The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, May 28, 1902, Page 10, Image 10

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' ";? 77
Concluded fiotn I'hro 6,1
bccamo ti Muboii In 1.S8U, wan knlRhted
111 I88S, and Is a lWHt niUHtcr! past IiIbIi
pilcat niiit tuiHt rmltiont commander,
nd nt present lioldn Hie oHIcch ot di
vision cotiininmlct' nf TJIvIhIoii No. 10:
member ot the llnaiiec conitnlttee of
ihu Brand chapter of Pennsylvania;
trustee of the pcriiinncnt fund of the
Harrlshiinr consistory, and it life mem
her of the Musonlu Home, In Phllndcl
phlu. ' He In one of the inonl prominent cltl
sttns of UntrlriburR. lie U ciiRtiRCft In
the wholesale paper bniMnesB unci Ih a
director In the Merchant' National
bank and the i.'cntml Tiust company.
R. . Sir W. W. Allon.
Colonel Wlltlntn W. Mien, who has
licen Ktand recorder of the grand com
jnundcry wlnee ISDf, Ih one of the inoHt
enthusla.otlu and widely known Temp
iur.t In this mate. All the corrcpoml
cnee or the grand commaiulery for the
past (Ive yema hs patifcd through lili
liandH and nt every cone'lavo since 1S!)7
nnil fur many years before he hns been
it conspicuous ilsiire. Ho knows all
about everything connected with the
ftrnnd coniniandery and Is the author
of a history of the grand commandcry.
which Is scion to ho Issued!
Ho Ih ii member of St. Albnn com
mandcry. No. 47. -of Philadelphia. He
was made a Mason In ISfi., ami was
inastcr of his lodge In 1M!). He Is a
past high priest of the Tt. S. At,, a
past eminent commander of the Temp
lars, nnd was grand commander ot
Pennsylvania In J8S8-8I).-
He has been engaged In the Insur
ance business In Philadelphia for llilr-ty-seven
yenrs. For ten years he was
captain of ii company In the Klrst regi
ment of the National Ouard, and was
in Herantoti during the strike troubles
of 1877, ns malor and assistant adjut
ant general oh' the First brigade (UHiTi'l
He has been eoniniancUy of the vetonin
corps fcjr eight years, froin which posi
tion ho derives his title of colonel.
He Is n Philadelphia)! by birth and
was educated In the Philadelphia pub
lic, Hohpoln. Kor two terms ho served In
the city councils. He Is now it trusted
of t,ho Presbyterian hospital, it mem
ber of the Presbyterian Hoard of Pith-
aa9SxBaxaMBMwBG$8k ' HwSI
ot rrirboiidnle. Aide In Commander of
First Division.
lleatlon unci Hublmth School Work", and
one of its trustees, and an elder In
the Northmlnstcr Presbyterian entire:!.
E. Sir John Jay Gilroy.
Grand Treasurer John Jay Olhciy,
of the grand eomnmndery. Knights
Templar, Is a piomlucnt eltlr.eii of Phll
iidelphiii. Knrly In life he enleied the
t'nlted .Stales navy as paymaster's
clqrk in tlio South Atlantic blockad
ing squadron on the V. f. .S. Paul Jones,
serving until 1S63, when he was trans
ferred to the W, H. S. Suwnnee, on the
Pacific coast AerVliiff rtittll fSG7" Ho
llien reslgnctl itnil beeatne a clerk In the
National Hank of the ltcpttbllc, ad
vancing to the position of Its general
book-keeper. In 187(1 he was elected
secretary of the (lunntiitcc Trust tnul
Hafe Deposit company, of Philadelphia,
a position which he still holds.
He has held other olllccs tlf honor
and trust In Philadelphia, He Is one
rtf the hoard oT manngcrs of the Mer
chants rttitt .Salesmen's association. For
a number of years he wan president ot
the Philadelphia Association of Work
liiBincn'n clubs, also wits president ot
the GoitgrrKH ot Woi-klngmon's clubs of
the t'nlted Stales, also u. member of the
United Service club. He wns one tit the
oignnlzcrs of S.t. Matthew's Yearly
Kcnellclal association, nnd hits been
Its secretary for over twenty-four
Ills record as a knight Is quite n
proud one. Ho was mnrle a nmson In
Corlnthliin lodge, No. G6S, of Philadel
phia: crafted June 17, 1881, and was
lalscd to the degree of it master ma
son Kepi. 1G, 1881. Ho was elected
Junior warden 1880, advanced to senior
warden 1887-88, nnd became worshipful
master In 1889.
