The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 30, 1901, Page 2, Image 2

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r; ? v'.-,. "'i7 ctw Rnsvs-rn-'i'j
r-nr ASEHbHVt'nnOT'-srK'! .e slI?i
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The News of
Railroad time tables.
. Delaware and Hudson Railroad.
X.nemlxT 21, 100).
a.Vr.iliu Irate rir!,uinl.ilt .'I illy sUlloii 01 fob
v Pur Kaniiloii nn.1 WllkwIlniiP-n'W. .""I1' S'-n'
iW, 10 01. 11.21 11. in. 1 UK). 1 11. 2.80. '"n
Gnu, 7.0(1, 10.01, 11.00 i. in. , ,,,
"H.wiliy Huins nt ., 11.21 '" ,'lu
2.10. C',0, S.W) i, in. .. ,
I'or Albntiy. SarattiKii. Monlicit. H-i'"". ''"'
Alifflnml lxiliil, He, 7.IM n. mi ni !' '"'
" I'm Wiijm.irl niul lloiionlnlc, 7.!Ui 11.t)J " "'"
.M. 0.13 p. in. .
Smiilay tuliH Ir.ivo W.ijlinit mvl llonc'tlUc
t o.::o .1. in. j l.n p. in.
.Tiuliu mrltP nl Ciiilionilili lr.nn WllkM-liitrp
ninl Sa.inlnii :i rollout! 0..71. S.:I7. !.".'. II '"
. in.! 12.I17, 2.00, 3.1.1, 1 1. Ii.0. 7.01, .:' "'', . in. j 2.(ls 0, in,
Hiuiiliv tr.iln nrrlip r.l 0.27 .1. in '. 12.10, '
2. 0 . i.:.o p. in.
Pitiiiluy train nrrht nl Ciiliiiiiiliti' bum '
mmt nml llonpilnp nl 12.17 mill 7,f'. . "
New York, Ontnilo and Western.
. Jcpl. 17, 11)01.
Tr.iltn Icmn Carliomlali. lor sVrantoii nt 7.00 .
31.: p. m.
.niili.v Irnim at 7.00 n. 111 0.(0 p. tit.
'Inlii', Irivi- ('nilintiiHv (or points I101II1 at
11.10 .1. in. On Sum) iv at 'M0 a. in. 'liaOn
Irlllnir nl II III ... ,11 nml 'J 10 .1. 111. tn iKe immi'f (lorn or New V01I., Cuitc
M. Mr,
Tt.i'ns airlii- finin Si rimloii nl 11.10 .1. ' ' "lfi
i. III.; iniii imliiN in. 1 Hi. 4. HO p in iiih!i
Irom Sirintnn at .' .1. in. ami 7.11 p. m ;
tuiin ( '.1.I1.. I.i nl 0 mi p. in.
Erie Railroad.
.Iiiiip "1, i'")i.
'I rains li in. ili m.iilnii, ('.iiWiililc,!'
(1 mi lit 'viiiliv) nt 7.00 .1 in. uml l..:. p. in. lor
rr.itiilt .mil Nini'v -li, 11 '1..11 .1 111, 1I1II ('
plllu Sundlll, I111 IIiIiIi.iiiiIiiii, I11.1I.IIIK roll'
lifiiinii ,ir N" oil. t'l mil Itiillalii. iti'l nt
I. Ill p. Ill (01 Sllllll'llllltll, lll.tkitlvT I" lllll'ltl '1H
1 ! wc-Iiiii points.
Miinli.' Irani. .11 'I.I, a. in, for Mi-iiiii'liin'i.i.
r.illi wi'.li-ii, inniii'i IIoih. ami (. "" p. 111.. ttiili
ninr (i.iiiitioii
li.liln 111 1 ni' .11 !-'.'.:; a. in niul .". I.", p. in.
tuinl.m ,11 S.",i a m.
The Recently Rebuilt and Equipiied
Screening Flr.nt in Ruins Blaze
Started in Engine Room Supposed
ly fioiu a Lighted Ci;nr or Cigar
ette 400 to 500 Bleu Affected.
Loss Between .f-30,000 and $40,000
Ni I blviiUct'. loiiit'il iiliitl Hi'
Di'liiUiilT iV; IIikImui iiillroml, nhuilt 1
111 1 It I'lniii the S'ovfiilh nvi'inic stiillon.
nml ouiii'il liy that ciniiiiany, wus tl--
tioyeil hy 1 1 iv curly S.itunl.iv cenlii-,.
Tlic .stritcliii'e with If: niMi'liiiit'. v
1 UlllllUlU l.t'.il l' lll'lt. Til"
il.'iliinKi' Is I'Stiliin It'll lit iji'l'M'i'ii ").
0011 mid S'.Doou. Mctui'1'11 loo mid ".ml
men the most i-m ployt-il nt ntiy upcnliiK
nl" the D. & II. in tills city au aftVi tin I
liy the lire.
The blaze stnrti'd in the oiiRlnc rod 11
Hid In t-Ui(iseil t(i have heeii Hlmltil
liy 11 lighted oiKiirette dioiipeil hy
(nine of the employes. It was pay-day
tit the mines and the sppositloii is
c-iinu' one who was -walkiiiu tliroucli
the hieaher eart'lessly threw the hnrii
Iiik: stuinii iiiniiiiK the oily " ml Kreas-v
smiomidinKS of the englm- room.
Tlie lire wjir dlseovered about .".1." h;
l''ireman Jai-per Liine. -Ml of the em
ployees, but he, hail gone home a lev
minutes before tliii-. When lu- eain
into the eiiijiue 100111 from the 111.'
.00111, he found the place ablaze. II"
tried to turn In an alarm
fiom a nearby f box ..but owliK
'.o the fulfill e to 'test th.- iilium
system daily, the box number did not
vIiik in. A telephone nieai;e suIim1
.liiently biought thf Coliimia and .Mir
thell companies 10 Hie scene. Hy th -.
