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TiTtliTitll li
The News of
Some few -months Intel:, when the
news cuino from Hunbury that the
Knights of 1'ythltis lmil voted Curbnn
dnle iih the choice for next year's suite
convention, the l'ythlnus nt home, and
other citizens who took tin Interest In
tile project, exclaimed as of one mind,
"That's what Harry Masters paid he
would do."
This Incident la cited tin an example
of how Common Councilman W. H.
Masters, chairman of that body, works
to achieve n luii'iiose when ho sets out.
The light was conducted under cir
cumstances, dlscouraglmr to most men,
Chairman uf Common Council
ami a
rtominciil Knlslits of Pythias.
but "flurry," mk Mr. Masteis' Intimate
friends call him. Is m.itle nf sterner
'stuff, and plte hlnjr In he won out for
f'nrbondnlo by a vote of about (! to 1
'ngiilnft the hottest competitor, the city
nf Rradlncr, whne workers had a oer
tincd check nf several thousand dollars
from the city's board of trade to help
finch the claim for the convention. Mr.
Masters had no big checks, but be got
the convention for his home, and ne::t
August Curbondulc will have the big
Rest convention, in the Knights of
Pythias gathering, in its fifty years as
a city.
The stlek-to-lllveness that Mr. Mas
ters showed on this occasion Is char
acteristic of him in all ills relations. A
. fighter from way back when he believes
he is light, lie hammers nwny fear
lessly and tirelessly until lie wins. This
is what lie does in council, wheie his
constituents' needs arc being partleu
laily cared for, and if there's any doubt
of this ask a taxpayer of the Fifth
ward whn takes the interest in doings
of council that .ill citizens should.
Though Mr. Matters has been in Car
bondale scarcely more than a dozen
ycais, he has hewed out a place for
himself that puts him among the most
conspicuous in the eye and the favor
of the public. Recognized tills year as
the Republican leader in common
council, he was elected chairman with
out even a suggestion of opposition.
The same enviable standing that ho
has in this body is true of the other
organizations In which he Is a forceful
influence. In Carbondale lodge of the
Knights of Pythias he has been sec
retary for eleven terms, and can retain
the office, it is safe to say, so lone as
It Is bis pleasure. This, however. Is
the lesser of the honors he enjoys
among Pythian". At the last state
convention he was appointed deputy
.grand chancellor, which he is filling
with characteristic fidelity and grace.
His acquaintance In the circle of
Knights of Pythias winds Its way
round the big Keystone state.
Mr. Masters' social side Is the pleas
nntest and wherever his personality
shows itself, there you will llnd Harry's
Condition of Several Typhoid rever
Common Councilman Robert S. Whit
field and Mrs. Whitfield nro vvnnlnil
s 3p$ s s s sv
""i over the seveio sickness of their only
child, Marilla, aged 7 years. The little
one Is sulfering from typhoid fever, nnd
yesterday her condition was dangerous.
Iier temperature has l cached as high
as 104 degrees. Trained Nurse Miss
Jenkins Is caring for the patient.
The Misses I'atheilno and Bridget
Kennedy, of South Mala street, who
were taken with typhoid fever, just as
the family was ready to depait for
Scrantou to take up their residence
there, nro making favorable progress.
There are hopeful and encouraging In
dications each day, and their complete
recovery Is looked for.
Miss Mamo Snannon, of Washington
street, continues to grow weaker, and
thero Is little hope of her recovery,
Walter, son of Dr. W. W. Fletcher,
who was dangerously HI of bronchitis,
Is improving most encouragingly, and
i.Is recovery seems assured, This will
be good tidings to the friends of the
family and the Interesting child.
Firemen Were Some "Shucks,"
W. II. Kennedy's tlreinen met and de
feated B. F. Stoutmaer'H shop bunds In
a game ot' base bull Saturday afternoon
at Alumni park, Jy, a .scoto of 10 to 5.
