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peace Is ExDCGtcd to Follow the
Conference Between Leaders
o! Gontendlno Forces.
Iho Coming Mooting of Committoo
to Considor Proposition of Stool
Magnates Io Lookod Upon with
Mingled Hopo and Foar-Secre-tary
Bishop of thn Ohio Board of
Arbitration Believed to Have Been
Largely Instrumental in Bringing
About tho Present Gratifying
State of Affairs-Strikers Deter
mined to Loso No Ground.
Bv Fxclnle irp from The Associated Press
I'lttslnng. I'.t.. July 20. Kvcrybody
Is on qui le tonight In Pti Iko circles
nnd tho coming confeience of the load
ers of tho two contending foiees Is
looked fotwaid to with mingled hope
nnd tear. Hope, however, piodonil
natrs .ind peace Is eonlldontl) opect
mI by the mnjoilty of thoo Interested.
"The executive hoard of the Amalca
rtt.itcd association w 111 meet at tho
xoeutlve li"ailruai ters toimurow at
10 o'clock or us soon theicaftor as pos.
fdble, and tako up the propositions of
the I'nltod States Steel roipoi.ttioii for
n settlement of the stool workers'
stiike" This statement was mime to.
dav by Secretary Williams, of the
Amalgamated association. Heyoud
this he declines to discuss tho stilko In
any form. Thoie hus no cliang- In tho
poltlon of tho two contestants today.
Both sides' hold tli ml to the plan of
watching each other Tho iilllelnls of
the Wood mill of tho Aniotlt.iti Shpot
Steel company made no attempt to
rtnrt the plant and Indentions pointed
to tholr lemalnlng Inactive until the
stiike negotiations ate decided ono
unv or other.
Tho !lit icpoit of tho dav that tho
American Tin I'iate company was
making mi otfoit to stut tho Dernier
plant with non-union men and that
ono sot of lolls is being operated, was
nftorwnid explained as b'ii"? t run. or
that sinitid from tho faet tint 're
company hid some men at wmk ro
palilng the plant, with the expectation
tint tro stiiUo will bo settled This
va a busy dav for Pieslilent Shaffer
nnd tho executive olllceis of the mal
gannterl ns-snelitlon Thoie was n
rteailv stream of c.illeis from e.uly In
the morning and Innumei lblo lonfer-
cicef bearing on the piopo-ed settle.
mct of the stiike President Shaffer
(if firm In his determination not to
talk on the stilko situation until after
Hi meeting tomonow 01 until the pro
Tnstlon of the United States Steel coi
puiatlon It was Intimated, however,
that there was a yei strong llkollhrml
that the committee would not Adjourn
tomoirow until tlipy had met with the
Mimttm tine) and foimally di elded
the settlement of the strike, if this
should lie tho peace Is possible In
n shoit time. Whitovor points are to
be distuned aie still known only to
tho officials of the association nnd the
Conference with Shaffer,
Colonel C, Watson Uiemh and ,1 I'.
Talor, of the lteptibl( lion and Steel
company had a lengthy nntciiuo
with President Shaftcr, but the objee t
of their i all wa not undo publli It
wav said, howevci. that it had no con
nectlon with tho stiike sottlemont but
lather to the aft.ilis of tho Youngstown
cumpinv. It was said that the repub
lic company was in need of a number
of skilled men nnd In .ouch of them
After the llt of Colonel French, Jo
seph lilshop, the secietaiy of the Ohio
board of nihlnatloti went Into lonfei
eiico with I'll'sldent Shaffei His t
was In connexion with tin stilko.
What was said, linvvcvei wis not di
vulged nnd will not bo It is believed
Hint Mi Hlshop has been aitlvelv en
gaged In bilnglng about the last i on
ffrence between tho striken and tho
steel tiut and Is among the most
gratified men over the tesults that ate
at least piomlsed Ono of the most ap.
paient facts In the status of the stilko
today was the deteimlnatlon of the
stilkers to loso no giound In thflr
struggle while peace negotiations aio
being condui ted. It was explained that
this plin was absolutely necessary In
order that the position of the Amalga
mated association should bo stiong
vhon the settlement takes plate. Most
of the ofllclals of the Amalgamated as
sociation expiesced conlldeniu that the
strike Is near on end.
News lecelved fioni nil points wlieto
the stiike Is In piogiess todav was of
a reassuring nature. The strikers claim
to have moio than held their giound
since the strike began, nnd since tho
opening of the campaign they Halm to
hnvp Inciensod their membership In
MoKeesport alone to over 1,500 men,
Accessions to the ranks of Hip Amalga
mated association have also bepn made
In Wellsvllle, Vlttsliuir Alleghenv,
Mingo Junction, and VMvcislde, W. Vn
where ono of the National Tube com
pany's mills l.s npeiatod. With the
American Steel Hoop company the
change Ins been one of tho most sweep
ing. Hefore the sttlke. practlcnllv all
but two of the mills weie non-union At
this time all but one of tho mills of
this company are union nnd are Idle
from the sttlke.
The sltatlon of the American Tin
riate company Is well undei stood. All
of the mills of that company urn
working under union rules excepting
the Monessen. The story told of this
mill Is that under the ngrement made
at the time It was seemed by tho
trust, the management of the plant
was to be left In tho hands of tho
former officials for n period of live
years. This was done In order to
wove the value of the patent meth
od! for producing tin plates thoie.
This plant Is still tunning as non
union, and while thirty-six men have
been discharged fioni the plant for
embiaclng union pilnclples, mannger
1'eicy Donncr claims that tho plant
Is running full nnd has not been nf
frited by the stilko In the least. The
mill employes over SOft men In all de
pHi Intents and Is ono of the best pro
duces in tho Amoiican Tin riato
coiupanv's gioups of mills.
