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Total Number ol Deaths in Greater
New York In the Last Six
Days Is 600.
Tho Morgue and tho Hospitals
Crowded Suffering from the Heat
and Fatal Results Nearly as Great
in Philadelphia as Upon the Pre
vious Days Whon Tomperaturo
Was Higher-47 Deaths and 250
Prostrations in Quaker City Tem
perature at Othor Points No Im
mediate Belief Expected.
Pi li bene Him fr in llu Is.oenltd Press
in lllllgtoil .Mll .! lint Wtatllor
i minuted todav in in 111 1 all mi Hunt
cist of the lieitkv mountains, hut up a
I il showed some let up fmui the pic W
nils (I i.v. K(miiIs ittelvid it the
Wf.uhii tu tonight lum that t m
puiarv l "lit f i. imc fi mil thlinili ishnw
ei In man totalities. Time .up no
immediate plospoitsof ,i geneial lit ink
111 the hot spell inning Hit afternoon
shnwcis in the uppei Ohio valley nnil
the middle Atlnntli states tausid a de
cided full In tpiiippiatllip. Alinnsl shut
lai toiiilltltitii an oxptilcd tomoi low,
except that Hip aiea oci uhhh the
Ktonns in.iv appiar max lip extended.
U Hill lip ivaini again In the morning,
weather nllli laN sa.v, anil the
onlj apiueihihle Inealis In tempoia
lilies will icsiilt fiom local htoiino
New Yoik. Julv 4 At I.'Sn niloik
this (Thin mI.i) minnlng It was esti
mated ihut the total deaths fioin the
heat In the last s das In Cteuter
New oik WHS 1)00.
New Yoik. ,lul ,-! Italnstoims of to
da. with theli t onscqiicnt fall In tom
peiatuie, inn u God-send to thp bulk
of sweltctlng hununltj In this tltx As
fronn as the last stuini of the uftoi
linun had paSM'd oei, the ti nipciatilic
iinmcdlaleli Ik pin to niond. '1 he
wind whkh hlew dining the stonn also
c mummied to abate xoiv lapkllv, until
1 assumed the piopoi tlons ot a slight
blti.e onlj. These atmnspheile tondl
tloiis (uiiplcd with the eiy eonsldei
nblr huiiildltv whkh tame as an aflei
niath of the dovMtiall of watu fiom
tin ilouds, made the Milfeiing almost
ah Intense lus it was when the thei
ni'imitei had itglsteicd sPual eltgnts
Most of tin hospitals aie alieudv
uin.ilod to theli utmost lapatitv and
n m of (linn hat ueiteil tents on
tlieu gt minds fm tlu aiiomiiiodatloiis
of the heat ii thus
The death nile has iiu teased with
Mltli lapldltv tluil tin innigiio is In ing
taxed as it ne"i was before, and
eveiv avnlUhlo foot of that institution
is now uiuiplcd 1 loipses Hospital
ntteiulaiils hip lollapsiiif unilei the
I'Xtiaoidlnan sualn to whhli thov
h.ivo bun Mibjfitid, ami vvue n not
foi tho oluilteeis who hne loine to
their aid the sltualloii would be gioat
1 cxnggeiatid b entoued neglect of
lKat pitlonts
U'hough the amhiilatue seivho has
hi on augment! d h Hie addition of uu
toinobllis, whhli hue been loaned for
thr pin pose. It Is Rieatl inadequate
The hoi sum used haw bum mo-u .,ue
full mused along o piesoiw theli
Hamlin, but notwithstanding tills,
main of them liae given out, Theli
plates aie biing tilled limn outside
s-ouues, and so gieit is the s,ant
of available animals bet ausc of tile
loinblnatlon of hcu and the gilp
with whlih New Voik hoises aie af
llli ted, that It has been netossati to
i-ond to othei ilties to g.t a fiesh
Relief in Rain,
Winn the ilit downpour of lain
f-tiiuk the iltj toda It was aiinni
piniod h tliundei and a lui-sUed
l,ilf, whli h Mion iPduied the limpeia
tiu tltteeii desiees The humldll
mi.le the air so sultiv, howeiei, that
the gloat leduition was not peieep
tiblp to the exieut wlilih most (ipople
w mid Imagine At 1.' 10 oMoik p in,
the tempeiatllie leglsteieil 31 degiees
and half an hour lutu it had dioppod
two degieis Then It inntlntled to fall
as the lain and wind appealed, and
nt i oMoik p. m. it teglsteied onh
Trt desiees. My oiloek, howewu, a
list of fom degiees wim noteil. An
hour latei the teuipeiatuie had diop
ped one point Then It went foi-
aid again ami at ." p m It was 77
d.giePH and at S oiloek Ml degieew
I he wind and lightning whlih ae
lompanlert the lain did lonsldeiable
th n. age In the c It . psptu tally out to-
aid? llailem Mam ticen, awnings
unit buildings weie lujuted. hut no
l"HURltleM weie lepoited.
Tlete weie SI deaths and 107 eapes
of heat pinstuitlons In the boinugliM
ot Manhattan ami the luonx dining
thf liniiis between 2 a m. nnd 10 20
p. m today.
Suffering1 Nearly as Great as Upon
Days When Mercuty Was Higher.
Hy l.xilmlip Wlie liom Ihf svicmlrd Prem.
