The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, May 29, 1902, Page 7, Image 7

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Vr C,'"
The Cooper
Hose Mender
Mends gulden hose o
shott notice. No tiit'
, chitnleul skill leiiulietl
i to ui.' It. Aludu of bin's
m1I4 lnlilt! of liosp
leaves no lough edges.
Price 10 Cenfs.
Footc & Shear Co.
119 N. Washington Are Q
The flard?nbergh
of Mtosic and flrf
OiTeis the ic optional advan
tages of piano unci oigan study
with .Mr. .Summer Suiter, an
nitlsl leather or leeognl.od
standing In the musical wot Id.
Onlv a limited number of houis
being aiallnble, pupils mm
tegl'tor now for lall. 001 L.I11
den slioet.
awaiting YOU. The most
Comfortable and easily
dressed BABY is the one
clothed in the little gar
ments that you buy at the
118 Washington Avenue.
Gut This Out
' Good for 10 Green Ti tid
ing Stamps for eeiy pur
chase over $1.00 at
Values lu Shoes and Oxfoids. Good
foi 30 dajs, tiom May 1'b.
134 Washington Avenue.
Livery, Boaiding, Heavy Teaming
and General Draying.
New Stables, 1415 Mulbery Street.
Now 'Phone 2057.
Cost Is Small to
Launder Your
Lace Curtains. . .
Dor't 5011 wait to til our Ay this
onto W( Ki'iiunti'i' .iititle laiu PIT -els
iid careful lianil work. Lace launck-iiiig
Is a epcdalty.
303 310 Tenn Arenuc.
John J Jones, of Buffalo, 11 fuuncr
lcsldcut of this pi. ice, Is l-ttliig ti lends
Mrs. Sarah rK. niotlai of , ,
Peck, cashier of the Third National h 111K,
nnd I.uthcr Peck, of tho Globe stole, Is
Odiously 111 ut lur homo on Del.uwuc
'Com Re 11011. tho well Known tenor dng.
r, will niiivo In this eltv today to at
tend the national ilstoddlod ami will l
the guest ot Musph Aloiguu, ol Smith
Mhlu avenue.
W, A. Uuiton, foimeily uhs-lstant
rotut J of tho Railroad Young Jleu
ChrlHtluu association In tills city, now In
churgo of the railroad wink at e'uiic"
nuiagli, Ph.. bus been visiting lelutlws
and friends lu Hall-dead anil .Heiauton
for 11 few daH Ilu will lutuiii home
with his -wlfo today.
She Was a Prominent Resident of
Tito ftmeial of Jits, Lawless of Toby
hanna, who died on .Sunday at the home
of her ilautihtei, Mis, Jaingan, us held
jeiteuluy, with liiteuiieiit ut Mt. Pol
ono. Mis, Lawless wits 11 popular and
pioinlnent lady of Toh lunula und her
fiineml mih very lutsely attemlid, .She
Is survived by her foui hoiih, John of
thin elty; T. P of South Bethlehem;
William, of Tobyhamiu; and V, II, , of
EAht niiuieh, N. Y. Also two dauuh
ttlH. Mrs. LaiiKan, of Tohyhanua and
Mtt. Olwen Wlllet, of White Haven.
Ftauk Wlllet, of N'ouuik, ilud Jlit..
Mc.Muhon, of I'hlladclphlu, nepliew and
lilecn of defeased, attended tho funeiril.
The pall-heuiers weio Wllllum JucK
son, Daniel I'lielan, John llugau, An
thony Giady, Ilenty Giiynor and
Tliomus Haimelh,
Delightful Conceit Tonight.
Second Prenbyteilau church leeluu'
Decoiatlon Day Floweis,
at Clailt'u, Floilst.
Dr. Llndubury, Surjfeon, diseases of
women a specialty, 215 i.'onnell hulldliib.
Hours: llu, in. to 1 p. 111.; itoS.Wp. in.
At a Big Meeting Held In St. -David's
Hnll Yesterday a Resolution Was
Passed Requesting the Bontd
Which Issued the Order to Rescind
It Stiong Possibility That It Will
Not Be Oenetally Obeyed Here
abouts Nicholls Is Non-communicative.
