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- v '' spy
Concluded from Pdgo 1.1
It It (or them to decide who 1 right nd vvho Is
ront In this controversy. All that I now cx
1ect, ind nil that I have claimed from the be
tnntnr of ths campaign Ij fair treatment ut the
hands, of the leader of the party, as welt as the
Toters themselves The question Is now up to
the people, and the)' will decide the Issue.
,' Battle for Majority Rule.
During the past four year the Ttcpubllcan parly
In our state hu fotutht a great battle to sustain
the principle of majority rule. lUwas a long,
hard contest, and, although n, simple proposition,
It wm itontly contested. Hut it was finally dp
elded,, once and forever, that In remwjlwnU the
wilt of the majority must prevail. It required
Mveral ears of the most strenuous kind of to
litlcal warfare to decide this simple vexed qur.
tion. I had thought that, when the question
wal settled, and Senator Quay had been returned
to the United States senate, our political troubles
would cease, and that those who bad engigod
en the 'different aides of this partisan warfare
would soon forget past differences, and join to
(tether a a united party to Bght the common
enemy. My hopes In this direction hac been
omewhat blasted.
A new question Is now thrust upon u. The
real Issue involved In tills contest is whether
the people shall be permitted to nominate a
candidate for the high and dignified office of gov.
ornor. or. whether the will of the people fchall
be supplanted by the dictation of the few. I am
not vain enough to believe that my peironallly
count (or anything in this control cr)'. It
oea not. What becomes of me In this rompll
ateet situation la a matter of small Jnipoit jiicc
to the people of the state, but it ia a question
f vast concern whether myself or any other
titlzen shall be permitted to come out before
the people and seek Hiclr suffrages for official
preferment. No friend of mine has nsked that
I any favor or advantage bo shown me in the con
teat All we have asked is that the choice of a
Candidate (or governor rJiall be submitted to the
people and be decided by their vote1:.
I am adiiaed that somo wealthy gentlemen,
lot reasons unknown to me, have thought tironri:
to demand my political head as the prU-c of
(heir fealty to the party. The reason for inch a
demand docs not appear on the suifacc .mil re
mains veiled in mjstcry. It is not for mc to
conjecture why the demand was made and ai
Duitaced in. Under the circumstances however, I
would be lacking in a proper appreciation cf
the duties of American citizenship if I failed in
Standing for a principle that is dear to every
Pennsylvania heart; that la to say, that each
nan shall have a fair chance in an open field be
fore the people on any question in which the
public haa an interest.
The Republican party will not suiter by reason
4 this contest, so long- aa it is conducted in a
proper manner. Let every man who is n candi
date for governor como out before the people,
submit his candidacy to their approval or dis
approval, win all the delegates he can, go into
the state convention, and let the majority of that
convention decide who the Ftandard-learer shall
be. This Is my platform. Tt Is my intention to
wage an earnest battle before our people for the
nomination. It is my opinion that a majority of
the delegates to the next state convention will
support my candidacy; but if it is decided oth-
eiwlc, and a majority of the delegates in that
i onvention decide to favor some other gentleman
the nominee of our party, I will bow to that
ilecice most, chrci fully, and will do all in my
power to aid the succesfllul candidate at the No
vemher election. This b a contest within paity
lines. It is a fight before the people for ma
jnilty nile. If a mijoiity of the people favor
my noininitlon, let them ilect delegates and
cml them to tlic state lomention in my interest,
atid It such a majority is elected, my fi lends will
.co to it that their votes aic properly lecmrtcd
theie. If u majority of the people Civm the
nomination of some other Bcnllriniii, they will
indicate their desire by (.PiidhiR a nuji'iity of
the delegates to that contention tor the other
candidate, the sotee of the Lnnvoitlon will he
hraid and le-peited tlnoiuhoiit the coMiuwn
Wealth. It i a gnutl tlnni to rutuiuum' ctiidi
ddle 10 (Oti'r out in tl.e npiii and ui!o uia.ily
ionlr.sls- of thl ihaiaUcr. When the p:nplc have t'ueii way and the will of the inability has
been properly a.-rci tallied, tin' i"ilit! bkii-i !
vijk dear and nun will nettle Uo-n u do the
light ami pioprr thins. Hut the potent voice of
the gieat m.w ot the plain people, for which
the car of Lincoln was eier upon, and to which
the late lamented McKinley ever save heed,
Whether e.piesed illicitly by the aenililod Mul
titude, or j-ilcntly by the hkmUiic ballot, bhoald
never be iguoied. Kaillous chiefs may war and
temporary confusion teign, but when that greit
voice Is heard tl.e waves of discord aie stilled
and a mighty calm ensue.
