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fti ij. '.i'rnar4o.?i-sj
Must Go.
illuli pilcpc or punr iii.illlv't Muv In tlih
".T". '"f "'Hie 'toik r iinrirui:s, nt.n:s,
NAM, PAPIIII, rlc, h oll (ill lis turrit. H l
our ruin in nlivjij. rvp lull ,.im., riiti'it vvliv
our iii.Imum, ioiiic iijj.iin nml iijruln.
Jacobs & Faso
I'lcf lire, l'l.uicj, Ait CiuuiN, Willi V.iprr.
St. Thomas College.
Classes will reopen on
Honday, January 13.
It Was the Annual Session of the
Association of the Homo for the
Friendless Report of the Treas
urer Showed That the Balance on
JIiuul Is $012.82 Old ' Ofllcors
Were Re-elected with the Excep
tion of One, Mrs. W. H. Perkins,
Who Resigned.
. The (inmml mooting of tho associa
tion of tlto Homo for tin' Friendless
Wuh lit'hl yesterday In the rooms of tho
Young Women's ClirlHtlnn association.
In nmny respects It was nn unusually
Interesting session In view' of the lurg
tf work wlileh rises before tho liian
ngeinent ns the years puss. Many ex
members of the Hoard nml friends of
the lioine were present.
Judge Jf. A. Knupii, of the Advisory
Hoard, presided, and llev. Dr. It. F. Y.
Pierce offered prayer. The minutes of
tho previous annual nieptlinr were read
liy the secretary. Airs. T. JI. Dale, In
the absence or Mrs. D. 10. Taylor, gave
the. treasurer's leport wlileh follows:
7.IH, 1 In nn li.iml !ji ('o7 frt
Allllll.ll llltis !;l 7 tltj
t'alt i in ,H ai
lliiiinii.tKe cilf li
Ciuli fur c.iin of liiui.ili'i l'.I.ti ;:,",
llnilly I. Monri- cl.ili; li,'i is
M.nli' Antuliiillp fell- :i,(IT7 m
htule uiiiiiiil.itloii Ij:, in)
1.0.111 flolll 1'llst X.1II011.1I klllU n ;,s
Doii.iIIoii il.ty UTi'lpti illl ir.
Life mcinliei.'.lilp ,-,i) no
TlKink'nlviiiH: (lircrlhRs ."il n.
I'lirHiiuiH (iirciliij;i , ,vi 0.)
InleicH in lunk -2 75
I City Notes. J
Ciruh lentriliiiluil CO ii'iils, anil James K. Oar
li.nt 5-l.oU to tlic .MoKlnle.v momoiiiil fiiml r.
Mixn.vo ot' TicKirr committo:. -riio
ticket coiiimlttrc for '.lie l'aur conceit will meet
at tlio Yuuiiff WiitiicnV Cliiiilan ion
looms Monday afluiiDoii at I! o'tlock, vvlipri all
lrpoils niu-t lie In.
iiic'Vclistv a cm it.
Uv eun-l-tliitf of Cliailw II. (Amr IMvvanl
1'raiiklln, A. 1). Kuivil ntiil Carl (iooilell will
Itlvc an ei.tcil.iliiiiient ami supper for Ilic liieni
licis of Hie Seianton lllcyile ilnli at tin- clnli
Iioiko tonight.
M.ille Anloli.illi! fete s
.Mi'IiiomihIiiiih anil print liiir...
( I o crli s
IIiiiri anil incilielncs
l)iy uooil.s
S.I l.i lies anil wage
Itep.iiis ami iii,iiou'iiienN.,.. IllKfiii! l.iKlit Co...
Sir.tntun (fas fc Water Co ...
Ill-UIJIlie ' .
-$ t),S21 '.
7:1 M
11 :
7i!'J II)
I.i7 71
40 IK)
Wl 3i
1,117 W
4,li"i iki
liS 25
ftll D!)
VI'. 07
257 It
112 lit
217 75
.r.27 5!
!l,(l')il CI
til 2 M
TO KQflP llin.i: l!A.(ii:.-AI a n.eetiiiK
liehl In the arnuiiy !at ninlit It was iloehleil to
equip tlie aimory lillo i.iiikc Wcik will lie com.
incmul toil.iy. It was also lU-uiilcil to lmlil u
U'siincnlal smoker, tlie ilclails lieiut a.-iuneil
to Lieutenant I,. 1'. L'.iiler, insnittor of lillu
ST.NDAY SAI.Oll.NS. Tin- proposal of HMiop
Poller anil other clcrmi'ii in tlie cily of .(w
Yoik to allow Hijitor saloons to lie kepi open on
Sunday, has amtisril a Kieat ileal of feeling.
))r. McLcoil will i-peak on t!ii Milijcct in the
I'irst PretliUeiian chinch tomoriow pwiiIii-jt. ti,
pulillp i invileil.
WI1.I, Illl lsTAI,l.i:i) TO.XKIHT.-iiciicial .T.
