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Reorganization of the West Side Repub
lican ClubOther Matters of Gen
eral Interest.
The special meeting lo consider the
iidvlsablllty of rcni'Kimlxltiff the West
Bide Cehtinl Ilciuibtlcnii club, and to
bear the report ot the committee up
pointed to draft the constitution nnd
by-laws, was held In the rooms last
evening, and was attended by a larse
representation of the membership.
It was the sense of the meeting that
the club be reorganized on much broad
er lines than has heretofore charac
terized l, and the plan and scope ot
re-organization was fully discussed and
decided upon, but will come up for
limit adoption at the regular meeting
to be held tomorrow evening, when
every member. Is expected to be pres
ent to vote on the proposition.
The numo will be the West Side Kc
jubllcnn club, of Hamilton, Pa., and
ivlll have for its object the organizing,
iidvocatingand maintaining of the prin
ciples) of Republicanism, to elevate and
purify national, state, county and mu
nicipal politics, to direct and Interest
in politics those who hitherto have
been Indifferent to their political du
ties, and to encourage attendance at
primary electftps that honest and cap
able men may be nominated.
To guard and defend the purity of
the ballot box', to promote the cause
of good government In the city of
Kcianton and the county of Lackawan
na, to provide a .suitable place for the
entei talnment of the representatives of
the party when visiting the city, and
lo do and perform such work as may
unserve the best interests of the Re
publican parly.
The members must be qualified voi
d's. Republicans of good standing, who
shall at all times adhoio to and sup
port Republican principles and candi
dates. The club will not act as an or
ganization in the Interest of any can
didate for nomination for any office.
The regular party nominees, however,
may be endorsed by the club, by a ma
jority vote of the members.
The club will consider It its duly
from time to time, to iccommcnd from
lis membership, suitable and compet
ent persons for public appointments.
The enlarged membership will In
clude the lepresentntive party workers
In every election district in West
vSc-ranton, and In order lo enroll them
before the beginning of liiO."!, the initia
tion fee w III be placed at ."0 cents for
the balance of October, November and
Deecmbei .
Ofliccih for the now oig.inizatlon will
be nominated in December, and in or
der to give all new members an op
portunity to participate in the election,
they should enroll at once. Applica
Five stamps given away with
each bottle of Dufour's Trench Tar
1 The Show of
Follows in rapid succession the successful
1 Special Dress
Goods Display
IT you're a womiirt and know anything about Scran- 5T
ton, you know the Silk Department at the Globe Ware- 51
house. An opening there mians something. It means
that you will have a leisurely opportunity of looking :
over the largest and finest stock of Silks in Pennsylvania. 5i
It me.uu that everything
proper will ba there to greet you. It means that you
will be there if you tire a woman of rashion, for all that
the old world and the new world have that is worth
seeing will be offered for your inspection in this show.
I French
1 Moire Antiques
iS The silks your mothcis were
jjj so fond of aie back again' with
!c twentieth century charms added
5j to them.
Moire Velours
I and Moire Ren
1 naissance Silks..
Ate, also leaders In the new
season's weaves, the quaint
wavy patterns of the former
nid the bold richness of the lat
ter, cannot fall to lippiess you
as beliif? admirably adapted for
two distinct types of -womanhood
that usually find It hard to
get just the rlsiu thing, Hluclt
and colors, of eoui&e.
; Crystal Glaze
j jJIIKSbiiij
"3 Aro a distinct novelty of this
J5 season's production. Its deli
cate textuio and rich, soft, lus
trous finish aro simply superb.
All the leading colors and black.
Globe Warehoiis?.!
tions should be made In writing to W,
Claylord Thomas, president; Frank U.
Ileese, secretary; W. II. Hughes, treifs
iii er, or any uctlvc member of the
It Is expected the membership will bo
Increased scveinl hundred and that the
club will become a power In city and
county politics. Already n number of
party workers have signified their In
tendon of joining the club, nnd several
applications will be considered at the
regular meeting tomonow evening.
The Last Tribute.
The funeral services of Mrs. Sarah
Morris, widow of the late William Mor
ris, of 144 South Kverctt avenue, who
passed to her reward Sunday after
noon, aged 54 years, after an Illness of
nine weeks, were hold from the house
Wednesday afternoon. Rev. D. P.