Theie me uv sUoiib suifnre Indl
nitlons that the ninforltv of the en
trlnteis, pumpi linnet, flu nun and dilll
men employed bv the lilt! timl eoui
panles lieteabouts will lefuse In obey
th oulei Issued by 1'iesldent Mitchell,
(iilllnir theni out next Monday, If they
1110 not ki anted an tlKht-hottr day In
tho jnenntlme.
At 11 meeting of Home .100 of these
(ompauv employes, held .esteiday
muiitlng lu St. David's hull. Wt.s't
h'eraiiton, a lesolutlon wiih passed eall
luir upon the bo.iul, I1I14I1 Issued the
01 det tailing out the men. to leselnd It.
and Implyliiu that the men will icfuu
to ubov the 01 dei If It Is allowed to
The meeting was attended by 111-
glneeis, pumptunncis and Hi emeu em
plu.ved bv the Delawaie. Liukinvamm
and Western, Ontnilo and Western,
People's Coal, Seianton Coal, Kiio Hull
load. Delawaie and Hudson and other
eoalconipanlep. Select Councilman John
J. McAndrew, hoisting engineer at the
Diamond eollleiy, piosided at the nuet
inr. The (luesllon was widely discussed,
and a decided sentiment against a
Ml ike iniinllesieil Itself. Xo dlieet ote
either for or against a stiike was
taken, howovei, those piesent lontcnt
Ing tlicmselves with the passage of the
lesolutlon uboc ic-rened to A com
mlltec was appointed to wait on lJiesl
ilent T. D. XlfholW, of this distiict, and
ireent this lesolutlon to him. The
committee waited on lifm at henduuai
teis and piesented the lesolutlon.
Anothei meeting will be held on Sat
in day morning, when the committee
will make Its lepoit. Just what tians
plied at the conreience with Pi evident
Xlcholls could not be learned. The lat
ter lefused point-blank to answer any
mirations dealing with the mattei.
The engineei.s, pat th, seem to
be bitteily opposed to going out on
stiike. A oiy laige peicentage of them
aie old men, who have giown giay in
the set!cp ot the seeial comp mies
and who hae no deshe to go out on
stiike at this moment, le.illzlng
as they do that they might expeiience
some difficulty in legulnlng theii for
mei Dosltions.
The englnccis, llieincn and pumpi Illi
nois at the Glenwood and Kile t olilci ieo
at Jet nij n and Mavfleld have had a
meeting and decided not to quit woik.
Piesident Xlcholls was eij non-com-munlcatlve
esteiday when asked 10-
gauling his tilp to Harrlsbuig and his
conreience with Governor Stone.
"The goveinoi simpiv desired to be
Infoimed as to the eact situation,"
said he, "and so he tailed upon Piesl
dents Dufty and F.ihy and myself. It
Is not surprising that he should take
an Intei est In this gieat industiial
snuggle which Is convulsing the whole
The Tilbunc man suggested that the
governor must have had some other
puipose than the acquit ing of informa
tion in mind when he called the dlstilct
piesldents togethei, but Piesident Nic
holls declined to disi uss this phase of
the question. Neither would he deny
orafllim that the confeience had ought
to do with pioposed legal pioceedlngs
against the alleged combination of coal
intei ests.
Asked whether the executive boaul
had any assuiance that the lockmen,
who have a sepaiate union of tlielr
own, would icfuse to take tho places of
union men If called upon, Piesident
Nichols said:
"We lequlie no such assuiance. Wo
know that tho lockmen will stand by
us. Their action in quitting woik at
Oh pliant because thov ienoiw.,i
hints that they would be called upon
to take mine workets' places is Indica
tive of their feeling."
Order Issued Regarding Mails on
Memoiial Day.
Tho following older was Issued es
teiday by Postmaster Hippie, govern
ing the malls and postofllcc liouis to
nionow: Scianton Postofflie, Ofllro of ihe I'ost-
Scianton, Pa,, May M, I'ioj,
Older No, '17,
Prldav, May ;th, 110J (Memoilul Daj)
will be olweiM'cl at the Scianton, I'a
postofflcc as follows.
