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l-i-1? &
It will sharpen tho dullest
razoi contains no emery
or grit of nny kind. A cake
lasts a lifetime.
Price, 15 Cents
Foote & Shear Co.
J 19 Washington Ave.
Scranton Investor
No. 0.
"Council Building.
Vo. S
for sale P, s-hnics at the lenniiKiiblv low
pi Ice of Jlft per li. lie. lleguliii dividend
Just pulil mill ctia opcrteil soon. 1")
shaici of Title lii.n. nit oc nml Tui'-t Co
clock for sale iwlov nmikct pi Ice
kiciiard ji:ni:st comegvs CO.
70 Coimcll Building 'Phono 101'.
The flardenbergh
oi MUsic and flrf
Offers the exceptional advan
tage of Piano and Organ stud
with Mr. Sumner Salter, an
artist teacher of lecognized
standing in the musical world.
Register now. 604 Linden st.
Reason Why
This Store is so pop
ular with Amateur
Photographers is be
cause it is devoted
exclusively to their
needs. Supplies for
Amateurs is not a side
line here, but our sole
211 Washington Ave.
Small amount of NEW MEXICO
i few shares NEW MEXICO RAIL
WAY at a leasonable flguie.
Stocks, Bonds and Securities,
Connell Building.
We Ara Always on the Watch
Tor new customei.s to please, nml for
oppoitiinitioB lo plcajo our old lusiomcis
Our l.uiiifliv Ih thoi ought v modem nb
folntcly tlio Iip steam outtlt In lio had
nnd wo in o picpuud to pleusa lliu most people.
SOS and 310 I'enn Avenue.
a. R. W. VS. E. c. w.
Former Defeated Latter at Bowling
Last Night.
The Giccn Itidge Wheelmen won
tlueo straight games fioni Ihn Eleetiic.
city Wheelmen on the lattoi's nllejs
last night. The scoies weie us follow si
green iudoi: wheelmen
Howlson , ns iwi 171 rw
hhaanoii .,.,.,,,,.. 1 i;. 113 4!u
Hitchcock .....,.!. 170 17t Jul ro
Moots .,.,, Ill 1V W- M
Tujlor .,., 201 UU 201-iTi"
iM) SO.) 817- SIS0
ELECTRIC city wheelmen.
McCiacken ........ V00 E7 J3S CH
Dcvls ,. 191 1W U5-4W
PcPue , JJI 107 IAS- IU
Mowan ,., J33 IV) 130- 4sj
sttllng lo.' uo los- 1W
Sit 7vi 7b.'- 2392
High icorc Taylor, SOI.
III5I1 ayciuge-Tajlor, JW 1-10.
On Tli Watch
Heard Testimony In Thhtcen Oases
in Which All Vaiiettcs of Domestic
Woes Were Set Forth Helen May
Bach Descitcd by Her Husband
After She Had Come to This Coun
try with Her Children to Join
Him Biutal Husbands Who
Abused Their Wives.
Judge H. C. Noweomb put In nil of
ycsteidiiy and pint of last night In
hearing dlvoieo onsen. Altogether tes
timony In thirteen cases was heard.
They follow:
Viola V. Tripp vs. Almond Tripp.
JI11, A'loln V. Tilpp sought a dlvoieo
fiom Almond Tilpp on the gionnil of
desertion. They weio mauled Jan. 1,
ISS'i, at Wavoily, and lived afterwinds
In Justus and .Tcrniyn. June 0, 1801, It
Is alleged, lie deserted her.
One month alter the alleged deser
tion the husband brought divorce pio
1 ceilings, alleging unfaithfulness, and
naming Joseph Wolfe, one of his fin in
hands, as oo-iespondcnt. These pio
ecedlngs weie chopped, appaiently, and
the wife, two months uftenvard,bt ought
divorce pioeeedlng.