1 lint the tlanies hail jnatle alaimiii:
progress. 'I'hey shot up the elevator
shaft and wen reaching over th'
M hole bieaUfi' to tnki it In their m'asl .
j"he facilities ftir lljhtiiiK tin- lire weie
?NceedhlKly poor ami with little to op
pose them the Humes soon spiead i.ll
n"i' the bif? Ntrueliiii. The only III
pliitf available uas taken by I lie 'i'
uniinlas. The MitchcH's tllil not ha 1
the opportunity to take their hose of'
the leel. In an hour (lie hieaher was
lulling lu mills. Ai T o'clock t in"
was a mountain of Hit- w lien th
in eal'.er stood.
While the (lie niKi'il. tin tlani.s
.eaclied to tin fan house a lew feet,
iwav. and.ahnoxt destroyed It. - 'I'll.
tlremeu's ilTorts tteiv centered on this
miildlllK as tliele was tluiiuer nl
.he Panics eatiiiK their way lu to the
nines. Houses that weie cloe 10 ll.
nvuker weie also set atlre. though th
titer thai was pained on them save 1
them from tlcstruellon. The proper
ties of ."Martin .MeKenna and Thomas
Jloran weie the ones damaued. The
loots of each were burned throiiKl'.
Durlii!," the excitement, Mrs. Jtrldmet
MeKellllii swooned.
The-hreaker and all the in.ichlneiv
weie destioyed, ubo art of the tresli"
about f.0 feet. There may be soue1
Hiilvufje on the machinery, but It lt
doubtful If ninth of It can be le-btlllt
1'or service.
While the burned structure was
known as a breaker Its actual purpos.
was to screen the dllferent slues of
(oul, which was afterward conveyed lu
'"oalbrook breaker, where It was pep.
orated and prepared for the market,
Tin bleaker was rebuilt last spilnii
nud.Avas operated for the llrst time
UmiiiK the month of .May,
CSTllIt' process of screenliiK' was new
Si this seeilon ami was somewhat of
5u ex)ieiimeni, To euiry nut the Idea
SfTew inaehlnery was installed In tin
ttilfciellt parts of the btilldlni;. 'I'll
jwrirf ifis 'l-ecelved from No. I opeilllur,
Ihip'oT-'Hiu old bpenlntis which will now
e"hrnvu idle, between no and .".HO
Jiieli bei'iiK alfecled.
Ounl'" Htiperlnleiuleiil t. 1'. ito if
fjcrii'nton-sald hmt nlsht that Inn cnniv
XViny had no jiluns lor rc-hulldliiK ami
Xff stefis In this direction lould he
tjikcu until he visited the pliico ami
.spi'veyed the Krouiul. Whether or no;
jjie hreiiker will be lehullt ami u
Jiulppcil with the same class of
JTiichlnery he could nut determine un
p ho was rally uciiuaiuled with ilm
RkHivwir, -,;;.-. -, .
- PupllH' Recital.
Tliere-was a spleinlltl lecltal on Mat.
tll'ijjiv-j.venlin; at 1 the liomit nl
i:Hllsidii I.ailfel Hlieel. "The
f UllMlll
pants woro .My. Kvuus' piano. forte jui.
nu, wjio siioweii
reinarkulile 111 o-
ry nml skill,
Artiiui .Mm nan,
Youilllsl. 'llSXlRlfd.
The members were:
Duet. .Military Cliaiire iMuiinli
Katharine and l.llllai. Iliur
Tarentelle (Haehiiian). Amies Oltih.
(a) YnlHif, tb) Kliines. tCwIhlt)
' I.orlnno Cioss.
ljonor und'Arins (fiandel), .Mr.Mor.
. . ...
l,u jMnimntb (llaekh), imih lllsied.
At '""oliiir. (Munroe), l.olsi! Dliuoek.
The lltiUerlty (Whitney), flraco
tteellullon, II. Leslie Mvatis,
Noeliiiiie, Ihiutto, (Kuhlaii) leather
Ine I hi IT.
I Love Yott (Milott'i, Mr. JIni'Rilll.
Mllittlt Colllinblne (l)elhnye), l.lllliin
The llutlerlly (tlrlefrl, Minnie Her
bell. The llottileleio (Allllson). Mr. Mor
K1111. Tltailhl (Welley), Jellllle Myiloll,
l'olkii He Concert (llarllett), llurtlet
Funerals of the Four Men to Take
Place Today.
The Kloom cast over tin toinmtinlly
on I'Mday by the death or lour of Its
lt'sldentH lu the railroad tragedy on the
(). .i W, Wiis darkened 011 Saturdav
when the victims 1 eaclied this city
ami were taken to the saddened homes.
This shadow will be Increased today
wli.'ii the rtineinls of the four will lake
place ami their nioinnllifr friends will
follow In the sad procession to the last
i est Ink places.
The luueial of llrakeinan Patrick
I Ml ff.v will lake place this toreiioon, the
pioccsslon leaxluiT the residence of his
mi 1 i wiiniM.,
p.ueni'i on the West Side at U o'clock
At l'."l) a hlsfh mass of leipileiu will be
"-1111J.V ill St. Hose chill ill. Illlliiil will
be 111 SI. ISose t emetery.
The services river l-'iiKlneer Mchin
WhitliiK will be londiicted at the lesl
tlence 011 Canaan slieet. beKiunliiK at
I0.:;o o'clnek, by I lev. A. V. Chaffee,
pastor of the Methodist lunch. At 11
o'clock then will be services and an
eiilosy lu the Klrst I'li'
chui ch by Uev. Mr. Cliuffee. SuIim'
iiiently the deceased will be taken to
I'eckvilie for builal. This was his for
mer home.
