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" Ht el All Who llvi HnuuM to Itr-nt, It'll
' Vfttlr er Other Proiwrl to Veil nr E"hl"V;'7
Who Want Sltuitlon. rr 1M. Thou' Smlj M'
rtlnmfnM CeM One- Cent a Word. M in"'
llftm tor Vhr OnU Wc.rd I.crt biluitwm
War.ted. Which Ate liwrtM Itcf w
MANTf.D-fiepa clt) fnr Bfitfial rcOii('Ptk cm
- crlv cirl vrefmiM, voce. ?1 r" iionin
3tr r A V'j1(ci, eorncr Church ttrect nu
Mim avenue
John A. Adams find William McHalo
of This City Arroatod and Taken
to Now York City to Stand Court
Martial for Running Away from
United States Regular Army.
Taken by Constablo Gilby Thoir
Constable Gllhy, of Aldeiman Dell
vans' iOu:t, made two Important at
rests vesterdav afternoon, when he ap
prehended two desettois from the
regulat army of the t'nltod States.
The dcsoitoi .up John A Adam-, of
Grove stieet. and Willi mi Mcllale, of
tho West Hdo. I'.oth nf thPin mip na
tives of this city and hip J"Ulig hipii
Adams Is about "2 and Me Andrew Is
nhout n vear Ills senior. Adam inn
away fiom th mmv In May of last
vear. and Mcllale deserted about six
weeks ngo. Adams and Mrllale both
started for home dirootlv after they
bade defiance to the hw ind left the,
to them, liksomo duties of military
life, and they have been In Caibondale
Last night the pair weie taken by
ConMahle Gllbv to Fot t Columbus,
Governors Island, where they will
stand romt on chaise of de
sertion. The fit st art est was made by Con
stable Ollby about ! odoek ester
day morning, when he captuied M -HalP
out near thp Kails. Mcllale
made no resistance, though protesting
at firpt tint Iip had done no wiong
When the tons-table, however, shoved
up the coat sleeve of his piisoner and
there found tattooed the Initials, "W
Al Mrllale melted and exclaimed,
"Well, I Ktiess It's all over with me."
Adams was anestl about .' o dork
In the afternoon In the vicinity of the
switchback on the Honesdale branch
of the Delaware and Hudxon company
Adams is fond of i naming through the
woods, and he was on one of his i am
bles when the eonstnhlo came acioss
him There was a bit of excitement
before Ad mis .suricndered He is a
fast runner, and when a lad won many
a sprinting match He i- about to
df-monsttate that he was no slouch at
the present time when It came to a
foot lace, but Constable Gllbj, divin
ing his Intention, pulled a tevolver
and covered the young mm. .u thi
rame time dellveiing himself of a
threatening omniand Adams stood
still In hN fear and the constable
after handcuffing him, matched him off
to the city Jail
Adams enlisted at the lecrultlng st i
tlon in Soianton Nov. 17, 1W. Hp do
seited on May 14, of last ear, while
stationed at Madison hamcks. Snok
ett's haihor, New Voik, as a member
of Companv ("1 Fifippntli Infantry.
Adams has bpen In Caibondale al
most all of the time time he deveited
and worked a. a miner. Of late hp
has been drinking licely.
Adams did not di ny that he tan
atv.ij. and In palliation of his act ho
sild that he did not believe the gov
ernment needed his services, since no
vvir was in piogiess. All that he dli
was barracks duty and this tailed to
Impress on him the duty he owd Ids
c untry
t was the Irony of fate thit the ip
vclvpr which Const ihle Neaiv pulled
on Adams when he attempted to tlee
wis the veij one which was taken
from Adams a few das ago when he
was arrested and taken hefor V'ei
man Delavan on the chaige of holding
up a man
McHale enlisted at Scranton In
April, lsW. and was assigned to the
p,.me company as Adams He deseited
t Fort Ontario on May 21 19"0 Up.
too." offpied the excuse that Adams
cive. that he didn't think his set vices
c te needed,
Appear as Council in the Foil Township-Vandling
Borough Cases,
ttnmev .lohn P. Edwaids, John F.
Murphv and M. .1 McAndrew. who aie
'nremost among the blight and sue-
fjful vnune attorneys in Scranton,
re in the city yesteiday.
They weie here in attendance at the
t-e of Fell township against the bor-ii-rh
of Vandllng
The suit was Instituted to detetmlne
"p Indebtedness of the township of
1 'II at the time when the boiough of
v ndllng was Incorporated, for the
rprf of ascertaining what portion of
u . Ind'btidnc-ss must be assumed by
f- cltuens of Vandllng.
ttorneys Edwards and Murphy np-
"ired as counrel for Fell township,
n I Mr MeAndisw acted as stenog-
pl'.er Ex-City Solicitor Watrous, of
iihrindate, ippresented the boiough of
The hearing took place yesterday af
rnnnn In the office of Assistant DIs
ft Attorney Louis Gramer, who is
i master m the pioceedlng.
