi". Thej- weie Intoxicated when m
lcstod, and weio ti.ving to dispose of a
Deluwarc, Licknwanna and "Western
emplo)e's pass, but were I Pleased on
this chaigc anil attoi wauls lo-artcsted
on complaint iiom the Hlinha authorities.
In Which Aldeimnn Howo Was the
Ignatz Kubowlt, of 315 131m sheet,
yesteidiiy caused the auest of Joe cin
ilskl, of SlUl Pi Iio st i cet, for the lai
ceny of $I.",."3, a watch and chain, finni
lilm while they were ut the house of
Michael Wjlocko, 133'6 Mollis ecuut,
last Pi iday night.
Tho niPii had been di Inking together
and KubowItB foil asleep In W'vlosi ko's
house, and when he awoke missed his
money and watch, A beaich wuuant
was Issued by Aldeimmi Howe, ml
Constable Koehler went thioim-'' V'o
loscke's house, but did not find the
missing mtlcles and montj,
Then Wjlosoke hail Kubowlt sup t
Pd for def lauding him out ot a board
bill, but admitted at tho homing bo
feuo Aldei man Howo (hat ho did not
own It. Tho iildptnmu dismissed tho
whole piociedlngs.
Ignntz was l.aei atialgned beious
Aldeimnn Millar on the chmge of pei
juiy, pteteued by Joe, mid held In
JVM) ball, Wjloscke also had Ignata af
lestod for making fniciblo e-utty Into
his house, and he was also held In $300
ball nn this dim go,
Woman Sent fiom This City to Phil,
ndelphla Locates Husband.
Scveial weeks ago Mis, Oeorgs Kus
nlr and son appealed betoio the Sei an
ion poor boaul iind asked assistance
In locating her husband and two ehll
dien, who wete lesldents of Phlkidel
Phl.i. Tiiioujli some mistake the woman
and her boy were sent heie fiom Hobo,
ken nnd Dhector DkUett presented
h?i eaeo to the bomd. Mrs. Duggun,
the ngent of the board of associated
chailtles. has been Informed by tho
Philadelphia society for organizing
chuilty that the family has been te
unlted. 4
President MltchcliVs Reassuilng
Woids Concerning the Piobablll
ties of All Men Being Taken Back
Did Much to Lessen Apprehension
on This Scoie Supeiintendent
Hose Says It Is Likely Thete Will
Be Places for All Company Hands
and the Like to Return Today.
Yesteidiiy was the happiest day
Sci tin tan enjoyed In half a yeut. The
news that the mlnets at Vv'Ukes-Hurie
had toted to accept the mblttutlon
pioposltlon and leturn to work Thuis
day, tnpldlv from one end of
tho city to the other, and though II was
confidentially expected, It was none the
less potent In piovoklng good feeling.
Not tho least happy ot tho pi oplc
weie the Illinois themselves. The "cor
nels" at Iljele Puik. Piovldeuee mid
Duninotc, and the pilnclpat sheet In
tel sections in the central city, had
gioups of them congieg.tlod all moin
lng, waiting lor the news, When tho
wind tame that the light was all nut
and that they could now letuin to
wink, they went to their dinners If
they had dinners to go to highly
Then- was only one chop of bitter In
th"li cup of sweet the posslbllltj" that
many ot them would not find woik to
letuin to The rca&suilug wends ot
President Mitchell ti nileel to inodeiatp
the appiehenslons on tills seoie. The
fact that tho companies vvnnt to get
out all the coal the.v possibly can and
that the usunl foice at the mines is
about 20,000 shoit b" reason ot so nviiiv
men leaving the nnthuiclto field during
the stiike, wns looked upon as an al
most positive nssuiance that there will
not bo rnanj" men out of places, when
the mines get In good i tinning older
again, which will be In the com -.c ot
not moie than a week oi ten days at
tho most. Non-unionists who weie
brought fiom other places continue to
loav e the region in Ini go numbers The
companies aie not making any xeij'
.strenuous eftoit to lestialn them "When
Thttisdaj' morning comes, It is safe to
guess, theie will be comparatively few
men found at tho mines who did not
woik theie bofoie the htiikc.
Supeiintendent Rose, of the Delaware
and Hudson mining department, said
vcsteiday: "Theie will be very few of
om old men but whit will be piovided
with places. I guess theie will be woik
for all of them. I want our men to
understand, though, that thej" have got
to be manlj" men. Thej" will have to
realize that the mine boss is the man
who will i tin the mines"
It may take some time bpfoic the
situation at tho Oxtoid becomes nor
mal. Tho companj" Is not disposed to
change its piesent foice nnd the old
emplojes have declnied they will not
return unless in a bodv.
