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The News of
fierce Blnze in ihe Italian Sottle-
,inent on Belmont Street Destroys
.Dwelling Owned by Frahlc Wells
ynnd Tenanted by Mrs. Ellen Hous
4on and Joe Younallt Tenants
-Lose All Elffhl; Hundred Dollars
Insurance on House.
.Fire yeatortlny'itftornoon destroyed a
icncincnt In the Itnllnn settlement on
Belmont street, below Clarlc. leaving
two families berr-ft of the Iiouhcs that
Were tlu-lr sholter. The vlsltntton Is
doubly severe on one of the fiimtllrn.
ds.tlu mother, Mrs, Kllen Houston, and
litir chtldreri, hnvo no father's support
td 'depend upon at present.
iThO iluclllufr. "whloli was owned by
Frank 'Wells, the carpenter, was In
fiilrod for $S00. The house he valued at
$i;ooo. .;':,:; ; "
There was 'no Insurance on the effects
ol" the tenants, Mrs. Houston and .lop
Younnlll, or YMiiiff as lie Is railed. The
loss of these Is eolnplete. They arc nut
nnly without homes, dependent unim
tlie charity of nelchhors, but they saved
none of the lielonfrliiBX, have the eloth
liiR they wore, The llames made such
headwav that In a few minutes Ihe
house was a Inferno, and
there was no chance to save anything.
Their HlRht to safety was the chief con
corn of the (wo families. In which thcie
wore several small children.
The orlRln of the (Ire Is apparently a
mystery. One family, ,the Younnlll, or
Youiir, say, the lilnze oi1itneuced In the
cellar, under. thej'rjartr,Kr,the house oc
cupied by'Mrs!"lloustA'n.' Mrs. Houston
s.j's she has no knowledge of Its origin.
She was In the front "room paperlns
when one of theYnuiiH8 hiolte In on her
with the alarn'iltiK-cry of Are. The
llrst UnowJe(lj;e,.of tliojhe was a matter
of illHintte,iwaWer,linjjVifliM?nwhlle the
llames wcie destroying their home, as
warm arf t"luT-Cl?.v:""rrserC Tb'c Youurk
Insisted In Impressing on Mrs. Houston
that the blaze had Us start In the Hous
ton cellar. Mrs. Houston, however,
sremed to satisfy them towaids the end
of the heated oxcliaiiRethat she knew
within? of tlie Ire's oilcin. and that It
whs, 'oncSgfe'.'ottSijr5;(ain'll5- ;ho
lulo n UwK'W)wf;ecVtr.'S&.ft,in in-
t;::ess ni:timNVdn'i(IWC "initWaircrm was
sent .in fro-S7J1fc'3y4S?2,,,Sl,'-rA'et and
("lark nveiWIBUifttt3,15tiaiclMihen the
atitchell TOpfvWitTivtey A'ccne,
tlie houftSltt'"'',ftf5ftlVI''klndlfid
fuiMiace."Tl;ii"c,W"fo(?''niti(,li for one
company .Ifl.cfimiuer' and the- nearhy
dwellings weie In ilriiiRer, A second
alarm wnV accoi (Tlilfiij' s6nl In. which
InotiKht the I'olumhias to the burning
house, 11 y the time the .second hticam
was on, llames were leaphiK from every
part of the house. There was then no
hope of pjivIijs It; tli.; aim was to Keep
the llames; down sd as, to pioserve the
numeious tTfnscly-lmllt dwellings on
cither side.
The lironleri'tind iinioh to (outend with
In quenching the llames. The water
pressure was uiuk at (list, owing to
the cliiRKln; of the lire hydrants, a
dose of mud and stones spitting: out ot
the nozzles when the streams were
turned on. The smoke rolled from the
house In clouds and blinded and choked
the men at the nozzles, while the heat
was fairly blistering. The hou'e was a
lilK-sized tenement and offered splendid
materialsfoiuUMlire Hint might get any
headway on the fire companies.
There was. iio'isalvntloa for the house,
and after biini'injr for a" couple of hours,
ihe taps for out were i ting- In by Chief
McNulty, who was one of the llrst on
the scene, and who dlrectuU tho. firemen.
Tlie house was litu,illy destroyed,
though sonic ofthe partitions remain.