There was sport galore dining tho
J Holy Namo Reception,
Tho semi-annual reception of the
j Holy Namej.8qciety.or St. Rose chunk
was hold last evening. About a lutlf
J hour previous to the tlmo appointed
for the reception, the society nssemitled
J In the basement of St. Rose hall and
J mai'Ctled to the church In it body. "Rev-
eral appropriate hymns were sung by
,5 tho members of tho society, after which
Rev. Father "O'Donneii, of Olyphant,
t preuehed nn eloquent sermon, This so
J tiety Is one of the fruits of the recent
"imssicm; and under the direction of tho
tfil 4U n n
get "your stomach and liver
.into .nrpper us
' frig fHis renowneel old family
JlfEMtiHhtie-IntoietiOcatiijaSe v J
Very itev. Father T. 1 Corfoy, V. G,
has Brown In numbers and In the In
fluence of the spiritual work of the
Unwelcome Gypsies Hustle Out of
City on the Sabbath.
To our dearly beloved brethren In
Archbald we give notice that the mot
ley band of gypsies which came this
way, after n profitable stay In Hones
dale dear old Honcsdale innde a fly
ing trip through Cnrbondalo yesterday
In the direction of the borough of pot
hole fame. Some one said the cross
your - hand - with - u - quarter artists
learned of the money that Arehbald
Inns came Into possession of In that
great ball game or recent fame, In
which the Brothers Plttston were some
peaches, ond they are bent on raking
off some of the pile. Maybe this Is why
the gypsies hustled through Carbon
dub' yesterday with smiling faces that
rellected pleasant antlclpal'Ions.
It was a curious procession, the half
dozen wagons of those "gypsies" that
came down Halcm avenue and onto
Main street about It o'clock yesterday
forenoon. The band came from Cape
Horn, near No. !, which was chosen as
n camp on Thursday, after climbing
the Mnoslcs from Honcsdale, the dear
old place. The move was made at the
rcfiuest of the ofllcers of the law. And
It was a lively move, for these snme
plctuicsnue gypsies acquired a most
wholesome lespect and fear of the law
In Carbondnle, which will stand tliein
In good stead when they may be In
well, say Archbnld. From the time
Column street was reached until the
city line at the southern end of town
was reached, the horses were kept on
the run. Their business air Indicated
that they appreciated that there would
lie something doing If they paileyed
The first of the procession was a cov
ered wagon, decorated thus: "People's
Grocery." The next read. "Neopolittm
Ice Cream Mocks;" then "Medicated
Malt Cough Drops:" "Joanno Longo,
Fruiterer," and the last the most ap
propriate of all: "Market Wagon; All
Kinds of fireen floods." The whole
out fit looked as If it might have been
purchased at a sale of unclaimed ex
press packages. From the rear of the
wagons peeped the grimy and ill-vis-nged
countenances of the gypsy folks.
They are gone, with the hope that they
will forget the way back.
M. J. Hornn, Weil-Known Carbon
dalian, Well Located His Succes
sor. M. J. Hor.m, of the West Side, one
of the bent-known young men of the
town, who went to New York city a
few weeks ago, has accepted a posi
tion there and will remain.
Mr. Hornn is well located. He Is
window dresser for Saranoff, the hatter,
at Broadway and Twenty-ninth street,
men who are much sought for in New
York city. Ho has ability In this line,
which was amply demonstrated and ap
preciated by ("arbondallans during his
lung employment In Singer's park cloth
ing house. Mr. Koran's departuip
from this city will be keenly regretted
among the numerous friends, who re
gard him highly. He was president of
the Clerk's union and active In the
Father Mathew society and the Colum
bia Hose company.
Domlnick Larkin, of this city, recent
ly with the Collins clothing house, of
Scranlon, is Mr. Koran's successor. His
wide acquaintance and his efficiency
make him a valuable man.
Burning Outhouse Near No. 1 Calls
Out Columbias.
An outhouse located beyond No. 1
breaker of the Delaware and Hudson
caught aliie about 10.30 Saturday night.
Someone, fearing a disastrous blaze,
turned In an alarm from Box OS.
The Columbias responded, but when
the box was reached, after a long run,
no one was In sight and there was no
sign of fire. This gave rise to the be
lief that the alarm was false. The shed,
however, was probably destroyed be
fore the company reached the box. The
box is located fully a half-mHe beyond
the city line, and even a dwelling might
be destroyed, and one has been burned
to the ground, before a fire company
could cover the distance and lay a line
of hose. In this connection It might be
mentioned that there is wretched lire
protection In this vicinity, one hydrant
doing service for the entire district, it
is woefully Inadequate.
Bobei' to Open
at the
Grand Tonight.