Daily Roports of Plentiful Catches
at Crystal Lake.
Jurtf,lng from the reports of the en
itnlnrtle, hut none tho less craclous.
iti men who are attracted to tho ie
ii. .the fishing nt Urystnl lake this
10)1 has been the bebt in sevetal
'ij'rtiil lake, jears ago, had a great
utntlon as the Ideal place foi bass
' Kl.eiel, cspfclallj tho former, and
v.n it seems to be forging Its
l.K I. tb where it once stood In tho
' i' n i'nd pride of local angleis.
l.i' Fiw.t I'w. po''r It cur rulnful,
,,,c.i l. Mitoiii tret nd insrowinz nail, ami
,.,ntl t.iki" tlic idin out ol corn nd bun
th, ,ll tlm (.tcatftt comlort dlncovery ot the
o .Mlin'i Foot-KJi tnakri ttffht nr ncn choec
f cl fv. It li reitaln cure for iwciilnc, c-il.
I m mul hot, tired, -hiiiic fret, Tiy it Inch)
Slil ty U clmcffiiti ami ho torn l- nioli
- He, in naiup. liUl-iackajo HlLh. Ad-
Catbondale Department.
Thf latest catch that Is woithv of
being recorded is the haul made by ex
Select Councilman Wade Finn, of
Scranton Mi Finn has n summer
home at Crystal lake, vvhne for eais
he has spent the warm months. He
has been there long enough to know
thp "good' plncpH about thp lake, and
tin tish that can evade his hilt must
rurely he ns sllppeiy ns the piover'ilal
sllppeiy eel. On Fouith of .lull. Mr.
Finn and J, B. Shannon, of thKs utj,
whoe summer home Is also at the lake,
laughed at Old Sol and his blistering
heat nnd spent neaily the whole da
pulling In the choicest bass that spoil
around III the lake'x depth, llefoic
night thov weie exceedingly well le
warded, and they had ns line a mess as
the most enthusiastic tlsheiman could
wish for. Conspicuous among the bass
was a gieat big fellow, the heto of the
stoiy. It weighed over tluee pounds,
and It was utiisht and landed by Mi
Finn, who ptoudlv e.hlbltcd it, while
Mr. Shannon looked on with an envious
gleam Mr. Finn als-o landed other
good-sized ones, but the thieo-pounder
was tho pet of his fltring
The newes of the good catch at free
likp liar attracted a gieat cimvd of
flsheimtn. and the stoiy of Mi. Finn's
catch will pcltp gieater Inteust and
there will be quite a spirit of trail y
to exceed this feat.
Patrick Lawlor. of Mayflold, Over
come Whilo Sitting on tho Porch
of Murray's Hotol Takon to
Emorgoncy Hospital.
Patrick l.awler a iesdent of May
field, was piosttated b) the heat on
teidav afteinoon and had to be taken
to emergency hospital tor tteatment
l.awler was sitting on the potih of
Mm i ay's hotel, when he was ovei
conie. He was smoking a, which
fell fiom his mouth onto the stoop,
l.awler pitched foivvatd nnd was In a
state of cnll-ipse when he was i earned
by persons who weie alatmed bj the
nolso of his fall,
l.awler was picked up and can led to
a chadv spot In the teiir ot the hotel.
He appealed a.s it all life had If It him
and there weie grave fpai among
tho-e about him, who weie Hying to
adminsei to him. that hp was e-
plllng Dip lepoit did spiead about
the village that he was dead. Signs
of life letuined, however, and he was
hustled away to emergency hospi
tal rtv the time he i cached the hospital,
Lawler had visibly rallied, and after
the tieatment applied In such cases,
he gi.idtt.illy returned to conscious,
Law lei S condition, It was stated at
the hospital Is not an alimlng one,
and he will be around In a few days.
Six Hundred Silk Mill Gnls Have
the Vaccino Injected in Tlioir
Arms by Dr. D. X. Bailoy Vac
cination Order Enfoiced by Man
ager Friedor of Klotz Company.
Theie was a wholesale vaccination
at tho silk mill of the Klots company
at Simpson vesterday nfteinoou
Over finn emplojes, neailv all gills,
submitted to the opeiatlmi 1I ).
U Flailey injected the vaccine Into the
subject's aun. l was assisted bv
ChailP.s HildgPt. of Parte avenue, who
Is n medical student at the I'nheislty
ot Pennsvhanla 111. llallev Is sup
plied with an appaiatus gieatly
facilitated the woik, and the hundreds
ot subjects weie expeditiously disposed
of. The emplojes weie aiianged In
rows, and a half dozen of them be
came net vous and nppiehenslve and
they gave way to the sti tin.
