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Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Used by people of refinement
for over a quarter of a century,
Cotinfy Savings Bank
and TrUst Company,
506 Spruce Street.
in Sums of
and pays 3 per cent,
terest thereon.
Ii. A. WATRES, President.
O. S. JOHNSON, Vice-Pica.
A. H. CHRISTY, Cashier.
Win. I- Hnllstcud,
15. P. Klnpsbiuy.
O. S. Johnson.
Kvcivtt Warren.
August Itnbinson,
.Tn. O'Hrlen,
L. A. IVntivs,
riuuin 11 ii 1
With purchase of Wnll Paper,
anncles, Picture Frames, iiurnt
Wood and Leather Novelties.
No better time than now
to bring us your unf ramed
pictures for framing. We
have the best assortment
of frames in Scranton.
All Kinds of Interior Decora
tive Work promptly done. Good
COUPON Cut this out and
present it at our store. Pur
chase goods to the amount of
$1.00 or more and you will re
ceive 30 STAMPS FREE.
Jacobs & Fa so Id,
209 Washington Ave.
"Thoy Draw Wen."
Morris' Mapet Cigars
Th best value for 5 cents.
Try ono and you will smoko no
All the loading brands nf ric.
cigars at $1.75 per box, or B for 25c.
The largest variety o Pipes and
Tobaccos In town.
The Cigar Man
325 Washington Avenue.
In and About
The City
Defeated at Factoryville.
The St. Thomas' college team went lo
FactoryvJUo Saturday und played a ganiu
in the rain with the Kactoi-vvllle team
and was defeated by a heme nf I'j-o.
, Liederkranz Minstrels.
The Scranton Llcderkianz will conduct
a minstrel show In the society's hall on
Lackawanna avenue on October :jn and .:o.
Rehearsals aio being conducted by j,"
Kelson Teots.
i Bridge to Be Closed.
The bridge on which South Washington
avenue crosses the Itoaring hi oak was
damaged by the Hoods or last spiiug and
Is to undergo repalis. It is to be closed
beginning today until thu lejiain, are com
pleted. 1 Donation Day at Home.
The annual donation day ui tin. linine
for tho Friendless will lie October "
On that nlsht a' leading will bo given n't
tho bomo by Miss Itoss, who appealed
there two yearn ago. A .silver olloilng
.will bo taken up at tho door.
Y. W. C. A. Gymnasium.
Tho aim of the. gymnasium wink of tint
Young Women's I'liilstlmi association Is
to secure a normal development, lloxlbll
ity und control of every L of the body,
nls.0 to promote good lellnwidilp, Tho ill
rectors will ixamliio pupils at entrance
that tho work given may be especially
adapted to tho vailous ncod'j of each Tim
class work has begun but sonic cit tho
classes aro not yut tilled. Those wish
ing to Join ought to apply at ouch to tho
diicctois and learn all about thu cIum-cs
and regulutiou suits.
The Mammoth Steel Plant
nf the L. J. & S. Company, costing $io .
000,000, In Huffulo, Is rapidly appio.ich.
Ing completion, it will employ Kj.OuO
hands. Two other gigantic plants are
jolifs up adjoining this, which will cm
ploy as many inoie. The result will bo
n young city at tmt point. Moral: lluy
tome lots for investment close by. We
have them iiciosh the main street fiom
the steel plant. I'rlrea now low and
terms easy,
l' L. Hitchcock fc Sou,
Fire Insurance and Ileal Kstate,
Commonwealth Building.
Tho Proper Time
I'o buy u Piano or Orgun Is Just now
:oday at Uucriibey Brothers' sale, 111
Washington avenue. Don't put it off,
as stock Is being reduced every day,
md tho selections cannot bo as cmui
ater; and don't forget that Wednesday,
the.lOtb lust., Is tho last duy; ami don't
ib; Out ouuortunlty of u, Ufe-tlmc.
i tttncaEHSj I
Polish Girl Wanted in Buffalo Av
tested Here.
Mary Smith, 11 young Polish woman,
who Is wanted In Hurfiilo for tiliiluutloii,
Avns 111 t-cntPil hi 11 disorderly house In
Uiiyiiionil iMiui't on Saturday by Detec
tive Hubert Deller.