The Katherlne Hober company
give a week of opera to Carboiidalliins
this week, and a good week If tho or
ganization repeats here the satisfac
tory work It has been doing on the road
since the seas-ou opened. Press notices
galore, all highly complimentary, pre
cede the company. Coupled with this
Is the repertoire that the company an
nounces. Such ambitious pioductlous as
"Madaino Sans dene," "Lady of Qual
ity," "Dr. Bill," are among the attrac
tions to bo offered this week. Any com
pany that-attempts to essay such plays
and is so successful as tho Katherlne
Itobor company, that company must be
u capublo one.
The opening bill will bo ".Madame
hans fiene," This Is Sardou's great play
and was played In this section a few
seasons ago by Kntherlne Kidder and
her company, The company tallies
abundant seeneiy with which to htuge
the different productions.
Nu question III game protection la
more linpoitnnt than that of the sea
sons during which birds and animals
shall bo protected, yet thero Is pons In
which fattitn laws bhovv a greater iIIt
vcrslty or ace more subject to change,
In Pennsylvania tho open season for
game Is as follows;
Deer, elk, Nov, 1 to Dec. I.
Squirrels, black, gray or fox, Oct, 15
to Dec, 15,
Hare, rabbit, Nov. I to Dec, 15.
Quail, partridges, grouse, Imported
pheasants, wild turkey, Oct. 15 to Dec.
Woodcock, Oct, 15 to Dec, ID.
Upland or grass plover, July 13 tu
Jan. 1,
Hall, reedblrd, Sept. 1 to Dec. 1.
Webfooted wild fowls, ducks, etc.,
Sept. 1 to May I.
Qut two deer can be killed In one
season by one person, and then only
during the month of November, Pen-
alty, $100. Deer mUBt not ba killed or
captured In the witters of the stitte, nnd
the r'unnlng of doer with dogs Is pro
hibited. Penalty, $100.
It Is Unlawful for 'any person to kill
In any one day more than ten pheas
ants, or more than fifteen nuall or more
than ten woodcock, or more than two
wild turkeys,-" Penalty, $50. Pheasants,
wild turkey, nuall and woodcock can
be killed from Oct. 15th to the 15th ot
December, Inclusive. Penally, $20 for
each bird, except that woodcock can
be killed during the month ot July. All
manner of trapping of game Is prohib
ited, except that qtinll can bo trapped
from Jan. 1 to Feb. 15 for the purpose
of keeping them nllve during the win
ter, nnd all qunll so tnkeir must bo re
leased in the same neighborhood as
soon ns the weather will permit in the
Prosecutions enn bo brought by tiny
person. One-holf of penalties go to the
Informer. All prosecutions must be
brought within one year from the time
of the offense. The purchase or sale of
pheasants, qunll, woodcock, wild tur
key and deer is prohibited. Penalty,
$2.. All other game of the state can
be sold within the stnte, except wild
A non-resident gunner, except he
own real estate here, must pay a
license of $10 to hunt In Pennsylvania,
At a Wedding.
Joseph A. Burke, of this city, acted
na an usher at the wedding of Miss
Frances Isabella, Mellon to Francis J.
McAndrew, which took place In Scran
ton Saturday morning. Among those
who attended the wedding from this
place were the Misses Llbble and Brid
get O'Boyle, Mary J. and Elizabeth
Burke and Mny L. Mofflt.
Next Sunday will be "Old Folks" day
at the Borcan Baptist church. Rev,
Dr. Whalen will deliver a sermon ap
propriate to the occasion at the morn
ing services. All elderly people are
especially Invited to be present. Car
riages will be sent for any who find
themselves unable to reach tho church
on foot.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. A. Tingley, of
Carbondale, were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. G. M. Carpenter at the Jay house
this week. Mr. Tlngley Is engaged in
the drug business In Carbondale and
his many Susquehanna county friends
are glad to know that he Is prosperous.
New Mllford Advertiser.
Court has changed the polling place
In tho First district of the Second ward
of Carbondale, from the present loca
tion to the coiner of Seventh avenue
and Terrace street.
Mrs. John Maze, of Canaan street,
left Saturday evening on the Erie for
Cleveland, Ohio, as delegate to the
Ladies' Auxiliary to Brotherhoood of
Trainmen convention.
Francis Smith has returned from a
couple of months' visit to his former
home, Bristol, England. His trip was
enjoyable and beneficial.