Terms of Settlement.
The following teims of settlement
of the strike and the pioginmme for
tomorrow come from nn authorltn
t'e source nnd can bo telled upon
In all human piobablllty as tho out
come of tho meeting of the confeiees.
Trims of probable settlement:
'I he Vmaleaitiitrd n"t elation Is to drop rotv
trillion tor the ienlnn cf a siale for all mill
Ml mills -no tu bo ' open" mill In the billot
frii'c c( Ihe term. The tompan) is to luxe tlif
rlcht In phee nonunion men 111 tim pi ml an I
Vcrp them their In addition tn thr plans rov
i rcrl In tlio expired seile, It Is flcned fur thr
fillnuinei bevvies Wood, el McKicspnrt. Paint
ir llnrbiv niul Mi( nli limn ami I lark mills, ol
Pituhnre, and Ionscsen plants ct the Ainerinn
soil ll'inp lompinv 'I he iietlin ol nuk nc
Hie Mrltaille nhocl plmt mil Hie M ui-ii
tlnplale mill Olirrtb corroil li llic si lit H to
lie tllnl bv the ei ndrep
Hie mil;iinjtul ao-latl"n l to line tie
prlwln:i '( nrmnilni: the men In am nf 'he
plinK Slllcnimt pionninir (or Mie cik:
The rxnutur ininmlltre of tho VinjIeniMlnl J
Hiiinllnn lll nint it heaiMuiitPM At W mhtk
In Iho timnilng iiml i r rtnl tn mllfi Hie pro
iiiunil turns nutllnpcl l3 Iho Sph "rk mn
lirPiiii n liilonml mrrllnc "I inntrree I'
rpprpupiil thr thipe epjntln: mmpinlP In III"
Jnliil iniifriiiire W to lip hrlil H the dime tlmi
lnmljiliirii' iintrrp ( tin ht nippunu
lll In mi roiilniP" I niul the tnitomitp I
men pnlhlr In the nnleiniitfd hpi'lipiartpn
in Ihf Itlfwell tlock. In the afternoon, to sign
thp mjIc
Fair Weather, Good Crowds ond
Excellent Exhibition The
IV Fxclmlvp Wire from The noeiated PreM
Columbus. O, Julv L!. The Colum
bus CSiand Clicult taco meeting
opened auspiciously at the Driving
paik this afternoon, with fair
weather, a good crowd, and some
excellent lacing. The !ll pace was
tho first taco on the pi ogi amine, and
thirteen sldo-w heelers answered the
bell Maitha Marshall, driven by
Andv McDowell, was favorlto at JJ5
tr JO for the field. Captain Sphinx
won the Hist heat. Tho favorlto
took the next two heats, pacing the
second in 2.041, i educing her tcc ii full second.
In the fouith nnd fifth heats she got
away badly each time, giving Nouamle
and Phecan a chance for a heat each
(Inly tho fout-heat winners appealed
for the sixth heat, when Martha Mar
shall stepped to the fioni at once and
kept hrr poMtlon to the vlro, though
hnid pic-sed b.v hheean In the utietch
The L'.LM trot was a dl-appolntnient. In
that It hud only four staiters. Countly
Jay was looked upon as a sine winner,
but May Allen took his mc.isuie, out
tiottlng him and winning thieo stialght
heats. The last race was a gift to Dan
P.itchen. the handtsime son of Joe
I'atchen. who easily beat his tbld, and
was never foiced to tho top speed.
'.'It ihw, piuiici pnr-J", J,("i:
Vlirlhi Mir-liill. In (iraml VUr-
hill (VliDmul!)
Miim in (Franl) 11
t ipulii -phlnx (pIIp) 1
NhiiiiiiIp iIIpIih) 5
1 1 I
7 7.2
.1 I .'
3 11 1
ruiloM, Colonel Pii k Thompson, Irinkle, Win
flplil straiten. CoIIpbi lim, bin It, rrmk
oikuin ami liJkiiiont aim hrtil.
Tinie, 2 0s'8l 2 07i, .'00'i, S.U'4, !i U'i.
2 It elan", trottin.'; purse, ",nci:
Mai Allen, lv (fm illen lMUon) 1 I 1
(ouiitn Io (Mhpm 2 2 3
pi Iinnioiis il'iice) I " 2
Mi "diellei (Van l.UuO 3 dii
lime. 2 IP,. 2 ll'. 2'i'
2 in ill, iniin.-: piii-o, '2.CHI0
Pin I'lKhen, lie I'ltilicn (Millenrj). 1 1 1
I i ink Miiiintt (linieO 2 S 2
I'mliliiu- lln ln:ill 2 4
le.'il Hit lliolii'lil) 5 I 'I
II null tt iMIIIrr) 1 a 3
lime. .Mi"!. 2 11' J, 2 12
Prince Honry Sends Greetings to
Quoon Regent of Spain,
ni rvilmiio Wire from The Usodatcd Press,
( nli, lull 1 On Hi uiiital lure if tho
iiiiiiMii sipiiihiin i uiiniiuilfd hi I'liucc Hi in v
of I'll.--! i Hi lilt I lei .'l iphid. In the lilluo
it I nip nn Willi mi mneiiiigs to Hit cpie n
legi-nt f N nn an I leuuid a undid ripli
biiiii 7li In nn in blue inlrla who hip adioie
heir in frilnnilug with SpmUli koIiIIpis and
nil' i Prime llimi iluriiig I he dat visited tho
iiuuninilii of the pijt
Tho Juniata Democratic Ticket,
tly Ksehulie Wire from The Associated Press
Mirtllntown, Pi . lilts ") -'Hie fimlita uiiinli"
Hini'HMlk lonipuilon nipt hole tmliv md He
tnllnuinj tit krl j n iniin.ileil : Piesldent
Jiulge, Itobut Mi Vfepp, ef Vliiillnlnwn: a-noilate
judges, llowaid Klik and llr I. VI. (Jrubbj inr.
inn, (1 W 1 let U ; muni! uui.ioi, (', od r.