The woman Is rather Rood looking
ami ninite no attempt to conceal her
Identity. She admits knowing about
the ease ngnlnst her, It Is In regard to
the burbot Ing of 11 young girl, who
una In ought by her housekeeper to a
resort she was lniinuglng and who was
kept there during her absence slio says.
She expects it, be able to clear herself.
Magistrate Howe, committed Her to
the county Jail to await requisition
papers fiviin thu governor of New York.
Victim of Gasoline Explosion Burled
The funeral of the late David Morton,
who was one of the men fatally burned
by the explosion of gasoline In the
rear of his home last Thursday night,
was belli yeseterday afternoon from
the family residence, l.'JGS North Wash
ington avenue.
A tremendous concourse of friends of
the ruiully, was In attendance. Ser
vices were conducted by Rev. Dr. Isaac
J. Lansing, pastor of the Gieeti nidge
Presbyterian church. Camp S, Sons of
Veterans and the drum corps attached
to that organization, escorted the re
mains to the Forest Hill cemetery.
The funeral of Hobert n.inkln. an
other victim of the explosion will be
held this afternoon from the family
homo a few doors from the Morton
residence. The body of Louis Dershi
mer, the third victim, was taken to
Honesdale for Interment.
Saturday's Game of Foot Ball Be
tween the Harry Hillman Acad
emy and the High School.
The Harry Hillman Academy font
ball team of Wilkes-Uarrc journeyed to
Scranton and played the Scranton high
school warriors at Athletic park Sat
uiday afternoon. The gridiron was
two Inches under water and the heavy
lain not only made it almost impossible
for the plnyeis to handle the pigskin,
but also made it vary uncomfortable
for the few heroic people that ventured
out. .Wither side scored.
Harry Illllmim won the toss anil
kicked off to the High school. Mower
caught the ball and advanced it ten
yaids before being tackled. After re
peatedly trying to batter down Hairy
! tlllman's line, High school was forced
to kick-, the ball went out of bounds and
Thayer dropped on it. Owing to the
slippety condition of the pigskin each
side was prone to fumble very otten.
High school could do nothing against
Harry Hlllman's defense and every
time they got the ball they were forced
to kick, while on the other hand the
Wllke.s-B.iriv boys by their ummla
back formation plowed big holes In
High school's lines.
During this .stage of the game the lo
cal team rallied and managed to force
the boys from down the valley to kick,
Kdwards got the ball but time was
called befuie he could advance It.
Things were dltTeient in the second
half for High school was onuhe aggies
slve during nearly all of the time.
Pietty line bucking and spectacular end
i mining by Stone and ev biought the
ball down to within live .aids of Hairy
Hlllman's goal ami owing to poor head
work on High school's part they were
unable to gain the lequlred yard that
was needed to win the game. Hillman
kicked the ball out of danger and again
the home (earn tried to gain the Inside
of their opponents' goal and so they
hurled one man aftei another Into Hlll
man's Hue wlthfuit success,
Harry Hillman have a stuidy lot of
yoiingsteis playing with them this year
and liefme the season is over they will
make some of the stionger and heavl"r
teams woik haul for what they get and
not only that but every man In the team
Is a gentleman and plays nice clean foot
ball, Tho best playing was pi nimbly
done by Kranu, of Harry Hillman, and
Kdwards and Levi, of High school, The
llue-up lollows;
II. A.
. left end ...
It'll lacliln ..
. leu guaid ...
.... ctulic ...,
light d ..
.....Mi Donald
.t'upt. Fuller
I 'ran 1 1;
light tinkle .
dipt. Thayer.... light end .
Bower quailer bail; .
Hthvaids,.., light half back
Allen left half back
Stone lull back ...
Hi own
Itel'fiee Thaer. I'mpllc Harvey.
bllii'Miien-Bvaiis, Scranton high school;
lty.Nbec, Hui i y 1(111 man Academy. Time
keepers Long and Deans. Halves-Twenty
minutes each.
i. i i w i
Capacity of the She Bear.
A man wiio was culled on to address a
Sunday tcliool hi a Pennsylvania town
tool; tho familiar tlicmo of tho children
wlio moiketl Klijali on Ills Journey to
Bethel how the youngsters taunted tho
poor old piophet, and how thoy wero
punished when two sho bears came out
of thu wood and ate forty-two of them.
