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Artists Who Will Bo Heard at This
the, Opening Session of the Great
National Event Morning Session
of the Eisteddfod Will Be Presided
Over by Hon. L. A. Watres, After
noon by Hon. William Connell and
Evening by Charles Robinson.
All preliminaries are now about com
pleted lor the great eisteddfod to be
held at the armory on the 20th and SOth.
The demand for tickets continues stead
ily at the hcadauurtors, 003 Linden
street. Excursions to the eisteddfod
will come from Brooklyn and New
York COO strong: Blnghamton nnd Utleu,
2,000 strong; New Castle, Bangor and
Slatlngton, Wllkes-Barre, Edwardsvillc,
Carbondale, and other places In goodly
numbers. The committee desire to Im
press on the minds of Its patron3 the
advantage In securing tickets In ad
vance. It will avoid the rush at the
door. One should not be misled by the
appearance of the diagram at head
qtiurters. It-must be remembered that only the
numbered seats are marked on the dia
gramthose in the subscribers' section.
Two other full sections have been sold
In their entirety. These will be taken
by the choirs, and In addition to these
a great number of reserved seats in
sections have been disposed of, together
with a number of general admission
The seats for the concert are going
rapidly, and it would be well to avail
yourself of the advance sale to save
delay at the door.
All ushers for the national eisteddfod
will report to Lieutenant Lewis B. Car
ter at the armory, as follows: For
Thursday evening, May 29, at 6.43 p.
m.j for Friday morning session, at 9
n. m.i for Friday afternoon session, at
1 p. m.; for Friday evening session, at
6.30 p. m. The ushers must report
promptly at the time scheduled, so that
when the crowd coincs we are ready for
All ushers for the performances
Thursday and Friday evenings will re
port in full evening dress suits, with
black bow ties. They will not wear
gloves. The ushers for the day ses
sions will not wear dress suits. Lieu
tenant Carter would like to meet as
many of the ushers at the armory Wed
nesday evening, May 28, as possible.
The oflieial programme for Thurs
day evening's concert has been ar
langcd as follows:
Hon. "W. L. Council, Chairman.
1. Announcement of thu Opening; of tlio
Kisteddfod by Hon. II. M. Edwards.
2. Address of Welcome,
Hon W. L. Connell
Recorder of Scranton.
3. The National Anthem.... Bauer's Band
4. Duct, "Passage Birds, Farewell,"
Mcfsts. Williams nnd Miles.
5. Aria, "Joh wnh dies Oowand"...Bruch
Miss Hollo Newport.
C. Piano Solo, March from "Tnnn-
liau&cr" Wagncr-Llszt
Mr. Rece Jniics.
7. "Lend Mo Your Aid" (Queen of
Slick-i ) Gounod
Mr. II. Evan AVilllnms.
S. Selection.
Mr. Gwllym Miles.
!. Overture from "Zampa".. Bauer's Rand
30. Duet, Crucifix" Fatiro
Messrs. Williams nnd Mllcr.
11. "Ec&tacy" Beach
Miss Belle Newport.
12. Piano
(a) "Rondo Capiiccloso,"
(b) "Berceuse" Chopin
(e) "Rhapsodic" Liszt
Mr. Reovo Jones.
13. Solo. Old Welsh
(a) "Mcrch Megan" (Megan's Daugh
ter). (l) "Dafydd Gareg Wen" (David of
the White Rock).
(c) "Ymadawlml y Bronln" (Tho
King's Departure).
Mr. Gwllym Miles.
1 1. Tenor Solo. Old WpIpU
(a) "O. na Byddnln Ilaf o llyd" (O
That "I'wcro Ever Summer),
(b) "V Devyn Pur" (Tho Pure Bird).
(c) "Sympathy"...!. W. Parson Price
Mr. 11. Uvnn Williams.
13. My Country, "Tin of Thee,"
Bauer's Band.
The preliminary competitions will bo
held at the armory at 0.20 o'clock sharp
Friday morning by Prof. J. W. Parson
Price and Prof. J. Powell Jones, exam
iner, on the tenor and bass duet, con
tralto solo, soprano and contralto duet,
bast solo, quartette, soprano sold, and
tenor solo,
In case that the preliminary competi
tions cannot ho completed by 10,20 a.
in., the quartette preliminary and other
liufinlMied work will be resumed at 1,30
j, m. No one will be allowed in tho
looms during the competitions but the
competitor and examiner at one time.
This Is Imperative,
The eisteddfod programme has been
arranged as follows:
At M O'clock Sharp.
lion. L. A. Watres, President.
' Hon. II. M. Edwards, T. P. Williams, Esn.
1. Singing by the Audlenco of "Hen Wind
fy Nhadau."
Solo liy Gwllym Miles, Esq,
2. Introduction of the President, Hon L.
A. Watres.
3. Address of President.
i. Competition, Tenor nnd Bass, "Go,
Baffled Coward, Go".,.., Handel
Prlzo $13, donated by Hon, A, A, Voaburg.