Jones of the Tabernacle Congrega
tional church, had charge of the ser
vices, and made a few remarks suit
able to the occasion. Mrs. Morris win
a member of the Plymouth Congrega
tional church, and the choir of the
Sherman avenue mission rendered sev
eral of the favorite hymns of the de
ceased. At the close of the services the
friends passed the open casket and
looked for the last time upon the face
that had grown so dear to them. The
funeral cortege moved to the Washburn
street cemetery, where Interment was
made. The pall-bearers were John
Phillips. William Deacon. Edwayd Da
vis, John Neat, Thomas Davis and
Henry Jones.
Raid Ragle tribe, No. 102, Improved
Order of Red Men, will meet at their
wigwam tonight at 7.30 o'clock. Deputy
Gieat Sachem Charlo Plchler will i.ilxe
up their chiefs, agisted by Past Sachems
John W. Richards and David C. Wil
liams. Great Representative John T.
Howe will give a report of the ptocecd
Ings or the great council, United States.
All brother are lcquested to attend.
Mr. Madden and daughters, of South
Hdc Park avenue, aie making an ex
tended Aislt in Chicago.
Fote home time past, men have been
engaged in relaying, in part, the lirlcl:
pavement on North Hyde Park avenue,
When the men tarUd to work, they
found n larger part of the htreet In voro
condition than was shown on the sut-
Ml--. Andrew Pilor, of Wllkcs-Barre,
who has been the guest of Mrs. William'
Wheeler, of Iaizcrne street, has returned
His. W. Rowland Davles. of South
Slain .iveano, has rotm-ncd home, after a
pleasant lslt at Fnetorj vlllc.
Kdward I Ivans, of North Hydo Talk
avenue, is 111.
Miss Vea Jones, contralto soloist, will
sing nt the Sunday evening service of the
First R.iptl-U church.
The library at the Sherman Atomic mis
sion will open for the first time on Sun
day. Librarians Ilernc and Hopkins have
placed everything in readiness fur the dis
tribution of honks
Miss Mary Dm kin died at the home of
that fashion says is right and
Have a beautiful, soft, water
like ripple In the weave that
gives them a new daintiness nil
their own.
Resides the above we show all
the staple silks, as well as the
popular favorites, without which i
no silk stock would be consid
ered complete. Colors and black
In all.
New Payone
Are a little harder to finish
than the Panne Velvets so much
In vogue last year. The finish
sets It off bo that It will brush
peifectly either way; conse
quently It does not muss up or
spot with the rain readily,
Widths of Velvets 19, 27 and
32 Inches. All the popular sha
dings and makes on view this
her parents, Mr, nnd Mrs. Nicholas Dur
klh, Boulevard, Round Woods, on Octo
ber a, Sho Is survived by her parents,
sister, Miss Sarah, and brothers, Joseph,
James and John, of this city, nnd Thom
as, of St. Charles college, Baltimore.
Funeral announcement later.
Master Reuben Squires, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Bqulers, of South Kdwnids court,
whllo playing with some boys at recess nt
No. 32 school yesterday, fell and broke
his arm. tie was removed to his home
and Dr. Reach called, who set the In
jured tnomboi'.
Mrs, J, Martin, Aif Sea Cliff, N, Y. Mrs.
II, r. Maitln, of Utccn Rldce. nnd Mrs.
A. M. Dcrshlmer, of Snath Mala avenue,
have lelliraed home from a pleasant visit
with Mr. X. W. Uershlmer. of Dalton.
The opening meeting of the winter sos
rton of the I.adles'Mlss'lonary auxiliary of
the Plymouth Congregational chmch will
ho held Monday evening In the chmch
William F.vans, Mrs, Henry Austin and
son, Karl, are the glicds of Reese D.
Jones and fatally, of 1127 Rock street.
A regular meeting of Washington camp,
No, 17s, Patriotic Order Sons of America,
was held hist evening. Much business of
Importance was tranaeted nnd several
candidates were taken Into the older. A
social session and smoker were alio held.
Miss Anna, of Fifth street, has
returned homo from a visit at Nyack, N,
Mr. and Mrs. David Kdwaid, of Swet
land street, are visiting at Youngstown,
lMwnid Davis, of Jackson street, Is
homo from Allentown.
The Misses Florence A, Fowler, of Jack
son street, and Ruth K. Reddoe, of South
Main avenue, will leave t'ndtiy for on ex
tended visit with Caibondale friends.
Byron Sloat, of Shetland street, n id
Frank Sloat, of North Lincoln nvenuc,
are at Lake Ariel.
.Miss laicy Fuut Is qulle seilnusly 111 at
her home on Chestnut street.
