The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, January 24, 1902, Page 2, Image 2

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The News of
:railroad time tables
Dolnwave and Hudson Railroad.
NoveimVr 21. 1Mb
Train 1mo uiliondalo nt city utallon ai fop
Kof Rcmnlon ntil,WUk-lUifc, 7.W, ..
8.01, 10.01, 11.21 a. in. I l.W, l.3i "5'), -W,
6.00, 7.00, 10.01, 11.00 p. in. .... . , ,
Sunday tuliu le.ue at 8..V), 11.21 a, m.J l.W,
-2.10, B.W, 8.00 n. in. .. , ,
' Tor Alhanv, Sunburn, Montreal, lt.-lii. Jtw
lltndand point?, etc!,. 7.00 n. to. t M !' '
PorWaymatt ami llonwdale, 7.2-', 11.03 a. lit,;
3 SI, 0.13 p. 111. ... , ,
Sunday (tains leave Waymart and lloiicul.tlo
at 0.30 a. m.l 4,13 p. in.
Trains aultc at Cirlxmil.ilc frwn u " i",nArl!;
and Scranton an follow! n.M, S.:i,, two. ltUO
. in.; 12.37, 2.00. n. i.t., o.os, 7.01, .si, !.i,
11. m.l 2.03 a. ill. .
ml.iy tmlti4 airlvc nl 0.27 a. in. i 12.10, .1.1.1,
i 'Q. I! 7ri 1 1 nil t til
.S11nd.1v train nrrlie at C.ulioml.iU" (mm Way
mart and at 12.1" and 7."m p. in.
Now York, Ontario find Western.
Hoplemlier 17, 1001.
Tialn leave C.irbond.ilo fur .Scranlnn at ,.00 a.
n.i I.1.1) p. 111.
rtmd.iv 11.11111 at 7.00 a. in.; O.Oi! p. in.
Tialin leave Cirhond.ilo (or point 1101II1 at
11.10 .1. 111. On Sunday at fl.ln n. 111. Tintm
Ihivlmr nl 11.10 11. 111, week il.iyn ami (MO n. 111.
Mitiday lnal;c coiincetioiii (or New Vmk, Corn
wall, etc.
Traliw arrhe (10m Pcranto'i at 11.10 a. 111,; JIM
p. m.; (rem point norlli, -l.rti p. in. Mimtijvi
(mm Srrntilon nt 0.10 a. tit. and 7.13 p. m.i
I10111 t'dihnhi at 11.O11 p. in.
Erie Railroad.
.lime ai. 1001.
Tralm axe rlfv al.-illnn, c.iihiiiidaK dally
f extent Sunday) nit 7.IM a. in. and 4.WI p. in. for
Ili.iii'Jt and Nineveh i ill W.KI .1. in., dally (v.
icpllnjf Mindiy), tor lllnsliimiiin. inaklnir ow
nrdlom f'r New Viil; city and lluXilo, and at
ti.lO p. m. for Susinii-Jiaiiiia, maklns inniiccllcmi
lor v. i't 01 ti points
Sunday train at i..-, n. 111. for KiMiue'inniu,
villi western (iinncctloiis ami 0.27 p. m., with
mnif connett!oii.
Tialni arrlic nt S.':l a. m. and 3.13 p. in.
Sundaj-i at C..VI 11. 111.
Some Amusing Happenings That
Bring Laughter with Their Tell
ing. The members of the Columbia Hose
company lmvo u good story to laugh
over this week. It Is sit the expense of
one of the younger members, Thomas
Coleman. AL the recent benellL for
Charles Hull, a brother member, a
number of palms were procured to add
to the decorations of the dance In
"Watt's hall. On Sunday, air. Coleman,
in walking down Church street, noticed
that a window in the hall was opened,
permitting a cold breeze to blow on the
"Egad," thought Mr. Coleman, "this
is a shame; those palms will be fro.en
and will look like a lot of wilted sun
flower stalks by tomorrow night. I
must do my duly ere they perish."
Coleman hastened about town and,
locating a key for the hall, hurried (to
shut the mlschlevlous-looking window.
