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?ttie News of
t .. v m t v ;
vWllllnm David Morgan, Son of Wil-
A'Unra T. Morgan, Ono of Carbon-,
dale's Mo3t Prominent Citizens,
11 Perishes In Delaware Bivor While
, i
r' on Plensmo Tour No Dotalls Yet
' ' ns to the Happening Body Not
'Bocoveied Morgan's Father Pros-
trated with Grief.
, Ycsteiday, for l!io sccoml lime within
Ti'inontji. Caibondtile was shocked by a
death pint liugleally ended the life ot
iivouti who was conpleuous umoug
.'the young people of the town, whose
demise-, will east u gloom and soiiow
over 'an exceptionally wide clicle of
friends; .,
William David Morgan, snnrof Mrv
.Mid Mis. William T. MoigVu, of Salem
.n venue mid Sptlug stieet, wits the vic
tim of the tiuglc happening. He
perished In the Dcluwuic river some time
je-tewlay nioining. How lie met his
fate is only, a matter of siiinilse. , The
nas of. , the Mid happening was ex
ceedingly 'me.igie. , A leleptnm came to
n. f i lend of the family In this city,
.which ictid:.
,v, "Will Moigun was di owned today In
,CJedar Itlft. Tell his father meet us ut
Lnckawaxen, at once.
Rexford Lnthrope." b
t'.'ltcxfoid Lathi ope was 0110. of the,
party-of width Morgan was u member.
The other of the trio was Albeit Cinne.
they left Iieio Monday morning over
the O. & W. for Hancock, N. Y., taking
-their canoo with them. At Hancock,
they launched the canoe in the Dela
waie and slatted on a cruise to Water
Onp, pei haps. When they 1 cached
Cedar Itlft, the fatal accident took
place. T'ndcr what chcumstances ns
innnilnnprl. It has not been learned.
Whether it was duo to the capsizing of.
the canoe, or to some otner encum-i-tanrp
or the canolng, can only be sui
niNcd. Cedar Itlft Is a spot In the
Delawaie in the vicinity of Shohola.
The body of Moigan has not been
found. This was Indicated In the tele
nriain sent by Rexfoid Lathi ope, In the
woids "Tell Ills father meet us at
Lackawnxon at once." This was eon
flimed by a telesiam sent in the aftei
iioon by the opputor at Sholiol 1 to the
opeiator at Lackaw axen in which he
paid that no tiatp of jouns Moi-Ran
.had )een found. This message was
subsequently wired by tlie Lackawaxen
opeiator to the Moigan family in this
Mr. Moigau was In Pleasant Mount
when the news of his hon's fate leacli
ed heie. MeaRes weie lepeatrd to
him until he was finally located and he
turned honipwaid. He dioe f 10m the
countiy under a tenlble stinln, and
was only sust.iined by the Rieatest ex
cicise of his will power. His was
pushed to Hip limit In speeding him
home to his ri lef-til ken wife, whose
11 all health does not stand her in Rood
Mead In an oei whelming blow like
this. When Mr. Moigan had been in
Provides for Pioper Food for
CecII Khodes in his lule will left a be
quest of $,"0,000 for the iiiipioenient of
the high table for Resident Fellows and
tutois at Oiiel College, CKfoid.
"I am lejoked to find that one inll
llonaiic Ins at last ghen some thought
to the question of dietetics in educa
tional institutions," says KlUabeth
C.uly Stanton in the New Yoik Journal.
"One of the tijlng evils In our
schools, college and unhei cities Is the
had s-xsteni emplojed in feeding glow
ing bojs and git is.
Students, above all other classes,
need plenty of good, well-cooked food
and a happy state of mind In anticipa
tion of theli Miilnus meals.
Djtpepsla Is one ot the common dis
eases among the llttraiy clase.s, and
the foundation tor this pievalent ail
.nient is laid in oui colleges mid seniin
uilcs. Ot what nx.ill is u Imowlpdse of
ait, .seieiRc, philosophy and govern
ment when health is seiluusly uudei
inliieil'.'" . All this comes fiom igiioianee as to
'the kind of tood element the body
must luie to supply the dally loss lioni
hr.iln woik, Uatou, meat, potatoes,
'white biead and coifte absolutely will
not keep a haul hi a in woiker well. A
food e.Npeit pei ret ted a pcilect foud fur
biain woikeis.
Not only in the schools but lit the
home should the food be looked after.
The necessity of selecting food to sup
ply proper null Itlou to iep!at the
dully waste or tissue of Inula and
neics Is of the guatest "impuitunte,
Grape-Nuts In the IdPiil food for
ouug and old who use the liialn ac
tlely; the diastase' of the gialns be
ing pcifcctly dexelniied and the staich
'tianstoimcd into guipj sugar In the
moit pei feet inaiiner.
