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t"fn;i qMs;
Wall Paper
Picture. Frames
Paint Brushes
t .
We have opened two temporary stores to dispose of
our reserve stock, which was in our cellar during the recent
fire from which we so greatly suffered. This stock, which
was damaged by water and smoke, will be sold at practically
your own price, together with the undamaged stock from
our warehouse, as we intend reopaning at our old location
within a few weeks with an entirely new stock.
Temporary Stores: 505 Linden Street.
308 Washington Avenue, Opp. Tribune Bldg.
icaL J
LHLTJM Delia Tox in "The Little Mam'selle."
ACADEMY 01? MUSIC Chester De Vrndc com
lnnv. Afternoon and night.
Sr.VR Sjm T. Jack's Builesqucrs. Afternoon
und night.
"The Bond of Honor."
Tlio Chester Do Vonde company presented "The
lliind o( Honor" at the Academy ot Music last
'lids afloinoon the bill will be "Dr. .TcLyll "id
Mr. 11 dc" and tonight "The World's Mys
toy." At the Star.
'Ihc Sam T, .lack Iliillcsquo company appeared
nt the Star jesterday upon a return engage
ment, and nu' an entcjtainnicnt supeiior to
those presented on previous visits. Tho tioupe,
which is miiuigcd by Mabel llarlelon, is one of
the original and leading burlesque organization!
and is Kept up to date at nil times, lite list ol
olio staid contain", in addition to Uazlcton and
Vcddcii Julh Natus, lloyt and Self and others
well-known f.ivoiitcs, the names ol several new
specialty artists of unusual tiiciit, including
Adam-, and Kelly, the Crawfoid Sisters and I.a
Dello Lulaln.
'J lie living pictures and musical numbcia were
enthusiastically applauded ycsteiday, and tho en
teitaimncnt throughout vvaa heartily enjoyed by
l.iige nudiinces, day and evening. The company
will bo at tho Star the balance ot the week,
uftcrnoon and evening.
Delia Pox Tonight.
English people say Americana are fickle toward
tliclr favoiitcs. While it mint be admitted that
theic is more than u giain of truth in the strlot
me, America cannot be said to be faithless to her
htagc favorites. Lillian Russell U quite us pop
ular now as sho was a decade ago; so are Francis
Wilson and i host of others. Including Delia Tot,
who has Just been distinguished by America's only
l.otta vrho sas the believes Mis Fox represents
inoie than any other icigning artiste the com
pound of qualities necessary to successorslilp to
the l.otta mantle.
Jllfcs Fox, by tlic way, is to uppear here to
night in "Utile Mam-selle," a new comedy ot
tlie kind with which Lotla used to delight her
eountle-s adiniieis.
"Up, York State."
'I he new country play, "Up York State," with
David Hl.gins and Georgia Waldron, its authuia,
at tho head ot n flue company, will be at the
Itvecum theater Saturday, March 22 (return en
gagement). Tliis new drama Is an interesting
story of the unconventional type, well told, and
net In tho proper but not overdrawn atmosphere
of due lustlell). It has all the marks of the
skillful vvoimanshlp of one who knows how to
appeal to every section of an audience,
Kveljn Ulaii-, the noble-heal ted girl who ucit.
flees her lovo and hopes to pay an honest debt, is
in the hands of Georgia Waldron, a creation of
much feeling und distinction. And the Darius
Green, of David Hlgglns will rank from now on
as one of the hot oflerlngs of the stage. "Up
lurk Stale hid u run of over 100 nights at the
Fourteenth Sticct theater, New Voik, where It
plajcd to ciovvded houies ut eery peiformauce,
"The Volunteer Organist.".
Tor fifteen jcarj the theater-going people of
the United States and Canada luvo bem laugh
ing at Felix Haney, the well-known comedian,
VAIII) 17 A-l-fl will beas"
strong at
ours If you try:
"" . w -t, and ours U so strong we
1 jlll fcj guarantee a cure or refund
Vrf t uiouey, said wc send you
free trial bottle if you write for It.
blllLOlCd costs S3 cents and will cure Coa
sumption, Fucuuioula, Bronchitis and all
Luug Troubles. Will cure a cough or cold
In a day, and thus prevent serious results.
It has been doing these things for GO years,
S, C. WKU.8 & Co.. I.e Roy. N.Y.
I nan a vaurvi iwut ibaviiviait b)iwuiva
Fire Sale!
Begins Today
who has been tho laughing- success of every play
with which he has been connected. His first
great niece's -was In William A. Brady's "Way
Down East." This season he is playing; the part
of Ebb Utter, the leading comedy rolo in the
beautiful pastoral play, "The Volunteer Organ
ist," which will be presented at the Ljceum,
Monday evening, March 24.
Special to tl.e Scranton Tribune.
Pittston, March 20. Tliomas James, the South
Main street barber, was on Monday of this week
granted an absolute divorce from his -wife, Maud
James, to whom be was married four years ago.
Judge Whcaton's name was attached to the de
cree. llalovvell Oliver, ot South Main avenue, is at
Alexandria, Va., tor a feit days attending the
funeral ct a relative.