At the same time he observed the palms
didn't appear as fresh as they might.
"A drop, more or less, of water won't
hurt them," ho commented mentally;
and, procuring a vessel, ho poured
about a quart of water nrouail- the
roots of each palm. Returning "Vi the
hose house, he incidentally spoke fff his
work.1 Before ho had finished; there
was a titter, which grew into laughter'
that tilled the company's quarters.
Poor faithful Coleman had been pro
tecting and watering nrtlllcial palms
which had been loaned from a furniture
store of the town. lie bought the
cigars, and now when you speak of
his "palmy" days, Coleman runs and
The masquerade of the Oermaula
Singing society, held AVeduesdny night,
recalls a story that Is told of the ex
perience of one of Its prominent mem
bers on the night of his Initiation.
This member, who will bo recognized
by the others when they read this story
was somewhat anxious about how he
would conduct himself when called
upon to bo presented.
"Say." he whispered to one of the
members, "I don't want lo make any
breaks, and I wish you would 'put mo
next' to what I'm to do."
Unfortunately for him, he was turn
ing for help to the most confirmed cap
ital joker of the society.
. "Now, what you want to be sure to
do." said the joker, as he realized that
the new member was at his mercy, "Is
to call for refreshments for every one
.when you nre called on. And beforo
their glasses nre empty, you want to
fill them up again. Do this three times
. and you'll stand pat with the crowd."
"Drink to the health of the now mem
ber," said the victim when he was pre
sented. "Fill them up again," ho ex
claimed when the glasses were lowered.
The members looked at one another,
their eyes saying "this fellow Is all
"Once more," came from tho new
brother, when the second round wont
under tho members' shirt-waists, lly
this time, the gathering had become
aware that tho "Joker" hud been nt
work and the merry laugh foil on tho
new man. He was game, however, and
he showed it by ordering another round,
which was topped off by the hearty
luughter of everybody.
This man was from llotiesdale, which
excuses his vanity for thinking himself
"lt.r3Io attended the recent perform
ncaSCMIIOrAd Holland In "Tho Power
c'2frj?1SS2?j)' Ho didn't seem
-Hatlfiiied with Tho siiow and a friend,
observing this, said: "Well, Honesdule.
miow did you llko that?"
2 ,"' well," he replied, as hq jwlsted
his faco, just, like. 4V .Honesdnllan can,
v;"It was pretty good, but, ' thunder,
j thpro weren't any specialties." Tho
;Illll Upard and Trunk company had
' Just Mulshed born.stovmlnir tho ri,..a
nut borough,
J .
Their Fourth Anniversary.
I Mr.- and Mrs. AV. J, IlobortB happily
jobsprved their fourth wedding miniver
wsary on Wednesday evening, by enter
taining n number of friends nt their
yilcasant home on South Washington
Breatt'fast Dish
Clroccrs sell
street. The evening was given princi
pally to cimlXt progressiva cuehre en
gaging thu wits of the guests and nlso
offering opportunity for social converse
unci pleasant exchange of sallies. There
wits, of course, tt good deal (if Interest
In the prizes, airs. Iltirry llnrrlson
won the chief prize', and Cluy Chamber
lain hntl to content, himself with tho
"do 'Way Hank nml Sit Down" prize.
There wim ulso music and refreshment,
The occasion was highly enjoyable tind
u happy celebration of tho event.
' --
An Afternoon of Exciting Sport at
Crystal Lake, on Thursday, Janu
ary 00, at 2 O'clock.
A committee, consisting of George F.
Mills, Prank K. Ilurr nnd John J. Simp
son, have issued invitations to the lov
ers of fast horses In this vicinity, to a
ntatlncc to be held on the Ice at Crys
tal lako, 'I'hursituy, .Ian. 30, 1902. Tho
races are to bo called at 2 o'clock In
tho Afternoon,
This announcement will be well re
ceived about the town, and will be the
means of attracting a big crowd, It Is
safe to say, as those who witnessed the
races hist year keenly enjoyed tho
The personnel of the committee In
charge of the enterprise Is an assurance
that the races will bo well conducted
and that It will be a worthy offering to
persons whoso preferences lead to this
enjoyable and exciting sport. This
means a good portion of the commun
Columbia Hose Company Fair Closes
Last Night Large Crowd Present.
