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Roily Dny Services.
vnf liv rnllv dav la nro wlncr in
favor among Presbyterian churches. It
Is nn organized intelligent cnort to
pathor together, nfter the vacation
nerlod. the young and old In the bible
school work.
The Sabbath school and missionary
,iot,,ifhiinit nf the Prcsbvlorlnn church
has sent out a delightful programme
for use on rnuy nay. in many ways
this, board of tlic cnurcii does a wont
l.l.. Im nnl ntilv ttpmlftll hilt nllrt t lint.
limb la .HJfc wi1rf .,...... p-. ..-
ls.nodono by nny other agency In the
Frosnytcrinn cnuiui. ine wum ui una
imnt-.l la mi nrenlilzed niul- systematic
,nv-t in i-pnoh the children of all na
tionalities, especially those In regions
remote from the Influence of the Chris
tian worker. The record of the Wash
burn street bible school In the line of
work carried on by this board Is an cn
Vlnhlo one. A large contribution Is
given each year to the board and In
dividual effort Is made at home to
look up those who ,may be gotten Into
the bible school.
Rally day, next Sunday, will have
this object In view, the entire pro
gramme to bo given, presents this sub
ject. The orchestra will bo present.
Teachers and pupils are all expected to
bo present, Invitation has been extend
ed to all, who In times past have been
Identified wl'th the church and school.
The sermon of the pnstor, nt the
morning service will no in iwrmnny
wlth the thought of the day. At 12 m.
4V. 1,11. In ur.l'.nol Villlv with fll-ollOS t Yll
nnd special .programme. At G.20 p. in.
Rev. Dr. Sloans, a former pastor will
deliver thc-C. K. "Rully Day" address.
This will be consecration service. A
number of new members will bo received
At 7.30 the evening church service, this
service will bo along the same line. Or
chestra and choir will give special
music. A special feature of the pro
gramme will be the address of the Rev.
James A. Word en, D. D., L. L. D sec
retary of the board of Sabbath school
work of the Presbyterian church. All
bible school workers are cordially in
vited" to nttend the evening service to
hear Dr. Worden.
Sunday School Rally.
The Providence Presbyterian people
will devote tomorrow morning's hour
of worship beginning nt 10.30 o'clock to
the Sunday school rally day service.
As Sunday, Sept. 2S, is set apart by the
general assembly as rally day In the
Sunday schools of the denomination.
The service, which will be in charge of
the pastor, Rev. Dr. Guild, will bo the
one arranged by the board of publi
cation and Sunday school work.
One of the interesting features of the
service in the Providence church to
morrow morning will be the presence
and address of Rev. Dr. James A. wor
den, superintendent of the Sunday
school mission work. The Sunday
school will convene In the rooms at 10.30
n. in. and from there will march in a
body to the auditorium of the church.
The programme will be ns follows:
Organ Voluntary Mrs. Will McDonald
Singing. "Who Is on tho Lord's Side."
School, Led by Choir
Prayer Pastor
Singing, "Throw Out tho Lire Line.
I Responsive Service, Psalm 72.
I Sieging. "Whore Are the Reapers."
I Recitation, "Tho Lord Wants Reapers."
I Miss Ruth McDonald
Slnghig. "Cod Bless Our Native Land."
Recitation, "Lot uociuc iTieu.
Walford Lewis
Address Rev. James A. Worden, D.D.,
Rev. James A. Worden, D. D., LL. D.
Offering and Prayer of Consecration of
Singing, "The Whole Wide World for
Organ Postlude.
Harvest Home Festival.
On Sunday, at Calvary Reformed
church,' Monroe avenue and Gibson
street, Rev. Marlon L. Flror, pastor, nt
10.30 d. m. and 7.30 p. m. tho great festi
val of Ingathering, or harvest home,
will ho observed. For many generations
tho Reformed church hns kept this fes
tival," until It has become a season of
great Joy to all her loyal children. All
members of the Reformed church and
nil persons of Reformed antecedents,
together with nil who believe In God,
whosc"provldenec crowns the year with
goodness, are Invited to Join in this
Processional, "Sowing In the Morning."
Hymn Anthem, "Thanks Ho to Ood
for 'ills Wonderful Love,"
Volunteer Choir
Hymn, "Now Thank Wo All Our God,"
Psalm 03. Apostle's Creed,
Scripture Lesson. Gloria Pntri. Prayer.
Hymn, "Tho God of Harvest Praise."
jlows out the gas and furnishes
pe newspapers with a jest and
ti obituary notice. "Didn't
mow it was loaded" may be.
In honest plea, but it never
irought a victim back to life.
Those who let a cough run on,
in ignorance of the danger,
ifind uo escape from the con
sequences when the cough de
velops into lung trouble.
The best time to kill a snake
Is in the egg, The best time
to cure a couch is when it
Istarts. Ordinarily, a few doses
of Dr. Pierce's Golden Med
ical Discovery will cure a
cough at the beginning. Hut
even when the cough is deep
seated, the lungs bleed and the
body is wasted by emaciation,
ur. Pierce's Golden Medical r
Discovery will in niiiety-eight m
cases out of every hundred effect I
e. perfect and permanent cure.
( My husband had been coughing for ye nri and
people frankly told mcthat lie would go into con
tuniptlou," writes Mrs. John Sldreman, of No.
pSj sjtl.i Place, Chicago, 111. "He had such terrU
ble coughing knells we not only grew much
klarnKdliut looked for the bursting of a blood.
vessel or a hemorrhage st most any time. After
three days' coughing lie was too weak to cross
the room, The doctor did him uo good, I
staled the case to a druggist, who handed me a
bottlaof Dr. l'ierc's Goklcu Medical Discovery,
My husbands recovery was remarkable. In
three days alter he began using Dr, Pierce's
Coldcn Medical Discovery he was up and
around, aud in two more days he went to work.
Two bottles cured him."
The Common Sense Medical Adviser,
,1008 pages, in paper covers, is sent free
on receipt of ai one-cent stamps to pay
eitpeuse of mailing only. Address Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y.
Announcements. , .
Carol, "Sowing Tlmo" Sunday School
Sermon ,..."Tho Hnrvcst Is of the Lord"
Prayer. Offering (for missions).