Tiis rear end of one of Armstrong's grocery
wagons collided with Morse k, Booth's bakery
wagon on South Main, near Water street, this af
ternoon and the latter was overturned. The inly
damago was the spilling ot the bakery goods on
the pavement.
The traction system between this city and the
county teat is still crippled to each an extent as
to causa much inconvenience. No schedule lime
is being1 made owinj to poor motive power, two
ot the company's dynamos having been mined
by the, recent flood."
Theodora Carter, a young; man residing in
Oregon, was kloked Id the fac by a mule in the
No. 0 miiio yesterday afternoon. Several of his
teetl wero loosened.
A movement is on for a benefit entertainment
for tho Pltteton hospital, and it has been tug
gested to have Harry Dixie, of Scranton take
charge ot the affair.
Tho officii Is and vvoikniea at the Heidelberg
colliciy of the Lehigh Valley at Dupont, are
steadily Betting the upper hand of tho flood of
water vvldcli drowned out the shaft the past tew
weeks. The water is bclnc lowered at the rate
of two feet every twenty-four hours and this
morning was within twenty feet of the bottom ot
the shaft.
Mat tin HefTeron, an aged citien, died at his
home in Tort Griffith esterdny afternoon.
John Rejnolds and family, of llughcstovvn, will
make their home at Cressou, Pa,, to which plice
a number of local people are emigrating, Mr,
llejnolda will move his household goods next
Mrs. 1'icd L. Woiuiscr and daughter, Mis. Aclc
crman, of ficrau.on, were guests at the home of
Mis. M. Giecnwood, of Under street, josterday.
The tlnal event In Knights of Columbus lcctuie
i om no will be a lecture by Condp II. Pat toll on
"Macbeth," and will take place in Keystone hall
April i
The Lester Shoe company will close lis estab
lishment at the corner of Main and llrond streets
next Saturday and on next Thursday move to
Auburn, N. Y where they embark in business.
Enoch Cleaves, a well known old resident ot
FlnU the thiee
4 '
At Yoijr
Own Price.
this city, jesttrday afternoon, while in Beni'
tor Drury's grocery store, was taken ill, and
was removed to his home on South Main street,
where he expired in a short time. Deceased was
(!) years of age and had resided here for many
j ears. A wife survives. The funeral will taka
place Thursday afternoon. Interment in Pittston
Thomas F. Kaliler, ot EiceUior street, died
last evening. A coroner's jury has been empan
elled to ascertain the uaose cf death. Mr. Kaliler
was 80 years old. lie was visiting friends in
i:ast Pittston. While seated at the piano he vs
taken with .i sudden sinking' spell and fell from
tho stool. A carriage was procured and lie was
quickly taken to Ins home, where he expired a
half hour later.
Tim Women's Home Missionary society ot the
Wyoming district ol the Methodist Episcopal con
ference will meet in the West Side- Methodist
Episcopal church Tuesday and the. following pro
gramme will be carried out: Morning session,
9.80 o'clock Devotional exercises; Mrs. 0. L.
Sevcrson; gieeting, Mrs. W, If, Jackson; ic
sponse, Mrs. W. G. Blmpeon; staging; reports,
iccording secretary, treasurer, cot responding sec
retary; paper and deacoiiesn work, Miss Helen
Santee; report of conference secretary of dea
coness work, Mrs. Dr. (iiltln; solo. Miss Ciaia
Langford; remarks. Mrs. G. B. Eulp; supplies,
Mrs. J. W. Thomas, ppointmeat; of acommilteesj
Afteniow session, 2 o'clock Devotional, Mis.
W. U. Peck; electloo of officers; icports from
auxiliaries; loeal work, Mis Haivley; reading,
Mis. J. W. Davis; singina; lessons and sugges
tions from executive meeting, Mis. II. C, Mc
Dermott; duet, Miss Maneh Emory, Miss May
Emory; leniarks by conference president, Mrs. Dr,
Mrs. J, W. Thomas; appointment Of committees;
Dernlr Grifflit, ot West Pittston, has been
choen temporary secretary of tho Luserne Coun
ty Tree Bridge association, owing to the illness
of Secietary T. A. Long, of Wilkes Barre.
The city patolmen will be out in new uni
forms In a short time if they can adjust a diffi
culty with the union cleriicnl. The patiolmtn left
their measuies with a non-union tailor and
Business Agent Jojte, ot the Allied Trades
council got after tlreni. Mr. Joyce sajs he hat
no desire to dlrtaTe wheru the men shall buy
their clothes but aVs thorn to see that the union
label is placed on tlieir garments.
The Tailors' union of this vicinity has asked
ticlr employers to sign a new scale of wages,
and several conferences between the two parties
have been held within the past few dajs. The
local union has the consent of the National Fed
eration to enforce their demands, and unlets their
grievances are adjusted a strike will follow.
Miss Mamie Anthony, who has been einplojcd
in the offlce of the b'pilng IJrook Water company
in this city for the past eleven yeais, has ie
signed her position, and has accepted a position
with the Lehlghton Water company. Her sue.
cessor hero is It, N. Harris, ot bcranton.
he lis to this w(ll.