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Pattanto, of
Electric alley, are mourning the death
of a flfteen-months'-old daughter, who
died Saturday morning. Burial was
made in St. Rose cemetery.
Dundaff young men have organized a
foot ball team, and they are anxious to
play teams under 135 pounds average
Miss Joyce and Mrs. Brennan, of
Plttston, have returned home after a
few days' visit with Mrs. A. L. Gurney.
The Loyal Legion will meet In Watt's
hall, this afternoon at 4 o'clock.
At the last regular meeting of the
borough council the following bills wcie
ordered paid: Labor roll, $11.15; David
Sullivan, ?1..-i0. The electric light com
pany's bill was laid over and the com
pany's representative requested to be
uiresent at the next regular meeting to
explain reason lor tne poor ngnt ser
vice given. The Consolidated Water
company's bill for JCO.0 was referred
to the committee on light and water,
as the charges were considered exces
sive. The salary of Chief of Police He-
Glnley and six months' salary and
making out duplicate, amounting to
$35, was ordered paid to Secretary
Jones. Borough Attorney Battenberg
forwarded tho release of tho Galla
gher damage suit, which was plnced on
file. A communication was also read
from the attorney regarding the pro
ceedings against Archbald borough to
put the wild-cat in repair and
asking council to have their witnesses
on hand on Wednesday, when It Is ex
pected tho case will be culled. Council
men Avery and Wheejer were appoint
ed to secure the witnesses. A motion
was adopted that all property-holders
having sidewalks out of repair be noti
fied to repair them at once or they will
be responsible for any damage resulting
A child of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Par
ry, of West Mayfleld, Is HI of convul
sions. Mrs. II, A. Wlllman and daughter,
Mrs. C. A. Battenberg, of South Main
street, hnvo returned home from Oceun
Grove, where thoy have been spending
the past fortnight.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Potter have
moved from Scrantou Into the Nichol
son property, on Second street,
Joel Morcom, of Fourth street, Is laid
up with an attack of inllucuza,
Misses Grace and Gertie Vail and
Mr. and Mrs. George Pondered wit
nessed the production of "Under South
ern Skies" at tho Scranton Lyceum
Saturday afternoon.
.Miss Beatrice Dawe, of West Mny
(li'ld, Is til.
George Pendred, Jr., of Vintondalo,
Columbia county, was summoned hero
Saturday by tho illness of ono of his
The Illness of Miss Kntle Champion,
Meats 300 lbs,
Milk. . . , , ,, , , ,240 qts,
IJutter , . , , 1 00 lbs,
1-BSS ........... 27 doz,
Vegetables Soo lbs,
This represents a fait ration fot one
man for one year,
Hut some people eat and eat
and yet grow thinner. This
means a defective digestion
and unsuitable food. To the
notice of such persons we pre
sent Scott's Emulsion, famous
for its tissue building.- Your
physician can tell you how it
does it.
We'll tend you a little to try II rou UW.
SCOIT & JJOWNE, , PutUtKct, New Votk.
Would Not Jnstire Him.
Insurance Companies would
not insure the Rev.' J. W.
Yeisley because he had
Kidney Trouble.
Mr. Ycliley was much discouraged till
a friend recommended Dr. David Ken
nedy's Favorite kemedy and it cured him.
Mr. Yeisley writes :
"My kidneys and liver were In bad
condition unci I was nnxious for relief.
I had tried many remedies without
success. I bought a bottle of 'Favor
ite Remedy,' which effectively proved
its merit. The best proof that it has
completely cured me is my recent ac
ceptance by four different life insur
ance companies."
Tho Rev. Mr. Yeisley Is tho pastor o
the First Reformed Church of St. Paris,
Ohio, and is as well tho editor of the St.
Paris Dispatch.
There is no question that Dr. David
Kennedy's Favorite Remedy is the best
and surest medicine In the world for dis
eases of the kidneys, Hver, bladder and
blood, rheumatism, dyspepslaand chronic
constipation, as well as tho weaknesses
peculiar to women. It quickly relieves
and cures inability to hold urine and tho
necessity of getting up a number of times
during the night and puts an end to that
scalding pain when passing urine.
It is for sale by all druggists in tho
NOW SO Oont Slzo and the regular
$1.00 size bottles less than a cent a dose.
Sam fit bottle enough for trial, fret by mail.
Dr. David Kennedy Corporation, Rondout, N. Y.