Hymn, ''Come Yo Thankful People
Doxology. Benediction.
7.30 P. M.
Processional, "Onward Christian Sol
diers." Harvest Hymn, "Pralso Yo the Lord,"
Volunteer Choir
Hymn, "Prnlse to tho Lord, Ho Is
King Over All the Creation."
Hymn, "Wo Plow the Fields nnd Scat
ter." Psalm 147.
Scripture Lesson. Prayer.
Hymn, "O Blessed Lord tho Earth Is
Sermon "The Ripe Harvest Fields"
Prayer. Offering (for missions).
Hymn, "My Country 'TIs of Thee."
Doxology. 'Benediction.
Epworth League Convention.
The thirteenth annual convention of
the Honcsdalo District Epworth League
will open nn Tuesday evening, Sept. 30,
at Honcsdalo, and continue all day Oct.
1. The programme follows:
Rev. Clins. E. Wntdron, Lucknwuxcn
"Why Wo Invited You,"
.1. A. Brown, Honcsdalo
"Why Wo Came."
Rev. S. C. Slmpkln?, Hnwley
Address "Tho Value of Personal En
thusiasm," Rev. Robert BagncII, New York City
(Pastor Metropolitan Temple,)
Rev. Alfred Eastman, South Canaan
Topics and Discussion,
Three-Minute Reports of Sub-District
Business Transactions.
Notices. '
Rev. Peter F. Mead, Carlcy Brook
Topics nnd Discussion.
Election of Ofllcers.
Unfinished Business.
Louis D. Tyler, Beacli Lako
Solo Miss Kstella Howard, Thompson
Lecture "Thousand Miles Up tho
"Nile," (Illustrated with the larg
est known map In the world),
Rev. Dr. L. M. S. Haynes, Blngbamton
The following are tho district ofllcers:
Presiding elder, Rev. Justus F. Warner,
Carbondale: president, Rev. George H.
Prentice, Moscow; recording secretary
and treasurer, Miss Sadie L. Miller.Cur
bondale; corresponding secretary, Miss
Ruth A. Gardner, Moscow; Junior
league superintendent, Mrs. James
Bush, Honesdale; chairman of mission
ary committee, Perry A. LaBarr,
Religious Notes.
The Baptist Ministers' conference will
meet next Monday in the Penn avenue
Baptist church. A paper by the Rev.
II. P. East, of Clark's Green, on "The
Historical Argument for God," will be
the order of the day.
The annual convention of the Wyom
ing Conference Epworth League will be
held "at the Simpson Methodist Episco
pal church on October 14 and 15. An
excellent programme Is being urrnnged
nnd a large attendance Is looked for.
Rev. E. H. Brown, D. D., of the First
church, Albany, N. Y., and Rev. S. F,
Uphnni, D. D of Drew Theological
seminary, are among the speakers who
will attend and deliver addresses. Rev.
M. V. Williams, of Binglmmton, Is
president of the league, and Clinton B.
Henry, of Luzerne, secretary.
Rev. James A. Worden, D. D super
intendent of mission work of the Pres
byterian church, with headquarters nt
Philadelphia, is spending a few days In
this city, a guest of Rev. Dr. Guild of
the North Main avenue Presbyterian
church. He will give an address to
morrow morning In tho Providence
church, and at 12.30 o'clock In tho First
Presbyterian church on Washington
avenue, In the evening he will give the
address nt the Sabbath school exercises
in tho Washburn Presbyterian church
In the ubsenco of Rev. Albert Hatcher
Smith, Rev. George Alrich, ex-pastor
of tho Grace Reformed church, of this
city, will occupy the pulpit of the North
Main avenue Baptist church, morning
aud evening, at 10.30 a. in, nnd 7.30 p.
in. Sunday school 2 p. m Y. P. S. C. E.
C.30 p, m.
Secretary of Ameiican Society of Re
ligious Education,
Introduction. During tho quarter wa
bnvo studied select passages In tho his
tory of Israel from tho giving of Manna
In tho wilderness of Sin to tho death of
Moses In tho laud of Moub, Tho tlmo
coveted Is nearly forty years, 1190 to 14rl
II. C, Every lesson has had some refer
ence to Moses ns tho great central figure.
Wldlo thcro has been a disclosure of tho
Intellectual aud religious lifo of tho peo
ple there Iuib been more striking represen
tation of this great leader. In the main
thcro has been much to adn,ll'o only on
ono or two occasions did ho exhibit weak
nesses, Grcnt progress was mado In thoso
years. A nation was organized, Its laws
wero enacted, and Its forms of public
worship were lixed,
FIRST LKSSON.-July C. The Giving
of Munmi, (Ex. xvl. 1-15). Tho first of
tho long series of murmuriiiKs In which
Israel enguged, wns for luck nf food. A
few weeks nut of Egypt, the supplies ex
hausted, they turned against Moses mid
Aaron as responsible for their misfor
tunes, longing for tho flesh pots of their
nominee, -ino i.ord promised to relievo
tho distress by sending both llesli and
breud; making this the proof of Jits
preseiu'o und care, The promise was fill,
tilled and tho supply of food continued
throughout tho wundeilng,
SCEOND LESSON.-July 13. Tho Ten
Commandments. Duties of God. (Ex,
xx, Ml). Tho national foundation was
nffected In n constitution of ten parts
tho first four of which established mono
theism. Of these three wero negative and
ono positive. Other gods were prohibited,
Idolatry was forbidden, and blusphemy
condemned. Thus tho Individual and the
community nlllto began with a correct
idea of God and the proper attitude to.
ward Him. This was fundamental and
vital. To preserve this thcistle concep
tion one-scvcnth of tho tlmo was net
apart to sacred uses and tho other six
Bovcnths wore consecrated to secular pur
poses. THIRD LESSON.-July 20. Tho. Ten
Commandments. Duties to Man (Ex.
xx, 1217). Under this codo mdrntlty Is
Inseparably enjoined with religion. Duty
to God Involves duty to ,tnnn, Neither
can bo truly met whllo the other is neg
lected. But thera Is a natural order, hero
nnuounccd first, filial reverence, tho
mother regarded as well ns tho father;
tho life to bo held sacred! then chastity
to bo obsorvod; then property rights to bo
respected! tho reputation and truth to
bo preserved! Inst of nil tho invasion of
rights by desiring another's possessions to
bo denied, It Is probable that thoso six
precepts directly or by Implication deal
with nil tho relations nnd conditions of
FOURTH 'LESSON.-July 27. Worship
ping tho Golden Calf. (Ex. xxxlll, 1-3.").