Tho union has given pei mission to
the engineeis, pumpi tinners, fuebossps,
company hands, blncksmiths nud tho
like to return to woik todaj' to help in
tiie work of getting the mines In shape
for resumption.
Delegates Peter Miller and Andiew
Keating, of Local No 1010, United Mine
Woikeis of America, lequest the mem
beis of their union to meet with them
Our First Silk Sale
Begins This Morning
We aim to make it an event long to be remembered by silk buyeis in Scranton
and vicinity, and for that reason have planned an opportunity for intelligent bargain
hunters that stands without a parallel in the silk selling history of this city.
important lo Kcmcnibcr siiksofleied'mZ-sh
was not made expressly for this season's trade. Therefore
1H1S IS JNOL a tlC&nillCC IC. ty intended to make silk buyeis
shopping in Scranton more familiar with the unquestionable meiits of this' de
partment, which lacks nothing either in variety, extent ot stock and matchless values
to make it complete. We want the public to fully understand and appieciale these
facts, and all that is necessary to accomplish our aim is to get peop'e in to look and
compare what we have to offer, what they see elsewheie. That is the leal
fTTPf flf ThlQ fllP Doss the idea appeal lo you ? If it does, come
tJCHot ui 11113 JalU anfj look even though you don't want to buy.
You'll be sure to talk about it to your friends and that is just what we're after.
To tell the truth, we're not over-anxious to sell these silks at the retires quoted for
this week. Still you ran have what you want of them, if the price appeals to you.
Some Sample Bargains.-'p?ii;t0srUtetd hew !'rt reJucedin
All Silk Black Taffetas.
19-h Taffeta Silks, worth 45c, at. . . . 39c
19-in Taffetas, guaranteed, worth 65c, 49c
19-in " " " 69c, SSc
21-in " " " 85c, 69c
24-in , " " " 98c, 79c
27-in " " " 1.00, 85c
36-in " " " 1.25, 95c
36-in " " " 1.39,1.19
We Are Sole Agents For
AQ Jnrh Guaranteed Black Taffeta
O-AllUl silks, pure dye and
best finish, During this sale the d C
price is $ll J
For economy, a48-irch Silk is match
less. This one is guaranteed for service
Sotnu time no we had a sale of those immensely taking
Hgtnes "HAPPY HOOLIGAN." We sold barrels of them.
They wcic bought by ihc old, the young, the rlchr:itul those
of lessei meansall wanted line of these fascinating o'rnamenls.
We Immediately set at woik looking (or another equally ill
tcrcstine conceit, and we've found it.
Gloomy Gus
'I lie Greatest Grotesque I'lgurc Yet Produced.
The woe-begono expiisslnn on Otis' face will elicit a smp fiom the
luosL tespivcd. Ho looks us It ho had lost Ills last It lend and hla
"inakp-itp" It's Indexes Ib.iMy itinny. See out window display.
Walk hi nnd
Lyceum Theater, Scranton, Pa.,
I Friday Evening, Oct. 24, 1902
Candidate for Governor.
Attorney Genera! of Pennsylvania.
Candidate for Lieutenant Governor.
Supreme Court Reporter,
and Other Noted Orators.
Hon. J. A. Scranton Will Preside.
MUSIC: United German Singing Sjuieties, Lawrence's Band,
Beds and Box Springs
Are our specialty. We sell the very best iron and biass beds'
made. Their quality shines all over them. Of course, we
make fine mattresses to go with tine beds- Prices are low.
F A, KAISER, Manager,
Lackawanna and Adams.
at 5t. John's hill, Capouse avenue, at
2 o'cloi k this afternoon, when thej' will
make theli icpoit or the M'ilkes-P.aiio
They Pay the User.
If jou wish a half-tone oi line cut,
400402 Lackawanna
look around.
Both 'Phones
let the Scranton Tribune make It for
jou. Out eciuipmenl foi this work la
complete and up-to-date. We have
facilities for doing the linofat sort ot
woik at lowest ptiees and what's moie,
wo do It. A tiial older will convince
Peau de Sole, in Black
The 20-in. tfl.OO quality lor 85c
The 22-in. 1.25 quality for 98c
The 24-in. 1.39 quality for $1.19
The 36-in. 1.45 quality lor $1.25
At the jegular pi ices, these silks
had no equals in value. How much
better must they be at the Sa'e Price ?
Rich Satin Duchesse, in Black
24-in, extra finish, 85c quality at. . 75c,
23-in, extra finish, 1.25 quality at. 95c
24-in. extra finish, 1,75 quality at $1.45
pj j.-