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The News of
Mr. Humphrey fit Last Night's
Meeting of Select Council Had Or
dinance Reconsideied nnd the Con
tracts for City Building and Hose
Houses Changed to Three Years
The oft-debuted lighting contracts foi
.he city building nnd the two hose
houses was subjected to nnothcr
change. The latest levlslon liui 10
sultctl In making the contracts for a
pcilod of Unco jenis each, Instead of
live for the hose houses and three for
the oily building.
It was at ti special meeting of select
council thai the modifications took
plat e. After the meeting opened, Mr.
Muiphy moved to leconsldor the
amendment of Monday night last, when
on his motion, the oidlnancc awarding
the contract for lighting the city
building to the Cntbondale Gas com
pany was chnngtd ftom one year to
three 1'ears, and the ordinance giving
thccontiact for lllumlnntlng the hose
Itouses was" made to lead fle yens,
were so amended. Mi. Humphiei's
teason for the change was for the pin -post
of saving the city the dlfCei elite
between a shoit and long contiact.
Hocct, theie Is considerable oppo
sition In councils against a long term
contiact. Mi. Ilumphiey, In the mean
time becume aw aie of this, and not
dcslious of ctlirltig up that opposition,
he mucd for .1 reconsldeiatlon, sub
stituting the changes as set fotth In
the opening paiagiaph of this nitlcle.
The electilc light contiactois changed
to tin ee jeais, so us lo bo uniform
with the one for gas coveting the city
Mi. Mannlon entcssed himself as
being unaltciably opposed to any con
tiact that would lead foi moie than
one jeai. Such a contiact would op
ciate ag.ilnst municipal ownership. If
such a movement be m.ide in the mean
time; and for this teuton he could not
consistently be In f.ivot of long ton
tiatts slnte It was municipal ow net ship
platfoitn that he was le-eletted on last
The oidinances were changed as
moed foi by Mr. Ilumphiey, and weie
given to committee. The tommittep
lepoited fjvoi.ibly foithwith and or
dered them to be piinted.
The changed oidinances will be la
piint by tonight and will be pissed
on lust leading at another meeting of
select council. They will be passed
llnally at a meeting to be held on Mon
day cenlng, and will then go to com
mon council. This expedition is called
foi, by the ciieumstaiice that these
light contt.icts ate somewhat belated,
they should hae been aw aided se
eial months ago
News fiom Caibondale Campeis at
Ciystal Lake.
The following gossip of the camp of
joung Caibondale men, Joe Roslet,
James Nealon, Stee Xoalon, Frank
Quinn and John Godwin, has been sent
to The Tilbune:
Who was guilty of bieaking the
guest's snuceisV Speak out Jlmmie,
ftom Caibondale.
No lsltoib so fai. except a few
couples aftei the guests' boat.
Pooi Jinmiie --oiled his new tiousers,
"ki soon" Haid luck, old bo.
John Goodwin looked neat in his
iicav tiuiibdis the fltst da out, but
"pike" him when the seventh day ai
rlves. "Glotiandoi" is quite a cook; a hole
In the fijlug pm and tlnee plates
gone Is his lecoul so f.u.
It took Steve foui houis lo secute
one pint of milk Time must be a
daiijman in the case.
Dutcu Joe lb the ai list of the camp
Ilib woik aiound the cottage Is the
admit ation of the sciiiliiels that de
scend ftom ihe ttee tups to gae upon
his wmk of the biush
"Who said 1 wab afiaid of a bui
glai ?" No one, Steve, but the "knight
of the jlmmie" seemed f lightened when
he saw ou taking join bolng lesson
with Tom Monib.
limnilo Nealon expects his filend,
"Hill" r.iophy, in ii few days. "Bill"
is the Benu Ut mimic I of one of Cm
aria's laigcst titles; so Jlmmie wJll
cut quite a flguie aiound "Idle Hour
John Godwin anil Dutch Jog ate com
ing to the fiont as "iag .11 lists"; no
tiles around the dishes they wash.