Philadelphia, July V, -Although tho
tunpetatuie did not leath tho lecoid It
nuide jenteuliiy and Monday by four
degieen the nufleilng fiom the heat
and the fatal lesulta fiom the toirld
wave weie neaily as gieat an on the
two pieloun dayn The maximum
temperatuio today was leatheil nt 2
p. ni., when tho weather bureau ther
momutei leglsteieil 98 2-10 degiees. An
approaihlng thundeiBtorm then Pent
the merciirv downward and at S
o'doik tonight, when the Htnrin ar
tled the teiniieiatuii liad gone down
to SO degiees IlumlditN, liowever,
tlieu began to )la Us dcadl putt The
Hlnim biotight onl u light Khnwei of
lnln, whlili was noon (It tod up bv the
mm linked Mtieels and Ftut the percent
age of humidity f i oni 40 up to 73.
Theie was eiy little air stilling and
the humid ntinopheie, notwithstand
ing the rnmpntatlveh low tempein
tuie left the elty still u an tiutnin
fm table stnti'.
The reeoid of deaths and piostrntlons
piomlsps to Pftual Hint of esterday
when moie than lift V died and owr
100 tieisous weie piostinted l'p lo
midnight the nuiubet of deaths nttilb
uted to the excessiw heat repoi ted
simp last mldlnght was more than 47
with the piostiatlona over 200. The
latter lepoits f i oni the polite stations
and hospiiuls will eonsldeiablj ln
nease tlie-e numbets.
Piobibly the gieatest suffetors fiom
the heat next to hlinmultv weie the
hoispu llundleds of them have pol
ished simp the hot spoil began
Many ludiistilal establlshmt nts weie
again flther shut down oi winking
slioit lioms It was estlmateit that
onl oiie-tlllid of the wotklng popula
tion of the Kensington mauufat tilling
distill t was -it wmk tnilai.
In oidei that heat pntleutM i.m be
pinmptlv atteiitled to thcillj authoil
tles hnw Issued unlets that polkemen
inn s(7t ,n,y neat by team s(1 as to
get n pillent tt a hospital iplk kl
Tents have been netted In wiilous
paits of the i Itj, to i m t foi the itos.
Ilopntls ft oni Inloilot towns of the
state toll of onlv slight model atinii In
the eiosse heat of the two piexlous
ilis Neatly all upoit fuither jiios
tialions, with hoie and theie a death
tllieetly attilbutable to the heat
Three Doaths.
Wllkos-Ilniie, Jul 'I The aoago
teinpoiiituir todav in tin Wwunlng
allev was inl In the aftnnoon a raln
stnim was thieitened, hut It passed
around the alley nnd t lie o was only
a light fall of tain, whkh did not tool
off the ntmosphoio muoli.
Time tleittw nie icpoited hen, at
tilliulible to the tonltl wave The
nanus of the -Withns an Andiew
.ol il a lailiotd laboiot; John Sthu
hai k n faim hi.nd, and the twn-jeai-nld
.son of Mis. 1'iank Thomas, who
liatl Just anlWMl fiom Phil itlolphla.
Slie took a stieet tar to sit some
ielatles, and the child died In her
llarilsbuig Jul 3 Olouilv skies
saed llaiilsluig fiom the full powir
of the sun s ias, and the hlghoM maik
loioitled b the theimometer was 91,
one digiee lowei e.steitl.t's tem
peiatuie '1 he local weathei - bureau ptedkts
IhiiutleiMtoims tonight and tomoi tow.
No heat piostiatlnns onuiioil today.
At Pittsburg.
Tit tilling, July !! At midnight the
tPinrci.itnic stood nt a living flguie--7
tho talus of the da anil night hav
ing seived to telleve the toituie foi the
pies, nt at least l'p to midnight twent.v
deaths and tin t -eight pnistiatlmis,
i uiod bv the, weie lepoited Din
ing the htm in whlih passed ovei this
soitlon toulgli' llootge Molli, a gmtl
iiei, of liosiive township, was Killed
b lightning
Kansas the Hottest Place.
Kansas I'ltj., July .1 Kansas todiy
was the hottont plaee In the nited
States, l.eavmwoith antl llutililusnn
each lepoilfd 104 d'giees in the shade
at p. m iVntial Kansas is expin
enilng a niai apptoueh to hot winiU
88 Deaths in Baltimore,
r.altimoio, Julv 3 Twent.v -si vt n ad
dltlonal de.ttlis tioin hiat weie it poll
ed to the polite up to midnight tonight.
The giantl total thus fat Is eight) -tight
Resolutions Adopted by Delegates
at National Social and Political
Bi Ixilusiic Wile (mm lite AMooutcil I'row
Ditioit, Midi, 1 nl v 'i Hie (.otonl njtlonal
till an I polillnl trnuiiliun aili (Hiil the (ul
louill 10.011111(111 ttlldt
"Wi iIciItic I r iiiucl Irisljtii ii ind piopnr
Hi nil ii in Mnt uii ii, tllrni rn'iiiiiulii n u( un
illilitis ( ir of In c, (iiii1 mllrier fir jll iikirtlliM
tf n m mint lniiot i Ik I lnn, tiro liom all
I lrlUin ln,iiilnil ill.ui or till ul . illmt t.ixallnn iiiiiivhr liml t lut - lulu i It ma i mil
Iiiiiiih taxi puiilli nmililp i f pulilii iitiitiP,
on iIlIi! Ihiiii tin, nli innlml ul tin nininini
I I i i Ii.iiiii hi, Hie r ivcimmnt, Iioiih rule i ! 1 1
niiiiRi liuika, Kill- iniiniitp inn! vvniktnni
i tn. n-Hl Hi for linlii-lnjl lnjuius, ppp).ltiii
In inllilnii'iu ami trmpirt .in I iiIiih hj til pan
ful hi lilt i il Ion ilimiinl iiu nine rit-liH ami lib
ritii for all n lul iniu ho"
In tin' pu'anililo to tlio pi H form the ronfrirmc
cvpitnl Us iiitiilrninitltin of innnopollm, tho
ci ntrntritlon tf t iltli and the pirunt itPi
of this M'ltiimunt v di logartl tu Us liwiUr
()ni of tho fiatuiri of tho morning wv.lon n
tlio nliliilrmal fiom tho loufrrrnrr of 1'iofivior
(' ilolunnon, of I liliaea, lift time lit- va not
pfniiltlnl to i ilk on a rrkolntion aftir the pic
v ions rpiehtltin hnl liorn movei
Keystone Rolling Mill Offloials
Agreo to Amalgamation Associa
tion Wages.