"Keep to the Right"
With ejyes open. "Watch tomor
row's papers.
SfSfVllllll ."
WaII Street Rt1w.
New yoik, Msrch 20.Tlisiso-callcd specialties
till occupied the largest share of attention In
the stock market today. Their movement were
not quite so wide nor so feverishly emtio as
yesterday, but there was still an eiceutlia Ir
regularity In this portion of the market. As for
the standird stocks that usually make up the
bulk of tho trading by reason ot their latge cap
Italitatlott and representative character, they wero
negletled and sluggish, as for some, time past.
Tlitre war some evfdclic amongst th sntlitaclts
rtrrlera caused by the rattier 'threatening atti
tude assumed by the miners' conference at Hha'
tnokln, but tin declines In llnf-group were lim
ited to fractions and good recovering wefe
made. There was good support In St. Paul with
out any explanation for the buving, which gave
rise) (o the supposition that the Support was part
of the plan (o facilitate the operations ot specu
lative pools elsewhere In the market. Colorado
Fuel was again a conspicuous figure and touched
K'terdsy's high livel again at 107 closing with
a net gain et H after, a very e.rrallo course dur
ing the day. This movement setintd to have a
sympathetic effect On Tennessee Coal and Hocking
Coal, but tho United states Steel stocks con
United neglected and heavy as thy have been
ever since the proposed bond ftsuo was announced.
Sugar was sold early on profcastd disappointment
over the terms of the bill fr redttfins; the Cuban
sugar tariff, but later it rose strongly and closed
with a net sain of a point. Amalgamated Cop
per continued quite active and was bought by the
shorts to cover a net gain of about a point.
Amengrst the minor stocks tliera were some new
candidates for favor, while attempts to market
tfarr stocks recently bought at high prices made
broad Inroads on those prices on very email tales.
There was a conspicuous demand for Chicago
Union Traction and International Power and
the newly lifted corn products stocks were ad
vanced mors than a point over their first tale
price: The local tractions advanced in response
to the ononuncrment ot the favorable sction ot
stockholders In the Brook! n Transit company,
and the Metropolitan Street Hallway company
upon tho proposed capital, readjustments. The
rse of 3!i in Lotir- Island seemed to be in sym
pathy wttli this group. The market elated quite
active but irregular, Total sales today, 384,000
shares. Tho active spccuUtlve issues in the bond
market were inclined to be heavy but tlie general
list was irregular. Total sales, par value, f.5,450,
000, United States bonds were all unchanged on
the last tall.
The following quotations are furnished Tlie
Tribune by ltalglit & Preese Co., 314-315 Meais
Building. W. D. ftunyon, manager.
Open. High. low. Close.
American Sugar "M 1,11 4 12SH 131
Am. Locomotive, 31 32 315, Si
Am. Locomotive, Pr ... 03i r34 3)i 03',
Am. Car Foundry 31i 31 ji 31 31i
American Ice 21 21 21 21
Am. 6mclt. Itef. Co.... 41 4?i U 6i,3
Amal. Copper 02ft Mi 0i 61
Anaconda Copper 30V6 SOi 29 vs 30Vi
Atchison ml TS 7751 VY$
Atchison, Pr ...'. 07i 97si WVs Wis
Bait. & Ohio 107 107,i 10816 100ft
Brook. B. T flGSi 08 tVi 67i
Thee, h Ohio K 46 40 40
Col. A; Southern 27?i 28', l 27 2714
Co. fc Southern, Pr .... 42i Vi 42 42
Col. Fuel ft Irort 102,4 107 102 1064
Chic, k G. W 21 24?i 24 2i
Chic, Mil. & St. P.... 164 193U 184?; 103
l MC, II. 1. 8 l' 172 1J3 J72 I,.
Chicago & Alton ....... S5 30 V& Sfl
Del. & Hud I71Vs 171 171 171
Erie 37 37 SO'i 37, ist i-r tn hSii 084 W
Erie, 2d Pr 65 55 55 55
Illinois Central 140 140 1(0 140
Louis. & Nasli 104 103 104 105
Manhattan 134 135 1115 135
.Metropolitan 168 100 187 163
Mciican Central 20 29 29 20
Mo. K. & Te-s 24 24 21 24
Io. K. fcTe.t., Pr 04 -34 54 54
Mo. Pacific 101 101 100 100
N. Y. Central 163 163 163 101
Ont. & West 32 ,3.1 32 33
Norfolk & Western 56 66 56 50
Pacific Mail 43 45 41 44
Pcnna. It. R 151 151 131 131
People's Gas 102 103 101 10-2'i
Beading 53 50 53 60
Reading, 1st Pr 80 81 80 80
Heading, 2d Pr 07 08 60 IS
llepublic Steel 18 18 18 18
Itepublic Steel, Pr 74 74 74 74
Southern Pacific C4 03 05 63
Southern B. It 32 31 32 32
Southern H. It., Pr .... g 00 06 1)0
Tenn. fVial & Iron 71 71 70 71
Texas & racifle 40 40- 40 40
Union Paoiao 09 100 091 M
Union Pacific. Pi- t7 87 87 7
U. a Leather 11 11 11 11
V. 8. Leather, Pr 81 81 81
If. B. Kubber 50V4 50 60 60
17. S. Steel 42 42 42 42
17. 6. Steel, Pr 05 0) 04 01
Wabash 24 24 24 24
Wabash, Pr 43 43 4.1 43
Western L-'nion 80 50. 00 00
WHEAT Open. High. Low. 'close.
