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tptcltl to the Fcrnnton Trlbutif.
Montrose, Mny 2T. A. L. Cooper, "f
P.ilton, was the guest or Ills parents,
Rev. nntl Mrs, A. W. Cooper, nt the
Methodist piirBoungo over Sunday.
lion. Jitnics T. Du Hols, or Hntlstead,
who n visitor In town yesterday, ami
nttended the funeral of the Into V.D.
The Into Prof. Hunton K, .Tnntes cur
ried life Insurance to the amount of
Miss Francis K. Anunertnan spent
Sunday at this home of her mother In
The independent Republican Issued
nn "extra edition" on Friday afternoon
containing the confession, retrnctlon
nnd apology of Messrs. S. H. Wright, of
Montrose, and Thomas Kllrow. of
Great Bend, lelntlve to the circulars,
which they caucd to lie printed and
'Irculnted a few weeks ago. defaming
the personal character and business
Integrity of Congressman C. ' Fred
Wright i of his brother, the late M. It.
Wright, and rollcctlng upon the char
acters of other members of the Wright
family. Messrs. Wright and Kllrow
made the irtractlon only when con
fronted with the alternative of under
going a prosecution for criminal libel
and violation of postal laws of the
United States. The Republican ulso
contained a fine half-tone portrait of
the late Prof. Benton K. James.
Sirs. Haskell It. Benedict and daugh
ter. Bertha, of Owego. were the guests
of friends In this place over Sunday.
The funeral of the late William T.
Luslc was largely attended from the
residence of Sarah McCollunt.on Maple
ptrcet, yesterday. Rev. K. A. Warrl
mer. of St. Paul's Episcopal church,
ofllclated. The active pallbearers were:
IT. P. Bead. W. II. Warner. A. B. Smith,
II. A. Lyons. Charles R. Sayre and W.
D. B. Alncy. The honorary bearers
were: Henry F. Turrell, S. B. Rogers,
Simon B. Chase, Dana F. Austin, Wil
liam M. Post, n. S. Searle. There was
a wealth of floral offerings, among
them being designs sent by the mem
bers of the Susquehanna, county bar;
one from officers of the First National
bank of Montrose, of which the de
ceased was formerly the president; two
floral pillows, one from Mrs. Lusk,
bearing the Inscription "Husband," and
the other 'from the children, Inscribed
"Father." There were numerous other
offerings of (lowers from friends.
Among the out-of-town relatives pres
ent were: Hon. James T. Du Bois and
wife, of. Hallstead;- Hon. Simon B.
Chase, of Hallstead: Page Dayton and
William Barnes, of Great Bend. The
Episcopal service was Impressively
read by Rev. Mr. Wnrrlner, and sev
eral hymns were rendered effectively
by h quartette.
The funeral of the late Professor
lientpn K. James was very largely at
tended Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock,
from the Methodist Episcopal church.
The great concourse of people crowded
both the transept and the large audi
torium of thP church, every Inch of
standing room biting: occupied, and sev
eral hundreds of people were turned
away, while others hovered about the
church entrance throughout the ser
vice. In splto of the brisk showers
which prevailed much of the time. The
Masonic lodge, fifty strong, was pres
ent In a body, as was also the pupils
of the Montrose public school to the
number of four hundred, and a very
large number of the Montrose High
School alumni. A brief service at the
late home of the deceased was held
early In the afternoon and the remains
weie then conveyed to the church un'd
the casket opened so that all who
desired might view the remains before
the commencement of the service at
the church. The casket was covered
with beautiful flowers and the. pulpit,
and altar rail In front was filled with
elegant floral pieces. One large pillow
of white on which. In purple, was
trie Inscription "Our Professor" was
f i om the pupils in the High school,
another was inscribed "M. II. S. Alum
ni," and another was prepared and
pent by the pupils of the A Grammar
room. On the pulpit platform were
Jtev. A.W. Cooper, pastor of the church;
Ilev. D. C. Barnes, Rex. A. t.. Benton,
1). D.', of the Presbyterian church; Rev.
15. A., Wnrrlner. r tor of St. Paul's
Kplscopal church. Rev. Fr. j, T,
Frederick, pastor of St. Mary's Catho
lic church, and Rev. I,. H. Walters,
pastor of the African Methodist Kpls
copal church. The service opened by
the impressive rending ot the Thirty
ninth Psalm by Rev. Mr. Warrlner.
Ilev. Walters announced the hymn
"How Gentle God's Commands," this
being the -hymn selected by Prof.
James at the chapel exercises at the
opening of school tho previous week.
Prayer was offered by Rev. I). C.
Darnels, and the nineteenth Psalm was
read by Rev. Dr. Benton. "Rock of
Ages" was lendeied by the choir. Rev.