It is not an index: of wise leadership to under
take to thwart the people's choice of inui and
measures. In the administration of af
fair tlicro has been a constant and growing ten
dency to have from the people, as directly as
puasible, an expression of their will in the elec
tion of nominees for clfleiirt position and for
the adoption of incisures of general interest. The
right of the citizen to seek the suttiages of h's
fellows and the right of the elector to a free
arid untrammelcd choice arc elementary princi
ples upon which every gleal political oiganla
tion must stand. In this contest it shall be my
pleasure to advocate the principles and polici-'-s
of that party under whose benign, guidance the
country, in both state and nation, has to mar
vellously progressed and piospcred.
This is not a contest for supicmaey. The ques
tion of leadership la not involved. Kvery politi
cal organization must have its leadcis, and the
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Kieat ma;.-, of Hi" people aie not intended i",
who the le.idei Mull lc much as thy are
concerned al.'iut the manner in which th aflairs
of the patty ale foiidintcd. dlfleieneo of opin
ion Ii.ii atl-rn in till' remtett, v.bttli the people
ir.v-1 ilieide.
Wli should theii vvMics bo Ui'reptaidcd and
.nidc? What emouiaijemcnt is tlicie for any
youns man to devote bis time and talent to a
political orginlzation, if the fact that he has
been loval and faithful to that oiginiatlon !
used before the people as an excuse why he is
net an available candidate for oltlce? lively
vomit man in l'ennfvlvaula is inteiestcd in this
eontc't, because Hie fate of one will be the fate
of all, if such a polllcal policy K to be adopted.
It is not my desire to promote patty di-ionl. I
want to ec the factional ditTiunco-. of the past
four jeais wined out forever, and no one will
rejoice more than m.vscll when the words "Stal
wart" and "Insurirent" shall be taken out of
our political nomenclatuie of our atate, and all
shall be known as "Itepubllian." Interested in
the meters of their piriy. It should be borne In
mind, howevci, that this lan never be done by
making vicailous t.atilfiecs of the people who
have helped to sustain the party din
ing !hee ,vcar of tiial. The ..cnni of fail -play,
so deeply rooted in eveiy beait, wilt not peimit
a result" of this kind to lie airumpllihed, by
puiiisliitie tlw.'.e who have stood by the patty in
its scvcrc-l trials and thioturhout its mo.t violent
storm". I.i I u have pe.ue In the Itepubllian
parly in our state, hut let It come in such a
maniuv that the ilishta of all the contending pai
ficn will be equitably adusled ami fairly tecog
niiscd. I desire to call your attention to ju.-t a few cf
the ldo iues involved in the tmitrutciry, before
I conclude in," rcinnU this evening. When inj
name was hr.t announced as n tandldtte, the op-
About in a
hearted sort
way without tak- J
ing any particular
interest in life.
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' tiri.ll trtn nou en inn re linvrnsl 11 t Mi tmir.1t till trmtir ;
l'- .V..V4. .v wt tf'f s.h-i vijtiuf vttai 111111 11 ri ifvu-utn-
that, while Mich .1 nomination might he made, it
would not it-present the wishes of a inability cf
the people, because tt would be biought about by
the combination of the delegates elected in the
counties of Philadlpliia and Allegheny. It was
urged by these same ncvvspapcis that the dele
gates from these counties were controlled by the
machine, and that they did not icpresent the
popular sentiment. In the twinUing of an eve,
all the-e conditions teem to have been changed.
Thee same newspapers now take great pleasure
in tluoiiicllng the fact thatmy nomination will
be defeated by reason of the very foices they
thiiged me with having in my favor in the
cirlier stages of the campaign. At that time
they said the only hope my friends had ot se
curing my nomination was the support of tl.e
two big counties. Now they admit the only hope
of defeating my nomination is by getting these
two counties practically solid against mc and I
am pleased to say that they are not likely to ai
complMi this result. My. natural strength is in
the country, and it will be seen when the con
vention meets that the rural counties will have a
mighty voice in saying who the nominee shall be.
Laboring People Not Opposed.
Those same newspapers have been urging that
the laboring people of the state are opposed to
my nomination. This lias been so completely an
aweie.l thai it is staicely woith.v of ion.
It has been suggested that the I'nlteil Mine
Wurlccis of Xottlicaslcrn Penn-vlvanla vveie at
rayed against me. Yet, as cime to your city
today, and as I look over this vast audience,
composed largely of suili people, the assurance
comes to me lliat the laboring people aie my
fiiendA It has been my good fortune tu have
been associated with laboring men the gieater
part of my life. .My natural sympathies' an: with
thrni. It has alwajs been a picasiue to hone
the inteiests of labor when the opportunity pre
sented itself. I desire to icturn my Hunks to the
wage-earners of l'oinsvlvania for the loyal and
coidlil support they have given me In the conte-t
fot governor.
Tlicie oamc iirwpapen have urged that the
niaisea of the people aic opposed to my nomina
tion, jet wlietcvcr the question has been sub
mitted to the popular vote, the people theni'elrci
have given emphatic denial to this contention.