Dr. I)&Tld Kfnntlj'H Magic Ere fiilrr for all
ttieasci or Inflammations of tbc Eye. 23c.
of AVest Maylield, has developed Into
typhoid fever.
The funeral of Sarah, the little daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Taylor, of
Dunmore street, was held yesterday
afternoon at U o'clock. The services
were conducted nt the house by Rev.
Japies Iley, pastor of tho Primitive
Methodist church, and were largely
attended by friends of the family. In
terment was made In Union cemetery.
Bauer's Thirteenth Regiment band
gave an open air concert on the ve
randa of the Mabon house on Saturday
evening. A large gathering of people
enjoyed the excellent programme ren
dered. Dr. W. L. Van Busklrk spent yester
day at his home in Taylor.
Andrew Patten, jr., of 'Carbondale,
visited relatives nt this place, yester
day. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hull and daugh
ter, Josephine, has returned home, af
ter spending two weeks at Maplewood.
Mrs. Anthony Jones, of Kingston, Is
visiting in town.
Mrs. John Sweeney, of Green Ridge,
Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Sweeney, of Lackawanna street.
J. Bossa McCormaek Is spending a
few days with his parents in Blakely.
Edward Gallagher and John Ed
wards spent last evening with Carbon
dale friends.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund tho money If it
fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature
Is on each box. 25c.
The school board held its regular
meeting on Friday evening. The teach
ers and janitresses were paid for the
month of September. W. H. Thomas,
our young townsman, received the ap
pointment of musical director of the
borough schools. During the meeting
Miss Mackenzie, a teacher at the Pyne
school, sent In her lesignatlon. A com
munication was received from Colonel
E. 11 Ripple concerning a donation of
sixty volumes of United States history,
wnlcli the board accepted.
The following ofllcers were Installed
on Saturday evening by the Taylor
lodge, No. 6S, Independent Order of Odd
Fellows: Noble grandr Thomas Owens;
vice-grand, Gomer Williams; treasurer,
John P. Griffiths. District Deputy J. E.
Harris and staff, of Scranton, per
formed the ceremonies.
Acacia lodge, No. 579, Free and Ac
cepted Masons, will meet this evening
in Jlecse s hall.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Gomer Jones, Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas W. Jones, Mrs. Talllo
Jones, Mrs. Walter James, Mr. and
Mrs. E. W. Jones and Mrs. Samuel
Powell attended the funeral of a rela
tive at Edwardsvllle on Saturday.
D. T. Deyeo, a socialistic speaker, of
New Jersey, delivered an address on
Main street Saturduy evening.
The Taylor Iteifs challenge the AVest
Side Browns to a game on the Taylor
grounds, Wednesday afternoon, and
any first-class team for Saturday on
the home grounds. G. K. Davis, man
ager. The quoit match between Daniel
O'Brien nnd Richard Williams will
take place this afternoon at Nayjor's
Emblem division, No. 57, Sons of
Temperance, will meet this evening In
regular session.
Prof, and Mrs. M. J. Lloyd nnd chll
dien, of Prlceburg, spent the Sabbath
with relatives In town.
Mrs, James Powell and daughter,
Melissa, and brother, John Nelger, are
spending a few days at Lower lake,
near Blngluunton, N, Y.
Mrs. T. J. Powell and Mis. John
nidgeway spent tho Subbuth with rela
tives In Wllkes-Biirre,
Messrs. David Jenkins and David
Williams, of Jenny n, were callers 011
the former's brother, J, T. Jenkins, of
iwuin sueei, yesterday.
A (urge number of our townspeople
visiieo mo Higiun regiment camp, at
Duryea, yesterday,
Degrco of Pocohontas council, No. 51,
will Instnl newly elected ofllcers this
evening. All members ure requested to
bo present,
The stockholders of tho Fidelity De
posit and Dlbcount bank of Dunnioro, met
In Miisonlo halt Friday afternoon and
elected illrectois for tho ensuing,
Tho following wore elected: P, J, lloian,
F. E. Swiu tu, Dan Powell, Dr, A, II.
Bernstein. l)r, F, W Winters, Jubn E.
Swift P. D. Mauley, John druey, Henry
lieyca, It. C. Wills, '"ho illrectois organ.