The vaccination was done In nc
coidance with the wishes of Dr. John
S. Nlles, piesidont of the Carhondale
boaid of health, who notified fiend al
Mnnager Fileder on Tuesday of the ad
visability nf such a measure because
of the fact tint a majoiltv oi the mill
hands ate icsidents of Simpson, vvheie
the Toolln nnd Doud cases of small
pox are located. Mi Fileder Immedi
ately issued an oider to the einploves
to be vaccinated and made piovlslon
for the woik to be done bv Di. Rnlley
at the expense of the KlotM comp.m.
Mr. Frieder made the older compul
soiy, under penalty of dischaige If any
employe In the mill, whether leeently
vaccinated or not, would not comply.
Thoe emplojes who were not vac -clnatPd
will lecelve the vaccine today.
It Is the intention of Mr Tiieder to
Issue an ordei that will include the
emploves of the S'lanton mill of tho
Klots company This is taken as a
precautionaiy measuie.
The Rush at tho Hotels and Rostau
rants on July 4.
The Fourth of July was a recoid
breaker in the pationage at the hotels
and restaurants of the rlty.
At the Hairlson House, over 2M
guests were accommodated nnd at the
American over 1"0 registered. At the
former hotel, the iuh was gieat in
the evening and I.andlonl Monahnn
had to close the dining ioom nt S
o'clock The help was so rushed amid
the heat that every energy gave out.
The restautants, while piepned for
a rush, never anticipated such a de
mand and by in o'clock not a mor
sel could be procured at an eating
house In the city.
Meetings of Tonight.
School board.
Division 1J. Ancient Order ot Hiber
nians, Court Ooldcn Eagle, .No. 14, F. of A.
Cnmbilnn lodge. No. 5S, Independent
Older of Odd Fellows.
Diamond lodge, No. 25. Shield of
Meetings of Tomorrow.
Knights of Father Mathevv.
K, E Hendrlck lodge, No. 94,
Brotherhood of Itallroad Trainmen.
Cential Labor union.
Clgai makers union, No. 4".9.
R. H. Doteter lodge, No. ifitj, Brother
hood of Locomotive Engineers,
At York Lake.
Ex City Solicitor H. o, Wntrous and
family will leave today for York lake,
where they will visit for ton days.
'Phone :
NEW, 286
OLD, 0423
Tho Clorks Association Wearied of
Trying to Provail on tho Two
Merchants Who Refused to Ob
serve Early Closing, Decido to Lot
tho Central Labor Union Act and
tho Latter Body Meet Sunday.
The early, closing movement has as
sumed that stage where It Is deemed
necessaiy to Invoke tho aid of the Cen
ttal Labor union In ouler to bilng In
line tho men limits in the city who re
fuse to lose nt tl.Srt each evening, tho
hours specified In the ngi cement be
tween the Mei chants' association nnd
tho Association of Clerks g
The struggle between the Cleiks' as
sociation nnd the two merchnnts re
feu ed to, one it Main stieet dealer, the
other of Paik stteet, for It lit s i cached
to a struggle, has been In pi ogress
for seveial months Their tefusal to
obseive the agreement has been a bone
of contention between the clerks nnd
the Mei chants' association The fact
of these two stoics temalnlng open and
making sales after their neighbors had
losed their stores and gone home of
fended the latter, ami when It was
persisted In, It tiled the merchants, and
thete has scaicely been a meeting of
the association for months nt which
this was not a feitlle topic of discus
sion, nnd which on a few occasions
thtew the more romonstrative ones
into u feiment of anger The Clerks'
association was made the tatget of
censure for seemingly allowing these
two merchnnts to continue violating
the agreement without measutes being
taken that would compel the closing of
evetj- store at the hour agieed upon.
The cleiks, on tho other hand, piotct
ed tint they did not care to use haish
mcasiues until cluumstances forced
them to. and they piefeired to exhaust
eveij- othet means before Invoking the
aid of the Central Libor union In
the meantime the two merchants who
have come tinder the bin continued to
sell goods up to any hour that suited
the convenience of buveis, while the
merchants' dissatisfaction nnd anger
giew. The climax came last week
when the Mei chants iseoclatlon asked,
or It might be said, foimally demanded
the clerks to use its pwoer. What
ever it might amount to. to force the
stotekeepers lefeued to close at fi 30.
The cleiks wpip still disposed to pro
long the mattPt In the hope that the
rcnleltrants would fnll In line, but this
hope boie little fruit, and the early
olo-lng movement being threatened
with a sudden death, the clerks hast
pupcI to takp action, and at their meet
ing this week they decided on the
steps which they hoped so long would
not be necessarj- to take
The mattet was placed In the hands
of the gile ance committee, nnd this
body, after canvassing the situation,
was foicPd to tho conclusion that the
bringing of the names of the two mer
chants heroic the Central Lihoi union
was the alternative between the suc
cess or defeat of the enily closing. The
committee leluetnntly took this couise,
but ns It seemed the salvation of the
members. thP dpclslon was agieed upon
nnd Hip- two merchants names will be
piesenteel to the Cential Labor union
meeting tomonow afernoon, for that
body to take what action It may deem
advisable and pioper.