It seems to inn hut fair that all the candidate!
for governor eliould come out fiom their hiding
places, as a few of us have done, and lay theii
claims befoir the people, hi that Ihu popuLr
will may be aneitalneil and the Ifcsiii dot lilt !
whin all the fdits .110 Known. Since my meeting
at the lintel Stutlutit u few weeks ago, and my
irfu-al to he eliminated from the gubctuatoiial
rue, over five thousand littcta and tclcgtaiu
have been leeched I10111 piople in vatlous parla
of tl.e slate, giving assniaiices of their Mippoit.
Ilie Millers ot tlicsa, ami telegtauis tcpre
sent Ihn loadlnir business, piii'c&lnnal and libor
Ing men throughout the commonwealth, They
as.uic me of thtlr loyal Mippoit, and tell tno that
this is the sentiment of the people aiiioug whom
lliev live, fioiii these facts, I am foitcd to tun-
elude that Ihn leaders of Ibe paity, who have tin.
ileit.iheu to thrii.t me ulde. are mistaken In the
real .sentiment ot the peoplu cm this Miicstloiii
ut lea.t. It is my deleiminallon tu give the peo
ple tint oppoiiunlly to decide thU question io
fai as I am lonecuied. I invlle the co-opeiallon
of eveiy llepubllcaii who lielieves in fall play
Pim leiogiues iov.ii, intelligent seivlce as a
qualllleatloii for ofliec.
In Ills reply to Jlr. Kllvlii, Colonel
Wntres aulil tlmt It wiiB the first Inti
mation lit- hnil hntl Hint lie linU
been liohuobhlng with Mayor Ash
brlilKo unl Mr, Dtirlnim. It wus newts
tti hhn It llicy 1110 hid friendH. He luul
no objection to tin ofllce holder work
ing In his own district, but this thins
or men working for the commonwealth
moving their batteries about from place
to place to' oppose candidates upon dic
tation must be put an end to nnd It will
bo by a united Itepubllian party, It
Is the system that he objects to ho said.
Do you think the personal reglstr'Uon
umondmeut to the constitution wiii bo
better enforced by the enemies of that
bill than by Its friends? he asked. The
state administration stands for what
the stato does not stand for and what
the Republican party does not stand
"Let n;o suy one inoro word about
that nipper bill," ho continued, "The
appointment of a member for u year
affor the people had an opportunity to
serves both the rich
better because it
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As to the witter question hp Mild the
pontics thnt mlNCd it up lit this cam
paign Is fm dirtier than the water.
"Whatever Is the outcome of the
June convention," lm uddetl, "I believe
the choice will bo a wIm one and t
believe the party will move shoulder to
hhouldcr to victory In November,"
UeplylttB to Colonel Wattes Mr. Rl
kht said:
"Something has been Mild by Colonel
Wntres about mistakes of the niehcnt
state administration. Of course It made
mistakes. No administration ever avoid
ed making mistakes. 'When the pres
ent administration went Into power
there was a deficit of $3,500,000 nnd wo
have now tt surplus of 13,000,000, and
havo paid the' hchool uppioptiatlon at
an earlier day than was ever done bo
fore, That s something for this ad
ministration to look Upon with pride.
The cupltol rmestlon Is not In this cam
paign, for tho commission appointed Is
to remain In olllco until l'JOti, so that
tho governor elected this year will havo
nothing to do with It. Hut I hope my
opponent did not mean what ho mild
about the new capltol, for where is
there a man with it drop of red blond
In him who does not want to seo nn
that hill at Ilurrisburg a cupltol
worthy of this Imperial common
wealth?" He concluded with un uppeal to his
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friends to stand by him at tho pri
maries that evoked Bteat enthusiasm.
A larKo number of Scrantoulans heard
tho debate.
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XATIOXAt, CAXXIXO CO.. llalllmore, Mil.,
.iiiininii jicu iieani anu rott co.
i-nlct liilinnent combined,
gamplci, etc.
Regal in
and best of Americas
'vian and Beast.
ci- een this season
Lyceum Theatre
II. ilKIS, Le&ce and Manaerr.
A. J. DUITY, Uuslness Manager.
SATi'nn.vY MA'Hxiin anu nk.iit.
J, 11, bterllng iirewnts (tlnrd scison) tho Print
atlu Comedy Novelty Succcsa,
Rose Melville
"Sis Hopkins"
Special llaiitalit Day Matinee,
I'iIocj, t'i ami M ccnln; rhildrcn to any pari
o( theater, 15 cents,
ScaU now on talc,
i --
Lyceum Theatre
Monday livening-, May IWh, at 8.13,
l.ecluro with lllu-tralloiis by
Miss Ellen M, Sfone,
My Captivity
and Release.
Under Aihphv, JjcUdii Mint lljt!t Cliuuh.
I'lider Diitclio-j oi I'ml ('. Hand,
Tickets 7Je, to i2.
Uijtaui opeiu Wednesday, iljy l(lh, at 0 a. m.
ALF. 0. IIElUtlKtU'ON, Mintgtr,
Thursday, VrUUy and S.ttunliy, Jljy ?, t 10.
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