C. Adjudication and Awarding of
Prizes on Essay,
Prlzos, 1st, $15; 2nd, 110. donated by the
Scranton Times,
6. Adjudication and Awarding of
Prize on Tenor and Bass Duet.
7. Adjudication on "Tho Song of Libor."
Pilzes, 1st, $23; 2nd, $13; 3rd, 10, donated
by tho Scranton Truth,
8. Competition on Contralto Solo,
"Hopo On" Klein
PrUe, $10. donated by E. S. MoNaul, Ksq,
8. Adjudication and Awarding of Prize
on Knglyn.
10. Ariujdlcutlon and Awarding of
Prize on Contralto Solo,
11, Competition. Juvenile Chorus, "Tho
Night Bella" .Vincent
jT You Could Look
I MM, iotothefutnreandtcethecondltlou
10 wmca your cougu, u ncgiccica.
bring you, you would ceelc relief at
: and that naturally would be through
will brln
f" j rf-k Guaranteed to cure Coo-
wMi V Aitnm and all Lung
Trouble, CureiCoughanndCobjaloacUy,
IS cent. Write to 8. C. Weim at Co.,
he Roy, N. Y for free trial bottle '
l.-ll- I.....D..lVu .Jllu 41.. BUJ
v... r j
TrlMS, 1st, 7S: 2nd, J23, donated by
Messrs. Clarke Brothers,
12. Adiijdlcallon and Awarding of
Prises on Juvchlle Chorus,
13. Competition. German Class "C"
Malo Chorus, "Elnkohr" ......Storm
Trophy. Sterling Sliver Punch Bowl and
At 2 O'clock Sharp.
Hon, William Connell, President.
Hon. II. M. Edwards, T. P. Williams,
Esq,, Conductors,
1. Introduction of the Picaldcnt, Hon.
William Connell.
2. Address of tho President.
3. S o I o c 1 1 o n , "FruhllnssrcRcn,"
("Spring Rnln") Munzlngor
Ariun Society, Brooklyn, N. Y.
4. Adjudication and Awarding of
Trophy In Class "C" of German
6, Competition, Soprano and Contral
to Duet, "Cheerfulness" Gumbcrt
Prize, $15,00, Donated by Hon. A. A.
6. Ad Indication and Awarding of
Prlzo on Ffug-Chwedl Gymrelg
(Welsh Novel.)
Prize. $.13, Donated by W. R. Lewis, Esq.
7. Adjudication and Awarding of
Prlzo on Pryddest Ddcsgrinaaoi,
(Descriptive Poem).
Prize, $.13, donated by John R. Joncs.Xsq.
10. Adjudication nnd Awarding o'f
Prlzo on Bass Solo.
12. Competition, Quartette, "Sunset.
(Unaccompanied) Prothcroe
Prize, $20, Donated by Mrs. Kato Crossln
O'Brlen. 12. Competition, Class "B" German
Male Chorus, "Der Pilot".Cnrl Flguo
13. Adjudication and Awarding of
Prlzo on Quartette.
14. Competition, Male Chorus.( Open.)
(a) "The Britons,"
Prothcroe, Mus. Bac.
(b) "Ar Hyd y Nob" (All
Thro' the Night)
Arr. of T. J. Davlcs, Mus. Bac.
At 7,30 O'clock Sharp.
Charles Robinson, Esq., President.
Hon. II. M. Edwards. T. r. Williams,
Esq., Conductors.
1. Introduction of tho President.
2. Address of President.
3. Selection. "Das Deutsche Lied,"
(Tho German Prlzo Song),
P. Fassbacndcr
The Arlon Society.
4. Adjudication and Awarding of
Prlzo in Class "B" German Chorus.
5. Adjudication nnd Awarding of
Prizes on Open Male Clionw Contest
6. Selection. Song by II. Evan Wil
liams, Esq.
7. Awarding of Prize on Poem, "In
Memorlam" McKinloy.
Prizes, first, $30; pecond, $10; donated by
Tho Scranton Tribune.
S. Competition, Ladles' Chorus.
(a) "Spanish Gypsy" Lassen
(b) "Nos Cnlan" (New Year's
- Eve) Arr. of J. W. Tarson Price
. Competition, Soprano Solo, "The
Belter Land" Cowen
Prize, $10, Donated by Dr. John O'Mullcy
10. Adjudication nnd Awarding of
Prizes on Ladles' Chorus.
11. Competition, Tenor Solo, "Lend
Me Your Aid" Gounod
Prize, $tn. Donated by Dr. J. J. Roberts
12. Solcctlon Arlon Society.
13. Adjudication nnd Awarding of
Prize on Tenor Solo.
13, Chief Choral Competition.
"The Night Is Depnrtlng"
Gl.vmn of Praise) Mendelssohn
Prizes, first, $1,000; second, $250.
1G. Adjudication and Awarding of
Chief Choral Prizes.
Pension System. Under Consideration
by the Central Bailroad of New
Jersey Board for Today.