The second statute of tho decaloguo was
soon broken, proving that tho people wero
not prepared for tho high standard which
bad been set up. Tho occasion wns the
long nbsenco of Moses In tho mount
whero ho wns receiving Instructions from
God. Tho religions sentiments of tho
people were not satisfied with a spiritual
being. There was need of something
that appealed to tho senses. . Hence,
Idolatry enmo In, llko that practiced In
FIFTH LESSON.-Aug. 8. Tho Tab
ernacle, (Ex. xl, 1-13), During the pa
triarchal dispensation worship was per
formed nt an altar of stono which might
bo erected anywhere. God met tho sili
cons worshipper. Under a national sys
tem, especially after sojourn In Egypt, a
moveable tent was sot up as tho abiding
place of the Almighty. Constructed with
tho free will offerings of tho people nfter
patterns shown In tho mount It was sot
up In tho midst of tho camp nnd became
the center of nil religious life and Influ
ence. It served to unify nnd educnto
and to prefigure things to come.
SIXTH LESSON.-Aug. 10. Nadab
nnd Ablhu. (Lev. x, 1-11). As tho law
was broken so tho holy place was pro
faned. Two sons of Aaron, high officials
In tho sanctunry. disregarded tho regula
tions which had been adopted for tho
proper conduct of worship. Unless ror
buked their example would havo been
followed by others, and In a short tlmo
nil reverence would have departed from
tho sacred place and Irregularities nnd
Improprieties would havo beeen mul
tiplied. Tho offenders were Instantly de
stroyed; nnd their bodies wero carried out
of tho camp for burial. No mourning was
allowed even by relatives. From that
time forth a difference was mado be
tween things holy and unholy.
neying toward Canaan. (Numb. x. lt-13
and 29-36). The toilsome marches through
the wilderness are described only In part,
and then very briefly In the sacred vol'
nme. The way wns beset with peril
ngalnst which Moses sought to protect
himself by securing the presence of his
father-in-law, who, having long lived in
thnt region, was familiar with It. But
tho Invitation was rejected and Hobab re
turned to his old home. What was more
valuable than human escort, tho pillar
of cloud, wherein was tho Divine pres
ence, remained with them leading them
on and showing them when to pause.
The piety of Moses appeared in Ills trust
in God, ready to move whenever tho
cloud Indicated.
EIGHTH LESSON.-Aug. 24. Report
of tho Spies. (Numb, xill l!ii, to xlv, I).
Twelve men, one from ench tiibe, went
forth from Kndlsh Balnea to explore
the land of Canaan. After travelling
through tho entire country they returned
and reported that the land was beautiful
and fruitful, bringing a huge bunch of
grapes to verify their statement, but thnt
tho Inhabitants wero very strong. Caleb
and Joshua advised nn immediate ad
vance clalmng that they wero able to
subdue and possess the land. The other
ten spies gave nn evil report which wns
accepted by the body of the people who
murmured ngalnst Moses. Supposing the
expedition was a total failure there was
a proposal to elect another captain and
return to Egypt, thus rejecting the mis
sion and tho leader. In this Instance
there was nn eellpso of faith and an In
cipient rebellion.
NINTH LESSON.-Aug. 31. Tho Rrnzcn
Serpent. (Numb, xxl, 1-9). After many
years of wandering In the wilderness Is
rael was turned n second time toward Ca
naan, Discouraged In the weary march
there was general complaint ngalnst
Moses as on tho other occasions. To
chastise them and bring them Into hu
mility nnd submission fiery serpents were
sent among them. Groaning from pain
nnd bereavement were heard through
out tho camp. The spirit of penitence
followed: Moses Interceded nnd God
pardoned. But to help tho fultb and sym
bolize great truths to be learned a brazen
serpent was lifted upon a polo In tho
center of tho camp. Whosoever looked
toward this should live. (John, ill, ll-ir,).
TENTH LESSON.-Sept. 7. The Proph
et llko Moses. (Dent, xvlll, 9-22). This
lesson might bo styled "God's method of
giving Religious Truths." Tho peoplo
wero commanded not to be practice thoso
arts by which tho Cannanltes sought In
formationIncantations, spiritualism, di
vination, etc., for which they had been
expelled from their country. These prac
tices were abominable in tho sight
nf tho Lord, likely to corrupt aud de
grade. But Instead God promised to
ralso up a class of men, to bo knwon ns
Divinely commissioned when they rest
ed their sayings upon predictions that
afterward come through.
ing and Obeying God, Dent., xxx, ll-2.
Tho truth delivered by Inspired men, al
ways near at band nnd easily under
stood, was tho ono rule oj" conduct. If
followed, llfo and blessing would result;
If disregarded or violated, death or na-
Scranton church goers who havo been
banded copies of ZION'S WATCH TOW
ER on leaving their services, or havo
read tho MILLEN1AL DAWN Series of
Helps for' BIbto Students, or who heard
tho lecture In July by CHARLES V. RIJS.
SELL, tho editor and author of tho fore
going, will bo interested In tho frco Rlblo
Lecturo to bo given by UAVDEN SAM
SON, traveling representative of tho
Watch Tower Rlblo and Tract Society,
SUNDAY, Sept. 28, at 2.30 p, m.
All people, also, who aro Interested in
ways and means for the betterment of
social, economic nnd religious conditions,
as alt in this valley must bo In such
times of unrest as the present, will be
doubly interested In the subject for dig.
All aro welcome. No collection, Seats
Guernsey's Concert Hall
Sunday, Sept. 28, 2.30 P. M.
tlonitl disaster would succeed, Alt this
had been repeatedly set beforo tho nation
so thnt tho choice might bu made. But
obcdlenco to bo acceptable must bo from
tho heart. Love must prompt and gilldo
the will. Righteousness of this sort would
secure nil tho blessings promised to Abra
ham nnd his posterity In tho land soon
to bo entered.