In the testimony nddlKod hefoie
Judge Xr I'omb, Inst evening, It was
mado to appear that Tripp's only 1 en
son for being Jealous of his w Ifo win
that the hlied man nlways got the big
gest piece of pie and the laigest dish
of beirles.
Mi c. Tilpp, her father, Alvarld
White, and her Inotlici -in-law, Edward
Holgate. testified that the husband
tinned his wife out of doois and said
he would never lle with her again.
Judge Newcomb asked n number of
questions of each witness which would
tend to the belief that he suspected
collusion between the husband and wife
to have the court untie an lucoiigeulal
mailtnl knot. c. W. Dawson appealed
for the llbellant.
Delia Kelly vs. John Kelly.
Mis. Delia Kellv, who conducts a
pastry shop at 107 Spiuee stieet, pre
sented evidence to suppoit her conten
tion that her husband, John Kelly, now
In the county jail for making tin eats
on her life. Is a husband whom tho
law should help her got I Id of.
They weie mairled twenty-seven
jours ago at Henlik Centie, Susque
hanna lounty, by a Methodist minister.
Two years ngo they came to live in
Scianton. Their mauled Jife was very
unhappy, and for soveinl oais past the
husband's conduct was most leprehon
slble. He was seldom If ever sober,
never conti United to the suppoit of his
family and fiequently abused and as
saulted his wife. Once he thicateued
to shoot her, ,seeial times he stiuelc
her, and on innumeiablo occasions
called her oppi obi ious names.
Her daughter. Mis. Charles Gelbeit:
her seivant, Mls Anna Hlggins, and
her hi other L C. Welles, conoboiated
her stoiy.
Jessie Kimball vs. Frank P. Kimball.
Jessie Kimball, who Is suing her hus
band, Frank P. Kimball, for a dioice,
testified that she was mauled to him
on July 27, 1S9G, and that they lived
Hi si at Cotton and afteiwaids at Chin
chilla, at both of which places Kimball
conducted hotels.
She lived with him. she said, until
Fcbiuaiy, 1S9!, when she was toiced to
leave him because of his ciuel and bar
barous tieatment. He was a eiy haid
drinker and contributed veiy little
money to her suppoit. When drunk he
would fiequently beat and kick her, be
sides calling her vile names. On one
occasion he lashed her unmercifully
with a horsewhip, she said, because she
lefused to ghe him money, and it was
a common oceurience foi him to knock
her down. Hei testimony was conob
orated by her mother, Mrs. Nellie Hall,
and her sister, Mis. Grace Hunter.
Albert C. Coddington vs. Elizabeth
The llbellant, Albert C. Coddington.
testified that he man led his wife at
Hath, N. Y., Mai eh 3, 1S!M and went
to Cayutnville. N. Y., until 1S96, and
soon alter that came to Scianton. In
September, 1837, his wife deseited him.
nefme that she was In the habit of
making tilps without his consent.
She sent to him twice for money to
lot urn to him nnd he sent It but she
did not rome. At another time he got
a special delivery letter fiom his wlfo
who was then at Elmlta asking him to
go to her, lie went at once and when
he asked her to return with him she
laughed at him.
Tho libelant's brother. J. D. Codding
ton, testified that Mrs. Coddington told
him she would never letum to her hus
band, yFied Palmer testified that ho
was acquainted with the Coddlngtons
when Mis. Coddington left her hus
band. Caroline Smith vs. Philip J. Smith.
On Dec, 21, 18S5, Miss Caioline Hart
man and Philip J. Smith weie mauled
by tho pastor of the Hickory Stieet
Piesbyteilan chinch In South Scranton
and went to live with her patents on
PiospecL aonue for a time, and then
lented pdi t of tho house of Christ
Schruer. About ten yeais ago Smith
disappeaied and Mrs. Smith has since
had to suppoit heiself and their tlueo
Mis. Maggie Trestor, Mis. Smith's
sister, and Clulst Schouer, tiom whom
the Smiths lented, testllled to Smith's
desertion of his wife. Ilefoio ho left
he did not suppoit his family, Chaile.s
Neuffer testllled that ho has known
Mis. Smith tor some years, and that
she has suppoiteil herself since her
husband led her,
Hemy Scheuer vs. Pauline Scheuer,
Tho Seheueis weie mauled May 11,
1S33, and lived together In South Seian
ton foi about eleven months.