Hy tiduilve Mlie from The A.ooiatnl Pien
l"ittliiir', Jnl ." -l.nlai the oflklaU of tie
hi'htono llolllnc Mill cninpani, of lliis i it
Imird the inuli;aniatnl aMitlatlnn hjup ugim.
The din" relations exktlnj hetHeen ilie kev.
tlone rompanv and the Nattonil Inhe lompati),
t ne of tlie lari;et of (lie ronMUntnt cmnpanlet
of the t'nlled hlolen -lfel inipoiatlon, make"
I hi' (.iirnlriBT of the mile todiy a HiiinlHiant -it,
in view (f Ilie loinplliatlons cxlitlnir hetween
the MMalmnitlt'd ain latlon and the Ainerlrin
Sheet sled iinnpan.i, anollitr part of the steel
Governor Wood Has Typhoid Fever
Hy I.'xdu.lvc Wire (roni The Amodalcd Ire.
Havana, Jul a The linens fiom width (lover.
nor Wtinur lia lieen miffeilnir hat been oflklall'
dhbiiowd aa t)phold fevtr, night tliu liur
a- Ills It, tint today It inodcratid,
Unlversltu ol Pcnnsulvania Grew
Defeats the London Rowina
Glub at Henlcij.
They Cover tho Course in Fa9t Timo
of 7 Minutes 1 2-5 Seconds Lean
dor Also Wins Its Trial Hoat, De
feating New College, Oxford.
Thames Crowded with Houseboats.
fly Fxelimve Wire fiom The odilcil Prem
llcnlev-on-Tlianies, Kng , July .!
The Unlveisity of l'enns.v Ivaiila eievv
won Its heat In the i oiliest lor the
(liand Challenge cup bote toda.v. The
Quakois weie diawn against tho Lon
don Hoat tilth's new, olio of the
Ptiongest eiitilrs, Tluy won easily by
thtte lengths lit 7 mlnutts 1 j-,1 sec
ouds. The I.oamler Hoat elllb's new, the
plik of the Ihigllsh nunpotltois this
.ear, nlo won Its hint It defeated
New College, Oxfoul, but In iiiuih
slower time than the lVtuisvlvaiiians
lotiulud to defeat London, niimily, 7
minutes 9 seiondf. The time, howevei,
In tho pitllmlnaiy heat nffoids no lino
fiom whk'h to Judge the llnal.
Ilk A merit a it eievv won Its heat In
gieat stle, and was nexer extended.
It Is fieely ndmltted bv thtise who
thought the I.eandeis had .i lottnlnty
for the Uiantl Challenge cup that the
Aineikaus ate extieinely tlangeious.
"I don't like the looks of It said
the London's tiew t oat h. "1 thought
we might be beaten, but 1 never
thought the Amoilians would show
suih capabilities."
The Philadelphia!!", aftci their heat,
dKembaiked at their boat house up
p.nently as fiosh as xvlicn thev loft It.
Theie was no Mgu of ixh nistioii on
the pnit of any member of the uoiv.
The htioke, Oanllnci, said
"We pulled ptetty lively at the lln
Nh, hut thoio was no time In the i.ico
when we had any doubt about the, re
sult "
Kills AVanl, the to. uh, said'
' The eievv did the woik today which
T expected. Their performanie, I be
lieve, was most 1 1 editable. Hut to me
It was In no way a suipilse Theie
was no ntlvantage whatevei in the sta
tions today, ami all the conditions of
the into and the man igeiuent win as
pi i feit as possible "
"Hoi)" Cook, In his llnal comment on
them, said "No crew was
over nt Henley with better piospcils.
They are in splendid condition find
lonlltlont They will, in my opinion,
moot TMiidcr In the flu lis, when, I
fear, the Englishmen will beat them."
Opening Day.
Today was le.illy the opening day
of the gieat n n mi 1 1 legatta lion, al
though, owing to the huge number of
entiles for the Thames challenge tup,
tin eo heats in the tontest for that
tiophy weie towed xestetdax. The
banks of the Thames were Until, as
usual, by ipectatois and houseboats,
claboiately dot orated. The attend
ance was much laiger this ear than
It was last, although tho effect of the
queen's death and the Hoor war was
still noticeable. The day was lino;
tho mm shone biightlv, but there was
a t ool bietze.
Vciy few Amerltnns were piesent,
while when Yale rowed at Henlev 'ho
stars and stilpes seemed to be floating
everywhere nnd eveiy piominent
Aineikiiii in the land was nmoiig the
fcpei tatois.
The Peniisvlvnnlniis tame down to
theli boit house at 11. ID a m. They
all dedal ed themselves fit nnd con
fident, l.eandei, which wns to meet
New College at 12 R" p in., went out
foi a spin, but the Peniisvlvanlaiis tiki
not embaik till they went to the start
ing point.