A, AV. Cooper read a port ion of tho
ilfteenth chapter of Fiist Corinthians,
and followed with extended remarks
rolatlvo to tho life and elmracter of
Mr. James. Tho speaker paid a beau
tiful and fitting eulogy of the deceased.
Pastor Cooper's remarks were based
upon tub text from the eighth chapter
of Romans, "Who shall separate us
from tho, love of Christ?" Pastor Coo
per dli6'eted his closing remarks to
tho Masons, tho official board of the
church', and to the school board, nnd
gave words of comfort to the sorrow
Jug widow, children and friends, The
pastor tieu offered prayer, after which
n beautiful and touching lotter.recelved
by Mrs, James if roni her former pastor,
llev. II. M. Benedict, of Owego, who
had Jieeu asked to officiate but who
was unable to leave his piescut Held,
This letter was ,read by Rev. D, C.
Baches, who followed It with somo ap
propriate remarks. A most touching
Incident of tlio ceremony wits a brief
Rddiess tiy Dr. Harris James, of New
York city, it younger brother of tho
deceased, in which was expressed tho
ipeaker's high appreciation of the
character and lfo of the deceased.
This was dono In compliance with a
Too Great a Bisk,
In almost every neighborhood soino
ne has died fioin un attuck of colic or
jholera morbus, often before medicine
auld be procured or a physician sum
jioncd. A reliable icmedy for these
lUeuses should be kept ut hand, The
,'Isk Is too great for anyone to take,
Jhainberlalu'H folic, ciioleru. and Dlur
'hoea Remedy has undoubtedly saved
the lives or more people and relieved
nore pain and suffering than any oth
:r medicine In use. it can ulwuys bo
Upended upon. For sale by all drug
flats. ', . ,
mmpnet inndo between the brothers In
their early youth In which they agreed
that when one was cnlled to tho oilier
world the survivor should render such
n service at the obsequies of the other.
Resolutions relative to Prof. Junics,
adopted at tho quarterly conference
of the church, held the previous even
ing, were read by the pastor, and the
service at the church closed with the
choir singing "Asleep In Jesus." The
service at the grave was conducted by
the Mnsonln lodge. Tho pallbearers
weie: County .Superintendent C. K.
Moxley, of Hallstead: K. B. Utile,
W. D. B. Alncy, Hon. D. C. Tltman.
A. B. Smith nnd M. S. Allen, of Mont
Special to tho Soianlon Trlhtir.'.
Forest City, May 27. F. B, Carpenter,
i .
Find the two keepers of these grounds
and their dog.
esq., returned fiom a fishing trip to
New York state, Saturday with a fine
basket of trout.
The employes of the Hillside com
pany were paid today for the two weeks
prior to the strike.
W. J. Maxey and J. J. Walker have
purchased the Bendrift houses near the
Polish church and will put them In re-"
pair at once. These houses have been
vacant for several years and seemed
to have been forgotten by their builder
as well as a host of creditors who at
tached all the propprty they could lay
hold of to secuie a multitude of claims.
A building and loan association which
had a small lien on the houses recently
sold them at sheriff sale. Bendrift was
at one time a banker In Plymouth. He
did a large business among tho foreign
ers and was supposed to be wealthy.
Sunday will be children's day at the
Presbyterian church.
Rev. V. Hollenshed Is in New York
M. Cawley has opened a merchant
tailoring establishment In the Manger
building on North Main stieet.
Otis Caffery, a Forest City young
man and .Miss Nora Kane, of Poyntell
were united in marriage by Rev. R. H.
Walsh last week.
Spri'Ul to tlio Soranton Tiilmnc.
Dundaff, Pa.. May 2G, 190.'. Rev. W.
It. Tinker and family, formerly of Hall
stead, Pa., has moved into town and
Rev. Tinker begins his pastorate of the
First Baptist Church ot this plate.
Mr. Alva Stage, ot Newtield, Tliomp
klns county, N. Y and who lived in
Dundaff 52 years ago, Is here vising
his niece, Mrs. Daniel Bowman.
We are having dally and almost hour
ly' calls from strikers asking for work,
They are passing thtough here every
On Saturday, May 21th a drove of 375
mules passed through here en .route for
pasture on F.Ik mountain,
Thieves entered the hog house of
Mr. Charles Cross one night last week
and took therefrom six very fine pigs,
They also entered the cellar of Mr.
Cross' house and took a quantity of
salt pork from a barrel. Mr. Cross has
no clue to the thieves.
Thieves also entered the cellar the
same night, of Mr. Rupert Wells and
took all the salt pork found there, It
seems they were going It whole hog or
none. Farmers better see that their
buildings aie secy rely locked.
AVe are having somo heavy showers
accompanied with much thunder and
Crops lu general are looking lino and
the fanners are contemplating a good
season, There Is plenty of help as tho
strllieis are here in largo numbers and
ready to woik at almost any kind of
w in k.