It will ImVe'to' be'TelJtlllffTiioughout.
No other, .dwelling; was damaged,
lIoweeriH ijs ntj.'e,ssary ,to kep
them ra'lrjy, wittked Iwlth water fioin
garden ltViscs; TheJ de'ftj;oye.d house
stood In tne-iri'tdst of thv Italian colony,
and If tlie ilames spread, it is hard to
it'll but what .iju.', wlnjll'' settlement
would have been' U IjJeil obt.
Methodist Congregation Disappoint
ed Ovcrljio, Discovery.
The ofUelnls of "tlie -Metlmdlst church
wore sorely dlsappoliited. this. week,
ivhen tliOftowcr In the cliurclj was vls
ted for (he llrst time since the fit l-.
jind the bell -.was Jfoiuid (o'be lnoken,
J'he rrncturn of tho much-prized bell,
because It wiis a ryllc. is a severe one.
A fairly blg-slz(-d pieeo has been
chipped out and there Is a crack of sev
eral Inches.
The betl Is "tisehVH and Is now of no
value to the chinch, except for the sen
timental Importance that attaches to
Its posresslon, The hell has an Interesting-
history, having been used to call
various Important meetings and ussem-
Just Sensjbbj Eood Cured Him.
f'oiuotlmcs a good, healthy commcr-
-jfipl:trjtylppksuffv'i'H mnv poorly seeet-
fd food and Is lucky If ho knows that
; .Hie'iits-Hrrnicfast-yood'-wlll put
nlm right.
A Cincinnati traveler, John N, Case,
Jr.. mijs: "About a year ago iny stom-rtn-fiotlnnjbrid
-way. 1 hnd;,a Jiciul
ihe most of the tlmo and suffered
ujlsery. For Bevorul moiiUis I x down
ufttll l lost about 70 potfnds-In'wolght
add lliiajl&.hafl (to eJLxo,un-n flood posi
tion mid 'go liome.' "AnyTtfort that I
night use Repined to nauseate- me.
v'.My wife hardly krtsvj: Wiaf.;tff.;do
u)tll one day sho brouelJt'JipOie iVn.lCU-v
nfee of arupo-Nuts and Coaxed "nio to
tfy them, 1 tQliL,b,erJt,wiui iift,uat but
mially, to hulrtdv her. I tried rt'llttla'
Jd they just struck my taste. "It was
ife first food'thnt.i hud eatep u pearly
p i- nun u m iiui caubo nny suaering,
well, to mnkdidloiiir.-Htorv tlinrt. I
joian to Iniproviaiid 'stuck to flrape-
.3Iuj3. I wentvn' frfim 135 founds 'on
fWember 24, oc-
er e, isui. .r-i'a, .. K,
Uun hroln la linn?. 'Mn.l'n If ..I.Ali i
J W.fcMM M VfV,... Mt.'U.. ,, Itjlti .lllli
petite, too ;inujl Viot,miy .nuiu'H
Utetbook. In fact. I uin thoroughly
nkha over and owo It nil ta ni-imo.
tuts, I talk so much about what
wt tho right kind
You can pi
this f youjvant to.
iaa t
to stivp Mimttizks '4"...5.""rt
Hmv nvf-K-tlTMiwijRl'.irltfflMlevPloTjed
MPvtftHWiU, do that some of the
rnfn on tho Mqd-liavo nlcknanjenie
QraM-Nuts.' but .1 stand todav'. a
rf ..-." .1 r ' .T.-I.1 . .
eaiiny, -royycoe.Kea
4 4 4'
biles during Its career, which the disas
trous fire of hist November brought to
un end.
Erod Woodley, -Who Attended School
There, Supposed to Have the Dis
ease. A sequel to the siunll-nox cage, which
kept tho village or Wuymnrt quaran
tined for several weeks, Is the taking
down of Fred Woodley, a young man
who attended school In Wtiyninrt.
Woodley Is sick at his home in Alco,
Damascus township, Wayne county. Ho
went home 111 about n week ago. Dr.