May 78 74 73 74
July 74 75 74 73
May 01 61 W) 60
Mr 60 60 00 00
M-y 4.1 4i 4i',i 43
July 33 35 33 35
Mr 13,42 1.1.52 13.42 15.32
Jury 15.00 13.07 1560 15.67
May 0.42 9.45 9.42 9.43
Juir 9 52 9.35 952 9.53
Mar 8.43 8.50 S.43 8.50
July S.57 8.65 8.37 8.62
Open, High. Low. Close,
May 86.1 8.S4 8.60 8.81
July 8.80 8.87 S 65 8 85
August 865 8.66 8 61 8.63
Bcrnnton Hoard of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Baaed
on Pftr ql 100.
6TOOK3. Did. Asked.
Lackawanna Dairy Co., Pr. M ,Ma
County Savings Bank k Trust Co,. 300 "
First National Dank (Caibondale) ,. ... too
Third National Dank 650 ...
Dime Deposit and Discount Bank,. 300
Economy Light, II. & P. Co.
First National Bank 1000
Lacka, Trust k Safe Deposit Co.,,, jp
Clark & Snover Co,, Pr ijj
Scranton Savings Bank 5oo
Traders' National Bank 220
Scranton Bolt & Nut Co 135
People's Binit ......,.,,,.,.., 133
Scranton Packing Co 3t
Scranton Ptuengrr Railway, first
Mortgage, due lv20 ,,,,,'. hj
People rs Street Railway, first mort
gage, due 1018 1 us
People's Street Railway, General
mortgage, due 1031 ,.; uj
Scranton Traction fl per cent 113
Economy Light, neat & Power Co., ,,, 97
North Jersey k Pocono lea Co ,, 07
Consolidated Water Supply Gj,..,,, ... J05
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Corrected by II. (1, Dale, !7 Lackawanna Ave.l
Four-4.CQ. '
Beans fMfc
Butter Fresh creamery, 30v.; June ueamery.
Svc.j dairy, 22e. "
EggsNearby, lOc,; western, ISc,
Peas Per bushel, 81,75.
Marrow Beans Per bushel, JI. 35a 1,(0
Potatoes Per biuhe), 83c.
Onions per hu.liel, 1,W).
Wetr Yprk Oftln and Froduee Market
New Yoik, Marth 20,-FIouV-Lfss active and
easier, closing; steadier wt)i vfheat; winter pat.
enu, J.l.0aL23! winter straights, $3.75a3.83i
winter extras, $3.!0a3.3O; winter low grades, tj.oo
a3.10; Minnesota patent, 83.73aJ.00; Mlniistota
bakeis, J.03a3.2J. Wheat Spot steady: No. 2
led, 80c. elevator; Nu. 2red, 88c, f. 0, b, afloat!
No. 1 noithein Duliith, B2c-. f. 0, b. afloat; op
tions sustained violent decline, reacblug num.
erous atop a selling ordeis fiom hO cents down,
'the decline vvaj tiiully checked by nevvs. 0 fa
big export trade, and covering rallied ptlres in
tli last hour, tlie nuiket rloseing iirru at tin
tliiuged prices; March closed 75iv.( Ihy. 0,;
July, 60c; fiepteinber, 79ic.7 Corii-ipuot
steady; No. 2, 07e, elevator and 67c, f, 0.
b. afloat; options opened steady but soon turned
weak sud vws generally depressed until the at
hour vvheu covering started a rally and tloaed
the maiket firm at ac, net decline; Msy closed
GQHc'.j July, 63c.; September, wc. Oats
bpot easier; No. 2, 48a4Pc; No. 3, 480,; No. 2
ern, 49a50c.; track white, MaJSc.i options
niillrKi..fu, rr,imi-.. O.OOa .1,. ...... ..
18a22o.i creamer- held, 2Ia2tfo.; renovated, 18a
24c.i state dairy, 22a2se, Cheese Finn; itate
-111! fVDlIn Blrrk J 11 AS vlas 111 ll A t mimm .AS-1 1.
!s VSVU"I atiai V4J UV 14-VJf VVIUfCd 40
.. ic; do. while, 13al3!c; full cream, large
4 Lines 10 Cents
Marc Than Tour Lines, 3 Cents for Cacti Extra Line.
Tor Bent.
FOR RUNT five rooms at 627 Wyoming avenue.
KOIt mitTF-One-half doubft home with all mod
ern Improvements, on street car line, lnnutio
712 N, Main arfnur.
FOIl RUNT One-half double house at llW Pine
street, 18 per month, Apply 050 llsirlson
FOH IlKNT Sir-room flit with balh, llcani heat,
gas range and all modem Improvement from
April 1st; tent reasonable. Call earl). 1'icd 0.