Izcd by electing the following officers;
President, P. J. Ilorun; vice president, F,
E. Bwurtz; secretury, Dan Powell, Tho
mutter of locution has not been de
cided, but It is likely to ba ilelinltcly
settled at tho next meeting of tho mem
bers. It is thought affairs will be In
shape to begin business about January 1.
Mrs. Marvin Tutlilll, of Third street, is
vising friends In Georgetown.
Mis. William Young una family havo
Connolly & Wallace
Scranton's Shopping Center
The Book Sale still goes on.
They are going out at the rate
of 2,000 a day.
Women's Golf Vests
On a cold day, for instauce uudei'
a fall jacket what could ba more snug?
Iu red, navy and green, double
breasted and fastened with brass buttons,
plain knitted back, $1.75, worth $2, 2.
Only a Tooth Brush
j But tooth brushes worth 20c, 25c
jKi and 30c each, for 10c each. That's why
W they are creating such a stir. 5,000 of
5 them to sell at this price:
1 A New Departure
Men's Smoking Jackets, House Coats and Gowns,,
5 Luxurious Lounging Robes
J The material is wool, in dark plain colors and mixtures the inside is plaid
J of various color combinations. The garments are fgced with the plaid to match
V cloth, and the pockets and collar are of ihe same plaid fiuished with fine silk cord
j and made in the best prssible mauner.
5 Smoking Jackets and House Coats $5.00 each, worth in any Clothing or
j Men's Exclusive Store $10.00.
V Lounging Robes and Gowns $7.50, worth $r.2.r;o.
5? Bath Robes of all wool stripes, $5.00, worth $7. Jo.
I Connolly & Wallace
I 123-1 25-12M29 Washington Ave.
leturncd to their home In Uiifflewood, N.
J., after a stay of several weeks in town
vlsitlns: Mis. Young'H puicnts, Jlr. and
Mrs. William Webber, on Drinker street.
Deputy Factory Inspector J. T. Fish ic
cently appointed fiom Ducks county, is
the guest of Deputy Factoiy inspector IS,
W. Uishop.
The school bonid met In regular session
Satin day night .with all members present.
Supeilnteudent lloban p'esented his llrst
monthly report which s-howed the 111 st
month of school to have ben a very suc
cessful one. He made special mention of
the steady improvement In discipline.
Tho total enrollment shows 1.2.19 males,
1,212 females, with an nvciase attendance
of 0.', per cent. A number of tho schools
havo enough coal on hand to last for bev
eral months while otheis arc neaily out,
but the bomd anticipates no dlillculty m
finding plenty of coal for all the build
ings at any time It Is needed. Holiness
for n raise of $."' per month were received
from Miss Kv.i Montgomery and Miss
Margaret Kelly. The boaul went Into a.
committee of tho whole to consider tho
question of salailes for tho comlnir year
and reported that they would bo the same
as last year with tho exception of Miss
Mary Mcl.ane, Alio Is advanced $.',, rais
ing her salary to $." per mouth, tho
amount she received for many yeais.
Tho ?uT,,00n bond Issue lecontly awarded
to F. C. Fuller it Co., has not been ac
cepted by that llrm for porno leasou
which the bomd cannot understand. The
matter has been refcued to Attorney T.
.1. Dussan, but ho inado no report on
the matter on Saturday night.
Itcv. A. F. Chaffee, of tho Carboiid.ilo
Methodist Kplsijopal church, preached an
eloquent and instructive ormon In tho
Metioillst church yesterday
morning. In the ovenlng Ilov. II. O, Mc
Deimott, of the Simpson Methodist Epis
copal church, occupied tho pulpit and de
livered a forceful and convincing sermon
which was thoionghly onioyed by tho
largo number picsent. Itcv, timiles II.
Newiiig preached both morning and own
ing In tho C'nibondalo Methodist Dpiseo
pal church.
Tho Tillumo has tbeen nsved to deny
on tho nuthoilty of Chief of Police llealy
the statements appealing In print in re
gards to the piescni'o of u detail of thu
Sheridan tioop In town on Fildny. As
yet no soldier or sr Idlers have been in
this town In their ofllclal capacity. v
Tho council will meet In lobular session
tonight at the Imrouuh building.