Mr. Whltliiff was conspicuous uiuouk
tile Odd Fellows of this vlelnitv. lie
x.'iis a noble m'and of Canibrlan lodKe,
and he was also active In the Biolher
hood of I'hiHlneers.
Fireman Charles Millard will be laid
at icst ill Hiookslde cemetery this af
ternoon. Itev. . h CliaU'ee will ctm
tluct servites al the residence on llel
lliont street, lieKliilllllK at 1 o'clock.
Mr. Millard was a member of lite
t II Mil I Mil. I Ki.
1 in man.
llrolhei'lioiiil of Firemen, who will at
lend, also the Spanish Ameihan War
liiakeuiau Ulchard I'mld was taken
to his parentr' home In Proinptoti.
The fuui-iiil will take plate al 12
o'i lot k noon tntla.x. lltulal will he in
the coiueteiy at I'loiupton, He was a
nieniher of Court I.lly, Fousteis of
America, ibis city,
Falls on Icy Wnllc, Trnctmes Ribs,
One Puncturinp; the Left Lung'.
.lames Itanium, of C.ieeu street, had
a tlaiuveious fall on the ley walk on
Fan lew nil eel on S.itiudav af let noon,
Several of his ribs were fiaelured, one
of them lnun 1 uiliiK the left lime.
Ilauuiiii Is at Ihuereucy hospital,
and Is not regarded as heiiur out of
daiiKer, Ills condition Is favorable, but
lu cares of this characler then Is dan
ger for several days of t oinpllcatloiis
that ofleii end fatally.
Horn in bone marrow elk's
in the liver. This is the be
ginning and the end of the rich,
red blood that keeps us all
alive. Blood history makes a
fascinating story.
Scott's Kmulsion often plays
a mo..t important part in blood
history. ;t the very beginning
that is where its influence
is greatest.
Scott's Kmulsion is a blood
footl a rich material for mak
ing new blood. Nothing better
for bringing color to pale
WV'll icllit )UU .1 iniltMu liy. If yull 1 1.1'.
SCOIT . hllw'Ni:, j-j 1'tuil unci, .Nf VgiL.
WSBEBSm &fegj
"J''"! II.IIIIII.IIIIIIIM.IH .1.1111,1., Kllllll 1 IL I n
Ilnniion struck the riouiuI with Icr
rlhle frit ee, for bcsliles tho llijtiry to
his 1 lls and Imp; his head and his fitci
tire rearrttlly bruised and swollen. Ills
escape flout (tenth wits n close one.
Important. Social Event of Carbon-
dole Cycle Club on New Year's
Eve Finest Spenkeis Hereabouts
to Ro5ioiid to Toasts.
The members f the Carbondale
Cycle dub, Carbtindale's foremost so
cial (ii-jptnlzatlon, ate uwalthiK with
etiKer aiitlclpatloii Hie lmiHiuet which
they will hold on New Year's oe to
mark Hit exit of the dylnj,' year and
offer m'cetlnns to Time's new nfTtipi'liiK.
Tilt Imiuiiit t wlili M will have the fea
tuies of a ..I h-nlshl service, will he
held at the A;' m linn and will no doubt
be the uwi hint social event In
the history of the club. That It will
be all cent, Is evident from the ar
rniiBomeiits that are under way and
th" keen interest and anticipation or
the members. President ileoi'Ke S.
Kimball, to whose j;ener(itis spirit the
club will be Indebted for the affair, has
been chnraeletlstleally broad and lav
ish In pivpiirliiK fur I he occasion so
the quests know what to eNpeol. The
list of toasts pioiulses an hitelleclllal
repast. The speakers embrace Car
bondale's oratois, several of whom
have reputations abroad. This circum
stance will make the bautitlet the most
brilliant ever held In this city.
Theie will be it No mush to enliven
the KatherliifT. beside the mirth and
Jests that mink such occasions. Tills
feature will be lu charge or W. M.
Clark. The toasts aie:
"The three uretit i;eneraN (
Peace, (ieneral Plenty and General
Satisfaction," Dr. V. W. Fletcher.
"The land we live in and he who
doesn't like may leave It," Louis C.ram
t r.
"Here's t.i the man who bleeds I'or
his country." Or. II. C. Wheeler.
Hole's to the three went physit Inns
)i: Diet. Dr. Quiet and Dr. Merryman,"
I). W. Jluinpluey.
"The rose, the tliNlle, the shamrock,
and the Kolden rod .May they llouNh
by the common Kraft ol union, l.ev.
II. .1. Whalen.
"Here's to the man who never lets
his touKite cut his own throat," .1.
"ITIsh Wages ami Sense to Keep
Them," Hon. S. S. .limes.
"May Hie faults of our neljihljors Is
dim and their virtues ghuluir." M. H.
"Fools make feasts and wise men eat
them," Hon. .1. V. Itevnolds.
"The c.rantl Army t.lvlnj,' and
Dead," fSeorRU S. Klmb.lll.
May (lenlus and Merit Never Want a
Friend," II, I). Carey, esq., Jenny n.
Martin Jordan Receives Load of
Birdshot During' Disturbance on
West Side McNulty in Jail for
the Act.
Martin Jordan, of the West Ride, is
In I'buoi'Reney hospital with the llesh
siiriounilinjjr his ankle tilled with a load
of bird shot that came from the Kun
of Patrick MeNnlty. a well known
character of the town. .McNulty Is in
jail thaiKed with .iooMiik Jordan.
The sliootlnjf look place about one
o'clock Sunday innrnimr and was done,
McNulty's wife claims, in ilel'emllUK
her ri mil .Ionian, who Ilrt entle.iv
01 ed to enter I he house and later
tin ow stones tin .iiikIi ii window of
tile house.