Hand, 001 Mulberry street.
DAWN I'OIt ItnST-12, April 1st, three box and
three single stalls and wash tack, lear of
324 Madlion avenue. Inqulie at 0.11 Madison inc.
BAllN' FOlt HEST-Aprll 1st, three box and
three single stalls and wash rack. Inquire at
63 Madison avenue, rear of 321 Madlton avenue.
FOR RENT-A beautifully finished lunne p
twelve rooms, ail modern convenience,,, In
North Park; fine location. Apply 1028 Llcctrlc
nirntiim XtAslI Dsclr
aavUIIUVf JIUdll I. at A
FOR RKNT-Store building tor rent In Dickson
City. Pa. nullding 80 feet by 24 feet, cellar
under all, and second story can be arranged lor
a. family. All In good repair ready tor use. Two
coal breakers and mines close by emploving over
a thousand people. An enterprising, merchant
tan get a large trade. Apply to William II.
Richmond, Richmond Hill, 3423 N, Main avenue,
Scranton, Pa.
rOR RENT Store room on second floor over 319
Lackawanna avonuc. Piste glass front, in
quire of Krotoeky Ufoi.
Furnished Booms.
roh REST With board, a very large furnished
room. Inquiie at 01B Linden street, l'nurot
DKSIRAI1U-; furnished and unfurnished rooms for
rent. 622 Washington avenue.
I'OR RF.XT One furnished loom, with improve
ments; also one on third floor, cheap. 027
Adams avenue.
FURNISHED ROOMS for rent, modem improve
ments; private family; gentlemen prcfeired,
at 537 Adams avenue.
FOR REST Furnished front room, with heat,
bath and gas; near court hoUe; gentleman
preferred. Address Room, Box 209.
FOR RET Furnished room; heat and bath.
66 Linden street.
and bath, gentlemen preferred, at 539 Adams
For Sale.
SHOW CASES, counter, mirrors for sale chean.
Apply at once. Gubin Diamond Co , 223
Lackawanna avenue.
FOR SALE First class meichant tailoring es
tablishment out of city. Inquire Lincnthal k
Kaphin, 218 Wyoming avenue.
HORSE FOR SALE cheap, one road mare, bound,
gentle and good traveler; also saddle. Com
pelled to sell for want of use. Inquire 303 West
Market Blrect, city.
FOR SALE Just arrived with forlv horses, good
workers and driyers; weight 1100 to 1500; can
be seen at 334 Raymond court. V. M. Cobb.
CARPETS, linoleums and oil cloths sold every
day 3 o'clock. COS Lackawanna. See auctions.
FOR SALE Fine kindling wood, stove length.
Two dollars big load delivered an.v where.
Mail orders. Jennings, Central Mines cut. Also
second hand lumber suitable for ail purposes,
very cheap.
3. or Sale or Rent.
I'OR SALE OR RENT Farm of niuety acres good
sou, wen watered, good buildings, good mitt.
six miles from Scranton. one and one-half miles
from Clark's Summit. Lvlng on the south side
anu joining summit Lake; a tuie place for sum
mer home. Price leasonablc. Inquiie of M. II.
Coons, Clark's Orcen.
Wanted To Buy.
WANTED A single or double house in Crecn
Ridge or West Side. Price J3.000 to ?4.000.
Address Box 200, city.
Rooms Wanted.
WANTED By April 1st, rlv or six rooms for
light housekeeping, flat prcfened. Dan J,
fall make, fancy colored, 12al2c: do. white,
12al2c. Eggsr-Easier; state and Pennsylvania,
13U.C ; western, 16'4c.; southern, 16al0c.
Chicago drain and Produce Market.
Chicago, March 20. Ofain markets followed a
nervous and erratic course today. Speculators
were adverse to the consideration ol any thing
hut weather reports and these being abundantly
bearish, prlce9 slid downward until wheit seemed
to have arrived at an export basis, lairo sales
on tho decline revived the dorman bull sentiment
and helped other pits sjmpathetlcally. At the
close May wheat was a bhadc higher. May com,
c, lower and May oats, c. lower, ProvWuns
closed ualOe. higher. Tlie leading- futures ral
lied as follows: .May. 73a74a74c; July,
74a75c. ; September, 7la74c. Coin No. 2,
6lao;,a01c. ; July, 60a60c; September, 58c.
Oats, No. 2. 41al1c: July, 35a35a35o. ;
September, 20a20c. Mess pork, Mav, $15.42
al5.52; July, S15.60al5.(i7. Lard, May, $0.42
a45; July, $9.52aPS5; September, a).05a0 63.
Short ribs, ifav, fS.43aS.50; July, Ij.57a8 62 ;
September, $8.72a8,73. Cash quotations were as
follows; Flour Easy; No. 3 wheat, 70c; No. 2
red, S0ab2r,; No. 2 oats, 43a43c; No. 2 white.