Letters lomalnhig unclaimed dining tho
week ending Oct. I, l!W. l'oisons culling
for these letters will pleafo say adver
tised: Mr. .1. 1.. Doyeis (transient), Jas,
Callahan, Mr. 1'ldelo Cicso IN. 222), John
Fox, Miss Nina Faux, II. Di inker nlieetj
Mr. Dan Jordan, fi2l S. Ulakctv stict;
Mr. John Knyte, Mrs, John Nulling, 213
AVuuen sticot, tolegiam; Mrs. Htuzon
Klc.slty, Itrtzlna Salvatoro (U).
Thought Governor Was "Stringing"
Dining u discussion of the manners ot
the :-oiis of distingushed Amciiciius, thu
other evening, tin instiiictor In ono of the
private inllltaiy academies along tho
Hudson ilvcr told this story;
"Tho faculty of our school wcic de
lighted when (lovernor I'rttne, of M.iss.i
chusettH sent his son to us, nnd wo all
grew very fond of him, for bo waa u
bright ami oxtiemely modest youth. In
fact his modesty was so maiked tliut wu
often talked iibmu It unions ourselves,
Ono day thero came to thu school a pal
ly of distinguished vlsltms, and tho in In
clpal called up u number of tho brightest
boys In order to question them. Among
theso was young Crane.
"Robert, who is tho governor of Mas
sachusetts?' Inuulicd he, turning to the
boy suddenly.
"Tho youth thought for a time and then
answered; '1 am mite I don't know.'
"'You ceitulnly don't mean to tell mo
you do not know who tho governor of
your own slato Is?' replied tho astonished
man. 'Think a moment longer.'
" 'I urn sorry, sir, hut 1 really don't
know,' unsucied tho boy
"Why, liobert, your futher Is the gover
nor of Massachusetts," exclaimed the bo
wildeied pi
" 'Yes, ho told mo that himself once,'
nnswcied tho boy iu tho bumo quiet man.
nor, 'but I never believed It. I thought
bo waa only btilhglng me."1 New YoiU
Travel Well When You Travel.
It's an art to tiavel; did you ever
think of It-in that light, and there is
as much difference in roads as there is
difference In houses. A well kept sta
tion, polite and obliging employes, a
train which shines Inside and out,
aisles carpeted, a piofuslon of light,
an agreeable order of architecture In
tho design of the car, a powerful loco
motive able to make nnd keep on time,
a road-bed of heavy iron and rock bal
lasted too and a running schedule fast
enough to suit you, all this In addition
to a picturesque country to travel
through, and you havo pretty near a
model road. Such arc tho conditions of
the Now Jersey Central, which road
operates tho famous hourly service be
tween New York and Philadelphia,
with a train every hour and on the
hour in both dhections,
To Baltimore, "Washington and the
west, the New Jersey Central operates
the Itnyal Blue Line, which has the
finest day trains In the world. An at
tractive pamphlet Is Issued by the gen
eral passenger department of the New
Jersey Central, New York City Dept. It.
B., which sets for the advantages in
terestingly, and If you want It, drop a
card to the above address. It's free for
tho asking.
3Gth Annual Encampment G. A. R.,
Washington, D. C, Oct. 0-11.
For tho above occasion ticket agents
of tho Lackawanna railroad will sell
special louud trip .tickets to Washing
ton nt ono way faro for the round trip;
faro from Scranton, $7.75. Tickets will
be on sale and good going October 4 to
7 inclusive, and for return until Oc
tober II. A further extension of limit
leaving Washington up to and includ
ing November :s may bo secured by de
posit of tickets with joint agent and
upon payment of 50 cents, Stop overs
will bo allowed at Baltimore, Phila
delphia and ono other point en route,
but not to exceed Until limit. For fur
ther particulars as to stop over and
side trips apply to local ticket ngent
Luckawauua railroad,
$7.75 to Washington, D. C and Re
turn via tho Lehigh Valley Rail
road October 4, 5, G and 7.
On account of the Grand Army Na
tional ICncampment to bo held In
Washington, L, C, October -n, tho
Lehigh Valley Itallroad will sell spe
cial tickets at $7.73 for tho round tilp,
good going October 4th, .1th, Gth nnd
7th, limited for return passage to Oc
tober llth, good on all trains except
the Itlnck Uliimond Kxpress, An ex
tension ot ipturn limit from Washing
ton, to November 3rd, may be obtain
ed by deposit of ticket with joint
ugeut nt Washington, between Octo
ber 7th and llth, mid payment of fco
of DO cents, Special tickets will also
he sold going via Hariisburg niul Get
tysburg, iQtunilng via Philadelphia at
rate of $S.S3, Call on Delaware and
Hudson or Lehigh Valley ticket agents
for further Information.
