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Supper Served by the Ladies' Aid Society of
the First Baptist Church Number ,
of Social Events,
The Ladles' Aid society or the First
nnptlRl church t.prvct onn of their fur
famed suppers lust evening. A largo
crowd was In attendance, and a neat
Rum of money netted. The inonii com
prised all the delicacies of the season.
Those who furnished and served the
supper were: Mrs. Lucy Asbury, Mrs.
8. Acker, Mrs. Jennie Hums, Mrs. Fred
Carpenter, Mrs. Emerson Cnnklln,, Mrs.
,T. li. Davis, Mrs. W. C. Davis, Mrs. Ed
ward Davis, Mrs. Robert Armstrong,
Mrs. Charles Bryant, Mrs. John Ury
ant, Mrs. A. Bryant, Mrs. F.. Adklns,
Mrs. Russet Chumard, Mrs. Charles
Bush, Mrs. Bella Dershlmcr, Mrs. W. J.
Davis, Mrs. Charles Corless, Mrs. Sam
uel Coslett, Mrs. Chnrlcs Cndwgnn,
Mrs. M. Bartholomew, Mrs. Charles P.
Eshclman, Mrs. E. Dlohl, Mrs. 15. Davis
nnd the Misses Annie Anderson, Ruth
E. Bcddoo, Florence M. Fowler, Mary
Dean, Lizzie Butt.
Clam Chowder Supper.
The ladles of Mrs. W. F. Hallstcad
division, No. S2. Grand International
Auxllia'ry to Brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers, conducted it clam chowder
supper nt the home of Mr. and Mrs.
John S. Loomls, 122 North Lincoln ave
nue, last evening-. The supper was very
well patronized nnd most thoroughly
enjoyed by a large crowd. The com
mittee In charge were Mrs. Charles
Seeley, Mrs. C. "Wettllng, Mrs. Edward
Hand, Mrs. V. Butler, Mrs. Frank
Staples, Mrs. D. T. Swartz, Mrs. John
Loomls and Mrs. William Yohe. At the
conclusion of the supper, Miss Mary
James and Miss Gertrude Loomls ren
dered very sweet Instrumental solos In
a faultless manner. Miss Jessie Brlst
ley also sang a vocal solo with usual
Election of Officers.
The Intermediate Baptist Young Peo
ple's union of the First Welsh Baptist
church held their yearly business meet
ing last evening, and elected the fol
lowing officers for the ensuing term:
President, Rev". D. D. Hopkins; first
vice-president, Elmer Jenkins; second
vice-president, Verna Williams; third
vice-president, Rcba Williams; secre
tary, Elizabeth Lewis; financial secre
tary, Mabel Evans; treasurer, Sarah
Lewis; organist, Llla Watklns; assist
ant organist, Martha Thomas.
Jackson Street Baptist Notes.
The chorus for Harvest Home and
Rally day, under the leadership of Prof.
Lewis Davis, assisted by the King's
orchestra, which now constitutes ten
T FffPRf
Tive stamps given away with
each bottle of Duf our's French Tar
Extra values for
on Saturday, in
most in demand
Imperials. 4-ln-Hands,
Tecks, etc. Regular half-
a dollar styles and qualities.
Todav. onlv
Today, only 25c
5 Natural Wool Underwear,
i in grey and white; all
J2 styles. A genuine 75c.
?3 quality for only 45c
men's au Xiinen .Hand
kerchiefs, in rgulation size,
'4-inch hem, and standard
15c. quality. Today .... 10c
, Dressed Kid Gloves in
Tans and Light Browns.
Sizes 7 to 0. The most re
markable glove ever shown
at 50c
5-inch Satin Libertv Bib-
bpns at 25c
3-inch Satin Liberty Rlb
bons at 20c
5-inch Silk Taffeta Rib
bons at 15c
3-Inch Silk Taffeta Rib
bons at , 10a
The color range is complete
in all of the above.
S A truly impressive display in
g these popular garments may
"5 now be seen in the department
A especially created for that pur-
.C P0Be- All the novelties, all the
T9 oddities, all the popular fash-
ions nnd seasonable fads,
S Prices from $1,00 to $3,50,
Globe Warebods?.
pieces, will meet for rchcnrsal every
Monday evening. The chorus Is com
posed of one hundred voices, and will
render "Praise Ye the Father," "Hull,
Joyous Rally Day," and many other
The prayer meeting last Thursday
was u spiritual uplift. Many more
ought to attend.
Next Tuesday evening will be social
night for our Baptist Young Poople'H
union. Recitations, solos, duets and
speeches will be the order for the hour.