Dcnth of Moses, Dcut., xxxlv, 1-12. Do
llied tho privilege of entering Canaan,
Moses was taken to tho top of Plsgnh
from which ho could obtain a view of the
whole land. Thero bo was burled In an
unknown grnvo having attained tho ago
of 120 years. National mourning fol
lowed for thirty dnys, Joshua, who bail
been previously consecrated, succeeded to
tho command, and tho heart nf Israel
turned toward him, By some later his
torian a postcrlpt wns added to tho book
saying that Moses was nn llicompurabto
prophet who talked with God fnco to
CONCLUSION.-Flfleen hundred years
nfter Moses died In Monh ho appeared
upon tho Mount of Transfiguration with
Ellas, tho great prophet to converse with
Jesus. (Matt., xvll, 2.) Later stilt a New
Testament writer nsserts that tho law
giver was Inferior to Jesus Christ (Hob.,
Ill, 3), and shows wherein. (Heb., Ill, r-(.)
From thoso passages It Is evident thnt
the Mosaic economy looked forward to
tho Christian era In which It wns fulfilled.
It would bo wlso thcrcforo to retrace tho
steps ulong tho quarter's lessons to see
bow they lend on toward tho Intended
goal, All true souls that preceded Jesus
helped to make tho world ready for him.
All tho work of tho earlier tlmo con
tributed something to tho building of tho
now church.
Elm Park church Dr. C. M. Glfiln, pas
tor. Prayer and pralso meeting nt 9.30 a,
m.; tho pastor will preach nt 10.30 a. m.;
Sunday school at 2 p. m.; Junior leaguo
at 3.30 p. m.; Senior league nt 6.30 p. m.
At 7.30 tho pastor will preach on tho sub
ject, "Hard to Harness."
Simpson Methodist Church
Rev. II. ,C. McDermott, D. D pastor.
Prayer meeting at 9.30 a. m. Preaching
at 10.30 a. m, nnd 7.30 p. in. Morning sub
ject, "Walking In Love." Evening sub
ject, "Pence Llko a, River." Sunday
school nt 12 m. Junior League nt 3. p. m.;
Epworth lnguo at C.30 p. m. All Invited
to these services.
Embury M. E. church Rev. James Ben
nlnger, pastor. Preaching nt 10.30, sub
ject, "A Request and Its Results;" class
meeting at 11.30; Sunday school at 2 p.
m.; Epworth leaguo at 0.20, leader, W,
M. Prestwood; prcaeblng service at 7.30
subject, "How Sho Obtained Forgive
ness." Ash Street Methodist Episcopal church
Rev. J. R. Austin, pastor. Morning
preaching service at 10.30; subject, "Suf
fering nnd Its Uses"; class meeting nt
11.30 n. m Charles Croop, leader; Sun
day school nt 2 p. m., E. W. Stone, super
intendent; Epworth League at 0.43 p. m
Miss Henrietta linns, leader; evening
preaching service at 7.30, subject, "Does
It Pay to Be Good?" Preaching In the
Nay Aug Methodist Episcopal church,
Saturday evening at 7.30. A cordial wel
come. Court Street Methodist Episcopal
church G. C. Lyman, pastor. Class, 9. 13
a. in., O. D. DeWItt, leader; preaching.
10.30 n. m.. subject, "The Unseen"; Sun
day school. 11.45 a. ni G. R. Clnrk su
perintendent; Epworth League, 0.30 p. m.,'
Geneva Kresky, louder; preaching, 7,30,
subject, "Touching Christ"; class No. :',
Tuesday nt 7.30. ,). Archer, leader. Prayer
meeting. Wednesday nt 7.30. Seats free.
Providence Methodist Episcopal church
Rev. George A. Cure, pntnr. Tho
Brotherhood of St. Paul meet for praver
nt 10 n. in. Preaching at 10.30; Sunday
schnol nt 2 p. m.; Epworth League at 0.4.',
p. in., topic, "Cheerful Amid Adversity,"
Mrs. .1. C'liPiioweth, leader; preaching at
7.30, fiubject, "Three Hours nf Darkness."
Asbury Methodist Eph-copal church
Rev. Charles A. Benjamin, pastor.
Brotherhood at 0.30 a. m.: preaching at
10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m., by the pastor;
subject In the morning. "The Ministry of
Love"; evening, "Heart and Hand": Sun
day school Rally Day programme at 2.:0;
address by Rev. 11. C. McDermott, of tho
Simpson Mothndi't Episcopal church;
League at ii.30 p. m. Seats free; lareo
choir. All are welcome.
St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church
F. P. Doty, pastor. Services hi Phillips'
hall, nn Fig street. At 10.30, nioni'ng
worship and sermon; 11.13 a. in., Sunday
bchool; 3.30 p, m Junior League at the
piirsonago; 7 p. in.. Epworth League;
7.30, evening dlsrouivc. Wednesday even
ing, prayer meeting.
African Methodlht church
Dr. D. S. Bcutly, pastor. Preaching.
lO.I'O a. m.; subject, "The Life of tho Gos
pel," Sunday school, 2.30 p. m. Preuch
Ing, 7.15 i. in.; subiect, "Tho Duty of
Christian Helpfulness." A cordial wel
come to all.
Penn Avenuo Rapllst Church. Penn ave
nue, between Spruce and Linden streets.
Strangers cordially welcomed. Preach
ing morning at 10.30 and evening at 7.30 by
tho pastor. Rev. Robert F. Y. Pierce, D.
D. Morning prayers In tho lower turn
plo at 9.13. Thome of the morning ser
mon, "Tho Epistle of Christ, or Human
Letters and How They Are Read," Sun
day school nt 12 o'clock, Immediately fol
lowing the services In the auditorium,
Sunday school at tho Memorial mission
on Prcscott avenue, at 3.30 p. in. Young
People's Society of Christian Ende.nor
meeting at 0.30. At tho evening "Bright
Hour" service tho pastor will speak on
the theme, "Going Home." Excellent
music nt all of tho services.