Yesteida's testimony was to the
effect that Mis. Scheuer left her hus
band and returned to her mother's
home about eleven months after they
weie 111:11 tied and has not since 1 etui li
ed to her husband's home,
Helen Mary Bach vs. Michael Bach,
Dcseitlou was tho giound on which
Helen Maty liach seeks a ill voice from
Michael Bach. They were mauled
twenty-live eaia ago in Austria and
the husband came to this country leav
ing his wife In Austria. .Some years
later his wife and their chlldien came
Iteie and the C!unltcd husband ad wife
began housekeeping at Stockton, Iaiz
cine county.
After six weeks Mis. Hitch said yes
teiduy that her husband left her and
went living with another woman at
Towandn. She followed him thcio and
he disappeared fiom Towonda and she
has never seen htm since or heaid any
thing concerning him.
Ohloe H. Schriver vs. Geoige Schrlver
Chloe II. Schrlver, who Is seeking for
a legal separation ft out her husband,
George Sclnlver, testified that she was
man led to him on May 110, 1S97, by ltev.
W. A. Noidt, pastor or the Hickory
Stieet Gcinmn Piesbytotlnti church.
At that time she was 'M yeais old, and
her husband was 48. They leslded In
South Scranton, and up to the time
she left him he nbused her shamefully,
she said. He frequent)' bent her while
Her testimony was couoboialed by
Annie Little, Jacob Schrlver and Mis.
Lunei. Seln Ivor's attorney, Joseph Gll
loy, asked for a stay ponding tho le
luin of his client, who Is now In tho
west, and who Is deslious of putting In
a defense.
Selma Williams vs. John Williams.
Deseitlon and ci uel treatment were
alleged In tho case of Selma Williams
against John Williams.
They weie man led In Wales twelve
yeais ago, by a magistiate, nnd came
to this countiy five years later, taking
11 lesldence on Spilng stieet, Noith
After abusing her almost continually
since their coining to this country, he
left her In May, 1901, and has not been
heaid fiom since. The maiiiage, abuse
and desertion weie told of by Mis. Wil
liams, her sister-in-law, Mrs. Blanche
Koesc; her neighbor, Mis. Kate Corn
stock, and her 11-yeni-old son, John.
Catharine Coggins vs. John Cogglns.
John and Catharine Cogglns weie
mairled Oct. 4, 188.1, at Olyphant and
for eleven jeais afterwards she drag
ged out a hind existence her husband
doing little or nothing to suppoit her.
Mis. Cogglns was deseited by her
husband In ISO.i and since then he has
contributed nothing to her support.
Mr. I.angati and Mis. More corroborat
ed the testimony of Mis. Cogglns con
cerning the tieatment she lOceUed
from her husband and his desertion of
Lorin Shotwell vs. Christiana Shot
well. The divorce case of Loiin Shotwell
against Chilstlna Shotwell came to a
sudden termination jesteiday. Shot
well lles at Old Foige wheie he was
mauled Dec. I, 1100.
With his wife he went to llc with his
fathei and mother nnd lemained theie
until Maich VI, 1901, when his wife left
him. As the desertion has not yet con
tinued for a pei loci of two years the
case was continued until further older
of the com t.
Annie Brown vs. Morris Biown.
Mori is Blown and Annie Hi own were
moiiied In Binghnmton. N. Y.. In 1S94
and went to Faetoryvllle to live and
fiom there to Claik's Summit.
The testimony taken jesteiday show
ed that in Mai eli, 1800, Blown deseited
his wife and hns since gone to the
Philippines where he Is supposed to be
Henry Whth Was Working at Stone
and Was Tenibly Injured by a
Fiagment of Flying Stone.
