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H Positive Stand Has Been Taken
bu the Gompanles at
The Oflkcis of the Company Con
sider tho Action of the Amalga
mated Association n Breach of
Trust They Will Cut Loose fiom
Labor Unions Entirely in Fututc.
The Status of the, Stilke in the
rittsbuig DIstiict The Stiikers
Scoie Victory at Iiondale.
Hi ft lnie w n tr m I ip V. . iati 1 Pr."
Plttsbing ug 27 Pine tloallv the
Olllj lRtllll(.lllt PVOIlt III tlie xtl IKp to-
dav whs the positive stand taken by
tin Aimiiein Tin Pinto coinpanv In
tefpieiite ti lis iouisp In ih( future.
An stitoment fnmi this com
imi todav denies that thorp aio anv
negotiations nn toot looking to a spt
ilriiHiit nf thp strike and nuthoiles
tlip t.ttpnic nt mills put Into opot
Mtlon during the .stilke will bo eon
tinned non-union and .ill men going to
wink now will lip iPtalnpl In iliolr
This statement will have Its pffppf,
beiu use of thp fait that the tin plate
tiadp has alwuvs Iippii considered as
timing the stiongholds of tl.o Amil
ganiated assui latlon and llio dofl ap
pears to 1iip bppii hi ought nboiif bv
thp association declining a stilke
ogilnst thp tin ptatp poiiipany aftpr
thp iap for thp car had btpn
Notwithstanding tho fact that tho
Amnlg limited ))ooplo ilaim Justlflit
tlon on tho giound tint tholr oonstl
tullou piovieles for sin h proeeilnto, thp
ollhlals of tin tin platp loninaiis e on
sltloi thf notion a lnpaih of trust, and
sav that hpin pfoi th tliP arp detor
mnipfl to tut loose fiom union labor
oiitliol Tho association olllilnls tho with IndlffpioiiLO, tholr
onl.i iiplv being that tho oompanv
cannot cuirj out Its plan, boonine
ncarlv all of tho skilled till vvnikcih In
thp iiuintiv aio nipinbeis of Hip asso
elation and thp pi tut oinnot bp tun
without thoill. The toipoiitlou. llovv-
pci, hts startpd evciul of tholr
plants In n way, and ilaliu to lnve all
thp niPii miesvnrv within loach to
operate them m full as soon as the
machlnn.v Is In pioppi shapp Thp
developments of tho il.iv would appear
to ev'ricnte slow hut ship pains by
tho coipoiatlon
The Strike Situation.
The following Minimal j, gives the
status In this disttii t
Pa Intci mill Six mills being oppi
ated and management "tvs jlont of
M'rri matPrial Is being tin nod out.
Mar mill Men .still at woik upon two
mills, no moip mm have rntPied the
plant; thin! tiuiii may be put on at
Line!- ly .1 MiCiitiheon niill Several
men "ecuied. two mills open with s-ep-aiato
i ipws
Clark and 1'nlon mill- r.iptaln L, T.
Urown sos the stuko i over, so far
ns mills aip oonieinod Stiikers
s-av the mills hip not riinniiiR full
MeKeespoi t Iteprr.sematlief. of tube
wotkers decide to stand b A'nialga
mated olIlihiN. TVmmlei plant ma be
stai ted this week.
I'l evident T J. Shaffer sajs bo Ujj
mnslder a peace ptopositlon fiom te
spomdhlo pet sons.
Am ilRamated ofTlelals confident of
ultimate, sue eon.
Where Stiikers Score Victory.
The oiio plate within this district
where the i-trlkois hao toirl a Me.
tory Is at Iiondale, Ohio At this place
the Aniorlian Tluplate (ompanv was
compelled to rlcv down Its ieiontl
opened plunt for lack of men to opei
ute It.
Tho dav was full of excitement in the
little I11.iro and Mivot tights iiinic k and fast fyr a time, until the In
habitants weie wioiiRht Into a stale of
excitement boiderliiR on leiroi. The
first llRht of the morning took place
when Ihe non-union men left their
homos and started for woik in the mill
On the mam stieot of the village thev
were met b a paitv of about thlnv
Mrikiis, who by moial suasion tiled
to Ret them to desist fiom their de
termination to ro to woik When this
failed a stronRor niRtimeiit was used
and the men weie Riven a diubbliiR
and driven back to their bonus. The
village had seanel ictopiod fiom the
surpiise which this attack occasioned
when word was passed aiound that a
party of new men weie dilvlng over
land from 'Wellsvlllo Almost all the
strikers at onco stalled to meet tho
-arrlage and when tin passed the mill
Dmce, It a llousoliolilei. a non-union
man, shouted nt them This mtlon
precipitated a llRht .MamiRcr Han
field saed Householder ley diaRRlnR
him Inside and shutthiR tho door with
.llfllculty. The tin plate company then
attempted to file Information beforo
Justice Paisley, iIihirIiir the strikers
with riot, but the jiisthe lefused to
entertain the charge, RayhiR he would
issue warrants for those inlvd In the
fights, chnrglns nssault, but no moie
seilous offense. The nttornej then be
gan the preparation nf pappis to ask
for an lnjuiiLtlon restraining the Btilk
ers from Interfering with the non
unionists In nny way. All the men
who have been cmploed In the mill
Joined the Amalgamated association to
day oxropt Ira Householder and James
At this Demmler Plant.