According to Mrs. McNulty, Jordan
was intoxicated when lie came to tin
house anil asked to be admitted. He
cause he was drunk she refused to let
him lu. She was pivpai iiiK a lunch lor
her son who is employed In the silk
mill and was standing near til- stove
when one of the numerous stones that
hJ rained oil the house i .line ciashiUK
tliroimh a window. Just missing the lit
tle one's head, McNulty. tile woman's
husband, who hail stalled down the
i oad way to meet the boy on his way
1 1 on) woil:, hastened when he
henid the noisy distill bailee. On euter
iiiK the house he sought his itttli and
tired in the direction of the Invader.
The try of Jordan told that the shot
Itiimd a m. uk.
Jul dan limped to the hospital, which
was neai by, to hae the wound nttr ail
ed to. It Is not it'Kaidcd as daimeiotis.
Some ol" the shot weie removed.
.McNulty was anested shortly after
ward by Paliolmett llmldy and Car
den. Subsequently, lnforinatiuii was
lodged by Mrs. .McNulty aaalnsl .Tor
dan, McNulty said that he llreil because he
fcaied .Ionian would kill him ami his
.Ionian served a tei in lu Jail some
time iiko for having assaulted the
.McNulty family.
Dan Sully Pleases in "Pniish Priest."
Dan Sully and his associates lu "The
Parish Priest," dellchted a lalr-sb-ed
audience al the Crand on Saturday
evi'iilUK. Sully was eujojahle as ever
In his chaiat icrlzailon of Father
Whalen, hut not a whit less enjovnble
was .lob u I), Oi'llllu, as .Michael Sulli
van, 'I'hls characlir Is lilt most unt
il! ul of the play, ami there are many
whose piet'ereiices lean to Mr, Oilltlu In
Ills canltal woik as .Michael, the man
of all'alrs. Tho t haracter Is one that
call be seen every day heie.thotiis, and
then Is a i harm of imtiiiahiess about
II that Is ivricslllllK, Indeed,
"The Eleventh Hour," Tonight.
ChlciiKo mid Its suburbs have many
InterestliiK places. .Mr. l.iutolii .1. Car
ter has taken these as a luitudatloti for
his new play, "The lllevt nth Hour."
Some or the IlitfiCHtliiK scenes are the
famous lllsiuaick Kardens. a popular
resort for all ChlciiMo.ins: the million
aire's drawliiK-rooni on Michigan ave
nue, which Is said to be the hiiudsniucst
Interior set that has ever been pie
seuled to the lillhllc In the midst of
this costly array of btlc-a-hrac, liirul.
lute and statuary, all of which Is cur
ried complete In every detail by tho
company, a tetrlhle slrilKltle occttis be.
twein the villain and the hem--every,
tliint; on the slai;o Is smashed to
Tliu Nuw Year's Attiaction.
Delllliau 'I'lioinpsou's latest stlcitssllll
comedy-drama of New Kufsmiul life.
"Our New .Minister," will be presented
at tho Oralid on New Year's afternoon
and evening: for the llrst lime hcie. It
Is In Its set ond year of success, and Is
by the author of ihat Hiealest of all
tural ilriimas, "Tho Old Homestead,"
It was Him pinduced lu the spihifi of
lytu. and like 'The Old Homestead,"
was n from the start, for It Is
absolutely true to the lire ll leptesenls.
There Is tntieli comedy lu II, niul some
sorrow, but no pessimism: the learn
one sheds in..'" never bitter. "I'nete
Uoniiiiin" has not lived In vain, The
world has been matle a belli r and
happier place for many because he has
shown iih that sweet, wholesome plays
tuny ul the same time be of alisoi lilng
"The Village Postmaster."
With a reemd or :!:!" nlulits hi New
York. 1U0 nlt'hts lu Huston, and VS
nlKltts lu Clilcuno, the successful New
I'biirlimil piny, "The Vlllnm Postmas
ter," will come to the (llatnl on Thurs
day night. The piece Is nlli'Kothcr new
to our nations. Amoiu: the dramas or
rural lire It has won an enviable plate
by leason or the dcrtness of the antlmrn
In Rhine; nt Unisphere to the work.
A coinnlete and most eirectlve pio
diietloii of Mils now liimous play will
be ulven here. Cat loads of scenery and
properties are can led lor ll. anil the
company seen heic will Include many
of the orli'lual cast.
One for Mayor and Two for Treas
urer, Places Names with Chair
man. Intertsl Is Hiowins In the Ueptibll.nn
primaries, which will .he,-held on Sat
urday, January 11. Those who will be
canflltlatps on the ttepiihllenu ticket are
maklne; themselves -known as the time
limit rot reulsterhij; under the Craw
ford county rules will expire Tluuvdpy
The candidate') will, have registered
with Chairman Humphrey thus far are
Alexander Huberts, I'or mayor: Frank
Dever, Daniel M. Davis and Mehlu II.
Tappan, oily tieastirer.
On Thursday the assessments for the
different olllces will have been deter
mined and will be matle known.
An Echo of the Sunday Closing
There wjis an echo yesterday of the
Sunday closlm,- movement lnattmirated
a couple of mouths ni?o, when Hie
candy stores and small met chants In
the most public places who have been
dohuv a thilvlmr business and quite
openly, were ordered to close shop.
So far as Is known, no other ulaces
were expressly order'-d to close yester
day, though It was expected that the
law would be I'enerally observed.
New Year's Day nt St. Rose.
January 1, New Year's day, will be
an Important one, as the Feast of the
Ciicuincislon. a holy day of obligation,
will be observed. The last mass will be
the solemn service, a hlsh mass.
Squeezed Between Cars.
Kilwaid Citilden, ;m employe at No. 1
breaker, was caushl between cars' Sat
urday mornitiR; and was painfully, but
not tlanKt'tousI.v. squeezed, lie is at
Kniei'uency hospital.