CuscUer, of Nurrowsburg, who was
called to attend him, diagnosed Wood
ley's aliment as small-pox. Dr. Dtuln
bcrre, of Honesdale, who has had ex
perience In small-pox cases, has been
called Into tho cuso to watch its pro
gress. This Is the first stirplclotts case from
Waymnrt since the Hull case and the
other lighter ones In that village,
Hubeit Brcnnan, of South Main
Strcot Hill, Accidentally Discov
ered by Merchant C. W. Scamans
in His Store on Church Street.
Was Hiding Under Cash Drawer.
The Boy Arrested Has Been in
Various Scrapes Before.
Hubert Ilrennnn, of South Main
street hilt, a lad not more than fifteen
years old, was caught hist night rob
bing the grocery stole of C. X. Seaman
on North Church street.
Hrennan was accidentally discovered
In the store by Mr, Seaman, himself,
who returned to the store about 9
o'clock, to balance his cash. When he
appionched the cash drawer, tho pro
prietor noticed the lad almost under
his feet. He was trying his best to
draw himself back tinder the counter,
where the cash drawer whs located, in
oidor to escape notice. Mr. Seaman
nabbed thp youngster. His pockets
were filled with cigars and some sweet
meats. If-left undisturbed it was his
Intention to tackle tile cash drawer,
w hich would h:tve 'yielded good results
as the day's rcceijit were there.
Mr. .Seaman marched the youthful
burglar out of the -tore, and meeting
Patiolmdn Bell handed him over. Tlie
boy was locked In a cell in the city sta
tion and will be given a healing this
Hrcnnun gained an entrance to the
stoie in approved burglar style. He
sought the rear of the building and af
ter surveying tlie ground, decided on
breaking a window as the most effec
tive means. lie smashed a pane,
breaking enough glass to admit his
small body. As there are no tenants
close to where he cracked the window
the noise of the scattering glass was
not heard. Once inside, he made for
the tilings that were mo't attractive to
him, tobacco and sweet meats, stuffing
his pockets until the bulged. The cash
drawer was about to be tampered with
when Mr. Seamans came on tlie scene
and brought about a climax that was
wholly unexpected and unlooked for by
The boy had nothing to say and did
no whimper when Mr. Seaman and
later Patrolman Bell took him in
charge and locked him up.
Brennnn has shown thieving propen
sities for the past year or more. He
has been associated with a crowd of
youngsters who have broken Info sev
eral stores, making away with it load
of toysTvand sweets. Tlie police look
upon Biennaii as the leader of the
gang. In fact his companions poached
on him as such last summer when tho
fair store was robbed. Brennan was
arrested at the time, but, with the oth
ers, he was allowed to go on the prom
ise of his parents that his behavior
would be corrected and regulated by
Several weeks ago Brcnnan ran
away from home, going to Wllkes
I'.arre, where he was taken and re
turned to his parents, Mr. and Mrs,
Michael Brennan. . A few weeks later
he ran away again, but came home
himself within a few days. Stops will
probably' pr. taken to have.' the lad com
muted to, fi" reforma'tory.
Successfully; Given nt-Dundaff Meth-
. od'is't Chuich.
.The concert which--was ,sp success
fully given at the Methodist church,
Dundiiff. on Tuesday, wits participated
in largely by musicians, from this city.
The programme was as follows:
"Tho Sailors' Glee"r.,...'....C. K. Leslie
Choral . society.
"Annen IJolka" Strauss
Aniiii and Itoso Tinker.
"Flee as a-TIIrd" Mrs. M. B. S. Dana
Stella Montgomery and chorus.
Petite Symnhonlo M. Moret
A. P. Thomas and M. Rivera.
"Back 'Mid tho Clover and the Corn,"
Orpheus quartette,
Cornet solo, selected. ,.G, H. Ackerman
"Wo Rock Away on tho Billows Cay,"
Cliorul society.
Mnsurka do Concert Ovldo Musln
Prof. Thlele.
"Tho Sleigh Hide" Rnndcll
Choral society,
Cornet solo, selected. ..G. H. Ackornian
Chorus, selected.