Tb? First Baptist church, South Main
nvenuo Preaching at 10.30 a. in. and 7.30
p. m. .by the Rev. J, 8. Wrlghtnor, D. D
of Oil City, Pa, Sunday school at 2 p.
ni.; B. Y. P. J I. nt 0.30 p. in. Wednesday
evening at 7.15 covenant service to bo
lend by Dr. Wrlghtnor. Everybody wel
come, scats free.
Jackson street Baptist church Rev.
TIioh, tie Grucby, D. D,, Pastor. Men's
morning prayer meeting nt 9.13, Brother
A'm, D, Jouklns, lender. Sermon at 10.30;
topic, "Tho Church Triumphant," Sun
day school at 2 p. in., John Lloyd, Supt,
At 3.13, chorus rehearsal for Harvest
Homo and Rally day, with full orchestra,
Evening servlco nt 7 sharp! pralso and
song servlco assisted by tho choir; con
gregational hymn, "Babel, O, Sacred
Heart of Jesus"; nddrcss by tho pastor,
topic, "Popular Drifts," Tho publlo is
cordially welcome. Seats aro all freo,
First Welsh B.iptlst Church, West Mar
kot street Rev, J, V. Davles, pastor, Tho
pastor will occupy tho pulpit on Sunday
next nt tho usual hours, 10 u. ni. and U
p, m. Sunday school nt 2 p. m. Tho cola
brntlou of tho Lord's supper will follow
the evening sermon. A cordial welcome
Is extended to till to nttend. All scats
Memorial Baptist Church, Church ave
nuePastor Rev, W. F. Davles. Ser
vices next Sunday nt tho usual hours.
Welsh In tho morning, and English In
tho evening. Bihlo school nt 2 p. m. The
ordinance of tho Lord's supper will bo
ndinlnistrred after tho evening ser
mon. Tho young people's society will
meet next weok nt tho homo of Sister
W. II. Phillips, West Market street.
Shlloh Buptlst church, corner Mulberry
street aud Adnnn avenuo Rev, J. II.
Boddle, pastor. Preaching nt 11 a, m. by
tho pastor, subject, "Should Wo as Bap
tists Advocate ItH Belief and When"j
Sunday school, 12.30 p. ni., R. S. Timber
lake, superintendent; 7.43 p. ni,, preach
ing, subject, "Tho Stain of Blood on the
Door and tho Distress Wboro It Wns
Not Found," Tuesday evening, monthly
church meeting. Wednesday evening,
preaching. Frlduy evening, general
pruyer meeting.
First Preibyterlan church-Services at
mumMKma tii wm.wmtwwmnmi 1 1 11 f .-s
- -
In conking mushrooms, It should bo
remembered thnt the simplest way Is
tho best. Much cooking, tougheni,
whllo tho delicate flavor needs no dis
guising condiments to tempt tho pnl
ate, In ercnmlng llicm, peel cnrofnlly,
trim oft tho stalks, but savo them for
your breakfast omelette or steak, and
lay fnco down In a clean granite or
porcelain-lined snticepnn, In which hns
been melted u tablespnonful of swcot
butter. Let tho Juice oxudo for n few
moments, then add as much rich milk
or cronm ns there Is mushroom liquor.
Simmer slowly for live or six mo
ments, senson lightly with salt nnd
pepper, nnd pour over dellcntely
browncd slices of tonst.
Other delicious ways of preparing
j, .mushrooms lire baking and broiling.
T In baking, you can utilize tho
or Imperfect mushrooms and the
stems. Spread thickly on slices of
toast which nro rather underdone, sea
son with salt, pepper nnd a llttlo but
ter, and bake In a moderate oven, un
til the toast Is well moistened with the
mushroom liquor.
For broiling, select large, perfect
mushrooms. Trim off the stums, nnd
lay them fnco upward on a well-buttered
gridiron. Sprluklo lightly with
salt, nnd when tho cups nro lilted with
Juice, lift carefully on slices of but
tered tonst, taking caro not to spill
the Juice.
A little llmejulco ndded to a cup of
hot or cold tea Is considered by many
to bo an Improvement over the uso of
A new sandwich filling Is made of
preserved ginger, chopped fine, nnd
moistened with rich cronm.
Tho housewlfo who lives In a city
with a Chinese quarter will find It to
her advantage to buy her preserved
ginger by tho pound nt the Chinese
grocers. It can be .bought In bulk for
50 cents a pound.
When a stylogrnpblo pen sticks and
refuses to uncnp, hold It over a light
ed match for a moment and It will
Half a pound of dry bread, one
quarter pound nut kernels and ono
pound of raw fruit, furnish a dinner,
it Is said, that will give good staying
power for six or eight hours.
Food for the nged, according to a
prominent English nuthorlty, shall
consist In the main of fruits und vege
tables, ns the acids dissolve out the
lime salts from the tissues, nnd so
prevent too early stiffness of tho Joints
and other parts. Tea nnd coffee nro
best avoided, ns they cause paralysis,
or want of proper control over the
limbs. Pork, veal, cheese and much
flesh food must be avoided, as n heavy
meal of nny nf these foods Is liable to
Induce a stroke of apoplexy. All food
should he simple, plainly cooked, and
taken in great moderation, lest tho di
gestive organs bo overtnxed. Break
fast may consist of porridge nnd milk,
or whole wheat bread and fruit and a
cup of cocoa or milk.
Dinners mnv consist of vegetable
soup and bread, macaroni, vegetables,
and sonic simple plainly cooked 11011
flesb dish.
For desert, stewed fruit and bread,
or plain rlcf. sago, tapioca or maca
roni puddlncs. If llesli or fish aro
eaten they should bo of tho most di
gestible kinds, as lean beef or mutton,
or boiled or ba':ed white mealed fish,
and then hi moderation. Better than
meit nro vegetables flavored with the
Supper may consist of whole wheat
bread nnd fruit, or boiled onions, cel
ery or beet root, and a cup of cocoa
or' mil!- and water. Food should not
be taken for at least three hours be
fore going to bed.