I'. S. floliin cnninianil, SpenWi War Vctiuiis,
will hold an lhsl.ill.iHun f unices this ru-niug
and coniltii'l other impoitant Iniaineis at fframl
Anny of the llepulilic liall on T.idden Hreet.
Tlie hanilioinc lj lccenlly donated liy
Cobin will alio lie fmnially pre.-cnteil tonlKht.
SLIGHT rilii:. The loot on the coke ouns at
the Delaware, Laikawannu and WiMeru foundiy
was on fire Iietwecu and 7 o'clock veatculav
iiioinlnj', lmt the lironint mllon .,r il,'.. ,,,, u.
ilmeiit, and the
111 even ed lln. ll.niinj
irom kpri'aiaiijf. 'Iho iI.iiii.iko will aiuniint to
lllioilt ';200.
"1 nl ""' '" I'lOMipV I'CIIOU
man In calllinr out the lite depail:
Jailer's riieritelic woik, pievenle
oinCEKS i.sTAi,r.i:i).-.i. ivi,.,v 1,,,,,
fill). Ladies Catholic lleiievolcnt As-odallou, held
installation peici-es TliuiMl.iy piciiIiik at their
hall on Capouso sreiiuc. Their fpiritiial advi.-er
llev. .lolm .7. Cilllln, delieipil a verv idllyin
and cntertaiiiinsr addre., which was iutcneil to
with the. clo., atlrnllon and appiecialloii.
Afler the Bcrviujr of tcfierliinents, tlie, meetiii"
adjouuiod, with a felling that llio cniiins,- vear
would bo one of Iho greatest pnmiciilv lor' the
Shnkespeare-Bacon Controversy Dis
cussed Last Night.
Attorney A. V. Dower and Itov. U. A.
Jloy, pastor of the Plymouth Congre
gational church, last iijght delmleil tho
(luestlon, "Resolved, That Shakespeare,
nml not Bacon, was the author of the
Shakespearean plays," before the de
bating club In the Railroad Young
Men's Christian association.
Mr. Dower took the negative side of
the question, and declared that Bacon,
nnd not Shakespeare, wrote the plays.
Ills main argument was based upon
the fact that so little Is known of
Shakespeare and that there Is no rec
ord to show how he could have ob
tained surh nn education as the man
who wrote tho Immortal dramas must
have hud. Shakespeare, he said, left
no manuscripts, no letters; loft, In fact,
nothing that the ordinary literary man
leaves behind him.
Uaiou, on the contrary, was the mas
ter Jftlnd of his age, possessed of mar
veloils powers of education and a
sclidfiir whose ability was recognized
all over tho civilized world, Mr. Dower
poliigod out points of similarity be
tween the ackuowIedKed works of
Racoh and the plays, and argued that
everj; known fact about the two men,
when, considered impartially, led In
evitably to the conclusion that Bacon
and only Bacon could have possibly
produced them,
MrjJ Bower's theory of the reason why
Bacon did not publish the plays under
his ojvn name wus that it was consid
ered lowly in those days to be u play
wiigjit and that if Bacon had acknowl
edged himself to be the author of tho
playgjhe would have lost his high posi
tion 'lit court, Mr. Bower said that Iib
had tjo sympathy with Ignatius Dop
nellyfe cryptogram scheme, by which It
was Sought to provu that tho plays
complied a cipher, revealing Bacon as
Roj-j, Mr, Boyl sought to show that
therewas no similarity whatever bo
twecKthe Shakespearean plays ami tlie
workp; of Bacon, Bacon's style, ho said,
was Ury and stiff, and he had noueiof
the djyjne lire of poetry with which the
playsire Imbued, Bacon was tlie great
est lnwyer of his time, he said, and yet
four of tho Shakespearean plays nre
bnsetj upon un entirely wronur couc-en.
tion pf law, proving that ho. cjUl not
write them. ' :
Tho judges, Henry Cardew, B. T.
Stonei'und J. K. l-'agan, decided unani
mously In favor of Mr. Bower,
$H),0il!J 4:1
The annual report of the recording
secretary was then read by Mrs. Mof
fat. This report is always a model of
exquisite diction and beautiful thought.
It follows:
SKCIIIlTAItY'sj lllll'OUT.
The close of tho of Iho new century
finds at the Home for the Ti a f.inillv of
21! women, 27 yirls and 20 hoys. Dui'ini; lDllt
tlic-ic Wele til ailinl-sioiw, and M iliinis-,;oii-.; I
children have been indentured to families; 1 child
was lmleiittiieil to the Home; li iniu.iles died 2
old ladles, 1 .oiiin- hoy nud ;: haliipj.
Nine new life iiieiiiliois lue luen added to (ho
roll, mid one, Mrs. William Mnoie, has died. A
glfl or Rictus was left hy her to tlie Home.
The deht. Whidi in llio liiiiuls of llw. ii it. ...... j
till leniiiies a c.inilnl letler. ,. iirmnii.0,.1 .,
phi(D does It occupy in their thoughts, his heen
lediiced In St7,5otl. The old propeily Mill u
nialns unsold, despilp all eprtions 'to dl-pn,o
nl I, 1,.. l. ,i. . .: ... i. ... .' .