Winners of the Prizes.
One of the largest crow.ds In attend
ance at the fair of the Columbia Hose
company was present last night to bid
farewell to 'the valiant fheliiddles, who
have given Carbondale people and out-of-town
persons a chance to enjoy
themselves for the past nine days. Tho
affair last night was the banner night
of all. Everybody was there with the
Intention of having it good time, and
they certainly had It.
The doing away of the usual pro
gramme and In Its place having an
hour's round dancing, struck a popular
chord with the lovers of thu dancing
art. The dancers were In their element
and the Mozart orchestra, which has
furnished music for the fair each even
ing, played as they never played be
fore. The music was entrancing, and
but few could resist, and the floor was
always crowded by the merry dancers.
The various games at the fair did not
suffer from lack of attention, and the
plum tree was again the cause of much
merriment. The fair canvassctr, were
most conspicuous by their absence.
Their work was over early, as all the
books had been turned over to it com
mittee early in the evening.
'During the progress of the fair the
Columbia boys have entertained nearly
five thousand persons, ami not one of
those was' dissatisfied with the treat
ment that Avas accorded them. It -was
a grand success socially and financially,
and the flrelndilies are deserving of
commendation for the manner In which
they conducted the affair.
At 10 o'clock the committee started
the drawing for the many prizes, for
which a number of chances had been
taken since the opening of the fair.
Ticket No. 233 won the handsome rocker
and It was held by Miss Mary Con
nolly. Ticket Xo. L'lS, held by Mrs. B.
Durfee, won the picture, which has
found a place on the platform during
the fair and which was greatly ad
mired. Ticket X, 739 won thp $10 worth
of laundry at the Carbondale steam
laundry, and Itlehard Dunn, of Dun
daff street, was the claimant.
The door prize for the past three
evenings has been u chance on a "
karat diamond ring, Which was won by
Miss Mary Muldowney, of Simpson.
The lucky ticket was Xo. U.SOi. The
young lady cnnife in for congratulations
from her many friends on her good for
tune. Ticket Xo. 025 won the $23 iu gold. It
was held by James Downey, of tho
"Eleventh Hour" theatrical company,
which played hero two months ago. It
will be sent to tho New York Clipper.
Wedding of Two Popular Young Peo
ple in St. Hose Church.
In St.. Itoso church, Wednesday morn
lug at 10 o'clock, Miss .lla Cult, of
C'hllds, beeamu the wife of Thomas
Tlerney, of this city. Tho bridal party
marched up tho aisle of the church to
the strains of the wedding inarch, which
was played, by Trof, S, V. Stockman.
Tho party was met at tho altar by
Very Rev. T. 1 Coffey, V. O., who suid
tho Avoids which milted the happy
young couple. TIiq bride v. as attired In
a steel-colored gown. tr!:r.mpdy with
white silk and applique hit-.. She wore
a handsome picture hat. Her maid,
Miss Anna Mellugh, wore 11 pretty
gown of blue broadcloth, with hat to
match. Tho groom was attended by
Patrick Joyce.
Tho bridal party was driven to the
homo of tho bride's parents, on III11
street, where u wedding breakfast was
served. Tho young eouplo left in tho
afternoon for New York city and Wash
ington, D, V. They will bo gono two
weeks, and on their return will start
housekeeping In u newly furnished
homo In Muyflcld,
Tho groom is a conductor on the On
tario and Western road and ono of tho
most trusted and efllclent employes of
that company.
Emergency Hospital.
Pnsset Merrlno was taken to Emer
gency hospital yesterduy In an unibu
liuice. He was at work In tho Udgerton
mines when a fall of coal ennto down
.011 him, almost completely burying
him. A bono in the leg was fractured
tind ho suffered minor Injuries on the
The condition of Martin Jordan ut tho
hospital was soniewhut Improved last
Patrick Morrison was admitted to the
hospital suffering from u crushed foot,
Ho had been at "work storing away lee,
when u,large cake fell on his foot, bud.
ly crushing the member.