SpoiUl In Hip Kunton Tiilimip,
Spi'lngvllle, May 27, A very distress
ing accident befell a little child of
Arthur Springer last Wednesday. Khner
Squler works for Spilnger, and on that
day went Into the house and took up a
shotgun, which, In some unaccountable!
manner, was discharged, Tho contents
went through a window and struck tho
child, who was sitting outside, in u load
curt, lu the back. A messenger was
hastily dispatched for medical and, nnd
tho shot were extracted, ami tho child
Is lecoverlng fiom what at llrst seemed
to bo a fatal wound,
Daniel Hlouo came up from scrnnton
on Saturday to relatives. Illness
of A. I'. Tuttle culled him here,
On Saturday evening next tho band
will have un Ice cream festival at their
loom,, over Tltinan's store,
Frank Churchill is up from Scrnnton
ylMtlng his mother, who resides In tills
Mr. and .Mrs, F. M. Puxton have sold
their personal belongings and aro now
stuylng a few rtuys with Mrs. Paxtoif h
brother, H. F. Jones, at South Mont
rose. They go to their future home In
Washington county, Pa., this week.
The late frosts have killed all the
fruits, such as cherries, plums, etc.
pples, it Is thought, are pot hurt.
Warren Dunlap nnd son, Arthur, on
Saturday lust purchased the house and
lot belonging to the estate of tho late
li. 15. tJrattoti. Consideration, about
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. t, Rogers visited
Mr, nlid Mrs. K. H. Thomas on Sunday.
Mrs. Stung Is visiting her .son, 0. P.
Stung, and wife.
Ray Culver returned to his home nt
New Mllford on Monday. Ills wife will
stay until Saturday.
Some very fine showers gave tin great
refreshment on Sunday, Rain hns long
been needed, nnd tho hay crop will
probably bo light.
A. O. Hcndershot nhd some others
had urgent business, In Scrnnton on
Tuesday,. the 20th Inst., It being circus
duv. '
Special to llio Scrnnton TrUninc,
Thompson, May 27. Mr, nnd Mrs. A.
D. Barnes, of Hcrrlck Center, visited
his brother. S. D. Barnes. Sunday.
G, J. Clark, returned last evening
from n brief visit with his parents, Mr.
nnd Mrs. C. S. Clark at Montditle. Ills
wlfo and daughter, Helen will return
Miss Ada Williams, of Ararat, Is
visiting Miss Bessie Bloxham for a few
Frank Hall Post nnd the Relief Corps
nttended In a body the M. 13. church,
Sabbath morning and the pastor, Rev.
R. 31. Pascoe gave them a tine mem
orlal sermon. The church was full of
Interested listeners Memorial services
will be held Friday afternoon.
C. M. Lewis is doing business at
Aldenvllle for a. few days this week.
M. A. Pickering, of Susquehanna, was
calling on relatives In town yesterday.
The Free Baptists of this region meet
for their quarterly meeting at Lake
View, next Friday nftornoon and con
tinue the meeting over the Sabbath.
Attorney and Mrs. J. D. Miller went
to Scranton yesterday and arc enjoy
ing the Knights Templar conclave there
at this writing.
A public library Is assured for
Thompson. It was opened at 3 o'clock
this afternoon, at Mrs. D. M. Glllett's
store and will be open Tuesday of each
week between the hours of 3 and 4 p.
in. and on Friday's from 7 to S In the
Lester Lee. of West Virginia, visited
his sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Chandler,
yesterday, and went from here to Orson
to see his mother who is. seriously sick.
Mrs. Nellie Burke, of Great Bend, is
Isltlng her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
Lyden, who aro captivated with the
winning way of their young grand
daughter also of Great Bend. This
being her llrst visit In Thompson.
Mrs. A. C. Foster visited her son,
Arthur and family nt Uniondulo, Sab
bath afternoon, tairylng yesterday to
attend the funeral of tho late Elijah
Harry B. Seaiies, of Syracuse uni
versity, Is spending his vacation with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Searles.
Special to'tl.r Scranton Tribune.
Timklianuock, May 27. The residence of
Ex-Assocluto Judge 1-:. M. Phillips on
Not th Warren street is being raited up
several foot and improvements added
Lal'avettte G. Piatt, of Lnieyvllle, spent
Sunday with his son, F. AV. Piatt, on Put
nam stieet.
The Lindsay Brothers, of Factoryvlllo,
who purchased tho liver biidge at this
place. Intend to commence tho work ot
lemovlng It on Moudav next.
James Khmer and Walton Billings, of
Nicholson, spent Sunday with relatives In
this place.
Mis. Iliirvey Slcklcr died at her homo
on Tioga street on .Monday at about 12
o'clock noon, alter a protracted Illness.