A frightful accident oceuned nt the
Cliff woiks of the Ameilcan l.oconiotUe
company shoitly hefoie C o'clock last
evening, -which lesulted In the Injuiy
and subsequent death of Hemy Wlith,
of CJ0 Willow stieet.
He was omplojed In the machine
shop ns n pipe Jitter, and had asked
Charles Moltcr, ji to make way for
him at the grindstone to sluupen a
chisel. Just as Wlrth sat clown the
gilndstone bioko and the pieces were
inn led In every dliection.
A large piece of stone struck him on
the head, hailing him fully thlity feet
away, whore he was picked up uncon
scious, with deep gashes In his face and
hend, One of his eyes wns toin fiom
Its socket.
Tho Lackawanna hospital ambulance
was summoned, and he was taken to
tho hospital, wheie the phslclaus
learned that his skull had been frac
tured by the foice or the blow lie te
celved. He died shoitly after 1 caching
tho hospital.
The gilndstone was opeiated by a
belt and was Ti Inches In diameter and
about six Inches thick. It bioke In a
dozen or 111010 pieces, ono of which al
most passed thiough the mof of the
It had only been In uso sluco Wed
nesday, and must have been defective.
None of the woikiucu could explain It
otherwise, Wlrth was considered ono
of the most popular employes In tho
shop, wheie ho had woikcd a number
of yeais with seveial of his bintheis,
Deceased was 40 cms of ago and Is
survived by his wife and four chlldien,
I.ucy, Inmnn, Madeline, and llauy.
He was a brother of Deputy Register
of Deeds William Wlith. His untimely
death Is inouined by his mother and
the following bintheis and slstcts;
Charles, Fied, William, Clulst. George,
.Mis, Chailes Hehull and Miss Mary
Wlith. Ho was a member of Camp
4.10, Patilotio Older Sons of America
and was founeily a member of the
Scranton Athletic club, The icmalns
weio taken to the family lesldence at
020 Willow stieet last evening by
I'nclei taker Hesslnger, but as jet, 110
anangenients have been made for tho
Dr, Lindabuty, Surgeon, diseases ot
women a specialty, 215 Connell building.
Hours: 11 a. 111. to 4 p. in.; 7 to 8.30
p. m.
Take Throop or Curbondale car for
soldiers' camp nt Olyphant.
Arc offered by Ihe Conservatory for Piano
forte Instruction to Students of all grades, from
beginners to prospective professionals,
Students can begin now.
They Weio Heard nt Ycstei day's
Meeting of Poor Board Repoit
of Superintendent Beemer.
Tho poor lioaul wns confronted with
two peculiar cases at their meeting os
lerday, In which a deserted husband
figured In one, nnd an abandoned wlfo
In the other.
John II. Williams, a blind mntf, living
at &'i South Main rivonuo, coniplalnoil
that Arthur Williams, of Ninth Main
inenue, near the city lino, had deserted
his wife and two chlldien lust Juno and
Is now located In Now Yoik.
Four weeks ago tho wlfo of the com
plainant deseited her husband and
joined the wlfo deseiter In the metiopo
ils, wheio they aio now icsldlng. Tho
deserted husband's appeal was not for
tho leturn of his lecieant wife, but for
the boaid to piovldc for the other
man's wife and children,
Inasmuch ns tho deseited te or her
chlldien had not applied for aid, tho
board did not feel called upon to take
any cognizance of Williams' appeal, and
the ease was dismissed. The other case
was ono of tho most Inttlcuto the bo.ud
has ever dealt with.
Mi.s. Mai la Kiismlr and son, Michael,
aged 14 yeais, aiihed at Kills Island
fiom Oeimany on Wednesday, haUng
tianspoi tallon to Philadelphia, wheie
her husband and two chlldien 1110 liv
ing. In the shuffle which follows tho
dop.utuip of einlgtants fiom the Island,
Mis. Kusnilr gave her satchel, contain
ing her all, to a filend, whom she lost
all tince of.