Seloct Councilmen nnd Mayor Kil-
patrick Prosent Him with n
Handsome Meerschaum Pipo.
A very felicitous event took place In
the select council chamber last night
when Mavor J. W Kllpatiick. Select
Councilmen Thomas Bmett, Thomas
Battle, John D Davis, John T. Man
nlon. W. W. Fletcher nnd James
Thompson, piesented city Clerk W. L,
Moon with a handsome meer&chaum
Mr. Moon and his wife leave on Fri
day next for n six wcekn' or two
months' stay In England, Mr. Moon's
native home.
Mr. Mannlon called upon Chaliman
Fletcher to announce the puiposp of
the meeting. The doctor admitted that
he had not given the cleik notice of
the meeting, but insomuch as he, (the
doctor), was going away shortlj' and
would probably not letum befoie Mr
Moons' depaituie for England, lie
deemed It wisp to hold a meeting. Tho
mppting. he said, was called In order
to allow the councilmen to express
their i egret at the clerk's depaituie.
and to expies their appreciation of
his services In tho past. Too often in
political life the people are prone to
show up only the bid traits In public
ofllclals. The doctot also scored the
newspaper utterances, what he teimed
unjust ciltlclsms, and mentioned spe
cltlcally the story that several mem
bers had received $2,000 to vote against
0 reitaln measure. When every mora
bei voted ea, he said, he looked In
vain for the paper to use some words
of commendation for the councilmen
who had the pilnclple to reject such
nn enticing amount
Mr Fletcher then piesented the cleik
with the pipe and said that he hoped
when Mr. Moon reaches England It
may temlnd him that he has friends
bete at home nnd that It mav serve
as an Inducement to hrlng him home.
Mr Moon then expressed his thanks
In a few woids He assiued the donors
that when he i caches the othpr side of
the water his thoughts will many times
rev eit to his friends hcie In Caibon
Elizabeth Case, of Powderly Stroot,
Injured by a Bolt,
The lightning which maikcd the ty
pical thunder .touu of last evening,
sevoiely bhocked a silk mill hand and
damaged tho house occupied bj Piln Hi den, of tho High school.
Miss Elizabeth Case, the silk mill
employe, was on a Ti action company's
eai, bound for her home, when she
was xtilcken. The tar was stopped on
the silk mill switch, tho power having
given out. Theio was a sharp (lash
and a blue flame, accompanied by a
rcpoit. Hew from the fuse box in
fiont. Four of the gills on the car.
among them Miss Case, collapsed nnd
hid to be entiled Into the silk mill.
The others tecoveied, hut Miss Case
was found to be o.ulte severely shocked
by the bolt. Dr. Thompson was called
and he found Miss Case's nervous sys-
tern badly disturbed. She was t&kcn
to her home nnd last night she was
suffering severely from the shock. She
would rally from one spell and woulcl
Immediately collapse. It Is not thought,
however, that her condition Is danger
ous. In the midst of the storm the houso
on Canaan street, owned by the Hun
ter estate, was struck. The bolt hit
the gible ripped off a few shingles
nnd, enteilng the house, rame out nt
the sink in the room vvhete Mr. Bry
dent was sitting, not thtee feet dis
tant. Mr. Bryden was unharmed.
Conductor Owen Loftus of tho Erio
Meets with Accident.
Conductor Owen Loftus. of the Ihle
road, whose home Is nt No. Mi Seventh
avenue, this city, met with nn accident
yesterday afternoon In which he re
ceived a broken arm and had both legs
badly contused, nnd fiom which he
luckily emerged with his life, or at
least an escape from dangerous Injury.
The accident happened near Lancs
boro lut Mlon. Loftus was climbing a
box car When near the top. nnd he
was about to gtasp thf handle by
which to draw himself up, the Haiti
give a lurch that thiew the conductor
off The swerving of the train threw
Loftus far enough to he out of harm's
wnj, as he landed alongside tho track,
but uKso touching the wheels that
would have ground out his life.
The Injured man was taken to his
home In this city on the Erie flyer,
whete Dr. Lowry was summoned. One
arm was broken and both legs were
badly contused.
Authorities Are at Sea as to What
Has Become of Hull.
Everv effort Is belnc made bv the
police authorities here and In Wayne
rotmtv to apprehend Wlnans Hull, the
suspected murderer of Edwin Schoon
ovei, nut they nie completely at sea as
to his wheiea bouts.
Coicuier Powell, of Wayne county,
sent word to Constable Neary to come
to see him today, that they might ar
langc for a sjstematlc seaich.
To tho Pacific Coast.