Deceased was a lady who was held In
high esteem by all who know her. Sho
Is survived by Iter husband. Associate
Judgo llarvey .Slcklcr. and by two broth
ers. John and James Scoiitou, well known
attorneys of Wllkes-Bano and Dushore,
icspoetlvely. i
The ullo la theroar of tho business
places on the j-outh side of Tioga street
lias horn cleaned up nicely during tho
lust week and the accumulations of re-Iii.-.e
hauled away.
Fred Wllbui. of Wyoming seminary, bus
been spending a few days with his parents
Sheriff Giny Is having an elegant new
desk built for his, ofllce by one of tho
prisoners at the county Jit 1 1 who is a cabi
net maker by trade.
The showers of Sunday add Monday
wero gladly welcomed by tho farmers, as
the recent dry weather. It Is feared, has
endangered the season's hay ciop.
The members of Templo commandery,
Knights Templar, loft on Monday for
Set anion to attend the concluvo lu scs
hIoii theie.
Mis, W. L. Koeney, of .aceyillc, has
a Ultor In town on Monday.
m i
SpuUl to Ilic.Stiunton Tllbui-.i'.
New Mllford, .May 21. Professor l.arra
bee, of Keulta college, gavo a lecture In
the Baptist church Monday evening for
tho beuellt of the teachers attending tho
summer hdiool of loviow,
.Miss May Sweet, of Harford, Is n guest
of Miss Nina Moore.
The fimeial services of Mrs. Henry
Northrup wcio conducted from tho Moth
odlst church by Rev. Charles Smith Mon
day at 1 o'clock.
Ray Moss, who is employed In Harford,
spent Sunday with his mother,
Miss alary Hradtoy Is spending somo
tlaio In Spilngville.
A. M. Aldrlch was In Hallsteud Tuts
day on business.
James Coleman nnd wife, of Great
Bend, visited fi lends lu town Sunday,
Professor 1-;. A. Benson and II. S. Gar
latt aro Improving their residences by
the addition of new porches.
4 Lines 10 Cents
More Thn Four Llnti, 3 Cent lor Eeh Extra tin.
For Bent
COTTAOR on Susquchnnna. river at Black
AValnut, for rent by week or month;
furnished, cots, stove, dishes, threo boats,
spring water, best Hulling. Address T. J.
Relnhart, Black AValnut, Pa.
FOR RKNT- No. CM Dudley Btrect, Dun
more, Pa., ten rooms, furnished or un
furnished: nil modern Improvements: wldo
porches and tine lawns, fruit, garden plot:
convenient to nil trolley lines. Call or ad
dress D. K. Barton,, ::t AVcst Drinker
street, Dunmore, Pa.
BARN FOR RI3NT-12." April 1st. threo
box and three slnglo stalls and wnih
rack, rear of 321 Madison avenue. In
quire at C14 Madison avenue.
Furnished Booms for Bent.
FOR RKNT A furnished room o Pino
street, between Madison nnd Monroe
avenues. Address T. T., Tribune ofllce.
FOR RKNT-Ono furnished room, with
improvements: also one on third floor,
cheap. 62" Adams avenue.
KURNISMF.D ROOMS for rent, modern
improvements; private family; gen
tlemen preferred, at W7 Adams avenuo.
FOR RRNT Furnished room; heat and
hath. VJT, Linden street.
heat, gas nnd bath, gentlemen pre
ferred, at B39 Adams avenue.
For Sale.
FOR SALTC First-class 3-horscpower on
glue, ."i-horsepowcr vertical boiler.
Kuns! & Moore, 503 Cedar avenue, Scran
ton. LIGHT your home, church, cottage, hotel,
etc.. with acetylene gas. Cheap as
kerosene, better than electricity or coal
gas. Safe. Write. Inspect our plant.
Philip JA'ctter, 2J Adams avenue.
PIANO FOR SALK Almost new; used
less than live months: elegant upright
piano: will sacrifice. Call day or even
ing. 32t Franklin live.
JfST ARRlVUD with 40 horses; good
workers and drivers; weight Irom 1,100
to 1,700; several closely matched teams;
can be seen at 334 Raymond court. F.
M. Cobb.
FOR SALE-IIand silk donblcrs.
Bam ford Bros.. Pnterson, N. .1.
AFCrrON SALK of household goods, 411
Ollvo street, Thursday 10 a. m.
Wanted Booms and Board.
AVANTED Two communicating rooms
with board, private, family preferred.
Two ladles and a gentleman; state full
particulars. Address C. H. D Tribune
Strikers' Notice.
AA'L" 3101,1. tickets and checks to all parts
of Europe. Consult us before purchas
ing tiansportations. wo win save you
monev. Tnlon Ticket Acencv. 20'l Ijticlca-
WHiimi avenue, Scranton, Pa. Opposite
ijcruiiton .House.
