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0e kcratiton rifiune
fnbllnnpel ftalir, Kxrfpt Sunday, hy T Tr)!"
me publishing Company, at Kitty CnliJJIJnlh.
UVV S. tltCHAntl, Editor.
O. V, tlYXDKK, llmlnrm .Manager,
New York Offlcet 150 Nissan St. . .
H. S. VIJtXtiASI).
Bole Jigtnl for TorulBii AtliertUltiR.
Kntered et tlie Poitotnce itl Si ronton,
fccroiid Class Mill Matter.
'i at
When space will permit, The
Tribune la always glad to print
Rhort letters from Its friends bear
ing on current topics, but Its rule Is
that these must be signed, for pub
lication, by the writer's real name;
and 'tho condition precedent to ac
ceptance is that all contributions
shall be subject to editorial revision.
Tim rr.AT ijatk nut Anvr.itTisiso.
The following tabic tliowa tlio prior per Ineh
elt Insertion, space to be mod ivltlilii one jear.
""" Him iini7finB pr" I'!'1,'
IJIMT.W. Jiprr. llteiilltuT. JM-ltJojl!
iVd tlinn Oflndiet. .fit) .IT. " ."
M Indies . .in . .f
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fiW ,,.,,,, .,;, .i,v-, .11
Pur ronl of thiinlc. resolution of iom!olon."
mnl iniilrlliiitlon In tho nituic 'it .in
ii-tlWnsr The Tilliuua nukes a clnrge of ft wills
a lino.
ItnlM of CliluVcl AihrrlMiiK fiiinlilinl on
SVKANTO.V. MAY 10. 1002.
For governor of Pennsylvania, on the
Ifslie tif nn open flclil ami full' play,
JOHN P. E1KIN, of Indiana,
SMibjPi-t to tilt; will ()r tlio Itcpnbllunn
I'jelter Reconsider.
ui: SAXDiJAfusiNt: or .loim
! KlUin N nut lneetln'ir with
tln f-iK'fi'ss that w.ti nntlel-
liiiteil. lje.ilcn to a
FlumNtlll In Ills own tcniiuv of I5imct
unci i-ucil fiuni the lmniilliitlon of
having to take Inytuictlolih for Klkin
only l,y the i'otii or Clkln's fileml;
1 lie Mcmcpi- rlelilsatt". who h.ul been
piomlsed to Quay by .Major Mt-Dout'U,
oilier chMlt of tile house of leuicsenta
tlvif. InMiiii'leil lor IJlkin bv a nloio
than two-thlioN vote or the loiinty com
mittee; the lonlennil.Ued ilelheiv of
PehliylklH's elht delef,'.iten lo the Quay
rump Middy Intel inpted by Klkin eap
ttulnsf five outilnht, with propeets of
KettiiiK the other thtee; and finally ICI
klu lctoilei In O.uinhin. Northumber
land and I'luwfoid tlies.0 i (Institute
developments enough to make last week
hlstoiie In Pennsylvania political an
nals. .
llut for Philadelphia, ihcie, ntconl
Iiik to tin: testimony or Judge Penny
p.ioker'M insmiveiil mippoiteis. jniinar
ies have no meaning as expiesslons of
public Hcnlimcnt and delegates aic
named and oted without, legaul to
popular opinion, the opposition to John
Klkin would not amount In the June
cninentlon lo a torpoial's gu.ud, AVe
ate not so sine that It, for piactkal
jmipot'cs, will amount to ninth more as
the case stands It Is evident that the
young Republican stalwaits of the in
terior counties .ue awake and deter
mined. Not only June Ihey helped the
candidate of the people to win every
contest waged In open pilmaiies wheie
public opinion could be legisteied. but
they aie rapidly conalling for Klkin
the uniiii'ti acted delegates upon whom
Quay Iuih been l dying to give hlin con
tiol. Nor is It certain that Philadel
phia can be held in hand bv Klkin s
opponents. The in this contest
may not all lie located in the countiy
As u matter of tact, Plilladelphians
as well as otheis ale opposed to the
kind of politics which would s.ieiiifiio
fidelity at the dictation of ooiporatc in
tluemes and cast oiV ti lends tiled and
tine in a aln lllitatlon with unlmpoil
ant enemies. The louiiilatlou ol city
machine poiitiis is loyalty: and when
tlilri Is dlscaided bv tho-e in (inmiiand,
involution in the innks Is cerinlu to
inateilnjiite noom-i' or Inter. The leal
. iriemlH or Senator jim lme wained
hlin lepoatedlv of the mistake he was
making In b's attempt to set aside the
lawn in- of the puity. Kor the icvcims
he is undergoing lie has nobody lo
Maine but himself. Then- Is yet time,
howevei, lor his mlstnku to be ior
Ji'iicd wllhuut appreelable Injury to the
P'Ut.. llut If he pm sues michi into the
i oiv ntlim ami s Iiemen, then wheie
will his boasted picstigc be',' And even
tliuiiBh he fhould manage to cousum
inatu the defeat of l.s most clliclenl
lieutenants in n,,. ,IS au,j aPmtt0
them I'.iievn- limn his sumdaid by the
iioiuiimtlon of some man whom the
peoplr- ,lo pot know, wherein would lie
his gain'.'