Can lets villi make one dellwty In thu
General delivery and stamp windows
will be open ri mu !) a, 111. to U noon,
Registiy mid money older windows will
be 1 lQsc-il nil ilitv,
Police tlnus will be made at 10 P. , in,
fiom Imincs on Main luenue, between
Liickaunnna uwmio and W'ashbuiu
StICC!: also West l.ackaunnnii tivnnno
and Larkawaiuui avenue to Adams ave
nue, Adams nvenue to Mulhcriv stieet,
Mlllbr-trv street to PianKllli avenue, ami
II mil all Iioms between these points,
Cm 1 lor Xo. ?i will make tlio p. m,
collocllon, ami tho usual evening colkc-
tloiis will also be made li L'anieis Nos,
fi, s and l'i.
(Sight d) i:!ia il Ripple, Postmosti'i,
Nuptial Knot Tied by Rev. R. V, Y.
Pleice, D. D.
At high noon i'steiday, Albeit
Leh and Miss Uulilu Itutaii, of South
nethlehem, Pa wero united In mai
ilago by Itev. Itobei t K Y. Pleiic, D.
1). .Mi. Leh Is one of ih best ui chi
ld Is In tho state, and has been associ
ated In vuilmiH euteipines Uth Fiank
Ciuluccl for the past seventeen yeais.
Tlie bilde nnd gi 00111 weio the guests
or Mi, and Mis, Catluul, 011 Mllllln
nvenue. Aftei .1 bilef weddliiB tour,
thuy will leslde lu South Hethlehem.
Schtievei'a Sepia P01 traits.
Tht'io's u touch fiom natuio's palate
111 these icullstlo culuigenienlH from
Hepiodiuid lu any sUe, they olfer a
poiliult "dllfeunt" fiom tho ordinary.
An 111 list, whose sncclultv Is tho tin.
est pom ait woik 111 Seplu, is under en
giiKOimnt at Hip Ciiild Medal Studio,
when.' 01 det s and ulleiatlons may be
executed uikKh our personal supsivl.f
Ofuninteirupted PIANO STUDY in the CON
SfiRVATORY SUMMER SCHOOL, with two lessons
each week thnt will be something worth having.
And you will be surprised how Inexpensive the
courses are.
Courses for beginners and advanced, children
and adults.
Lessons will be given in the forenoon.
For terms, call or write, or telephone to the
Conservatory of Music,
i.OI MXDIJK STKUKT, (Cattcr Hulldlng).
Manager Lawson Will Maintain an
Independent Club Heie.
The membeis of the Scinnton base
ball team letutned home vcstciday
fiom Lancastei. where they played the
final league game lecentlv. The dls
baudnienl of the league was due to mis
management on the pint of seveial of
the clubs
It is I. a son's Intention to maintain
an Independent team In this city, Ir
loveis of the game will pationUo them.
Home of the best Independent and seml club", such as Yoik, Lati
instei, Wilmington, Atlantic City,
Chestei, Cuban Giants, etc., will be
biought heie.
Games will be ulaved on Wednesday
and Satin day and the other dates will
be booked awav fium home. These
games, It is expected, will be much bet
ter than the .11 tide of ball put up by
some or the titatu league teams.
A seiles of seven games has been nr
l.inged with the Lancaster club for the
championship of the defunct league.
Two of tho games will be played In till"
city lomoiiow morning and afternoon,
and the third on Satuiday afternoon.
The lemaiuliiR thiee games will bo
plaed in Lancaster next week, and if
a seventh game Is netessaiy the place
to pla it will be decided by the toss of
a coin.
All of the plajeis have signified theli
intention of lemainlng with Mnuagci
Law son, but several clubs aie after
some of tlu men. "Tommy" Gllleian,
of this 1 Itv, has been signed, and It Is
Liwson's intention of giving Ftantz. ot
South Sd.inton, an oppoitunity to play
with the team.
The team will piactlce this afternoon
and be lu shape for tomorrow's games.