AVhen rmplio Pitman's launch nr
rhetl at the stalling point both crows
were waiting. The most enioui aging
feature was the perfect nont hnlunco
the Amei leans showed, In maiked con
tiast to both Cornell nnd Vale In pre
vious jenis
Without delay Mr. rilman sent them
on their Jouiney, Pennsvhnnla lowing
W ami London 41 At the end of the
l'land the Amei leans led by half u
lfiigth. Opposite Paw ley couit, whlih
tliey did In ."'-'I, tho Ann i linn weie
ilear and lowing a little shoit opposite
the Leander cm Insure, ami thete the
London ciew made their final effoit.
Their spin t was in alu, however.
The Pennsxlvanla eight inci eased the
distance i.ipldly nnd near the giiind
stand hit up the stroke to 40 ami then
to 4"!, i tossing the lino nt a tot riffle
pnee. Theie was piactlcally no cheer
Machinists nt Trenton Decide to Call
Off tho Strike.
Bv rxrlmive Wiic fmm I lit wochteil Prei.
Trenton, T, Juli I The hiving matlnn todjv irartleally tlrtldtd In till oit tlio
trlke In thl tlty, the mrrlein llride roinpinv
attrtllng to the men'a ileniandii an I t lit Mthenrle
in iclilm "oiks Granting t tie men a mn Imnr
dt I he biltlgo tuinpaii' intn aitrpted all tlie
I lu'iosltions and tin J aie to re.innc woik tho
tli.t of the wtek.
'I he Irinton Iron company rrfnml the ilemanli
of the Machlnkts' union M.torilaj and a Urike
aa Inaugurated here toda.
Strikers at York Are Charged with
Disobeying an Injunction.
Ily Fxcliiiko Wire (rum 'Ilie Associated Press
Yoik, .Inly 3 Indue Mcwart todij .imiiiioncil
eleven ttiiklm; molders to appeir Intuit lilm mi
Tuf.ilay next In ihuw tame ulit tln houh
not lie iinprisoned fur contempt if tnnil. 11m
men are vlururtl on tlie pititltn if tin "ioik
Mannfaiturln loinpany vtltli ilulie'liii; the In
JunUlon order lued aeilnst tha tliikliv niolil.
era and madilnlsta on Juno 13.
Follow Townsmen Clip Him at His
Wife's Request.
Ily Firluihe Hire from The Aisneistel Prfni
Cotirtliind, Vn , July ii Hefuslng to
be tinned or have his hnli cut, Hobeit
Jolmsnn got so objei tlonable to his
wife that she decided somethlrlg ought
to be done. Johnson's heard looked
like It had not been shaved for twenty
wars ami his hair hung over his shoul
tlt rs like a woman's lot ks. Mis, John
son nskoil sonie of the merchants to
suggest u lemetly.
rimillv sewial merchants and sales
men dot Idetl to plav batbois till ,Iohn-i-on's
looks were liinde moie to Mis.
Johnson's liking. He wns cnplttictl,
and the business: men would not let
him go until they had i lipped nwnv
the hair and shnxed the great shnggx'
beard. Johnson objet led until he saw
his assailants meant business. When
ho went to the house nobody knew him,
and It took his wife some time to loam
who ho was. Hut she rejoiced when
she saw what had bet n tlone.
Indian Remains in Perfect State on
Burlington Island,
Hi It lne Wire from The Awoclitnl Preos
llilstol, Pa . Julv :(. Intonating idles
of tin Delnwiue Indians found nl
most ilnllv on Tiuillngton Island, oppo
site Hilstol It was the only Island
above Phil itlolphla Inhabited 1 this
tribe A nuinbii of stone tools, at low -htatK,
ett , vwie fount', o.v John Ura
ttt n, In IS", and slnie that time eMt'i
slonlsts hive often ph Iced up at tow
heads. A fivv daw ago a pait of workmen,
who aie engaged In beautifying the
puk, dug up three nkeletons In a pei
fctt state of piisenutlon With the
skeletons weie many ornaments, in
t ludlng some beads
The United Mine Workers at Hazlo-
ton Tako Action in the
Ik I xiliiMte Wie fmm The Vjtouitci Piki
llitleton, Julv i Hellevlng that the
pitsent steatly opeiatlon of the 10I
lieiies thioughout tho nntluaclte region
is resulting in a. supply of toal far in
et ess of the demand, and that "It Is
.ibsoluttly netessaiy to keep the mar
ket In u stead condition In onlet th it
they may maintain the benefits tleihttl
fiom the power and form of their oi
gr.nlatlon" the Tnlted Mine Winkers
of the t-iventh dltilit, In louventlon
toiln, dei idetl to lequest their dlstilct
oillieiM to att with the olllius of Dis
till is 'No 1 anil No. ' to adopt meas
uits to pievent ovei-pitiiluition
The ti mention unanliiiouslv decided
that should the tllstilu ixuutlve
boirds tall for a suspi nsinn ot wotk
to biing about the detldul irstiltH, Dis
trict No. 7 will obev tlie older. If any
toipoiatloiis iiIum to t oinmence opet
ntlons at the epliiitloii of the con
templattd suspension, tin (.xeeiitlvo
bo irtiw shall oidei mother general
closing tlown of all collleilts until the
foimer agtee to re'unie.
The net convention will bo held at
Not Satisfied with Results at
Luzerne Convention,
Ui Ftcltisive Wire from Ilie Associated Tress.