In this condition, dupe-Nuts Is
'lemly to bo quickly absoibod into the
blood and tissue without taxing the in
testinal digestive inaehlneiy. The
.'phosphate of potash found In the cor
"fsila W ict.tlned, and tills with ulbu
"'im'n.Miiiplles the elements lequhed to
flfiiilirtho gihy iihuier 1u main and
Jnenlr Seniors: '-
TSDr'Mox .'dolman (If Now Yoik
HJty icecntly''calleiHhe attention of the
atoiu'cr of Ktlueatlon to Jtlie r.iOt that
Cnuptti of fire defeetlvo'Ohifcs ti'10 apt
a5i 1)8 weuV, pliyhfcally. Tnmpoiaiy
fnlieirTlfloiis lue offtfii mistaken tor teal
VU'fecO.; Ui the ate only syi'n'ptoins
M ph'yslcal 'glow thj. of 'indigestion or
Sitlici tnaliulles, llidlgestlon lifts lieen
"respohSIble for indie tlufii oiia'false
rh'oodAdnd Its cut n has orteu ten tol
"lowed" by 11 ictiiin to tiuWitulnoss!" '
Kill ?ts piedigestea fofm, th'u daily
i'ufo oiriiHipe-Niits' tor tho ceiea"! part
oT;uldsrdigesflon, noiiiishes
thc li6dy, tones iin'Uie nervous system
tomd AHekeifa the mental facilities,
XCotf sliould also bo bunlshed, for it
Hmimtuully stimulates the Inula and
"neivcs so that pioper nutiltlon Is Inter
grodhvth and they cannot get suf-'ficient'-'rest
to takmthe food needed for
tbe work they must do. nom duy to
.day, -For tho nioining beveiagc, I'os
tli&t ITtrod Coffee 'should be used In
!jflaceQ coffee.
Let the dally breakfast, partlculaily
at this time of the jear, consist of
rtOrape-Nuts und cream, a llttlo fiult,
"a-ciip'Df'Postuin leood Coffee, eome
-"two M (.boiled, egss,, WM possible
to make ono believe what a wonderful
, change fJn healtji, strength,,, cpmfoU
t, wn4.:ttbHity, cornea la tea days after
.(quijltlnB wrotur fooo: una ' JiVlug on
fccJeutucally8e!ecteU food, . f
' t t
-! 4 m hp if
the house a few minutes, long enough
for the awful cliciimstniiee of his loss
and his wife's soiiow nnd dlstiesa to
firmly Impress themselves, when ho
collapsed, When he milled somewhat,
nnd It was plain Hint It wus out ot the
question for hint to attempt tiie journey
to I.uekuwnxen to aid In theseareji for
Ills bay, two friends, George Denton
anil u limn named Owens fiom Forest
City, 0I11teetcd. They left Tor Lacku
waxen on tho Un Delaware & Hudson
tulu ycsteiday. aftot noon.
Tlicie is iiiuoh speculation as to the
cause of the drowning ns Cedar Illtt,
Just below Shohola, Is not lcgaiited as
nearly as dangcious us other points
along tho Delawaie, Ilanklns, which
the trio piissed eniller In the week, Is
looked upon as olio of the woist places
in the liver, Two young men fiom New
Yoik city perished at this point on
Monday, their bodies being found nt
Callcoon, a few miles south.
A cunoo tilp along the Delawaie Is
attended with more or less pei II, a cir
cumstance which Impressed Itself on
young Moigan, f6r a few days pi lor to
the It Iji, he hesitated and delayed mak
ing up his mind. He even consulted
some of his fi lends as to the advisabil
ity of the ventuie. The clicumstance,
however, that ills companions, Mr.
Ciane and Mr. T,ulhiope, weie pos
sessed of good judgment nnd caution,
led him to make his mind to go. The
last woids expietsed to him by ills
mother was n. chaiactcilstlcally fond
nnd earnest lcquest that he take tare
of himself.
Moigan was boin In Pleasant Mount
eighteen yeais ago, the family moving
to Caiboudalc nine years ago. He was
ono of the most popular among his
associates. He was exceedingly bright
and nn apt scholar. He was a member
of this year's class of flip Catbondale
high school and took the class honor of
the Mantle oration. Young Moigan
was a member of the First Piesbyteilun
chuich Sunday school clas taught bv
Dr. W. W. Fletcher, wheie he displayed
the same piaisewoithy chatacteiistlcs
that maiked him wheiever lie went. He
was active In athletic spoits and was
one or the contestants in the tourna
ment of last week. Ills death follow
ing so closely upon Itobei t Meaker's
casts a daik gloom upon almost the
same clicle of Mung people. It is need
less to add that tne wuim-heatted sym
pathies of the community go out to the
saddened family.