"Mermaid's Kvenlng Song"..., ..Glover
Flora Uurdlck, Mrs, Decker
and Mrs, Perry,
Popular Air ,,..,U. Vieuxtemps
Prof. Chicle,
"Bonn yo cry ma Honey"
Orpheus quartette,
Tho Orpheus quartette Is composed of
W. M. Clark, Jlrst tenor; K. O, line,
second tenor; A. P. Thomas, baritone;
R. M. Shepherd, basso, Miss Carrie T,
Bronson Is accompanist, Prof, Thomus
ulso directed the choral society,
A Remarkable Picture.
Mark Kennedy, of South Muln street,
nn attache' of tho Delaware, Lackawan
na and Western Railroad company's
car accountant's otllce, s In possession
of n picture of the Lackawanna yard
ut Scrunton, showing over 20 deud en
gines, the consequence of tho coal
btrlke, U Is u lemurkably Interesting
New Century Club's Year.
Perhaps tho pleasantest assembly of
the New Century club, of the season,
was on Monday afternoon at tho home
of tho Misses Moras, at Simpson. It
wu "President's Day" for tho clujij and
the lust of tho year. Mrs. Will's A.
Mnnvltto, the retiring; president, gave
the nnnlial address, which comprehend
ed the work of the year, and the re
port of Mrs, Raymond II. Reynolds,
secretary and treasurer, was presented.
Tho officers elected for 1002-03 wero
ns follows: President, Miss Alice But
ler; vice presldeittT Mrs. Gilbert M.
Sampson! secretary and Ireasurer.Mrs.
Maurice G. Wait. The following served
during tho past term: President, Mrs,
Willis A. Manvllle; vice president, Mrs.
Rollln A, Sawyer; secretary and treas
urer, Mrs. Raymond H, Reynolds.
Compliment Paid Him by" the
Wilkes-Barro Record.
The Wllkes-Biirre Record shows n
proper spirit of appreciation In the no
tice which It gives John Harvey, ot this
city, one of tho most efllclent passenger
conductors on the Delaware and Hud
son, and one of our highly esteemed
The Record snys: "On the streets of
this city may be seen almost any after
noon John HarVey, of Carbondule, a
well known railroad man. Mr. Harvey
entered tho service of the Delaware and
Hudson company twenty-nine years
ago last April and hits been a conduc
tor for tho past twenty-four years. Ho
understands every detail of railroading
and Is familiar with tho traveling pub
lic. Mr. Harvey litis a home In Car
bondule, where ho resides, and has an
Interesting family. He may be Heen on
the river common almost every after
nooon when oft duty,, enjoying tho fresh
Alerts, of Electric City, to Get a
Drubbing on Duffy's Eleld.
Ho! for Duffy's field on Friday!
Tho Alerts, of Scranton, wnnt a drub
bing. At least they wnnt a game with
tho Crescents, which means tho same
thing. They will get tho ga'me and tho
drubbing, maybe, on Duffy's Held on
Friday afternoon.
This will bo a good opportunity for
Cnrbondale cranks to appreciate a live
ly game of ball. The Crcsc'ent3 are In
splendid trim, and the Alerts, wc are
told, are likewise In condition for snap
py playing. Wo hope so, at any rate,
for we would regret to see the Cres
cents waste their efforts on a weak
team. It Is incidentally hoped that
there will he a generous response to
the offering on Friday, as the expense
of bringing tho Scranton team here is
An Old Carbondalian the First to
Succumb Under tho Strike.
The agitation of the coal strike and
tho strike Itself was responsible In a.
largo measure for tho assignment yes
terday of Peter L. Neary, of South Main
street, who has conducted, not a large,
but fairly profitable business In Cnr
bondale over fifteen years. Mr. Neary's
business being largely credit, he found
It Impossible to realize on his debts to
meet the Importunities of his creditors.
The assignment was made to C. N.
Bronson, Lynch & Bronson, T. J. Kelly
and C. Dltchburn's Sons, In trust for
themselves and other creditors.
Installation of Officers.
At a regular meeting of the St. Aloy
sius Total Abstinence society, Tuesday
evening, tlie following olllcers were In
stalled: President, T. J. Gilhool: vice
president, William Burke,; recording
secretary, James Conerton; treasurer,
Frank Nealon.
President Gilhool, on taking the chair,
delivered his inauguration speech, which
was received with repeated applause.
Ho reviewed the history of the society
and impressed upon the members that
by their elforts alone was success to
be attained.