S ( laitiui -lomr, of .Mllrtlnlown, was elccti I
count cluirnun.
Killed by Lightning.
D) Kxeluslie Wire from The Asoelated Press.
Mlcnlown, P.i . Julv 2 llurlng a teirific
thundir ti mi lieie tonight Benjamin Kcului,
ngnl IT ipara, wis kllli-d In lightning lie waa
walking along the tieet with a companion when
In was plunk Ilia eompinion was piprdv
shoikul lightning slunk lu mam plan's In
this iliinll.i, but did no gnat cijinige
Extending Telephone Systom.
Hi I'vihulie Wire fron The .ociated Press
Heading. li . .lull 21 -The work of extend
lug the Valli) tel-plionc tem to Heading was
loinplcleil ibis evenln.' to a point mar tin uly
lluiits. This is a part of the C'oiifOlldatpd Tele
phone roinpaiii Mlrni, which U to imbruo
mini lounlie in l.istern PrnnKjltania. Woik In
till i city will be commenced at unce.
Pay for tho National Guardsmen.
Hv Ktxlmlir Wire from The AssoeUted Press
llarrlsbiim. Pi, JuH Si djutint (tencral
f-tewart will Imim vouchers for the Individual
piv ef oiHocrs and men of the I'lrnt and Third
hrlgade for their tour of duty duiing. the recent
Im Il.hIi; em inipinrut
Dauphin Delegates,
Hy r.vcluilie Wire fiom The Associated Tress.
lUrrl.biirg, la , Julv 2'1 - r.eorKe Ross, W'il.
Ham 11 lones and (leorge rilbraltli were unanl
moiidy ilecterl utalf delegitek from the rnt
lectilatite district of Uiuphlu eounty t hi even
Inj by the Republican city convention.
Major Allen, of tne Form-Third In-
fantru, Has Been flDnoInted
Chief ol the Force.
Capt. Spellman of tho Same Rofji
ment Sont to Jail for Tvo Years
for Fraud Oen. Chaffeo Wants
Troops to Look More Soldier Liko.
Santa Cruz Robbers at Largo.
Aguinaldo Soems Contented.
Spends Much of His Timo in
It KxrlinlTe Wire from The Awoolated Press.
Manila, July S3 Major Henry Al
len, of the Foity-thiid volunteers,
who was some time since appointed
governor of the Island of 1-eyte, has
been chosen chief of tho Insular con
stabulary, and will pioceedi with tho
oiganl.atlon nf that force.
Captain Spellman, of tho Toity
thlrc, has been sentenced to two
ears In prison for encouialng tiode
at the closed ports.
Oeneral Chnftee has Issued an or
der that tho troops shall wear their
coats buttoned ovorywheie outside
of the bariacks. The order dispenses
with the use of flannel shltts, which
have hcietofore been the custom
aiy outer garments, Ofllceis aio or
deied to wear khaki for all duty and
swords always when actively com
manding. White or dress suits aro
permitted to be vvoin on social occa
sions. (In visiting the posts unexpectedly,
CJoneral Chaffee found an astonishing
vailoty In tho uniforms and a gieat
laxnrss reg.udlng the clothing of
the 1 1 oops.
Two native policemen have boon
killed in the suburbs of Cebu. Fir
ing upon tho town continues. Pro
vost Davis Is conducting an Investi
gation. The detectives emplojed In Investi
gating the Santa Cruz rnhboi.v have
found no definite clew, nor have they
learned the amount of money which the
thieves obtained. It appeals that the
seigeant of the guaid was Intoxicated,
and that one sentiy was detailed to
guard the five entrances to the guaid
Oeneral Martin Dolgado, governor of
the Island of Panay, has asked foi aid
in consequence of the lavages of locustts
and the ilnderpest.
Spanish lesidentsi of Manila aie urg
ing the Philippines commission to tax
real piopetty on the basis of tho Income
deilvcd Instead of on its value.
Discussion of the Manila chattel Is
being continued.
An InvetUlpttlon Is ponding In tho
case of Lieutenant McCarthy, of tho
Thlity-tlfth leglment. because of the
loss ol $1,000 public money w idle being
conveved from Apairi to Manila,
Offlcor Who Had Him in Charge Ar
rives in Transport Meade.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press. Fifinilxco, July 20 Anions the
aim' olllceis who have lettuncd to tho
1'nlted Suites on the ttaiistioit Meade
Is Captain J. S. Mallory, foimeily lleu
tennnt colonel of volunteer, vvhci Is to
lejoln tho riecond nfantiy, I'p to the
time Un'it he was oidered home Cap
tain Mallmy had Aulnaldo In li l.s
cdiaipx. He i-as that the ex-lnstiisent
leader spends all his time In studvInK
and iccelvIiiB visitors. 1Mb wife nnd
family aie with him, and ho appeals
The Meade made the trip fiom Ma
nila In tho iccnrd-lnenklnf? time of
twenty-one dajs. It bi ought 133 men
of the i:iKhth Field battel y. twenty
one hospital coips men, casuals; thlitv
llve Ins-ane, 3i eonvnlencnt finlillets,
one time osplied pilsonep, 20.' dls
clnirRcd soldieirt fiom Manila and KM
dead. Incliidltifr the body of Helen 1").