Meetings of Tonight.
Olive Leaf lodge. Odd Fellows.
Federal" I'tilon, No. 701.
Washington camp, P. O. S. of A.
Albert Hounds, or West Mayfleltl, who
is employed In sinking the big- shun tit
Olyphanl, was painfully Injured Satur
day evenlmv while at work", the thread
bar of a drilling machine falling upon
him anil tiactiiiing his shoulder-blade.
The destruction of No. 1 breaker, at
Caibondale. by Hie on Saturday even
ing, was plainly visible here and was
watched by a number of people.
Jacob lllller, the man who was so
badly injured in the iiowder mill ex
plosion on Fild.iy, is getting along
ulct ly.
Theie was a small blaze 111 the Man
hattan lunch loom on Saliinlay, caused
from an old stove, which Propi ietor
Layman had lelt lighted while at (Hu
nt r. Smoke was seen Issuing fioni the
loom by Liveryman Cray, who bmst
open tin door and with the help of
some others, succeeded in extinguish
ing the Haines belore they had obtained
a firm hold. The discovery was very
."Miss Alite Corcuian, of Overton, l'a
Is the guest of Miss Sadie Timlin, or
Main street.
Mrs. Frank Ficas and daughter,
Agnes, weie Scranton visitors on Sal
unlay. ijulte a number of young people fiom
both boioughs witntsscil "The P.uish
Priest," lit the Caibondale opera house,
Saturday evening.
.Mrs. M. . Fuller was islllng In
Scranton, Saturday.
one of the mains of the Jeiuiyn Water
company, inisinij: tin t reek between
Second nml Third sticels, burst yester
day alternoiiu.
Twenty tlollais In gold will be chanced
off on Washington's blithday, lor the
benellt of the newlv organized Wlllt
moie Hose company, of West Maylleld.
John Hoclie and Wuller Coon attend
ed the Hi-emeu's fair, at olyphanl, on
Saliinlay evening.
Tie lilakclv Choral society will hold
llielr llrst lec'tnl In the Hlakely Hap
tlst chui eh this evening, ll will be u
splendid euleitalumeiit, and should be
gieete.l bv a full house, Hesldes the
choruses ami other parts tendered by
the society. Miss Daisy H. Hall, tho
leader, will be assisted by such promi
nent talent from abroad as .Messrs.
Kugone Weiizel, Philip Warren ami
Fied K. Wilson, of Scranton; Misses
.May Myers, of Wilkos-Haiie; Ida
Smith, of Scranton; Messrs. t'hamber
lln. of Wyoming seminal y; Henlamln
and Haw ley, o Pee;vlIe, The price of
admission Is only 1.1 cents.
J. A. Lt'iiuon, who has been stpg
his home here, returned to New York,
Tonight will be business men's plght
at tliu holiday fair of iho Hxeelslor
Hose cninp.iny. New moving plctmes
will be iutiodticed this evening, ami tho
following piogralliine lelltleicd; Soto,
Miss Mary Powdcrly; buck ami wing
dancing, Ford and Hooitey; solo, John
Washburn. Through the kindness of
I'Mltor Kelllled., ul' tilt' Kociild, the
iinwsbo,s will be in atteiidauce ami
served a frcti liiiuh. On New Year's
night, lu connection with Iho fair, a
diui.e will lie held n .Mahou's hall.
Law I cuff's iirclif sua will I mulsh the
Henry lioiui, of Wilkes-Hiirre. Wiis a
visitor in lowu yeslenlay.
on account of tin.' burning nf No. I
breaker at Caihimdale. on H.iltuilay
evening, the Colipuhiu )ose toiiipauy
of that place was unable to attend tho
lair, but will be imseut on Tluusdav
Mr. and .Mrs. Foience .Mitchell and
daughter left the latter pail of the
week for Nlagaia, N, Y., whete they
will reside,
Ml', and Mis. M. K. llatnden have e
DtiVmilittLl 3b, 1901',
1 M Mafci i f I,,---
To any one suffering from Ui'lglit'e dl!
case, weak kidneys, stonu In tho bladder
or -what Is commonly known among
women ns "femalo weaknoi" we will
srinl AltSOTitlTliitiV FHHI! A SAMPLH
1TI5 UH.MHDY, which will imnltlvely cure
iiny case nt kidney, liver, blnnd or bind
tier trntiblc and will restore you to pet feet
Dr. David Kennedy's Favorlle Hrmcily
la the only kidney medicine that arts ns
a laxative, Alt others cause conitlpailoti.
We receive thousand. or voluntary tes
timonials from oar patients, who cannot
pay enough In praise of Dr. D.ivltl Ken
nedy's Favorite Remedy, which has cured
them tit their kidney mid liver troubles.
Our patients who have been cured tell of
the wonderful work done by Dr. David
Kennedy's Favorite Remedy.
Mr. J. S. Dean, Commander of Oeneral
Grant Post, CI. A. R of Rondout, N. Y
was all run down with dyspepsia. Doc
tors could not help hlr.i, but Dr. David
Kennedy's Favorite Remedy cured him,
mil withstanding that he had no contl
deacu in any cure.
In one week he felt better, and to-day
' ) .lays he is ns healthy as It Is possible
let a man to be.
Df Dami'd Kennedy's "Favorite Remedy" is ths only Kidney Medicine ihat does
Ry special arrangement with the Dr. r-vld Kenncdv Corporation, the readers of ii ! ?arr- -n enabled i. l..i ...1
bottle ' t'-l' woiiderlul incilicine and pur,,-. ! t of valuable Tiii'dlcil advice absolutely free. post,.-!!, 'w in') i'ni,i..i? a.
full osr nihil' i dilress to the Hit. DAVID KHNNHDY CORPORATION, Rondout, M. Y c" ' r.' 'stlcm ..i)J'i'C,-.i.".,iUl-1.1'
iciiiii-. ot'ii In ." Is paper. The editor guarantees the genuineness of this liberal olfe . Dr. Ur,.'l fcCf" .w.'s IT. -''.ij ....u
t i . ' v ' c:. ovists at ?1.00 a bottle, or U bottles S5.0, less than one cent a. doie. - ,
turned homo, after spending Christmas
at ninghaintou, N. Y.