Special Excursion Rates to Portland,
Me., and Return, via the Lohlgh
Valley Railroad.
On account of tho National Woman's
Christian Temperance union, special
fares have been mudo by the Lehigh
Valley railroad. Tickets on .ale via
various routes, October 13, 11, 13, 10 und
S2S chestnut street, Philadelphia.
her 21, with privilege of extension by
cispoblt of tickets and an addltlonul
, The stream of new things
flowing in these days is not to be
seen anywhere but here.
men's Jackets
About a hundred medium weight
jackets for women are reduced this
morning $5.00' and $10.00 were
from $7.50 to $30.
The weight is oue that is useful the
year 'round intended for Spring and
Fall wear, but are good until Christmas.
Black, gray aud tan coats, worth
from $7.50 to $12 50 are now $5.00.
Some finer ones, including a line of
silk jackets, wotth from $15.00 to $30.00,
are now $ 10.00.
payment of 50 cents. Fare from Scran
ton, $12.30 or $13.30, according' to routo
selected. See ticket agents for particu
lars. Special Low Fares to Chicago, 111.,
and Return via the Lehigh Valley,
Kaihoad October 5, 6 and 7.
On account of the national encamp
ment, Union Veteran Legion, to b'a
held in Chicago, III., October 8-11, tHo
Lehigh Valley Railroad will sell spe
cial tickets, good going October 5th,
Gth and 7th, at $18.00 for tho round
trip, limited for return passage to Oc
tober 10th, good on all trains except
tho Black Diamond Express. Consul!
ticket agents for further information,
National Encampment Union Veter
an legion, Chicago, 111., Octo
ber 8-11.
For the above occasion ticket agents
of the Lackawanna railroad will sell
special round trip tickets to Chicago
at rate or one-way .fare for tho round
trip plus $1.00. Tickets will be on sale
and good going October 5, 6 and 7, with
returniimlt to Oct. 10th. i
Game laws Explained, i
The Southern Hallway has just is
sued for tho season of 1902-03 a beautT"
fully illustrated book, entitled, "Hunt
ing and Fishing iu tho South," whloli
Is descriptive of the best localities In
tho South for various kinds of game
aud tlsh, anil outlines the game laws ot
Virginia, North Carolina, South Caro
lina, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama,
Tennessee nnd Mississippi.
Copies of the book can be obtained
from Charles L. Hopkins, District Pas
senger Agent, Southern railway, No.
17, god for return not later than Octo-
Fiom Country Life iu America.
Hugged and frayed in September's
dress, but withal, thero is a beauty
peculiarly its own. So would wo fain
bo ovor n-deld. The botanist strolling
over tho hills and through tho sw.uupa
realizes that this is practically the end
of tho (lower year. As In the previous
mouth, the flowers are very largely
composite. Tho goldemods, tho nsters,
and the sunflowers lend vivid patches
of color to tho prospect, Thero are
comparatively few new (lowers to be
sought for.
However, there are several, the find
ing of which wlll be among tho caleu
ilur events of tho year. I'orchitnco II
Is that In the latter part of the month,
your wanderings may lead you to the
iPtrcat of tho most beautiful of all the
Call blossoms, the fringed gentian. Jts
color is of tho heaven's own hue and
Its delicate beauty Is so elusive us (o
dety the most skilful brush of the ar.
1st, Who can foigot the llrst Intro
duction to these floral beauties of tho
fall meadows'.' Two other but lews
handsome cousins, tho stiff eentlan
and the closed gentian, also come thl.s
month, Damp places are made beau
tlful by tho Jerusalem artichoke, com
monly called the wild sunflower, whose
blight, cheerful face seems ever smil
ing a greeting to the passeiby, An
other of September's (lower-folk lobed
In bluo or violet Is tho smooth or blue
aster found in dry soil nnd open woods.
A familiar little friend with whom al
most every one Is acquainted, the whit
hoath ,is(er, sometimes called white
rosemary or farewell summer, Is found
In dry soil everywhere. Not far ills
slant you mo sure to And the wavji
aster or small fleubane, with Its thU?
lough, heart-shaped lower leaves. Tl$
yellowof tho witch hazel also gladdens
the eye of the loiterer in September
woodlands and thickets.
' il