Cochrane, a contract muse, who died In
Manila of acute nephritis, it is tho
III st body of a woman to be hi ought
fiom the Philippines
Thcto vveto about 100 pas-enBeis, In
cluding Hrlff, Oen. It. H. Hall, Col. C.
II. Orecnleaf, Col, Moalo and a num
ber of other ai my olllceis. Dih.
Humphreys and Ollmoie. of tho United
Slates solar eclipse expedition, were
nlso on board. Four deaths occuned
dining the voyage those of Lieut. 12.
.1. 11 Inchon, IXty-llist volunteeis; V.
,. Htadley, second eavaliy: John Hlue,
Thltd cavalry, and John Muiphy, Fif
teenth Infantry,
Information vvns brought that the
Itrarport Sherman will an he heio
about AuguRt 0, bilnglng flen. Mac
Aithur ond paity and the men of tho
Fouiieenth lnfantiy.
Capt 11. H. Sin gent, another pis-
senger on the Meade, was lieutenant
colonel if the Twenty-ninth volunteer
lnfantiy, commanding tho attacking
forces at Son Mateo at the time CJen.
Lawton was killed, Deceiuhei id, lsi'i.
lie has since taken his old title of
C'pU'n In the tegular aimy,
Cuptaln William L, Kenly, command
ing tho Eleventh Field battel . which
the Meade biought home, commanded
the battery at the Lapote liver In
tight under Oeneial Lawton. nnd inn
tho guns to within thirty-live yaids of
tho Insurgents' tienches acioss the
river. Captain Kenly was an aide tit
General MncAilhur until he took com
mand of the Klghth n shott time ago
John riunnlgim. sentenced to llfo Im
prisonment for the murder of Hentge
V. Lake at Seoul, Corea, was brought
here on the Meiido and lodged In San
Quentln. Lake was Flnnnlgan's part
ner In the saloon business, The convic
tion was btcuied on circumstantial evidence,
Ho Defeats Jommlo Handlor in Nino
Py I'viliKhe Wire from Tho Aworlslfd Press.
IlHltlmnre, Jul 'Jl "oinitt" Peter Jackson,
the ("iillfornli cnlmcil tad, won from ".llmrm'"
llaniller, of Xpwark, X. .1 , toulKfit in the ninth
limml of the fiercest nlusKllitt initih tier helil
in lliltlinuie Hie contet, whlili wan to lino
(tune twenty round, is lirld at I'mil's Opera
House nniler the nuplies uf the Knreka Mhletle
rltili anil the mercury a In the iielgliliuthnoil
of 1IKI lloth mm Mere In pood nhape, Imt
,liikon hail the liest of It In this rmpi'it nml
llil.i fitt von him Ihe Intllr. Ilandlpr hIhIim!
the kIiieeIiii; as noon s the men reuheil tho
1 1 nli r nf the linif, Vrrphic it up alt through the
mill He itemed to he .ihle tn hit the niprn
whin ami nlieio he pleiril, and hit him hurl
at tint, Imt tho Callfomlan took his juinl-h
ment caiuili ind sinoil up nmlpr It luniksoniel.c
II nniler ermril to hue the fiht In hanrl In the
flxlh, hut the trout: sue Peler another iliatue
ami he fought wailt) during the foi colli ami
iIlIiUi Handler Mas tlll punching hard uhui
Jnt ai the ninth svt about to end Jackson
Imiled 1 villous left aiving nn the white boj'n
Jiws, enillnz him to tli" floor In the toutheast
inrner nnd mtllni; blin btokbv. Mter this there
wen nine wilil hIiirs, llh llaniller ua'plnc;
ami ilicil until the )llce onlered the tight
lopppll uul lleleroe (,eori,e Vfanl ihelflpil thit
Jickvui was the w liinrr. TIip decision was welt
lueiiPil, althoiigh II miller was the favorite with
the liluit niul hid the Mmpitlilcu of the crowd
fiom i-tart (o fin .i.
The Lacknwnnna Club of Scranton
Joins tho Longuo at Milwaukee.
fly Exclusive Wire from The Associated Presi '
Mllw inker, Wis, Jul.i 01 -Hie elecnth in
mill mtiRrrM of the Amerlc in Vhlt leaguo
opi nrd in this ell todi lloutine hudnoss iK
tupled the moimue session I'larins will not be
in full (mliig until tomoirnn, as nf the
ileleiritrs hue not vet irriuil Kntrless for the
Iliookbn tiophi closed indij mil number six
teims, toiisl'tliic of not Ims than twelie pliy
ers, and rpprpicntlnsr. auxiban isciitlons as
fdlowi,- Atlantic, cw York, N'orlhwestern, Chi
c ico, Wisiondn and Vllrhlsin The first round
becan al 2 o'rlnik this aftirnonn and at Rn'rloik
this evinlne the rtitil rouml will be plived Pet
the first tune In the histnr of thr league women
hair bem allowed to enter tho contest for the
Prooklin trophi
At 1 meftlnjr of the pterutivr rommlttee ljik
auanni ilub, nf Scranton, Pa , and the s)c
tun, Mich , dull were elected members of the
( hh Tgo .cirried off the honors in the first
ilii'a tnuinitnent gimra of the Whist league b
ripturlnc tin llrooKhn trophj It required but
foiiis rnunds tn intie at a lorlion, Chicago
winning four lounds In itinesjlon
The Anniversary of His Tragic
Death Is Celobrated by Appro
priate Exercises at Rome
and Elsewhere.