Wanted To Bent.
AVANTICD ROOMS-For two adults, threo
or four rooms, furnished or unfurnish
ed for very light housekeeping, first floor
preferred. Address M. R., Tribune office.
AVANTED Furnished bouse of four or
live rooms for housekeeping. Address
A. G-. IS., Tribune offlw
Beal Estate.
FOR SALE Lot, corner Mulberry and
AVhceler avenue, 80x90: finest location
on the hill. For terms address S. Kline,
Plainlleld, N. J.
FOR SALE Elegant sites for homes in
upper Green Ridge; choice neighbor
hood; most desirable locality for home
in Lackawanna county. J. A. Marviae,
17,16 Sanderson avenue.
Business Opportunity.
out delay. AVrlto for our special mar
ket' letter. Free on application. S. M.
Illlilmrd & Co., members N. A". Consoli
dated and Stock Exchange, 44 and )i
Broadway, New A'ork. Established 1S64.
Long Distance 'Phono iTSS Broad.
RHEPMAT1SM-A11 parties that wish
can bo speedilv and permanently curod
of all varieties of Rheumatism by a vege
table compound; cures guaranteed. In
quire or address J. E. Taylor, Scranton.
'National League.
At St. Louis- R.H.E.
Chicago 0 000 2 000 0-2 8 3
St. Louis 21 200 2 4 Ox-1113 1
Batteries Glad nnd Kahoe; Murphy
and O'Neill. Umpire 0"I3ay.
Brooklyn Philadelphia-Brooklyn;
At Pittsburg Clucliinatl-Plttshurg; rain,
At Boston New York-Boston; ruin.
American League.
At Boston- R.II.E.
St. Louis 0 01001000-2 10 0
Boston (10 000 20 txti 12 0
Batteries Reldy and Sugden; Young
and Ctiger. Umpire Johnstone.
At AVashlngton R.II.H,
Cleveland 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 0-1 I 3
Washington 0 u 0 1 o 2 2 2 x-7 12 o
B.uteiiChMooro uud llemls; Patten and
Clark. Umpire Sheridan.
At Baltimore- R.II.E.
Chicago 0 100000 0 0-1 4 2
Baltimore 1 0 0 3 0 0 3 0 x-7 7 1
Batteries Patterson, Callahan nnd .Ale
Faiiaiid: McGlimlty and Robinson. Um
pires O'Loughlin and Cnrruthers,
Phlludlphla Phlladelphla-Dotroit;
TIip Twvlnr Iloil.s iiuc'Llit tlirt rlmllinfTA
of tho South Scranton Sunsets to a gamo
on tno jayior grounua ior iriuuy utter
noon at 3.30 o'clock. Oct off at postof.
Ilco. G. E. Davis, manager.
Special to t lie Scranton Tribune.
Dur.vca, May 2f. An Interesting
(juiuo of ball wns played Saturday ut".
ternoon on the Lawrence baso ball
grounds, between tho Lawrenco and
Council's base ball teams. Tho Cou
ncil team was vlptorlous, winning In
tho ninth Inning. Tho score wus 16T14.
They played for 5.
Some of the taxpayers or (his bor
ough arc beginning tu complain about
the streets. They claim that tho Buck
road, or Footi avenue, was Improved
last year, over MOO being expended on
It, mid that again this year It Is being;
repaired, while Mala street and other
streets and aenucs, which are trav
eled more, ure belne neglected.
Home Properties) Home Sites and Real Estate Investments,
The largest and most complete list In Scranton. Properties to meet
almost any requirements and at almost any price you wish to pay, from
$700 up to $75,000. Cozy, comfortable little single houses, double
houses, and spacious homes with ample grounds, aro Included In our
desirable list.
Buy a home. Be your own landlord and lot your rent prove an
Investment fund. Aside from the comfort and luxury of being your own
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Read thisIlist. If these do not meet your Ideas call we can
surely show you some great values.
$900 $2,975
Lot 40x ICO on Harrison ave- Lot Qulncy avenue, street
nuo. paved. Gas, water, steam, etc.
$3,000 $2,700
Corner lot, Dunmore, with two Small modern house, Nay Aug
good houses. Bargain. section. Desirable.
'. $3,300 $1,800
Large lot: modern house. On Finest cottage at Winola. Barn
line Petersburg cars, Great. ico house, and lot furniture.
Business Block Below Cost
In city's heart. $55,000. Rents irandsomo home at Dalton,
for over ?0,000. Call nnd bid.
$2,500 $30,000
Poultry Farm on "D. L." with To loan on llrst mortgage at
house, barn, fruit, etc. 5 per cent.
If you have money to put in a business, have a business you wish to
dispose of or want a partner, call and see me. I have many desirable
propositions; have opportunity for others. In fact, this office Is a head
quarters for good business chances. Come In and talk It over. '
$1,800 $3,000
Buys an old, reliable, cstab- Buys half Interest In a splendid
llshed, paying business. business.