Wilkes llarre, lull 1 ( utility Controller Iltijtl,
ho was i eanditliti' be on the Hepublli in touniy
ituventitii vtsttidav fi r iinomiiiatnn, todiy
eivid notlrp on the thiamin of the conn Minn,
Hi iv II I lend, that le uonlil lonto.-t the rlc'tt
tf hi Mtiitsiful rivtl, . It. link, to a l la e
on the t it I ot nnltm the vote of the sond Itgii
lathe divtrit t wns le i minted
Mi Ilovd ilalmed th' tillers could not acree
on tho vote in this ih"trkt and tint lc a Ui
fiiudid out of at li i-l one huuilnd votes, width,
hail tin) lteu couuttil fur lilm, would hau' kUi'u
lilm tlie notiiiti itlun
(liiiiinin Hi. I lov 1 consulted to a le-eo inl
and in u tt litre siti-faituty to both I.lojd and
Dirk wire appointtil to count the vote. The)
(tuiplilid tlmr woik it a lain lunir tonlslit
Ilie Counlv chiliiiitn aiiiiounttd that he would
mt make Known the riult until tomorrow. Ihe
whole pioitttliiu it un extraor linarv om. and the
outcome in awalttd with n licit intend
Sessions at Philadelphia Devotod to
Routine Business.
IW I'volmiu Win fiuin Ihe touated Pre"
Plnhdilphh, Julv .1 luiht'H aensioni of the
nl, till (tufiiento of Amtiitan nbliis were tit
votid prliiclpilb lo loutine busim-n, 'the re
I ort of (halt-) liaij, treasurer, showed an
ineieaNp in Ihe amount of conference fun K ho
fund, on land i it ir auo weie ".It' H llur
lue the Jen" yUW was invested at itittiitt Ihe
nttlpls for tilt jtar who "l,tJii, lpcllllilurri,
ilio funds on hand at the end of tlie jear were
f'.w'i, wlilih have I een inirtasnl slnie ihe tiea
mer'n anivd In I'lillaileli Ida, bv nthtr funds
tnrmil ovir lo lilm, to J,W7. 1'recuit mimbir
thip, 111
At tlie iflernoon nt-slon papers were piesented
en muiiintr nhools nun afflliattd wltli tonitirirt'
tli ns, and rthlts Itil bl ! II iuneel, I'h I),
rt id 1 pap r on "lmlaUm md It II. lltjlom J)i
viltpmcnt In tho Nineteenth Ctnlui1 "
Wagon Drivers at Washington on a
Ilv rxdiKlii Wire from 'Ihe .s.iri(eil PieM
tklilnstou, Jul) .'I Milku fir an liuuio
ot wamit wis iiistltiilrd hue lidai b) Hi
uai.tii ill Ix i K if tin. total bitwerits and nlhu
woikiiien toii'itittd wltli (lie bnwnltit l
tlrlit ns tit mim! an intrene fiom tin to "six ppr
wttk, the Mihhinon fit in IU to jl' an I the
itilihs Ih,-..i9 frtm l 1 to l
He biettir lefuse to cctede to the demands
and mime of them aie dilvlni' thilr own wauous
Ihe flrikirs nunibir about IVI perons Hie ilrlv -eia
uie inembtiii of the lull latlon of I ahor
Steamship Arrivals.
II) Fxdmlie Hire Hie Associated Press
New ork. Inly J Clearttli la Champagne,
Havre, 1 uit llkmarik, Hamburg via 'l)inouth
and ('hcihouri;;, Itinucn via ( her
bnurir Stllesl. (Jerinanii, livtrpvilj henJln.
Ion, Antwerp, (dascow rrived: 1 thlopla, .New
ork ('urenslown rrlvcdi Teutonlt, New i oik
(or Iikeipool Vmthanipton Virktdi St, lniii,
.New York Sailed! I'rlcdrlili Dtr (Jroc (fiom
llicinen), New oik.
Excitement Prevails fill Dau Over
the Riot at the SmiiQQler-
Unlon Mine.
Two Men Are Killed and Several
Others Wounded Other Mines
Closed Out of Sympathy for tho
Strikoru-A Cabin Blown Up by
Unknown Miscreants.
By I xdiislie Hire fiom Tlie Associated Press
Denver, Col, Julv a A special from
Telluilde. Col., nays: The excitement
whkh has been pi ev ailing all day over
the riot In the Smuggler-l'nlon mine Is
lapldly subsiding this evening. The
'outtoveisy lias been satlsfat toilly ad
Justed for the piesent and even thing
Is epilet In nnd Sax ige Huslns
Kaily this morning word was lecelvetl
in tnvn that theie was conslde'tihle
shootine going on at Smuggler ami at
i o'clock iniiiiv Illinois weie
The ttouble Is only a p.ut ot the
Htrlke trouble whlih has been bi ow
ing for some time. The first tumor to
icath town was that eight or ten hail
b cli killed, but this pioved not to b-
title, lowevei, It Is positive that Will
Jordan was shot In the light hip,
Charlis Heikei, superintendent of the
mine, had his right aim broken and
badly shatteied hy a bullet. Shift Boss
Nicholson was shot in the head, and
J I.ujan, a .Mexkan tilmmer, was
.Tonkin was brought to town this af
ternoon bv live of the men who weie
woiking for lilm on tho Sheiklan
Shots were exthnnged most ot the
morning between the mlnei.s, deputies
antl guards, hut at 1 o'clock all was
unlet with the exception of stattet
ing .shots.
A Cabin Blown Up.
Some time todav one of the cabins
near the oflke building was blown
up, but It is Impossible to learn what
damage. If any, was done.
The I.lbeity llell and Tom Hoy mill
ets have prootlcnllv all gone out In
sympitliy antl those piopertles ate
neaily Idle In the way ot attlve opet 11
th ns. The m.iMii has ot tiered all sa
loons to be 1 loved ftom fi p. in. to 6
a. m. until otheiwlse notified. Tele
phone xv Ires have been e ut and then
has been no 1 ummunlcatloii between
the town and Smuggler IHH all day
About 0 tills evening the cotpso of a
man wns bi ought to town fiom the
Unsiii, nnd It was found to be John
R 11 them, .1 Swede mlnei, who was
killed by the first shot tiled. Hathem
was fighting with the union miners.