The sunlvots are the patents, ono
slstpr, Miss May Moigan, and two
biotheis, John and George Moigan, nil
of this cltv.
W. T. Moigan, the father of the de
ceased, is owner of a large general diy
goods store and Is a member of the
firm of Bennett, Moigan & Company,
wholesale dry goods house, of Blng-
hamton, N. Y.
The Limit Beached in the Holding
Up Yesterday of Mis. James Allen
on Ciystal Lake P.gad Obtained
No Money.
The limit in the highway lobberles,
which have otcui led In Catbondale and
vicinity for about thiee weeks, was
touched ycsteiday nioining, when two
men, destilbed as hobo-like In their
ill ess, held up Mrs. James Allen, of
CiiPenllold, at the toik in the load at
Wedeman's, clo e to the Fallbiook and
Newton Water compnnys reservoir,
along the Civstnl lake load.
Mis. Allen was on her way from her
home in Oieenfleld to do some shop
ping in Caibondale, when she wns In
tel eppted. Two men spiang fiom be
hind bushes anil giabbed the ipIiis of
the hoise she diove Thev demanded
money fiom her. Though she was
filghtened, she was not unnerved; but
seemed to ncquiie a good deal of nei vo
dining the tolng moments that the
bold daylight highwaymen detained
her on the londvay. She had consid
erable money, but it was wisely seciet
ed on her pel son. Itesponding to the
demand, she giubbed hold of nn empty
ptnse hung fiom her bell. She
showed it to the pair, and Insisted that
this was all the money she had about
"I'll be bail; about 5 o'clock this even
ing," said Mrs. Allen, "and if jou ate
hoie, then I'll give ou a few dollars
for letting ine go. I Intend to duw
some money lioiu the bank In Cuibon
daip." The robheis, nppatenlly satisfied that
their cndeavois weie fiultless, let Mis.
Allen ileum t.
When Mis. Alien leached tills tlty
about ! o'clotk, she leported the hold
up at n stoie, wheie she made some
puithnses. She was a ti ine neivous,
but otheiwlse showed no sign of her
tiylng expoilence.
Mis. Allen's deseiiptlon of the men
tallies eaetly, as to height, with tho
pair who committed thn Dundatf stiee:
lobbeiles on Iiiennun and Miller. Ono
was tall and heavily built the other
was undei sized. Both woie old, worn
and dli ty clothes.
Mis. Allen bought a levolver, befoie
leaving Caibondalo on the letuin tilp,
und dpi hired she was loady for any
one who might icpeat the morning per
loimnuie. Mis, Allen was a former
lesldent of Caibondale. Her husband
is famlllaily known as "Dadgei" Allen.
Honcsdale Will' Shake Today with
Noise of tho Cuibstono Stilp
pllngs, Unless Indications fall utteily, tho
biggest crowd that ever left Caibon
dulo to attend a guiiio of hall else
wiiete will be off to Hoiiesdalo over tho
11.05 Delaware und Hudson tmln this
foieuoon, Kntliusiasni Is at white heat
and It. was fanned all day ycsteidtty by
some hibty pei sous who had the town
liHRlng all day with the drawl "Kveiy
body goes to Honesdnle,"
The Cuibstono Ktllppllngs, who a..
ways cut chunks of Ice at a ball gumo
or other sport wheie noise Is essential,
will turn out enmassp toduy, They
have suspended their by-laws, wo ate
told, nnd have, admitted to honorary
meinbeishlp the whole polite foice. Wo
uont tear xnut nils la necessary, but
It will inako the delegation all the
111010 lepiesetilutlvc,
The Btrlppllngs will bo loaded with
megaphones, home. made and Impoited;
with hoi lis, w(th latchots und with
other noisy nolbu makers.. Tlieie will
be noise, the .noisiest noise, In Hones-
dale today, ui)d Jnlng Cliff will fulily
shake vvth the vibrations of tho Ktiip
plliiBS' usty voiced. .They held their-
dual meeting last night and ate ready
for today.
It has been decided to ucnr colois
for today's game,' purple and whlto
have bedn chosen, so the crowd will
govern Itself accordingly. No man
Bhotild be without his purple and w'hltc.
A Honesdalc w titer made some grunt
tho other day about the Cnrbondnllatis
going to have shot guns, etc. Biggest
mistake he ever made. But Hint's be
cause he lias never been away from
home. Catbondale sportsmen are true
sportsmen. We, expect to win In
Honcsdiilo today, but It by some acci
dent wo don't, we'll bo the same When
It's all over as when tho llrst ball wns
pltclit'd. We'll even be willing to shout
wltli Honesdnle, If her lads put up a
good gnnio of ball,
The fare today will bo one 1 ate CO
cents for tho round tilp. Tho train to
tnko will be tho one leaving hero at
11.05 this morning.