Let all our young people come together
for a renl social hour, nnd bring others
with them.
The anthem rendered by the choir Inst
Sunday evening was appreciated by the
audience and' spoken of with praise.
Pleasant Social Events.
" Mrs. Thomas Allen, of North Hyde
Park avenue, entertained a number of
her lady friends ut a 6 o'clock tea,
Thursday evening. A delightful musi
cal programme was enjoyed, Mrs. Allen
being nsslstcd In entertaining by Mrs.
Anna Evans. Those present wore: Mrs.
Holwell Oliver, of East Plttston; Mrs.
Samuel Williams, of Wyoming; Mrs.
Richard Hughes, Mrs. James Jeremiah,
Mrs. Jane Mnthlas, Mrs. A. B. Eynon,
Mrs. Luther Jones, Mrs. Anna Phillips,
Miss Elizabeth E-nns, Mrs. Anna
Evans, Mrs. Lizzie Moore, Mrs. M. P.
Mrs. Frank Slote, of North Lincoln
avenue, entertained the degree team of
Hiawatha council, No. 2G, at dinner on
Thursday. A most enjoyable time was
spent. At 1 o'clock Mrs. Slote served
dinner, assisted by Miss Ida Ames, and
a number of the ladles made very In
teresting after-dinner speeches. The
members of the degree team are: Mes
dnmes G. Dorsey, DeWile, Grasse, El
dred, Stark, Slote, Dunning, McDon
ald, Roberts, Robbins, Jones, Transue.
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. H.
Williams, of 1603 Price street, a large
party of friends were entertained on
Thursday evening, in honor of their
eighth wedding anniversary. Arthur
Davis entertained with his phonograph,
and several very sweet vocal solos were
rendered. After a bountiful repast had
been enjoyed the guests departed, with
good wishes for the kind host and
hostess. In attendance were: Mr. and
Mrs. Alfred Roberts, Miss Marlon Rob
erts, Miss May Roberts, Miss Margaret
Roberts, Rachel Roberts, Ida Roberts,
Mrs. James Webb, Mrs. Cramer, An
drew Davis, Russell J. Williams, Miss
Lizzie Richards.
Dr. and Mrs. T. A. Eynon entertained
a few friends at their home, on North
Main avenue, last evening, the event
being the first anniversary of their mar
riage. A most enjoyable evening was
spent, and at a late hour Mrs. Eynon
served refreshments.
Peculiar Fire.
The West Side fire companies were
called out toa Are at 5 o'clock last
evening at the Lackawanna avenue
those who shop
goods that are
on that day.
Made from. Medium
Weight Suitings of high
est quality. Colors, castor &
and black; silk lined, silk 55
faced reveres, new sleeve, 5i
etc. A $7.50 value for. .$4.79 J?
Made in new 7-gore style, ft
with full sweep. Slotted
seams and full stitching at 5s
bottom. As attractive a ft
skirt as you can find any- fit
where for ?7.50. Today, S
bargain price $5,79 W.
, gj
ladles' Full Bleached,
Fleece Lined Vests nnd
Pants, a nice quality, ex
cellently finished ....... 25c
Ladies' Medium Weight,
Fleece Lined Underwear, in
cream shades only. A real
ly good quality at a spe
cial price for today, only, , 45c
Ladles' Hermsdorf Dyed
Black Hosiery, in fancy
drop stitch effects. Real
35c. Hose at , , , io0
Fine Swiss Embroidered Cov
ers for Bureau or Chiffonier,
with fancy colored linings.
$2.25 quality today, at. . ,82.00
2.25 quality today, at. , , 1,80
1,50 quality tqday, at, , , 1.38
1,00 quality today, at. . , 89c
50c quality today, at, . , 30c
bridge. The onn1 on which the trolley
wire runs across the brldgo took lire In
some unnccountnulc manner, nnd a
passerby turned In nn alarm from box
The Columbia, Franklin, Eagles iml
Hook nnd Ladder companies responded,
but the Hook nnd Ladder company put
It out with chemicals before the nrrl
vdl of the other companies.
Rally Day Service.
The following programme will be
given nt the Rally day service In the
Washburn Street "Presbytcrlnn church
Bible school tomorrow nt 12 o'clock:
Selection, orchestra; song; recital of
apostles' creed; prayer, Dr. Moffat;
singing; responsive reading; recitation;
report of classes! singing; address,
Rev. W. I, SleanH! offering for Bible
school work; selection, orchestra: sing
ing; recitation; secretary's report nnd
distribution; singing; selection, or
chestra. Every person who has ever been con
nected with, ns well as every friend of
the school, will bo cordially welcome to
this service.