Thomas Timlin has returned to his
home In Klmha, after an extended visit
with Ids pai cuts, on North Lincoln ave
nue. Miss Martha Ricblem and Finest Hlek,
of Cnrbondnlo, have spent the past week
as the gnesm of Mr. and Mm. Weber, of
Noith Gnrlleld avenue.
William Dlehl, of South Hyde Paik ave
nue. Is slightly indisposed.
Miss Grace Williams, of Simbnry, is the
guest of Chestnut street fi lends.
The West Side police have been receiv
ing complaints about boys who have been
throwing "tones nt houses in Rellevuo.
A special meeting of St. Patrick's La
dles' Catholic Benevolent union. No. C02,
was held In St. Leo's looms last evening.
Leo Rons, of North .Main avenue, Is
home from New Yoik city.
Mis, 11. M. Francis entei tallied tne
Ladles' Auxiliary of the Simpson Metho
dist ICplscopal chinch at her home on
North Bromley aienue last evening.
Peter Schiller, of Dlvl-iou street, has
left for Cleveland. Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. John Murray, of the
Sloan patch, yesterday caused the ar
rest of Mr. and Mrs. John Hartcl, their
neighbors, the former on a charge of dis
orderly conduct, and the latter as being
a common scold and making threats.
Hartcl paid t lie co.its In his case, and
his wife was held in $100 ball.
A vciy pietty wcdditiK took place es-
teiday momim? in St. Alniy's church on
River sticot, when Joseph Schneider, jr.,
and Kate Scbloss were united In
mnriiagc at ' o'clock, after a nuptial
mass. The coicmony was pci formed by
Hew Prior L'bilst, who also olllcl.itod at
tin1 Edwanl Spoilt cr was bcht man
and Miss Lena Klos. who like the bildo,
was charmingly attired In while, was
Inldesmald. After the wcddniff the
paity enjoyed a diive aiound the clly
until noon vh6n was served at
the home of the Kioom's parents. A re
ception also took place last evening at
TX Hooch street, when the newly wedded
couple wcio MMcn.tdod by fi lends and rc
icived imij useful presents. Supper was
served in the p.ulois and a dance fol
lowed until midnight for which imMc was
furnished by Klw,ud Hoffman. Mr. and
Mis. Schneider will commence- house
keeping at 7-1) IJceeb hticet,
St. John's hall on Stone avenue was
ciowded to the doors last evenins by
young people eager to take p.nt In the
progresdie undue social which was post
poned fiom last week. Last night's so
cial was under the supervision of
Mary Real don, nnd able assistance was
lendcied bv a committee of fi lends as
follows: Ml.sses Nell McGlnuls, Mary
Rafter, Nell Real don, Kato Rafter. Sa
die Nealis. Kate Reaidon and Belinda
Byron. At 0 o'clock every tablo was oc
cupied and the play continued for suit
able prizes until 11 o'clock.
Walter Thompson, who was man led a
week ago, gave a party to his Immediate
fi lends at Rest's hotel last evening and
a pleasant evening was thoioughly en
joyed. Supper was seied at 9 o'clock
and was pai taken of by about thirty life
long fi lends who weie treated to all the
delicacies of the .season. The balance of
the evening until midnight was spent in a
"feast of leasun and a (low of soul."
John Robllng leeched minor oiders In
St. Peter's cathedral yesteiday. Saturday
lie will be ordained.
John Westpfahl and William Publ. Civil
war veteians, will leave Monday morning
for Washington. D. t, wbeie they will
take pint in the National Grand Army
ot the Republic convention nnd celebia
tlon. Dr. Schley's Lung Healing Ralsam is
guaianteed to cute all coughs. "No cine,
no pay." For sale by all dealers.
A boy named McAvny, residing witli his
pai eats at 11.1 Plttslon avenue, while, at
play In the gi minds at No 13 school, fell
and dNIoeated his left elbow. The spialn
was icuuted by l)i J. J, Walsh,
A meeting of the Hickory Stieet Pies
bytPilnn church Voting People's society
was held in the paiisli house, last even
ing. (lenetal Oinnt commnudery, Knights of
Malta, will meet in Hailman's hall this
,V icgular monthly meeting of the
Sci.iuton Athletic club was held In the,
society's hcadfitaiteis on Aldor street
last ovenlng.
Tlio debate nt Phainiacy hall, which
was lo tako place last evening between
members of the Yoims Men's Institute,
was postponed until next wee!;.
The Star Social club will meet and elect
ofllceis this evening.