The Hlakely Haptist church has cut
down Us moilgsge debt Ihe past year
The Misses (irilliths. of Jei'lUMl, vis
ited friends at this place Saturday.
Miss Kdna S. Tlllyer, of Summit. N.
J.. Is visiting her cousin, Mrs. J. Ar
lington Siencer, of Hlakely.
Hvan J., age 1.1 yeais. son of Mr. and
Mrs. AW (!. llowolls of Main street, ex
plicit on Saturday morning at 11 o'tloek
after a Huge! lug Illness from stomach
trouble during which time he under
went treatment at a Philadelphia, hos
pital. Death came as a reliel to the
patient sufferer. The funeial will be
held toniturow afternoon, services will
be held in the M. II. church at ".:,0
o'clock. Pastor Uev. U. Henry ai d
Uev. Dr. Tl. II. Harris will olltcl.ite.
luterrment will be made In the Forest
11111 cemetery.
The Taylor choral society which so
successlully sang at the recent eistedd
fod held at tlie Welsh Congregational
church, held a meeting last evenliu;
in the parlors of the above church,
when the money was divided.
The Oerninn (ifee society have near
ly completed arrangements for their
giand entertnlnmeiit nml ball to In
held lu Webber's link on New Year's
Court has handed down a deeiee re
lative to the villages of Pyne. Aieh
b.ild. Continental and Sloan which re
cently bet aim a portion of this tin
Sixth ward. It will lie divided Into
two districts. The former two villages
will conipiNo the first district and the
latter two villages, the second dlstrlei.
At the next election tlie new ward will
elect two couiiciliuen, one for " yeais
and one for "J yeais; and two school
directors I'or the same teim. This
borough with the annexation of tin
above .lac es is linger by about L'.o'l'i
ucies including' thiee tollieiics. At
torney J. L'.Watkins has been appoint
ed auditor by court to Inquire Into
tho Indebtedness of the boiouiih and
Lackawanna township of which the
newly ntinexed vlllnges was part of.
Horolish Solicitor .1. M. Harris icpie
sentcil Hie petitioners and the liotougK
Cliancey Hr.vant who letciilly I c--igneil
es night operator at the Jeisey
Central station, left yesterday for
Coiikllll. X. Y where lie will Ink
charge of his new position as ticket
agent of the D. L. A: W. company : t
that place. He will be succeeded at
the local station by Operator II. S
Fietlerici, of Heading. Pa.
Ta.lor colliery will resume opera
tion this morning after a two weeks
Idleness for repairs. A new conveyor
line has been built in convey die culm,
..I.. I'timi tlw. lii.inl.'m lit ii tin'ee Docker
elected at the foot of the plain and
will be hoisted uy plain to me ilea
lug above. The above linin'ovenien'.
will save considerable cMense.
The Anthracite dice club will hold
nu Important meeting tomorrow eveu-
l.i.r lii llinl,. i iwiiiiu 111 I .levvi.l VMS lllltl
'M ..." .-
when evety member is requested lo be
Al the close of the services yeslenlay
the Uev. 1). C. Kdwnrds, pastor of the
Welsh llapllst church availed himself
of the opportunity of thanking bit
congregation publicly for llielr Chrlsi
nias present to him of u desk -ind bom;
case, The gift was preseliletl lo lilm
last Tuesday evening.
Miss Celia Hoiighuuiu, nf Thorn
burst, Pa., Is being entertained 1J
Miss Maud Davenport of South .Mam
Masters Uiissel o'lliiro, llarrv
llowells, and Hi'uce Wind, students of
lilranl tollege, Philadelphia have if.
turned after spending Christmas with
lelatlvet in town.
Additional Passenger Train Soivico
via Southern Railway,
Kl'fectlvt Nov. 21, Ilm Southern Hull,
way will nptirnti' thnmgh train mtvIiu
from Washington via Klehiuuiid, V.t
to l''l(nida and pulnts south.
Tim Pew lialll will be known as No.
M,j and will leave Washington at lu..
u. in. oyer the Washington Soitth"i.i
Hallway and uiiivn JacUsouv llle. Pla.,
at 'i..1 u. in. 'I'hls tralii inrrles ilrsi
ihiss ctiuihe.i ami Pullman diMWiiig
lootu Hleiper between Washington ant
Jacksonvlllf. also lies iIIuIhk cur sei
Vlct. The above triln in in iiildltltm
to the full toaipleii d of tialn sur
vlcu of Sou i hem Hallway via Lfiich
bui'g and Danville.
('has. I,. Ilopklus, Dlsirlct Paatenger
Agent, Souiheiu Hallway, &H t'huiinut
St., PhlUidelihla, will all u,
which Imperils the patient's health.
"Do you desire to urinate often? Are
.ntl compelled to get up frequently dining
the night?" . ....
"Do you have pains In the small of the
"Does your urine .tlnln linen?" . .
"Is there a scalding pain in piling It?"
"In It tlllllcllll to luiltl the urine lurk?"
"Are vein troubled Willi vital wi ::
It tin answer la "Yes" to any of th
questions your kidneys or bladder arc t
i lined,
Mr. J. V.. Palmatcer nf Alliens, N. Y..