". ... v. int.- him nine in me ntsiory or the
Home it has iccelteil slate aid. the leKislaluie
iiavintr uranleil us Ij;fi0 a year for two years. In
Septemlier last the Home, arcordin? to the pio.
Moiw of the will ol Mr. Levi 1'. little who dad
in li77, came into possoj-sinu of a property on
l'rnu incline, the Mine heiiiK suliject tu ce'iluiu
judgments against H. Wlilla our lieucf.iclnr was
known to eiy lew ,.f tlie pieent lioaid of man
iifivis, It Bieatly nppiociiilcs this gciicrntts action
of Mr. Little's, nnanyed liy liiiu M, Ions ii;o
when the woik was in its infancy, a mele luicliH
ot the (,'icat chanty it Is toiling for today.
Wo niu all familiar wilii the old ihnne as io
woman's woik-lliat it "is never (lone," and tho
iip.-ciipuon applies equally well to Home niatleis.
The aiduoiis of liiiilillnir and the
ones of sewcihiK and kimiIIiist luln occupied
-o much tiuip, llinuiilit and exertion in the pasl,
tliere has heen mole lefctnc diirim- Hip last jvav,
to devote Io mialler inipioveinnits. A plav room
was made for the li.ihies at Iho end of the Kills'
dormitory, and the liny people enjoy it extreme
ly. Picluie inoldliiK Pas heen' put up in tlm
halls ami loom.., and nur picture? iii'o luuijr, add.
ins Kieally to Hie atlracllrcnp.s of the interior.
Ten m.iplca and ten elms, kIicii liy Mrs. L. W.
Jlorss, hap been tel out, .Mr. (liles'l;. Clark c on
trihulliiK 55 woilh of l.ilmr mid maleiials toward
mo iic.iutif.uiiir of the giuiiiuls. Purine Hie Mini,
mer the Hmiio iilot In the Dnnnioir. r,.in,,tei.
was Kiaded and .seeded and inaikeis were placed
at evciy Kiae. Chaises heen made in tho
furnace urates, cnahllin.- us to bum binaller coal,
which nialciijlly expenses. Our licarty
thanks aie due Messrs. McCUw lc Urooks, who
Hindu these urates at a leduction of half their
value, and also to Hie Scrjutoii Stove Woihs,
whose hill for the patterns was gciiiruiMi- cut
in half.
ciiAiuTY xkviiu rAii.irni.
Looking over'lhe ikmnlion Il-t tor tlie jcar, the
wolds "Cluilty never fallelh" vise iiistlnctlvcly
to our lips. Whcie el'e cm wp mw so, I, .i ,..,n.
tinual nulpoiirhij- of kindness in everv posilblj
way? The eiy name of "Home" seems the
M'saino mat. unlocks the Jiearrs of e'eryoni.
ThmiKli temoved Irom the center of the cllv's
activity, the Pennsylvania Telephone company
has for years rIvcu hs u,,. tiii.iii.s of reaching
anyont! in u tuomnit'K t linos the days inav be
hot, but the blir led vvjroii ol the Consumer.,' he
company, wllh its cuullna Bft, of ice, Iujuks ni
ter comfoit to tho household; Ihe blals nuy
blow, but none need idilver, for coal and money
to buy it ,-.rc both free will ouVriiik's us Is often
the caitatie, and winter Is delled. Sliould our
Clipboard (.how digits cf iraemlilliitf that of tnu
woild famed old lady, Mother Iliibbnd, a Wiml
in the daily pappra coiupletely iIiiiikps Hip out-
The lioaul tpcalls Willi inliialcd pleasino ami
amusement what happened on one occa.Iou when
tlie Home lielnif in med of Hour, It was dcildul
Io laku Ihe city Into 113 cniitldence and leveal
niu eMency or me tlliutlon. In Mime tnysteil.
om manner the Impoitant wonl kiiltcicd u trans,
foiiiiallon, unit our fiiends lead (pohly with
niiprlse), (hat wo weio In need of Ihmcrs, which
U'oiiltei! tu llotal oflVilima lieini; Iho older of
the day.
The Delawuie, Lad.iwanii.i and Wmttui eusl.
Iiecis have this jcar kIvcii lilgli ilulrv, ll(iiv,eli
c.upet and table nil cloth for tho .HiiIiil' room,
ami have al.o deposited with tlm tica,uivr money
for the iirccrtltli'1 of thla, (heir hhcI.iI ijip,
Tho l.'nlio Nous club of joiins ulils cuts Mil
loward a fence, vvllli which they liope, homo
day, to enclose our irtpuiids. Tlm .lunior flnli.