Display of Fine Millinery at Saxe's,
Friday and Saturday, Sept. 26 and 27.
On Sunday the Rev. J. S. Wrlght
now, D. D., of Oil City, Pa., one of the
strongest men In the Baptist ministry
In Western Pennsylvania, will occupy
the pulpit of the First Baptist church
at both services. He will also be pres
ent at the church prayer meeting next
Wednesday evening. It Is understood
that Dr. Wrlghtnow is a candidate for
the vacant pastorate.
Mrs. Joslo D. Knnuss, of Jackson
street, entertained the Y. L. A. of the
Simpson Methodist Episcopal church
last evening.
The Open Window club will meet on
Sunday afternoon at the Young Men's
Institute rooms.
Miss Laura H. Edwards, of South
Rebecca avenue, Is entertaining Misses
Edythc Evans and Nina Robertson, of
Miss Sarah Thomas, of Corbett ave
nue, is on the sick list.
David Williams, of North Main ave
nue, is home from nn extended trip to
the Catskill mountains.
Job Harris, of Eynon street, Is out
after a protracted illness.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Williams, of
South Main avenue, will entertain Rev.
W. I, Steans and family during their
visit on this side.
The residents of North Keyser ave
nue have reported to the department of
public works a large pool of water on
the above avenue. The,mlnlature lake
extends entirely across the street and
is so deep nnd wide that school children
were unable to pass it yesterday and so
were compelled to return home.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Anthonv have
returned to their home In Buffalo, after
a visit with West Side friends.
Gordon Evans, of Eynon street, Is In
disposed. The funeral of the late Thomas Caw
ley, of 912 Lackawanna avenue, was
held from St. Patrick's church yester
day morning at 9 o'clock. The funeral
cortege moved from the late homo to
St. Patrick's church, where Rev. P. E.
Lavelle officiated at a mass of re
quiem. At the conclusion of the said ser
vices, the remains were borne to the
Cathedral cemetery, where interment
was made. The pall bearers were:
Michael Cawley, Lawrence Rooncy,
Edmund Cuslck, Patrick Lavelle,
Frank Hefferon, Thomas AVhite.
Father Whitty Society to Parade on
Oct. 10 Druggists Will Close
at 9 p. m. Hereafter.
The members of the Father Whitty
society, one of the largest temperance
organizations In Pennsylvania, met In
their rooms on Thursday night and de
cided to participate In the parade
which will be held in West Scranton on
October 10.
President P. ,T. Mulherln urged all
members to turn out on that day and
participate in the parade. Ho Is trying
to arrange to have all members wear
the society's uniform on that day.
During th meeting, Rev. Father J. W.
Moylan, spiritual advisor of the society,
delivered a brief address, which Wns
well received by the audience. At the
close of the meeting, a social session
was held. Drills are being held in St.
Mary's hall every Monday evening,
and the young men are taking an ac
tive part In the society's welfare.
Y. W. C. A. Notes.
The nnnual meeting of the North
Scranton branch of the Young Women's
Christian association will be held at
the rooms, 204S North Main avenue, to
night at 7.30 o'clock. The musical
numbers will be as follows: Piano solo,
"Consolation," Miss Elizabeth Hen
wood: vocal solo, Mrs. Cramer Von
Storch; closing number, "Mtzpah,"
Tresbyterlnn choir.
A vesper service will bo conducted on
Sunday afternoon at 3.30 o'clock.
The Sunbeam club will have Its meet
ing for the llrst time this season on
AVednesday, October 1, at 4 p. in. All
girls are cordially Invited to uttond.
The Junior sewing school, which was
so successful last year, will reopen on
Saturday, October 4, at 2 p. m. Girls
from C to H years of age are Invited.
Any ladles who wish an opportunity of
doing good and who can glvo an hour
and a half Saturday afternoons, will
enjoy teaching in this school. Come
to the secretary and volunteer your as
ulstance, BRIEFLY NOTED.
The druggists of this part of the eltv
have signed an agreement to close their
stores at ! o'clock every night Instead
of 10 o'clock, as heretofore. Those who
have signed the agreement nro as fol
lows: George W, Davis, Honwood &
Co., Edward Rrenium, Howard Gtillln
and John Llttlejohu,
The funeral of the late Thomas Row
ley was held yesterday afternoon from
Holy Rosary church, where services
were conducted by Rev, J, V, Moylan.