The batting order of the game will bo
as follows: Honesdalc Vottor, c.j
Hcssler, p.j Ga'lord, s.s.; Murrln, lb.;
Solomon, 2b.; G. Vettcr, 3b.; Btlcy, l.f.j
I,pc, c.f.; Benito, r.f. Crescents Lof
tus, c; McAiulrow p.; McIIale, s.s.;
Hartc, lb.; Gullaghy, 2b.; Murray, 3b.;
Curr, l.f.; Kmmptt, c.f.; Bocsler or
Moiinlian, r.f.
His Memory Honored at Knights of
Columbus Services Eulogy by M.
T. Burke.
For the second time within a month,
the Caibondale council, Knights ot
Columbus, honoicd the memory of a
member who had been garnered fiom
its milks within that time.
I-nst night it was the late Hon. Wil
liam Morrison, a former mayor of Cat
bondale, nndp n Knight of Columbus,
who was conspicuous nmoug those who
worked so hnid for tho institution ot
the Caibondale council, and for It's per
petuation after the spi ending of its In
fluence. The exercises took place In the new
home of the Colunibultes on South
Main avenue, the first held tlieie. The
attendance tilled the hall to the doors.
The oration of course, was the feature
of the su vices that particularly refeued
to the departed faithful knight. This
was deliveied by Hon. M. T. Buike,
who was closest of any of the members
to the deceased. His was a warm
eulogy, but which, however, did not
abound In fulsome flattery of Mr. Mor
llson. It was an earnest, kind hearted
tilbule thnt bespoke tho feeling of the
01 a tor.
Mr. Duike piepared the eulogy with
11 clear explanation o the origin and
petpetualion of the thoughtful custom
In tho Catholic chinch of playing for
it's departed dead, tiacing tho practice
to the old testament.
Coming to the deceased ho said that
Mr. Moirlson seemed to have taken for
his guidance the motto:
"To thine own self, be tiue, and it
must follow as the night tho day,
thou cans't not then be false to any
To these sentiments, he lived faith
fully and his life was an exemplification
of what they contained. He was faith
ful in ills love to his home, he was
ardent to his fiiendship and was iIp
voted in whatever position in life ho
might find himself. Whether as the
chief executive of the city or ns dis
charging the least important act of a
day's labor during a busy life.
Mr. Burke said that the deceased was
full of human natuie, and the child
like simplicity of his character showed
Itself so pleasingly In his devotion and
attention to little ones. His patiiotlsm,
too, was bi ought out.
Sir Knight Richaid Kerilgan. piesid
ed, the following being the piogiamme
of the sen Ices:
Voluntmy, Piof. Stockman, "" "MIs
eieie," quaitette, Messrs. O'Uouike,
Kerwln, Klikwood and Bojlnn: roll
call, recording secretaiy; address.
Grand Knight It. II. Kerwinj solo, T.
J. Bojlan; memoi la! oration, Hon. M.
T. Dm ke; solo, John O'Rourke; ques
tions, giand knight; piaer, by tho
chaplain; "Lead, Kindly Light," quai
Body Feai fully Blistered by Scalding
A fom teen-mouths-old son .of Joseph
Tiehunesse, of Simpson, 11111 lowly es
caped death by being scalded ester
day afternoon. The little one emeiged
fiom Its teuible epet lento with one
side of Its body feai fully bllsteied by
scalding coffee.
The child crept uuawaies to the table
on which there was a two-quart pot ot
boiling coffee. Reaching up, the little
one pulled down the vessel upon itself.
The hot liquid inn down over one sldo
of tho body, burning, bllsteilng nnd
slulvellng the flesh as It lan its destiuc
tlve couise.
A physician was tailed to allav the
fearful agonies of the sufterer. After
the application of poothlng und healing
unctions, the child was appipclably ic
lioved. Unless something unfoiseen oe
cuis the child will lecover.
Will Act on Morgan's Death.
Tho class of '02 of the Carbondaie
High school will meet In the High
school assembly 1 00111 this evening at
7.30 to take suitable action on tho death
of their late lamented member, Will
lain David Slorgan,
The Ciiiboiidnle Tennis club will meet
at 1 o'clock this afternoon at the court
on North Main stieet, for the same
pin pose.
A Reunion.
It was a happy cmwd of sous, daugh
ters and Riand-chlldien that assembled
at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
Wylile, on Belmont, stieet Thuisday
evening, The occasion wns tho niinual
re-union of the family and was this
year held on Mis. Wyllle's hlitliday.