Sir Roland Do Tumble.
Two Childicn Vanish and Much
Alaxm Pelt.
The pilutipal Italian settlement In
this cltj Is known as IJlectrlc alley. In
that alley thlldien ate lutincious llkc patents, etc. Two thlldien fiom
elsowlioip weie left with a family yes
terday, while the paients attended a
funeial. After tho functnl tho childicn
could not bu found. Seaichltig parties
sjaiioj out, and after 11 long wait tho
3111 guts weie gladdened to le.un that
"tjipy were alive and well on Hospital
"One child old itnd tho other
Jrjgliteon months?. How tho tots got
auiosa thgrriillioail trucks-mid mounted
tjlc stecaihl,tj Is i coiiundtmn.
' 1
'uW. B. Chase' Is Off on His Vacation
ijXin-the Land of Steady Habits.
'"Maifcau'lcr AVllllain R. Chase Is
spending a poitlon ot his annual vaca
tion in Wateibuiy, Conn., as the guest
-of his -Intei cstlng- chlldten, Mr, and
! Mrs, W. U Lathi ope,
j As is well known, AV. U Lathi ppo Is
part owner and edltor-lii-chle"f of tho
Waterbuiy Republican, a live dally
, $100 Reward, $100,
The uadors of this paper will ho pituc.i
to learn that there Is at least 0110 di end.
ed dlsapso thut science has been nblo
tP.curo.'nnl.Us stages aim that la Ca,
Urrh. 'Hall's Catarih Cuio is tho uniw
poslUMtcprainow' known to tho mdlcni
fmternlty. Cafarih being a. eonstltutona requlies a (onstltmlonal 2
mentiVHBU' Catarrh Cure la taken inl
ternalU'. acting directly upon the blood
and mucous sulfates of the system. theieJ
by destroying the foundation of the dial
ease, and giving tho patient stiength by
building up the constitution aim aJk "ting
iiatureln doing its work. The prop? etors
have so much faith in Its curative now.
fortuny case that It fai s-io wre. Send
forxllst of testimonials. ii"vJ t":m,
Address, F. J, qHENCY & cq .
Sold by Pruggists. wo. ' Toled0' J
Hull's I'iually Pills are th best.
newspaper, to which ho Is devoting nil
of his cnctgles, hoping thereby to mako
It a winner for fame and fortune,
II Is nlso well known that Mrs. W, L.
T-oitliropc (nee Chase) Is a lady of
bright Intelligence, warm sympathlea
and at led accomplishments, and that
she. too. his cliauns which ate sine
J to win for her n warm place In tho
hearts of any people with whom she
mny become allied.
Our fellow-rltlyen, Mr. Chase, will
have no difficulty In making a good
Impression with tho genial people In
the cntcrpilslng city of Watot bitty, for
he Is "Johnny on the spot" at any time
or place, and likes to associate with
men Mho nie Identified with the mo
gross of this electtlo age.
Genial "Andy" Walsh, as One o His
Comiades Sees Him.
Connnde Aniliew AValsh Is now In
the ilty on futlough ftom the National
Soldiers' home, near Danville, III.,
whcie he has been (luting tho last four
teen months.
"Andy" shows that lie has been well
cared for. He speaks in ptalse of the
lieatmeiit ntcoided tho wnids of the
nation, who In their detllnlng yeais
And sheltei and substantial cieatuto
comfoits after having solved their
toutitty in Its bonis of dltest need.
Theie, ate 3,028 veteian soldlois at
tho "home" In Illinois.
They are all alike in one lespcct, and
that Is: they can't forget their early
ft lends; nnd thelt Innate longing for
those things which made their joung
lives so dimming causes them to have
a tender j earning for the scenes which
weie fitst Imptessed on their minds.