The shei iff of the county in which
Telluilde Is located wlted Oovernor
Oimnn for tioops to assist In sup
pressing the 1 Intel s, A call for the
militia to assemble at their nimoiies
at S o'clock tonight was Issued fiom
tho adjutant goneial's dopattment
antl tlliected to the companies at Den
ver and Pueblo,
Small Streams Suddenly Become
Raging Torrents Much Dam
age to Proporty.
Cy I'm lush e Hire from Tlie Aisoented Piesi
Wllllamsport, July 3. A clouilbuist
west of the boiough of Mansfield,
Tioga count), this nfteinoon, caused
gieat destiuctlon to piopeity and 1 lops
Small stieams ioe lapully and beiame
raging tonents.
The house of Homy Benson vns
swept nwnv and entirely desltovod, th
family escaping with gieat illflkultv.
11 D Biennau's house was entliely
HUitotinded b water and all the out
buildings washed nua. John Clb-oti
lost all his outbuildings. The Sun Mill
ing tompinj'o limiting mill was dam
agtd JJ.OiiO, all the outbuildings being
destiojed. All piopertles on ti
stitet, Mansfield, were badly damaged
by the tlslng watei. All eiops are le
poited gieatly damaged, No lives weie
lost, as far as known,
Treasury Officials Decide That tho
Alleged Outlaw Cannot Be Ex
cluded. Ilj Vxilii'lvo Wire fiom Tlie ssot aled Puss
Washington, lul) 1 Smetiiv tailor
todav telreripli d Ilie imiiilgrit ion mtliorillis at
Sin Iraniiiii 10 admit s, sb, ( ml, w, ui
been dttalrud time pinding lh settlement of Ihe
qutstliill of ills IILllt lo tutir tills rnlllitl)
S11 shi 1 bin t m known 111 ( hlua as 1 man
of IhkIi alt lii iiu nis I 1I1I1 be has bun tlas.ed
ainoiitt the it xitlut'onl-slH who favor the piolu
linn mid iiiiomauiurnt of finlcn tia le in Ihe
Oilent. Itr Homo time he has been an outlaw
and 1 ven effort was made lo wmre Ills depot ti
t Ion to ( hlna 'Ihe In isurv oftttiils, howevrr,
Imk tlie view thai, as the 1 nlv ofliiiie fomiintitil
It ( bin wis 1 politit it tin, In could not be ex
ell did and litnto the action liken
Tho Guests Escape in Their Night
Ilv I xclusivo Hlie from Tlie ocntid 1'nss
Itlthmond, a , lul) 1 Infoiniattoii mebid
at the (teneial rfflies of Hie Hot 'pinigH itun
pant heie todav show that Hie loss of Hie Hunt
Head hotel last night bv lire was lomplele Hie
fire started In the bakei) and .piead laphllv
'Ihe guests were pioiupll) notilled and t.iapul,
many of them In their nlcht ilollns, and m t
of them loitlnK their Jewiln and Hunks Ihtii
wem Mvnal mriow r.eapi. vim) piomliiini
and wtaltli) guesta wrrt In tlio Imlrl at the Hum
Ihe !n is about . noamO lamelv tmeiiil b)
insiiranve, Healthy 11 timers ale dolni; tvut
tbhiK to assist tliose burned out, The HonicsUad
will be rebuilt it once.
tather Indications Toda t
1 IJeneral Death llaret of the Hot Have.
Itlot at a Mine in ('.dorado
(.rnerul (ioinri it Hsshlntton
("inker Oarsmen Win I'ltil Heat at Henlej.
2 Ueneral -Carbondilc Dcpirtnttnt.
3 Lot 1I-C0M1 nipt (.harnetl in tlie Itocky Glen
I ipillv I'ise
Imllratlons of a lame I'outtlt
Note and Comment.
5 btxal Itidv of Idtvard slioonover Pound Near
I ake Iailurr,
robnlai' Itemlts in Hie r.liiritlnnal Contest,
B I out West snnttn and Suhurl 111.
7 lleneral-Nerthri.tern IVnnsjIiinii.
Mnamlal and (onimeiilal
8 lorv -"Hon Ills lliide in i Cod Mine "
lxertl-es In (t miiiimoiallon of the Wjomlns;
M issitie
Imliistrht and I ibor
Tho Great Chinese Statesman Will
Deliver a Fourth of July Spoach
Under Liberty Bell.
Philadelphia, Julv 3 Wu Ting-fang,
tho Chinese minister, airlvetl heie to
night fiom Washington foi the piu
pose of dellv cling the lAuii th ot Julv
oration at the public exeiclses at In
dependence hnll tomoiinw, antl is a
guest at the Hotel Walton, nutlet the
watchful eje of a cltv detective. In
Washington this moinlng Mi. Wu le
eched un nniuiMiioiis letter fiom this
eitv, In which the w liter In elTi t
said that Mr. Wu would luixe to take
the tonsetiuences If he tame hue The
minister Immediate lv eouimunli ated
with Ch.tltmnn John S Hammond, ot
the riiilitlelphin count llnianlc lommit
tee, anil asked to he lellexetl of the
engagement Chaiimaii llammoiid 11s
sured the minister that no bodilv
barm would befall lilm, and Mi, Wu,
upon this assuianee, decided to keep
his engagement.