Senator Ouay should r consider.
JlRlttcr, loyal to his word and never per
fidious lo a filcml, ihblliili toilliastlng
strangely wlllt Ills action In this catn
P.iIrii, ciihim for hltn the right to lit)
heard In his own defense before con
demnatory' Judgment Is pronounced.
Tlim1 Is no need of bitterness nmoiig
any tf the1 hclllgetents In this canvas".
It I" 'i light for a nomination, After
the nomination shall he. made there will
rone the election, and the Itcpithllcan
pally will have room and woilc for
bvery member, Ihe vuiitiulshcd as well
as tlie victors In the convention. AVo
hope ami believe that .lohn Klkin will
win, nml wo shall do everything that
can properly be done to further that
end: but It would be unfair to Mlkln to
be unfair to his opponents, lie has no
bitter feeling against Durham. Wo
doubt that he has any bitterness to
ward Quay, In spite of tile shabby man
ner in which Quay treated hint, lie Is
too L'heeiful ami too big n man to
wony with grudges and his example.
In this lespect Is recommended lo his
Neaily I'OO.OOO.OOO tons of coal of all
kinds veie mined In the t.'nlted .States
last year. That coal Is one of the two
legs on which our prosperity stands,
Iron being the other. To knock this leg
fiom under would tlnow every work
Ingmun In the country out of employ
ment, AVill they consent V
Tor anoHier emergency, Philadelphia
has seen the benefit of a Permanent
llellef association, with fuitds ready on
the Instant wlfen a great calamity calls
for Immediate aid. If out of this mighty
West Indian tragedy llic nucleus of a
permanent national teller fund should
bo established a residuum of good will
be left out of this gteat misfortune.
Aluei leans haVf been dial god with
being controlled by a commctclal spirit
and devoted to the worship of the al
mighty dollar, Americana are willing
to hustle, to loll, to risk much to get
that dollar, but they get It to use it,
ntid they have never htslsted on using
It exclusively on themselves. It Is be
cause they get It that they are able to
give It. That they tiro willing to give
It to alleviate distress promptly, liber
ally, without prodding or prompting or
walling to see what others will do,
shows that this spirit of commercial
Ism in the acquisition of weajth giver,
place to the spirit of the good Santai'l
tan in Its disposition,
The ue.M Into eating development
scheduled fur Pennsylvania politicians
will bi ne.M Saturday's open piinmrles
In Tiogu county, wheie Watres, Penn
packeraml l.'lklu mo all leshtcied. ts
outcoinu vviI be Intel cstlllg.
' With Malice Toward None."
WK OHSUnVK In tin. Lan
caster New Km ,, t.,j.
itoilal seveiely censuring
ImucI V. Durham for
his upostacy noni the Klkin tanks, and
predicting that It spells the bcslnnins
of Dui ham's ilcclluu and fall as a po
litical lender. Tlio Lancaster puper
ifays that "at thy whim of hlH master,
ho cast behud him every pledge good
men hold dear, and thiew away the
friendship of a lifetime."
' ,e lutva lip Knowledge) as to the mo
tives or impelling forces behind .Mr.
Duiluim'H action, but wo aie not liv
iillned. to bliAi-o the Lancaster papei's
bitterness, u would savor toq much
ojjspnp Judgment. Theio Is good tea
son to believe that Durham took his
hostile stand tovvaul Klkin with the
greatest personal leluutaiue and In
obedience to Influences, which ho dared
not combat, Ayiiat these were lemalns
to be divulged. That they may im
traced to tie he.idiimrterH of ceitaln
puwetful corporations fearful of John
lilhlu'H independeiicc and seated by (ie
loud yellig of a few Insurgents ijeher
In in9iiey than li votes we strongly
suspect; bu( of this we have ijo ptouf.
Time uloua can tell Jhe story,
Iu the meanwhile. Dut ham's estab.
llsjiea churacter as a fair and manyl
How Long Will the Strike Last?
P11KD1CTIOXS aie being made
in many quarteis as to the
length or tin coal strike.