... .!,,.. t. 11..,.. .......1.1 .1...... I. ,.i
,,i.i.-.-t, .ii.v little HI .1 iiuiitiiiHi'v. . inei
rc'Zeiii.t the worst way, she was a macs nf
hurcs; my wlte gave her Favorite Kctncdy,
ueii, illy i lit H'tve net J' a vui lit? iki'iin-ti ,
lid tho sores dls.ipptared entirely and her In-.ln.l l ..........I. ,! !.. II 111-
riiiii ...-.iti.v . nuiiit'lll llilu v:..'.... ..... ( ,11-
nrnteer n.iys lie was also cured or kidney
and bladder trouble by Favorite Usmeily.
Miss Anna J. Almcs of 3'J) Sopcr st,,
Klmlra, N. Y., says that she raised blood
and phlegm with every breith, and wan
completely broken dn,vn In health until
she used "FAVOR1TH nnSIEDY," which
stopped her cough and restored her health
and strength.
She says It la the greatest medicine ever
HLLV" I asked, as she laid
down the gayly coven tl
magazine. 1 was stury for
the ending of Ihe tale when
the 1,'iay eves feared lo
Hash and the kind lips to quiver.
"It Is a pretty story, Mr. Norton,"
she said. "Oh, no; yon needn't shake
your head, I'm not sa.ving mi just be
cause it's yours. I cannot Imagine how
you could write it."
"Pen ami ink, whNkey and soda, lall
! or's bill as a stimulus!"
j "Please don't make fun. 1 want to be
I serious." When she looks tit me in her
J earnest way I am helpless.
"Does that mean criticism'.'" 1 in
quired, leaning a little toward lu r.
"Criticism niul Inquiry It' I may."
"Inquiry, bi sill iueant. I'm lather
iil'iaid of jour criticism, do jtui know V"
She is M'ry bright, antl her leiu.ul.s
often help inc. as a matter of fact.
She opened antl shut Hie magazine
"What I was w outlet bur," she said,
"was why you vviole so sei iously ami
talked so frivolously; whether one
mood was the leal you and the oilier a
sham, and whli h was which!"
"I think-," 1 protested. "1 would rather
have the 1 1 iticisin, If you don't mind."
Slit laughed softly. 1 like her laugh.
"It Is rather an obtrusive question. Hut
1 should very much like to know. You
do mean this" she touched the book
"a little, don't you 7"
"Y-es," I said: "I suppose I do. I did
whin I wrote ll. anyhow."
"And alterwaid'.'"
"1 keep my sciiousncss for serious
in cations."
"Width is a nbuke to my inquisitive,
ness. I suppose?" She Hushed a little.
She Is rather pale generally. Some peo
ple wouldn't tall her good looking. I
"1 didn't mean It to be," I apologized.
"I ought lo be llultcied al your inter
est" "In your tales," she corrected.
"Ill mv talcs, o ( riui'M. I suppose
Hie l'fti' answer is that I tin not cany
my heart upon my sleeve."
"Hut you have one, all the same 7" A
touch m' wist fulness makes her voice
"Try!" I t' her eyts for a mo
ment antl s tupped. I had made up my
mind to Keep heart-whole befoie I met
"Now tor the el itiehun," she .011
tluiied, hastily.
"Or us large an Installment as I can
"The erltlcNm must not be misunder
stood. You will remember, please,
I like the tale like It very much, In
I'm t." I bowed,
"The ci Iticisin is'.'"
"That ll Is a rcpcllllon of your other
tales." I gasptd.
"Why, I thought U was quite dllTcr
ttit." She shook her head. "Fresh
characters, fiet'h sccnety, new plot,
original phriiH'Si-"
"Tlie niathluery Is different, but tho
stoiy Is it ally the same,"
"lu what way',' lu In lug a man ami
a woman 7"
"Yes." I laughed.
"If you can Invent a (hli.l kind of per
son," l mid, "I'll utilize it with pleas
lire. At in. 'sent I haven't intuit tliu .lis
cowry." "Don't be aliMinl. What I mean is
that vour men and women always do
the same thing."
"Fall lu love'."'
"There are lols of wajs of doing; It,"
I suggested,
"At the present ruin yuti will smip
eshaust thcMii. Whatever will oii do
I III a clgureut. whli her pci mission,
to aid oi;ctiii,
"I'm Imiigfil If I know, I've uficu
wondered myself. Mulio tlldii fall nut
of love, I suppose,"
"And when vou'vo cshansteil that?"
"Make them fall ill again!" Shu
Mumped lier foot IllH'Clli'lllly.
"On ynu uuKiiIulfl rcUlte to lie nrljj
I nu I'.' t .annul th'uU joq t j it yuuisilf
luiuico In keeping hitih a hackutynl
theme thniu-'h. l admit, you tin It very
"1 might t'i It belli r if I had pane
priii'llr-ll expel luiicc," 1 itiig'.jes'.eil. The rt)
Is simii'thlng nluitit In v Me eyes aptj
ihi llttli' tli'tip at the curmra id' lu r
mouth .vliU'h niatviu a fellot. i,iy thai
nun u( thipg. yiu know. !
'',N'v, i'iiiu,itilir uur unnp.u',." Bia.
w.Hliwl uif. Y 'To L'l-'ll5i" U ii pure,
ly platimlu fs'luntUlilp. 1'yi lucl ttint
wirt uf HUiik !n my uip.u. Lmii nu '
V.W8 hllUjlr uown.
MMW KM S&M KtfMIPk &&& sri
I W& Ml ftJy imi FM m m&2& W'
Tut some urine In glass tumbler .ind WS
It gtaml 21 hours. If It has it sediment or
If It Is p.ilo or indentured, milky or eliimly.
stringy or ropy, your kidneys or lilndtlt r
are In n lull condition. Dr. David Ken
nedy's Favorite lleinedy speedily ettrca t
sticli dntigeroits syinptotiis as iialn lu tliu
luck, Inability to hold urine, frequent tie
sire to tii'lnnte. especially at night, and nil
the unpleasant and dangerous effects on
the system produced by tho uno oC
vlilsky, wine or beer.