So it is easy to give a leason why an
old soldlei, who loved his countty well
enough to offer his body as a banlcade
In Its defense against Its foer, should
feel his heart beat faster as he tin ns
his face towaid tho place which to him
defines the name of home
"Andy" Walsh's bodv was mutilated
by the foes of his adopted countiy, and
he has scais and bioken bones to show
that his seivice was long enough and
aiduous enough and bloody enough to
entitle him to the tespect of all people
who tan appieclate what the war for
the Union lost. John McComb.
The Band Played.
The band and Ice ridiin social held on
lite lnwn of Mis Benjamin Dimmlck on
Wednesdnv evening ptoved to be a gtcat
stiKcss The social was held b Miss
C01.1 l'stabiooks Sunday school class
and was for tho benefit of the Bet tan
Baptist rhuich
'the lawn and house weie ptctllly dec
niattd with Jipinee lanterns and Amet
It.m Hags picscntlug a glowing effect.
I'lom e.ul evening until a late lioui a
steadt1 tin 011a of people, both oung and
old, pat took of the leftchment", Ico
tteam ind cal.o, whleh weie solved by
a coips of oulig ladles among whom
weie Misses JJdltli Catev A'ttglnia Stev
ens, Aimctto Watfcl and Mis Hatvev
noimils, Mis V J Bb, Mis I.oveland
and Mis Lamoiem.
The P. O S of A hand was In attend
ance and plated an lusplilng piogiammo
under the ditcetlon of V. J Hlv 'lhe
(hut eli leallzed a neat sum by the entci
ptise Two Fuiieials of Children.
Mi nnd Mis M II Sullivnr, of Clienv
avenue, aie moutnlng the loss ot theii
seven-jeai-old son, l,ul, who died Wed
nesdiiv afternoon fiom imalis of the,
stom ich runeial seivlees will be held
at .! 0 clock this afternoon and intcinicnt
is to be made in St Rose eeinctetv
Mi nnd Mis Joseph ITIggins' l-veii-old
dntightei, Mtuguiet, died of tholci.i In
fantum, 'Ihuisilnv motnlng. At their
homo on Cottage stteet the bml tl set v Ico
will begin nt L'31 o'clock today Intet
ment will bo made in St Rose temeteiy.
Things Aie Going Wright.
R-Sheiirf Com flight, of lloncsdale,
was inCaibondnlo vestcidav on his way
home Horn Susquohaim 1. whcie ho at
tended tho sonilotUU confetence
"How did mattets go at Stisiiuelnnna? '
asked a Caibondale man.
Oh, all light," icplled the bltciiff with
a smile
"All Wiisht?" commented tho Caibon
dall.ia "Well, that's the way they want
them to go, Isn't it.' '
When the shot Iff t cached the posstnfflce,
the light of tho joko dawned on him and
ho smiled
Silk Mill Hands to Visit Lake Lo
doic August 30,
Tho emplo.ves of tho Klola Tin owing
companv have tit eided to hold thcli an
nual outing at Lake l.odoio 011 Satutdiy,
August JO
'llio.MoAiit oiclicsun will fuinlsh music
in tho pavilion The dancing will bo flee.
Ptimiully the object of tho exclusion Is
to ntfoid pleasme foi the omploves anil
thelt friends, and second itlly to add tnsh
to augment the fund fiom which sltk
benefits ato paid
Pointer Carbondalians Heic.
Mis. II, H. Majot nnd childicn, of Ala
magoida, Now Mexico, foimeily of tills
city, aie Mtilig Mis Majors patents,
Mr, nnd Mis, Ancltovv Mitchell, of Ca
naan shed,
Mm Major Is well pleased with their
new homo and has no desho to letuiu to
thp east to leslde. Her hush mil holds a
lesponsllilo position for tho 131 Paso and
Rock Island lalhoad nnd is also pi est
dent of tho school board of Alamagoida,
Moie Improvements.
Rijco II. Rlalr has chaigo of borne Im
provements at tho Klots Silk mill which
mo nettling completion. 'When done thoro
will bo an olovntid wntei tank with a
cnpatlty of SOO.OOO gallons; a wind mill to
Mitt tho pump which will lift water Into
tho tank ftom an aiteslan well, and a
brltk bain LO by u'J feet
Chapter of Biiths.