Tho guests weto entei tallied by Miss
Do You Know Your Nelghbors.P
In a city a man may not know his
next door neighbor, it is quite dlffeient
hi the countiy. In some sections a man
may know eveiy man, woman und child
In tho county and lie able to give the
tumlly hlstoiy of nil his nelghbots for
tin eo geueiations back. Ju guid, tv
community a man who sees a. neighbor
in trouble Is ns quick to help him out
us he would be to aid one of his own
chlldicn. An instance of tills Is ielaed
by II. II. Seal, a well known met chant
of Fortner, Tenu. Ills neighbor's wife
wus taken with a sevete attutk of colic.
On hearing of It he run to his stoic, got
a bottle of Chambeilaln's Colic, Cholera
und Diarrhoea Remedy, took It to the
sltk woman and guve her tinea doses
of it, and ho thinks saved her life. This
was witnessed by all of his iielghbois,
This remedy Is for sale by till druggists.
Keep It n your home. It wl( save you
MWle Wylile nnd Margery Hlatcd In
vocal and Instrumental music. Ite
freshments were served by tho Misses
Fanny Kunpp, Laura Hlstcd, Anna
Dlmock and Hnnnnh Wylile.
Daughters of Rebeknh,
Abo.tit twenty-live members of Lu
ctetla lodge, Datghters of Itebekuh, of
this city, were In Archbald Thursday
attending the quarterly convention of
the Itebeltnh lodges of Wyoming, Lu
zerne, Wayne, Lackawanna and Hits
qtieluintia counties. Mrs. A. O. Fldlam
and Mrs. S. L. Carlton were present as
delegates from Lucretla lodge.
At yesterday's convention a consider
able ninotmt of Important business wos
transacted. A committee was appointed
to vlBlt all the lodges In tho dish let not
represented at yesterday's convention,
to enlist their support. It was decided
to hold the next convention In Caibon
dalo next October.
Death of Mrs. Allen.
Word wns received heie yesterday
morning of the death nt Jersey City ot
Mrs. W. K. Allen, a former resident of
Carbondaie. About two months ago
Mrs. Allen suftcied a puralytlc stioke,
fiom which she never recovered.
For many yeats Mrs. Allen icslded
In this city, nnd she was beloved by till
who knew her. She is survived by one
daughter only, Mrs. James Hoibcrt,
with whom she lived.
The body will leave Jersey City today
at 8 o'clock and is .expected to reach
hero ut 1.50 o'clock, it will bo token to
the home of J. H. Herbert, on South
Terrace sticet.
St. Paulls Lutheran Church.
Snvcnt'i Sunday after Trlnltatls.
f-'n'!)ith school, 0.30 a, m.j Services,
1 11.: seimons on church propaga-
t .tlnued "St. Stephen, the First
Mi a Man Tull of ,Falth and
Powei," Acts vl-vii.
1. His Iricsistlble power in his ar
guments that the ctucined Jesus of
Nazareth Is truly the Messiah.
2. The effects of his defence, personal
and for the expansion of true Chtls
tlanity. All are cordially welcome to attend
the services. Kev. F. J. C. L'hringer,
Two Cases of Measles.
Meale', which have been quite preva
lent in Carbondaie the past few months,
have not wholly abated, two new cases
having been repoitecl to Sanitary Po
liceman Molllt. One, made known on
Thuisday, Is in the Miller homo, on
Cemetery stieot. The case leported
yesterday Is Kernlce, the 4-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mis. Sampson, of
South Main street. Neither of the
clilldieu lias developed moie than noi
mal symptoms.
The Tempany Case.
The dispute over the care of patient
Tempany, of Mayfield, will be settled
in court. Tills was decided at last
night's meeting of the Caibondalo poor
boaid, two dhectors fiom Mayfield be
ing present.
"Aldennan" Giicr's name was again
before the board but this time it was
tint he had left Cambria county for
rWllkes-Bnne on his way home, but
that lie was lost on the way. He is
making for Caibondale.
Only loutine business was disposed
of besides these two matteis.
Funeral, (
The funeral of the lute Oscar Hell
stiom occurred Thursday afternoon.
Services weie held at the home, on
Drummond avenue, at 3 o'clock, Rev.
Chailes Lee offlciatlng, after which in
terment was made in Muplewood ceme
teiy. The pall-bemers were Aithur
Hat lor, John Lewis, David Edwaids
nnd Fiederlck Speil. Richaid Shar
der, John Beck, Wairen Smith, Lewis
Beck, Charles and Biooks Kafka acted
as flower-beareis.
Services at Congregational Church.
At 10.30 a. 111., public worship and ser
mon by the pastor, Rev. Thomas F.
May: subject, "The Sympathy of God;"
12 o'clock, Sunday school; ti.30 p. m ,
Liitjstian Kndeavor meeting, led by
David Rolls; 7.30 p. in,, regular evening
service; subject of sermon. "FIcarlous
Mis. Mattle Hughes Brown will sing.