The regular order of business was
then taken up, and the entertaining
committee was instructed to prepare an
entertainment for the next regular
There Are Others.
The Wayne Independent of Wednes
day reprints under the caption of "Car
bondule Appreciates," the "Public Eye"
mention given In The Tribune to Geo,
F. James, of the Cnrbondale Cycle club,
with tho following preface:
"It Is safe to say that all of Carbon
dale's best citizens are natives of
Wayne county. Among the number Is
George James, son of John P. James,
of Honesdale. The Scranton Tribune
said of him tho other day," etc.
Wo would suggest that there are
enough of the "best" citizens of Car
bondule to be passed around among
more than the splendid Wnyne county
contribution. Some of our Honesdule
friends have met them,
Miss Gerrity Resigns.
Miss Mary Gerrity resigned, this week,
as compositor on the Evening Lender,
a position she held for nearly ten years.
Miss Gerrlty's resignation Is prelimin
ary to her entrance into another state
of life, sometime during the month of
roses and brides. This news will be
met with many wurm-heartod congrat
ulations' from her numerous friends.
Valuable Colt Stolen.
Klsowhero In todnv's Tribune Is nn
advertisement offering a reward for tho
return or Information of a colt that was
stolen from tho Patterson farm in Wny
mart on Tuesday night. There was a
duo to Its whereabouts, but It has not
led to tho colt's recovery as yet.
The Youngs in Trouble Again.
Hannah Young was put under ball
by Alderman Atkinson on tho charge
of maintaining a disorderly house on
South Archbald street. Hor sister,
blo Young, was likewise accused, but
sho has successfully evaded tho con
stable for several days.
Another Firm Dissolves,
Another Carbondalo fl'rm dissolved
partnership this week. Moon & Sle
bold, who hnvo been conducting u meat
market on South Muln street, have
made a change, Mr, Slobold retires, tho
other partner. N, Moon, jr continuing
the business at tho same location,
At Convention In Olyphant.
Among tho delegates attending the
Total Abstinence Union convention at
Olyphant are; T, J, Gilhool, J, V, De
laney, William MoIIale, Kdward Gol
den, St. Aloyslus society; M. J. lloran,
Frank Kllpatrlck, Mark Campbell, of
the Knights of Father Mathew.
Didn't Want Non-Union Men.
Because It was learned that Contrac
tor John O'Neill, of Scranton, proposed
to hire non-union men to place tho iron
Klrders on tho new Fell Brewing com
pany's plant, President Krantz, who
thfrbfst family lax&tiv
It is pure.
It is gentle.
It is pleasant.
It is efficacious. t t
It is not expensive. ' '
It is good for children.
It is excellent for ladies.
It is convenient for business men.
It is .perfectly safe under all circumstances.
It is used by millions of families the world over.
It stands highest, as a laxative, with physicians.
If you use it you have the best laxative the world
was so informed, refused to allow the
work to progress without union labor.
As the union price was $2 per day,
O'Neill abandoned the job as he had fig
ured on labor costing him $1.50 per day.
Union men will be employed and the
work resumed.
Meetings of Tonight.
George Randolph camp, Sons of Vet
eran5!. Branch 39. C. M. B. A.
Cnrbondale canton. Patriarch's Mili
Mr. and Mrs. George Herbert visited
In Scranton yesterday.
C. F. Whlttemore, of L. B. Powell &
Co., of Scranton, was in the city yes
terdnv. Deputy Factory Inspector E. W.
Bishop, of Dunmore, was at the Ameri
can, yesterday.
William Crago, who has been visit
ing his mother for some time, will
leave today for the Adlrondacks, where
he has a position as civil engineer on
a new railroad there.
Michael Murphy, who has charge of
the men who load and unload the para
phernalia of the Forepaugh-Sells Bros",
circus, visited at the home of his moth
er on Sand street.
Martin Flynn, proprietor of the Lack
awanna Valley bouse, Scranton, and his
son, John, were at the Harrison house
yesterday. Mr. Flynn' made an Inter
esting visit among his legion of friends
In Carbondale, which Is his former
Hev. nuil Mis. M. D. 1'iillcr left oBtenljy for
IIoini'HsUllr, N, V., where tliey will Bpeml sev
ci. 1 1 dilri.