Tho following homes wote btightcned
eatelllay by tluce atilvals; To Ml. and
Mis. John Wagner, of Sinip&on, waa boin
a daughter; to Mr. and Mis. Cornelius
Waul, of tho same place, a duughtei; to
Mr. and Mia. Robcit Kelly, of Canaan
slieot, a son.
Meeting of W. 0. T, V,
The Women's Christian Tempeiniico
union will meet In tho W, W, Watt hall
on Church sheet this afternoon at thieo
The Uotliifr father loves his boy
And buys for him a gun;
The tlieiub's heait Is full of joy
Ho Is his fathet's son!
His aavngo Instinct makes him feel
That damage should be wi ought,
For ciuclly Is In tho deal,
That's why the gun was bought.
A hainiless blid must get u plunk,
A light of glass be biol;o;
?h boy la neither mad nor dttink,
It Is his llttlo joke.
Ho thinks he la a kid of gilt
Like Daniel Boone of old
But what the nelehhojs think of it
Is better left untold.
John McComb.
The Only Cereal Made by Union Labor In America.
TRYABITA FOOD CO., Battle Creek, Mich.
' At Lake Lodorc.
Tho excursion to Lake I-odore yester
dav attiaeted a niimbei of Carbondal
lans, among whom vvoie the Misses An
gelt, I'lc.tnor and Genevieve Birs, Mni
gatet Motan, W. Mannlon, Michael Mun
lcj, Thomus Sliaun, James Powdcrly.
MN3 VAiii O'Mallev, of Sernnton, tc
turny to hei home today, aftet a weeks
visit with iplathes in Cnrbonil.tle.
Mis, J c. Klofet and children Claia
and Rtivmond, weto the guests of ftlcnds
In Aiclibnld on Wcdncsdaj.
R J. Ratrptt, the pilntei, who spent
the past week at lhe CJetUsburg en
campment, Is at the Harrison houso
again, after visiting a few du at his
home in Scranton
Ilarrj Robinson Geotgo Evans Mar
shall Stutt, Ralph Hall and John Wil
liams weie among those who attended
the dauca In Jermvn last evening
Benjamin rellnws the efliclent sales
man of lYllovvs' Clothing store, Is enjov
lug a few weeks vatation in New Yoik
MNs Oitice CInrk, of lloncsdale, is the
guest of the Misses Nora and Caimcl
Samuel Smnle, who foimerly kept a
meat market on TJntoln luenue, at H. 13
Ma s pie cut stand, Is here on a l,-lt
ftom Globe, AiUona, wheto he has pios
peied well
Jllss Gtntvleve Uailj, of Seventh ave
nue, has returned home after seveial
weeks' with lelatlves In Set anion
Miss Maigaiet Kelly, of New Yoik cltv.
Is pending a couple of weeks nt her pat
e its home, on South Main street.
David R. James, Noith Scranton cor
lespondent fot The Tribune, was a call
er at the Carbondale office of this paper
vestetd.ts. Ho was on his way to the
Lantcis' encampment at Lake Lodoie.
M J. Tlghe, of Bauer's band, was a
Caibondale vlsitoi vefeteidaj.
Hon. John Kuhacli, ot tho Irving Cliff
btevveij, lloncsdale, made a business trip
to this cltj vestetdnj.
W. J. McGianaghan left esteIday for
Lake Coino, whert he will loin his wife
nnd children, who ate spending a couple
of weeks there
M.-s. n. c Muiphv, of Mill streot, Is
spending a week with Wnymart fi lends.
Misses Kathijn r.uiell und Bridget
MtAndrevv spent Wedne-day evening in
Ob pliant.
Mis. 1'ilend Osborne, and daughter, of
Poilci avenue, mo visiting ft lends In
South Canaan.
Prod Wagntr and famllv, of Belmont
street, are spending two weeks at New
ton lake.