While exercise for elderly peoplo is
J- '
10.30 n. m. and 7.30 p. m. Dr. Mol.end will
preach. Mid-week service on Wednesday
evening at 7.13 o'clock. Strangers wel
come to all services.
Second Presbyterian church, Jefferson
avenue, between Vino and Mulberry
streets-Morning worship, 10.30: Sunday
school, 12 m'.: Young People's Society of
Cluixtlnii Endeavor, Ii.30 p. m.: evening
worship, 7.30. Rev. Joseph II. Odcll will
preach. Evening subject, "Tho Need of
a Judgment Day."
Green Ridge Presbyterian church-Rev.
1. J. Lansing, pastor. At 10.30. worship,
address reception of members und Lord's
supper; 12 ni., Bible school Rally Day;
0.30 p 111., Christian Endeavor; 7.30, even
ing worship and sermon by tho pastor.
All aro cmdlally Invited.
Providence Presbyterian church Rev.
Cieorgo E. Guild, D. D pastor. Sunday
school rally day service, 10.30 o'clock.
Sunday school will meet In the Sunday
school room promptly at 10 o'clock. Ad
dress or tho morning, Rev. James A,
Worden. D. D., superintendent of Sunday
tcliool mission wink of tho Presbyterian
church. Pleaching service at 7.30 p. 111,,
with sermon by pastor. Tho public are
cordially Invited to the services of tho
Washburn street Presbyterian church
Rev. John P. Moffat, D. D pastor. Ser
vices at 10.30 a, m. and 7.30 p. 111, Bihlo
Echool, "Rally Day Services;" special pro
gram, orchestra present, at 12 m.; Rev,
Dr. Steans, a former pastor, will deliver
the address. C, E, Young People. Rally
Day Service; consecration meeting at ii.20
p. in. Tho pastor will preach nn appro
priate sermon, In tho morning, at tho
Rally Day Services. In tho evening, tho
Rev. Dr. Worden of Philadelphia, Pa
secretary Sabbath School Board will
speak. Tho orchestra and choir will ren
der special music at tho evening servlco.
All aro cordially Invited to all of theso
.Adams Avenuo Chnpol, New York street
Rev, James Hughes will preach at 10.30
aud 7.30; Sunday school at 3 o'clock;
Christian Endeavor at 0.30, Wednesday
servlco at 7.30. Thursday thcro will bo a
grand rally of tho church nnd congrega
tion at 7.30 p. 111. All are Invited to theao
Saint Luke's Parish Rev. Rogers Is
rael, D. D rector; Rev. Edward John
Haughton, Senior Curato; Rev, Robert
Ewell Roe, Junior Curate, ISth Sunday
ufter Trinity.
St, Luke'H church 7.30 n, ni Holy com
munion; 10.30 u. in., morning prayer and
sermon; 7.30 p. m., evening prayer and
sermon; 9.15 u. in., Sunday school and
Bihlo classes,
St, Mark's, Dunmore 10.30 a. m morn
ing prayer and sermon; 7.30 p, 111., liven
ing prayer and sermon; 9.30 a, m., Sunday
school and Bible classes,
East End Mission, Prcscott avenuo
3 p. 111., Buiidny school and Rlblo classes.
South Side Mission, Fig atrcet-2.30
. in., Sunday school und Rlblo classes.
St. George's, Olypbaiit-3.30 p. m., oven
lug prayer and sermon.
St. James', Nicholson 10.30 n. ni., even
ing prayer and sermon; 9,43 u, m., Sun
day school.
Church of tho Good Shepherd, corner
Mousey avenuo nnd Green RIdgo' street.
Row Francis R. Bateman, rector,
Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity. Holy
communion at 7.30 a. in.: morning prayer
at 10.30 a. m.; Sunday school and rector's
class, 2.30 p. in.; evening pruyer, 7.30.
St. John's Mission, Osterhout hull,
Providence- bquare Sunday school, 2 p.
m,; evening pruyer nnd sermon by Rev.
F. R. Butcmun, I o'clock.
Ub- 'f.l
wtv.' .-. .
- I' - i' - i' - i'i' - ?
4f 4.-M-f.f-f4"f-f-M-M""M-i
Menu for Sunday, Sept. 25
Frizzled Beef. Baked Potatoes.
Sour Milk Pnneakcs, Syrup.
f Lettuce nnd Tomato Salad,
f Barley Soup, s
-5 Olives, Radishes.
1- Roast Lamb, Currant Jolly.
i. Boiled Potatoes. Succotash.
4- Apples. Cheese.
4 Tapioca Pudding.
4 Black Coffee.
T Creamed Mushrooms
T In Chafing Dish
T Tonst.
T Baked Apples with Cream,
I Molnsses Fruit Cake,
I Tea.
Imperative, It should be gentle. Level
ground Is best to walk on, and exer
cise should never be taken within nn
hour after mcftl. Heavy lifting, strain
ing or hurrying must bo avoided,
Fresh air Is tho best tircvcntlvo of
chest complaints, and If well protect
ed, thcro need be no curtailing of ex
ercise, even in wet und stormy
If ono has a toothache and can't
reach the dentist, try this method of
temporarily delaying the pain: Cleanse
nnd dry the hollow tooth with n bit
of cotton. Then put In a small cotton
plug dipped In creosote or oil of cloves.
Cover this with another bit of dry
cotton, or, still better, a llttlo beeswax
and cotton kneaded together. This
keeps out the air and downs tho "mis
cry" until u dentist can be reached.
While the habits and customs of the
untutored savage nre not always to
bo commended to his white brother,
there are some things that boar tho
Impress of good, sound, common sense.
For Instance, among the Hopls and
Mnrcjos, who stand at tho head of all
the Indian tribes, for their feats of
strength nnd endurance, It Is the cus
tom to leave an opening In all their
garments just under the arm. Instead
of covering up tho nrmplt with extra
shields, a silt about six Inches long Is
cut In the under wnlst nnd nrm seams.
This gives the air freo access to that
part of tho body when perspiration Is
most profuse.
In New York city ono of the best
known professors of the "benutlfler"
cult lays stress on tho vnluo of, ollvo
oil as a hair restorer and wrinkle era
dlcator and preventive.