Dy Kxelusiie Wire from The Aisociated Press.
Koine, Julj 20 The (list annlversar
sary of the ti.iglc death of King Hum
belt, who was ass.ihsinated at Mon..
July 21 last, by (Inetiiuo Hrcscl, an ati
aichlst, was celebi.ited today by com
memoiatlve oervlces thtoughout Italy.
Home was the contie of the obseivance,
and thoie vseie 100 000 vlsitot. here on
a pllgi Image to the tomb of King Hum
licit, In the Pantheon.
The ceiemonles began at 7 o'clock
this nun nine, when King ind Queen
Maiguctit.i and Queen MaiU Pla
(dowager riueen of I'liitugal and a
pilncess of the house of Savov) and
the pilnces and pile, -esses mayed at
the tomb of the 'ate king. The
loyal party nftoiwatd nttende i mass
At 10 o'clock high mass was? tele
biated In tho P.intiieon, which vv.n
Imposingly de-cot atod lnsldo and out
skle. Vciy conspicuous In tho centre of the
edifice stood a catafalque stn mounted
by the royal Insignia and sunounilcd
by Innumei able wax tapeis. Detach
ments of loyal culriassleis vveie posted
about the building and other troops,
cordoned the Pantheon squiiio. Itep
lejentatlves of the king, the Knights
of the Older of the Aumulata, the
cabinet mlnlstei, the diplomatic corps,
tho state nnd provincial nuthoiltles,
the i.eii.ilois and deputies and many
naval and military otlkeis weie pies
ent at the high mass.
The Drouth Appears to Be Broken in
tho Southwest.
H Ixiluslie Wire from Ihe Associated Press.
Washington, Jul 2) Ofluid advices to the
weather buieiu aie lenhimatoi) of the pres
n puits of the pievaluice ot rain ovir much if
the loin bilt fiiin la.t nii,lit, with looler vmj'Ii
cr Him voatrrdiv Duiiue the jiavt twentj four
hmirh lain has fillen i mnallv over 'h-t
KPilIm, with mine fpw enption, notablv Soith-
in ilhln, Iviulii k in I southwestern .von vi
Wliile not vciy heivy in ainounl, the rilw nc
ilcfiriln-d nffliiilly as it in fair fir Milium r
time. t hansis lit there was over in men
cf prmlpltitinn, fiom one iiiarter to ilmost two
Intlirs In various puts of Iowa; In Vehraika the
lainlrtl was fair: in I itern and Noithem (ikh
Ihiui there were tome 'iumm and in .MU-ourl
tlitv weic prcth fair
showers ne preillcted for toinunow eist ol
the MImIm1iiI river and tiir weather wet 'lem
piriuir's in tlio coin belt were gmerallj uhovo
isl deteei, but in foiuo loialltics thev did not
eel tn liljh and were no' above 0i degrees, i
irpt In ome fen localities I'or the next dav
or two tPinperaturis will be rrisonihlv lnodcrite
a compired with those of the pat lit atod
Lightning Strlkos Church.
Dv rxelualve Wire from The Associated Press
1'ishklll Landing. V V, Inly ) Hie bellry
of the old Dutih lit formed church was tmuk
b.v lightning this .ifleiiioon, and Hie ailirlnr
of the ImJldlng ilHinagtil During the llevolutlon
nrv war tlt'a church was cmi js 4 nillll.iry
Murder and Suicide,
Dy Kxeluslvo Wire from The Associated Press
l.oili.1' (ll, him. Inly 2) I. Wrhj. pro.
piii tin of Hip Paik hotil. lodav shut and killnl
lis wife and then shot himself, both itolnc In
tanll,v, 'Ihe caosu aiiiiied is a ditagitcmcnt
uvcr piopeit).
Shntkey Will Meet Jeffrlos.
Dy KkiIioIvo Wire from The Associated Press
llnstnn, .lull fr Tom sharkiy loda acceplnl
an olTrr to meet lames I Jeffrie befoie tho
San Kianilsco Athletic club In Stptember. The
details of the match will now be epccdlly nil
fled. - 11
The Death Roll.
Dy Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Wilmington, Del , July 2') George VV Vernon,
publisher of the Ilepubllcan, cf this cltv, time
1515. died tonight, He was A jcars of ace and
a nitlvc vt ("better county, pa. lie the
priming trade In the office ol Dsjard Taylor,
One Thousand ol the 160-ftcrc
Claims in the Klowa-Gomanchc
Tract Awarded Yesterdaij.
Stophen A. Eolcomb Has Cholco of
tho Farms in El Rono James R.
Wood, of Woatherford, Gets tho
First and Mattio H. Beals, of
Wichita, Kansas, the Second Choice
in tho Lawton District Plots Aro
Worth from $20,000 to $40,000.
Fully 25,000 People Witness the
Drawings, and All Have Faith
That They Will Bo Included in the
Lucky Number.
Ily Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Kl Heno, O. T July 23. Oklaho
ma's gieat land lottery was begun
heie In earnest today, and when tho
commissioners appointed iby the
Federal government adjourned, the
drawings! for tho dny, one thousand
of tho choice of the thirteen thous
nnd 160-acre claims In tho Klovva
romnnche district had been awarded.