The public is cordially Invited to all
the services.
A Pension.
Jonathan Shnpley, of Caibondale, but
for many jeais a lesldent of Promp
ton, lias been granted an Increase of his
pension to $8 per month. He was living
in the latter place when he enlisted in
Company M, Seventeenth Pennsylvania
cavalry, Sept, 2.', 1S6-'; was a pilsoner
fiom Sept. 21, 18G4, to March 10, 1SS5,
and dlschaigpd June 9, 1S63.
Cake Sale.
The menibeis of Miss Cnirie Morss'
Ttinlty Sunday school cluss will hold
a cake sale In the Box building on
Cliuicli street this afternoon and even
ing. All kinds of cake will bo on sale.
The pioceeds nre to help to redeem the
class' pledge for the Episcopal chuich
building fund.
Meetings of Tonight.
Couit Lily, Foresteis of Ameilca,
Diamond lodge, No. 16, Shield
Local 1616, United Mine Workeis of
Amei len.
"While passing thtough the stteets at
Carbondaie on Thuisday Inst, Chailes
W. Babbitt was hit over the left cvo
with a pleie of glass, which pft a
wound lequiilng four stitches to bo
taken just below tho eye, Wayne
County lleinld.
Tlieie will bo 11 meeting of tho Car
boiulnlo High school class or 'OJ tamor
low afternoon at -'.30 at the school, to
take hitltnblo nctlon on the death of
their lute member, AVilllum Morgan.
The of the fiom Box 16 yes
terday moining was occasioned by a
slight bluze fiom nn overheated chim
ney in the house of Mrs. J. White, on
Soutli Main stieet.
William It, Hull, nn nged lesldent ot
High stieet, was stiickeu with paroly
sis yestenloj' nioining, and Is In a cilll
cal condition,
The Young Ladles' Cooking club was
entertained at the home nf Miss j,ou
William., on Lincoln avenue, yesterduy
Mai tin Dougheity left this week to
accept u position as clerk at one of the
summer hotels ut Lake Ael,
N. H. Hlller gave u dinner to a num
ber of hl3 gentleman friends yesterduy
Mis. Doia Buiues has returned to her
home in Wuverly, after spending a
week with her cousins, Mrs. John Wat
kins and imgcnc Kuker. '
Mis. J, J, nuike and daughter,
Louise, uf Blngliuintyn. N, Y U'turned
Connolly & Wallace t
' ( f
Connolly & Wallace I
home yesterday, after a week's -visit
with relatives in this city.
Mrs. A. C. Hall and daughter, Miss
Grace, are visiting at the home of B. R.
Hall, on Madison avenue, Scranton.
George Rettew is spending a part of
his vacation with friends in Brooklyn,
N. Y.
Mr. and Mis. F. E. Loomls, of Scran
ton, are guests of Mis. E. D. Lathrop.
Mrs. Martin Klefer and Alice Rash
lelgh spent yesterday in Scranton.
William J. Byrnes, of New York city,
is in town.
Miss Alice Wells, of South Canaan,
spent yesterday with fi lends in-town.
James Galingher, of Pike stieet, is
eonvniescent nfter a week's illness.
James and John Conurton and Pat
lick Conmy have returned home, after
a week's visit in Sehenectadv.
Misses Catlieiine Clime and Margaret
McCabe, of Canaan street, nie visiting
Mis. Paul Bohan, at her home In Pitts
ton. Passenger Fireman William Snyder,
of Conductor Histed's train, leaves to
day for Johnstown, Pa., for a few days'
An effoit Is being made by the Cleik's,
union of Jermyn and Malleld, to have'
a Wednesday afternoon half holiday.
Thus far they have met with oiy
giatlfyhig success. Mayiield meichants
who aie alwns loyal lu any move
ment thnt will benefit or give pleasuie
to theli help have nil signed the peti
tion. All of the meichants of Jermyn
have signed except two and It Is be
lieved that they will soon fall In line
as they cannot well affotd to btand
out in a loyal movement of this kind
in times when tiade is so dull und
none would be inconvenienced by the
stoics closing one afternoon a week. It
Is rumoied that this mutter will be
taken up lu the miners local union
nnd nsk their support in the movement.
Tho Cletk's who uie mote than modest
in asking this favor would gieatly up
pi eciate it and the merchants by gt ant
ing It would be moie than pnld by the
better set vice that they would get utter
tho stilko Is over and their best ef
foits are needed hi tho inteiest of their
Among those from out of town who
attended tho Alumni Association ban
quet on Thursday evening weie; Miss
Mame Hessler:, of Wi!kcs-Bu,rre; Miss
Bluutii Ciippen, of Olyphunt; Miss
Floience Kupp, of Caibondale; Miss
Itnse Qulnn and Maltha Walsh, ot
Mayfield and Joseph O'Bilen, of Avoca,
Ralph Taylor vvhu is suffeiliig with
appendicitis was taken to the Uniei
gency hospltul at Carbondaie, ycstei
day. Miss Lydl.i Van Sickle spent u poitlon
of lust week with Seiunton fi lends.