Crowds Being Vaccinated.
As a matter of precaution against
any possible breaking out of small-pox
III this section many persons me being
vaccinated dally. When the scare wus
here oneo before, upwards of several
months ago, a large number went un
der tho operation and It was thought
then that but few In the city were like-.
ly to need the application, but UiCoVer
llmo the doctors nre putting In nowa
days destroys Hie Illusion. There are
still many In this city who have failed
to become vaccinated.
Excitement Over Cost of Hull Trial
Lends to Pitiful Exaggeration.
Hnrkcn to litis Honesdnlo "pipe"
story In the latest lsstie of the Wayno
"Tho cost of thd Hull trial to Wnyno
county so far amounts to $1,001.29, be
sides indirect costs of which there Is no
basis for tin estimate. In addition to
this, H. J, Ncary, a Cnrbondale con
stable, has presented a bill of nearly
$1,000 for detective services Ho asks
M.CO per day from the dale of the find
ing of Snhoonover'H body till thu trial,
nnd nt tho same time ho received pay
for serving subpoenas, covering n por
tion of the same time. For this alleged
service no benefit was derived, as he
furnished no material evidence for tho
trial, Lackawanna county Individuals
tiro well schooled In the art of making
bills of costs for taxpayers to liquid
ate." There Is so much falsity In these
characteristic Honesdnlo newspaper
rumblings, Hint the easiest way lo dis
pose of It Is to say that tho man re
sponsible for them was either "kidded"
by tho persons who gave him tho Infor
mation, or ho has made such a willful
exaggeration of facts that he owes tin
apology as long as his arm to Constable
Kdward Xeary.
The fact is that Constable Xeary has
sent In no bill ror a thousand dollars.
Ho has sent In a bill for $470, which Is
but meagre compensation for his ser
vices, as- compared with the foes which
are usually paid In such cases, nml
such ns were paid by tho county of
Wayne, Itself, when It had Phikerton
detectives doing nothing but shadowing
everybody against whom there was
suspicion In connection with the escape
of McCabe, who was executed for mur
der. Constable Xeary was engaged by
the district attorney to collect evidence
In the Hull case, tind has papers in his
possession to this effect. His suit to
secure what his labors in the Hulf case
earned will be only one of a half-dozen
or more that will be Instituted by Cur
bohdallans who were denied the full
share of fees that, ns witnesses, they
were entitled lo under the law.
Arrived Last Night from New York
State with n. Prisoner.
Kdward J. Neary returned last night
from Blnghnniton with his prisoner,
Stephen Carrol, who Is wanted, here on
the charge of stealing ?430 from Mike
Machohiek, of Maylleld, with whom he
boarded for a few days. He then
skipped to Biughnmtoh, and was found
by Neary in the hospital there, suffer
ing from injuries he received in some
mysterious manner. To bring him to
this city extradition papers were need
ed, and Xenry was sent to Governor
Stone of this state, and Governor Odell
of New York state. He secured the
papers and the prisoner is now In the
city Jail.
He will be taken to Scranlon today
011 a commitment made out by Alder
man S. S. Jones.
"Hiawatha" Tonight.
The production of "Hiawatha" at the
Grand opera house, for the benefit of
the Trinity church, will be given to
night with all the splendor of Its many
parts. The affair promises to be a
grand success, as the sale of tickets
has been unusually large. The children
who are to take imrt have been well
drilled and will give it good account of
In Keal Estate Circles.
The handsome house and lot of Will
lam It. Johnson, on Washington place,
has been purchased by Attorney Will
iam 10. Watt. The consideration was
$1,000, it is sold. This Is ono of the
llnest residence properties In the city,
Us heating and sanitary systems being
unsurpassed. At present the building
is occupied by Mr. and Mrs. lfyron
Meetings Tonight.
Junior Order United American Me
chanics. Companions of the Forest.
American Legion of Honor.
The Koyal Circle.
Crystal camp, Woodmen of the
Win !d.
Lamoreaux's Condition.