Th dally rumor that tho Demmler
tlnpbito plant at McKcetpuit Is about
to reiiumt opeiatlons wui curient to-
nlftvt and the report that a gang had
been pi lired to ro In, diow a large
otowd of Milkem to the mill for picket
In font moio dan ncionlliiR to the
Amalgamated ao latlon. stilke bono
Ills will begin to Issue The Amalga
mated aoi latlon pioldr foi no pas
ments of benefit dm lug July and Aug
ust Sub( ilptlnns have been coming In to
Amalgamated headquarters in Roodl
nnmlicn mid thine, with the assess
ments letiiined b ninny union lodges
ihioiiRhout the loiintry, have "welled
the .strike fund niaterlallj.
Shaffer Addresses Strikers.
Piosldent T .1 Shaffer nddiessed tho
strlkeis of Painters' mills at a rallv
bold on the South Side tonight In
bis spooi h Piesldont Shaffer undei
toi 1, to icflite the iharge that til"
Amalgamated association has iolated
Its lontrut with lotistltiiont lom
p lilies of the I'nlted States Steel cor
poi itlon "The Amalgamated asso
uatlon has not broken Us lontraet,
and annul affoid to do so Such
ihaiges nie false," deilared Mi Shaf
fei "It Is line. ' said he "that some
scales wpio signed this oar. but thev
weie signed bv the lompanles upon
the condition that other companies of
the I'nlted States Steel coipoiatlon
would sign This was the iiim with
the Ameiliaii Tin Plate lompim. The
other companies did not sign.' ho said,
"and lonseqiientlv the Amalgamated
men bioke no contracts b sti Iking"
Continuing. President Shaffei snid
'While at woik we faltlifulh adhere
to eei pait of otu tontiact o are
reich to go to work now, If out rlnht
to otginls'e Is leoognls'od
"If the I'nlted State Stcil crrpoi
alion will sign the ti1lc for alt mills
signed foi last iar, with the undei
standlng that no man is to be dls
i lunged foi coniuitlon or sMiipathv
with laboi oig-anlatlons and If the
t-ealo Is siRtieel for mills wheie the nun
want to organise tht stilke will be
terminated '
Main of the nine hlnl.-Us of tho Na
tional Tube works at McKeesport de
i icled to aiee)t tlie offer of the loin
piiiv made todm. and -00 of the m to
tinned to work tonight The offei of
tho lompany was fot tho men to te
turn to make noicsm irpalts of ma
ihltioi) Some Intipiet the moe as
tho flit leal bioak In the Amalga
mated ranks, while otbets consider It
m'iel nn antli lpntor of an early
settlement of tho strike and the io
umiitlon of work at the plant.
It is loin nod late tonight th..l Prosl
elont T J Sliaffer has pent out letters
to ill muubeis of tho eeiutlo lom
mlttoe of the Amalgamated assoe la
tlon, halting their aipioal of the
peine plar agiood upon last S.iiiudiv
bv the toiiosentatles of the National
L'tlo federation and Amalgamated
Brotherhood of Raihond Firemen
Will Not Violate Agreements
with Companies.
n.T xcIiimm- Wire? from The AwfUled l'rriw
New Yoik, Aug. .'7 Prank P Sar
gent, giand chief of tho Hiothoihood
of Railroad ritemtn who Is a member
of tho Industrial iomniKson of the
National Chic roderatlon, was heie
tod i to confer with Secretai Ralph
llasley loRTidlng the i-tilke of thostcol
workeis Ho win return to his home
In Peoila, Ills, tomoirow
Mr Saigeant, in an inteivlew In tho
Times of tomoiiow is quoted as s-u-ing,
after his lonfeience with Mi. Kas
lej: "I believe the isttik.e conceuih all
unions. While out union h greatly In
tel estod In the lesnlt of the strike, we
June agt cements with the different
rallioad companies which we don't hie
our way to bioak Theiefoiv, though
we ato teaelv to go Into our pockets
and contribute to the support of the
stiikers wo aio so tied down that we
cannot fftilke la SMiipatln At the
same time tho outc omo of the stilke lis
of gieat Important e to us- Main of
the leading men In the rnlto.d States
Steel coipoiatlon Juno huge lallioad
Inteiests and If the stilke pioes a
f Unto the jallioad companies would
'. in bet in shape to take aggiot-shc
mensiiics tow aid the lallioad biotbei
hoods ru the sake of organized laboi,
theiefoi ' as will a It.s own, the
Amalgamated asvoi latlon cannot af
foid to down In the fight"
Ticket Is Nominated, Headed by
Judge Lynch No Candldite
Against Judge Wheaton.
n Fxcludie Wire- from The Aonateil l'rf
AVIIkeis-Haiie, Aug J7 The Demo
ciatK belli tholr eonntv convention to
dav. Hon .1. Rldgwa Wilgbt was
e hali man The following ticket was
nominate el roinmon pleas judge, .John
lAiuh. Oi plums' court Judge, Andiew
M 1'ieas, eount.v lontio'llei Cootgo
R Mel.eaii. loioidei James ll.urctt,
coronet l)i V II Reig
The Rt publicans declined to noinl
nate a candidate against Judge l.vntb,
Si) that Ills ie-election is assilied Hj
lesolutlon toda s convention declined
to nominate moie than one catielldate
for coinmon pleas Judge, mi that Judge
Wheaton, tlie Republican nominee, will
aim bae no opposition
The pint form ndoptid lealllims the
state platfoiiu
The Leader in the Africander Bond
Is Paroled.