Tho Central Railroad company of
New Jersey has under consideration a
pension system drafted after that re
cently adopted by the Philadelphia and
Reading Railway company, and which
covers the following grounds. Of the
employes In the service of tho com
pany, the following classes arc affect
(a) All employes engaged in any capac
ity in the operations of tho company, hav
ing attained the age of 70 years, shall bo
retired, and if they have been thirty
years in tho service, shall be pensioned;
provided, howover, that tnis clause shall
not be mandatory in its application to
executive ofllcers, appointed by tho board
of directors.
(b) All employes 03 to CD years of age,
both inclusive, who have been thirty or
more years In the service, und who have
become Incapacitated, may be retired and
Tho monthly allowance paid each per
son granted a pension shall bo upon tho
following basis: For1 each year of ser
vice, ono pcrcentum of the average
monthly pay for ten years next preceding
retirement. The acceptuneo of a pension
nllowanco shall not debar any former
employo from engaging In other business,
but such person cannot re-enter the ser
vice of tho company.
The pension board shall navo power, In
enso a faithful employo of said company
shall have received Injuries which to
tally incapacitate him for his regular or
other, vocation, to tako his case under
consideration nnd award him such sum,
as a pension, for such length of tlmo as
said board shall determine.
Age limit for employment: No per
son shall be taken Into the service of
tho company who Is over 33 years of
age; except that, with tho approval of
tho' board of directors:
First (a) Former employes may be re
employed within a porlod of threo years
from tho tlmo of their leaving tho ser
vice, or former employes of any other
ttansportation compuny owned or con
trolled by tho Central Railroad! of Now
Jersey, may bo employed within 'a perlud
of three years from tho tlmo of their
leaving tho service of such company.
Kecond (b) PersonH may, Irrespective
of ago limit, bo employed whero the ser
vico for which they are needed requires
professional or other special qualifica
tion; but '
Third Peisons may bo temporarily
taken into the service, Irrespective of tho
ago limit, for a period not exceeding six
months, subject to extension, when ne
cessary to completo the work for which
enguged; and
Fourth Persons In the active service of
any transportation company owned or
controlled by the Central Railroad of Now
Jersey, may,-Irrespective of ago limit, bo
transterred to and employed In tho ser
vice of any such company,
D., L, and w. board for today.
Following Is" tho make-up of the
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
board for today:
Summits West S a, m., Hoar with
Frounfelker's crew''.
Pushers 7 a. ro.. Houser; 11,43 a. m.,
Moran; 7.30 p. m Murphy;'!) p. m W, H,
Helpers 1.30 a. m,, McGovcrnj 7 a. m.,
Gafrncy? 10 a, m., Secor; 4.30 p. m., Stan
ton. , NOTICE.
M, Carmody and crew will run 7 p. m.
extra, May 27, In place of Nealls and
J. J, Murray will run No. 82. May 28,
aud until further notice,
Bait liberty live Stock.
East Liberty. May 27. Cattle-Steady;
choice, I7.15u7.60; prime, $0.7647; good, JiS.73.
Hogs Dull; prlme'heavy hogs, $7.20a7.30;
mediums, $7a7.03: heavy Yorkere, 38.90;
light do.. W.80a6.85; nigs, $6.70a6.75; roughs!
5a6.75. Sheep Dull; prime wethers, $4.80
all; culls and common, $2a2.50; choice
limbs ,6.25a6.; veal calve, $7a7.W.
Wall Street Review.
Now York, May 27,-Today's stock
murUet was an Irregular drift over a frac
tional rango for the most pait below
yesterday's closing level. There wcro a
row exceptions among minor stocks. Tho
recent demand for Wisconsin Central
stocks continued, accompanied by ru
mors of buying for control. Tlicro wob an
upwnid movement In Sugar when the re
port reached Wall street of a confer
ence of senators to attempt an agree
ment upon Cuban reciprocity; but tho
stock dropped back when tho confer
ence adjourned without action. A rlBo of
nearly two points In American Locomo
tive seemed a supplement to that of yes
terday in tho car stocks. Pressed Steel
Car reacted sharply over threo points on
tho emphatic denial of yesterday's ru
mors of a merger with tho American Car
company. Canadian Pncltlc continued by
far the most actlvo stock In tho list. It
dropped sharply 2'i In tho first row min
utes of trading, but was rallied by ar
bitrage buying from Canadian centers
whero tho absorption of tho stock con
tinued nt figures above tho Now York
level. Tho reaction wns considered a re
sult of tho speculation which has fol
lowed the rise, but the conviction remains
In Wall Btreet that Important develop
ments nro pending In tho property. Tho
nbseneo of developments In tho coal str ko
situation did not prevent tho ropresslvo
iulluenco exercised by the strike, which
Is emphasized by tho IncrenBlng scarcity
of coal and the growing effect on other
Industries. Tho government's weekly
crop bulletin may have had somo unfa
vorable effect becauso of tho Vlelay to
seeding of tho corn crop reported. A
batch of favorable railroad earnings, In
cluding tho net showing for April of a
number of important systems and good
Increases In gross earnings for tho third
week In Muy of others wns without ap
parent effect In the market. Total sales,
307.R0O shares. The bond market was dull
nnd Irregular. Totnl sales, par value, $1.