44a47c; No. 3 white, 41a43c; No. 2 ije, 56c;
fair to cholco malting, SOaMr.: No. 1 rla need,
1,68; No. 1 northwestern, Sl.72; primo timothy
seed, sfO.20; mess pork, Irl5.35al5.40; lard, .f'
9.37; short ribv, sides, if3.40a8.53; drv ultcd
shoulders, 7a7ci; short clear sides, 3.00a9j
whiskey, Ifl.oO.
Chicago Hive Stock Market.
Chicago, Match 20, Cattle-Receipts. 8,000, in
cluding t cars Tcxans; heavy, steady; otheis
strong to 10c, higher; good to pi line steels, VW"
7.10; poor to medium, $4 25a0.50; Mockers and
feedeis, 82.50a3; iows, $1.23a5.30(" heifeia, V.Ma
0; csuncrs, vl.23j2.i0i bulls, $2.30a5; calves, $3a
0.85; Texas fed stecis, 5a0. Hogs te elpts to
day, 37,000; tomonow, 32,000; left over, 6.0W;
bulk 6old SalOc. lower; mixed and butchers, Vi.10
uO.15; light, il.00a6.30; bulk of sales, tO.13aU.33,
Sheep Receipts, 15,000; sheep steady to 10c.
higher; lambs, steady to 10,;, higher; good to
cholco wethers. 3.20a5,l0; western theep, M.fXi
u; native lambs, flaO.OO; westein lainlw, f3,25n
Buffalo XiY0 Stock Harket.
East Iluftalo, March 20,-Cattle Receipts, light,
market active and 15a23p. higher tor butcher's
ttxk; veals, $3.5OaT.B0; extra, ?SaS.23. Hog.
Receipts, 2,350 head; market active and SalOc.
higher; heavy, $.70afl.73; mlsed, jti5a0.70; pigs,
$0.156.70; roughs. Ba6.15; stags, fi,i3al.0.
fcheep and Lambs Receipts, 5,400, head; market
active and hade higher for lambs; sheep high.
er; bet handy lambs, $8.70-8.60; mostly, ?0.73;
culls to good, $5atiu5; sheep, top uiWed, f5.60a
3.75; culls to good, Mao 60; vvetheis, f3.'i5a0
j failings, 0a0,23.
fepecial to the Scranton Tiibune.
Tuu!.hamick, 'March 20. Iho leiualus of the
la(e IMIton Stout were lemoved on Thursday
front the place ot tlieir Interment at Springvllie
to Huiui!de ccinettiy, near this town.
Tlie Lafayctle College Olee, Maiidollu and Banjo
clubs will give a concert at Piatt's Opera House
cm Tuesday evening, ilaicli 23.
Mis. I.vdla Jenklur, the aged mother of Deputy
Sheriff bamuil 11. Jenkins, died at her homo on
Bridge ilieet, early Thursday morning, uflcr s
brief Blue.
Daniel Melviu, a veteian emplove of the I.e
high Valley Ralltoad coinpan-, suffered a slrok
of iralsls on Wednesday. Little hope U enter
talned ol his lecovery, lie Is at the Nairep
btrcet Hotel, at present, but will be removee'
to the Packer Hospital at Sajre.
SlUs Cuirlo Wtlbur, of Wilmot, Pa., visited
friends at this place pn Thursday,
Mis. Elizabeth MulIUon is very ill at her home
on Bridge street.
J. V. Wiggins attended the (uncial of hU aunt,
Mrs. Francis Robeits, at l'actoijvllle, on Wednes
Mrs. Elmer Vaughau l viiltloj- her daughter
at MceUsgpan) this week.
Want AdverttBOraents Will He
Received at Any of tho follow
ing Drug Stores Until 10 7. It.
Central City
ALBERT SCHULTZ, corner Mulberry
street and Webster avenue.
OtlBTAV PICHEL, 030 Adams avenue.
Went Bide
OEOROH W. JENKINS, 101 South Main
South Scranton
FRCD L. TERPPE, 720 Cedar avenue.
-forth Scranton
GEO. W. DAVIS, corner North Main
avenue and Market street.
Green Rtdgo
CHARLES P. JONES, 1537 Dickson
F. 3. JOHNS, 20 Green Ridge street.
C. LORENSS, corner Washington ave
nus and Marion street.
W. H, KNEPFEL, 1017 Irving avenue.
J. 0. BONE k SON.
Help Wanted Male.
MAN AND Win! without children; nun must
understand horkes and gaulrn; woman fur
general housework; must be good cook; veiy lib
eral wage for light piitles. Rcfeicnccs ic
quired. Addrcs P. O. Bov 510, Scianlon.
WANTED Expeilenied clothing; ualcsiium. Ap
ply lUchaids k Wirlli, 320 Luckawanui avc.
WANTED Two experienced steiiouriipliiis; ap
ply to International Salt Co., Council build
ing, Scranton, Pa.
WANTED By one of the laigest and best nld
line insurance companies, dWtilct nteut tor
Caibondale and Ilonesdile. i:ceptlonally favor
able contracts. Addioss S-npuiiitciidciit ul
Agencies, Box 280.