The first name drawn from the wheel
was that of Stophen A. Holeomb, of
Paul's Vnlley, I. T for a homestead
In the Kl Heno district, and the
second, Leonard Limb, of Augusta
O. T.
These two men select the two
choice claims In this district. The
capital prize winners, bow ever, prov
ed to be Jaines It., Wood, whose
name was the first to come from the
Lawton district wheel, nnd Miss
Mottle H. Beals, of Wichita. Kan.,
who drew the second number In that
district They will have the privi
lege of making the first filings tn
the Lawton district, and will un
doubtedly choose the two quarter
sections adjoining that town. These
ate 1 com ded the most valuable In
the territory, and nre. It Is esti
mated, W 01 th fiom JJ0.000 to $40,000
each. Today was one of keen anx
iety, replete with Interesting Kcenes.
It Is estimated that fully 25 000 per
sons witnessed the drawings. The
Immense throng was wrought up to
the highest pitch. The drawing of
the first names was followed by a
mighty shout.
Manner of Drawing.
The announcement of each succ end
ing winner for n time was received with
shouts of applause and merriment.
Kvery man who did not draw a ptlze
from the wheels today had steadfast
faith that tomonow or next day will
surely see him the possessor of a slip
giving him a title deal to 160 acres of
Oklahoma's land. When the close of
the diawlngs for the day was an
nounced at 6 o'clock, hundieds who had
neither oaten not diank during the day
sank to the ground where they stood
fiom sheer fatigue, or went wearily to
find places for rest, or to refieshmont
booths uptown. The day was remark
ably fiee fiom quartels, and general
satisfaction with the government's
method of disposing of the land was
It has been found that many hundred
applicants have "lepeated," and that
others have applications so Illegible
that they will he thrown out. Over this
much discoid has tcsulted and the out
come may be an appeal to the courts.
Tho di awing had been set for 0
o'clock, but the transfenlng of the
bundles of envelopes holding the ap
plications fiom the general leceptacle
Into the wheels, which was by lot, vvns
so slow that it was 10,50 o'clock befoie
tho Hist name was diawn. Twenty-five
namc weie Hist drawn from the Kl
Heno dlstilct, and then an equal iiuni
bei fiom the Lawton dlstilct. When
all was icady, Hen Heyler placed his
hand In an aperture In the Kl Hem?
wheel and wlthdiawlng an envelope,
handed It to Colonel Dyer. It was
given to Chief Cletk Macey, stamped
and handed back to Colonel Dyer. The
commissioner walked to the front of
the platfoim, raised his hand for ovdcr
and In n loud tone exclaimed. "Stephen
A. Holeomb, of Paul's Valley, I. T.,
diaws the flist number "
Tho ciowd yelled for three minutes,
iippatently ns much delighted as If
eveiy man had drawn a prize, Kn
v elope number two was quickly drawn
and Colonel Dyer again announced:
"Leonaid Lamb, of Augusta, O. T.,
bom In Illinois," In quick succession
other envelopes weie drawn. Other
successful winneis In the HI Heno dis
trict follow:
Frank Hi own, Ponca City, O. T..
bom In Kansas; Calvin Churchill,
Chickasaw, I T.; Charles D, Williams,
Noiman, I. T.j Ollle M. Hogeis, Cor
dell. O. T.j Kdwaid C. Prince, Watom
ga, O. T.j Andies J. Phlllsower, Shel
don, Mo ; John Hrown, Caldwell, Kan.J
John Shedlock, Wetherford, O. T
When twenty-five names had been
taken fiom tho Kl Heno dlstilct wheel,
nttentlon was turned tn that icpre
sentlng the Lawton dlstilct The flist
name biought out for this dlstilct was
that of James H.Wood, of Weatheifoid,
O. T., nnd the ciowd again went wild.
This means that Wood would be able"
to claim tho quaitcr section adjoining
Lawton town, one of the choicest In
the entile tountry.
The Lucky Woman,
The second ticket was diawn, and
Colonel Der cried out: "I have the
pleasure to announce the name of the
flist woman to draw a prise, Mattle H
Heals, of Wlihlta, Kon" Then Col
onel Dyer gave her descilptlon as 23
vena old, live fret three Inches In
height, "Just the height of Wood " In
stantly the crowd caught the humor of
the situation, and thousands of throats
sent up te shout: "They must get mai
tled." The other first names diawn from the
Lawton district follow; Wlnfleld B.
Weather Indication Today)
1 (lenersl Peace Expected to Follow Conference
ot Steel Men.
Ship Allegheny Held I p,
Awards In Oklahoma's land Lottery.
Philippines Will Pe rollced.
2 Cleneral Cirbondalo Department.
3 I-oeal Wind, ttaln and Lightning
rxplodlng Boiler Pauses Two Deiths.
Summer' Day Work In tho Courts,
4 Kditorlal
Note and Comment,
5 Lout Sainton Caj and Water Comrany
Throws Down Ihe fiaimtlst.
Progress of the Edmatlonal Conteit.
A North Scranton Othello
(t Local Wist Scranton and Suburban.
7 (Jeneral Vortheaslern Pennsjlvanla,
l'lnanclvl and C'omniculal
8 Iiral-sport Hill Ills a Cliost.
Industrial and Labor.
Law, Langston, O. T., Falcon Wood
house, Kldon, town; Maivln Hnwllns,
Wayland. Tex ; William C. Lard, Fort
Worth, Tox.j Harry T. Kostet, agent
for Harry K. Harrison, Kl Heno, O. T
Lrs A. Stubblelleld, Dunbar, O, T ;
Hlchard H. Wyatt, Henrietta. Tev. The
eighteenth winner In the Lawton dls
tilct was Minerva McCllntock, aged
twenty-five, of Oklahoma cits. She
was married yesterday and bv this act
forfeits her right to her claim. She
might have ehotsen a claim neni n,
county seat town, worth sevetal thou
sand dollais. The di awing will be re
sumed tomonow morning ot 0 o'clock,
and It Is believed will have been com
pleted by Thursday evening.