7OT.000. United States bonds wore all un
changed on tho last call.
Tho following quotations are furnished
The Tribune by Haight A; Freoso Co., 314
315 Meats building. W. D. Runyon, man
ager. Opcn.Hlgh.Low.Closo
Amal. Copper 70 70 60U OJ'i
Am. C. & V 31?; 3l?i ill 31Jt
American lee 18',i 19 IS'1 Ifli
Amcricnn Ice. Pr ... 02 62 6l"i' 61 jh
Am. Locomotive .... 31 33 31 'IVa
Am. Loco.. Pr DT4 !!', !
Am. S. & R. Co 4SV6 40 4SU 4R
American Sugar ....VJS'ft 120 12 12S)g
Anaconda Copper ...117'i 117U 117 , 117
Atchison 7fl 79 70& 79
Atchison, Pr DAM fS'.i OS 9Sti
Bait. & Ohio HW lOli 1D3',A ia.',2
Brook. R. T 07U (wli !, C7
Canadian Pacific ....TO 139'i 137- 13S
('lies. & Ohio MM 4ii 4ii 4n
Chlcugo -. Alton .... 37 37 37 37
Chic. & G. W 2S 28 2S 2S:i
a. m. & st. p i9 in?; won iron
C... R. I. & P 1711,4 172',A 17Ui J72'4
Col. Fuel & Iron tnn 100 99 inoii
Col. &, Southern 31 31 31 31
Del. & Hud 173V4 17514 17US MV&
Erie 3',i 30 3P,i 38
Erie, 1st Pr 7 07 (.7 07
Erie. L'd Pr 31 M',4 .'.l r.lU
Illliiol Central 153 153 131 133
Knn. City & South.. 33 3-iye. AV.i, 33
Louis. & Nash . 13S IBS 138 138
Manhattan 132U nv.i 131 132
Met. Street Ry HS'i 14R1 US 148
Mexican .... "7 27- 'Si 27
Mo., Kan. & Tex., Pr 31 Ki Tm 53
Mo. Pacific 99 100 99 100
Out. & West 32 32 33V4 32',4
Pacific Mnll 40i 41 40'j 41
Ponna. R. R 119'i 149 149K 1WU
People's Gas W! I0J 101 192
Pressed Steel Car .. 49 Mil 47 47
Reading H2 (S 61U 01
Reading. 1st Pr SJ'.S 83 W,S fa
Reading, 2d Pr R4 S'i Ci C8
Republic Steel 17'.i 17 17',S 1714
Republic Steel. Pr... 73',4 72 72 72U
St. L. & Sim P 7,i fiT.i ffl'j 07
Southern Pacific .... fil'A IV6 U 4
Southern R. R 30 3fi 30 3ii'j
Southern R. R.. Pr.. 91 0t 91 94
Tenn. Coal & Iron .. fi3 tt iS3Vfc 03
Union P.icllio. 10li 9c 104 104
Union Pacific. Pr ... S7 S7,i 87 S7'2
U. S. Leather 13 13 13 13
V. S. Leather, Pr ... S4'i 81 Rl'i S4
V. S. Steel 40 40 39 39
r. s. stool, Pr on nn X9 90
Wabash 20 ffiTfc M 2fi
Wabash, Pr 41 41 4.1 43
Wsetern Union 91 90 ! 90
W. & L. E 21 21 21 21U
Wisconsin Central .. 27 2S 27 2SU
Total sales, 30S.700.
Money, 2 per cent.
WHEAT. Open. High. Low. Close.
July 73ft 74 73 7t
September 72 72 71 72
July 03 04 03 01
September C0 01 00 01
July 25 3-, 35 33
September 29 29 29 29
July 10.97 17.17 10.97 17.17
September 17.12 17.32 17.12 17.32
July 10.12 10.17 10.12 10.17
September 10.13 10.20 10.13 10.20
July 9.57 9.03 9.57 9.02
September 9.60 9.03 9,60 9.03
Open. High, Low. Close.
July S.91 8.9J 8.88 8.93
August 8.00 8.64 S.59 8.03
September 8.03 8.97 R.iVt 8.07
October 7.91 7.93 7.90 7.93
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Far of 100.
STOCKS. Bld.Askcd
Lackawanna Dairy Co., Pr.... (JO
County Saw Bank & Trust Co 300
First Nat. Bank (Carbondale). ... 500
Third National Bank 530
Dlmo Dep. & Dis. Bank 300
Economy L II. & P. Co 46
First National Bank 1400 ...
Lack. Trust & Safe Dep. Co... 195
Clark & Suovnr Co., Pr...:.... 125
Scranton Savings Bank 10
Traders' National Bank 2J3
Scrantorf-Bolt & Nut Co 123
Pcoplo's Bank 133
Scranton Packing Co ...'. 33
Scranton Pnssengor .Railway,
first mortgage, duo 1920 113
People's Street Railway, first
mortgage, duo 1918 113
People's Street Railway, Gen
eral mortgage duo 19J1 115 ...