Mis. Stubbs and daughter, Rjda, of
Crnnfoid, N, J., me visiting Jermyn
fi lends.
Mr. Thomus Boundy und family will
leave next 'Tuesday for Seattle, Wash
ington toiritory, where tlicy will make
their fittuio home, They hnvo been
residents of this vicinity tor u number
of yeuis and aie tho kind of people a
community dislike to loose, For
years, while editor of the Pi ess, Mr.
Boundy took a piomliieiit patt In the
w elf aie of the boiough. Both Mr. and
Mis. Boundy have not enjoyed good
health for the past few yeuis and the
change to Seattle Is for tho benefit of
their health. Their many friends hope
their wishes may be giutlllcd.
Rev. May 11a id It. Thompson, of the
I'Ust Baptist chinch, wll pieuch toiuoi-,
jow evening on "The Evils of Intomper
ance." W, II. Motcoin, sr of Thhd stieet,
was a Scranton visitor Weducbduy.
Mis. E. Reiinle, Mrs. Woodwoith,
Mrs. Clam Nicholson, Misses Jcniilo
Qrceuslude und Llnle Jones attended
Scranton's Shopping Center
Closes at Noon
FYS tf
Shopping early
a district convention of the Daughters
of Rebecca at Aichbald, Thursday
A game of ase ball beVwcen Mendel
son's tigers and an aggiegatlon of Car
bondaie players was played In Fowler's
park yesterday afternoon. The-visitors
however, put up an infeiior exhibition
and weie easily defeated by a score ot
21 to S. The local battery, Maynard,
Prltchard and Meehan were too muth
for the visitors,
The silk mill Is closed down to in
stall a new up-to-date engine which
Avas leceived Thursday. The mjll will
piobably start up again Monday.
' Miss Emma Pedilck, ot the telephone
exchange, was a Scranton visitor yes
terday. The street car company had n foice
of men making some long neetled re
pairs to the track on Main street, yes
terday. Mis. Elijah Stephens, of Fourth
street, is scilously 111.
An Important meeting of Lackawan
na Valley council, No. SI, Junior Order
United Ameiican Mechanics, will be
held on Sunday nfternoon in their hall,
on Main stieet, at 2 o'clock.
Tho Taylor Reds will try conclusions
with the West Scianton Aletts, on the
hitter's giounds, this afternoon at 3
Pleaching services at the usual hours
toiuonow ut the Culvniy Baptist
chinch. The pastor, Rev, Dr. Hnrils,
will officiate at both services. Tho
Lotd's Supper will bo administered
alter the evening sermon. All aie wel
come. Sabbath services will bo held at the
usual hams tomoirovv nt the Methodist
Episcopal chinch. The pastor, Rev,
Clinton B, Henry, will pi each at both
set vices. Sabbath school will "be held
nt 2,15 p, in,, Climles Nichols, supeiln
tendent. All are cordially invited.
Mis. Robert Lake has ret tuned to her
homo In Piovldence, nfter being tho
guest ot her paients, on Main street,
for tho past few days.
Mis, Thomas Jenkins has letumed
home fiom Bangor, Pa w Iieio she has
been attending the funeral of a rela
tive. Dr, und Mis, Adam Stegueit and Miss
Annie linker, of Main street, woio
guests of Mis. Stegnei'b parents, Mr.
and Mis. G. S. Detker, of Noith Scian
ton, jesteidav,
Mis. Tallle P, Jones, of Yntesvllle, Is
visiting her paients, Mr. and Mis, John
Thomas, on Union stieot,
Supeilntendent R. A. Phillips and
Mcssis. Smith mid Snyder, of the
Lackawanna company, paid .tn official
visit at collleiles In this boiough yes
teidav, Taylor lodge, No, 66S, Independent
Older of Odd Fellows, will meet tills
evening In tegular fcesslon.
Miss Ada Edwaids, of West moun
tain, was tho guest of fi lends In town
on Thuisday.
Mr. and Mis, Louis Jenkins, of West
Scianton, have ictuined to their home,
after spending the past few days with
the hitter's patents (n town,
Mis. Oswuld Jones and clilldieu, of
Piovldence, weie guests ut Mis. T, L.
Jones, on Main stieet, Wednesday,
Mr, and Mis, Evan A. Davis have
returned to their home lu West Scran
ton, after spending the past week with
the fotmei's patents, Mr. and Mis. Ed d E, Davis, on Ralltoad stieet.