"And now, children," bald the bpeak
cr, wishing to learn If his talk had pro.
iluccd any elfeel, "what docs this
stmy show?" "Please, sir," caniu from
a little gbl well down In fiont. "it hhows
how many children two tdiu beam can
ho!d!"-Ncw Yoik Tilbuuo.
Green Rldgo Coal Company Hopes
to Begin Work at Its Colliery To
morrow or Next Day Dlsouler
Hereabouts Is Now Almost Totally
Wanting Camps of the Regiments
Visited Yesterday by Groat
Throngs Death of Col. Hoffman
Casta a Gloom Over the Eighth.
This Is the beginning of n week which
It Is generally believed will put to a
test the claim of the operators that
they will bo enabled to start up their
collieries If given protection and the
counter claim of the t'nlted Mine
Workers' organization, as expressed In
Wednesday's resolutions that the strik
ers will not return to work without
concessions, even though the entire
military force the t'nlted States was
here to protect them,
I llfltl. .!.. tl , - .,.(..
ii.n ii iit'iiri iiiiiiuuiMi in prove men
claim, the operators have been, for the
past week, making a supreme effort to
secure men. That they have succeeded
to some extent Is evidenced by an
nouncements made with some positlve
ness that various collieries will resume
operations In the course of a few days.
The Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western company will make a
start, this moinlng, at the Belle
vue. The Green nidge Coal com
pany will open up its Green Uidge col
liery piobably tomoirow or the next
day, but, assuiedly, some day this
week. Other companies say they are
figuring on a resumption at certain col
lieries, but decline to give their loca
tion. Claim is also made on the opera
tors side that the foires at collieiles
already working are to be largely In
creased during the week.
The United Mine Workeis leadtis
continue to nsseit that the milltaiy can
do nothing towards Inducing men to
letu'-p lo work, and that all the men
wt could be iuduied lo go luck lo
w.irk without concessions aie alieady
Stiike disorder is now almost wholly
wanting. During ilie past two days
the soldieis have had nothing to do
further than their regular patiol duty,
not a single call having come to any of
the tbiee legiinents In this county to
deal with dlsouler or thicaleiied dis
order. Kach of the camps had huge ciouds
of visitors, yestenlay. It was the (list
fair Sunday since the Thirteenth went
into camp and fully three housand took
advantage of Colonel Waties order al
lowing visitors within the lines fiom
noon until t o'clock. The diess parade
at 4,oi) was viewed by an Immense
throng. It was made especially Inter
esting by the participation of the Gov
ernors troop. At 2 o'clock theie was a
coiuert by the band In fi out of head
quarters. The death of Colonel Hoffman cast a
gloom over the eighth's camp, and no
attempt was made at a "show" for the
benefit of the visitors. The diess
parade at & o'clock was given but the
usual band i oncert was omitted.
Nothing lias been learned ns yet as
to how the colonelcy will be .tilled but
the likelihood Is that Lieutenant
Colonel Hutchinson will be piouuned
to the vacant post. A small detail fiom
the leglnient will accompan the bodv
of Colonel Hoffman to I'ottsvllle, ibis
morning. It was not known yt'steuluy
whether or not the regiment will bo
able to attend the ftmeial.
The Twelfth leglmcilt kept "open
house" lor vlsltois yesterday and enter
tained them Willi a diess parade at ii
o'clock and band concert at 7 o'clock.
On .Saturday the Twelfth iinfuilcd a
new Hag from a pole In fiont or head
quarters with the customary cere
The Queer Little Creatines Known as
l''ioin Answers
The queeiest pus In the woild an,
kpt In a beautiful tow of clear, Hash
ing, i mind glass tanks on an upper door
of a large aquailum, As you apiuoacli
tho tanks you behold glowing little
groups ot color and artistic blending
and mingling of lautasilc weeds ami
.shining stones. Then when you peer
Into the tanks uu what nt first
seem to you just like particularly haiid
biiimt and goigeous (lowers gi owing all
over tho little lockeiles. Some of the
lloweis look like dainty pink and white
ami yellow mid puiple ami filinson
dahlias. Others look almost il,u dascn
with lace-like petuls. Otheis look like
little stur llowers. all pine while and
pel feet. These flowers me of all sizes,
from tiny ones b.uely largo enough to
see to gieat ones almost huge enough
to fill a saucer.