Interment was made In the Cathedral
Miss Bessie Hobbs, of LegKett's
street, left Thursday to visit her father
at Buffalo, N, Y,
Robert Williams, of Hlnglininton, has
for children teething, Is the prescription ol
one of the boat female physicians i and
Eurees In tl.o United States, and II is beS2
tted sixty years with never-falllng suoj
ecss byinl ifons of mothers for their chffi
jlren. During the process of teething iti
Value Is Incalculable. It relieves the ch I
from pain, cures diarrhoea, griping In th
towels, and wlnd-co 1c. Dyglvlns health
Fo the child It rests tho mother. Price
twenty.flv cenU a. bottle- -rce,
The Green Ridge Sanitarium 7
1STO N, Washington avenue. Scranton,
Pan Is .tho, best equipped Osteopathic
Institution In the East. Here Osteop
athic treatment In given In Its most
npproved form, nnd only by nn ex
perienced grmhlato Ontcopnth, who
linn nt his command nnd uses (when
Indicated) every modem successful ad
juvant such, at Hot Air, Electricity,
Ruths, Exorcise, Rest, Diet, etc. Book
let and consultation In person or by
mnll, free,
Outsldo patients treated dally from
1 to 0 p. m. by '
Osteopathic specialist In Chronic
Diseases and Deformities.
Down town, ofllce, HOI Linden Btrcct.
returned nfter spending a few days
with his family on Putnam street.
Arthur Weston, of Depot street, has
left for Bethlehem, to enter Lehigh uni
versity. Patrick Knnc, of Rock strct, Is slowly
recovering from nn attack of typhoid
The Shamrocks base ball team will
have the Centuries, of South Scrnnton,
ns their opponents Tuesday evening.
Mr. nnd Airs. James McGulnness, of
Church avenue, have gone to Dimock,
Susquehanna county, to attend the
funeral of Mrs. McGulnness' mother.
Mrs. Emma Butcher, Mrs. Sarah
Brong and Mrs. Eva Arnold, of
Stroudsburg, arc the guests of their
brother, Jerry Arnold, of Wayne ave
nue. Mrs. William Jones and son, AVIlllam,
of West Alarkot street, have left for
Utlca, N. Y., where they will perman
ently reside.
Funeral of Mrs. Henry Walter fro:
the Family Residence on Cedar
Avenue Shorter Notes.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Henry
Walter took place yesterday afternoon
at 2 o'clock from the family residence,
1011 Cedar avenue, and was very large
ly nttended. Services were conducted
by Rev. AVIlllam A. Nordt, of the Ger
mun Presbyterian church, at the house.
The reverend gentleman paid an elo
quent tribute to the memory of the
deceased lady.
The casket, which was almost hidden
from view with (loral tokens of esteem
and respect, was borne to the Plttston
avenue cemetery by the following pall
bearers: Charles Klrst, John Demuth,
John Schneider, Oscar Helrlgel, Charles
Heuster nnd Charles Neuls.
Tendered a Farewell.
Miss Anna Witt, who has been the
guest of friends on this side the past
two months, and who will leave jljis
morning for her home in Philadelphia,
was given a farewell party at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Schwenker,
720 Plttston avenue, last evening.
Music was furnished by Miss Anna
Heinz and Christ Seheuer, and re
freshments were served at a seasonable
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs.
G. F. Schwenker, Mr. and Mrs. K. R.
Conley, Mr. William Stein, Christ
Seheuer, Herman Schwenker and Hen
ry Schwenker; Misses Anna Helntz,
Lena Berghauser, Anna Witt and Mar
garet Mun welter.
The euchre party which should have
taken place Thursday night at St.
John's hall, under the auspices of Miss
Kate Reunion, was postponed until last
evening. The weather however, con
tinued unfavorable and the social was
again put off until next Thursday
One candidate was Initiated in the
green degree at a meeting of General
Grant commandery, Knights of Malta,
last evening.
Edward Rader, of Birch street, has
arrived home from a visit to Manunka
Fred Westpfahl and Isa Corson, of
Mountain I,ake, held a harvest festival
on Thursday, which was attended by
many residents of this part of the city.
Rudolph Frantz, who has been sum
mering at Mountain Lake, was com
pelled to break camp yesterday, owing
to the rain.
John and William Zelsmer, Joseph
Conrad and Charles Wlrth went fishing
George Schumacher, of Atlantic City,
Is visiting friends at Mountain Lake.
Dr. Schley's Lung Healing Balsam Is
guaranteed to cure all coughs. "No
cure, no pay." For sale by all dealers.