Lawson has wagered a laige amount of
monej on the outcome of the seiies.
Enjoyable Programme Rendeied in
Guernsey Hall.
Tile Intel national Couespondence
schools association conducted its teg
ular monthly meeting in Guernsey hall
last night and following it .1 biief pto
giajume was lendered.
Hauy L. Tler, an accomplished
musician, plujed a piano solo and
.Miss ClUabcth Dm kin und II, u old
Hothin sang. M. M. Dittei, a foi mer in
stiuctoi in elocution, made .1 pio
nouneed lilt with two lecitatlons. A
comp.iti of boj s ftom the Bojs' Indus
tiial association, gave a clever exhibi
tion of dumb-bell woik and of fancy
tumbling, which won much applause.
A di awing followed and the follow
ing eight membeis won their choice of
any of the latest popular books: Ai
thui Leech, Ai thur Rethlnc, T. F. Red
dlngton, Miss Maiy Vnugluin, Maicus
Duffy, Miss M.iyie Hush, Miss Lama
Itodeilck and William Ilitdius. Lunch-
on was seived at the end of the meet
lug and dancing followed.
Hnndsoma Punch Bowls for German
Singing Societies.
The tiophles to be aw in tied the wln
neis among the Geimun singing socie
ties at the national eisteddfod tomonow
am on exhibition In Re nobis Biothcis'
windows and uttiact unusual attention.
They aie of sllvei, highly mounted,
and suitably engiaved. These tiopHica
will be given In the Get man class "C"
male choius 'ninkelu" competition,
and the class "B" Get man male chorus
"Der Pilot."
lveiy thing Is In icadluess for tho
giand concert this evening and the
eisteddfod toiueniow, A huge advance
sale ol seats has been made, but theie
ct leinulns good lesoivccl seats
for all sessions, Many of the paiticl
punts aie expected to an he today, and
the iM'iuslonlsts will 111 rive cnily to
monow uininhig,
Wanted 100 Men.
One hunched men wanted to woik on
soft coal. Will pay 2." cents per hour.
Apply to M, P, Howletf, stcvedotc, 220
Wulnut stieet, Philadelphia.
Dr. C. W. Roboits will be at his
ofllee Thin sdav of each week. "
We handle but one kind of lluttor
and that tho
Ginulne Elgin Creanwy, 25c
Dlioet I mm ni.GlN,
Is by fill thevmost Delicious, Swiet
cbI Hiiltcr made. Others adveitise
It, but none ktep It,
Like Coffee?
Well. If OU do. Iiv A. A; P.
BLDND. Pacij sip ot this Coffee
Is n sip of pleusutu il is delicious,
stieiigtheiilug and liivlgoiattug;
"drives dull cam away lu fact,
time Is not a doubt about li bo
lug the HHST
Ti' It "l'11 bo i onvlui id, ff jon
oil not we'll eliceUully io
fund oui money.
The Great Atlantic
and Pacific Tea Co,,
til Latkawaima avoniio. JJt Noitli
Main avenue. 'Phone, 7 1'-'. Piouipt
Di'llvcty New 'Phono l.'J.
&i .-. t . irf jjy
Will Be Held at Tunkhannock on
June 3 and 4.
Theie will be u convention of the
npwoith League of the Wyoming dls
tilct in the Methodist Episcopal
chinch at Tunkhannock on June IS und
4. Following is the programme:
tpi:sday, a TO 1; 1. M.
Reiuptlon of Delegates ami Assignment
to Places ol Tjiitertahiment.
7 30 V. M.
Ml. "iV. V. Ulllliigx, I'll si Vice PicBlflent,
Song Seivlcc,
lllble i:posllloii Itev. P. W. Voung
Music TtiiiMiiililiuck
Hi citation SIKh Mav rcinier
Addiess, The Upwoith League and ,
He. Will 11. lllllcr
Mr. Wm Mi Council, Tlilul Vice Piesi
dent, piesldlng.
Illhle i:posltlou Ilov. C. B llcniy
Roll Call of Chapteis.
Hepoits of Sub-Distiiet lrosdcnt.