But If you will watch these "lloweis"
for a few minutes you will Jump bud
donly, for all ut once you will .see one
move Its petuls, Then you will .see an
other and another do It, Slowly the
petals unfold or contract, with little
Jerking movements, .sometimes twining
In the water like snakes.
Tap 'smartly on the table on which
the tanks stand, and (Ike lightning all
the petals will huye disappeared. Thcbe
ecu lloweis are tcally not llowtra til all. I
They nre living creatines, known as
sea anemones,
For many years 1'iof, Spencer has
tended and fed them, and the Utile ani
mated llowers actually have come to
know him. When he reeds them lie puts
a little bit of Itsh on the end of n long
pointed stick and puts It carefully
down Into the water until It Is near the
anemone. It did not take long for the
beautiful things to understand It, and
whereas at llrst they used to withdraw
their petals and shut up tightly when
the stick approaehed, now they twine
gracefully and stretch their dainty
arms out as far as they can go In older
to leach It.
William R. James, Formerly of West
Scianton, Lived to End His Lifo
at Washington, D. C.
The following telegram was received
In this city nn Saturday, telling of the
attempted suicide of William It, James,
a son of ex-Pollcenian William L.
James, of South .Main avenue:
Washington, Oct, 12. William It. James,
aged I'll, of Scrutiton, l't an employe In
the railed States mall bug renilr shop,
atlmpti'd suicide this morning by shoot
ing himself In the right temple .at hid
home. 1011 Seventh slieel, Southeast. He
was tal'yii to Prcvldeuo hospital, wluic
his condition Is pinnoimreil seilous.
No motive for the deed Is known, and
wben his family heard from him about
a week ago bo seemed to be happy,
contented and anticipated a bright fu
ture. He was 23 years of age, and had
a good position In the United States
mail bag repair shop. He attempted
to end his life by putting a bullet
through his light temple. He was tak
en to the Providence hospital.
Devils James, who went to Washing
ton Immediately upon receiving the
telegram telling of the attempted sui
cide of ills bi other, W. R. James, noti
fied his parents yesterday that his
brother was loiV allying and the
doctors entertained hopes, of his ulti
mate lccovery.
He has a father and two brothers,
Lewis and Garfield, living In this city,
on South Main avenue. Before going
to Washington Mr. James worked in
Williams' cash store at the corner of
South Main avenue and Kynon street,
where be was thought much or by his
Kipling- described the Ameikan gl'i
In the following words: "As lo the
maiden, she Is taught to respett her
self, that her fale is in her own hands
and that she is more stilngenlly bound
by tile vciy mcasuic of liberty so
tieely necoided her here. Wheieloie,
In her own language, 'she has a lovely
time' with about two' or three hundred
boys who have slsteis of their own,
and a very accurate perception that
If they me unworthy of their trust a
syndicate of other boys would probably
pass them Into a woild where theie
Is neither marriage nor giving in mur
ilaae. "And so time goes on until the maid
en knows, the other side of the house
knows that a man is not a deml-god
nor a mysteriously vi lied monster, but
an average, egotistical, vain, glutton
ous, but, on the whole, companionable
sort of person, to be soothed, fed and
iniinaged knowledge that does not
come to her sister In Kugland till alter
a few years of matrimony,
"And then she makes her i holcc. The
golden light touches eyes that are lull
of comprehension, but the light Is gold
en none the less, lor she makes Just
the same sweet, Ii rational choice that
an Knglbth girl does. With this a'd-
antuge: She knows a little more, has
expeileuco In entertaining, Insight into
business, employ ami hobbles of men,
gathered from countless talks with
other girls who llud time at those
mysterious conclaves to discuss what
Tom, Tul, Sake and Jack have been
"Thus It happens that she Is u com
panion, in the fullist sense of the
woid, of i he mull she weds, zealous tor
the Intel est of the llrm, to be consult
fd In lime of stress and to be tailed
upon for help and sympathy ill time of
danger. Pleasant It Is that one heart
should beat for you, hut it Is belter
that the head above that heart has
beep thinking hard In your behalf, and
when the lips that arc so pleasant to
Kiss, give wise counsel,"
The Piofessor's Observations,
A .Miinig uulM'iuliy pioi'cssor. Ihlng up
town, Is a close student and a wiilcr of
snme aiilhoilty on the silence of kinder.