Kver slnie Mr. Wu's nnnie was sug
gested as the Independence Day 01 11 tor
thete has been Individual ci Hit Ism
against his being given the honoi. The
u lilt Ipal nigiiment was that Independ
ent e Day being puiely an Amei It an
holiday and Amei lean 1 Itlzen should
deliver the oration. Most of the ciltl
clsiu mine fiom cleigjnien and nelthi r
the city nor Mr. Wu olllc hilly paid any
attention to them. Mi. Wu wns met
at Wilmington, Del, bv ,1 ouneH's com
mittee and esi'oitul to this illy. At
Bioael street station ot the I'onnsil
xnnla inllioad tlneeof the i it tletttt
Ives Joined the puty and actoinpanletl
If to the hotel.
Mi. Wu was ndveise to detettlve
pioteetlon, sajlng that he hail gnat
confidence In the Ametlcan citizen and
felt perfectly safe without pioteetlon.
He said he undei stood that the Fourth
of July was a day of gieat rejoicing
antl patilotlsm, anil he came here to
enter Into the sphlt of It. The com
mittee, how oxer, decided th it pru
dence dictated caution, anil Mr. Wu
xv ns ncconllngly snfely guanled.
Tho exeiilses at Independence hall
tomorrow will be undei the nuspkes of
the tlty of Philadelphia, nnd aie held
eveiy jear nt the histoik hall. Mi.
Wu will deliver his oration in the
moinlng, nnd in the afternoon, at his
own reeiuest, he will witness the nn
nilal regatta on the r-chuxlkill ilvti, In
x hit h oaismen fmm stxeial of the
eastern cities will pii tleipato.
Important Questions Before Pennsyl
vania Educational Association,
Pi Ixiluslvo Hir from 'lln ssoclated I'rew
Plilladelplili, Julv ' -Ihe atlitiidi of tlie pub
He toward the piddle si hools and nuril Iiu
p. rtatit tuestfons tiirini; tu edueatioii weie th.
t ueel it todav sevdon of the I'liin-th 1111 1 I ,n
catlonal awotlttlon al the l.irls' Nt nnal sih 'I
John Monow, hiiitilnttntliiit of tlie &iliols if
Alleklun), rtad .1 papn un "( ritlt im, .1 1 i-t and
I Tijn-t. of the I'ulillo sdmolfl" An aitivt 111
ten ft In the 1 loittdiiiKS was m.inili -ltd bv Hit
pttlai.oi.uiii lullnulni; the ili-i u-lun of the
paper Piofessor Itlix V S hellinir,. 1 1 lie I 11 of PenriMhania, it ad 1 aptr tu the
"I tililv of tilt- stucii of I ileiiluri ," and Mrs
1 ininx Thorn 1, ol RoxboiniiKh lead a paer
on Ihe New and Did Ctiographv "
t tlio xfternoon niietini; thtre were tonftr
em es in the departments of iluld stub, kuuhi
(rutin work, ait, toiinti supirvislou ot sthiuls
nnil tho mis-loii ot and lull iiuidiale
In tie evetilni; In tlie nsstnibli 100111 Hi N C
htiiaitbr niatle an address on "Inteistale (omit)
In school Mlalrs " Ile wis followed b) llr I
T Itothiotk iinmiiK-lonii- of foitsliv, who five
an illii-traled le e lute on ' iltaiitifnl l'
Ovor 300 Cars Are Tied Up at St.
Hi I xi.hii.iie Wire liom lln- ix.ialod I'rtss
st I 011U, lull .1 -"liikini; fnlkht hindlriit In
tit iillioael v mis it List si Iouis now nunibir
Ton 111111 (if this nunibtr tM) are drliim if
tniisfir w irciih, who went out tuda) in jiiipi li)
wllh lliell ft How workiiuti
Not 1 wheel is inn llur iioiind tlie fi.klit lnds
and Mi fiiiubt 1 iu ale in 1 pusiili n m be un
b it. 1 Mam if Hum ale Imiltil Willi hulls,
vet'ii ilihs an I nlhu piii.hible kiuU
I inr thf totil inuniiiiK tf Mi Ike is was In
tieaMil to l.sirt men ( leiks tu lln iiuinlu 1 if
no, who Weill nut In svinpilht wllh Hie fuiKlit
Inn. Hi is, weie 1 111 lulled In Ills total Diput)
Vln.hils aie k'Hidiiu Hn udllia. betaiM ihe
irepeilv is In tin hands if lln mints No lln
blue Ins been li'llid in mil ipurtir, but evtn
polite are beitiu: hell In risim at the btati. ns
Eight Arrests of Alleged Principals
Are Made,
Hi Mdusiio Who (10m Ihe Woenied Press
Ntw oik full t - Ihiee allegisl pool rooms,
sltuatce ill the bmir see lion of tlie litv, weie
rildid this afternoon al the hnUnie of Hie New
ork soilit) foi Hie I nf nieiuent if ihe lilml
rial Law Vcrnts of Ihe otel) n iiiplalnee) in the
rilslrlit attiune) of tlie pints ind s.Uiant pit
Irkt Attome) Sheunan pei.oiulh loiiduited Hit
I a Ids
In alt, elsht attests ol alleged prinilpals were
made and Ihe mm held for ixamliution in polite
He States That His Visit to th
United States Has flbsolutclij
No Political Slonlllcance.
In an Interview of Half an Hour Hi
Expresses Personally His Grati.
tudo to the United States Govern
ment for Assistanco Rendered in
tho Struggle for Cuban Indepen
dence General Fitzhugh Loo's
Opinion of tho Patriot.
fir Vxilnslio Hire from Hie AssiUUcd Press.