Mis. David s. Pi Ice, of k's Sum
mit, has been spending (ho past few
da s with her mother, Mis. John E.
Davis, on Noith Mnlu stuct.
Mis. Hetiiy Sohullhles, of West Union
stieet, ictuined homo ycsteiday from
T'toy, N. Y wheio she was the guest
of relatives. Khu wus uttomiunled
home by her ton.
Af.t -i't
' ,
M '&
V '
Regular Episcopal services will be
held In Edwards' rlall, Blakefr, .tomorj
row afternoon at 3 30 o'clock., Rev, El
j. mughton, or uunmoie, wilt lum
charge. "T" ;
A. V. Bovver, of Scranton, will con-j
duct the service in the Congiegatlona!
chuich tomonow evening.
William Davis.of Susquehanna street,
is visiting relatives at Rome, N. Y.
Miss Maud Kelly Is enjoying a 'trip
to Narrowsburg, N. Y.
A number of persons fiom here will
go on the Conespondence schools ex
cursion to Harvevs lake today.
Dr. and Mrs. D. J. Jenkins, ofHydn
Park, spent Thursday with relatives all
this place. ,
Miss Mlldied Jones, of Marshvvood, IS
spending a few days with Miss Mas
On the local giounds this afternoon!
the Browns will play the Scranton
Amateuis. Savage will pitch for the
Blow us, and a good game Is expected J
Miss Emily nich, or Jermyn, visited
friends heie yesterday.
H. B. Matthew son left jesteiday foa
Norwich, N. Y., to icslde permanently!
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Hull, who have
been the guests of Mis. M. B. Hull,
turned to New York yesterday. Mfc
Ruth Hull accompanied them home."
Mrs, T, F, Wells pleasantly enter-j
tallied a number of your.g people on
Thuisday evening, in honor of hci
guest, Miss Rose McDonald, of Duii
more. The meny paity spent a pleas
ant evening. Those piesent were tin
Misses Maine Cawiey nnd Retta Far-
roll, of Foiest City; Miss Ella Devers
Annie Corcoran, M. T. Butler, P, F
Cronln, P. Price, K. T. Phllbln, P, F
Biogau and E, J. Ruane.
II. f Llndermair mnde a business!
trip to .Scianton vestetdav. '
Mis, Hamuli Cavnnnugh nnd dnugh-j
ter, Alice, weie callers In Scranton
Mis. E. A. Jones was a caller In Cuv
bonihilc yesterday,
J. J. Walsh is seriously ill at his
home on Main stieet.
Today's D., L. & W. Board.
Following Is the make-up of ths
Deinivnic, Lackawanna and Western
board for today;
Summits West-11 a. m,. Prounfelker.
Pusheis 7 a, m, Houaei ; Jt.45 a, ml
Lumping; i.J) p, m., Muna; a p. nil
llelpcis 1.30 n. ni Coshir: 7 a. m.. WliM
ncr; 1U 11, m , William Wardell; 315 p. m.J
I'. Allen and eicw will run No. 57 Bat
111 rlil l lull 1 1
V, L Wllninl and cicw will run llrst I
OUlll!llU.t. Jill 4.
KliiKbley ami ciew will run No. 53 Bun
day, July U nnd llrst 51 Wednesday
llllt, Ih
Willi mill t 1 nxxf ,t III .mi Vn R
.1.... ...... ..... ... ...i, .,,1, iMj,.jivi(r-
tlay, July 15, and No. 3i Tuesday, July J3
u, twilLi'in tuui llt'tv will III UK Ullll
their tun on No. 51 Fildaj, July IS.
Juliii Miupliy und ciew will lay off unit
Miclt- 11111 nn Vn fi l.'itiluv- Int., 16
J, J. Kearney and crew will lay bit untl
.!. .. V ,., I.. (-1 . 1..,.. .!.
liiru lull (in ", . J'liiiuy, juiy 10.
JunicH nuliugau slid ciew will luy of
1111111 ineir 1 11 11 uii .u. si iiuusnay, jiii
A. K. Hopkins uiKlerew will lay off uti
III lovir run nil nini 01 1 1 m.(y, Jiuy is.
Lungjn and ciew will lay off until theli
ititi nn V Ti.1 MMill, rirl., v .T11I1. 17
II. Stuck and ciew will lay oft milt
uicir inn on nu, di .uunuuy, jiuy .'i.
K A VV'nlpnlt mill .maw will l.n. ,ff !
til tlitlr i mi on second 51 Tuesday, j
T- Hopkins and crew will lay off ul
mtir run on iu. ai luonu.iy, Juiy 11
Dovmicy and ticw will lay oft 1
their run on No. 57 Tuctduy, July IS,
" -i s