Bev. A. F. Chaffee, pastor of the
Methodist chinch, Mis. Chalfee and
Mr Chaffee's mcther. and Rev. Mr.
Olmstead, of Oilford, N. Y., left yes
terday over the
promises to be bilmful of Interest and
enjoyment. The party are bound for
the Piolfic coast nnd will visit Vel
low stone Paik, Portland, Oregon, San
Francisco, Los Angeles and the Vose
mlte Valley. The return tilp will em
brace a visit at Salt Lake City, Color
ado Springs and Denver. They will
be gone several weeks.
Struck by a Train.
George AVayman a laborer, living on
Dundaif street, was struck b' passen
ger train No. 23 on the Delaware and
Hudson road, at tho Dundaff street
crossing, a.s the train was going Into
the vard, at 10 o'clock.
Fortunatelj-, the train was moving
slowlv and simply tossed him aside. He
sustained a scalp wound and some
bruises. The Emergency hospital physi
cians cared for him.
A Succossful Affair.
The festival and social conducted
under tho auspices of the choir of the
Church of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, on
July I, was highly successful. Two
hundred and sixty-five dollais were re
alized. This will be used to help pay
for the church organ.
L F. Ljnch was In Olyphant on
Thursday evening
Ti. E. Wilson, nf Scranton, was In
tow n Thursday night
M. J. Gllroj-, of Archbald, was a Car
hondale visitor on Thursdij-.
Ml.s Maine Ryan, of Scranton, was
a visitor here over the Fourth.
Miss Katie Mouahan was a visitor to
Olvphant on Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Fiank Wells left jesterday for
a visit with friends at Nlagira. Pa.
John Biown, of Scranton, spent the
Touith with Dundaff street telatlves,
Ihe Misses Sdle and Mamie Timlin,
of Jermyn, visited with Carbondale
friends this week.
Janws Ljiinadj', of Schenectadj-. N.
V, a foimer resident of this city, spent
the Fouith In town.
Joseph Monahan, of Wllkes-Baire,
spent the Fourth with his parents at
the Hnnison hous
T, J Fanning, formerly pmprielor of
the Carhondale steam Hundry, was in
town over tho Fouith.
A E. Tiffany and wife left yesteiday
morning for a ten dajs' stay at the
Pan-American exposition.
Miss Fannv Claik, of W-o,nlng, has
returned home nftei vksltlng Mrs Kll
patiick, of Dane avenue
Miss Maty Walsh, of Pittston, is the
guest of her gianrimothei, Mi. Ellen
Kelly, on South Church stteet.
Misses Kittle Gibbons and Kathryn
Gallagher, of Scianton, spent the
Fourth with friends In Carhondale
Miss Mice O Malley, of Scranton.
spent Thursday with relatives In town.
She returned to her home jesterdaj.
Frank Livan, Jeseph Fltzpatilck and
Attorney George O'Brien, of Pittston,
were at the Harrison house on Thuis
day. Mis Chailes Haywood and Mrs. M.
T. Walsh, of Edwardsvllle, were the
guests of Mrs. R. T. Maxwell over the
Foui th.
James Kllppttlck, of Dai to avenue, is
spending his summer vacation with his
brother, Frank Kllpatrlck. of Roches-
tor. N Y.
Dr Pi Ice, of Olyphant, who was
graduated fiom the Unlveislty of Penn
rylvanln last month, was in Caibon
dale this week.
M. Munson Searing nnd Mrs. Seirlng
and bon, of Dover, N. J, were tho
guests this week of Gioceryman Pyle,
of South Main street.
Mr. nr.d Mis. Charles Hilller and
family, also Mr. and Mrs George E
West, of Scianton, spent the Fourth
with Mr. and Mis. .1. D. Pnlniei.
The Misses Maiy Killeen and Mary
Mec-han nnd Di. John O'Connell nnd W,
F. Loftus weie n party of Carbondale
pet sons who attended n social function
nt Archbald on Thursday evening.
Mr and Mis. R. S. Johnson have re
lumed to their home on Canaan stieet,
nftei spending the past week at Nin
eveh, N. Y, where they Invo bcn
caring for the foimer's mothei, Mis.
M. M. Johnson, who is serloufly 111.
Jangling Nerves.
Are you Irritable' no von slpen
badly? Is it hud to coneenttato your
tnougnis.- is our appetite poor? Do
you feel tired, restless an I despond
ent? Tiy Llchty's Celery Nerve Com
pound. It will do you more good than
anything you have ever tiled. Sold
by Matthews Bios.
The borough council held their
monthly meeting last evening. Baw
ling reported the need of repairing tho
culvert on Division street, nnd the
street committee whs Instructed to nt
tend to the matter. The exoneration
list, presented by tho tax collector nt a
previous meeting, was ngaln laid over.