The South Side haul' will bo open for
business ovoiy Saturday evening from
7,"J0 to $.) o'clojl;,
T . Loveless, of Gicen Rhlgo street,
had Slis. Knto Goibla analgneil bofoiu
Alderman Myeis last ovenlng on tho
charge of dlouleiy conduct. Loveless
claims that .Mis, Got bin has been auno
Ing him for sonut time past and Wcdues.
ciay evening us ho was on hla way homo
she slapped hint and called him vllo
names. The nldorman lined her J." and
costs. She w.ih unable to pay her duo
and was lommltted to jail for thirty days.
A delelghtful iccoptlon was tcndeieil
Mr, and Mis. Wllllum S.iudeis, at tlio
home of their patents, Mr. and Mis, M,
K. Sandeis, of ('lunch nvenuo, Wednes
day evening, The occasion was In honor
of .Mr and Mrs, Sanders' recent wed
ding. Miss Hertha Sandeis cnterlnlucd
tlie guests until a seasooablo hour, when
lefieshments Weip sutved. Those present
were: Mr. and Mis. John R. Richards,
Mr. and Mis, Chillies Hopewell, Mr. and
Mm, J, X), Keator. Mr. and Mis. G, 1),
Kowlor, Mr and Mis. William Sandeis.
Mr, and Mis. M. 13. Sandeis, MUses Her-
for children teething, is tho prescription ol
bne of tho best femula physicians and
used sixty
purees in tho United States, and has boeS
, i. jbub Him (luver-tuiung suoi
tees by millions of mothers for their chlU
drcn. During the process of teething iti
Valuo Is Incalculable. It rolloves the child
from pain, cures diarrhoea, grlnlng In ih
towels, and wlnd-collc. By Ktvlnc health
la the child It lests tho mother. Price
twfintvflv cents battla.
The Request Is Granted Hundreds of Seriously Sick Ask for a Lower Rate All Persons Applying Now Will
Be Treated for $10 Until Cured, Hedicines Included This does Not Hean $10 a Month, but $10 for a
Complete Cure All Persons Accepted Under Positive Guarantee to Cure or Money Refunded This
Offer Hay Be Withdrawn at Any Time It Is Important to Call at Once The Great Quaker Physi
clan's Work for Humanity, One of the Brighest Epochs in Medical History.
It 1ms always been the cardinal princi
ple of the Cheat Quaker l'lijslclan's llfo
to do the Rtcatcst' amount of good to tho
greatest number of people, lie has tcal
lacd that dating the past few months
many people In Soranlon have been suf
fering liom Itminelal depression owing to
the existing labor conditions. Hun
ilieds of people have asked to be tientcd
nt a l educed rate, They Itavo stated that
their llnanclal condition was such that it
would be Impossible for them to pay tho
oidlnary fee charged by physicians.
uoctor Rvcrs' ofllces aio crowded to
their utmost capacity, tils practice In
mis clly Is tho largest ever accorded to
any physician In tho history ot medicine.
Hundreds of hopelessly sick have been
testored to perfect health and his name
Is a household woid throughout the stnto
of Pennsylvania. It would be manifestly
nniust to treat a few at a i educed rate
and chnrgo others a higher in Ice, In or
der to glvo nil an oppoilunlty to be cured
at n nominal pi lee. lie will treat nil per
sons applying at his offices on the follow
ing conditions:
All persons applying for treatment at
once, no matter what the trouble may be,
will bo Heated for tho nomlnnl sum of MO
until cured, medicines Included. This
does not mean $10 00 n month, but $10.00
"" u complete and radical cure.
Ho furtheimore agrees that If the pa
tient Is not completely cured In a sped- '
ued length of time, to return the money ,
paid without any quibbling or evasion, in .
other wot ds. It will not cost the patient
one cent unless a cure Is effected.
Doctor Byera wishes to emphasizes '
the fact that this offer may bo with- I
drawn at any time, nnd in order to
get the benefit of it, it is important I
to call at once. His tjractice is so !
large that it will be impossible for
him to continue this offer indefinitely.
If you call now you will receive the
most careful and scientific X-Hay ex
amination known to science, free of
charge, and you will be treated until
cured at the nominal sum of $10.00,
medicines included. If you are not
cured your money will be cheerfully
returned to you. Call at once, as this
offer may be withdrawn at any time.
The different tissues of the body are
made up of minute cells, and when these
cells become disarranged, disease is tho
result. JJy supplying tho proper imm
inent to tho cells, perfect health can bo
obtained. All diseases, no inntter how
chronic, can be cured by biinglng the
cells back to their notmal condition. The
tieatment used by Doctor Hyers Is not
allopathic or homeopathic. It is a treat
ment based upon nu exact science and
cures with the certainty of a lixed law.