Robert Shumer, who shot a bear on
the South mountain last Thursday, will
give a party and serve It for lunch this
The funeral of the late Mrs. Rorlck
will take place this morning from the
residence of Prof, Ackermnn at 415
Hickory street. Services will bo held
at St. Mary's church and Interment will
be made at No. S.
Owing to the weather, the trolley
party of the Young Women's Christian
association has been Indefinitely post
poned. To visit the soldiers' camp at Oly
phnnt, take the Throop or Carbondalc
car; both are convenient to the camp.
The sucrament of the Lord's supper
will be administered at the morning
services of the Green Ridge Presby
terian church tomorrow, by the pastor,
Rev, I, J, Lansing, and the annual ral
ly day festival will bo celebrated by the
Sabbath school la the church chapel
Immediately after the church services.
Every member of the school Is urged to
be present at this rally, which will bo
made most Interesting by splendid nd
dresses, beautiful decorations and ex
cellent music.
Mrs. M. D, Street Is 111 at her homo
on Sanderson avenue,
Messrs. J, M. nnd E, W, Hornbaker,
of New York street, have returned
home from New York city, where they
attended tho ilfty-slxth annual session
of the Senior Order of National Me
chanics, Beatrice lodge, No. 70, Daughters of
Rebekah, entertained the members of
the Clark's Green lodge at their rooms
In Mnsonlu hall, Dickson avenue, last
evening. A banquet was served, and
was followed by a well-rendered liter
ary and musical programme.
The foot bridge from Boulevard ave
nue to tho Driving Park plot was In
such a bad condition last night that It
was Impossible to cross on It, The
flooring had torn loose at both.ends and
the structure was .dependant for sup
port on tho wire cables. It will be
small wonder It It Is gone altogether
before morning. '
Mrs. W. II. Ford and children, who
huvc been guests of M.r.'and Mrs. John
Harvey, of Perm avenue, for tho past
month, returned to their homo In
Jamestown, N. Y yesterday.
Sunday will be an Important day nt
the Asbury Methodist Episcopal church
being Sunday school rally day. There
will bo a special programme nt 2.30 p.
m., nnd an address by Rev. H. C. Mc
Dcrmott. Tho music nnd addresses
will be bf a very Interesting eharncte'r.
All members of tho Bchoal nro expected
to bo present, and nil of tho home de
partment, Tho parents nnd friends
arc invited. Tho pastors pulpit themes
nt 10.30 n. m. and 7.30 p. m. will bo of
Interest In this direction.
J. M, Atherton has received the ap
pointment of collector of state nnd
county tnxes for the Thirteenth ward.
A considerable amount of tho rain
that has fallen In tho neighborhood of
Dickson avenue tho past three days
has found Its way Into the cellars of
business houses on this Important
Following Is tho rally day programme
at tho Asbury Methodist Episcopal
Sunday school for Sunday nt 2.30 p. m.:
Overture, orchestra; song by school,
"The Joyful Song"; prayer; "For Sun
dny School Work and Workers," L. F.
Bower; responsive rending, Psalms 119,
97. 112; song by Sunday sehol chorus;
"Hall Joyous Rally Day"; recitation,
"Doing Duty," Lydla Osenbnugh; wel
come by the pastor: song by school,
"You May Have the Joy Bolls"; ad
dress, "Purpose of Rally Day," Dr. Mc
Dermotl; song by " Sunday school
chorus, "Little Deeds"; roll call of
teachers and nfltccrs; song by school,
"Wanted"; offering; song by congre
gation, "America"; benediction.
During the troublesome times that
are agitating the people of every other
borough In the valley, Dunmore goes
on her usual way without the least
semblance of disorder. Tho casual
visitor would never suspect that a
large majority of our workmen had
been engaged In a labor war for five
long months. The streets are compara
tively deserted, the strikers evidently
taking their leaders' advice and re
maining quietly at home. This place
seems to stand alone among all tho
towns of tho valley.
Word was received 'by friends In
town yestercTny, announcing the death
of Robert Edgar In Jersey City on
Thursduy. .Mr. Edgar was the last sur
viving brother of the late Rev. William
F. Edgar, a former pastor of the
Methodist Episcopal church here, who
died about a year ago.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Correll, of Cherry
street, nnd Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Bishop,
of Blakely street, returned yesterday
from a two weeks' stay in Chicago and
other points In the Northwest.
Miss Beulah Ives, of North Blakely
street, has returned from a visit with
Philadelphia friends.
Miss Sadie Miller, of Green Ridge
stret, who underwent an operation for
appendicitis at Moses Taylor hospital
on Monday, Is progressing very favor
ably and her entire recovery is a mat
ter of but a short time.