Piopei AVoik foi DNtilcl League Or-
gani..itlons Kev. A. Griffin D D.
Piopei Oiganl.ition .....Mi. C. A SUiait
Solo ...Miss Al'illo lllackman, Kingston
Junior Hour, conducted by Miss Mai-
g.uet Ciavvfoul.
1 !0 P. M.
-Mi W. A Smfoid, Piesident, piesldlng.
Bible i:posltloii ....Ite. jr S Goilsb.ill
Poiwaid Mou-mcnt In tlie Kpwoith
League Rev. J. C. Tennant
Recitation Scianton Clt Pnloii
Solo .Miss Mav Staley, Plttsion
Chiist's Kinship with iT; Our IVittern
in Youth. ..Rev. C. P. SItteil, Ph D.
Bible Stuih in Cpwoith League,
Ml. A. P. Dlffcndafev
7 M P. M.
Mi. C. D Ri'ltei. Pom tit Vice Piesident,
Pia.vei and Pialsc.
Clnlsfs Kinship with Us; O111 Pattern
in Young .Manlioocl,
Rev. C. r Sltteih, Pb D.
The oflUeis aie- Piesident, V. A. Sau
foid; flist lice piesident, W. P. Hillings;
second vice piesident. Rev. C. JT. Sewnid;
tlilul vice piesident. William McConnell;
foiuth vice piesident, C V. Reiter. coi
lispondlng siciot.iiv, .Miss Lama M.
White. tica"iirci, S. L Rlehaids; music il
dliector of convention, Rev Prank Jams.
Will Be Given at Lyceum on Monday
Evening, June 9.
The musical event which will close
the season will be the conceit to bo
given by Miss Grace Spencei, in con
nection with the fifteenth Symphony
conceit ol the Scianton Symphony or
chestia, at the Lyceum thentte, Mon
day evening, June 9. A piogiamme of
unusual intei est Is being uiiangcd.
Miss Spencer has given her sei vices
fieely in tho past, whenever called
Upun. and her many fi lends aie anxi
ous to show theii uppieciatlon at this
Thu Sinphony orchestin, whoso con
ceits in the past iiuvc been so favor
ably iccelved, will lender somo fine se
lections, and Pi or. Hembeiger Is detei
mlned to give a popular piogiamme on
this occasion. The tickets aio helling
l.ipldly, and the Lyceum is sine to be
well filled.
County Treasurer Wants to Know
How Much Is Needed.
County Tieasuier J. A. Scranton
sent woid to City Treasuier Itoblnson
esteiclay afternoon asking to know
how much money ho needed at present.
The city tieasuier consulted with Ite
cotder Connell and was lerjuested by
the hitter to Inform Mr. Scianton that
the elty needs $170,000 at once. That
Is the total amount of money due tho
city as Its share of the liquor license
The iccorder wants the county treas
urer to pay over all the money at once
or none of It, and ho pi opuses to stand
on this announcement. The city tiens
Uici will watt on Mr. Scianton this
mottling and seive this notice upon
Delightful Concert Tonight.
Second Picsbyterlan church lecture
Mammoth Olives, 25c. per
bottlej 82.90 per dozen.
Havana Flues for pieserving,
81.50 per dozen.
Couisen Col, River Salmun,
20c. per can; value, 25c,
Fancy Maine Sugar Corn,
12c; 81.20 per dozen.
Windsor Manor, Spotts.-cod
Mixed Pickles, 35:.; Enst In
dia Ghetkins, 35c; Chocolate
Menler, 40c per lb.