Charles Lamoreaux, of Archbald
street, who was injured several days
ago, while coasting on Park street, was
a little Improved yesterduy and Dr.
Andrew Niles, the attending physician,
hopes to have hint around again In a
short time.
The Birth Record.
Horn, to Mr. nnd Mrs, James Mollltt,
of South Church street, a son; to Mr.
and Mrs. John Polko, of White's cross
lug, a daughter: to Mr. and Mrs. N. L.
Ilelchard, a daughter.
Mrs. Salsbury Here.
Mrs. Salsbury, who has charge of tho
staging of Hiawatha at tho Grand
Opera house tonight, Is tho guest of Dr.
H. (.'. Wheeler and wife.
In tho Hospital.
Charles linker was admitted to Dr.
It. C. Wheeler's hospital yesterday. Tho
young man Is from Jorniyn.
Common Councilman Alex. Kennedy
Is In Now York city.
Ex-School Director W. It. Moon, who
is now with tho New York Surgical
When you find a medicine
that makes your regular food
taste good, when you find a
medicine that strengthens a
weak stomach then you know
you're going to put some flesh
on. '
Scott's Emulsion does these
things. We recommend it
whenever the system needs
more 'flesh. If you are thin
and able to eat begin regular
doses. That's your part,
Scott's Emulsion will do the
rest. Not flabby but solid
We'll woJ you i Utile lo liy.lf you J'kf.
SCOTT S HUWNIi, w IVtflttrvcl, Ne Veik.
tk'.ti'.Jl'.'V JV !'.
te m m.
This is a, very big announcement, but it is what we are going to do-, give you
Cloaks at one-half the manufacturer's prices.
$25 to $40 Newmarkets and Raglans at $15.00
1 8 to 25 Newmarkets and Raglans at 1 0.50
12 to 18 Newmarkets and Raglans at 7.00
Come early, there is only sixty-seven garments in the lot.
50 Children's Coats, 4 to 12 years, wholesale price $4.00, are offered at
$1.98. Just one-half their wholesale value.
120 42-Inch Jackets, all wool, cream of the season, wholesale value is from
$14 to $30, are offered at $8 to $15. They won't last long, so come quick.
15. Evening Capes for Theater and Party Wear at 50c on the dollar.
50 Fine Capes for the matrons at 25 per cent, less than wholesale value. In
our store fifty garments will last about one week, so come early.
1 Paddock Tan Kersey, imported from Paris. Cost $75.00 to land in New
York City. Will close at $25.00. It has $20 worth of mink on collar and revers
324 Lackawanna Ave.
Appllance company,. is in the city for a
few days. Mr. Moan Is meeting with
deserving success in his new-field.
I'. J. Martin, of Scrunton, was in the
city yesterday.
D. .1. McKeon, of Olyphant, was at
the Harrison house yesterday.
The directors of the First National
bank on Wednesday purchased a plot
of land for the new bank. The site
chosen is that where the dwelling house
now occuoied by Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Steele stands. The lot Is 25x175 feet and
quite centrally located. A committee
was appointed to procure estimates for
the erection or the building. A ten-ton
llrcproof vault has been mtrchased.
The funeral of the late Mrs. George
Buckingham took place yesterday af
ternoon. Services were held iu the
Primitive Methodist church, and Inter
ment was made in the borough ceme
tery. The nail-bearers were: Martin
Stephens, Thomas Parry, James Din
ner, Ace Kirby, Hurry Reeve and Sam
uel Cooper.
The entertainment given last night
by the children In Enterprise hull was
largely patronized, and the programme
as published was very creditably car
ried out and enjoyed.
Mrs. William Ctiley, of West Maylleld,
was entertained by a number of her
friends Thursday evening lust. Those
present were: Mr. and Mrs. Chris
Whitney, Mrs. Nicholson, Mrs. Henry
Langmun, Mrs. James Tucker, Mrs,
Mellow, Mrs. Hurry Reeves, Mrs. Sim
mons, Mrs, Charles lilythe, Mrs. John
Martin, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Wheeler,
Mrs. It. Wheeler, Mrs. R. Reynolds,
Mrs. Samuel Penny, Mrs, Stephen Mor
com, Mrs. Henry Muynurd, Mrs. Chnrles
MeGlnley, Miss 15. C'uley, Misses Hay
nurd, Ilono, and Mr. Nichols,
Peter Dltmore, of Hradt'ord, Pa., Is
visiting here at his home,
Don't forget the Republican caucus
tonight In -Knterpriso hull at 8 o'clock.