WANTED Salesman for Carpet De
partment; young man to sell
Wall Paper and Shades, also Sign
Writer. Apply, Jonas Long's Sons.
Help Wanted Female.
LADV CANVASSER wanted to solicit subscrip
tions for Tie Tribune; good commission of
fered with a fair guaiantoo for fust-class worker.
Apply personally at Business Manager's ottice,
Scranton Tribune.
Recruits Wanted.
WANTED FOR U. a ARMY Able bodied un
married men between the ages ot 21 and 35;
citizens of the United Stares, ot good character
and temperate habits, who can speak, T"ad and
write English. Fcr infoimation apply to Recruit
ing Office, No. 123 Wj onilng avenue, Scianton,
Boarders Wanted.
PRIVATE FAMILY wishes to have two niee men
to board, German or English. Call any time
after Thursday. All conveniences, S07 Harrison
Wanted Rooms and Board.
WANTED Two communicating rooms with lioanl,
nrivate family prefeired. Two ladies and u
gentleman. State lull particulars. Addicss C.
II. D., Tribune offlce.
WANTED Second-hand milk wagon; Mato pmc
and size. Address Milkman, Uribunc offve.
WANTED Hoiso Power, new or second hand
Please btate condition of same, cash price and
where it can bo eeen. Jeniugs, Central .Mines,
Scranton, Pa.
WANTED Chairs to repali and recano; tend pos
tal to James Pavno or 'phone John Hawks,
124S Providence load. Old "phone lll-.i, Gicen
Wanted To Rent.
WNTED Furnished loom or rooms with oi
without board; piivato family piefened.
Young married couple. Address X. Y. .., Trib
une. COTTAGE wanted to lent for the summer tea
bon; plainly furnished with good vvatri, neai
station. Clark's Summit, Glcnbuin or Dalton
nothing fancy in furnishing or price. Addicss
Cottage, Tribune office.
WANTED ROOM'S For two adults, three or four
rooms, furnlbhed or unfurnished for very
light housekeeping, first floor piefernd. Address
11. B., Tribune of lice.
WANTED Furnished houso or four or five looms
for housekeeping. Addicss A. G. I!., Tilbunc
20,000 YARDS CARPETS, oil clotltA and mattings,
one ton tablo silverware, one car load linen
sheetB, table cloths, napkins, pillow cases, to.vels,
5,000 paiis fancy lace alliums. Mmy othei things
too numeious to mention. At auction, 12U AVaidi
ington avenue, opposite Connell building. Sales
10 a, in., 2 and 7 p, m,
CUMMIXGS BROS,, ,Vui tlonecu.
Real Estate. '
l-OR SALE One-half acie lot, 7-looin lioibr, good
well of water, berry bushes, grape vines, fiult
tires of different klmls; will bo sold cheap or be exchanged for house and lot in city, bv
Chailes II, Koemer, hpring sticet, Clark's Green,
or Sam Koemer, 52.1 Llncon nve., Scranton, Pa.
FOR SALE New house on Cornell sticet, Round
Woods Paik; niudeiu iinpioveinents; ra in
terim. Apply to Spring Biook Lumber Co.,
.Moosic, Pa., or E, S. Wooilhousc,
FOR SALE One houso and lot, modem liu
pioYeineuts, uiul two Improved vaunt lots,
No. 512 Noith Blakely street, Dunmoie, Pa.
Address AlDcrt Jenkins, boutli Canaan, W.ijne
County, Pa,
FOR SALE Furnished cottage at Lake llemy,
Maplevv-iod, Pa., four beds, spilng anil nut
treej, two stoves, all kltclun uleiwIU; luko
$J30. For particulars addiesa II, W, Osland, 53
Westcrvelt avenue, PI j Infield, X. J.
FOR BALE At Claik'a Summit; a place of five
acres, house and bam, good fruits cheap for
cash. Inquire of Mrs. L. Lindsay, 1111 North
Main avenue, city.
Business. Opportunity.
WASTE A partner with eight hundred dolais
ill u good paving business, Address ('. ,
Tribune, ofllce,
ffl'OCK AND WHEAT TRADERS without delay,
Write for our special market letter. Free on
application. 8. M. Ilibbard Co., uieinbeis N.
V, Consolidated and Stock hichange, 44 and ill
Broadway, New York. Established lSdl. Long
Dlsianec1 Phone 2388 Broad.
Money to Loan.
straight loans or Building and Loan. At
from 4 to 6 per cent. Call on N. V, Waiter,
SU 315 Council building.
LOST Monday evening, Feb. 7, bctvveen W0
mln avenue and Washbuin street, an oval
brooch containing gentleman's pictuie. Under
please return to or notify Ml Parsons, 417 'Ihir
teentk street
3 Insertions 25 Cents
MorsTlin Pour Lines, 6 Cents tor Uach Ustra Llm,
Situations Wanted.
SITUATION WYIEI)-l!v exnert nrrnuntsnl nml
coi respondent seeks engugciiient; ready for
woik on or befoio April 1; competent to take
ihaige of the books, letters nnd annouiicemciits
of n l.iluo fstabllshinent', vuiderstands cost ac
counting, card mid loose leaf sjstelns and other
short cuts. Modern, cure Tribune office.