Mi. and Mis Ctoss and son, Metiltt,
of Stianton, spent Wednesday at the
homo of Rov. A. K. Chaffee.
SIlss Mabel bttpliptts, of Darto avenue,
left yesterday motnlng for White Oak
pond, wheio tho will visit Jllss Plora
Mi a,nd Mrs, if, r. Clark spent jestei
dny In Seianton
Mis Augusta Snow, of Plompton, Is
spending a few weeks with her biothct,
Clark Alvoid
Misses Maty Vanillin nnd Ruth Knapp
left jestciday loi a week's visit with
lelatlves in Danville.
Rev. M. i: Loftus, of Green Rldgo, was
In this city jesleida,
James Walsh, of Pittston. who Is vis-
Ulug friends in this elt, Is spending a
few dijs In l'orest City.
J. II. Herbett is spending the week In
Atlantic Cltj.
Charles Munell, of Hnrtlsburg, nn at
taelto of tho Bell Terephone company, is
In this clt.
Mhs Getltudo Wlsky, ot Wllkes-Baire,
was ii vlsitoi In this city jtsteiday
Mr. and Mis. lletbett Chatfield, who
vveio widded Wednesday in Scranton,
wtio guests at the Hotel American over
night, 'lhey left jestcrday morning for
Miss Lllo O'Hain, of Dlckbon City,
called on ft lends in this city jesterday,
Kdwiud Phllbln, of tho Atehbald Citi
zen, was In town .vesterdav moinlng,
Mis. I'laucla Kelly, of BItkttt Teirace,
loft jestcidiiy for a week's visit with
-Stiautoit 1 1 It lids,
Jose(ph Alexandci, of Seianton, who
hus been visiting lelatlves In this uty
foi tho past week, teturnod homo jes
tetdny, Mis. C. Powler, jt who for tho last
few dass luiH been tho guest of Mts. Wil
liam Hubbatd, of joining .tteet, will
leavo fot her homo In Philadelphia today.
m i
At a apodal meeting of tho Jcimyit
school lioiiiil Wednesday evening the ies
Ignallou of oito of tho teachets, Piolessor
John Jtnklna, was lead and ucccntcil.
Tho boaid decided to wait until tho next
it-Bumr (iicfiing on uio seeonu Tuesday
In August betcio tilling tho vacancy. In
tho meantime thoy 111 icttlvo appllta
tlous for tho position. Tho balary Is $10
per month.
The handsomo doll chanced off Wodnrs.
day o enlng by tho Daushteis of Ro.
hekith, was won by tlekot No. iS7, held
by Kdua DU, of Caibondale. The doll
has been math admlted and Is vvoith
blxteen dollais.
'the local Odd I'ellnws and Knights of
Pjthlas letently had a ft loudly gumo of
baso ball which wus citjojed by (ho mem
beia of both tiatetnltles and tesulted in a
vlctoty for the Knights by u scoio of U"i
to :o. In tho ilfth InnhiBs tha scuto stood
W to 7 in tavor of tho Odd I'dlovvs to
whom lctoiy beamed nasnied, but the
chango made In tho battel y then by put
ting In "Will Cudllp In the pitching box
and Maynaid behind tho bat, taubed thu
gieat chango and biought l.lboity AS'age
the victory. The vlctois will now play u
team fiom tho Junior Onli.i n,.i,.i
American Mechanics and the lctois ot
this game will play (lo Knights of tho
wstlo C'Jialn.
Tho gumo between the local Young
Old New York
The Knickerbockers of Peter Stuy
vesant's day relied entirely on
European cereals. To-day tho up-to-date
Now Yorker know 3 that
Battlo Creek is tho center of puro
food supplies and his palato tells
him that read cooled
. H "D Ea I
cxcclls on account of being scien
tifically prc-tligosted and well tin
1 egnated xvilhjcf'iii and celt ry.
Tryabita contaia3 all the strength
and nerve-giving elements that go
to build up a perfect physique. It
also acts as a mild laalive.