Mrs. J. J. Place Is oonllned to her
homo, at Muyflcld, by illness.
.The Democrats of tho Third ward
will hold thejr caucus on Saturday
evening. It was ut first supposed that
Councilman Cubauney would hnvo no
opposition for a ro-nomlnatlon, but
Harry J. Kennedy Is an aspirant for
tho nomination.
Miss Mary Jane Davis, daughter of
Mrs. William V. Davis, and Grant
White, of lilnkelv. wern nnlttvl fn mm.
rlage by Rev. Peter Roberts, nt Moha-
noy city, yesterday. Mr, and Mrs.
White havo many friends, who extend
to tiiem tneir sincere wishes for a
happy and prosperous wedded life.
They will resldo In lilakely.
Tho school board has ordered all chil
dren attending the publlo school to bo
vaccinated beforo Monday, Dr. Crnns,
Dr. Van Sickle and Dr, Price have been
engaged to do the vaccinating,
Culhane, Ohnso & Weston's minstrels
Will hold the boards , tho Father
Mathew opera house this! evenlnsr.
Tho Democratic caucus of the Fourth
ward will bo held this evening at 7
o'clock, nt the regular place,
Tho Jnvenls dancing class will hold
their weekly social In Million's hall to
lileht. Mrs. Mnry Probert, who has been vis
iting relatives ut Kingston, returned
home yesterday,
U S. Pllger, accused of robbing tho
safe of his employer, George Spitz, ns
noted in yesterday's Issue, was given ti
further hearing before Justice of tho
Peace Cummliigs yesterday and held in
the sum of $1,200 for his appearance nt
The Republican primaries held In the
GiveAway Sale
m0 TLrm 1 Em wj3
Second, ward yesterday resulted as fol
lows: Council, Wlllliim S. Davis; school
director, Thomas Weaver: constable,
Joseph Ij. Davis; auditor, William
Scrlven; Judge of election, Morgan
Evans; inspector, John Brooks.
The report circulated in the town
yesterday to the effect that Mrs. Wil
liam Pollard, of Brook street, had vis
ited a relative In Prlcoburg where a.
case of smallpox Is said to exist and
that one of the family from that place
had called on tho Pollard family here
on Sunday lust. This report, which
flew like wild (Ire, caused a decided
sensation. Health Ofllcer J. B. Grover
and President H. L. Thompson, of the
local board of health, were appealed
to. These gentlemen at once proceeded
at once to mnko a thorough Investiga
tion of the mutter. They found that
tho report was a highly colored ono
and greatly exaggerated, providing
and story told by Mrs. Pollard Is true.
She claimed no relation to the family
and stated that she had not visited
Prlcoburg for some time and that the
relatives who did call on her on Sun
day last were In no way connected
with the family who have contracted
the disease. The local board of health
are Investigating the affair more fully
and are prepared to act if the case
warrants further procedure.
Health Olllcer J. B. Grover and
President II. L. Thompson, of the lo
cal board of health, paid an ofllclal
visit to all the school buildings iu tho
borough yesterday on a sanitary In
spection, The political pot Is boiling merrily
and the numerous candidates for the
several ofllces ore as busy as bees. No
doubt a large voto will bo cast at tho
coming primaries.
At the Methodist Episcopal church
parsonage on Wednesday the pastor,
Row C. 11. Henry, united In marriage
Miss Elsie Carey and Mr. John Grif
fiths, two popular young peoplo of this
town. Tho brldo and groom left on a
wedding tour to New York and other
places In Interest.
Tho Women's Christian Temperance
Union will meet at the homo of Mrs.
Alfred Hntton on Main street this af
ternoon nt 3 o'clock.