The Marine b.inil, mnnbrrinff twenty-two mu
fici.un, under the lcideitlnp of Thonm Doutli
wjile, nude their appearance on the streets en
tenljy afternoon and plajcd a number ol Ec'lec
tiom in a thoroughly pnjovabla manner, the band
is composed ot playcis of Jermyn and Mayfleld
and we hope to hear thvin frequently while the
strike lasts.
Ailhtir Jones, James Owen, l'cter Simmers
(ledge Jones, Thoinai Moicom, Km man Will
iams John femilh, Maitiu CoIe and William
Vllliani3 are camping; at Lake Chapman.
I'atikk I,ouglmey, of Ilcndham, is iaiting Iiii
parents here.
Thomia Kenwood, of Second street, t!io has
been quite 111 for the past week, is improving.
Thii'O of Jiajtleld's young men, James (Juinn,
William Ktaiu and John faulllvan, left jeaterday
for Xew York,
K. l' MiC.nty, of Majfleld, has eccured a posi
tion as telegraph opcutor on the Boston and
Maine railroad.
J, It. Vandermaik, of Caibondaie, n former Jer.
mjii leiMcnt, was a caller hero jcstoulay.
Will, a. well known lcstdvnt of tho
i:at Side, left jrstrritiy for New Ymk City,
John Feeney, nf N'orlli Main lrcjt, has seemed
u position in Plttslnirir.
Kliool Direiloi Hunter and Waters are hint
1'ng to get the new Hag pole in position at the
school jard,
A pleaiant leeeption was tendered Arthur Mor
gans tlie popular joung bautone, at his home
in West Mlnooka on TucwJay Helling piciiotu to
bis departure for IlulT.ilo, N, V. 'Mr. Morgans
added much tn tho pleasure of the oceuslon in
leiidcring t,eeral pleasing tolas and reficahments
were scued. Tho gucts piesent wero Miss
(,'erlrude Thomas Dal.y and Giile Heinhardt,
Alice Nicholas, lleitlu ltosc, It.iv, Jessie and
Alice Morgans Slia Gibson, Miss Hush and Miss
Miller, ot Sciunton; and Messrs John and Will
lam Morgans, Cl.enter A. Iteesc, John Crane,
Harry Thomas, Albert Hose, Arthur Moigans,
l'rcil ami IMsar Hose,
Tlia funeral of the laic Joseph Hall will Hike
place from the homo of Mrs, James Njj.1i this
afternoon. Services will be held in the home.
Interments will be made In the Prcsbj tcrian
Tho funeral of the .oiig child of Mr. and Mrs.
John Wclbel, of Main street, took place j eater
day afternoon, Srnicrii were lielil at the li'iuse,
Itcv, A. Weber nffUlatrd, llurlal was made In the
1'prest Home cemetery.
Today the Heds will battle with the West Seran
ton Aleits on tho Jtlmxldo base ball grounds at
:U0 p, hi,
Tho rafllo fnr (be hfiuflt of John K. Matthews
will be held next Tuesday evening In Llewellyn's
hall. It has been requeued tint' all tickets ami
money be in the hands of the comndttce by Men
day cu'iilng, May Uit.
All inembcis of Minonka tribe, No. 217, Im
oraicd Order of llcil Men, are requested to be
present at their rooms (Ids afternoon at 1 o'clock
to attend the obsequies o( their deceased brother,
Joseph Hall.
Mrs, Ilattlo Ilarber. iriict of the late IMgar
Ilaibcr, died jc.terdjy morning at lirr home on
Main street, aged U .U'ars. Deceased was ill
only a few dajs and succumbed to pneumonia,
The funeral will t.'ko place from the lata icsl
dvneo at -'.SO o'clock Friday afternoon, Hev, !'
Cendall, officiating. Interment In Prospect ceme
tery. Tlie Ladies of tlie Women's ChrUtlan Temper
ance union, also of tho Ladles' Aid society of the
Methodist church, will meet In the lecture room
of the church on Friday at 2 p. in., to attend the
funeral ot Mrs. L'dgar Dirbcr.