A Splendid Haco Won by Two Min
utes and 54 Seconds The Astor
Cup Accompanied tho Victory.
By Exclusive Wire from The vssoclatcd Tress.
Newport, It I , .lull 21 Ihe Columbia tmlay
defeated the Constitution, boat for boat, in 1
splendid lace b.v two minutes and 51 iseionds
and won the l,00l cup presented bj Colonel
fohn .laiob Astor. Her vietnrv wis decisive and
innvlnelntr. The behavior of the Constitution on
Ihe other bind was dUippnintlni; In Hie ex
treme, and this evening Mr Duncan announced
that his boat would not take part In further
races until hit rli had been alteied lie do
tlaied that Ihe Constitution is not clolnu hern If
Justice, thil she Is not colnc well and tint
there Is no use In racln? her further until she is
put in pioper shape The Ciutitiillnn will not
partltipate in Hie Newport jacht 1 icing events
of Thtirsdfl.v and Saturdiv of this week as a conu
petltor of Hie Independence. The Cohunbli, how
ever, has been entered for thine ruea and will
Mil auilnsi the Boston bolt The ( onstltutiim
will so to Bristol at enee to hue Ihe alteiationi
mule If this chanct in the plans of the (on
htitnlion doe- not prevent, the next rues 111
whlih she will start will (ike plate over tho
Newport course on Alia; U and II. In one of
thei-e races the tsip offeied b.v bir Thomas Up
ton will be failed for. The tegular trial rues
tor the purpose of selecting the defender of tl 0
Vmerica's cup will be held on usr 11 ind
Sept 1 and H The win I todiv never rc redid
thirteen knots, and, althuuitli there was a roll
of the rv settlnt: In from the southwest. Hit!
w iter was bv no tncaiv, roimh The coulee was 1
tvtal dManie of thlrlv right nautital milt 'Ihe
wind was noitti bv east it the ft irt and nr t th
by northeast at the Mulsh It Is nit ew for
the best friend of the ( on-tituton to make 1
plausible excuse for her most pilpible defeit
slip was beaten falrlv and spiarely on lur
I hwd Correrted
time. time
Columbia 1 Id I'l II (I I",
Constitution 1 9 1l Jl I'l U
Boilermaker! and Helpers at Port
Richmond Conclude to Work.
11) exclusive Wire from The vsiociitcd Press
Phlladelphli, Tills S 1. The boiler makeis mil
helpers in the Uridine railroad shops at I'oit
Richmond, this clt), did not gn en klilke toiliv,
as prrdlrtrd hv rhihmau lli'ihor, of the Mru
pis' rxriutlve lominltlre Two men ri fused In
tin to woik, while five who had been idle tm
Kevrtal davs leturned
Thcie aie now- about fifteen men at woik and
twelve idle
Strikes with Fatal Results A
Church Towor Wrecked.
By Exeluslve W'lre from The Associated Press.
Allentown, Pa, lull' 'Jl lennie Wei lev-,
daiichlrr of Kdwln Weilev, nf Pie isint Comers,
was severrl) stunned b) a holt of li.-htulni;
which dammed a nelBhhorinc houe Tin Inn
llv United l.vani,ellcal rhunh n damage! 10
the extent of $1,000 bv lu:hinlnjr, wlutli wuekul
the tower of the church.
Luzerne Convention.
By Exclusive Wire from The Assoelated Presj.
Ilaileton, Ta , Jul) J' ' t their convention
here this aflrrnonn the Prmocrits of Hie rouitli
ellxliltt of Luzerne county elected Dinid Mc
Krlvc). of Haalelon, and Jaines WeUh, ef 1 rep
lant!, rlelrcates t' the state convention without
opposition. The resolutions re-afrlnn the priiut
pies of Thomas Jeffeison, Indoreo the candidacy
of lu lire V,crk. of Pucks eoiinlv, fur the su
preme court, and condemn Hie IcgUlitur fer lis
failtur to pa all ili labor bills pieienled M
that Tod) durins the lail sesrlon
Corporations Chartered.
Bv Fxelnshe Wire from The nsoclatrd Tress.
Hairisburc, .lull 2) I'he following charter!
weie lsueil at the state chpiltint lit todiv Wil
liam P Kellv litis h. rninpanv. Wlndber, ripltal,
$jv,ooi ItoailnK Brook Land Improvement inn
panv. Siranttmi capital, viVcliX). Joph Home
Laud conipim, Piitstiiiic lapital, eclti P-n
IlanBQr Mme companv, Wind (lap, capital, $1,
000. Binnham ew.-raue Diainliu companv, v(.
rlln count ; capital, sj.-'iio Consolidated Olass
Bottle compan), Plllsbtiu, capital, stvo.
Indians Denied an Injunction.
B) Kxclusive Wire from The Atsodated Press.
waaliinstnn. Jul -'' tlic deputinent of Jus
tice tod iv reioivrd a lelrcum statin: that ludge
Irwin, of the I'nlted stjies muii In Oklaloma,
had denied the application n Iine Wolf ind
nlhrr Indians for an Injuiutlon rrslialiiliiir the
government fiom dittllbultm,' land ill that tcrri
toi) by diawincs
Paterson Weavers To Resume Work
By Fxclii'li W'lre from The Vssoelsted Press
New Vork, Jul) 20 The C'olllnia k Volan
company, silk manufacture! of Paleison, N I ,
have decided to give their weavris, who have
been on strike, the waue thedule of 1M, minus
15 per cent. Thee teinu weie tlcmanded by
the striken. The weavers will iciunic work to
morrow at this mill,
The Colombian OHIgI.Us Detain tlie
Hambura-flmerlcan Boat and
Arrest Abel Marrillo-
The Dannor of Kaiser Wilhelm Is
Designated as a "Dirty Rajr."