i I
A. T, Kellerntan Has a Good Lead
Now for the Trophy Two Changes
in the List Yesterday Frcedmnn
Makes Big: Gain on Shepherd, and
Now Holds Sixth Place by Gener
ous Margin,
Standing of Contestants
1. A. J. Kellerman, Scianton. 192
2. Charles Burns, Vandllng.151
3. Wm. T. S. Rodriguez,
Scranton 128
4. Herbert Thompson, Car-
bondale 108
5. Maxwell Shepherd, Car-
bondale 03
0. Albert Freedman, Belle-
vue 88
7. Harry Madden, Scranton . 55
8. Wm. Sherwood, Harford . . 54
9. Homer Kresge, Hyde Park 41
10. Grant M. Decker, Hall-
stead 37
11. William Cooper, Pilceburg 34
12. L. E. Stanton, Scranton.. 32
13. A. J. Havenstrlte, Mos
cow 31
14. Harry Danvers, Provi
dence 25
15. Louis McCusker, Park
Place 20
10. Miss Beatrice Harpur,
Thompson .... 1 18
17. Lee Culver, Spiingvllle. . 17
18. Walter Hallstead, Scran
ton 15
19. C. J. Claik, Peckville 15
20. John Dempsey, Olyphant. 13
21. John Mackie, Providence. 13
22. Hugh Johnson, Forest
City 11
23. M i s s Edna Coleman,
Scranton .. 8
24. Chas. W. Dorsey, Scranton 7
.25. Emanuel Buccl, Scranton . 7
26. Chas. O'Boyle, Scranton.. 5
27. Miss Nellie Avery, Forest
City 4
28. Walter Ellis, Hyde Park. 3
29. Edgar Wilson, jr., Scran
ton 2
30. R. D. Dorsey, Scranton ... 1
31 O
32 O
33 O
Two of tho contestants In The Tri
bune's Contest made slight
changes in position yesteidny. They
weio William Cooper, of Piicebuig,
who went from thlitceuth place to
eleventh, nnd A. ,T. Havenstilte, of
Moscow, who went fiom eleventh place
to thliteenth. Loioy Stanton, of Scian
ton, was In the unique position of puss
Ing one lival et ictaliiing the same
position, twelfth place.
Albert Fieedinan, of Bellevue, made
a stditling upwaid swoop This morn
ing ho Is but n points behind Maxwell
Shepheid, of Caibondule, Instead of 2fl,
as he was e.steiday. Mr. Ficedman
holds sKtli place by 83 points, his near
est competitor being Hauy Madden.
A. J. Kelleiman holds flist place by
a lead ot 41 points this morning. It
looks as it be was almost ccitain to
win the gold watch offeied as a "Spe
cial Honor Piif" to the contestant
who brings In the laigist number of
points dm lug the month of May. His
immediate neighbors will have to be
stir themselves if they Intend to liy
and win the tiophy away fiom Mi.
Kellerman. Only three das uie now
left in which to do it.
Go with the Crowd on the Opening
Excursion to Lake Lodore.
The c.ncuisIou season will open at
Lake I.odoie on Decoiatlon dav. May
SO. Among the many atti actions will be
a spirited base ball contest for u puise
of $23, between Scianton and Carbon
dale ciack ball teams. The famous
Mo7nit band, whose supeiior dnncc
music Is lecognlzed by all loveis of the
fantastic, will furnish a delightful pio
gramme in the mammoth balcony en
clicled pavilion, with its smooth and
highly-polished floor. Cnteier M. F.
Fadden will servo lefieshnients in
abundance. The beautiful lake will be
enlivened with Its fleet of ijow boats, its
steam yacht, naphtha launches, unci Its
huge and commodious exclusion boat.
The Delawaie and Hudson rallioud
will i mi exclusion tialus, stopping at
all stations, fiom Wilkes-Bario. at
gieatly reduced oxeui. slop rates. Trulns
will leave Lackawanna avenuu stution
at 9.15 and 10.13 a. m and 1.29 p. in.
F.ue fiom Scianton, 75 cents.
Best Qualities $5.00
and upwards.
Straw Hats
of Every Description.
412 Spiuce Street
309 Lackawanna Avenue.
Dr. DelincTs Llnon Underwear
Money to Loan
On Watches,
Diamonds and
Gold Jewelery
Lowest Rates of Interest.
Private Offices,
30V Lackawanna Ave.
Jtif.t.Tj.XoKja, jjLUi "' ''-' t
Paine's Celery
, Will Secure for You the
Health That Other Medicines
Cannot Give.
The Use of One Bottle Convinces
the Skeptic and Unbeliever.