Han Ihuleavor tunely of the Duiuiioro I'lpsbyler chuicli lame ouo Sjlunlar with a ullt of
nioney nallieieil In various hjj. one-shlli of
the whole amount luring been earned by uuo
llttlo girl who popped coin and pi.ule cundy
wine li Hie bold. Would Hut we could chronich)
uii me iiihh or guuui, c niiu. ami wicletlr to the
Home, and tin! iuiblduu Ihey tu fivelv ilUtillmta
Ihcic, both by Kills anil pcr.oiial luteic.ti thai
we could iiieiitlon Ihu klntluoj of the iliuiihei
and of oclj organizjllnns, cf Iho pre., ihe phy.
tlciuns, the clew, lli ineuhants, tho bakci,
tho HoiMs, the Sjluplay nluH iloiuns, Hie )iur.
IceU, the lnu.v people uenrially, o Scianton. To
(lie I.aikawjuiu pally coinpjuy we me under
liuiiy cibllgjtloiisi fn tho Tuctloii coiiipjiiv wo
Kht llunks, n'ulso to l'ofesor Hauer, o'm.i.
ter Car llulldor Cauitehl and Chief Dbiulelicr
who heard Id remark that lie "didn't know
Him; kppl birtlulaji in Vtittlonil" The
rclclirjtlon of lt) idest old Imly'a imlal d.iy
U oiiip(IiIiiB io wltucm. iho Joy ul Ikislet wa,
nrotiglit lioine Io eveiy heart bv ttio nltu of
fragrant lilnvonu and In the voiillilul portloii of
llio household i.trHculji)y, by a LivIaIi assort,
mrnt of rablills and oilier ilellglilftil nnlmnli
who lay the llavler fgnt. IVr Ihe elders a ilnlnly
tea w.i, iiprvpd by the inrnitiim ot SI. Agne.i
Itulld of the Chinch of St., Dunmdre, and
It Miould bo Mhl Iliat lialhlinr brliiR? timie en.
Jujiiifiil Io llvr have lilllicrto' niu In
veiy lnirrow giotftn Ihnn a eniiileiy like this.
The occasion e( Is lnplrlmr, and Iravis a
ij'lins linpie.
Tlie l'nurlli of .Inly, vvllli irainc, firecracker,
imllinlled Ice and flrennikK, left imllilnir
Io be desired In cspres-rd patriotic ferllnir. Da.
ti.illoir il.iy oiirpasspd nil pievlous iecord, i.o
oountaiii were us if, OiV this areal occasion
the hoard nicniN the day nl Iho Home, provld.
Iiilt Hi own dinner, nnd havlnjr many Inteieslliiir
PNperlenees. fcald one of (he Inmates: "I only
hope Iho Ihilizs'll lomo mi' rnmp mi'st , Imp
pleiilyl" "I don't eat," umlldeil nuollier
one In a much rnlertaliitd nuiiavrr, "lmt that
chlckenl ,Jy How (rood 'Iwail It anitiodv
sees Mi.. M. 1 wlsli't they'd tell iier. I et anil
ct till I feel like an"
While many fiiends were rrnicnilierlng tli-j
needs of the lii?lllullnn llieip iused uvv.iv fiom
eailh one who ever held the Inlrrcls 'of Ihe
Homo iinwt dear. llev. llleli.nd llioins, nlvv.iya
leady to lender liny service he could, his cheer
ful, Miiiny ilNpeHtlon and rciiIIc maimer had en
deareil him alike to old and .voun; vve xlull all
miss him. i:pe(jy at ChrMias time did Ilia
rhlldren tegaid him as their own, Rleefully
dvvclllnif on his tioiis tesenibt.inco to the patron
faint of the H'ason. "Is our Santa Clans iiilnis-
er dead?" said lillle .Martha. "Well, I Riien
he'll have CIiiMiihh In heaven," As we watched
tho happy tliionjr, busy with slhclr toys around
me uniiiiiiii nee at tin- lioine on Cliil'tmas eve,
Ihe icniembiaiire of tlie kindly old friend We
had mi ofl.n teeu Ihele on occihIoiis, re
curred airaln and .iitaln, and vve knew that tin
child was ilKit; he was with the multitude of
the heavenly ho.t; he had entered into Ihe Joy
OI IIM 1,0111,
WOIITIIY or its n-ami:.
11i.inkgiv Inir day was woilhy of its naine; It
was not dilllciilt Io fulfill the apo-lolle Injunc
tion to itlve Ihanks In rvcrvllilii" It was Hip
only thing pos.ihle. The K-holais from Schools
Xos. i, ), ai, ii! ,,,! . ,,,mo with vvhroii loads
of provision of all description, Willi clollilnir,
ftory hooks and money. One friend tent a whole
Iambi luike.vs ctune, Ihlitecn of Ihein, and k'nod
Ihlnss of which no ai count (all po'sllily be ;lvcn
InTej their names weie lejtion. .Mrs. li. Jf. Win.
tun piovldid an especial dinner f.jr the old
ladles, who felt themselves guests ot honor, and
lejoiced accoidinnly. "Mein (loll! this is
heaven!" cxehlmcd one, as Ihp team lolled down
ner race from theer happiness happiness at be-
ins inane so niucli or. "I have so sood a lioine!"