They vary widely. This Is
natural. Theio Is no precedent later
than "77 to guide, and londltloiis now
aie in few lespeets p.uallel lo condi
tions then,
it, however. Is ti lie that long strikes,
like long wai.-, aie less piobahle now
than In foi mer years. The interdepen
dence or industry Is greater. The ma
chinery for holding in check dlsoideily
teiuleiicle- Is much supeilor. We aie
inclined to believe that the spirit of
thilft and ol leluctame lo tolerate the
gieat waste ol a piolonge'd strike on a
huge c.ilu Is mine potent today than
iu the e.nly pel lod of labor stilkes.
I'nder the new conditions surtound
Ing the anlhiacite industiy those who
live In the vicinity of the mines know
the least about what is going on among
rhe poweis that be. Consequently their
piedletinns liavc no moie value than
those made at a distance and fre
quently have le-s. They aie in the
trying position of helplessness to pio
tect their own inteiests or to have a
guiding hand In the steering or tlie
ship which caiiles their weKaie as
ca i go.
Hut looking at the matter dispassion
ately, as one would look at it fiom n
distance, we should be inclined to pie
illet that the question or tlie duration
of the anthiaeite strike depends almost
wholly upon the ability of the strike
leadeis to senile effective co-opeiatlon
among the bituminous woiker". To do
that they must swing out of comfoit
able employment JiOO.OOO men without
gilevaiues as an auxlllaiy to the one
bundled and lorty-odd thousand an
thracite vvoikeis now idle. Kven waiv
ing the bleach of valid lontiacts whlcli
this w ou lil necessitate, and consideiing
it meiely as a mas movement, its
success looks pioblemuttcal, to say the
.Should It succeed, we do not doubt
that the mineis' union would soon
loice the opeialors to terms. Hut
should It rail, and should soft coal come.
In wheie anthracite belongs, cutting
both opeiator and stiiker out olhis
rutiut, it is Inciedible that the stilke
would not hieak speedily.
It is possible that the pioposlllun of
a Joint convention of soft and haul
mineis to ute on the question of a
complete tie-up may be held up beroie
the anthracite vvoikeis as an encour-
agemei.: not Intended to mateiialize
but we do not take such a view of the
oiganUatlou leaders. Vet we aie
it nuk lo lonfess thai we never expect
to see a lomplete suspension or coal
mining in this country not. at least,
until the Is exhausted or Oabilel
blows his tiump.
"It seems to ine, Mr, President, wo
must look at the situation as It Is. AVe
have, the Philippines. AVo have taken
title. We have possession. We have
established government. AVe are estab
lishing law and order. They ate ouis
mils ngalnst all the world: and the
thing for us to do Is to set that house
In order heroic we talk ubout malting
it, disposition of it. AVe 'are doing our
part, and, as i believe, doing It ns well
as we known how, laboring honestly
and faithfully to accomplish just and
pioper lesults, and It will be for those
who como after us In the congress of
the Tnlted States tor a creat many
will come lifter us before' this question
Is acted upon to determine what
shall be done by the government of the
United Slntes; and when they come to
take action the conditions .existing In
the Islands, the feeling or friendship
or of hostility, whichever the case may
be, of that people will undoubtedly have
much to do in determining tlie congress
of the Tolled States as to what action
It shall lake." Senator Foraker.
AVe notice that some supportcis of
Judge Pennypacker aie ciltleizlng Quay
lieutenants In counties which have gone
for Klkin. That is baldly fair. Quay's
lieutenants aie doing the best they can.
Their dllUculty is that the people, are
doing mine.
The Democratic leaders are having
dlfllculty these days in convincing the
Democratic "come on" Unit fusion
gieengoods will be the popular cuneney
iu Pennsylvania.
There Is very little leason to doubt
that labor unionism has come to stay.
Hut It will succeed better by obeying
the counsel of Us conservative leaders.
It Is a pietty thin-skinned kind of
Ameiicanism which finds fault with the
acceptance of Kmpeior AVIIliam's prof
feied statue of Frederick the Great.
Good luck to the joung king of Spain.
May he equal the sagacity and human
ity of bis distinguished mother.
It may yet become necessary to put
a tinift on piincely and grand dukely
Harking back to ancient times, John
Klkin Is not a GlIke-oii.
Candid Comment
About the Strike
Tic in Vc
As u war measuie the calling out of
bituminous mineis in u sympathy
fitlike would, If successful, be Napole
onic, llut what If it should lull'.'
American Generosity.
ll'llilll III,' l'llll,lllllllll.l I'HM.)