In tho engagement of Prof, Charles
Hartley, vcntriloquest, and Miss Bea
trice Morris, elocutionist, of Scrnnton,
the members of Century Hose company
No. 2 have secured two excellent num
bers for their concert to be held at
Weber's link on Fob. 12.
Tho Buffalo Social club will not con
duct their weekly boclal tomorrow
evening at Weber's rink.
The Taylor Oratorio society are milk
ing rapid progress In their work. Tho
chorus selected for this week's study
Is "Fall'n Is tho Foe," tie best chorus
In the book. Much good nmy be ob
tained by attending (he Friday even
ing relieursal und all uro Invited to bo
Mrs. Kdwnrd K. Davis, of Rallrpud
street, is slowly recovering from her
recent nceldent,
Extensive preparations nro being
made by the congregation of tho Pype
and Archbald primitive Methodist
church for the entertainment to bo
held iu the church auditorium on Jan
uary 20,
Hlrum Ash Is very much linproved
front his recent Illness.
Rev. C. If. Heynolds und fumlly via-'
Ited friends here this week.
Died. Mrs. Elvlru arlllln, uged S3
years. Funeral at tho home on Satur
day, January 23, at 2 p. m. Interment
in Clark's Green cemetery.
Professor Guy and family moved on
Monday last to Cook's Falls, N. V.
The Republicans of our borough have
a right to feel proud of tho candidates
they nominated at the primaries Tues
day. It is one of the strongest tickets
ever placed before tho citizens of this
borough. Following Is the result of
the primaries: Councllmen, Thomas
Winn, 111; A. J. Cooper, 02; Cetor Kln
plnskl, 122; H. L. Edsall, 143; J. H.
Brynmler, 130; John Pesotlnl, 73; Alex.
Allen, 103; George Pradel, 54; Dr. H.
J. Baker, 20; school directors William
Suarts, Charles Butler; assessor, Wil
liam Bummerfleld; constable, Ike
Evans; high constable, William Char
ters; auditors, James Donnelly, John
B. Miller, Joseph Koynoek; judge of
election, A. C. Watson; Inspector of
election, Thomas L. Williams.
Mrs. H. I,. Edsell Is 111.
Churches will be reopened Sunday.
Albert Barnes, brother of the late
Raiph Barnes, returned home to Ohio.
Spccltl to the Scranton Tribune.
Townnda, Jan. 23. A week's fair was
opened yesterday by tho members of
Sts. Peter nnd Paul's church, in the
school hall.
B. B. Stone, mall agent on the Bow
man's Creek branch train, which runs
from Towanda to Wllkes-Barre dally,
had his collar bone broken In a wreck
of his train,
Mrs. Mnry Warden died at the home
of her daughter, Airs. O. G. Frlsblo, on
Friday, after a short illness uf apop
lexy, aged 73 years.
Uncle Sam's able representative In
tho postal service, D, M. Turner, who
has faithfully served tho Towanda
patrons for nearly four years, has an
nounced himself a candidate for re
appointment as postmaster. His term
expires next May, and the opinion
seems to bo much In favor of his re
turn for another term, Mr. Turner Is a
careful business man, being associated
on the Reporter-Journal business staff.
He has ulso added greatly to tho im
provement during his term, and has al
ways been ready to lend a helping hand
to Ids patrons.
Thomas Grace, a young man of
Standing Stone, employed by the Le
high Valley as a brakeman, was killed
by the cars near Burdett. "Ho was
burled on Saturday,
Over forty men nre now employed by
the Bradford County Growers' associa
tion in their sorting and shipping build
ing In Tuwandu,
J, H, Beeiunu, of Wysox, has u wed
ding vest, which was worn by his great
grandfather, James Lent, who was
murrled to Chloe Parks, June U, 1S0U
It being the llrst wedding recorded from
Rome, The garment Is mntlo of linen
with homespun back, the front being
niado' of manufactured cloth, striped,
and of tine fabric; It is double breast
ed, high cut with turn-down collar, nnd
lias two large pockets, The vest Is well
preserved, and the colors appear
bright as when new. Mr, Parks was
the llrst man to take a wife from Romt ,
und served his country. In the war of
1812. He was born In 1782, nnd died In
1881. Ills, wife wus born In 1784 and
died In 1SG3. Nine children blessed their
Mrs. Catherine Glllis died ut her resi
dence, after a two weeks' Illness of
paralysis, uged U4 years, She is sur
vived by u faiplly.