Through sonie unknown shltt, the
woman and boy "weio sent to Scianton
and ai lived heie caily Thuisday 11101 n
Ing. They weie found at the Delawaie,
Lackawanna and Western station and
tinned over to Mis. Duggan. She pie
sonted the case to tho boaid, thiough
Dhoctor Deckort, and an effort was
made by him to locate the lelatlves and
secure transpoi tatlon for the lost ones.
Superintendent Beemer submitted his
lepoit for the month ending- August 31,
1902, as follows:
Nunibci ot Inmates in the homo Aug.
Number Insane, admitted dining tho
mouth C
Nunibei sane, admitted dining tho
month 7
Total jlu
Number Insane clNchaiged dining
month 7
Number sane tlischaigcd dining
mouth 0
Died dining month, sane fa
Died, Ins.iii.j j
Numliei icmuinlng Sept. "0 473
Mis. Audi ow llaucht, of Maple
stieet, who li.i- a sick husband and
soon chlldien, was gi anted tempoiaiy
lelief. .Mis. Uose Moian, of Di Inker
stieet, Dunnioie, wanted suppoit for a
child she had adopted. The boaid was
willing to hao the child admitted to
St. Patrick's 01 plianage, but the wo
man lefused, and tho case was dis
missed. Jacob Giuian, of the Seventeenth
ward, asked for and lccelvod exoneia
tion ,fiom peisonal tax of II cents.
Mis. Mniy Jones, of Belloue, was
gi anted teinpoiary lellof.
Mrs. Bryan Muliov, of North Scian
ton, who has a "little boy 19 years old
a oar lost November," anil a "little
shl 10 jeais old," wanted lellof, but
the boaid dismissed the application.
The funeial set iocs over tho icmalns
of the late Dr. IT. II. Lackey weio held
nt 1.30 o'clock jesteiday afternoon at
his late lesldence, fi.'S Noith Washing
ton avenue, wheie a l.uge number of
the medical fraternity, together with
many friends and 1 datives, assembled.
A bilef piayer seivlco was held, ron
ductcd by rtev. Itogeis 1st ad, lector of
St. Luke's Episcopal chinch. Tho le
malns w HI be taken to Windsor, N. Y.,
this morning, leaving on tho 7.3G Dela
waio and Hudson tialu.
The pall-beaicis who will accompany
the icmalns aie Thomas Giillln, Will
Iain P. Boland, Dr. Bentley, Chuiles
Lowij-, Sidney Henwood and William
McDonald. Intel ment will bo made In
Windsor cemeteiy this afternoon.
M. A. Lyman, of Moscow, Now at
His Home.
The mysteilnus dls.ippenianco of M.
A. Ljnian, the Lackawanna lallroatl
station agent at Moscow, has been
cleared up by his 1 etui 11 home. His
coming was Just as mysterious as his
I Jo seems to be suffering fiom tem
poral' abbeiatlciu of tho mind, and Is
now under n physician's cam. Lyman
has teslgned his position with the tall
mad lompaii.
We handle but 0110 kind of bat
tel, and that tho
Ganulna Elgin Craamery, 24c
DlKct fiom HI.OIN, II.MNOIS, It
Is by far tlio most Delicious,
Sweetest Jlutler inaile Otliois ad
vcitlso it, but liono Keep It
That Coffee Again
I like to talk about Coffeo bo
causo its wot til talking about
It's tho best Moclm ami Java
blended to tho ijueen'a tanto and
would lost ou I'll at incut stoics,
hut wo S'il it 3 pnuinM foi
"Jlost CNipiislto loffea I ever
ill, ml;!" exclaims another delighted
ludy. who Is an excellent judb'o of
good tnffoe
Our 2.'e. tilplo blond Is delicious
and equal to any ?0t 01 35c, giado
sold at the gmcciy.