He had the honorary degree of Mark
Master Mason conferred on hint
Murch 17, 1887, wns received nnd ac
cepted a most excellent master the
same day, and exulted to the supreme
dgiee of a lloyal Arch Mason, March
LM. 1SS7, In Oriental chapter, No, 1S3,
lloyal Arch Masons, of Philadelphia.
In Philadelphia council, No. 11, Hoynl
and Select Masters, ho received the
degrees of royal, super excellent and
select master In January and March,
May 'JS, 1898, he was elected grand
treasurer of the Grand eomnmndery ot
Knights Templar of Pennsylvania,
which position he still holds.
oughly drilled and disciplined comnintid-l
ery 14 tllio to tlio thcjroliah rind phlnstnk-i
lug Work na adjutant ithd drlllnntstcr of
UmhiPiit Sir Gnorgo tiller, Jr.. eminent
commander, 1897. Tireless himself, ho
knows that perfection In drill Is only pos
sible thiongh itssldiimis attention and
lut rd work, nnd ho hns always been roadv
to do his full iiharu to btlng'Mary to the
front as the entail of uliy eommrtlidery.
The tlatteilng coinnieiiclatlons th(it linvn
followed the cntnmandery's public demon-
Tlio piesent piond position of Mary
cntnniundcry, of Philadelphia, aa a thor-
"Whatever virtue there is in
other medicines I know by ex
perience there is nothing so
good for worn-out women as
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion. I have used it myself
with perfect satisfaction, and
have recommended it to hun
dreds of weak, worn-out
women suffering from female
weakness. If you get health
testored you will feel well,
think well and act well, and I
know ycur medicine is a great
belp to reach tin's state for
President West End Mother's Club,
Ko, 26.1 West 7th vStreet,
New York City, N. Y.
"Six years ago I little expected I should ever enjoy life,
much less such perfect health ns Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription has brought me. Suffered from prolapsus, and
endured sponics which can be little understood until really
experienced. Life seemed one long, endless suffering, and
my home work it drag and a burden. Your ' Favorite Pre
scription ' was brought to my notice through an advertise
ment, and nine bottles made life new and full of beauty to
me. (.Words can but poorly expreFS my gratitude, but gladly
do I give you this testimonial, although it is sent unasked,
hoping that it may reach the eyes of some other suffering
Vice-President West End Mother's Club,
No. 1S5 West SSth Street, New York City, N. Y.
who will read the two
letters printed in this
connection, must conclude that if the&e statements are
truthful Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a truly won
derful medicine for the cure of diseases peculiarly womanly.
But the "if" in the case. If these statements are
true. Is there a woman who will question the truth of
such statements for a moment?- Statements made by
modest women who put aside all personal feeling m the
desire to be of help to the suffering of their sex. Look
at this question of testimony from another point of view.
Suppose you knew a woman who had been cruelly in
jured, brutally beaten, let us saw You. knew the netson
I guilty of the outrage and when the injured woman sought
reparation, her redress depended on whether you would
take the witness stand. Would you do it ? Would you sit silent in the face of her suffering
just to spare yourself the publicity of a court room ? Never ! No erne woman would do that.
Now reverse the case. Here are women who Have been helped, not injured. They
know that thousands of women are in the same condition of disease from which they suflered
ticfore leiiig cured by Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription What would we say of women
working for the good of their sex, if they kept th.2 fact of the cure secret and to avoid
publicity, sat silent while it was in their power to give new life and strength to a thousand
suffering women, by proclaiming how their diseases had been cured by the use of Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription ? Should we not say such women are heartless ? It is heart sympathy
with the suffering of their sex which moves such good women to put all personal feeling
aside and point to the means by which womanly diseases are cured.
Hundreds of thousands of weak and sick women bear testimony to the fact that Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription makes weak women strong and sick women well. It estab
lishes legulanty, dries weakening drains, heals inflammation and ulceration and cures female
weakness. It cures headache, backache, nervousness, sleeplessness and other consequences
of womanly diseases, It is a superior tonic and nervine for weak, worn-out, run-down
women, restoring them to sound health.