A number of bills were read nnd or
dered paid. A bill of costs amounting
to $t$.3.1, Incurred In the Injunction
proceedings brought by the Jermyn
Electrlo Light company against the
boiough, restraining them from enter
ing Into n ten year contract with the
Crescent Electric Light company. The
borough was not represented nt the
hearing nnd the Injunction wns made
permanent and costs placed on the
borough. The bill wns lefened to tho
borough nttorney for consideration
Mr. Wheeler reported tho Hie nlntni
system out of order nnd useless until
repaired, nnd the committee on lighting
were ordered to have repairs made.
Considerable discussion took place
when the mntter of levying the taxes
came up for consideration, nnd fiom
the remnrks made It appears the valu
ation this year has decreased and. the
majority of councilmen were of opinion
that tho borough cannot be tun on less
assessment than that of last year. In
fact with the prospect of having to
pay the Interest If not the principal of
the water bonds, which matter Is now
before court. It was decided that It
would be Impossible to run the boiough
on less than thirteen mills, nn Increase
of three mills on last year A motion
that the tax levy he eight mills for
general put poses nnd five for light and
water was therefore adopted and the
meeting afterwards adjourned
James Harris, Jr, the well known
young West Mnyfleld trombone player,
hns accepted an engagement to play nt
Llbeity, Pa.
Miss Vinnle Wall has resigned her
position with the telephone company
and Is succeeded by Miss Llzzlo Mc
Closkej. Mr and Mrs. John Solomon, of Main
street, spent the Fourth at Forest City.
Stephen D.ver, of the Scranton Rall
way company, was In town esterday
sptlllng up claims for Injuries to pas
sengers In the recent tttreet car wreck.
Mr. nnd Mrs Philip Baker, of Malr.
street, have returned home nfter a ten
davs' visit at the Pan-American expo- '
sltlon. !
Mis, Patrick Wynn, of South Main
street. Is critically 111, with little hope
of recovery.
John and Sidney Waters, of Fourth
street, returned homo yesterday from
a visit with Kingston, N. Y friends.
Robert Maxwell, of the Maxwell
Throwing company, Is at Atlantic City.
One of the most severe storms for r
long time past visited the borough last
evening. A barn at the rear of the
Sweenej house was struck b- lightning
nnd several trees were blown down.
The culvert leeently made near Odd
Fellow's' hall, became clogged, causing
a heavy overflow of water at that
Henry Maxwell nnd Will Parks will
leave this evening for a sojourn at
Atlantic City.
Rev. S. D Molter, pastor of the
Primitive Methodist church, will preach
on Sunday morning at 10 30 on "The
King's Highway." There will be
prayer service In the evening at 6 30,
followed by preaching at 7. subject
"Excuses." At the evening service the
Lord's supper will be administered. All
are welcome.
The Juvenile League, which has re
cently been organized, will meet on
Mondaj' evening nt 7 30 o'clock.
The topic for the Christian Endeavor
meeting at the First Baptist church
next Monday evening Is "Religion nnd
Patriotism." The leader will be Miss
Alta Myers.
The mnny friends of Mrs. Spencer,,
wife of Rev. Dr. pencer, of Blakely,
will be deeply gtleved to learn of her
death, which occurred nt the Blakely
Baptist paisonage yesterday afternoon
nt 4 o'clock. Mis. Spencer had been a
lesldent of Blakely about a year and
a huf and by her unassuming manner
nnd Christian loveliness, she was be
loved by every one who knew hoi. The
funeral will be held tomonow aftei
noon at "' o'clock. Services will be
held In the church. In the evening
the temalns will be taken to Philadel
phia and laid at lest In Lexington
cemeteiy on Monday.
The regular meeting of the borough
council will be held on Monday even
ing. B. J. Lynch has returned from a trip
to Europe.
Morbert. the little son of Mr. and
Mrs. Michael Grogan, of Lackawanna
street, was seriously burned about the
face by an explosion of powder from
a cannon lliecracker on the Fourth of
Rev. Mi. Edwards, of New Yoik.
will occupy the pulpit of the Congie
gational church tomonow morning and
Services will be conducted at the
usual hours In the Presbyterian church
tomorrow, morning and evening. Rev.
B r. Hnmmond, pastor,
Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Strltt are
visiting lelatlvrs In Blnghamton. N. Y.
M J. Kllcullen has returned home
fiom a trip to Philadelphia and At
lantic City.
Mr and Mrs Anthony Jones, of Ed
wardsvllle, wete the guests of Mrs,
Mary Probert, Thursday,
Temperance and piohlbltlon workers
have asked the county oiganlzer of the
Piohlbltlon party to come to Peckvllle
and organize a Prohibition league In
this pait of the count j Wllllne at all
times to obey such calls, he will he
with us Wednesday evening, July 10,
at Legent hall at s o i loi k blimp. The
programme that has been aiianged is
t?s follows. Singing, "O, Countiy
Grand," by audience, prajer, Rev. F.