Ship's Clearance Papers Refused
for a Timo Tho Vossel Dotained
18 Hours Three Passengers Sign
a Statomont Concerning tho Out
rage Officers of tho Ship Declino
to Discuss tho Affair.
By Hsrluslie Wire from The ssoclated Press.
New Yoik, ,lul 2U Tho steamship
Allegheny, of the IlamburR-Anieil-cati
line, which 111 lived today, re
ported that she was held In the har
bor ol CaitaKcii, Colombia, mid Abel
Munlllo was seized bv the Colom
bian nuthoiltles and taken fiom the
ship. Mm rlllo claimed to be on
tltleel to the protection of the Ger
man Una. It did not receive con
sldoiatlon by the Colombian authori
ties'. The steamship was forcibly de
tained for elRhteen hours. Jlurrlllo
Is said to be secretin y of (leneial
Cilbe-Crlbe. He went to Colombia,
It Is leported, with a paspport given
by the tepiesentatlve of the Colom
bian government at Washington,
stating that his mission was a peace
lul one.
According to signed statcmenti
made by three of the Allegheny's
lassengcis. Murlllo left the United
States about four months ago on a
pawspoit signed by the Colombian
minster In Washington, when on his
anlval at Ka vanilla,! he was ar
lested and taken to Bogota, vvhero
he was released on the understand
ing that he would sail on the first
vessel for the United States. This
Jlurlllo did, boarding the Alleghany
at Savanlll.i,
Murlllo Feared Arrest.
He repressed fenrvt t.iat be would lies
ai rested nt Cartagena nnd when the
vessel arilved at that poit, lui refused
to go ashote, when wotd was biought
that the gov ei nor wanted to see him.
Ills airest followed The statement Is
made by the passengers that Captain
I.owe. of the Allegheny, protested
against the anest, sajlng It was
against Intel national law, and at the
fame time the captain told the mate
to put the (lei man Hag on the gangwVy
so that the Colombian ofllcers vvcyild
hesitate to tiead on It If they took
.M111III0. The at 1 est did not take place
at this time nnd the polite wlthdiew
on tho captain's piotest. Liter, how
ever, the ship's cleat ance papers weie
icfused and the statement was made
that they would not be tuinished until
Muilllo was .suirtndeted A signed
stntement comemlng the Incident then
says: "The captain then went on land
anil after awhile, i etui tied with more
poller men and we then thought that
ho was going to give up the ptlsoner
In exchange for bis papets. The po
lice went' up to Murrlllo and taking
Horn him that "dirty lib.' as they
called the Hag of Kalner Wilhelm,
took the pilsoner fiom tho ship." This
statement Is signed by Kdwaid J.
White, a Hiltlsh subject; Alma Van
Don Hogaetrle, a Helglan, and Charles
K. Tope, a clti.en of the United States.
Neither the olllceis of the Allegheny
nor olllclals of the line would make
any statement concerning the anest
of .Munlllo.
Aituni Ie liilgaicl, Colombian con
sul In this ilt. said today that he hod
not bend nfllclally of the anest of
Muiilllo. He said, hovvevet, that he
undei stood that I'llbe-Urlhe had again
become active, and, when It was learned
that Munlllo. who was Uilbe-Uribe's
secietat), was falling on the Alloghenv,
(leneial Vllen, of the department of
Hollvai', sent a file of soldiers on bnaid
to tcfiiest Munlllo to visit him. Here
fused and the ship was detained. The
consul said that he did not think the
man would be Impilsoned. hut slinpl'
ptevented tiom meeting Urlbe-Uilbe
M, Santos-TJumont MakeB Anothet
Successful Experiment at Paris'
By hvcluslve Wire fiom Ihe Asooilatrel Treu.
Pirls, Julv JO V Siutos IMimont made in-oilii-i
sin 1 eful experiment thl afternoon with
a dinjnhlo hillomi, i linir it from "t. Cloud
to linn lumps rue huisp, onup)in(r twenty
minutes of tlntr 'lhou;h ikrrl to mike an it
tempt to jo arnutiil the I llffl tower, the aeron
.tut declined, mvIiii: his motoi waa not working
as well as he wan' id.
The wrallur wis t'loui'.v, which may hava
influrnttd his doiMen
Steamship Arrivals.
B) Fxrluslve W irr from TIip sssoiated Press,
N'evv York, lulv o - Virlvrel steamer Vider
Iind, Aulwrip and siulhimplon. Dearedi
Sleimer KiUer Wilhelm Dei (irose, Bremen vti
Southampton and (herbouur. Sit llv Passed!
Stranir Maaalnn, Ne erk for Iloulosne anl
Iloltrrdam souihampton Stiled: Stfamer Koen
Ignen Louluc (fioni llrsinin). New- v,oik.
Lotal tlna for Jul) iO. lril.
Illtlipt tempriatuio
Lnwrst teinprriliue
. 02 decrees
. C3 deureei
Itelitivr llumltlli)!
s ,1 tn M per rent,
s p m K'i per rent,
Pitclpitailun, SI liou-a ended S p, m , J.13
inch, '
----f -f- -r
f -
4. 4.
f Washinsttn, I11I) 0-Weilher foreetst s-
for Laitem Pennwlvinlai shovrett and s
-f thunder storms and cooler Tundsy; Wed,. 4,
-f nebdi), generally lair; variable wind). -f-