Dr. B-yora never accepts a caso unless
he knows to a certainty tho cause of the
tiouble, and this can only be determined
by a scientific X-Hay examination. His
X-Ruy outfit Is the most elaborate and
complete In this country. Uy his special
Fluoioscopic attachment ho is able to
examine all parts of tho body and find
out to nn absolute certainty the cause of
the patient's affliction. Come and bo ex
amined; it is absolutely free. Ho will not
chnrgo you one cent. Come and Unci out
what your double is and he will achiso
ou In tcfpieuce to a cure. It is all free,
lie asks no compensation.
tha Sandeis, Heitha Davis, May Joseph,
Mess-is. Kmrjs Joseph, Gus Uynon and
Kdgar Sandeis.
Mis. Klecta Sagundorf, of New York
city, who has been the guest of Mrs. Kd
waid Gilflln. of Mary street, for the past
two months, has icturticd home.
Tho North End Defenders will liavo
the Olyphant basket ball team as their
opponents at the Auditoiium this evening.
Mis. Dletiick, of Kingston, is the guest
of West Maiket stteet fi lends.
Mr. and Mis. William J. Evans, of
Wayne avenue, left yesterday to nttetpi
the funeial of Mrs. Lewis' uncle, John
Lewis, of Tamaqua, Pa.
Miss Margaret Call, of Dunmoie, and
Miss May Moran, of New York city, spent
last evening with Miss Anna Roche, ot
West Maiket stieet.
Miss Edna Harper, of Sandeison ave
nue, lias leturned fiom a thiee months'
stay In Iowa,
The Woman's Home and Foreign MIs
slonaiy society of tlio Gieen Ridge Pres
byterian chinch will hold their regular
monthly meeting at the lesidence of Mrs.
M. K. Kujs, Sanderson avenue and Del
aware street, this afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Tho following Is a programme of tlio af
ternoon's wotk: Opening sei vices; busi
ness flems; hymn; paper on Mormans, by
Miss Pooie; solo, Miss Reynolds; paper,
subject, "Pctsl.i," Mis. W. D. Kennedy;
solo, Mrs. Ilutton; piayer. Mis. Win Bci
gen; hymn: social half hour.
The smoker which followed tho instal
lation ceiemonles of Gteen Ridgo lodge,
Independent Older of Odd Fellows, last
evening, was an extremely pleasant af
fair, lionois even between cigars and clay
pipes. Light lofivshmeuts were served
and impiomptu speeches made by mom
bets and guests. The committee In charge
consisted of Rlchaid Davis, C. P. Jones
and L. W. Low Is,
Mr. nnd Mis. It, P. Reynolds, of New
Yoik stieet, entertained the members of
tlio Oieen Illdgo Checker club at their
home Inst oen!ng.
A cow belonging to Adam and Mary
Voneskl has been making a p.istmo of
somo of their nclghbois' float lawns and
leaving them much tlio woiso for her
ftollc. As a tesiilt Jasper Fautz and
William Snyder, of Olyphant toad
brought suit for tiespass against Mr. nnd
Mrs. Voneskl befoie Alderman Raylay
yesterday. They wcro awarded damages.
An exciting giimo of foot ball wns
played between tho seholais of St. Paul's
school and thoso of No, ?8 In Sanderson's
paik yesteiday afternoon, which lesulted
In a victory for No, US, Scorn 10 to 0.
Tho i went heavy rains have played
havoc with tho stieets of this section, es
pecially In not thorn Gieen Hldge, wheio
the wnter fiom the steep hill has toin
deep gutters In tho toad beds and In
many places lendcied them unsafe for
The scholars la the High school will
deuilo the last forty minutes of this uf.
tornoon's session to the renriethiR of the
followliiK proKramme: History, "Amprl
can Songs and Their History," Uesslo M,
Powell; sons, "Star Spangled Ranner,"
school; pantomime, Anna R, McCann:
song, "Itnttlo Hymn of the Republic,"
class; lecltatlou, "Maryland," Maigarot
Rryden; duet, "Tenting on the Old Camp
aiound," Uessle Murphy and Bertha fill,
len; recitatloo, "Tho nine and tho Gray,"
Clulr Cm tin; 'solo, "Ren Holt," Rertha
Cullen; recitation, "Woodman Spate That
Tree," F.dwaid Rozclle; song, "Home,
Sweet Home," class. The public gener
ally Is Invited,
At tho homo of tho bride on Smith
street. Miss GracQ Kngle and Dayton V.