Wholesale Tobacconists
Distributors of Cuhanola Cigars.
Atlantic City.
Directly on tho Beach in Chelsea,
Atlantic City
Opens New. July 1st
Location, appointments nnd sci vices un
excelled Tho finest bath establishment
on tho coast Many novel loatutes of
equipment, which will mako It an Ideal
testing place tot nnvono tequlilng special
petsonal attention Booklet and tcims by
addt esaing THE AQNEW CO., Atlanjic City.
Kentucky Avenue. Fhst Hotel from Deich, At
lantic City, Ii. J.; 60 Ocean view rooms; ca
pacity 400, write for special rates. J, B. Jenk
ins, Prop
Holland House
Reached bv Reading Railway from Phil
adelphia and by feuy fioin Atlantic City.
Klcotilc lights: nttcslan water; resident
phjaiclan; suif bathing, excellent flbhlng
and sailing
On a spur of the Alleghany Mountain I.ohigh
Valley railroad, near 'low nnda Ritlilng, llsilng.
eports, etc. Lxcillent table Reasonable i ites
P. O., Apc, Pa. Send for booklet.
c k. innnis
Slroiidaburg, l'a. Capacity, 1SOI DellKhtfitl
ly situated; enlarged, lefuinlsbcd, modern,
canvouloncei; electriu llglitR, servlea Hist
clas'. IlooUlels, rates, Apply J. F. FOULKE,
Men's Institute team and South Seianton
Young Men's Instituto attiaeted boveral
hundied people on tho Uust Side gionds
jestoiday aftet noon. Tho Incite ncWeved
a btllllant vlotoiy by defeating tho ls
ltots b) a scoio of 15 to 3 '
Thomas Lester nnd son, nnd James Loo
havo gone to Btltlsh Columbia.
Miss Kato Griffiths was a Seianton vis
itor jestciday.
Robeit Reovo Is hcio on a sit to his
paients, Mr, and Mis David Ree' e. of
Second htteet.
Mr. nnd Mis. "William Culey and fnm
lly and M'r and Mrs. Mui tin Stephens,
mo at tho Chapman house, Lake Chap
man, MUs nicanoi Ciilfnths, who iccontly
giaduated uti a tl allied muse fiom tho
1.5 Ing In hospital at Philadelphia, is tho
guest of hei undo nnd aunt, Ml. and
Mrs, John T, Oilfflths, of Main stiect.
The Misses Staples and biothcr nio
camping at Crjstal lake
RHPUTtTION SALR-SO extra stamns
given. So our adveitlsement In tills
paper, Meats & llagen.
Mts nilhool and daughter, Alice, of
South Main stteet, weie in Vundllns
Tied Ila.dley, of Fallshurg, N, Y Is vis.
King his paients at Majlleld,
Miss Maiy Mawvcll, of Main street, was
a Caibondale visitor Wednesday,
Thoto will bo a mectlm; nf tho Powder
"Woikeia' union this evening,
Arthur Roche, lhe oung tnu of Supeiln
tendent David Reese, of Rlakely, enter
tallied a largo eathetlng of friends nt his
homo on Wednesday evening, In honor of
his fouiteenth birthday. Guinea, muslo
and other pleaiant amusements made the
tlmo pabs tnoully, and at i0 o'clock a
delicious repast was served, Tho host
was lemembeied with many gifts.
Miss Ruth Hull has re tinned home. af.
tei spending two weeks In Now York.
Mbs Anna Spclther, of Archbald, who
tins been vIMting relatives here, letuined
home, jesterday,
Miss Ollvo Muiphy, of Blakcly, Is visit
ing f i lends ut Stroudsbutg.
Mrs. Martin Cilppch und daughteis,
Misses lilancho und lhuma C'llppen, left
jesiuiuuy to spend a row vvccku ut Rus
I" " "" "
Miss Alice ratten has resumed her po-
H Cubanola cigars and rM
Mm common cigars Sjl H
Kl cost you about B H
H tho same J'Mk I Kb
a for your 5 cents ? S
Connolly & Wallao
Store closes at noon Saturday.