gin telling and cuild study, lie ueir jits
pass an oppot (unity pi maliu obsei vatlous
mid studies In actual life, and lor tho
pill peso keeps voluminous note-books In
which he recoids salient Instances and his
ileduclbms fiom iliem. One night ihia
week, as Is his custom, ho hud one of tho
Miulents In his classes as a guest at din
ner In the coiirs'o of the meal tin pin
fi'ssor's Utile son. a child of lle, .ih
given a hot buttered biscuit to tiny his
housei. lie examined it with cijtlcul
dissatisfaction, and then lluow ii nctoss
the table. It struck tho student fairly uu
the chest und slid glucler-llko down his
.shirt. Ii out. leaving a trull of waiiii
grease. Tho piolcssoi and his wife saw
the Incident but paid no heed. The stu
dent politely foiboio to take action.
The young hi cud-hen vie. provided with
another blscull. ugalii sent it hulling
ai'ioss the tablo. This llmo It struck tho
young man on thu chin. Ilo started to
speak, hut the professoi's wife held up
her baud In wiiriilug,
"bh.)i.i," she said, "(he professor is
ocH'rwng iiiiii.'-,ow vnrl
Said That in All Lines of Business
There Is Getting to Bo More and
More n Demand, Not Merely for
Temperate Men, but for Men Who
Do Not Drink nt All John W.
Grant and Rev. J. J. Grlflln Also
Spoke Latter Urged Much Atten
tion Be Given Cadet Sociotics.
L. F. Bower, general superintendent
of the Allls-Chalmcrs company's locnl
plant, gave u common sense tnlk yes
terday ufternoon on the temperance
question, ns viewed from a business
standpoint, tit the quarterly convention
of the Catholic. Total Abstinence soci
eties of the Flist district, held In St,
Thomas' College ball.
Mr. Bower, who was Introduced by
District President J. C. Gallagher, ox
pressed his intention of looking at In
leinpernnco from n purely business
Mlnndpolnt without regard to Its ethical
bearing or to the sorrow and suffering
which It cutises,
He explained Hint the basis of all
society Is the Individual and that any
government, church or society which
does not seek to Improve the condition
of the individual will have to ultimate
ly confess defeat. He was delighted
to bo able to talk to men who nrex
earnestly striving to better the Indiv
idual. Mr. Bower asserted that In all the
lines of Industry there Is getting to be
more and moie of a demand not mere
ly for tempeinte men, but for men who
do not drink at all, and who nre thus
able to persistently resist the subtle In
fluence of drink. He made some most
Interesting references to Prof. Atwat
er's researches regarding the food
value of alcohol.
"We see in the papers," said he, "the
advertisements of certain manufactur
eis of liquors who quote Prof. Atwuter
as saying that alcohol is food, and who
thus seek to make capital for them
selves out of his researches. Prof.
Atwater was one of my teachers at
college, and Is today a warm personal
friend of mine. I resent the subtle in
sinuation that ho approves of the use
of alcohol, because 1 Know that he
does no such thing.
Mr. Bower explained at length the
professor's experiments with a man In
a cabinet whose food was carefully
weighed as well as all things thrown
off from the body for the purpose of
discovering the relative nutritive value
of various foods. He discovered that
alcohol taken In small quantities at
Intervals far apart was assimilated by
the body. It was assimilated, however.
in quite another way than ordinary
food, in that It was turned into heat.
"Heal," said Mr. .Bower, "is not food,
and alcohol has no function of food."
He said that no man more than the
business man is interested in the Indiv
iduals forming a community. No man
more than the business man Is desir
ous that these Individuals shall be
strong, healthy, happy and contented,
which they cannot be If they persist in
the use of intoxicants.
"As a man I may be sorry for an
employe's wire IT he gets drunk after
'pay day and don't show up at tl.e
walks, and I may think of his family,
but as a business man entrusted with
the care of a large and costly plant,
and being responsible for the safo man
agement of it, 1 must tell that man
that his services aro no longer re
quited. It becomes a pmely business
proposition, and sentiment and sympa
thy have got to be 'put to one side. I
believe firmly that the time is coming
In this country when Hie only possible
employment for the man who drinks
will be hi the poorest shops, wheie
they do the poorest work and wheie
they pay the pom est wages."