1, of Church street, weie last evening
united In marriage by Rev, Chartei H.
New lag, of the Methodist Mplscopal
church. Only the members of tho fnni.
Hies of tho contracting pai ties wero pies,
eat. Mrs. Kills Is ono or the botough's
falret daughters, and her many charms
of manner have endeared her to u largo
circle of friends. Mr. Kills was a giadu.
ato In tho cuss of 1902 from Syiacibo
university, and Is now employed lu tho
engineering department of the Kilo Rail
road company
A ""'"''er " this, place will avail
themselves of the opportunity ufforded
Mr, John Jenkins, Dunmore, Fa.,
sns: "Seven years ago I fell down nn
elevator shaft and liijuteil my spine, and
as a result mv legs became completely
paralyzed. No one can appteclale the ter
rlble condition I was in except those who
have gone thrnuuh tin- same oideal.
Krom a Btinng, vlgoious man I hail been
transformed Into a helpless cilpple. 1
could only walk by lite aid of clutches,
and only then with tlio greatest dlflleully.
Having road about the almost mliaeiilous
emeu that were being perfotmed dully by
t3r. RyeiH I eoneluded, ns a last tcsoit to
tty his treatment, I began to Imptove al
most immediately and thli Impioveinent
has been so rapid and mv present con
dition so satisfactory that I teel It a dittv
to inunklnd to make n public statement of
what the grent Quaker Physician bin
done for me, Surely a doctor that Is able
to do such wondets must be possessed of
mote than human power, t shall never
cease sounding Doctor llyuts' praise
whet over I may be."
: ', it
i a.
' i ,vfi 1 IV i. : "
v ,-.- v;- "-
. ' v ' ,
' akM'
'j..jAmmxyaaMm"r7Tr: ' in:-r-.... ,.?-,"
' immmMm
,T" flaEMBBlEf" ''''. k . , '
Doctor Byers was born of Quaker
parentage nnd received his early edu
cation under the influence of that re
ligious denomination.
He graduated with honor from the
Jefferson Medical College of Philadel
phia, 1872.
Matriculate of the Philadelphia Col
lege of Pharmacy.
Pull course attendance Pennsyl
vania Hospital for Acute and Sur
gical Diseases.
by the Krie ralhond, and go to New
York on Thursday next, when the fuio
from Maplewood been lixed at JJ.00,
good for three days.
Howard Piotlieroe, of West Di Inker
street, is among the fieshmcn class at
the t'nlversity ot Pennsylvania.
Miss Rebecca Kane, of North Blakely
street, returned homo yesterday, from a
visit with fi lends in Philadelphia.
William Cronin. of East Drinker stieet,
left esteuhiy for Blueliold, W. Va.,
where he has accepted a position with the
Norfolk and Western lallroad.
Miss Mary Gallagher is ill at her homo
on Web-ter avenue.
Mis. William Cot tell and Miss Glace
Marshall, of Phony street, urc visiting
friends in New York.
Samuel Howell, of Wayne avenue, died
suddenly Monday af tot noon after a lin
gering Illness. The deceased was -U eais
of age and was bom in Giamoiguushlic,
South Wales. Sho came to Sctanton
twelve years ago and has te.sided here
ever since. Mis Howell was a good and
highly esteemed Christian woman and for
many years she has been an active mem
ber of the Memorial Baptist chinch. She
Is survived by her husband, mothei, two
sisters and three bietheis, all of whom
aie lesldents of tills city. Tlio funeral
will bo held liom her late homo Satur
day afternoon at i'M. Services will ue
held In tlio Meiuotial Baptist chinch by
the pastor. Rev. W. F. Davis, Iutci incut
will bo made in tlio Wnshbuia stieet
Miss Hannah Dals, of Mooslc, wile of
Robeit Bowen, of Watklns Glen, died
Thursday morning at 3 o'clock. Funeral
on Saturday afternoon at - o'clock. Sei
vlces at the Piimitivo MothodUt chmch.
MARY A. DPRK1N. daughter of Nleh
olas Durkln. of Boulevard avenue, West
Scranton, died yesteiday afternoon.
Tho fuui'ial of the Into "Mis. David W.
Smith, of Ninth Main avenue, will ho at
tended this afternoon nt " o'lIocIc at tlu
family home. Rev, Dr. Guild, of the
Providence Prosbyteilnn chinch otlleiat
ed, nslsted by Row O. A. Cure, of tho
Providence Methodist chinch,
Hearing Before United States Com
missioner Taylor Yesteiday.