Gcndall. lemnikH, chaliman. leclta
tlon, "I Have Diank Mj Last Glass,
Bo8," MU-s Edith Anna Maj, Scian
ton: addiess, "What Do I Owe My
Countiy.'" County Oiganlzer Gomer D.
Hi ere, singing, "When baloon We
Shall See Never Moie," audience, ied
tatlon, "Barbara Frltihej-," Miss Edith
Anna May; singing, "The Sweet Bje-nnd-Bye"
Miss Edith Anna Maj Is
hut a child of 7 yeais, but she had won
her way Into the heaits of every audi
ence she w.ih ever placed befoie Her
ft lends call her the little wondei. It
does not bcem at all dltllcult for the
little one to speak a selection of twentj
oi thirty verses. The people of Peck
vllle aie certainly going to have a tteat
July 10. There will be no admission
fee. All men, women and chlldien are
welcome. Altei the piogiamme has
been cart led out, a Prohibition league
will be organized, which will be open
for membeishlp to all men, women and
children who would like to see the
legillzed lleiuor ttaillc unlegalized.
Miles Dlkeman and Mr. Bohner re
turned jesterday from a fishing trip
at Wnymnrt.
Mr. anil Mrs. William Frear returned
Dr. fiarfman, President of the fiarfman Sani
tarium Offers to Treat fill Women Free
Dtiring the Summer Months.
7-? )S OTCv, " v-
Miss Millie UaKer.
Miss Ml'' .i.iker writes trim 290
East Ohio s'treet, Chicago. HI .
"I suffered for years with weak
ness peculiar to women, scvoio bearing-down
pains, and continual
headache. My system seemed com
pletely upset and I did not know
wheie to find relief. Tho doctor tried
three different lemedics but they
did not seem to help me nny.
"After using five bottles of Peiuna
I was as well and stiong as ever. I
would not be without it for any
money." Miss Millie Baker.
A Well Woman.
Mis Florence Altklns, 0.! Foisythe
street, Toledo, O., wtltcs-
"I am today cured of that dteadful
disease I wiote to jou about when I
asked your advice. I at once began
taking Peiuna and Manalln and have
Just llnlshed the llfth bottle. It htib
cured me of leucoiihoei. I had the
tiouble for nine months and had
given up hope of every being strong
ngain. I cannot toll how happy I
feel, but you will know. I never
heard of such medicine. It is the
only medicine on eaith. My husband
Is now taking it fen catanh of the
head. I will ahvaj.s keep Peiuna In
my house
"I ennnot find anv thing to talk about
from morning till night, but Peruna I
Wat, a sick woman when I Hi st wiote
jou. 1 have a blight, cleat i oloi
now, and am altogether a well wo
man I think leiiconhoej is the wouU
of female dlse.ues for I sufttied all
sorts of pains. I thoi ght at Mist
that I had ulceiation ot th.
womb, and Peiuna has cuied me
I am now a sound woman Peiuna is
the best friend I ever hnd on this
earth it must bo piaised it cuied
me." Mis. Floience Aitklns.
home j-esterdav fiom a week's visit
with friends at East Worcester, N. Y
F. .' Swingle, of Yatesvllle, spent
Thursday in town
About two hundred of nur people vis
ited Lake Lodoie Thuisday. On ac
count of the Inability of the Deliwaie
and Hudson being able to furnlsii
ttanspoi tatlon double that number
weie disappointed In a ti Ip to that
popular lesoi t.
The Piesbjterlan chin eh-Rev. S. II.
Moon, D. D.. pastor Reception of new
membeis, baptism of infants nnd sac
l anient of the Loid's supper at morn
ing seivlce, 10 10. Open-ail union evan
gelistic service In the evening
Peckvllle Baptist chinch Rev J. S
Thomas, pastor Services tomonow at
10 SO a. m. The Loiels supper will be
observed. Let all membeis tiy to bo
piesent Union service of the thtee
churches In the evening on tho vacant
lets adjoining the Baptist paisonage.
Evangelist W. F Davis, who has had
much experience in open air meetings,
will conduct the service tomonow
evening. Mr Davis wns lmpilsoned
at Boston for pi caching In Its stieets
and paik3, but his impilsonment has
seemed liberty to pi each the Gospel
anj'wneie in inn i ny i.i'i. cici j uoci
turn out to hear him. Should It rain
the service will bo held in tho Metho
dist chinch.
Tonmirow will be Home Mission Sun
day at the Calvaij church, oifeiings
will he taken nt both services tow aids
the Baptist Home M'frslotiaiy socletj.