T1IK I'nlted States consul at
I'oit de Franco tables that
the needs of tho Maillnbitic
sul'l'eiei.s will be satisfied
with the supplies already alloat and
that Iheie Is no occasion for further
subset iptlou If he Is right In his esti
mate of tho situation and tho volcanoes
do not lenevv their work of desolation
the demand on the geneiosity of the
vvoild has been met and tho survivors
of the Mm Unique and St, Vincent
calamity can be left to their own" re
sources Nothing could be liner than the te
sponso which the people of this country
made to Urn cry for help riopi Mai Un
ique and St. A'lncent, The niompt ac
tion of the gov oi pment at AYuHhlngtou,
In which It led all the world, Is reflected
by private beiiellceiico all over the
country, other governments might
hesitate and look for a precedent.
Other peoplo might remain Ineit and
uuiespouslve befoie the gieat calamify
which overlook many thotiguuds of
human beings in the AVcst Indies, This
Is not the American habit. 'Ju tho pies
ence of gieat misfortune nml human
distress Ainei leans see a duty befoie
them to icllevo that dlstiess ami miti
gate tho calamity to that etent at
least. This has come to be a fixed prin
ciple Ingrained In their nature, so tie
news of great mlsfoituue ami ,ione
spondlug dlstiess s mot by subscrip
tions befoie there s time even for ie
lief organization and appeals top aid.
The American I espouse to the AVest
Indian calamity illustiutecl this Iu a
striking manner. Donations hinu been
coming In In an uninterrupted btreutn
of magnificent proportions fiom eveiy
fiiarter. This Is us It should be. Thete
Is little danger of the consu) being
linubleil with an embarrassment of
l Idles through the excessive liberality
of the people, if the jellet oiganUu
tlon shall leeelve more money than Is
requlrec for the pipsent n?ed no barm
can come qf t, Th.e money cat) be kept
Unli.'s l'li'd 1'ii'v..
til: .MAN wlio .uliot at s tin- KiiUiii:iuu l
iln luc-iiit mini' ftiil.0 Is mi fin ml cl
Hit' iiinifi Jiul .in funny of lii ur'iul..
Jim. "I lit- I'lir I'levi h iu mlthei uto
llm- lining of tin? n.i n win nun loiiipiidL' Me
nuk .mil tile of tin' I nileil Mini- Huikii. of
Ainuk.i weie in tills fly in 15:77? Wit unit
wjIUiii; fin mi jiitwi'i iho rice Pus M.ilia villi-
out ti a of being iioml by atij piiiun,
fin as many l -.iiili nun .u flic i - uu in the
pit'ciil nijiuition. jui mi, ole ucic
tlii'U' iriiihI tlie plilke in Ilie loials to .vlilcli
thi-e nun In lunged. 'I lie in. ill wliu would vote
oilniwi-e with nili :i lion before linn, must
Ini belli so tluil of milking be illil nut
a ii' stHiv Hum fm hlniM'lf in lin, f.iniil.,
'Ilie t'ice 1'ic-s w,i against Ilie Muke la-t
Siintla,, anil 11 U It toilay, 'the 1'iee
lii Hill not blow lint anil i ilil In the Mine
hiiMlh. This is a inonieiitons qiinslion, hi. in liny
j-i.iiicljiiiim, foi a lu'w.-papu'. 'Ibn-e whom it Is
ilnii',1 In lii'iitlil aie l'ul ill '- limoil to be nppto
i Utile, while tho-e who are not interestiil aie
iinllUtli'iit. The inn.-clciiiimi-i niupajiiiiiiiii e.iii'.i
iiiuillil for the fullns'M uf iltlier. Tneie U or
ouitht l be a lulliir imriKis!', ami thai In II1I1 Is the kooiI of the iiininiiinlty tint the
i.i'fnpcr seivis.
Utile was a Miike hue in Ie77 in not
onh the mill li.indj but the Illinois wi'ie in
velveil, 'I line wire xtriki'4 here jnlor to Unit
ime, but that i- leinote ciioukIi to ult tho pin
lioe. It was iiiie..a, to hue inilltaiy prolw
lion fm the men who neie wllllni; to work, but
lluyi workeil, 'I Ik cnuipaniM whuse men are l.ow
m Ml ike in ly fell like opcratini; llnir 1 olllerles,
Will tln ill II f Yts. Anil If it be necetary
lo till Iu the 1 utile Hitular nnny In aieomplUh
t lils puipoM', 'Ihe ime uhu duubts rbls etatinrnt
i4 dull of coiupiclii'ii'liin,
'Ilie i'lte I'lc-i hud lln'e tkfniiK in mind wlicn
It nppoMil the Uiiinue of a otiike oulor iu In
Ul lne, Von cannot diprhe a man from the
i niiijiin 111 ol III-, nnn propcrlv. You may iorii-
lute lion 11 iieiron 111.1v u-e een what H hi) own,
but the )n' will not toleiate a ilepiivalloii which
would jirart ieil l,i amount lo 11 ccinflse.itlun.