William N. Stevens was among those
who enjoyed the steady rain at Allen
town on Thursday.
Joseph Burns, the young man in
jured In the Model laundry on Tues
day, Is somewhat improved and the at
tending physician now thinks the dan
ger Is past.
Dunmore Presbyterian church, Rev.
W. H, Gibbons, pastor Preaching ser
vices at 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Morn
ing subject, "Mysteries Solved in
Christ": evening subject, "How to
Find Jesus"; Sunday school at 12
Tripp Avenue Christian church
Preaching, morning and evening, by the
pastor, J. D. Dabney. Morning topic,
"The Gospel Foreshadowed"; evening
topic, "Alpha and Omega"; Sunday
school at 10 o'clock; Young People's So
ciety of Christian Endeavor at 6.30,
topic, "Missions, Missionary Heroes,
Cheerful Amid Adversity"; leader,
Mrs. Fred Van Horn.
Rev. S. F. Mathews, of the West Side,
will occupy the pulpit at both morning
and evening services nt tho Dudley
Street Baptist church tomorrow.
Services at the Methodist church nt
the usual hours tomorrow. Rev. Joseph
Coleman will preach at both services.
At the last regular meeting of the
Dunmore lodge, Independent Order of
Odd Fellows, the following odlceis
were elected for tho next term: Noble
grand, Fr.uik Marshall: vice grand,
Warren Grant; secretary, Byron
Brady; npslt-tnnt secretary, Harry
Klzer; treasurer, Orrln Correll; trus
tee, Harry Klzer; representative to the
grand lodge. H. E. Spencer. Tho In
stallation win take place on tho last
Wednesday in October.
MARY E. SECOR, nfied I! yenrs, wife
of Alonzo Secor, died yesterday nt her
home, C26 Breaker street. She Is sur
vived by her hnsbnnd and several chil
dren. Tho funeral services will be held
at 8 o'clock this evening at the house,
and ut tho church nt Lake Winolti to
morrow afternoon at L' o'clock. ,
Chestnut street, died nt u o'clock yes
terday afternoon, after u short Illness,
nged 21 years. She was tho daughter ot
Henry Early, formerly of this city, and
Is survived by her husband, one child,
several sisters and one brother. Funeral
notice later.
died Thursday at l o'clock. Funeral
notice later.
Tho funeral of John D. Amli-ons will
tnko place at '.'.) on Monday afternoon
at. tho Oilman Methodist Episcopal
Novel U38 of "Magic Touch" "by
Western Cowboys to Drive Cattle.
From tho Philadelphia Pi ess,
Cow punching by cowboys under tho
plctruesfiuo conditions of wild western
llfo will noon be a lost art, Electricity
Is taking tho cowboy's place, and re
ports of Its success In this novel Held
credit tho new agency with remarkable
success. One of tho largest packing
firms In Kansas City employes elec
tricity to drlye cattle Into tho beef hods,
Instead of shouts, clubs, whips -and
Tho electricity Is applied by mcaiiH
of two Insulated wires, connected with
the light wlies over tho catching and
knocking pens. Tho current passes
through a stick and connects with two
brass points on tho cud. "Punchers"
la tho nuino given tho sticks. There
ure two punchers, each six feet long,
in the eutch pen, and live, four feet
long, in tho knocking pens, Tho Insu
lated wires aro about twenty feet long,
thus covering u distance in the pens of
Tha lending doctor iayl "There nro more deaths caused by drugn thnn dlea; )i
tvety oiio would keep his or her ayatem fortified with nn invigorating etlmulant and tonle
nnd leave druga nlono tho death rate would bo lowered."
Statistics thow that these doctors nro right, nnd this Is why nil leading doctors pr
ycrlbo Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey, exclusively for consumption, Orlp, tlronchltls, Asthma,
Catarrh, Coughs, Dyspepsia, Malaria nnd all low fevers. Nervous Prostration, Female
Troubles, Sleeplessness and Weakness from whatever causo; nil theso diseases are cautsd
by u run-down condition of tho system.
fullds new tissue; It enriches and stimulates tho blcod, oldB digestion, tones up the heart.
Invigorates tho brain nnd strengthens tho Bystcm so It throws off disease, it kills th
., i'f' ?,nd Mrs. Adim Llvcngood, of Elycrsnn, Pn., who have been mnrrlcd Co years, say .