Tho pores of tho scalp and skin, sho
declares, drink tho oil In with avid
ity, and thlck.glossy hair and well
rounded contours follow Itsi persistent
In shampooing white hair, the up-to-dato
hair dresser uses a llttlo laundry
blue In the last rinsing water. This
gives the hah- a clear white tinge,
much more beautiful than the yellow
cast which 13 common to tho unlnl
ated. If you hnve a basement dining room
or rather dark bedroom whero long
curtains shut out too much of tho
light, try tho effect of the linen Anno
Hathaway curtains, copied from tho
old house at Stratford-on-Avon. These
aro simply scrim or dottd Swiss, mado
about three-eights of a yard In length,
finished with a linger and a half hem
at tho bottom and n two-Inch hem nt
tho top, shirred very full upon a brass
rod or cotd and hung across tho top
of the window casement.
These do not cut off tho llcht, but
give 1111 nrtlstlc finish to the windows,
which shades alono leave too severe
ly plain.
A bunch of the pretty, slender-necked
Chimin Coutes, with their twisted
straw covers and handles, helped to
Grace church, Wyoming avenue below
Mulberry street Pruyer und pralso ser
vice at 9.30 a. m,: dlvlno worship, 10.30 a.
111. Rev. G. A. Redlcs, first pastor of the
church, will pieach morning and evening;
Sunday school at 12 ni. : Young People's
Society of Christian Endeavor at 0.30 p.
m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday evening
at 7.13 o'clock. Seats free. Everybody
Branch church, Hose House, Tripp
Park Services at 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p.
m. Henry Cardcw will preach at both
services; Sunday school at 12 m. Prayer
meeting, Thursday nt 7.13 p. 111.
Evangelical Lutheran Eighteenth Sun
day after Trinity; Gospel, Matthew 11,
34-40; Epistle, I Corinthians, i, 4-9.
St. Mark's, Washburn street Rev. A,
L. Rumor, Ph. D., pastor. Services: 10.30
a. m., and 7.30 p. m Luther league, C.30
p. in.; Sunday school, 12. Morning sub
ject: "Our Daily Bread;" evening sub
ject: "Tho True Vine." Festival of Har
vest Home will bo celebrated at morning
service, Special offering for tho Or
phan's Home,
Christ church, Cedar avenuo and Birch
streot Rev. James Wltko, pastor. Ser
vices, 10.20 11. m Sunday school, 9.00 a, m.
St, Peter's, Prcscott avenuo -Rev. John
Randolph, pnstor. Services, 10.30 a. m,;
Sunday school, 9.00 a, m.
Emmanuel German-Polish Lutheran
church, Reese street Rev. Ferdinand
Satelmeler, pnstor. Services In ho Ger
man language, 10.30 u, m.; Sunday school,
2 p. in,,
St. Paul's, Short avenue Rev, II, A,
Kuukle, pastor. Services, 10.00 11, m nnd
7,20 p. 111.; Sunday school, 11.00 a. m,
English Evangelical Lutheran church
of tho Holy Trinity, corner Adams avo.
11110 and Mulberry streeb-Rav. I'M'. Rlt
tter, A. M,, pastor. Services, 10.30 11, m,
and 7,30 p, m,; morning subject, "Which
Is tho Greatest Commandment?" Even
ing subject, "Christ and Divorce." Sun
day school, 12 m.; Luther leaguo, 0.13
p, in, Seats free, ,nll wclconio,
Grace English Inithoran church (gen
eral synod), corner Prcscott avenuo nnd
Mulberry street Rov, Luther Hess War
ing, pastnr.Sundny school, 9.30 a, in.; Div
ine worship, 10.30 u, in.iY. V. S. C, E.,
7.00 p. in,; evening worship with sermon,
7.30 p. 111, Tho pastor will preach morn,
lug and evening. Everybody wclconio,
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Short ave
nue Rov, II, A, Kuukle, pastor. Morn
ing services at 10 a. m. Subject. "Tho
Great Commandment." Sunday school at
It a, in, Evening services nt 7.30 o'clock,
Subject, "Procrastination,'' Installation
of tho pastor of St. Paul's to tuko placo
next Wednesday, October 1, at 7.30 p. m,,
ut which occasion tho president of the
conference, Rov. J, O, Sclilcnker,, of !lu
zleton, will bo present.
SII011 German Lutheran church, 220
Mlfllln nvenuo Rev, D, O. Gallenkamp,
pastor. Morning service, German, 10.30 a,
m.; subject, "What Dost Thou Know
About Christ!" Sunday school, 2 p. m,j
evening service, German, 7.30; subject,
"Death, the King of Terror," Scats free,
all welcome. German school for boys and
girls every Saturday, 9 a. m. to 12 in.
All Souls' Unlvcrsijllst church, Pino
street, between Adiiins und Jefferson avo
nue Rev. Thomas D. Puync, pastor.
Dlvlno service, with sermon, ut 10.30 a.
m.; subject, "Tho Glory of Service"!
Sunday school, 12 111. Seats free. Stran
gers welcome.
First Primitive Methodist Church. Graea
A ! w-- 4, A v iU t. , .1 (1 Jl X
I' rvv " i..
mnko a very effective wall cornenln-
n dining loom, noted lately. They
wero bung diagonally on the wall nnd
connected by a strand of twisted grain.
Just across tho wall ntigte n couplo of
1,1, tin.. l.natfA. tilnntlna r.,,.1 .. t.r, ...I,,...
.,...(,, .run...... r(.iUin .ill.. ,l Ulllliwuu &
Umvi, llnlnn,! In lirltrlitnn nn nlhui'
wise dark and sombro bit of wall, ,.
With ment still so high ns to mnko
It a luxury Instead of u dally neces
sity, vntlotis vegetable substitutes nro
finding their way on breakfast tables
nil over the land. Tho Now Englaud
cr, loynl to tradition, llnds plenty, of'
company thoso days In his Sundny
morning breakfast of beans and brown
bread, lit the cxtrcmo west and south
west, tho brown frlgoll, cooked with
plenty of pepper, serves the snmo pur
pose. Green corn cakes, fried toma
toes wllb erenin gravy, fried egg
plant, fried mush or hominy, samp, or
rice, prepared utter tho Spanish meth
od, nro all satisfying and Upproprlalo
breakfast dishes whero something
hcurtlcr than rolls, fruit and cofteo Is f (
To prepare tho Spanish rlco have
ready n saucepan In which are two
lablcspoonfuls of ulco but drippings.