The pastor will speak In the moimng
on "Our Independence," and In the
evening on "Our Duties Towards Our
Tho funeral services over tho re
mains of the late Mis, Edmund Car.
tit occunca from her Kit" 1 ome op
Main stieet yesteiday afteinoon at J
o'clock. Rev. D. C. Edwaids, pastor of
the Welsh Baptist chinch, olllclated
and paid a glowing ti Unite to tho
memoir of tho deceai-ed. Theio weio
sevetal beautiful ti Unites con
tilhutcd by relatives. Interment was
made In Washburn stieet eempteiy
Tho pall beareis woi-o Messis. David
Edwaids, David Thomas, John Fian
els, Evan Jenkins, Gcoigo Evans nnd
Morgan Lewis
The Excelsior riuartette, composed
of the following well known Tiylor
vocalists, will sing nt the Moosle
Preshyterhn church tomonow: Miss
Edith A'atklns, sopiano; Miss Ger
trude Watklns, alto; W. L. Jones,
tenor; J. E. Watklns. basso. Pi of. D.
Was Tired and Miserable.
Mrs Ellen Hnlllngei, Crowdor, Indian
To i , vvtites
"Thtee jeais ago I began to go down
In health. I had a tired, miserable feel
ing. 1 had constipation so bad that I
had to take a laxative everv day or
two, I was vriy nervous, and had ,i
dozon ni he, ailments. 1 took nifdlclno
of kinds, but to no avail
"I gtcw woibe and was tailing away,
as I could scaicelj eat anything. I
wiote to Dr. Haitmnn asking him for
advice whloh ho kindly ave. ana
lecommended Pomm and Manalin
which I commenced to take I began to
f"el better at once and now I am heaity
and stieing
"1 think I am as well as anybody can
be, and cat mine than I ever did I
never felt better in my life. I feel that
I owe a debt of giatltude to Dr Hart
man and his wondei fill medicine for
the gn M I health I now enjoj
' I give Peiuna to tnv children, and It
does the in all the good In thf woile!
Theio is no use of a woman suffering
as I did; if they write Dr. Haitman
for advice they can soon he lestorcd
to health." Ellen Bollinger.
Pice Homo Advice.
In view of the gieat multitude of
women Mtflulng fiom some foim o'
female disease nnd et unable to find
nny cute, Dr Haitman, the lenowned
specialist on female catnirhal dis
eases, hn3 announced hi3 willing
ness to diicct the tieatment of as
many enses as make application to
him duiing the summer months
without chaige.
This offer will hold good onlv during
the summer months. Anj woman can
bei nme a legulai patient by pending a
willten statement of hei age, condition
of life histoiy and sjmptoms of lor
Those wishing to become pitlentn
should addiess The Pciun.i Medicine
Co , Columbus, Ohio.
E Jones will accompany them and
preside at the oig.m.
The f uncial ot David James will
occur fiom hia late homo on Wa hlng
ton stteet. this afteinoon. Builal will
be made In the Piesbyteilan coinetei
Consldeihale IntPiest is being mani
fested in today's base ball contest,
when the Ilustleis and Lilies, two
stiong local nggiegatlons, will con
test for a' of $10 Reed and
Jones will be the battery for tho
Lilacs, and Lewis and Hammond for
the Hustleis. Contest will commence
at .1 ocloik on the school houso pirk.
Preparations aie being made bv
membeis of the William Tell Rifle
club to have a rifle match on August
1. Trains fiom Pittston, Wllkes
Barre and Scranton will enter.
Miss Mary Day, of Grove street, Is
visiting fi lends in Wajno county.
Tho Fouith passed otf very quietly
here The ladles of the Baptist
chinch gave a dinner and supper and
In tho evening the place was enlivened
by Hi t-w oiks on F L Phillips' lawn
Mr. and Mis. Allison Aldilch, of the
West Side, spent the Fourth with tho
Intel's patents, Mr. and Mis. Judsnn
The Misses Con and Emily Leach
and hi other, Mm on, are spending
tliolt Fouith with f i lends In Wajno
Mr. and Mis. Walters, son, Bobert
and datightei, Jennlo May, of Gieen
Ridge, spent the Fouith with Mrs.
Waltets' mother.
Mrs. Montgomeiy nnd sons, Henry
and Fay, also Mi. and Mrs, Charles
Beckwlth, all of Scranton, are boaid
Ing at Mis. Levlboe's.
Mls-s Edjtho Wilson Is spending a
few days with ti lends In Nicholson
Mr. Will Watet.s nnd bilde, neo Car
rlo Wilson, have letuined fiom thetr
wedding tour and huvo tho best wishes
of their many ft lends.
Mis. William Snooks, of this place,
was called again to the bedside of her
daughter, Mis. Ft, ml; Jennings, of
Now ton, who Is ciltlcally III.
Mr. nnd Mis. P. H Gieene, of Dal
ton, have been visiting at tho homo of
E. J. Chapman.
Miss Smith, of Nny Aug, is visiting
her cousins, Mr. and Mia. John Smith,
of this place.
Quite a number nf our townspeople
nro sulfeilng from tho effects of vac
cination. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lamont, of
Scranton, are the guests of her par
ents. Mr. anil Mra William Frace.