Hy riiliialie Wire (run The Aweclitnl Pni
Tape Town, Aug. 27 J. X Merriman,
tho paillanieutniy leader of the Afil
candor liond, has been ni tested on a
faun neat btollenbosch. He has given
his parnlo not to leave tho faini
Uiiidon, Aug 27 Mr. Merriman,
whoso airost Is Biinnuiic'ed fiom Cape
Town, roomily visited Rngland nnd
urgtd In, speeches and Interviews, a
conciliation policy toward the Boers,
Over 300,000 People Witness the
Great Parade Yestcrdaij
The Sir Knights Begin Their Tri
mde nt 0.4 A. M. nntl Contlnuo
Until 1.30 P. M. Irwin Bntnanl
Is 0 vol come Aelmlral Schley Re
ceives nn Ovntlon All Along the
Hjr Kicliwiic Wire from Tli Anioolatrel I'rrew
l.milsN IHc, Aug "7 It Is estlniiited
that inOnfMi people today witnessed the
p n ado of Knights Tempi u Thlrtv
thousand Sit Knights 1n full uulfoiin
weie in line, foi tiling an Imposing spei -taole-
with whli li to liegln the twentv
elghth tilonnlal com line. The mniob
started at 'J 40 a. m. and was llnlshod
nt 1 R0 p. in , after iinoilng a distance
of folii miles. The course was piotoet
eel l wires sti ling along tne sieiowniis
to keep speitatois In iheik. This in
novation In handling holldav iiowds
was consldete1 highly suiiessftil al
though a few venturous spit its dodged
under the wire at arlous points along
the route when the polite was not
watching The weather e.uly was
tlear and ool, lint by noon the heat be
came somewhat oppiisslvo and thoie
woio eleven cases of piostiatinn to
belt and exhaustion Sir Knight It-
win Uatnard, of Oiooiisvlllo, lnd , was
ovettome wlille matching. His con
dition tonight was it pen ted sol Ions A
portion of the Y M ". A lev lowing
stand nt romth sin et and Rioadway
collapsed Half a doon people Mis
talnecl biuWes
The oomnnndorlos fiom lil
cago, Plttsbing and Sin l'l.nuisio nt
tiaeiod special attention bv the It nng
nllltent appeal ante I'olumbla icini
inandci), No. J of AYashiiiRtoii, 1) r,
i.iine In for wild applause all along
th" lollte, as Sir Knight Roar Admlial
Se hle Is a niembei of It and bad hoe n
(ppited to niaich with his teimradcs
Although ho was absent, at ovoiy
point in Hip nuns-, when the Wash
ington mi r appeal (d, the uowd tends
up the civ, "Schlej ' Sthlev! luiiiali
ir Si hlev '" Later, when the foiunl
'voccomo to tho knights was estet clod
bv .Judge Parker, of loulsv 111, act ng
for Uovornor Rockham, and I'oiincr
Congros.sman W. C. P Riocklnrlde, the
mention of Schle,v's n-itne elliited ap
pliiisp so entliusiastlc thai both
ppakois 01p conipcllPtl to stop for
spvrnl minutes.
I"lroworks, excursions on th" liver,
and ntlior diversions oictipioel the s.
tms' time tonight S"VPial of the
commandeiies Jield receptions, among
them being Plttsbing. No 1, Wheel
ing. No 1 of Wheeling, Va . and
the giand eommandoiy of New Hump
Discussion of the Tiouhle Over Mine
Card1? Sentiments of Scran
ton Delegates.
Hi Kxelinlio Wire" from Thc Asnentnl I'ios
Tlaletnn, Pa., Aug 27 The creden
tials toinmlttee concluded Its woik to
night. The roll call mows 7S0 ikle-'
gate is In attendance. Yv'hen It was
found on lea.ssembllng this afteinoon
that th toll could not be completed In
time for an afternoon c ion, adjourn
ment was taken at :i 3u until totnonow
So far as can be learned, tin to Is
tioulile concerning the i.iul Inspect Ion
system at sonio of thi collieries of the
Deliware and Hud'-ou ooiupanv In the
St ranton dlstilot, and at one eollli of
the Lehigh and Yv'llkes-Hano In the
Hasdoton region
Coxe IJroc & Co, It Is nllegxl by
delegates bine not et paid the 10 per
cent Ineienpo to Kmie of tin laborois
and thonien. Quite a iiumbei of dele
gates fiom the Scianton dlstilct have
expressed themselves In fnvoi of dras
tic) measuies to enforce cind Inspettlon
at the mines but th men fruni the
otbtr distill ts aio of the opinion that
tho ellllleulty can be temedled in .m
amit able miinnoi
Much depends on Piesldont Mitchell
anil the other leadeis, who, It Is be
lieved, can piett noaily swa.v theion
vention to their wav of thinking While
nothing definite concerning' the matter
Is mentioned in the ollltlal call and
while Piesldont Mitchell refuses to
eotlier confiim oi deny the tepoit It
Is stated tonight that after the caul
question and nthei points at lsue are
settled the ceSnvontlon will take the
prellmlnaty steps tor securing n Jednt
confeiente with the eiperntois net
splng Henry (.'olllns, of Scranton, an
otboi membei of tho national evuitho
boa id, atilved tonight.