The most Satisfactory Saturday
shopping can be done in the morn
ing hours during the hot months.
Infants' and Children's Department
French Dresses A few fine $3 dresses, slight
ly soiled, at $a
Regular $2.50 dresses, reduced to $2
Regular 3.00 dresses, reduced to 2.50 ,
Regular 3,50 dresses, reduced to 3.00
Infants' and Children's Hats The regular
$1.00 kind, reduced to 75c
The regular $1.25 kind, reduced to $1.00
The regular 2.00 kind, reduced to 1.50
The regular 2.50 kind, reduced to 2.00
The regular 3.00 kind, reduced to 2.50
Thousands of yards
other Scranton Store has
store has so many true novelties.
store cuts so deeply.
Corded Lawns, were 8c, Now, yard.
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15c. Nov, yard
Swiss Plumetis, were 25c. Now,
yard '
Odd Lots of Turn-Over Embroidered Collars that were 25c each.
them at ,
X A small lot of Pique Stocks,
Y number at - WCIII.S3 Luvll
, . ,
! Connolly & Wallace
August 1st
IF YOU LOOK at the calendar
you will see it comes on Fri
day. It is the opening day
of our first Inventory Sale in the
New Store.
If you keep your eye on this
space you will be convinced that
it will be the greatest real bargain
opportunity in Carpets. Furniture,
Wall Paper and Curtains ever
known in Scranton.
129 Wyoming Avenue.
Closed Saturday afternoon During July
and August.
iltlon In ItobeiU' Carpet stoio, after a
month's Mic'iitioti.
JU:i'I3TITlON BA1U-S0 extra flumps
Klcn. See our iiihcitUemcnt in this
paper, Jle.ns ii Ilugcn.
Jlariy Smith, of NautlcoUe, was a ls
Hoi In town jct.teid.ty,
Jliiii Mary Hotsch.of Rellevue, Is hpend.
lug the week with friends on llunmoio
Mrs. John Hront, of AVIlUes.n.ure, who
hits been tho guest of Mrs.Wllllum Mason,
returned hnniu cstcnla.
Mrs.. 1', J. KilcuUon, ot New ink, N. J,
is Ubttlng hei mother, Mis. J, O'Hojle,
of l.ackawuumi stioct.
The Itcdb, tho homo pildo of tlio i.ibq
bill tiienii, will JoujiiQj to lioiictdule to.
nioiiow, whci they will play oft tho tlo
giuuo from last Sutuuliy, with tho lepre
ecntatho team of that boiougll. The
homo club nro confident of lctoiy. Tho
make-up of the Reds will bans follows:
Catcher, Oljiur, pitcher, SolUUIs; ilrst
bnhe, Diuli; fcccond base, Touhll); shoit'
Btup, Mortis; third base, lluca; left
Scranton's Shopping;
Opportunities for Hother.
Pique coats,
Pique coats,
Pique coats,
Pique coats,
Pique coats,
Pique coats,
Dress Goods Counter
of Summer Dress Goods markedvat new prices today.
such Fine Dress Goods, or so
And when the time
uerman unens,
Now, yard
J Ullsil LUIUl
season. Now
Women's Neckwear
with buckle in front. Regular 25
tleld, Da; cculcr Held, Stonoj light Held,
i;ans; sulibtliute,-, 11. Stono und IJitgle,
The homo team will leao on thv 0 33 a,
m, Dclawuio and Hudson truln, and tlioso
desltoub of iiccompaiolng them uro tc
micsled to bo pit-sent at thu depot ut
tho ,iboo time. Tho tare, go and leturn,
Is 51 bS.
Mlsa Yutljo rjshet, of Ihookbn, N. Y.,
H litlug hei p.uonts, Mi, und Mrs,
llcury rishei, of Union stuet.
MHs Muigiiiot Law, of nullro.ul street,
Is lsltlug iclatlM's In Au-libald.