"My old heait's lnu;jliiiar!" fald one of another
nationality; "the Isiul bo praised!" and t,he ic
pealed a psalm In Welsh. (Vice more there were
children who had never tasled tiuke.v; it sad
state of tiling, now foiever releuated to the
p.l-t. Truly the "llilngs" had come, mid there
were "plenty," old and youmr rejoiced, with
the happy feeling waun at their he.itts tint
many people caied for them.
Last of alt came Cliilstmas, when "good will
toward men" was never moic appitent; when
the children sang Clitlslma hynins and the old
people thought them; when evei.vthliig heart
cutild vvi-h was sent; when the marvelou.s tpirit
or tne season was all pervasive. If there should
be anyone so s,i(cd with pleasure that life seems
to olTor no new sensation of delight, or anyone
who dreadful to Ihink of it "does not cue for
Christ ilia-." wp should earnestly lecounuend that
they attend (if possible) t lie Christinas eve icle
bullion at the Home. It is something once
seen would be only thereafter misled -must i.
luetantly. II is a touching, a beautiful siu'iit.
The dinner from the piopilelors of Ihe (,'lobe
sloie was, as deliciom and abundant: all
the gifts were treasures; surely all the' givers
weie blesl.
"I am very bu-v," said a joiing lady, "but
I must give the old ladies their Christinas lea. I
never omit that. " So the tun was lilled, the
flagrant tea was pa.s-ed. nml the tecipients sat
and hipped, eating delicious rako ami partaking
of other goodies, lejoleing that Hip Christmas
stars lit up Ihe twilight of their Hvps,
The people of Scranton are never so happy as
when doing for otlieis; tho principle apjilies
whether nnuy or few aie innccuicil; whether,
in a liiilllant spec table, as at the kliincs of
last lVlmi.iiy when all the oung people were
dancing mid older heads weie planning for the
home's welfare, or whether one or (wo kind wo
men come (juicily ami give a d.iv',, sewing a
most kindly cliailly; well has it been willten:
"Who gives himself with hN alms feeds three - i
Himself, Ins hungering neighbor and Me.
Are Invited
S. II. Twining, Optician,
felt. Xo Institution In this town more
exemplliles the work and life of Jesus
than the Home for the Friendless It Is
hilt ti picture of tho Home to which vw
are nil going,
UH. rlRncil'H UKMAUKB.
ItOV. l)l Plni-fin Nluil!,, vellli miiollnti
of his impressions after hearing the re
ports. Ho believed the work being done
in tlie Homo will last long after the
portraits of the workers have faded
from the earth, lie concluded his re
marks with beautiful Illustrations of
the importance of tho llttlo deeds which
bind up broken hearts nml mid to the
world's happiness.
Judge Knapp spoke enthusiastically
of the hopeful outlook. 'While the debt
Is ?17,r.0O, yet once It was $32,000, and it
ima graciriauy ueen reduced. He hoped
for the sale ot the Adams uvcnuo prop
erty, when the great stress under which
the management labors will lm iipvpi1.
The meeting closed with the benediction
ly Itev. Dr. I.ogan. A general meeting
for reorganization will be held next
! 4, 4. .j, .j. .j, .j. 4. .J..J, .j, .j, .j, 4 t h t
Sonto Susptclotts Persons Have Called
tho Attention of tho Judges to tho
l"nct That Applications for Char
ters for Social, Literary nnd Ath?
letlc Clubs Como Principally from
Localities Where tho Municipal
League Was Most Active Jn Its
War Against Speakeasies.
Semi'AMMal Redtlctiosi Sale i
Entire Winter Stock, Hats, Underwear,
Etc., to be Sold at or Below Cost. Must be
Sold to make room for Immense Spring
Stock now being manufactured and imported.
Heavy Ribbed Bal-
The Story Published Kegardlng
Franchise Ordinance Without
Foundation in Fact.
un Tin: i'iii:.-ii)i:.T.
Iteil time c.nne at the. Home Hie evenln;; of
llio saddest of il.ij, Hie loth of l.i-t Seiileinlicr,
ami tlie ilillilien vvint t liouht fullv to lest vvllli
nut fun or II olio, awed liy the dieanfiil lr.i;edy;
It their incident who Ii.ul heen so cruelly
murdered; they had a lilit to jsiievv, ,uid tliey
pomlcreil, awe-Muni;, mer tho tenihle nloiv.
L'r.i.veis mid good nights Hero Mid; tho room
Blew unlet; eoou sleep would close t'.o hommfiil
houi'.s-. 1'ie-ently a murmur was he.iul in the
hoys' iloimitoiv; It mew so canii-l itm ri,
illation stopped toftly to Hie noor nnd llslened.
"It was loo had," ciiihli-h voices viere hai'lii-r;
"(hat gooil maul If only (hey could do sum -Hiliilf!