llii'H' biii bcui nil 11 ill too 111111 h i-iiitlm'iit
i.i'l ubout IliM iUMou of onf.mlalioii, nml
while the mine H 01 ken a were not the paint ' 1 -
tianlalloii, Ihe micci'.n hey liail attnliied made
it possible fm oil'er cuds ami tailing to us
vUliuis of Iikh'.uihI pitispulty iu ciiiulatlni; the
eMiuplf of the mini wnikeii Tlie u.iiilt 14 that
today tbeiu me all Mudi of oiuaiilJtlon. 'Ihe
mil) purpoMi in I'vldeiiie tu far hnwi U Iu
Uemauil 1111 liuit.i-e in waufs.
Homy i nol the nnlv thlnir In life, A ivlsa
man would milier niin Ills bojs the opportunity
to make a good elut In mine leiiltlmale )nis
iici!., than to strustrlo (or ie pittance thit he
liilKht be able to ieipirath In (hi 111 when be iIIoj,
iilln 11 life of ftugalit.v nml I'lOiioinj, uiu II1I1
lu.4 bun the I ule, Itegiullesi of the alary that
the major pait of iiiiiikiud leriinv, or any In
(rciiMi that 111J.1 oblaln, volunliiiy or tiaoliii'itary,
the mode of llvlut; uiidigoeJ 11 cli.niui' (hat wiei
loiupairi'il tu the 1111 tbocN piruiled la the
pat, lender- is linpc.s.llilii to aiiuinulate any
moie llian wa possible iimliT the futiuer ilreinn.
'I lie 1'iee 'iei wan uppoied to a liilue (tliko
and for the ria.on that we felt llut the men
1011I1I not iiuiler any ilrrunittuuici, win, v'o
fJt llm Iho lompauiea were fori Ins the flelillnit,
W'u IhouBht we kiew what the ultimate result
winilil be, the diuioliitioii of the union, the re
tuin to vivrk of the l(ikm m liulKlduaN. Thli
I1 as j.iMired an though e lait day 9! (he ktrikt
were at band, ami iun)nj who hold out niiy
otliir liopo are prophets ! eill. llUlory rcpcuti
ll.elf. It U not quite two jiari vlnre tho niluo
woiken of I'eiiiiijlvjiila weie .ueiesiful In a
lojiUla with the tame forte UKaliut wlilih they
are now oiraltiped. Iatl they wailed for the set'.
oml aimlitrwry (bey mllit ne loped for onie
invawrc of mu 1 ii. 'I Ley would not bo Bulijeil
by the louuseli of (he man who moie than any
one il.e l reinlhle for tlio kplrmbd organUa.
(Ion that lhey wce iu po.niilon of prior to l'.it
Wiilncxliy and the miner ol Si rant on and. vjf
iuity, lb); j:inl,)i tuques inlncrii, dceyl tetjret
Iho fct that the wWim of John Mitchell tlhl
hot ROictn. ,
The iiecnt (rlke will not bo fiiuciful, ftul
llif nooner tint the turn reallre thl art, the
sooner will the) be started aright. Ilie i'ree
I'rrxn doe.s not deny lint the innillllniH of tlio
tnliifrs will beir niitclloratloii. This paper fun
iculi, llut (he iiili'.uiliiftcs that Ilie miners hope
to letelle wtlild Inne been (icconipllnhcd lo a
leilalnty vvrlc the aihlie offeicd Ust SunJay
In Ime bten at ted upon,
The 1'iee i'le-a does lint believe tint tlie (nliirt
as a tlass are urilerpalil. Pully aware ol the
fact that ucli a Malement will be comlilereil
rank herey, the fact stilt remain.. The minora
Imve grievance, ami the ureatcU Injustlio under
whlcli lhey libor I1 the oierch.irge vvlietehy 1
Ion constitutes any thlnir from three thousand
to four thousand flio luindrcd pound. Put tliln
toulil be remedied by IcKlslathe enactment. Ihe
demand that they niadn for eight lioiire Is In force
nowhere mvc vvlicrc polltli govern, and while
It I a condition lliat Is very delrabto and In
evitable, It Is (lilt very far from beliiB a eon
aunmiatloii. The tvtnty per cent. Incieaie In
wagri tu tontruit iiilrers would be 11 bonaiir-i,
were they to receive the name, and Iheic I no
doubt that those who voted strike were Iniprened
with the I'omlitlon that all lhey hid tu do to
oblaln Mtcli nn was In make dcinan't, ac
lompanied by a' allow of folio, 'lhey liny be
aiittesbful. The l'ree Pies believes to the ton
tjary. This thought wa uppermost when the
fdilte not Iu strike was given list hutidat.