Scranton True. Co., C per cent. 113
Economy L II, & P. Co 97
N, Juraoy & Pncono Ice, Co ,. 97
Consolidated Water Supply Co ... 103
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Corrected by II. G. Dale, 27 Laclai. Ave)
Flour $1.40.
Butter Fresh creamery, 23c; ficsh
dairy, 24c.
Eggs Nearby, ISc.: western, 17e.
Marrow Beans Per bushel, $2.33a2, 10,
Green Peas Per bushel. $2.23.
Potatoes Per bushel, SOc,
Onions Bermudas, JJ.00 per ciate.
New York Grain and Produce Market
Now York, May 27, Flour Stronger and
held higher, but not quotably advanced,
Wheat Spot market linn; No, 2 red, nom
Innl, elevator; No, red (new crop), Si
u83c. f, o, b. nlloat; No. 1 northern Du
luth, Wie. f, o. b. nlloat; whaet was gen
erally firm again all day. Tho close wus
firm at ac. net advance. May clawed
Sic.: July. b0c: September. 7Se; Do
combcr. 79c, Corn Receipts, 5,250; ex
ports, S10; sport stiong; No, 2, 73c, ele
vator aud 73c, f. n, b. afloat; option muc
kot was strong an dmoro active, advanc
ing over a cent on small receipts, vigor
ous covering and bull sentiment jjeJer
ully closing very strong und Hie, Tiet
higher; May closed TliiSc; July. 70c; Sep
tember. 00c. Oats Firm: No. 2, 40a
46c; No. 3, 43c.j No, 2 white. 51c; No.
3 white, 501&C.: track mixed wostom, 47a
48c; track white, GOaaje,; options quiet
but firmer. Butter Firm; creamery, 20a
22Hc; factory, 17al9',ej renovated, 18a
0c; Imitation creamery. 18n20c; statu
dairy, 18a22o, Cheeso Firm; now state,
full cream, small colored, choice, 10c;
uhlto, 10c; largo colored and white, 10c.
Eggs Firm; state und Pennsylvania, 17
al6c; western btorago, packed, 17alSc;
southern, 14al5c.
Philadelphia Grain and Produce,
Philadelphia, May 27. Wheat Firm
and ',4c. higher; contract grade, Mav, fc3u
BSVic. Corn Strong and lc higher; Nor
2 mixed. May, iiSaOSHa. Oats Steady;
No. 2 white clipped, 51c. Butter Firm,
good demand; c.tra western creamery,
22c: do. nearby 'prints, 23c. Eggs
Steady; fresh nearby, 17c; do. western,
17c; do. southwestern, 17c; do. south
ern. 13ul6, Cheese A sliudo easier;
Now York full creams, pitme small, new,
124c; do. do. do. fair to good do. do., 11
aU'c Refined Sugurs Unchanged. Cot
ton M6c lower; middling upland, t&c.
Tallow Dull nnd lower: city prime, In
tierces, 6ia"c: country do do., barrels,
UUdOftc; do. dark, 6a6Jc: cakes, 7a7c.
Llvo Poultry Firmer, fair demand; fowls,
13al4c; old. roosters, 9c: spring chick
ens, 25430c! ducks, lOallc. Dressed Poul
try Quiet nnd fowls caslci1: fowls, choice
western, fresh killed, 13al3c; do. do
southern nnd southwestern, lJc; do, fair
to good, 12al2c; old roosters, Rn9c.J
broilers nearby,, fresh killed, 30n35o.l
western do., 23a30rij frozen poultry, fowls,
Hal3c.j roasting chickens, llal&u.; broil
ers, noarby, 22n2Se: western do., I6a10c!
turkeys, 19n20c.: ducks. -13nl0o. Receipt
Flour, 2,000 barrels and 3,163.000 pounds In
sacks: wheat, biiBlicls; corn, 8,ooo
bushels; oats, 20,000 bushels. ShlpmentH
Wheat, bushels; corn, 8,000 bushels;
oats, 13,000 bushels.
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, May 27, Corn prices went
climbing today and aided other grains In
a sympathetic upturn. Many conditions
favored better prices In nil tho pits but
It was largely through tho fear of tho
corn shorts that the long predicted
squeeze- was coming that brought tho ad
vances. July wheat closed oc. higher,
July com lalc. up and July oats. Ja
?6c. advanced, Provisions closed fin"e.
to 10c. higher. Cash ttqotattons woro as
follows: Flour Steadv; No.'S, 73a74c:
No. 2 red. 82V4:.: No. 2 white oats. 44c;
No. 3 white, 4l'ia43c; No. 2 rye, 59awc;
good feeding bnrlcy. : fnlr to choice
matting, C9ai2c; No. 1 flax Bced, $1.59: No.