Washington, Julv S (ionoial Oomez
ami paitx niilvttl at the wai tlepait
liieut at 10 M loilnv After a shoi t
toilleieilte with the senetniy of war
he went to the white house to see the
piesldeiit While (Juieial (Joine. was
at the tlep 11 tint nt be met (10ne1.ll
Mile". Although the toinmander ot
the I'tilteil States ninix has been se
eial times in rub.i, he ami the coin
in iiulei of the C'ltbin nimy never met
befoie. Set total V Hunt eseoitetl Cleil ( lonie. to tlie white house nt 11
oMotk this foi 1 noon The Cuban
geneial was at 1 ompanletl by his son
antl Seiuu (itiiiils, the pilvate sccre
tniy of ( Wood The piesltlent
1 01 eli eel the pattv et conllally In
the ml pailoi
The Intel view lasted about half up
hour anil at Its conclusion, Clenera
dome, leltei.ited thiougli Ills Intel lit c
ler tint his mission to this country Is.
ill 110 way polltkal. lie iiiine heie to
xlslt his old fileutl, Sennr Palinii nnd
tleslietl, befoie letiiinlug to Cubi to
see 1'iesldeiit McKlnlev, foi xvboni In
bus .1 xeiv high legaid nnd to ex.
pi ess to him peisonullv the deep giat
Itllde he felt foi the assistanco of tht
Tnltitl States in the Cub in struggle
No political toplts, ho said, had beer
tone lied upon dining the Interview
xvhlch wns pm clx soclil. The piesl
tlent Invitttl (icntial Oomez to be his
guest nt dlnnei tonight to meet the
memheis of the cabinet now In the city
and a number of senatois. Setretaiy
Hoot lemaliieil with the piesident for
a short time after Oeiieial CJotnez hat'
deputed When he left he said thoio
was absoliitel) no polltkal slguiflc nite
III the visit of Cleneial Gome. The
general lie said had never befoie met
the piesident nnd the call was one ot
jiuie comics) nR Clone ml Gomez did
not feel th it lie should 1 ot 111 ri home
vv Ithotit seeing President Mt Klnley and
paving his lespicts and thanking hltr
for what this tenmtiy has tlone to.
Gen, Lee's Opinion.
(ienuiil lTthugh was among
those who lulled 011 (ionoial (Jomez at
bis hotel 'Ihe v st mallet that In
tel estlng period when Cleneiiil win
the Aim 1 It an 1 onsul geneial at Havana
ami (Joint ! was leading the Cuban con
tingent In the Held When asked for
his xlew of (liiieial (5ome7, (icneial
I.i e s.llll
"I am one of those of the opinion that
If It had not bt en tor Clonic? s Indomit
able peristome the dihniis would not
have held out until aid tame to them
fnmi the I nittil States, it was not so
mikh ns a llghtu that he distinguished
himself, foi time was not much fight
lug to do on 11 1 uge i-iuk', Hut he held
on In spite- of all tlNt ouiagenient anil
wllh nigged hnni'stx lesistid the ef
foi ts of the Spanlnids to bribe him or
his gem 1 als Hi even lusm d an onlei'
that anv utile or seeking to eoriupt tho
Cuban gentials be elicit ami while I
was at Havana one of the Spanish olll
cets who sought to establish lelatioriH
with Cuban ollheis who sought to es
tablish lelatlons with Cuban ollkeis
aetiuiH.v mfli led death when he fell
Into the hiuitls of (iniur). tollmvers It
was his s-entlinental peiseveinnte In n
forloi 11 hope w hl h distinguished (lumps
ami whlih won Cuba hoi Independ
ent e "
Dinner to Gomez.
Washington, Julv ! Ptesldont Mc
Klnlev gave a dinner at the vvhlto
house tonight In honoi' of cleneial
Maximo Clomt? The affair was with
out politit al slgniikniiie antl was
given as a mtik of touitesv to tho
distinguish! d Cuban ami foi the put
pose of enabling him to moot some of
the otiliiils of this government Only
gentlemen weie Invited, the guests In
dudlng the nienibeis of the cabinet
now In the it, jepn sentatlves of tho
niixv ami aimv antl a few others
The table was i-et in the pilvate
illnlii,' loom The M.ulue band
plnved. Atttr the dlnnei, the guests
letlml to the poitlio unci enjojed
their 1 ignis in the open all I.atei in
the evening, (ionoial Gome, and thoso
who tame lo Washington with him,
letuineil to Washington.
Corporations Chartered.
Ik I'xtlusbe Wire from The VssniUled Presi
llirrbbiutr. lull I ( haitetei Wfre issued bv
the state' tit pii limit todiv tu tht follow mis cor
1 1 rations' Wuuii-biro M iiiufai luring toinpinv
Hnini-lumi eapllil, 'stititHI 11u111an Mato
will' Vllenliiwn tapilal, 7VI1111I People's
Huler iitnpini, ( nun iisbuiK. taptal. 1 (loo
( ow inslianneik In It pi 11 hit Mrphone toniiinv,
Ituial albv, Vinistioi toiiulv, upltil, sj,ji
loeal dila foi I ilv 1. ll)f
Ihjlii.t limp r tine
1 1 wim timini iiuio
nl decieet
"l eiesrees
Iltlatlve llunildltt
Sim . M per ient
H p 111 .71 per crnt
Pn iplt.illnn 21 li mis endtd 8 p in , 0 H inih,
nratlirr, pirtl) ibud)
-----f-r-f-f-f-r -f -f HVs).
H'arhlnBlon, lul) 1-loretlst fir Past
ern Prnnnkanli. Hann llnirsday morn
linsi 'i"l ildj Imil ihunder stormi In af
ti'rnoen, Ki lit i.v . (air and warm, variable
ftt-f-'t--f-f-t--f---f-f'f ---ft