When nskod tonight whit mtlon ihe
convention would take regui cling te
sti lotion of the output of coal, Piesl
dont Mitchell sulci he would not nt this
time vendue a pi edit tlou
October 2D, the (list annlveisnrv of
the dose of last fall's stilke, which
won for tho miners u ton per cent. In
crease In wages and other; concessions,
will be set apatt by the convention as
a general holiday In which their lc
toiy will be colobiated In every town
by parades nnd speech-making.
Authorized to Sign Piotocol.
Pr IxiIihiip Wlro fr in llio .ndii. prciw
Ivncion, Viijr JS 1 1 Iliac ( hnic ha nntl
fled tho mlniarra cl the oucr that I lie ( liiinfc
pltniintnitiirl(si are nn iiithnrUfcl In sn Ihe
prntcii'ol," n) a rle"patth to tlm fnnr bom
I'cMn, clilnl .vrotrrlai, 'and liu rc-'ini.tril lliein
to Ml i eluto tor the aliinlng n edict cone me
In the Importation ol nni a clrcuUtcl lo
tomplite the protocol." '
Tho Yacht Got n Bad Wrench In
Oyster Bny.
Ill' rxcliKlve Wire troin The AMOCitdl TrM
Rrlstol. R I, Aug. 27. The Constl
tutlon got n bad wrench when slip
grounded hi Ovstor llav the other day,
adding to the Injuiy she sustained by
sti Iking an under water obstruction
during tho locent New York Yacht
i lub irulso. Several plates wete found
to be In bul shape whin the vneht was
drv doiked this afternoon. At tho
time tho plates wire loosened during
tho ciuWo the ttouble seemed of llttlet
i onseipienco, but tho li.ud racing the
iraft has dotip since then has tended
to loosen the sheathing strews on this
plating It Is thought quite possible
that much of tho .vnthfs unsatlsfactoiy
woik may lie attilbuted to the ion
ellt Ion of the phitps on hpr keel.
The Constitution was hauled out nt
Jilgh w iter tonight and preparations
made for the stiaplng of her undu
Lightning Cientcs Havoc, Destroy
ing Life and Piopeity.
Pr rulnMic Wlro from 1 lie s.oe-ltfd Pr;s.
ToMiikann. Aik Aug J7 Toxarkiina
was visited liv a mot i-ovoie elettilcal
and taliiMonn today. Pi of Oiis.v's son
was stunk bv lightning and killed, his
nock being bioken Ho was under on
umbrella with n companion, who also
was biidh siiocked.
Two colored chuichofi weto sti tick
ntil badlv damaged One ieldonce was
destroved and otheis damaged.
Said to Be the Most Dangerous Com-
petitot foi the Amciican Cup
That Has Yet Appeared.
ill l'veliiMir W rr from llio wne iitesl l'rr
New Yoik, Aug. 27. The Shani
ioik II was ulven a good, long spin
tod iv, both Inside and outside tlie
Hook. Hu was tiled in wlndwaid
woik and hi oad and elo-e jeaehing.
In l.ei t, tin challenger was given
ev oi thing extopt a spinnaker tun In
a In i te th it sometimes piped up to
twelve knots mil at one tlmewasunder
i Ight knots The good opinion of hi r
speed moi Its and ability to (iut lofty
(iiuvas was emphasised.
M.iiiv iiilHlug e-flioits v bo saw" hor
pei lot mam i i all her a vvniideiful
lioat. All s,iv su Is tho most dangoi
ous pioposlttoii that has over i omo
ovei tliosi watds hunting for tho
Ameiltas cup. She had life In lier
oveij minute She gathois way with
rein nk i bio lapidlty. Is quick In Mnvs,
points very high and stands up under
h trtmeiiilous spioad of i.invas like
the piovorblal steeple At no time to
d iv did she put her i .ill under, even
when wealing aiound close h mlPd and
taking a twelve knot breeze abeam.
With all this. sli- Is n very beautiful
boit under sail, and t ikcn altogether
Is a doe Med Improvement over the old
Miami oek
Tho onlv now mI tiled toda was
her lu com club topsail It was a ro'V e
hitlon to those who isaw It. and It is
leitainlv one of Ratsev's finest ciea
tlons n appears much latger than the
topsails on the Columbia and Consti
tution. It extends further out over the
giff and runs up IiIkIici nbovo the top
nuiHt. It is ald that the ellstance from
tho boot of the m.iht to the top of tho
topt.iil club l over 1''0 feet The sail
sheets out or well and theie Is less
looseness along tlie heat than on either
of tho Anietlcin lioats. Mr Thomas
I.lpton was on boaid dining the entire
trial, audi when seen at Sanel Hook,
after the tncer picked up her moorings,
.seemed much pleaded with her show
ing. ' This Is the twentieth spin which the
boit has had," aid be. "Iniludlng her
laces on the other de She Is lin
pi ovlng all the time, and I am moie
pleased with liei todiv than eei be
fore At no tlmo did we can anv
water on deck, she li id life eveiv min
ute', and If i-he does not tail back the
cup, the Aniotlcan boat that beats her
liuiv well npiio pi dc In our people"
A noable fi.ituto of the clay was the
eon.stant saluting which the challenger
leeelved fiom on. in isteaniPis doivn to
the smallest of liumlies
The Shamroik eovoiiel the nine miles
fiom the southwest spilt to Owls Head,
against the tldo ot thioe knots, In ".1
minutes" The 1 nn liai k over the same
couie, Int hiding six tacks, vva.s done
In fi7 minutes
Four Persons Di owned While Cross-
ing a Stream.