I here is no excuse for womanly suffering in view of the cures of womanly diseases
fleeted by the use of "Favorite Prescription. " In ninety-eight cases out of every hundred
11 penecuy aim permanently cures tlie womanly diseases for which it is prescribed if it is only
given a fair and faithful trial. Even in the rare cases where a perfect cure is impossible it is
of great benefit, alleviating pain, reducing sufferino- and rrivinc inereasprl strpnoti.
Sick women are invited to consult Dr. Pierce bv letter, free. All lottos rP ki,i
strictly private and the written confidences of women are guarded by the same strict profes
sional privacy observed by Dr. Pierce and his staff in personal consultations with weak and
sick women at the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y. Address Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's offer of free consultation by letter should not be confused with offers of "free
medical advice, ' made by persons who are not physicians, and nie not qualified to practise
medicine. In a little more than thirty years, Dr. Pierce, chief consulting physician to the
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y assisted by his staff of nearly a score
of physicians, has treated and cured hundreds of thousands of weak ami sick women,
, "Favorite Prescription" makes weak women strong, sick women well. Accept no
substitute for the medicine which works wonders for weak women.
WHAT WOMEN THBNBf aliaut 0t" pja"ccs Common Sena
.!is .. . VBVtlE,tW ' Modioal Attvifon is wait oxprossad
In tho following snoolmom lotto ft
"I recalvoa tho ' Modtbal Advisor, writes Mrs. Elmer D Slionror, ot
MounUsono, Lancaster Ooh, Pa. " f would not mart with If, as It Is m mama
mvory woman should have.'
This valuable mcdioal work In manor covers Is sent HtE on reomlnt at
91 onm-oent stamns to pay oxnonso ot mailing ONLY. For cloth minding
send 31 stamns, m
Address Or, ft. V, PIERQE, Multalo, ft. ft
aaaaa'KaWfi " '
aaamw ;P'! t''
aaaaazzaa&skii .. w-i .R
naapjgfmrsm- .j'Y'i aaaaaaaam
Ot This City, Aldo to the Grand Com-
mandcr In tlio Parade.
' - 'i
stratlon.s must have amply rewarded him
for the care and Inbor ho linn expended In
the effort to leach that result.
Eminent Sir W. J. Mlltlgan. of Mary
commandcry, of Philadelphia. Is clerk of
the select council of that city.
Pucker commandcry. No. 23, of Maueli
Chunk, Bent the following delegation,
which participated In yesterday's 1111 ratio:
Imminent Commander Churles K. Cla-lt,
(ieneralls'.lnio J. Martin Itoss, Captain
Ocnornt Charles K. Hilnkham, Treasurer
Kltvootl JI. Ktmtis, Recorder Tnlrd II.
Barber, Commanders Eugeno II.
UlakHlec, Jrn O. Ross, Sir Knights Charlen
W. Roberts. 13r. G. Stewart Klrby. O. O.
Jarrnrd, Numa C. Ifeaton, Dr. J.
Wif-ser. Hector T. Craig. W. II. Obcrt. M.
O. Kuntz, Dr. C. W. Rower. Ira E. Soldle,
Robert I.. Sweeney. Gcoigo W. RHchard.
This eomnmndery was constituted In 1SS0,
and was mimed after the late Robert A.
Packer, of Maueli Chunk. Among tho
past commnnders nceompnnylng the com
maiulery Is ex-Congressman T.alrd II.
Barber, who represented the Kluhth dis
trict of Pennsylvania in tho Fifty-sixth
congress. Tho commandcry during Its
stay In Scranton, Is quartered In a Pull
man ear near tho Central Railroad ot
New Jersey depot.
Palestine commandcry. No. 11, of Car-
liondale, scat the following as her repre
sentatives down to tho pnraclc: Eminent
Commander K Sir J. R. Shannon, Gener
alissimo Sir AV. A. Spencer. Captain Gen
eral Sir Jt. II. Tappau, Treasurer K. Sir
S. D. Davis. 51. D., Recorder K. Sir H. R.
Wilbur, Past Commanders W. R. Rakor,
George Rtirrcll. 11. W. 3I11K G. F. Swl
gert, Geoipe S. Kimball. "VV. "I,. Ynrrlng
ton. J. W. Dlmoek. D. R. Nlcol. S. A. ,ic
Mullen. ,T. SI. Stewart, J. O, Sllles, W. D.