hi felling one's libor, as In selling 1c.1l eitate,
the question llirt should be imuldricd Is
Is Ilia bujer willing to pay" A bo'n-e may be
worlli to rllH owner, u vast amount 11101c than
Ihe intended uutliaer'ls willing to pay, but (ho
offer of lie latter Is the ulandJrd of value. So
It Is with labor, And the value of the miner's
seniles I not m lunch what he Is emilng for
hi employer, but ralhcr what be would be able
to earn were he plated In another capacity. This
N 11 liuliicsa-llkt view of the situation and may
not hive occurred to (hose who are Intticittd
In tills stiuggle either as leaders or follow ci.
The Free I'im hopes that none of thoe who
are liileicslcd may have occasion lo npply this
test (0 their services. If tiny do they will dis
cover, that while the conditions1 under vrhlth
they were foimeily euiplo.ved weio not all that
they might ileilie, lhey wire. fur wiperl.ii' to
tboe tint would prevail were they to offer thi-lr
labor in the maikef where they tould not specify
tne Kimi ot Jalior lhey would perform or have a
voho In (King the late of wages tint they would
receive, it Is lo be hoped that this condition
will not tonfront many.
There aie -(.liosp who" will not like the lennr ot
this aitlile and who will 1 ensure Ihe writer.
To tlio.e we fay: There are no apologle. 'Hie
wrltci has been engaged iu nianuil libor for the
bet pvit of the folly .veil he has -pent en
eirlh and in inaiij bI.'.Ics of the I'liion. In no
plate where he his ever vvoiked would he be
denied cniplnunpiit again. lie was educated
along lines that make it impo-ihle for him to
believe one thing and give 1 pressiou fn an
other, 'the piesent strike Is bound to fall for
the reison that the men who me mot impn-t-
ant to the iciupaii.v's llllcii-l will not leave
their posts. These asked that they be not call;d
out. They had an tuiiletandhig that if they
were lalled out tbi y would not obey the call.
Who an- they? 'Ihe pump nmncis, fan limners,
eiigiiieei nml fl'tmen.
W'c have no sinipatliv with the nun or set of
men who fay tint the gtiikc should 11s well ionic
now as mine tiu.e litci. Iliese aie the? men
who want to see unions among vvoikliigmen de
stio.ied, Weie the reprcscnlalives of corporate
inteiests fair men, the unions would have no for existence. It was cruelty and exac
tion that forced them to adopt organisation as a
nieasiue of sflf proteillon. Bccatife tlitjy have
olganl7ecl does not neic'oilUr imply that llieir
intcret-ts are not ldentifal with thoc of iheir
cniplojers, although those who are placed in
Imniediile tlnige of iheni would give out this
impassion. Tho 1'iee 1'iess upholds organiation
among woiknien. It does not uphold such organi
sation .1 will illow men whose mode of living
illfTcis fiom that in vogue among Atm llian-,
vvliosi- stand ird of intelligence is lower and whose
education is Intel ior. lo t in judgment n was
the case Iu ll.izlilcm last week, on the destiny
of the men who aie a put of the brawn and
Ihe iiitelbgii'ie of this and adjoining communi
ties. The Tree 1'icss was opposed to the sink" hit
Sunda.v. It has seen no lea-on to change its
views hiine. Were it possible to iiinucnic the
miners of Sirantou and vicinlly by our titlei
anccs we would mj tu them that it would be
the part of pi wiener not to tatify tlie action of
Ilie Haleton cnmcnlioii. Their union is moie
important than the whim of .111 individual and tlie
opinion of .lohn Mitihell is worthy of vveiaht
as against the combined judgment of men who
aie far fiom being Ameiicauicd, The xtiiko is
the result of the preponileiuncp of miiIi senti
ment. Tlie nniiers of Sir.iiilon and vicinity would
not be teiisurtd for filling to obey the utiike
Altoum- lor the Defense You aie a black.
guard and a blutf, sit !
Attorney for the I'lo'ctiitiiui And jou, elr, are
.1 kloMer and a rogue!
The f'ourt Coine, come, gentleuicn, f.el ns git
down to the disputed points of tills ca-e. Pmait
in Special Rewards
Scranton Tribune's areatest of All
ClosesOrfober 25, 1902,
The Scranton Tribune's third great Educational Contest Is now open. Thore are offered as Special
Rewards, to those who secure the largest number of points, THIRTY-THREE SCHOLARSHIPS In some
of the Leading Educational Institutions In the Country.
List of Scholarships.