11 Fxcliubc1 Wire from The Avcclatfcl 1'reH
Rulheiforelton N C.Aug 27 Will
lam Mills. JO Jens old, and Ills dnugh-tei-lu-law,
.10 (ius of ago and lier two
0 and ll-.voai.s-olel bojs were drowned
In a small stie.iin In this town late last
night. Alt M 1 1 It- attempted to cioss n
swift In inch which was about four
feet deep, when tho wagon struck a
log. tinning It ovei He canled the
two voiingest chlldieu, n bo and a
glil. :! nnd 4 veais old, to a fence nim
by and went back to get his dauglitet-In-law
and the two othet chlldicn, but
all four weio drowned
The bodlrn of the old geivtleman and
daughter woio lecnvoied toela.v. The
bodies- uf the two bo,s Juno not been
Will Trosecute Westnll.
Hi rvoluiho wire turn llie- ocliiid Yrt
lUi -ini, Aviir I? llio aulhorillu will pni
iiiic fir erimiiul nculiK'nir, P. (' Una ill,
.hp(vnf the iiiinwv ouhr lintpaii of tho lliwtu
pev.tiiilip, ln lo-t 51 " if tho funds it lie
potetllei In nil omnihiis wlulo en Hip i,i lei
pn tho money In Hip lrr:i.ur flip lUnna
werpt jinliip Inow ln ntnlp the nion' 'Hip
emir ioinlta of tour pprnoni, to ("leliaii Icon
ami two mgrnos Ml arp at lircp anil in lilJIn,'.
World's Recoid Established.
Hjr Kicluilrt Wire from Tho Anoclated Yrttt.
Npw Ihirn. Conn, Vuir "7 oi!el ipeord
n petatilUliprl In Hip trn milp open profpwlonvl
racp at Hip u'Uii'l circuit inert held Iipip tonight.
per lauon, et (lili.lito, hoii; nm I'onprr,
fnonil lime ilS 1 i Tho pniloiu reiord
Navu Department Supplies the Ad
miral's Counsel with a
Tentative Roll
Although tho Department Refuses
to Make the List of Witnesses
Public, It Is Understood That the
Name of tho Admiral Is Pioml
nent Among Those Who Will Tes
tify A Philadelphia Lawyer Is
Ily 1 ve lii-clip Wirp from Tho Awointed t'rrss
Washington, Aug. 27 The navy de
partment today, thiough Captain
Reml, tho Judge advocate of the com t
of iiuiulrv, supplied counsel foi Ad
mlial Sthlev with a tentative list of
witnesses to be called before tho couit
by the government. Tho dop-it tinent
dot lines to make this list public, but
it is uudeistood that It contains and
In fat t Is beaded by the n ime of Rear
Admiinl Sampson. It Is not oven pos
sible to li'atn the numbei of witnesses
named, but It is stated that the list Is
liv no means complete Some of tho
witnesses named mav not be called,
while on the other hand not only may
the' government adil to the list, but Ad
mlial Sthlev s counsel nto at llboity to
suggest additional names.
It Is uudeistood that Admlial Samp
son Is to be teprosentcd' befoto the
Sihloi court of Inquiry h counsel The
nav depaitment otlliials njv thev hive
no ollltlal knowledge on the subject
and point to the fait that the toutt of
liuitiitv s the only bod authoiled to
admit ot debar counsel in sin h cases,
It ma In its pleasute tlenv the poison
under Investigation the privilege of
having counsel piosont before the court
en, on the other hand, It may go to tho
lengtli of poiinlttlng poisons In sec
ondary interest tlie pi Iv liege of em
plojlng counsel befoto tho court So
the officials s.wv thev hive no know
ledge ollli lolly of tho retention of c oun
se 1 by Admlial Sampson, but pilvately
It Is admitted that ho expects to be so
representgd. It was learned today that
W. H Stayton, of the law firm of Stay
ton & Chamtters, of New Yoik, was ex
pected at the navy department to
tnonow and It is supposed that bis
pin pose Is to consult the records of the
department In tho Interest of Admlial
Admiral Schley's Counsel.
Philadelphia. Aug. 27 Tho Record
tomorrow" will say that Albert 11
O'Rrien. a prominent member of the
Philadelphia bar lias been called In ns
ossoilato i nuiisel for Rear Admlial
Sehlov In the coming Investigation at
Washington Last Thuisdav O Hi Ion
was In Washington In consultation
with Schley's counsel anil mnterlallv
assisted them In the propaiatlon of the
brief for the court nt inquiiy. Dm lug
thp late CO's ho occupied the post of
Judge advocate nf the West India fleet
and In I&69 was stationed at Annapolis,
where Schley was lieutenant com
mander. A warm friendship developed
theie between the two moi. Ml
ORilon resigned fiom tho nav In 1S7S
and took up the practice of law In
The Lexington Horse Makes a New
Record at Providence Other
Interesting Events.