1 northwestern, $1.77; prlmo timothy seed,
$6,30a0.33; mess pork, per barrel, $l7a17.03;
lard, per 100 pounds, $10.10al0.15; short
ribs, sides, $9.00a9.70: shoulders, SaSHc;
short clear sides, $10.10al0.20.
Buffalo Live Stock Market.
East Buffalo, May 27. Cattle ttccclpts,
light; steady. Hogs Receipts. 4,f00; slow,
lOalSc, lower on pigs nnd Yorkers: others
steady: heavy, $7.30a7.33; mixed, S7.lSa7.Su:
pigs, $0.C3aG.7O: roughs, JO.OOaG.SO: stags,
$l.75n3.50. Sheep and Lambs Receipt.
5.800; slow and verv dull: top lambs. W.SO
n7: others, $4aO."3: yearlings, $3.73nii:
sheep, mixed tops, $3a5.C0; others, $2.50a
Oil Market.
Oil City, May 27. Credit balnnces, 120;
certificates, no bid; shipments, 140,923 bar
rels; average, 103.589 barrets; runs, 83,
574 barrels; average, 77,039 barrels.
Capital, $200,000
Surplus, $600000
Pays 3 interest on
savings accounts whether
large or small.
Open Saturday evenings
from 7.30 to 8.30.
Six Eagles Mines
An investment opportunity of ex
traordinary merit. It is the best
known mining property in the state
of Washington.
A Developed Working nine
Not a Prospective Proposition.
A limited amount of stock is now
being offered to raise money for im
provement in equipment and' gener
al development of the property.
Awarded Bronze fledal
At the Pan-American Exposition at
Buffalo last season.
Stock now Belling at $ .50 a share.
The price will soon be advanced. Get
in now on the ground floor.
Write for full particulars,
1802 Crozier Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.
Wo offer, to yield About
5 per cent.,
(Total Issust $1,000,000)
Butte, Mont.,
5 per cent. 1st Mortgage Sink
ing Fund Gold Bonds.
Denomination flOOO.
Ihturinj 1 to SO ycart.
Rudolph Kleybolte & Co.
Gas Mantles,
Portable Lamps,
Kern Incandescent
Gas Lamp.
t53-327 Peua Avenue.
No Era
fop Credit.
Ready for Decoration Day
Discard the old and don the new, and on Decoration Day appear as every loyal
American should appear, dressed stylishly and comfortably.
You don't need, money to follow this good advice, this Store and its superior Sysr
tern, of Credit will fit out Man, Woman and Child Small Weekly Payments.
Our Woman's Department is overflowing with attractive garments Man-tailored
Suits, Skirts, Silk Waists, New Shirt Waists, Wash Skirts, Dainty Millinery andv Fine
Shoes. 5UITS FOR THE BOY Strong Lone-Iastinff-Sorincr Suits at low nrices.
31 T Lacka. Ave.
Second Floor.
Open Evenings.
A few days can bo pleasantly spent
in a trip to
Norfolk, Va.
Old toint Comfort, Va.
Richmond, Va.
Washington, D. C.
Steamers sail dally except Sunday
from Pier 26, North River, foot of
Beach street, New York.
Tickets, including meals ana state
room accommodations, $8.00 one way,
$13,00 round trip, and upwards.
Send stamp for illustrated book.
81 Beach Street, New York, M". Y.
Traffic Manager. J. J. BROWN,
General Passenger Agent,
Manufacturers of
i mm i
... .
if. .J. $ iff ! J ! .J. .J. .J. $ 4 !
l. Scranton, Pa.
435 o 455
r. scveiuu
Old 'Phone, 333i.
New 'Phone, '2935,
Booms 1 nnd 2
Commonwealth Eldg.
Made at sJoosIc and Rmltilile Works.
Lafltn & Band Powder Co.'s
Electric (latteries. Elect) ic i:plodcri, Im
ploding Musts, Safely I'liic
Allis-Chalmers Co
Successors to Machine Business, of
Dickson Manufacturing Co., Scranton
nd Wllkes-Barre, Pa.
Stationary Engines, Boilers, Mining
Machinery, Pumps-
ii s s
0, 0 0
Ladies' Si Skirts
We've got some beauties and no mistake. The
prices vary, but you can buy a splendid one as low in t f f
price as .. .". Plv
And as high as $40, cash or credit. Other materials from 10 up,
Men's Fine AltWool Suits
We have them from $8.45 to $25.00, and we think we
can suit any man. But if we can't we'll make one to order for
you from $15 to $40. The highest grade tailors in the country
make our suits. Cash or Credit.
DUGGIES and WAGON'S of alt Kinds; also
IIousm nnd Building Lots at bargains.
Lackawanna Carriage Works.
J.B.Woolsey cGo
Dealers In
Plate Glass and Lumber
Home Offlcc, 208-ao Mcara Building.
We arr maturing shatM each month which
show a net gain to thr Investor of about 12
per cent. V loan money. We also Iiue
FIIMj PAID STOCK !1CO.OO per share, inter
est payable semi-annually.