Duffy's Pure Mnlt Whiskey has prolonged their happy union many yearn beyond their1
sliver wedding. Mr. Llvcngood Is 91 years old nnd his wlto Is 84. They aro both halo and
benrty, nnd feel vigorous as n cotiplo r.O years of ngo.
Mrs. Matilda Walts, who Is 63 years of ago, says DufTy's Pure Malt Whiskey curod her
of grip and has kept her strong and well.
"1 suffered terribly with .the grip, nnd tried every known remedy. Changes of weather
always found mo In bed, and 1 often felt as If llfo was not worth tho living. Picking up
a npwspnpcr ono day, I read of tho great benefit derived from tho uso of Duffy's Mnlt
Whiskey, and sent for a bottle. The beneficial effects were nlmost Instantaneous. Th
terrlblo lassitude with which I had suffered so long disappeared. 1 wni romnlcteh curei
and havo felt no bad nftcr-nffects, and today, nt the ngo of (a, t feel ns though I waT
tay JiO. Mra. Matilda Wntts. 251 W. Wth St., N. Y. C."
New fork's leading doctor said: "Duffy's Puro Mnlt Whiskey Is a food already di
gested. If you wlshi to keep young, strong nnd vigorous and lmvo on your cheek tho glow ot'
perfect health, take, DUFFY'S PUItB MALT WHISKEY, regulnrly, a tcaspoonful In half
a glas of water or milk threo times a day and tnko no other medicine. It Is dangerous)
to nil your system with drugs; they poison tho aystem nnd depress tho heart. "Duffy'a"
la nn nbsolutcly pure stimulant nnd tonic, frco from fusel oil and other dangerous In
ercdlents so common In whiskeys.
Oulnlnn donrpftsfifi thp hpnrt. whlln '
strengthens tho benrt action, Invigorates tho
brain, purines the entire system and keeps
It In n normally healthy condition. It kills
oil disease germs nnd microbes.
U.N liltt LAULi,
It Is the only whiskey recognized by tho government as a medicine. This Is a guaran
tee. The genuine nt all druggists nnd grocers, ur direct, (1.00 n bottle.
FREE If you are sick nnd run-down, wrlto tho Medical Department, Duffy Malt
Whiskey Co., Rochester, N. Y., nnd state your case. It 'will cost you nothing to learn
how to regain health, strength nnd vitality. Medical booklet, containing symptoms nnd
treatment of diseases and convincing testimonials of wonderful cures, sent frco to any
leader ot this paper who will write for It.
Leading Soprano Metropolitan Opera Co.,
PRICES. 75c to
PRICES, 75c to $2. SO. Diagram now
Store, Wilkes-Barre ; H. F. Clark's Drug Store, Carbondalc. Orders for seats received by mall or 'phone.;
about thirty feet each. One hundred
and twenty-five volts of electricity aro
turned on, enough to make a sharp,
stinging sensation, without leaving a
mark or bruise on the beef. The work
of punching Is done in one-half the
time and with half the exertion. The
effect 'of the magic touch on tho steer
is amusing to see.
A steer touched on the left hip imme
diately throws his hind quarters as-far
as he can to the right. Then he cocks
one ear straight ahead and one straight
back, switches his tall and starts
straight ahead. Ho don't care for a
second attack. The electricity speaks
to him In a language he doesn't un
derstand. There Is a look of surprise
In his eyes, and he seems to know that
all the trouble lies in the end of tlmt
stick. He doesn't stop to get mad or
howl. He has urgent business at the
other end of the pen. That Is exactly
where the drivers and knockers want
him. The now method completely does
away with all back rushes und drag
ging In with chains, for just as long
as the puncher Is behind the steer Is
just as far as he can get in front. The
saving of time and bruised meat ure
also Items to be considered.
A Rare Sport Which Is (it Its Best
in September.
From Country Llfo hi America.
Shooting in tho greenwood Is more
or less difficult because of the foliage,
but along the seacoast and on the .open
marshes sport Is at its best. Septem
ber brings the great lllght of wander
ers, the yellow-legs and plover and
their sniuller cousins, the sand-pipers.