Hy Pirluilip Wlrp from 11c AsoclatPll Pri
Piovldento, H. I, Aug 27 Scott
Hudnoii of Lexington. Ky dtove
Audubon T5ov In tho Itiew $10 000
ftake for 2 10 paceis at NatrngatiM'tt
Paik, this afternoon nnd won In thioe
stialgbt boats Audubon Hoy had to
go fast to win tho big puisc lie made
n new ictoid of 20G In the second
beat, while the third was onb half a
second clow or. Sphinx S pieced the
chestnut haul, but bo bad ipeed and
endui.iiiio and could do what was
linked for,
KaMor took tho 2 24 tint In straight
beats that woio run easllv In slow time.
The 2 11 pace went to Council Chlmos,
after the flrnt heat wns won bv Cap
tain Sphinx. Armorel made nime light
ing finishes that weie the ftatuies of
the raio. Summailes:
J II iloi, trotting, thup In flip, piirto l '00
ljpr I 1 1
Vlinmip 7 J 2
I. oli i i 9
Shin aie ? .1 1
WllqilO I 11 S
iiiritli. Ilillt Uirtl, IVI nt, Man I. rim.. Iia
Ihe lohn Hooper ul ttarttd litup-J ll(,
r.': '-'i-iU
'.' 10 o!a. paclnj, thrp in flip, Park ltie
Hik- $in om
ii'luhon II n- l t i
SplllllV s i
soplui 17 4
Pi.iiip IlalW Oil
luliii T 1.' .. 7
IHjioIh. snr I'iilIi, lorn r.dliounp, 'ip. s
WidgpiMinel, Ijek llircllnj, liiiliuluor. Stuknr
I n lor, rmmi M. Urlonlia, I'u'.i UIo ml
CerinliiP iilo "tJilod Tlnip .'fWt, 2ini, jii.ii,
.'II cla-H, paec, three in liip, puro i,(iel
Counoll I'lilnif"! 7 I I t
( tiln sphinx I .' n I
Vitnoifl i I 2
IIictti'M '2 I 7 7 ! . . . ' t fi .1 I
(iiihlt, ("oiniii MjcIcp nlo nariP'l. limp
i in',, . ins,, 2ii, soi
Pensions Granted.
P Kpliialvo Wop from The MonatPil pniu
WflcliliiKton iig 27 n $ ppiku n li i li rn
crantrd to Martha l eiambm luiluw), nl Mil
Killed by Lightning.
Ity FicluMiP Wlr from Thp tworiatnl l'rfna
ud 1hIcp, Vlont , iis ?7 Ichn Xnilrp
nav intanlb killpcl In John llompm, hi nla
took him (or a bear unlle the twu uerc huntins.
tub Ninvsjrms mokning-
Weather Indications ToJoj!
QCNenuLL rAm
1 (IrnPrAl framr'n Sfrinua llrlatlom with Tnr.
Tin Pllte Mill In rip Son mil in
lloll ot Wltnrs tor Ihe s,Mpi" trial
hnlRhtu Tpmplar I'nrailp 4t liiilsvltp.
I l.e-liml Clltitndilp 1P trtrnpnt.
3 leil Miinlilpd Iiiriio ftpr Saloon keepers
h-iiIiir ot III" Public sclmold
soul- Vlpn of th- Hour,
4 Idltorlal
Note ami Comment
thecal Colonel llltclicock Not tltfd o 1
( andiilalp
Cliante-i in the 1 .lucaliotnl fnntpit.
I! Ijoial Wrt s, rjnton in I Subiithin
7 f.Piipril N irtliPi'lern IVmidlvinu.
Mninrld an I
8 lnil-lnlmtrlil an! labor
A Check for $4,032,000 Is Given for
the Iron nnd Steel Company's
rtj l'vcluilip Vtlrp (rem Th '.orlatfd I'res.
Philadelphia, Aug 27 The Hethlo
beni Steel coinpanv, vvhlelt aNo liuluilis
the Hetblehem Iron compau, toeluv
uassed into the bands of Charles M
Schwab. A i bee k foi $1032,000 was de
posited with the (ill aid Tiust com
panv b Diexol & Co, in p.ijtiipnl of
Ills 000 sluites of Hothloheill Steel dtoe K
The total number of nhaies In the' nun
piin Is soo.ono lmmediatelv uftir the
lccelpt of the i heck a new bond of
dlioitois anil new olUccis vvote clotted
The tegular iiionthlv meeting of tho
dire dots of the Pethlohein Steel com
pany was called for 11 o'clock this
morning At that hour u quiiium of
tho bo.ud wns ptesent, but no word bad
been rotelved ftoin Ml. Schwab 'Ihe
meeting was adjoin nod until l."i0 and
as Mr. Schwab's tcpioontatlve bid not
.vet appeared a f Hither adjournment
was taken until J oMock When the
dlieitor.s met finally Max Pain, of Now
York, WHh piesont, leptesentlng Ml.
Schwab, and the mock and mollev weie
speedily ttansfeiied. Mi. Pain hail ai
langed with Dioxol Vc Co. to pav the
ietiilied amount to the Oh aid Trust
company and when word was lerolvod
that the stock on deposit hud been de
livered tho new dltoctors weto elected.