AM1ERT IUI.L. Secretary.
rear 511 Lackawanna avenue, manufacturer of
Wire Screens of all kinds; fully prrparcd for
tho 6prinj season. Wo make all kincs of
porch bcreens, etc.
General Contractor, Ilulldsr and Dealer In
Building- Stoiii-, Ctinrntlns of c.-llan a spe
cialty. Telephone 2W2.
Olftce, f.27 Washington avenue.
Makers of ravins Brick, etc. II. II. Dale,
Gtncial K3les Asrnt, Office S.'3 Waslitiijton
avc. Works at .Nay Aug, fa., r.. k W. V. U.K.
General Agent for the Wyoming District fot
Dupont's Powder
Uinlng, Bluting, Sporting, Smokeless and th
Repauno Chemical Ccmptny's
Safety Fuse, Caps and Exploders. Room 101 Cou
ncil Building .ScrintOD.
New York, Ontario and Westera,
In Eflect Tuesday, Sept. 17, 1001.
Leave Leave Arihe
Trains. Scranton. Carboiulale, Cadosla.
No. 1 . ...... .!.". U.lOa. in. l.OOp. n.
Ko. 7 ........ o-Wp. ni. Ar. Carbondale 0.4D p. ni.
"0 SOU ru BOUND.
Leave Leave Arilv
Trains. Cadosla. Carbondale. Scranton.
No. U ,. . ,.C?",m- 7,ua.m,
ku. 1. 2.15 P- " P- ni. i.iO u. a.
. Leave Leave Arrl
Trains. fccranton. Carbondale, C.dojia,
No. U !- a. m. . ".10 p. m. 10.45 a. in.
No, J T.tWP- m. Ar, Carbondale 7J0 p. in,
Leaie Lcaie Arrive
Trains. Cadoiia. .Carbondale. Sirauton.
No. fl ..,,.,.. '"? '" 7,ia.m,
No. l i 30 p.'in. li.Oi) p. in. ti. p. m
Train Nos. I on week u), and Don Sundjja,
make main lino coiinectlom for New York ciiy,
Jilddletottn, Walton, Norwich, Oneida, Ojtvcgo
and all points ucst.
r'or further Information ccniult ticket agent.
.1 f. MKso.V. C. P. A.. New York.
i, E. WELSH, T. S, A., Scranton, !'.
( 0 . .. r ,
Oriental Rugs
Host Pleasing, Host Lasting and
Host Useful Articles for . . ;
Wedding Presents.
Central Bailroad of New- Jersey.
In Effect May IS, 11)02. '
Stations in New York, foot Liberty street and
South Kerry, X. B.
Trains biranton for New York, Hillj- ,
delphia, Earton, Bethlehem, Allentown, Mauch
Chunk, White llacn, Ashley, Wllltc-Barro and
Bittston at 7.up a. in., 1 p. n. and d p. m. Sun
day, 2.10 p. in;
Quaker City Express lcara Scranton 7.30 a. m.,
tluough solid rhtibulc train with Pullman Buffet
Parlor Car for Philadelphia with only ono rhangn
of earn for Baltimore and Washington, D. C, aud a
all principal points south and ucst.
For Avoca, Pittston and Wllkcs-Barrc, 1 p. m. .
and 4 p. m. Sunday. 2.10 p. m. i &M
For Long Branch, Ocean Grove, etc., 7,30 ulfJL P
For Reading. Lebanon and Harrisburg via Al
lentown at 7.M a. in., 1 p. m. and 4 p. m. Sun
day, 2.10 p. m.
For Tamaqua and Pottstillc, 7.30 a. m., 1 p.
m. and 4 p. in. '
For rates and tickets apply to agent at station.
W. G. BKSS1.EH, Gen. Manager.
C. M. BURT, Gen. Pass. Agt.
Lehigh Valley Bailroad.
In effect May IS, 1002. ,
Trains lento Scranton.
For Philadelphia and New York via D. St It.
R R at 0.2a and 9.38 a. m., and 2.13, 4.27
(Black Diamond E.sprcss), and 11.39 p. m. Sun
days, D. li II. R. H., 153, S.27 p. m.
For White Haven, Hazleton and piincipal points
'n the coal regions, via It. k II. R. It,, 6.33, 2.1S
and 4.27 p. ni. For Pottsville, 0.33 a. in.. 2.19
r..' Rnilhm. Easton. Rcadimr. Harrlsburir.
and nrincipal Intermediate stations, via D. fc H.
It R.. !.38, 0.33 a. m.; 2.13, 4.27 (Black Dla
mond Express), 11:30 p. ni. Sundays, D. & II.
R. R., 0.JS a. m.; 1.33, 8.27 p. m.
For Tunkhannock, Towanda, Elmlra, Ithaca.
Geneva and principal intermediate stations, via
D , L. Is W. II. R.. 0.35 a. m. and 3.4Q p. m.