Poor 31m. .MoKlnley! how tliey vvl-led
Ihey could comfoit her; they roulil prav'- for Iier,
anyhow!" Out of their heds slid nil 'tho HlUe
wiino Had men, iluivn on their knees .,n the
Hour, and with unconscious pathos e.ieh one of.
leied up a iiiilntly winded, simple pelilion for
Ihe helpless so solely sliiikui, A mo
nient'.s levetent iiaiisc, and vvllli one Impulse,
logethrr Ihey repeated tho Lord's prayer. Oueo
more the Utile heads wen; laid on their pillows,
and vvllli iiiluds relieved, ".luinher fell like a
ciouu on nil;" Ihey had done wliat (hey could!
"As one whom hk mother toinfoitrlli!"
Whole had thc-e children learned Hie divlno
lesson of (.jnipalhy and cmufoit? They whose
very pio-enco at llio Home Is it mule witness to
the fait that to many of (hem a niolhei's lovo
and caro nre unknown; thai their pluvious uu-.
loundiiiKS were sad to think of; they nre tlie
homeless nnd filendless, tin., neirlecled 'and fin.
f.ikcn? "Love's daily fouch" iM metainoipho,ed
the vvoihl for t Ik in. In the i-lielter which now
holds them in Its kcepluir, the iki.vj me heRim
and ended with piajer; the (Irm hut penile tide
of Iho inatron lias waked up their tlioiii;hU ai,.l
sir uieir icet in limii patiis, ,i, (he Home a
inolto It might appropiLitely he, "1'rcelv jo
have received, freely rrlve." l'or those wlni'ha'ie
ponied out their (tills so unstintedly wu di.iw
lunk Ihe curtain, and pnintinn to the Hltle kneel
ins Kioup, piayinir in their ilidlIi faJilmr, wc
tiy; "lleliold, it Is your reward for your ser
vice." Von who have helped s.ivn theso iuno.
cent children fiom evil, who have (jlven tho
nicans tn lilt Ihein up mid uvvav fiom ileci'ild.i.
lion mid vvlilcedness, "your wink fhall ho ro-
wauled, smiiii llio Lord,"
Amu II.,
llecotdliiK Seuelaiy, Home for lh,
Jaiiu.iiy 10, l'JO.',
The story published in one of yes
terday afternoon's papers reirttrdintr al
leged "Irregularities" in tlm action
uiiu'ii Dy common council on Thursday
night In connection with the ordinance
awarding a franchise to tlie North
Kud Street Hull way company warrants
a true statement of the facts.
Objection is made to the passage of
the ordinance on third reading because
it had been amended on second read
ins on the same night and because the
amendment should have laid over one
weelc for printing, it is admitted that
the amendment had been printed be
forehand and was on the member's
uesus, but the objection Is raised that
at the head of the ordinance the words
-as amended IJocemller 2ti, MOl" are all
that appear whereas the words "as
amended January 9, 1901" should also
appear. The omission of these last
words Is alleged to have been part of
a deep, dark plot to befuddle the mem
bers present.
Anybody who has any knowledge of
the manner in which business Is trans
acted In tlie councils of this cily knows
that it is the custom to have an amend
ment printed with an ordinance before
tlie meeting at which tlie amendment
is offered, providing It Is desired to
pass the ordinance speedily and also
providing that the member offering the
amendment is reasonably sure that It
will be passed.
The action of council in passing the
franchise ordinance without waiting a
week for the amendment to be printed
was therefore not irregular but was
rather in accord with established cus
tom. The few lines at the head oC the or
dinances on the files of councils which
set forth the dates on which they have
been amended are not an essential part
ol me ordinances but are merely
placed there for the guidance of the
clerk and members. The omission of
the words "as amended January 9" was
purely an oversight and it is Impossible
to conceive how any member could
have been deceived with believing that
tire ordinance which was being passed
was not the ordinance as amended a
few minutes before.
The amendment in question was of
fered by air. Coleman and was read
aloud by the dork. Any member turn
ing to ills file would have seen that
the amendment which was being rend
was included in the ordinance and if
lie desired to object then was his time.
"The charge that councils did not net
upon the ordinance considered 'a week
prior but upon a "fake ordinance" 1ms
no foundation In fact. The ordinance
passed on Thursday night was the
same ordinance as the one considered
a week before with the single excep
tion that it included Mr. Coleman's
nmendment. It was no nyire n fnl:o
ordinance than have been hundreds of
others which have passed councils.
During tlie past couple of months,
court has been petitioned with great
froiiuency for churlem for sonlnl. liter
ary, and athletio clubs. They come from
all purls of tho city, hut tho most of
them are from suburban wards. The
application, us n rule, simply sets forth
that the purpose of the club is "social
Intercourse," "lite mutual advancement
of Its members In literary mutters,"
...u inuiiii, miii-iiii iiirti pnysieni ad
vancement of Its members," and tho
like. Formerly the court freely granted
these charters, feeling that there was
no reason why the socjety should not
become Incorporated If It so desired,
although it was never very apparent
why tlie members thereof could nut lm
sociable, literary or athletic without tho
aid or u charier.