The now board Is iih follows H. P.
l.lnderman, i: T. Stiiteslnuy, i: M Me
llvalne Arthbilel .lobnston, (leorgo P
Paei, J P. Ord and Chillies McVeigh
The otllters me: K. M Mcllvalne,
piosldent A. II. Horle, vice piesieleiil
H. S. Snveioi setretniy A. N. Cleavei,
treasuroi, AVchlbild vlohnsinn gen
eral suippiintendent. All of the direc
tors aio now with tho exception of Ml
l.lnderman and Mi Statesburv, who
seived on the old boaid (leoigo P
Haer Is president of the Philadelphia
and (loading lallioad.
President Mcllvalne elet lined to state
whether Mr Sthwab hail pun based the
stoek for blmsCIf ot Mi other persons
Ho s.nii, bowevoi. that the coinpanv
would lenialn independent but would
be more aggressive than It hatl been in
the past
Mr Schwab agiood to purchase the
Hethlehem Steel stock at $JI a shaie
provided the Hethlehem lion coinpanv
was included In the snle. A meeting of
the stockholders of the lion oompanv
was helel at which It was decided to
well to the steel Thou the
dlicctots of both lompanles agiood to
accept Mt. Schwab's offei. Yestoidav
was llxed as the limit for depositing
tho stoc k to be sold Manv of the
tdiaieholdoi.s, il is said, did not avail
themselvi s of tho oppoitunltv but
the time will be extended foi them
The stoik wblth has been de posit d
with tho trust loinpuiv othc i thin
that pilcl foi today will be taken up
within the next twenty dis at the
h.ime into pel nhTio
The Demented Woman Stiff eis fiom
Exposure in the Woods.
0y rueluitte Wire 'rom rhe Atioclatpel Pre;
Corning, N Y, Aug .'7 Mt In.
Nilllo Poor nnd liei two .sons of Chi
i ago, weie found In the woods neat
lure todiij Mis Poor Is tht woman
who at ted in an insane inniinoi on an
l.rle train hint Thurxdiiv night anil
then in.vstotlousy clKippcaied She
and lr cons hive bten living in the
woods for seveial elus anil are suffer
ing limn exposuie.
Tlie are now taied for In the home
of W II ciiamboilaln, of Kauoiia, N
Y who is a lelatlvo of Mis pom The
woniiin Is hiboilng und. i the hiillui Illa
tion that a pi lie ban been iiin her
Injunction 'Against Stiikers.
Ilv lie lump Wire from I ho (mociatpcl l'rri
I ititiiiiiiti, Xiii -'" - IiiiIkp smith, ot ihp
riiurt cf i.iinnic ii pice i .hi cTinlnl t Inn
p.nri tiiiunt lion acomt the mon lockpil out
In tin e irrljje n arofi luiir In I'nn n Ihe
mlt a fUici on liflulf of 1'. rnn I lliiutrr,
irpipvpnling Hip ( irm"p Mjuufai luriiN mmi.
lion Dip nidi arp njoincel Irene pukPtniE mil
from intrtf. ring in hi v wai null tho
ot the- vinom eonnin-
Entombed Miners Rescued,
111 Kvclmlip Jr (rom Ihp uii4ti 1 !'
I nnelon, nif 2 I up ot the ten miners Mho
ftrrp Hit mlipil at the IKinll rKIlP icIlll in
l'i itlihilc rii iixumI m..ihIj nlirii Ihp (lile'J
ot the mine, atum iolliinl i iiIuiiiIiIiik tun of
tho ri'turr Hipp uiih Iho kc-up arl if
four uli'i Iuip liilnl ii reoirii mike plpipn in
all ulinve foe l Mill luiiliidil
Independence Diiven to Haibot.
11 KarliuitP Wirp from The AHoilatpet Pren
inirinl II in li, Men, Viu .'7 lin le op
iicla, liuh pe-liJ. ihp .iwiiiel l,i tlunii.1. W I a
. n jawed lhl poit lodit (n in xmpori for
lloiteui lint on uc.oiiiil of the tic rthraiprei xiinct
.In w ii iiinpPllpU In rrliirn and hnhur Iitp
Book Binders Strike.
(liieauo, Vuc (7 VII th (onnlo nirinhprk of
tho llnnk IlinelPii' unl m tiiiioird lo ihp W
II ( onkrj (iinipanj at llainin mi, lnd , rnimhpr
init alinut ilft), i-triiPk tmli) Ihijim their c.lflirri
Ihi IuiI dUcliarKPd ttcrilj, were not rt
The Recent Break with France Man
Posslblu Disrupt the Gov
Probable Dissolution of Concert of
Powers Departuto of M. Constana
from Constantinople Sultnn's Ap
peal Disiegnrdcd Turkish Minis
ter Notified Not to Return to Paris.
French Foielgn Office's View.
By Fvrlmlvp Wirp (rom The Awociatcd Yrtf.
Pails, Aug 27 - A senil-olllclal note
has been Issued that the potto not
having i an led out Its undertakings
with legaid to the disputed iiuestlotw
bedwoeii the Pii-lieli and Ottoman gov
ernments. M Constnns, the 1'icnch
iinibaHsadoi ae ting under Itiistiuctlon'i
fiom the fonign inlnistir, M. Dolcasso,
left Constantinople on August 26, thu
date n imed 111 bis last e ommunlcatlon
to the pen to on the subject.