2 Scholarships In S.irotuse University, at $IS2
each f(14
1 Fcholarshlp In llucknrll liiiHerUv fiat
1 fetliolorshlp In The University of Kotlic9tcr,, Ui
1 Scholarship In Washington Siliool for Ilovs,, 1T(K
1 Scholauhlp In Wlllljnuport l)ltklnon Scinl-
may Toi)
1 Sihobirshlp In Ultklnon Collegiate Picpara-
lory .School... 7,7)
I Pcholaishlp In Newton Collegiate Institute., 7JII
1 Scliolarslilp )n Kejstone cniliiny WD
1 Scholarship n III own College I'reparutoiy
School , coi)
1 Siholirfhlp In) the School of the Lackawanna 4U0
1 n to llkes.ll.irre lnslllille "Til
1 Scholarship in Cotult Collage (hummer
Sihoot) l. 0
i hlps in .Scranton Conservatory of
Milic, at (IJi each S0O
4 Scholarships in llaidcnbergli bcliool of Jfusli:
and Ail 4C0
3 Scholarship iu hcianlou lliisiuess College, at
VI 00 each Kin)
B Scholarships in International Correspondence
Schools, average value $37 each 2S3
2 Scholarsliips In (.ackaVvanna llusincss Collrge,
at f"i each 170
2 fstholirslilps Hi Alfred pooler's Vocal .studio la"i
IS 10
Rules of the Contest.
The special rewards will be given lo the person ecur
Ing the latpesl number ot points.
Points will be credited In contestants securing new sub
scribers to The Scranton Tribune as follows:
One month's subscription ...? ,fi0
Tluee montlis' subscription...... t,2"
Six pionths' subscription 2,10
tine ipjlt-'fl ilitixc rlnflon ,. fi.UCl
The rlinli'St.iiit with the hlchest number ot liolnls will
be Riven a thoicc from the list of special rewards; fhe con
tejtant vv'tli tlie nrcoml highest number of points will bo
glien n cjioice ot the lenialnliig ljwvrcls, and bo on fltrough
the list. '
The conleitant who serines tlie highest number nf points
during anv iiilendar montli ot the lontest will receive a
jppt'hl honor reword, till lewanrbelng entirely Independ
ent of the Ultimate disposition ut tlie scholarships.
I.'nih conletatit falling lo fecme n' spetllil reward will
be given ID per cent, ot all money he or she turns In.
All siib'cilptlons mut be paid In advance.
Oily tew euusulhciH vvt be lounlcd.
ltenewals bv per-ons whose mimes are already on our sub
scription lit will iipJ be (icdlled. 'ilie Ttlbime will Investi
gate each nibscilptloii and If .found Irirgitlar In any way
rescues the right In reject It.
No tinmlers can be made alter cicdlt lias once been given.
Alt Mibtcriptloiw and the lash lo pay for them must be
handed n nt The Tribune oirlce within the week In which
lhey mo reufred, m (hat papers can bo tent to the aub
rcrlbers nt ome. ,
Siib-erlptlons must be wrltlen' on blanks, wlilih can bo
secured at The Tribune ofllte, or will be sent by mall.
EVERY CONTESTANT TO BE PAID Each contestant failing to secure one" of the scholarships
will receive ten per cent, of all the money he or she secures for The Tribune during the contest. ' '
A new feature Is added this year. Special Honor Prizes will be given to those securing the largest num
ber of points each month. '
The Contestant scoring the largest number of points before 5 p. m. Saturday. May 31, will
receive A HANDSOHE GOLD WATCH, warranted for 20 years.
Special Honor Prizes for June, July, August, September and October will be announced later.
Those wishing to enter the Contest should send in their names at once,
plan will be cheerfully answered. Address all communications to
All questions concerning the
CONTEST EDITOR, Scranton Tribune, Scranton, Pa.
don't oie whit she wanted to
he has a talk leg, a glas (jo
Mis, .lone- 1
ininy -him for;
and fal-e teeth.
Mis. Smith Well, m.i iloir, jnu know women
nlwa.vs did have a liaiikeimg uflei icmnaitU,
Sniait Set.
"You'ie the light of inj life," she whispered,
As he kls-ed her onto moie good night.
And then fiom the top ot tl.c staliway
Came a voice, "Well, put out the light!"
Smart Sft.
Porch Rockers
Ever shown in Scranton
A strong but true state
ment. We have nearly eveiy
thing in summer furniture
including the
Grass Goods
Artistic in design, rich in
appearance and very prac
tical! We want every house
keeper in Scranton to visit
our store and inspect our
stock you'll find prices
light and goods the best to
be had.
121 Washington Avenue.
Do You Want
a Good Education?