Nelson Rosa, who has been held for
u hearing on the charge of killing M.
V. Mills, wus tried before justice yes
- Wi
Take Elevator 1
1. .1. .1. 5. t, 12'
terday.- ,After many witnesses wejjt
heard the 'prisoner was held to courts
The temporary bridge on the Bow
man's Creek branch of the Lehigh. Val
ley went down at Monroeton yesterday,
afternoon, whlchdelayed trafTlc for" "a
short time. The main structure was
washed out by the flood on Jan. 14.
U. M. Fell has been chosen presldonti
of the First National bank, vice C. L,
The annual ball of the old folks was)
held at Canton on Friday evening. Tho
styles of a century ago wore an at
tractive feature of the event.
The Odeo Creamery company of Le-
Roy, this county, was awarded a diplo
ma of honorary mention for thelx- but
ter exhibit at tho Pan-American exposi
tion. Sixty-seven liquor - licenses word
granted by the court, on Monday, only,
five being held over.
A meeting of tho Republican county
committee was held on Tuesday.
Thursday, March 13, was the day fixed
for holding the convention. The cnnttE
dates for congress are W. J. Young am!
M. E. Lilley, both of Towanda. "t
Pullman Car Turned Over Twelvo
Occupants Injured.
Uy i:xclalc Wire from Tlie Ai.-ociutctl Press. ,
Altoona, Pa., Jan., 23. Tho secoptl
section of the Pennsylvania rallroail
Atlantic express, east-bound, tho Pull
man section duo hero at. 6.15 this morn
ing, mot with an accident at McGar
vey's station, three miles west of Al
toona. An east-bound freight train
having broken In two descending tho
mountain, the first section was brought
to this city, and tho rear section, con
sisting of twenty-eight cars, wnh
brought to a stundstill on the main,
track near McGarvey's. Tho llrst sec
tion of tho Atlantic express ran arouirtl
tho obstruction safely, but when tti"ri
second section was crossing back to tfto
muln track the rear Pullman "'as 'sldlf
swiped by the freight, which, not belns
tightly held by the brakes, had movd
down tho switch. Tho Pullman wiJh
turned over on Itssldo and Its tweiyo
occupants were thrown from thejt
berths. ;
Four persons were slightly Injured,
ono being Mayor Frltchey, of Ilurr!j
burg. Tho Injuries consisted of cuts
and bruises. All continued on their
Journey. - .iwti
They Must Have, Certificate of Good
lly i:iliishe Who fiom The .UaOt-lulril Piei.
Bethlehem, Pa., Jan. 23,-Owing to tho
smallpox scare In the Northampton
slate regions, the Lehigh Valley Trac
tion company today Issued orders to ItH
ono hundred news to bar nil Rallunn
frqm tho trolley cars on all of Its eleven
lines, unless they bo provided with n
certificate of good health by the board
of health.
The fact that un Italian escaped from
quarantine several duys ago and vfl.
from Bangor on a trolley car Is believed
to be the Incentive that prompted the
orders barring them from traveling on
trolley cars hereabouts. ,
War Veterans Want Recognition
lly Kxcliuhe Wire from The AoclaUJ l'ie. ?
Wellington, Jan. ). A delegation c( .uul-li
war veteran culled at the uhlte house today urn;
urged on llio piroUltnt thu wUdom ami Ju.ticc t
gliint; Spanish war etcraiu inccu-ncc over
Uvlllaiw In aioliitiiH'iiU to wllloas In the goo
eminent rlvil service. The piehleut wld ho rvr
ognltcd there wit ineiit In tho request and mjl
ho would take up tho matter with th citilit
aud do what ho i-culd to carry their view luj
pi ail a al operalivu.
afe. , .. J