Evans. F. K. Dennis. George SI. Patter
sou, TT. Cuter. R. SI. Vannan. F. F.
Rocmmclmcyer, J. P. A. Tlngley, Sir
Knights J. II. IJagley. J. S. Berry. Ale-,
Copoland. S. S. Cobb, J. R. Cameron,
Geoige AW Cross, P. ,T. Foster, Waller
FrleK-. George K. Perrel. AW AV. Flel-hcr,
C. R. Geary. AA'. G. 'Giles. Frank Hubbard,
C. A'. Helms, J. AA". Jame, Andrew Lind
say. P. .1. Lee, F. T.ove. Rllsworlh Myers.
AA'. T. Morgan. G. AV. Norils. A. T.. Pat
ter.son, T,. A. Patterson. R. AV. Pothlc);,
.T. .T. Place. J. R. Stephens, J. J. Simpson,
C. K. Taylor. A. K. Tiffany, J. R. Vnn
nan. George A'oung.
The Tribune wasagaln honored yester
day wllh a serenade hjMhe Perseverance,
hand of Lebanon', .and Alexander's Ninth
Reslment band, of AVIIkes-Rarre. The
music and the compliment were alike ap
preciated. Past Grand Commander Irving P. AVan
ger. of Nortistovn, Is congressman from
Ihe Montgomery county district.
Past Grand Commander George AA'.
Koudrlck, 1r of Philadelphia, Is the sen
ior grand warder of the grand lodge of
Slasnns of Pennsylvania.
R. K. Sir Joseph Alexander, Jr.. of
Scranton, Is the only Serantonlan other
than Grand Commander Penman who has
held the office of grand commander.
Colonel Arthur SlaeArthtir, who Is here
as representative nf the grand master of
the grand encampment. Is editor of the
Troy, N. A'., Budget.
Among the prominent knights accom
panying Hermit commaiulery. No. 21. of
Lebanon, are: Past Grand Muster John
P. S. Gobln. lieutenant governor of Penn
sylvania: Past Kmlnont Commander
Abraham Hess, the mayor of Lebanon;
1'klltor AV. T. Atkins, of the Lebanon
Courier: A. Rise Rowman, of the Lebanon
Times: Past Kmtnent Commander Grant
AVIdeman. Kmlnent Commander Harry AA'., Hon. John A. AVeimer, Dr. J. C.
lJucher. Charles D. AVelrlck, esq,, Charles
L. Henry, Dr. D. P. Gerberlch, Dr. J. F.
Pclerman. John K. Rnudenhush. C. J.
Parr. Kdward Klmniel, Georgo Kimmel,
John R. Morgan. Captain Kit Daugherty,
Harry O. Nutting, Harry II. Llnea weaver,
Theodore P. Frantz, Joseph Kldd, AA'll
lltim T. Franlz, J. Shlndel Krauso, Hnrry
T. Alklns. IT. K. TIugheH. AVilllam lluteli
Inson. Francis Rotheimel. John 11. Kll
linger, Frederick Snyder, S. A, StcAdam,
A. l. Hvans, Henry Bayer, John Brown,
llany G, Sillier, Daniel P. AVItmeyer.
Samuel Simpson, Irvln Guth. Paul NNs
lcy and II. V. Bnlsbaugh. The following
ladles accompany tho party. Mrs. D. P.
Gerberlch, Slis. TT. AV. Slegrlst, Sirs. S.
A, SIcAdam, Sirs, lrederlelc Snyder, Sirs.
AVilllam T. Atkins. Sirs. William Hut
chinson, sirs, II. T. Atkins. Mrs. J. Tl.
Morgan. Sirs, Georgo and Mrs. Kdward
Kimmel, Sirs, RUen R. 1'mberger, Sirs.
Fiancls Rnthermel and SIlss Simpson.
They are accompanied Tiy the Persever
ance band, of Lebanon, one of the best
at the conclave. The commandcry l.s
quartered ut Hotel Coyne,
St. Omar comma ndery, No, 10, of El
mha, N, A",, Is represented by Past K111I
ncnt Commander Guy Shoemaker unci T.
.1. Routledse. nnd Sir Krilsms AA'. II,
Sc'hrneder and Fred Fox.
Past Grand Commnnder T, Leo Smith,
of Pittsburg, Is n past grand standuid
bearer or the grand enenmpment.