For Geneva, ltuchctcr. BuOalo, Miagara Palls,
Chicago and all points west, via D. & H. R. R.,
7 48, 12.03 a. in.; 3.23 (Black Diamond E
picss), 7.4S, 10.11, 11.30 p. m. Sundajs, D. i'H.
ft. R., 12.0J, 8.27 p. m. . t
Pullman parlor and sleeping or Lehigh Valley
Parlor cars on all trains betwcea Wllkes-Barrs
and New York, Philadelphia, Buffalo and Suspen
sion Bridge.
ROLLIN II. WILBUR, Gen. Supt., 28 Cortland
street, New York,
CHARLES S. I.EIJ, Gen. Pass. Agt., 26 Cortland
btreet, New York.
A. W. NONUMACIIER, DIv. Pass. Agt., South
Bethlehem, Pa.
For tickets and Tullman reservations apply to
city ticket cilice, CD Public Square, Wllkea-Barre,
Delaware and Hudson.
In Effect November 24, 1001. ' ,
Trains for Carbondale leave Scranton at .20,
8.00. 8.63, 10.13 a. ill.; 12.00, 1.23, 2.31, 3.o2,
6.2'J, 0.2S, 7.07, 0.15, 11.20 p. m.; 1.31 a. m.
For lloncidalc (1.20, 10.1U. in.; 2.31 and j,21
p. m. '
For Wllkc3Barre-6.33, 7.43, S.41, 0.33, 10.13
a. in.; 12.03, 1.4J, 2.1S, 3.23, 4.27, C.iO, 7.43,
10.41, 11.30 p. 111.
For L. V. R. II. Polnts-O.38, 0.33 a. m.; 2.13,
4.27 and 11.00 p. m.
For Pennsylvania R. R. Points 3.38, 0.33 a,
m. ; 1.42, 3.23 und 4.27 p. m.
For Albany and all points north 8.20 a. rn.
and 3.52 p. m. '
For Cailiondale S.W, 11.33 a. m.; 2.34, 3.J2,
.62 and 11.17 p. in.
For Wllkes-IUiic 9.33 a. a.; 12.03, 1.53, 3.23,
0.32 and 0.17 p, m.
For Albany and points north 3.62 p. m.
For Honesdale 3.50 a. in. and 3.52 p. ra.
W. L. I'llYOR, D, P. A.. Scranton, Pa.
JJolaware, Lackawanna nnd Western.
In Effect Nov. 3. 1001.
Trains leave fccranton for New ork At 1.40,
8.16, 0.U5. 7,60 and 10.05 a. in.; 12.45, 3.40, 3.33
p. in. For New York and Philadelphia 7.60,
10.03 a. m., and 12.45 and 3.ZS p. in. For Toby,
hauna At 0.10 p. m. For Buflalo 1,15, 0.22 and
0,00 a, in.; 1.35, IJ.6U and 11.35 p. in. For Blng
hamton and way btatloin 10,20 a. m. and 1,19
p. m. For O.nego, byiacuse and Utlca 1.15 and
8.22 a. in.; 1.55 p. ro. Oswego, Sjracu'e and
Utlca train at 0.52 a. m. dally, except Sund:y.
For lloiitroic 0,00 a. m. ; 1.10 and 0.J0 p. m.
Nicholson accommodation 1.0U and 0,15 p, in,
Bloomshuig Division For Northumberland, at
e.35 and 10,05 a. m. ; 1.55 and 0.10 p. m. For
I'iymouth, at 8,10 a, m.j 3.40 and 3 00 p. m
Sunday Trains For New York, 1.40, 3.15, 6.01
and 10.05 a. m.j 3.40, 3.33 p. in. For Buffalo
1.15 and 0.22 a. ni. ; 1.55, 6.50 and 11.35 p. m.
For Blnshamtoii and way nations 10.20 a. m.
lllcoir.sbuig Division Leave Scranton, 10.03 a.
ro. and 0.10 p, in.
Pennsylvania Bailroad.
Schedule in Eflect June 2, 1001.
Trains leave Scranton.; 0,3 a. m., week days,
through. wiuMe train from U'llkej-Uirre. Pull, buffet parlor tar and coaches to Plnladel.
phia, via Pottsville; etops at principal liitcimi
iliate biatlois. Alio connects tor Suuburt, liar
rUbuig, Philadelphia, Baltimore-, Washington and
lor Pittsburg end the vtu.
P.S8 a. m., week days, 'r Sunbury, Harrltburg,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, "tVashlngtou and Pitts
burg and tho wot.
1.42 p. m., week da3 (Sundays. 1.53 n. m.),
for Sunbury, llauliburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
3kllnx:on,aiid Pitlsburg and the west.
2.2S p. in week dan, through mtlbule train
from WllkeaBiirc. Pullman bullet parlor cr
and ccuclu-i to Philadelphia ia Pottsville. Stopt
l piincipal intermediate stations
4.27 p. iu., week da,, tor liaileton, Sunbury,
Ii4irisbar?, Philadelphia and Pittsburg. '
J, H. llUiCHlNflN. Gen. Mgr.
' J, U. WOOD, Uc-n. I'ao. Ajru
. v