Not a short courae, nor an easy course,
nor cheap course, but the best education
to be had. No other education i worth
spending time and money on. It you do,
write for a catalogue of
Easton, Pa.
which ofTcis thorough preparation in tin
Engineering and Chemical Professions as well
as tlie regular College courses.
mis m
Manufacturers of
Old Stock
Spring and Summer Oxfords and Hoots that con
tent the mind and comfort the feet.
Men's "Always" Busy Oxfords, $3,00
Ladies' "2elba" Oxfords, 82.50.
Lewis & Reilly,
114-110 Wyoming Avenue.
On a tpur of the Alligluny Mountains. I.ililgh
Valley lailioad; near 'lowainla. nallilug, hViiug,
tporK etc. j:iflltut table. Jleasoiiable iate.
I', 0., Ape, l'i. Semi for booklet.
0. K. IIAUItlS.
Atlantic City,
Tfie We8TMiNiareft
Kentucky ave., near Heath, Atlantic Cily, Open
11 the jear. Sun Parlor, elevator and all modern
improvements, fpetial Spilng ltatei.
CIIAS. BUflKE. Prop.
Kentucky Avenue. Tint Hotel from Beach, At
lantic (Jjty, N, J,j to Oteai) vjfw rooms; ca
pacity 00; write (or eptiial rates. J. II. Jenk
ins, hop.
. . 435 t" 455
N. seventh at
Old 'Phone, 333i,
New 'Phone, 2935,
Scranton, Pa.
r .
When in Need i
During tho summer of 1902, in
struction in all the subjects required
for admission to the best colleges
and scientific schools will be given
.it Cotuit Cottages, a Summer
School of Secondary Instruction,
Cotuit, Massachusetts,, under the
direction of Principal ' Charles E.
Fish The courses of instruction
are lor the benefit offive classes of
1. Candidates who have received
conditions at the entrance examina
tions. 2. Candidates who have postponed
examinations until September.
3. (Students in Secondary Schools,
who, by reason of illness or other
causes, have deficiencies to make up.
4. Students in Secondary Schools
who wish to anticipate studies and
save time in the preparation for
5. Students in college who have
admission conditions which must be
removed before the beginning of the
next Scholastic Year.
Gas Mantles,
Portable Lamps.
t -
Kern Incandescent
Gas Lamp.
233-327 Penn Avenue.
w (
For particulars address,
CHARLES E. FISH, Principal
School of the Lackawanna,
Scranton, Pa.
T, J. Foster, rieildent. Kjincr II. Lawall, Ireaa,
n. j. rejter, uunity y, Alltn,
Yl Prcltl?pt.
A Strlt el dellghtfuf thatches uit If
tud by th Lackawanna Railroad. Thau
tkatches are contained' In a handeomelif
Illustrated book called " Mountain and
Lake Resorts," which describes soma ol
the most attractive summer places It) the
East. mmmmmmm
Send 5 Cents In postage stamps lo T. W.
LEE, General Passenger Agent, New York
Cily, and a copy will be mailed you.
l.'a.t btioud.liurg, Pa,
Ilie rJinlli3tlnni foi iidiiiHslon to the Aliclillct
Vi'.ir nml Scnloi Year iljiaeouill be lirlcl .tunc ,
IIIkIi h l.oul hjiIiuIis will lo permitted to (ul.o
lintli ixanilnntloiiH unci inter the tciijor ilai
ulicici tlieli mrk li.n uneicl t lie junior J in I inlil.
llc jr.irs couihu of Hi" iinrinal, Till jear will
lie the last iippoiliiiiil,i kIicii la do to, ,i tint
Ihiri! ji.iii.' ioiii.p Is ill full fivco unci all nlll
lotne nnclcr the Mate rrgnMtluiu of rMiiilnitloni.
Tor full l)Jtmlir inlclrei at pine,
ti. I'. nilll.i:, A. -II.. I'rlnclpil.
Of anything in the line of
optical goods we can supply it.
Spectacles i
;and Eve Glasses;
J Properly fitted by an expert J
4 optician, 4.
From $1.00 Up
Swarthmore College
f The Course in Arts
ons FoUr cour.w of study J The Course in Scfenct
Leading to ueM, 1 Tne Course in Letters
I The Course in Engineering
rnepAntria fort business lips, oh for thb
Character Always the Primary Consideration
Also all kinds of prescrip
tion work and repairing.
J Mercereau & ConneJI,
132 Wvominir Ivanua
Extensive Campm; 9autiful Situation and Surroundings;
Sanitary Conditions the Beat; Thorough Instruction ;
Intelligent Physical Culture.
.. -
a. .-!k
JrV ijf-..iit.nitatl
faliBii..'lferri4Jj;iajtaM.y1,f ,y