Tho recent Hood of these applications,
however, caused a suspicion to arise In
the breasts of some suspicious persons
that some or these clubs were not all,
or else ti llttlo more, than they pur-
iiur-ieu io ne, unci tneso suspicions were
curried to tho judues.
It was even told to the court that
private Investigation had disclosed lit
erary clubs washing down Haeon, T.ainb
and other nientul pabulum with beer;
and that social and athletic chilis kooiii-
ingly considered like beverages indls
penslblo to the successful carrying out
of their corporate purposes. In fact.
some or these auspicious persons were
bold enough to point out that these
new clubs were most numerous where
the Municipal league had been most
Not that the court, for a moment, al
lows itself to fall in with these sus
picions, but simply to satisfy these sus
picious persons or tho groundlessness
or their suspicions, It has decreed that
henceforth every application for a char
ter for one of these associations must
set forth, speclllcally. ittsl what tlm
club proposes to do, instead of simply
making the general statement that it Is
going to be sociable, literary or athletic.
This means Hurt the court proposes
io nnu out all about the club, its loca
tion, paraphernalia, and the like, and to
exact from the incorporators un under
standing that if it is to be made a guise
for a speakeasy it won't go.
One charter recently presented has
been held up and the attorney present
ing it called upon by the court to fur
nish specific information as to who and
what the club is and what it really pro
poses to do. Other charters now pend
ing will be similarly dealt with.
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nr 1
To Enforce a Bargain.
Attorney A. AV. Bertholf brought suit
yesterday, for Henry Itace, against
David Colcher to recover damages in
the sum of $1,560.
According to the plaintiff's story,
Colcher has defaulted in his end ot
what the plaintiff avers was a fair bar
gain. Coleher's wife died last August, and
he was left alone to take caro of his
aged and hillrm mother-in-law. Race,
who is a relative, was besought to care
for the old woman, and, it Is alleged,
agreed io no so, on condition that Col
cher would give him a S700 farm in
Wyoming county, which Colcher owned
and which Ilaco wanted.
August 25, 1901, Race undertook the
caro of Coleher's mother-in-law. She
proved to be no very burdensome care,
for within n few months after being
transferred to tho Itace home, she
passed away.
Itace went to Colcher to secure a deed
of tho farm, but Colcher refused to live
up to his end of the bargain, and hence
the suit.
iiabby ?
Have you a brass bed that needs refinishiiig, or a white iron bed
that needs enamelin" ? We can make either look as well as the day it
was bought. Let us call and give you a price. We can polish gas fix
tures, too, or andirons, or anything of brass.
Lackawanna and Adams Avenues.
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the long list of Smith Premier users,
representing every line of trade and
every profession ."
The Smith Premier Typewriter Co.,
NO. 23 S. Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Scranton Branch OfHco, Nos. 1 and 3. Arcade Building.
Grand Jury Nearly Through.
The grand jury has nearly completed
Its work, and will today probably
finish with the consideration of bills. It
is likely, though, that the jury will be
held over until .Monday, as it will not
have time enough left today to visit
the county buildings. No cases, how
ever, are likely to be passed upon after
Yesterday the jury heard the case of
Charles II. Major and others, charged
with conducting a gambling house,
under the guise of a colored men's
vlii liHltlP
JjilMI qIIiq
iiiloiieifif k
;ur Values
Thev Will WraatlB nt tlio TU,,!,, ?oelal
rsi i ' Lackawanna avenues.
llliic, ol Ilic Di'lavvaii', Ljikavvainu ami Wmturi,
l the Young Women' ClnUlljii Attoclaliou, tu
I'm 1 1
Illl'lliU ill DllllliUUt, I'll I skill, llullon, I'.ulory.
villi', llniillntun, Oljiiliant, ami our owu tu-jt
IllllTIIDAYS KKl'l',
Tin trrnUl lilgli dJi of llio yvar brlri'f umial
iHcuwirn, ertii unriiiu- nre M'ttomclliinr;
Tlio election of olllcers resulted in no
change. They are as follows: Presi
dent, .Mrs. YV 11. Kennedy: vIce-rnvHl-
dent, Mrs. P. P. Matthews: chief man
ager, Mrs. It. a. Urooks; recording sec
retary, Mrs. K. K. Moffat: correspond
ing secretary, .Airs. v. i, Penman;
treasurer, Mrs, T, K, Taylor.
Tho seven managers re-elected wero
Mrs. it. J. Foster, Mrs. 11. M. AVIntou,
Mrs. X. Y. I.eet, Mrs. John Cienter,
.Airs. T. 11. Dale, Mrs. K. H. nipple,
Mrs. Cora Merrilleld. Tho one elected
to f the vacuncy caused by tho resig
nation of Mrs. V. 11. Perkins was Mrs.