He discussed at length the great ex
tra expense which falls upon the sober
man because of the sin of his Intem
perate brother the expense of inuln
talning almshouses, pilsons, fete. The
sober man indirectly supports the
drunken man's wife and family, and
he hoped the time will soon come when
the great Industrial masses of this na
tion will rise up and say that suib
things shall or shall not be "becausj
we pay for them."
"I thank God," said he In conclusion,
"that we have In our midst an organi
zation such as you represent, an or
ganization with a purpose ulinost div
ine, and I hope to see you continue
steadfast hi your efforts to uplift hu
manity," Mil. Ii KANT'S ADDIHCSS.
John XV. (Irani, of t'arhoudule, madi
a In Iff address on the total abstlnenci
movement from a tjeneial viewpoint,
and then Itev, .1, .1, el: Itlln was called
upon. F.itber (Srlllin spoko In lolly, iii'k
llif? upon the deleKates present the ne
cessity of takliiK a more earnest inter
est In the welfare of the cadet socletle.
If the cadet societies are not kppt In u
llourlsliiiiB condition, he said, theie Is
every reason to believe iluu the total
abstlnenie cause may suffer meat
He dedal ed that the total abstinence
movement will never bo the success It
.should be until somethlni; moie utlruel
Ivo than the saloon In offered to the
youinr men; until the rooms of the
s-ocletics offer uurnetlons that will oif
set those of the rnff shop,
Other brief addi-oses were made by
Kov. .1. V. Moyl.ui, nf 'North Scranton,
mid by John McDonald, of Forest I'lty.
The latter pleaded for co-operation he
tween l'rotestant und Catholic temper
ance organisations ana welcomed the
presence of Mr, Howcr ns a tepresep.
tath e Drolesiant worker for the pro
motion of total uhstlneiiio.
It was decided by the delegates lo
assess each society $10 to meet a de
ficiency of nearly $."00 created by tho
district hoard In promoting the cause
of temperance,
On recommendation of the boaid of
governors It was decided to create an
eniertiibuuent btiieau for the furnlsh
liiK of talent for temperance rallies.
The president of each society In the
district will usslst In the conduct of
this bureau,
Kfforta wero made to have tho con
stitution s-o amended as to provide for
an annual per capita tax of fifteen
cents, Instead of lvo cents, and to pro
vide for u unlfoim constitution for
each separata society, but they wero
(ho. V. nillnr&C) I
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c .
Office Furniture
tllM & COlineli, Washington Ave.
!) Kii'lu.hp Wire fiom 'I lie .UtoiUtnl I'icsv
Manila, Oi t. IJ. Counterfeit Ameri
can silver doling me beluB made In
I'hlnii and cli ciliated here extenslily.
The suspicion Is held that some of this
money wus shipped from Han Francis
co. The dollars ale of sliver and of stan
dard weight. They have been detected
IhroURll the liiipioper stumping of (he
word ''Liberty" on the Ooddess. The
low price of silver Insured to tho mak
ers of this counterfeit money a prollt
of 100 per cent. American silver cir
culates as gold In the Philippines.
General Ulnckinev's Condition.
l,v i:ilii.iu Wiio fi'gm Tlu .Uoiljli'd rievt.
Washington, Oct. J.'. Tho condition of
tlencrul Hlaekmcr, of who
was Injiiicil in the parade of tho (iriind
Army of tho Hepiiblle Wednesday, has so
far liiipiovi'd that he wus uulu lo leave
fur his homo tuduy,
13-4 Wyoming Ave j
I'm! quality and workman- .n
ship Dcshiiblc pattern mid 4UC
In every way satisfactory. gnc
Various decorations. v
Avenue B
Both 'Phones
117 Wyoming Avenue
Everything that is
new everything that
is desirable. Be sure
and sec our line and'
get our prices before
you buy.
Not only Apple Howls but
and Smoking Sets, Cant Trays,
In fact anything mnkeablo ypu
will llud for sulo here.
Don't mistake the location,
211 Washington Avenue,
, -fefcufc, tf
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