Sir Georgo F. Jnckson, of Sit. Olivet
commandcry, No. 10, of Altnnua, l.s a
prominent citizen of tho Slouutiiln City,
Uo Is engaged In the furulturo hiislnpss.
Is an uctlvo member of tlo hoard of
trade, has scived several terms on the
school boatd and Is a veteran of tho Civil
Ilnv. Robert F. A'. Pierce, pastor of tlio
l'eim Avenue Raptlst church, appears In
full Templar uniform. He Is 11 knight nf
Crusader rmnmundery, No, 17, of Uncle
ford, III, He is also a member of AVIn
nehngn chapter, No, t, Royal Arch
.Masons, of tho samo place, mid a mem
ber of (llnssborn lodge, No. So, Free and
Accepted Slnsoiis, of Glassboro, N, J,
Clarence commandcry, No. SI, Corry. Is
leprescnted by Kmlnent Commander
'harlcs J I, Golger, K, Sir John It. Slueklo
and Sir James L. AVcst. They accom
pany Si I. Olivet commandcry, of Kile.
Claicnco commandcry tus constituted In
1S7I and has 11 membership of sovcuty
two, St. Andrews commauaery, No. 7t, of
Su.'queliHmin, nrilved yesterday In a
tjpcclnl I'ulhnan ear and will leimiln dur
lug the conclave. lt oftlcers uro: Kml
nent commander, Adelbcrt P. French;
gcimiallsshno, Clark Kvnns; cuptaln gen
ci al. Henry J. Poisons; treasurer, Charles
Ai Sillier; recorder, John O. Brewer, The
commandcry has sixty members and
boasts of tho largest representation of
any commandcry In tho stain in the
Ki'itud commandcry, It also pumbcrs in
Its ranks th oldest living treasurer of
a blur lodgeIn Pennsylvania,' Sir Oniric
A. Miller.
Baldwin II commandcry, No. 22, of WIN
llauisport. Is .recogiiUcd as 01111 of the
cmck I'omtnunUcrlcs of the state. Us
Jhe Comfort of Coolness
Is possible this summer to ali who take advantage of
our offerings in seasonable warm weather necessities.
Sating for Coolness
For making ice cream easily and quickly we recommend
Shepard's Lightning Freezer. We also have Blizzard, Peer
less Iceland and White Mountain Freezers, which have a
reputation of being satisfactory to thousands of users. Our
prices bring the cooling and healthful ice cream within, the
reach of every family.
Shepard's Lightning Peerless Iceland White Mountain Blizzard Freezers
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Resting for Coolness
You've thought already we were going to mention
hammocks. You can't have guessed, however, what an
attractive selection we have this year. The colorings are
extremely handsome, and the prices are ridiculously low.
This combination is only possible on account of our early
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Making Coolness
If you have a warm corner to your porch it can be made
delightfully cool by using a "Vudor" Porch Shade. They
give perfect p.otection from the sun, yet afford a free circu
lation of air. They come in all colors of weather proof dyes,
enabling you to select a style to harmonize with the color of
your house. Made of carefully selected Linden Fibres. Fit',
tingsjapanned metal pulleys and the best maitre cord.
4 Feet by 8 Feet $1.60
6 Feet by 8 Feet : : 2.2S
8 Feet by 8 Feet 2.75
Green Trading
We Have
Both 'Phones.
eminent commander, Sir C. I.a Rue Slim-
son. Is one of tho leading corporation I
lawjors of the state, a prominent mem
ber of the Pennsylvania Bar association,
who lectures annually before the Yale
Law school and tho nuthor ot a number
of legal works. Ho Is largely Interested
In tho Industrial development ot AVI1
llamsport, nnd Is president ot tho AVI1
Ilamsport Iron and Nail company, and of
tho Keclor Roller works; secretnry or tho
W'llllnmsport AVI re Rope company, a di
rector and attorney of the, AVIIllnmsport
Pavings Institution and of tlio I.ycomlng
National bank: director ot u. dozen other
corporations, the Pennsylvania Telephone
company, operating In this city, being
among tho number. He Is of staunch old
Now Rngland ancestry, and Is u member
of the Society of Colonial AVars. Sir.
Stunson Is an enthusiastic knight tem
plar, possesses n pleasing and striking
personality, isorie of AVllllnmsporfs hest
known citizens and a leader In every
senso. He enloys an extended acquaint
ance In Scranton.