William V. nailer of Drlggs av. and tilh
nt , llronklyn, says that he ctintraotetl
I'lieitmatlsm after a severe cold; nntlihig
would give hltii rellet until he took Dr.
David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy. Two)
largo bottles cured him. lit) says botlt
hit sister and her child were restored to
health by "FAVOKITU HKM13DY"
Remember. Dr. David Kennedy's Fa
vorltu Remedy Is nlnnlutcly harmless.
JL is absolutely and purely vegetable.
It contains no narcotics or minerals !tl
nny form, no dangerous atlmulantu. no
mercury or poisons.
Children and Invalids can take tt wlta
perfect safety.
It Is a blcsidng In old age.
It will cure any ease of kidney, UVCIji
bladder or blood disease. ,
not constipate. It acts as
"The breaking of a platonle com
pact," saiil I, "would be a novel theme,
don't you think'.'"
"Would it be interesting enough?"
she asked doubtfully.
"There! What stionger defense could
I have? 1 propose to teavo out tho
loveiiiaking, and you say that the in
terest would be gone." She drummed,
upon tlie table with her lingers.
"Surely there Is some oilier theme '."
I knocked the ash deliberately off my
"t'poii my word," I confessed; "I'm
not sun that there is. Out I'll think
over It."
Then her brothers came in, and wo
changed the subject until I was going.
It is part of the compact that she shall
sec mo out of the door. I Insisted upon
"When shall I communicate the re
sult of my deliberations?" I asked in
the hall. "Tomorrow?"
"I'm going to A'erekei's."
"Antl Wednesday I'm due at al,
smoker. Thursday 7"
"If you like."
"Thmsday, then. Good night, Mary,"1
It is In the compact that I am noli
lo call her Jliirj, but I do. Sometimcl
she obji cts, sometimes she doesn't. On
this occasion she only tossed her heatl
and half turned away fiom inc. Sho
is awaie that she looks well lu prollle.
1 suddenly bent over her, and
"ITow dare you!" she tried hotly.
"I couldn't help ll, Mary; you looked
so templing." Hut she ran up.stnirs,
with 1'er face seal let.
"1 shall not be in on Thursday," slu
called, as she l timed the i orner, "or
any other da.v."
So I went out, feeling triumphantly
Next Thursday I tailed, and slm
wasn't out; but she received me coolly,
and kept the table between us.
"Look here, .Mary," 1 began.
"Miss Montague, If you please'"
"I don't please. It is quite natural
to call a friend by her christian name."
"Ye-es: but people might iiilsuudor
Htanil, we agreed; and so"
"I'm not going to pander to other
people's stupidity." 1 said Indignantly;
"and I don't . onsldei' that friendship
should have lo lie weighed and meas
ured In exact win tls" 1 had ptepaied
this remark beforehand.
"No-o; perhaps not." I knew ll would
score. "Still, theie nu bounds to
liiendshlp." She shut her little mouth
"If you mean last Tuesday"
"1 don't want to talk about It," sho
Interrupted. "Have you conMdorid
about the stories?"
"Yes; I have reasoned out try
position most fin efull.v Mary." Shu
flow ned. but passed the familial It.
"And your t (inclusion?"
"Is lu verse."
"Oh, how nice!" Women always 111 -i
u fellow lo run lo vet se. I suppose it
Is lutaiise ho Is sun to give hlmselj
"Lei nu see ll."
"On condition that you nail It aloud."
Shu looked object Ions. "I want to hear
if 1 have got th swing."
So she ileelalined softly. I think I salt
ihat she had u pretty voice.
'1(1 IIIV.
I iiink' ii u .i ul.' ul l ln ttmii't in . i,
full nt llilllnlt'l ami UiilillilliK iilmif.
Ami tliu till. Ik tlut hu whin lite- kiaiueuniiU ri
Hit) mil uf tin' WHS VVJ ll,u''
I wk uif tt ui'C t'l .1 mid lu Hi" id''"'
Ulili .i IM nf tin till'i'f. villi' pin. 'il.
sii'ikt' iuiiiii, .trli.r jsjIu, tili'l tin- Itslitb'j Ilk
Ami dm liii3','li' -urn put .i iiuUI!
I ila.iiii'i nu' 4 pl-iy "i ! iiiuiiiifli ul (J""'.
Villi liU tMlllll'l" III olIKvti Willie.
Ami l.U kpili'aliH'li, lw) UMlf UKi' 4 uuuli to tin
Pur u Mir ei luliilit ijr tt't'ir 111' tt"1!
I iMiutiiil i lu pulo i'( w ln' " .'dm.
lul mi ullellir ill lln' llllilllll I" liiUl.
When iniiliil tw Ike .li mil Uu'. Iu.1 nii','t!i
niul il uun
It auk'liu' Pi.' li',li "' J I. inl!
lu', I" If iiu lu'j.i I." a iii"UU'ia be' 'ii.nj,
If I'll lull' It 4 lli'C tlMU iili'i'l''.
lr ll I'UlIU lelouvl l" ll'" t" "' d1' "" "
'Hm',. 4l) Olll.t JUlll t('t"l. I") ltl'4l!
Whep "b nuitf lu I In luit line hoi
Vldee Wiltt vwi'' eoSl niul Just a little
IrntfUl. I i'Ul ipy ImiuJ un her shout
Uh1. mul wo stiunl lookliii; slk'tillv at
Ihe paper lot1 u n)lillllt Then 1 drew
lier ijci r4v tu nil ijip way ihe sttuiu
cpd. -Spp Kmiuitc'et liulletln.
. '
li- ' - j - -1