Yesterday the marshes stretched Hat
and 'brown, a desolate waste over
which a fish crow croaked dismally
and a nlght-herron labored with heavy
wlng This morning ns you set your
decoys and established yourself com
fortably in your snug blind an hour
before sunrise, out of tho dusk north
and eust nnd west conies the clear
piercing whistle of yellow-less nnd
tho long-drawn, plaintive call of the
black-breasted plover. Above the
white sand dunes rises tho rod rim of
the sun. Reforo Its broad bhafls the
hosts of the night flee to tho distant
hills. The browns and greens of the
mnrshes assert themselves. IlnrkS
Those whistlers are In tho creek-bed a
mile away. You tnko out your little
tin call and reply. Presently you know
that the birds are n-wlng. Call for
call they answer. You can sec them
now, a uossen specus against tne sicy
liiiG far Hi) thd niai'sh. Nearer thov
come and louder nnd clearer becomes
the whistling. In xplendld lllght, they
nro passing. Now for your art as a
caller! Carefully tho little tin whistle
talks for you. The birds reply. A
few coaxing notes bring doubtful In
iuliles. Then the birds see the decoys
and swing to them sharply. Now must
tho little tin whlstlo tulk to them un
ceablngly. What does It say'.' Only
the birds know. All tho air. Is filled
with their whistling as they wheel
over the decoys. Now the long legs
drop and tho equally long wings meet
above their heads as they alight among
tho decoys. It Is the moment you have
waited for, The good gun speaks, and
speaks again. Then as sounding the
alarm, tho burvlvors tuko wing, tho
seductive traltomus little tin whistle
begins again, Tho birds hesitate, clr
cl, then back they come.
So tho day passes. Now It la a (lock
or mnyhay a single bird, n yellow
legs, 11 curlew, a black-breasted plover
or beetle-head. A sudden bliowcr
sweeps across the maishes, and as tho
Min 'breaks out nsjuln, behold each
blado of grass tipped with u diamond,
On one side low sand dunes shut out
tho sea. On the other sldo In tho far
distant circle tho highlands. Between
Is tho level stretch of brown marshes
broken by stilled stack of null hay
nnd rut by winding ciecks. Theso aro
tho environments of 11 sport with
which comparatively few shooters are
acquainted, the sport of marsh bltd
shooting. And It Is ut its best In this
llrst month of the full.
OCX. 2S1, 1902, AT" 8.3C
open at Powell's Music Store, Scranton ; Marx Long's
Lyceum Theatre,.
M. Rcis, Lessee and Manager.
A. J. Duffy. Business Manager
Saturday "fft!" Sept. 27
Famous Original Production,
Lovers' Lane
The play that ran an entire year
in threo cities and was witnessed
by two million people in New
York, Chicago and Philadelphia.
Seats on sale.
Matinee, 35c and 50c
"Night, 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.
Academy of Music
M. Rels, Lessee and Mann cor.
A. J. Duffy, Business Manager.
Week &" Sept. 22. -
411U11UUJ M
And His
SatuidaJ1 Matinee. "His Llfo for Hcr's."
Saturday Night, "O'Brien, tho Contractor"
Pi ices Matinee. 10 and 20 cents.
Night, 10, a) and SO cents.
Irene Myers Stock . Co.,
Monday Night, "The Electrician." .'
Dixie's Theatre,
Lessee and Manager:
Hugh Stanton & Co.
In Comedy.
Forester & Floyd, Coster Delineators
and others, and
Dol an and Lenliar,
Raymond and Iiurkamp
Two performances dally, 2.S0 and 8.1S.
Prices 15, 23, ffi and DOc.
Special mntlneo prices.
ICTmctlon cais stop at tho door.
ALl' G. IIERrUNGTON, Manager!
Thursday. Filday and Saturday,
SEPTEMIJER 23, 20, 2T.
Sweetbrends with Mushrooms.
Wash and blanch two pairs of sweet
breads, and cut Into largo slices. Take
ns many largo fresh mushrooms ns you
have slices, und saute both In a lUtlo
butter. Lay on a platter In alternate
slices, and pour over them the sauce
called niultrc d'hotelj cream four table-1
spoonfuls of butter and two of lemon
Julco with ono of chopped parsley; serve
very hot.
Fresh Mushrooms,
ruff-lull mushrooms ure plentiful liv
tho fall, and n-e among tho best which
grow, tlet thriu 'large und fresh, nnd,
cut In slices; cither saute them in but
ter or bioll quickly in n buttered
broiler, Servo with u sauce made of
two tuhlespooufuls ut melted butter,
half u tablespoonful of vinegar, ono teat
spoonful of Worcestershire banco, salt,
and papiika,
' -
Cutlet with Mushrooms.
If one Is to lmvo meat for breakfast'
at nil, this Is a simple Cut thu
slices of veal Into binull narrow strips
llko cio()uettes, dip In beaten eggs well
beaboiicd, and then Into chopped mush
rooms. Fry and serve with tho maltro
d'hote) sauce given before, Cutlet n
these strips Is alto ulco with the mlx
tuto given for the Spanish omelette.
Harper's liuzur.
' t