Throw in a half cupful of well-washed
rlco nnd tows about until lileelv
browned. Add ono sliced tomato, 0110'' f
sliced onion nnd a clove of gnrllo and
brown lightly. Cover tho whole with
hot water, season with salt nnd pop
per. Cover and let the .rice cook,
thoroughly, adding more water as
Do not stir, ns the beauty of It lies
In the plump brownunbroken kernels.
Rlco nnd toasted chcoso Is n good
combination, though better for lunch
con or supper than breakfast. Cut
slices of cold boiled rice and fry to a
rich brown In butter or drippings. Cut
cheese Into pieces about half as largo
ns the slices of rlco and toast over tho
lire until beginning to soften. Lay oh
the hot rlco nnd serve Immediately.
An excellent substitute for beef tea,
according to vegetarians, may bo
found In a stew of haricot beans,
pearl barley, rice, carrots, turnips and
nn onion. Strain off the fluid nnd
servo with toast. When cold this
broth forms a Jelly which Is exceed
ingly nourishing. It contains soluble
starch, albumen and sugar, all of
which are easily taken up by the sys
tem. '
Thin slices of mellow, juicy pears,
with boiled custard poured over them,
afford a timely nnd delicious dessert.
Servo cold in sherbet glasses or deep
A successful venture in a new food
combination, tho other day, deserves
passing on. The dinner was being
prepared over a gas range, and the
gas refused to glvo more than ono
burner of good llamo at a time. The
cook had started to boll new potatoes
In one saucepan and lima beans In qn
othcr. When she found that only one
kettlo could be kept boiling, sho put
the contents of the two vessels to
gether and finished their cooking.
When tender they were set back to
steam, whllo a white sauce, was pro
pared and turned over them.
The result wns so delicious and sat
isfactory that tho combination will bo
used again, even if not necessary.
The poison Ivy, with Its brlillnnt au
tumnal colorlHg and pretty berries,
will soon bo counting its victims by
tho score. Tho wiso Individual who
goes out Into the country for nuts, bit
tersweet or other trophies of the
woodland, takes bis antidoto for su
mac, poison oak or Ivy with him.
This Is a solution of common baking
soda, a tabiosnoonful fo a pint of
water. If npplled at once, it Is almost
always effective.
Ridge Rev. G. Lees, pastor. Preaching
at 10.30 a. m. Subject, "Palm and Cedar."
At 7 p. m., Subject. "Brevity of Time."
Sunday school at 2.30 p. m. . All welcome.
Plymouth Congregational church, Jack
son street Preaching service nt 10.30 a.
111. and 7.30 p. m.: Sunday school at 13
o'clock; Sunday school at Sherman ave
nue at 2.15 p. in, Mr. A. V. Brower will
occupy the purplt at both services.
Gospel Tabernacle, Jefferson avenue,
Dunmore James Lelshman, pastor.Ser
vlces at 10.20 a, m. and 7.30 p. m. ; Sunday
school, 12 m,; Young People's Missionary
meeting, addressed by tho pastor, at 6.30
p. m. Christian and Missionary Alliance
meetings on Tuesday at 2.20 and 7.30 p. m.
Seventh Dny Adventlsts, Guernsey hall,
31ti Washington avenue Preaching ser
vice ut 7.30 p. m.. by Pnstor C. F. Mc
Vagh; subject, "Blblo vs. Superstition."
All welcome.
Gospel hall, No. 1301 Lackawanna ave
mio Sabbath school at 12.13 p. m.; even
ing service nt 7.30 o'clock. The Blbla
class will meet 011 Monday evening nt
7.45. Mr. Alrlcb will teach thn lesson anil
continue tho studies In tho Book of Ro
mans. All nro welcome.
Scheme for Establishing Mldocean
Wireless Telegraph.
From American Shipbuilding.
A scheme Is on foot In Liverpool
which It is claimed by tho English ship
ping journals, will soon bo In commer
cial operation for utilizing wireless
telegraphy In n mid-ocean pnstofflca '
nnd signal station. It Is tho Intention-'
to permanently moor at 'a point 110 .
miles west of tho Lizard a ship wlileli'
will be equipped with 11 searchlight and .
a complete sot of Miircnnli apparatus,!
A3 the water nt tho point selected will ';
Involve the use of n moorlngi chain 40f""''
or M0 feet In length, the weight- of '
which would prevcut the bows from- .
riding buoyantly over tho heavy sous,- k
tho vessel will bo prqvlded with a w
hawse-pipe placed In the heel of - the
foremast, . !..
The searchlight Is to havo a vertical'
beam for the purpose of. Illuminating ,
the clouds and enabling tho flouting -.5
postofllco to bo picked up at night froip ,
a distance of sixty ii)!es, or more, As,
the vessel will bo located In,, the .fair, r
way of tho English chunncl, It will ,be ,
advantageously placed for ,ti6 . illst,!-!.-, , ,
btitlop of orders sent from shpre,by.1tlho .,
owners of vessels which nro passing, Jrij ,,..
and out of the channel. Thus a s)pn '"
coining In from the west or from ,tli n ,,
south could be directed eRhec to Mv'er-,
pool. Bristol or an English cjutnnpl ,
port. Uy this means pilotage pud port "
dues would be reduced, 'nnd. of course; -there
would bo n considerable'1 savjng '
of time. The vessel will 'serve as- a '
floating station, which can be picked ;
up for wireless communication. Th'e
ynlue of this form of postolllce U'Vx'- n
pected to be very great. Moreover, ly.
lug ut tho junction of the three great
thoroughfares of- Urltlsh nnd continent-
ul marine truffle, the stutlon should
prove particularly valuable In salvage
work. "The scheme-on the (uce of it
uppears to bo thoroughly pruct!cableM
and, If carried out, It should
bo' of considerable servlco In the marl
tlmo world,
'" -