W. T. HACKETT, Re$ru
Help Wanted.
"WANTED AT ONCK Man and woman,
married or single: man 'as gardner
and stable man; woman must be good
cook nnd laundress, general housework.
Address P. O. Box 316, Scranton, with ref
erences. Help Wanted Male.
TIONS 9,889 appointments made lust
yenr: probably 10,000 required this year:
only common school education required
for examination: cutaloguo ot Informa
tion free. Columbian Correspondence Col
lege, "Washington, V. C. '
SALESMAN WANTED-Energetic sales
man; school supplies; country work;
$100 salary and commission. It. O. Evans
& Co., Chicago, 111.
WANTED A largo boy at Gerson's mil
linery. Help Wanted Female.
YOl'NG LADIES. ?0.00 easily earned at
homo evenings writing lor us. For
particulars send addressed envelope. Fil
bert Mfg Co., Dppt. 415, Box Ull, Phila
delphia. LADIES WANTED to copy letters at
homo during spare time evenings and
return to us. Wo furnish paper free and
pay $10 per M. Send addressed envelope
for particulars and copv. F. M. C, Dcpt.
415, Box nil, Philadelphia.
WANTED A housekeeper, must bo a
good plain cook: references required.
Apply at 1010 Washington avenuo lu even
ing, or TS! Connell building.
WANTED AN experienced cook. Call
100U Linden street, city.
'Situations Wanted.
S1TFATION WANTCD-To go out sew
ing or any kind of work by the day.
Addiess 519 North Hyde Park avenue.
girl, as cook or geneial housework.
Call at :'M Franklin avenue, city.
SALESMAN wants position of any kind
of store work: had soven yearn experi
ence lu shoo business. Addiess A. J. C,
Tribune ofllce.
Lost trayed Stolen.
LOST 500 envelopes dliectcd lo D. B.
Replogle, patent attorney, 11 .Mears
bldg, city. All tiro Irom tho commissioner
of patents and postmarked at Washington.
D, C, within six mouths last past. $50.00
reward will bo paid for tho return of tho
envelopes. Reploglo & Co,, Patents,
Mears building.
LOST Threo keys on a ring, either on
Penn avenue, Spruco stieet or Wash
ington avenue; a toward of returned to E.
Gturd, L'7 Penn avenue,
LOST A ladles' gold '.Mitch: n Ill-oral
reward will bo given If returned to
Hotel Terrace,
LOST $i"i. between Peck Lumber Co.,
East Market street and Presbyterian
church. Rewaid If returned to otllco of
Peck Lumber Co.
Money to Loan.
MONEV TO LOAN in nny amounts from
$10.00 to $500.00 on household furniture,
piano, horses and carriages, tho prop
erty remains undlstuibed In your possess
ion, giving you the use of both the money
and tho property. Loans mudu to suit
tho borrower a convenience for nny period
from ono to twelve months, Loan can bo
paid In weekly or monthly Installments.
'o glvo you tho prlvllegu of palng tho
loan at any time, so that you only pay for
tho llmo you keep It, Wo mnko u $10.1)0
loan Just as Iiromptly as wo do a largo
one. It costs nothing to mnko applica
tion. Wo ma only too glad lo glvo you
full lufuimatipii-regurdlng our now meth
od of making this class of loans. Our
otllees are centrally located and com
modious. Private offices for ladles. Ad
vances madu on btorago wauiiouso ic
eel pis.
W)7 Wyoming ave., i.'nd Floor.
'Phono No. :s:.
Qulck. stiuight loans or Buildlm; and
Loan. At from I to o per rent, ("all on
N. V- Wulkcr, ail-aij Connell building.
3 Insertions 25 Cents
Mori Thi-i Four Llnet, o Cnt tor Bach Bitra Lint,
of Scranton, No. 120 and 122 Wyoming ave
nue, of Lackawanna County, Pa., at tho
close of business May 22. 190.'.
Cash on hand $ 57,415 vS
('hecks and other cash items.... 5,22;) M
Duo from banks and bankers... 21S.7C0 91
Loans and discounts 1,357,7$1 29
Investment securities owned,
Stocks, bonus, etc..$97i,3i 77
Mortgages 11,875 00
989,231 77
570 M
052 74
Real estate, furniture and fix
tures Overdrafts
Miscellaneous assets
Total $2,660,098 79
Capital stock paid in $ 100,000 Of)
Surplus fund 250,000 00
Undivided profits, less expenses
and taxes paid 47.SS1 95
Deposits, subject to
check $ 232.832 97
Deposits, special 2,009,378 OS
Demand certlllcatcs
of denoslt 15.000 00
Certified cheeks 0,101 71
2,2ti3,3tl r.l
Cashier's checks outstanding...