POSITION WVNTED-.U once by a joun wo.
tniii familiar with bookkeeping nnd court
reconU; also deeds, bonds, mortgages and
leases; n good copjlst, liox II, scranton.
SITUATION WANTIin-lly lespeclable colored
man ss porter, pilvnle conchmnn or driving
for doctor or office woik. Addicss B. A., 318
Peim avenue. .
SITP.VIIOV WANTED-lly middle aged woman
us lioiifekeepor In widower's family. Call or
address JI, J 117 South Rebec is avenue, city.
WANTED A thoionghly practical and experienced
business uinii dish is rmplovment; familiar
with office work mid .1 good 'linuniiii, nnd ad
vertisement virllci"; bel lefirencc. Addrcsi A.
W, Johnson, flrncrnl Delivciy, Kciantou,
FOl'Ml A sum of money on floor of n Rtore in
this city. Fmtlicr IiifOimatlon apply at Ihls
A Hl'll' CASE was left at 62.1 Washington nvenue
on lavt Kiliuddv by mistake. Owner can
have it bv iippljlng nt above addicss.
1)0, than nnd modem up-to-date
sloiugc; sepal ate looms;
Individual kevs: clevatoi. An
Ideal storage for household effects, etc. Thirty
tepiintc i-torage ruonis. Scinnlou .toiage com
pany, 11." l'ranklin avenue.
RHEUMAIISM All naitles that wish ran he
specdll.v and permanent!) cured of all Va
lletta of Rheumatism by n vegctnblu lompound.
I'uies gtmantccd. luqulio or addicss .1, L. Taj
lot, Scianton.
beis ot the Republic-in Standing Committee
of the lhiul Legiilitlvp distllct:
Notice is heiebv given that u meeting of ll(o
ltcpubliiau Standing Cmiiiiilttee of the 'Ihlnl
Legislative district of Lackawanna county will
lie held at the Cnutt lloiwe, Siianlon, i'.i., .on
Saturday, ilaicli 22, 1002, it 2 o'clock p. in.
full attendance of the committee is earnestly
icquestcd. By older of the chairman.
Attest: .1. E. WATKINS. Secretary.
Scranton, Pa., Maich 10, 1002.
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received Ivy the
boiough cleik of the borough of P.lnkely
until 0 p. m,, Monday, March 21, 1002, for K
bulljlng that poition of the mountain load in
slid borough from the Ontario hrciker to a point
mar the Ontaiio tunncll. Specific itlons: lto.ul
to be made 13 feet wide, rounded up to 3 feet
in center, ditches on both sides 18 indies deep
and not less thin 3 cross ditches. All woik to
bo done with 111 -st class miiterhl ind romplJled
within two weeks fiom the dntc of letting con
tiact. The borough council rcecves the right
to leject any oi nil blily,
Attest: GEO. B. HEED. Clerk. '
Pe'ckvllle. Pa.
Certified Public Accountant.
Building, and St. Paul Building, New York.
Estate Exchange Bldg., 120 Washington. ave.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
Spruce street, Scranton.
and Counselloia-at-Law. 003 to 012 Connell
Rooms 12, 14, 16 and IS Burr Building.
tlated on real estate security. Mcars Bulldln;,
corner Washington avenue and Spruce street.
Cominonvvcallh Building, Roomi
10, 20 and 21.
003-004, Oth floor, Mcars building.
of Tiado Building. Scranton, Pa.
Hank Building
211 Wjomlng avenue.
Physicians 'and Surgeons.
ington avenue. Residence, 1318 Mulberry.
Chronic dheajes, lungs, heart, kidneys and
Kcnlto-uiinaiy organs u specialty, Hours, I
to 4 p. m.
Ington avenu, Oluouli- and nervous disease)
a special!, Consultation fiee. "
Instruction Musical.
Voice Culttiie. llannony, Counterpoint and
Coiiiponitioii, Compositions conectcd audire
vised foi publication, 33 New Yoik street."
Hotels and Restaurants.
cue. Rates reasonable.
P. Z1EGLER, Proptletor..
cengcr depot, Conducted on tlio Europeaa
plan, VICTOR KOCH, Proprietor,
cess pools; no )dor; only Improved pumps used.
A. U. Briggi, proptletor. Leave orders '1100
North Main avenue, or Elcke'a drug store, cor.
per Adams and Mulbeuy, Both tcleplionei.-
erymen, tloro 201 Washington avenue; gteen
houses, 1030 North Main avenue; ators tele
phone, 782. :V
Wire Screens.
bcranton. Pa., manufacturer of Wire Screens.
also ladles waists. Loulsg Shoemaker, 212
Adams avenue.
velones, paper bags, twine, Wareuouse, lull
Washiugton avenue, Scranton, Pa,
in Scranton at the news stands of Hcisinan
Bros., 40e) tprucc and 503 Linden: M. Norton,
322 Lackawanna avenue;1- I.-i-S.1 Schutzer,fll
Spruce street. ,