The Great Atlantic
and Pacific Tea Co.
4U Lackawanna avenuo, 321
Noith Main avenue. 'Phono 7J-2.
Piompt dellveiy. New 'phono 123.
In Tho Tribune's Educational Con
testBurns Passes HI3 Sixth Cen
tury, Dorscy His Thlid, and Kiesge
His First Many Changes Among
tho Leadeis for Special Honor
Prize Burns Enteis the Table nnd
Takes Thlid Ploco.
Standing of Contestants
A. J. Kellerman, Scianton.027
Charles Bums, Vnndllng. .008
William T. S. Rodrlguca,
Scianton 545
Oscar H. Kipp, Elmhurst.400
Wm. Sherwood, Harford.. 401
Herbei t Thompson, Car-
bondalo 440
Fied K. Gunster, Gieen
Rldgo 406
Albeit Fteedman, Belle-
vuo 380
0. J. A. Hnvenstiite. Mos
cow 354
10. Chas. W. Dorsey, Scrantou.302
11. Maxwell Shepherd, Car-
bondale 300
12. L. E. Stanton, Scranton. . . 150
13. Harry Madden, Scranton. . 158
14. Hendrick Adams, Chin
chilla 125
15. Homer Kiesge, Hyde Park 101
16. M i s s Beatiice Harpur,
Thompson 100
17. Frank B. McCieary, Hall-
stead 02
18. Miss Jane Mathewson,
Factoryvillo 86
19. Lewis Bates, Scranton .... 82
20. Don C. Capwcll,!. Scianton. . 81
21. Fied Kibler, South Scran
ton 74
22. William Cooper, Priceburg. 09
23. A. L. Clnrk. Green Grovo . . 50
24. Louis Gere, Biooklyn 49
25. Walter Hallstead, Scian
ton 44
26. Miss Edna Coleman,
Scranton 43
27. Lee Culver, Springvllle. . . 41
28. Giant M. Decker, Hall-
stead 38
29. Miss Mary Yenger, Green
Ridge 34
30. Elmer Williams, Elmhurst. 33
31. Aithur J. Thayer, South
Scianton 32
32. Hugh Johnston, Forest
City 31
33. Eddie Morris, South Scran
ton 29
Evcty day bilngs its changes now in
The Tilbune's Educational Contest.
Yesteiday thiee moio contestants
moved one peg higher, while several
otheis mateilally Inn eased their scores
Chinles W. Doisej-, Homer Kiesge and
Aithur J. Thajer each succeeded in
parsing the next contestant above,
taking tenth, fifteenth and tblity-flrst
pi ices, lespeotlvely. No one of the thiee,
howevpi, holds his advanced place by
moio than tlueo points and may be
obliged to ldinquish them today.
Chailes Hums passed his sixth ceii
tuij' jcsteidaj-. Dm soy his tliiul, and
Kiesge his first. The scoio in detail
Chailes W. Doisey 22
Chailes Bums 2L
A. J. Kelleiman 12
William Slieiwood C
Homer Kiesge 3
Aithur J. Thayer 1
J. A. Hnvenstiite 1
The Iculcis for the Hist special honoi
piUe aie all changed mound this
inclining, the only contestant to ictalii
his Toimer position being Mr. Gunster
in flist place. Chailes Bums enteis the
table and takes thlid place, ill. Dor
sey moves up fiom fifth to second, and
A. L Clnik, who was In.ulvei tently
omitted fiom the table ycstei da', Is in
to tho contestant scoilng tho l.ugcst
number of points hefoie d p. m.,
Satin tiny, October it.