Total $2.IK0.C9S 79
State of Pennsylvania, County of Lack
awanna, ss.:
I. II. r. SIIAERR. Cashier of tho above
named bank, do solemnly swear that tho
above statement Is true to tho best of my
knowledge and belief.
Signed) If. C. StIAFER. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to beforo mo this
twenty-sixth day of May. 1902.
Notary Public.
My commission expires Juno 18, 1905,
Correct Attest:
(Signed) S, B. PRICE.
Titls Guaranty and Trust Co.
of Scranton, Pennsylvania, No. 1,
lugtou nvenue, of Lackawanna
Pennsylvania, at tho closo of
May 22, 1902:
Cash on hniid $
Checks and other cash (turns. ...
Duo fiom banks and bankers,,
Commercial and other paper
Call loans upon collateral
Tlmo loans upon collateral
Investment securities owned,
Stocks, bonds, etc, ,$$71,255 to
5 Wash
County, business
11,4.11 SI
2,!V.'S It
29t!,098 Si
l.W.OTl K!
114,770 00
217.0J0 91
Mortgages 12I.3W77
Real estate, furnlturo and fix
tures Overdrafts
99S.775 1"
SS.93S 91
317 &9
$1,817,020 01
Capital stock paid in $ noo.000 0)
Undivided profits, less expenses
and taxes paid 15,(99 OS
Depqslts, subject to
Check $1,111,520 5'
Deposits, special 10,000 00
1,501,526 36
Total ,' $1,817,021; 01
Amount of trust funds invest
ed $ 10, 1 is ci.
Amount of trust funds unin
vested '....., 3,217 59
Stuto of Pennsylvania, County of Lack
u wanna, ss.:
I, FRANK L. PHILLIPS. Treahuier of
tho above-named company, do solemnly
swear that the above statement Is true
to tho best of my knowledge and belief,
(Signed) F. L. PHILLIPS,
Subscribed and sworn to beforu moithls
twenty-soveuth day of May, 1902.
(Signed) E. L. CLARKE.
(Notarial Seal. Notary Public.
Commission expires Jan. 13, lnoj.
(Signed) L. A. WATRES.
Board and Booms.
VERY DESIRABLE sulto of rooms with
llrst class table board, can bo obiahud
at 333 Jefferson avenue.
BE'fi.t5U,Pnor9t,A'jH "' openediln
tu..n?oflt n.c ll,! c"y Kccorder by (hn
UwfcL01 ?fo t,!p, department of Publlu
11.2- A R.L?, 'lok. 1- in., on Monday,
wilS. s'n 1?9'-' for. l,,u following name.!
?.2r . avlPF c,i"inln portions of carbon
SL1.? Co.MI'1. "H'cot, with vltillled brick on u
concroto base, in accordance with plans
mid specifications on llio lu tho Bureau ot
i1,SL,ib,"dcr B,m" Micloso with their
pioposnl, east or certified check in tlm
.,.?. .?r. "? ""mired ($100) dollars ns a,
5.m.CMitrM.l0.CXCCMt0 " contract for tlio
work within twenty (20) days if awarded
i!2 JS?.!V5- .1". C".SP l"o. bidder, to whom
Jo contract shall have been nwarded, ic
i!S "L.2-1 om,.fc .lo 'Xfcuto u contract for
!iJ?,?2r& wlthl twenty days from tho
JwI.i2Lt.?0 'ward, the enelosiiio urcom-
?h?.'il? tJ,?iMSJP0S4I e,m11 1'" forfeited to
tho nso of tho city bt Scranton.
n1Et0Ji?sft,a.Bllin com' Hi" rlll1',, rk,
HiYJi.,- " f,lu,u sermrntoly tho price for
5 JB. .or ,C8t,ttlng curbstones, tho prleo
i.?ii.Pi .. Por Bltinro yaid, which is to t,lp. L'0.',t of Riadlng as shown en
n?..' "."I1 tlus Prl0 f"1' Keeping said
pavement In repair for llvo years, from
tho acceptance of tamo by tho city.
System of sowers, Section "F," Seven-i-S!U
' District, In tho Twelfth and Nine
teeitth wards. Didders shall enclose with
each proposal, cash or certified check In
the sum of three hundred (MOO) dollars ns
ft gutirnntoo to execute a contract It
awarded tlio same. In case tho bidder to
whom tho contract shall lmvo been
awarded, refuses or omits to execute, a.
contract for tho work In accordance with
tho plans nnd specifications therefor with
in ten (10) days from tho dale of thrt
award, the enclosure accompanying his
proposal shall bo forfeited to tho uso of
theiClty of Scranton.
System of sewers. Section "A." Seven
fecnth District, lu tho Eleventh ward.
Same conditions as section "F."