''lie Mount JvMiip Coal company have removed
their mules from their mlncj ami put tlicm out
to pasture.
iJraatara Is oa boifi'flM I
Laxative uromo(juuuaeTntt ,
55 18
Extraordinary Sale of
High Grade Shoes and Oxfords
Fortunate circumstances
' The newest styles fresh from
the shoes. We place them on sale
It Will Pay
ITS pairs Men's Velour Calf, Vicl Kid and
Patent Calf Hand-S-wed Shoes; made to
sell at iiiM). Sale price CO A U
only iP6.40
::"d pi lis Men's Dox Calf and Wine Huiset
Shoes, heavy soles; made to sell CI (k
at $.-1.50. bale price 4J 0
67U pairs Men's Light Hot Calf, Viei Kid,
Patent Tip Shoes; made to sell at CI fjtj
$2.50 and $3.00. Sale price ' "
1T0 pairs Men's Hiissla Calf Fine Shoes, con
gress and lace; worth $2.50 and CI (C
$3.00. At 91.411 and iPl.iJO
lS'J pairs Men's Shoes, light and heavy
double sole, congress and lace; woith 07
$1.50. Sale pi ice Mt
Call and Examine Our Goods
1500 IK 1500
Cross and Crown . i Cross and Cr0WQ
Emblems I l .Emblems
for I for
Home, Office I Home, Oflce
or k or
Store V Store
Decorating 11 Deeorating
ioc rn 10c
Each t Each
Size, 20x20 I See Onr
Inches Window
Its component parts are all wholesome.' ,
It nets gently without unpleasant after-effects.
It is wholly free from objectionable substances.
It contains the laxative principles of plants.
It contains the carminative principles of plants.
It contains wholesome aromatic liquids which arc
agreeable and refreshing to the teste.
All are pure.
All arc delicately blended.
All arc skillfully and scientifically compounded.
Its value is due to our method of manufacture and to
the originality and simplicity of the combination.
To get its beneficial effects buy the genuine.
Manufactured by s
San Francisco, Ceil.
Louisville. Ky. Now York. N. Y.
Friday and Saturday.
enabled us to buy in the Boston, Lynn
of High Grade and Desirable
Shoes and Oxfords.
the manufacturers in need of ready cash, at less than cost of making of
at prices less than merchants pay direct from the factory.
You to Read the Amazing Low Prices.
CO pairs Men's Tan Shoes; made to Op
Fellat?l."j. Sale price V j
Hojs' Shoes at 07e.; Youths' Russet Shoes
at "lie.; Childicn's Shoes, :!5c. up.
128 Mirs Ladies' Fine Vicl Kid Hutton, Pat
ent Hp, $-'1.00 Bhoes; narrow- CI Ai
nidthfc At $1.29 and fA.TO
VO pairs Indies' Patent Kid Button and
Lace Pine Shoes; made to sell at C IJC)
$J.00. Sale price !. a
47S paiis Ladies' Vicl Kid Hutton and Lace,
Kid and Patent Tip Flexible Sole Shoes; made
to svll at .00, SJ.50 ami $3.00. CI AC
Sale price, $1.40, $1.70 and PJ.iJO
and Prices and See for Yourself the
and Brockton shoe markets
00 pairs Ladies' Patent Leather 1.T5 Qfln
Shoes at O IV
5S0 paiis Ladles' Dongola Button and Larc
Shoes, Flexible soles: made to sell at OOi
$1.50; kid and patent tips. Sale price.
293 pairs Lidles" Hutton Ties, hand
tinned; made to cell at $2.00. CI 4U
Sale pric '. Pl.atftf
96 pairs Ladles' Southern Ties, pat- i
ent tip; worth $1.75. At Jlli
Ladies' Oxfords at 75c. and 08c.
Misses' Shoes and Slippers, all prices.
Greatest Values Ever Offered.
Lackawanna Ave.
We are ambitious and de
termined to keep all the
The Best Flour,
The Best Oats,
The Best Feed,
The Best Hay,
In Scranton.
Dickson Mills Grain Co,
Scranton and Olyphant.
Old Phone, Green Eldge, 31-2.
New Phone, 1103.
Best Qualities $5.00
and upwards.
Straw Hats
of Every Description.
413 Spruce Street
300 Lackawanna Avenue.
Dr. Uelmd's Llneu Uudei