Fied K. Gunster 48
Chaile.s W. Doisey . 33
Chaile.s Burns 25
A. J. Kdlctmau 24
William Shoiwood 19
Mbs Jane Mathewson 12
Lewis Bates 9
William T. S. Bodiiguez 9
A. L. Clai't 9
Hairy Madden 8
Why Modify Milk
for Infant feeding (n the uncertain
vvajs of the novice when you can have
alwajs with you a supply of Ben den's
Eagle Htnnd Condensed Milk, a poi fee t
cow's milk limn hei els of native bioeds,
the peifectlon of Infant food? Uso It
for tea and eolfee.
Take Tin nop or Caibondale car
soldlcis.' camp at 01 pliant,
Wlillo Key Tort
OS Cents ami $1.25
York Sfafe Grapes
Vaiicy Concords, 1.1c
Fanoy Niagara, '2()c
Fancy Delaware, 'J.ic
Special on Olives
20 Cents, worth tile
Boneless Sardines
25 Cents
G, Goursen.
Jersey I
S Feeches
Carbondalo Fans Will Witness n
Gdod Team Piny.
At lust tlio Cnrbondnlu t'leseents. fn
mlllnily known as "Our Pets," have
ananged a letuin game vvilh Die Bctnti
loit Soinl-piofesslonnls, nml will play
on Durfy's Held, Caibondale, this af
ternoon. The following playets will
repot t nt tho Uelawaie and Hudson stn
tlou at 1 o'clock this afternoon: Fran
clsv catcher; Oilllln and Hiay, pltch
ots; Owens, fhst base: Touhlll, sec
ond base: Gallagher, shoi t stop: Mi
llugli, thlid base: Miutcnspadiei', left
neld: Ferils, tight Held; Culktii, ccii
tto field.
Manager Wlrth will not bo In tho
Kittito on account ot tho death of his
In other.
Next Friday, Oct. 10, a game will bo
played by the Seml-Professlonnls and
tho All-Professionals. Such famous
players as Jennings, Dunn, O'Neill
bi others, Coughlln, Fieonian, Mathew
son, Mullaikoy, Dean and otheis will
he In the game,
Says He Will Many Mrs. A. J. Ul-
mer if Sho Does Not Possess
Acci edited Foi tune.
The romance of 1'ieil. Smith, the
Scianton House waiter, and Mis. A. J.
t'lmer, of Huston, as oxduslvdv an
nounced In The Tilbune yesteiday,
caused quite a tlr among the j'oung
man's I datives and fi lends, and tho
publication of the story was also a
surpilsu to the couple,
Mrs. Ulmer lcluined to her home
yesteiday, and did not know the stoiy
had leaked out until she lead It In a
paper on tho train. Upon her anlval
at Kaston she sent reassuilng telu
giams during the dav to Smith peti
tioning him not to heed any stoiles lie
might hear about hoi.
Smith declared himself to his fi lends
nnd Intimated that he Is deeply In love
with the woman, and will mairy hei,
regaidless of her wealth. He will sever
his connection with the Scianton
House this evening, and leave for lias
ton on Monday.
Tho wedding l.s scheduled lo ocelli on
Tuesdny at Kaston, and the couple will
leturn to Scianton on Wednesday, and
later leave for a wedding tilp to Eu
rope. The btldo-to-be presented Smith
with $300 with which to pin chase his
wedding outfit. Ho has been ovot
whelmed with congiatulatlons by his
Scranton Business College.
Honesdnle, Pa., Sept. 16, '02.
Monday moining I began woiking for
the above mimed people, (T. B. Claik &
Co, Cut Glass). Expected the wink
would bo voij- heavy, but owing to tho
thoiough tialning I leietved at the
Scianton Business College, I find the
vvoik very easj. Will do all I can lo
get students for the S. B. C. ns I can
consciontiouslj' lecommond the school
for its thoroughness, especially since I
Unci T am capable of holding lesponsHile
positions even though t am not a gt act
uate. Slnceiely joins,
Abble C. Elk.
The foregoing was unsolicited.
Take Dm yea car to see Eighth legl-
ment at Duijea.
Kingston, Pa.
Special woik: Chniactor-building and
pipparation for college and business.