Ivnnhoti commandcry, No. ill, of Slaha
noy City, has the following delegation
here: Augustus AVebcr, Charles AV.
Dieter, William Stoln, Harry J. Krebs,
(loorgo AV. Portz, St. P. Fowler and wife,
Thomas L. Thomas, wife and moth'r;
John Thomas and wife, Livingston A'.
Rausch and wife, AA'IIHam Ci, Gregory,
James V, Slagrady, SUss Carrie T, Hess,
Prank' Schmidt and wife. Sirs. AVilllam
Nolswcntcr. '
R. 13. Sir John A'allerchump, or Harris
burg, is tho oldest past grand commander
of Pennsylvania hi attendance at tho con
clave, Ho has tho possibly unlqiio dis
tinction ot having becomo a- thlrtd-thlrd
degrco mason at the ago of ill.
Homo talent was entliely employed In
tho ball. Slaivln & Slide furnished the
llnrnl nnd Fuhriuan tho'othor decniatlons.
The St. Slnry "Oreotlng," tho Interest
ing u ml tastefully arranged elght-pago
publication dlsti Hinted by Stary comman
dcry, No, SI, ot Philadelphia, was gotten
out by ono of Its members, Sir Knight
William W, Status, of tho editorial staff
of the Philadelphia Kveulng Telegraph.
15. Sir Lewis K. Ilcltler, chairman of tho
cMichivn committee ot Pilgrim comman
der, No. 11, of llarrlsburg. Is drpuly
sceietary of the commonwealth, nnd In
tho Uibt udnilnlstiatloii was private sec
lelniy lo Governor Darnel l), Hastings,
lie in ono of tlio best-known ,men fn
Pennsylvania, and has clnso peisnnul
frlilids In every corner of tho state. Sir.
Ilcltler Is uccompnuled by his wife. Dur
ing their stay they ate being entcrlulucd
at tho homo of Colonel and Mis. L'. II.
Hippie ,, , ,
Slury commandcry, No, 8tl, pf Philadel
phia, has moro members of her own than
any of tho Juilsdlcllons of .UiImiim, .r
kniiHiis. Arizona, Florida. Ocorgln, Loul-d-unit,
Oklahoma, Indian Teiillnry. Mis!.,
slppl, Montana. Oregon, North Dakota,
South Dakota. Ninth Carolina. Washing,
ton or Wyoming, nil of which are lim
ning grand comnumdurles of their own.
Sir Wilson A. Turpcr, of Sit. Olivet
commandcry, Is ihe son of ox-Slayer Tur
ner, of Altoouu, wjiu was 11 grand com
mander of tho grunt commandcry of
Sir James N. SIcKcc, locnidcr of Oil
I'titul commandcry, No. l. of Johuatown.
is nt tho head of tho Cumin la Paint and
Color company, ono of the largest Institu
tions of Its kind in tho country) nnd well
Reliable Home Furnishings
w The next half vear will be spent out of doois as much
as possible. You will desert the house for the cool porch
or the shndy lawn, These places of rest should therefore
be well fitted with substantial and comfortable furniture,
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profit plan. Chairs, Rockers and Settees. All sizes, from
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Wedding Gifts
Under the present circumstances, a choice article of
household lurnlture should especially appeal to the gift
buyer, as the most suitable and acceptable token of friend
ship and good wishes. We have made special prepara
tions to please purchases of Wedding Gifts and for their
benefit, offer a few suggestions from our large assortment of
suitable ai tides:
Odd Rockers, Tabourettes, Pedestals,
Sideboards, Parlor and Library Tables,
China Closets, Odd Upholstered Pieces,
Den Furniture, Lace or Portiere Cur
tains, Rugs and Art Squares
Williams & McAnulty
129 Wyoming Avenue
it; 1 1
1 ....... in IIia di.i.jlrt tt tltlrt KrtrtlAII ft i.lkip I .lAlm-t-lltffc I Utii T.kl.t.A .t
ttliuwii iu iiiu iuuv 111 iiii.-i ivhiuu, v',.iiih i,iiiuii4iiiuu uuti uuiuisiowit nan QUIIO tilt
to inn ?rr.u cumuli
cunio to tho cent!
to tho ill.stanco few jf thn Oiicutuia I v;iie heavy tallbte of men In Its TemoUr
imcuvc, but thosu who till tanks as uuy city in tlio state.
. 1
..-.LJLi L