, System of sewers lu Wcbstor avenue,
Kclliim court, Taylor avenue, Bucnzll
court, Irving avenue, Prescott avenuo and
Ash street, lu the Tenth ward.
System of rowers In Wyoming avenue.
Ash street, Onkford court. Forest court
and Breck court, In tho Seventh and Thir
teenth wards.
Bidders shall enclose with each proposat
casjy or certified check In tho sum of on
hundred ($100) dollars as a gunrnnten to
execute a contract If awarded tho samn.
In case tho bidder to whom tho contract
shall lmvo been awarded, refuses or omits
to execute a contract for tho work In ac
cordance with tho plans and specifications
therefor within ten (10) days from tho
dato of tho award, tho enclosure accom
panying his proposal shall bo forfeited to
tho use of tho City of Scranton.
Plans and specifications aro on fllo nnd
con be seen nt tho Bureau of Engineering.
Bidders will bo furnished with proposal
blanks at tho Bureau of Englneoring and
no others will bo accepted.
AH proposals shall bo. filed with tho City
Controller, In his offlco In the City Hall.
Scranton, Pa., not later than !.30 o'clock
p. m on Monduy, Juno 2, 1902.
The city reserves tho right to reject any
or all bids.
JOHN E. ROCHE. Director,,
Department of Public Works.
Scranton, Pa., May 22, .1902.
Auditor General.
State Treasurer.
T. i;. EYRB.
PROPOSALS for furnishing Stationery,
Fuel and other supplies.
In compllanco with the Constitution nnd
tho laws of tho Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania, we hereby Invito scaled propos
als, at prices below maximum rates llxc.l
In schedules, to furnish stationery, fuoj
and other supplies for tho several de
partments of tho 'state government, i-.nd
for making repairs In tho several depart
ments, and for tho distribution or tho
public documents, for tho year ending tho
first Tuesday ot June, A. D. 1903.
Separate proposals will bo received and
separate contracts awarded as announced
In said schedules. Each proposal must
he accompanied by a bond, with at least
two sureties or ono surety company, ap
proved by a judgo of tho court of com
mon pleas of the county In which tho
person or persons making such proposal
may reside, conditioned for the faithful
performance of the contract, and ed
dressed and delivered to the Board ot
Commissioners of Public Grounds and
Buildings beforo twelve o'clock M., of
Tuesday, tho 3rd day of June. A. D. 1902,
at which tlmo the proposals will hn
opened nnd published In tho Reception
Room of the Executive Department at
Harrlsburg, and contracts awarded as
soon thereafter as practicable.
'Blank bonds nnd schedules containing
all necessary information can bo obtained
at this department. T. L. EYRE,
For tho Board of Commissioners ot
Public Grounds and Buildings.
NOTICE Appeals from tho state tax as
sessment will bo held in. tho-. offlrn
of tho county commissioners In the court
house on tho following named days: For
townships and boroughs, excepting Dim
more borough, on June 2. 1902: for Scran
ton, Cnrbondale and Dunmore, on Juni
3 and 4, 1902.
County Commissioners.
Attcst:-W. G. DANIELS. Clerk.
Certified Public Accountant.
EDWARD"'7srATTLDTNG. oTp. a7. 2S
Traders' Bank building. Old telephone.
No. 1S61.
Rcul Estate Exchango Bldg., 126 Wash
ington ave.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
building, Spruco street, Scranton.
Dlt. C. C. LAUBACH. 115 WYOMING nva.
torneys and Counscllurs-nt-Law. Cfll to
012 Connell building.
Counsellors - ut - liiw. Commonwealth'
Building, Rooms 19, 20 and 21.
Board of Trade Building, SmintoinPa.
National Hank bhlldlnsv ,;..
No. 211, WyonilngiUYimuo. ' ...
Hotels nnd Restaurants.
liu avonuc, Raterf reasonable, .
P. KIEGLER. Proprietor. .
Passenger depot, Conducted on tho Lu-
ropcan plan. Victor Koch. Propilotor. '
Scavenger. '
a7r7 BR7c.(is CLEANS i'RIv"r!AtILT!?J
and cess pools: no odor: only ImpriveiC.
pumps used. A, I). Hilggs. ptopiictni'
Leao onleis 1100 Noiih M.illi nvou ic
or Eleko's drug btore, corner Adams and
Mulberry. Both telephones,
Wire Screens.
live., Scranton, mfrs. of Wlro Screens, "i
plles, .envelopes, paper bags, twiiu.
Wurqhou&e, J3Q Washington uvenue,.
bo hud lu Scrnnton nt the nows stand
of nelsinan Bios., tW Spruce and .'"':
Linden: M. Norton, 322 Lnckawatuu
live.; I. S, Sci,ut:!Cl". 211 Spimc.sU'e-H.
jjt. t l K.