An ntiaugeinont had hi on effected on
August 17, and Its terms dtuftod bv
the Ottoman foreign mlnlstot, with the
iippiovnl of the sultan, who had prom
ised M Constant! thnt the text should
he handed to him on August IR. M.
Constnns telegiaphoel to Pat Is on Au
gust 1U that none of tho piomlses bad
been fulfilled, and M Deli usee on Au
gust 21 tolegiaphol M Constnns that,
In v lew of so ilugiant a dlsicg.nd of the
nuclei takings, the negotiations could
no longei be continued and lequestod
M Constnns to Infoini the porto that
he bud km civ ed cadets to leave Con
stantinople On August 25 51. Constnns conuuunl
lati'd with the poito. fixing August '.ii
as tho date for his departure, and as
the engagements are still uiikept, M.
Constnns loft Constantinople on Au
gust 2U.
With the elepanuiii of M. Constans
the tela lions between Pi nine and Tui
Uey mnv bo leg.uded as bioken off.
.Munlr Nov. the Turkish ambassador to
Pianco. has been tolegtapbed to not
to letinn to Pails.
The curient affairs of tho two em
bassies i an bo i in i led on by tho
cbaiges il'arfaiios, It is said, but all
negotiations of a political nattiio will
bo hiispeneled until the .sultan lelds to
the Pieiicb (loin mil"
Tho Pienih government considers
that the suit in has bioken his vvmd
Ho bad promised full pijmont of the
loiig-stntidlng inilomnltles to Fionch
nien. iiniountlng to 12.000 nOO francs,
but at tho end of last week bo di
ddled to n the full amount and ot
fii"d a ic'liitoel sum. which was le
fused bv M Constans, who waited un
til .vestoidav and then depaited The
sultan made a lin il attempt o Indue u
blm to remain. 51. Constans had loft
Theiaplii on boaid the Vautour Mr
Stamboul, wheie ho was to tike the
Ollent oxpioss A limit t haielbeilaln
arrived at Stamboul In post-haste
ftoin the sultan, bogging M.' Constans
to letinn to ri'oiapl.i and ptomislr
that evet.v thing would be settled satls
factorilv M Constans declined to . -tin
n dei hiring the time for piomlcs
was pist. It was for the sultan to
fulfill his undo! takings
The Punch gov eminent "" take no
flllther steps in the mattei . but will
wait foi the sultan to move. It Is
not believed that he will illow tin)
ptosont HltiiUloll to but vetv lri'
Constantinople. Aug. 27. Dining
the absenie fiom bis post of M Con
stans, the rie'iieh ninb ismcIoi" to Tur
key, who stalled esltida foi Paris,
51 P.abst, count lllor of the ombassj,
will id as his chuge d'affalies.
The following was the position of af
falis Immrdlntclv piecoellng the de -pai
tine of tho Punch amlnssaeloi
Tho Tmklsli gemrninoii. was ".i .u
Ing a ellspci'ltlcm to regan' P'o I'ren li
de iiuinil' as settled bv tho dado rein
ing to the (iias and tho Albanian
land serines The Preiudi cmbus-v,
In older to pi event a mlsuneloisiaii'i
Ing, wioto to Tew (Ik Pasha, the 1111111"
tei of fonign nffalM. jostot'e'ay, that
Pi ante, In addition, expected the s -tleiiient
of two othns ilalnis Includo'l
Ir tho demands made on Aug 11, unl
that unless they were e one cdeel befoi
noon today, 51 Constans would leave,
nnd .Munlr Hev, the Tmklsli ambisna
dor to Kiatite. would locelve his jinrs
jioit.' The Poite, Instead of vloli!m
asked foi twentv -four houis' dolav
and undo alternative propositions
which woio so unacceptable that 51,
Connans dii not icply to them.
Steamship Arrivnls.
11 IvIihIii' Wiip fiom Ihp Vwnpiatpl Prpw
Sou ork, ue "7 -t'lParpp I rlialiml, Vnu
prp. si I ml somhitnp'in ulpd" hn 1
Wilhelm Dor C.ii..p lin mm vn I hrrbmirg mi
sniilhainpte n lloulocno Vrrtiprl" PoHelim
New oik for llillirelom l.itanl PjM
balm, Np irk for Miuhampton and flipm n
eyiipinton Vnlifcl (iii-enli, New ork I t
I ivprHHil land pioepuipel 1
Six Christians Massacred.
ttv rxcliwlvp Wire 'r0"i Th vioclatcd Preu
llprlm. Vm. ' Hi I il biip nlM pitting
npoiN ilu nu"i. re ( i ( hruiltn it Ku J,
( Inn
loe ll del I l..r .8 '7. I 101
lbu"het iimniiiiiii
oel IPiupcuturP
SO cIpctp-"'
Itelallio llniiilelii.
h 1 111 .... 70 rwr rini
x p in . 73 per ffnt,
Prpiipiu'i 11 21 Ii.mik indnl S p in, none
f-fsy-t--f"-f -f-f-" "fsV"f-f-f"so
0- Wathinci. 11, uc 27 rfreraat rVvr
V i rlneml m ind rhurndiT latprn Ppidh
nil anil- Ononll) fair Wcdneaday lai s-
-f "Ihurnlii, light evtenlr wind
t 4- -r -t" t "T- ft" 1 1 . . 1 1 -tl