James firock, of South Scranton, who
was arrested a week ago for maklns
counterfeit moulds whllo in the county
jail, was given a hearing yesteiday
before United States fomnilssloner
Taylor, and In default of $1,0C0 ball was
to-committed to jail to await trial,
Warden Miles McAndrew, of tho
county Jail; Detective Ilobert Pelter
and Secret Service Agent M, I Grlllin
wcte the witnesses examined at the
bearing. Their testimony was substan
tially Hip Kitino as printed In The Til
bune at the time of HrocU's nuest,
It was to the effect that Hrock oh
tallied mptul and plaster nf p.irls In tho
county jail, and that ho lent ued to
make the moulds while confined In tho
Eastern penitentiary,
Take Thrnop or f'arhondjle car for
soldiers' camp at Olyphant,
Actress Who Committed Suicide
Laid at Rest.
After walling feeverul days to hear
fiom relatives or friends of Mario
Heaeh, tho act i ess who ended her llfo
last Sunday by chinking embolic acid,
Funeral Director ,t'uslck yesieiday In
terred tho remains lu the Cambtla
It seems that bowc ouo lu Richmond,
Vu., held a pollc,yu tho womau'K life,
unci u man named Muicus Munay hud
Mr. John Welsh, Oarbondnlc, Va.,
says: "My double slatted some time ago.
I had a severe cough, which annoyed mo
greatly, I lost llesh inpldly and became
gicntly emaciated. My appetite was poor,
and food did not seem to nourish mc. In
fact, I hud all those symptoms that nto
charactoilstlc of a consumptive. I tiled
doctor after doctor without tellef, I was
forlorn and hopeless, and eoneluded I
was destined to (III a consumptive's giave.
Having heard so ttimh about the won
deiful elites being perfotmed by Doctor
Ryeis I went to his office and started
ti eminent. Today, stiangc as it tuny
seem, my cough 1ms left me, 1 lmv
gained llesh, and the pallor of my cheeks
has been teplaced by the rosy tint of
health. I am a cured man, and I give all
the praise to the gieat Quaker Physician,
whose superb skill has transformed m
Into a new being. His power over disease
is mi Inborn quality wlilrh fw tinsns "
irfn.' " -' K i ? ;;,, ; - ;
. :
tt ' ; '!
1?&S.? ... f
:. .v :. y ' : : '
Pull course attendance Blockley
Hospital for Skin and Chronic Dis
eases. Late of Eye and Ear Clinics Will's
Hospital, Philadelphia.
Late of Prof. J. Soils Cohen's Clin
ics Diseases of the Throat.
Late Examining Physician Knights
Templar and Masonic Mutual Aid
Association of Cincinnati, O.
Late Examining Physician Mutual
Reserve Pund Life Association of
New York.
Academy of Music
M. Rels, I-esseo and Manager.
A. J. Duffy, Ruslness Manager.
Sept. 29.
' Mnndnv
Matinees dailv commencing Tuesday
AND unit
"The Stowaway."
"The Tide of Life."
Pi Ices Matinee. 10 and i0 cents,
Night. 10, 20 and JO cents.
Tin oe D.ijs, Starting Monday, Oct. i
Dixie's Theatre,
l.osseo and Manager.
wuiiK of"si:pt .
Dolan and Lenharr,
la Comedy.
AVhlstllng Tom Ihown. Ronton & Riooks,
Fied lluid, Magician; Raymond ic
Kuikamp, Musicians, and
Murphy and Nichols
Two pel fcirmanees dally, i',30 nnd 8.13.
Pi Ices 13, S3, u3 and 30u.
Special inatluoq pi Ices,
CVTiactlou cais btop at tho door.
M.V. G, HARRINGTON, Manager,
Thursday, Filday and Saturday,
orTOiimit i, i and I
asked that tlio body bo held pending
an Investigation. Satisfactory arranse
meats wcio made for tho burial ox
peases, and the interment was then
Yesterday's Maniage Licenses.
Simon Roudorvlcsi Sciauton
Rosa Sivctuwuick Scranton
Leonard Plillllpluo , ..IHumiuio
Maria l.otigl Dunmoie
Guscppl TiuvKttllii .......I'ltt.tua
Huia Fuiuiuusa ,,,....;...,.Plttston
Irvln Gearhart, 2006 Smith Place,
corner Jadwln street, a well-known car
penter and citizen, says: "I don't know
how t can express In words sufficient
lit also for Doctor Dyers' treatment. I
hail been troubled a year with pains that
often kept mo Irom work. Last August
I waa laid up three weeks nnd nearly all
of January and tho wholo of February.