The tone, character and quality of
tho testimonials published In favor of
I'alno's Celciy Compound have Jlrnily
established Its position In the homes of
all Intelligent nnd thoughtful people.
Palne's Celery Compound has always
appealed to the sick and suffeilng with
honest statements and solid facts. Some
doubteis with honest purpose have
taken the tiotlhle to vvtltc to. and In
many tases have Intei viewed the vvilt
pis of published testimonial:?. In eveiy
case they have beeil thoroughly uitls
llctl and convinced Unit Palne's Celciy
Compound effected chips that weio
nun v clous, astonishing and happy.
l'.ilne's Celeiy Compound claims a
field not successfully filled by any
other lemedy known to medical science.
It Is the medicine on which the poor,
disappointed suffeier can rely after all
other medicines fall, when doctois give
the patient up as Incut able.
To the weak, debilitated, nervous,
biokcn down, and despondent, Palne's
Celery Compound gives a new and jo
ous existence. It sticngthens the di
gestive poweis. lenows the blood, and
acts in the vitalizing, dilative, thoiougli
manner that makes It the giandest
help to suffeilng men and women Unit
the wotlil of medicine affoids. The best
test that can be applied to Palne's Cel
lciy Compound Is to use It.
ninMfllUn nVCC Tnir tn rnmc -m color.
UIHIIIU11U Ulbi3 .o
otiiin? can cjiul thciu.
We have our own plant for Engraving and Printiug
Invitations and Announcements. We do the work artisti
cally, properly and as well as New York or Philadelphia.
Our reputation for high-class work is an established fact, and
Is only equalled by our desire and ability to serve you quickly
and correctly. Samples sent promptly.
We Use Hurd's Papers Only. WE HAVE THE ONLY
Engraving Plant in the City.
R. E. Prendergast
Engraving, Plate Printing, Die Stamping,
In Wedding Stationery need give you
no concern.
Come to us. Tell us lioiv many wed
ding in itations you icquire. how many
announcements., how many caids. etc.
We will ask you questions enough in
icgat d to names and dates to enable ui
to get out all the stationery in the most
coirect foi in.
Theio will be no mistakes-, and the
engraving will be done in a stylo that
will leave nothing to be deslied.
If tho woik does not suit, wo will do
it over. If it does not suit then, ou .
need not tukc it. We fill our ouler
piomptly, and we charge you a pi Ice
that ou can afford to pa. Tho en
giaiing Is not cheap woik. It Is good
work, at a price.
Stationers, Scranton, Pa.
will remove all anxiety as to the Coal Supply for
your kitchen, and will also save your wife
much of the drudgery of housekeeping.
Cnnkinn with Gas !s as c,eaP as coal'
more convenient.
We are offering to our gas consumers Double Oven Gas Cooking
Ranges for $9.75 and up. This price Includes putting them In your
kitchen ready for use. All connections free on first floor.
how About Hot Water?
A Hot Water Heater connected to your kitchen boiler answers
that question. We have them. Price connected, $10.
Fuel gas, gross $ 1 .00 j net 90 and 80 cents per thousand.
I Ranges and Hot Water Heaters on exhibition at our sales- jj
I room! No, 126 Washington Avenue,
Scranton Gas
Malnnpu nil Manlifarflirind Combanu.
141-149 Meridian Street. ' 4
- y.itoSfetUt',S.!At
. ,
I We solicit your trade in , "t
: Goal and
j , Dirt Picks, !
: Shovels,
and Drag
126-128 Franklin Ave.
You Can Save
30 per cent, on the dollar when
you purchase direct fiom the
Our lino of Umbiellas ' and
Fainsols is large and complete,
and embiaces all the latest pat
terns. We guarantee all ouo
goods. i . .
Umbrella Manufacturing Coc.
313'Spiuce Street.
Allis-Chalmers Co
Successors to Machine Business ot
Dickson Manufacturing Co., Scranton
and WIlkes-Barre, Pa, .
Stationary Engines, 'Boilers, Mining
Machinery, Pumps.
& Wate Co. J
and Burning:
' v'
juA&s i- . kw. l,A.k,u.t t .-- 4rffl'-' SJ