C I., Frey,
Jtulgo Knapp remarked briefly upon
tlto retilsnatlmt of Mrs, Perkins, who
he remembered uH connected with tlio
Home In its ilrst years. Ho believed
Hint lie voiced tlie sen Iments of every
poison when liu paid a tribute to the
one who so long had given time and
thought without stint u her devotion
to this work, and ho suggested that it
he thus recorded In .tlio minutes. 'i'i10
auditors, w. 1). Kennedy uud K f.
Chamberlln, wero re-elected.
Tills completed the business of the
meeting, and un opportunity was slven
for visitors to inako remarks, itev, Dr.
S. C. Logan, through whoso enterprise
was largely due tire Inception of the
Home, spoke in a reminiscent inood of
tho years that hud gone. He touched
upon tlie vuluublo work of Mrs. Per-
Kins in uioso early days and of the n
Hut inuili a.ionWH-4 a new, ino iUy, j tense enthusiasm which tihe always
What sliould prove tho best wrestling
mutch over witnessed in tills city will
taku place, at some near future date,
at the Sernuton Bicycle club. Dan Mc
I.eod, of Hamilton, Out., has agreed to
throw M. J. Dvvyer, well-known In
Scranton, two falls within tho space of
one hour; falling to do so, Dwyer to bo
declared tho winner. The match will
be for a purse of $100, catch weights.
Uoth men weigh in tho neighborhood of
10," pounds.
Dwyer has never met defeat in any
of the local matches In which lie lias
been a participant, and there are many
who think McLeod, despite his great
reputntlon, will llud a hard proposition
in Dwyer In his present form. The
lovers of the sport look forward to
Homothlusr out of tho ordinary.
In the olllces uf Drs. C. AV. Hoberts
and George M. DoAVItt, In tho board of
trade building, a meeting of tlio
Lackawanna Homeopathic Medical so
clety was held last night. Present
wero Drs. AVure. Peck, Uoberts, Clarke,
Llndabury, I.ango and DoWltt.
Dr. DeAVitt read a very Interesting
puper on "Diphtheria and Its Treat.
nient," which coveted tho whole sub
ject in a most thorough manner.
-' m
uuiseppe oigiiottl, an employe at
Carluccl's stone woiks, jumped from a
Delaware and Hudson passenger train,
south-bound, as II wus passing Klru
street, yesterday morning and fractured
his skull, He died li few hours "later nt
tho Lackawanna hospital.
Jt is supposed that he became con
fused and In I1I3 excitement jumped
while tlio train was going at u danger
ous speed, He lived lu West Scranton.
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The famous Carbast brand of men'a
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Marriage Licenses,
Martin llolicily .'
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Mary .Slnlilovvli.
Jllcli.ti'1 htaiiKii
Il.lll Itolll.lll
P.un.u.ilo A, l.aviielil.
t'.ituiliu Cliclllno ,,...
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.1)11 W.vouiliiir annuo
S union
, Siraiiton
C'.n I10111l.dc
.iuiiii nuiiuaiM IJinini ie
.Mary Sillier Olj pliant
Thomas Nolan Is Accused by Misa
Bridget Oakley,
Thouins Nolan, of Connellsvllle, was
arrested yesterday at the instance of
Miss Uridset Oakley, a young woman
soverul years his Kuior, who charges
him with a serious offense.
Nolan was arrested yesterday by Con
stable John Hawks and -arraigned be
fore Alderman Uuddy, who held him In
?;;uu ball for hlw appearance ut court.
Notice to the Public,
Tho additional passenger trains that
depart from the Delaware ami Hudson
station at-Scranton north hound Imme
diately ahead of the ovenllig trains duo
to leave Scranton at r.:!9 and 0.25 will
bu discontinued after Saturday, ,Iau,
....... m ,..,
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gant style and more reasonably
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tickets at once. Tickets punched
on second floor.
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Piorce's Market.
AVe can hardly enumerate all the
good things we have to offer this morn
ing: Spinach, kale, lettuce, green
onions, tomatoes, radishes, parsley, cu
cumbers, celery, etc., oysters, dams
and llsh, fruits and fancy canned
goods. Wo sell tlie lluest pop corn
that grows and we can supply you with
hickory nuts, butter nuts, black wuN
nuts and any other seasonable goods
of thlu description. Please order as
early as possible.
AY. H. Pierce's Market,
11- Peun Avenue.
Democratic Primaries.
At tho regular polling places In tlio
four districts of the Twentieth ward,
the polls will be open on Saturday, Jan.
11, 1002, from i until 7 o'clock, for tho
purpose of nominating ward and dls
trlct olllcers. Hy order of committee,
Persian T.amb Coats, Baumarten
collar and rovers, S175; now S100,
Persian Lamb Coats, Chinchilla
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. j. J. JT7v..- f
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' d or t h
8 xth fit.
.... 1. it.t 1.
L I'iM-AUhb Lltr.. Aduui. ttliuul l.k,,!, .n..u.
j ss'rili'wAHva,itj'irtt(ridEMrlclur(aftr
i BBruakra Ursui.r
Xti UU ptitr.
botiiHal tsperUnrff ta Crmij, 84 f