Tho pains seemed lo coino through tho
small of my back down Into tho loft
giolu. At times tlioy wcro so sevcio I
could neither lie or sit down, I wbb also
troubled greatly with my head. Dr.
Hyets' treatment bus cured mo of all
these distressing conditions."
Mr. Fred Hentschler, 351 Elm St.:
"Kor a number of yeais I had been ailing
with what the doctors called kidney trou
ble. There woio pains ncross tho 'smal'
of my back which would at times extend
mound In front down towaicl tho groin,
My appetite was poor, I grew weak, nerv
ous nnd could not sleep tho night
through. I tieated with doctors here, In
New York and elsewhere, but they did
not euro me. It was in the early part ot
May that T began with Doctor Byets'
treatment: 1 Improved right along until
I was completely cured. I never felt bet
ter In my llfo than I do now."
Mr. Conrad Heilig, 115 Ash St.,
Scranton, says: "f had been troubled
with Rheumatism for over six years, In
fact, my condition was so bad that I wna
unable to move around without assist
ance. When I sat down It was Impossi
ble for mo to get up alone. The pain wn3
something terrlllc; no one will over bo
able to appreciate tho torture that T en
dured, fl tiled various doctors only to get
temporary relief. Finally after hearing
so much about the wonderful cures being
performed by Dr. livers' treatment I
concluded to get to his office and placo
myholf under bis care. Today I am a
living example of this man's superb skill,
I can walk around Ilkd other people, and,
in fact, I nm a new 1unn In every Dar.
tlctilor. Ood bless the gieat Quaker Doo
tor for what he has done for mc."
Mr. William Snowden, Farewell,
Wayne Co,, Pa., says: "I had boon
troubled for over thteo years -with a se
vere cough. I lost over thirty-five
pounds In weight; 1 had no appetite, and
was unable to sleep. In fact, my condi
tion became so alarming that I had al
most given up hopes of a cure. Doctors
were unable to do mo uny good, f con
cluded to try Dr. Bveis' treatment, nnd T
commenced lo gain In strength and
weight almost Immediately. Now I sleep
well; my cough does not disturb me as In
the past, and every one icmarks about
the wonderful Improvement that I have
made. ( shall never censo sounding the
Great Quaker's piai3cs for what he has
done for me."
Chief Consulting Physician of the Bl-
Chemlc Tieatment.
(Entire Second Floor.)
412 Spruce St., Scranton, Pa
Oftleo Hours, !) a. m. to 12; 1 p. m. to 4.
Kvenings. 7 to 8 Dally.
Sunday, 10 a. m. to 1'2 in.
For the Strength
of Woman
to surmount the difficulties
of social or worKaday life
is Nature's greatest assistant,
Its use wards off depression
and illness and promotes
digestion and health.
All druggists sell It. Prepared only by
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n
St. Louis, U. S. A.
Ttretilers of the famous Budweiser, MIchelob,
Black cS Tan, Faust, Pale-Laser, Anheuscr
Standard, Export Pale and Exquisite.
Lyceum Theatre,
M. Rels, Lessee and Manager.
A. J, Duffy. Business Manager
Friday Night, Oct. 3.
Kirk La Shelle
Tho Great London and New York Succesf
Augustus Thomas' Powerful Play.
New York Pioductlun nnd Cast. Tha
Dramatlo llvont of the Season
"The play of n soneratlon," N V, World,
Pllces--J3e., Wjc, 73c 51 00,
Seats on sale.
Saturday, Zm."' Oct- 4
Production of tlio I'tilcpio AmoricanPlay
nf "Way Down Rust" and "Llshls O'
Home "
Piesented ns for llueu inunths at tho
Theater Republic, Now Yoik, and with
gioat success at tho Grand Opeia Ilouso,
Chicago, and tho Walnut Stieet Theater.
Piicos-Matluee, S3 nnd DO cents. Night,
;.-,, 30, "3 cents and Jl.uO. '
Seats on sale.
Monday Night, Oct. 0.
Jacob Lit I'd Maenllleent Now Pi eduction
of tho Perennial Success,
The Original
Brass Band
Kentucky '
An Ilnllicly New Ptiiductioii this Season.
Piircs ::, ro, 7"o and $i.ih),
Scats on sale Filday at U a m
Michael Suevdkk
Aim liienniu ,
Dayton Kills
(ituca M, l.'mrlo
Fnuik J. ilcAudicwH
Fiances J, Mellon ....
d - j.i
J Jt l luS&fc