Cettllicate lccelved by colleges. Co-edu-catlonal.
Ample attention given to tho
ornamental bi ouches. Supeiior doiml
toiles, science hall, chapel, dining loom,
gymnasium and athletic Held, A finely
equipped picpaiatoiy school. $300 a
n-oai ; teim now open. For catalogue,
acuiicbs J... Li. spiague, u. u., piesi
dent. Next Sunday Is the Day
The N. Y.. O. & W. It. B. Co. will inn
its annual foliage exclusion to Han
cock, N. Y. Tickets, $1. Tin in leaves
Scianton at S.30 a. in.
Take Tin nop or Caibondale car for
solcllet.s' camp at Olj pliant.
City and School Taxes 1902.
The above tax duplicates are now in
my hands for collection.
City Tieasurcr.
Take Dm yea car to see Eighth regi
ment at Dm yea.
You Can
Always 5a ve
The middleman's pio
11 1 by pun linsiug our
mnbiellas or lini.esols
cilice t 1mm the inaiiu
lactuiei, Special In
dia cninnts Just iiov,
In older to dial out
our stock picpaiatoiy
to iiiuking up mu
cin iHlnius lliu Wo
aio tho only oncIiihIvo iimbiclla iiiiinu
fuctuiei.s in tho illy
311 SI'Itt'CE STltEET.
fr A U A A i h J $ J $
asury s
Aie the best in the world.
In VARNISHES we cany
Parrotts, Mtisury's,
Ynlcntiiics and
Also a full line of Brushes
Biltenbender & j
126-128 Franklin Ave.
.j. .j. .j. .. .j. .j. .. .j. .j. .j. .$. .j. $ .j. .j.
Ten Dollars for Guesses
Who enn namo thn winner In The
Tilbiino's Educational Contcit and
tell tho number ot points ho or she
will imveY
rhst Prize S5.00 In Gold.
Next Three $1.00 each.
Next Two 50 cents eaeln
Next Four-y25 cents each
TOTAL Ten Prizes, Ton Dollars.
Cut out tlio coupon below, nil It In,
and send lo "Scianton Tribune, Scran
Inn, Pa Uiicsslug Contest."
Hattiiday, Oct. 4.
I think tlio winner ot Tho Ttlb
tine's Educational ConUst will bo
No ot points..,, .,
Nn ma
Adihcss ,
Cut out this lower coupon only.
With every puichaco of SI cl
over nt
Nettle ton's
Shoe Store
FALL STVIES in Udics' nnd
Gents' .Shoes at S2.01),
-V i.3l). 83. 0') anil S3.30.
Opposite Connell Building.
Good Oct. II, I and i!
All cms pi's the door. Trans
fer fiom I'lovltlciiie.
Cut This O
Will be pleased to iccelvo
mouej- In .inv amount and
into of inteiest thcicon.
deposits o
pay liberal
VVlitle oil
at ia.-
ave. nn
small, wi
nliua limit,
quart el H
ly alilo to
dnlo our
liieiensln -
Open an account with us.
I.. A. WATRES Piesldcnt
Thlid Vlce-I'iesldent nnd Tieasurcr
Abiam Nesljlit, Thomas E. Jones
William T. Hallstead.
O. S. Johnson II. Watklns
L A. Wntes.
The Ti lbiino will guarantee to print
youi paper book quit Iter than any oth
er pili'tlng house In the city.
The Standard of C, celfence
means a great deal, but It
cp'eowCJ the position of
In tb3 statlonory world, Tlioy ara
tho best and they are the standard
of polite society,
French Organdies
In the new Fall tints, Cafe and
Chrysanthemum, will bo the papers
In use for select correspondence
this Fall. Very elegant effects can
be produced by stamping or Ilium
Inatlng. We have the comolete
Hotel Jeunyn Building.
Good B
if fepj ill i
J J pggs f I
The Title
Guaranty and
Trust Co.
, .'(.y"'v . Mgy