Aichbald initio lucal, No. Hil9, I'nltcd
Mine W'oikers, will meet tomouow cen
Jug In tho Odd Fellows hull.
.Mis, IMwaid U. U.nls, if Ilullroad
stieot. Is spending a lew days ut .Moscow,
Imliuiblo comnuitidmy, No. 23.', Klilgllth
nf Malta, will meet this evening In ufiu
lai bcsslou.
.Mis. John V. ruis, of Noifh Tujlot,
Ulted filends In l)ure.i, on Wcrincbday.
Mlbb Kdith linusei, of Main stiect, wus
tho guest of -Mlbj Hone, of Uunmorc, on
Master Chester Kramer, of Main street,
Is bpeudlug a week with his grandpar
ents, Mr. und Mis, Saje'lb, at Moscow,
The Clearing Sales continue.
Some splendid lots today and
Saturday morning. Are you ready
for them ?
The regular $3.50 kind, reduced to $3.00
The regular ,,4.00 kind, reduced to 3.00
Infants' and Children's Coats One to
five years. ,
Linen coats, were $2.50, now $1.75
Linen coats, were 3.00, now a.oo
1.25, now 1.00
1.75, now 1.35
2.00, now 1.50
2.50, now 2.00
3.50, now 2.50 ,
4.50, now 3.50
many different kinds-
comes to reduce prices, no
Silk Ginghams, Madras Cloths and
an reguiariy pricea at ouc. ,
x5C 1
4J-111L.U cuiuruiucreu .awica, were j frl
$2.00. Nov, yard $ 1 .UUJ
The $1 quality, same width. Now. . . 75i
lO-tntU CmUfAMAKorl Cmleeat? IVia t t
UlUbl k W W la3Wk9f Uls V M M
quality. Now JOC
50c quality, now 37'4c
25c quality, now 15c
28-Inch Satin Regence, 50c value all ,
Choose among -j ntm OC
- cent e r,n.4-t, Cnt
A few days can be pleasantly spa
in a trln to 1
Norfolk, Va.
Old Point Comfort, V;
Richmond, Va.
Washington, D. C,
Steamets sail dally except Sundal
trom Pier 26, North River, foot
Beach stteet, New York.
Tickets, Including meals and statel
100m accommodations, $8 00 one way!
$13,00 round tilp, mid upwaids.
Send stamp f or illubtiated book.
81 Beach Stieet, New York, N. Y.
Ttafllc Manager. J. J. BROWN,
General Passenger A sen!
Manufjicturors of
Old Stock
, fc i t, !''f iiitiii4i4ii4"i'i'ai"Il
43St0 4S5
N sevtntlt at
, Scranton, fa.
Old 'Phone, 333 1.
New 'Phone, 2935,
Ilio Initcheis dufcatod tho cler,Hs In an
lutei pbtlng and I'hite gaiuct of hnll on
Wednesday afternoon, on tlio riverside
grounds, liy a bcoto of 11 to 11,
An Impoitant meeting of Division No,
-, Aucleiit Otdei ot Hibernians, will be
held this evening, In thelt' 100ms on Rall
roai stteet. 1 -
'Uio Iti'i will tty eon't Unions with tlin
Ures, on 1 ilveiblde gtouiids this aG
teinooti at J uiuiui. . -
WushliiRtou camp, No. 49.', Patrlcjtl
wicii'i ooiijt in .viiicrie-.i, uni meet Mil
himi:tition sali: ?a mim dnmi
given, bco our advertisement In tll
11,1 npr. Clears & Iliienii. ..T
'1Mic T.ielnl Clllmi h.inH HllH an nnJ
ir.ict.mdlt at Nnv Auc imik ,in VVp9iliioJ
day, where they furnished music at the
uevvsuuis pii'iiic.
;&& vti mmwm .--
' v ,
, ViH
r? lmmdmm?3dm&rim Jtu, .mtmmk,m ,j!&siikttii